Saturday, 18 November 2017

An astounding outcome

A little over two years ago Freddie Grey, a Baltimore criminal, died in the back of a police van. This lead to days of rioting which lead to many deaths and much of the city in ruins. The rioters were probably taking Mayor Stephanie-Rawlings-Blake at her word when she claimed they needed 'space to destroy' know, to assuage their grief at Freddie's death. She and her top law enforcement officials (seen in the top pic...clearly great legal minds, driven by a thirst for justice) came up with additional measures to get the city back on an even footing. 
Marlyn Mosby the State's Attorney (the epitome of the angry black affirmative action woman) immediately put the cops on trial and in the finest traditions of African justice virtually declared them guilty before they ever appeared in court. In fact all the cases against them collapsed.....opening the gates for more 'space to destroy'. Other measures included keeping police off the streets in 'sensitive' ( neighbourhoods and forcing White policemen to retire, to be replaced by corrupt and incompetent minorities who immediately realised that stopping crime in 'sensitive areas' would more likely lead to the police ending up in the dock than the criminals.

What could possibly go wrong? 

Well lots actually. The new Mayor is 'deeply concerned' by the ensuing crime rate. Murders are now at a record rate (more than 300 this year so far, Montana by contrast has had 37) but as one journalist noted 'much has been made of the staggering pace of killings in Baltimore. But less known are the increases in rapes, robberies, assaults, burglaries and arsons this year.'  By taking encouragement from the two-day 'ceasefires' (sic) arranged with the thugs the Mayor inadvertently revealed the city to be a war zone. Meanwhile Whites and businesses - same thing really - flee the city, further impairing the city's finances. So the city Administration now wants 'assistance' - which means White taxpayers picking up the tab yet again for the incompetence and depredations of the black undertow.

This is but the tip of the iceberg. Municipal pension funds are insolvent right across the country but self-evidently the worst are in minority-run areas. Take out the popcorn and enjoy the fun. They might yet make good on their threat to return to Africa if things turn out badly enough.


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Normalcy Bias said...

As I've learned over the past few days in doing battle with racist black SJW's on various sites, very few blacks are capable of even elementary reasoning. This apparently includes many college-educated blacks. Accordingly it is a waste of time to try to implement social policies that require blacks to be reasonable -- to actually think things through -- because they can't do it any more than they can stop themselves from being violent.

This is further reason why we need immediately to pull all white cops out of all minority communities nationwide. (We also need to encourage minority communities to vote all whites out of decision making public office.) White flight would obviously result, as would business flight, but at least the riots would stop -- because the evil white racist occupying cop army would no longer be there to be a source of friction.

As I keep saying, Baltimore comes close to the ideal of a minority community policed and governed only by minorities. The problem with Baltimore was that there were still white cops on the street and white police commanders in the offices.

I suspect that this step alone -- pulling out all the white cops -- would provide 80% of the benefits of formal separation of the races with 1% of the effort. The left would be hard put to object since this judo-like maneuver would simply be acknowledging that everything they say about whites holding the black man down is true.

Anonymous said...

I was debating on-line with an African living in Ireland. I kept referring to him as "coloured" , which they hate, rather than the N word, which they like.
He threw all the race cards at me, but to no effect.
In exasperation, he told me that he was in Ireland so that 'cucked whites', his words, would know their place.
When will the "throat cutting" on sight, time begin. I'm clock watching.

Anonymous said...

Just read an article in nature about the discovery of a new species of orangutan. apparently this newly discovered species has wirer hair and a different shaped skull hence to rush to categorize it as a brand new species.

Anonymous said...

Black minorities will NEVER go back to sub Saharan shitholes. The only reason there are white cops in Baltimore is that black minorities by their very nature don't join the police force. Remove the white cops from Baltimore and businesses and jobs will totally disappear; and the darkies will move to another white area they can destroy.

Six Million Dollar Man said...

The communist group "Students For A Democratic Society" (a "Pre" AntiFa communist group) were the main ones behind the "Race" riots of the 1960's which drove out most of the whites from cities like Newark NJ and turned them into the Baltimore's of today. Newark NJ now has a Muslim mayor, whose father was one of the major players of the orchestrated race riots of the 60's who also was married to a "Jewess" (perhaps his handler?)
Communist Tom Hayden (Hanoi Jane Fonda's former husband)was one of the major players, but also of interest was of investigative reporter Ron Porambo's revelation that the Black Muslim groups in Newark NJ, were FBI fronts.
Captain Kinney testified that in 1964 a group of activists of the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) came to Newark and organized the Newark Community Union Project (NCUP). The leader of this group was Thomas Hayden, former national president of SDS.

Uncle Nasty said...

Things seem to be going wrong for the Left at an accelerating pace. It appears that even old Bill's Teflon coating is wearing a bit thin ...

Sexual abuse allegations revive scrutiny of former US President Bill Clinton


Former US President Bill Clinton was accused of a number of offences, ranging from groping to exposing his genitals to rape.

A torrent of sexual abuse allegations against powerful figures in politics and media has reignited the defining US political fight of the 1990s.

But this time, the battle is being waged within the ranks of Democrats and their allies, including leaders of the feminist movement. A growing number now say they were wrong to have so stridently defended former US President Bill Clinton against the women who over the years accused him of offences that ranged from groping to exposing his genitals to rape.

The uncomfortable question is whether Democrats then were guilty of the sin they accuse Republicans of committing now by continuing to support US President Donald Trump and Alabama Senate nominee Roy Moore, despite allegations of sexual offences: Were they also putting partisanship and their desire to hold onto power above the principles they claim to hold dear?

Bizarre as it may seem, the above is not from some obscure alt.right/Nazi/Racist blog but straight from the MSM. From the horse's, ah, mouth ... so to speak.
Amazing. Most printed comment these days is from the other end of the horse.

The question that no-one dare ask, of course, is:- If Bill -- the darling of the left -- goes down in flames, can Hillary be far behind?


MTB said...

Count the number of victims of Black violence in just one rust belt city per year -- like Chicago or Baltimore, Philly or other city. A few hundred killings by Blacks -- compared to a few dozen killings by Whites! My definition of "laughable" is the urban morons who have hissy fits when a Black is justifiably shot (for attacking a law enforcement officer) and rioting, while the number of Blacks murdered BY BLACKS doesn't even raise an eyebrow.

awakened said...

My entire state will routinely go 72 hours without a homicide. Less than 40 last year despite some of the highest gun ownership rates in the nation. No midnight basketball leagues either. It's mystifying.

Californian said...

As I've learned over the past few days in doing battle with racist black SJW's on various sites, very few blacks are capable of even elementary reasoning.

There are real racial differences between blacks and the rest of humanity. These are usually summed up by race realists as genetic, having to do with low median black IQ, lack of future time orientation and dismal impulse control. These things just may be the tip of the iceberg. The world as viewed from the inside of the black skull may be completely different from that of other races.

For example, it appears that many blacks can not understand the relationship between cause and effect. They do not "get it" that when one commits crimes, disrupts classrooms and trashes their 'hood the result will be jail and poverty. Instead, the universal black mantra for their own failures is "Blame YT!"

The result is that black-dominated polities, whether we are talking Detroit, Port au Prince, Monrovia or a Euro-banlieue, come to the same endgame: dystopias of mindless violence and disintegrated infrastructure, presided over by corrupt Big Men (and, in the case of Baltimore, Women).

Where you have Africans, there ye shall have Africa.

Ergo, Baltimore.

Something to think about in the ongoing chaos.

Anonymous said...

Things seem to be going wrong for the Left at an accelerating pace. It appears that even old Bill's Teflon coating is wearing a bit thin ...

It's a witch hunt, and it's eating its own. I wonder if the Men Behind the Curtain have decided that since the Clintons flubbed the 2016 election, it's time for them to be removed.

Anonymous said...

My entire state will routinely go 72 hours without a homicide.

I take it that your state has not been enriched with diversity?

Anonymous said...

Californaian said....

For example, it appears that many blacks can not understand the relationship between cause and effect. They do not "get it" that when one commits crimes, disrupts classrooms and trashes their 'hood the result will be jail and poverty. Instead, the universal black mantra for their own failures is "Blame YT!"

American and UK blacks understand cause and effect, only too well.
Level the city, get more 'giss-me-dats".

Anonymous said...

WWII veteran calls for help and dies as nurses laugh, video shows:

scroll down to see what the nurses look like...make a guess...

Here's the youtube vid:

Anonymous said...

It's like "War For The Planet Of The Apes" and the powers that be show the same degree of sympathy for the Baltimore apes as the movie exhibits for apes versus humans. Which is what I expect.

Like so many American cities in the sixties, Baltimore was a fine working class city with it's own kind of densely packed working class but charming housing. A lot of it like London's East End but with shoulder to shoulder front porches (hence the term "porch monkeys"). After the riots of the mid to late sixties, whites moved out into the suburbs, leaving the old and poor to their fate.

But back to the movie, it lacks the light satire of the original series and takes the race relations metaphor too seriously with predictable results. Like when zombie movies went bad when they started finding humanity in the dead people. A fucking gorilla gently puts a flower in a young (white) girl's hair.

But I expected that. What really bothered me was the gratuitous anti-American imagery. Woody Harrelson playing Brando doing Colonel Kurz in front of an American flag while commandos whipped the po' apes while the national anthem played. Later the "big man" ape rips a burning American flag down into the mud.


Anonymous said...

Not just in the USA but here in the UK

WHITE TAXPAYERS in the UK are paying for this!

Anonymous said...

Baltimore is a complete mess. The niggers there are worthless. In 50 years every single inner city in the US will be just like it or worse than Baltimore. The population time bomb will go off. How about three billion shines in Africa alone by mid century.

We are on track for a disaster of epic proportions. These nogs won’t stay in Africa. No, they will migrate to Europe and the US. Hundreds of millions will flee Apefreaka.

God help the next generation. They will need it.

Anonymous said...

Dear Jesus
Can it get any worse ..

Six Million Dollar Man said...

The great Madison Grant believed there were 3 sub species of the Caucasian species.
Caucasians are more closely related to Asians as they both to varying degrees have Denisovan & Neanderthal DNA, while Negroids have little to none with the DNA of another unknown humanoid that Caucasians & Asians do not have (Homo Erectus)?
So even DNA says there are differences between the Human "Races" which adds further to the fact that there are different species of Humans. They can tell the 'race' of a person by their skeleton.

Race and Physical Differences

great white said...

Disagree that blacks don't join the police. An ideal job for them. Just go thru the routine, turn a blind eye to crime, get a little action on the side and cry 'racism' in the unlikely even that you get called to account, unmerited promotions due to AA. That's why huge numbers of them are joining.

SAVANT said...

Most definitely many blacks can not understand the relationship between cause and effect as Californian says. Not least when it comes to wealth creation. They just kind of assume that wealth is there, it just happens, and all they (think they) know is that they're not getting 'their share'. That's why all African countries go down the tube after so-called independence.

James said...

Whites are deliberately destroying Baltimore with their business and housing sanctions.

James said...

WWII veteran calls for help and dies as nurses laugh, video shows:

It's what he fought for. Thank god he didn't end up in a racist Nazi whites-only rest home.

James said...

In New Zealand we have less racism so our crime rate is so low that the cops ignore most of it.

We have about one murder per week country-wide. Sometimes an Asian* winds up in pieces in a suitcase, but its an Asian community thing so we try not to meddle and assume we know what murder means in their culture.

*Asian means ching-chong, slope gook type Asians here, not dot indians and pakis like in the UK.

James said...

In exasperation, he told me that he was in Ireland so that 'cucked whites', his words, would know their place.
When will the "throat cutting" on sight, time begin. I'm clock watching.

That's so racist, how dare you repeat something like that. (Says the standard liberal retard)

James said...

Caucasians are more closely related to Asians as they both to varying degrees have Denisovan & Neanderthal DNA, while Negroids have little to none with the DNA of another unknown humanoid that Caucasians & Asians do not have (Homo Erectus)?

The BIGGEST nail in the coffin of the out of Africa theory is the fact that sub-saharan Africans have chimpanzee genes, which were acquired 2 million years ago when humans and chimps were closer and able to inter-breed. Europeans have none of these.

Maybe that's the "unknown" hominid.

Anonymous said...

Bill, that Colonel Kurtz scene seems REALLY subtle. Jesus Christ!

James said...

But I expected that. What really bothered me was the gratuitous anti-American imagery. Woody Harrelson playing Brando doing Colonel Kurz in front of an American flag while commandos whipped the po' apes while the national anthem played. Later the "big man" ape rips a burning American flag down into the mud.

Woody Harrelson always plays Illuminati Skinhead Hick nutcases and killers. Is he typecast or does he just enjoy denigrating the white race?

James said...

Things seem to be going wrong for the Left at an accelerating pace.

"Seem" being the operative word.

Uncle Nasty said...

A bit of Sunday Morning good cheer.

While I am perfectly aware that the biggest instigators of the shit that resulted in WWII were the fucking Poles ... I must say that the newer generation fills me with hope.

Well ... a little bit.

Polish far-right nationalists call for ‘Jew-free’ country
Posted on November 13, 2017 by

( Tens of thousands of far-right nationalists chanted calls for a “Jew-free” Poland as they marched through the streets of Warsaw on Saturday to mark 99 years since the country was re-established as an independent nation.

Saturday's Polish Independence Day march. Credit: YouTube.

During the march—the largest Polish Independence Day event in years—far-right demonstrators were heard chanting “Pure Poland, Jew-free Poland,” and “Jews out of Poland,” while carrying banners with slogans such as “White Europe of brotherly nations.”

The annual nationalist march was met with smaller counter-protests.

Israel’s Foreign Ministry urged the Polish government to “take action against the organizers” of the march.

“This is a dangerous march instigated by extremists and racists….History teaches us that we must act against hatred and racism as quickly and as determinedly as possibly,” the ministry stated.

In mid-September, the head of Poland’s right-wing nationalist Law and Justice party, Jaroslaw Kaczynski, denounced anti-Semitism and lauded the “great state” of Israel during a ceremony commemorating Polish citizens who protected the country’s Jews during the Holocaust.

In his remarks, Kaczynski characterized anti-Semitism as “very dangerous” and commended Israel for its “power of spirit, power of the mind, determination and courage.” Kaczynski’s statements came after Polish-Jewish leaders called on the politician to denounce rising anti-Semitism within the country.

Sadly, the event did not seem to result in any serious injuries. Seriously though, if this piece is not merely another Oh-boo-hoo-look-at-poor-widda-poisecuted-me bullshit story, then a tiny spark flickers.

Judenfrei ... Judenfrei ... Judenfrei ... Judenfrei ... Such a lovely ring to it. Rather like Milla Jovovitch's Mooool-Ti-PASSS!"


Manwe said...

No sane white person would knowingly set foot in an all black neighborhood. If anything bad happens to them in the ghetto (probably there to buy drugs), I have a hard time feeling sorry for them. I gave up caring about the ghetto dwellers themselves a long time ago. They cannot be helped. We should instead focus on helping each other.

James said...

English edition of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn's Two Hundred Years Together is complete. This book took him from Nobel hero to zero overnight.

Warning: Henry Makow promotes this book so Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn must be a jew and the gulags were actually fancy health spas for rich tourists roughing it a bit.

James said...

Is liberalism in men caused by Soy?

James said...

Pope rapes?

Manwe said...

To Anonymous at 19:52 :

A word of advice to any readers, never EVER condemn your parents or grandparents to live out their final days in a nursing home with lots of black workers. They are true hell on earth. Our elders deserve much better. If you can find a home in an all white area with white staff, send them there. Better yet, assist them in their own apartment or home until they can no longer be on their own. If possible, it would be great for whites to look after our elderly in our own homes like we used to in the good old days. I know it will be difficult, but we cannot allow blacks to look after them. Blacks can't even look after their own selves and children, much less our beloved ones.

