Tuesday, 31 July 2018

For our children, and our children's children....

It's the go-to political cliche for every opportunistic charlatan seeking to win support for whatever wheeze he has in mind. 'For our children, and our children's children....'. But actually the concept has often crossed my own mind when I consider the NWO globalist threat posed to my country and the West in general. Because this threat, destroying our heritage, ethnic solidarity and the family structure on which both are based, will not really affect me given my age. The same cannot be said for my children, and my children's children. I dread to think what their world will be like say in another twenty to thirty years.

In fact that world will surely, if present trends continue, be terrible for all Whites, even the so-called elites leading the destruction. Surely Europe's most powerful leaders must share my concerns to some degree? Well no. Because, incredibly, and in defiance of statistical norms, the majority of Europe's leaders, especially those from the most powerful countries, are barren and childless. I researched the subject and ticked off the list with mounting incredulity.

Angela Merkel
Theresa May 
Emmanuel Macron
Paolo Gentiloni (Italian prime minister up to a few months ago)  
Holland's Mark Rutte
Sweden's Stefan Loumlfven 
Luxembourg's Xavier Bettel 
Scotland's Nicola Sturgeon 
"Ireland's" Leo Varadkar 
Jean-Claude Druncker and now Martin Selmayr, the guy parachuted in against the rules to succeed Druncker

This is absolutely stunning and would have been virtually impossible at any other time in human history. Whatever's driving the most powerful EU leaders it's not the future of their children and their children's children. Note that all of them are ardent NWO globalists while those leaders with normal families (such as Viktor Orban, who has five children) are on the opposite side. A grossly disproportionate number of the people making decisions about Europe’s future have no direct personal stake in that future. Such people's motivation will naturally focus on their own temporal personal interests and as such they are far more likely to make pacts with the devil as it were in order to advance those personal interests. 

Coincidence? I think not. 


calculus said...

"Jean-Claude Druncker" ahah, true, but you're right it's not funny. Add Macron to your list, although in his case he has the potential excuse to be gay, according to an internet rumor.

Armoric said...

"they are far more likely to make pacts with the devil"

Most White people who do not have kids are still against the race replacement program. Some of them try to compensate their lack of children by helping their country in other ways. They may also be more likely to talk about the JQ and start a rebellion against ZOG.

There is no lack of would-be traitors who are married with children. Childless traitors must be fewer in numbers. So, the surprising number of childless chiefs of state points to an intervention by ZOG.

We already know that our top politicians are selected by ZOG, that is to say by the Jewish media and by Jewish networks. That is why all of them are traitors, and that is probably why they are childless too. ZOG thinks it is safer that way.

I wish I had some stats: Who is most likely to vote for nationalist candidates, or be involved in White Nationalism? White people with kids or without kids?

Jules Joules Jewels said...

[I just had this posted at Zero Hedge]:

i wuz at a calif state college in late sixties

debating with (((SDS)))- them griping about capitalism- "DOW SHALL NOT KILL"and so on (Students for a Democratic Society)

Decades later, pondering about those years- if these motherfuckers hate capitalism so much HOW CUMS THEY NEVER CRITICIZED THE BANKERS? Of course us right wingers did not know about jews, jew bankers, and their tie to Communism

So we had a left vs right football game- we won 24-12. I caught two touchdown passes from excellent passing of Roger Holbrook. [The game continues]

The controlled opposition to SDS was YAF- Young Americans for Freedom [sponsored by Bonesman WF Buckley- Yale/CIA all the way] Timoth E. Leery was there- a government stooge- we had no idea. . .Years later "I am what I am because of the CIA [Dr. Leary]

We blew it about the bankers. . .but that is 20-20 hindsight. . .the entire sixties was a jew/federal/banker psyop. . .read dave mcgowan [recently deceased] [Laurel Canyon]. also see Miles Mathis

James said...

Isaac Krappy interview

03:00 A women said she was sold as a slave to Tom Hanks.

07:00 A lot of the people coming out against Trump are PDF files.

10:30 He contacted the NSA through the Q anon board.

24:00 Kappy addresses the J Queue. Says Steevin Speelborg is a PDF file who's friends kill people. Challenges SS to sue him but says they never do this because they do not want it out in the open.

30:00 The H is discussed.

32:00 More PDF files: Streap, Stephhen King, Colbear, Spacey, De Niro, basically all the super Trump haters.

37:00 Offered to join PDF file group.

40:00 Real interesting. Bill CUnton involved.

44:00 The bookcase with the secret room.

46:00 Chicken dinner thing.

48:00 Friend Seth Green admitted PDF file activity to him. Him and his wife Clear both have the .PDF file type.

54:00 Possible offer to join the Illuminati. They knew what car he drives and asked if he wanted a better one. Comments say online Illuminati is just an African scammer operation though.

57:00 Kappy says PDF files should come out in public and confess so the cycle can be broken. Seth was a victim and that's why he's doing it now. Possibly converted in one of Stephen King's movies in the 1980s.

59:00 He is asked why he didn't get evidence, recordings, etc. Says it was too crazy and he didn't deal with it well.

He has no evidence at all. Trump got rid of Flynn so he didn't know who to trust. Doesn't trust the police.

Weird stuff and entertaining to watch. Hopefully it doesn't die out and we get some more interesting episodes like this. It is inconclusive so far though.

I guess if he gets murdered then maybe he's telling the truth.


Anonymous said...

And then there's Emmanuel Macron. Has sired no children of his own. He "inherited" three from that old woman he married.

Frank Galton said...

A white man slaps a French woman. This is "news" around the world in the Jewish/Zionist-controlled media.

A black man slaps a French woman. Not a peep from the Jewish/Zionist-controlled media.

This story is "news" around the world (Western Europe, America, Australia) in the Jewish/Zionist-controlled media:

BBC, 30 July 2018

France SHOCKED by video of [white] woman being slapped by [white] harasser

This story was NOT news around the world (Western Europe, America, Australia) in the Jewish/Zionist-controlled media:

Black Migrants Attack White French Girl Who Rejects Their Advances


The Independent, 06 May 2006

Over the years, the Israeli authorities have made a special target of the BBC, alleging all kinds of bias on the part of its correspondents such as the admirable Orla Guerin, left.

It was in response to the constant complaints that the BBC appointed a former civil servant, Sir Quentin Thomas, to examine the whole question. And to the surprise of almost everyone Sir Quentin last week reported that the BBC was at fault for showing a pro-Israel bias rather than the reverse.

There was, he said, "little reporting of the difficulties faced by the Palestinians in their daily lives and a failure to convey adequately the disparity in the Israeli and Palestinian experience, reflecting that one side is in control and the other side lives under occupation".

No sensible person could quarrel with that judgement. But it remains to be seen just how long it will be before Sir Quentin is himself branded as an anti-Semite.

Frank Galton


A real wakey wakey post. Excellent. Thank you.

Boomer said...

Faggotry aside, I don't know about Ireland other than it's fading fast but England's working class backbone was fucked over years ago and continues to be. It's only the transport union that's of any use to any of them - the NON whites that is.
I drive a lot for my living and see it everywhere. White British replacement with pakis, niggers or Polish orcs. Whites orcs from Eastern Europe, like old school pakis pretend to be humble on their own but get a group of them together and you'll see their animal like baseness, worse than the worst of white Brits, not hesitating to stab a Brit in the back to get their mates in a blue collar job - any job. White Brit management will back them NOT a white Brit as it's diversity brownie points for their treachery and expedient to do so. White Brits have lost their unity in the work place. HR and management will always ensure the 'rights' of an East European orc, nigger or paki before a white Brit or close associate like an Ozzie/Kiwi/South African. Gone are the days when our fun loving Ozzie cousins were everywhere in London and the rest of the UK. They have all but been barred and most don't want to come near the place today. Saffers are only here out of desperation for the most part as they more than most (males that is) don't fit in with the stinking diversity ethos.

