Tuesday, 31 March 2020

Lies, damned lies....and statistics

Well we haven't all died yet. In fact my readership has gone up over the last few weeks. So what's going on? I don't know but I repeat what I said in an earlier post: A mind-fuck is underway. So very many things don't add up, not least the absolutely hysterical reaction. And for sure the figures don't add up. RT has a particularly good analysis by Irish journalist Peter Andrews. Worth a read.

"You can bet that the institutions of international government, and the “experts” advising them, will try to massage and cherry-pick statistics to present the version of events that most closely matches their worst-case scenarios. The fact is, according to their early predictions, we are already long overdue millions of Covid-19 deaths that have failed to materialise. But even when Covid-19 deaths are recorded, we have seen how it could be that people are dying with coronavirus rather than dying of it."

On The Spectator website Dr John Lee, a recently retired NHS consultant and professor of pathology said that ‘’we have yet to see any statistical evidence for excess deaths, in any part of the world’’. To check this out, I looked at the British government’s own statistics on total deaths registered weekly across the UK. It shows that in the week ending on the 8th of March 2019, 10,898 people died in total in the UK. This year, in the week ending the 6th of March 2020, the equivalent figure was almost identical: 10,895. Make of that what you will."

Professor Sir David Spiegelhalter, chair of the Winton Centre for Evidence and Risk Communication at Cambridge University says that if the deaths are towards the lower end of the current estimates, say at around 20,000 in the UK, Covid-19 will end up having ‘’a minimal impact on overall mortality for 2020’’. He told R4 that his findings showed, to his own professed astonishment, that if someone contracts the coronavirus, they’ve got almost exactly the same chance of dying over the ensuing few weeks as they would normally have of dying over the next year, no matter what their age or background health."

In Ireland heroic patriot Gemma O'Doherty shows on twitter that "the Dublin Docklands have never been quieter. Nobody is even bothering to man the ‘testing centre’ which is supposed to be overwhelmed while some HSE [Health Service Executive] insiders are quietly admitting Coronavirus is a ‘spook exercise.’"

So there you have it. Now go back into hibernation.

Meanwhile future British Home Secretary Dianne Abbot is on the case:


Gerry said...

I watched the video of birds falling out ot the sky a year ago. When they switched on 5 g at Warwick university
I then spoke to a mobile phone salesman who had been pushing Chinese huwaewe or Kung flu whatever you want to call it
But now he has grown up and had his first child and changed his job
He now talks about the world becoming a microwave
There is now a video going around supposedly from a whistleblower from Cheltenham gchq about 5 g and Coronavirus
Thoughts please

scott said...

Forced vaccinations on the way. WHO knows what's in them? BOHICA

Vercingetorix said...

The Corona virus crisis, whether intentional or not, is quite probably the event that will push the world to the breaking point and foster the end of the current system eventually, either sooner or later. This, of course, leads to the rise of a new system - hence, the prophetic signs associated with this virus. If and when this virus goes away, we dare not think that what it portends for the world has disappeared with it.

eleos said...

5G is the weapon that will destroy us Gerry. Cannot say if any connection to Covid but the way TPTB are pushing 5G tells me all I need to know.

Anonymous said...

Check out Anthony Steele for 5G and it's deadly effects. He has taken the new LED lights apart and even provided evidence in court. It's a weapons system and the "vaccine" is just a high dose of what we've been sprayed with for years which allows them to pass the blood-brain barrier and essentially deplete your cells of oxygen.

Mass genocide incoming under the cover of covert-19. They can choose who to microwave.


Enemy of the people said...

Well here's some cheery news: "New Greek coronavirus cases include NGO ship crew and migrant"

Naked Emperor said...

But then there is the scenario of (((their))) capitalizing on our disillusionment with the WHO's clarion call to self-quarantine, keep a certain distance from others, blah, blah, blah, because the coronavirus is "SO DEADLY" and, as a result of that disillusionment, to drop our guard. It is then that (((they))) will release the real killer virus.

Matrick said...

I share the doubt over how serious this situation is, but death stats from three and a half weeks ago don't tell us very much. By the 6th of March, the UK had 160 confirmed cases and TWO deaths. Of course there wasn't a spike in the overall deaths for that week.

Declan P. said...

Bill gate's vaccines killed and sterilized many in Africa or Nigeria... Look it up! The Catholic community services stopped giving the vaccines due to people dying and getting maimed from the vaccines.

Greg Bacon said...

Good Goys and Girls don't ask questions of your ruling class, since the billionaires and multi-millionaires have been forced to flee to their magnificent yachts or take their private jet to Patagonia and wait out COVID in their mansions.

This should all be over with by June, so the world can enjoy another breath-taking month of Gay Pride, and watch as the LGBTQIAMAP types prance down Main Street. You don't want your kids to miss that!

Anonymous said...

Looks like the Jews are up to their old tricks again. Fudging figures of deaths? 6 million anyone?


Anonymous said...

In Australia they are trawling the old folks home desperately trying to find "a growing number of Covid19 fatalities".

It would be laughable except for the financial and societal catastrophe which will ensue when this farce is over.

In the meantime we are forced, at gunpoint(cops are armed over here) to pretend that we believe in all the media scaremongering and behave accordingly.

Anonymous said...

To me this who crisis looks like a badly orchestrated psy-op. Yet there are a number of very troubling issues which are being promoted with the holocough.