Flanders said...

"The rate of reported chlamydia cases among black women was 5.1 times the rate among white women (1,387.2 and 271.1 cases per 100,000 females, respectively). The rate of reported chlamydia cases among black men was 6.6 times the rate among white men (839.0 and 126.4 cases per 100,000 males, respectively). Rates of reported cases of chlamydia were highest for blacks aged 15–19 and 20–24 years in 2016. The rate of reported chlamydia cases among black women aged 15–19 years (6,485.2 cases per 100,000 females) was 4.5 times the rate among white women in the same age group (1,433.3 cases per 100,000 females). The rate of reported chlamydia cases among black women aged 20–24 years was 3.7 times the rate among white women in the same age group (6,747.6 and 1,836.2 cases per 100,000 females, respectively). Similar racial disparities in reported chlamydia rates exist among men. Among men aged 15–19 years, the rate of reported chlamydia cases among blacks was 8.8 times the rate among whites (2,337.7 and 266.9 cases per 100,000 males, respectively). The rate of reported chlamydia cases among black men aged 20–24 years was 4.9 times the rate among white men of the same age group (3,316.9 and 682.5 cases per 100,000 males, respectively)." [The data is from the CDC's report, "STDs in Racial and Ethnic Minorities - Public Health Impact".
The link, with more information in that report, is at the site below].

Flanders said...

Not exactly Baltimore:

"This Mansion is in Harare and belongs to: The President of Zimbabwe – ROBERT MUGABE"


James said...

We all get a nigger for xmas.

Christmas adverts are full of white genocide now. Jews and liberals make them of course, not Christians.

Hanukkah is coming and the Goy are getting fat,
So please put a dollar in the old Jews hat,
If you haven't got a dollar then a shekel will do,
If you haven't got a shekel then I'll genocide you!

Muslims in xmas ads too, but they do it right. Whitey messes it up.
No openly jew people celebrating xmas yet. Maybe next year 20 6+6+6.
They force the turkey into the oven instead.

Christmas used to be complicated but now it's just black and white. Simple.


All pushing white genocide. Their boards of directors, CEOs, shareholders, ad execs and all associated should all be in prison for the crime of genocide.

Why is this not happening? Why isn't the Simon Wiesenthal foundation doing something?

whirled peas said...

"They might yet make good on their threat to return to Africa if things turn out badly enough."

they already tried that. it's called liberia. it didn't work out:

"The Republic of Liberia began as a settlement of the American Colonization Society (ACS), who believed black people would face better chances for freedom in Africa than in the United States.[7] The country declared its independence on July 26, 1847. The United Kingdom was the first country to recognize Liberia's independence.[8] The U.S. did not recognize Liberia's independence until during the American Civil War on February 5, 1862. Between January 7, 1822 and the American Civil War, more than 15,000 freed and free-born black people who faced legislated limits in the U.S., and 3,198 Afro-Caribbeans, relocated to the settlement.[9] The black settlers carried their culture and tradition with them to Liberia. The Liberian constitution and flag were modeled after those of the U.S. On January 3, 1848, Joseph Jenkins Roberts, a wealthy, free-born African American from Virginia who settled in Liberia, was elected as Liberia's first president after the people proclaimed independence."

"Political tensions from the rule of William R. Tolbert resulted in a military coup in 1980 that overthrew his leadership soon after his death, marking the beginning of years-long political instability. Five years of military rule by the People's Redemption Council and five years of civilian rule by the National Democratic Party of Liberia were followed by the First and Second Liberian Civil Wars. These resulted in the deaths of 250,000 people (about 8% of the population), the displacement of many more and shrunk Liberia's economy by 90%.[10] A peace agreement in 2003 led to democratic elections in 2005, in which Ellen Johnson Sirleaf was elected President. Recovery proceeds but about 85% of the population live below the international poverty line. Liberia's economic and political stability was threatened in the 2010s by an Ebola virus epidemic; it originated in Guinea in December 2013, entered Liberia in March 2014, and was declared officially ended on May 8, 2015."

yeah, pretty much like the rest of africa...

Flanders said...

"Black and Jewish': African-American celebs who practice Judaism"

Flanders said...

"Homeland Security official resigns over comment calling Blacks lazy, promiscuous"

This is more a case of the left going after one of their own.

"CNN broke the story of Rev. Jamie Johnson‘s comment on “The Right Balance,” on Accent Radio Network, in 2008. On the show, an unidentified speaker asked Johnson to explain why “a lot of blacks are anti-Semitic.”

Johnson responded by saying that “it’s an indictment of America’s black community that has turned America’s major cities into slums because of laziness, drug use and sexual promiscuity."

dr. joseph btfsplk said...

and all they (think they) know is that they're not getting 'their share'.

"Their fair share" is what they would get under native [savage] conditions- a spear, a grass skirt, and a bone in the nose.

They are RADICALLY over-compensated compared to their, ahem, contribution. . .

Uncle Nasty said...

A short history of Armand Hammer ... the man who gave new meaning to the term "Slimy, two-faced, jew fuck."

Lenin’s Willing Industrialist: The Saga of Armand Hammer, Part 1 of 5
November 18, 2017 |
James Wald

Oh, would some Power give us the gift
To see ourselves as others see us!
-Robert Burns

There are few things that provide quite as illuminating a contrast as comparing a man’s testament of his own life against those accounts given by others (friend and foe, alike). In that spirit, then, here is an account of the life of Armand Hammer, the Jewish businessman, oil magnate, concessionaire and art collector, who in his telling was a crusader for human rights and the scourge of cancer.

The picture that emerges of Dr. Hammer in the eyes of others (and sometimes in declassified documents and secret recordings) is a quite different face than the one Hammer presented to the world. Here is Part One of a five-part series.

Lenin’s Willing Industrialist: The Saga of Armand Hammer, Part I: Roots and Russia

In public relations agent Carl Blumay’s account of his more than twenty years in service to Armand Hammer, The Dark Side of Power: The Real Armand Hammer, he relates how carefully Hammer crafted his “disarming, grandfatherly public persona” (Blumay 363) and how the man behind the meteoric rise of Occidental Petroleum never missed an opportunity to disprove the darker rumors surrounding his empire.

Hammer performed this routine using Blumay so frequently that it eventually approached the level of vaudeville with Blumay gritting his teeth in a forced smile while replying with the requisite “twenty-five years” to the day’s audience, whether it was at a board meeting, fundraiser, or an art gallery.

Not cohensidentally, related to this schmuck:-


James said...

The Black Pill

Roosh V talks about the black pill which often comes after the red pill.

In this interesting talk he says trying to change the world is dangerous and the world will bite you back if you try. (He has first-hand experience in this).

He thinks we are living in possibly the most evil time in history right now. Many men are giving up. Sluts are loving it.

Fighting back against the evil can destroy you.

WARNING: he says nothing about the H so he's probably a fraud according to John C's trusted opinion.

James said...

"The rate of reported chlamydia cases among black women was 5.1 times the rate among white women

Chlamydia is racist.

Anonymous said...

Flanders said...

Whenever Blacks step out of line - There are always Plantation corporate jews who are there to correct their field-hands and shove them back into line on the jew's main project - working against White people. Corporate plantation jews snap their snakewhips and tell those blacks:

"Hoe that anti-White PC cotton, nigger!"

"Apple Fires Black Diversity Chief For Claiming That White Men Have A Right To Exist In The Workplace"

"And your “Diversity Departments?”

They’re just the modern American form of the old Soviet Commissar system – willing to purge any and all who dare to oppose the program of slow economic White Genocide.

“Denise Young Smith, who was named Apple’s vice president of diversity and inclusion in May, is “stepping down” after saying white people can be diverse last month.

During a summit in Colombia, Young Smith, a black woman, claimed she likes to focus “on everyone” and that “diversity goes beyond race, gender, and sexual orientation.”

“There can be 12 white, blue-eyed, blonde men in a room and they’re going to be diverse too because they’re going to bring a different life experience and life perspective to the conversation,” Young Smith declared, sparking controversy. “Diversity is the human experience… I get a little bit frustrated when diversity or the term diversity is tagged to the people of color, or the women, or the LGBT.”

To be honest, I’m surprised Ms. Smith said such a thing.

Perhaps she truly has a soft spot for Whites (many of those in the “Talented Tenth” feel the same way due to common sense and a sort of private embarrassment over being Black), or perhaps she was just spouting the usual gibberish Blacks in power like to say, and accidentally threw out something especially dangerous to (((the powers that be)))."

James said...

The original bladerunner was made it 1982 and set in 2019.

The only thing they got right was the gooks all over the place. Everything else is waaaaay off.

Anonymous said...

Once upon a time, I was driving through an all black neighborhood.

One of my tires had a blowout, the sound of which could have been perceived as gunfire.

An elderly black man came out to help me fix my flat tire.

As this fellow was helping me, he told me of the terror they experienced in their neighborhood from random shootouts amongst the black gangsters.

I believe this man was helping me in fear that the sound of my blowout would attract the gangsters, even though it was daylight and the shootings occurred at night.

To hell with black culture, to hell with white culture.

Race culture is a fabrication of the kikes and other neo-pagans.

I believe that culture, derived from religion, based on truth, is the determinant factor in the breeding of humans.

Race religion is easily proved as fake, as the most successful race religion, kikes, is made of all races who follow one degree or another of anti-Christ judaism .

The kikes and neo-pagans are not promoting multi-racialism but multiculturalism, which is culture, derived from religion, based on anything besides the truth.

Jesus Christ.

Picking off judaized Christians is like shooting fish in a barrel.

Flanders said...

The banner of this jew site's article says, "America is a Wasteland of Jewish life".

"Baltimore, Maryland is one of the largest and most cohesive Jewish communities in the U.S. The Jews are so cohesive that most live within an area of northern Baltimore – actually Baltimore County, called Pikesville. They have their own eruv and can be seen walking or riding up and down Reisterstown Road, to and from their various shteibels, synagogues or temples, on Shabbat or Yom Tov.

Baltimore's Jewish community is one of the oldest in the United States. The reform community Baltimore Hebrew Congregation traces its origins to the 1830's. The community is so organized that it maintains the excellent Jewish Museum of Maryland. The Museum has its own considerable building, sandwiched between two unused but preserved historic synagogues, one reform and one orthodox. The two synagogues were splintered from each other and although only a block apart, did not speak to the other because one group was "not Jewish enough" and the other "too Jewish" to be spoken to.

The Museum has a truly excellent web site. It was the timeline of the website that first drew my interest, a few simple lines about the growth of Baltimore Jewry's population. In 1907 there were about 40,000 Jews in Baltimore. By 1921-1924 the numbers had grown to 65,000. After WWII the population numbers increased to 80,000 and reached a high in 1975 at an estimated 94,000. Since then the Jewish population has decreased to 91,400 in 1999.

It is well documented and often repeated that the Jewish population in the United States has not grown much since World War II. It was between five and six million Jews in 1945 and remains that today. Jews have been spending much too much time on other things."

We White people KNOW what those other things ARE that jews have been doing - and it all revolves around BEING anti-White and anti-American, while hiding under the guise of "celebrating jewish unity".

Flanders said...

A look at a typical jew mind, which lies to itself in order not to recognize jew evils, in this excerpt from a story about a Baltimore jew in Israel.

"As we leave Wadi Ara and emerge in the Sharon plain along the Mediterranean Sea we pass many Jewish towns and villages, picking up passengers along the way. People dose back into sleep as we make our way towards Tel Aviv. We stop in Netanya and four soldiers get on the bus, four close friends it seems. They are smiling and laughing, talking about their weekend, their boyfriends, chewing gum and blowing bubbles just like any other teenage girls would do. They speak fluent Hebrew however their accents are different. Two of them are tall and thin, blond haired, blue eyed obviously Russian immigrants. Another is either Ethiopian or her parents are immigrants from Ethiopia. The fourth, a sabra, long black hair tied back in elastic fair in complexion with dark brown eyes. Four Hebrew speaking soldiers from the four corners of the earth, with different cultures, backgrounds and characteristics.

I look at them and smile as I come to the realization that we Jews of Israel are not the racist monsters that I read about in the New York Times. Those people do not exist. We Israelis are striving for a balance between ideas, peoples and forces beyond our control, and when we find that right balance we will continue to strive to create a utopian society that will surely be a light unto the nations. I then turn my attention to my students' papers on Theodore Herzl and Zionism to see if they have any new ideas on how to achieve this noble goal."

Flanders said...

"Baltimore has been an important center of Zionist activity. One of America's first Ḥibbat Zion groups organized here in 1884, and the only American delegate to the First Zionist Congress was a Baltimorean, Shearith Israel's Rabbi Shepsel Schaffer. Henrietta Szold, founder of Hadassah, began her Zionist activities in this city. Harry Friedenwald served as second president of the American Zionist Federation. In 1947, a group of Baltimore Zionists secretly acquired, rebuilt, and launched an old Chesapeake Bay steamer which picked up refugees in France and unfurled its new name, Exodus 1947, upon being attacked by the British on its way to Palestine.
The relationship of Jews to Baltimore's African American community has been complex. Jews participated in the civil rights movement, but the movement also targeted Jewish storeowners who maintained discriminatory policies. In one historian's words, a state of "intimate antagonism" existed between the two groups for much of the 20th century, as economic relations and geographic proximity promoted considerable interaction between Jews and blacks."
From an article on Baltimore from Jewish Virtual Library [I think...Moved before I saved the link].

Flanders said...

This may run into 2 comments.
The jews in Mexico [Smaller extracts from a jew "virtual" library site. Flanders stopped noting these halfway down the linked page.]

"When Hernando Cortes conquered the Aztecs in 1521, he was accompanied by several Conversos, Jews forcibly converted to Christianity during the Inquisition of 1492. Conversos, or Anusim, immigrated en masse to La Nueva Espagna (present day Mexico) and some estimate that by the middle of the 16th century, there were more of these crypto-Jews in Mexico City than Spanish Catholics.

There were two kinds of Conversos arriving in the “New World,” first, the Crypto-Jews (also called disrespectfully “Marranos”) who had been forced to convert and continued their traditions in secret and were looking for a better economic situation and a way to evade the persecution of the Inquisition's Tribunal. Many of those belonging to this group were accused before the Tribunal and their records were kept at the “Archivo General de la Nación” (Mexican National Archive), so that their history can be tracked. Also, there were those who were truly converted and integrated who hid their origin and their blood “impurity.” The latter were the ones that most frequently gave away the Crypto-Jews and were incorporated to the Church structure; remarkable examples, among many others, were Fray Bartolomé de las Casas, Fray Alonso de la Veracruz, and Fray Bernardino de Sahagún.
Many Crypto-Jews and New Christians decided to sail with Columbus and other expeditions in order to discover new routes; they even financed these trips.
To keep from assimilation, the Conversos did not intermarry, and considered themselves superior to their Christian neighbors. Other conversos assimilated in the 19th century, and descendants of the Conversos are often devout Catholic families that light candles on Friday nights, keep meat and dairy separate, and close their businesses on Saturdays. Today, Mexico is home to many Conversos, with sizable populations in Vera Cruz and Puebla.
Many prominent Mexicans claim they are of Jewish descent, referencing their Conversos roots. Besides Presidents Porfirio Diaz, Francisco Madero and Jose Lopez Portillo, renowned artist Diego Rivera publically announced his Jewish roots: "My Jewishness is the dominant element in my life," Rivera wrote in 1935.
At the time of the arrival of Maximilian of Austria as Emperor of Mexico (1864–67), some Jews from Belgium, France, Austria, and Alsace came with his court; they even talked about the possibility of building a synagogue, but the project was not accomplished, so religious services were held in private homes.

Anonymous said...


Flanders said...

