Monday, 19 August 2019

Reparations for slavery

Has there ever been anything more preposterous than American blacks’ demands for slavery reparations? Well there is actually: Their protests at Whites expropriating their “culture”. Future historians will scratch their heads, baffled that an advanced people gave serious consideration to the proposal that those who never had slaves hand over money to those who never were slaves in compensation for slavery. Those future historians would surely think that descendants of slaves, far from deserving reparations, have actually struck the jackpot. Because they now enjoy the advantages of an advanced affluent culture in which they enjoy favourable treatment through a plethora of affirmative action measures. Had their antecedents been smarter or fleeter of foot they’d have avoided capture and their descendants would be now subsisting on grubs and bush meat in the West African jungles.

In an non-insane world it’d be the other way around - America’s Whites would be seeking reparations from blacks. Considering the trillions, yes, trillions of dollars they’ve spent on the futile attempt to ‘bridge the achievement gap’ between the races and to keeping black criminals off the streets, the disruption suffered by having to flee neighbourhoods invaded by blacks and seeing their kids dragged down academically and physically endangered through forced school integration. The potential claims list is endless.

The cultural appropriation wheeze is upside-down as well. Tell me, what “culture” do Whites appropriate? I’m pressed to think of anything beyond fuzzy hairstyles and primitive jungle rap “music”. Can you think of anything else?  The black contribution to building America was equivalent to that of the carthorse yet they benefit from advanced infrastructure, telecommunications, health care, democratic institutions, organised sport, complex musical instruments, writing (actually scrub the last two). In other words White civilisation. The thing that thousands of Africans risk their lives to gain entry to. Yet America’s blacks benefit from it free of charge. How about charging them a license fee for its use?

But I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for Tyrone to cut a cheque.  

I long for the day when someone - anyone - will tell them to take a jump. All the way back to Africa if possible.


Gabby Mouse said...

Welcome back Sav, and a good topic. Reparations is a joke, and will never come to be. This is one of the thousands of holes in the hull of the Democrat boat that is sinking it. And it looks like she's going down fast! (Watch for the "rats" to jump ship).

Celtic Morning said...

As Cassius Clay/Ali once famously said "I sure am glad that my great grand daddy was on that boat!" Or words to that effect. Of course, the American/Europeans would be entitled to say the exact opposite. "I wish none of their race had ever been on those bloody boats" or, "I wish they had all been sent back when slavery was abolished" as Lincoln and other prominent figures had proposed and intended.

rastus said...

The coons already have reperations. Been on welfare - on YT's dime - since LBJ's time.

Poupon Marx said...

I really loath the tedious, needless meandering, useless abstractions of these supposedly useful blatherings of what Western philosophers have to say on this. How about for a change look over the landscape and the future, projecting what you have and what you are doing will result in X. You have an inferior race, who were jerked out of the Stone Age, practicing cannibalism (even today), had not yet invented the wheel, etc, and you bring them over to live and share your COUNTRY FOR PERPETUITY. AND THERE WILL BE NO FUTURE PROBLEM????????? That strikes me as very arrogant and massive denial. I have to say it: S-T-U-P-I-D.
I am sure an Amish or Mennonite farmer could be wary of this, given the circumstances and situation. In fact, no Amish or Mennonite-simple, uneducated folk-would have even considered importing humans and enslaving them. "Ja, Ja, dees is not going to go vell. vor sur dees is goingk to be ein Höllensturm". {He strokes his beard; the others nod their collective heads in agreement).
We in the West are killing ourselves because we are sick and defective. There are deep fault lines and fissures in our cultural and philosophical underpinnings and pillars. We need to clean our house and take out and dispense with useless ideas, cultural fetid baggage, and windy, flatulence like the above .

Poupon Marx said...

“The above” in my comments refers to the following essay:

NOT Sav post.

D-FENS said...

Will the descendants of the Africans that actually captured the slaves for resale be required to pay reparations? How about synagogues built by contributions of jewish slave traders? Is there a proportional reduction in reparation payments to those with partial white ancestry?

It is senseless to redress such grievances after a generation has passed.

Gerry said...

No mention of Islamic slavery
Or Jewish owned slave ships
Or African tribes having slaves ready for the white slavers already trussed up for the boats
No just good old white mans guilt

Twin Ruler said...

If we give Blacks reparations, they would merely see it as a sign of weakness on our part.

Chumlee's Brother said...

No reparations.

African slaves where Africans that were conquered by other Africans prior to becoming slaves.

A conquered people deserve nothing but slavery a as price for allowing themselves to be conquered in the first place.

A conquered people don't deserve to even have a voice.

What happens to conquered people should not be lost on those who are on the brink of being conquered as I write this....WHITE people.

Phil said...

The nigger is an animal. The nigger wants free stuff if it’s offered. There is no morals within nigger. No self respect or work ethic, no thoughts of working hard to improve things for the betterment of their surroundings.

Nigger is only concerned with the here and now and what it can gain for itself. A dog or a bird is superior to nigger. Nigger truly is the lowest form of life on planet Earth.

Nigger evolved in a warm climate with resources readily available. Nature didn’t need to select intelligence within nigger, just violent behavior and vice.

In this century nigger will be the majority on Earth. Like a locust it will consume and destroy everything in this path. This is not a conspiracy, the nigger will indeed be the majority of the earth’s population. Nothing is being done to stop this, and unfortunately nigger will overrun Europe and the US. Large swaths of area within the US has already been taken by nigger.

Our inner cities are GONE. Most of them too dangerous to even venture into. Nigger will destroy all the infrastructure wherever it is. They don’t like functionality, infact they thrive on dysfunction.

As many worry about the Jews, rightfully so, I contend the nigger is the number one threat. Nigger will eventually wipe out the Jews as well. The biological weapon known as Nigger can not be contained or reasoned with without use of force. Lack of force and nigger will come to your nation and take your stuff, and wreck your society, with a smile and vulgarity.

Anonymous said...

The monkey-man cometh for gibs me dat. Their billions of hands outstretched for some free stuff.

Red Mist said...

Sorry O/T but couldn't resist

Flanders kindly put this up which was/is VERY interesting

Anonymous Flanders said...
If you ever tire from working for jews and blacks, you can just retire early and live a little longer - or a Lot!

"In a nutshell, by putting in 10 more ‘hard’ years, after the age of 55, you could potentially forfeit 20 years of your Retirement. Or saying it differently, for every year you work beyond the age of 55, on average one forfeits two years of life span."

15 August 2019 at 20:46

We're heading there mate with parasitic, supercilious, TAX PAYER SALARIED, cunts like this directing it. Dare I say it ... Agree with the commies on this anyone?

Lord Haw Haw said...

Just look at this black dog's fizog

PB said...

"Reparations is a joke, and will never come to be"

You're probably right (probably, not definitely) but the presence of these kinds of arguments and debates serves another purpose entirely, and that is the fostering of division, hatred, resentment and hostility. IOW the effect on modern societies of the raising and peddling of such issues is the end itself. Reparations isn't the aim, the further weaponization of race as a tool of societal breakdown is the aim.

I wonder who would want to do such a thing?

Dexter said...

Sub-Saharan Africans would still be in the Stone Age had they been left to their own devices. Even the most rudimentary requirements of civilisation, some form of writing, basic forms of numeracy, building standards, legal systems, you name it, they never came up with it. They should be on the knees in gratitude to us.

