Sunday, 20 May 2018

Photos from the "Royal" Wedding


James Lord said...

Spewed my cocoa night cap on those Sav, especially the one on Prince Philip. Top class!

Gerry said...

The above is what prince Charles will be like
Trying to blend in with his grandkids
As they won’t blend in with him

Tyrone said...


D President Michael Higgins said...

"Faggotry is a promiscuous, degenerate, unnatural, and unhealthy lifestyle choice. Mandy’s commitment is to a dysgenic, gruesome and morally bereft way of life."

Comment on Petervert Mandleson's gay wedding. Hw many timeswas the friend of the guardian newspaper sacked for taking bckhanders?

Newspapers giving out about Trump tweeting Melania as Melanie yet had no trouble with the teleprompter reader in chief reading "Michael and I " off the teleprompter.

Rapparee O'Hogan said...

Here's a good take from Mike King:

The British Royal Mafia and various parliamentarians -- initially for the glory of the ever-expanding Empire and then for the purpose of survival -- got in bed with and were then forced to stay in bed with the International Jewish bankers a long time ago. That is why "The House of Windsor" is still around, whereas the Habsburgs (Spain, Austria), Hohenzollern (Prussia/Germany) Romanovs (Russia) and Bourbons (France, Italy) are not.
Why is it that Reds & other Rothschild agents never murdered British nobility?
The English monarchy wasn't always so beloved by the Jews. In 1290, King Edward I (aka "Longshanks") issued a royal decree known as The Edict of Expulsion -- expelling all Jews from the Kingdom of England. The drastic action -- an inevitable result of unscrupulous money lending, coin clipping, ritual murders of Christian children, and all the rest of the usual nasty business that the usual suspects have been "libeled" for (rolling eyes) since time immemorial -- remained in force for the remainder of the Middle Ages.

It wasn't until after Oliver Cromwell's revolution -- funded by the usual suspects (based in Holland)-- that the Jews were allowed back into England in 1656 after a 366 year hiatus. As "Lord Protector," the psychotic Puritan Cromwell had King Charles I killed and began an oppression of Irish Catholics so brutal that some historians have described it as "near genocidal." After Cromwell's death in 1658, Charles' son returned from exile and was crowned King Charles II in 1660.

But thanks to Cromwell's treason, the money-lending termites were already back in by that time, In 1694, The Bank of England was established (by native British bankers / probably fronting for Jewish bankers). About 110 years later, the House of Rothschild had become the openly identifiable masters of the Empire.

What the short-sighted British Monarchy and ultra-nationalist statesmen never realized, is that in allowing the money lenders to grow so rich by financing the worldwide empire and its associated wars, the British eventually went broke, lost their official "hit man" position to the United States, lost their empire and power to the banker-funded subversive Marxists and Fabians, and even lost control of their home island to the Globalists as well! But for centuries of faithful services rendered to Zion, the British royals did at least get to keep their lives, their inherited fortunes, their unwarranted privileges and their undeserved "rock star" status -- provided, of course, that they continue to obey and not get any ideas about truly serving the interests of the British "commoners."

You know, given the absolute control that "they" have over these de-balled, has-been royals, we can't help but wonder if Meghan Markle -- a moderately attractive, divorced, 36-year old, half-Negress, Hollywood feminist actress who has surely been mounted up by more bucks that even Winston Churchill's notorious whore of a mother, Jennie Jerome -- wasn't forced upon handsome Prince Harry (age 33) as some sort of elite psy-op against the traditional White remnants of rapidly diversifying / rapidly decaying Britain. Seriously, this guy could have married any 20-something year old virgin (or at least something with far less "mileage") in all of England. What the heck is going on here?

Headline: The Guardian: "Meghan Markle's wedding was a rousing celebration of blackness."

Job well done, Mr. Cromwell.

Flanders said...

"Freemason Prince Harry to Marry Meghan Markle – his Transvestite Jewish Cousin"

cranky white woman said...

Choked on my wine seeing these.Hilarious.The litte buggers produced from that coupling if any,will have kinky red hair and that light black freckled skin.Didn't watch but saw photos of the mother-wondered where her typical black church lady hat was.Seeing sheboons coming out of church on a sunday with their hats is hilarious here in California-incredible over the top get ups.I must say,the Queen did not look happy in any of the photos.I'd love to know what they thought of that nog Episcopal priest.The Episcopal church in the states used to be the last bastion of whiteness.
Any of the betting exchanges over there taking bets on how long this union lasts?I give it 5 years.

