Saturday, 31 August 2019

This is not the West

A reader sent me this insightful comment a few months back which I think deserves its own full post.

This culture we live in isn’t the West. Its looks like the west . It talks like the west. But it isn’t the West. It’s something that has grown in the corpse of the old West and wears its flesh. It is a parasitic zombie that stands in opposition to the old west, feeding on its flesh to fuel its own growth. It is the Anti-West .The old West was Christian, masculine, white and monogamous. The Anti-West is gnostic and effeminate. It is openly hostile to the children of Europe and sexually degenerate. The old West was creative and vigorous. The Anti-West is imitative and stagnant. The old West was fertile and brave. The anti-west is barren and cowardly.

The real West is dead. It died on the battlefields of Europe in the twentieth century. Everything after that has been the twitching of its corpse. It is only when you realize this that you can see things as they truly are. And once you can see clearly, you can begin understand the magnitude of our defeat and its consequences.

Our ancestors, informed by the ideals of the old west, would never have tolerated this state of affairs. They would have barred the colonist from arriving and driven the globalists into the sea. The response to Pakistani rape gangs or desert savages screaming to impose their collection of tribal superstitions would not have been government studies and handwringing, but riots and violence. The streets would have run red. But the parasite is sapping our will to stand up for our culture. This makes us weak and contemptible in eyes of our foes and in the eyes of a growing cohort of our own peoples. Seeing our passivity in the face of their provocations, our would be conquerors grow bolder.

We in the West are proceeding into a new dark age. We got here through our own cowardice and stupidity. We are going to face a century of turmoil and subjugation at the hands of the colonists and the white political catamites who are their enablers. It will be an age of humiliation and defeat. Our generation will live to feel the boot of oppression and conquest on our necks.

It is not we who will throw down the Anti-west and liberate ourselves from the technocrats, globalists and colonists. But we can dream and work towards something better. We must bear what is to come in bitter strength and prepare the way for those who will have the courage we lacked. Then they will throw down the enemy, reconquer what is theirs and build a new west.


ianrob said...

An exciting post, and very dramatic. I feel though that is a little unfair to us. I mean by that, that the Jewish Bolsheviks according to Solzyenitsin, killed 60+ million Russians, and nobody could accuse the Ruskies of being soft. Several countries lost millions in the first and second world wars, again no-one could accuse people of being soft in those days. The native Americans were not soft either nor the Incas or Aztecs.
One of the main tools of war is control of information and communications, as Israel found out to it's cost when Hezbollah kicked it's arse on it's it's last infantry excursion into Lebanon. Israel thought it was creating radio black out but Hezbollah had land lines installed.
The people destroying the West, control the absolute vast majority of people by their control of TV radio and increasingly the internet. I like to think that I have a fair understanding of how things roll, but I am viewed as a conspiracy theorist by many, such is the suggestive power of TV. Anyone making suggestions outside of the official version, is to be ridiculed.
Yes we must fight the invaders, but first we should claim back the information supply sources from our attackers.
Oliver Cromwell has a lot to answer for.

Henry said...

I think it's called "libero-fascism".

Tadeusz Korzeniewski said...
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wilmo said...

The lights are going out all over Gentile World.

John Drake said...

I prefer to see the west regaining itself but that will take centuries and much blood.It will be like Spain was before 1492 along with much of Europe. The biggest thing will be the control of the ruling class as well as the media. It will also have a mindset like the song "Silent Running". We have been betrayed from the top down. Be seeing you.

Anonymous said...

prepare for civil war in britain..consolidate and prepare to defend white areas. This third world dogsh*t can be put in their place and expelled with simple solidarity and organisation...they have none

Mr Reynard said...

Well, we were warned already in 1965 ..
See @
But the rotten 1968 freaks have dumb ed down the coming generation ??

Uncle Nasty said...

I'm in the middle of a very interesting book -- Misfire - The Tragic Failure of the M16 in Vietnam by Bob Orkand ... a quote on page 150:-

a February 2018 letter to The Wall Street Journal by a former West German reporter, Uwe Siemon-Netto, helps set the record straight. Siemon-Netto, born in Leipzig, who later became North American correspondent for Stern, a weekly news magazine published in Hamburg, covered the Tet Offensive for West German newspapers.

