Sunday, 15 September 2019

In Ireland the poz runs deep

The story just emerging about Welsh rugby international Gareth Thomas is that he's gay and HIV positive, facts which he's kept secret up till now, even, presumably, from the woman he duped into becoming his wife and thus giving him cover to operate in the macho world of rugby union. He revealed those facts only because a British tabloid was about to do an expose. What would be your opinion of Thomas? I'll bet it's different to those that swamped the reader comments section of Here's the single most popular: "God bless him. Hiding being gay for years hiding the HIV also. The years and years of stress that he put himself under is sad." And the second-most popular "Hats off to him. He’s a hell of a role model for anyone." And "A role model for anyone who has an interest in compassion and humanity."

Yes, the readers acclaim as a role model someone who lied about his sexual orientation, engaged in degenerate homosexual behaviour which predictably resulted in contracting the deadly HIV virus, who may or may not have subsequently put his wife and male partners at risk and who fessed up only because he was going to be outed anyway. How sick in the head do you have to be to acclaim such a person as a role model? Seriously? How deep must run the poz in what in ancient times was known as The Island Of Saints And Scholars....

Then again....The villagers of Oughterard (inexplicably means 'high cream' in Irish) in Co. Galway were recently presented with the opportunity to celebrate diversity up close and personal. And turned it down in the most emphatic fashion. "A silent protest has been held in Oughterard, Co Galway in response to the potential development of a direct provision centre for asylum seekers at a disused hotel in the town. Around 1,500 people [in effect everyone in the village] attended the protest with a number holding placards stating ‘No to Direct Provision for Oughterard’ and ‘Oughterard says No to Inhumane Direct Provision Centres’. 

"Local TD 
[Member of Parliament] Noel Grealish  has come in for criticism for telling a public meeting on the matter earlier this week that the type of people to be accommodated in the centre would be “economic migrants from Africa” whom he described as “spongers”. “I can guarantee you it is not the persecuted Christians and Syrians that are coming here. It is the economic refugees that is coming in from Africa that are trying to get across the Mediterranean and ended up in Europe and ended in up Ireland and ended up in Oughterard,” he said."

Oh dear. Predictably he was ordered to recant by the chattering classes. But, tellingly, he did not. In fact he didn't even dignify the instructions with a response. RTE, the official State propagandist broadcaster felt constrained to help the misguided villagers back to the path of righteousness. They did this by conducting a survey of how Wicklow town was getting used to having had a similar asylum centre installed there a few years back. And indeed the broadcast interviews would suggest that everything was going swimmingly. Yes, those Nigerians, Somalis, gypsies and Pakistanis were proving a boon to the town. No, schools and hospitals were not overwhelmed, and no, there's been no increase in crime rates. Now you bigots in Oughterard - put that in your racist pipes and smoke it! Mind you only three interviewees were featured. From a town with a population of 11,000. Still, as a state-funded broadcaster with a charter to present fair and honest material I'm sure RTE's interviewees accurately reflected the views of the townsfolk. Don't you?

Thursday, 12 September 2019

Farewell to the 'lungs of the world'?

Have you ever come across anything like this 'Amazon is burning away' furore'?  None of the great and good missed the opportunity to warn us of the calamity that would follow should 'the lungs of the world' be destroyed. Posturing and preening, they flew by the dozen in their private jets to swanky resorts where they agonised over the planet's future. Leo DiCaprio, Ronaldo, former ghetto porn star Meghan Markle (a.k.a. the Duchess of Sussex) and  gap-toothed pox-ridden whore Madonna were among those hectoring their moral inferiors. And they made it very clear who the culprit was:  President Jair Bolsonaro, the 'Brazilian Donald Trump'. You could almost picture him speed-boating down the Amazon hurling Molotov Cocktails left and right.

Mind you our saviours had evidence to back up their claims. Problem is all of it was wrong. Where to begin? For a start the fires were almost all on agricultural land being cleared of scrub in the traditional way. And those pictures? Macron's was twenty years old, Ronaldo's five, Madonna's thirty. Yet they tell us that the rate of forest burning is unprecedented. CNN, The Leading Name In Fake News, went so far as to claim that “the current fires are without precedent in the past 20,000 years.”  Er, not exactly. As this graph illustrates, a more accurate figure than 20,000 years would be......three years. Before Bolsinaro was elected.
As for the 'lungs of the world' claim here's what Dan Napsted, one of the world’s leading experts on the Amazon forest, had to say.  “It’s bullshit. There’s no science behind that. The Amazon produces a lot of oxygen but it uses the same amount of oxygen through respiration so it’s a wash.” Thanks Dan. And, according to NASA, forest fires are actually declining globally. But why let facts get in the way of a good story when rich pickings are to be made in the highly competitive (competitive for donors' dough that is) environmental saviour market? And a globalist agenda to be maintained ('an international approach is essential').

Then there's the remarkable fact that the burning forests in Bolivia, Angola and the Congo, in total bigger than Brazil's, hardly got a mention. And the reason is simple: Bolivia has a globalist left-wing leader while Angola and the Congo are 'independent' black-ruled countries. Can't criticise them.

The facts associated with the Amazon fires could be ascertained in less than an hour by anyone with a device connected to the internet. That's what I did. We're therefore left to conclude that this has been a deliberate hoax in pursuit of an agenda.

Tuesday, 10 September 2019

Another 911 anniversary accompanied by the sound of silence

So yet another 911 anniversary is on us and the twenty ton elephant in the room continues to be studiously avoided.  Here are just two items of evidence which prove the official explanation to be utterly false and which shine a laser on the real culprits.

The 'dancing Israelis'. These were self-confessed Mossad agents who, in their own words, were present that day to 'record the event'. Self-evidently this means that they knew it was going to happen. They knew it was going to happen. Yet they warned nobody. 

WTC 7. No serious scientist or engineer believes that a few small fires could have brought this steel-framed building down in free-fall. Be that as it may, Larry Silverstein openly admitted in a TV interview that he gave the order to 'pull it' (a phrase synonymous with 'demolish' in the construction industry).Self-evidently the building had to have already been rigged for demolition.

There's a mountain of additional evidence to fatally undermine the official report on the attacks but the two I cited unequivocally prove it to be false. Yet the 'dancing Israelis' were allowed return to Israel with no attempt ever being made to extradite them while Silverstein was never even pulled in for questioning about his bizarre admission.

What this demonstrates is the staggering and terrifying power of ZOG. The United States doesn't have even the pretence of being an independent country.


Sunday, 8 September 2019

An open letter to Britain's stupidest man

To the Right Honourable (sic) David Lammy MP

Dear Dave,

I notice that you're distressed to have been excluded from Labour's Shadow Cabinet, and further that you attribute this to racism on the part of the 'old White men' making the selections. Well Dave here are a few alternative explanations.

