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Clerical sex abuse: Paedophilia.......or homosexuality?

Like an ageing punch-drunk boxer the Catholic Church staggers under an endless pummelling for its role in facilitating paedophile abuse by its clergy. But was paedophilia or homosexuality the real problem? In 2004 the John Jay College of Criminal Justice was commissioned by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops to analyse all the relevant information available from dioceses throughout the country. It found that only 96 of the 4,329 priest offenders were classified  as true paedophiles. It also found that no fewer than 81 percent of the victims were males and most were post-pubescent teens. 

Even Newsweek with its liberal defense of homosexual clergy agreed that the “great majority of cases now before the Church involve not pedophilia but ‘ephebophilia’, an attraction to post-pubescent youths”. A Pennsylvania Grand Jury Report came up with similar findings in that the vast majority of victims were males and had reached puberty. The psychiatrist Dr. Richard Fitzgibbons, who has treated large numbers of priests over 34 years said: “every priest whom I treated who was involved with children sexually had previously been involved in adult homosexual relationships.”

But such evidence was quickly brushed aside and clerical sex abuse has become indelibly associated with paedophilia. That's because the nation-wrecking homosexual agenda is now sacrosanct, beyond criticism. Academic Michael O’Meara wrote that "This subversive ideology now even aspires to re-invent homosexuals as the flowers of society: liberators preparing the way to joy, liberty, fraternity, tolerance, social well-being, good taste, etc. As vice is transformed into virtue, homosexuality allegedly introduces a new sense of play and gaiety to the one-dimensional society of sad, heterosexual males." Yes, 'it's sapiens to be homo', and woe betide any critic who puts his head above the parapet.

Which goes some way towards explaining why the program to make paedophilia acceptable now gathers pace. Having deployed it to destroy the Church it's now safe to de-weaponise, or more correctly re-weaponise it to further the destruction of Western Civilisation.


Henry IX said...

A pillow-biter doesn’t want “freedom”, which is really the freedom to say “no thank you”, or to freely associate, or to move around to truly diverse places in the event of “enumerated powers”. By those standards, the United States of Freedom (!) isn’t so very free.

No. An ass-bandit wants compulsory license.

Adrian O'D. said...

Learn the difference between believing and knowing this is one of our main problems! Jesus is you within not outside in the sky!

Uncle Nasty said...

This has been a hobby horse of mine for quite some time, now.

A Kiwi acquaintance sends me regular postings on the doings and the screwings of the jooz. He is at least as knowledgeable on the subject as most of the posters here ... and, along with several others, (Kiwis, that is) is no friend of the Tribe.

He sent me a news clipping -- well, (((propaganda))) actually on the latest report from the (((MSM))) on some Catholic priest or another ALLEGEDLY giving some choirboy a taste of the pork sword. Accompanying this, was an old joke about Catholic priests and choirboys, which wasn't, frankly, all that funny.

I responded by sending him -- and recommending -- a search link containing just two words ..."rabbi pedophiles" (Note US spelling)

When I first created that link I gave up scrolling after page thirty ...

Try it yourself ... avoid using Google, though. I now respond with that link, every time someone sends me anything regarding Catholic paedos.


Too Many Koons said...

It is a fact that homosexuals are more likely to be paedophiles than normal men. Especially with regard to boys. One convicted bisexual serial child rapist said that the reason he had sex with twenty times more boys than girls was because it was so much easier for an adult man to get access to boys.

Only homos and LGBT activists claim that normal men molest boys.
Not only are homos more likely to molest children they are also more likely to be mass murderers. Very often mass murdering male nurses turn out to be Homos. Usually the victims are the elderly in their care.

Almost all priests who molest children are homos and they mostly molest and rape boys, not girls. Up to 50% of Catholic priests are homosexuals and a significance percentage of them are child abusers. Up to 20% of Anglican priests are homos even though they are allowed to get married. This percentage will rise as now they can marry another bugger.
Some churches, like some groups where adults "help" troubled children, are in fact clubs for paedophiles.

Pedos molest or rape an average of 110 children each. They have a great time while doing huge harm to the 110 children.

There is a cult of youth amongst homos, maybe because so many of them die young or their bowels fall out of their bumholes. How many older homos are seeking another nappy wearing old homo to buggerise? Poofters need their rainbows and their parades and Hollywood to keep attracting more boys and young males in to their sleazy faggotry activities.

17% of homos have had sex with more than 1,000 other males, most of them strangers.

INCOMING!!!!!!! said...


try tilling a field with your cock and quim.

All their cracks reek of sorosmanoil.

no money, no collokhaant.

Heraclitus said...

A very astute deduction Savant. And one must in a sense admire the skill with which our enemies have managed the assault. Use one nation-wrecking perversion (homosexuality) to destroy the Church while blaming paedophilia. |Now with the Church safely sidelined reconfigure paedophilia as just another lifestyle choice.

A. Wyatt Mann said...

Louis CK learns about the Catholic Church:

Declan P. said...

The real story UN is that child abuse among Jewish clergy is proportionally vastly higher than among Catholic clergy. But as you say, we're never going to hear about that.

Anonymous said...

You say 50% of RCC priests are homo. You can't have been brought up Catholic. I was - Catholic school and all. I reckon all the priests (+10) I was acquainted with but one were bum bandits.

Current Pope personifies weak, appeasing church today. In short EVERY MAJOR DECISION THE CHURCH HAS MADE OVER THE LAST CENTURY HAS BEEN WRONG.

1 Being liberal on issues it should be conservative on - Evangelizing the turd world, liberation theology...

2 Being conservative on issues it should be liberal on - women priests (would stop fags being so dominant), being a bulwark against progressivism.

Yep, Francis is a colossal SJW sausage muncher.

romanian friend gelu said...

Anonymous said...

The equating of homosexuality with pedophilia never made sense to me. Then how does one explain the men who exclusively prey on young girls? It seems to me pedophilia is its own disorder or mental illness that affects people for whatever reason.

Anonymous said...

We must also remember that in the past, jews would enter into the Catholic faith with the intention of becoming priests and subverting the religion from inside. I believe this phenomenon has continued right up to today and that most, if not all, of the priests in these periodic pedophilia busts in the Catholic Church are actually jews. Pedophilia, particularly incest, is very prevalent in the Semitic cultures, including Arabs, and has been for millennia. It seems these big stories in the news about pedophile priests going back to the 80's are part of a larger strategy to bring what's left of the Catholic Church down by destroying any trust the public still has in it. jewish literature going back hundreds of years speaks of their urgent need to destroy the Catholic church because it was one of the unifying forces of Europe against the jews.

romanian friend gelu said...

it is my second post that has been severely censored/edited, although i was conveying information, and my pertinent personal opinions.
i depart from here with bitter taste, because it seems i am not good enough.

SAVANT said...

Don't know what you're on about there Romanian friend. None of your comments were censored or deleted. At least not by this blog.

James said...

Almost all priests who molest children are homos and they mostly molest and rape boys, not girls.

I wonder how many are jooz and/or commies too.
Bella Dodd, in her book "School of Darkness", said that the commies were training "thousands" of agents as priests in order to infiltrate and destroy the church. What we are seeing now could be the culmination of that plan.

James said...

The real story UN is that child abuse among Jewish clergy is proportionally vastly higher than among Catholic clergy. But as you say, we're never going to hear about that.

Henry Makow had lots of articles on this. It's even worse than the RCC because the rabbits don't even care if they get caught. One guy said he walked in on a rabbit with a little boy sliding up and down his fire pole and the rabbit said "Do you mind? I'm busy!". He didn't worry in the slightest about being caught, he was simply annoyed at the interruption. He didn't fear exposure because the Js have a rule: never tell the goys... anything...ever.

James said...

There is a cult of youth amongst homos, maybe because so many of them die young or their bowels fall out of their bumholes. How many older homos are seeking another nappy wearing old homo to buggerise? Poofters need their rainbows and their parades and Hollywood to keep attracting more boys and young males in to their sleazy faggotry activities. has all the details. He had 6 bum hole reconstructions before he quit. Now he tries to save people from it.

It is the true toxic masculinity, but the MSM tells us the opposite as usual.

romanian friend gelu said...

@ mr. Savant
this is my second original full post severed harshly (the first one i no longer detain).
only the link provided has been maintained.
romanian friend gelu said
"i will not talk about the child abuse happening into the Orthodox Church too.
rather i will focus on the attempts at warping reality, in a deranged "scientific" way, in the form of an unhinged discourse coming straight out of the neomarxist agenda on "gender identity".
with neomarxist double and false talk, and whatnot.
there is clearly patent mental pathology in this people - trying to impose swiftly the Cudenhove-Kalergi plan, moving the Overton window very fast.
they are doomed, 'cause we are not imbeciles.
i wonder if Mirjam Heine is a Jewess.

respect to the brother at vigilant citizen."

Barney said...

Don't go, Gelu. All posts have to be approved before becoming visible. Perhaps that's what happened in this case.