Anonymous said...

Now it's official: The Poles are demanding from Germany a WW2 reparation of €850 billion, and the Greeks €300 bio!
This is good days, as these demands from these two third world countries will expose once again the absurdity of forcing a developed country like Germany associating with losers from eastern Europe.
Two thirds of Poland was german territory prior to WW2! Apparently not enough compensation for them.
They have the same parasitic mentality of the Blacks!

Californian said...

If we follow the logic of "reparations," Africans-in-America should be paying White people. Consider:

Virtually every major urban riot (aka "uprising") in the US from Watts in 1965 to the Ferguson Follies was initiated by blacks. These riots resulted in numerous deaths, incredible property destruction, and the driving of White people from cities which their ancestors had built.

The ensuing black assumption of control led to those cities being run into the ground: Detroit, Newark, Selma, Baltimore, et alia, have all become bombed out ruins, as if some horde had pillaged their way through them.

Since the Civil Rights revolution, blacks have perpetrated an ongoing low level guerrilla war against Whites: driveby shootings, flashmobs, home invasions, school trashings, statue destruction, and more et alia.

There's also the extortion rackets run by assorted race hustlers: "That's a nice town you've got there. You wouldn't want to see it ruined by a riot, would you? Come on, YT, hand over that contract, grant and affirmative action program...or else!"

We might also take a gander at similar patterns among Africans-in-Europe.

Point is, blacks owe Whites big time.

Time for YT to stand up and demand reparations.

AnalogMan said...

Half the way back to Africa would be preferable.

Dexter said...

Likely, any reparations scheme will involve no research of any kind. The simplest scheme is this: All whites, regardless of background, have benefited from white privilege; all blacks were disadvantaged by white privilege. Therefore, a white privilege tax is collected from everyone suspected of being white and the proceeds are distributed to everyone claiming to be black (or at least nonwhite). It's racial socialism in its purest form. Certainly, every right-thinking Liberal could support that.

Anonymous said...

Gerry 19 August 2019 at 19:09

Or Jewish owned slave ships

Fuck me.. Hold on a minute there Gerry
Whats overcome you?.. You gone and read some revisionist books or something.... Bloody hell

kerdasi amaq said...

Blacks are demanding nothing. It's Democratic libtards offering them a bribe to vote for them.

Californian said...

If we give Blacks reparations, they would merely see it as a sign of weakness on our part.

That is so.

Give blacks reparations in 2020, and in 2021 they will be making their next demand. They will not stop until White countries are totally pillaged, and even then would make more demands from among the ruins (as they currently do in Baltimore, Detroit, Port au Prince, Johannesburg, et alia).

As I say, it's an extortion racket, and the only way to stop it is to stand up and say "NO!"

You're probably right (probably, not definitely) but the presence of these kinds of arguments and debates serves another purpose entirely, and that is the fostering of division, hatred, resentment and hostility. ... Reparations isn't the aim, the further weaponization of race as a tool of societal breakdown is the aim.


"Reparations" is an information warfare op to play blacks off against Whites. Part of a greater schema. Look at how the Black Lies Matter agenda was pushed by the mainstream media and leftist politicos to create a low level race war in America.

As always, look for the Man behind the Curtain.

Anonymous said...

Give them reparations put it on the bill. A nationalist vote winner, it's only paper money at the end of the day, draw a line under the heartache of the last few hundred years... It's a win win for nationalist if they get in first. Please remember it's just paper money.. Go go reparations, along with repatriation with lots of lolly for those taking the offer up... It's only paper money remember.
PS I get the feeling that everyone is gonna hate me.. Oh well, that's my lot in life. Hate on.

BigNoniePhil said...

Someone made the point on Steve Sailer's blog that American blacks are making these demands now because they know that in a future America dominated by Hispanics with an Asian upper class no-one will give a damn about American blacks and their problems. So they need to fleece whitey whilst he still has something to give.

Phil said...


That is a logical way of looking at it, and if nigger was a logical creature that would certainly make sense.

However, I don’t think they have thought it through. It’s just basic primal smelling blood in the water for nigger. They sense weakness and are capitalizing on it.

Give them an inch and they’ll take a yard.

i refuse to think about niggers anymore, after 6 decades said...

". . .Virtually every major urban riot (aka "uprising") in the US from Watts in 1965 to the Ferguson Follies was initiated by blacks. . ."

They were all started by the (((Federal Government))). "Community Action" }part of (((LBJ's))) war on wh, er poverty{ money was used

Negroes cannot initiate anything,as they be born with no initiative. {{{maybe they can initiate force so long as it's not organized(((


Uncle Nasty said...

Anonymous AnalogMan said...

Half the way back to Africa would be preferable.

19 August 2019 at 21:46

Now, now, Analogman.
They're trying to clean up the oceans. Your suggestion, while admirable and well meaning, would just end up leaving a ring.

Welcome back, Sav. We were getting worried for a moment, there.


Potgieter said...

"Honestly, it's like having dependent children that never grow up and never achieve agency. We're seemingly responsible for them forever. They're dependent on us, and yet they hate us."

In a nutshell this was the fundamental concept of Apartheid in South Africa.

English Tom said...

Oh come on Sav! Surely everybody would agree that southern fried chicken has helped boost western civilisation to unimaginable heights!


Re: look for (((the man))) behind the curtain.

You are absolutely correct in your analysis. Race war is EXACTLY what our (((masters))) are bringing on. Rather than people joining together to destroy the ZOG system, we get to kill each other because in a race war your skin is your uniform.

Death to ZOG.

Flanders said...

Our (((fellow white people))) not only support, but are the original creators for the black reparations movements. Their jew retail stores like the 25% interest and more on charge cards that the negroids subsisting on government paychecks so easily get from their stores. The jews are the ultimate beneficiaries behind affirmative discrimination against White people.

"Over 1,000 Shape-Shifting Jews Exposed For Pretending To Be White on Twitter"

Kevin Rafferty said...

Flanders' previous comment is correct. Whenever you hear Jews call for their 'fellow Whites' to make some sacrifice it always seems to emerge that real Whites pick up the tab. Admissions to Ivy League colleges being a typical example.

Anonymous said...

Give blacks reparations in 2020, and in 2021 they will be making their next demand.

No No No that will be it a line is drawn and that will be that. No guilt no nothing. It's a win win for nationalist.
I get the feeling that white Americans and white south Africans are holding Europeans in Europe back with your petty grievances, it's just fucking paper money at the end of the day. Give millions billions to blacks with a link to slavery and watch the economy take oooffffth
You are so fucking short sighted
Taxes shouldn't need to rise, the elitists shouldn't need to pay a dime coz the tax on produce will cover it over a 20 year period. Simple economics. THINK OF THE WORK IT WILL CREATE. Fuck you colonials are stupid.

ianrob said...

Anything that drives racial tension and attacks white Europeans, or of European decent, reeks of ((Globalist agenda)), but as I keep saying, the vast majority are fkn clueless.

Great to see you up and running again Savant.

Anonymous said...

Anything that drives racial tension and attacks white Europeans, or of European decent, reeks of ((Globalist agenda)), but as I keep saying, the vast majority are fkn clueless.