It could be,  unlikely I know, that they asked themselves why they should put an African in a British cabinet. After all, they might have surmised, we used to run whole countries made up of people like him with a few dozen administrators.  What could he possibly add?

These reservations would have been reinforced by your car-crash performance on the BBC's Mastermind quiz. Maybe they remember your thinking that Marie Antoinette discovered penicillin and that Henry The Seventh reigned after Henry The Eighth had died.

Many of them would have served with you in the previous Government where you had responsibility  for Innovation, Universities and Skills. They would have gasped with disbelief at this appointment given that  charging your mobile phone would  stretch your technical skills to breaking point. Some might even be aware of the 'Lammy Moments' enjoyed by your staff at the Ministry, convulsed with mirth as they recounted your latest side-splitting foray into the world of technical innovation.

And finally it's possible they felt that with Diane Abbott they already have enough token black imbeciles in the Shadow Cabinet.

Anyway Dave I hope this helps explain your exclusion and ameliorates your fit of pique.

Saturday, 7 September 2019

More internet problems

So much for my 120 mbs! Signal gone for last two days hence lack of posting.

I've also begun to clamp down on some of the flame wars in the comments. Going on too long.

Wednesday, 4 September 2019

"The same was said about the Irish"

I see that mad-eyed coolie plagiarist Fareed Zakaria - who seems to have become CNN's voice on immigration "reform" - is at it again with his stock response to complaints about immigrant crime in America. 'The same was said about the Irish when they started arriving in large numbers.'  And you know what? He's right. For once. Because the Irish who emigrated en masse after the Famine proved to be one hell of a problem for the US. They established themselves in poverty-stricken enclaves like Hell's Kitchen and became a byword for drunkenness, violence and gang warfare. And - the horror! the horror! - they were very, very racist. Upon learning  in the middle of the Civil War that slaves would be freed under the Emancipation Act they set upon every unfortunate black within reach, beating, shooting, lynching and burning down black-owned buildings.

It took several decades before they fully settled down and bridged the achievement gap with WASP Americans. But bridged it was. By the 1950's studies showed Irish-Americans at the high end of the economic spectrum. The Old Country hasn't done so badly either (despite having the most useless political class imaginable). Ireland has been continually in the top five of nearly 150 countries as judged by the multi-faceted Human Development Index. Contrast that with the position of America's blacks. After half a century and trillions, yes, trillions of dollars spent trying to 'bridge the achievement gap' between blacks and Whites the gap today remains as wide as ever. Meanwhile blacks' ancestral homelands are without exception poverty-stricken hell-holes which are getting worse rather than better. Despite an avalanche of Western aid.

Even a sociology professor should be able to understand what's happening. After all Plato cottoned on to it 2,500 years ago, observing "this City is what it is because our citizens are what they are." And that's why in general (there will of course be exceptions) blacks and mestizos never will bridge the achievement gap. At least in the foreseeable future. But understand that even high-achieving Asian immigrants represent, at best, a double-edged sword. Highly tribal and nepotistic, they'll act like the cuckoo in the White nest, gradually pushing Whites towards the edge until they finally plummet to earth. Hell, they're doing it already. Just check out what's happening to White students at the Ivy League colleges. They're a minority, and a declining minority at that.

Monday, 2 September 2019

The Cloward - Piven Strategy

Anyone else notice the Cloward-Piven strategy popping up with increasing frequency? I certainly have and I'm not sure what it signifies. Briefly the C-P strategy was one developed by two Marxist sociologists (are there any other kind?) in the sixties with the aim of 'bringing down the system'. This would be achieved primarily by overloading the welfare system until the Government could no longer make the payments. This would be followed by turmoil in the streets as the welfare parasites rioted, at which point a well-prepared cadre of left-wing extremists would seize power and implement a Communist dictatorship. “Cadres of aggressive organizers . . . from the civil rights movement and the churches, from militant low-income organizations like those formed by Saul Alinksy and other groups on the Left”. The authors whisper that the objective is 'to end poverty once and for all' but like all left-wing ideologues they couldn't care less about ordinary people. They love The People but hate people. 

I imagine that the plan received a cool reception when first published. I mean it wouldn't have seemed very practical, would it? But considering what's happened in the meantime it seems like an inspirational blueprint. Bear in mind that the strategy gelled elegantly with the rest of the Cultural Marxist nation-wrecking agenda (and is in many ways a derivative of the (problem / reaction / solution) Hegelian Dialectic). This includes mass immigration of Third World parasites, the undermining of the family with a consequent increase in welfare dependency, the fostering of a grievance / entitlement culture, the fanning of racial resentment, weakening personal accountability and the traditional sense of duty etc. 

C-P identify many supporting initiatives to enable their strategy such as getting governments to become heavily involved in charities, either by financially supporting established charities and/or taking on the roles formerly performed by religious institutions, undermining faith in traditional institutions like law enforcement by, inter alia, sharply tilting the system in favour of defendants and to foster the belief that government deficits don't matter.

If you consider all that's gone down in the intervening time their strategy reads less like a theoretical fantasy and more like a blueprint for our NWO globalist overlords to destroy White nations. As Henry Ford said about The Protocols Of Zion 'I'm making no comment on them. I just ask you to look at what's been written and what has come to pass in the interim'. The plan seems close to fruition. Now all that's needed is the spark to ignite End Game. How long more can governments, especially that of the USA, continue to spend more than they earn? How long more will native Whites put up with the abusive behaviour and parasitism of our minorities?

I don't know. But we should read all of this in the light of the American Government's frantic attempts to disarm its White citizens - and that's what 'gun control' all about - while arming their own forces to the teeth. Many people have a sense that something is going terribly wrong with their societies but are unable to connect the dots. 

That's our job.

Saturday, 31 August 2019

This is not the West

A reader sent me this insightful comment a few months back which I think deserves its own full post.

This culture we live in isn’t the West. Its looks like the west . It talks like the west. But it isn’t the West. It’s something that has grown in the corpse of the old West and wears its flesh. It is a parasitic zombie that stands in opposition to the old west, feeding on its flesh to fuel its own growth. It is the Anti-West .The old West was Christian, masculine, white and monogamous. The Anti-West is gnostic and effeminate. It is openly hostile to the children of Europe and sexually degenerate. The old West was creative and vigorous. The Anti-West is imitative and stagnant. The old West was fertile and brave. The anti-west is barren and cowardly.

The real West is dead. It died on the battlefields of Europe in the twentieth century. Everything after that has been the twitching of its corpse. It is only when you realize this that you can see things as they truly are. And once you can see clearly, you can begin understand the magnitude of our defeat and its consequences.

