Saturday, 8 July 2017

Feminism fails. And it's men's fault

A new study by Yale University has discovered that a "dearth of marriagable men has left an oversupply of 'amazing, attractive intelligent women' taking desperate steps to preserve their fertility. The first global study into egg freezing found that shortages of eligible men were the prime reason why women had attempted to take matters into their own hands. "Terrifying” (sic) demographic shifts had created a “deficit” of educated men and a growing problem of “leftover” professional women, with female graduates vastly outnumbering males in in many countries."

And as ever, men are to blame. Apparently we men 'feel threatened by their success and so are unwilling to commit to starting a family together'. It's more that men are not attracted to 'successful' women in their late thirties, preferring a girl who will put his family ahead of her career, someone young, good-looking and loyal. No man, not even a a house-broken mangina, wants to come home to some ball-breaking work-focused jargon-spouting feminist. He doesn't want to compete with his wife. Especially a wife who's spent the best part of twenty years riding the cock carousel and whose 'success' is based on her 'Masters' in Gender Studies and a six-figure government 
Diversity Manager job.

But I can understand the dilemma of the exemplar in the Yale survey. Having focused on career at the expense of settling down she's now horrified at the speed with which her child-bearing years are disappearing, while all those disposable 'good men' whom she confidently put to one side at an earlier time are no longer available. They're married and/or interested only in girls a lot younger than she. The liberated kind of girl who dispenses sexual favours with reckless she herself once did. And that career isn't all glamour. Today record numbers of women live alone, childless, on psychiatric medication, facing a life-time of wage slavery in grinding jobs that they can never leave. And now as her eggs atrophy the terrible realisation dawns that she's in a kind of Darwinian cul-de-sac with her cats as a surrogate family.

It's tempting to feel a small tinge of schadenfreude at the fate of such women. But they're also victims. Victims of feminism, the single most evil and destructive movement ever to beset the White race. It utterly corrupts girls, turning them from fresh-faced feminine young women into masculinised harpies. It subverts every value and tradition underpinning the greatest civilisation the world has ever seen. It neither kills outright nor inflicts apparent physical harm, yet the extent of its destructive toll is already greater than that of any war, plague, famine, or natural calamity on record. Its potential damage to the quality of human life and the fabric of civilised society is beyond calculation.

But it's hard to awaken women (generally weak-minded conformists) to this reality given the full spectrum control wielded by the (((nation wreckers))) and their goy quislings. They've drunk so deeply of the feminist Kool-Aid that any change in their diet would probably kill them. But changing men's attitudes just might force that awakening. Because increasingly men are disengaging from formal commitment. Men Go Their Own Way (MGTOW). Why get married and risk impoverishment through divorce rape? Why have children when in the event of a break-up they'll be taken from you while you get stuck with the bill for their upkeep? Certainly not for non-committal sex which, ironically thanks to feminism and the societal rot it engendered, is freely available to any man looking for it. 

What we see here is the bitter harvest of feminism. And for women the fruits will be bitterest of all. Yet if you distill that survey and the related MSM analysis it emerges that the solution is actually more feminism. Well if that's what you feel then go for it ladies. You're culling our race of its decadent stock and as such, and this will really horrify you, you're doing the Lord's work.


Rob said...

Feminism hasn't failed. It just hasn't been tried hard enough!

Manwe said...

(((They))) really don't want us to reproduce. So I say, fight the good fight and breed, white men and white women, breed!

Cool Aide said...

They've drunk so deeply of the feminist Kool-Aid

Anonymous said...

"Today record numbers of women live alone, childless, on psychiatric medication"

I'm a not-so-young woman, married, with adult kids.

I would like you to know that back in the 50s and 60s, record numbers of women were married, had children - and were on psychiatric medication. My mother told me that every woman she knew - all married with children, none or few working outside the home - were on mood-altering prescription drugs. And this mass voluntary medication was not limited to any particular cultural or economic group. Poor, middle class, upper class, rural, big city, small town, farms. My mother, in her 50s & 60s, worked with old people in both the city and the country and small towns, so she passed this info on to me. Some of those old women had been medicated for 40 or 50 years. So much for those cozy homes, all those loving kids and grandkids who now never visit them and creepy husbands who saw them as cooks, servants and cleaning women.

Modern life hurts, okay, boys? It hurts men, women, children, just about everybody. Don't be too quick to feel superior to the supposedly miserable childless aging catloving "feminists" who rejected your wonderful selves. Maybe you weren't so shit hot, either. Maybe all you knew how to do was indulge in sports and porn and zipless fkg. Maybe you are "men going their own way" because you have a shitload of flaws, too. Maybe some of you are homely, too. LOL.

- Not a feminist, just a realist.

Poupon Marks said...

Why White Men prefer Asian women.....

Anonymous said...

I would have to say that men lost their love of Christ first and that women are just following the example that men have set for them.

It should be perfectly obvious now that there is nothing worse than a Jesus hating woman.

I am saying that Christ hating men came first and created Christ hating women.

When there is a problem, the first thing you have to do is analyze the problem objectively.

In objective problem solving, the very first thing you should do is eliminate the possibility of your own error in causing the problem.

Eamon Bejayzuz said...

marriage is a legal mechanism whereby a woman enters into complete co-ownership with a man of everything he possesses and ever will possess. Divorce is a legal mechanism by which a woman can divest a man of everything he owns and ever will own. What is now in fact a criminal enterprise enforced by the state is carried on on an industrial scale today. The key thing here is Love. For the man this means raising the best children he can and treasuring the partner with whom this becomes possible. For the woman love is simply a means by which a man is induced to see all things as other than what they are. He will spend wretched years blaming himself for where it all went wrong, never once realising that she was, from the third day of the honeymoon, busily gutting the marriage while retaining the facade for legal reasons. You don't believe me? Look around you. And today we have legions of furious women raging about the place because men are a bit iffy about buying into a deal as shitty as this.

Jem O said...

you use Quisling as if It's a bad thing! If western europeans had his testicular fortitude we would be doing a hell of a lot better than we are.

Anonymous said...