I once had the misfortune of working with a queer jew (oops! repetition). I was the gullible idiot who got (((him))) the job in the first place, and I was one (probably of several) who got stabbed in the back. I've learned since then, and wouldn't repeat my mistake.

This queer pretended to be monogamous (a lie), and had a flat overlooking a school playground. The turd openly admitted to lusting after the little boys.

In my opinion, and not just based on this one (((pervert))), ALL queers want to defile little kids, whether male or female, though the preference is for same-sex abuse, and the same goes for the kikenvermin (jews). Anything unnatural, and the filthier the better as far as they're concerned.

I once had to deliver something to a queer. This one said it was having to wash the sheets after having had "a bit of a session" the night before. That kind of talk really brings home just how disgusting they are.

Poofters and dykes (probably mainly jews) are such hateful creatures that they'd willingly carve their own grannies up for "fun".

Like the jews, they just hate EVERYBODY who isn't like them.

Chumlee's Brother said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Current Pope personifies weak, appeasing church today. In short EVERY MAJOR DECISION THE CHURCH HAS MADE OVER THE LAST CENTURY HAS BEEN WRONG.

2 Being conservative on issues it should be liberal on - women priests (would stop fags being so dominant), being a bulwark against progressivism.

...No, we cannot have women priests. That's just not on. Same as eucharistic ministers, except those that take communion to the house bound and sick, when the priest is over burdened.Certainly not in Sunday mass.
The catholic priest is your original man in black, your 1890's gunslinger.
I don't believe most are gay either. Some deviants of course. In any human endeavour you will get your deviants, seems only the Catholic church gets the bad press.
Nearly all the popes of the last 70 years are jewish anyway, including John Paul II.
I don't personally believe that he was a good man the same way as I don't believe Mother Teresa was a good person either. Please excuse me if I am wrong, but that's my personal opinion and to me the truth resonates.
The Catholic church was infiltrated by the satanic communist forces back in the 1930s, and look at Ireland own, Monsenior O'Flaherty from Killarney. The scarlet and the black.
Sounds like a dodgy commie to me, and look how he is celebrated.
The most devout and Christian countries, Germany and Italy were attacked, and Germany at least was totally destroyed. What does the Catholic church say about that?
Why dosen't the Catholic church speak highly of Nazi Germany?
Why does my parish priest in N.I keep accusing his congregation of being racist, when nothing has happened (unfortunately) in the diocise to get his wrath?
Why does my parish priest speak so highly of the rape-fugees pouring into Europe from the med. I'm half expecting him to insist on the congregation taking in some African 36 year old children, and hey, they can sleep in your 8 year old daughters room. Unless you ARE a racist after all.
No, sorry. I can't stomach the Catholoc church anymore, Jacobins is what they are,

Fledgling said...

Calling God a "He" is a wait for it ... "Growing problem" ?!? Did you get that?

Is this deliberate feminazi whore machination a blatant attempt to crush the Christian religion or what? Church aside?

Egghead said...

Pedophilia refers to sexual activities with babies and children. With men generally being more physically and viscerally interested in sex than women, more men than women are pedophiles.

Homosexuals use pedophilia as a form of asexual reproduction to ‘create’ more adult homosexual mating partners by physically ‘imprinting’ homosexual sex on children as young as possible. Thus, ALL homosexuals directly benefit from individual pedophilia as a group strategy to increase the number of future homosexual mating partners.

Homosexuals know this and openly ‘brag’ about this group strategy at various times in various venues.

Homosexual propaganda is used to reinforce physical ‘imprinting.’

Feminism propagandized birth control and abortion-on-demand to convince heterosexual women and men to pursue a ‘homosexual’ form of courtship that included many non-committed partners (before marriage in the case of heterosexuals).

Television news used the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal to publically introduce oral sex to children and teens which contributed to normalization of both public lewdness and private sexual behaviors that, until that time, had defined homosexuality more than heterosexuality.

Mass media including movies and television shows portray homosexual relationships as normal, positive, and, most importantly, very similar to heterosexual relationships - whereas many multi-partner homosexual lifestyles are admittedly very destructive and also very different from heterosexual pairings.

In liberal locales, sex education often now introduces and describes in detailed techniques of homosexual sex (like fisting) which again shifts the focus of sex from creating a loving family to performing a set of physical acts to give adults sexual ‘pleasure.’

DErmot Mulqueen Fan Club. said...

Berings' take on the Williams situation.

Did you see what Tom Humphries got up to? Verbally abused a prison officer and had nothinbg done to him. Arrogant buffoon still livibg ib the d4 cocoon.

3% approx of the population produce 51% of th AIDS cases/ Do not mentoin it or mercurial will ban yoiu!

zoological said...

Why isn't south America Spanish looking? It wasn't even in the 1800s.
Whereas north America was different. Something strange happen.

Lord Charington-Bugurhorn said...

Too Many Koons where do you get your statistics from and do you know how many Rome Catholics end up being involved in freemasonry and prostitution. It's like they have ten years of being told something is really bad day in day out for ten plus years and straight out the school gates into prostitution and freemasonry they go, up to all sorts really.
I think it's a hard sell for the farthers to teach the little ones what Mathew wrote up about Jesus parting the sea and all that. Did Mathew or was it Mark? Get carried away saying turning water into wine, they weren't even there when jesus supposedly did this. The children must sit there in class at 10,11,12 and think blimey this is stretching things a bit too far, then just start staring out the window, basically switching off. This is what you don't what.

Janice said...

Talking rabbits, firepole
someone's been watching
Alice in wonderland again

Flanders said...

This Catholic leader further below gets it wrong again when he states that:

"Islam isn’t Europe’s main problem, [it is] it’s leaders who’ve cast aside Christianity: Hungarian politician"

The main problem is that Europe has allowed it's policies, and Christianity itself, to be subverted and dictated by jews who either do that directly from behind various differing setups, such as NGO's, media, or through their Freemason henchmen, acting both from inside Europe and from the different outside influences which are directed both against Europe and against the true old-style types of Christianity on a global level, and which is now perverted and exerted through the influences of the jewed-"US". The European leaders reflect those subversive influences. The jew policies have been assisted by the recent Catholic Church experiences in many larger areas inside of Europe.

Most of Europe cannot comprehend that true Christianity actually was and is a historical unifying force for our people, and is a different style of Christianity from that which they currently identify with as being Christian because of the abuses which their own populations have suffered in the fairly recent past at the hands of a perverted Catholicism. The later Catholic Churches in many of the countries made only a public appearance of "Christianity" while meteing out it's own Satanic versions of everyday abuse and exhortations against the people, and which were heavily supportive of the exploitions by large landholders and factory owners.

The problem is stealth jewry and false "Christianity" [especially "Catholic"], within every single one of our countries - not just within Europe. This "Catholic leader", as usual, does not address that true problem at all.

That's the main problem which has caused this "Muslim" problem - and all of the unwanted, but practically imported "immigration" problems inside every single one of our White countries.

The article excerpts and links:
"Islam isn’t Europe’s main problem, [it is] it’s leaders who’ve cast aside Christianity:

DUBLIN, Ireland, September 17, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) - "Christianity is at the center of our culture and of our civilization,” Márton Gyöngyösi told participants at Lumen Fidei’s A Conference on the Catholic Family in Dublin last month. The conference took place August 22-23 and included speakers such as Cardinal Raymond Burke (video address), Fr. Thomas Weinandy, Dr. Robert Royal, Dr. Gerard van den Aardweg, LifeSiteNews' John-Henry Westen, John Smeaton, Edward Pentin, Bishop Athanasius Schneider (video address), and others.
"Gyöngyösi said that while some politicians might be able to say that Islam is a “danger” or that migration is a “problem,” they wouldn’t be able to say “what values they stand for, or they wouldn’t say or state that they represent Christian values, and those are the values which their policies are based on.”

“And this is the real problem, not the Islam threat,” he added.

Gyöngyösi, who was vice-chair of the Hungarian National Assembly’s foreign committee from 2014 to 2018, contended that Islamic migration to Europe “is the result and consequence of bad foreign policy.”

“We were blind for years, or for decades, when we assisted the United States in pursuing its geopolitical or geo-strategic policies in the Middle East or in North Africa,” he said.

“And we were tacitly or actively contributing to a foreign policy which has entirely destroyed the neighborhood of Europe.”

Flanders said...

Is Vice openly promoting pedophilia under the guise of news reports?

Flanders said...


"When I began practicing law in 1946, justice was much simpler. I joined a small Tucson practice at a salary of $250 a month, excellent compensation for a beginning lawyer. There was no paralegal staff or expensive artwork on the walls. In those days, the judicial system was straightforward and efficient. Decisions were handed down by judges who applied the law as outlined by the Constitution and state legislatures. Cases went to trial in a month or two, not years. In the courtroom, the focus was on uncovering and determining truth and fact.

The legal profession has evolved dramatically during my 87 years. I am a second-generation lawyer from an Irish immigrant family that settled in Yuma."

Good reading.

Flanders said...