The most serious is the destruction of the financial system where the rich and powerful once again are bailed out while the masses are given just enough to make them complicit in their own destruction.

The manner in which global organizations are increasingly influencing the running of sovereign countries. No doubt sanctions would be applied to any recalcitrant nations.

Pressure to eliminate cash and go digital.

Draconian restrictions on the population enforced with threat of arrest or crippling fines.

Promotion of vaccines with penalties for those who refuse them.

The media acting with one voice around the world without any dissenting opinions being allowed.

Closing down of all places of worship.

Relentless pressure to disarm the population.

Then there all those things which are being passed by governments which are not being mentioned in the media under cover of this "crisis".

Add your own concern to this list.

John said...

I'm shocked at Mr Savant's post spreading misinformation -even citing Putin's RT (all of russian media is state-controlled).
In Italy alone, already over 14k deaths! And this in March alone when people started dying and the pandemic is just beggining!
Whitout measures to stop the spread of the pandemic in other western countries, we would be like Italy.
No normal person believes the chinese gov who claims the virus is under control with no new cases since THREE weeks! Much less North Korea - zero cases!- and much less Russia!
The impression that almost only western countries are affected by the pandemic is symply bc we take lives seriously and make tests to found out if people are infected with the virus!
I'm still shocked!

eddieb said...

This guy seems to know what he's talking about!.....http://www.vernoncoleman.com/main.htm

putmeonthechairyoufaggot said...

its the tommy robinson show, don't worry about it, hooknose always wins.

ianrob said...

Must watch


gT said...

If this is a "spook exercise" then China is 100% in on it, but then again China is the country which is the biggest beneficiary of the economic aspects of Globalization so they have always been in the NeoCons back pocket. Even Russia seems to be having a week long lockdown, but Russia is always cautious and conservative, they don't believe in antibiotics, no genetically modified produce or crops allowed in the country, etc. Its strange that Iran, who is in no-one's back pocket, is having an issue with coronavirus.

Anonymous said...


Ehrenberg - Isn't that "Ben Elton's" real name? (The insufferable 'comedian'?)

Here's another along with a great topic from TOO.


SAVANT said...

@Anon 06.37. These would be my views as well. Could be any or all of the possibilities or as you say others we don't know about.

@John. I present the information for what it's worth. For a start I trust Gemma O'Doherty totally. In any case RT has been presenting very alarming stories about Covid so hard to see how they're following an agenda.

Anonymous said...

No surprises then?


Aspects of Mind said...

Very useful post Sav, thanks. As you know, your publication is strongly supported by other respected sources.

On our local newspaper site someone has quoted you and linked to your article. Locals have gone from panic to reflection on why our politicians are destroying the economy in the name of this ordinary health threat.

This is exactly the kind of info they need now. Regardless of the Tribe's plans, we can make it exceedingly uncomfortable for the political puppets to play along.

SAVANT said...

That's great to hear @Aspects. I do see that traffic to the site has risen considerably in recent months. Where do you mean when you say 'local'? Just an approximation.....

SAVANT said...

Great link Ianrob.

Confused said...

Apparently the Italians are having a hard time cremating all their dead despite all the high-tech facilities available. Now what did I do with that Mr Eichmann's telephone number?

gT said...


All of Russian media is not state-controlled, most of it is in fact still in the hands of the (((usual))) suspects. (((They))) still control a lot of the Russian economy, Putin has got rid of a lot of the (((oligarchs))), with most of them fleeing to the UK, or otherwise, but by and large those who came to power in the 90's after the collapse of the USSR are still hanging around. And they, the remaining oligarchs, are most ably supported by the CIA, M16, etc. Russia has passed laws declaring most NGO's as foreign agent entities, and wants local political parties receiving funding from abroad to be registered as foreign agent entities, disallows dual passports, etc.

Putin is only in control of the Russian Armed forces and most of the oil, but that is what matters from a Russian perspective. The rest, the media and banks and so on, are allowed to do what they want within reason, but everyone understands that if they stick their noses up for their Western masters too much then a hammer will descend onto their heads and a sickle will be utilized around their testicles. One big mouthed politician standing up for the West too much found out the hard way just what the Chechens will do for Putin, even though they will spend the rest of the lives behind bars for that action.

Hereticdrummer said...

The AMA (American Medical Association) or as I call it, the Medical Mafia, has a textbook on diseases. Every disease known is listed in alphabetical order. On the columns adjacent to the named diseases, the symptoms for each one are listed. The symptoms listed for the Coronavirus read, "The Common Cold." Granted, there is a lot we still don't know, but I think it is pretty obvious that this is a fucking scripted narrative engineered for nefarious purpose. By the way, here in the Jewnited States of Scumerica, these slimebag, sock puppet governors and mayors have no lawful or constitutional authority to shut everything down, tell you when and if you can leave your dwelling, and most insanely, how close you can stand to someone, even under the auspice of a phony "emergency". If we had a sane society with balls, these misanthropes would be seized and made to do the rope dance for treason.

Aspects of Mind said...

@Sav 12:21 local is Isle of Man.

Your blog link has been posted in the local newspaper comments section several times over recent weeks.

In general people here focused on local politics and did not see the relevance of global politics. However the 5G issue (huge negative public reaction here) and now the Covid op is alerting people to the sinister globalist agenda.