You see them especially when on the road. They pull up at the traffic light in their must-have German vehicle and fiddle with their phone (probably while driving, too) or their hair and make up. Seems to me they think their life is a movie in which they're the star. They often look extremely stressed out. Brainwashing in action and they're the unwitting victim. Most of these women were probably decent, happy girls at one time.

SAVANT said...

Agree about Quisling but it's become a commonly understood term.

Anonymous said...

I would say you should read your bible more. Adam and Eve for starts.
In like manner also, that women adorn themselves with modest apparel, with shamefacedness and sobriety; not with braided hair, or gold, or pearls, or costly array
Let the woman learn in silence with all subjection. But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to userp authority over the man, but to be in silence. For Adam was first formed then Eve. AND ADAM WAS NOT DECEIVED,BUT THE WOMAN BEING DECEIVED WAS IN THE TRANSGRESSION. Not withstanding she shall be saved in childbearing, if they continue in faith and charity and holiness with sobriety.
1 Timothy 2:9-
Women are basically whores and unstable but if they start showing some modesty again what a beautiful world this would be.

A Whiteman said...

Poupon Marks
Why White Men prefer Asian women...

Some white men, and really only a minority of white men. When you see them with their little tiddlywinks it smacks of a real lack of confidence. If you can't find a white woman, stay on your own, don't promote race mixing just so you got someone to go home too or walk down the street holding hands (you 6ft her 4ft 6, wot a fucking sight) window shopping for diamond rings (thats love man, thats love) what are they known for, when the kiddies come along? Tiger mummy's. I don't see anything appealing in them. Alright, maybe a little but I wouldn't cross the race line.

A Whiteman said...


She doesn’t need a man. Why hasn’t God sent her a husband?

Hypergamy renders women barren

Kentucky Headhunter said...

How did the study determine that these women were either "amazing", "attractive" or some combination of same?

Any attractive woman could easily get married if she wanted. Just look at all the ugly women who are married. These chicks are either alpha-widows or just more self-deluded about their worth than the average female.

Anonymous said...

Modern women are mostly whores.

Six Million Dollar Man said...

The Feminist Revolution


Jewish women have played key roles in building and advancing the modern American women’s movement.


Why Are There So Many Jewish Feminists?

Read more:

Anonymous said...

I've known some very content, childless, unmarried, older men. They have careers, hobbies and interests to keep them occupied.

I have never seen this in older women. Nothing but useless, miserable old hags. I get a little smirk thinking of the current state of the 70's disco sluts and 80's big hair whores. Now they use canes and wear "pussy hats" to march for more young male refugees to rape.

We need a cleansing fire to reset our nations and restore sanity.

Anonymous said...

To save the White Race, this might be useful:

Share it and use it, wherever you can:

How to wake people up to the truth:

than give this:

To Stop Race Mixing, distribute this:

Share with others, your people need you!

Anonymous said...

Even having casual sex has its hazards for men. This beauty for instance..

Why is a woman allowed to storm out of court during a trial? Then there's mattress girl and numerous others.

Anon @01.50. How many men were on drugs to help them? The problem with feminism is that it teaches women that 'homemaker' is not a job. Men always considered it to be vital work. Feminism has lost women power. When I was a kid in the Black Country the husband would arrive home on Fridays after a weeks work down the pit, foundry etc and would hand his wage packet over to his wife. She would open it and hand him his pocket money for the week. There was a joke on this subject.
A man arrives home and hands his wife his pay packet. She screams at him 'You've opened this!' He replies 'I've given you my pay packet every Friday for twenty years. I just wanted to know how much I earn'
'The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world' was said in all seriousness.


Frank Galton said...

Jerusalem Post, 10 May 2017

Were it not for American Jewish women, the feminist revolution of the 1960s would have been a very different affair according to a new report commissioned by University of Haifa’s Ruderman Program for American Jewish Studies, which traced the history of Jewish women in the movement.

According to the document, the lineup of Jewish women in the forefront of the movement is “astounding” and dates back to the mid-19th century, when the woman suffrage movement launched in the United States.

American University professor Pamela Nadell, who wrote the report, specializes in American Jewish history and women’s history.

Nadell lays out the historical timeline of the feminist movement through its first and second wave, focusing on the Jewish women’s rights activists who helped lead it.

This includes figures like...[Zionist-Jew] Betty Friedan, who in 1963 wrote The Feminine Mystique, considered a key trigger to the second wave of American feminism in the 20th century.

“It’s only later when we look back, that we see an extraordinary number of Jewish names,” Nadell continued.

Jewish Telegraphic Agency, 06 February 2006

[Zionist-Jew Betty Friedan's book] “The Feminine Mystique” launched the feminist revolution in the United States.

Jewish Telegraphic Agency, 12 November 1975

60 Prominent Women Condemn UN Anti-Zionist Resolution

NEW YORK (Nov. 11)

Sixty prominent women today sent a telegram to UN Secretary General Kurt Waldheim, General Assembly President Gaston Thorn and Assistant Secretary General Helvi Sipila condemning the anti-Zionist resolution.

"We are appalled at the ‘racist’ label applied solely to the national self-determination movement of the Jewish people. We decry this implicit denial of Israeli statehood and this incitement to world wide anti-Semitism." The resolution, they continued, is the "first and only time an authentic movement for national and ethnic survival would be condemned as racist."

Signers of the statement included:... Betty Friedan, former president of NOW [National Organization for Women]; Gloria Steinem...

Frank Galton

Frank Galton said...

PART 1/2

Betty Friedan and the abortion movement

Betty Friedan launched the modern feminist movement in 1963. Her book The Feminine Mystique went on to sell over five million copies.

She played an influential role in linking abortion rights with women's liberation. It was only in 2000, that new information came to light about her revolutionary background.

In 1967, two men were the driving force to repeal all abortion laws in the United States. They were LAWRENCE LADER, who provided the ideological and political brains, and Dr BERNARD NATHANSON, the campaigning obstetrician and gynaecologist.

