Wednesday, 8 August 2018

The most persistent and pernicious canard

One of the most persistent and pernicious canards we hear about Third World invaders of White lands is that if given a chance to settle they'll become 'just like us', law-abiding and productive. So why aren't they like that in their home countries? Ah, that would be because they have to 'endure' high levels of crime and corruption there. And who are the instigators of said crime and corruption? Well, unless unknown interlopers are making daring nightly raids  across their borders then their own people are to blame. 

The overwhelming majority of illegal immigrants to the USA are from Latin America and that region is one of the world's worst in terms of the murder, poverty and corruption upon which lie a flimsy and delusional patina of democracy. Unbelievably almost 120 politicians were murdered in the run up to Mexico's most recent election. But this just reflects the rest of society. The homicide rate stands around 22 per 100,000 population — near the levels of Columbia and Guatemala. By way of contrast the USA rate is 5 (the vast majority of murderers are non-White) while Ireland's is less than 1.  The real high achievers are Honduras (44) and El Salvador (60) - both, by the way, rich sources of illegal immigration to the USA.

Meanwhile in Brazil, that happy samba-land of multicultural bliss, things have got so bad that, according to Zero Hedge the country's elites have become "totally freaked out" and are fleeing 'bloodshed and chaos'. 'Amid the economic, political, and social collapse, Brazil has been described by many as being in the midst of a “zombie apocalypse” as years of corruption and violence spectacularly implodes all at once. Horrified by the out of control violence and pessimistic about the nation’s political and economic outlook, thousands of wealthy Brazilians are now fleeing the country'. A well-known actor said he has considered moving his family to Europe for the safety of his three children. “In several years, they’re going to want to go out, to start dating, without worrying about getting shot.”  Well there's a simple answer to that: Ban guns.

It makes perfect sense for Third Worlders to emigrate to wealthy, safe and clean White countries. It makes no sense whatsoever for White countries to let them in because, as we see in the barrios and ghettos of America and Europe they'll turn their new host countries into mirrors of the ones they fled. While complaining bitterly about the racism of their hosts. 

No less an authority than Plato recognised this phenomenon more than 2,000 years ago when he said that 'this City is what it is because our citizens are what they are.'


Jules Joules Jewels said...

From this day on I refer to lesbians as the homosexuals that they are- starting with Bruce Tammy, er Tammy Bruce.

Dexter said...

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador is dealing with a population of Aztec descendants whose innate propensities gravitate toward the primitive. The populace of Mexico will revert to their base instincts regardless of whatever First World policies are posited. The concept of race is paramount when addressing any proposals of governance. Of course, in this modern politically-correct age, this all-important thesis will be ignored in any proposition toward solving the problem.

Water and oil always separate when combined. This is the ultimate clue as to any workable solution.

Boomer said...

Do not be alarmed

Boomer said...

John Cleese, once an all time comic liberal has awoken and is now leaving the UK

StuartOrrPrd said...

The genetic component definitely seems to be a factor, HOWEVER, you are missing the FACT that catholic nations are the MOST violent on earth, short of nations in an actual state of war. All the top crime-ridden violent nations on earth on catholic nations in Latin America and Africa. Catholicism is a cult of its own that merges well with pagan blood cults. These cults don't do all that much to address murder. They just let it pass more or less. They also do nothing to implement birth control, in fact, they prevent it.

Religion is the main problem in Mexico. It's not really the indigenous genetics. Fact is, some of the indigenous areas in Mexico, Bolivia, and other nations function better than the mixed ones.

You're also missing what globalism did to many of these majority substistence farmer nations. These countries weren't ready to become developed nations, and their farmers were thrown off the land.

Boomer said...

Reactions to the burqa
Boris needs to wear one ...

Armoric said...

"So why aren't they like that in their home countries?"

The question I would ask is: Why do black people, after more than 200 years in the USA, still behave like black people?

John 14:6 said...

The most persistent and pernicious canard

The most persistent and pernicious canard is white nations, kike nations, asian nations, negro nations.

There is only Christ and antichrist.

First off, let's count up all of the Christian nations.

I am counting officially zero Christian nations.

Let's count up all of the antichrist nations.

Kikeland would be the leader of the pack, followed by the officially bolshevik nations. China, North Korea, Canada.

Ok, Canada isn't an official bolshevik nation but they want to be one.

Next there are the mohammaden nations led by Saudi Arabia.

Yes, mohammadism is antichrist. All of the bleeding hearts whining about the Palestinians are fake and couldn't care less about Christian children.

I have sympathy for the pagan children but their parents have denied Christ only to use my sympathy to raise their children in antichrist paganism.

Next on the list would be secular nations. If you haven't figured it out yet, secular is just a word for nations that are securely under the control of kikes.

You would think that these statistic would be depressing to a servant of Christ, such as myself.

To the contrary, I am quite optimistic.

Our Lord was murdered in an antichrist reality with only 12 servants.

There are a few more than 12 servants of Christ in this antichrist reality.

Manwe said...

Most of this world will always be perpetually savage. We really need to have all-white continents that are sealed off from the rest of the world, no exceptions. These should be Europe, North America, and Oceania. All full blooded whites from outside these areas should do everything they can to get out of places like Brazil and South Africa and live with their cousins in the far north. Every nonwhite on these three continents must be forced to leave by any means necessary for their own safety. Our future can be wonderful and include many incredible leaps forward into space and beyond, but we must be ruthless and as soon as possible.

Rapparee O'Hogan said...

... a brilliant answer for the gender pronoun dilemma.
S for she,
H for he,
I for it
T for they

Now just refer to everyone as SHIT.

cranky white woman said...

But,but Savant,I just heard on the radio last week that illegals commit fewer crimes than native born Americans.Of course no reference was made to the ethnicity of the native born... that could include nogs and spics born here.
Wasn't that a great week-end in Chicago,by the way. Chicago has some of the most restrictive gun laws in the U.S. so how could that happen?

INCOMING!!!!!!! said...