Scot Irish said...

I couldn't give a shit. You folks will have to figure it out just like us and everyone else. Remember. Remember! Remember!

Dr, Wassell said...

And remember that Harry and the ho' were brought together by a jewish go-between.

Frank Galton said...

Steve said (previous thread): "even the sermon (which was fucking funny, I too was listening whilst at work"

Daily Telegraph, 20 May 2018

Rev Michael Curry's royal wedding address for Harry and Meghan: the sermon in full

Funny if they'd invited the Rev James D. Manning to the wedding by mistake to deliver the sermon live on TV.

Rev James D. Manning's royal wedding address for Harry and Meghan: the sermon in full


Frank Galton

Frank Galton said...

The message we have got is that Syrian troops retook Yarmouk this afternoon, shortly after 4 pm London time. They have now successfully taken control of Yarmouk. At about 6 pm London time, the white flag was hoisted in Yarmouk beside a Star of David flag. Shortly afterwards, ISIS forces there surrendered to Syrian forces. The ISIS forces offered only limited resistance to the Syrian troops. The Commander of the operation has sent the following message: “Be pleased to inform Bashar al-Assad that the Syrian flag flies alongside Hezbollah's flag in Yarmouk. God save Bashar al-Assad.”

Rejoice at that news and congratulate the Syrian Arab Army and Hezbollah.

Frank Galton

Scouser said...

Great news about Yarmouk Flanders. Now let them clean out the rest of the country.

Frank Galton said...

The Independent, 18 May 2018

Gaza: UN to launch war crimes investigation into Israeli forces’ shooting of protesters

Mark my words, nothing will happen because, as Andrew Anglin said, "six million pawnbrokers and loan sharks were gassed in non-existent gas chambers."


Frank Galton

Frank Galton said...

Prince Harry and Meghan Debacle have only been married 24 hours and her nephew's busted with a knife at a London nightclub.

The Met said they were called to Bacchus but he reportedly 'ran off' before they arrived and Scotland Yard has confirmed they would not be taking any further action.

What a pantomime.

Frank Galton

Henry IX said...

Well that didn't take long Flanders. Bet they soon discover that much of the silverware is missing as well.

Anonymous said...

Five years is enough for the idiot Harry and the negress to produce at least 5 niglets!

Anonymous said...

The Hezbollah ragheads and their allies the crazy iranian mullahs would impale alive the useful idiots in the West supporting them. Israel did a great job defending its borders against the Hezbollah terrorists who were trying to invade Israel by tearing down the border fence.
We should do the same by shooting any trespassers!

Six Million Dollar Man said...

Its a bit dated but there was resistance.
Princess Michael of Kent Wore A Racist Brooch to Lunch with Meghan Markle

"Princess Michael of Kent—wife of Prince Michael of Kent, Queen Elizabeth II's first cousin—was also there, wearing an incredibly offensive brooch on her coat while arriving to the palace with her husband. The accessory is a piece of blackamoor jewelry—an ebony figurine which, despite the ornate gold clothing, is usually depicted in a positions of servitude, such as carrying plates of food or waiting on someone."

Six Million Dollar Man said...

The only reason Lebanon is secular, and not engulfed in flames from the Clean Break arsonists, is because of Hezbollah which is a political party, militia, and aid organization.
Hezbollah is allied with the largest Christian Lebanese party "The Free Patriot Movement" led by General Aoun, whose son is a general in the Lebanese army. Now the opposition Lebanese Christian party Lebanese Forces, is a "Anti-Hezbollah" political party. Its leader Samir Geagea is a puppet of Saudi Arabia who are the controllers of the fake terrorist groups ISIS & al-Qaeda. A leak revealed Geagea begging (((Wahhabi Saudi Arabia))) for money and would do anything (((they))) wanted him to do.
Leaks reveal Geagea pleaded with Saudi Arabia for money to finance bankrupt party
(Thus the disappointment when the Saudi controlled Lebanese Forces picked up seats in the latest elections)
Don't count Lebanon's election as a victory for Hezbollah

calculus said...