I'm afraid the UK/Scandinavian/Dutch/German/French indigenous deserve all they get for allowing their ((governments)) to overwhelm them with niggers, pakis and the white untermensch from Eastern and other backward areas of Europe.

If white Brits loved their children as much as they claim in the chattering classes, there would be full scale tear downs of the internationalist scum that run the country and the companies behind and within it. Welfare and housing benefit currently keeps a lid on it.

God help the UK's indigenous grand children, especially at a time when there might be no money left in the welfare pot and the minorities become equal in population numbers. Only an IRA style campaign NOW can give them any semblance of a future. NO hope if they keep "hanging on in quiet desperation" (Pink Floyd)

Seneca said...

Interesting questions Armoric but I still believe that Savant's central thesis is correct. Childless People will inevitably have a different perspective on the future to those with children and that they are more likely to pursue their own 'this life' interests at the expense of posterity.

Franz said...

Canadian heretic Michael Bradley notes that "genius is dysgenic" and at one point proved it by noting the large numbers of brilliant Europeans (Tesla, the Wright Bros., large numbers of composers, artists and the like) rarely breed. Tesla, like his contemporary the great aviation pioneer Alberto Santos-Dumont, had no discernable sex drive at all, yet left to the world some fairly extraordinary achievements.

(For more on Bradley in that vein, I suggest starting with "The Chronos Complex" works and Bradley's various essays on the same topic.)

Fecundity, European-style, means peasants make stable families (sometimes future brilliants), leaders go for the "heir and spare" and artists and creative types leave it all to chance, or leave it entirely alone.

We would not be the people we are otherwise.

Boomer gals, in fact, fed up with standing in lines, under-bred to the degree that a certified demographer, Benjamin Israel Wattenberg published a tome called "The Birth Dearth" to get the gals to breed. He also did the ra-ra dance for wide open borders. I was looking his name up the other day and was delighted to discover he's dead.

But his malignant work marches on.

Now ask yourself: If Ben Israel hadn't gotten what he (and all his tribemates) wanted, what might have happened?

We'd have a generation of fawned-over children like the Japanese had because of a radical population reduction in the late 50s/early 60s. This uncluttered world would be like the world Ronald Reagan had in the 30s/40s. Ron was a lifeguard, offered a local radio job (solid pay, full time position) but he nixed the idea to go try his luck in Hollywood.

No later than the 90s, a serious worker shortage would have caused wages to rise and, as in Japan, incentives like training packages, paying off homes, and lifetime employment would have put us back to Dorothy Day & the Catholic League's "Single Earner Household" and none of this double income no kids crap. Opportunity would soar as work stayed national, the borders stayed shut, and the population pause would had made us wealthy and respected nations.

But Ben Israel and his mates always get what they want. They wanted global finance to call ALL the shots. They have. They are.

Till they get slapped down, Europeans will have to learn to live a lot like... insects. I suggest a slapdown as soon as possible.

James said...

India is building 111 million toilets so they have somewhere to go.

Hopefully they will all go.

Toilet paper shortage predicted in 2025.

James said...

France SHOCKED by video of [white] woman being slapped by [white] harasser

I'm shocked too. It's shocking. I felt the shock.

Celtic Morning said...

Our top politicans are put in place and kept in place by the tribe. And they do exactly as they are told because the tribe will have evidence against them of wrong doing such as porno or paedo activity so that they dare not disobey their orders. And so we are ruled by crooks and perverts. Aristotle said "a certain standard of behaviour is expected of us. The State should be a school of virtue and that is what I expect this office to be." If the poor bugger was alive today and could see the western governments he would quickly have a fit and drop dead! We are corrupt from the very top to the deepest depth. A shiny apple with a rotten core, as a bereaved Indian mother or sister described us after her son was murdered in Britain. We can look to our ever decreasing children and their ever decreasing children and their ever decreasing children until the end overtakes the white race. We are being ethnically cleansed from our homelands just as surely as the Indians were ethnically cleansed from America by European whites. Now the shoe is on the other foot and the black/brown races demographicaly replace us. At least the proud Indians fought desperately to the bitter end while we allow our way of life to slip away without a whimper. If we lucky they will allow our remnants to live on some God forsaken reservation in the wilds but I wouldnt even bet on that. The conquerer, even if "civilised" is never known for his compassion and we should expect none from savages.

James said...

Angela Merkel
Theresa May
Emmanuel Macron
Paolo Gentiloni (Italian prime minister up to a few months ago)
Holland's Mark Rutte
Sweden's Stefan Loumlfven
Luxembourg's Xavier Bettel
Scotland's Nicola Sturgeon
"Ireland's" Leo Varadkar
Jean-Claude Druncker and now Martin Selmayr, the guy parachuted in against the rules to succeed Druncker

And Hitler.
But then there are theories...

Egghead said...

Also problematic are white women who bear either zero or few white children and then adopt foreign non-white children to make up for the deficit.

As an example, the singer Madonna bore two natural children (one Hispanic and one white) but then adopted four African children.

Another example is the actress Angelina Jolie who bore three natural (white) children and adopted two Asians and one African.

Please note that some foreign children who are adopted have families - even mothers (!) - in their birth countries. The foreign children are put up for adoption to ‘give them a better life’ than their birth countries can or will provide.

Sometimes the foreign children are quite old when they are put up for adoption. In this case, the foreign adoptees are essentially economic migrants (who, upon adulthood, will seek to support and import their foreign families where possible).

In the ‘democratic’ West, the foreign adoptees of white mothers will easily ‘outvote’ their natural white children in adulthood.

Jen said...

From recent (and not-so-recent) experience I have found that you can't train a husband to do housework. I was recently admitted to hospital for a hip replacement and because of all the stress this created for my husband as well - which was then passed on to me in hospital - I developed complications and had to be re-operated. Total stay in hospital and hospital and sub-acute care: 4 months.

I should have hired someone to do the shopping and cooking while I was away and arranged for cooked meals to be delivered daily once back at home. Men are just not wired to create a comfortable home unless they are gay and even then I wonder sometimes. I already had a helper in once a week for the basic cleaning and small amount of ironing. I had to get my husband trained on how to read an electricity and water meter. No small job when he never had to do any of this before. I handle all accounts and investments so that created problems until I was transferred to the sub-acute care which had wifi.

Men have essentially not evolved in their attitude towards sharing domestic and administrative home duties. There are a few who say they do help, but it's way less than what the wife does.

I am not a young woman anymore and my husband isn't a spring chicken either. The discrepancy gets worse with increasing age. All those twenty somethings who marry forty or fifty somethings for the money and security are in for a rude awakening. What's worse, the old duffer can change his will entirely in favour of his children from previous relationships.

I would advise women to marry in their early twenties so that maybe (a small maybe) they can have a career in their late thirties. Even so, it's very iffy. Marry someone your own age with good prospects and be a domestic goddess - well, not quite, I've thrown out visitors I didn't like - but get some enjoyment in your life through art appreciation, training in the finer details of décor, and know something about investments. Don't marry someone who slaps you around. And have children.

Stephen Daedalus said...

Much of the alt-right is composed of childless single men including leaders like Spencer and Anglin. Even a few queers like Greg Johnson and Milo. Orthodox Jewish men have a dozen children; secular Israelis often none or one yet still back Israel first.

Hector Gray said...

I take your point Boomer which accurately reflects Britain today. However, and I know the blog proprietor has strong views on this, we should avoid such criticism of eastern Europeans. Whites are disunited enough as it is without opening up internal wounds. And remember it is those very eastern Europeans who are holding the line against the orc invasion of our continent. Try to see them as you see the Scots or Irish, a bit different and often annoying but basically the same as us.

Stephen Daedalus said...

For clarity, Orthodox Jews in Israel refuse service in the IDF and enjoy legal exemption. The US exempted men married with children from the Vietnam draft I think the Ken Burns documentary stated this.

Scagnetti said...

Jen, sounds like you married a moronic Omega male. I help my partner out with everything you've said your husband is incapable of and it's really quite straightforward to anyone with a modicum of common sense.

INCOMING!!!!!!! said...

not just barren but rotten vectors. they birth filth.