Our ancestors, informed by the ideals of the old west, would never have tolerated this state of affairs. They would have barred the colonist from arriving and driven the globalists into the sea. The response to Pakistani rape gangs or desert savages screaming to impose their collection of tribal superstitions would not have been government studies and handwringing, but riots and violence. The streets would have run red. But the parasite is sapping our will to stand up for our culture. This makes us weak and contemptible in eyes of our foes and in the eyes of a growing cohort of our own peoples. Seeing our passivity in the face of their provocations, our would be conquerors grow bolder.

We in the West are proceeding into a new dark age. We got here through our own cowardice and stupidity. We are going to face a century of turmoil and subjugation at the hands of the colonists and the white political catamites who are their enablers. It will be an age of humiliation and defeat. Our generation will live to feel the boot of oppression and conquest on our necks.

It is not we who will throw down the Anti-west and liberate ourselves from the technocrats, globalists and colonists. But we can dream and work towards something better. We must bear what is to come in bitter strength and prepare the way for those who will have the courage we lacked. Then they will throw down the enemy, reconquer what is theirs and build a new west.

Wednesday, 28 August 2019

What the Jimmy Savile case proves

Had someone said to me just a few years back that a global Satanic paedophile ring existed at the very highest levels of power I'd have laughed. Well as they say, I'm not laughing now. Once you start researching the issue in depth this fact becomes glaringly obvious. In fact it's hiding in plain sight. Just take the Jimmy Savile case. This guy went, in less than a decade, from being an uneducated miner to disc jockey to confidante of the British Government and Royal Family.

His child molesting proclivities were known for decades yet he still went from strength to strength. He hobnobbed with paedophile Lord Mountbatten, spent weekends with Margaret Thatcher, was a confidante of Prime Minister Ted Heath, and most incredible of all, according to Princess Diana, Prince Charles suggesting that he (Savile) advise on their marriage problems. Can you believe that? An uneducated miner turned disc jockey with no specialised knowledge or talents is magicked into mediating between the Heir-apparent and his wife. All while mired in allegations of paedophilia and necrophilia. By the way Charles also gave convicted paedophile Bishop Peter Ball a free house on his estate after his conviction.

(((Edwina Currie))) gave him effective control of Broadmoor prison hospital, in which role he invited a paedophile Who's Who to visit, stay over, and 'interact' with the patients. (((Danny Cohen))) and (((Esther Rantzen))) - Rancid? - gave him free rein to run, wait for it, the ChildLine TV programme, a programme according to the BBC which 'ensures an adult is at the end of a phone to help children cope with all kinds of serious issues'. That adult was Jimmy Savile, just waiting to put a friendly arm around the unfortunate children. Rancid herself admitted that at this very time rumours were swirling among BBC staff about Savile's sickening vices. And to round it off the station (thank you Mr. Cohen) pulled a planned exposure of Savile, instead broadcasting a hagiographiucal tribute to his life. 

And the miner/disc jockey came to be a firm friend of of former Prime Minister Edward Heath who was accused by David Icke - while Heath was alive - of being a Satanic child molester and child murderer. Yet he never sued for defamation. Multiple police forces investigated but he was never even charged. Big surprise.  Heath also regularly met in Westminster with the notorious Paedophile Information Exchange, an organisation which advocated for the decriminalisation of paedophilia. Why didn't Heath sue for defamation? Obviously because he feared a trial. Step in again the BBC which interviewed David Icke and tried to show him to be a deranged fantasist. Great journalism there lads. The in-your-face Westminster paedophile ring was thoroughly investigated by MP Geoffrey Dickens who then handed the incriminating files - all 114 of them - to Home Secretary (((Leon Brittan))). Who unfortunately lost them. Not surprising given that Brittan was himself one of the main suspects.

What's notable about all of these scandals is that few were held accountable. It was all 'lessons have been learned' and we're now 'moving forward'. Well actually one person really got it in the neck. Poor old Carl Beech who tried to expose the ring. This seriously damaged individual admittedly made a poor witness but could have, like the various false rape accusers, been given a slap on the wrist and told to go away. Instead the Establishment sent a very strong message to would-be exposers of powerful paedophile rings by sentencing this unfortunate and badly-damaged man to eighteen years in prison

That'll show 'em.

Look, I've only scratched the surface here and highlighted some of the more bizarre elements of the Savile case to underline my thesis. That Savile, just like Epstein, Marc Dutroux and God knows how many others, was a procurer of vulnerable children for the so-called elites, those at the top of the international wealth and power pyramid. How many? An estimated 8 million children are reported missing each year around the world. Of that number, according to the latest U.S. Department of Justice research, an estimated 800,000 children will go missing in the United States this year.

So just let your mind play on these facts and let the unimaginable scale of the horror wash over you.

Did you know? ....."Dr. Antony Kidman  [Nicole's father] died shortly after fleeing Australia when accused of the sexual abuse and murder of children in an elite Sydney pedophile ring. A month prior Fiona Barnett had filed a complaint with the Australian NSW police and ChildAbuse Royal Commission alleging Kidman’s sexual and physical assaults on her throughout childhood. When the Commission opened an investigation the clinical psychologist suddenly left his 43 years with the Sydney University of Technology and Royal North Shore Hospital to stay in Singapore until he died. The family has refused to comment and Singapore police opened an investigation on what they termed as an unnatural death. The ICLCJ Court has been looking into Barnett’s allegations against Kidman in relation to their investigation of the global elite Ninth Circle Satanic Child Sacrifice Cult. Over sixty eyewitnesses such as Barnett have testified of Ninth Circle childsacrifice and pedophile activities that spanned the globe, including criminal activities against children in the Americas, Netherlands and UK commonwealth countries such as Australia."

Monday, 26 August 2019

Will taboos become taboo?

These days most taboos are regarded as barbarous relics by the chattering classes. But generally they're based on practical experience, often spanning thousands of years. Even the most bizarre. For instance in some parts of rural China a newly-married husband must carry his wife over burning coals while in his bare feet before the marriage can be consummated. Presumably the thinking is that it helps prepare him for the life of marital torment to come. The Arab practice of not eating or shaking hands with the left hand stems from their tradition of using it to perform excretory ablutions in the desert. The same people's banning of pork is based on the prevalence of swine fever back when the "Prophet" was whooping it up in Arabia and again makes sense, at least for that time. As does the taboo against consanguinity although it's not adopted in some cultures. Which explains why Britain's jails and mental asylums are bursting at the seams with demented criminals of Pakistani and Bangladeshi ethnicity.

By and large the globalist nation-wrecking vermin who rule over us don't like taboos because taboos reinforce community cohesion. Which is one reason for Project Paedophilia. And cannibalism could be next. I've noticed a number of articles asking for 'tolerance and understanding'. No surprise that the Washington Post and especially Slate are active in this space. It'll be interesting to see how the project progresses and on the face of it it's a hard sell. I mean imagine being invited over to your friends for dinner only to discover that you're the main course! But remember these are the people who convinced us to fling open our borders to ungrateful Third World parasites and allow degenerate trans-gendered freaks to sexually propagandise our children.