"...[T]hree waves of mass Jewish immigration, the first of which was sparked in 1882 by the death of the Russian Tzar. The exodus was accelerated in 1884 when Mexican President Profirio Diaz invited a dozen Jewish bankers from Europe to move to Mexico and help build its economy. Mexico established its first Jewish congregation in 1885.

During the “dictadura Porfirista” (dictatorship of President Porfirio Díaz, 1876–1911), the country was peaceful and foreign investors saw Mexico as a business option. Some foreign companies' representatives were Jews from France, Austria, Germany, Italy, Belgium, the United States, and Canada; however they did not identify themselves publicly as Jews.
By the end of the 19th century, Jews from Russia and Galicia arrived in Mexico, and they were associated by the European Jewish press with colonization projects...several plans for the establishment of extensive Jewish farming settlements in Mexico were proposed, much like the kibbutzim the philanthropists were developing in Israel.
The second wave of Jewish immigration peaked between 1911 and 1913 as a result of the crumbling Ottoman Empire. ---- The Empire's breakup ended an era of relative tolerance, and the Ladino speaking Sephardic Jews began fleeing from their homes in present-day Turkey, while others left the Balkans, Syria and Lebanon (Arab speakers). The dark complexion of the Sephardic Jews, as well Ladino, their language with Spanish roots, eased their integration into Mexican society.
The third, and final, wave of Jewish immigration came from Russia after the first World War. With an already established Jewish community, Mexico received Sephardim as well as Ashkenazim fleeing from Eastern Europe. Their number in 1921 was estimated at around 12,000 persons, about 0.1% in a country of 12 million inhabitants. Many of these Jews used Mexico only as a stopover on their way to the United States; however, a more restrictive 1924 American immigration policy stopped the flow of European Jews and those who reached Mexico had no choice but to begin new lives there. The Zionist Federation united various Zionist groups within Mexico's Jewish community at this time. The first Ashkenazi organization, Niddehei Israel, was established in 1922 as a Chevra Kaddisha to help bury the dead, and subsequently developed into a Kehilla, or full-scale community, Consejo Comunitario Ashkenazi. Today, this Orthodox community has approximately 2,500 families.
The first Jewish immigrants from Europe arrived in Mexico in 1917 through the United States. They were young men who spoke Russian and Yiddish, who had evaded their military service and sustained political ideologies such as Zionism, Jewish Nationalism, and Socialism. They founded the first Jewish cultural organization in Mexico: the Young Men's Hebrew Association (YMHA), working as a club dedicated to the promotion of culture, sports, and society.
After some attempts begun in 1923, the Zionist Federation was established in 1925, with the different ideological trends of the Zionist Ashkenazi Jews. In the 1920s and the 1930s there were also active Bundist and Communist organizations.
When they first arrived, many Jews, embittered by the anti-Semitism in Europe, were distrustful of Mexico, a nation 97 percent Catholic. But Mexico, with a few exceptions, has treated its Jews exceptionally well, and is considered a haven for them.
During the 1930's, the Jewish community battled anti-Semitism by forming the Federacion de Sociedades Judias, as well as the Comité Central Israelita de México (Central Jewish Committee of Mexico), which is an umbrella institution of all the existing Jewish organizations. International organizations, such as the Joint Distribution Committee and the World Jewish Congress, also became active in Mexico. "

Flanders said...

"One-Third of 214 Arrested MS-13 Gangsters Were ‘Unaccompanied Alien Children"

"The operation is a “significant step towards dismantling and eradicating MS-13 in the United States and in El Salvador,” said Deputy Assistant Attorney General David Rybicki, the second-ranking official at DOJ’s Criminal Division. El Salvador police also arrested 53 gang members in El Salvador.

The group of 214 include 193 illegal aliens, including 121 arrestees who will be deported but will not face criminal charges.

Sixty-four of the 193 illegals – nearly one in three – are would-be “dreamers” because they illegally crossed the border while claiming to be minors. Their unscreened claims to be children — not adults — won them the legal status of “Unaccompanied Alien Children,” which allowed them to claim federal aid and be released into the United States."

These were invited in during Obama's years. "Ninety-three of 214 arrestees are charged with federal or state criminal offenses and will face prison time in the United States...".

"Criminal charges against the 214 gang-members include racketeering and conspiracy to commit murder in the furtherance of racketeering. According to Rybicki, an entire eight-man MS-13 “clique” (a local division of a gang) was arrested in the operation. This “Sailors Clique” operated in suburban Maryland, a hotspot of MS-13 activity, and has been linked to at least three murders.

The gang was created in Los Angeles during the 1980s because the U..S government failed to enforce immigration laws,..".

Anonymous said...

As little as 100 years ago, the only commonality amongst people with white flesh, was our Lord Christ.

Today, the only commonality amongst people with white flesh is anti-Christ social media.

Only a moron or a fake would fail to see this.

Are you stupid or are you fake?

I am going to give the purveyors of anti-Christ content the benefit of the doubt and assume that they are all fake.

In truth, I believe that they are all fake retards.

James said...

An Israeli has found the cause of Anti-Semitism.

"There is a rational explanation and justification for Anti-Jewish feelings.

...a satanic element within Jewry is engaged in warfare

against mankind and that ultimately is the cause of Anti-Semitism."

It might be a trick so read Mein Kampf before clicking the link above. You have been warned.

Jews in Israel are brainwashed 24/7 that everybody is about to get them, that Iran wants to exterminate Israel, that the rest of the world wants Israel and the Jews gone, that Anti-Semitism awaits us at every corner, and that we are powerless tiny country. This isn't true. Israel has one of the greatest nuclear weapons arsenal in the world. We are the only country in the middle east with such capability and our nuclear missiles can reach any location and any capital on planet earth armed with 1-2 Megaton warheads. Israel is certainly not a powerless country as Jewish organizations would have you believe. This is all propaganda by Jewish organizations to make Jews unite against the Goyim and especially the Muslim world.

They will never use the Samson option. It's a pathetic bluff even if they actually have the missiles.

98% of Jews just want to be left alone and don't desire the destruction of the European People. My Jewish friends are also puzzled by this suicidal behavior on the part of the White man for allowing migration. They don't like the promotion of sickness and degeneracy and the vast majority of them certainly don't desire the destruction of the European peoples. Like me, they were shocked that this was all promoted by International Jewish Organizations (International Jewry) and that their leaders are Satanists. I know the vast majority of us Jews are not in on it. But Organized Jewry along with Freemasonry is planning to enslave mankind and make us all (including ordinary Jews) slaves to Satan.

He says:

To Europeans, I say You must take your lands back! send the aliens back to their ancestral homelands! Be proud of your race and heritage as the world wouldn't be the same without you! expose the politicians who had sold you out! Protect your race, your women and your children..Stop being Cucks!!!

It's hard to tell if he's genuine. Doesn't matter. We must not let up. We must have genocide trials and hang the perpetrators. Innocent Jews should be left alone of course.

Half of Israel is Orthodox. They know.

Have we finally forced them into mass damage control mode? Why did it take so long? Are the Goyim winning?

Stop the Kalergi Plan.
New Nuremberg trials now!
Hang the perpetrators of genocide.

Not every jew feels this way. Some think differently:

They are looking like a sick joke on humanity. How do they expect to get away with it?

James said...

01:02 On the left of the screen.

The reason for no blacks in Argentina.

Anonymous said...

Patrick Stewart is NOT circumcised.

Dr. Wassell said...

"The Jews are so cohesive that most live within an area of northern Baltimore called Pikesville. "

Why not call it Kikesville altogether?

SAVANT said...

James 06.20. Obviously I don't know that Jewish guy but I believe he's genuine. I say this because I know many like him, particularly in Israel. Problem is such people won't take on in any meaningful way the international Jewish Power Structure.

James said...

Sav some of them could be scapegoating.
Thing is, not even one of them comes on here and supports us. Henry Makow is the closest to it.
No one here takes on the IJPS in a meaningful way, but at least we bitch and moan about it in a meaningful way.

Bit I think cracks are forming in their anti-Semitism shield. They are looking foolish with their excuses. The goyim know about the Kalergi Plan. Barbara Specter can't even show her face in public the stupid bitch.

We'll know we are getting somewhere when Babs is in prison with Angela. Shouldn't be too much longer.

Get some of your mates on here to comment if you can. We can discuss this if the junkyard dog John C doesn't bite them.

Anonymous said...

James should go and live in Israel

Anonymous said...

Twitter is trying to sensor perceived far right twitter accounts
But at the same time it leaves islamists alone and even people like the lost prophets singer who is serving 29 years for child rape
And as expected Weinstein and Kevin spacey have no problems


Anonymous said...

No Muslims reqd. Doing just fine.

Anonymous said...

Houses for who?
England is already the most densely populated country in Europe. Its cities are concrete shit holes full of useless fucking immigrants poncing off welfare benefits and tax credits for the low paid.

This will spread to the rest of Europe as the rats breed and outnumber the indigenous 5 to 1

What a fucking mess

Frank Galton said...

Re James' Henry Makow link: Jews are Responsible for Anti Semitism -- Young Israeli

"Michael, a young Israeli, says Jews need to tell Organized Jewry, YOU DON'T REPRESENT ME (Freemasons will see to that.)...Organized Jewry along with Freemasonry is planning to enslave mankind and make us all (including ordinary Jews) slaves to Satan. "

"Michael, a young Israeli..."


That article looks like is was written by Henry Makow.

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

Get some of your mates on here to comment if you can. We can discuss this if the junkyard dog John C doesn't bite them.

Oh my days, now he wants more of his kind on here.
Leave us alone James, why do you have to aways involve yourselves with White issues. Whites will do just fine if left to their own devices. Please Stop confusing the issue. And who is this John C anyway, you seem fixated with him. To much reading women hating makow and return of kings blogs.... Go and get yourself a nice pleasant woman will you.

Frank Galton said...

PART 1/2

Anonymous said: "Houses for who? England is already the most densely populated country in Europe. Its cities are concrete shit holes full of useless fucking immigrants poncing off welfare benefits and tax credits for the low paid. "

BBC, 19 November 2017

Budget 2017: Plans to build 300,000 homes a year

[Zionist] Philip Hammond says next week's Budget will set out how the government * will build 300,000 new homes a year.

These Zionist bastards have been importing migrants into the U.K. at the rate of one every two minutes over the last 10 years (2007-2017).

Migration Watch UK, 01 April 2009

Migrants are arriving at the rate of 500,000 a year - or nearly one a minute. Allowing for those who leave, net foreign migration reached 333,000 in 2007.

Migration Watch UK, 10 February 2017

In 2014, the UK population was recorded at 64.6 million. The ONS project that if net migration runs at 165,000 per year the population will rise to 74.3 million by 2039 and about 68% of the projected increase in the population over the period mid-2014 to mid-2039 is due to immigration either directly or indirectly i.e. the children of future migrants.[9]

However net migration is currently around twice that level. OVER THE LAST 10 YEARS IT HAS AVERAGED 240,000 A YEAR [2.4 million. That's one migrant every two minutes]; if it continues at that level the UK population will reach 70 million in 2023 and 80 million by 2046.

Then there's the illegals.

Migration Watch UK, September 2015

Accurate numbers are not possible but there could be as many as one million illegal immigrants in the UK. Removals of immigration offenders are very low.

In 2010 Migration Watch UK estimated the illegal immigrant population at 1.1million.

Migration Watch UK, 22 April 2010

Previous estimates of illegal immigrants have seriously underestimated the scale of illegal entry and those who overstay their visas. A more plausible estimate for illegal immigrants in the UK would be 1.1 million. If they were granted an amnesty their relatives and dependants would have the right to enter Britain, approximately doubling the numbers concerned.

The Zionist-Jew who pioneered Britain's open-door immigration policy, Barbara Roche, attacks Migration Watch UK.

BBC, 10 March 2004

On asylum and immigration, [Zionist-Jew] Roche has taken advantage of her increased free time to work with various think tanks, make speeches and write articles.

"The reason I feel very strongly about it is that I think that migration is vital to this country's future and it's been an essential part of our past and I also think that asylum is so important as a concept that if you don't ring-fence it and protect it for what it is then you will lose it," she says.

"And because I'm Jewish I feel incredibly strongly about it."

She attacks Migration Watch UK which is critical of the levels of people coming into Britain legally or otherwise, saying its founders, ex-diplomat Sir Andrew Green and Oxford University demographer David Coleman, need to "come clean" about "not liking" multiculturalism.

* There are so many Jews at the top of Britain's Conservative party, [part-Jewish] Prime Minister David Cameron once quipped, that it should be known as the TORAH PARTY rather than the Tory party.

Frank Galton

Frank Galton said...

PART 2/2



Conservative Friends of Israel

Philip Hammond Addresses 500 delegates at CFI Party Conference Reception

"It is important to me that the Conservative Party has a good relationship with Israel and with CFI. You do a great Job for the Party and I want to thank you for everything that you've done, and even more for everything that you will do in the future." - Philip Hammond MP


Daily Mail, 25 October 2009

Andrew Neather, who worked for [part-Jewish] Home Secretary [Jack Straw], and as a speech writer for Mr Blair, claimed a secret Government report in 2000 called for mass immigration to change Britain's cultural make-up forever.

The report, entitled Research, Development And Statistics Occasional Paper No67 - Migration: An Economic And Social Analysis, was published in January 2001 by the Home Office, then run by [part-Jewish Home Secretary] Mr Straw.

[Jewish] Home Office Minister Barbara Roche...PIONEERED THE OPEN-DOOR POLICY.

House of Commons, 06 November 1995

Mrs. Barbara Roche (Hornsey and Wood Green): In 1967, I had started my secondary schooling at the Jewish Free school in Camden Town. I remember the six-day war as a tense period for all of us in the Jewish community, a community of which I am extremely proud to be a part. In our school, there were many children of officials at the embassy of Israel. Many of the older pupils volunteered to fight with the Israeli defence forces, and during those few days we believed that the very existence of [the JEWS ONLY* State of] Israel was at stake.

I remember what a hero [Zionist-Jew] Yitzhak Rabin was to us and to the whole community.

House of Commons, 25 October 1993

Israel Trade Boycott

Mrs. Roche [Jewish Member of Parliament for Hornsey and Wood Green]: To ask the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs if he will make a statement on discussions with the Arab States on moves to rescind the secondary and tertiary aspects of the Arab trade boycott of [the JEWS ONLY* State of] Israel.

Mr. Douglas Hogg: We welcome the progress towards the relaxation of the secondary and tertiary boycotts. We hope that further progress can be made soon in light of recent developments in the peace process. We continue to urge Arab states to lift the boycott.

* "Israel is the nation-state of the JEWS ONLY." - Benjamin Netanyahu

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

Maybe white Caucasians could take a leaf out of this communist instilled nigger's book

Marcus Garvey
Black Political leader
Marcus Mosiah Garvey Jr., ONH, was a proponent of Black nationalism in Jamaica and especially the United States. Born: 17 August 1887, Saint Ann's Bay, Jamaica
Died: 10 June 1940, London


A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots.
If you have no confidence in self, you are twice defeated in the race of life.
Liberate the minds of men and ultimately you will liberate the bodies of men.

James said...

It took a lot of convincing.

James said...


That article looks like is was written by Henry Makow.

They guy did say he read Henry's site to learn about this stuff. It's conceivable that the only language he has to describe the problem came from that reading so he would sound like Henry in that regard. How else would he describe it? Well I suppose instead of calling them Satanists he could have just said Judaics.

So you think it was fake? Is there a way to prove it?

David said...

Flanders your comment about Jews in Mexico reminded me of this story that went down the memory hole.