Looking around for allies, Lader told Nathanson: "If we're going to move abortion out of the books and into the streets, we're going to have to recruit the feminists. Friedan has got to put her troops into this thing - while she still has control over them."

Betty Friedan became vice-president of the National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL), which placed her in the driving seat for abortion law reform.

She brought formidable personal and organisational skills to the campaign. Just where she acquired that experience was revealed in 2000, by David Horowitz, a former 1960's radical activist.

Read more:

Los Angeles Times, 23 February 2011

[Dr. Bernard Nathanson] began performing abortions in the 1960s and later headed a major New York clinic where he oversaw 60,000 abortions. In 1969 he joined with feminist Betty Friedan and activist Lawrence Lader in founding the National Assn. for the Repeal of Abortion Laws, now known as NARAL Pro-Choice America, and served as its medical director.

Frank Galton

Frank Galton said...

PART 2/2

Los Angeles Times, 14 May 2006

[Lawrence Lader] wrote a groundbreaking 1966 book, "Abortion," that the U.S. Supreme Court cited eight times in Roe vs. Wade, the landmark 1973 decision that gave women the right to end a pregnancy.

He helped found the leading abortion rights organization -- now called NARAL Pro-Choice America -- and became the movement's first male spokesperson.

He devised attention-getting tactics, including risking arrest to bring RU-486, the controversial abortion pill manufactured in Europe, into this country.

He also sued the Catholic Church, alleging that it had violated tax-exemption laws by supporting political candidates with antiabortion stands. He lost that fight, but not without earning headlines that helped focus public attention on the cause that consumed his life.

Washington Post, 11 May 2006

Lawrence Lader...started a laboratory in suburban New York to manufacture the French abortion pill RU-486.

Described as the father of the abortion-rights movement by feminist Betty Friedan, Mr. Lader was an uncompromising advocate of a woman's right to choose whether to have an abortion.

After Roussel-Uclaf refused to sell its RU-486 in the United States, and the government prevented activists from importing it, Mr. Lader set up a lab in Westchester County, N.Y., to manufacture the abortifacient from published patents and provide it to researchers.

After years of battles, Roussel-Uclaf allowed a U.S. firm to manufacture the drug, and the Food and Drug Administration approved its sale.

Jewish Telegraphic Agency, 27 April 1972

ADL Investigating Overtones of Anti-semitism in Abortion Law Dispute

The Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith is investigating allegations that a member of the “Right to Life” movement which is trying to get New York State’s liberal abortion laws repealed, has injected anti-Semitism into the controversy.

An ADL spokesman told the Jewish Telegraphic Agency that the allegations were brought to its attention by Lawrence Lader, chairman of the executive committee of the National Association for Repeal of Abortion Legislation...

Catholic League


The public debate over abortion was critical in a resurgent anti-Catholicism in the mid-1960s. With the cooperation of media, abortion became an ongoing battle waged with a war of words mired in anti-Catholicism.

Why did Catholicism become the issue in the abortion debate? It was in many ways a planned effort by the National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League. Called by the acronym NARAL, it was organized at the First National Conference on Abortion Laws held in Chicago, February 14-16, 1969. It was a conglomeration of abortion referral services, interested state legislators, women’s organizations, new feminists and old warriors from the birth control and eugenics crusades.

One of the primary motivations in NARAL’s abortion campaign was the anti-Catholicism of its founder and first executive director, Lawrence Lader. Lader would effectively harness and use anti-Catholicism as a fundamental aspect of NARAL in abortion politics, legislating, public debate and media coverage.

Read more:

Frank Galton

Frank Galton said...

New York Times, 12 June 2015

Israel's Abortion Committees

Israeli law [requires] that all abortions be APPROVED BY A COMMITTEE [The Pregnancy Termination Committee].

Each committee includes a social worker and two doctors. The law stipulates four criteria, any of which is sufficient for approval: If the woman is below 18 or over 40; if the fetus is in danger; if the mother's mental or physical health is at risk; or if the pregnancy occurs out of wedlock...

Terminating pregnancies is considered COUNTERINTUITIVE TO ZIONISM...

Israel's policy sends a message to women that while the state will facilitate our abortions in practice, it refuses - in principle - to grant us the freedom to make that decision ourselves. And that is an infringement of our basic rights to bodily integrity and privacy.

But you don't often hear much about its abortion policy. Now I know why.

Frank Galton

Denise said...

Ok First of all, (((feminism))) was implemented, via the jewsual social egneerign mechanisms approximately 15-20 after MASS acceptance of ((((PORNOGRAPHY)))) - I cannot possibly all enough (((echoes))) after ((((((PORNOGRAPHY)))))) to indicate the absolutely 110% malignant, deliberately Nation Wrecking JEW-created horror that is pornography. White men, of all social classes, ran away from their duties AS men to pursue the Jew Hefner jewstyle; Bunny Girls (a new one every hour!), sports cars, bathe in oceans booze, and every other sort of indulgence. (((Feminism))) was the reaction. Actual flesh and blood women cannot live up to the porn sexbot Bunny Girl fantasias, who are always gorgeous, compliant, and in heat. IRL women may are not airbrushed and flawless and perfect and in heat 24/7. Especially if you are raising children, and you are NOT married to a man wealthy enough to provide you with servants and a live-in cook.

(((Feminism))) gained traction when women tried to step in to the roles traditionally held by men. Since men abandoned their roles as leaders, protectors, husbands and fathers, some-one had to take up the slack Women, alas, make very poor men. Do some research on the total disruption porn addiction wreaks on families. Who needs to pay for food for the kiddies when you can drop bills in some stipper whore's thong?

The DS/White Shariatard eunuchs love, love, love blaming women for everything, including "sluttiness" - but the Porn society REWARDS women for looking like and behaving like streetwalkers - until they age a little bit. Women do age-out of Tramp Stamping - but men? The equivalent of the despised THOT is the Gamer Boy, who spends every non-working waking minute AND shekel on porn/video games/niggerball, and who dress like 3 years olds, dropped off in daycare.

Men are supposed to be Leaders - so why don't you FUCKING LEAD? Nothing is more pathetic than watching hordes of White men GROVEL before kikes, and slink away in fear of Nigs.