It seems that some actual facts may have come out on what can be termed an MSM type of report on Santuary cities. I'm not familiar with "Full Measure", but heard about it and looked it up.


"For Kellar— a former Los Angeles police officer— crime is the big concern. And the number of illegal immigrants committing serious crimes in the U.S. is staggering in terms of scope and cost. According to the newest figures from the Government Accountability Office: one in five federal prison inmates are criminal aliens. The vast majority of them—91%— are from Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Colombia and Dominican Republic. A Full Measure analysis of government figures finds: Over six years, more than 730-thousand criminal aliens were in U.S. prisons or local jails. They accounted for 4.9 million arrests for 7.5 million offenses: More than a million drug crimes. More than 663-thousand assaults, sex offenses and kidnappings. 33-thousand homicides. And 1,500 terrorism related crimes. In terms of cost—federal taxpayers shelled out more than $15 billion dollars— or $2.5 billion a year— to keep criminal aliens behind bars.

In January, the Trump administration put 23 sanctuary cities and states on notice that they risk losing some federal funds. In March, the Justice Department sued California. Some sanctuary cities are digging in. Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney was seen dancing and singing last June after a favorable court ruling.

To Kellar, federal laws are being violated by sanctuary states and local governments.

At least 16 local councils in California have voted to join the Trump administration’s lawsuit or fight the state's policies in some way."

[Flanders - I saw another report which looks interesting that I plan to check out, too.
It's "Project Censored". You may want to look for it, also. I haven't yet viewed the video on either report.].

Flanders said...

NGO Humanitarian Crooks in Greece

"Greece: “Humanitarian Aid” Organization’s People-Smuggling"

"Greek NGO evidently received 2,000 euros from each illegal immigrant it helped to enter Greece. Emergency Response Centre International (ERCI) describes itself as a “Greek nonprofit organization that provides emergency response and humanitarian aid in times of crisis….” It has reportedly abetted the illegal entry into Greece of 70,000 immigrants since 2015, providing the “nonprofit” with half a billion euros per year.

•In addition, its members created a business for “integrating refugees” into Greek society, granting it 5,000 euros per immigrant per year from various government programs (in education, housing and nutrition).
On August 28, thirty members of the Greek NGO Emergency Response Centre International (ERCI) were arrested for their involvement in a people-smuggling network...."....Among the activities uncovered were forgery, espionage and the illegal monitoring of both the Greek coastguard and the EU border agency, Frontex, for the purpose of gleaning confidential information about Turkish refugee flows.

ERCI has reportedly abetted the illegal entry into Greece of 70,000 immigrants since 2015, providing the “non-profit” with half a billion euros per year.
This revelation, however, does not begin to cover the extent of the illegal activities surrounding the entry of migrants into Greece. In 2017, for instance, Greek authorities arrested 1,399 people-smugglers, some under the cover of “humanitarian” operations;

More worrisome than the literally steep price paid to the toll the situation is taking on Greek society as a whole.... police estimate that more than 40% of serious crimes were committed by illegal immigrants." [Much longer article continues]

Flanders said...


"Homosexuals brainwashing our children in elementary schools

Extremely slick propaganda directed at the youngest of children! The videos below are from It's Elementary, a 78-minute feature film produced by homosexual activists. These are actual scenes from elementary schools in Massachusetts and New York. It's Elementary is meant to be a training video for homosexual activist teachers across the country. In addition, the film itself has been shown to schoolchildren in public schools in Massachusetts and elsewhere.

This is what is actually going on in more and more elementary schools across America. Watching this will really affect you! You will not believe what you are seeing."

Flanders said...

Kids don't watch these of course! That's the excuse that is used. They know it's false. It's intentional.

"5 Queer Horror Films to Hold You Over Until Halloween"

Flanders said...

"The Jews Run the World"

I'll leave the main link, which leads to "The Catholic Church is "owned" and run by the Jews", as well as other articles.

Flanders said...

"Clinton's Cult: Hardcore Satanism, Vids, Pedophile Party Emails, Missing CEO"

Jules Joules Jewels said...

with but one were bum bandits.

cuz they were from Bumfuck, Egypt. . .

[Proper noun. Bumfuck, Egypt. (vulgar, idiomatic, US, originally military slang) The middle of nowhere.]

Flanders said...

"Merchants of Sin – Part 1: The Battle Begins"

[We White people everywhere have to recognize that we must begin]: "dealing with them as Jews, as a group, rather than just a collection of individuals, some bad, some good.

They themselves operate as a cohesive group and perceive us as an enemy, and act accordingly with deliberate, calculated attacks designed to weaken us and our civilization, as what weakens us morally in turn gives them more power."

This has even been admitted by Jews themselves, in moments of candor. Dr. Nathan Abrams, for instance, wrote in the Jewish Quarterly that Jewish involvement in the sex industry is “the result of an atavistic hatred of Christian authority: they are trying to weaken the dominant culture in America by moral subversion.”6

This is part of an evolutionary strategy the Jews have adopted over millennia...".

The sale of vice exploits man’s weaknesses, destroys families, and lowers the moral fabric of society, all to the great benefit of a tiny minority of unscrupulous and sleazy men.
The ACLU was started in 1920 by the gentile Roger Baldwin, in response to his being jailed by the US government for being a “conscientious objector” to World War I, which he saw as a violation of his rights to free speech. The organization soon became dominated by radical Jews, and remains so to this day.

Wheeler notes that while Baldwin and other gentile board members such as Mary Ware Bennett and John Haynes Holmes “tended to support laws that maintained boundaries between public and private and to tolerate bans on public sexual expression that did not, in their opinion, address issues of public concern,” other board members, such as Elmer Rice, Morris Ernst and Arthur Garfield Hays – all Jews – “were more concerned about protecting freedom of expression and public access to it,” i.e., the right to openly buy and sell obscene material.

The former position is arguably in line with the actual purpose of the First Amendment, while the latter is a blatant perversion of it.13".

[Flanders]: Don't overlook footnote 5 in the article, which has a partial list of obscenity cases, all involving jews.

Flanders said...

"BBC told to put more gay presenters on children's TV to 'familiarise' youngsters with different sexualities" [14 December 2012]

[Just (((who is it))) which tells BBC what to do - GET RID OF THAT "WHITE PERSON" - (((WHOEVER IT (or THEY) IS-are)))]!

"Study said gay presenters would 'validate' the feelings of gay children

•It said this was important for young people in their ' formative years'
•Report said BBC News gave too much time to 'homophobic' viewpoints
•It also recommended having more gay characters in dramas and soaps"

I suspect it's the same ones as those who are "working" inside the group who came up with the "study" findings. They (((work together))) to make certain that our children are "properly educated" - alongside with their indoctrinated "liberal" doofbarkers within the general public.

Red Mist said...

Flanders et al
Do you read savant's posts and comment accordingly? Do you read anybody else's posts?
No disrespect but your series of long winded, cut and paste diatribes are just so boring and meaningless. They're all but putting me off this blog. Then there's 'Incoming' who can't string a sentence together and ends with Bwahahahah ??? wtf ?? This is fucking embarrassing

Too Many Koons said...

Whatever happened to the street parades for the 97% of the population who are not LGBTPEDO? Are the 97% huddled fearfully inside around the TV watching the homo parade, while the 3% dominate the streets? Hollywood movies have for many years mocked white peoples street parades. What was socially good in the 1950s movies is now seen as hilariously funny – but not if poofters are parading. Even “Easy Rider” mocked a Middle America street parade.

Why no street parades glorifying nubile sexy young women in bikinis, marriage, mothers and fathers, grandparents, and large numbers of children? Are the churches preventing parades of the Normals which might help save the white race? Whilst meekly allowing Chocolate Drillers to parade their perversions in public?

If a country truly wants to be multicultural (why???) then some things need to be thought about.
Obviously this open faggot parading and prancing about is deeply offensive to most Muslims, most Christians and most other normal people who are not mentally ill. Bumless leather biker gear, plus half naked cops and military, dykes, kikes and chocolate drillers prancing about in uniform with other poofters is not for the street.

Thus for the good of society as a whole, in all its diverse glory, faggot parades must be banned in every multicultural country. Bare bums and penises must be banned in San Francisco streets. Waving willies at boys (legally) while throwing candy to them; go to jail you pedo filth, do not pass "Go". Pro poofter images on TV shows must also all be removed; these will always inflame those opposed to homosexual perversion.
I am not saying give in to the Muslim fanatics, but rather accept that you cannot have your cake and eat it too.

If white feminists want millions of medieval Muslims and Stone Age Africoon spearchucking men to live near them, then they better stop wearing short skirts, bikinis and so on.
You can not have it both ways. Freedom, or the burkha?

Jules Joules Jewels said...

genetic enrichment- thanks jews

SAVANT said...

Is Vice openly promoting pedophilia under the guise of news reports?

Is the Pope a Catholic? Oh wait....

Egghead said...

I learn a lot from the articles and commentary posted by Flanders and Frank Galton. Just read over them if you want.