In my post on Project Paedophilia I cited a general modus operandi to condition us into accepting the unacceptable. A similar approach can be used for cannibalism. 
Scientific papers and domain 'experts' will tentatively emerge suggesting cannibalism might be 'more complex' than had heretofore been believed.  Appeals for 'understanding' will follow, reinforced with a new lexicon of euphemisms. New organisations supporting 'dietary freedom'  will emerge. We'll learn that would-be cannibals (or whatever the new term is) are much more numerous than we think. Openness to discussing cannibalism will be promoted as sophisticated, progressive and tolerant. They'll produce 'research' on the nutritional benefits of the practice, material which will be eagerly published by the fake news media.

So don't rule it out. Having your in-laws for lunch might yet come to take on a whole new meaning.

Saturday, 24 August 2019

Irish "teens" doing their thing

Drogheda (a town near Dublin) and its police force experienced diversity up close and personal last week. According to the Irish Independent "FIVE teenagers were arrested and a garda (policeman) was viciously assaulted after a party in a Drogheda pub descended into violence. Shocking video footage of the incident shows teens kicking a garda multiple times as he lies on the ground on Friday night. Sickeningly the person who circulated the video mocked the garda being attacked. “I f**king love my young drillers. Good enough for em f**ing pigs. Feckkkkk these guys are dumb. They done skiddy bop on the pigs head””. (Video).

An eye witness who saw the carnage said, “One poor cop was rushed by a load of them who kind of bowled him over by weight of numbers. When he hit the floor they started kicking him around the place, some of them were actually dancing on his head and there was blood everywhere. They were scumbags acting like animals hunting in a pack, I doubt any one of them would have been brave enough to take the cop, who was a big bloke, on in a one to one scrap, but they were brave boys when they outnumbered him.”

Needless to say the report neglected to mention that the teens were, well, "teens". At least the (not very) Independent did report on the incident unlike our 'national' broadcaster RTE which completely blanked it. Or blacked it out. Yet RTE found time for a lengthy report on the plight of asylum seekers having to make do with inadequate pocket money despite having all their meals, accommodation, health, education and transportation costs picked up by the Irish taxpayer.

The 'teens' in question apparently come over from Balbriggan which is Ireland's answer to Detroit or Gary Indiana. But new Balbriggans are evolving all over the country* while our homosexual Indian Prime Minister (a Justin Trudeau cut-and-paste) posturing and preening, lectures us endlessly on the latest trendy issues and our duties to the '
 international community'. And now, to thunderous applause, he has landed Ireland with 100 of the 350 economic migrants stranded off the coast of Italy. Why should Ireland, with 1% of the EU's population take nearly one third of these parasites? Why indeed, especially when Libya, whence they departed, is willing to take them back.

The answer of course is that the strategy is not about saving the migrants. It's about diluting and replacing Europe's ethnic population.

*Reader comment on Political Ireland blog: I spoke with a local garda, off duty, about an hour ago. I showed him the video and he said they are causing mayhem on the Southside of Cork City. They come in from Ballincollig on the bus directly to Carrigaline. his words "you can't do anything about it".

Wednesday, 21 August 2019

The end of God?

The issue of transhumanism, and by extension immortality, came into prominence recently with Jeffrey Epstein's reported activities in that field. I'm no theologian but it seems to me that the Satanic/Luciferian end-game is  everlasting life whereby men (but of course only a very small number of men) in effect become God. For instance Genesis indicates that Eve was offered immortal Godhood by the serpent as part of his temptation while the books of Daniel and Revelation tell us that the Antichrist will take human form (Kushner?). Maybe this is why pride has always been defined as the deadliest of sins.

Billions have been poured into the "anti-ageing" project by the likes of Sergey Brin and Larry Page whose Calico project aims no less than to “solve death”. Jeff Bezos, 
Larry Ellison and Peter Thiel have massively backed similar projects. Ray Kurzweil, Google’s director of engineering believes we’ll reach a point where “the world will change more in a decade than in a thousand centuries, and as the acceleration continues and we reach the singularity, the world will change more in a year than in all pre-singularity history.When that happens, humans will achieve immortality. As they gain traction in the 2030s, nanobots in the bloodstream will destroy pathogens, remove debris, rid our bodies of clots, clogs and tumors, correct DNA errors and actually reverse the aging process".

Some experts forecast that you won’t even need a body or a brain to exist because one day human consciousness will live on a computer. When such a mind is enhanced by artificial intelligence the world may encounter within the foreseeable future transhumanist beings of almost inconceivable knowledge and power. Imagine a cadre of George Soros replicants ruling over an increasingly dumbed-down miscegenated world. God help us all. Because nobody else could.

Speaking of dumbed-down, new research suggests that fluoridated water consumed by pregnant women might reduce children's intelligence. Obviously I'm not in a position to judge the validity of the research but I've always been deeply suspicious of the campaign to fluoridate our water. The only benefit claimed is a reduction in dental cavities and for this governments have gone to extraordinary lengths, including protracted court cases, to enforce adoption. This makes no sense at all. Unless of course the goal is a dumbed-down populace. Bertrand Russell,
in his book 'The Impact of Science on Society' (1953) gave a clear indication of the long term goals of the Satanic 'elite': "Gradually, by selective breeding, the congenital differences between rulers and ruled will increase until they become almost different species. A revolt of the plebs would become as unthinkable as an organised insurrection of sheep against the practice of eating mutton."

Again, God help us all.

Monday, 19 August 2019

Reparations for slavery

Has there ever been anything more preposterous than American blacks’ demands for slavery reparations? Well there is actually: Their protests at Whites expropriating their “culture”. Future historians will scratch their heads, baffled that an advanced people gave serious consideration to the proposal that those who never had slaves hand over money to those who never were slaves in compensation for slavery. Those future historians would surely think that descendants of slaves, far from deserving reparations, have actually struck the jackpot. Because they now enjoy the advantages of an advanced affluent culture in which they enjoy favourable treatment through a plethora of affirmative action measures. Had their antecedents been smarter or fleeter of foot they’d have avoided capture and their descendants would be now subsisting on grubs and bush meat in the West African jungles.

In an non-insane world it’d be the other way around - America’s Whites would be seeking reparations from blacks. Considering the trillions, yes, trillions of dollars they’ve spent on the futile attempt to ‘bridge the achievement gap’ between the races and to keeping black criminals off the streets, the disruption suffered by having to flee neighbourhoods invaded by blacks and seeing their kids dragged down academically and physically endangered through forced school integration. The potential claims list is endless.