On October 10, 2001, CNN made a brief mention of a foiled terrorist bomb plot in the Mexican Parliament building. They promised to bring any further developments of this story to their viewers, but the incident was never heard of again in America. But the story appeared in bold headlines on the front page of the major Mexican newspapers (2) and was also posted on the official website of the Mexican Justice Department. (3) Two terror suspects were apprehended in the Mexican Chamber of Deputies. Caught red-handed, they had in their possession a high powered gun, nine hand grenades, and C-4 plastic explosives (great stuff for demolishing buildings!) Within days, this blockbuster story not only disappeared from the Mexican press, but the Israelis were quietly released and deported! The two terrorists were Salvador Gerson Sunke and Sar ben Zui. Can you guess what their ethnicity was? Sunke was a Mexican jew and Zui was a colonel with the Israeli special forces (MOSSAD).

Anonymous said...

Belfast police can afford to send detectives
To London .to arrest a Britain first activist over a speech she made at a public meeting in Belfast
Sad saps


James said...

Celebrity chef (((Anthony Bourdain))) thinks it’s great that in 70 years there won’t be any more white people

Henry Makow asks "Why are Jews always at the forefront of anti-white hate?".

It might be a trick.

James said...

Bourdain: “Germany has accepted somewhere in the neighborhood of a million refugees. How do you realistically welcome to Germany, we’re all gonna learn to live together, can it be done?”

Stessl: “It could be done, of course. But I hope that all the right-wing people will not develop and this is, for example, a job for an artist. Maybe we should go out — a hundred people with Nazi uniforms — and walks [sic] through the city. Maybe this kind of actions will just make the people remind on the time when our grandfathers did wrong. We really have to take care that we don’t fall back in this structures.”

Bourdain: “But we kind of are.”

Stessl: “We are on the way.”

Bourdain: “We’re well on the way…. Utopias.”

Stessl: “It’s a kind of utopia. Just the fact that the whole world will mix up with each other, that in, I don’t know, 70 or 80 years there will be no white people any more, only cappuccino-colored in the world.”

Bourdain: “This is the solution. Our only hope, our way out of this.”

Stessl: “Yes!”

Bourdain: “Our only hope is to fuck our way out of this. It’s gonna take some time, but it’s really the only way — this sort of Singapore model, where everybody’s so [racially] mixed up that you really don’t know who to hate because everybody’s so hopelessly intertwined. But we’re a long way from that.”

Henry might have made the whole thing up. These men are chefs which means I hate food.

James said...

Finland to scrap all school subjects.

They are openly turning education into vocational training. This is something that was done secretly before.

James said...

Starting a recruiting company based on white genocide would be a little ahead of it's time so use a code word.

"Diversity" is big business.

James said...

Belfast police can afford to send detectives
To London .to arrest a Britain first activist over a speech she made at a public meeting in Belfast
Sad saps

Cops are the enforcers of white genocide.

When we finally get new Nuremberg trials to address this issue, tens of thousands of cops will go to jail. No amnesty. They've been told.

Anonymous said...

Jayda Fransen-Smith what was it she said ? They could of just interview her in a south London police station. This don't seem right. If it is just about halal meat or women's rights then the editors and writers of the daily mail, express, sun, star should be arrested as well.
What did she Say ?

Anonymous said...

They have accused her of making anti Islamic speeches

Fucking saps


I’ve always thought of her as a fearless woman

AnalogMan said...

Savant, might I suggest a few of these photos alongside your illustrations of this article, to add a bit of context?

James said...

Daily Stormer traces the worlds problems to two causes. Both have escaped their duties at the oven.

John C will love this new reporter unless he's gay.

James said...

Anglin sez...

When I was younger I believed all that stuff in the Constitution. I believed that America was a free country. I believed that I had freedom of speech. That’s what was written in the Constitution. That’s what they told me I had. My divine right as an American, to tell the truth no matter how much anyone wanted to silence me. As I look upon the places such a belief has got me, exiled from my home and hunted across the earth to ever more obscure locales with stranger faces and stranger tongues, I think I would have been better off to believe in any fairy tale. We may mock people that believe they are the opposite sex, another race, or a smattering of mythical creatures (FYIAD LOL) but these beliefs are less destructive in modern society than actually believing you are free.

The truth is that authoritarian societies are much freer than ours. Syria, China, or even Iran has functionally more freedom than the United States. First and foremost, you have the freedom to know exactly how you are not free. The rules are explicitly enumerated. They are honestly conveyed. You know what it is that you can or cannot say or do. The United States tells you that you are free, that there is a Constitution, Bill of Rights, and rule of law to make sure that your rights are respected. The reality is quite different. The minute you begin exercising your freedoms, some filthy yid somewhere will find some sort of pretext to hurt you, and to hurt your family. We haven’t had rule of law in decades, now we just have rule by lawyers.

BTW if you agreed with any of that you are gay because AA despises women. If you disagree with the previous sentence then you are homophobic. If you disagree with that sentence then you are a repressed homosexual. If you are still disagreeing then you might be on the wrong blog right now. Try or Katie Perry's home page.

Frank Galton said...

Re Saer Ben-Zvi and Salvador Gersson Smeck

La Prensa, 14 October 2001

Mexican authorities investigate an Israeli

MEXICO, DF (AFP). -The authorities are investigating the immigration situation of an Israeli who in recent days tried to enter the Chamber of Deputies with tools, apparently, useful for putting together an explosive device, said the Attorney General's Office (PGR).

Saer Ben-Zvi or Saar Noam Ben Zvi was admitted to a prison in the DF "pending the resolution of his legal situation, as likely responsible for the commission of crimes of violation of the General Population Law," said the PGR.

An official explained that they are investigating the background of the Israeli, as well as the way he entered Mexico and if his immigration status is legal.

Last Wednesday, the Israeli walked in the esplanade of the Chamber of Deputies with a briefcase in which he brought "tubes and cables", with which it is believed that an explosive device could be assembled, while his companion, a Mexican, carried a 9 mm pistol and three chargers.

The attitude of the couple aroused suspicion among the security personnel of the Chamber of Deputies, who submitted them and handed them over to the authorities. Both initially said they belonged to a private security company and that their presence in the place was due to their intention to offer their services to some legislators.

Attorney General's Office (PGR)

Mexico City, October 12, 2001

Bulletin No. 697/01


With regard to the situation of the two individuals arrested last Wednesday in the vicinity of the Legislative Palace of San Lazaro, the Attorney General's Office informs that the Israeli citizen Saer Ben-Zvi or Saar Noam Ben Zvi was placed at the disposal of the First Court of District "A" of Federal Criminal Proceedings in the Federal District, while the Mexican Salvador Gersson Smeck was issued an order of liberty with the reservations of the law, due to the fact that no elements were found for its consignment.

Because when he was arrested Gersson Smeck carried a 9-millimeter caliber weapon, he was released with reservations from the law and the National Defense Secretariat was given a hearing regarding the permit to carry a firearm.

The Israeli Ben Zvi was interned in the North Male Prison, pending resolution of his legal status, as likely responsible for the commission of crimes of violation of the General Population Act, provided for and sanctioned by articles 123 and 143 of the General Population Law, all in accordance with the 6th. And 7º., Fraction 1º, 8º. 9th and 13th, Fraction II of the Federal Criminal Code, which initiates the corresponding criminal process.

Pravda, 13 October 2001

Zionist Terrorists Arrested Inside Mexican Congress

The Chief of Legislative Security, Salvador Alarcуn, has also confirmed the arrest of the two Israeli terrorists. One of them Saur Ben Zvi is a confirmed citizen of Israel and the other, Salvador Guersson, recently immigrated to Mexico from Israel. It is has been determined by the Procuradurнa General de la Repъblica (Mexican Department of Justice) that Guersson is a retired Colonel of the Israeli Defense Forces and that he may now be operating as a MOSSAD agent. It is not known how they were able to penetrate the extensive security system of the Mexican Legislative Palace.

Frank Galton

Frank Galton said...

Jerusalem Post, 01 November 2001

FBI suspect Israelis of nuclear terrorism

With America on top security alert, the FBI was hunting yesterday for six men carrying Israeli passports and plans of a nuclear power plant and the Trans-Alaska oil pipeline who were picked up by police in the Midwest US over the weekend but then released, The Times reported.

The incident is thought to be connected with the latest FBI alert and senior intelligence officials are furious that the men were set free before they could be fully questioned.

The men were travelling in two groups of three in white cars when they were pulled over by police officers in the Midwest. Security officials have refused to disclose further details.

The men were searched and questioned and the state officers discovered detailed plans and photographs of a nuclear power plant in Florida, along with box cutters the weapons used in the September 11th attacks and other equipment.

The men, who appeared to be of Middle Eastern origin and held Israeli passports, were then interviewed by immigration officials. When their passports and visas were found to be in order the officers, who were not aware of the country's imminent security alert, let the men go without first calling in the FBI to question them more thoroughly.

Frank Galton

Flanders said...

"Border Patrol Agent Killed, Another in Serious Condition in Texas"

"Agent Judd said that this is another example of why the border must be secured. Judd stated, “When all facts come to light on this matter, I believe the public will be outraged as there are those who do not value life who come across our border. Our borders must be secured and criminals must be held accountable.”

Flanders said...

"NFL HELL: Empty Seats Galore At Multiple Stadiums As Kneeling Backlash Continues In Week 11"

The NFL is still reeling from the kneeling backlash. Week 11 games have empty seats galore at stadiums across the league.

“A lot of fans dressed as empty seats today! #GiantsPride,” joked one Giants fan."

The article continues with comments from everywhere games are being played by the NFL roster about the empty seats.

Flanders said...

"POTUS Trump Blasts Father of UCLA Basketball Player For Dismissing Role in Securing Son’s Release From China"

TNB always is always the biggest winner in sports or in crime.

The only ones who don't know that are useless nerds and dunces.

"President Trump unloaded on LaVar Ball, the father of UCLA basketball LiAngelo Ball, for dismissing his role in getting his son released from China after being arrested for shoplifting.

“Now that the three basketball players are out of China and saved from years in jail, LaVar Ball, the father of LiAngelo, is unaccepting of what I did for his son and that shoplifting is no big deal. I should have left them in jail!,” tweeted President Trump.

We know that Trump fu--ed up having blacks released for the crimes they had done. Now, he contends with the garbage the that the nigger father of one of them had to say.

LaVar Ball has this to say after a reporter asked him his thoughts on President Trump’s role in getting his son out of hot water:

“Who?” LaVar Ball told ESPN Friday. “What was he over there for? Don’t tell me nothing. Everybody wants to make it seem like he helped me out.”

UCLA basketball players LiAngelo Ball, Jalen Hill and Cody Riley were arrested for shoplifting sunglasses during a trip to Shanghai for a game against Georgia Tech. President Trump tweeted Wednesday that the players were facing 10 years in prison, despite earlier reports that they would serve 20 days under house arrest."

Flanders said...

"She worked at Johns Hopkins University and left Baltimore for Alabama in the late 1960s.

"Judge 'stunned by brutality' in murder of 92-year-old (White) woman - (by black soulless savage POS)

Rodney McQueenMary Lou Gedel MONTGOMERY, AL - Warning, graphic information is included in this story, which may not be appropriate for all readers. Montgomery District Judge Troy Massey said Friday he was, “stunned by the brutality” involved in the murder of 92-year-old Mary Lou Gedel.

"Defendant, Rodney McQueen, appeared before Massey for a preliminary hearing...".

[Detective] Naquin testified that police found Gedel sitting in a chair with ‘massive’ facial and head injuries, beaten with a tall brass lamp and beer bottles, and stabbed.

“The lamp was caved in on all sides and had been ripped from the wall in the living room”, said Naquin, citing the cord and plug still connected to the outlet in another room.

Naquin testified that fragments from the broken beer bottles and plastic wrappers were embedded in Gedel’s skull. One of the victim’s ears had been cut off and was on the floor."

Naquin began photographing injuries on McQueen’s arms that were consistent with the scratches and cuts that would stem from breaking through the glass window on the victim’s back door. That’s when the defendant told Naquin he would tell him what happened if he could smoke a cigarette.

Prosecutor Ben McGough immediately argued against the motion for bond, citing multiple criminal cases against McQueen, dating back to 2009.

Judge Massey found probable cause of McQueen’s involvement in the crime, and bound the case over to be considered by a grand jury, and denied McQueen’s bond request."

Thanks to New Nation:

James said...

NZ to eradicate rats and stoats by 2050. Will they eradicate whites by then too?

Six Million Dollar Man said...

Sayanim agents like Monica Lewinsky, Chandra Levy, & Golan Cipel spring to mind (pre-9/11 for the latter)

Israel, purportedly our friend, has been spying on us all. And we're not talking about individual spooks like Jonathan Pollard, or small-time networks such as the 140 Israelis arrested by the FBI prior to 9/11, or the 60 arrested since (including 5 arrested who were cheering and celebrating as the World Trade Towers collapsed).

It turns out that Israel has had a potential wiretap on every phone in America for years, along with the ability to monitor and record who any person is calling, anywhere in America; information of great value even if one does not listen to the calls themselves. Amdocs, Inc. the company which sub contracts billing and directory services for phone companies around the world, including 90 percent of American phone companies, is owned by Israeli interests. Yet another company, Comverse Infosys, is suspected of having built a "back door" into the equipment permanently installed into the phone system that allows instant eavesdropping by law enforcement agencies on any phone in America. This includes yours.

Concerns about allowing an Israeli company such intimate access to the infrastructure go back many years. As reported by Fox News, the Israeli company Amdocs was implicated in the leaking of police phone data that resulted in the collapse of on investigation into a massive drug and credit card fraud operation with Israeli connections.

James said...

Gene drive technology - beyond a multiculturalists wildest dreams! And even beyond their wildest nightmares too.

Suppose you have a population of rats, roughly half of which are brown, and the other half white. Now, imagine there is a gene that affects each rat's color. It comes in two forms, one leading to brown fur, and the other leading to white fur. A male with two brown copies mates with a female with two white copies, and all their offspring inherit one of each. Those offspring breed themselves, and the brown and white genes continue cascading through the generations in a 50-50 split. This is the usual story of inheritance. But you can subvert it with CRISPR, by programming the brown gene to cut its counterpart and replace it with another copy of itself. Now, the rats’ children are all brown-furred, as are their grandchildren, and soon the whole population is brown.

This is the tech to create the morlocks. Simply unleash the gene drive into the standard human population and wait 100 years (or less if you get them breeding faster with 3rd grade sex ed.). Another gene to make the goyim smell like rotten pork and sauerkraut will prevent the gene drive spreading to superior species.

Great stuff. The future is bright. John C will call be a conservationist now because I linked to a conservation web site.

There are caveats:

Eradicating them is not something that any single nation could do unilaterally. It would have to be a global decision—and that’s unlikely. Consider how much effort it has taken to reach international agreements about climate change—another crisis in which the actions of certain nations have disproportionately reshaped the ecosystems of the entire world.

A trifling point really. There is a global consensus on the glaring necessity for white genocide and that wasn't very hard to reach. In fact dissenting views are unthinkable.

Maori are already involved - while it is still unclear who is going to pay them.

“The idea of a predator-free New Zealand is widely endorsed throughout Māoridom,” she says. It fits with the concept of kaitiaki or guardianship—the imperative to protect one’s biological heritage.

Everyone's really worried about biological heritage except where it crosses the line into racism. Maybe a gene drive to wipe out Nazis should be on the table. The trouble with the idea is that Nazis are not so good at breeding (according to Grigor Gysi) so the gene drive can't spread. More sex ed in the kinderbunker might fix that.

Everyone will think this is a good idea until Gareth Morgan says cats are on the chopping block too. Yes, even black cats.

“Even if we don’t get to the finish line, the fact that we ran most of the marathon will be pretty damn impressive,” says Russell.

Its a race against time. Can the white population stay high enough to provide the manpower and enthusiasm for this effort or not? It is by no means clear.

Flanders said...

Wasn't Hitler gassed during WWI? Did he not suffer injuries all of his life because of that? I wonder, if Hitler was a jew, as some are so quick to say these days [not said at all in earlier times, in my own experience with WWII vets], why he did not choose instead to be a banker or a stockbroker for Goldman Sacks or sit on the Board of the Federal Reserve?