When I was growing up, my grandfather and then father used to send me newspaper clippings with articles to read. Flanders and Frank Galton remind me of my grandfather and father in that way. Thank you both!

Rapparee O'Hogan said...

DECADES of speculation over two of Sesame Street’s most famous characters — Bert and Ernie — is over.

One of the iconic show’s writers has revealed that they were indeed written as a gay couple.

Joining the Sesame Street team in 1984, Mark Saltzman told Queerty the two beloved characters reflected his own same-sex relationship with film editor Arnold Glassman at the time.

stellamaris said...

I see some merit in what you say redpill but Flanders' research is immense and, to me anyway, always interesting. But yes maybe on occasion a quick summary with a link might be better.

Totally agree re INCOMING. Why does he have to end every comment with BWAAHHAA?

Jade said...

What we are talking about here is the RAPE of under age kids.......whether you want to call it paedophilia or homosexuality is neither here nor is RAPE, plain and simple.

romanian friend gelu said...

although the article is a little bit old, so not exactly breaking news, the prospect emerging is wonderful.
so that LGBTQ+ becomes GBTQ+ then BTQ+ then TQ+ then Q+ then nothing, so they cannot be united and push their aggressive agenda to the children in schools.
here in Romania we wait the Referendum on 7th oct '018, to vote the changing of an article in the Constitution to define the family strictly as the union/marriage between a MAN and a WOMAN, so that queers cannot adopt children.
the initial legislative initiative (petition) gathered very quickly over 3 million signatures from legal age voters, six times the amount legally needed.
@Red Mist - it is always good to have someone like Flanders who gathers overall relevant information to this community, with some personal effort, and then serves it on our plate, to spare us the time for searching

Jen said...

The Catholic church has always been a haven for bum chums. Blame it on St Paul for demonizing women.

Red Mist said...

Frank Galton's comments are more anecdotal making them more interesting.
Flanders writes/(cuts and pastes) essays and posts about 5 or 6 in succession.
Has he got his own blog somewhere?

Egghead said...

I save comments (and references to articles) that are of interest and value to me, and I save a lot of Flanders comments (among others here).

Flanders increases the depth and breadth of the site.

Thank you, Flanders!

Glen C. said...

Your material is always relevant and interesting Flanders.

romanian friend gelu said...

warning: just trolling.
i see a lot of grim people here not liking diversity.
where is your spirit of adventure?
how come you don’t like the greatest permanent CIRCUS ever in history?
faggots, dikes, trannys, niggers, sandniggers, indians and pakis, jews with noses and curly hair, gypsies begging...
this particular circus beats by far any ancient roman circus or medieval fair, beats even the modern famous cirq du soleil.
how come you are still not entertained?

Red Mist said...

Flanders you win! - I'm outnumbered
I'll put it down to my ageing attention span being reduced to that of a gold fish due to incessant reading of a lot of current affairs articles, blogs and comments every day from all angles. Comment and associated link(s) if any has to 'grab' my attention within the first 5 to 10 lines otherwise I skip to the next. Successive O/T essays are overwhelming.
I'm sure I'm not alone in this regard

James said...

Stuart Karaffa, a State Dept (((employee))) brags about "fucking shit up" in the US government while working at his job.

He works for the "Democratic Socialists of America". Hmmm, that sounds like a NAZI PARTY! Everyone call him a NAZI! He needs to lose his job for being a NAZI.

No accountability: a zombie moron supervisor rubber stamps Stuarts "shit" so he gets away with it. This shows that most of the swamp is incompetent, and awash with money. There needs to be more firings.

Project Veritas is awesome because they name names, instead of just saying its "them".

But he's friends with (((Laura Loomer))). He must be working for the deep state somehow right?

Boomer said...

Miss Hitler contest ;)

Never heard of it until now

Gerry said...

As a teenager rebelling against being dragged to my local Catholic Church by my parents as a child

For a joke myself and teenagers like me when talking about gambling or it’s a definite winner
When asked. We used to say of course does the pope masturbate it’s a certainty

So what’s your views on a religious leader Who isn’t allowed to marry masturbating
And what does he masturbate about
Is it purely because he feels the need to do it for his prostates sake

Myself the thought of the pope masturbating just proves the Catholic Church needs to reform just like Islam

Gerry said...

If I am against this and that makes me a neo nazi. Whatever a neo nazi is
Then I must be a neo nazi

Flanders said...

Thanks to you, Egghead, Gelu, Stellamaris, Glen C., and to any others that I may have overlooked, for your much appreciated comments, and to Red Mist for coming to an understanding and having a decent reaction in resolving himself about his [somewhat merited, I blame aging attention span, too.] complaint.

I do try to find pertinent and interesting articles and materials. Some are from my own saved comments in my files which others have made here or elsewhere, or from sites now censored, closed down or dormant, and a lot of searching through news and different blog sites. I'm glad to see that many do appreciate the results, and are learning from the materials. We are lucky to have other great people and commenters coming here, and despite a few ruffles along the way, we make a good community, and it is not all about a social happy hour as some sites are, but a place to continue learning.

Thankfully, we at Savant's have a great crew of similar-minded White people who are not at all giving up on our own good White people or any our countries. I'm glad to be among everyone here.

Flanders said...

More about jewry's media and MSM censorship and monopoly activities conducted against the general public. As usual, they are favoring abortion, and boycotting all words which factually describe the process and the murderers (called "doctors") who perform them for their fun and for profit.

"NPR Emails Reveal Coordinated Effort To Cover For Abortion Industry"

"Leaked emails from National Public Radio (NPR) reveal the taxpayer-funded group running interference for the abortion industry by banning the term "abortionist" and "abortion doctor" to describe the murderous Kermit Gosnell, an abortionist currently serving a life sentence for three counts of first-degree murder and one count of involuntary manslaughter.

When an executive producer for the new film "Gosnell: The Trial of America’s Biggest Serial Killer" reached out to NPR to purchase a sponsorship for the interview show "Fresh Air," he was told he could not use the term "abortionist" to describe Gosnell in the ad, though he could use the term "doctor," emails obtained by The Daily Beast indicate: [See the article]
"The word 'abortionist' will also need to be changed to the neutral word ‘doctor....So Sullivan pushed back, asking if he could use the much more accurate term "abortion doctor."

NPR, amazingly, said no. ---- [And, allowed Not even a mention of abortion].

"Our movie isn’t about a podiatrist or a cardiologist or a proctologist," argued "Gosnell" producer Phelim McAleer. "It’s specifically about a doctor who performs abortions."

So why can't Gosnell, an abortionist, be described as an abortionist? The answer is obvious: to protect the abortion industry. Abortion can in no way be associated with "Gosnell" the movie — a brutally honest uncovering of abortionist Gosnell's "House of Horrors." This would expose to the world what abortion and late-term abortion actually is."

Flanders said...

Speaking of abortions, the Pope's numbers are down - just not as far downward as they should be, but that is probably due to pollsters who try to bolster those leftists who need to be ballasted into the ocean depths.

"A Gallup poll out Tuesday shows Pope Francis's favorability in the United States "down sharply" among both Catholics and Americans, generally.

The poll, which follows two weeks' worth of bad press for the Pontiff as he ducks allegations that the Vatican protected Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, a serial sexual abuser, and even elevated him to the rank of a senior Papal adviser, shows Americans souring abruptly on the "kindler, gentler" Pope.

Just after starting his reign, Francis enjoyed a near-80% approval rating from Americans, and a near-90% approval rating from U.S. Catholics. After this month's revelations, Americans report only a 53% approval rating, while US Catholics are hovering at around 79%.

The poll was taken, however, before Pope Francis responded to the allegations in a series of private homilies that seemed to blame victims for a Vatican "witch hunt" that threatens to undermine the credibility of bishops, cardinals, and clerics charged with leading the faithful."

Flanders said...

"GOP lawmaker wants to drug test Congress"

This is a measure which should have been in place from at least before Bill Clinton [who "didn't inhale", or so he lied before taking office] got placed into office. I doubt that many in Congress would pass drug tests if the tests were done at all straight. It wouldn't be mere pot that would be their problem.

We would vote every one of them out anyway if only there were someone else in the running who we, the people, could actually choose to replace them, instead of having to choose between the lesser of the two evils which both are those chosen by the parties for us to vote for.

"Rep. Clay Higgins (R-La.) said in an interview that he believes members of the House and Senate should be subjected to random drug testing.

The comments to USA Today Network come after the Louisiana Republican introduced legislation on Thursday which seeks to require senators and representatives be subjected to drug screenings once each term.

“Elected officials in Washington, D.C. should be subject to the same kind of random drug screenings that blue-collar, working-class Americans have to endure," Higgins said of the proposal in a news release.

“Congress shouldn’t get to live by a different set of rules,” he said. “This effort is about maintaining accountability and ensuring sober service to ... the people.”

In the interview with USA Today Network, Higgins joked that, "I have observed some behavior that would cause one to wonder," in reference to his push to drug test his colleagues.

