Friday, 26 January 2018

Jordan Peterson address the JQ

Well actually no, he does not address it. Rather he adroitly skirts around it. He does this by adducing the time-tested trope of high Jewish intelligence as the explanation for their disproportionate representation among the wealthy and powerful. But while high IQ is indeed scientifically linked to successful life outcomes it goes nowhere close to explaining the prevailing Jewish stranglehold on our societies. You'll understand why if we focus on absolute numbers rather than ratios. So let's accept (even though the supporting evidence is very tenuous) that Ashkenazi Jews have IQ levels that average 115 and be generous by assuming this to be double the White ratio. However, assuming Jews to be 2% (taking American population figures here, the Jewish ratio is lower in most other countries ) and Whites 70% means that Whites outnumber Jews by 35:1 among the super intelligent. Using JP's logic there then should be 35 times more Whites than Jews in the Senate, the Supreme Court, among university professors, bank Presidents, owners of MSM outlets and Hollywood moguls. 

See what I mean? It fails lamentably as an explanation.

His evasiveness on this subject has predictably resulted in a torrent of abuse from from the right-wing/WN blogosphere. But I call for forbearance. First, what would you do in his place? He's rich, famous, successful with a glittering career stretching into the horizon. What's more he's winning huge numbers of converts to his dearly-held views on, inter alia, feminism, Cultural Marxism and men's rights. Should he stray off the reservation on the JQ he loses all that and becomes a David Irving, even to the possibility of serving time in the slammer under Canada's Orwellian 'human rights' laws. 

Now as a right wing/WN blogger myself I look at it this way. As it stands JP is doing great work for us. Huge numbers of Whites, especially White men, are being awakened to the war being waged against them. I repeat. Thanks to JP huge numbers of Whites, especially White men, are being awakened to the war being waged against them. Even though he avoids the JQ (and hey, he's one goy who knows) his material inevitably leads his White followers to dig deeper into the existential war being waged against them. That's good enough for me. Remember JP reaches a vast audience, most of whom would never go near the more explicitly Jew-wise sites. At least not before he had ignited their curiosity.

So cut him some slack. He's doing God's and in his own way he's helping us win the war.


Give it to Bob said...

Spot on.

Hoosier said...

Jordan Peterson is just one more example of a shill. No respect for this blatant display of sheepleness. Also the so called intelligence gap between Jews and Whites probably is very much less then we are made to believe. Nobel Prize winners - nothing to do with academia crawling with Jews? Just a measure of their genius? Then why exactly are Swedes the second most Nobel Prize winners? Not because the Nobel Prize committee is Swedish is it? Do all the many Jewish Media people strike anyone as especially gifted? Most of them are smooth talkers, and you get a long way with that, but it does not always reflect real intelligence. A lot of it is self confidence (which they get from their notion of being special) and being good with words, but is a very effective car salesman necesarily very intelligent? Being morally corrupt can be an advantage for a car sales man as well as in intellectual debates and politics.

By the way, I think the voice of this professor sounds a lot like many Jewish voices I have heard, and judging by his appearance also could be a Jew. I wouldn't be surprised to learn that Jordan Peterson has Jewish heritage. "Jordan?!!" seems kind of a crazy name for a white university professor to me. But some more native Anglo / American people perhaps could say something about this name in a white Caucasion context.

Denise said...

Isn't he a Canadian? There is huge pressure from the Jew Tyrants in Kanukstan. All those "White Goy Have NO Rights" kosher pressure groups. I will cut Peterson slack.

Anonymous said...

Shitskin "London mayor"(sic) initiates Judicial review on Worboys the serial rapist?
Not that I care about Worboys but you can be sure, gullible white wimmins will be creaming themselves thinking this shitskin is on "their side" ... power to BME and wimmins!!!!

Imagine if Worboys was a coolie or a kike? Would there be as much press coverage
and hysteria ? What would JP say to that?

SAVANT said...

Well I can see that my central argument failed to impress our Hoosier friend.

Anonymous said...

This is one of these rare occasions where Savant's and Hoosier's divergent opinions are both right. Peterson does orient many in our direction and those who head our way cannot fail to see what we already know. Calling him out also shows (((who))) are really in charge, and that would have been found out anyway.


Anonymous said...

Are there as many coolies in positions of authority in 'white' Australia as there are in the UK?

dr. joseph btfsplk said...

I just got done watching the debate with Peterson and the Beeb female.

Peterson asserts that the sexes have equal cognitive ability- a balled faced lie.

So I posted this in Youtube comments:

A lying sack of shit- claiming that the sexes have equal cognitive ability. That is a marxist, PC view! The evidence does NOT support that! Take a look at this graph:

>>>I will not tolerate ignoring truth

dr. joseph btfsplk said...

The calc-

We're looking for very high IQs. I call that 140 and above. What fraction of each group has IQs in that range? Start with jews 140-115 equals 25 divide that by 15 [one std deviation] equals 1.67 standard deviations. 5% of jews meet this criterion. Whites- 140 less 100 equals 40. Again divide by 15 equals 2.67 std deviations- .004 or 0.4%. 12.5 times as many jews.

Now to adjust for relative proportion of the two groups. jews .02 times .05 equals .001 [1 of 1000] Whites 0.70 times 0.004 equals .0028 or 1 of 357. Then take the ratio of 1000 to 357, which is 2.8 to 1. There should be 2.8 times as many Whites in positions needing very high intelligence. ASSUMING the real jew IQ to be 115- an assumption I do not hold.

A table of areas under the normal curve is needed to do this- or a z-score calculator. The whole thing is nerve wracking as it is EZ to get the wrong answer.

Anonymous said...

The first question I ask myself about Jordan Peterson is, what is his identity?

Not the racial identity that is forced on us by kike. Not that race or racial identity don't exist, but in humans, racial identity must always be secondary to cultural identity derived from religion, derived from perceived truth.

In my opinion, Jordan Peterson is fake, same as Kevin Macdonald.

Kikes spare no expense in the corruption of the truth and (((intellectuals))) are pretty cheap.

SAVANT said...

Thanks for that statistical analysis Dr. Joe. I think, and you kind of came to the same conclusion, that you lose impact by focusing unduly on statistical precision, not least because IQ itself is an abstract concept. The main point to get across imo is that in absolute numbers the quantity of really brainy Whites vastly exceeds the number of their Jewish equivalents, by many orders of magnitude. With that establsihed it's easy to demonstrate the extent of their hijacking of our societies.

Anonymous said...

Rules to identify fake opposition to kike:

#1 Anti-Christ, atheist, agnostic, bolshevik, race as religion, border-nationalists.

Basically, conservatives and libertarians.

What are these scumbags conserving or liberating you from?

Conservatives conserve kike ideology and libertarians liberate you from Jesus Christ.

#2 Self identified Christians.

Never ever, believe outright any "Christian" preacher unless you know that they have taken vows of poverty and chastity and follow their vows in service to our Lord.

That's right. They're all fake.

PreatorianXVI said...

The difference between the two High IQ groups are that your White group are actually more concerned with everyone's well-being and not out to fuck everyone over where as the Askenazi-Jew is all about fucking over everyone.