INCOMING!!!!!!! said...

BTW they all look like mannequined bags of shite. May looks like she is dressed by bag ladies and has her dress sense shuttered by phukkwitzonbies.

It costs a fortune and guess who pays for her armamid fibred clown suit?

calculus said...

In agreement with savant's post, the latest statistics show the US has the lowest birth rate ever. This despite the presence of 'minorities' who have many children, at least the first generation. Removing the count of child births from minorities would therefore reveal an abysmally low birth rate for 'white children'.
From wikipedia on Birth rate for US :
According to U.S. federal-government data released in March 2011, births fell four percent from 2007 to 2009 (the largest drop in the U.S. for any two-year period since the 1970s).[53] Births have declined for three consecutive years, and are now seven percent below the 2007 peak.[54] This drop has continued through 2010, according to data released by the U.S. National Center for Health Statistics in June 2011.[55] Experts...
It is entirely blamed on the economic situation. I suggest "Feminism' may have something to do with it too. Beside, the economic is supposed to have improved, but here again, just watch the latest video of Paul Joseph Watson "San Francisco is a shit hole", and you may have some doubts there too.
I don't know. My own experience is too local and is probably misleading. When I go to my summer swim club with my -only- child, i just see 'normies', white, good looking, healthy, with 2-3 children. Do they all play a game of 'pretend' ? many do.
I met a school principal there, white, leftist, liberal. His school is a Pennsylvanian school mostly white. I told him about the hell that is teaching in a mostly Hispanic community spiced with some 'totally out-of-control-blacks-kids'... He nodded...
Is Normie faking it or is Normie truly believing in his Dystopia ?
it's impossible to know. There is no true communication, only a game of pretend.

On the other side of the melanin spectrum, Philadelphia Black downtown is depopulating in my opinion, Blacks kill each other and have fewer kids. For them too it seems that the end of the road is coming.
A declining black population in the US ? who cares since they are being replaced by fresh ones from Africa. The bottom line for the elite is to keep the nation functional enough to prevent a change in paradigm - worldwide. A 10% white 'normie' population backed up with 10% asian in the US may be sufficient for that purpose. So there is still a comfortable margin for the Elite.

Gerry said...

Sav I was already thinking this yesterday when I posted about that degenerate
Calling himself a patriot and that all nationalists are racist because they don’t like his Brazilian bum chum

NWO Chaos said...

The one good thing about this is that these creatures are not reproducing themselves. Same with shitlib feminists, most of whom go childless and brag of their abortions.

Armoric said...

Celtic Morning: "they do exactly as they are told because the tribe will have evidence against them of wrong doing such as porno or paedo activity"

And if they refuse to do as they are told, the porn tapes are supposedly released to the media. But for some reason, we never hear about it. That is not a credible theory. There are so many traitors. Blackmail cannot be the real explanation.
I don't think Merkel and May were ever involved in pedophilia, except that May has facilitated the work of pedophile Pakistani networks.

Anonymous said...


But Tony Blair is quite possibly the worst of the lot, and he has 4 kids!


Jules Joules Jewels said...

[see full comment under Why are Whites so Passive?]

Pfizer Vice President: The Gardasil vaccine is deadly

This appeared on Neonnettle. I have edited it down to the key points.
The former vice president of the world's largest pharmaceutical company has blown the whistle to expose the true dangers of mandatory vaccinations. Dr. Peter Rost lifted the lid on vaccines and revealed that the Gardasil inoculation, in particular, is in fact, "deadly".

In a shocking expose from one of the highest-ranking whistleblowers to date, Rost has also claimed that Big Pharma is purposely keeping the public unhealthy so they can make a fortune from continual treatments of illnesses rather than curing them. Dr. Rost made the revelations during an interview for the "One More Girl" documentary in which he candidly discussed how the main objective for vaccines and pharmaceutical drugs is to keep the public in a constant state of disease.

Six Million Dollar Man said...

Who Killed the Men of England?

The written record of history meets genomics, evolution, demography, and molecular archaeology.

This is where the idea of an apartheid-like social structure comes in.” He has advanced a theory that a sexually biased, ethnically driven reproductive pattern, in which Anglo-Saxon males fathered children with Anglo-Saxon females and possibly Celtic females, while the reproductive activities of Romano-Celtic males were more restricted, is the most plausible explanation for the demographic, archaeological, and genetic patterns seen today.
There is some support for this in ancient English laws, which indicate that Britons and Anglo-Saxons were legally and economically different even in the seventh century, long after the initial migration. Thomas cited wergild (blood money) payments as one example: “Killing an Anglo-Saxon was a costly business, but killing a native Briton was quite cheap.” This points to differences in economic status. And differences in wealth “almost always result in differences in reproductive output,” he said. “Sometimes two- and three-fold differences.” To the extent Anglo-Saxons were able to have and support more children, this could lead to a gradual replacement of the indigenous Y-chromosome over many generations. Simulating such an advantage, and choosing an arbitrary figure of 10 percent migration, Thomas found that the Y chromosomes of native Britons could have been replaced in the general population in as few as five generations.


James said...

Anonymous Jules Joules Jewels said...
[see full comment under Why are Whites so Passive?]

Pfizer Vice President: The Gardasil vaccine is deadly

I was just about to post that.
Liberals will be thinking hard how to smear this guy or ignore him.

Personally I am not against vaccines per se, but I don't really trust them anymore because of the people making them. I wonder what the Autism rates are in Israel. Very low I would say, but we can't get real stats anyway of course.

Israel made a huge thing about banning flouride a few years ago. James Stein suggest it was a fake ban because they never had it in the first place. That seems likely. They were definitely making sure we all knew about it.

James said...

I should have hired someone to do the shopping and cooking while I was away and arranged for cooked meals to be delivered daily once back at home. Men are just not wired to create a comfortable home unless they are gay and even then I wonder sometimes.

It sounds like you destroyed his will to live and that's why he's useless. He gave up doing anything because he never did it right and you would do it anyway. Something like that.

You speak as if you'd find a rotten skeleton in the house if you left him to fend for himself. Nobody's really that useless unless trained to be that way.

What a weird comment. Is Jen even human?

James said...

Science is crap now because Jews fake anything to do with race, Watson gets smashed for saying blacks are like monkeys, the Chinese copy everything yet nobody else can reproduce their experimental results, Indians regard career status as an experimental result, and liberals play along with it all.

They can't even tell us straight what happened to the Neanderthals.

Gerry said...


Have a listen dellingpole interviews Ezra levant

James said...


The method will be well known to the nation wreckers.

The goyim must re-discover everything anew every generation of course.

Anonymous said...

Britain has had childless Prime Ministers before who weren't disastrous nation wrecking ogres obsessed with virtue signalling and incapable of thinking further than their own careers.

In the 20th century there was Edward Heath, who took us into the EEC, and there was Campbell-Bannerman who in 1906 committed Britain to defending France, ensuring we played our part as conscientious Europeans in WW1.

This built on the entente cordial signed by his childless predecessor Arthur Balfour, one of his many glittering achievements.

A. Wyatt Mann said...

Niggers aren't human: Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe: 'We Will Not Prosecute Killers of White Farmers'


Six Million Dollar Man said...

Armoric said...
Celtic Morning: "they do exactly as they are told because the tribe will have evidence against them of wrong doing such as porno or paedo activity"
The extortion of former Nj Governor Jim McGreevey being a perfect example, missed by everyone. McGreevey was being groomed for a Presidential run, had a fake marriage/family created for him, and a Israeli was sent to "capture" and extort/control him. This was pre-9/11 and interesting was that the extortioner wanted the position where he would get the security intel for NJ. Also involved, Trump's son-in-law's father, a convicted criminal himself. I had read where one of the main activities of the Mossad s to spy on and compromise US & other countries politicians so they can control them.
Jim McGreevey and His Main Man
Golan Cipel was only a plaything. It was developer Charles Kushner who speeded his passage through the swamps of New Jersey patronage politics—till Kushner was brought down in his own spectacular sex scandal.


redpill said...