Oh yes the PaleolithicAIs will just drop in and fashion a light opera from human skulls or rainbow the world with a lighter shade of empaling.

Time to bring the pharmacy to the Turing fails.


Anonymous said...

The biggest ever ongoing tragedy is the open borders EU the Eurasian Union!
We on the continent are being invaded by Asia: Romanians, Bulgarians, Ukrainians, Balcanic troglodytes (Serbs etc..)....
Merkel is all about "We're all Europeans and we belong together". By Europeans she means scum like the Romanians and even the Turks! Even Georgia, Armenia, Ukrainia, Moldavia are to become EU members!
Restore our borders, kill the EU!

Hans Frank said...

Re Stuart: The ulraviolent catholic countries you mention probably actually record things like murder and take time to bury dead bodies instead if eating them or leaving them to rot on the roadside. I suspect this skews the data.

Andreas said...

Jeff would you just fuck off back to hasbara school. Your ploy is totally clear, so dissention among us Whites. Ukrainians are White, unlike you and don't lump them in with Turks.

luke2236 said...

@StuartOrrPrd whilst you are correct about the peoples of these nations not being ready/able to exist in 'western' style societies, you are entirely incorrect about 'religion'. Even tho catholicism is an antiChrist cult, it is symptomatic/enabling to a degree in these places, NOT the cause. There are several European/easternEuropean nations where catholicism is the main religion, yet they dont have these problems. Ireland and Poland both spring to mind. Whilst true Christianity would indeed solve the majority of the issues in these areas were it to be adopted/embraced by the population en masse, such will never happen as Christianity is a white mans religion and simply 'does not compute' with the coloured races. They are simply wired differently Remember, Jesus said "I have come only to the lost sheep of the House of Israel' ; and that 'house' is us.

Regarding murder rates, if one will simply subtract 5 major cities - chicongo, philadelphia, New Orleans, miami and DC - from the stats, you will find that the US is towards the bottom - 4th from bottom has been calculated - of world murder rates per capita. And what do these metropolitan areas all have in common? A majority non-white population combined with strict, draconian and patently unconstitutional gun restriction laws! might note, a democratic party controlled mayoral office and council...

rick said...

As I watch this shit unfold I simply wonder how much longer this will go on before the shitstorm finally hits. You have child rape via muslim grooming gangs in the UK, Pedophilia rings, rapes of entire cities, massive taxation, and yet I see no true outrage from the populaces. Is nothing truly sacred anymore? Are there no boundaries or consequences? I know that as a 24 year old White Male, even reading about the recent grooming gang Telford scandal just fills me with an almost unquenchable rage and desire to tear everyone involved: the Muslim child rapists, the traitorous feminists, and the Government bastards to pieces. Sure, Italy just voted right wing and Britain voted to leave the EU, but these evil satanic bastards are getting away scot free. Hopefully one day the Men will rise up and slaughter these Statist pieces of shite, and in turn regrow their balls, otherwise they will continue to be slaves to their women and will eventually be slaughtered and forgotten.

Anonymous said...

last weeks round up in Chicago,9 shot DOA and 76 wounded,no humans involved happy to say,john old rtf chicago copper,

Anonymous said...

Yes, it's astonishing how it never dawns on the brown people that as they continue to flood White countries, their new land of opportunity will become another sh*thole, just like the one they created and tried to escape, which will entirely defeat their purpose of migrating in the first place. As they say, wherever you go, there you are.

Jules Joules Jewels said...


It is a conspiracy you never heard about. Somehow, (no one will say how) the Dems had a law in place that made it illegal for elections to be audited. The law was so stark that even the RNC could be brought up on criminal charges for investigating election fraud, for an infraction as small as a poll worker asking for ID in a "blue state". THAT is how Democrats got away with having illegals vote, the dead vote, and all the other crap. 2018 is the first time in 36 years the Dems will face an election where them stealing it can be studied and prosecuted. And when they lose, rather than say the real reason - they can't get away with fraud anymore, - they'll claim they lost because of the Russians.

The report, with all the details follows below. California was never a blue state, and rather than lose the whole deal Dems wanted to split California up when this law was un-done in January 2018 by none other than an Obama appointed judge.
What could keep such a law out of the MSM, with the RNC being silent about it also for 36 years? Blackmail? WHO was blackmailed to stay shut up about this, and let it happen?

This is all real folks, here is the report:

Chumlee's Brother said...

Manwe said...

Our future can be wonderful and include many incredible leaps forward into space and beyond, but we must be ruthless and as soon as possible.

.....A lot of those leaps have already been made, such as jet engines that run without fossil fuels etc. etc. but until the money powers are overthrown, these advances will be kept secret, less you not want to pay an indecent amount to travel.

Tony in VA said...

How about Trump creates a Shitlib-Mexican exchange program?

Shitlibs are given the option of registering to essentially swap lives with registered Mexicans. Houses, cars, jobs, the works.

Say for a year; minimum.

When the year is over, the shitlibs come back to the US and are obliged to act as “sponsors” for said Mexicans.
The shitlibs and Mexicans are randomly matched.

Then sit back and see how many shitlibs have strong enough convictions to put some real skin in the game.

Of course, the program would utterly fail but would be a massive win for Trump.

Anonymous said...

more info of nigger hi jinks from Chicago land, tv had a view last nite of jigs breaking seals on trailers left in a obvious area of nigger town and helping themselves to expensive products transported within,unbeknownst to said nigs there was a camera inside recording their usual activities and when they loaded up cars out side the cops and railroad police swooped down and grabbed them,we can recall doing this years back while a cop and it was a classic""sting operation""in a area that was losing thousands of dollars in the niggers are claiming it was entrapment along with the jew boy lawyers from the ACLU and the street preachers and that police would be better served cracking down on the street shooters that are be ""killing da black yoofs"" most probably the same ones looting the trucks,the real reasoning behind their crying is that it is a Fed rap to steal from a interstate shipment from across state lines, this means the feds step in and take control of the whole of the whole thing and nigs may lose their freebie food stamps and medical cards and other ill gotten free stuff.just so you know,John old rtd chicago copper,

Red Mist said...