IOM politicians are widely viewed as corrupt / inept by locals and therefore I see them as a weak link in the Tribe's plans to maintain public trust / compliance as Covid treachery awareness increases.

SAVANT said...

Isle of Man? Amazing! Equally amazing that the local free press didn't quickly delete any references.

krakbrain said...

Mortality rates are down across Europe this year.
14million people die in the first 3 months of the year.
How many is dead from the corona? 40k?
Divide that into 14million.
See how insignificant it is.

Gerry said...

Yes that’s the one I saw

Greg Bacon said...

John BOY said: I'm shocked at Mr Savant's post spreading misinformation -even citing Putin's RT (all of russian media is state-controlled

And who do you think controls the (((MSM))) in the West? Hard drinking reporters who really want to get the truth out?

BTW John Boy, in 2018, there were 80K flu deaths in the US alone. Today, April 1, there are 43K number of COVID dead world-wide. Don't sound like no pandemic to me.

I know you CIA/Mossad/MI6 types are trying hard to switch our programmed hatred for Muslim nations to hating the Chinese--and we all know what happens next--but your fear mongering isn't selling.

scott said...

The AMA (American Medical Association) is yet another organization taken over by The Tribe.

Lemmyhead said...

We're expected to believe the scientists have got this right. The ones that are saying the world will end in fourteen years because of global warming. The scientists that say there are more than two genders. I wonder why we are a little sceptical?

Lemmyhead said...

I forgot.
Gerry. A link to that video would be good.

Lemmyhead said...

That must have been a fantastic video because its been taken down!
Do you know if it's available somewhere else, like Bitchute?
Whenever I hear of censorship I like to know what's being censored.

Nona said...

A Black woman , HOme Secretary? Lording over an overwhelmingly White, European Peoples?

Unbelievable!-----signed, non-Brit

Naked Emperor said...

John said:"I'm shocked at Mr Savant's post spreading misinformation..."

Is this satire? What about the Israel connection re the virus, John? You avoided any mention of that MOST important factor in this equation.

krakbrain said...

That's brilliant! Isle of good men there so!

Aspects of Mind said...

@Sav 13:39 yes the local 'free press' isn't really free. I posted the references using different names and IP addresses. My comments were eventually deleted. They stayed up longest if posted under a name sounding like that of a local authority figure. :) Sadly my reference posted on the Newspaper site this morning is now deleted and comments are no longer allowed under Covid-related articles. People would be in the dark if it weren't for sites like yours.

J Radcliffe said...

Not alone is Abbot black - obviously - but she has the IQ if a parsnip. Yet she was indeed the Shadow Home Secretary for several years.

putmeonthechairyoufaggot said...

There is so many fake names and personas, in media, and govt etc, I wouldn't be at all surprised if soros is actually dead and its like a weekend at bernies situation. Never trust what you read only what you see.

Greg Bacon said...

Trillions of viruses in the world, and Israel just happened to be working on a COVID vaccine?
Such luck! Almost as lucky as those Mossad assets who were caught in New Jersey filming the WTC attacks and celebrating while doing so.

Israeli Scientists Claim It’s ‘Pure Luck’ They Were Already Working On A COVID-19 Vaccine Prior To The Outbreak


In 1998 Israeli Jews were caught developing ethnic bioweapons


ianrob said...

@ Lemmyhead, I'm not sure where you'll find it. I was sent the link and watched about three quarters of it and realized that it was gold. I was going to watch it again to the end later. It appeared on Truthseeker UK's site too, but is down. It was basically a very educated sounding guy who claimed he was boss of Vodaphone UK, saying that corona is caused by 5G. He seemed very aware of how virus's work, and radio waves, and claimed that 5G will kill mostly the old. And they are rolling it out at speed now. Even villages in the UK with potholed roads, no more than one horse towns, have 5G capable street lamps fitted. Spain and Italy are very advanced with the 5G rollout, as of course is Wuhan in China. It is going ahead everywhere at speed, and they don't want it stopped. Bill Gates is also pushing a vaccine-able ID tattoo as well, so they'll know who has been vaccinated and who hasn't. It looks like we're in for a bumpy ride.

ianrob said...

Thanks Sav'

Gerry said...

It’s the same 1 Ianrob put up
It worked for me at 140 today
But it is down now

John said...

"Naked Emperor1 April 2020 at 14:43
John said:"I'm shocked at Mr Savant's post spreading misinformation..."

Is this satire? What about the Israel connection re the virus, John? You avoided any mention of that MOST important factor in this equation."

If I were to follow your reasoning - or lack of it - I'd believe the incredible Jews are behind any event -or non-event - happening on earth since the big bang!
Why do you promote jewish supremacy?
And you're naked bc the Jews stole your clothes right???!!!

Hereticdrummer said...

Yes Scott, the AMA and the BAR association are Hebraic blood brothers. The medical mafia and the legal mafia. Both under Yid control and saturated with Freemasons. Freemasonry of course is simply Judaism for the Goyim.

Matrick said...

This looks like the Vodafone boss/5G/Corona video that was deleted.


Captain John Charity Spring MA said...

While it's good to keep an eye on these shenanigans and power grabs, the doctors are dealing with an unknown unknown. Stopping tourism and emptying schools for a bit, while it may hurt the pocket book has had a salutary effect on neighbours. The Cotswolds are not full of Chinks and Londobers anymore. The gardeners garden, the builders build the post office, pharmacy and newsagent all function. It's actually a village again right here. It's lovely. The traffic on the A40 is a silent nothing.