His letter to The Journal read in part:

There were three different sets of reporters accredited to Saigon at that time (i.e., Tet,1968). The first category accounted for some 70% who hardly ever left the Saigon region.
Category II consisted of fewer than 30% who did spend a lot of time in the field. I knew many of those well, including Peter Braestrup. We were far too busy reporting what we had seen to squander our time producing fake news. These combat reporters knew and wrote that the North Vietnamese and Viet Cong had lost the Tet Offensive militarily.
But they were overshadowed by category III. These were the media stars flown in from New York or Washington for brief stints who often made ideologically motivated pronouncements on camera that were really a form of malpractice.

I remember how furious Peter Braestrup, I, and others were when Walter Cronkite stated in front of millions of U.S. viewers that the war couldn’t be won, when in fact we had just witnessed American and South Vietnamese soldiers shed their blood vanquishing the communists and destroying their infrastructure. I stood next to Braestrup at a mass grave filled with the bodies of old men, women, and children (i.e., South Vietnamese civilians slaughtered by conquering communist forces during Tet). A U.S. television team walked idly about this site. Braestrup asked them: “Why don’t you film this scene?” “We are not here to spread anticommunist propaganda,” one answered.

What has this to do with the subject at hand? Cronkite has now become identified as a subversive .. if not an out-and-out traitor to the US. Be that as it may, it is more proof that, to get anywhere at all, we are going to have to destroy what passes for the news media -- by any means necessary.


PreatorianXVI said...

Enemy Number one - All Main Steam Media
That is where "they" the Zionist juice got us, serious deprogramming required.

richard dix cox [dick dicks cocks] said...

. . .control of tv and radio. . .

It's control of information in general. That includes all schools, kindergarten thru post-doctoral. Government schools were established for domination and destruction and slavery.

Jay Walker

Anonymous said...

Wonder how well the Chinese and Jews will get along.
Have my doubts.
Chinese can be quite direct about ethnic groups.
There is long-term hope.

Hiemdall in Africa said...

Superb post, Sav, one of your best! We must reread the Harold A Covington 'Nortwest Trilogy'novels.

I'm still in South Africa and I see first hand the corruption of Western ideals and mores by the orcs. And it's their OWN people who they defraud. Who the hell would want to let them in to Europe?

Flanders said...

A very insightful comment you have posted, Savant. I would like to see IanRob's comment included in that posting, too, because he is exactly right.

It is the Jewry's control of almost all of media which allows Jewry to remain undisturbed in all of their other malfeasances. Jewry have now overtly weaponized it's media (and Hollywood) against all White people, although too many of our people still refuse to consider that as even being a possibility despite the overtness. That last is changing, but still too slowly, and it is now a race which currently is being won by the media and Jewry through the exercise of the jew's censorship and site-burning power. That media extremist influence by Jewry extends worldwide via their "news agencies" and through embedded (but, often hidden crypto) jews.

Reclaiming communications control is of the most vital importance if the future expenditure of our own blood is to be prevented. The jew-controlled media will not only assist in killings of White Americans and others elsewhere, but will be the trumpet for all of Jewry's calls for the tactics leading to isolation of White's [all from one another], while the jewish chosen's militant's - which Jewry will use to hide behind - proceed to administer their instructed final touches. TSA, FEMA and the other alphabet agencies will make sure that you stay in your designated space during the meantime, while the chosen's favored imported's are given free run over your homeland.

That is much how the jew's also did during the jewish takeover of Russia and the Ukraine during the 1920's and 30's. Restrictions on travel without the necessary permits, withheld for those who were "troublesome", and elaborate informer networks established to insure that the CHEKA was successful against the Russian and other people's - while many of those poor White Russian and other victims were then 'Replaced' inside their own homelands.

“Organizationally the Gulag was subordinated to the secret police entity of the day (successively, Cheka, GPU, OGPU, NKVD, MVD, and KGB, from the last of which emanate many of the leaders of today’s Russian Federation). The founder of the Soviet secret police, Feliks Dzerzhinsky, expressed the guiding principle of the Cheka in 1918: “We represent in ourselves organized terror — this must be said very clearly.
Tens of thousands of Lithuanians, Latvians, and Estonians were deported to Soviet camps, to be replaced in their homelands by (((Soviet settlers)))."