Yeah look at the situation properly
Europeans are in their natural habitat (see)
And We have Americans and south Africans spourting nonsense. They don't even run their own governments, the south Africans (bores) voted to NOT run their own government.. Fucking mentalists.

Chumlee's Brother said...

Phil said...

As many worry about the Jews, rightfully so, I contend the nigger is the number one threat. Nigger will eventually wipe out the Jews as well. The biological weapon known as Nigger can not be contained or reasoned with without use of force. Lack of force and nigger will come to your nation and take your stuff, and wreck your society, with a smile and vulgarity.

....That's where you're wrong Phil. The Chinese have discovered that Niggers taste like

Cognitive Dissonance said...

It might seem counter-intuitive but I favour inter-racial tensions. Probably amounts to the only way whites will waken up to the war being waged on them.

ianrob said...

Anonymous above @11:46
The NWO Globalists intend to run the world from Israel, and by proxy nearly do now, but in order to fully succeed, they must destroy the white Europeans who have been their biggest problem since the plans began. Research the Kalergi plan. Once Europe and the white Europeans in general are destroyed, there will be little in the way of their plans. We are being replaced and will be bred out within a few years. I'm afraid that what the South Africans do, apart from flooding us with immigrants to help kill us, doesn't bother me. Any resistance over here will go the way of the Gilet Jeune. Our troops are being trained in the control of civilians, and if the US gets disarmed, it will quickly fall to the agenda too.
My biggest concern, to reiterate, is that the vast majority are fkn clueless.

Anonymous said...

The Left Wants to Keep Racism Alive

Gelu Valah said...

i have just re-watched "the last samurai".
i re-watch it frequently, due to (not because) a scene in the movie where a White, cpt. Nathan Algren, demonstrates the true resilience of Whites: beaten repeatedly, hard, Algren keeps rising off the ground, eager to fight on even in a damaged physical condition.
that stands for solid determination, even though the movie is made by the Jews.
even Jews respect a resolute individual, they hallow some similar individuals in the bible.

Poes and Latte said...

Yeah look at the situation properly
Europeans are in their natural habitat (see)
And We have Americans and south Africans spourting nonsense. They don't even run their own governments, the south Africans (bores) voted to NOT run their own government.. Fucking mentalists.

20 August 2019 at 11:46

I think you mean boers like this faggotised doois here The rest indeed have succumbed, simply because the so-called European west did to them what they did to the Rhodesians with much less publicity. Apparachiks, Pik Botha and Vorster cut the umbilical cord to Rhodesia in the end. They "had to" after being blackmailed by that German hatched kike with weird American accent KISSENGER... the architect of the Vietnam war in which 100's of 1000's of white American men were killed - incidentally, black Americans too it's a fact.

Listen, the countries you mention had/have their own traitors - treacherous, left wing kike toadying commie vermin with WHITE skin as we ALL have in Europe adored by the cowardly self loathing shite of the MSN/BBC and the spitting image crew

Dare these cunts re-word their song into "Never met a nice white liberal" or erm.. Never met a nice Israeli!

Cowardly fucking bastards - worse than any kaffir!
Just look at this piece of shit interviewing Enoch Powell

Iran -- nuke the cunts!

ianrob said...

HI sorry Sav, off topic, but, anyone else notice how the Epstein thing has gone from dead or in Tel Aviv, to suicide or murder, even in the alternative media. If the official autopsy report is released with unlikely injuries, then they know what they're doing. I go with the Tel Aviv option, unless they let me stab his dead body with bayonet.

T J Walker/Whiteman said...

“. . .Whites must be working to crack the (((criminals’))) funding at their sources. . .” [RA] [Roy Albrecht, TOO]

Money as a topic is stonewalled, including in this movement. Whites or any other color know almost nothing about money- where it comes from, paper vs. metals, the fraud of Keynesian economics [how many here know the fallacies involved?], how banks and the Fed itself create loans from nothing, that the (((Federal Reserve))) is not part of government, that the (((IRS))) [tax collector] is a Puerto Rican [rich port!] corporation. How many know of the (((Bank for International Settlements))), (((The International Monetary Fund))), and the (((World Bank)))? The (((Bank of England))), since 1694, also not part of government [except to control government!], the (((City of London))), main power center on Earth.

“. . .Let me issue and control a nation’s money and I care not who writes the laws. . .” Attributed to Mayer Amschel Rothschild (1744 – 1812) mostly with the date 1790, the year before the establishment of the First Bank of the United States. … “Let us control the money of a country and we care not who makes its laws.”
[from quora 11/2018]

We need to drop out and go to barter or some other alternative. Problem is most folks get their money from established sources.
Productive Whites must go so far as to go on strike, or refuse to accept the existing “money.”

A general strike of the White Man is long overdue. . . [submitted to TOO]

Casual Observer said...

Take a look at the shape of this building

Says it all

Frank Galton said...

Re "fellow Whites"


Times of Israel, 17 January 2019

Wearing Jewface: The Aftermath and Beyond

My recent blog post at Times of Israel, Wearing Jewface: The Far-Left’s New Tactic, has generated a lot of discussion on Facebook, Twitter, even a Reddit thread.

I exposed a despicable sham [LOL!!!] that has been gaining steam in tearing down Jews and Israel, and I felt it was important to put out there. I’ve since learned I’m in good company. Esteemed British writer, Howard Jacobson, has also written about this phenomenon. Ever the trendsetter, the UK is a bit ahead of the US when it comes to the proliferation of antisemitism among the far-left and those using Jewish identity specifically to damage Jews, as Jenny Manson, Chair of Jewish Voice for Labor admitted in March of 2018.

This tactic has also shown up in Germany. Christopher Glanz, Irena Wachendorff, and Edith Lutz are three German gentiles who posed as Jews for the specific purpose of promoting antisemitism in deplorable schemes covered by The Jerusalem Post. It’s become so prevalent, Clare Quilty of London has coined the term, “Quilty’s Law,” which states, “As an online discussion grows longer, the probability that an antisemitic trope sharer will claim to be of Jewish descent approaches 1;” she then provides example after example. It’s become such a thing, even the UK’s favorite antisemite joined in.

Times of Israel, 09 January 2019

My research was born from a theory I have — that anti-Semitic groups such as Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP), Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP), IfNotNow (INN), and Jews for Economic and Racial Justice (JFERJ), and others in this parade of endless acronyms, are actively convincing some of their recruits to portray themselves as Jewish in order to demonize Israel and Jews with the pretext, “as a Jew.”


Clare Quilty

I can't work out whether this guy's alt-right, a neo-nazi, a corbynite or just a plain old racist. He definitely hates Jews though, despite suddenly identifying as one Mid March

Read the Twitter comments.


Frank Galton

Flanders said...

"In case you were wondering how the New York Times could possibly top their year-long valentine to Communism back in 2017 - wonder no more!

The 1619 Project

The 1619 Project is a major initiative from The New York Times observing the 400th anniversary of the beginning of American slavery. It aims to reframe the country’s history, understanding 1619 as our true founding, and placing the consequences of slavery and the contributions of black Americans at the very center of the story we tell ourselves about who we are.

In the days and weeks to come, we will publish essays demonstrating that nearly everything that has made America exceptional grew out of slavery.