Under the terms of the proposal, members of Congress would reimburse American taxpayers for all costs of the program, according to the release.

If a politician were to test positive for illegal drug use, they would then be reported to the Ethics Committee, where “appropriate and subsequent action would be taken.”

Uncle Nasty said...

SAVANT said...

Is Vice openly promoting pedophilia under the guise of news reports?

Is the Pope a Catholic? Oh wait....
18 September 2018 at 09:57

Or as a friend of mine used to say ... "Does a bear pope in the woods?"


romanian friend gelu said...

a multicultural vibrant enrichment from 16 years ago.
and this is out of a mainstream movie.
i know everyone knows this - but so to remember.

Flanders said...


John 14:6 said...

The Catholic church is infested with queers and bolsheviks.

What's new?

From the moment there was one nickel to be made off of our Lord's name or any small amount of power, the sociopaths were there.

Judas Iscariot was the money holder for the fellowship of Jesus Christ and betrayed our Lord for thirty pieces of silver.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Uncle Nasty said...

At first, seemingly off topic -- but I think it's relevant.

From Fred Reed.

Done Been Girled: The Price of Matriarchy
Posted on July 24, 2015 by Fred Reed

The United States has embarked, or been embarked, on a headlong rush into matriarchy, something never before attempted in a major country.** Men remain numerically dominant in positions of power, yes, but their behavior and freedom are ever more constrained by the wishes of hostile women. The effects have been disastrous. They are likely to be more so.

The control, or near control, extends all through society. Politicians are terrified of women. The president of an Ivy university is fired, and replaced by a woman, if he makes the obvious observation that women are not much good at mathematics. Women dominate the schools and universities. A Nobelist in biology has to apologize profusely for having said that in laboratories women cry when criticized. Women have forced the lowering of standards for hiring police and firemen, for the military. They have made life miserable for small boys. The beat goes on.

The pathological egalitarianism of the age makes it career-ending to mention that women in fact are neither equal nor identical to men. The differences are many and most of them are obvious:

Women are less curious than men. They will learn to drive or use a computer, but will have no idea how either machine works.

Please read on. It's a good article.


** Three years later, I would disagree. The pussification of the West proceeds at ever accelerating speed ... and viciousness

Flanders said...

Jewry discusses your religious liberty - although it's done in the context of which is best for jews since it is their plan to control it, whichever way it is done.

"I’m Bob Weinberg, the president of the American Association of Jewish Lawyers and Jurists, and I want to welcome you all on behalf of the three groups that sponsor the monthly brown-bag luncheons: the American Jewish Congress, whose president Henry Smith is at that table; the Jewish Community Council; and the American Association of Jewish Lawyers and Jurists.....we’re grateful to the Pew Charitable Trusts and the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life for making this possible. And we’re particularly grateful to them for the intellectual appetite that they are bringing to this meeting.
MR. LUIS LUGO: Thank you for those words, Bob. We’re delighted to be co-hosting this event with your organization. It’s a real pleasure and honor....I mentioned in passing to a very well-known columnist who is Jewish and who happens to serve on the advisory board of one of our projects that we were co-sponsoring this event with the American Association of Jewish Lawyers and Jurists, to which he replied, “Better known as the American Bar Association.” (Laughter.) He’s also a very funny guy.

Now I always try to connect with audiences by mentioning something we have in common....And I’m not even Jewish; I’m just a Cuban-American guy with a Catholic background.

Then it occurred to me in a flash of inspiration that, in fact, we do have something in common. Miami. Miami, of course. I mean, it’s our capital in exile in the north and it’s American Jewry’s southern capital. Now the great synthesis of those two cultures was captured in a very wonderful way in a placard during the last presidential election when a little old Cuban lady held aloft a sign during one of Joe Lieberman’s stops in the city of Miami which simply said, “Viva Chutzpah!” And I said, that captures it right there. Is this a great country or what?
"Less strenuously for most of us, we have also supported religious liberty – that is, the legal rule that government cannot regulate religion the way it regulates other enterprises in American life.

That position has contributed, I think, much to the success of American Jewry, particularly when one looks back to where the country was 55 or 60 or more years ago, with a mild Protestant hegemony everywhere, certainly in the public schools, in much of government. The Catholic Church was not hospitable to the Jewish community (this is all before Vatican II). The notion of separation of church and state and protection for religious exercise was a natural one for the Jewish community, simply as a matter of self-interest.
The polls show fairly consistently now for some while that American Jewry is in two parts. About half of American Jewry is affiliated with a synagogue, and half of American Jewry is not affiliated with a synagogue. We have two attitudes towards religion. There’s almost a fear of government intercession with religion. It comes from a deep-seated secularism. Those are people I’m paid to represent.

But there’s another half of the community that has a very different attitude towards religion – obviously there is substantial religious differences amongst us. They are active in synagogues. They are not disposed to see religion in every case and every intersection with the government as a hostile intruder that needs to be repulsed. I represent these people, too." [Continues at quite a length, and I have not read it all, but I feel certain it is worth your reading when you have the chance.].

Flanders said...

"Israeli Young Emissaries go to camp!" [Connecticut]

"At the end of August, Connecticut opened its arms to embrace the state’s newly arrived 2018 Israeli Young Emissaries. Before they fanned out throughout the state to begin work strengthening the living bridge between Israel and the communities to which they have been assigned, the teens from Israel’s Afula-Gilboa region who have delayed their military service to perform a year of outreach, were treated to a day of fun and orientation at the beautiful and bucolic Camp Laurelwood in Madison. There they had the opportunity to meet the heads of Connecticut and Massachusetts Federations and other Jewish community leaders."

Flanders said...

"Co-chair Martinez said that she was going to tell it like it is because Economic Development staff have friends that they call when properties come up for sale. Then these developers come from all over the State and different towns to buy these properties. The same thing is true of Atty. Epstein and Atty. Liskov. Both men are Jews and buddies and they go to the same synagogue and they are buying up these properties. These are the facts about what is happening in Bridgeport, Co-chair Martinez said."

Flanders said...

The jews do keep track of each other, especially so for the "Big jews", who want to know how to use them all. Don't let the jew tell you that they operate independently.
International jewry is one giant socialist kehillah.

"In planning The Concise Dictionary of American Jewish Biography, we were eager to include the personalities who graced the towns and cities in all parts of the United States; we did not limit ourselves to metropolitan centers.
In this Concise Dictionary the effort was made to include only dead Jews; for a variety of reasons there are many exceptions. When a Jewish Who's Who of living American personages was published in 1938-1939, it was assumed that they would be dead by the 1990's. However, a number of them listed in that volume survived into the 1990's; all are included here; hence the reward of those who have survived; they can enjoy reading what the editors said of them in their antemortem portrayals.

Individuals who had but one Jewish parent are also deemed Jews as are converts to other faiths. Dr. Karl Landsteiner, a Nobel laureate in the area of physiology and medicine, appears here. He was a convert to Christianity, but a born Jew. Certainly not grateful for inclusion in an Earlier Jewish work, he sued the publisher, unsuccessfully. We have also included many persons as Jews solely on the basis of their "Jewish" names; undoubtedly we have made errors. European Jews, refugees, who stayed in the States but a few years before returning to Europe or Asia are also chronicled; they were American, if only for the time being. Jews who affiliated with various religious cults were always looked upon as Jews. Notable criminals have also found a haven in this dictionary. If the Dictionary of American Biography can shelter Jesse James, the Jews can do no less than provide an asylum for Arnold Rothstein, gambler and bookmaker, who was fatally wounded in a poker game in 1928. The criteria for acceptance in this lexicographical work are ethnic origin, notability, notoriety, and inclusion in one of our Jewish sources.
It is worthy of note too, that many, if not most, of the Jews in Who Was Who in America do not go out of their way to identify themselves as one of the Chosen People. In general, the Jewish biographical works tend to ignore Orthodox East European rabbis; since some were fine talmudists, this is regrettable....The data in these volumes are rich in the areas of economics, politics, the professions, cultural anthropology, onomastics (names), feminism, immigration, and genealogy. Comparisons can be made between first-generation newcomers and natives, all Jews of course.

Though somewhat limited, the data may be extensive enough to determine the contributions of the Central European refugees who fled in the 1930's and settled in this country. "What did they do for the America that provided them with a haven?"
Try this link on for size, to see what it may lead to. "Exhibits":

Flanders said...

One of those links from the above leads to, "Minority Rights and Majority Rule".