When things begin to happen in the deepest earnest against our individual White people, everyone must understand that media and MSM in all it's various aspects and personnel must be the prime target for all of our people to change and to control - with all resources which are at their disposal. Proper communication is the lifeblood of our people. A conscious awakening and solidarity would fast become evident.

Fledgling said...

This bloke must have read this blog

Flanders said...

"Taxpayer Money Funds Screening of “Why Don’t We Murder More White People?” in San Francisco"

"Actually, the deaths of White people at the hands of non-Whites has become incredibly normalized in our society, and we simply do not see such cases blow up in mass media headlines. Only very rarely are such anti-White attacks labeled as hate crimes. Regardless, isn’t it incredible that the whole film is dedicated to pondering why more White people are not being mass murdered?"

Anonymous said...

We are under chastisement. White Christendom turned from God, aided by the usual suspects of course. Correspondingly, God being true to his covenants, sent these plagues against us. We will not be freed from the biblical curses continually described in this blog until we turn unto God, repent and hear his word.

Revelation 18 gave us pretty apt instructions:

Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen and has become the habitation of devils and the hold of every foul spirit ... the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her and the merchants of the earth are waxed rich through the abundance of her delicacies. And I heard another voice from heaven saying 'come out of her my people that you not partake of her sins and that you receive not of her plagues'.

Pom Z said...

Further to last
Just look at the pampered little bitch in spectacles holding up a banner saying;

2019 Resolution
DO something that would make a 1950's WHITE MAN angry

It looks a bit like that peroxide sprayed (((tart))) with English surname Rachel "Riley" on Countdown who constantly whines about "antisemitism"

So white MEN of mature years... do you see the real "HATRED"? Now you know exactly who's targeting YOU and with (((government sanction)))! The female of the (((species))) is more scheming (deadlier) than the male as they say... rings true here and the scheming cunts are using/twisting (((LAWS))) with "legal sanction" to do it. Don't let them!

Young white girls (CHILDREN) who are raped by shit coloured imports or resident Asiatic vermin are now called "complainants" in the (((media))). Socialite white slappers, Asiatic and/or niggers... 'others' like queers and 'trans' fuck-ups, ALLEGEDLY touched up or in the case of the latter racially/homophobically slagged off by WHITE men are called "victims" ?!?

Common purpose at work WHITE gentlemen! Be vigilant and wake up to the stench of these stinking CUNTS in your (((government))) and media ... make it YOUR business!
Be especially aware of other (("white")) males on that side too. Do NOT be afraid, you might find it hard to live with yourself inducing suicidal thoughts later if you are.

Most ordinary, mostly law abiding, mostly nice white men approaching their 50's/60's AND much younger don't have a clue about this insidious disease! Too busy overdosing on porn, football, cricket and rugby.... and conforming! Be vigilant at all times.

SAVANT said...

Great comment Flanders (07.35). I fear that for America it might be too late. Demographics and the Federal Courts will see to it that nothing gets done. Republicans are rapidly losing the ability to elect a President and with that lose control over Supreme Court and other lower level Federal appointments. And even leaving the Jews out of it we already see that judges with Hispanic names routinely undermine immigration control while blacks are. sometimes comically, biased in favour of their own. Meanwhile, as the majority of Whites put their energies into providing for their families and spend their leisure time on bread & circuses Jews control print media and TV, Hollywood and the social media platforms. Apathy and ignorance will literally be the death of White America.

Sorry for the black pill.

Declan P. said...

Great Jewtube link from Mr. Reynard there. Everyone should listen to it. Amazingly prescient and only a few minutes long.

beppo said...

A bit OT(but not too much): Excellent article by Andrew Joyce Aug.30th on old friends of this blog Ronit Lentin and Alan Shatter.

beppo said...

Sorry, forgot to name the site: UNZ.

Rapparee said...

Earlier this year I called hoax on this David Goldberg guy on his discussion with a jewish White House female insider talking about Trump's secret conversion to judaism because it turned into a phone sex conversation which was supposed to have been edited out, but wasn't.

Well not so sure now, Henry Makow has posted more info about it lately since Goldberg's death last June and a recording made just three days before his death has just come out. ... A MUST SEE!!!

"Anti Semites" are Being Tagged for Extermination

English Tom said...

Just 100 pages into the book, Uprising by David Irving, about the 1956 Hungarian uprising. Well, it shows, glaringly, this episode was basically a,jew on jew civil war!