Yeah, of course there were and are other childless leaders doing good and many with children (like Blair) doing evil. But they self-evidently have no personal stake in future generations. And the current state of European leaders, as in the number who are childless, is bizarre.

Manwe said...

We should never elect politicians who do not have natural children of their own. I'm not saying that it should be written into law, but maybe we can treat it as an unwritten law. Barren people generally don't worry about the distant future like those with children do. I can trust politicians with large white families to be on our side, like Orban and Trump.

Tom said...

Another $18 billion has recently been donated to the EU to promote George Soros's "Open Society foundation"

Why isn't this being more widely talked about? It makes me both angry and sad that this has been and continues to be done to our European homelands.

All without any real protest. like boiling frogs slowly, It's already far
too late to do anything about it. To the younger generation it will be perfectly normal!

James said...

In the 20th century there was Edward Heath, who took us into the EEC

The EEC was the beginning of white genocide in Europe.

Kalergi's Plan was to bring Europe together via coal and steel price accords first, and then via EEC type arrangements. The EU is just the culmination of the first 5 decades of work towards his grand idea of "Practical Idealism".

Heath might have been worse than you give him credit for.

James said...

Campbell-Bannerman who in 1906 committed Britain to defending France, ensuring we played our part as conscientious Europeans in WW1.

WW1 a.k.a. The Jew's Harvest.

Well done. So far zero from zero in your attempts to list harmless childless politicians.

James said...

Sorry zero from two.

Let's see if you get a strike-out...

Balfour. Signed the Balfour declaration. Well that wen't well. Apparently he was not fond of Jews and signed it to get rid of them. Or did he? In any case, it didn't end well. Maybe he meant well, but still I think as a counter-example it falls flat so...

Final score: 0 from 3. Strike out.

Six Million Dollar Man said...

A. Wyatt Mann said...
Niggers aren't human: Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe: 'We Will Not Prosecute Killers of White Farmers'https://www.newsweek.com/zimbabwe-president-robert-mugabe-white-farmers-651326

(Negroids are a different species)The Liberal/cultural Marxists of the (((West))) adored the evil Mugabe and destroyed the great nation of Rhodesia. And of course a movie about this would never ever be made
Farmer's terrier belongs in same category as Greyfriar's Bobby

"In the tapestry of human tragedy, there are always the pets.
It is the pets, which sometimes bring home the full pathos of large-scale human suffering.
In the continuing political terror of Robert Mugabe’s Zimbabwe, who can ever forget the 14-year-old Jack Russell terrier Squeak?
The body of Terry Ford, the tenth white farmer murdered by the Mugabe regime was found doubled up beside the gate of his home farmstead with his faithful dog curled next to him on March 19, 2002.
Even in death Squeak refused to leave the side of his master, and was with him until authorities bundled the 55-year-old farmer into a tin coffin.
Squeak, who went everywhere with Terry Ford, was with him in the last desperate moments of his life when he was trying to leave his farm in a vehicle.
Ford also had two border collies taken by the SPCA and turned over to friends of the family. But it was Squeak who was
allowed to follow the farmer’s coffin up the church aisle behind his girlfriend and family members at the funeral. Of the one thousand mourners at the funeral, including former Rhodesian President Ian Smith, Squeak remained on the lap of Ford’s girlfriend during the sermon. There reportedly wasn’t a dry eye when the devoted little terrier went up to sniff at the coffin before going off to the church garden."


James said...

How does it feel to be white, rural and in the minority?

This is what our local newspaper does: it recycles bullshit from US liberals.

If you can read the whole thing then you have real stamina.

A taste of the favor of the story:

In a country where whites will lose majority status in about a quarter-century, and where research suggests that demographic anxiety is contributing to many of the social fissures polarising the United States, from immigration policy to welfare reform to the election of US President Donald Trump, the story of the coming decades will be, to some degree, the story of how white people adapt to a changing country.

It's not rising knowledge of white genocide, it's "demographic anxiety".


James said...

The NZ Herald isn't all bad. Sometimes they have important stories like this one.

Tom Cruise had no idea you could watch porn on the internet.



James said...

FM radio - invented by goy, stolen by Jew; goy driven to death after losing everything in radio band allocation trick.

Relativity - invented by goy, stolen by Jew; goy driven mad and died in lunatic asylum.


A. Wyatt Mann said...

From Frank Salter's book, "On Genetic Interests":

"The genetic distance between English and Bantu is so great that, on the face of it, competition between them would make within-group altruism among random English (or among random Bantu) almost as adaptive as parent-child altruism, if the altruism were in the service of that competition. Thus it would appear to be more adaptive for an Englishman to risk life or property resisting the immigration of two Bantu immigrants to England than his taking the same risk to rescue one of his own children from drowning"


If the people Savant mentioned are part of our kin, what they are doing is extremely maladaptive. From an evolutionary standpoint, they are spectacular failures because what they are doing amounts to killing their own children by the thousands.

Flanders said...

While I don't agree with this author's conclusions, he has an interesting article on a subject little known about. I'm sure we've had many similar interferences among our White peoples and nations at various times by those similar "progressive" Marxists pushing their "centralist policies". We are seeing a resurgence of them with the importations which are called "immigration". That is why there is a warfare which goes on regarding many disguised issues on different fronts, even when the central issues are clear. This war is not for one generation. It's forever, or until the leftist purveyors of it are entirely destroyed.

"Christian Revolt - Cristero War"

"The Cristero War (sometimes known as the Cristiada in Mexico) lasted from 1926 to 1929, during which Christians fought against the policies of religious persecution enforced by the liberal Mexican government. These policies of religious persecution, stemmed from the anti-Christian 1917 Mexican Constitution. Confiscation of Church property, closing Christian schools, even preventing religious education in churches and requiring all religious activity be overseen by the government were features of the Constitution passed by Marxists who came to control the Mexican government. Citizen soldiers for Christ took the name “Cristeros”.

The roots of the conflict harkens back to familiar players in the American Civil War. The centralist policy of Benito Juarez (1806-1872) and other "progressive" schemes have earned Juarez the nickname “the Mexican Lincoln”. In similar fashion Juarez as Lincoln had advisiors swayed by the ideas of materialist philosopher Karl Marx (1818-1883) that were sweeping the elitist salons from London and Boston to Mexico City.

Juarez the famous Mexican President was himself a well known enemy of Christians. In 1861 he and his political party reneged on their foreign debt and precipitated a war with their European creditors. President Lincoln came to his aid sending money and arms using Union General Phil Sheridan as a military liaison officer of sorts to the Juarez government.

Juarez acknowledged Lincoln’s help and jailed the Confederate States envoy in Mexico. He also did his best to stop any aid from getting to Texas. Juarez and his government despised the Texans who he believed had “stolen” Mexican territory and who harbored numerous Christian groups that were perceived to be enemies by the liberals in Mexico.


Daniel Hayes said...

Stephen Daedalus:

Good job. Minor corrections - Spencer has at least one child; while not as prolific as the Orthodox, the Israeli secular Jews are doing their thing.

Flanders said...

"The globalist Koch Brothers, who have become a total joke in real Republican circles, are against Strong Borders and Powerful Trade. I never sought their support because I don’t need their money or bad ideas. They love my Tax & Regulation Cuts, Judicial picks & more. I made………them richer. Their network is highly overrated, I have beaten them at every turn. They want to protect their companies outside the U.S. from being taxed, I’m for America First & the American Worker – a puppet for no one. Two nice guys with bad ideas. Make America Great Again!,” Trump tweeted Tuesday morning in two back-to-back posts."


Flanders said...

"House Speaker Paul Ryan uncovers Jewish roots on PBS show"

"Gates said Tuesday at a TV critics meeting that he traced Ryan's heritage back to his 10th great-grandfather born in 1531 in Germany. The research showed Ryan is 3 percent Ashkenazi Jewish.

