Saturday, 5 May 2018

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Anonymous said...

atf AGENT SHOT IN cHICAGO, BIG NOISE BY THE SUPERTENTANT AND MSM, we know the area well where this happened, 45 and Hermitage near the old stockyards, years ago this was the old 9th chicago police district where we started,back then it was all Polish people and the only calls you would get were some guy making noise working on his building to make it livable before he went to work at 4 in the morning, now the area is mostly border jumpers with a attitude and no respect for American values,it seems that the ""LA RAZA""mentality has taken hold and its fuck the police and anyone else that we come in contact with,ATF guy should of known better to go and try to buy weapons there without a back up,just a heads up to tell you the demise of a once great working class neighborhood,John old rtf Chicago copper.

Glen C. said...

Every American city has an area like 45/Hermitage.

Six Million Dollar Man said...

Yet Another Sneaky Jew Busted For Holohoax Scamming

"In his letter, Hirt said that he realized “it wasn’t about me”, and that he was motivated to lie by his fears that the history and horror of the camps would be forgotten. He said that he was shocked to find that Auschwitz, now a museum and memorial, had become a “clean and polished tourist destination” where visitors laughed and joked about “propaganda”."

Flanders said...

“Negroid Serial killer Darren Vann pleads guilty to 7 Gary [Indiana] murders”

NOT a Marine, as the jewsnews tries to portray him. Just another murdering nigger. The skewed article waits to the very end to say, “…received an “other than honorable” discharge in 1993.”

Flanders said...

List Of Black Serial Killers

“Black Serial/Mass/Spree Killer List:” [Scroll down slightly for the list]

Flanders said...

It's those damned Italians who you really must look out for!

Flanders said...

"South African Black Law Graduates Cannot Write, Read, Do Math, or Reason"

More on black communists [jew-created and enabled] in the comments section.

Flanders said...

All of us, of course, are so tired of the constant and repetitive jewish reporting from their Media and MSM which has burned the names and faces of these good ol' boys, and teens, into our collective memories forever:

Flanders said...

Those of us true Americans who live in the jewed "US" are "blessed", however, because there are massive groups of more recent entry who are in real competition with the glorified "blacks".

We are so very happy to have all of these diverse groups who are so "eager to do the work that we Americans won't do for ourselves"!

Flanders said...

New Nation says:

"Hindu cow worshiper Sues Murano Condo Association For Alleged Religious Discrimination

A Mezuzah is a small symbol Jews often put on the frame of their front door.
Tripathi doesn’t understand how Mezuzahs are allowed but (Hindu) Torans are not."

Main page link: See the Mezuzah link:

Flanders said...

This article linked below speaks of a newer breed of societal mongrel which is created by jewry's multi-cult and PC quest. This "Incel" breed seems to be getting larger as more of the PC and race-mixing is further implemented and spread. This part is from the lower part of the article.

"What I find intriguing and unifying is that in all four of these separate tragedies, the perpetrator was an ethnic minority living amidst a predominantly Caucasian majority culture. Ethnic minorities face immeasurable challenges in assimilating to a society other than their own and the sense of being a “perpetual foreigner” can pervade even the most assimilated individual when racist or invalidating comments are made.

But what about the rest of the Incels who may come from a Caucasian background? As I mentioned earlier, in the generations before, people have been teased, bullied, and ostracized for any of the aforementioned areas (i.e. sexual, social, recreational, and racial) but what’s different now is the collective shaming of an individual on a number of these fronts.

In other words, the level of humiliation and shame is difficult enough on each individual level, let alone the collective toll it can have on a person’s psyche who may already be grappling with prior levels of shame before being exposed to the soul-crushing sexual shame that afflicts these individuals. I use the term “soul-crushing” because I feel sexual inadequacy among young men may be the most humiliating and painful in terms of shame, making them vulnerable to globalize with the feeling and identity of being a total failure.

Finally, when a term like “Incel” is created combined with online forums, it allows all these isolated and alienated people to unite and for once feel a sense of connectivity, acceptance, and understanding to share their sense of shame and self-condemnation. But it also allows for a perfect storm of not only self-hatred but vitriol, rage, and a desire to inflict harm on others whereby victims can also experience first-hand the grief and suffering which Incels feel they’ve had to endure for a lifetime."