Stop getting high on your own supply, boys. For every rancid cat lady, there's an equivalent dirty, sloppy porn-wease eunuch.

And you Yellow Fever victims? I LOVE it when Beta Race Traitor FAGGOTS get shredded by their beloved slants. I personally know one great big blonde, blue-eyed middle-aged asshole, who BRAGS abut his Nordic genetics, yet married mated with Gooks not once but twice. Gook Wife#1 took EVERYTHING in the divorce, and he's still paying support to his first round of mongrels. Good Wife #2 is decades younger. OOOOHHH!!! Wow! Fresh meat. Whatta STUD! They have 3 HAPAS. She has to work, because, although he is a high earner, because of Gook Wife #1. Doesn't matter - GW#2 is satisfied with her life. She's a sloppy house-keeper, and ALL she cares about is cosmetics, but she's much younger than he is - so he doesn't complain and leaves her alone. He can't afford another divorce. Every-one in my 3D world knows I'm a NAZI. This bonehead tried to tell me that his mongrels are "White". I laughed in his face. I've seen more than one White Race Traitor get REKT when his giggling Asian Doll turns into a Dragon Lady, once the ring is one the finger. I love seeing Race Traitors GET what they deserve.

Denise said...

To the closeted homosexual remarking about the joys of contented, useful, childless older men - their equivalent is the relieved, grateful, no-longer-exhausted middle-aged woman, who got really SICK of supporting the cheating adult boy she was married to, who spent every available penny on whores, booze, and toys, while she did double duty maintaining the household and paying the bills with her job.

White men RULED the world. White women did not have the legal or social agency to destroy Western Civilization. White men RULED THE WORLD and White men threw it away with both hands. Grow up fellas. Take RESPONSIBILTY. Blaming women is an absolute admission of your own ineptitude and cowardice. White women would not be running off to Orc males if White men were doing what you should be doing. Grow UP, boys. Be a MAN - if you CAN.

calculus said...

'Not a feminist, just a realist' above, there is some truth in what you said.

But not all men ever pretended to be John Wayne, I take J.W. as an example, since you are talking about the 50s and 60s.
I have the feeling that the movie industry has some responsibilities here by showing on screen role models that were unattainable by most men.
I assume that many young women fell in love with these Hollywood poster boys and that deeply imprinted their psyche for what sort of future husband they should expect.
Obviously, before the cinema existed, they only had their own imagination and the men around them to fantasize and there could not be a too big gap between what they expected and what they got.
Anyways, we have all been manipulated, not necessarily intentionally, at some unconscious level since the 50s. That is true.

The MGTOW movement that Savant mentions may also have unforeseen consequences, but I honestly don't know the magnitude of this phenomena because I am already too old to understand it. But in young men it is strong and part of it materializes itself into the gay trend. MGTOW is a reaction to the appearance of this new animal species : The American Bitch, of which the lesbians are only a flavor.

The long term consequences of all these new trends will not be good, that's all I can say and when the shit hits the fan, either demographically or culturally, it is guaranteed that no women will take any responsibilities for it.

I guess there are all sorts of different solutions possible, like going MGTOW, or becoming a violent antifa protester (that one is tempting I must say), and many other ways, but they all fall basically in two categories : 1) either you push a wall that is crumbling, because it is futile to retain what must fall, and you ride the tiger until the End, or 2) you think you can still avoid Ragnarok (figuratively speaking) and try to do damage control to save what can be saved. Either ways, these solutions require un-feminine actions.


Anonymous said...


Lovely rogues gallery of fugliness there.

red pill said...

Our ancestors were fully aware of the true nature of women, and they could control it. Are we less then them? Let us put them back to their place, they are practically begging us for it.

reservoir-dog said...

'Hypergamy renders women barren'

Women have always been hypergamous.

Eamon Bejayzuz said...

Not a feminist, just a realist. OK, back then when women were chattels tied to the sink, downtrodden and put upon and so on, there was a vast across-the-board dependency on drugs among them (all men's fault). Today all women are completely emancipated and moreover have absolutely everything their own way and can do anything they please regardless of what it may be and, oh dear, what have we but huge across-the-board drug dependency among them (and of course it's all men's fault). What the hell is the matter with you lot for god's sakes?

BigNoniePhil said...

I read about this a few days ago in the Telegraph. The part that really struck me was that the 'experts' were saying that we need to focus more on getting young men to University. I thought it was somewhere between comic and tragic that the lack of career prospects for men is only an issue in the West once it affects the mating prospects of women. That is how far men have sunk.

The anonymous commentor above made a remark about women in the pre-feminist past often being depressed and on medication. Without wanting to get into an argument about the figures, I can believe that there was some truth in this. We tend to see now the attack on the 'nuclear family' as something coming entirely from the left, but I found myself surprised when I read the Female Eunach that I found myself agreeing with much of Greer's assessment of it. In previous generations extended family and wider communities were also a part of the nuclear family's life, and without it life becomes sterile. This is even more so on suburban estates when children are at school, the elderly in homes, the husbands at work and many of the women too. Of course families want their freedom but it comes at a price.

BigNoniePhil said...

Compare and contrast, black UK and black SA: the future of the West?

Six Million Dollar Man said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...


Lovely rogues gallery of fugliness there.
Off topic but since you mentioned (K) fugliness here are some pics of the masonic created brainwashed Evangelicals "Chosen Ones" running criminal fraud schemes

Twenty-six members of the ultra-Orthodox Jewish community in Lakewood have been swept up on charges of benefits fraud following a multi-agency investigation.

At present, thirteen couples have been accused of wrongfully collecting a total of $2.4 million in public assistance by under-reporting incomes. Most of the charges have been filed in state court, though some federal charges have been filed as well.

The social services programs involved include Medicaid, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, previously known as food stamps), Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP), Hurricane Sandy relief, Section 8 housing, Social Security and the Catastrophic Illness in Children Relief Fund.

Glen C said...

"These chicks are either alpha-widows or just more self-deluded about their worth than the average female."