"You could have knocked him over with a feather and then he was very proud of it," Gates said of Ryan's reaction. "We don't know who that Jewish person was, but we know it was on his mother's German line, which makes sense. So somebody who was a Christian German slept with a Jewish German person and that's where that came from."

[Flanders] - His Mama's ancestry probably was a crypto non-Ashkenazi jewess who merely called herself a "german", even if you are gullible enough to think that Ryan is only 3% jew. Anyway - He's a 100% jew by policies he supports and likely is as "purebred" as any incestuous mongrel jew can become.
Gates said his purpose in doing the show is to deconstruct race and show how racism manifests itself in the current anti-immigrant feeling in the United States."

Flanders said...

"It's the spoiled children of America who are drawn to socialism"

"In a column in May, the Tribune’s Steve Chapman referenced a University of Chicago GenForward Survey of Americans ages 18 to 34. The survey found that “62 percent believe we need a strong government to handle today's complex economic problems.” Only 35 percent said “the free market can handle these problems without government being involved.”

The survey, noted Chapman, found that “Overall, 49 percent hold a favorable view of capitalism — and 45 percent have a positive view of socialism,” with socialism scoring higher approval among African-Americans, Hispanics and Asian-Americans. Sixty-one percent of Democrats have a positive view of socialism, which is not surprising, while 25 percent of Republicans favor it, which is a surprise.

I have at least three takeaways from this. The first is that it's likely most of those who favor socialism have never lived in a country where it is practiced. A few months in Venezuela might be the perfect cure. Second, people who claim to prefer socialism to capitalism are probably reaping capitalism's benefits. This group of misinformed comrades includes parents who gave their pampered millennials a lifestyle they likely would never have enjoyed under a socialist regime.

The third takeaway is that those who favor socialism over capitalism and socialist countries over America are spoiled rotten. They are part of a generation that has never had to serve in the military and, I would venture to guess, do not know anyone who is serving or has served, other than maybe a grandparent, whose values many seem to have rejected.
Socialism is little more than mutually shared poverty, a version of “spreading the wealth around” with government taking from the productive and giving to the nonproductive. It is an economic philosophy closely associated with communism.

Do Democrats really want to embrace socialism heading into the next two elections?

[Flanders]: Yes, of course they do, and a sizeable chunk of Republican "leaders", including all Senators [every one of them] and most Congressmen will eagerly join with the jews and Democrats [while publically pretending to be opposed to them]. They've taught the indoctrinated kids to want to be traitors, too.


Anonymous said...

Hmm is anyone else encountering problems with the pictures on this blog loading?
I'm trying to figure out if its a problem
on my end or if it's the blog. Any responses would be greatly appreciated.

Gerry said...


Police say they are worried there will be riots if Tommy Robinson isn’t freed today
BUT they say they are ready for them

Comments compare what is happening to the miners strike. The government trying to crush its people

Boomer said...

@ Six Million Dollar Man

Brilliant post - keep posting it whenever apt so these stinking (((liberal cunts))) and their worthless white sucker flunkies finally get the message. I'm so enjoying the flak the shit-skin loving Liebor party is receiving from the Yids and their MSM outlets.

Let there be a "Palestinian conflict" right here in Britain and let it spread throughout the (((West)) The north of England, Midlands and London is riddled with power consolidating Islamic wogs. Kikes are seriously worried. The mouth they fed to galvanise their presence in Europe is insidiously turning on them with teeth! West and East African African boons are Muslim too. They in turn are supported by pale skin Muslims of Albania and Chechnya.

We (Christian whites) are now in the middle of this shit in our own lands. What is around the corner I ask?

FUCK 'EM ALL - they ALL deserve what's coming - we must let them KILL each other AND those poxy do-gooders who take sides with them, whichever side they're on.

Unknown said...

Who wants to stay in the multiracecult EU commie club? A poll suggests by a large majority it is the Irish that are most enthusiastic, being the most informed of all Europeans including the French. Eyebrows raised Lol
The comment section is a blast.
The Independent
What a word that is. Lol


Red Mist said...

Is this Polly Toynbee's commie satanic grand father ?


Is Henry Makow double spin or the real deal?

INCOMING!!!!!!! said...

have you ever herd of the alfour all oink en?

Frank Galton said...

Re a comment on the previous thread: "Oxford aims to become kaffirised with diversity"

Daily Telegraph, 17 November 2017

Oxford college introduces compulsory classes on 'cultural appropriation' for students

Huffington Post, 16 December 2015

America loves appropriating black culture -- even when black people themselves, at times, don't receive much love from America.

From dreadlocks to dashikis [a garment worn mostly in West Africa], white America has taken black traditions and used them for their own gain...

Ghana News, 21 September 2017

What President Donald Trump told African Leaders at Lunch

Take a good look at the photo of the African leaders. Notice anything strange?

Four of the African leaders are wearing SUITS!

The African leaders are appropriating white culture.

Encyclopaedia Britannica


The shift in Western masculine attire from the doublet to the present-day suit began in the 1660s at the courts of Louis XIV of France and Charles II of England.

The prototype of the modern suit appeared in 1860 as the “lounge suit,” which was for informal wear and consisted of long trousers; a waistcoat, or vest (often elaborately decorated); and a short coat.

The modern lounge suit appeared in the late 19th century, but traces its origins to the simplified, sartorial standard of dress established by the English king Charles II in the 17th century.

Can you imagine Donald Trump turning up at a conference in Africa wearing only a loincloth (LOL!!!)? The Jewish/Zionist-controlled media would be screaming from the rooftops, "racist", "cultural appropriation!".

In our upside down Jewish world, it's one law for blacks, another for whites.

Frank Galton

Corkonian said...

Can you imagine Donald Trump turning up at a conference in Africa wearing only a loincloth (LOL!!!)?

Splattered my coffee at that !!!

Unknown said...

Socialism is little more than mutually shared poverty, a version of “spreading the wealth around” with government taking from the productive and giving to the nonproductive. It is an economic philosophy closely associated with communism.

You are looking at the wrong type of socialism.
White socialism works quite well.
Whereas international socialism (commie) doesn't.

Unknown said...

What a weird comment. Is Jen even human?

I believe Jenny is one of those women who took on her role has homemaker for her boomer husband and done it so well that when she was ill and had to have a operation her boomer hubby was all at sea, he didn't know where the kettle was, the iron just burned through the clothing plus the ironing board cover setting off the smoke alarms in the house, then the young kids started to cry, the older ones laughed and said best you go potter about in the shed we'll put dinner on or we'll all end up next to mum in the hospital.
Jen just done her job to well. Bless you Jenny but you should have gave him a few tasks over the years for the moment you couldn't be there. Think of the kids. Lol

Stephen Daedalus said...

Thanks for the info on Spencer. Does he have any involvement with his child's rearing? Anglin may well have left a few Hapa kids in various places too. But this is not proper fatherhood.

Jen said...

Scagnetti said...
Jen, sounds like you married a moronic Omega male. I help my partner out with everything you've said your husband is incapable of and it's really quite straightforward to anyone with a modicum of common sense.
31 July 2018 at 13:40

No, he's not a drop out. Retired at 72. 76 years old now and his eyesight has deteriorated over the last few years. And he had a mild stroke last year. Poor old omegas, can't even quietly moulder away without being resented and castigated.

Unknown said...

Jennifer their are some people here that have a pathological hatred for white women they can't help but put the boot in, sometimes they don't even need an excuse. Now who would do that?

Adrian O'D. said...

Not only on this site that some people have a pathological hatred for white women. For sure White men are getting a raw deal but remember that our enemy's objective is to turn White men and women against one another so as to undermine the family and reduce White birth rates.

Unknown said...

Scagnetti said...
Jen, sounds like you married a moronic Omega male. I help my partner out with everything you've said your husband is incapable of and it's really quite straightforward to anyone with a modicum of common sense.