As a commenter at another post said ....

"1619 - The date that the kikes brought their first nigger slave into America".

Gelu Valah said...

related to my earlier comment, and goddamn it is good to finally cut the sturdy crap with a claymore

Flanders said...

The braindead who constantly repeat the jewish "scial" mantras that they've learned so well [but not much else in the leftist colleges they attend] are never going to be happy until they are dead, but they plan to make us that way, too, right along with themselves.

"More typical is this lament by NicePolishBoy: "There is little diversity. Racism is quite common but on a subtle level."

Ironically, a population whose "lack of diversity" so vexes and saddens NicePolishBoy and many others now includes every race and sub-race on earth with the possible exception of Aborigines and New Guineans. And dozens of non-White ethnicities.

In my travels around town, I see many Blacks, mulattos, mestizos, Amerindians, Latinos, Native Americans, and sundry Asians. The Asians include not only people who were once called "Orientals" — Japanese, Chinese, Koreans, Filipinos, Laotians, Vietnamese, Cambodians, Hmong, etc. — but also those of Indian and Middle Eastern descent.

Here's an example of how my life in Oshkosh has been enriched by diversity: For two or three months in 2009, a family of Muslim Arabs or Persians(?), lived in the first floor apartment directly beneath me. I could often hear them praying or chanting or whatever during the night and playing music in a strange foreign language. The husband was always slamming the door and going outside to smoke or getting into his car and driving away and then soon coming back. I never saw the wife, and only once did I see the children. Then, suddenly, they were gone. I didn't even see and/or hear them leave. I was so happy I felt like kneeling and bowing to Mecca. (hahahaha)

According to the 2000 census, there are nearly as many Latinos as Blacks in Oshkosh. And there are more "Asians" than Blacks. Most of these are Hmong. Almost every day, I see dozens of Blacks but far fewer Latinos and Hmong. And almost every day I see Blacks I haven't seen before.

Almost 2,000 Hmong are estimated to live in Winnebago County. This figure is not for the city of Oshkosh but the entire county, including the cities of Neenah and Menasha. Many days I don't see a single young male or female who is saliently Hmong. The Hmong I see most often are old ladies. They're always tiny, at time quasi-dwarfish, and often faintly simian, their faces leathery and wizened, spotted and freckled, prematurely ravaged by years under the tropical sun in Cambodia and Laos.

"Little diversity"! The irony of denigrating Oshkosh for a "lack of diversity" is that the city could hardly be more diverse, though it could be far less White and, inexorably and increasingly, will be so in the future. What "NicePolishBoy" and others are deploring is not a "lack of diversity" but the still relatively small numbers of non-Whites What bothers them is that Oshkosh, according to the 2000 census, was still over 90% White and, a decade later, may still be almost 90% White."

Cheeck the articles following that one. The next one is about South Africa.

Tony in VA said...

"Immigrants held in U.S. detention facilities filed a lawsuit Monday decrying what they called shoddy medical care and a failure by authorities to provide accommodations for disabilities.

In the suit filed by disability and civil rights advocates in U.S. District Court, immigrants said they’re placed in isolation as punishment and denied recommended medical treatment and surgery. Some said they’ve been denied wheelchairs and a deaf detainee who communicates in American Sign Language said he has not been provided an interpreter."

Flanders said...

On the previous Savant posting there was a discussion about whether jews who were born of a jew father and a non-jew mother, [patrileneal jews], were jews.

The Reform Movement which began in Germany, and is represented by CCAR rabbi's, is America's biggest jew denomination, and it recognizes jews born of Patrilineal descent, the jews born of jew fathers and non-jew mothers. So do the Reconstructionist jews. It used to be that it was only the jews of Martrilineal descent who were officially recognized as being fully jewish. The article below indicates that the Patrilineals were often confirmed as jewish, even if they weren't eligible for a formal conversion status, at least to the extent of being recognized as "official" jews inside Israel by the Israeli (Orthodox) Chief Rabbinate.

Most jews are not religiously observant anyway, so that probably made little to no difference for most of the many jews on the streets of their communities or kehillahs, except as "bragging" rights for the "real" Matrilineal jews. They still participate in doing the jew's dirty works.
A 2013 Pew survey report said that:

"U.S. Jews see being Jewish as more a matter of ancestry, culture and values than of religious observance. Six-in-ten say, for example, that being Jewish is mainly a matter of culture or ancestry, compared with 15% who say it is mainly a matter of religion. Roughly seven-in-ten say remembering the Holocaust and leading an ethical life are essential to what it means to them to be Jewish, while far fewer say observing Jewish law is a central component of their Jewish identity. And two-thirds of Jews say that a person can be Jewish even if he or she does not believe in God." [More is there]
"Who Is a Jew: Patrilineal Descent"

"When Dad is Jewish and Mom is not, are the kids Jewish? Depends on who you ask"

"On March 15, 1983, the Central Conference of American Rabbis (CCAR), the Reform movement’s body of rabbis, passed a resolution prepared by a committee on patrilineal descent entitled “The Status of Children of Mixed Marriages.” The CCAR resolution stated that “we face, today, an unprecedented situation due to the changed conditions in which decisions concerning the status of the child of a mixed marriage are to be made.” Contrary to nearly 2,000 years of tradition, the resolution accepted the Jewish identity of children of Jewish fathers and non-Jewish mothers under certain circumstances.

The article goes on to state that Reform rabbis had earlier "quietly integrated the children of Jewish fathers and non-Jewish mothers into their religious schools and confirmed them into the Jewish faith along with their peer group in lieu of conversion."
The jewish Reconstructionist movement also recognizes patrilineal descent.

[Flanders]: But, as we saw in that Pew excerpt about the jew's opinions and practices, and by the practice of the rabbis who had earlier confirmed them into the Jewish faith, a formal conversion would be of little consequence to those jews even inside Israel, making that Chief Rabbinate recognition a moot point for all except a very minute minority of the patrilineal jews. The jews of jew fathers are jews for all practical purposes and are seen as jews by almost all other jews, even if they are often "considered" inferior to the matrilineals.

The article does say that Conservative and Orthodox Jews don't recognize patrilineal descent as a valid means of passing on Judaism. Also, it says that, "There already existed a split between American and Israeli Jews as only specific Orthodox conversions were recognized in Israel by the (Orthodox) Chief Rabbinate."

Another article in Forward generally confirms that to be the case.

Flanders said...

"There’s No Such Thing As ‘Half-Jewish.’ It’s Simply ‘Jewish.’ - [ Forward - February 8, 2018]

"Being children, my classmates were quick to point out that I was not in the club and couldn’t go to synagogue. My Orthodox Lubavitch neighbors seemed to enjoy keeping us as their goyishe helpers, turning on their lights on Shabbat or selling us their chametz every Passover.

I decided to travel to Israel; if I was Jewish enough to qualify for Birthright, I thought, I might be Jewish enough.

I’ve been practicing Judaism for eleven years now, yet somehow I am always considered “half.”

According to Shaye Cohen, professor of Hebrew literature and Philosophy at Harvard University, and the author of “The Matrilineal Principle in Historical Perspective,” there is no biblical evidence for the matrilineal principle. The first text that discusses it is rabbinic in origin, in the Mishnah Kiddush 3:12. The law may have been introduced no earlier than the first- or second-century C.E., either as the result of the influence of Roman law or as the result of a new rabbinic theory concerning the status of mixed marriages. Before the introduction of this rabbinic law, according to Cohen, the status of offspring of mixed marriages almost always was determined by the patrilineal line."