It also shows what happens to goys who fall under the hands of the secret police, who were almost exclusively Jewish, and it is not nice.

Highly recommended book!

Olda said...

I read Uprising and I cannot see how you could describe it as basically a jew on jew civil war. The Jews were almost all on one side, that of the Government.

Chumlee's Brother said...

Olda said...
I read Uprising and I cannot see how you could describe it as basically a jew on jew civil war. The Jews were almost all on one side, that of the Government.

....Yes, the crux of the matter. 'Government'.
People are being gee'd up by the media to worry about the rise of A.I., when really the toxic A.I has been with us for's called 'GOVERNMENT'.
Maybe if a computerised A.I. does rise up, the first thing it may decide to do is to bring down 'Government'...we can only hope.

A A Swedish friend of this blog said...

Actually beppo that Andrew Joyce articel is on the Occidental Observer.

Chumlee's Brother said...

SAV, I fear for America that it may be too late, too.

This could be a really good thing though. If it balkanises, then people like us could find sanctuary in a white's only enclave in the Pacific North West, where we get to start over a new civilisation.
The pacific North West may be the only place on earth that white's will be permitted to actually live, free from extermination. Although on second thoughts, (((they))) are never going to leave us alone until they've wiped Northern European whites off of the face of the earth.
We are in the closing phases of the 'great reset' of the 1800's.
See White City Chicago 1893 'Columbia Exposition'.

ianrob said...

Thanks Flanders.

Katzenjammer said...

The only way to get whites to breed is to remove all social benefits, up to and including national health insurance, child and old age benefits. When citizens are faced with the reality of having to rely on their working children to sustain them in their old age they will start breeding again fast. Who knows, they might just prepare their children for a life other than on the dole. No time for being brainwashed on the telly and the internet then.

Adult children putting up their chastened elders would do away with the need for all those third world immigrants doing shit duty in old age homes. Let Christianity be brought back with the caveat that nobody over the age of 70 years be allowed to vote. After the age of three score years and ten it's all downhill anyway, so old men should just belt up and let the young get on with it. Brexit is going to be painful for the elderly who rely on the taxpaying young to pay for their old age pensions. Austerity measures here we come. Life's going to be like it was in the aftermath of the second world war - so much more exciting without a safety net.

Julius Malema's Woodwork Teacher. said...

There'll only be a European resurgence if one of two things happen. Either people wake up now and take control of their countries, (doubtful) or,they win a future civil/race war.

Tony Hayers / Nilus said...

Saturday Night, and WW2 rages on...and on... Aug 31 2019
A tale of (((endless war))) written in the teevee listings!
History is produced and directed by the victors.

Channel 5 5.15pm 'THE BLITZ: Britain On Fire'
An exploration of how Britain, and Liverpool in particular, was bombarded for eight days in May 1941

In March 1945, the German military was determined to make the Allies pay.

Travelling through three countries from Nuremberg to AUSCHWITZ , Chris Tarrant explores the DARKEST CHAPTER in the history of the railways -

followed by 'Hacksaw Ridge' WW2 drama starring
JEW Andrew Garfield

BBC1 7.30pm 'Dad's Army' WW2 sitcom, with
HITLER-mocking feem choon sang by
JEW 'Bud Flanagan' aka Chaim Ruben Weintrop

BBC2 9pm 'Their Finest' WW2 drama.
1940, London : Film-makers endeavour to make a film to lift the nation's spirits

Channel 4 9pm 'Bridge of Spies' (2015) Cold War drama directed by
JEW Stephen Spielberg , produced by
JEW Marc Platt, written by
JEW Joel Coen and
JEW Ethan Coen , music by
JEW Thomas Newman
That's right goy, the Russians are the baddies now

BBC4 10.35pm 'The Vietnam War' X 2
That's right goy, now we're all about spreading / fighting communism
Do keep up

ITV 11.20pm 'Rambo III' (1988)
"Dedicated to the Brave and Noble warriors of the Taliban" That's right, we're now fighting the Russians in Vietnam oops I mean Afghanistan cos they invaded it and imposed a brutal occupation , which of course is wrong, and something we would never do. Try to keep up, goy.