Anonymous said...

Jesus Christ is our Lord.

It wasn't until a pack of filthy kikes defined you as white, that you abandoned our Lord.

It is at is has always been; Christ vs. antichrist.

Matthew 8:24 And, behold, there arose a great tempest in the sea, insomuch that the ship was covered with the waves: but he was asleep.

25 And his disciples came to him, and awoke him, saying, Lord, save us: we perish.

26 And he saith unto them, Why are ye fearful, O ye of little faith? Then he arose, and rebuked the winds and the sea; and there was a great calm.

Rapparee O'Hogan said...

What the hell is going on over in the former Isle of Saints and Scholars?

The demand for exorcists “has risen exponentially” in Ireland thanks to a surge in demonic activity, according to exorcist Father Patrick Collins, who has called on the nation’s bishops to train more priests to fight the devil.

In declarations to The Irish Catholic, Fr. Collins said he has been overwhelmed by requests for exorcisms from the faithful in Ireland, and in an open letter, he has begged the Irish bishops to train more priests to deal with the demand.

The renowned exorcist, a Vincentian priest based in Dublin, said that he is inundated almost on a daily basis with desperate people seeking assistance in dealing with assaults from evil spirits.

In the face of the rising tide of demonic activity, Father Collins said he is “baffled” that the Irish bishops are not reacting to the need by appointing more priests as exorcists. Complaints range from claims of ghostly encounters, to people being pulled from their beds, and even “full-blown possession.”

The priest said that the surge in demonic disturbances is a relatively new phenomenon, and “it’s only in recent years that the demand has risen exponentially.”

“What I’m finding out desperately, is people who in their own minds believe – rightly or wrongly – that they’re afflicted by an evil spirit,” he said.

...I think a big collective ZOG exorcism is called for, for Christs sake!

D_Shawn said...

Good points, Savant.

Anyone who wants to criticize Jordan Peterson needs to do the following: go to a public place, like a university or town square, and under your own name bring up the JQ.

If you are not willing to put your own name on the line, then what right do you have to criticize Peterson, or Jared Taylor, or even Richard Spencer? All these men go into the real world to advocate for White people, and this at risk to not only their careers but also physical safety.

Maybe I am wrong. Maybe their critics would care to post video online of themselves standing on a soapbox, "naming the Jew." Otherwise, let us respect those men and women who are the vanguard for White people.

Anonymous said...

Joo domination of the west isn't accounted for by IQ but by extremecracual nepotism, out grouping of White man & ruthlessness in dealing with host societies they don't care for. Heartiste had a post about it a few months back Ashkepathy.

Frank Galton said...

Jordan Peterson Asked to Answer the Jewish Question: “I Can’t Do It”

Frank Galton

Frank Galton said...

It's that time of the year again. The big day is upon us and every year it seems to come round earlier and drag on longer. It's all become so overblown. The original spirit seems to have been forgotten and it's become such a commercialised affair. Frankly I'm sick of it already - it's all about the money these days.

Yes, Holocaust Memorial Day is upon us again.

Frank Galton

Lemmyhead said...

Why is it that Jews are at the top because of their high I.Q. but blacks are at the bottom because of white suppression?
Here's something else to ponder.
A guy goes to his bank for a loan. He wants to start an online bookselling service. He tells the bank manager it has the potential to grow into other services.
From the start, he's hampered by having to pay back the loan and interest.
Another man goes to the synagogue and tells the rabbi that he wants to start an online bookselling business. He's told he can have as much as he likes and not to bother about paying it back because the synagogue prints the money.
Just a thought.


Anonymous said...

Here is dr joe's calculation (in R) with 70% white, 2% Jew, 140 IQ:

> (70/2)*((1-pnorm(140,mean=100,sd=15))/(1-pnorm(140,mean=115,sd=15)))
[1] 2.805238

But the 140 IQ cutoff is a severe assumption. For example, consider journalism. Let's assume an IQ of 125 or higher is required for a top journo (LOL being very generous). So the "fair" white/jew ratio for top journo positions would be

> (70/2)*((1-pnorm(125,mean=100,sd=15))/(1-pnorm(125,mean=115,sd=15)))
[1] 6.624601

The level of over-representation in journalism is obvious. The numbers are even more skewed as you come further out of the right tail. Sav's conclusion remains valid: they have to go back.

Anonymous said...

If someone is leaning in the right direction, give him a pat on the back. We need every swinging dick in the field.

ljq said...

(((They))) are plotting his destruction and will use his praise of Solzhenitsyn to corner and finish far he has deflected with the fact that there's not an English translation of "200 years together"... there is now..also his comments on racial IQ will be thrown at him...he is the tip of the spear and at the moment doing more than anyone....,. tell everyone you know to watch him and quit bitching at him

Geoffrey said...

The average IQ in Israel is said to be 95. Many AshkeNazis have no Jewish DNA at all, or very little.

Jews have high cunning and a ruthless tribal loyalty. They flatter non-jew leaders and for thousands of years have weaselled their way close to Government and especially to money creation and tax collecting. Jews are camp followers, in the same way that dogs follow free food from humans. Many of the carpetbaggers in the South during what is called “reconstruction” just happened to be jews. Not so many jews were combatants in the war, however. Jews go to where the power is – they do not necessarily create that power. They go with whoever wins. They could see that the UK Free Trade policy of the 19th Century had weakened the British Empire for ever and that the USA was going to eat the lunch of the British in the 20th Century. So in 1913 they moved operations to the USA with their federal reserve system. Which is a private bank owned by jews. Jews control finance and especially Central Bank money creation (counterfeting). Any country which opposes them is destroyed through market manipulations (hyperinflation), threats, war and blackmail. Such as Argentina, Saddams Iraq, Gadhafi’s Libya and Hitler’s Germany. No country in the world today is permitted to link their money to gold. The jews forbid this, and well they might. The US dollar is worth only as much as the people’s faith in the jews. When that fails, so does the dollar. The little man Wizard/King behind the curtain has no clothes – to mix two fairy stories together.

The movie Jud Suss made in 1940 explains this very well. Jews hate this movie because it is truthful. The USA federal reserve works exactly like the Jew crook moneylender in the movie.

Jews get the ear of a King who needs money. They lend the King some money at interest, and agree to lend lots more if the Jew is allowed to take over all taxation and tolls. These are increased very dramatically, e.g. by ten times within about two years. The King is happy but heavily in debt. The people are angry and near bankrupt. The Jew now has more money than the King. The movie has a very happy ending. The Jew is tried and executed. In real life though, the federal reserve, which also owns and operates the USA taxation system (the IRS), is allowed to plunder American citizens indefinitely.

Better to watch this 97 minute movie on Youtube, with English subtitles, than spend say 10 hours reading about the jews.

Geoffrey said...

"Jewish history has been tragic to the jews and no less tragic to the neighboring nations who have suffered them. Our major vice of old, as of today, is parasitism.

We are a people of vultures living on the labor (of the host nation) and the good nature of the rest of the world...We come to the nations pretending to escape persecution, we the most deadly persecutors in all the wretched annals of man."

Samuel Roth, Jews Must Live, 1934, p. 18

calculus said...