'Incoming'?? you're a fucking loon

Red Mist said...

'Jeff' is right about Ukrainians - those descendant rednecks in Winnipeg or Thunder Bay Canada might be white but most are not. Like Turks they're an Asiatic mongrel with Slav genes. Turkey has blondes too. Only Finns and Estonians fit any collective Caucasian value. Slavs are basically white kaffirs - worthless fucking orcs. The females are overrated too. Most are hard core money grubbing whores

Too Many Koons said...

Savant wrote "Well there's a simple answer to that: Ban guns."

This may be sarcasm or irony, I hope.

Criminals who are willing to kill people are not afraid to disobey laws about registering firearms or keeping them in a locked safe separate to ammunition. Criminals are armed even in the most restrictive gun ownership nations in the world. There is always a black market for guns and ammunition. Just like drugs, the prices are much higher where the country is less corrupt.

The Soviet Union banned the private ownership of guns. The (((Government))) then proceeded to murder 60 million citizens who had not broken any laws, especially the gun ownership laws. If they had broken that law, there is no way the Govt could have killed so many of them. Indeed 60 million gun owners might have destroyed the Jewish Bolshevik Govt. There were armed rebellions inside the Soviet Union which most people in the west have never heard of. Usually the rebels started out with no guns at all.

Most blacks shot in the USA, by other blacks of course, are shot by illegal guns in cities where legal gun carrying by citizens is extremely restricted. This may be true in South and Central America also, such as the 120 Mexican politicians murdered in one election.

rambaloosa said...

John old rtd chicago copper, in a sense that sting operation was entrapment for the simple reason that niggers don't have the morals, intelligence or self-control to pass up such bounty. This is like blaming monkeys for raiding an unguarded tomato patch.

SAVANT said...

Jeez Koons of course ,y 'ban guns' comment was ironic. Just look at the worst countries for gun violence, they all ban guns. Same with cities in America like Chicongo.

Kevin Rafferty said...

Jess and Red Mist. Stop this inter-White trouble fomentation. Jesus Christ we have enough enemies without stirring up friction among ourselves. Part of this is by being too pernickity about who is White. Having said that the likes of Jeff know well that trying to lump in Turks with Ukrainians is sure to stir up trouble.

Too Many Koons said...

I think Jeff and Red Mist is the same person. I think he was married to a Slav and got taken to the cleaners. This happens with women in many countries, not just Slavic ones. Ukrainians are a lot whiter than many Southern Europeans, the Club Med type, and whiter than many French people also. Green and blue eyes are very common in Ukraine. They are not Orcs. Niggers are Orcs. Ukrainians had the misfortune of being dominated by killer Commie Jews for 70 plus years. In addition, the Jews murdered at least 7 million Ukrainians during the Holodomir 1932/33. This was intentional mass starvation, where all the seed grain for the next years planting was confiscated by the Bolsheviks and sent to Moscow. They also took all food and all large animals. The population had no guns to defend themselves from this mass murder. The worldwide (((media))) does not like the Holodomir because Jews murdered over 6 million Christians. Only the HollowHoax is compulsory “history”.

Ukrainians do have a tiny percentage of blood from the Mongol invaders, but a lot more from the Swedish and Polish invaders. Russia was created by Vikings, the Rus, and their capital was Kiev.

Greeks have more Turkish blood than do Ukrainians. Greeks are white people and Turks are not. Ukrainians and Russians do not look like Turks.

J Bull said...

You could very well be right there Koons about Jeff/Red Mist. Some of these Russian and Ukrainian women are tough as fuck but no need to damn the whole people.

Red Mist said...

No I'm not Jeff.
I have first hand experience of working with east Europeans up and down the UK, from construction sites to warehouses to airports. Most EE's have an extraordinary slave like loyalty to work ethic but not the host countries they work in or locals they work amongst at the same level. They don't integrate as well as you think/imagine. When the coolies and coons came to the UK in 50's/60's the majority were very humble and poor making them 'likeable' to the local peasants/working classes and more so the (((elites)) who employed them for peanuts. The ((elites)) had the same reasons in mind when they let/encouraged them in from 2004. Their UK born offspring are the antithesis of their parents - arrogant fucking cunts with chips on their shoulders who can't be arsed to go back to their roots because they have it too easy, in the knowledge that white do-gooders/shitlibs will lick their arses.

EE's imports are no different, - fine and humble when isolated or in twos' or three's but get them in a group where the local English speaking workers are equal or less in numbers and you see what they're really like. They will shit on you if you let them and will go out of their way to stitch you up with their networks/connections in other branches or departments of the company you might be working for. If you're a working class Brit you need to know how "dodge the bullets" from these rats especially if the money is better than average.

Worst of the worst

1) West African kaffirs
2) Somali/Sudanese East African kaffirs (niggers with wog blood) you can see it
3) Kaffirs/Carribean et al
3) Pakis/Coolies
4) EE Slavs (some very interesting women indeed but hit miss for a gullible westerner)
5) the rest including Portuguese (sea kaffirs)

All make up the kike umbrella

Flanders said...

A Missouri House candidate is knowledgeable about jews.

The title and wording on this article from Sputnik News - SUCKS. From reading this article, it seems they are now just another jewish-controlled purveyor for the MSM antisemitaphobes and their victims who feed on their hysteria.

"Steve West, Republican candidate for Missouri’s state House of Representatives, has a "troubling history of inflammatory rhetoric" against a host of minority groups. He won the primary for Missouri’s 15th District on Tuesday.
West bested his three primary opponents in Clay County by close to a whopping 25 percentage points."

West hosts a Monday morning radio show and YouTube channel under the pseudonym Jack Justice. On his website's homepage, he likens Muslims in America to the Ku Klux Klan and Nazis. "Today in this country there are multiple mosques in every city. They are the equivalent of KKK temples or Nazi party headquarters." He has also called for Jewish synagogues to be investigated by a "demographic unit."
West has made statements which show that he is knowledgeable about jews.