Captain John Charity Spring MA said...

No chinks cluttering up the villages in the cotswolds is a blessing. Its like we got our villages back... No Rabge Rovers bombing down the High streets. Fucking paradise.

Captain John Charity Spring MA said...

The Italians can't cremate the 6 gorikkion Corona victims.

The Baron said...

"John" is a troll. Possibly Mona/Michael or his ilk.

Italy's death rates are 100% normal. Old people die. Almost everyone has Coronaviruses in them. They cause the common cold and people who are nearly dead at age 80 have no immune system left. That's why they die. Often with pneumonia. Often with viral pneumonia. It's just the Flu.

The stats are normal. "John" is so obviously fake its ridiculous. The fact he put even that much effort into his scripted complaint means they are worried about this blog.

Anonymous said...

Johnson rehires election chief to sharpen coronavirus messaging.

Isaac Levido, tightens up public health campaign after criticism.

A raft of former advisers have been brought back to Whitehall to track public opinion and gauge whether the government’s key messages on handwashing and self-isolation are getting through.


I can help with this.
1) Tell the people in no uncertain terms To Get The Funk Back Indoors.
2) Clean Your Hands You Dirty Bastards
3) Make Quick Your Journey To The Supermarket And Get The Funk Back Indoors ASAP Or FACE A Heavy FINE Are U Stupid Or Something.
4) There is no good reason for you to be out here at this time of day Get The Funk Back In Doors.
4) Keep Yer Funking Distance 2meters means 6foot U Stupid Or Something.
Four is about enough anymore than that and people will only get confused.

Gerry said...

Yep that’s the one

Naked Emperor said...

John said: "f I were to follow your reasoning - or lack of it - I'd believe the incredible Jews are behind any event -or non-event - happening on earth since the big bang!"

Be a nice (((boy))) and I'll perform a Kaddish for (((you))).

Anonymous said...

Breaking News! Hannity tonight says Israel has suplied 6,000,000 masks!!!!!! Fuck you,yid slime!! DAS REICH,at your service

Dublin Dave said...

Savant the Gemma O Doherty video showing a deserted and empty testing site on John Rogerson Quay in Dublin is a misrepresentation, I know several people who are or have worked down there testing, mostly Paramedics and EMTs, ie the man on the street not people sucked into a global conspiracy, that video was I believe taken very early in the morning before the shift arrived.
There is a disease, possibly a biological agent released deliberately, it is killing people, and yes some of the measures are justified, however that does not mean they weren't aware beforehand what would happen, and hadn't prepared their insider trading and laws like the Patriot Act after 9/11.

Free Spirit said...

This is exactly what I mentioned earlier in another thread. The Internet has exposed the tribe to such an extent over the last 30 years they have no way of ever covering it up despite any 'control' they think they have on this medium.


If I didn't know better - maybe I don't but I'm led to believe the current turmoil in the world is a 'rehearsal' or 'Litmus test' for something a lot more serious to come.

Expect worse brethren and dance!

SAVANT said...

Thanks for that Dublin Dave. Disappointinmg if true.

John said...

Dear "the Baron": You're either a chink agent or a very naive person.
Do you -and some others - have any idea of the chinese threat? Do you know what's going on?

Hats off to PM Boris Johnson! He is furious over China's handling of the novel coronavirus, with one British official quoted saying Beijing would face a "reckoning" once the COVID-19 crisis was over.
UK government officials are accusing China of spreading disinformation about the severity of the coronavirus outbreak in its borders.
Scientists have told Johnson that China is downplaying its number of confirmed cases of the coronavirus "BY A FACTOR OF 30 TO 40 TIMES." China has reported mearly 81,439 cases!

And according to Radio Free Asia, the Chinese government has disclosed only 3,304 deaths from coronavirus. Yet funeral homes in Wuhan alone have disposed of an estimated 42.000 corpses!

"It is going to be back to the diplomatic drawing board after this," one cabinet member said. "Rethink is an understatement; the anger goes right to the top."

Johnson's government is so angry with China's handling of the crisis that he could abandon his decision to let the Chinese telecoms company Huawei develop the UK's 5G wireless network.
Also Johnson greatly angered President Donald Trump, by giving Huawei a limited but significant role in improving the country's wireless infrastructure.

"We can't stand by and allow the Chinese state's desire for secrecy to ruin the world's economy and then come back like nothing has happened", another cabinet minister said.

Do you see now what's going on Mr Baron? I hope so.

AnalogMan said...

SAVANT said...

Great link Ianrob.

Damn! Missed it.

This video has been removed for violating YouTube's Community Guidelines.

AnalogMan said...

Matrick said...

This looks like the Vodafone boss/5G/Corona video that was deleted.


Must have been. It's gone, too.

The Baron said...

Well this is interesting. Andrew Anglin is a flat Earther now.

I can't believe it. I guess this destroys any credibility he had, oops I mean any credibility NASA had.

Chumlee will now be insufferable, saying i told u so all day long.


The Baron said...

And you're naked bc the Jews stole your clothes right???!!!

Plenty of people are dead or sick because the Jews stole their organs.

Deny it John. Go ahead.

heuristic said...

That video is still up on Bitchute.

Know your oats!!!! said...

Andrew Anglin is taking the piss. I doubt he's all there.