@Savant, everybody who get the points in your post should give JD some slack. I do, so....
Although the argument that JD must understand things we don't, because he has a self-described IQ of 150, way above ours, is sort of funny.

@Dr.Joseph...what you say is true but those technicalities are completely beside the point, like those endless discussion about who is white who's not. By the way, 'We decide who's Jewish and who's not' is a famous meme.

Geoffrey said...

Re surviving in a media world dominated by ruthless jews. A few Right Wing commentators dare to use code words. Pat Buchanan calls them "Beltway Elites". Donald Trump calls them "The Swamp". David Icke calls them "Space Alien Reptiles". Jews woke up to this one and are pissed off, because they are alien and they are reptiles. They are not from Space, however, unless they are truly some alien beings maybe dumped on Earth in pods. Pogroms might be going on all over the Universe trying to get rid of the bastards. Even Satan probably kicks them out of hell and reincarnates them, because he can’t stand the whining and demands for compensation.

Those people that say "Presstitutes" however are not naming the jew. They are fake opposition.

David Duke calls them Supremacist Jews which seems pretty accurate. Thus, he is always called “Former Grand Wizard of the KKK” every time The Swamp mentions him.

I know that publicly naming the jew is a no no. I have mentioned the jew domination of things like the media to my own adult children and they do not appreciate it. They have been brainwashed that the jews are The Holy Untouchables, and indeed, jews are Untouchable.

Mentioning the Coon invasion of Australia, or their crimes, is also not popular in the real world. Most whites run for cover if you dare to bring the subject up. I have tried and it is 70/30 with older people (i.e. 70% hate the Coon invasion) but not a good idea with young people.

dr. joseph btfsplk said...

I picked 140 as a threshold because what Sav said-

". . .means that Whites outnumber Jews by 35:1 among the super intelligent. . ."

It is a very steep standard, maybe 115 is more apropos. 140 is in genius territory.

Claiming that male and female have the same talent is directly peeing on reality. He gets no slack from me.

I have grave doubts about jews being only 2% of USA population.

Anonymous said...

A government radio panel discussion on the economy and it's a festival of progressive and libertarian thought that surprisingly meshes together well into what will be an Orwellian nightmare for the bulk of people in developed countries. Income inequality, wage stagnation in the United States? The economists just can't figure it out. Forty years of declining wealth for the majority of people and they just don't know why!

However, they are all sure that the key is economic growth although that hasn't affected real wages in decades. One garden gnome worries that Trump's policies could cut immigration in half (from one million plus to half a million, not counting refugees). And that would stop growth. And he's right in that, as the percentage growth of the GDP almost exactly matches the percentage growth in population, which has doubled in the last four decades.

So, we have economists who have no concept, that they will admit to, of labor shortage versus labor glut. Who say that we have six million unfilled jobs. And we do - at the shit wages the corporations want to pay. Who are unaware, for labor, of supply and demand. That any job can be filled if the dollars keep coming.

They also discount public liability and expense. The deterioration of the infrastructure due to overpopulation, thinking of them if at all as job creators. After all, it will take several workers to take care of the old African family reunified immigrant.

We have the best chance in years to curtail overall immigration. Many of the most articulate voices in favor of this happen to be Jewish. So, postpone the war on them.


Anonymous said...

Good news from the chec republic
Anti migrant party gets in
Who may also be anti western or should I say anti western weak liberals


Anonymous said...

Eugenics and Survival

dr. joseph btfsplk said...

Jordan Peterson Refuses to Debate Ethno-Nationalists [Millennial Woes video]

calculus said...

eh...I watched the video, he does more than circle around, he just denies there is a JQ.

And is argument that Jews lean to the left aka 'because' it is the opposite side of the NAZIs is totally, utterly false. First the NAZIs were true Socialist, i mean Hitler wanted to abolish the classes among Germans! you can't be more socialist than that.

Second, it has been reported by Jews themselves that they tried, on their own, to join the German nationalist 'Pangermanic' Movements. Only problem is that these movements were based on Race or Volk, as in Mind and Body together, inseparable. Then an Aryan of IQ 60, even a communist, is more worthy than a 'pseudo nationalist' Jew of IQ 250. And how you gonna check the new found commitment of these Jews for pangermania anyways ? remember the Marano converts from Spain, such good Christians...
So Jews were denied to enter the German Nationalist movements, surprising. But the fact that they tried put them in the far right.

And also, JP's obsession for IQ is getting tiresome. Who the fuck cares about the bell curve standard deviation. No It's not about IQ, no more than Right or Left.

There is no worse blindness than for the one who doesn't want to see. But since we are supposed to give JP a break...oh well.

PB said...

Its not even about knowing who you are not allowed to criticize, its still at knowing who you are not allowed to notice.

Anonymous said...


Women in Germany to march tomorrow about halting migrant violence towards them

I wonder if this will get all those black clad Hollywood luvvies all get up

Uncle Nasty said...

A very sane comment, Savant. I work on the principle that my enemy's enemy is not my friend ... but simply my enemy's enemy until he proves otherwise.

I also feel that because someone does not publicly (and noisily) jump up and down on the noses at every available opportunity does not mean that he loves them -- or feels that they are blameless. After all yids, being what they are, are only too keen to bloviate about their (mis)deeds all by themselves.

They do a great deal of our work for us. Like this character -- Joel Stein. He used to write for the Los Angeles Times and currently writes for Time magazine.

He wrote a large article in the LA Times on December 19, 2008, titled “Is Hollywood Run by Jews? You Bet.”:-

People like Fred Reed, Alex Jones -- even my favourite hasbara site ... Theo Spark** et al perform the function of informing us about the Heebarrhoids and their actions -- even if it's only obliquely.

As Whiteys, we can be pretty thick at times, but even we learn -- sooner or later -- to judge people according to their deeds, and not their words.

I find that my own default reaction, these days, whenever I read of or hear of some particularly iniquitous deed, is to mutter under my breath cherchez le juif and then drill down, down, down -- until I hit israelite. I am yet to be disappointed. Our job is to educate enough people into this way of thinking.

And that, to paraphrase Kipling, is when the poo-poo hits the fan.



DeclanP said...

"What the hell is going on over in the former Isle of Saints and Scholars?"

Same as is happening in every Western and formerly Christian country. We have lost the religious solidarity that bound us together and are easy prey to 'red meat' religions like Islam and those that seek to drive us into degeneracy.

Corkonian said...

Another innocuous appellation for the kikes is 'globalists'. This is a very useful term because (((they))) most certainly agree to being so described even though they must shift uneasily at the implications.

Anonymous said...

Every little helps, so yes, I'd support the tenor of the article.

As a matter of "academic" (not really) interest however it would be instructive to know if JP has skin in the game, for instance a Norwegian Jewish grandpappy like Jon Bjerknes or some such. JP does look beat up and craggy for a White in his early fifties and has a certain 'look' about him, although quite what it is, who knows (I don't).

So why the paradigm of just assuming his ethnicity?

Uncle Nasty said...

The sentimental side of me says how ironic, how sad. What a tragic end. Cue tiny violins ...