"What the Jews have done, the communists have done, is they have used this relationship with blacks, hispanics and LGBT to manipulate these groups to become their b**ches," West argues in a video viewed by Sputnik News. "That's right, if you're black and you're down with the struggle with the communists, guess what? The Jewish communists, they're in the background. They're not getting arrested; they're not out the doing riots. You're their bitches. They're not down with your struggle. They're using you."
Proof that Mr West is correct is visible daily.

"Judicial Tyranny: Clinton-Era [Negroid-leftist] Judge Forces Trump To Fly Migrants BACK IN After Deportation"

Flanders said...

"EU Pays 6k Euros For Every Migrant Rescued"

"Member States that accept a migrant receive 6,000 euros from the European Commission and the country of shipment receives 500 euros."
"Increasingly, it seems that the real objective of the EU is to fulfill the Kalergi Plan and to destroy the European identity and the European peoples."

As if that proof is not already plainly visible. The report doesn't even cover the benefit amounts paid to these imported invaders.

Flanders said...

"The [jew controlled] MSM Don’t Want You to See These Stats About Acid Attacks and Race"

"If we consider these figures per capita for London, we get the following statistics:

African Caribbean population in London: 13.3%

African Caribbean acid attack suspects: 38%

Over represented by 285% ".

Flanders said...

"JARED HOLT ... Who Got Alex Jones Banned from Internet Works for Soros Funded Website"

"Jared Holt works for the George Soros funded website Right Wing Watch.

Right Wing Watch says on its “About Page” the Soros funded group is a project of People For the American Way (PFAW) dedicated to monitoring and exposing the activities and rhetoric of right-wing activists and organizations in order to expose their "extreme" agenda.
George Soros is a major donor for People for the American Way."

Flanders said...

"(((Fellow White People)))"

– Remember The 14 Words

Flanders said...

"Morris A. Levy, Secretary of the World League of Liberal Jews, Western Branch, Los Angeles, California, on 10-24-1946 wrote a letter containing the following: ...

"In the near future, when the Jewish people take over the rule of the United States, legally under God Jehovah, we will create a new education system proving that Jehovah is the only One to follow, and proving that the Christ story is a fake. We shall arrange a plan for Christian clergymen to enter a field of useful endeavour; they will have a choice of profession or a business; Christianity will be abolished.

The Jewish people now control the money system as well as the economic system... The Jews shall see that a Jewish President is elected.... " [from the book The Worlds Troublemakers, by Bruce H. Brown]
Howard Phillips?

As other conservatives expose their true colors, Phillips continues to hold sway over large numbers of trusting people.

Phillips is a "former" Jew turned "Christian"... a Dominionist. Reconstructionist. When they talk about going back to our Biblical foundations, according to Kelleigh Nelson, they mean the Old Testament. The whole shebang. Stoning in the streets. Killing your son if he is 'disobedient', etc. (And according to Kelleigh, many CNP members are Dominionists) Given the Christian religion was supposedly based on the teachings of Jesus, (New Testament) is this another oxymoron? Part of the effort to merge Christians into Judaism / Talmudism? Judeo-Christian? Maybe Phillips is, in fact, not a former Jew at all, if his "religion" ignores the New Testament."

Flanders said...

"America’s Kosher Cuckolding: Summer Camps for Refugees"

"Adam Smith famously observed that “there is a great deal of ruin in a nation.” It turns out, one can quantify the amount of ruin suffered by a White nation simply by tabulating the number of jews and other non-Whites with which it has been parasitized and colonized. Anyone willing to trust their eyes can clearly see that White countries are being invaded by the most alien and incompatible species of mankind. These violent, primitive creatures are nothing more than bipedal biological weapons, turned loose by jewish hands to ruin White nations in a catastrophe of moronic savagery, poverty, and chaos.
The nation-wreckers live out their fantasy of ruling over low-IQ, vaguely humanoid creatures who vapidly gaze at their kosher pocket propaganda machines. These sullen darkling invaders dully absorb the anti-White resentment lessons inculcated to them by their jewish handlers, while listening to their fellow jungle monsters “rap” about killing Whites and “muh dikk.
The “refugee” ruse was nothing but another jewish scam from the beginning. Now the jews even admit there was no trauma, no persecution, no reason to give these animals “refuge” in our countries. It was only the genetically determined dysfunction of failed branches of humanity, which now, because of jewish connivance, is sinking formerly prosperous White nations into a cesspool of brown ruination.”

Anonymous said...

The good old russian commie propaganda all over again with Sputnik! The West is full of racists, criminals, antisemites and terrorists while mother Russia is the torch bearer of freedon, standing for all the oppressed peoples of the world!
The Russians have that messianic mentality and they really want to free us degenerated Westerners - just let open our hearts, minds and borders and give them a chance to free us; Putin is the new messiah!

Anonymous said...

Red Mist is right! The Nazis -and Germans in general- had firsthand contact with Russians and Slavs; this explains why the Germans were so racist toward them the Easterners.
"Too Many Koons" can't get one thing right in his comment - he even calls the corrupt,lazy, olive skinned Greeks.....white! I think 'Too Many Koons" need a reality check.

Uncle Nasty said...

Too Many Koons refers to Ukrainians ...

-- Moscow. They also took all food and all large animals. The population had no guns to defend themselves from this mass murder. The worldwide (((media))) does not like the Holodomir because Jews murdered over 6 million Christians. Only the HollowHoax is compulsory “history”.

Contrary to (((popular))) belief, Hitler's National Socialists did not go on a rampage of private firearms confiscation.

Quite the opposite in fact. The NASDAP reversed some of the most draconian and egregious anti-gun legislation introduced in the Twenties by the (((Weimar))) republic.

The Bolsheviks plowed ahead, however -- with predictable results. ... my Russian is not that good, but the meaning is unmistakable.

--So were the results ...


Flanders said...