Naked Emperor said...

John said: "Do you see now what's going on Mr Baron? I hope so."

In other words, "Don't you see that I'm trying to divert attention away from (((the real perpetrators))) and towards the Chinese?"

jimmiplanesnetworkoftraitorscumbuckets said...

Gemma is not all that she seems, oh well, she was a fellow former rte journo, I did tweet her when I was on twitter on more than a few occasions. I had a few suspicions that again is w most ppl anyway. Yeah didn't think she would do something like that though.

Rapparee said...

That video?



katana said...


Dangerfield – Talking Tough with Mark Collett – Mar 28, 2020 — Transcript


[Dangerfield, an Englishman living deep in Cambodia, does a marvelous job of interviewing Mark Collett, the leader of Patriotic Alternative, asking him nearly all the tough questions. After over seven minutes of journeying up the digital river, Collett finally makes contact with Dangerfield. They discuss;

Mark’s childhood
The ongoing racial replacement of the indigenous people of Britain
How “diversity” is a failure
Patriotic Alternative and its aims, becoming a political party
The more radical followers online vs the PA meetings
Pretending to be Civic nationalists vs being Ethno-nationalists
Bulldog and Spitfire nationalism
National Socialism
The feasability of a “Kai Murros” style uprising
The need for community
Technology and the surveillance State
How the Police and Army are not on our side
Mainstream media no longer as dominate as in the past
The influence of the alternative media
Brexit and Donald Trump
Repatriation of non-Whites
No reparations!
Carrots and sticks
Media and the promotion of race-mixing
Working with non-Whites
Anne Marie Waters, For Britain — a zio shill outfit
Legal immigration of non-Whites
Superchats: Stefan Molyneux, British Army, Halal slaughter, Way of the World
Can we win?
The achievements of Europeans and their greatness


Mung Bean Daniels said...

Video has been removed.

Unknown said...

Haha Well done...

Anonymous said...

Massaged and cherry picked statistics (also known as business (so-called) "statistics") are easily bought as "scientific fact" by most people, including today's (excuse the expression) cherry picked medical school classes where demographically (or politically) correct classes are the goal. Those seats are partially federally funded, so they (the feds) can do whatever they please to fill those slots. So, today, a med school class looks like a Hollywood sitcom cast - a couple stars, set in a background consisting primarily of talentless schmucks, there, just to appease the affirmative action bunch. It's been that way for decades, actually, but like a wet snowball rolling downhill, it's almost all you see anymore. They, and the AMA, and the ever pervasive government's (cherry picked) so-called "experts" (with a government job from which they'll never be fired or sued no matter how negligent or stupid they act) have succeeded in ruining medicine in the US. None of my medical colleagues of my age group would dream of letting their rocket science brained kid even consider going to med school. They make those kids go to Law school or biz school - usually both.

35 years ago already, phony (business-style) statistics began to appear, first in (supposedly scientific) studies appearing in the Journal of The AMA (JAMA). I remember it clearly. The null hypothesis of biostatistics is essentially "are these two populations (or sets of data) different?" In business statistics the null hypothesis is "Can we expect this if we do this?" Those are two completely different hypotheses. And the tests employed are not the same. Over time, the published articles in JAMA increasingly were "feelings" based, so I guess biz stats were OK for that. But then, the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) started employing biz stats in studies that would require biostats for their conclusions, and now the ball was rolling. Medical journals now almost all of them, use business statistics all over the place. Just where do you think this "second hand smoke" baloney got "proven?" And why is it only little niglets are shown exposed to it? There is so much myth and misinformation posing as scientific fact in the medical and as we see now, the epidemiology field too, that who can believe anything they say? I am a whiz at this stuff, and NO I cannot say that I do! Add in the totally not-to-be believed MSM and who knows anything? But you have to stay in the house, like it or not!

And, I'll admit that secondary to that fact, I get highly suspicious when something of importance always seems to happen "over there." Never where I am able to personally observe it in any way. Are you aware of how low the odds are of everything of importance only happening out of sight? Like 100% of the time? You should be aware of and think about stuff like that - especially if lotto tickets and casinos attract your time and interest.

Then there is this lying thing. Lie, lie, lie. It's the new road to influence and success. I presume that the current day version of the Dale Carnegie course has a monumental segment on how to lie and keep a straight face. If not, it should. Insofar as most of those courses today are offered at the most leftist liberal universities tells you a lot. Coming from a family where the congenital liar gene was quite frequent, I can say I am very experienced with liars. I dealt with them for over 60 years.

riddipbeameupscottyshesnotreadyforityourafreakofnaturethisisnotrealfuckoffwordsofhypnosis said...

I only want to die around irish people. Not depressing fucking round head polaks or blacks etc, what a nightmare. It shouldn't be seen as even racist, this country and our culture is NOT FOR EVERYONE! Otherwise its NOTHING!

The Baron said...

Andrew Anglin is taking the piss. I doubt he's all there.

Check the date, mate.

The Baron said...

Do you see now what's going on Mr Baron? I hope so.

I see below average flu season death rates.

I see a world full of hysterical people destroying countries.

I hear first hand reports of empty Coronavirus hospital wards from medical professionals I know.

I listen to German and Italian virologists saying this virus is nowhere near as dangerous as they are pretending.

I see death reports saying anyone who died with Coronaviruses in their system must have died of the viruses.