"Over the past three centuries American Jews have committed themselves to numerous political and social causes. During the nineteenth century, American Jews were deeply divided over the question of slavery and succession, on both sides of the Mason-Dixon line. Jews also took part in domestic politics and, at the same time, they established a variety of organizations that worked on behalf of oppressed Jews in other parts of the world. By participating in twentieth century causes such as the Civil Rights Movement and the efforts to help Jews living in the former Soviet Union, many American Jews became convinced that by defending the rights of others who were oppressed and downtrodden, they were in fact safeguarding their own civil liberties."
One of the links off-shooting from that leads to the:

"Worthy Descendants of the Maccabees"

"One of the earliest campaigns of the American Jewish Congress (AJC) was for the nullification of the 1832 treaty with Russia. Contrary to treaty obligations, which required all American citizens to be treated equally, the Tsarist government actively discriminated against American Jews. Convincing Congress and President Taft to nullify the treaty was one of the AJC's earliest successes. This political cartoon juxtaposes an image of Judah Maccabee - the hero of the Jewish festival of Hanukkah - with President Taft, smiting a Russian figure. Many East European Jews used the epithet Greek to refer to Russians in general, which likely explains the Hebrew reference to 'evil Greeks' on the shield and parchment held by the fallen figures."

Flanders said...

"New campus antisemitism database goes live"

[Repeating this in full since it's so short].

"SANTA CRUZ, California – AMCHA Initiative, a non-partisan, non-profit organization dedicated to combating antisemitism on college campuses across the U.S., last week launched the organization’s new “Anti-Semitism Tracker” that will provide the public with access to information and photo documentation about antisemitic incidents that occurred on campus between 2015-2018.

Using the website’s search engines, users will be able to tailor a search by city, state, zip code, geographical region, year, date range, university, and category. Incident categories include physical assault, discrimination, suppression of speech/movement/assembly, verbal assault, intimidation, harassment, condoning terrorism, Holocaust denial and more. One category of the search engine is solely devoted to chronicling BDS activity, allowing users to easily access BDS events, divestment votes, event shut downs and disruptions, as well as to locate faculty who have signed publicly-accessible petitions calling for an academic boycott of Israel.

AMCHA also unveiled new photo and video libraries where colleague organizations, the public, authors, and journalists can access, and republish, photo and video documentation of recent incidents. Students will be able to submit photos and videos of the antisemitism they witness in real time.

AMCHA monitors more than 400 college campuses across the U.S. for antisemitic activity, and recorded 468 known antisemitic incidents in 2015, 642 in 2016, 653 in 2017, and 394 so far in 2018."

Flanders said...

New York - "Nonprofit Security Grant Program Updates « Jewish Community Relations Council"

"[June 26, 2018] "Security Grants Rise Along With Anti-Semitism"

"Jewish institutions get millions from federal, state coffers for cameras, and other improvements.

In the face of a spike in anti-Semitic activity in the nation and in New York State, both the state and federal governments have awarded millions of dollars in grants to Jewish day schools, Jewish community centers, synagogue preschools and Jewish cultural institutions in the state to pay for cameras and other security enhancements.

Additionally, the state has created a toll-free hotline — (888) 392-3644 — to file bias or discrimination complaints; you can also text HATE to 81336.

“We’re seeing more racial tension than ever before, more white supremacist groups than ever before, more Ku Klux Klan groups than ever before, and we’re seeing more acts of anti-Semitism than we have seen in years,” Gov. Andrew Cuomo said during a recent visit to the Hebrew Academy of the Five Towns and Rockaway, whose three buildings each received $50,000 in state grants.

Cuomo pointed out that the Anti-Defamation League reported a 60 percent increase in anti-Semitic activity between 2017 and 2018.

[And, You thought that ADL was good for nothing except to harrass, intimidate and censor].

“How frightening was that?” he asked rhetorically. “And in New York State we’ve seen a 90 percent increase in anti-Semitic activity. It is frightening.”

In all, the State Legislature approved $25 million through the Security Communities Against Hate Crimes Grant Program. The first round of allocations was made last week. On Long Island, they totaled $2.1 million for projects at 45 facilities to help prevent hate crimes or attacks against them because of their ideology, beliefs or mission.

All but two of the grants – which went to Catholic institutions — were presented to Jewish facilities. Four of the five JCCs received grants, along with several Orthodox yeshivas, a Conservative day school, and nine synagogue nursery schools. Among the synagogues receiving grants were such Orthodox institutions as Chabad of Port Washington and Congregation Sons of Israel. Among the Conservative synagogues were the Midway Jewish Center and the Woodbury Jewish Center. The only Reform synagogue was Temple Sinai of Roslyn.

Another $5.8 million went to 118 projects in Brooklyn. Although some went to Catholic and Muslim institutions, the vast majority went to Jewish facilities.

A second round of state grants will be distributed at a later date because not all of the $25 million has been allocated. Further details about the application process are expected to be announced in the coming weeks.

“The national security threat advisory says that the greatest threat to the homeland is from homegrown violent extremists — and those can be from the far right and the far left, or, radicalized Muslims,” said David Pollock, associate executive director of the Jewish Community Relations Council of New York.
He noted that the Jewish Federations of North America, the Jewish Community Relations Council of New York and UJA-Federation of New York were part of the coalition of Jewish groups that sought the federal grants.

The federal grant for enhanced security has been awarded since 2007 to nonprofit institutions from the Department of Homeland Security. Initially, $15 million was distributed nationally and 21 percent of money went to New York institutions. Last year, $25 million was allocated (the largest amount ever) and New York received 27 percent of the distribution."

Flanders said...

"New York - Nonprofit Security Grant Program Updates « Jewish Community Relations Council"

"Organization or site-specific threat. Specific, documented threats to your organization will help to distinguish your organization and lead to a better “score”.

•Incidents ranging from bomb threats to anti-Semitic graffiti should be included in the documentation supporting your risk profile.While such incidents may not have been perpetrated by terrorists, they do show that your building or organization has attracted unwanted attention.

•Note that the incident was reported to the police and/or insurance company. Include the date of the incident and to where the report was made. Dates and details can make the difference between a thorough and a partial answer.
•You should also document if there is something that makes your building particularly attractive to terrorists, e.g., widely recognizable architectural design, location or the presence of high-risk occupants. Outspoken and prominent leaders may add to the threat profile.

•Jewish organizations can state that they are at a high risk of terrorist attacks due to their ideology, beliefs and mission."

Flanders said...

[Jan 2, 2012] "Jewish groups get most money from federal security grants"

[2009] “In an event announcing $1.7 billion in Department of Homeland Security grants, Napolitano noted that 63 percent of nonprofit grant recipients were “affiliated with Jewish organizations.”

[2010] “The following year, according to the Jewish Federations of North America, that number grew. In 2010, 94 percent of the department’s nonprofit security funding went to Jewish groups that are, in the words of the Department of Homeland Security, “at high risk of terrorist attack.”
[March 1, 2018] - “U.S. Indicts Israeli-American Teen Hacker for Bomb Threats Against Jewish Centers”

[The jews made a lot of money off of this fake event by Michael Kadar reported about below, through Homeland Security grants, which they get the bulk of every year. The jew’s false flags are very profitable to them. Not to mention all the anti-White type of publicity that they gave to it through all their fake jewish pity parties and the press. False flags are very profitable to jewry through money collected and advancement of their narratives.

"Michael Kadar, 19, has been indicted for hate crimes connected to threats against Jewish community centers, as well as threatening the Israeli embassy and cyberstalking, the U.S. Justice Department said on Wednesday.

Kadar is awaiting trial in Israel, where he was arrested last year. U.S. and Israeli authorities have previously charged him with making thousands of threats, including to airports, schools and Jewish centers, in the United States in 2016 and early 2017."
"E-Grants. Grant applications must be submitted to the NYS Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services (DHSES) via the automated ...".
"Nonprofit Security Grant Program - Combined Jewish Philanthropies"

"Nonprofit Security Grant – Urban Area (NSGP-UASI), The U.S. Department of Homeland Security"
"OU Helps Obtain Homeland Security Grants for Jewish Institutions"

Flanders said...

"STOP antisémitophobie !"

Heraclitus said...

Agree fully - albeit belatedly - with your assessment (23.02) Flanders. I always read your material and find myself following up on your links and engaging further with the top. Perhaps my advanced years contribute to my liking your style!

A Swedish friend of this blog said...

Great monologue there from The 25th Hour. Interestingly Spike Lee was the Director.

James said...

Saying "there are biological differences between men and women" is objectionable speech in crazy Sewerden.

The professor was accused of having a "political agenda"!! And the Swedes aren't at peak insanity yet, not by a long way.

Long Time Lurker said...

 Red Mist said...

Flanders you win! - I'm outnumbered

What fucking attitude is that Red Missy cos you are outnumbered you quit. Totally queer behaviour coming from you Red Missy, very unmanly behaviour. You had a point and should have held your ground but because no one came to your aid you buckled and queered out, shame on you. Flanders does go on a bit even tho he finds interesting stuff, he still goes on a bit too long and also what's this about his files all the time, that hes got something on file, somewhere but can't find it at the moment I mean it leaves you thinking he is living in a house jam packed full of dusty files that are about to collapse onto him. I fear for him I really do. People here shouldn't encourage him any further with collecting anymore info. They really shouldn't. Instead people here should say, Flanders sort your bloody files out mate, i think katana could pop over and help him, help im out with a bit of a spring clean, get those files in order.

Green Tea is good for us drink it by the bucket load said...