There are many boomermen who are helpless after their partner dies or leaves, so let's have a bit more understanding shall we. They left school in the 50s straight into a job, wife and children within a few short years. Everyone from their school and their area did the same, they were all settled down by 22,23 all did their roles. Now it's a bit topsy-turvy. Oh well, let's bash the white women.
No seriously Don't bash the white women, look at the boomer men.
If you know one, buy them the cook book by Terry James and Andrea cooking for one, it's got a delicious desert section. And another book, I forget by whom but it's called learning to live in a world we let be made.
Sorry to bore you all but another one came to mind, it's called my memories of washing the new car on a glorious sunny afternoon ready to attach the caravan for the family holiday 1955-78.
Bit of a long title that one.
Just remember who wrote it.
Oh no it's gone agaain.

A. Wyatt Mann said...

Number one on the Amazon bestseller list: "Fear-Trump in the White House" by Bob Woodward (of Watergate fame). Not even released yet and already a bestseller, I guess liberals are feeling a lot of fear. They're doubling down, they're grasping at straws. Number three: "The Russia Hoax: The Illicit Scheme to Clear Hillary Clinton and frame Donald Trump". Good! Number four is also about Trump. Number ten is Norman Peterson's book.


Bevois said...

I am not sure I agree with Sav's thesis. On average, if you have no children you have more time for politics, and these childless politicians would have nieces and nephews, close friends with children, so they should still be more future orientated. I am not a big fan of democracy because the frequency of elections causes short-termism and quick fixes rather than long term planning for the future.

Anyway, having children potentially gives (((them))) leverage over you. Chiang Kai Shek chucked away the Chinese Nationalist cause most probably because his only son was held as a hostage in Russia. The Auschwitz commandant signed a confession admitting to gassing (((them))) because they threatened to deport his wife and children to Siberia. He knew he was going to be hanged regardless but wanted his family to live.

James said...

The Trump effect is causing hidden powers to fully expose themselves out of desperation. This alone makes Trump a great president.

Impeachment team of 3,000 people now in place to get rid of Trump
A billionaire wants Trump impeached. So he has employed an enormous number of people to do it, with a $110,000,000 budget.
That budget is big enough to pay all official employees of the effort 110,000 each. WOW.
From Breitbart:
Democrats who are pushing for the impeachment of President Donald Trump will have $110 million to spend on the cause, thanks to the efforts of left-wing billionaire Tom Steyer.
Steyer's organizations, NextGen America and Need to Impeach, will also have a combined 1,000 employees and 2,000 staffers as they take the case for impeachment to voters in November, according to Politico. Though House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has discouraged impeachment talk, grass roots Democrats favor the idea.

Politico reports:

Tom Steyer plans to spend at least $110 million in 2018, making the billionaire investor the largest single source of campaign cash on the left and placing him on a path to create a parallel party infrastructure with polling, analytics and staffing capabilities that stand to shape and define the issues the party runs on in November.

Steyer is building out an operation that's bigger than anyone’s other than the Koch brothers’ - and the billionaire and his aides believe the reservoir of nontraditional voters he’s already activated could become the overriding factor in House and other races across the country.

Between the two organizations, he'll have close to 1,000 people on staff, in addition to over 2,000 volunteers. The Need to Impeach email list alone has already topped 5.5 million, which its research - anyone who signs up with the effort has their information run through a series of voter files and other databases - shows includes a very exact 697,780 infrequent voters in the 63 most competitive House districts.

"Our list is bigger than the NRA's - and we're going to make sure that it votes that way in 2018," said Kevin Mack, lead strategist for Need to Impeach.

Steyer claimed earlier this year that Democrats must embrace impeachment if they want to win the midterm elections and return to power. Politico adds that Steyer's internal polls show that Republican voters are not yet motivated by the desire to prevent Trump from being impeached - which has been a major fear of the Democratic Party establishment, which has tried to suppress the idea.

James said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Hmm is anyone else encountering problems with the pictures on this blog loading?
I'm trying to figure out if its a problem
on my end or if it's the blog. Any responses would be greatly appreciated.

There are no pictures in the comments section so don't expect to see any there.
There are usually one or two in Savant's posts. Can you not see them either?
Perhaps you need a better computer.

James said...

They have paper generators that create these things now.

Read the language. That's really how liberals "think" and talk.


James said...

Interesting. Some funny pictures.


James said...

Another dumb batch from up North wants increased access to dark sausage. Delays plane. Gets arrested.


Six Million Dollar Man said...

James said...
The Trump effect is causing hidden powers to fully expose themselves out of desperation. This alone makes Trump a great president.
Trump is surrounded by Lubavitchers, and various other assorted Babylonian Talmudists, who could be steering him to a WWIII scenario with Shia Iran. The most important thing he has already done (hopefully the new Hadrian's Wall & immigration changes to the kosher system installed in 1965 will be done as well) is to make many people aware of the lies of the (((media))) & traitors within the (((US Intelligence agencies))) (((hidden powers))) as you said.

Six Million Dollar Man said...

@Frank Galton, I know you'll get a kick out of the following, cheers my friend.

(Charles Kushner)Dapper Don of the Holocaust builders (LOL)

"The Kushner family is part of a New Jersey phenomenon known as the Holocaust builders. In the post–World War II wave of survivors who came to America was a small group of men who settled in northern New Jersey and became extraordinarily successful builders and real-estate developers. In addition to the Kushners, there are the Wilfs, the Rosens, and the Zuckerman and Pantirer families. (Zuckerman and Pantirer were saved by Oskar Schindler, and everything they build has a street or a building named for Schindler.)

The families operate like clans, with sons and daughters and sons-in-law and grandkids all working in the business. They are active in communal Jewish life, and outside of the occasional mention in one of the Jewish newspapers, they work very hard to fly under the radar.

Kushner’s high profile was always an irritant to the other families. He has been referred to as the Dapper Don of the Holocaust builders. Not only did he have the silver hair, impeccably tailored suits, and the swagger, but like John Gotti, he brought far more attention to his community than any of the others were comfortable with. “In New Jersey, you contribute money not for access but results,” says Alan Marcus, founder of the Marcus Group, a political-consulting company. “Anybody who doesn’t admit that is lying.”


Six Million Dollar Man said...

Democracy=communism. "Democracy is 2 wolves and a lamb voting on what to eat for lunch"
Democracy brought to Rhodesia & SA thanks to the US/UK/UN/China/Bolshevik Soviet Union
South Africa to introduce Constitutional amendment to take land from whites without compensation

https://fellowshipoftheminds.com/ (Great website btw)

cranky white woman said...

James-walking CAN make one racist.When I walk with my dog by the apartment complex that has tattered curtains in the windows,gates askew,I am not surprised to see the flag of Mexico in a window and have my opinions confirmed that the spics here in California are pigs.Ditto the loud rap music coming from a car driving by and assuming it is nogs,and yes it is.Often what I see out walking just confirms already formed opinions.

Too Many Koons said...

'For our children, and our children's children....'.

For a great many white people, their children will never have children. Young adults are too busy “self-actualising”, a Jewish nonsense concept. Without white babies, there is no future for whites.
"The reason 30 year olds do not have children is because they are too busy being children themselves".

Many young people do not want to get a mortgage; they do not want to get married. They do not want the expense and hard work of bringing up children who they know will be just as ungrateful to their parents as they are. Instead they travel, play in music bands that only friends and family pay to see, do art and such like wasting of time but which gets tons of “Likes” on Facebook. Plus spend lots of time on Social Media and iPhones. Anything except being a husband, wife or parent. Often their parents are divorced. I observe that many young people who do get married and have children, have their two biological parents still living together i.e. showing a positive and optimistic example.

There is not much dividend in being a parent for many older people in the West, after huge effort and expense. The kids more or less forget them. The older person will never have grandchildren. This is the end of the White Man and the end of Western Civilisation. The fall in population would not matter, as in Japan, except that in the West invading Coons, Muslims, browns and yellows are one of the main reasons whites are not having babies. The imported non-whites get the jobs, the education and the housing benefits denied to young whites.

Rapparee O'Hogan said...

...recommend for a great source of brilliantly succinct and cutting 'elevator pitches' or retorts to the brain-dead left.