Channel 4 11.35pm 'Lone Survivor' (2013)
OK, so we've invaded Afghanistan and have imposed a brutal occupation, and the 'Brave and Noble Warriors of the Taliban' are now toothless raghead goatfuckers to be hunted down and slaughtered like vermin. Directed by
JEW Peter Berg, Produced by
JEW Randall Emmett
JEW Akiva Goldsman and
JEW Stephen Levinson , music by
JEW Steve Jablonsky, Starring
JEW Emile Hirsch and
JEW Ben Foster as Tough American Goy soldiers who are sent on a mission to slot some ragheads.

beppo said...

@ A A Swedish Friend,

You are right. Getting older. Apologies.

Gelu Valah said...

Valachians are a very sturdy stock.
opposed hard (swords and impaling*) many times against the Ottoman Empire.
in the East.
the Poles defeated Islam again (for ever after 1475 AD**), in 1689 AD, in Wien, otherwise you, in the West, would have tasted Islam much earlier; Charlemagne succeded at Poitiers; Spanish Reconqista struggled against Islam for centuries.
well, life and needs teaches you better than any teacher, and you act accordingly.
* Bram Stoker wrote about Dracula, a novel.
except Vlad Dracul (knight of the "Order of the Dragon", inherited nobilliary title) deployed, wisely, a method of human execution, scary (that's why he did that) and gruesome, imported from the vast steppes of Caucasus.
in Wallachia/Valahia, not in Transilvania.
** the greatest defeat in the history of Islam, 100.000 dead muslims.

Matrick said...

Remember that once they have lost political control, there will still be an enormous number of Whites left in America. I don't think it's all doom and gloom because once Whites realise they'll never be able to get the government they want through the ballot box, they'll understand that they will have to get one by other means. I'm confident that Whites are capable of that.

J Whiteman said...

How cities may blow up when niggers are very, very hungry:

Tony Hayers / Nilus said...

Starting tomorrow night on BBC2, a MAJOR new series: 'THE RISE OF THE NAZIS'

Starting now on Channel 4, 'The Monuments Men' (2014)
That's right, they're still making films about 'THE NAAAAAAZIS' in 2014.
And 2015. And 2016. And 2017. And 2018. And 2019. And so on...for eternity

BBC1 12.00 'The King's Speech' In which a
JEW puts words in a Gentile monarch's mouth....and not for the first time ..."the new king relies on Logue to help him make his first wartime radio broadcast on Britain's declaration of war on Germany in 1939" Wow, it's that war again.
Screenplay by
JEW David Seidler, produced by Australian
JEW Emile Sherman, cinematography by
JEW Danny Cohen , starring
JEW Helena Bonham Carter and
JEW Claire Bloom, Distributed by
(((The Weinstein Company)))

Channel 4 11.10pm 'Black Nurses: The Wymminz Who SAVED THE NHS'
And invented supersonic flight, space travel, the CT scanner, advanced bionics, the electron microscope , DNA sequencing ,twerking and rice'n'pea. (How the Afro-Caribbean and African women answered the call 70 years ago came to the hideously pale, stale and bland UK to SAVE the then-ailing health service, coughbullshitcough)

Wow, it's a KosherPalooza on BBC2 right now , but you wont hear the words:
'JEW ' or 'JEWISH' spoken once:

BBC2 9pm 'Untouchable: The Rise and Fall of Harvey Weinstein'
Harvey Weinstein , Bob Weinstein, Jeffery Katzenberg, Gwyneth Paltrow, Erika Rosenbaum ,Daniel Day Lewis, Rebecca Traister, Harvey Keitel, Sarah Jessica Parker, Rosanna Arquette, Michael Rappaport, Andrew Goldman, Kim Masters, etc etc etc ....

This is followed by 'Vile At The Apollo' , featuring camp, mincing ,host
FAGGOT Anal Scarr, beady-eyed virus
CURRY Nish Kumar and a
SPASTIC female

It really is a game of "Spot The (Straight) White Man" these days

Claire Bloom (Blumenthal / Gravitzky ) was shagged by Rod Steiger, Richard Burton, Laurence Olivier, and Yul Brynner, among many others. Bloom's third marriage on 29 April 1990, was to (JEW) writer Philip Roth, her longtime companion.
They separated in 1994. (Bloom's) book created a stir when Bloom described her former marriage to Roth. Soon after, Roth wrote a "revenge novel" I Married a Communist (1998), in which the character of Eve Frame appeared to represent Bloom.