I see in Italy they are blaming car accident deaths on Coronavirus.

I see people saying OMG because 1000 people died in a day in Italy. 2000 people die there every day. It is normal.

I see fake and bad statistical practices used by the media every day to exaggerate death stats.

I see them dividing deaths by known cases to arrive at a death rate, with no attempts made to estimate unknown cases to get a proper death rate. (THis is the standard practice for any outbreak, and is routine for flu.)

I see them banning drugs known to cure these viruses 100% even though doctors in other countries have used them with amazing results.

I see NYC pretending to load bodies into trucks out on the street (to dramatize the event) when they have loading bays for that.

I see videos of reporters going to Coronavirus emergency centers and finding them empty.

I see reports of "overloaded hospitals" when two years ago in the US one million people were hospitalized for flu.

What I have never seen or heard of personally is a single person with the disease. I'm sure they exist, but why not just class it as a bad flu instead of these insane lockdowns?

I see that when or if this lockdown ends, then the next wave of this virus will be even worse, especially if it mutates. It will mutate to become even more contagious due to these social distancing rules.

What I don't see is what you are talking about. You might need to explain it in more detail.

The Baron said...

As for the Chinese threat, our country will be Chinese soon anyway so WTF does "the Chinese Threat" mean exactly?

Anonymous said...

My mate in Cape Town tells me he's noticed an increasing number of Chinese in SA police uniforms policing the streets. Portugal is overrun with Chinese yet the virus issue there appears to be nothing compared with Spain's? It's barely reported.

Anonymous said...

What's 5G got to do with it? It's not a pathogen is it FFS?

Jen said...

Talking about statistics, grey-divorce rates are going to peak after Easter this year. Doing the shopping is the least of my hassles, being a caregiver to a disabled and frail old husband - come to think of it, both his hands have been disabled since he went on retirement. I must be a housemaid scrubbing shit and urine spills out of carpets now as well. Bleaah. "Where's my sandwich?" Oh, sod off.

I wonder how many sweet old dears REALLY die peacefully in their sleep ...

Jen said...

Who remembers this song, Sadie the cleaning lady? I don't see the relevance of the dolly birds with their false eyelashes and false nails prancing around though when the song's about an overworked old charwoman.


drfeelgoodshitlerslistcommunityoftransatlantictraitorshannonlimkennisdub said...

If you cannot sort the small shit it just keeps getting bigger, I'm sure other people across the pond in the VERY EARLY DAYS, know what I'm on about, and those state side have seen it too, these ppl these parasites and wannabe kike jews need to be preyed on in any way possible instead of blaming the wrong ppl.

Boomer said...

The (((goofs))) have pictured a sad white sap in this rag, who nicked PPE from an ambulance and racially abused a non-white operative but not the she-boon that wiped its used sanitary pad on the hospital's glass doors and racially abused a white female cop ?!? Should I be surprised? 'course not.



Jen said...

Anonymous said...
What's 5G got to do with it? It's not a pathogen is it FFS?

2 April 2020 at 10:40


Anonymous said...


James Lord said...

Metro must be one of the worst most anti-white "journals" out there. Why does any white person log onto it? Well I do somethimes but it's total shite. Seems aimed at black ghetto dwellers.

Aspects of Mind said...

@Anon 10:40: "What's 5G got to do with it? It's not a pathogen is it FFS?"

Fools like you will soon be gone in the big cull. The rest of us have long known that 5G is biologically toxic, e.g.

1. https://www.5gcrisis.com/scientific-studies?fbclid=IwAR3BeXbWHQcryD9eAJsPzWJqpmvd7jkf1k133r61_kPGD_dEgbCR583wxa8
2. https://ehtrust.org/
3. https://www.vigiliae.org/

Lemmyhead said...

John said..
"Johnson's government is so angry with China's handling of the crisis that he could abandon his decision to let the Chinese telecoms company Huawei develop the UK's 5G wireless network."


Anonymous said...

Aspects of Mind,

I'm not stating that 5G isn't dangerous here, I know that 5G emitters emit 50 times more frequency than 4G, at 300GGHz, drastically increasing radiation. This greatly increases RF radiation exposure.

Take a headline today for example? 950 Deaths in Spain in one day.
Take a look at mortality rates for Spain. It's at 9.2. For those who don't understand this, it means 9.2 people die, every day out of every 1,000. That means that with a Spanish population of 46,750,000 there are 450,000 dying every year which is around 1,150 people EVERY DAY!

The people are panicking because they're stupid and are missing the wood for the trees and are failing to accept natural, mortality rates in countries. The government is telling us that all these people are dying of coronavirus, who may very well have heart and chest complaints, dying of cancers and other diseases, alcohol and drug abuse, old age etc. And people are lapping all of this up.

Do I believe there's a corona virus? I don't know, because there are so many lies being spouted I don't really know what the actual truth is.
Once we get truthful statistics of deaths, that is TOTAL numbers of all who died in a day/month then I'm not really believing anything that's being presented, at the moment, as truth.

Remember Orwell - "In times of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act."


Anonymous said...

"Rapparee1 April 2020 at 23:51
That video?


The "Vodafone boss" who can't even correctly pronounce "Huawei".
The Net is full of fake people and morons.


Anonymous said...