Tweets from Joyce TOO@TOOAJoyce

“Joyce is a prolific anti-Semitic academic.” Rabbi Bruce Warshal.


Flanders said...


"To my mind there is no doubt that Bolshevism is controlled by a combination of internationalists in which those of the Jewish faith predominate. In 1919, a section of the Jewish press in London openly encouraged Bolshevism and Bolshevist propaganda in this country, and so strong was the advocacy that the Morning Post had to give wide publicity to the whole matter until it drew a letter (which appeared on 23 April, 1919) signed by Lionel de Rothschild, Lord Swaythling, Sir Philip Magnus, Sir Marcus Samuel, Harry S. Samuel, Leonard L. Cohen, I. Gollancz, General Sir John Monash, Claude G. Montefiore, and Isidore Spielmann, in which these gentlemen admitted “with deepest concern and sincere regret” the publication of Bolshevist propaganda in sections of the Jewish press, and “welcomed the suggestion that British Jews should disassociate themselves from a cause which is harmful.” Prior to this letter there had not appeared any expression of Jewish disapproval of Bolshevism.{111}
Having succeeded in destroying Russia and in placing it under the corrupt and despotic rule of an Alien oligarchy, it only remained, as the Morning Post, 19 March, 1921, had said, “for the international capitalist, who is the paymaster, to exploit Russia.” And it added: “It is well known that there are certain syndicates in this country, mainly Jewish, that have long been willing to trade with Russia.” This connection between Bolshevism and International Finance is very clearly shown by M. André Chéradame in his book La Mystification des Peuples Alliés, in which he asserts, on the evidence he had obtained, that the Communists had been backed up throughout by the Deutsche Bank, which maintained relations with German-Jewish financiers, naturalised as English or American in London and New York.

“Bolshevism,” he states, “leads necessarily to the exploitation of Russia for the profit of a syndicate of super-capitalists, of which the real leaders are Jews and Germans.”

This statement supports Rathenau’s own declaration that “Three hundred men, all acquainted with each other, control the economic destiny of the Continent.” {117}"


James said...

Laugh of the day.

Jewish political hopeful suggests a way to prevent kids getting shot at US schools.


James said...

Anonymous cranky white woman said...
James-walking CAN make one racist.When I walk with my dog by the apartment complex that has tattered curtains in the windows,gates askew,I am not surprised to see the flag of Mexico in a window and have my opinions confirmed that the spics here in California are pigs.Ditto the loud rap music coming from a car driving by and assuming it is nogs,and yes it is.Often what I see out walking just confirms already formed opinions.

So it's not just assault walking then, it's all walking?

Rapparee O'Hogan said...

New Hampshire’s whiteness infestation.

If Twitter is looking to weed out the racism on its platforms, it may want to start with The New York Times. The paper recently published one of the most racist tweets you’ll ever see: “New Hampshire is 94% white. It is now trying to figure out how to change that.”

Attached to the tweet is a bigoted screed about New Hampshire’s whiteness infestation. It begins with the sad tale of a certain Catalina Celentano, who moved to the state and discovered, to her horror, that most of its residents speak English. “She found herself in an ethnic vacuum,” the author reports. …

Litmus test for racism — swap whites for a non-white race and see how it sounds:

Imagine the reaction if The New York Times published something like this:

Detroit, like Atlanta and Birmingham, is nearly all black. This has posed an array of problems for new arrivals, who often find themselves isolated and alone, without the comfort and support of a built-in community.

It has also posed problems for employers in these states, who find that their homogeneity can be a barrier to recruiting and retaining workers of different ethnicities and cultural background.

The issue prompted about 100 business leaders, government officials and members of nonprofit organizations to meet Thursday to search for ways that Detroit — which is 83 percent black — might lure other racial and ethnic groups, as well as younger people.


Change just a few words and suddenly it becomes extremely racist. Or rather, its racism suddenly becomes apparent to even the most obtuse observer.

It is racist to treat the preponderance of a certain race as an objective problem. It is racist to try and lower the percentages of a certain race just for the sake of lowering it. It is racist to move to an area and accuse it of being an “ethnic vacuum” just because most of the residents have a different ethnicity from your own. It would be racist if I went to South Korea and scolded it for being Korean, and it is racist if Hispanics follow a similar procedure when they come to America.


...it just so happens that New Hampshire is in the top 3 states that has the lowest crime rate in the USA.

Unknown said...

The Trump effect is causing hidden powers to fully expose themselves out of desperation. This alone makes Trump a great president.

Why would Tramp want an investigation stopped? Why not say go ahead waste your money and while you're at it lets have an investigation into my friends the Clinton's. Let's be open about this, then get all our Jewish friends on all sides to gather funds and information. I see this to be entertaining and it will, maybe Rebel Media could cover it. Jacob will tune in and keep us informed with a breakdown of precedings.
Can't wait

katana said...

The Holohoaxing of Our Minds — The Schaefer Trials — Part I

[In Part I here, I give an introduction and background to Monika and Alfred Schaefer, who are defendants in ongoing trials currently underway in Munich, Germany. Their crime is “heresy” — refusing to accept the State mandated lie, known as the “Holocaust".


Unknown said...

People inside the White House said the burst of tweets reflected the anger Trump has aired privately for months, including about Sessions. Trump has been more frustrated since headlines about his former attorney Michael Cohen emerged last week. Aides say they're working to schedule more political rallies, partly to boost Trump's mood and distract him from the headlines about Russia.

Lets face it people there's an awful lot of corruption in the USA regardless of what Jewside you choose.
Rebel Media are on the case with Jacob reporting.

Too Many Koons said...

'For the children of Coons, and their children's children, whites must work, and pay tax....'.

The proof is in the pudding, it is wisely said. The Multicult pudding is foul, stinky and over cooked. It is much too dark and there is a lack of milk products. Sugar, there is none. It is bitter – but not sweet. It looks and smells like shit.

About Jew propaganda driving the end of whites. One glaring example is the promotion of homo males as an ideal married couple and as ideal parents. This is ludicrous but the Jew pushes it nonetheless. Somehow, homo pillow biters and trannies are genuinely “feminine” whilst real women are disqualified from motherhood due to their mannish need to go to work and make money and pay tax.

Adopting kids is hard work and expensive. How many shirt lifting males really want to be a go to work dad, with his male bitch the full time baby carer? How will he stop his promiscuous home husband not taking several cocks while he is at work or the Roman Baths after work? Assuming also that the bum chums are not pedos or baby pimps.

Women have an instinct to intentionally become pregnant and raise children. Men do not have this, even if they like cocks being used to tear their bowels. Men make good fathers. A man can raise his own kids if the wife dies or runs away – but they are his biological children.

Another strange thing is that the Jew pushes lots of sex for women – but not babies. The problem for the Jews is that women’s sexual desire is greatest just when they are most likely to get pregnant. Luckily, the jew pushed through the legalisation of abortion to solve this problem. The jew owns and runs Planned Parenthood, which receives about $1.5 billion from the taxpayer per year to kill babies. 40 million US babies aborted in 40 years and many of them white.

Nature fights jews every step of the way. Women that take oral contraceptives lose much of their sexual desire, and the women know it.

The good news is that Jew women are also not having enough babies. Jew propaganda and modern lifestyle is wiping out whites, and jews, and Japs. Meanwhile Coons are multiplying like insects. Nature loves niggers because they are very easy to wipe out. When niggers are 30% or so of the world population – many people will die due to a sneak attack by Mother Nature. Billions will die. Too many niggers is worse than a comet hitting the earth.

Californian said...

A deeper question might be asked: why does modern civilization discourage the formation of large families?

Is it that consumerism makes buying trinkets more important than supporting children? Is it radical feminism which has turned women against men? Is it the rat race in which people work jobs they hate to buy stuff with money they do not have to impress people they do not like? Or is it by abandoning the racial basis for the nation that White people have lost any consideration for their posterity?