Auckland man killed in Afghanistan bomb blast

At least 95 people died in a bomb blast in the centre of Kabul, Afghanistan, on January 27.
An Auckland refugee community leader has been killed in a bomb blast in Afghanistan.

Hashem Slaimankhel died when a suicide bomber driving an ambulance killed at least 95 people and wounded 158 more in an attack claimed by the Taliban in the capital, Kabul.

Slaimankhel was the chairman of the Umma Trust, a community support group for refugee, migrant and Muslim families.

He trained as a doctor in Afghanistan before leaving in the late 1970s. He arrived in New Zealand as a refugee after spending time in Pakistan.

Arif Saied, a member of the Afghan community in Auckland, said he was an "absolutely irreplaceable person".

"Heshem was very, very well respected and liked in our community – everyone is shocked and saddened."

The other bits of me, however say things like maybe we should drill down through the Umma Trust ... until we strike israelite.


One muslim women to another, gazing at little kiddy pics on the cellphone ... "Ah ... they blow up so fast, these days."

AnalogMan said...

"there! I've addressed the Jewish question. It's like, it's a confusion between ethnicity and IQ"

What the hell does that even mean? This guy is a psychologist. He learned in his first year of study that intelligence is mostly heritable, and not subject to any significant remediation. So significant differences in average intelligence between ethnic groups is not a confusion. He's basically saying, they're just smarter.

Thanks to Dr Joe and anon for the statistical work. I had a feeling when I read the article that it's not as simple as that, but I don't remember enough statistics to prove it. However, I think the more significant differences are not at the IQ levels quoted. 140 is not "genius territory". It's what Vox Day likes to call "midwit" territory. When you get to real genius territory, say 160, I think you'll find that the numerical advantage of a White population with average IQ 100 vis a vis a 2% population with average 115 gets quite thin. Assuming that they actually do average 115, which I don't take as read.

But, as Dr Joe points out, you don't need geniuses, and you don't have geniuses, at all the influential points of society. So why are the Jews dominant everywhere?

Certainly, it's networking. It's nepotism. It's strict discipline, that punishes any violations of solidarity. Jews are like a python that tightens, but never loosens it grip. Money flows into the Jewish community, not out. If a Jew owns property adjoining another Jew's property, he may not sell it to a gentile without the other's permission. So, the ghetto can only grow larger, never smaller.

But possibly their greatest weapon is what they call chutzpah. They prize it, and they teach their children to practise it. It's the outrageous cheek that lets them demand things from us as if they had a right to it. Any feeble resistance is attacked like another Holocaust. Yes, we're going to turn your country into a shithole, and you may not like that, but we're doing it for you, because you won't survive otherwise. You'll thank us later.

I truly believe they practise it at every opportunity. If it works, even 10% of the time, they're ahead. And getting ahead is what they live for. No matter how trivial the advantage. I realised this once when I was in one of those endless airport queues. The woman behind me started to edge forward, till she was next to me, then slipped in front of me. Now, to be fair, I had left a space in front of me, because the person before me was a really smelly kaffir, so when she claimed her prize, I just laughed and thought, You're welcome to it. (I think she thought better of it, because she tried to drop back again, but I gallantly insisted she go first).

Shortly after, I noticed another man sneaking up on my other side. Bemused, I told him to go ahead, our seats are booked, we'll all get there in the end. He accepted.

Minutes later, a woman joined him and started chatting. By now, I was fascinated. Be my guest, I said.

When yet another man tried it on, I decided that was enough.

Then I suddenly noticed that these people had a distinct ethnic look about them. I looked around, and realised I must be in the middle of an excursion group of Jews returning home to America (this was at Charles de Gaulle airport). And everywhere, the same thing was going on. The very Jewish, cartoonish Jew who had been two places ahead of me, was now about twenty places ahead, and calling his family to join him.

Really? For the sake of one place gained in a queue for a reserved seat? I remembered other airport queues, and the complex schemes I'd seen to jump a few places. It all came together. "Queue like a Jew" is now thing in my world view. It's just practice, an exercise that they must do constantly, in all their interactions. They really are shameless, and they think that's good.

Anonymous said...

maybe joos make and score the tests.
I doubt they average 110, maybe they do.
how many of them are there on earth?

Anonymous said...


Kikes like to assign identity to people, usually along racist lines, while at the same time claiming to be anti-racist, while at the same time claiming to be a persecuted race.

Yep, it's confusing. They're a pack of antichrist kikes.

What do you expect?

I expect a pack of sociopathic liars bordering on psychopath, ready to mass murder when the time is right.

(((They))) murdered our Lord for criticizing them and telling the truth.

Back to the original subject of identity.

People need identity. People need respected authority.

Kikes have assumed the latter and presumed authority over the former.

To hell with satanic kikes.

Jesus Christ.

Anonymous said...
Jordan Peterson questioned on the JQ and Jewish involvement in the Holodomor

Anonymous said...

White supremacist! White supremacist!

It's the same old kike jargon over and over.

Do you know why the filthy kikes define you as white?

Because the lowlife satan worshipers have no chance in hell of defeating Jesus Christ.

I am a Jesus Christ supremacist.

Go to hell you filthy kikes.

Anonymous said...

Puppet of Israhell - worse than Corbyn!

DeclanP said...
"What the hell is going on over in the former Isle of Saints and Scholars?"

Since the end of WW2 it's been run by kikes and liberals who have literally handed positions of authority to the mud people. Our law courts, hospitals, schools colleges are almost entirely in the hands of kikes and mud people.

As long as 20 years ago a coon from Zimbabwe (probably an anti white terrorist of the Mugabe strain who kicked whites out of Zimbabwe) was employed by the UK immigration authority in Croydon as an immigration officer. He was handed the authority to decide who HE could allow into the UK or not? He was sacked, only for accepting bribes and sex from potential immigrants for UK residence favours. Tip of the iceberg

Then there's this which is comical if nothing else

Britain is rotten - finished. But seriously who REALLY gives a shit ? If the right people (the indigenous) did nothing like this would happen.

It's ME ME ME! Enough is never enough

SAVANT said...

Good point about the Chutzpah Analogman. But I don't think they practice is. I think that's just the way they are. The latest example coming to hand: Dual-citizens not allowed in the Knesset!!. Choose a country! Are you loyal to Israel or that other country?

Doesn't that take the biscuit? Because any passing mention of dual citizens in Western parliaments is greeted with an outpouring of anguish to the point that you'd think another Holocau$t™ was around the corner.

Anonymous said...

Actually it's ME, ME, ME and my tax payer funded, benefit subsidised, thweee chilldwuuun !!!

Frank Galton said...

Bill said: "Many of the most articulate voices in favor of this happen to be Jewish. So, postpone the war on them."

We Gentiles have before us an ordeal of the most grievous kind. We have before us many, many long years of struggle and of suffering. You ask, what is our policy? I will say: It is to wage war in the courts, in elections, and in the media, with all our might and with all the strength that God can give us; to wage war against a monstrous tyranny never surpassed in the dark, lamentable catalogue of human crime. That is our policy. You ask, what is our aim? I can answer in one word: It is victory, victory at all costs, victory in spite of all terror, victory, however long and hard the road may be.