Anonymous said...

Whites must demand reparations for feudalism!

English Tom said...


Fully concur re: Epstein in Tel Aviv, sampling some very young girls as payment for his services to Mossad.

This possibility is not now mentioned in the (((MSM))). Now there's a surprise!

Flanders said...

Damn Tony, That swim across the Rio Grande River must be extremely rough! So many "casualties" among the jew's invasion troops. Provide that deaf Mexican an interpreter so we csn hear him scream, too!

Jack Finney said...

I should get reparations. Street crime quadrupled in three years, starting in 1965. It was a different world before that. We were always a careful family but my sisters in high school could travel at night by bus to other towns for shopping and social life. When the riots happened back then, it seemed like a signal to a huge black criminal class, previously controlled, to oppress the entire society. It came down like an iron curtain, so remarkably quick, and has stayed the same over the last half century.

So things change and you just don't go to certain areas where they are. And on a plus note, we wouldn't have had shopping malls if not for all the riots and black street criminality. That's worth it, right?

But we also have wealth and scale that many other counties lack. Throw a couple million blacks into, say, Ireland and you might as well just sink it in the ocean.

Someone said that "blacks are to America what schizophrenia is to a family."

You're only chance is to curtail the invasion as soon and as completely as possible.

Jay Walker said...

America before multi-kulti:


AnalogMan said...

(((Anonymous))) said...

No No No that will be it a line is drawn and that will be that. No guilt no nothing. It's a win win for nationalist.


"No, this immigration bill will absolutely not change the demographic make-up of America."

"All we're asking is the right to love whomever we please in the privacy of our own bedrooms. Nobody is talking about homosexual marriage."

"Racial quotas are not on the table. This affirmative action legislation explicitly forbids quotas."

You obviously believe that "you colonials are stupid." Why else would you keep coming back with this "Lucy and the football" BS? But I think you chose the wrong blog.

George Bush: Fool me once...

Flanders said...

“White Supremacists” with Nuclear WMDs? We Know Where This is Heading”

“Originally the article was titled “White Supremacists Want a Nuclear Weapon,” but that probably sounded too ludicrous for most people, so it was changed to “White Supremacists Want a Dirty Bomb,” which might seem more believable.”
...a movie coming out soon about some whacky, but lovable Black Hebrew Israelites, who get set up by the FBI to sell “nukes” to “Nazis” led by a character played by Jim Gaffigan."

Frank Galton said...

PART 1/2

TIME, 18 June 2019

On Wednesday, the issue of reparations for slavery will be a topic of discussion on Capitol Hill during a hearing scheduled by the Subcommittee on the Constitution, Civil Rights and Civil Liberties “to examine, through open and constructive discourse, the legacy of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, its continuing impact on the [African America] community and the path to restorative justice.” This round of hearings is a follow-up to the 2007 hearings led by [African-American] Former Michigan Congressman John Conyers, who from 1989 to 2017 sponsored House Resolution 40, calling for a congressional study of reparations.

"Congressman John Conyers, who from 1989... sponsored House Resolution 40, calling for a congressional study of reparations."

Washington Examiner, 05 May 2008

Who owns John Conyers?

Conyers’ biggest single contributor since 1989 is the American Association for Justice.

The president of the American Association for Justice in 1989 was Jewish lawyer, Russ M. Herman. Herman was lead counsel in many high-profile CLASS ACTION cases (see source).

American Association for Justice


Class actions allow people with similar claims to band together to hold corporations accountable.

Los Angeles Times, 27 March 2002

Three large U.S. companies were named in a lawsuit filed Tuesday on behalf of black Americans descended from slaves, the first potential CLASS ACTION seeking reparations from firms for profiting from slavery.


American Association for Justice

Members of the AAJ have been responsible for multibillion-dollar settlements in cigarette cases, millions of asbestos injury claims and lawsuits over McDonald’s coffee.

The American Association for Justice was founded by two Jewish? lawyers, Ben Marcus and Sam Horovitz.

American Association for Justice

It was there in Michigan, in the Marcus family’s living room, that Ben Marcus proposed to Sam Horovitz that the two of them start a national organization. Horovitz agreed, and they set about contacting sympathetic colleagues.

The President of the American Association for Justice is Jewish? lawyer Elise R. Sanguinetti.

The Chief Executive Officer of the American Association for Justice is Jewish lawyer Linda Lipsen.

The American Association for Justice 2019-2020 President is Jewish? lawyer Bruce H. Stern.

Frank Galton

Frank Galton said...

PART 2/2


Southern Jewish Life, 14 March 2013

Several in Jewish Community Will Be Inducted into First Tulane Law Hall

Russ M. Herman:

Herman was founding partner of Herman, Herman & Katz and lead counsel in many high-profile class action cases.

He was a lead negotiator for plaintiffs in the $368 billion proposed settlement with the tobacco industry and was on the private counsel team that recovered $4.6 billion for Louisiana through its attorney general. He specializes in product liability, environmental, anti trust and Civil RICO defense work.

Herman has served as president of the Association of Trial Lawyers of America [In 2006, ATLA became the American Association for Justice (AAJ)].

In 2001 he was selected for The Leonard M. Ring Champion of Justice Award, which is the highest honor bestowed by ATLA, and also has received the ATLA Lifetime Achievement Award.

In 2010 he was admitted to the Trial Lawyers Hall of Fame, with such figures as... Morris Dees [Dees and his Jewish law partner, Joseph J. Levin, founded the SPLC].

American Association for Justice


1989–90 Russ M. Herman

Frank Galton

cranky white woman said...

I don't understand why nigs are asking for reparations.Judging from the commercials here in the States they be buyin' nice houses,cars,washers and dryers and havin' white
wimmins.I swear,they are in 80% of the commercials.
Don't get me started on the effin spics...they breed like rabbits.Typical scenario is a pregnant one pushing a stroller with one ugly spawn in it with another one walking beside...invariably fat
and stuffing its ugly mug with a bag of chips(crisps)

gkruz said...

"The Poles are demanding from Germany a WW2 reparation of €850 billion"
Setting aside the fact that Poland, goaded by Britain and France, provoked the war, I wonder how much of that 850 euros the Carpatho-Rusyn minority of southeast Poland can demand for being forcibly removed from Poland after WW2 ended and relocated to Ukraine? I don't believe that the Poles have ever acknowledged their guilt in Actja Vistula, as it was called, and no one certainly has pressured them to do so.

Flanders said...

"Facebook audit of alleged anti-conservative bias fails to pinpoint any"

"Report angers conservatives, who say bias is real and call audit a "smokescreen."

Frank Galton said...

Flanders said: "The 1619 Project is a major initiative from The New York Times observing the 400th anniversary of the beginning of American slavery."

The New York Times Magazine

In august of 1619, a ship appeared on this horizon, near Point Comfort, a coastal port in the British colony of Virginia. It carried more than 20 enslaved Africans, who were sold to the colonists. No aspect of the country that would be formed here has been untouched by the years of slavery that followed. On the 400th anniversary of this fateful moment, it is finally time to tell our story truthfully.