Those types of "choice" degenerates need to be made aware, shamed and raised properly beforehand, before they have adopted the jew's poisons as being a natural part of their "liberties" and "lifestyles". Instead, they are consciously and intentionally being institutionally bred into adopting deviancies at an earlier age, and with more reinforcements and excuses for mongrelized indecencies provided along with those ranges of chosen perversions, provided for by jewish media, their shrinks, and all of it assisted by their jewish-Freemasonic Marxist "school" warehouses which have been changed to suit that very purpose.

Flanders said...

"US-Mexico Border Invaders “Back to Obama-Levels” with 230% Increase"

"The number of nonwhite invaders seeking to force their way into America to parasite off the white-created society is back to Obama-era levels with a 230 percent in April 2018 compared to April 2017—and more than 159 fakers from the “migrant caravan” have now applied for “asylum” from their self-created disaster zones in Central America.

According to statistics released by the US Customs and Border Protection, 38,234 nonwhites were apprehended trying to break their way into America in April over the Southwest Border.

At the same time, CBP Officers arrested a further 12,690 more would-be invaders who tried to come through the official ports of entry without permission.

In April 2017, CBP officers arrested 11,112 nonwhites trying to break through the border, and arrested 4,646 others at crossing points.

So far this year, CBP officers have arrested 128,257 nonwhites trying to break through the Southwest border crossing, the CBP figures also showed.
The newspaper quoted Brandon Judd, president of the National Border Patrol Council, which represents border agents, as saying that the reason for the upsurge is a realization among the invaders that the still “de facto “catch-and-release” policy” which means that most of the invaders are “quickly put back out on the streets, with the hope that they’ll return to be deported later.”

“The reason is obvious: If you can cross the border illegally without any consequence, why not? As long as the catch-and-release policy-program exists, large numbers of people are going to cross the border illegally,” Judd continued.
Illegal immigrant children traveling alone, and families traveling together, are a particular target for the smugglers, who assure the migrants they can win a foothold in the U.S. Officials say it’s so bad that some illegal immigrants have taken to kidnapping or ‘borrowing’ children en route to the U.S. so they can pose as a family and get more lenient treatment.

Children and families are two groups that particularly benefit from catch-and-release, thanks to court rulings that have set strict limits on how long children can be held in detention. Releasing them virtually guarantees they don’t show up for their deportations.
“But they said a lack of detention bed space and demands set by federal courts still force catch-and-release for many illegal immigrants.”

In other words, the nonwhites are overwhelming the CBP resources with numbers—knowing that the authorities will be forced to release them instead of simply throwing them back across the border, which would be the policy of any sensible nation."

Flanders said...

Flanders at Savants:

"Prior to the advent of the Internet, the Jewish lobby could strictly control what material was publicly available on the topic, and could cover up important facts such as the total absence of “gas chambers” on all German architectural plans for camps, the post-war construction of “gas chambers” (now admitted to by, inter alia, the official Auschwitz camp museum authorities) and a host of other facts."

"One-Third of Americans Don’t Believe in the Holocaust"

Venvoss said...

“To denounce something with violence, I have… simply said that… Beating up jews (by jew I mean anyone with a jew for a grandparent, even one!) won’t help, I’m sure, that’s just going around in circles, it’s a joke, you’re only beating around the bush if you don’t grab them by the strings [tefillins], and strangle them with them.” — Louis Ferdinand CĂ©line

Venvoss said...

It’s a dirty job but someone’s got to do it...

Six Million Dollar Man said...

Poland's fight for the truth (Bolshevik Ashkenazis)
When Abbas spews anti-Semitic vitriol the response is thunderous. Not so much for Poland's prime minister

"In February, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki publicly said there were "Jewish perpetrators" of the Holocaust. Morawiecki's remark — which scholars condemned as a form of Holocaust denial — came in the wake of Warsaw's new memory law, which made it illegal to claim that Poland had participated in the Holocaust. The law triggered a wave of anti-Semitism in Poland that shows few signs of abating. Indeed, just last month a senior Polish lawmaker tweeted that "the Jews are not humans, they are animals!"

Flanders said...