Even though large tracts of Europe and the United States have fallen into the grip of organised Jewry and all the odious apparatus of Sanhedrin rule, we shall not flag or fail. We shall go on to the end. We shall fight them in Europe, we shall fight them in America, we shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength, we shall defend our nations, whatever the cost may be. We shall fight in the stock exchanges, we shall fight on the White House lawn, we shall fight in Golders Green and in the Catskills; we shall never surrender.

Frank Galton

calculus said...

Again, now this link given by anonymous above

The question is clear and well built (could the Jews reproduce the Holodomor in a different form today ?) but again JP circles around and finishes with a lame answer : " I can't do (= answer) it' while the simplest answer was : 'yes, they can do it again'.

AKA when being too intelligent prevents you from seeing clearly ? being HONEST.

Frank Galton said...

Anonymous said: "Since the end of WW2 it's been run by kikes and liberals who have literally handed positions of authority to the mud people. Our law courts, hospitals, schools colleges are almost entirely in the hands of kikes and mud people."

CBC, 19 June 2017

Ahmed Hussen: From Somali refugee to Canada's immigration minister

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau appointed Ahmed Hussen as the minister of immigration, refugees and citizenships in January 2017.

The Guardian, 31 October 2016

Canada to let 300,000 immigrants enter country in 2017

Statement by the Prime Minister of Canada on Israel Independence Day

Ottawa, Ontario May 2, 2017

The Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, today issued the following statement in celebration of Israel Independence Day:

“On this Independence Day, I am proud to renew Canada’s commitment to a safe and secure homeland for the Jewish people..."

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

Recomputing for Dr Joseph's 115 IQ...

> (70/2)*((1-pnorm(115,mean=100,sd=15))/(1-pnorm(115,mean=115,sd=15)))
[1] 11.10587

So 11 whites per 1 jew would be the "fair" ratio in this case. All back-of-the-envelope, but it puts the lie to the "muh jews are just smart" argument of people like JP.

Also, it's important to highlight the fact that the massive overrepresentation creates a "kosher filter" that is applied to the higher IQ whites trying to gain access to a particular field dominated by jews. Some people just play along, but in my experience many more internalize it (upper middle class were least likely whites to vote for Trump). This is probably the most pernicious aspect of the overrepresentation of Jews---by controlling key chokepoints they are able to exert tremendous influence over the very people who should be our leaders.

Anonymous said...

Take a African to Australia and what do you get
A ungrateful African savage living in Australia


Anonymous said...

I was reading the comments to this story
And commentator number 12 put up a picture that will send chills down you savant


Jen said...

Jordan Peterson is certainly not Jewish and he's certainly not stupid.

nilus said...

Should Irish vigilantes be tackling Dublin's African gangs problem?
| FM104 Phoneshow (FULL)
'A motor cycle gang calling themselves "Hell's Angels" are fighting back against a teen gang in West Dublin. The teen gang of African origin has been linked to the alleged surge of crimes in the Blanch area. The Hell's Angels gang has apparently attacked two of the teen gang's leaders in an attempt to put a stop to this gang. Is the motor cycle gang actually helping the community? Or are they just adding more crime to our streets. Also, there's been increasing reports of crime in Blanchardstown, is it actually as bad as it seems?'
Broadcast 22/Jan/2018

'Illegal immigrants are pouring into Ireland unchecked' -Dublin Port worker
In the aftermath of the Dundalk knife attack in which Japanese national Yosuke Sasaki was murdered with Egyptian national Mohamed Jabba Morei is in custody as the suspect, Niall Boylen asks callers about the security of Ireland's borders. A Dublin port worker tells Niall that illegal immigrants are pouring into the country unchecked while Gardaí stand around and a trucker informs him how easy it is for illegal immigrants to smuggle themselves into Ireland.
"You cannot walk down the streets of Balbriggan"
The organiser of the protest against 'anti-social groups' talked to 98FM about how the protest went and the continuing problems in Balbriggan. Various residents called in to comment, including both Africans and Irish people. The organiser is accused of 'racism' for organising the protest which the Gardaí are investigating.

Anonymous said...

Another example of the SHIT that has already and continues further to destroy the UK.

GO TRUMP!!!! send a couple of choppers over and smoke/burn these rats out of existence when they start !!!!!

SAVANT said...

"by controlling key chokepoints they are able to exert tremendous influence over the very people who should be our leaders."

A good point. I have a particular interest in Stalin and have four of his biographies. Every single one has been written by a Jew. Without getting into the issue of bias or not the fact is that in this instance and in most others the information we are getting is mediated and filtered by Jews. This is or should be utterly unacceptable in an advanced society like ours but that's the way they have us bound up.

Frank Galton said...

CBS, 11 March 2016

Homeowner Shoots, Kills Teen Burglary Suspect

Relatives of a 17-year-old are angry the teenager was shot and killed by a homeowner who police say was protecting her property.

The sister of the teen who died identified him as Trevon Johnson. She said he was a student at D. A. Dorsey Technical College.

“I don’t care if she have her gun license or any of that. That is way beyond the law… way beyond,” said Johnson’s cousin Nautika Harris. “He was not supposed to die like this. HE HAD A FUTURE AHEAD OF HIM. TREVON HAD GOALS… he was a funny guy, VERY BIG ON EDUCATION, LOVED LEARNING.”

The 54-year-old woman told police her surveillance system alerted her to the break-in of her home. She said she rushed home and found the teen climbing out of a window.

“You have to look at it from every child’s point of view that was raised in the hood,” said Harris. “You have to understand… HOW HE GONNA GET HIS MONEY TO HAVE CLOTHES TO GO TO SCHOOL? You have to look at it from his point-of-view.”


Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

Shitskin admits its bias after some 'home grown' or "other" ignorant/treacherous fuckwit elevated it into a position authority.

Anonymous said...


Well Well !!! the father of "Bob Marley" was a kike !!

Yids have a penchant for black bitches Robert DeNiro, Nicholas Hoogstraaten and loads more in Southern Africa - fucking heathen

BTW NO such thing as an "English" Jew. Yids are the spawn of the Khazarian Asiatic regions. Loathed by others there no doubt.

AnalogMan said...

Uncle Nasty quoted...

He arrived in New Zealand as a refugee after spending time in Pakistan.

As a refugee from Pakistan? in the 1970s? Aren't they supposed to apply for asylum in the first safe country they reach?

Then Frank Galton said...

Ahmed Hussen: From Somali refugee to Canada's immigration minister

Setting the fox to guard the hen house.

People are just too bloody stupid to live. Not the politicians who are doing this stuff; the people who vote for them. Democracy is killing us.

AnalogMan said...

SAVANT said...

But I don't think they practice is. I think that's just the way they are.

Oh, yes. But I do believe they cultivate it, and encourage it in their children. They certainly seem to enjoy it.

Why else give it a name? You know, fish, water.

dr. joseph btfsplk said...