Black Mirror is almost a reality: China says it's on track to launch its dystopian scorecard system that ranks citizens on every aspect of their behaviour by 2020

So the Chinese are catching up with the European Union.

romanian friend gelu said...

every other race hates niggers, that is evident.
but niggers also hate each other, just check out the continuous wars in Africa.
if a White calls a Black "nigger" it's "rayciss" and general backlash is almost instantaneous, but there is no problem with niggers calling each other "nigger" all the time.

romanian friend gelu said...

i am very ok with Flanders presenting a lot of useful information, as i said before.
but indeed he gets at times a little bit carried away.
inhibiting the man is a mistake, because we lose the man's enthusiasm, depriving the community of information.
perhaps Mr. Savant could grant Flanders a dedicated section on this blog, with all the information in that section that Flanders can link to from the main article comment roll.
it's something like "featuring guest blogger", or a "resources" section.
in this way we still enjoy knowledge and becomes easier to navigate and scroll.
this is just a suggestion, the middle way.
it is not a special treatment, but when a heavy poster qualifies by the community for the dedicated section i think this is the best solution - the server machine does not care if the text is stored in that section or on the main article comment roll.

Too Many Koons said...

I watched the link with the 25th Hour rant by a white actor who hates whites - Edward Norton. He is paying a convicted drug dealing scumbag - in a movie made by the talentless nigger Spike Lee. I thus accidentally increased my viewing time of all of Spike Lees output by 1000%. From 20 seconds to almost 5 minutes. Here is part of 2 good reviews from IMDB........

"Complete poop I have no idea why people would like or watch this, besides to put themselves to sleep, or maybe they need a trip to the funny farm. I am really disappointed in Edward Norton for Starring in this film. I am not sure why he did it."

"The presentation of Spike Lee as this brilliant social commentator would be all well and fine if the theory wasn't shot to bits by the quality of his actual films."

Egghead said...

Note how this homosexual Sesame Street writer sexualizes children’s puppets - and also attributes a preschooler first giving him the idea of Bert and Ernie being lovers....

Frank Galton said...

The Guardian, 03 February 2002

They were the British Baader Meinhof, 70s icons of the radical left. Thirty years ago, the Angry Brigade launched a string of bombing attacks against the heart of the British Establishment.

The Guardian, 03 July 2014

The Angry Brigade carried out a series of bomb attacks in the early 70s, aimed at the embassies of far-right regimes, the homes of cabinet ministers in Edward Heath's Conservative government, the army, the police, property speculators, the Miss World competition. Each attack was followed by a communique written on a John Bull printing set in which the motivation was explained, whether it was internment in Northern Ireland, the Vietnam war, the government's industrial-relations policies or sexism.

The explosions led to the formation of the bomb squad – now the anti-terrorist branch...

Angela Mason was director of Stonewall, the gay rights organisation founded by Jewish Labour peer Lord Michael Cashman. Angela Mason was also a member of the terrorist organisation, the Angry Brigade.

The Guardian, 24 November 2002

On the evening Angela Mason was appointed director of Stonewall in 1992, [Jewish] activist thespian Michael Cashman, co-founder of the gay rights organisation, found himself having to justify the decision to a semi-clandestine gathering of prominent gay Tories.

The group had wanted to establish lines of communication with Stonewall, but were deeply concerned by Mason's appointment. Didn't Cashman know, they said, that Mason was really Angie Weir, a notorious anarchist and member of the Angry Brigade, who had been put on trial in the 1970s for planting bombs on the doorsteps of Conservative Ministers?

She [Mason] is painfully aware of the potential controversy herself and refuses to discuss the Angry Brigade in interviews. On being appointed to Stonewall, Mason told Cashman that he should withdraw the job offer if he thought her past would be an embarrassment.

Mason can take considerable credit, in her 10 years as director of Stonewall, for a shift in attitudes towards gay men and women, driven by significant legal reform. Most important among these was the lowering of the age of consent for gay men to bring it in line with heterosexuals, first to 18 in 1994 and then to 16 last year.

Add to this an end to the ban on gays in the military, the abolition of vetting in the senior echelons of the Civil Service and the recent victory over adoption - all issues taken up by Stonewall under Mason's stewardship.

Mason's contribution was recognised by an OBE for services to homosexual rights in 1999 and her own entry into the Establishment assured.



Current Jewish Labour politicians include: William Bach, The Lord Bassam of Brighton, Luciana Berger, Michael Cashman...

Frank Galton

Frank Galton said...

The Guardian, 03 February 2002

They were the British Baader Meinhof, 70s icons of the radical left. Thirty years ago, the Angry Brigade launched a string of bombing attacks against the heart of the British Establishment.

Amhurst Road hasn't changed much in the past 30 years.

Number 359, the last building on Amhurst Road, has been spruced up a little, but it hasn't changed much since 20 August 1971, when a police squad raided the upstairs flat and found a small arsenal of weapons and explosives. They belonged to Britain's only homegrown urban terrorist group, the Angry Brigade.


Anna Mendelssohn

The police reported that their searches of 359 Amhurst Road discovered not only duplicating equipment on which Angry Brigade publications had been produced, but a stick of gelignite, two submachine guns, a Browning pistol and 81 rounds of ammunition. [Jewish terrorist] Mendleson was remanded in custody at Holloway Prison and was eventually charged with possession of the armaments and conspiracy to cause explosions. Mendleson's fingerprints were found on a copy of Rolling Stone magazine used to wrap a bomb planted at the Italian consulate in Manchester, and she was also charged with attempting to cause this explosion.

Frank Galton

Gaslighters Inc said...

Anonymous Long Time Lurker said...
Red Mist said...

19 September 2018 at 10:53

Come now John C, get out of the wrong side o' the bed again did we? Play nice or its back to the self huggie jacket for you!

Chumlee's Brother said...

Gaslighters Inc said...
Anonymous Long Time Lurker said...
Red Mist said...

19 September 2018 at 10:53

Come now John C, get out of the wrong side o' the bed again did we? Play nice or its back to the self huggie jacket for you!

.....John old tart.

Red Mist said...

Long time turker - Horatio - Incoming, John C and ...? what else do you label yourself other than T-Pot wishing for an 'In'coming? I haven't "queered" out. Your fantasies belie you.
Get fisted and dry yourself out ye' old queen.

Flanders said...

Gaslighters Inc said it right, John C. It's not good for an old drunk man to stand on the sidelines encouraging his friends to fight. Go back into the pub and leave off the rotgut. Switch to a nice, smooth Scotch instead.

Frank Galton said...

Daily Telegraph, 06 November 2002

Homosexuals were given the same tenancy rights as married couples in a judgment from the Court of Appeal yesterday that lawyers described as a major breakthrough for gay rights.

That could open the door to claims involving other family rights, such as ADOPTION...

Stonewall [the gay rights organisation founded by Jewish Labour peer Lord Cashman], which lobbies for homosexual equality and put arguments to the court, welcomed the judgment.

[Former terrorist (she was a member of the terrorist organisation, the Angry Brigade)] Angela Mason, Stonewall's director, said it would affect "many other areas of law including inheritance, fatal accidents, pensions, social security and housing benefit".

The case was brought by Antonio (((Mendoza)))...




Current Jewish Labour politicians include: William Bach, The Lord Bassam of Brighton, Luciana Berger, Michael Cashman...



The Museum of the Jewish People

Frank Galton

Flanders said...

Heraclitus said... @ 19 September 2018 at 09:39
Agree fully - albeit belatedly - with your assessment (23:02) Flanders. I always read your material and find myself following up on your links and engaging further with the top. Perhaps my advanced years contribute to my liking your style!
Thanks, Heraclitus. I appreciate your supportive comments, and I'm glad that you are capable of making good use of the information. Overall, I try to make sure that needed information usually gets conveyed, good for use later, if not for now.

You might want to keep in mind the comments I left above beginning at those of 19 September 2018 at 07:41 through 19 September 2018 at 08:29 as a separate category. We are going to find the Security Grant business to be even more pertinent in the future than they have been during our recent past, along with the flags and "incidents" which are used to encourage them.

Long Time Lurker said...

The diamond formation comes into play with 24year soonish (a left back with a lame left foot) starts the move down the left flank with a quick one two with the Flat footed dynamo (who just love his role in the Christmas tree formation, very fitting for him) who gives a telling pass to our red missy (busy reading the daily wail) it bounces off him into the path of flanders who skews it past the corner flag leaving everyone flabbergasted with hands on hips thinking how did he miss that, Luke333 can only look to the sky and ask why g-d Why?
Time for some substitutions me thinks.
But who to bring on? Who To Bring On?
Gerry our ageing one red card a game got bored so decided to join the agg on the terraces, he's in the thick of it, so can't use him.
We are done for. Best let this queer show play to the end. Someone tell jamie she can stop cheerleading now unless she's cheering the other lot. Oh she is, blimey, that's a turn-up for the books.Who would of thought that.

Anonymous said...