In a nutshell Buddy.

nemesis said...

the lineup of Jewish women in the forefront of the [feminist] movement is “astounding”

No it's not the least bit astounding. Just what I would have expected from this malevolent fifth column.

Uncle Nasty said...


Main Page → Portal Persons → Lawrence Lader
Lawrence Lader

Lawrence Lader (2001)
Lived August 6, 1919-May 7, 2006
Occupation journalist
Spouse Joan Summers Lader

Lawrence Lader was born in 1919 to Jewish parents. In his early adulthood he was a supporter of Marxism. He, along with Betty Friedan and Bernard Nathanson, was one of the founders of the pro-abortion group NARAL. Betty Friedan described him as "the founding father of the abortion movement".[1]

Aaaaand CLANG!! Once again, drill down until you strike israelite. God, life becomes so simple.

Also some pretty damn perspicacious -- and penetrating -- comment from Denise ... a person who comments all too seldom.


nemesis said...

(((Lawrence Lader)))...started a laboratory in suburban New York to manufacture the French abortion pill RU-486.

And we can be sure the fucking kike made a fortune out of it as well. A twofer. Getting Gentile women to pay kill their own children and pay the jews to enable it.

Six Million Dollar Man said...

"Feminism, Socialism, and Communism are one in the same", Catharine A. MacKinnon

Uncle Nasty said...

Frank Galton said...

Jerusalem Post, 10 May 2017

Were it not for American Jewish women, the feminist revolution of the 1960s would have been a very different affair according to a new report commissioned by University of Haifa’s Ruderman Program for American Jewish Studies, which traced the history of Jewish women in the movement.

There is, however, a rainbow. The vast majority of abortions (in the US, anyway) are of niggers and mulattoes. It's an ill wind, indeed ...

So ... Let us not, ah, throw the baby out with the bathwater.

One thing that always got me into trouble was the point of view that we could successfully reintroduce the death penalty tomorrow -- if we simply re-labeled it retroactive abortion.

Who would notice?


Anonymous said...

My 3 daughters who have celt roots
1 is a school teacher with 3 kids
One other is in sales but has a daughter 2 yrs
The youngest aged 21 earns 30 grand a year. Is a beauty full of life but can't find a fella because they are all either pretty boys or self obsessed posers
Or wannabe drug dealers

Anonymous said...

Well, about our ancestors, they were shaped in postglacial Europe and literally 'build' by evolutionary pressure to do only this : war, explore, conquest, expand and invent -initially weapons- bronze and later iron.
Farming was not native to them, iron swords were.
And War is probably the number one 'adaptive feature' build in the genes of these Europeans, namely the Indo-Europeans, Y Haplogroup R1.
So I had this paradoxical idea that many of us may not survive the next war, but none of us will survive peace.
Figuratively, obviously.

We could talk about genes, but it's terribly controversial, I don't know, it's savant' blog, up to him.

Regarding 'red pill' and all this, I watched one video of Jordan B Peterson, the red pill sociologist. On the first row of his student attendance, you could see a scarfed woman and basically many of his attendance were young women. So I guess these young women were there to learn how young women should be red pilled and think out of the box, but within the warm and comfy blue pill university box. It didn't make any sense and seemed self-contradictory to me. Although of course Peterson is right but is he used ? are all of us here in internet blogs and forums used like an over-pressure valve in a steam pot ?


Uncle Nasty said...

From Frank Galton ...

This includes figures like...[Zionist-Jew] Betty Friedan, who in 1963 wrote The Feminine Mystique, considered a key trigger to the second wave of American feminism in the 20th century.

“It’s only later when we look back, that we see an extraordinary number of Jewish names,” Nadell continued.

Hmmmmmm. " ... extraordinary number of Jewish names,”

Extraordinary to whom, exactly? Is it just me, or is it odd that that sentence -- especially in the context of subversive activity of all sorts -- seems so familiar?

Once again drill, drill, drill. Strike israelite. Rinse and repeat.
Once again ... life bcomes so simple.


Anonymous said...

@Lemmyhead. Thanks for your response to my comments re 60s & 50s housewives on prescription drugs. You ask, "How many men were on drugs to help them?"

Men never needed to go to the doctor for "nerve pills". They had their socially acceptable drug - liquor, day in and day out, to help them cope with life. This was never looked down on. Drunk or heavy drinking women were & are harshly viewed. Men getting drunk with the boys, at home, or at every social event was just accepted. Boys will be boys. Binge drinking, drunkenness and outright alcoholism are today viewed a little more skeptically. The issue is modern society/civilization is nuts, and both men and women seem to need some chemical or other to help them cope. It is high time each sex stopped blaming the other. We've bigger fish to fry.

Oh, yah. Where did you get the idea that the majority of men just handed, or continue to hand, their pay envelope over to the Battleaxe Missues? That is just a trope everyone swallows compliments of pop culture.

Anonymous said...

@ Eamon Bejayzuz. Oh, settle down. I'm not blaming men for every unhappiness that women of any generation "solve" by getting prescription mood altering drugs. It is just part of modernity that no one is truly contented, so they settle for alcohol or other drugs being the "solution". With men, add porn and sports to liquor as the "solution".

Frank Galton said...

Re UN's link: Abortion has taken more Black American lives than every other cause of death combined since 1973.

United States Census Bureau, 12 December 2012

The non-Hispanic white population is projected to peak in 2024, at 199.6 million, up from 197.8 million in 2012. Unlike other race or ethnic groups, however, its population is projected to slowly decrease, falling by nearly 20.6 million from 2024 to 2060.

The black population is expected to INCREASE from 41.2 million to 61.8 million over the same period. Its share of the total population would rise slightly, from 13.1 percent in 2012 to 14.7 percent in 2060.

The U.S. is projected to become a majority-minority nation for the first time in 2043. While the non-Hispanic white population will remain the largest single group, no group will make up a majority.

All in all, minorities, now 37 percent of the U.S. population, are projected to comprise 57 percent of the population in 2060. (Minorities consist of all but the single-race, non-Hispanic white population.) The total minority population would more than double, from 116.2 million to 241.3 million over the period.