The cultural appropriation wheeze is upside-down as well. Tell me, what “culture” do Whites appropriate? I’m pressed to think of anything beyond fuzzy hairstyles and primitive jungle rap “music”. Can you think of anything else?  The black contribution to building America was equivalent to that of the carthorse yet they benefit from advanced infrastructure, telecommunications, health care, democratic institutions, organised sport, complex musical instruments, writing (actually scrub the last two). In other words White civilisation. The thing that thousands of Africans risk their lives to gain entry to. Yet America’s blacks benefit from it free of charge. How about charging them a license fee for its use?

But I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for Tyrone to cut a cheque.  

I long for the day when someone - anyone - will tell them to take a jump. All the way back to Africa if possible.

Friday, 16 August 2019

Sorry for lack of posting.  Internet down and working through my phone.  Not easy!

Monday, 12 August 2019

More sufferink. This time in Lithuania

Unlike many on this blog I believe Jews are in general smarter than Whites. I know it pains but it's true. If not how is it that they, despite their minuscule numbers, rule over us just as thoroughly as White colonists ruled over the Africans? What's more they get us to pay for the privilege. The colonists never managed that. But Jews also possess a sperg-like quality whereby they can be tone deaf to the goyim they oversee, which can lead to surprising outcomes. Take this case from Lithuania.

First a brief history of that country in the twentieth century. It enjoyed a brief period of independence between 1919 and 1940, despite being constantly undermined by the heavily Jewish Communist Party of Lithuania, lead by Antanas Gintautas Sniečkus who was married to a 'sophisticated' Jewish woman.  Independence of all the Baltic countries ended after the USSR invaded in 1940 at which point Sniečkus and the local Communists, working with the largely Jewish NKVD, began a reign of terror against local nationalists, vast numbers of whom were murdered or deported to die in Siberia. Naturally this didn't go down too well with the remaining Lithuanians who began a campaign of partisan resistance, in an uneasy alliance with the Germans for some of the time, in which Jonas Noreika and Kazys Skirpa played important roles. Roles which, understandably, lead to their being regarded as heroes by Lithuanians who erected plaques to them after the collapse of the USSR.

But there was a problem. Both Sniečkus and Noreika, despite being imprisoned by the Germans, had 'declared anti-Semitic views'. I wonder why that would be? (shakin' ma haid). But having valiantly fought for their country's interests, and in Noreika's case given his life for it, and given the traitorous role played by the largely Jewish Communist Party, you'd imagine that Jews would have kept their heads down hoping the whole unsavoury episode would quietly fade into history.

But no. They had to launch a bitter and long-lasting campaign to remove the plaques, much of it driven from wealthy Lithuanian exiles in America (take a bow, Sheldon Adelson). Inevitably they were successful. "The move was ordered by Vilnius mayor Remigijus Simasius (yeah, right) who said it was done because of Noreika's approval of the Nazi administration's decision to establish a Jewish ghetto and seize their property. Both decisions were hailed by the Lithuanian Jewish Council."  And Noreika's plaque was not just quietly removed, it was smashed by a hammer in from of an approving crowd of local Jews.

Now you don't have to be a genius to expect an angry reaction from Lithuanians, which duly came about via mass demonstrations (by 'neo-Nazis', you understand) and blood-curdling threats against the local Jewish community.  To the extent that "Jewish leaders in the Lithuanian capital are indefinitely closing the city's sole synagogue and community center following threats sparked by an emotional debate over the country's World War II-era history, Community leader Faina Kukliansky told The Associated Press."  "There is an atmosphere of tension and incitement" he added.

Now in case you're upset and worried about the synagogue closure I have good news for you. It opened again after a few days. But 'community relations' have been badly undermined. The development most certainly has not been good for Lithuanian Jews. So why do they do such things and continue to be surprised at the outcome? 

Saturday, 10 August 2019

Epstein dead. Bill and Hill react

Well now isn't that a surprise? The most watched prisoner on the planet, with one (alleged) suicide attempt already during his current stint in jail, and he somehow manages to hang himself. In most incarceration regimes strict measures are taken to minimise suicide attempts and this perp was supposedly under 24-hour watch. Remember that modern facilities have a plethora of advanced technologies to monitor a prisoner's every move, every heart-beat, and possibly every thought. They remove anything that could conceivably be used for a suicide attempt. Yet Epstein manages to hang himself.


My only comment is that the Cabal have given up even pretending. They don't care what ordinary people think. And they're probably right. Because nobody will do anything about this flagrant flouting of the justice system which in America and most of the West has become a sick joke. In fact it's quite possible that they're so contemptuous of the ordinary person's willingness and ability to react that they're sending out a message: Don't even think of stepping out of line.

Thursday, 8 August 2019

Gun massacres - who benefits?

I'm not strongly into the 'false flag' theory to explain all and every violent event that occurs. I think many on our side are too quick to apply the FF label in the absence of convincing evidence. However it's always correct to ask cui bono? (who benefits?) from such massacres. You don't need to be of a conspiratorial mind-set to be highly sceptical of the explosive growth of such incidents in recent times. Because every such incident elicits a barrage of outraged demands for gun-ownership "reform". Every time. This despite overwhelming evidence that such "reform" would prove worthless in terms of countering such attacks.****
Now the manipulators have successfully seized on the latest massacres to win over Trump and Congressional Republicans, hitherto the only meaningful defenders of the Second Amendment in the political arena.  'We must make sure that those judged to pose a grave risk to public safety do not have access to firearms, and that if they do, those firearms can be taken through rapid due process,” Trump said. “That is why I have called for red-flag laws, also known as extreme-risk protection orders.” Well done Donald, you've just lost about half his base while gaining not a single Dem convert. Not one. "Congressional Republicans, under pressure to respond to this weekend’s massacres, appear to be coalescing around legislation to help law enforcement to take guns from those who pose an imminent danger — a measure that, if signed into law, would be the most significant gun safety legislation enacted in 20 years."

It would indeed be the most significant gun safety legislation enacted in 20 years. Because it would provide a mechanism to progressively chip away at gun ownership rights the same way so-called hate speech laws are used to progressively smother almost everything not consistent with The Narrative. Countries like Britain and Sweden, historically bastions of free speech and discourse, have been transformed into USSR-lite. And increasingly less lite as time goes on. Had Western peoples been aware of the eventual impact of seemingly innocent initial restrictions on "hate" - I mean, how could you not oppose hate? - The legislation would have been overwhelmingly rejected. But bit by bit the range and depth of what qualified as "hate" was extended until we are where we are today. Unless White Americans (because - 
be in no doubt - they're the target) act now gun rights, like free speech, will go the way of the dodo.

Bad guys can always acquire a gun. Would-be murderers or terrorists can always get hold a gun or if not a weapon equally lethal. This applies especially in the USA where existing circumstances (hundreds of millions of guns in existence and Latin America lying across a porous border) render it impossible to disarm gang-bangers or terrorists.

Bad guys will ignore gun-free zone warnings. In the name of Jesus it should not be necessary to point this out but many otherwise normal people profess to think that sticking up a sign will stop would-be mass murderers. It'd be comical were not lives as stake.