We hope that the old adage is true that where there is smoke there is fire, at least when it comes to the Clintons. We'll know to believe it, when there is a raging holocaust and firing squads firing into it on all ends.
[This is part 1 of 2]

"MYSTERY as DOJ & FBI Land a 757 Jet in Clinton’s Hometown Little Rock, Arkansas; Load It With Boxes & Documents"

"This is very interesting. A stealth DOJ flight into Little Rock and then back to Virginia … or would have been stealth if it were up to the mainstream media.

Jumbo jet too.

Apparently loaded with evidence.

Yesterday 8/8/18 The @TheJusticeDept had a Boeing 757-223 tail number N119NA in Little Rock, AR. A local radio station reported #DOJ employees were loading boxes of documents into the plane. Important to note @ClintonFdn located there… Thoughts?#MAGA #QAnon #WWG1WGA

— John Basham (@JohnBasham) August 9, 2018
In early July, True Pundit reported FBI insiders complaining about Little Rock FBI’s lack of progress on the Clinton Foundation probe which they said was being hampered by a loyalist of Andrew McCabe and James Comey.
Everyone and their mother knows the Clinton Foundation is a front for personal and private gain, bending and breaking numerous state and federal laws for decades.

Except, apparently, the FBI.

Little Rock FBI’s special agent in charge Diane Upchurch has all but smothered the investigation which at one point was focusing on money laundering and other financial-based crimes, FBI officials said.

“There was some momentum but that is gone,” one FBI agent said. “We made some huge inroads. This thing (Clinton Foundation probe) is on its deathbed.”

Upchurch, before taking the head job in Little Rock in 2016 after a James Comey promotion, was a lieutenant of former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe in Washington, D.C. She served as a section chief (SES) in the Counterterrorism Division for nearly three years." [Continues with a few more details at the report link - and another link further below, which recounts much the same facts].

Flanders said...

Part 2:

"MYSTERY DEEPENS as DOJ & FBI 757 Jet Makes SECOND FLIGHT to Clinton’s Hometown Little Rock; TWO Round TRIPS in 48 Hours Loaded With Boxes & Docs"
More facts and details are contained in another hopeful report from Fellowship of the Minds

"Trump DOJ is investigating Clinton Foundation: federal agents load boxes into Boeing 757 at Little Rock Airport"

"According to The Hill, citing its sources as “law enforcement officials and a witness”:

FBI agents from Little Rock, Ark., where the foundation was started, have taken the lead in the investigation and have interviewed at least one witness in the last month, and law enforcement officials said additional activities are expected in the coming weeks….

The Wall Street Journal reported late last year that several FBI field offices, including the one in Little Rock, had been collecting information on the Clinton Foundation for more than a year. The report also said there had been pushback to the FBI from the Justice Department.
In April 2018, The Daily Beast reported that “sometime last fall, without saying anything publicly at the time,” Sessions had “quietly appointed a prosecutor to probe Trump’s foes” — John Huber, U.S. Attorney for Utah. The left-leaning Daily Beast calls Huber’s appointment “could be an unprecedented disaster” for Democrats.

On July 31, 2018, Sessions made a brief stop in Little Rock, ostensibly to hold a “press event only” news conference at 10:50 a.m. to talk about efforts to combat violent crime.

Yes indeed, it makes perfect sense for Sessions to fly more than 1,000 miles from Washington, D.C., to Little Rock for a press conference.
On August 8, 2018, Newsradio 1029 posted this on its Facebook page:

[P]eople have been asking about our story yesterday about federal agents loading boxes in a Boeing 757 at Little Rock Airport. They want to know how we know the boxes contain documents from the Clinton Foundation. We don’t. But we can’t think of anything else it would have been. They also want to know how we knew it was owned by the US Department of Justice. Here’s the proof!"

Chumlee's Brother said...


From Jim's Blogg

Evolution is on topic for reaction, for the nature of women makes sense and is explicable in terms of Darwinian evolution, in terms of evolutionary psychology. You can also explain it as the curse of Eve, but if you explain it as the curse of Eve, it is rather arbitrary. Why did God curse women that way, and not some other way? (Answer, because we are risen killer apes, not fallen angels.) And because women are cursed in this fashion we cannot trust them to make sexual and reproductive choices. Nor can we trust them to vote, for they are going to vote for invasion, conquest, and the extermination of their menfolk.

Jules Joules Jewels said...

"What the Jews have done, the communists have done, is they have used this relationship with blacks, hispanics and LGBT to manipulate these groups to become their b**ches,"

I have long maintained that Whites are the pet bitches of the kikes

Red Mist said...

Isn't Segal,,, like the face lifted Stallone, a pretentious 'Rambo' like kike with a black belt in Karate?

John 14:6 said...

This white nationalism is going nowhere.

In my opinion, white nationalism is nothing more than zionist kikes creating allies for themselves and adversaries for the bolshevik kikes.

Do the zionist and bolshevik kikes ever fight amongst each other?

Why would they?

Simply talk simple minded Christians into renouncing Christ and there you have it.

Without Truth, our minds are like vacuums.

There must be Truth and when the Truth is denied the vacuum will be filled with antichrist kike lies.

Most people believe that they are beyond mental conditioning because the satanic kikes tell them how smart they are.

Flattery is part of the mental conditioning.

Romans 16:17 Now I beseech you, brethren, mark them which cause divisions and offences contrary to the doctrine which ye have learned; and avoid them.

18 For they that are such serve not our Lord Jesus Christ, but their own belly; and by good words and fair speeches deceive the hearts of the simple.

Red Mist said...

EE imported shit that UK taxpayers now have to keep fed and watered, just as they keep fed and watered shitskin Coolie/Coon child molesters, rapists, murderers and fraudsters... essentially the scum of the earth, "enriching" the kernel of the kike dominion in what was once known as "England".

How much longer can the rope get boys? Should we jump ship and flee to North America, Argentina, Southern Africa or the most popular emigration destination for whites right now - the Antipodes? Hang on they're all fast approaching melt down too.

John 14:6 said...