"In august of 1619, a ship appeared on this horizon, near Point Comfort, a coastal port in the British colony of Virginia. It carried more than 20 enslaved Africans"

Black indentured servant and slaveholder, Anthony Johnson, was aboard that ship.

Smithsonian Magazine, 08 March 2017

The Horrible Fate of John Casor, The First Black Man to be Declared Slave for Life in America

Black people in early America weren’t slaves. After this lawsuit [brought by a black man, Anthony Johnson], they could be

People who survived their period of indenture (many didn’t) went on to live free lives in the colonies, often after receiving some kind of small compensation like clothes, land or tools to help set them up, writes Ariana Kyl for Today I Found Out.

That was the incentive that caused many poor whites to indenture themselves and their families and move to the so-called New World. But Africans who were indentured were often captured and brought over against their will. That's what happened to the holder of Casor’s indenture, Anthony Johnson. Johnson served out his contract and went on to run his own tobacco farm and hold his own indentured servants, among them Casor. At this time, the colony of Virginia had very few black people in it: Johnson was one of the original 20.

After a disagreement about whether or not Casor's contract was lapsed, a court ruled in favor of Johnson and Casor saw the status of his indenture turn into slavery, where he—not his contract—was considered property. Casor claimed that he had served his indenture of “seaven or Eight years” and seven more years on top of that. The court sided with Johnson, who claimed that Casor was his slave for life.

So Casor became the first person to be arbitrarily declared a slave for life in the U.S.

Of course, as Wesleyan University notes, “the Transatlantic slave trade from Africa to the Americas had been around for over a century already, originating around 1500.” Slaves, usually captured and sold by other African tribes, were transported across the Atlantic to the Americas, the university’s blog notes. Around 11 million people were transported from 1500 to 1850, mostly to Brazil and the Caribbean islands. If they arrived in America, originally they became indentured servants; if they arrived elsewhere, they became slaves.

Casor’s story is particularly grim in hindsight. His slip into slavery would be followed by many, many other people of African descent who were declared property in what became the United States. It was a watershed moment in the history of institutional slavery.

“About seven years later, Virginia made this practice legal for everyone, in 1661, by making it state law for any free white, black or Indian to be able to own slaves, along with indentured servants,” Kyl writes.

According to Wikipedia, black slaveholder Anthony Johnson was captured in his native Angola by an enemy tribe and sold to Arab slave traders. He was eventually sold as an indentured servant to a merchant working for the Virginia Company.

Frank Galton

ianrob said...

Excellent posts again by Flanders and of course Frank Galton. Can anyone supply the ethnicity of the owners of the media in this report please.

Armoric said...

In the days of slavery, there were about 400 000 Blacks in the USA. They have multiplied and become 40 millions, a big number.

I'm told the African continent too was hurt by the slave trade. So, if there is any money left, the USA could also start compensating 1,5 billion Blacks living in Africa, who will soon be 10 billion.

As for the Jews, there were only a few hundreds of them in White countries a few centuries ago, living off usury and similar swindles. Now, thanks to the stolen money, there are millions of them. They should start paying us as a way to compensate our ancestors.

Anonymous said...

You obviously believe that "you colonials are stupid." Why else would you keep coming back with this "Lucy and the football" BS? But I think you chose the wrong blog.

Apart from the lying wtf is this hubbly bubbly above? A personal dig maybe, I can see why you jump on a jumbo jet out off south Africa right into new Zealand (you know the one with the little union flag in the corner, a sign of many a peoples oppression) for freedom of expression the right to bear arms or cross arms can't quite remember which, when all you had to do was tap the pilot on shoulder and say that you've made a terrible mistake and could you please go instead to the American Pacific northwest I need my freedom and guns you see. But now I understand , it was too fucking cold for you. I believe you went to NZ stayed for two years and ended up in London living in one of those converted old warehouses overlooking the Thames. Who are you working for? I mean, that was some job turning power over like that to the commies in South Africa. How did you manage to get Whites to vote for it, I mean, with Zimbabwe on your doorstep and all that. This is a most important question for us Europeans living in Europe to ask, how the fuck did you do it?

A. Wyatt Mann said...

Funny country music: Johnny Rebel, "Reparations":

Seneca said...

gkruz is correct. Central Europe in the 1930's was a cauldron of competing interests and Germany was very far from the worst offender. However do not punch right. We need European peoples to unite and put our past enmity behind us against a common foe.

Frank Galton said...

Cheers ianrob,

Re the ethnicity of the owners of the media


The Daily Express and the Daily Mirror are owned by Reach plc (formerly known as Trinity Mirror). Scottish businessman Jim Mullen is CEO of Reach plc.

BBC, 09 February 2018

The owner of the Daily Mirror has agreed to buy the company behind titles including the Daily Express, the Daily Star and magazines such as OK!

Trinity Mirror is to pay £126.7m for the publishing assets of Northern & Shell, which is chaired by [Jewish businessman] Richard Desmond.

The sale brings to an end Mr Desmond's 18 years as a UK newspaper owner.


The Independent and the Evening Standard are owned by Russian businessmen Alexander Lebedev, Evgeny Lebedev and Saudi businessman Sultan Muhammad Abuljadayel.


The Times and its sister paper The Sunday Times are published by Times Newspapers, since 1981 a subsidiary of News UK, in turn wholly owned by News Corp. Australian
Rupert Murdoch is the founder and Executive Chairman of News Corp.


DMG Media owns the Daily Mail, MailOnline, the Mail on Sunday, and Metro. DMG is a subsidiary of DMGT. Viscount Rothermere is Chairman of DMGT. American (Jew?) Paul Zwillenberg is CEO.


Telegraph Media Group is the proprietor of The Daily Telegraph and The Sunday Telegraph. It is a subsidiary of Press Holdings. David and Frederick Barclay (born in London, Scottish parents) acquired the group in July 2004.


The Guardian is part of the Guardian Media Group, owned by the Scott Trust. The current chair of the Scott Trust Board is Scottish journalist Alex Graham,

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

had a real laugh when the 543 Dem wannabe candidates all lined up to kiss AL SHARPTONS ring to get his blessing before they launched their campaigns and started in on TRUMP as the Russian lackey and the collusion shit,now they all swung into the racist mode and leading the pack is the NYT ,my own fav newspaper the Chicago Tribune has gone to complete left with nig columnists with the exception of a great guy whose family we knew personally when i was a cop and that would be JOHN KASS whose Greek emigrant dad had a super mkt on my beat,John tells it like it is and dosent kiss nig or lib ass and just like his father dosent like ""MAVROS "the old man would catch the nigs shop lifting and grab them and put a meat cleaver to their throat and tell them ""we don't call cops here we kill you instead"" nigs shit their pants and begged to get locked up,anyway still love your blog and good people on it JOHN OLD RTD CHICAGO COPPER

Chumlee's Brother said...

Frank Galton said....

But Africans who were indentured were often captured and brought over against their will.

....A lot were what we would today call POW's. Really, the were blacks that were conquered by brutal tribal warfare by another group of blacks.

p.s. my posts seems to go into the either this last few weeks or so, Sav.

ianrob said...