Lewis Terman (1916) developed the original notion of IQ and proposed this scale for classifying IQ scores:

Over 140 - Genius or near genius

120 - 140 - Very superior intelligence

110 - 119 - Superior intelligence

90 - 109 - Normal or average intelligence

80 - 89 - Dullness

70 - 79 - Borderline deficiency

Under 70 - Definite feeble-mindedness

High IQ & Genius IQ
Genius IQ is generally considered to begin around 140 to 145, representing ~.25% of the population (1 in 400). Here's a rough guide:

115-124 - Above average (e.g., university students)
125-134 - Gifted (e.g., post-graduate students)
135-144 - Highly gifted (e.g., intellectuals)
145-154 - Genius (e.g., professors)
155-164 - Genius (e.g., Nobel Prize winners)
165-179 - High genius
180-200 - Highest genius
>200 - "Unmeasurable genius"

The next question- for those over 140, what is the median [typical] IQ?
The chance of >=140 is .0038 at 2.67 std devs. Divide .0038 by 2 to get the median P [.0019] Work backwards- how many SDs = .0019? 2.90. Multiply that by 15 = 43.5, add 100, the typical genius IQ [White] is a whopping 143.5. . .But but it cannot be that low. The curve is approaching zero at breakneck speed. First time I've done this calc is right now.

Fun fact- I have a severe eye problem called keratoconus [thinning and bulging corneas].
It seems that 2/3 of the folks with this malady have IQs over 130. I saw my new eye doc last week and mentioned this, he said it's true, and "you're the first one to mention this."

D_Shawn said...

UN said...People like Fred Reed, Alex Jones -- even my favourite hasbara site ... Theo Spark** et al perform the function of informing us about the Heebarrhoids and their actions -- even if it's only obliquely.

As Whiteys, we can be pretty thick at times, but even we learn -- sooner or later -- to judge people according to their deeds, and not their words.

...Our job is to educate enough people into this way of thinking.

This is so.

The critical thing is to get White people to think in terms of race. i.e., that race is not just the color-of-skin(tm) but really a genetic-psychological reality.

It's like guerrilla warfare. Think of yourself as a Boer commando. You can not assault the main enemy directly, they have too much force behind them (media, lawyers, paid off politicos). So you take to the hills, create local bases of resistance, hit and run with your info ops. Prepare for the day when you can make the big offensive. Look at the Identitarians in Europe. Look at the emerging Alt Right in the USA.

This is where a Fred Reed comes in. Fred is very good at pointing out the racial differences between blacks and Whites. Example:

Fred doesn't disparage non-black racial groups. He doesn't have to. Because once normies start thinking in racial terms, the floodgates open.

Or look at

Paul Kersey hammers home on blacks, their dysfunctions, and the politics behind them. Why does this work? Because black dysfunctions are so obvious that normies already are partly awakened. Your average White has to deal with black criminality, black welfare dependence, black trashing of schools, black mayhem from Ferguson to farm attacks. The racial differences between blacks and Whites is as obvious as your door being kicked in by gangbanging home invaders.

What Kersey and his merry band of bloggers do is show the political implications behind these racial differences. And from there, all else follows. The critical thing is to wake up White people.

Right now, race realists and nationalists are out there on the remote veldt. To seize the cities means applying some strategy.

My two cents worth.

Kenneth said...

Ok Savant, I take your point that Peterson is pushing back ever so slightly against judeo-leftist madness, and that he couldn't stray too far from the limits of "respectable" discourse without losing his career. But people shouldn't delude themselves into thinking he's one of us. He has already demontrated his hostility to use with that pathetic, tired old trope that racialists "just want to feel proud about things they haven't earned".

Look at it this way ... the limits of "respectable" discourse wouldn't be so narrow today if all those conservatives of the past had instead been explicit racialists and had fought back with the energy of a John Tyndall or a George Lincoln Rockwell. So why should we keep cutting conservatives slack? What we want is for people to understand that conservatism / civic nationalism / classical liberalism IS NOT THE ANSWER. I'm with Allan@Aberdeen. Let Peterson do his thing, and then call him out for his dishonesty.

I mean really ... I'd be far more willing to cut someone like PJ Watson some slack for pushing people in the right direction. But Peterson? What the hell does he do apart from criticise feminism with a few talking points that were just common sense five years ago? What sort of conservatives are we going to be asked to cut some slack to in ten years time? Theresa May? Angela Merkel?

Anonymous said...

Police release cctv of the man who fled the crash that killed 3 innocent teenagers Friday night in London


Kenneth said...

PS - amusing to see our Anonymous Christian still droning on about how we should reject racialim and embrace Jeebus. Cos the kikes are so scared of Christianity don't you know, LOL. Talk about getting things back to front. Has he actually managed to convince anyone whatsoever? I hope his ranting helps to clarify things for people who still think Christianity can be reonciled with White Nationalism.

Poupon Marx said...

I believe that IQ, as measured has a hard residual quantity, which is organic, morphological, genetic, etc. But living in a culture-family-community where abstract thinking is prized, promoted and taught will aid the testee. This means exposure to conceptual thinking, which amounts to PRACTICE over and over in "preparation" of the tests to come.

Jewish childrearing is vastly different than that of Gentiles. Someone-especially renegade Jews-should do an in-depth look and exposition of this.

-Poupon Marx, lately of the banished band from the descending and declining Occidental Observer.

Hector Gray said...

Use that intelligence Dr. Joe and get the eye problem treated asap.

SAVANT said...

Your contribution is worth a lot more than two cents D_Shawn. Point being that to each his season etc. There are those who awaken Whites to black pathologies, how the 1% are screwing us over, the downsides of globalisation and feminism etc. and this in itself is invaluable even if they studiously avoid (for now anyway) the JQ. Not a major step from understanding that Whites are being fucked over to questioning who is masterminding it.

That really is my point.

Bevois said...

Christianity is incompatible with deification of the white race but it is not incompatible with the view that there is a hierarchy of races, see Curse of Ham. The Tower of Babel story affirms that different tribes and races have been allotted separate lands by God. Also, the Bible affirms that separate nations are part of God's plans; the Book of Revelations/Apocalypse mentions the Nations many times as a sub division of the Elect that seems to suggest to me the possibility that different racial characteristics continue into Eternity. In case the Bible is clear that God is responsible for the Rise and Fall of Nations and that the invasion of the savages into Western countries is a consequence of a wide scale apostasy from Christianity.

Anonymous said...

19:31- "Fred doesn't disparage non-black racial groups. He doesn't have to. Because once normies start thinking in racial terms, the floodgates open."
He certainly doesn't disparage mexicans. He pedestalizes the scum, and says we yanqui gringos are fools for wanting to send them back to the mestizo shitholes they came from, before they fully turn America into a shithole. Fred is no hero for naming the ook. The smallest child knows they're different from us. There's even a book about it, titled "Everything I Learned About Nxggers, I Learned In Kindergarten."
Fred Reed should just retire already, and enjoy his home country's 12-yo age of consent. Or the margaritas, or whatever lured him down there.

Geoffrey said...

Two men work together. One has an IQ of 160 and the other an IQ of 100. Which one is the boss?