Tony Hayers / Nilus said...

Yesterday Channel 9.45pm 'The Good NAAAZI'
The story of Major Karl Plagge, a high-ranking NAAAZI officer who risked his own life to save hundreds of people, in a story reminiscent of Schindler's List:
you know, that movie made by that jew based on that novel.

followed by WW2 - Battles for Europe: Battle of the Bulge
HITLER'S launch of his great counter-offensive against the unsuspecting Allies in the Ardennes. This was the NAAAAZI's last gamble in the West to turn the tide of the war.

followed by 'World War Weird'
The true story of Franz Stigler, a German Luftwaffe pilot in the Second World War who risked his own life to save the crew of an American B-17 bomber

followed by 'HOLOCAUST Escape Tunnel'
Beneath the Lithuanian city of Vilnius lies a lost escape tunnel dug by JEWISH prisoners from inside a HORRIFIC NAAAAZI EXECUTION SITE.

meanwhile at the same time:

ITV2 (((Columbo))) Created by
JEW William Link and
JEW Richard Levinson, produced by
JEW Phillip Saltzman, starring
JEW Peter Falk

ITVbe (((The Real Housewives of Jew Nork City))) presented by
QUEER JEW Andy Cohen . US reality series following a group of
(((affluent Manhattan women)))

ITV2+1 (((Family Guy))) Subversive jewish animation starring
JEW Seth Green
JEW Alex Borstein and
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JEW David Zuckerman, etc etc

E4 'Naked Attraction' presented by
DYKE Anna Richardson , partner of
JEW DYKE Sue Perkins

4music (((8 out 10 Quikes))) produced by
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Dave 'Taskmaster' with
JEW Josh Widdicombe

etc etc etc

Rapparee said...

J Whiteman said...

How cities may blow up when niggers are very, very hungry:

...J Whiteman, very interesting article, I have quite often envisioned such chilling scenarios
myself when TSHTF which is not far off, particularly in the US. So necessitates aware Whites to form our own self sufficient communities well away from multicult densely populated urban areas.
Good find thanks for posting.

j whiteman said...

". . .Remember that once they have lost political control. . ."

That control was lost by 1913.

rastus said...

Good to see you back again nilus. Having said that I usually nearly burst a blood vessel at your lists of wimmins, coons, jews and street-shitters who dominate our airwaves.

nilus / tony hayers said...

"Good to see you back again nilus"

Thanks rastus, I don't get around much but I'm always over at Morgoth's Review (as Tony Hayers) I recently went past the 30,000 comments mark..

Anyone who hasn't got a Disqus account, do so, takes a minute, get over there. Bitchute also uses Disqus. You can edit your comments , post vids and pics, plus any links you post will be active (hyperlinks)

Vigilante Jesus posted this article at Morgoth's so I came over. I just read the previous few Savant articles , all excellent stuff as usual: but the comment section, what a shit-show. This pub needs a bouncer.
I left without finishing my drink. Several posters appear to be nothing but shit-stirrers / trolls and it makes you all look bad.

Do you have a Disqus account, Frank Galton ?

Morgoth's latest post has links to all the WN /Alt Right /Jew-Wise Youtubers' Bitchute alternative channels , definitely one to bookmark:

Here's Morgoth's latest Youtube vid : 'The Will To Brexit'

PS: The most obvious lunatic shit-stirrer here slagged off Barney and accused him of being a jew. I've met Barney IRL many times,I've visited his place, he's been to mine. He's as authentic a White, Native Englishman as it's possible to be, a real gent, a good, generous man who helped me out a lot. I've met many 'prominent figures' IRL so I think I know when some cunt is stirring the pot.

Is the 'Brother' any relation to the 'Uncle'? Very similar "style".
( I don't mean 'UN')

Tony Hayers / Nilus said...


Will the BBC website and the Guardian eventually just eat their own tail and disappear up their own arseholes?

MEET THE BLACK SHEEP PULLING THEIR WOOL OVER YOUR EYES (it's funny, Ramzpaul used to use 'Finns' as a euphemism for 'shoes')

Afro hair: How black Finns are taking on racism
By Naima Mohamud

More than 50,000 people with African background live in Finland, according to Statistics Finland.

Michaela Moua is one of them. (ONE OF THEM)

Born to a Finnish mother and Ivorian father, she is one of five Afro-Finns behind Finland's only annual event dedicated to afro hair, the Good Hair Day.