If Hitler was a jew, he might even have become a writer who was pretending to be in solidarity with the German people at the same time that he screwed them over with misdirection, while pretending to be "just a little jew, exactly like other little jews" who was merely being screwed over along with those other "little jews", and railing "against the BIG jews" who were doing it.

If Hitler were an illegitimate jew child of the union of a Rothschild and one of their housemaids, like a Schicklgruber, as has often been alleged, in order to have a jew to infiltrate to the head of Germany, I find it difficult to believe that they would allow his and her son to then be gassed on the battlefield which would completely destroy his jew-intended usefulness for that purpose.

I've always thought the very concept that Germans and National Socialists ranks were filled with homos to itself be very queery, and it's not really Germans or "Nazi's" whom I think of when I think about queers, which I try not to do, but with the known jew homosexuals prancing around, writing and dictating (either directly or by misdirection) about what people are to think, how do you avoid it? The author of this link given below would, I think, tend to agree with me.

"Interestingly, I searched this guy on google and the only thing that comes up is this one article connected with Makow. From this we may question if the guy actually exists and if this thing was ghost written by some Jew, even Makow who is Jewish as well.

A quote from the text:

"Only a traitor to Germany and to Europe and a lover of Communism would do as Hitler did... Overall, no man has done more harm to the present and future of the White Race than Adolf Hitler."

Folks, you have to question why someone supposedly on our side like a Brandon Martinez, pertaining to Putin or Trump and a Henry Makow pertaining to Hitler feels the need to use MSM sources to bolster their claims as, for example, Brandon did here, on a posted Putin hit piece from a CFR member

Why is it so important to understand how bad Hitler was? I have to ask? Look at 1920's Germany, the decadence and Jewish exploitation while Jewish communism was attempting to take over. Hitler stopped that. He wasn't part of it and then the Jews went to war against him the day he took office. So Geoff Ferguson only exists on Henry Makow's site but he is a renowned history buff that places like the covert Jew op Truthseeker. org regurgitate. OK, I will LMAO to that!"

Flanders said...

"An African may have lived, worked, and even been classed as a citizen in America for centuries, yet he is not American. He is, as he likely prefers to be labelled, an African in America. The same rule applies to others who are not of the founding stock of our people, or do not share the common unconscious that permeates throughout our greater civilization, and the European diaspora. The American identity was something uniquely forged in the struggle that our ancestors waged to survive in this new continent. America is truly unique in this pan-European identity which forms the roots of our nationhood. To be an American is to realize this identity and take up the national struggle upon one’s shoulders. Not simply by birth is one granted this title, but by the degree to which he works and fulfills the potential of his birth. No man is complete simply to live, but to do more than that, to strive to create a path onward for his people, and to connect with the heritage he is undeniably a part of. That is what completes a man. Only then is he truly deserving of the title and a place among his people."

Flanders said...

"1970: While working for Senator Henry “Scoop” Jackson, Ashkenazi Jew, Richard Perle is caught by the FBI giving classified information to Israel. Nothing is done. British Prime Minister Edward Heath makes Lord Victor Rothschild the head of his policy unit. Whilst he is in that role Britain enters the European Community.

1973: In his book, None Dare Call It Conspiracy, Gary Allen states, “One major reason for the historical blackout on the role of the international bankers in political history is the Rothschilds were Jewish .The Jewish members of the conspiracy have used an organisation called The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) as an instrument to try and convince everyone that any mention of the Rothschilds and their allies is an attack on all Jews. In this way they have stifled almost all honest scholarship on international bankers and made the subject taboo within universities. Any individual or book exploring this subject is immediately attacked by hundreds of ADL communities all over the country. The ADL has never let the truth or logic interfere with its highly professional smear jobs."
1988: The ADL initiate a nationwide competition for law students to draft anti-hate legislation for minority groups. That competition is won by a man named, Joseph Ribakoff, whose thesis proposes that not only must hate motivated violence be banned, but also any words which stimulate: suspicion; friction; hate; and possible violence, these must also be criminalised. This ADL prize-winning paper suggests that not only should state- agencies monitor and restrict free speech in general, but they should also censor all films that criticize identifiable groups. Furthermore, even if the person making the statement can justify it, for example Christians criticizing homosexuality because the bible expressly forbids it, Ribakoff asserts that the truth is to be no defence in court. The only proof a court will need in order to secure a conviction of hate speech is that something has been said, and a minority group or member of such group has felt emotionally damaged as a result of such criticism. Therefore, under these proposals which the ADL will have forced into law all over the world less than 15 years later [this is a Jan 2011 article], Jesus Christ would have been arrested as a hate criminal."

That paragraph continues with another statement which is, although well-intended I'm sure, almost laughable, but it is serious in it's error.

That sentence says, "This law is designed to protect the Rothschild conspiracy from being revealed in that if you criticize the Rothschilds criminal cabal, you will be targeted as anti-semitic, and thus risk imprisonment." That doesn't sound bad on it's face within the context of the article, but it's false in that it implies that it IS Rothschilds only who have that "conspiracy".

Rothschilds' don't care what is said about that family. It's all the "little jews" who are the ones who are up in arms, insisting upon special laws to provide streamlined protection to all jewry, and that is because it is the "little jews" who are as much if not more of an overall problem than the Rothschilds' and other of that family themselves are. It is the "little" jews who fervently don't want sunshine to fall on their pall faces or on all of their many dark deeds (usually done in darkness while putting on a smiley-face for the public) against America and the White people.

This article may be a good timeline refresher on jew subversion, especially that of the "BIG jew", and as aided by all that devil's "little assistants".

Flanders said...

Frank Galton at 23:15, "FBI suspect Israelis of nuclear terrorism"

"Soviet Spy David Greenglass Dies: How Jewish Communists Betrayed America’s Nuclear Secrets"

"The announcement that David Greenglass, one of the original gang of Jewish Communist spies who betrayed America’s nuclear secrets to the Soviet Union, has died at the age of 92, serves as a timely reminder of the treasonous nature of Jewish Supremacism.

Greenglass was the brother of Ethel Rosenberg, and part of the infamous atomic treason spy ring of the 1940s and 1950s which handed the blueprints of the atom bomb to the Soviet Union—a state which had been set up by Jewish Communists in the first place.
[T]he FBI began a series of investigations which resulted in the eventual arrest of nine other members of the ring. Of these nine, all of whom were later convicted, eight were Jewish. Here is a brief description of the entire ring:" [Flanders] More details than these below are at the article link below. Below are only the basics on these "little jews".

1.Harry Gold (Jew name Goldodnitsky). A chemist, he was born in Switzerland of Russian-Jewish parents. He studied at Drexel University, University of Pennsylvania, and Xavier University

2.David Greenglass, the son of a Russian-Jewish father and a Polish-Jewish mother, was one of those who passed atomic information to Gold. Between 1943 and 1946 he was employed at the vital atomic installation at Los Alamos, New Mexico. He also gave Julius Rosenberg vital information concerning the “fuse” used to detonate the A-bomb. Significantly, the chief of the Los Alamos project at this time was the Jew, Robert Oppenheimer.

3.Abraham Brothman was another member of the ring. He headed the engineering firm of A. Brothman and Associates, Long Island, N.Y.

4.Miriam Moskowitz was also caught in the spy net. A graduate of the City College of NYC, she was arrested August 17, 1950 as part of the same apparatus.

5.Sidney Weinbaum, a product of Russia’s “Charkoff” Institute of Technology, came to the U.S. in 1922. His real name was Israel Weinbaum. He was connected with the radiation laboratory at CalTech for four years, during which time he furnished the Soviet government with atomic secrets.

6.Alfred Dean Slack, was the only gentile besides Fuchs to be apprehended. While employed at the Oak Ridge establishment he gave atomic information to Harry Gold.

Three other members of the Fuchs-Gold ring were also arrested. However, unlike the first seven—who pleaded guilty—they chose to plead “not guilty.”

As a result two of them—Julius and Ethel Rosenberg—received the death penalty and the third, Morton Sobell, received 30 years in prison." [Continues]

Flanders said...

YOU DO need to be aware about the specifics of the laws discussed in the next link. They WILL BE coming to you and your state - just as soon as the time and circumstances can be (((arranged))).

"How is it that jews persist in White societies? How is it that the jews maintain their positions of power, while wielding those positions to such deleterious effects on Whites in their own communities? Replete with drastic biological differences including readily observable distinct phenotypical traits and foreign genetics, the jews could easily be classified as a separate species from Whites. If taxonomic standards were applied consistently across the various classes of animals, Whites, jews, and the other races of man would clearly be separate species. Aside from their alien genetics, the jews are culturally unassimilable because they have their own distinct culture, which they protect with an unwavering jewish racial supremacism. They cannot tolerate the achievements of the White race and White civilization, which by their mere existence expose the degenerate jewish culture, miscegenated genetic inheritance, and the idiotic evil of their death-cult religion. It is out of hatred and envy, documented for all to see in the repellant talmud, that the jews actively work to undermine White societies and destroy the White race. Given that the jews are a dangerous and ultimately fatal parasite to White existence, it took centuries of infiltration, subversion, and indoctrination to enstupidate White societies into permitting the pernicious presence of jews, and to have them sink low enough to celebrate a thoroughly judaized culture. The current disastrously kosher state of affairs is only sustainable through an obscene act of doublethink: the jews are simultaneously the most downtrodden, persecuted, disenfranchised victims, while also occupying positions of the most extraordinary financial, political, and social power.

A cornerstone in the perpetuation of a Zionist occupied government (ZOG), is a subversion of the laws that ostensibly govern a society. The jewish corruption of governments and laws is amply described in Protocol No. 5:

We shall create an intensified centralization of government in order to grip in our hands all the forces of the community. We shall regulate mechanically all the actions of the political life of our subjects by new laws. These laws will withdraw one by one all the indulgences and liberties which have been permitted by the goyim, and our kingdom will be distinguished by a despotism of such magnificent proportions as to be at any moment and in every place in a position to wipe out any goyim who opposes us by deed or word.”
In the California failed state, a once-great White homeland that is now ruled by a ZOG, the implementation of Protocol No. 5 has proceeded at a terrifying pace. From removing the “indulgence” of freedom of assembly with draconian desegregation and anti-diversity diversity laws, to criminalizing the “liberty” of free speech with perverse “hate speech” and “hate crime” laws, the California ZOG has achieved the kosher despotism sought by the evil jews. One need only look at a recent history of California’s demographics to see proof of the ZOG using its power to wipe out the Whites: the goyim who opposed the rat-faced men by deed and word. Recently, the jews of Kabbalafornia celebrated another expansion of the ZOG’s power through the enactment of yet more laws that will accelerate the destruction of the remaining Whites." [Those "laws" are at the link to "California ZOG"].

Flanders said...

Do we have to say "goodbye" to Angela? That failed Polish jewess has caused suffering forever to a big segment of our good people. Let's hope the next suffering is to her tribe and to their control group, the totalitarian sections of the EU.

The tone of the story indicates that those groups may have given up on her usefulness as an instrument of destruction against White people and their nations, but I'm sure there are many in line to take her place.

"End of Angela Merkel? FDP walk out of talks throwing Germany into turmoil"

GERMANY is in turmoil after coalition talks to form the next Government collapsed following the pro-business Free Democratic Party (FDP) walking out of negotiations.

"Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union (CDU), its Bavarian sister party the Christian Social Union (CSU), the pro-business FDP and the Green party have been holding coalition talks.

A failure from the political leader to form a new Government could launch a leadership challenge against Mrs Merkel.

The country has been without a Government for almost two months after the general election on September 24 produced a hung parliament.
There are fears Mrs Merkel could face a snap election following her failure to form a new Government with the support of the other parties.
Meanwhile, there have been warnings that the deadlock in Germany’s talks will have a knock-on effect on the EU.

The EU's Budget Commissioner Guenther Oettinger has warned that the block will be “damaged” by Mrs Merkel’s inability to form a Government.

He said a failure to reach a deal would "damage Europe and strengthen the region's populists" as the bloc waits for its economic powerhouse to form a government.
"Germany has paralysed itself, which is exceptional. Merkel contributed to this, so it is up to her to find a way through."

Flanders said...

"Violence on the streets of Paris as protesters rage against Macron for fifth day"

FRANCE has faced violence on the streets for the fifth day in a row as turmoil continues to beset the Macron presidency.

"Emmanuel Macron, who was lauded by the EU elite as the saviour of the European project, is struggling to maintain his grip on power just a few months into his reign.

This week the French President faced a mass revolt of 100 party members after they criticised his "broken promises and trust".

Following this, furious protesters took to the streets yesterday afternoon in an anti-Macron rally for the fifth consecutive day.

Anti-Macron protesters confronted dozens of police while marching on the Elysee Palace in Paris, with a number of banks and businesses vandalised.

Footage of the protest showed a topless activist facing off with police, while others around her let off flares.
Even when the French leader went to Athens last month, he faced a series of violent protests as the tide against the pro-EU figure escalates." [The blame is placed on his "labour reforms, due to take effect in January 2018."]

Flanders said...

"Swastikas and anti-Semitism rife on campus: MPs hear how image is now seen as a 'casual symbol of fun' and Holocaust denial literature is being handed out"

"Anti-Semitism is so entrenched in many of Britain's universities that the swastika is now seen on campus as a 'casual symbol of fun', MPs heard last night.

Parliament heard a litany of 'horrifying' examples of anti-Jewish hatred at universities, including the distribution of Holocaust denial literature.

At one university, police had to be called to protect Jewish students from the 'animalistic behaviour' of anti-Israel activists.

Student officers have also used the Twitter hashtag #Jew while discussing wealth, while swastikas have been drawn on people's cars, on the walls of student halls and even at student parties."

One of the jewesses speaking about it, "Saying that anti-Semitism was 'normalised' on many campuses, she added: 'People think anti-Semitism has gone away but the reality is it's absolutely there in every single community, in our campuses and our schools and across our society."

In a hint that she wants to see more anti-Semitic members expelled rather than simply suspended, she added: 'I'm sick of 'jam tomorrow', the promise that it'll get sorted.

'I want to see direct action. Not just warm words and rule changes, but direct action.'

•Free speech is 'under threat' in universities – risking creating a generation of snowflake students, academics warn. They told MPs on the Commons joint human rights committee that policies banning speech seen as 'offensive' were having a 'chilling effect', with Dr Joanna Williams of Kent University saying that students are being 'taught to see themselves as vulnerable'."

Franz said...

@ Bill --

"...After the riots of the mid to late sixties, whites moved out into the suburbs, leaving the old and poor to their fate."

Thanks for the reminder. White nationalism fell on its ass for that very reason.

Over a decade ago one outfit had a "Love Your Race" tee & button to "raise white awareness" among the grass-eaters as if there was such a thing.

I distinctly recall asking, "Which PART of this race am I supposed to love? The corporate ones who want a permanent global jobs program for Asians and Mexicans and none for white guys? The ones who started gutting, sector by sector, productive industries in which whites always excelled... and telling hamburger-flipper jokes the whole time? Or the ostensibly European-derived people in government who take a yearly sabbatical in Israel so they know everything they'll be doing for the next 12 months? THAT race?"

For the most part the much-feared educated white man has the racial awareness of a bed of kelp. Concentrate on the good ones, there's plenty of good land we have to be ready to hold when the SHTF.

Anonymous said...

(((youtube))) bans this

SAVANT said...

Thanks for the offer Analog....but don't you think I showed enough pictures of baboons ransacking cars already?

Andreas said...

"Finland to scrap all school subjects"

And they currently have the world's best educational system. They deserve what they get.

Kevin Rafferty said...

Is it true that that witch Lerner Specter gets abused when it goes out in public? If so that news brightens up my otherwise dull and damp November morning here in Cork.

eleos said...