The mysteries of love...I had a girlfriend long ago, she gave me the best sex and best blowjobs, yet i wasn't in love at all. I mention it because i was tempted to say that the story between Harry and Meghan is just that : she probably gives him the best blowjobs ever, that none of harry's former gilfriends, perhaps because they were British, were capable of approaching in skills and commitment.
I mean, you feel the difference when the girl does it 'because she has to' vs 'because she wants to'. So I though it may be just that, Harry was in fact a lonely man, surrounded by gold diggers and British girls whose best acting was to show their boobs and give badly executed blow jobs in a hot tub.
But even if the american Marckle greatly overcomes her British' (half) sisters in this matter, my own experience reminds me that this is far insufficient to explain their mutual infatuation.
So they are in true Love, with capital L, it must be, why not ? Who are we to judge ? so then good luck to them. Let them spend YOUR money in peace and move along.

The true battle is about that last post of Savant about freedom of THOUGHT in the context of internet and mind/mass manipulation.

Frank Galton said...

Juif said: "The Hezbollah ragheads and their allies the crazy iranian mullahs would impale alive the useful idiots in the West supporting them."

So that's why our greatest ally, Israel, is aiding ISIS and Al-Qaida in Syria - to stop Hezbollah ragheads and crazy Iranian mullahs from impaling alive the useful idiots in the West.

Jerusalem Post, 13 March 2015

Report: Israel Treating Al-Qaida Fighters Wounded In Syria Civil War

RT, 12 May 2018

Israeli-made weapons among arms handed over by militants in Damascus

TIMES OF ISRAEL, 24 April 2017

Former defense minister Moshe Ya’alon on Saturday said the Islamic State [ISIS] terrorist group in the Syrian Golan Heights “apologized” for attacking an Israeli unit.

Frank Galton

Frank Galton said...

Juif said: "Israel did a great job defending its borders against the Hezbollah terrorists who were trying to invade Israel by tearing down the border fence. We should do the same by shooting any trespassers!"


We can't shoot trespassers because, as Andrew Anglin said, "six million pawnbrokers and loan sharks were gassed in non-existent gas chambers."

Jerusalem Post, 09 September 2015

Evoking the lessons of the Holocaust, several prominent European rabbis, including the chief rabbi of France, Haim Korsia, and the former chief rabbi of Britain, Jonathan Sacks, have urged European governments to treat the migrants generously and find a solution to their plight.

Jerusalem Post, 07 September 2015

Holocaust Refugee: We Owe It To Mankind To Allow Syrian Refugees Into Europe

"Multiculturalism is part of the wider European phenomenon of moral relativism, a doctrine that became influential as a response to the Holocaust." - Chief Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks

Frank Galton

Rabbi Titzer said...

There are no night people. There are just regular people with the next day off. People who work overnight suffer professional handicaps, health stress and never know quite what day it is. And if they work nights for any appreciable amount of time, they will find themselves up in the middle of the night for the rest of their lives. This is by way of explaining what the fuck I was doing up at 4 in the morning watching the Brit dog and pony show.

On the positive side, I was impressed with the way the castle loomed over the town. And the flower girls were certainly cute and, discounting the nigger preacher, were the only ones to show some personality.

You'd have thought every fat nigger bitch shooting her mouth off on TV was the bride.

And how pathetic was the senile Cockney buttonman waving a tiny Union Jack and doing a demented dance?

A family of abominations and blasphemers. An insult to God and man. They have deliberately separated themselves from the rest of humanity. Historically, they have used occult lore to energize their fanatic followers. According to the "Grail Bloodline," they're not just cousins of Jesus but related to Rameses, Alexander, Caesar, Charlemagne. And every American president.

Rabbi Titzer said...


Who are we to judge?

We are us. And, if I can't judge the "Royals" as monsters and animals, then I don't need judgement at all.

ChumLee's Brother said...

If the Royals don't converge, then the Beefeaters red tunics will be very prophetic in the Buckingham Palace Rourke's drift massacre around 2040.
Successful defense this time, it will not be.

bw said...

Well, Prince Philip WAS co-founder of the World Wildlife Fund.
It fits.

Jerome said...

Brits, though, might indeed need a mixed-race "duchess" to help them realize that "racism"—that is, White racial consciousness—is good, moral, and necessary.

There is a plus side to everything.

AnalogMan said...

Jerome said...

There is a plus side to everything.

How did that work out for ancient Egypt?