"All in all, minorities, now 37 percent of the U.S. population, are projected to comprise 57 percent of the population in 2060."

Frank Galton

no kikes, we likes said...

"Feminism, Socialism, Communism and Kikery are one in the same"

joe btfsplk said...

>>>this malevolent fifth column.<<<

FILTH COLUMN. A jew fifth column can be called a filth column.

Flanders said...

MSM BLACKOUT - "Trial date set for lawsuit against billionaire sex offender Epstein"

"Circuit Judge Donald Hafele said the jury trial should begin Dec. 5." In Palm Beach.

Anonymous said...

We have a problem to solve.

The first thing that you have to do is properly define the problem.

Blogs and websites such as this commonly refer to women, non-whites, queers, mohamadans, kikes as the problem.

These perceived problems are only symptoms of a greater problem.

We live in a dynamic reality. For 2000 years, we have lived in a static condition inside of a dynamic reality.

In a dynamic reality, a static condition only lasts for so long until the dynamic condition continues, followed by a static condition.

People long for the static condition, which is defined by Jesus Christ as a basis of truth inside of a dynamic reality, where there is no truth, only relativism.

Anonymous said...

Genesis 3:16 Unto the woman he said, I will greatly multiply thy sorrow and thy conception; in sorrow thou shalt bring forth children; and thy desire shall be to thy husband, and he shall rule over thee.

17 And unto Adam he said, Because thou hast hearkened unto the voice of thy wife, and hast eaten of the tree, of which I commanded thee, saying, Thou shalt not eat of it: cursed is the ground for thy sake; in sorrow shalt thou eat of it all the days of thy life;

18 Thorns also and thistles shall it bring forth to thee; and thou shalt eat the herb of the field;

These are verses, that define the role of man and woman.

A government which is not created by religion will in fact create a religion.

Do you get it? Are you stupid?

The white religion is retarded. We have lived under the white religion for 100 years or more.

Kikes are white.

Jesus Christ is White.

19 In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread, till thou return unto the ground; for out of it wast thou taken: for dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return.

Anonymous said...

White men can no longer be a collective traditional alpha group or force in any context in the modern world. Any lone white male who tries to formulate such an enterprise is quickly neutralised by his own, either faggot loving (or faggot) jew toadying left wing type that the media and legislative authorities currently festers with.
Real white men are now in the position Emmeline Pankhurst was in over 100 years ago - only worse as no white females of any presence are prepared to stand up for us against this tide. In the case of Pankhurst it took a white man - her husband, who commiserated with her movement to open doors for her movement.

I live in hope that a strong patriotic group of white females in a pksition of leverage, might do the same for their (white) men one day and exterminate creatures like Hariet Harperson and her vile associates.

That's where it has to start

Cognitive Dissonance said...

Hard times bring forth strong men
Strong men bring forth good times
Good times bring forth weak men
Weak men bring forth hard times

Therein lies your explanation.

Declan-P said...

The Catholic Church has been utterly subverted and that is why scripture has been pushed to one side. It all began in Vatican 2. The present Pope perfectly fits the foretold role of the AntiChrist.

Eamon Bejayzuz said...

I have yet to see, post divorce, a single example of a man in undisputed possession of a fine house, bank accounts, savings, businesses etc, and so on, all of it paid for by a virtually destitute woman asleep on a park bench who is about to be woken by a bailiff with a court order telling her that she will go on paying for it for the rest of her life.

katana said...


Andrew Hitchcock with Monika Schaefer on “Sorry Mom” — TRANSCRIPT

In this interview Andrew Hitchcock talks with Monika Schaefer, who went public a year ago telling the world in a YouTube video that she now knows that the “Holocaust” is in fact a fraud being perpetrated on the world for sinister purposes by organized jewry. She discusses her journey of realization, starting with her shocking discovery that 9/11 was an “inside job” carried out by those same people behind the “Holocaust” fraud, and concludes that it is imperative that more people start telling the truth about these events if we are to avoid a future of total tyranny — KATANA.

Anonymous said...

IRA style campaign. When it becomes utterly unbearable there'll be nothing left to lose other than a pointless life.

Anonymous said...

six million dollar man

Thanks for that. I just projectile vomited my bacon sandwich all over my keyboard.

Six Million Dollar Man said...

Papacy and Freemasonry

Moreover the Papacy and JUDEO-Masonry are both so fully conscious of the diametrically opposed parts that they are playing that they assume that from it must issue the political, economic, intellectual and religious future of individuals as well as of nations. It is a fact and the better proof of it is their irreducible antagonism toward each other.


Frank Galton said...

The Guardian, 08 July 2017

Police criticise 'staggering' bureaucracy for recording use of force

Police in England and Wales have spoken out against a “staggeringly bureaucratic” rule that means officers have to fill out a 10-page form whenever they use force against someone.

The policy, which was implemented in April, means officers have to give extensive information in instances where they use anything from a baton to CS spray or HANDCUFFS.

It comes despite [Zionist] Theresa May’s promise in 2011, when she was home secretary, to get rid of “grinding” bureaucracy inhibiting policing.

[Zionist] home secretary, Amber Rudd, announced the new rules around recording force in March.

The government* defended the way in which data is collected on the use of force after the criticism.

* There are so many Jews at the top of Britain's Conservative party, [part-Jewish] Prime Minister David Cameron once quipped, that it should be known as the TORAH PARTY rather than the Tory party.



Conservative Friends of Israel

Conservative Friends of Israel congratulates "long-standing friend" Theresa May


Conservative Friends of Israel

Frank Galton

Frank Galton said...

The Guardian, 09 July 2017

More than 200kg of drugs and 13,000 mobile phones found in UK prisons

The haul of contraband, which also included 7,000 mobile phone sim cards, illustrates the scale of the challenge facing prison officers who have had to cope with staff cuts and increased violence over recent years.

David Lidington, who took over as justice secretary after the election, acknowledged there is a raft of problems in the prison estate from high levels of contraband to poor security and self-harm among prisoners.