Giving those Israeli companies (Comverse and Amdlcs) effective control over American information transmission systems was an act of almost unparalleled treachery.

Anonymous said...

Chimp impeachment in Zimboonia. Comedy or what ?

Sean said...

Millennial Woes take on the race-mixing, social-engineering Christmas TV adverts from John Lewis, Marks and Spencer, Tesco, Morrisons, Ebay, Debenhams etc:

Starts a bit slow but gets better. Strangely no mention of the (((ad agencies))) who are producing these anti-white ads.

Hit them in the pocket, the backlash and boycott is building up.

Anonymous said...

Jayda in Golders Green 6 minutes of hilarity. Go and watch it and join in the Fun, it is nearly Christmas after all.

Frank Galton said...

PART 1/2

Flanders said: "1988: The ADL initiate a nationwide competition for law students to draft anti-hate legislation for minority groups."

Taki's Magazine, 17 March 2015

The “Monroe Doctrine” to Outlaw Hate Speech

by [Jewish journalist] David Cole

Back in 1988, [Jew] Monroe Freedman hatched an idea: Would it be possible to draft a constitutionally-acceptable law banning speech that offends racial, religious, and ethnic minorities? A law that would restrict “hate speech” in general, and Holocaust revisionism specifically.

Could it be done?

Freedman told me he undertook the effort mainly because people told him it was impossible. No anti-“hate speech” statute would pass muster with the high court. Freedman’s answer was, “not now, maybe. But the court changes with its justices.”

So, back in November 1987, Freedman put the word out. He established a reward offer ($1,200, or about $3,000 in today’s dollars) for the law student who could draft what he was looking for. This notice went to law schools around the country...

At a conference in April 1988, a “model statute” was selected, written for Freedman by [Jewish] then-law student Joseph Ribakoff (who has since been disbarred for a variety of criminal offences). The statute was tested in a moot court with [Jewish] Columbia Law School Vice Dean (and former Director-Counsel of the NAACP) Jack Greenberg acting as prosecutor, and [Jew] Alan Dershowitz acting for the defense. The judges were [Jew] Abner Mikva of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia, and [African-American] Amalya Kearse of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit.

The statute was upheld in moot court. It passed the test, just as Freedman had hoped.

And there the statute has been ever since, sitting at Hofstra Law School.

Since 1988, Freedman’s model statute has influenced countless European anti-speech laws with its unique concept of “group defamation.” In the U.S., it’s dormant at the moment. I doubt it will remain so forever.

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

Anonymous eleos said...
Giving those Israeli companies (Comverse and Amdlcs) effective control over American information transmission systems was an act of almost unparalleled treachery.

back in the 1990s, I was an I.T. consultant in a scandinavian mobile phone operator.
Our system was being phased out, and Amdocs was going to be the replacement.
We had a party of Israeli's come over and spend the week with us.
They were very aggressive, especially the women, one of whom resembled the pointy shoe'd Rosa Kleb, both in her look and manner.
Several of our people came out of meetings, totally exasperated.

Frank Galton said...

PART 2/2

Hofstra University

LAW NEWS, 17 August 2017

Newsweek Reprises 1988 Story on Hofstra Law Symposium on Racism and Freedom of Speech

On Aug. 16, Newsweek republished a story that it had first published on June 6, 1988, with the headline “Time to Outlaw Racial Slurs?” The magazine explained that it chose to reprise the story — with the new headline “After Charlottesville, Should Racism and Hate Be Illegal?” — “in light of escalating racial tensions in the United States.”

The story opens by describing a hypothetical trial in a moot court from a legal symposium held at Hofstra University just two months earlier. That three-day symposium, titled “Group Defamation & Freedom of Speech: The Relationship Between Language and Violence,” had been organized by the late Professor Monroe H. Freedman. It featured a keynote address by Rep. John Conyers, a member of the Subcommittee on Criminal Justice of the House Judiciary Committee, and a banquet address by Elie [show us the tattoo] Wiesel.


Proponents of group-defamation laws are convinced there is a link between racial slurs and violence. According to Hofstra law professor Monroe Freedman, continuing tensions can only fuel wider interest in banning hate speech. “It’s still a minority view,” he says, “but it is germinating.”

Read the full article at

Newsweek, 16 August 2017

Newsweek published this story under the headline of “Time to Outlaw Racial Slurs?” on June 6, 1988.

Is the outlawing of racist speech consistent with First Amendment guarantees of free expression?

Most mainstream legal scholars are convinced the answer is no. But changing attitudes -- in society at large and among young legal academics -- have created a wave of interest in group-defamation bans. The scholarly ferment began in the late '70s, part of a larger national debate over whether a [Jewish-controlled] neo-Nazi group should be allowed to march in Skokie, Ill [see Frank "Collin"].

American Jewish Committee Archives

Frank Collin, who organized the National Socialist Party of America (NSPA) near Marquette Park, on Chicago's South Side. In the spring of 1977, it was Collin and Vincent who orchestrated the American Nazi movement's most PUBLICIZED ACTIVITIES, when the former announced plans for a Nazi march through the predominantly Jewish suburb of Skokie, Illinois and the latter opened a Nazi bookstore across the street from a synagogue in San Francisco

NBC Chicago, 14 February 2013

Frank Collin, the National Socialist Party of America leader...was discredited after it was learned his father was Jewish, and he was arrested in Michigan for having sex with a pair of 10-year-old boys.


Frank Galton

Beansie said...

Interesting 2Kevins ( podcast with blogger James Lafond regarding life in Baltimore.

Very entertaining, in a "What The F**k?!" kind of way.

They even include the aforementioned Marlyn Mosby, around the 30 min mark. Lafond's contention is she's actually a 'Thug Girl' in all but name who's sole intention and purpose is to screw up an already weak, emasculated police force in favour of her true constituency; the gangs. And Lafond should know, he's lived among them his whole life.

Well worth a listen, as are all of the 2Kevins' podcasts, that are no longer being made unfortunately.

James said...

Air cocks.

WARNING: Obscene aerial imagery so John C may be offended and pollute the blog again.

DISCLAIMER: The navy is notoriously gay so posting a link like this might mean I'm gay. A woman blew the whistle as usual so this link might be anti-women. Ever since USS Liberty the US Navy has been Israel's bitch so I might be a Jew. Sorry.

I hope that covers my butt. Can't be too careful with navy stuff.

Otherwise its kind of funny.

James said...

Several of our people came out of meetings, totally exasperated.

If they were jew wise and not total goyim they could have screwed with the jews. Much more fun.

Anonymous said...

Here’s jayda doing what you and I don’t

James said...

Is it true that that witch Lerner Specter gets abused when it goes out in public? If so that news brightens up my otherwise dull and damp November morning here in Cork.

I heard she got death threats and went into hiding. Unconfirmed, but its nice to believe there's still something good in this world.

James said...

And they currently have the world's best educational system.

A euphemism for the whitest students.
Their over achievement is at odds with our value of equality and their whiteness is at odds with our value of diversity.

Our core values may be wiping us out, but they are our values. Who will defend them when we are gone? That thought must keep liberals up at night.

James said...

"Swastikas and anti-Semitism rife on campus: MPs hear how image is now seen as a 'casual symbol of fun' and Holocaust denial literature is being handed out"

Far more white genocide on campus.

James said...

This week the French President faced a mass revolt of 100 party members after they criticised his "broken promises and trust".

Is he not genociding the French fast enough for their liking?

What else could it be?

James said...

[not said at all in earlier times, in my own experience with WWII vets],

Why do you trust the opinions of WW2 vets?

James said...

Why is it so important to understand how bad Hitler was? I have to ask? Look at 1920's Germany, the decadence and Jewish exploitation while Jewish communism was attempting to take over. Hitler stopped that.

This is the problem with the blight wing. No objectivity.

I have to ask? Look at the 1940s germany, after 1945. The decadence and jewish exploitation while Jewish communism had taken over. Hitler caused that.

Far more German women slept with negros in 1945 than even the worst years of the Weimar republic. Just saying.

If you want to exonerate Hitler you need to do better.

James said...

Garbage sacks attacking crosses and churches in Germany.

James said...

More interested in money than justice.

Frank Galton said...

"I was an I.T. consultant in a scandinavian mobile phone operator."

Photo: an I.T. consultant in a scandinavian mobile phone operator

Frank Galton

James said...

DISGUSTING: 4chan users are calling the wonderful paradise of Sewerden by a new name: Swedistan.

MTB said...

Jesus James ease up on the comments. You'll have yourself worn out!

Anonymous said...

Aryan Israel

AnalogMan said...

James said...

NZ to eradicate rats and stoats by 2050.

That'll be interesting. What if the Maoris, who, as I understand it, first imported rats as some kind of religious totem, object? Wouldn't that violate the treaty of whatever? The one that says the government may never hurt their feelings?

Anonymous said...

I heard she got death threats and went into hiding. Unconfirmed, but its nice to believe there's still something good in this world.

Typical James rumor-mongering again

Anonymous said...

Anon said
Here’s jayda doing what you and I don’t

I don't know about you but I feel no inclination to protect Jewish areas when they have their own security measures in place plus they get extra police support anyway. More so than the girls of Rotherham.

AKAEW said...

Anonymous James said...
Why is it so important to understand how bad Hitler was? I have to ask? Look at 1920's Germany, the decadence and Jewish exploitation while Jewish communism was attempting to take over. Hitler stopped that.

This is the problem with the blight wing. No objectivity.

I have to ask? Look at the 1940s germany, after 1945. The decadence and jewish exploitation while Jewish communism had taken over. Hitler caused that.

Far more German women slept with negros in 1945 than even the worst years of the Weimar republic. Just saying.

If you want to exonerate Hitler you need to do better.

20 November 2017 at 18:49

I'm not sure who commented on this because of the way it was edited. But whoever you are, you are dead wrong. To equate the decline of Germany in the 1920 with the amount of negroes slept with after 1945 is disengenious in the extreme.

Firstly Germany was not yet awash with Negroes. What exactly do you surmise were the Bolshevik plans for Germany back then? To let her be? To let her continue largely unmolested?

Please man to look at the start of the journey and equate it retrospectively with the end is just plain stupid. All that happened after the war was that the tribe picked up where they left off and carried on. It was going to happen and Hitler was but a speed-bump in their path.

I would really like to hear how "Hitler caused the Jewish takeover and exploitation in Germany in the 1940s"

To use a phrase often used where I come from: "Don't come and talk shit here."

Anonymous said...

Frank Collin/Cohen had something to do with Covington didn't he?

Anonymous said...

A bit of a story Collin/Cohen Covington

Uncle Nasty said...

And, once again, we have the same-old, same-old ... the Ubermenschen scaring the crap out of the Untermenschen

Jewish students at New Jersey university worry about rising anti-Semitism
By Andrew O'Reilly | Fox News

Swastikas have been scrawled on the walls of university buildings, drawn on dry eraser boards and taped to dorm room ceilings. Jewish students have reported being threatened with violence, while some professors have espoused conspiracy theories ranging from Jews controlling global money markets to carrying out ritualistic organ harvesting.

Jewish students and officials at Rutgers University in New Jersey say they have seen all this and more amid a disturbing rise of anti-Semitic sentiment on campus over the past few months.

“This is a disturbing trend what we’re seeing here at Rutgers, which has one of the largest Jewish student populations in the country,” Austin Altman, a sophomore at Rutgers and a member of the campus’ Hillel organization, told Fox News. “Coming here to Rutgers you feel like you’re at home because of the large Jewish presence here, and then having to face things like swastikas on buildings is definitely troubling.”

While it is difficult to pinpoint exactly when the school first started to see a spike in anti-Semitism, many members of the school’s Jewish community point to the controversial online postings of microbiology professor Michael Chikindas.

Chikindas over the last year has posted numerous anti-Zionist tirades along with a number of derogatory caricatures of Jews on his Facebook page. Numerous Jewish students have also expressed concerns to officials at Rutgers Hillel about being graded fairly by Chikindas if they were to take one of his classes.

“What he posted on his Facebook page are some of the most vile anti-Semitic tropes there are,” Andrew Getraer, executive director of Rutgers Hillel, told Fox News. “He posted caricatures of hooked nose Jews that could be right out of Nazi propaganda.”

Getraer added: “I don’t think there is place for a professor like that at a university molding young minds.”

I particularly liked “Coming here to Rutgers you feel like you’re at home because of the large Jewish presence here, and then having to face things like swastikas on buildings is definitely troubling.”

You want home? You want large jewish presence? Then fuck off back to Tel Aviv.
All of you ... and stay there.

As for “He posted caricatures of hooked nose Jews that could be right out of Nazi propaganda.”

These perhaps?


PS ... and once again, notice that swastikas are seldom "drawn" or "sketched" but always "scrawled" -- and as mentioned above, the "... vile anti-Semitic tropes" -- I have to ask:- "What happened to the lovely anti-Semitic tropes we used to get when I was a young lad?"

Anonymous said...

Anon said
I don't know about you but I feel no inclination to protect Jewish areas when they have their own security measures in place plus they get extra police support anyway. More so than the girls of Rotherham.

Gerry here

I don’t think she does either
But the best way to confound people who call you a nazi or a racist
Is to BULLSHIT them
Bullshit baffles brains so your enemy is my enemy kind of stuff
So let’s all stick together and we will fight amongst ourselves when we have kicked Islam out of Britain
That’s what I hope is happening anyway
With her.
Myself I am thinking of going to either join or be close by when Britain first do a large demo within 150 miles of me



great white said...

Entire Baltimore Neighborhood Under Lockdown: "Police Declared Martial Law"

"Police turned the neighborhood where Suiter was shot into an “open-air prison”, shutting down city streets and enabling checkpoints for citizens while officers in tactical gear went door to door, according to Baltimore Brew. Residents were prohibited from entering their own neighborhood unless they showed proper identification, these extreme measures have been in place for 4-5 days."

Uncle Nasty said...

James said...

Is it true that that witch Lerner Specter gets abused when it goes out in public? If so that news brightens up my otherwise dull and damp November morning here in Cork.

I heard she got death threats and went into hiding. Unconfirmed, but its nice to believe there's still something good in this world.

Fat chance of that, I'm afraid. This is Sweden we're talking about. The closest thing she'll come to a death threat is to read the mimeographed press releases handed out by the rabbis every Saturday night after shul


Flanders said...

"Kuwait Airways can ban Israeli passengers, German court rules"

"(JTA) — Kuwait Airways may bar Israeli citizens from boarding its planes in Germany, a Frankfurt court ruled.

Jewish and political leaders in Germany criticized the ruling handed down Thursday by the district court. The plaintiff, an Israeli student living in Frankfurt, will appeal, his lawyer said.

“This is a shameful ruling for democracy and for Germany,” attorney Nathan Gelbart told the German news agency dpa. “This ruling cannot be allowed to stand.” Gelbart is the German counsel for The Lawfare Project, a New York-based litigation fund for Israelis who allege civil rights violations."

The posting continues at this link below with the details.

Flanders said...

"EXCLUSIVE: Bill Clinton is facing NEW accusations of sexual assault by four women while the former president was working with a billionaire playboy and flying on his private jet nicknamed Air F**k One, claims Clinton author"

4 Women are preparing to file separate lawsuits, according to their attorneys.

•Bill Clinton is facing accusations of sexual assault from four women, highly placed Democratic Party sources have told author Ed Klein

•The women allege the former president assaulted them in the early 2000s, when Clinton was working with playboy billionaire investor Ron Burkle

•The unidentified women were employed in low-level positions at the Burkle organization and in their late teens at the time of the alleged assaults

•Clinton helped Burkle generate business and flew around the world on Burkle's private jet, which was nicknamed 'Air F**k One'

•The 71-year-old politician has been haunted throughout his years in public office by allegations of sexual misconduct

•Hillary Clinton allegedly offered to hire private detectives to find dirt on the new accusers, but Clinton's legal team advised against it, sources said

Flanders said...