Answer of course is the man of 100. Anyone that thinks otherwise has not spent much time working in the real world. It might be different in a research lab or University, but not by much. In say any office job the joke is almost always true. In blue collar jobs, bright people hide their intelligence. I knew an electrician that did this when he worked for a council. He pretended to be much stupider than he was, so as to be accepted and avoid stress at work.

Two men are in the NKVD basement. One is about to shoot the other in the back of the neck. Which one is the more intelligent? In almost all cases, the man being shot. The (((killer))) has a much lower IQ but a very high Cunning Quotient (CQ). The jews lowered the average IQ of the Soviet Union and they did it deliberately. All good, kind people were killed. Criminals and lazy, cruel people were elevated whereas Saints were tortured then murdered. That is what jews do when they get absolute power. Pol Pot did exactly the same thing as the medium IQ jews in the Soviet Union. Many brainy jews who told the truth were also killed in that glorious Socialist paradise.

Jews, the 2%, get 25% of all Harvard Admissions and have 50% and more of all the positions of authority at the University. This is not due to intelligence but to ruthless cheating, networking, tribalism and cunning. Based on merit Jews should get 6%. Whites and East Asians get a lot less places than they should based on merit, which places are given to undeserving jews and Coons. Jews win Academy Awards and Nobel Prizes because they own and run the world, not because they have “High IQ’s”. With power, comes the glory. Hitchcock never won an Academy Award. The mediocre jew Mel Brooks won two Academy Awards. Hitchcock most likely had a much higher IQ than Mel Brooks.

The David and Goliath story tells it well. The big and brave Goliath fought fair and by the rules of hand to hand combat. The midget cowardly jew cheated and used a projectile weapon. The jew won. The jews wrote history as always and even Christians think that the dwarf jew cheating was a very good, moral, heroic thing to do. The end justifies the means, which led to the invention of the jew Atom Bomb to drop on Germany and to incidentally end civilisation for ever – one day before too long. Did David have a higher IQ than Goliath? Probably not. Who needs brains when you cheat? Jews have been doing this for thousands of years and calling them on it is “Anti-Semitic”.

Hiemdall in Africa said...

Great post Frank. Thanks.

James said...

Also, it's important to highlight the fact that the massive overrepresentation creates a "kosher filter" that is applied to the higher IQ whites trying to gain access to a particular field dominated by jews.

Also, we need to remember that the Jews simply do not count many of the dumb Jews. They just count them as Goyim.
I takes intelligence to figure out you are a Jew and then join a synagogue sometimes. I knew a Jew who didn't know he was a Jew until I told him. He didn't seem able to work it out on his own. He never bothered with them and decided he was too dumb to be a Jew anyway and would just be a goy and get on with life.

James said...

Kenneth Said

But Peterson? What the hell does he do apart from criticise feminism with a few talking points that were just common sense five years ago? What sort of conservatives are we going to be asked to cut some slack to in ten years time? Theresa May? Angela Merkel?

It's like Murray writing a 600 page encyclopedia about the European Union, but Coudenhove-Kalergi, Pratcial Idealism, Pan-European, and all such topics are strangely missing from the index. Reviewers said the book was "exhaustive" and "contained everything there is to know about the EU".

Total joke of a book.

James said...

The organiser is accused of 'racism' for organising the protest which the Gardaí are investigating.

The police in all Western countries have become a force for white genocide, to their eternal shame.

James said...

Calculus said:

There is no worse blindness than for the one who doesn't want to see. But since we are supposed to give JP a break...oh well.

At least he made a big drama of backpedalling. That means something. It's starting to look farcical and they know it. Even Bill Maher is cutting whitey some slack because he knows the left is getting to preposterous to believe anymore.

James said...

If you are not willing to put your own name on the line, then what right do you have to criticize Peterson, or Jared Taylor, or even Richard Spencer? All these men go into the real world to advocate for White people, and this at risk to not only their careers but also physical safety.

I agree. And maybe JP's defense is purposefully weak. I mean, he managed to look naive all the white promoting 200 years together. Plausible deniability.

James said...

Here is an account of a man who couldn't please the Christians or the Jews. I'm posting it because it is interesting, that's all.

James said...

The ADL is saying that deporting blacks from Israel "goes against Jewish values".

I suppose goys will believe it.

James said...

LOL ask JP about this:

JERUSALEM — Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki spoke by phone Sunday and agreed to open a dialogue to avoid further diplomatic fallout following Poland’s initial approval of a law making it a criminal offense to mention Polish complicity in crimes committed during the Holocaust.

James said...

Ernst Zundel asks why the Germans turned on the Jews.
He says it's because Weimar Germany was just like America is now.
He tells this to an Israeli reporter.

James said...

IQ is genetic but there is a gene which gives you 8 extra IQ points - but it usually only switches on if the baby is breast fed.

Formula for the goyim then...

Anonymous said...

How is Alison Chabloz doing?

Anonymous said...

@29 January 2018 at 04:21

So what you are say is, that life isn't fair

Anonymous said...

Find out about what poundland did in the 2nd world war before it becomes a crime.

Baltic nations to follow
Quick Ukraine get yourselves in the eu. Lets blame the naaarzzzie

wilmo said...

I take your point Bevois but rather than the hereafter mediated by racial factors I believe it more likely to be personal moral characteristics. And as we know these vary significantly by race. SO pretty much the same outcome, just determined by different factors.

Frank Galton said...

Cheers Hiemdall,

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...


Joe Splunge said...

Reading those posts about Balbriggan, particularly about local groups hitting back at the "refugees" I am astounded. As a people the Irish have no more backbone than a bag of eels, no more balls than a bull canary. A thousand years of history testify to nothing else. To hear of them standing up for themselves is a revelation, and one hopes it is not a mere flash in the pan.

calculus said...

@James, indeed JP's backpedaling is more telling than a short 'yes' or 'no' answer.

Regarding the 2% Jews, again i don't agree. In the East Coast it's more. New York could easily be around 30%, Philadelphia's rich suburbs 10%-20%. They own all the nice places.
'Jew' is loosing its meaning in America. It's a blur, which is probably the point in History that they were seeking to achieve.
If you mean genetic Jews, genetically a lot of Americans of the east coast are jewish to some degree, like they have a small % of African ancestry, (aka the melting pot works).
If you mean religious Jews, many pretend to be atheist, conveniently.

There was a doctor in a fertility clinic in New York who 'forgot' to mention that he was the 'anonymous sperm donor' for almost 600 In Vitro Fertilizations. Not funny, imagine the horror of the 'resulting experiment', who suffers from sort of split personality of unknown cause, when he discovers around his 18s when he's old enough to take a genetic test (all adoptees and IVF/test-tube babies do it) that he got 50% Ashkenazi genes in addition to have to endure an homoparental curse. Inversely, you have those who pretend to be jewish but have no jewish ancestry left in them. Those are Tortures of a New Age.

Anonymous said...

Darkmoon is Down and Out

Anonymous said...

Left wing labour supporters born in Somalia try’s to shut down a Churchill and Blighty themed cafe
But in reality they just hate anything British and are part of a group called rob Britain
And they specialise in what they call decolonial politics


Anonymous said...

Douglas Murray on Merkel, Facebook, and Free Speech - Vertigo Politix

Future generations will look back at us with disgust.