".....[Dangerfield, an Englishman living deep in Cambodia, does a marvelous job of interviewing Mark Collett, the leader of Patriotic Alternative, asking him nearly all the tough questions. After over seven minutes of journeying up the digital river, Collett finally makes contact with Dangerfield. They discuss;....."

Rather "Dangerfield, an Englishman living deep in his mommie's basement..."

The Net is full of fake people and morons.

Jen said...

@Anonymous 2 April 2020 at 16:12

He also gives himself away by saying he worked for Vodafone from 2015 to 2013. He has a lot of anger in his voice. He sounds like he was turned down for a job with Vodafone, not like an ex employee.

Ingrid Denzin's surgically enhanced vagina said...

The Baron said (Anglin's taking the piss)

Read to the end where he says:
Anyway.Happy canceled April Fool’s Day.I hope I had a couple of you going at the beginning.

Jen said: (scrubbing piss and shit)

Poor Jurgen, I pity him being at your mercy. Lets hope you both get the "Old Man's Blessing"...him first.

Been watching Ozark on Netflix. You so remind me of Darlene Snell.

Anonymous said...

I just saw this headline Pelosi seeks bipartisan panel to oversee $2 trillion coronavirus relief.

Anyone know what the lending interest is from the Federal Reserve to the US government?
Looks like lots and lots of people (in government & banking) are going to make a lot of wealth over the current BS, in this avenue alone.


If you do a search for the link provided it'll come up on numerous msm outlets. All news comes from Reuters (Rothschilds) and journalists today are simply 'copy & paste' media whores. Absolutely no integrity in any of them, whatsoever.

poisonandremedy said...

What is the solution to this, limit the amount of profit these gargantuan profiteers can make, if you see euronews don't watch, rt dont watch , etc, don't click on yt I'm going to destroy all media where i am in 2021, and no i wont be watching any lolocuast anniversaries either for diff reasons, just ignore them, if certain countries got together to forcibly make them irrelevant, or at least came to an agreement to get your balls back off them. I dunno maybe I'm being an austist about this.

Anonymous said...

This from a couple of years ago.
NHS hospital trusts to pay out further *£55bn under PFI scheme
Some *spending one-sixth of entire budget on *repaying *debts from *Blair-era policy.
Matt Hancock a Tory just cleared the debt.
Just Amazing Really Amazing. What's happening folks? I'm confused 😕

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Aspects of Mind said...
@Anon 10:40: "What's 5G got to do with it? It's not a pathogen is it FFS?"

Fools like you will soon be gone in the big cull. The rest of us have long known that 5G is biologically toxic, e.g.

"Biologically toxic" ?!? wtf lol!

25 years ago loons like you were pandering and panicking to the rumours and scaremongering about the use of standard mobile phones saying they'd fry your brain, make you impotent, infertile, schitso and neurotic, set you car alight in a filling station. They're already using 5G in Koroea and they're breeding like rats normally - many are living the dream!

Sweden's got no lock-down and their 70 year olds are going about their business as normal. It's nothing but a flu virus with the media using daily death stats for selected countries to create panic and alarm. Death stats for same countries for same period a year ago are very similar to what we read attributed to corona today.. shock horror! it's and mostly old farts dropping off as they do anyway. The economic fallout from this is what you need to worry about, especially if you have property and mortgages. The (((banks))) want it all and will take it all IF we let them. It's all been manufactured to fuck up stable economies for the ((Parasites))

The Baron said...

pathogen[ path-uh-juh n, ‐jen ]SHOW IPA
any disease-producing agent, especially a virus, bacterium, or other microorganism.

5G could be a pathogen.

AnalogMan said...

Rapparee said...

That video?

Thanks. I, too, get very curious about things I'm not allowed to see. I tried to download it, for later study, but my downloader apparently doesn't like Bitchute. So I started watching it.

Frankly, I'm not impressed. As one comment pointed out, it's unlikely that a former head of Vodafone would not be able to pronounce "Huawei". Lots of sloppy thinking, there, too.

As I understand him, viruses are poisonous chips of cells knocked off by electro-magnetic radiation. This has been responsible for all the great pandemics of the last century.

First there was the 1918 Spanish flu, caused by the proliferation of radio communication early in the 20th century.

Then there was the post-WW2 Hong Kong flu, caused by the introduction of radar, and all those satellites tooling around in the Van Allen radiation belts.

And now we have the Wuhan flu, caused by 5G networks.

I'm sure, in this company, there is no need for me to explain why this is nonsense. But take heart from the obvious implication that, if he is right, we'll adapt to 5G, just as we adapted to radio and radar.

The Baron said...

The Net is full of fake people and morons.

...and professional trolls gaslighting whistleblowers.

The Baron said...

Sweden's got no lock-down and their 70 year olds are going about their business as normal.

Except there are reports that "teens" are purposefully coughing on them.

Without teens Sweden cannot survive, like Babs said.

The Baron said...

To anyone who thinks 5G can't be a pathogen:

Go tape your head to one of its transmitters for a day.

1G, 2G, 3G, 4G, they are all pathogens if you get a high enough dose. 5G is possibly just a hoax to generate post-hoax complacency until 6G comes along. They like the number 6.

Rapparee said...

Gee, thanks @Anon, Jen and Mona for putting my worrying mind to rest with your astute 5G comments.
Think I'll go for a nice walk outside now and enjoy the rest of the day ignoring all those ugly cell towers...