He insisted some of these issues that stretched back to previous governments. But challenged about the cuts to 7,000 to frontline prison staff under the Conservatives* over the past seven years, Lidington said: “We need to get numbers up I do not disagree with that..."

The [Black] prisons minister, Sam ["Goldman Sachs was good practice for Parliament"] Gyimah , said the issues would not be resolved overnight but praised the efforts of staff to tackle the problems and highlighted the government’s recruitment drive to increase officer numbers.

Lidington first joined the Conservative front bench team in August 1994, when he became Parliamentary Private Secretary to Home Secretary [Zionist-Jew] Michael Howard. In June 1997, with the Conservatives in opposition, he became Parliamentary Private Secretary to Leader of the Opposition [Zionist] William Hague.

* There are so many Jews at the top of Britain's Conservative party, [part-Jewish] Prime Minister David Cameron once quipped, that it should be known as the TORAH PARTY rather than the Tory party.



The Sunday Times, 08 July 2017

Tories on hunt for fresh faced leader-in-waiting

Sam Gyimah, prisons minister and a former parliamentary aide to [Zionist] David Cameron

Evening Standard, 12 November 2014

'Goldman Sachs was good practice for Parliament'


Jewish Chronicle, 11 June 2011

The first Jewish leader of a major party, Lord Howard of Lympne served as a cabinet minister for 12 years...

"We're here today because we all support Israel." - Michael Howard, speech to the Conservative Friends of Israel

Jewish National Fund

Honorary Patrons

The Rt Hon Lord Howard QC


Jewish Chronicle, 27 June 2008

Hague tells Friends of Israel: I’m a Zionist

Frank Galton

Frank Galton said...

Flanders said: "MSM BLACKOUT - Trial date set for lawsuit against billionaire sex offender Epstein""


Wonder what happened to the four "teens" who kidnapped and tortured a disabled white man?

The Sun, 06 January 2017

Black TEENS charged with HATE CRIMES after live-streaming the kidnap and torture of white disabled man while shouting ‘f*** white people’

Jordan Hill, 18, Tesfaye Cooper, 18, and sisters Brittany, 18, and Tanisha Covington, 24, were charged with aggravated unlawful restraint, aggravated kidnapping, aggravated battery and a hate crime on Thursday.

Note that one of the "teens" is 24-year-old Tanisha Covington.


Frank Galton

Andromeda said...

BigNoniePhile that is exactly the point. Having been discriminated against at every level especially at university entry men are now being encouraged only because the wimminz need educated ones. Always remember this, if men wanted to stop this nonsense it would be stopped instantaneously.

Armoric said...

"Having focused on career at the expense of settling down she's now horrified at the speed with which her child-bearing years are disappearing"

It is true for men too.

"Today record numbers of women live alone, childless"

It means that record numbers of men live alone too. It's stupid to gloat about it.

The assumption here is that women are the ones refusing to get married at a young age. But how true is it? Many men refuse to get married too.

Anyway, it is more necessary today than in the past for women to get a professional degree. If they get married, maybe both people in the couple will need to work to make ends meet. There is a chance of the marriage ending in divorce, and the woman will need to find a job. If she stays married, family life may not be enough to make her happy. That is because society has become atomized. There is no longer a community that you can be part of. People cannot even rely on their extended family. The solution is to have a job, maybe a part-time job.

People need to get some degree in some studies. It's like an authorization to get a job. You have to get it from the university. A lot of it is a waste of time. It means you will have to wait later to get married, but you need the degree.

Unemployment is also a big reason why people don't get married. Even if they get married, they have fewer children because of their uncertain economic future. And the cities where the jobs are are too crowded and diversified.

Another reason why people marry later is that it is harder than in the past for White people to connect with people like themselves.

All of this has nothing to do with feminism.

The problem of female graduates outnumbering males may also make marriage more complicated. But you don't have to see that as a problem of women looking down on men.

joe btfsplk said...

>>>I just projectile vomited my bacon sandwich all over my keyboard.<<<

Vomit jokes make me puke.

Six Million Dollar Man said...

My apologies Savant for off topic but I couldn't resist adding to this.

BigNoniePhil said...

Compare and contrast, black UK and black SA: the future of the West?

I point out to the brainwashed masses what happened to Rhodesia & SA when "Democracy" was installed in those nation with the assistance of the Soviet Union, China, Cuba, UN, US, & Britain. Those 2 nations are great examples of the future of the West unless the (K)alergi planners with their Global Jewish Agenda are not stopped.
Ian Smith ""You can't imagine how many people come up to me and say, 'We didn't agree with you back then. We thought you were too rigid and inflexible. But now we see you were right. You were so right: they were not fit to govern.'"

A Whiteman said...

Anonymous retard said
The white religion is retarded. We have lived under the white religion for 100 years or more.
Kikes are white.
Jesus Christ is White.

Will you just shut the fuck up with your stupid nonsense, you mixed multi-race fuckwit. No one and I MEAN No one is listening to you. This is a WHITE SURVILIST blog, ie the people here love their RACE and want it to continue. With your mind set, it won't. So kindly Fuck-Off

A New Religion for Us, part 5

The Coming of the New Elites

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 00.07 said..........

'That is just a trope everyone swallows compliments of pop culture',

Born and bred in Black Country pubs. It was not a trope. So many examples I could write a book.


Franz said...

Feminism can die in days.

The one necessary and sufficient condition to kill it is to take the mass media, which only caters to indoctrinated wimmin, and put it in the hands of working class ladies who hated feminism from the start.

Some of us were there, we saw. Wives of sheet metal workers and assembly line workers HATED the Betty Friedans (etc) because they knew it was just a war on regular gals. From the early 70s on, they actually did resist, but... who owns the newspapers, the TVs, all that.

Just one example: Teresa Brewer was a popular singer in the 50s, who dropped out of the recording biz to raise her family (4 kids). After they were grown, Brewer returned in the 70s with a comeback album called An Unliberated Woman.

She had never forgotten her working-class roots. And her career ended right there.

Flanders said...