I don't know Morrissey, though I've heard about him, but it sounds as if he may be one of the good people.

"'I want Germany to be GERMAN' Morrissey attacks Merkel for destroying nation's identity

CONTROVERSIAL Smiths frontman Morrissey has hit out at Angela Merkel for “throwing away” the country’s culture in a furious tirade against immigration.
"The ‘Big Mouth Strikes Again’ singer lashed out at an increasingly multicultural Europe which he said meant watering down nations’ identity.

In an interview with German newspaper Die Spiegel, he said: “I want Germany to be German. I want France to be French.

“If you try to make everything multicultural, you will not have any culture in the end.

“All European countries have fought for their identity for many, many years.

“And now they just throw it away. I think that's sad.”

When asked if he sees the German Chancellor as the “mother” of Europe, due to her enduring years as the leader of the country and her power within the EU, he said: “Well, she's smart enough not to say much.

“She stays silent, which is very interesting.

“But I'm sad that Berlin has become the rape capital… because of the open borders.”

The Express also reports on an explosion inside an apartment building in Malmo, Sweden, in a separate article.

Flanders said...

"Merkel gave German tax money to Hillary’s failed campaign"

"German taxpayers unwittingly gave Hillary Clinton millions towards her election. The donation to the Clinton Foundation from Germany's taxpayers on behalf of Angela Merkel came at the height of the US elections.
Between July and September 2016, as much as $5 million were donated to the Clinton Foundation, a German newspaper Die Welt revealed. Die Welt questioned Chancellor Merkel motive as trying to influence the outcome of US presidential election.

In September, when the travelling press corps asked Clinton who her favourite world leader was, she did not hesitate to name German Chancellor Merkel as her top choice. And while Clinton was praising Merkel, the German government poured millions into the Clintons.
Foreign donations — or as the Clintons affectionately calls them, “gifts” — have evaporated since Clinton lost her presidential bid, with a sudden dip in interest for “tree planting” activity in far away places.

The Foundation has also garnered support from former British prime ministers Tony Blair and Gordon Brown. Former US president Bill Clinton founded the Clinton Foundation after he left office in 2001.

Members of Merkel’s government have made no effort to hide their disgust for Trump. Right before the US election, German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier called Republican candidate a “hate preacher”.

A lot more details are at the link below.

Flanders said...

A Louisiana negeroid with 42 kids from 36 women is convicted of child sex trafficking.

"Louisiana judge calls Baton Rouge man's actions "modern day slavery," sentences him to 40 years"

"State District Judge Trudy White likened the actions of a 46-year-old Baton Rouge man convicted of human trafficking to those that perpetuated the African slave trade before sentencing him Monday to a total of 40 years in prison.

"They were tied to you not by physical chains but emotional chains," White said to Carlos Lampley. "You were the master. ... Human trafficking is illegal today, but it's a form of modern day slavery none the less."

Flanders said...

"Remember when (((civil rights advocates))) demanded accountability from police and wanted them to wear bodycams? Those bodycams cost police departments a good chunk of money.

But now, a group called The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights avers that bodycams pose a “threat to civil rights.” They released a report titled, “The Illusion of Accuracy: How Body-Worn Camera Footage Can Distort Evidence," in which they decry bodycams because the officers can view the footage before they write incident reports.

In the report, Vanita Gupta, the leader of the Leadership Conference, who is a former (((ACLU))) director and former acting assistant attorney general of the civil rights division under former President Obama, writes, “The vast majority of the nation’s leading police departments with body-worn camera programs allow unrestricted footage review – meaning, officers are permitted to review footage from body-worn cameras whenever they’d like, including before writing their incident reports or making statements.”

The report adds:" [Basically, alleging that the reports are now too accurate, leading to "discrimination" because of increased convictions].

Six Million Dollar Man said...

Judeo-Islam & Judeo-Wahhabism
"The Turkish Ottoman Empire, which included key parts of Saudi Arabia, had lots of crypto-Jews (Jews pretending to be Moslems)

These crypto-Jews (also called Donmeh) have connections to the Saudi royal family and Saudi religion.

The Saudi follow the Wahhabi form of Islam.

Reportedly, the founder of the Saudi Wahhabi sect of Islam, Muhammad ibn Abdul Wahhab, was a crypto-Jew."

In his book, 'The Dönmeh Jews', D. Mustafa Turan writes that Wahhab's grandfather, Tjen Sulayman, was actually Tjen Shulman, a member of the Jewish community of Basra, Iraq.

In his book, 'The Dönmeh Jews and the Origin of the Saudi Wahhabis', Rifat Salim Kabar reveals that Shulman eventually settled in what is now Saudi Arabia, where his grandson, Muhammad Wahhab, founded the Wahhabi sect of Islam.

The Iraqi intelligence report states that Shulman had been banished from Damascus, Cairo, and Mecca for his 'quackery.'

James said...

I would really like to hear how "Hitler caused the Jewish takeover and exploitation in Germany in the 1940s"

He lost the war. That destroyed Germany and unleashed the mongol and negroid hordes to do their worst.

I'm just saying what happened, as it happened.

James said...

That'll be interesting. What if the Maoris, who, as I understand it, first imported rats as some kind of religious totem, object? Wouldn't that violate the treaty of whatever? The one that says the government may never hurt their feelings?

We are talking mainly about Norwegian rats and brown rats here.

Also possums, stoats, weasels, ferrets, rabbits, deer, pigs, goats, etc are all causing trouble.

Cats and dogs cause some problems but most are pets.

Maoris only care about money BTW. A sacred mountain just requires enough $$ to appease the spirits.

James said...

Typical James rumor-mongering again

So you prefer the alternative unproven theory that no white person in all the world had the guts to sent her even a single threat?

I wish I had your faith.

James said...

Sweden paid Barbara Specter millions to set up Paideia.

Her husband is the top Rabbi in Sweden.

James said...

Check out the nose on this one.

AnalogMan said...

SAVANT said...

don't you think I showed enough pictures of baboons ransacking cars already?

Whatever you say. I thought one photo of Baltimore might be taken for an anomaly; a few more examples would make the point that this behaviour is universal among them.

Frank Galton said...

PART 1/2

Daily Express, 20 November 2017

'I want Germany to be GERMAN' Morrissey attacks Merkel for destroying nation's identity

Controversial Smiths frontman Morrissey has hit out at Angela Merkel for “throwing away” the country’s culture in a furious tirade against immigration.

Flanders said: "I don't know Morrissey, though I've heard about him, but it sounds as if he may be one of the good people."


Morrissey hasn't got a clue.

Jewish Chronicle, 19 September 2017

Pop icon Morrissey’s upcoming new album features two songs with titles making reference to Israel, it has been confirmed.

The former Smiths frontman is known to be a strong supporter of the Jewish state and has played numerous concerts in Tel Aviv.

Morrissey’s positive stance on Israel stretches back over a decade – he once appeared on stage in Tel Aviv draped in an Israeli flag.

In 2008 he ignored calls by BDS campaigners to pull out of a concert there and ended a show saying: “God bless Israel”. He also appeared in a video with the word “Israel” tattooed on his forearm in Hebrew.

In 2012 Morrissey was given a key to the city of Tel Aviv by Mayor Ron Huldai.

"I have become a small face of Tel Aviv. I will be very happy to represent with integrity and loyalty,” the singer said.

He also once attacked political critics for attacking the entire population of Israel for the election of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Morrissey doesn't know that Netanyahu's government is sending African migrants from Israel to Europe.

Morrissey doesn't know that Netanyahu's government is funding an Israeli NGO that is, quote, "working with [African and Muslim] refugees at their entry point" in order to "see them through to Germany".

Morrissey doesn't know that Netanyahu's government was in negotiations to send African migrants from Israel to Australia.

Morrissey doesn't know that Netanyahu's government awarded Angela Merkel the Israel Presidential Medal for her, quote, "unwavering commitment to Israel's security."

As I said, Morrissey hasn't got a clue.

Frank Galton

Frank Galton said...

PART 2/2


Jerusalem Post, 07 January 2014

Eritrean migrants resettled from ISRAEL to SWEDEN

The resettlement...was part of the "ONGOING PROCESS of willful deportation to SWEDEN..."

Interior Minister Gideon Sa'ar [Likud Party] gave the approval for them to leave for Sweden.

THE TIMES OF ISRAEL, 11 September 2015

Shachar Zahavi of disaster relief organization IsraAid spoke with The Times of Israel in a brief conversation from Athens on Wednesday. IsraAid has been working with Syrian refugees in Jordan and Iraq/Kurdistan for several years and is currently setting up operations at a well-traveled entry point in GREECE.

The plan, said Zahavi, is to create a more holistic approach, in which the NGO would begin working with refugees at their ENTRY POINT, and then SEE THEM THROUGH TO GERMANY, their desired destination.

[Dr. Georgette Bennett, born into a Jewish refugee family and is the daughter of "Holocaust survivors"] said all hands must be on board to quickly SHIFT THE REFUGEES AND MIGRANTS FROM THEIR POINTS OF ENTRY.

"We must get them out of countries like Greece, where they are in terrible circumstances, and GET THEM TO GERMANY," said Bennett.

Jewish Telegraphic Agency, 22 September 2015

The American Jewish Committee said it was increasing funding to IsraAid, which is also supported by other American Jewish groups and the ISRAELI GOVERNMENT.

Jerusalem Post, 30 June 2011

Danny Danon [Israeli MK, Likud Party]: Send AFRICAN migrants to AUSTRALIA

Send them to live down under.

"The arrival of thousands of Muslim infiltrators to Israeli territory is a clear threat to the state's Jewish identity," Danon told The Jerusalem Post.

"The refugees' place is not among us, and the initiative to transfer them to AUSTRALIA is the right and just solution."

TIMES OF ISRAEL, 21 February 2014

Angela Merkel to be awarded [Israel's] Presidential Medal

German chancellor will receive prize from President Peres for her "UNWAVERING COMMITMENT TO ISRAEL'S SECURITY"

Frank Galton

Flanders said...

Is someone ready to get away from the ratrace [One of them at least]? I suspect that this might do.

"Swiss village wants to offer families 70,000 francs to go and live there"

[70,678.52 USD - about 60,000 EUR - 53,362 GBP ].

[Does not state whether Swiss residency or citizenship is required, but I suspect that it would be.]

"Residents of Albinen, a small Swiss village near Leukerbad in the canton of Valais, will on November 30th vote on a new policy which would offer money to outsiders who are willing to come and live in the village for at least a decade.

The tiny village of 240 inhabitants is one of many in Switzerland that have experienced a worrying exodus of permanent residents in recent years.

Though there are many holiday homes in the picturesque village, permanent residents, especially young families, are choosing to move away.
And this is their plan – families or individuals from elsewhere who decide to buy or build a house in Albinen would be eligible, under certain conditions, for a grant of 25,000 francs per adult and 10,000 francs per child, according to information published in the commune’s newsletter.

That would mean 70,000 francs for a family of four – a real bonus towards the cost of a mortgage deposit which must usually be at least 20 percent of the property’s value.

There are conditions, however. To be eligible you must be aged under 45 and agree to live in the village for at least ten years. The property to be bought or built must have a minimum value of 200,000 francs, and it must be a permanent home, not a second residence.

The money does not have to be repaid, unless you leave the village before the ten year deadline."
"#albinen Photos and Videos"

Flanders said...

It sounds as if the chief of Israel’s Mossad foreign intelligence agency, Meir Dagan and the jew's Israel [probably assisted by "dual"-(((citizens)))] created a false flag strike to try to convince the USA to bomb Syria in 2007.

"Israel’s Ploy Selling a Syrian Nuke Strike"

"Exclusive: The Iraq WMD fiasco wasn’t the only time political pressure twisted U.S. intelligence judgments. In 2007, Israel sold the CIA on a dubious claim about a North Korean nuclear reactor in the Syrian desert, reports Gareth Porter.
"In September 2007, Israeli warplanes bombed a building in eastern Syria that the Israelis claimed held a covert nuclear reactor that had been built with North Korean assistance. Seven months later, the CIA released an extraordinary 11-minute video and mounted press and Congressional briefings that supported that claim.

Satellite photos of the supposed Syrian nuclear site before and after the Israeli airstrike.

But nothing about that alleged reactor in the Syrian desert turns out to be what it appeared at the time. The evidence now available shows that there was no such nuclear reactor, and that the Israelis had misled George W. Bush’s administration into believing that it was in order to draw the United States into bombing missile storage sites in Syria. Other evidence now suggests, moreover, that the Syrian government had led the Israelis to believe wrongly that it was a key storage site for Hezbollah missiles and rockets.

The International Atomic Agency’s top specialist on North Korean reactors, Egyptian national Yousry Abushady, warned top IAEA officials in 2008 that the published CIA claims about the alleged reactor in the Syrian desert could not possibly have been true.
Published revelations by senior Bush administration officials show, moreover, that principal U.S. figures in the story all had their own political motives for supporting the Israeli claim of a Syrian reactor being built with North Korean help."

[Continues, but note the comments by David Davidian further down. He offers another potential reason which is additional to that stated in the main article.]

Flanders said...

I don't understand the details on “Session replay scripts”, or know for certain why all these companies are invading our privacy when they definately should not be, but for those who do understand, and who want to see a list of the companies named who are doing it, see the last link below in my comment.

"Over 400 of the World's Most Popular Websites Record Your Every Keystroke, Princeton Researchers Find"

"The idea of websites tracking users isn’t new, but research from Princeton University released last week indicates that online tracking is far more invasive than most users understand. In the first installment of a series titled “No Boundaries,” three researchers from Princeton’s Center for Information Technology Policy (CITP) explain how third-party scripts that run on many of the world’s most popular websites track your every keystroke and then send that information to a third-party server."
In the main article above, the link to where those companies are listed is not so clearly visible, but it is at, "You can see all the popular websites that utilize session replay scripts documented by the researchers here." It goes to the link below:

Flanders said...

"(White) Woman dies after being forced to open restaurant safe (by 3 worthless n*ggers), shot - died"

Chelsea Beller [Photo] - "A 29-year-old woman died after being shot early Sunday morning in an Atlanta restaurant robbery, police said. The robbery happened about 1:45 a.m. at the Barcelona Wine Bar on Howell Mill Road, Atlanta police spokeswoman Officer Lisa Bender told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Three men rushed in as the restaurant was closing and tied up the employees with electrical tape, Bender said. Chelsea Beller of Atlanta was forced upstairs to open a safe and then shot in the shoulder. She was taken to Grady Memorial Hospital, where she later died, Bender said. The suspects got away. [More to the story at the link below]
•WATCH: Dramatic video of robbery, shooting at Barcelona Wine Bar; $7K reward offered (graphic) - (graphic)"
[20 November, 2017 link]

heuristic said...

James (02.08) Otherwise known as the One Drop rule.

James said...

Behind the meme. It looked like a real photo to some people.

James said...

Gays to get Homocaust reparations.

Anonymous said...

That Morrissey sounds like a right muddled twat like a lot of British Irish people

Anonymous said...

FLANDERS are you going to report on every single crime committed by blacks on whites ? They are happening in the thousands every single day.
You started something with james regarding Germany around the mid 40s.
Sort it out will you.
The Ashes are about to start so I can't be fucked to keep going around in circles. I don't consider myself mad.. Not yet anyway... Here is a reference library if you get stuck on any tricky hasbarat stuff jimmy comes out with.
Sorry wrong one. Try this. You can't go wrong me old China

Anonymous said...

A thread on tv this morning : Flashed an image from the 40s/50s...............I had just woke up.
TB xray wagons at the factory gate . (outside supermarkets this time)
They cleared this up for me, by claiming it was for checking areas with more than the average for cancer.... The earlier caught the better!