Matthew 23:37 O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, thou that killest the prophets, and stonest them which are sent unto thee, how often would I have gathered thy children together, even as a hen gathereth her chickens under her wings, and ye would not!

38 Behold, your house is left unto you desolate.

39 For I say unto you, Ye shall not see me henceforth, till ye shall say, Blessed is he that cometh in the name of the Lord.

And at this point in time, the antichrist kike nation was born.

It is quite clear in the bible, that the antichrist kikes are referred to hereafter as jews.

Jew is a relative term of identity, totally dependent on the users definition of the term of identity to define the term of identity.

White is a relative term of identity, totally dependent on the users definition of the term of identity to define the term of identity.

Our Lord Christ is a self defining Truth, beyond reality, beyond relativism.

Hint: Satanic kikes hate Jesus Christ more than anything.

Anonymous said...

I grew up in a rural country town in America where almost every household had multiple guns in them. I got my first rifle when I was 13, which was late compared to some of my friends who had their own rifles at 10-11 years old. We had 2 murders during the 20 years I lived there, one was a murder suicide, where a guy killed his wife & then himself, and one where 2 white teen brothers killed an old man and stole his car. Myself and all my friends had access to all types of guns, yet we weren't out doing drive bys or shooting each other over disrespect or boredom. Our town was 100% white though, so that makes a difference.

John 14:6 said...

Power draws sociopaths.

Kike is a sociopathic religion.

The Church of Christ became powerful.

Where do you think that the sociopaths went? Did antichrist just give up and go home?

Above anything, kike or sociopathy is pointless ambition.

Where power lies, you will find a pack of braindead over ambitious morons.

Kikes and pagans.

It is my opinion that every so called white group, blog or opinion is totally kike infested.

Do you really think that a whole religion with antikike scripture from God, can be infiltrated by kikes but a pack of dumb pagan antichrist yokels cannot?

Neutered and Caroled said...

PC Bureaucrat Stifles Free Speech in New Zealand, by Paul Collitis.

Flanders said...

Although this article deals with loudmouth Alex, the objective of jewry is the same for everyone. GPL explains.

“The thing you need to take away from this is that it goes far beyond simply being banned from Twitter or any of these other social media platforms. This is about submission. If they can ban the Nazis for speaking truths that counter the narrative they can ban Alex Jones. If they can ban Alex Jones they can ban normie conservative commentators who are just shilling for shekels from the soft right. If they can ban normie conservative commentators they can ban you for saying you don’t want your son to grow up to cut his penis off and wear a dress. If they can ban you from these platforms for this so called hatred they can fire you from your job as well. This is already happening! If they can get you fired from your job they can get your children taken away from you. After all, it’s child abuse to allow children to grow up being taught hatred.”

Flanders said...

"Italians Who Defend Their Country Against African Invaders Accused of Hate Crimes"

"Rational Italians who are resisting the Third World invasion of their country are now being smeared by the jewish media:"

Flanders said...

"America's Non-White Future is Going to be Great! Mexico Had 15,973 Homicides and Brazil Had 63,880 Murders in 2017"

Too Many Koons said...

To Red Mist and others re foreign whites. About which whites should live and work where. This idea might be a compromise where we can agree that whites are good and deserve to live in countries comprised of white people. At the same time, there should be no automatic free movement of people from one white nation to another for work or immigration purposes. Just as there should be no movement at all of Africans to white nations. There should be close to zero movement of Chinks, Gooks, Turbanheads, Pakis, other Muslims, Canoe Niggers and bone-in-nose cannibal tribesmen in to white nations. Tourism – yes, immigration – no, work – only if no resident can do the job. All gypsies should never be allowed to leave the country they were born in.

A large number of Poles work in the UK for better money. A large number of Ukrainians work in Poland for better money. The buck stops there. Ukraine is not dopey enough to import Indians, Pakis and Chinese as workers, only suicidal Western white nations do that. Once that MultiRacialist racket starts, last stop for the white nation is Niggertown.

We can accept the right of East Europeans to live as white nations without necessarily wanting millions of them to move to our nation. We want the Boers to survive as a strong and gutsy people, but no one small or medium nation should take all of them. Holland though could take all of them and probably should. The “right of return”.

Same for whites living in South and Central America and all over the world. All white nations should oppose all and any immigration. This should be the number one policy for any right wing party. The only refugees accepted by white nations should be whites. White immigrants could be accepted on a case by case basis. This is what Canada does already with Ukrainians and they are the better Ukrainians, not the worst. When it comes to niggers though, and Muslims, mostly the worst and most violent are accepted to Whitopias as rapefugees and “victims”.

Germany would be a lot better off if the One Million Man march in one year, by Time Conartist of the Year Merkelstein, had been Ukrainians rather than Syrians, Afghans and Africans. In that same year Ukraine had millions of genuine war refugees, none of which were welcome in Germany. This is the Jew pro Coon bias, and hatred of whites.

Franz said...

"The overwhelming majority of illegal immigrants to the USA are from Latin America..."

Specially Meh-hee-coh.

It's still the media we have to knock over. Some how.

All that BOO fucking HOO about all those "poor little kids" at the Border and not one dame word about what the Mexican Government's duty toward it's own children might be.

No. The hypocrites at the New York Slimes especially. If Mexican kids at the border need help care and assistance maybe Mexico should provide some. But White Nations are the end of the flipping rainbow, so it never happens.

Europe, same thing. Never the fault of Algeria or Egypt or Syria or any of those other overcrowded shitholes.

It's our fault, fellow whiteys, till we're outnumbered and outta ammo. They planned it that way from the start. Thanks to "our" media, it's working.

Anonymous said...

Check it please: The Ukranian GDP per capita is the same as in Nigeria: That's the reason no Pakis, no Africans, no anyone wants to immigrate to Ukraine!
Now please take a good look at a map of Eastern Europe, Ukraine: All that vast territory north of the Black and Caspian sees has been the playing ground of all kinds of Central Asian riding tribes who have been colonising this area-Eastern Europe- since the beginning of times. If most Eastern Europeans are white, why are they then so backward?

reveal1914 said...