"You don't see us in the Finnish society. We're a visible but invisible minority," she tells the BBC."Ooga booga bix nood muh dik gibsmedat we wanted to create an event that not only celebrated afro hair but was also educational and offered advice on how to take care of afro hair - especially for mixed race families," she says.
She says beauty standards prioritise Western beauty ideals and being brown or having afro hair is not seen as beautiful in Finland.

"A lot of us were born here but regardless, society tells us we are not Finnish. Who gets to be Finnish and what does being Finnish mean?" she asks.

The country scores consistently well on international ratings for stability, freedom, public safety and social progress.
However, sexual and gender equality have not translated as easily to race relations.

"Last year EU released a study about racism in EU countries," Ms Moua says.
"Finland topped the list."
The EU's agency for fundamental rights (FRA) found Finland to have the highest rates of race-related harassment and violence.

Californian said...

This culture we live in isn’t the West. Its looks like the west. It talks like the west. But it isn’t the West.

Very perceptive comment, Savant.

It's like a line from the 1990s television programs Married with Children where Peggy Bundy asks: "Did the world come to an end but somebody forgot to tell me about it?"

Well, we are seeing the end of the West, at least as it has been understood for millennia, hit by a combination of hostile elites and third world hordes. It's like AD 476 or 1453, but people still proceed merrily along their way. And the West is being replaced by...what? Globalization? New World Order? Clown world?

Well, there are increasing numbers of people who are noticing. The dilemma comes in getting them to take action.

Tony Hayers / Nilus said...

IRELAND: PRETTY GREEN Here's the story someone posted last thread? with an added bit of (((data))) at the end...

(((US firms))) make $83bn profits in Ireland
by David Chancer

(((American multinationals))) made more profits in Ireland in 2017 than in six of the world's largest economies combined, according to new official data.

"US firms booked $83 billion in profits in Ireland in 2017, more than in Germany, France, Italy, China, Mexico & India combined," Professor (((Gabriel Zucman))), one of the world's (((leading experts))) on corporate taxes, wrote on his Twitter feed.
"Ireland remains the #1 tax haven," Professor Zucman claimed.

The Government denies that Ireland is a tax haven and says it is working with other countries to amend global tax rules. The issue is especially sensitive for Ireland as (((US multinationals))) - including the likes of (((Apple))), (((Google))) and social media giant (((Facebook))) - pay 8 out of every 10 euros the government receives in corporate tax receipts

(((APPLE))): TRANSHUMANIST JEW (((Arthur D. Levinson)))
is an (((American businessman))) and is the current Chairman of Apple Inc.

(((FACEBERG))) : JEW (((Mark Zuckerberg))) (Chairman and CEO)
JEW (((Sheryl Sandberg))) (COO)
JEW (((Eduardo Saverin)))
JEW (((Dustin Moskovitz)))

(((GOOGLE))) aka GOOLAG / JOOGLE : (((Ruth Porat))) (CFO)
JEW (((Larry Page)))
JEW (((Sergey Brin)))
JEW (((Craig Silverstein)))
JEW (((Susan Wojcicki))) - Now CEO of YouTube aka (((JewTube))))

Dustin Aaron Moskoviz: possibly jewish (((LOL)))

ianrob said...

Hi guys, I got a link to a free PDF file of the book "The Nameless War", by Captain Archibald Maule Ramsay. It was courtesy of John Kaminsky, whose writings I enjoy. It catalogues the take over by our current owners, of England, France, and Russia, then expands into WW2 and more. For his clear vision Captain Ramsay spent the second world war in prison, without being charged (I think). However I am currently still reading the file.

regards ian.

Rapparee said...

Tony Hayers / Nilus said..
"Anyone who hasn't got a Disqus account, do so, takes a minute, get over there. Bitchute also uses Disqus. You can edit your comments , post vids and pics, plus any links you post will be active (hyperlinks)"

Morgoth's is a great site, and I would love to comment there. Unfortunately I stuffed up setting up the account some years ago using my real name instead of user name. Came up in the only comment I got to post. So pissed off, unable to change it unless I switch providers which is such an inconvenience.

Chumlees's Brother said...

Nilus said...

I left without finishing my drink. Several posters appear to be nothing but shit-stirrers / trolls and it makes you all look bad.