I thought fuck you lot!.................It was only in recent years I got to know where & how the TB epidemic was caused .(A major chore for us kids was being woken up to the heat some milk for the baby!).
A pound too a pinch of shit, this cover story is a load of bollocks.

Anonymous said...

Jayda got them out at the Whitechapel mosque
But kept them hidden in Golders Green
WTF is going On ?

Unashamedly got them out

Showed some decency and kept them hidden

SPBeliever said...

Nobody should deny The Holocaust! It should however be called The Useless Holocaust. It is The Useless Holocaust because it never saved a single human soul and never will.
A holocaust is a complete burnt offering. The German Holocaust doesn’t fulfill this condition because there were lots of survivors. In fact there were more Jewish people in Germany after the war than before. The purpose of the Useless Holocaust was to obliterate the only one Useful Holocaust of Calvary.
It was inevitable then that the One Holy and Continual Holocaust of Calvary the Catholic mass had to be removed. That happened in 1969.
Count the bodies of two world wars and you have an idea of what it cost to replace the Useful Holocaust with the Useless Holocaust.
Montini’s Masonic Mock-mass the great punishment for the whole world. The empty Catholic tabernacles throughout the world give free rein to Lucifer and his demons released from hell as The Mother of God foretold in 1846 at La Salette, France.
The greatest miscegenation is the spiritual one by which most people on this earth of all religions and none are being “ remoulded nearer to the hearts desire” by the Fabian Socialist priesthood.
Check all the five pointed stars of Baphomet. They are everywhere.

Frank Galton said...

Daily Express, 20 November 2017

Controversial Smiths frontman Morrissey has hit out at Angela Merkel for “throwing away” the country’s culture in a furious tirade against immigration.

Jewish Chronicle, 19 September 2017

The former Smiths frontman is known to be a strong supporter of the Jewish state and has played numerous concerts in Tel Aviv.

He [Morrissey] also once attacked political critics for attacking the entire population of Israel for the election of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Morrissey doesn't know that Netanyahu condemned Donald Trump’s Muslim ban. This from the leader of a country which bans Muslim and Christian immigration.

Talk about chutzpah!

Newsweek, 12 October 2015


Frank Galton

Frank Galton said...

Jewish Chronicle, 19 September 2017

The former Smiths frontman is known to be a strong supporter of the Jewish state and has played numerous concerts in Tel Aviv.

He [Morrissey] also once attacked political critics for attacking the entire population of Israel for the election of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Morrissey doesn't know that the Deputy Minister of Religious Affairs in Netanyahu's government believes homosexual goys like Morrissey are at the bottom (excuse the pun) of the human species.

HAARETZ, 30 December 2013

From Gay Jews Down to Goys

The Hierarchy of the Human Species as Told by [Israel's Deputy Minister of Religious Affairs] Eli Ben Dahan

1. Jewish men who have sexual relations with Jewish women
2. Jewish bastards
3. Jewish women who have sexual relations with Jewish men or with the Holy One Blessed Be He
4. Jewish men who have sexual relations with non – Jewish women
5. Jewish homosexual men who have sexual relations with Jewish men
6. Jewish lesbians who have sexual relations with Jewish women
7. Jewish homosexual men who have sexual relations with non – Jewish men
8. Jewish lesbians who have sexual relations with non – Jewish women
9. Male Goyim
10. Female Goyim.

Feel free to add to the list of "what Morrissey doesn't know".



Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

What a crock of shit

Anonymous said...

Feel free to add to the list of "what Morrissey doesn't know".

11, he doesn't know how to sing
12, he doesn't know how to dance

Frank Galton said...

Anonymous said: "That Morrissey sounds like a right muddled twat like a lot of British Irish people"

Here's another one.

Raving homosexual and anti-apartheid campaigner Boy George loves Israel and its Jews-only immigration policy, ban on mixed marriage, ban on gay marriage, segregated schools, segregated housing, segregated roads and segregated buses (Rosa Parks must be turning in her grave).

Jewish Telegraphic Agency, 08 November 2017

Boy George shows his love of Israel on social media

TIMES OF ISRAEL, 08 November 2017

After Tel Aviv concert, Boy George says Israel ‘in my heart’

Culture Club singer rejects boycott activists, comparisons of Jewish state to apartheid-era South Africa, and 'negative energy'

Rolling Stone, 28 August 1986

Boy George, the flamboyant pop star who'd seduced the world with his sweet soul music, looked a mess. Standing in a backstage trailer at an Artists Against Apartheid rock concert...


Guest appearances by...Boy George



TIMES OF ISRAEL, 29 July 2013

Prime Minister's Office says would-be immigrants from former Soviet Union may be asked to prove JEWISH BLOODLINE

HAARETZ, 03 June 2014

Who would you be allowed to marry in Israel today? No civil marriage, NO MIXED MARRIAGE

PinkNews, 16 May 2012

Israeli parliament rejects gay and inter-faith civil marriage bill

Jerusalem Post, 30 November 2014

Is separate education working in Israel?

In a sense even the “liberal” voices in Israel accept SEGREGATION.

HAARETZ, 07 November 2010

Supreme Court backs JEWS-ONLY HOUSING in Jaffa neighborhood

YNET NEWS, 03 June 2013

Separate roads for Jews, Palestinians

Daily Telegraph, 03 March 2013

Israel launches Palestinian-only buses amid accusations of RACIAL SEGREGATION

The Independent, 27 January 2013

Israel gave birth control to Ethiopian Jews without their consent

International Business Times, 12 December 2013

Israel: Black Lawmaker [Member of Knesset] Pnina Tamano-Shata Barred from Donating Blood over Ethiopian Origins

Frank Galton

James said...

Anonymous heuristic said...
James (02.08) Otherwise known as the One Drop rule.

Its a bit different.
There was a Maori on TV who had a DNA test and came back as 0% European. She has plenty of European ancestors but apparently randomly regained 100% Maori genes and is not one of the few full blooded Maoris in the country. They didn't say if her mitochondrial DNA was Maori as well but I'd say it's likely.

Genes travel in clumps so this is possible they reckon.

James said...

Morrissey hasn't got a clue.

At least he's not an anti-white and he knows what Merkel is up to and says so.
If he went full-blown anti-Israel then nobody would hear what he's got to say about Merkel.

He should do a concert with Roger Waters.

James said...

The Saudi follow the Wahhabi form of Islam.

The British set that up.
The British set all sorts of things up.

James said...

Hope on the horizon?

Martin Armstrong says a world wide famine is approaching.

Apparently in agriculture diversity is strength, but 94% of edible seed varieties have disappeared.

James said...

The EU screws up small things as well as big things.

There is a butter shortage in France.

(No immigrant shortage according to most reports.)

James said...



White people work harder.

(Actually we work properly too, and screw up far less)

James said...

Merkel finished?

This is such bullshit. She should go to jail for decades, not be lot off the hook.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't there a black band member of culture club. I wonder what he thinks of George O'Dowd now.
Michael Emile "Mikey" Craig is his name.
Craig has also performed with Kid Creole and the Coconuts. (I shouldn't laugh but I can't help it)
Realising they had an Irish gay man as the lead singer, a black Briton on bass, a blond Englishman on guitar and keyboards, and a Jewish drummer, they eventually decided to call themselves Culture Club.
(This is too much im going to have to lay down lol)
Israel you say?...... That's it, I've cracked... im gone

James said...

Homo site bashing women again?

Guillaume said...

The latest youtube on the pro-miscegenation Xmas television adverts by Marks and Spencer etc is by the English vlogger Way of the World.
WOTW's video is much better than Millenial Woes rather tame offering IMO and makes for far better and more stirring viewing. It is a call to action, watch it and find yourself becoming increasingly angry.

Guillaume said...

Savant/Katana etc what is your esteemed opinion of the substantial new online polemic by former BNP leader Nick Griffin in which he attacks many of the leading lights of the alt-right, branding several as infiltrators amongst other things. His scorn covers many well known names and groups, including Richard Spencer, Millennial Woes, Jez Turner (London Forum), Matt Heimbach, Western Spring, Daily Stormer, Mike Enoch etc etc
It is very strong stuff and shocking if true.

Anonymous said...

rastus said...

I agree with Anon there Flanders. It really is pointless citing case after case of the groids chimping out. I think we all know what how the fuckers behave. A link would be better.

Anonymous said...

 James said...
Homo site bashing women again?

Yes james we know women have been trick into behaving like men.
Question: So why keep knocking them and why the promotion of a site that isn't white survivalist?
Time to grow-up lad...... If you can't get a bird.. fucking learn to live with it....... Women, Our Women have a lot to give the growing white resistance.
Stop putting them Off will You

SAVANT said...

Have now read Nick Griffin's book Gillaume. I always admire his logic and research and a great pity that he destroyed his credibility on that notorious Question Time programme. He does have justifiable fears about the amount of homosexuals in the alt-right but I think he greatly overstates their influence. Milo is the standout example but his influence on the alt-right is greatly over stated. Many if not most would see him as a dilettante and being half-Jewish doesn't help. The rest of the people he mentions don't have too much influence.

And of course the Israeli-firsters are trying to get into the act ('hello fellow White people') but most of us can see through their tricks by now. In any event we can use them as much as they can use us supporting their concept of a racially pure state!

Anonymous said...

@ 21 November 2017 at 21:50

Powerful stuff that definitely not for the fainthearted

Frank Galton said...

"Morrissey hasn't got a clue."

James said: "At least he's not an anti-white and he knows what Merkel is up to and says so.If he went full-blown anti-Israel then nobody would hear what he's got to say about Merkel."

He still hasn't got a clue.

Morrissey is concerned that the German people are losing their identity due to immigration.

Let's suppose Morrissey did have a clue and he knows exactly what Netanyahu's government has been up to i.e. sending African asylum seekers from Israel to Europe and funding an Israeli NGO that is, quote, "working with [African and Muslim] refugees at their entry point" in order to "see them through to Germany".

If he know this, then what the fuck is this man doing defending Benjamin Netanyahu and draping himself in the Israeli flag?

"If he went full-blown anti-Israel then nobody would hear what he's got to say about Merkel."


Frank Galton

Flanders said...

"New ‘Assault Weapons’ Bill Would Ban GLOCK 17 And Many Other Popular Pistols"

"The text of Senator Dianne Feinstein’s assault rifle ban bill is now available on her website and, contra Nick’s expectations, it isn’t simply a copy-and-paste re-run of the failed Clinton era assault rifle ban language. It’s worse. Much worse.

How bad is it? In the first four pages, it bans the popular GLOCK 17 9mm pistol, a gun that’s commonly used for shooting sports and personal self defense by hundreds of thousands of Americans.
But it’s not just the G17. The Beretta 92, the CZ75, and the HK VP70 would also be forbidden. Heck, even the Luger P08 would be out.

Why? Because among the many things the bill prohibits —" [Continues with more.]
if you want to know why we burst into raucous laughter every time one of your acolytes in the legacy media parrots the falsehood, “no one’s coming for your guns,” this is why.

The bad faith, ignorance, and contempt for the Bill of Rights enshrined in Senator Feinstein’s latest 123-page abomination of a bill is why."

Flanders said...

How the hell does someone this UGLY even get into the country? Any illegal who is this gross certainly doesn't need to be allowed to be around Americans.

It's no wonder the jews want them in.

"Twice-Deported Illegal Alien Raped Mentally Disabled Girl"

Anonymous said...

James said: "At least he's not an anti-white and he knows what Merkel is up to and says so.If he went full-blown anti-Israel then nobody would hear what he's got to say about Merkel."

Haven't the British public been told day in day out for years by the daily mail express sun star that it is because of her (Merkel) that Europe got a problem and we brits need to get the fuck out. Even before Merkel it was still an issue with immigrants coming into Europe and moving around.
You talk bollocks james and so does Morrissey.
Morrissey reads from the daily mail hymn sheet then fucks off to play a concert in Israel. Wtf

Flanders said...

Here is AN EXCELLENT COMMENT to an article, which I came across in an article about Putin on Digger's site:

GuitarMan / August 8, 2014

“Indeed, who’s the greater menace to humanity: ultimately accountable Israeli Jews operating under a national flag, or an unrestrained and unaccountable Diaspora Jewish nation spread all over the earth (often allowed to do Israel’s bidding both openly and in secret) that subversively and imperiously incites social and economic strife, conflict and war in every country on this earth for its own self-serving purposes, and then disappears back into the woodwork, never to be held accountable for its crimes against humanity” ? !!!

This murderous and poisonous Jew-invented “arrested development” can’t be tolerated. It’s well past time for world-wide Jewry to stand up and accept responsibility and accountability for its own behavior, past, present and future — and for the world to make it do so” !!! ~ B C ~

Anonymous said...

James said
He should do a concert with Roger Waters.

james Woger Waters doesn't like people that sing in Israel and I think being a bit of a commie cunt (a rich one at that. Ain't they all) he doesn't mind Merkel policies.
Where is your thinking laddie

James said...


Frank Galton

Name some anti-semites who are well known by the public to criticize Merkel.

James said...

Question: So why keep knocking them and why the promotion of a site that isn't white survivalist?

Is posting a link equated with promotion in your mind?

Perhaps it is. if it is then Savant needs to block all posts containing links to leftist, jewish, anti-white, or similar publications.

There won't be much left of the comments section if that happens.

James said...

Savant/Katana etc what is your esteemed opinion of the substantial new online polemic by former BNP leader Nick Griffin

Don't ask them. I'll just post the link and John C will tell us all what's what.

Here it is. I'm promoting Nick Griffin.

John C will tell us who's who and what's what. He knows for sure who's pro white and who isn't.

Anonymous said...

Ghetto Horror Story Of the Week:

Riding the "N" train (how appropriate!) cartoon ugly jig presses up against Spanish woman who asks her to give him room. He punches her in the mouth, smashing her head into the wall and says:

"White bitch! I've raped white bitches like you!" among other stuff. Up comes a huge Spanish (?) court officer who immobilizes the jig and chases him off the train.

They got video of him and so he arrested the next day, which is what always seems to happen now.


James said...

From the Nick Griffin PDF, page 72.

Reproduced in at least a dozen Youtube videos,
Nick Griffin’s speech in Strasbourg exposing the
Coudenhove-Kalergi plan for the elimination of all
European peoples is now the most widely watched
speech ever made in the European Parliament [81]

Yes it was a very good speech but John C will have to analyse it for correctness before we dare promote it.

Flanders said...

For Rastua and Anon:

I was reading a link at another site about the same nigger slaughter of White people story which Rastus and anonojew were complaining of above. Someone had commented there about that White girl who was victimized.

"Forgot to mention that she was 29 and unmarried. Most likely a liberal caaaarrrrreeeerrrrr gggggiiirrrrrllllllll who would have wasted her fertility on her ‘high-powered career’. I also suspect from the bull-ring in her nose and multi-colored hair that she was a mud-shark. Just sayin’."

This is my reply which will go also to Rastua and anonojew.

You may THINK that, [name redacted], but it’s NOT RIGHT to say that about a White victim without having some type of worthwhile evidence. She appears to have been a happy and well-adjusted White girl. We should not encourage our people to become MORE complacent and jaded in their thought process about these matters. I know you don’t intend anything harmful by your statement, but we do need to be aware about the effects our innocent comments may have.

I posted a link about this at another site and was jumped because [supposed] White people, but actually dunces who were “tired” of “hearing all about the niggers”. It’s not about the niggers. It’s about our White people being picked off one by one because the JEW MSM will not report about them to the general public. If there were a White MSM, people would know about these and would be outraged enough to do something about it, and would take action themselves so that it STOPS.

We ARE sick of hearing about them. Most people try to avoid them. These stories do appear on some of the good sites like New Nation, but people avoid them because it is not “popular” to make people recognize their own inadequacy in the face of this JEW CAUSED onslaught which the JEWS are conducting and allowing against our White people.

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