The ownership/murder ratio does not hold up. The ratio of gun ownership does not correlate at all with the ratio of murders. For instance Norway, Canada and Switzerland lag only slightly behind the USA in the gun ownership ratio but the gun death ratio (especially in Norway and Switzerland) is but a fraction of America's. Same within the USA, States and cities with rigid gun control laws have the highest ratios of gun crime.

The 80/20 rule applies: Analysis of race-delineated gun deaths shows that approximately 80% of White killers kill themselves while the ratio is reversed for black killers. 

Gun deaths are actually declining: Despite the opportunistic hysteria that accompanies every mass killing in the USA the number of gun deaths there has actually declined since the nineties. (Last year 12 per 100,000, 15 for most of the nineties...a 20% decline). 

Legally-owned gun-holders can deter or foil attacks. Think of the football coach who valiantly threw himself in front of his students when Cruz started firing. What if he had had a powerful gun? We know what would have happened. Cruz would have been offed and the death toll drastically reduced. Note that American politicians strangely enough have no problem with guns when its their own asses being protected. The takeaway: Guns don't murder, the people who use them do. 

The nigger in the woodpile: An appropriate metaphor here because the mystery ingredient underpinning all of the anomalies above is race. As FBI statistics show, year after year, blacks murder at about six times the rate of Whites, Hispanics three to four times the White rate. If you normalise the figures, i.e. isolate the ratio of gun murders committed by Whites, you'll see that America is little different from most European countries. 

Fathers' Day in da' hood

Tuesday, 6 August 2019

Go woke, go broke

On this blog we've often fulminated at the evil genius Edward Bernays, the  advertising and propaganda mastermind whose black arts have had a lasting negative impact throughout Western society. As he roasts in the Seventh Circle of Hell he must be aghast at the extent to which former client Proctor & Gamble has dropped the ball he provided for them. I'm referring to the notorious Gillette advertising campaign  "The Best Men Can Be"  - a series of videos which took on 'toxic masculinity' - make that White toxic masculinity - in a way that bordered on self-parody. I've made this point before: That the media masters have become so isolated in their own bubble, having consigned all heretical opinions to the far reaches of the internet, that they've become a bit like loathed dictators imagining they're still loved by the people.

How much closer to self-parody can you get than having a White guy, about to proposition a girl, held back by a sensitive well-dressed black 'youth' who enjoined him 'that's not cool'. Yeah, I'd say that happens every day of the week. In essence the company takes aim at straight White males - who make up the overwhelming bulk of their customers - making them feel worthless, inadequate, that their needs and desires are wrong under any circumstances, that their instincts are loathsome, that their very existence is a malignancy, and that they're responsible for all the world's ills. After heaping on the abuse they then ask their target to give them their money. That's a winning strategy if I ever saw one.

Now I was outraged to the extent of immediately boycotting (sorry, in the Current Year this should be personcotting) all Gillette products. I wondered to what extent others would take the same course. I looked out for the company's financials in a haphazard way in the interim but found nothing  of note. Until now. It has emerged that the company has taken an $8 billion non-cash write-down for the period since the launch of the campaign in January. According to Reuter 'P&G reported a net loss of about $5.24 billion.... for the quarter ended June 30, due to an $8 billion non-cash write-down of Gillette. For the same period last year, P&G’s net income (i.e profit) was $1.89 billion.' Now I know that it's not possible to attribute all of this catastrophic change to the ad campaign but the company offered no other explanation admitting 'it was a mistake to call our customers rapists'.  (All right, I made up that last bit).  

This represents one of the most gratifying and encouraging developments I've heard in a long time. It underlines the latent power of White males, and of all Whites actually, once they become aware of the war being waged against them. And decide to fight back. A marvellous development. Having said that it seems to me that the corporate world, especially big tech and Hollywood, are prepared to be hit in the pocket to further their agenda. Amazing. Who could have imagined such a situation even ten years ago? Major corporations prepared, against all their natural instincts, to suffer severe financial penalties to pursue a social agenda. What can be driving them?

Friday, 2 August 2019

East Kent about to learn Da Lawd's Prayer

Rose Hudson-Wilkin, the delectable creature you see pictured here, is about to make history by becoming the first black female Church of England bishop. Prior to that she'd been the personal choice of John Bercow, or Berkowitz if you want to get fussy, as Chaplain to the House Of Commons. Apparently he had a significant input to her subsequent promotion to the Bishop of Dover gig as well despite the tradition of awarding it to the Rector of Westminster. But the latter is male, pale and stale. And Bercow wasn't having that. Which raises the question as to why a Jew should play such a role in supposedly Christian institutions. And something else is remarkable. How do  universally loathed people like Bercow get elected to high office time and again?

According to an ex-colleague Hudson-Wilkin is 'arrogant, opinionated, would tread on anyone to get her way and has a major chip on her shoulder'. Another ex-colleague claimed that the new Bishop 'knows nothing whatsoever about theology and her administrative skills are non-existent'  even though her new role 'requires a great deal of senior management ability'. So why then would she be considered for such a role? Well we all know. Because she's a woman and black. And boy, does she know how to play the race card. Journalist Ysenda Graham writes that 'she specialises in haranguing her audiences for not being diverse enough'. She complains of St. Paul's Cathedral that 'while the congregation is diverse the clergy is completely different'. She berated Specsavers and Marks & Spencers for not having enough 'models of colour' in their ads. Her sermon to the Rotary Club consisted of endless whingeing at their lack of diversity. 

The astonishing thing about people like her is their sense of entitlement. It might appear school-boyish to point out that had Whites not colonised Africa the natives would now be subsisting on grubs in mud huts in the Dark Continent.  They should be on their knees in gratitude at being afforded the benefits of an advanced and rich society. Anyway it remains to be seen how the sensible down-to-earth parishioners of East Kent will take to her. The appointment was made by the very cool and woke Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby. Justin is so concerned with diversity, inclusion, feminism, climate change and other trendy fads that it seems like he'd be happy to see the end of this God business altogether. 

He seems to think that his approach will arrest the precipitous decline of his Church. It won't. It will accelerate it until it degenerates into one of those Californian New Age spiritual movement that flared briefly before disappearing into the dust bin of history. The religions that thrive today, like Islam, are red in tooth and claw, giving short shrift to the latest transient fashions. And if Welby believes, as he seems to, that Hudson-Wilkin will enrich the CoE with her 'African sense of the spirit' then he's in for a rude awakening. Africans don't do the Christian God of humility, poverty and turn-the-other-cheek. Instead they see God as the the all-powerful Daddy In The Sky who's there to help them achieve the worldy objectives. Like winning the lottery or afflicting a love-rival with ebola.

Another venerable Western institution bites the dust.