Anonymous said...

Study Links Fluoride to Lower IQ’s in Children After Birth

Boil all water before drinking it

Anonymous said...

The government surveillance program aimed at Zündel and everyone who communicated with him was invisible to the victims. It occurred in the dark, the activities completely concealed. The targeted citizens could not “feel” the massive spying or recordkeeping that was going on behind the scenes. Psychologically, it was effectively invisible, nonexistent.

It is noteworthy that hundreds of people, thousands if academics, “activists,” and government agents are included, make comfortable livings persecuting Whites, depriving them of their civil rights, and systematically destroying freedom of thought and speech in the West.

Cognitive Dissonance said...

Was wondering how long Darkmoon would last. Hope she reappears in some form.

Anonymous said...

Jordan Peterson is tackling a critical issue in a focussed way and achieving remarkable results. For him to lose his focus would destroy his effectiveness. The people who want to piggy-back their particular causes onto his success are, whether consciously or otherwise, saboteurs.

Anonymous said...

Tommy Robinson love him or hate him
Anyway he is arguing with the MSM over them trying to link him in the court case to the welsh guy who drove a van at Muslim worshipers
Obviously they just want to clamp down what people can say
Anyway I think he puts his point to a bbc reporter in a good way


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Left wing labour supporters born in Somalia try’s to shut down a Churchill and Blighty themed cafe
But in reality they just hate anything British and are part of a group called rob Britain
And they specialise in what they call decolonial politics

Ha! that stinking shitskin mongrel of mixed race coolie/nigger (somali - that's what they are) 'heritage' seems IGNORANT of the fact that Ghandi the saint was racist too !!! ROFL

James said...

Douglas Murray on Merkel, Facebook, and Free Speech - Vertigo Politix

Future generations will look back at us with disgust.

Yet still Murray refrains from mentioning the Kalergi Plan. Does he not know? Maybe someone needs to tell him.

B3I1p19m said...

James -

JERUSALEM — Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki spoke...


Netanyahu - "We will not accept any attempt whatsoever to rewrite history. We will accept no restriction on research into historical truth".

The whole point of the All-lies & Israel is the opposite.

dr. joseph btfsplk said...

alt right and right-libertarianism- ready to fuse? [look at hoppe vids] [still won't name jew- sez whites are in control!]

James said...

This video raises a couple of things:

- Much of the Holodomor was perpetrated by other Ukrainians. J leaders at the top though.
- Still no mention of white genocide. That's starting to look strange which means it could be changing soon.

dr. joseph btfsplk said...


(((dr. strangelove))) - water fluoridation. . .

[ridiculing those with such views]

Anonymous said...

They won’t stop until they have found a way to silence us. But cyber-attack is just one prong in this assault on truth and our right to self-determination. Another major frontline in the assault on our mission is the international legislative effort to permanently shut us down.

Almagor openly called for ‘unity’ to combat ‘hate speech.’ The unity of whom? J Not the White masses. He wants increased interactive efforts between governments, law officers, and anti-terrorism units, alongside companies and NGOs. He wants Big Brother to start watching you.

Anonymous said...

With every action there is a reaction. 

Anonymous said...

good to know.. i'd wondered..... thx

Anonymous said...

This multicultural approach, saying that we simply live side by side and live happily with each other has failed. Utterly failed.

Jen said...

"This multicultural approach, saying that we simply live side by side and live happily with each other has failed. Utterly failed."

30 January 2018 at 15:47


Well ain't that just an indisputable fact. I had the ordeal of having to share a crowded medical specialist's waiting room with a horde of Zulus today - I live in South Africa - and an unaccompanied "umfana" (small male child) was sitting next to me with his finger up his nose digging for diamonds. There are patients in for surgery who can't afford to catch a virus and children are virtual virus bombs. So I told this kid to stop it, but he carried on with his nasal exploration. I said "Stop it" again and he ran off to some other nigger in fright. Nobody knew who the child belonged to.

So this middle aged black woman started shouting at me and insisting that I apologise to the child. Wtf? I told here where to stick it and then she said if it were her child I'd spoken to like that she would have gone for me physically. I shouted at her in Zulu to shut the fuck up and only then did the receptionist intervene and tell the woman to can it. I was fast tracked for my appointment and was out of there after my appointment faster than you can say bum's rush.

Disgusting racist behaviour from a black person. I've told a few white people's brats where to get off, but never been threatened with physical violence by their parents. Other people's loinfruit are their problem, not mine.

Anonymous said...

Angela Merkel

Merkel is Lutheran and her father was a Lutheran minister

When she was sworn in as Germany’s first woman Chancellor, she chose to say the optional phrase: “So help me God,” a tradition during the swearing-in of a Chancellor, but not required.

This multicultural approach, saying that we simply live side by side and live happily with each other has failed. Utterly failed.

When Merkel said this, it sent shock waves throughout the Western world, whose orientation to political correctness had never heard this kind of honesty from such a high-ranking politician. It is this sort of thing that sets Merkel apart from her peers.

Question Is Why did she change her mind (alright she's a woman she's entitled too) Who had a little word in her earhole... ?
Come On someone must know

Denise said...

Angel Merkel is a BLOOD JEW. It's real name is Kasner. It's male spawner was a Polish JEW. Screw that "Lutheran" crapola.

Ragno said...

Bravo Savant. You actually get it. Toss the bathwater - but hold on to the baby.

ChumLee's brother said...

Anon said...

Tommy Robinson love him or hate him
Anyway he is arguing with the MSM over them trying to link him in the court case to the welsh guy who drove a van at Muslim worshipers

...I think that there are two scenarios with this 'van' attack.

1) Van driver turn a blind corner, sees Moslems in the road, but there is not enough braking distance to avoid them. Moslem 'conqering' mindset means that they won't disperse off of the road. So, he hits the crowd at a low speed, causing only minor injuries.
The dying man, who has caused the crows to be on the road...dies anyway, and through no collision, but (((they))) hang this death around the van drivers neck.

2) Government hoax from start to finish.

...I'm leaning towards option the 43 year sentence gives the game away.
A person with a 43 year sentence, is effectively off of the public's "radar".
They are "dead" to the system. Except of course, the press and legal profession can drag it up every few years...mentioning appeals, and the like, to beat up the white people with.

dr. joseph btfsplk said...


Reminds me of my "little brother" [fraternity] Mischa [Michael].
He was principal of Fountain Valley High School, and later president of Cypress College.
I pondered over the years- how he get those cushy jobs? I forgot his last name- I believe it starts with a K. Oh yeah- KASLER! That's it.

So today for first time I look it up, on jew surname index. Is it there?

Does a bull shit in the woods? [yes] a pic

looks White to me. . .Mischa also has a "doctorate". . .one of those education certificates

dr. joseph btfsplk said...

post script

Dr. Kasler was born in Bamburg Germany. He is fluent in Russian.

Anonymous said...

I remember JP being asked this question and he replied "I can't".

There's some truth hidden in that simple answer if you think about it.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

In my opinion, Jordan Peterson is fake, same as Kevin Macdonald.

Why do you think Kevin Macdonald is fake?

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