As it turns out Sub Saharan Africans have 13% admixture from pre-modern humans. Just like the IQ disparities between different races this earth shattering discovery with its immense social ratifications has been kept hidden from public view for decades.

nemesis said...

Why are they so backward Jeff? Because as in Russia your lot killed off the best of them. Aristocrats, clergy, business leaders. You know, in line with the instruction to 'kill the best of the goyim'.

Too Many Koons said...

Well said Nemesis. Jeff hates whites with a passion. He is enraged about Poles in the UK but does not care about the invading Carob jigaboos allowed in to England 60 years ago. Many arrived before Tony Blair was even born.

There are black African students in Ukraine sad to say, due to low course prices e.g. US$3,000 per year at University level. Yes, African invaders do not move to Ukraine because their maximum free Gibsmedats is about US$40 a month. In North Western Europe they will get more than that per day for their lifetime - for doing nothing but making more welfare niggers, and raping and murdering whites for something to do.

Jeff is a nigger lover and must surely be a Jew. Why not put the Kibosh on him Sav? After all, Jews are kiboshing white truth tellers non stop these days. Why do whites allow Jews to shit on them and shit all over their nice clean white websites?

redpill said...

No need to worry about those jigs in Ukraine. The locals think they are and treat them like monkeys.

Anonymous said...

Jews murdered over 60? million Christians.

Anonymous said...

Stuart: The ulraviolent catholic countries you mention probably actually record things like murder and take time to bury dead bodies instead if eating them or leaving them to rot on the roadside. I suspect this skews the data.
/ The 'catholics' of 'Latin merica' burn incense and light candles.
500 years ago, their kind ripped beating hearts from people to eat.
Dont blame churches.

Too Many Koons said...

The "Black Book of Communism" which was written entirely by ex-communists, lists over 140 million killed by Communists. 60 million in the Soviet Union and 80 million by Mao. The same book reports that Jew killers in the NKVD killed 56 times the number killed by Slavs, when adjusted for population levels. The Soviet Union was a Jew dominated State from 1917 to about the 1960s. The NKVD was Jewish. The Bolsheviks were overwhelmingly Jews. The KGB also held many Jews, partly because this avoided doing any real work combined with an easy life with plunder and cruelty opportunism.
Only Jews were involved in killing the Russian Royal Family.
Soviet WWII front line soldiers were always surrounded. In front, Germans with machine guns. Behind, NKVD battalions with machine guns whose only job was to kill any Soviet soldier that retreated. The NKVD did not fight Germans, only their own Soviet soldiers.
Such a nation is a Jew run paradise. Coming soon to your nation.

In 1917 Jews stole all of Russia. In 1991, Jews stole most Russian wealth - for a second time in a single Century.

Flanders said...

"Jeff Sessions Calls SPLC A 'Hate Group' - DOJ Targets Slanderous Southern Poverty Law Center For Using Hate Group Designation 'As A Weapon' Against Religious Groups"

Flanders said...

"BBC Bows to Pressure From Israel and “IMMEDIATELY” Changes Headline"

The jews raised their Satanic hell.

"The Board of Deputies joined the act, denouncing the BBC headline as “appalling”. They said that they had lodged a complaint and encouraged others to do the same.

A short while after the complaints the BBC completely changed the headline: “Gaza air strikes ‘kill woman and child’ after rockets hit Israel.”

The dramatic change in headline caught the attention of social media users who were astonished by BBC’s capitulation to the dictates of a foreign state.".

Flanders said...

"Melbourne Zoo: 2018 All You Need to Know Before You Go"

"Journey through a world of wildlife in the heart of Melbourne. Tourism Victoria is hosting multicultural safaris in deepest darkest Melbourne, visiting some of Melbourne’s notorious out of control Negro hot spots in Vanstone’s African ghettos of Tarneit, Dandenong, Narre Warren, Pakenham, Werribee, Point Cook, Derimut, Sunshine, and Caroline Springs.
Visit known African watering holes at various KFC and Maccas monkey food outlets where these gangs are known to frequent, especially at night and at the ones open 24/7. We lure them in with adverting specials on nuggets. It’s a lure sure as using fresh garfish bait to catch red snapper.
Safari tourist visiting Melbourne Zoo were able to watch the rampage all unfold from the safety of a bullet-proof safari riot truck."

Ian said...

Anonymous Neutered and Caroled 11 August 2018 at 06:22 You forgot to include the most insightful comment there -- Jody August 10, 2018 at 3:33 pm
"Believe it or not, there’s a sign on the North Island of NZ which reads, “sheep for the next 1500km”. Boy, what a statement of self-awareness."

Unknown said...

Ban guns! Are you insane - do you think the criminals will give up their guns because they are illegal. You sound like a fucking idiot!

Kimberly said...

Stamford Hill’s Jewish leaders ask High Court judge to apologise over comments on fraud and tax evasion | Crime & Court | Hackney Gazette Miriam Kliers alleged in court that a house she and her husband Shlomo bought in Kyverdale Road had been put in the name of her younger brother Mordechai Schmerler so they could claim housing benefit.
She also claimed some of the money used to buy the £418,000 home was purported charitable donations but was in fact her wages, which had been disguised to avoid paying tax.

Cognitive Dissonance said...

"Ban guns! Are you insane - do you think the criminals will give up their guns because they are illegal. You sound like a fucking idiot!"

No, you are the fucking idiot. Have you ever heard of the concept of irony?

Gaslighters Inc said...

Blogger Unknown said...
Ban guns! Are you insane - do you think the criminals will give up their guns because they are illegal. You sound like a fucking idiot!

12 August 2018 at 10:57

LOL talk about diving into a barrel of tits and coming out with a dick!

Patricia said...

The Girl talks about freedom of speech but then immediately says no free speech for white people who want a white nation.