Wednesday, 31 July 2019

Anti-Semitism in the Soviet Union

Have you noticed increasing references to the alleged persecution of Jews in the Soviet Union? There's even a book about it The Epic Struggle to Save Soviet Jewry. Oy vey! The primary driver for this is undoubtedly the prevailing anti-Russian narrative but I suspect that there are other reasons as well. Like increasing numbers of goyim awakening to the preponderant role played by Jews in inflicting the catastrophe of Communism on the unfortunate people of the SU (and elsewhere).

I have a rule of thumb which says that if Jews are pushing an agenda we can ipso facto assume it's bad for us. Hence we need the information to counter it. The claims of persecution are based on first, the number of Jews that came to grief in the Great Purge of the thirties, and second on the persecution Jews suffered from the beginning of the fifties and onwards. It's important to understand that their ethnicity had nothing to do with those Jews purged in the thirties. Stalin's goal was the elimination of the Old Bolsheviks, especially those with lingering attachment to Trotsky, many if not most of whom were Jewish. During WW II and its immediate aftermath Jews continued to play a leading role in Soviet politics and culture.

While the SU was one of the first countries to offer the new state of Israel de jure recognition it soon became clear to Stalin that the sympathies of the SU's Jews lay more with Israel than with the SU. Stalin began to murmur about a 'fifth column' operating within the country. This suspicion went into overdrive when important Jewish organisations began agitating for Crimea to be handed over as a 'Jewish homeland' within the USSR. As happens frequently, and in my opinion is happening again today, the Jews failed to realise the resentment they were generating. This was exacerbated by the kind of nepotism we see in the West and by the emergence of cheeky and rebellious films and plays - the arts, quelle surprise, was an arena which they dominated. But Stalin didn't like being poked and quickly had the most prominent 'artists' arrested or killed. This was coupled with a systematic removal of Jews from key positions especially in the security services.

Naturally the Jews fought back and Stalin became convinced they were out to kill him - the so-called Doctors' Plot. There may well have been such a plot but the important thing was that Stalin thought there was. At which point he conveniently died (or was killed) in 1953. Whereas the restrictions were considerably eased after his death Jews never recovered their pre-eminent position in the SU and a cloud of suspicion clung to them even when they succeeded in reaching important positions. As the collapse of Communism approached in the late eighties Jews, displaying the national loyalty for which they're famous, jumped ship for the West, citing unbearable anti-Semitic persecution as the cause. And we know how that worked out for us.

So in summary the story of Jewish persecution in the SU is just another blatantly misleading and self-serving trope deployed against us. We need to nail it whenever we get the chance.

Monday, 29 July 2019

Labour's Anti-Semitism problem

What's behind the transformation of the British Labour Party into a 21st century re-embodiment of the Nazis or the Fascists? Things seem to be really bad but according to the BBC "anti-Semitism was generally not regarded as a big problem in the Labour Party before Jeremy Corbyn's election as leader in September 2015". Which is putting it mildly as the previous leadership election was between two Jewish brothers. But now cries of anguish rend the air, defectors are leaving in droves and the very existence of the party has been brought into question.

The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) has announced a wide-ranging investigation into whether Labour "unlawfully discriminated against, harassed or victimised people because they are Jewish". Lords Turnburg, Triesman and Darzi (two Jews and an Iraqi) have resigned, "finally abandoning their struggle against Labour's antisemitism". Triesman has admitted that the party is now 'beyond reform'. Now that is serious. Many MPs have actually started a breakaway party (lead by Spear-Chukka Ummuna, scion of a legendary aristocratic British dynasty). Images of Germany in the 1930's are regularly conjured up and the "right-wing" Spectator asks if the gravity of the crisis means the party no longer has a reason to exist. (The Spectator is what passes for right-wing these days. Item: Let's call economic nationalism what it really is: 'White supremacism.')

In March 2018, scores of Labour MPs joined Jewish groups, including the Jewish Leadership Council and the Board of Deputies of British Jews, and other anti-racism campaigners to demand action in an unprecedented "Enough is Enough" rally outside Parliament. In July 2018, the UK's three main Jewish newspapers [are they not all Jewish newspapers?] published the same front page, warning that a government led by Mr Corbyn would pose an "existential threat to Jewish life".

Fearing the onset of another Holocau$t™ I set about determining the full scale of the horror. I have good tidings for those of you racked with worry at the possibility of Jewish party members being savagely beaten and dragged through the streets or Labour formally adopting the position that all Jews must be expelled from Britain. In fact it's quite difficult to find any overt examples of good old-fashioned anti-Semitism. Make that impossible to find. The Daily Mail managed to dredge up a video from 2013 of Corbyn saying that a group of British Zionists had "no sense of English irony". This lead former Chief Rabbi Lord Sachs to denounce it as "the most offensive statement" by a politician since Enoch Powell's "Rivers of Blood" speech, going on to accuse the Labour leader of being - wait for it - an anti-Semite.  Well Rabbi the only rational response to that would be if that mild throwaway remark is 'the worst' then you got nothing to worry about.

But there's more. A Jamaican party member had the temerity to ask why The Holocau$t™ is the only one commemorated. Why is not
 the Atlantic slave trade regarded as a holocaust in its own right? Cue an explosion of outrage from the usual suspects. The poor woman, despite abject apologies and retractions was driven from her post. We get a bit closer to the real reason with Labour's refusal to adopt some clauses of the 'internationally recognised' definition of anti-Semitism including, crucially, that of 'accusing Jewish people of being more loyal to Israel than their home country'. 

And that my friends pretty much sums up the raging anti-Semitism of Corbyn and the Labour Party. There's nothing to it and that explains the lack of specificity behind the campaign. The real reason lies in Labour's perceived disobedience in failing to unquestionably support all things Jewish and Israeli.  This might well work as already Corbyn is running for cover while the 'anti-Semites' have been marginalised. Well at least for now. 

You see the ruthless crushing of dissent is a double-edged sword. Yes, it can work and has worked in the past as we all know. But in countries with a tradition of free speech such draconian measures also lead to pent-up resentment, the expression of which could lead to unpredictable outcomes. When you control the levers of power, especially media, it's easy  to miss this build-up. Remember Nicolae Ceaușescu and many another dictator thought they were loved by the people right up till the time they were lynched. Couple this attitude with raging paranoia and you have a combustible combination.

Friday, 26 July 2019

Mueller's testimony

So what can we make of the Mueller testimony? What we saw was cringe-making as he babbled incoherently, refused to answer dozens of questions he deemed 'outside my purview', lacked focus, asked again and again for the question to be repeated, seemed to forget even the most basic details, stuttered, lost his train of thought. No surprise then that he was dismissed as a doddering geriatric in the first stages of dementia. 'Mueller is coming off as a semi-senile old goat who doesn't have a clue what he's doing or talking about' was one of the least unkind reactions to his performance. Fox News emphatically declared that he 'is in early-stage dementia'.