It's not for nothing that two of the biggest movies of the last 20 years were The Matrix and Fight Club. They tapped into the submerged sense that something was wrong with modern civilization. It's all a facade designed to keep the zeks distracted while hostile elites loot the joint.

Wake up, YT, wake up...

Pom Z said...

A controversial figure if nothing else and voted Britain's greatest Britain in 2002

Interesting quotes and some serious "HATE" on this link https://crimesofbritain.com/2016/09/13/the-trial-of-winston-churchill/

Who owns it - Greek commie?

Erich von Manstien:
Churchill donated funds for this Nazi war criminals defence when he was on trial after WW2.

Immigration to Britain:
Churchill suggested the motto “Keep England White” when debating the adoption of new laws limiting immigration from the Caribbean.

Churchill extolled Mussolini – “If I were Italian, I am sure I would have been with you entirely from the beginning” and “what a man [Mussolini] ! I have lost my heart!… Fascism has rendered a service to the entire world”.

On his own people:
Churchill suggested “100,000 degenerate Britons should be forcibly sterilised/others put in labour camps to halt decline of British race”. He also went on to suggest that “for tramps and wastrels there ought to be proper labour colonies where they could be sent”.


Pom Z said...



Seneca said...

Churchill was fine up until the time he fell to relying on Jewish bankers to get him out of his financial difficulties. He had exposed the central Jewish role in Bolshevism and spoke in deeply negative terms about their impact on White Christian societies. And of course he was also what would now be called a White supremacist, and unapologetically so. He was bitterly opposed to African and MUslim immigration into Europe.

That all changed once the tribe got their claws in him.

awakened said...

Californian, for an explanation look at the post just before yours from Too Many Koons. Sums it up perfectly.

Pom Z said...


Pom Z said...

Well done doc!
However, had he been a white working class 'operative' of some kind he wouldn't have had a hope in hell. Fucking COOLIES!


Frank Galton said...

Six Million Dollar Man,

Re the Mossad

HAARETZ, 30 April 2018

The Mossad Ran a Fake Diving Resort for Tourists in Sudan. This Is the Incredible Story Behind It

One of the Israeli intelligence agency’s most daring missions is being turned into a movie, ‘Red Sea Diving Resort.’ One of the operatives looks back on a breathtaking operation that saved thousands of Ethiopian Jews’ lives in the 1980s


The Red Sea Diving Resort is an upcoming biographic drama film directed and written by Gideon Raff.


Mossad agents work to rescue and evacuate Jewish residents of Ethiopia to Israel.

Can't wait to see this movie. I wonder how it ends?

The Independent, 27 January 2013

Israel gave birth control to Ethiopian Jews without their consent


Forward, 10 December 2012

Shocking Decline in Ethiopian Israeli Birthrate

The birthrate among Ethiopians in Israel decreased by a DRAMATIC 50% IN THE LAST DECADE, and Israeli journalist Gal Gabai wanted to know why. She investigated the issue for “Vacuum,” her documentary series on Israeli Educational Television, and she discovered some things that left her very uncomfortable — and will surely leave others equally so.

In her attempt to find out what the story was behind the shocking statistic, Gabai interviewed Ethiopian women immigrants and learned from them that they were given Depo-Provera (a contraceptive injection containing the hormone progestin administered once every three months) AGAINST THEIR WILL.

Read more:


Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide

Article II

In the present Convention, genocide means any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such:


HAARETZ, 07 May 2012

Genetic tests show that [Ethiopian Jews] are converts, contradicting their founding myths.


Hitler and the Nazis had firm views on race. They believed that certain groups were inferior and were a threat to the purity of the Aryan race.

Policy of persecution

Sterilisation - In order to keep the Aryan race pure, many groups were prevented from reproducing.

400 mixed-race "Rhineland Bastards" [Afro-Germans] were also sterilized beginning in 1937.

Frank Galton

Frank Galton said...

"40 million US babies aborted in 40 years and many of them white."

NPR, 14 August 2015

In 2014, the Guttmacher Institute, a reproductive health research center, surveyed all known abortion providers, including Planned Parenthood clinics, in the U.S. (nearly 2,000) and found that 60 percent are in majority-white neighborhoods.

Frank Galton

Gaslighters Inc said...

Go easy on Jen,

For all you know her husband was a wizard at what he did. Could fix a tractor and get a farm up and running in no time. Change all the tyres on a bus simultaneously with only one jack or maybe he helped Whittle develop the jet engine.

All the househusbands here need to take a chill pill and realise that not everybody has the same skills and the same motivations. Some guys spend 18 hours at work and are happy that they can afford to have their spouses managing the home.

What kind of narrow minded mentally stunted folk are hanging out on this blog?

B3I1p19m said...

'Such people's motivation will naturally focus on their own temporal personal interests and as such they are far more likely to make pacts with the devil as it were in order to advance those personal interests.

'The devil'. Is he the one in the book of semitic fairy tales who god gave permission to kill Job's children whilst god proceeded to genocide thousands/millions?
My ancestors gave up Bacchus and Odin for that.

If my ethnic group (being honest, I'm a British Isles mongrel, I apologise to any who don't like Ireland being described as a British Isle) and the European race weren't almost wholly cucked I would have had children. I'm not interested in my child thinking Europeans are Africans, South and East Asians (trying not to mention and failing - the dreaded West Asians).

I couldn't be more 'Woke'. I got a higher education only to live as if those years didn't amount to anything. I earn annually, barely enough to pay income tax as I do not want to financially contribute to modern Britain. I'm that rare breed whose words are as good as his actions. Unlike 95% of CONservatives; not that I'd ever describe myself as one - I don't heap praise on jews and Sikhs and I couldn't care less about the economy.

Six Million Dollar Man said...

Your posts on Winston Churchill brought to mind when the US's first judeo-muslim president removed the bust of Winston Churchill from the White House

Is this why Obama removed Churchill's bust from White House?
Bill Federer recounts British leader's opinion about Islam

"Winston Churchill wrote in “The (Nile) River War” (first edition, Vol. II, 1899, pp. 248-50): “How dreadful are the curses which Mohammedanism lays on its votaries! Besides the fanatical frenzy, which is as dangerous in a man as hydrophobia in a dog, there is this fearful fatalistic apathy. The effects are apparent in many countries. Improvident habits, slovenly systems of agriculture, sluggish methods of commerce, and insecurity of property exist wherever the followers of the Prophet rule or live … A degraded sensualism deprives this life of its grace and refinement; the next of its dignity and sanctity. …”

Churchill continued: “In Mohammedan law every woman must belong to some man as his absolute property, either as a child, a wife, or a concubine, must delay the final extinction of slavery until the faith of Islam has ceased to be a great power among men. Individual Moslems may show splendid qualities … but the influence of the religion paralyses the social development of those who follow it. No stronger retrograde force exists in the world. …”

Churchill concluded: “… Mohammedanism is a militant and proselytizing faith. It has already spread throughout Central Africa, raising fearless warriors at every step; and were it not that Christianity is sheltered in the strong arms of science, the science against which it had vainly struggled, the civilization of modern Europe might fall, as fell the civilization of ancient Rome.”

In what some considered a diplomatic affront, when President Obama moved into the White House in 2009, a bust of Sir Winston Churchill disappeared. President Trump, on his first day in office, Jan. 20, 2017, welcomed it back to being prominently displayed in the Oval Office."


Jen said...

Gaslighters Inc said...
Go easy on Jen,

For all you know her husband was a wizard at what he did. Could fix a tractor and get a farm up and running in no time. Change all the tyres on a bus simultaneously with only one jack or maybe he helped Whittle develop the jet engine.

All the househusbands here need to take a chill pill and realise that not everybody has the same skills and the same motivations. Some guys spend 18 hours at work and are happy that they can afford to have their spouses managing the home.

What kind of narrow minded mentally stunted folk are hanging out on this blog?
3 August 2018 at 12:06

Well said. My husband is a retired structural design engineer. Brains win women over every time. Sucks a bit when the wife has to go for major hip surgery - but that sucks anyway, and there are sub-acute rehab places to go to.