She said
One year ago in Charlottesville, we witnessed an ugly display of hatred, racism, bigotry & violence," she tweeted in a three-part thread. "While Americans are blessed to live in a nation that protects liberty, freedom of speech and diversity of opinion, there is no place for white supremacy, racism and neo-nazism in our great country."

Unknown said...

We wish all the good luck to Mr Jason Kessler who is the organiser of Unite the Right 2 rally that's gonna take place TODAY outside the White House at Lafayette Square.
It's a big propaganda coup and a showdown of free speech: Most people outside the USA can't figure out how 'Nazis' are allowed to rally in front of the White House!
I just took a few minutes of my time to listen to a radio interview about the rally on the Russian Sputnik: Unsurprisingly they were interviewing black activists and antifa people complaining about racism in America blah blah. Russia under Putin continues to be the same anti-western, anti-white, anti-capitalist shithole - Russia will never change!

Red Mist said...

@ Koons

Who allowed the Yids (or why) to take over Russia?
During Holodomor up to 7 million white Russians/Ukrainians were reported to have been starved to death by the Trotskyite Pinkos. Were ALL the Pinkos or Reds kikes?

Are you aware of what the Slavs did to innocent Germans (many of them children) whose ancestors built Prague, after WW2? In some instances they bayoneted their stomachs, pulled out one end of the intestine, nailed it to a tree trunk and forced the victim with the wrath of the devil itself to run around the trunk until the intestine was completely spilled out. More than 2 million women and girls were raped.
Could Kikes ALONE pull that off? The offspring of these barbaric bastards who did this to the Germans are alive and well in Europe today!

The British Royal Family is linked to the murdered Russian set.
Why are they so servile to the establishment - handing out knighthoods and 'honours' to Jews and intrinsically worthless pinko 'celebrities'? Are they so under threat of imagined consequences if they do not kowtow to the 'establishment'?

Red Mist said...

For the Americans and British, open rape was not as common as among the Soviet troops. The Soviets simply raped any female from eight years up and if a German man or woman killed a Russian soldier for anything, including rape, 50 Germans were killed for each incident, as reported in TIME magazine, June 11, 1945. But for most of our boys, having that "wonderful time" depended a great deal on the "cooperation" of the German and Austrian women. From the starving and the homeless, of course, sexual "cooperation" could be bought for a few pennies or a mouthful of food.

WE know nothing!

Unknown said...

@the idiot Savant ..... didn't sound like irony. A little too dry perhaps .... considering some of your readers (including me) are new.

A Swedish friend of this blog said...

Savant has frequently written about the futility of banning guns on the basis that it woud penalize only law-abiding Whites.

Wild Goose said...

OT, but as some on this blog who have touched upon the question of evil and occult metaphysical aspects of existence may find this interesting. Ratbag Tim Rifat or Terrible Tim as some call him, remote-viewing expert and self acclaimed psi-master, master of complex mathematics, mad genius, evil nutter or whatever who is most entertaining nevertheless, has done a series of You Tube vids. audaciously sticking it to the Rothschilds.

Bases 88 Parts 1&2 Introducing Tim Rifat
Bases 88 Part 3 The Physics of Psychic Warfare

Part 5 is interesting - Bases 88 Part 5 Tim Rifat Brighton and Colin Bloy Walkabout
Colin Bloy did a great deal of work in the field of the Occult...Brighton in fact was an area of interest. In Part 5 of this detailed interview-lecture with Tim Rifat, we go on a day's walkabout Brighton, in blazing sun.

Brandon Young
1 month ago
This is the most brilliant Bases program in a very long time. Professor Rifat is jut brilliant and people need study this or else they will be left in the dark. Perhaps it is only for a certain intellectual elite because you really have to understand concepts of energy bodies along with actual mathematics which is essentially the technology to hack into reality.

Thank you Tim, Miles & Duncan as well as the lovely blonde assistant. Can't wait for part 2.

Boogie Woogie said...

Jeff the girl who said that is apart of the Trump administration.
The organiser of the Charlotteville debacle is Jewish and was a Barack Obama supporter not long before. The people that went to Charlotteville were honest decent Americans, they were hit and spat at and the police watched and allowed it to happen, law and disorder usa style. The white working class in America are disenfranchised.
Whites in America are at 60%

Gaslighters Inc said...

eveal1914 said...
As it turns out Sub Saharan Africans have 13% admixture from pre-modern humans. Just like the IQ disparities between different races this earth shattering discovery with its immense social ratifications has been kept hidden from public view for decades.

11 August 2018 at 13:47

How much do modern humans have? Genuine question.

Gaslighters Inc said...

Anonymous Flanders said...
"America's Non-White Future is Going to be Great! Mexico Had 15,973 Homicides and Brazil Had 63,880 Murders in 2017"

11 August 2018 at 08:32

South Africa Murders in 2017 = 19'016 out of a total population of 56 million. I'm not sure if that figure includes the million plus illegals living here.

Brazil population: 208 Million
Mexico population: 125.5 million

Tony in VA said...

@Boogie Woogie. I think this guy is an agent provocateur. The Charlottsville march made the alt-right look very bad and this guy could not have had such a transformation so fast. In any event many who know say he's a horrible bastard. Keep our distance from him.

Gaslighters Inc said...

Anonymous Boomer said...
John Cleese, once an all time comic liberal has awoken and is now leaving the UK

8 August 2018 at 23:58

What a pity these libtards only wake up as washed out has-beens. Not enough to undo the damage they did whilst at the zenith of their careers.

Another thing that I took from this is that the Netherlands and Sweden trust their lugenpresse. No wonder they are so fucked.

James said...

Guns are not for protection against nogs.

Guns are for protection against ZOGs.

Boogie Woogie said...

Tony in VA
Like this one

Boogie Woogie said...

Does this blog help

cranky white woman said...

here in San Francisco today 1 spic and was shot to death and 3 more shot but survived.Leaving work tonight(I work in a large city hospital) "friends and family"of the victims were gathering around the hospital and grounds....dozens of third world shit hole immigrants all over the place.It was never like this before here.So yes,they do bring their behavior with them and turn wherever they go into the places they left.