Interesting, Mr Savant. Recently I went on holiday to Switzerland and got to know another tourist, a jewish girl in her mid-twenties. She said she was a lawyer, a public prosecutor in Jerusalem. Anyway, she said 50% of her time was taken up with prosecuting cases of child abuse among the Orthodox jewish population. She said that these cases were, and I quote, "horrible, disgusting, unbelievable".
Anyway, my point is that the, yes there is a problem of sexual abuse in the Catholic church. On the other hand, compared to sexual abuse by muslims and jews, the abuse in the catholic church is actually very minor. And I speak as a former atheist and hater of the Catholic church. I have looked at this stuff in an objective way, and I hope I have analyzed it objectively. Again, half the legal cases in Jerusalem are Orthodox Jews fucking kids, and let's compare Rotherham and it's abuse of kids by muslims, and Ireland, and sexual abuse by Catholics.
In Ireland,the Ryan Report investigated sexual abuse of kids from about 1920 to about 1995. They found that about 380 kids were abused in about 250 Catholic institutions over about 75 years.
On the other hand, about 1,000 kids were abused in Rotherham by muslims over 16 years, about from 1997 to 2003.
And there are only 20,000 muslims in Rotherham (Town and suburbs population 280,000).
More kids were abused by a small amount of muslims in Rotherham in 16 years than by 3,000,000 Catholics in Ireland in 75 years!
Conclusion, Jews, who in the Talmud say that it is legal to have sex with young kids,and muslims, whose prophet married a 7 year old girl, are the real carriers out of sexual abuse.

Flanders said...

Anon @ 20 September 2018 at 11:46 - You are right on the point you make about the numerous, epidemically so, jew pedophiles, and the Rabbi's are included within them and the general public is never made aware. Here is a list which may be of interest to you.

"Case of Shlomo Aviner (Rosh Yeshiva, Ateret Cohanim Yeshiva, Rabbi of Beit El, Israel)

Case of Rabbi Lewis Brenner (Convicted of child molestation. The original charges included 14 counts of sodomy, sexual abuse and endangering the welfare of a child. He agreed to plead guilty to one count of sodomy in the third degree, a Class E felony, in exchange for a sentence of five years' probation.)

Case of Rabbi Ephraim Bryks (Accusations about sexual inappropriate behavior with children started surfacing in the 1980's. Rabbi Bryks is currently a member of the Vaad Harabonim of Queens. The Vaad is a Rabbinical committee that makes important decisions within an orthodox community.)

Case of Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach (Accused of several cases of child molestation, and sexual assault of young women)

Case Rabbi Perry Ian Cohen - Montreal and Toronto Canada (Accused of sexual abuse of a seventeen year old. Fired for sexual impropriety with congregants)"

"Long list of Jewish Child Molestor Rabbis gets no media coverage and Jewish homosexual pedophiles are undisturbed."

Flanders said...

I'll leave another comment on a related matter in Savant's new post in honor of John McCain's Tumor.

Flanders said...

I certainly meant no disrespect to McCain's Tumor in my earlier comment. I merely thought that having accomplished one very important task that it would be seeking an even more formidable challenge, and I can think of none more daunting than inhabiting the interior aspects of Hillary's vulva. As someone has already pointed out, even a Satanist raping bastard like Bill Clinton doesn't even approach that dried-up fountain of wickedness.

"Fountain of Wickedness"

[Pike confuses the jews as being Israel, which the jews are not. Israel are the White people of this world, and not that demonic cesspit in the ME where jews are inhabiting a stolen place which falsely is carrying our name. In that false sense, Israel is merely a place - and not a people. But, he is right about the pervert's Talmud and jew porn.].

"Today Israel remains a spiritual harlot. She corrupts the whole world through the media she dominates. (See, "Jews Confirm Big Media Is Jewish) What few realize, however, is that Jews also dominate the pornography industry worldwide, both as producers and performers.

Fountain of Wickedness

Why do Jews, only about 2.5 percent of the U.S. population, dominate porn? It’s because anti-Christian, liberal Jews today are primarily descended from 19th century European, Orthodox Jewish cultures centering around the Babylonian Talmud. Unlike most Christian Americans, whose European ancestors venerated the wholesome teachings of the Bible, most American Jews come from a Talmudic culture which elevates the teachings of those who had Christ crucified, the Pharisees.

Jesus called the Pharisees and their followers ‘an adulterous generation’ (Matt. 12:39). St. Paul accused the Pharisaic leaders of preaching against adultery and yet also practicing it (Rom. 9:22).

After being exiled to Babylon in 597 B.C., the Jews gradually absorbed the immorality of Babylonian culture. The Talmud, formulated during their 1600-year stay in Babylon, included permission for the Pharisees to engage in many Babylonian sexual perversions, including bestiality: sex with animals."


AnalogMan said...

Flanders said...

After being exiled to Babylon in 597 B.C., the Jews gradually absorbed the immorality of Babylonian culture. The Talmud, formulated during their 1600-year stay in Babylon, included permission for the Pharisees to engage in many Babylonian sexual perversions, including bestiality: sex with animals.

What 1600-year stay? The Jews were in captivity in Babylon for barely 60 years. 1600 years would have had them there until Y1K (AD 1000).

Carol said...

Flanders up your game will you or clear out your files.
Sixteen hundred years my arse, what fantasy world do you live in. They probably didn't even go to babylon someone just wrote that they did and everyone goes along with it.

luke2236 said...

"woe to those who call evil good and good evil" no better quote than that for the nation wreckers pushing the queer agenda on us.

luke2236 said...

oh, and amen Mr Flanders above...

Olivia said...

There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is no male and female, for you are all one in Yeshua the anointed one’).

Hen said...

The Babylonian Woe on the Silk Road

Anonymous said...

It's very straightforward to find out any topic on web as compared to books, as I
found this article at this web page.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for finally talking about >"Clerical sex abuse: Paedophilia.......or homosexuality?" <Liked it!

Anonymous said...

Lets clear up a few things. The MSM has worked with feminists to re-structure male sexuality. What I will relate here is (hopefully) as anonymous as it appears. Whatever you read, just remember several things: I was born 100% homo - no person influenced that; 100% homo simply means I've never been physically interested in the female body, but naked men were fascinating - even before I was 5. Period. Secondly, and unrelated, I was born horny (about 7% of all people) and this is significant - makes me an expert on this whole subject. I was not Masters & Johnson - I LIVED Masters & Johnson! I was not only aware of, but thoroughly fascinated with that "toy" in between my legs by the time I was 3. Nobody ever touched me. Strict incest taboo in my household, so I grew up in a normal household, 60 years ago, both parents there, totally normal people. Exactly what "Christian" "Conservative" folks dream of today. This continued until I left home permanently around age 22 (horny as hell, I had to get out of there). You need to get that part down pat. I have absolutely no reason to concoct some fictitious story (you'll find out why later).

I've had more than 1000 male sex partners (closer to 2000 I suspect) because I was born horny. And homo. And they were there for the pickin'. Everywhere. 40+ years ago, I mean. Not that I was just young and attractive (to both girls & boys) but always a "conservative" I always shunned wierdos or anything not clearly white. "Gay' types were never acceptable to me unless I was drunk & needy. So who was I blowing? So-called "straight, 40-ish yr old married" guys. Here's where it gets interesting. It is no exaggeration that about 20% of men are bi-sexual. Maybe more. A BJ is a BJ. We all know that. But 30+ years ago, the last thing you would ask your wife was "s@ck my c@ck, hun". Hey, they never agreed to that. That only came with two developments - the sex revolution and arthritic knees making kneeling (the missionary position) uncomfortable. Before that, 80% of men didn't even know of such a thing. Even I didn't until I was taken to a straight Russian sauna, in the middle of a Russian neighborhood, guys just sitting around, some naked, acting normal, talking about everyday things. Very soon I discovered that this was a very discreet place to get a BJ (certain corners of the place) and I could masterfully give those BJ's and make long lasting friends, usually non-sexual for the most part. This place, and lo & behold, another one located in the very tightly wound neighborhood where I grew up became my social outlet. I can honestly say - nobody there would even dream of being in some "gay parade" or go to a gay bar.

The newbies were usually guys with a wife 7 months pregnant, or a fat wife now past 40, and crabby. Hey - men are men (or at least they were allowed to be).

The sad part is that this whole scenario has died in the US. The AIDS epidemic started it, but the feminazi movement finished it off. One place "went gay" about 1984 (bad timing) and previously not to be revealed in gay bars, began attracting "undesireables" and predictably got torched 4 years later. The Russian "bath house" underwent a demographic change and subsequently nobody ever showed up. It closed.

It is important to note that these places were as important to these guys' free time, as a hunting site up north is to guys who like to shoot deers and drink beer in peace. Everybody has their thing. And, in previously "free America" the two co-existed. Sometimes they overlapped (ahem).

The very fact that the term pedophile is haplessly applied to what the guys once referred to as "young & tender" has evolved into diddling pre-pubescent girls & boys. The two things are not only very different, but the sheer number of people involved in the two things are widely different - fantasy vs psychopathy.