"President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker: Marx is not responsible for the crimes committed in his name"

"President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker spoke at the 200th anniversary of Karl Marx's birth celebration in Trier, Germany.
The president of the European Council stressed that without remembrance and without understanding, the future can not be guaranteed; without commemoration and understanding, the future will be bleak." [More at the link below].

[Flanders below]:
That's something that most of us have always known about those communists who make up the EU, but they've tried somewhat unsuccessfully to hide it before. They and their incestuously sisterly type of organization imported from the "US", Soro's European Council on Foreign Relations [ECFR], are much of the same devious class as was that other jewish communist, Marx.

Scot Irish said...

Dindu Nuffins in the middle of nuffins.

Flanders said...

You will be disappointed if you don't check out this posting below, and especially some of the Flanders comments with links made there.

Some of you have already seen some of it, but if you haven't seen it all, check it out.

"Is Trump Netanyahu’s Trojan Horse?"


Flanders. In the article that you link to the reason given for blacks not being able to do the basics is :-

Mogoeng says: “black students struggle to adapt to tertiary level”.

That makes it f*cking worse! They have already gone through two levels of education and can't do the basics! Didn't anyone notice or did no one care?
Now here's a worrying thing. If it can get more worrying. What if they have doctors who can't read or write? What if those doctors are coming to work in the West as qualified?


ChumLee's Brother said...


Now here's a worrying thing. If it can get more worrying. What if they have doctors who can't read or write? What if those doctors are coming to work in the West as qualified?

....Non whites routinely pay someone to do their course work, and maybe even sit their exams.
Even in UK universities and polytechnics there are home grown asians you can go to , to get an 'off the shelf" assignment that's guaranteed to pass the plagiariser software.
The going rate is 1000 to 2000 GBP. A lot of foreign students in the UK are happy to pay this. There is an academic "underground borse" running in the UK, that has 'fill orders' for work required, with commission paid.

AnalogMan said...

What if they have doctors who can't read or write? What if those doctors are coming to work in the West as qualified?


What do you mean, "if"?

Before my daughter emigrated from SA, she had an interesting conversation with her child's paediatrician, who told her that their practice had been ordered by the government to take in a black partner. Qualified black doctors were thin on the ground (everybody had to have one, and "traditional surgeons" didn't cut the mustard*), and the best they could find, after a long search, was a recent graduate from Stellenbosch University.

This paragon had failed his final exams, but the government told SU, "This is not acceptable. You must find a way to pass him". So, they let him take a a final, final oral exam, and furthermore, allowed him to bring his phone with him so he could "phone a friend" when he got stuck. And thus was borne another qualified medical professional.

* Sorry for the pun. "Traditional surgeons" are the ones who officiate at the mass rites of passage where young Babuntu become men. Their job is to work the line of candidates, cutting off their foreskins with a blunt, rusty assegai. No anaesthetic, no antiseptic. Infections are rife, amputations are common, and deaths are not uncommon. You may have heard that the first heart transplant was performed by a South African surgeon, Chris Barnard - the operation was a success, but the patient died - but did you know that he first penile transplant was also a South African achievement? They still have some good talent there, but not for long.

Incidentally, back when I was in the IT business in Cape Town,, I used to have dealings with a specialist IT staff recruitment agency there. Years later I ran into this guy and we got chatting. He told me he had given up the agency and gone into the business of assisting emigration - then, as presumably now, a growth industry. He said that the occupation he found it hardest to get visas for, was doctors. And that was before the Fall of Civilization! Strange, that. Presumably Medical Associations keeping the supply of doctors artificially low, and prices up. Though that wouldn't apply to countries with National Health, would it?

gasl said...

What is Truth

Even the most Libtarded whites shun black Drs etc. Unfortunately the poorest are forced to use the tattered Public "Health" facilities where they become victims of these types.

I know people that have recently gone through Med School. If you are a white kid with multiple Matriculation Distinctions you find yourself right at the bottom of the admission list. Priority is given to blacks who barely made the 30% school exam pass mark*

These then proceed to waste their slot by stuffing around for a year or so leaving a fraction of the original 700 or so candidates to continue (995 white or asians). It's absolutely criminal but that is their way.

*Lowered from 50% several years back because the Government was embarrassed that in many (most black)schools there was a virtual 100% failure rate.

Georgina said...

A Very Brave American
Patrick Little

This is how you conduct yourself.
Nicely Done