Chumlee, regarding your post vanishing into the ether, it is very common now. Not just posts, but comments on Utube videos, and more. They can't stop you saying it, but can decide who sees it.

ianrob said...

Frank Galton @15:35, Thank you so much, I expected to see much more zionist influence, or should I say ownership. Perhaps it is smarter to stay behind the curtain, and control from out of sight. Thanks Frank. Lol I sound really paranoid. When I didn't get the result I wanted, I then blamed them for not being there. I'll keep taking the pills.

PB said...

"They can't stop you saying it, but can decide who sees it."

The Daily Mail does this. Instead of banning you they just let you type away but your comment never gets seen, even when its completely vanilla. Youtube is another. Some threads used to get pretty wild but lately they seem very sanitised.

Flanders said...

Flanders doesn't agree with several things said in the article below, but the illustrations and charts are very helpful. The commenters seem to agree. I have one of the comments showing here, below the link.

"The Case for Reparations: Our response" [2014] - [See] Section 2 - Reparations

"As pointed out by the Instapunk and Pseudoerasmus, if Afro-Americans' ancestors had never been enslaved by Euros, Coates and his coterie would be living not in the U.S. but in one of the west / central African lands from which their forefathers came."
"Our descendents one and two centuries hence will surely judge us for 'going along' with all kinds of things they'll find unconscionably evil. Can we even imagine them, as Coates somehow wants our slave-trading ancestors to have done? Can we imagine a future where imprisonment has disappeared, thanks to surgery targeting areas of the brain that cause anti-social violence? And that our descendents will decry this 'barbaric' system of locking men up in cages like animals in a zoo?

Can we imagine a future where every mentally ill person or drug addict is cared for properly, instead of left to sleep in doorways and eat out of garbage cans? Will our great-grandchildren recoil in horror that we walked by these pitiful creatures every day with hardly a thought?"

Californian said...
"Reparations" for slavery needs to be seen for what it really is: one more racket in a long history of race rackets. The advocates for "reparations" could care less about the facts. "Reparations" is one more way to hustle white people. These rackets will go on until YT stands up and say, "Enough!"

Let's take this a step further. If "reparations" are to be paid for slavery, then should this apply to:
* Muslims who enslaved Africans, Europeans, Hindus, etc?
* Native Americans who practiced not only slavery but some really cruel activities against their prisoners?
* Africans themselves who engaged in the slave trade?
* Communists, whose gulags enslaved tens of millions of people?
* How about American blacks, whose demands have created involuntary servitude for whites who are forced to pay for the welfare state?

Come to think about it, how about if blacks pay "reparations" for wrecking every major city they have gained control of, starting with Detroit. Or for all the crime they have committed out of proportion to their numbers? Or the demands they have placed on the welfare and school systems to accommodate their dysfunctions? Or the Long Hot Summer riots of the 1960s--which continue through to today's Fergusons? How about blacks in South Africa paying reparations for all the necklacings, farm attacks and torture-murders they revel in? Or blacks in any number of European countries paying reparations for their burning neighborhoods and crossing illegally into YT's lands from Africa?

What the demands for "reparations" (per the Atlantic article) indicates is that black politics can never be anything more than a glorified exercise in extortion. If one were to make a case that it is impossible to assimilate blacks into civil society, this would be Item #1.

Come to think of it, if we were really interested in "reparations," then worthies like Coates would be deported to the African country of their choice--though come to think of it, I wouldn't want to wish such a racketeer on even a Bob Mugabe.
14/10/14 9:22 AM

Flanders said...

The Melting Pot lie.
This is your country.jpg

Flanders said...

"The Origins of Brown v. Board of Education, 1954"

"The critical Jewish involvement in the Brown case

So important were Jews to the Brown decision that it could be said that without Jews, Brown would not have happened. The Brown case was initiated in Kansas by Jewish activist Esther Swirk Brown (no relation to Oliver), who urged Oliver Brown to sue the Topeka school board. Swirk Brown also helped raise money for Mr. Brown's lawsuit.[3]

The legal pointman in Brown was also Jewish, NAACP/LDF lawyer Jack Greenberg. Mr. Greenberg wrote or edited at least two Brown briefs and organized Oliver Brown's legal battle through the courts.[4]

At the U.S. Supreme Court, Jewish justice Felix Frankfurter acted as the head Brown cheerleader. Frankfurter, working with two Jewish confidantes, Alexander Bickel and Philip Elman, eventually managed to tilt the Court's attitudes pro-Brown. So vigorous was Frankfurter's activism on behalf of Brown that he and his cohorts managed to get the Supreme Court to allow a re-argument of the case, a crucial factor in Brown becoming law.[5] Frankfurter is also the man who got the term "all deliberate speed" put into a later 1955 Brown compliance ruling by the court - the word "speed" apparently having a hastening aura to it that Frankfurter thought might be helpful to pro-Browners.

If the involvement of the Jews above were not enough to get the Brown case labeled by some as being "Jewish," there is more information available to validate such a label. Even though Jews made up only about two percent of the U.S. population in the early 1950s, they made up roughly half of the people who wrote/co-wrote/advised about/signed the briefs and amicus curiaes surrounding the Brown case. A list of those Jews (excluding Greenberg and Swirk Brown) includes: Jack B. Weinstein, Louis Pollack, John Ligtenberg, Isidor Chein, Phineas Indritz, Shad Polier, Will Maslow, Daniel Katz, Herman L. Weisman, David E. Feller, Arthur Goldberg, Otto Klineberg, Edwin J. Lukas, Sol Rabkin, Sarah M. Borchardt, Else Frenkel-Brunswick, Arnold Forster, Joseph B. Robison, Leonard Haas and Theodore Leskes. However, it may be impossible to learn the total number of Jews involved with the Brown case, since other Jews may have been involved behind the scenes, a not-uncommon feature in 1950s America, where many Jews preferred to remain invisible in their social activism.

Jewish organizations involved with the Brown case included the American Jewish Committee, the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith, and the American Jewish Congress. Organizations that were involved with the Brown case and which likely contained a large number of Jews - due to their political bent - included the American Civil Liberties Union, the Congress of Industrial Organizations, the American Federation of Teachers, the Unitarian Fellowship for Social Justice and the American Veterans Service Committee.[6]"

Flanders said...

Thanks Ianrob. I see that Frank has provided some information on media in the UK. I think I may have more, if I can locate it, in my older files. I'll try to check when I can and let you know.

AnalogMan said...

(((Anonymous))) @ 11:07

Sorry, I can't be held responsible for your lack of comprehension. This is an English-language blog, if you can't keep up maybe you should go elsewhere.

At the least, would you do me a favour? Get yourself a handle. Then I can put you on my personal "Ignore" list, along with Stupid Max and the self-described Poes**, among others. Then we can ignore each other's posts and not irritate each other. Frankly, your potty mouth, instead of disguising your stupidity, only accentuates it.

** "Poes" is a Dutch word, meaning a cat, which is pronounced as "puss". In Afrikaans it has only an obscene meaning. Why anyone would choose to advertise it, I have no idea, but there you are.

Anonymous said...

Who are you working for? I mean, that was some job turning power over like that to the commies in South Africa. How did you manage to get Whites to vote for it, I mean, with Zimbabwe on your doorstep and all that. This is a most important question for us Europeans living in Europe to ask, how the fuck did you do it?