Uh oh ...looks like todays weather has scattered aluminium, patches of barium and a fair chance of ethylene dibromide with polymer fibers.


Anonymous said...

Something to consider.


Jen said...

@Bert 2 April 2020 at 17:39

You're such a drama queen Bert.

Jen said...

Teens, tweens and Christians who think you have anything of value to tell anyone older than you : no you don't.

Two years ago I survived a racially motivated attack in an ICU ward by two black nurses who really, really wanted to maim an already vulnerable white woman who had just come out of hip replacement surgery. They swore white bitch white whore at me while twisting my body around so that the hip replacement failed. At that stage the internal damage was not immediately noticeable. The hip dislocated four weeks down the line. The ICU nurses said they were motivated by Julius Malema. Anyone who thinks all people have some good in them are seriously out of touch with reality. I had to have surgery all over again but this time the procedure was more complicated due to the damage that had been done.

It took two years before I could walk properly but now I'm quite recovered and have no other health problems. So now some religious person starts telling me what I should and should not do during the pandemic lockdown without any thought of my physical or mental resilience. Hey? If I want medical advice I'll get it from a medical doctor, not from a church nutter. All religions are poison and so are cults. I don't need anybody to lead me to God because wherever there's a lead there's a collar and chain. The entire problem with humanity comes from the need of one person to control another. Religion and politics are all the same shit show.

Hereticdrummer said...

Yes Jen; Organized religion started countless years ago when very clever, unscrupulous men realized they could live a very comfortable life without working by promulgating a religious cult. I recall as a young whelp my mother castigating my father for not taking me and my siblings to church (Roman Catholic). He said, "I have to work two jobs to support my family while those bastards (priests & bishops) live in luxury apartments, have cooks and maids, drive new cadillacs, and do nothing. And on top of it, they want money from me. Fuck them." My father was discreet enough to not mention that they bugger alter boys as well.

Chumlee's Brother said...

Jen said...
Talking about statistics, grey-divorce rates are going to peak after Easter this year. Doing the shopping is the least of my hassles, being a caregiver to a disabled and frail old husband - come to think of it, both his hands have been disabled since he went on retirement.

...Jen, you've fallen for the oldest trick in the book....disabled hands.
I bet you're a master at it ( pardon the semi pun ) at this point.
He's a lucky boy.

Anonymous said...

"He's a lucky boy."

Have you seen Ingrid's Facebook photo?

Jen said...

I should not really be writing about this on the internet, it seems obscene. To see your partner of thirty years - a lifetime in itself - fading and dying is excruciating. You ask yourself, why work your arse off all your life to end up all broken at the end of it. My husband has no other relatives so we're in this alone together. You can tell people, my husband's dying in front of me, but they change the subject.

I don't abuse him like someone else suggested. The place is run like a very small private hospital but with better food.

Jen said...

Who are you, and what's so thrilling about my Facebook photo? Nothing saucy going on there. I'm a very ordinary person. Like you.

Jen said...

Hereticdrummer, your father was a wise man. I can still handle a narcissistic, freeloading priest as long as he shares the joke. But when a priest is just a weak arsehole with no sense of humour then the women in the parish take over, and that is not a pretty sight.

Hereticdrummer said...

Like the ancient Cathars said, Jen, the flesh is the Devil's chains and the material realm, his creation, is the true Hell.

Hereticdrummer said...

Jen; I have a buddy and former band-mate, originally from NY city, a tough fellow Italian whose father felt the same way. Tony, my friend, asked his dad once why he hated the Roman Catholic church so much. He said, "Because they are just like the Wiseguys (Mafia members). They take advantage of morons."

Jen said...


Too true, Hereticdrummer, too true.

Jen said...

The person who makes the most sense about Covid-19 is Sam Vaknin, who is not the paranoid type. But even he is asking himself why the virus panic is being blown out of all proportion.


Anonymous said...

I tell you something for nothing Savant you have some right conks going on here. Funny nevertheless.

Up the Baggies

Anonymous said...

Jen said "Who are you, and what's so thrilling about my Facebook photo?"

Jen - Forget to add to my comment @00:34: "Go take a look at Ingrid's photo, then come back and tell us "He's a lucky boy"."

Jen said...

Chumlee's Brother said...
Jen said...

...Jen, you've fallen for the oldest trick in the book....disabled hands.
I bet you're a master at it ( pardon the semi pun ) at this point.
He's a lucky boy.

3 April 2020 at 23:45

Actually Chumlee, I'm a lucky girl to have found an intelligent, reasonable man who could put up with my shit for thirty years. Not many can claim to have such long relationships nowadays.

Anonymous said...

“The corona viris” definition in a book is inadequate to describe any specific variant. It’s like referring to the dictionary definition of an Entero virus for information about polio. Those of us past 45 with any sort of respiratory ailments would prefer to live a few more decades, and this whole muh economy pearl clutching is ironic considering schools just teach non-sense and all the work we were doing increasingly served those at the top exclusively. Let’s use this as an opportunity to cancel our subscriptions for non-essential services, and have more co-operative dealing with our peers. More people are reading and visiting sites like this. Having to stay home for a season is a good education in what we might face in bad health or old age, so we can prepare for those eventualities. When I get to Ireland, you better have some chores for me to do.

Shawn Foster said...

Yeah no, check your math, the numbers as you present don’t make sense. If you can’t figure out there is a mistake there, just refrain from posting about this topic