But could that be exactly the impression he was trying to create? Remember he's been involved in one shocking scandal after another throughout his nefarious career. He's knowingly had innocent men jailed while DA in Boston, pursued Steven Hatfill for seven years for the anthrax attack while the real culprit roamed free. Hatfill sued and got millions yet Mueller refused to apologise or express regret for ruining Hatfill's life. This was too much even for Eric ('know a Mob Family looking for a lawyer?') Holder who complained about the dreadful miscarriage of justice perpetrated by Mueller. His handling of the BCCI banking scandal allowed the perps to flee and saw the depositors lose their money. He was up to his neck in 911 planning and the subsequent cover-up. He used the FBI to provide misleading information to justify the Iraq war.

In other words he has a lot to answer for. And with the Deep State rats - hopefully - jumping ship what better way to prevent becoming a patsy than by deploying the Sudden Onset Dementia (SOD) strategy?  But if we accept that he is going senile and that he genuinely did not write the report, then who did?  Andrew Weisman, take a modest bow. According to Mark Levin 'what you saw today … was a fraud, a ruse, that has been perpetrated against the American people. There is no Mueller report. It’s a Weissmann report. There is no Mueller special counsel. It was the Weissmann special counsel. Weissmann. And this little bastard — that’s right, I said it! — the invisible hand that’s been behind the whole damn thing, from day one. … This wasn’t a special counsel office; this wasn’t an office of prosecutors. This was an office of Democrat activists who happen to be attorneys in the government. And they had the power to use criminal law and processes and tools to advance a political agenda, even though they failed.' 

It might well appear as if Mueller failed his way to the top. But that depends on what we mean by 'failed'. One man's failure can be another's success. Take the Iraq war, which has become generally recognised as a total disaster. And it was, for the people of Iraq who incurred millions of casualties and saw their infrastructure destroyed, for the thousands of Americans killed and wounded and for the American taxpayer. But it wasn't a disaster for the those who fomented the war, namely the MIC and Israel. Tens of billions on shiny new weaponry while a powerful enemy of Israel reduced - straight from the Yinon Plan playbook - into weak feuding ethnic and religious statelets.

So success is relative. And Mueller has been a success. 

So far.

Sunday, 21 July 2019

Russia commemorates the Romanovs. But not everyone's happy

Last year Russia saw massive numbers of its people commemorate the centennial of the murders  (Wikipedia calls them 'executions') of the last Czar and his family. (And by the way the same project saw to the virtual extermination of the country's whole ruling class and its intellectual elties, providing Lenin with his desired population of 'white niggers'.) According to Russia Insider "This year, 60,000 Orthodox faithful gathered for the nighttime Liturgy at Church on the Blood in Ekaterinburg, built on the site where the Royal Family and their faithful servants were brutally slain, and the following procession to the Monastery of the Holy Royal Passion-Bearers in Ganina Yama, built on the site where their holy bodies were discarded".

But not everyone was happy, as the following bizarre headline in Western propaganda outfit The Moscow Times indicated:

A Conspiracy Around the Romanovs’ Murder Has Alarmed Russian Jews

Almost 100 years have passed, but the Russian Orthodox Church cannot let it rest

Doesn't that beggar belief? In any event the Tribe has good reason to feel uncomfortable about the Romanovs' fate because just about everyone associated with it - from the killers themselves right up through the chain of command to the very top - was Jewish.  The murders were carried out under the direct command of Yakov Yurovsky, who had armed himself with several revolvers, a bayonet and a short-handled axe. Presumably because young girls are hard to finish off.  Aleksandr Beloborodov (Vaysbart) was Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Ural Regional Council which controlled the region where Filipp Isayevich Goloshchyokin* was Military Commissar. Nothing happened there without their approval. The direct order for the murders came from Yakov Sverdlov (Yankel-Aaron Movshevich Solomon), Chairman of the Communist Party Central Executive Committee in Moscow. It's not a well known fact but around this time Sverdlov was better known and more powerful than either Trotsky or Stalin. All of these were Jewish, while Lenin, the man who gave the final sign-off, was quarter Jewish and grew up in a Yiddish-speaking household.

Well maybe the chain of command went even higher than Lenin.

"The order to murder the Tsar and his family actually came from New York. The Bolsheviks had been forced to flee from Yekaterinburg in such haste that they had no time to destroy all the telegraph strips. Those strips were later found in the telegraph house. [White leader] Nikolai Sokolov took care of them but could not decipher them. This was done only in 1922 by a group of experts in Paris. Sokolov then discovered that the strips were extremely revealing, since they dealt with the murder of the Tsar and his family.......... The chairman of the Central Executive Committee, Yakov Sverdlov, had sent a message to Yakov Yurovsky where he relayed that after he had told [Bolshevik financier] Jacob Schiff in New York about the approach of the White army, he had received orders from Schiff to liquidate the Tsar and his entire family at once."

So maybe the Tribe have reason to be worried. I guess we can expect a call from Bibi to his BFF Putin to clamp down on such dangerous developments.

* Not many people can claim to have had their own personal genocide named after them but Goloshchyokin is one (the Goloshchyokin Genocide). His was in Kazakhstan where up to one third of the population starved to death under his  forced collectivation programme. His mom must have been so proud.

Friday, 19 July 2019

Shock as well-known actor comes out

The entertainment industry has reacted in shock to the news that Robin Banks has 'come out'. "I just had to do it" he admitted at a press conference.  "The rumours and innuendo and the stress of hiding one's sexual orientation were becoming too much to bear.  If this damages my career or if colleagues find it offensive....then so be it. But the more people who come out, the easier it will be for others to follow."

The reaction to Banks' disclosure ranged from mild approval to open hostility. While his parents admitted "we still love our son" a distraught Tanya Hyde, Chairzir of the Gay And Lesbian Alliance admitted that "I feel like I've been physically beaten". "To discover after all those years that Robin Banks is a straight white male is literally the worst thing that ever happened in my life. After the wonderful progress that's been made, gay marriage, paedophiles adopting children, transgender programming in schools...this has come as a horrible surprise." Drying zir's tears Hyde added "under no circumstances must he be allowed to play the part of a non-straight zir again".  

A clearly distressed Da’Quonde King’Kong’Quisha (pictured left), Anglican Archbishop of Canterbury and Professor of Moral Theology at Cambridge University exclaimed 'Oogabooga! Eek! Eek!".  Jonathan Silverplatt, CEO of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) referred ominously to "this terrifying development". "Be under no illusion" he warned, "this puts us on a slippery slope to a new Holocaust.  For me it conjures up images of Nazi Germany where heterosexual white youths spent their Summers in the countryside, working and innocently playing.  So you can understand why I'm literally shaking".

Banks has remained out of the public eye since making his shock announcement and time will tell how it impacts his career. Given the prevailing revulsion towards straight white males the omens are not good for him.