By putting drugs in dissidents food and drink. By harassment of their families ect that sort of thing, well it's the only sort of thing and this is me replying to my other message, got too fucking bored and tired waiting for an explanation.
Commies and Masons are never straightforward but they do know how to topple a nation - by stealth.

Frank Galton said...

ianrob said: "I expected to see much more zionist influence"


The two top-selling newspapers in the UK are The Sun and the Daily Mail.


Circulation of newspapers in the United Kingdom (UK) as of April 2019 (in 1,000 copies)

1. The Sun [News UK]
2. Daily Mail [DMGT]
3. The Sun on Sunday [News UK]
4. Mail on Sunday [DMGT]

Zionist Rupert Murdoch owns The Sun (News UK).

The Daily Mail's city editor, Alex Brummer, is the Vice President of the Board of Deputies of British Jews. Alex Brummer stated that "the Daily Mail had an unwavering support for Israel." The Vice President of the Board of Deputies of British also stated that he has, over the past 13 years, taken part in the Daily Mail’s leader conferences, where the paper’s policy is set. The Daily Mail's editor, Paul Dacre, affectionately calls the Vice President of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, Alex Brummer, his “Mossad agent”.



Huffington Post, 20 July 2011

Israel Without Rupert Murdoch

One would be hard pressed to find a non-Jew who has been honored by more Jewish organizations than Rupert Murdoch.


The Guardian, 05 October 2013

The Daily Mail's city editor, Alex Brummer... – who describes himself as a practising Jew in the orthodox tradition – said the Daily Mail had an unwavering support for Israel and has promoted Jewish staff across its departments.

Daily Mail, 04 October 2013

By Alex Brummer

Over the past 13 years, I have taken part in the Mail’s leader conferences, where the paper’s policy is set under the watchful eye of editor Paul Dacre... throughout my time at the Mail, the paper’s loyalty to Israel, as a beacon of democracy and economic success in a region of often ghastly sectarian dictatorships, has never wavered.

Moreover, it is a newspaper that has nurtured and promoted Jewish staff in every editorial department.

Jewish Representative Council, 24 January 2013

Alex Brummer is City Editor of the Daily Mail and a Vice President and also Chair of the International Division of the Board of Deputies of British Jews

Jewish Chronicle, 21 December 2012

Mossad man at the Daily Mail

Board of Deputies vice-president Alex Brummer has made the shortlist for Polemic of the Year in the Paddy Power and Total Politics Political Awards for his book, Britain for Sale, about foreign takeovers of British companies.

The JC understands that Daily Mail editor Paul Dacre occasionally calls Mr Brummer his “Mossad agent” in odd attempts at affection.

Frank Galton

ianrob said...

Thanks for the information Frank. I don't know how you do it.

Anonymous said...

AnalogMan22 August 2019 at 01:02
Get yourself a handle. Then I can put you on my personal "Ignore" list, along with Stupid Max and the self-described Poes**, among others. Then we can ignore each other's posts and not irritate each other. Frankly, your potty mouth, instead of disguising your stupidity, only accentuates it.

Poes is probably James your long term chum here, Mad Max got reformed when he visited another dimension.
Just answer the question how a white only south African election handed over power to communist without any safe guards for themselves...No power sharing, no land reform to keep a balance society, no semi autonomy governing white regions for back-up. Remember you butted in with just some stupid smears and that's all really.

AnalogMan21 August 2019 at 01:04

No No No that will be it a line is drawn and that will be that. No guilt no nothing. It's a win win for nationalist.

So I'm a triple fucking bracket for trying to get nationalist out of this mess by trying /thinking about plausible other ways.. Piss off you piss taking bore you take the fucking biscuit. Europeans living in Europe don't need your take on things. Remember to show this to afrikaans living in UK that's all I need another group of angry frustrated people hovering around me.. Don't need it man, don't need it especially at my work place got to earn some dollar so don't take it that far coz I called you a bore.
He chatted a Kiwi bird up on a isolated beach with talk of whips kafers and obedient loyal rip yer arm off in one bite German Shepherd dogs. Well that's how it came across to me anyhow.

Oh gawnon then I deserve it,visit.
Hate not Hope are tossers.
Might as well come around to my neighbours as well, oh shit you have.... You little rascals
The only good commie is
one that actually works
He still might be a c***
But at least it works
Sorry for the potty mouth but been getting hit by some
DEW and what I believe is some genderbender jellied eels put in me rosie and food. Turnt a bit fishwifie in i.

Frank Galton said...

Re the Board of Deputies of British Jews


The Guardian, 11 March 2004

Sir Max Hastings, the former editor of the Daily Telegraph and London Evening Standard, has accused the British media of avoiding criticism of Israel because it is "more trouble than it is worth".

He revealed that when he was editor of the Standard, the Board of Deputies of British Jews complained to the Associated Newspapers chairman, Vere Rothermere, and threatened a boycott of the Standard by Israel's Likud party because Sir Max had refused to meet them to discuss the paper's coverage of the Middle East.

He singled out the Guardian and the Independent as the only newspapers which "deal thoroughly with what is taking place, and display real sympathy for the plight of the Palestinians".

The Fatal Embrace: Jews and the State, by Benjamin Ginsberg

Publisher: The University of Chicago Press

Page 124

Together with their allies, Jews also organized efforts to deprive anti-Semites access to the media. This effort began during the late 1940s and continued into the 1950s. For example, during this period, the American Jewish Committee developed a strategy it called "dynamic silence" to combat the activities of Gerald L. K. Smith. Working together, officials of the American Jewish Committee, the American Jewish Congress, and the ADL would approach the publishers of major newspapers and owners of radio stations in cities where Smith had scheduled appearances to ask that Smith be given no coverage whatsoever. If newspapers and radio stations failed to cooperate on a voluntary basis, Jewish organizations were usually able to secure their compliance by threatening boycotts by Jewish advertisers. This strategy of dynamic silence was extremely effective in suppressing Smith and other right-wing anti-Semites.

Radical Religion in America: Millenarian Movements from the Far Right to the Children of Noah, by Jeffrey Kaplan

Publisher: Syracuse University Press

Page 144

The ADL and the AJC eventually arrived at a strategy that was termed at the time "dynamic silence". Championed by Rabbi S. A. Fineberg of the AJC, the idea was to close off all access to the public media - and thus to the larger culture - by "rabble rousers" such as Smith.

Frank Galton

kikz said...

here is a vid..

and the 'artist's' [sic] commentary

reparations... my lilly white ass..................

A. Wyatt Mann said...

Savant, you need to read this:

"EXCLUSIVE: Inside the African essay factories that churn out university coursework for 115,000 cheating British students every year"

Worthy of a new post in my humble opinion.

SAVANT said...

@Wyatt Man. Well you can imagine the quality of those 'essays'. Makes little difference anyway as the whole third level sector has been destroyed by grade inflation and AA.

A. Wyatt Mann said...

South Park episode but the audio is REAL, believe it or not:

It seems like degeneracy has no limits.

Anonymous said...

Bumper sticker:

I never owned slaves; You never picked cotton- GET OVER IT!

- Fr. John+

Confiteor Deo said...

Will this be applied to all states or just old slave states. No black arrived enslaved to California or New York. They all chose to move there.