Ianrob spontaneously kicked off, Frank Galton waded in and Gelu Valu threw in his tuppence worth.
Analogman licked the sweat off his grandmothers back.
Jen and I have been firefighting and trying to fend off the first and second wave attacks. We're doing our best Nilus.

Iron Felix said...

All in all, a perceptive piece that, Savant; crystallises thing many of us sense. One senses a gradual stirring in the sleep if not an actual awakening.

Chumlees's Brother said...

I think that TV shows like the 'Walking Dead' are predictive programming about what will happen in America when the civil war kicks off.
The 'zombies' will be city folk heading out into the countryside in search of sustenance.

And a lot has been said about FEMA camps. Using Agenda 21 style targets in the name of climate change, to drastically reduce the energy used by each individual, both heating /lighting /transportation and calorific, will render the West as one big FEMA camp.

SAVANT said...

The question Felix is too little and/or too late.

Frank Galton said...

nilus said: "Do you have a Disqus account, Frank Galton ?"


Had an account years ago when commenting on the Daily Telegraph.

Re the lunatic shit-stirrer slagging off your mate of barney

The dirty bastard's talking about masturbating over children, sex with animals etc.

nilus said: "Is the 'Brother' any relation to the 'Uncle'? Very similar "style" ( I don't mean 'UN').

Yeah, similar style, but I don't think they're "related".

Frank Galton

AnalogMan said...

Nilus said

This pub needs a bouncer.

Agreed. Long past time to take out the trash.

Uncle Nasty said...

Excellent stuff in this thread.

Anonymous J Whiteman said...

How cities may blow up when niggers are very, very hungry:

1 September 2019 at 23:18

Attested to by various members of the NG, I now have a third go-to site after Savant and Unz, and this is it.

Short-fuse fiction by Matt Bracken intended to spread alarm among progressives, in the spirit of dispiriting them from ever attempting such a mad folly in order to cling to power.

Less concise than El Ingles' Danish Civil War, but very much brought up to date and most enjoyable, especially the supposed first-person journal by "Jacinda". I can't believe that that name is pure happenstance.

Sadly Ianrob's link to "... a free PDF file of the book "The Nameless War", by Captain Archibald Maule Ramsay." is broken. May I request a repost?

But Nilus's (Welcome back, Laddie!) links sure make up for it ... an embarrassment of riches.

I am doing a lot of reading these days and recommend this ...

Technical, but that's okay. I like technical. Even more interesting though, Is how the US DoD, McNamara and his Whiz-Kids, the US military and what was then Colt Industries® collaborated in screwing up the M16 rifle ... contributing, in the end, to the deaths of 58,000 US troops.

A horrible example of Eisenhower's Military/Industrial Complex scrapping with piss-ignorant politicians. It also mentions -- in passing -- McNamara's other big cock-up -- the F111 Fighter.


Uncle Nasty said...


Navigate through the whole document using the little drop-down window at the top of the page.



Frank Galton said...

Nilus said: "This pub needs a bouncer... Several posters appear to be nothing but shit-stirrers / trolls and it makes you all look bad."

AnalogMan said: "Agreed. Long past time to take out the trash."

I agree. Nilus mentions the 'Uncle' (not UN). He was causing so much disruption that Savant ended up banning him.

Frank Galton

Chumlees's Brother said...

Not being funny Frank Galton, but I thought Nilus was talking about you, when he mentioned that someone had called Barney a jew, but was too polite to name names.

Gaslighters Inc said...

Uncle Nasty said

A horrible example of Eisenhower's Military/Industrial Complex scrapping with piss-ignorant politicians. It also mentions -- in passing -- McNamara's other big cock-up -- the F111 Fighter.

3 September 2019 at 02:03

An unmitigated disaster which then morphed into a bomber being too lard-arsed and massive to be a fighter. Which the New Zealand and Australian Air Farces both bought and had predictably horrible experiences with.

Dagwood Bumstead said...

Hurricane Katrina was a good example.

AnalogMan said...

Uncle Nasty said

Sadly Ianrob's link to "... a free PDF file of the book "The Nameless War", by Captain Archibald Maule Ramsay." is broken. May I request a repost?

I emailed you the PDF.

Anonymous said...

Barney is a friend of Flanders. So Flanders should know.
Others here swap emails, which is nice.