1 of ?:

Spoiled Jewess brat treated with kid gloves by Police when she should have been triple tazed, and now the ACLU jews rush in to defend her. These are the pieces of crap who later teach your daughters how cool hardcore feminism and SJW activism is.

"18 Year Old Resisting Arrest: "YOU GRABBED MY BOOB"
A more comprehensive statement on the facts is at this site below:

"Meet Logan Huysman: Burlington SJW Claims She Was Sexually Assaulted By Cop, Body Cam Reveals She’s The Worst Assnugget Who Has Ever Lived"
ACLU stands behind Brat jewess, as Milo explains:

"The ACLU, however, is apparently not happy that the chief released information to counteract the lies spread by the 18-year-old, and accuse him of using facts to “shut down conversations.”
It was a commonly held knowledge when I was growing up that the ACLU was a communist organization. It has since that time been able to place those beginnings into a murky jew hidey-hole and has marketed propaganda into the public sphere which leads some to support it, not being aware about the subversive natures of the policies that the jew's ACLU represent.

ACLU does not fool those of us who have known about it for a long time. ACLU has never changed. It has merely been able to cultivate a false public image.

Flanders said...

2 of ?:
Like so many other jewish-communist front organizations, it is not truly of the "public civics" orientation which it describes, and ACLU has never been “American” and the only “civil liberties” it truly espouses is that of communist revolutionaries to bypass established mores and laws. The rest is merely window dressing. except for the Union part. It was by the unions that those communists first gained a foothold during the early 1900’s to spread their subversive messages. The Daily Caller has more about it. John Rossamondo tells about, “The ACLU’s untold Stalinist heritage”.

“”Noted author Paul Kengor has unearthed declassified letters and other documents in the Soviet Comintern archives linking early leaders of the ACLU with the Communist Party.

Kengor found a May 23, 1931 letter in the archives signed by ACLU founder Roger Baldwin, written on ACLU stationery, to then American Communist Party Chairman William Z. Foster asking him to help ACLU Chairman Harry Ward with his then-upcoming trip to Stalin’s Russia.

The letter suggests Ward intended to visit the Soviet Union to find “evidence from Soviet Russia” that would undermine the capitalist profit motive.

Baldwin wrote the letter at a time when Stalin was deporting 1.8 million Ukrainian peasants to Siberia under his policy of the forced collectivization of agriculture, which resulted in the deaths of up to 10 million Ukrainians in the two years that followed.”

[That was during those periods of years known as the Holodomor when the jewish-led Soviets were intentionally starving (actual – not just conjecture) and were killing and torturing so many more of the Ukranian people to death by enforcing the jew Soviet's policies. It was not “Russians” who were doing that to thier own people. It was established communist jewry.

I see many of those same policies have now been implemented in America in recent times, which would allow the same types of “penalties” to be individually implemented, and all without most of our people being capable to resist when those policies are taken as a totality. If those same policies are not resisted and are allowed to become established, they can become collective policies – just as they were in the Ukraine – Flanders]
"The ACLU and Atheism"

"One of the ACLU’s proudest moments, according to many history texts, is its success in 1925 in persuading a Tennessee schoolteacher named John Scopes to violate a state law against teaching Darwinian evolution. The freshman textbooks America’s Promise and Nation of Nations, along with Dr. Foner’s book Give Me Liberty, all cite the so-called “Scopes Monkey Trial” as a triumph of modern science over primitive superstition.

Atheism was the prevailing religious belief among the ACLU’s leadership then as now, and is widely popular among history faculties today, so it’s not surprising that history profs would give the Scopes trial prominence in their textbooks."

Flanders said...

That "girl" in the video certainly looked and acts like an entitled jewess.

The report made below was happening during the time that a male jew from Israel had later made admissions to having made hundreds of bomb threats, including the US and around the world, and I don't know if this is that jewesses mother or another relative, but it certainly could be.

"At JCCs across the country, parents have pulled their children from the centers out of fear. In a JCC in Orlando, Florida, which has received two threats, 50 students have been withdrawn. In Albany, New York, 12 families have removed children.

Dr. Jaime Huysman is the parent of a student at David Posnack JCC in Davie, Florida, which received a threat on Monday. Huysman told WSVN that the threat was “particularly scary.”

“My father’s a Holocaust survivor, and I just called him up, and he’s crying on the phone,” Huysman said. “This shouldn’t be happening in today’s day and age.”

Flanders said...

While we are in the Socialist jew, Bernie Sander's stomping grounds in Vermont, let's have a "hot" new religion lesson.

""The rabbi wore a black miniskirt, leather boots and a hot pink sweater. Her thick, curly hair flowed down past her shoulders, and glittery earrings hung from each ear. Rabbi Jan Salzman is a hip 63-year-old grandmother. She's also the leader of Burlington's newest Jewish congregation, on a mission to modernize the faith.

Salzman incorporates yoga and meditation into the Saturday morning services she leads twice a month in the city's oldest synagogue, at 168 Archibald Street, in a neighborhood once known as Little Jerusalem.

Unlike most local rabbis, she'll perform interfaith marriages, and, if parents want to hold their daughter's bat mitzvah in the backyard rather than the synagogue, that's all right with "Rabbi Jan," as she is known by her flock.

"All I need is the Torah," she said in an interview October 13 at Ahavath Gerim, the 1885 red-brick synagogue that was the worship place for some of Burlington's earliest Jewish immigrants.
These qualities help attract a demographic at Ruach haMaqom that Fishel, who has done his fair share of "synagogue shopping," says he doesn't see in abundance in other local congregations: young people. "That, to me, is exciting," he said.

What brings them? Fishel, for one, likes Salzman's emphasis on social justice: She praised the Black Lives Matter movement during her Yom Kippur service, for example.
And while Hennis, who is gay, felt welcomed at Ohavi Zedek, she's noticed that Salzman seems to have a knack for making members of the LGBTQ community feel comfortable at the new congregation. "There's a lot of queer Jews that go to this temple because Jan has such a welcoming presence and it's a nonissue," Hennis said.

The Burlington area has several other Jewish congregations, but Ruach haMaqom is different in that it describes itself as "post-denominational." Others include the Orthodox Chabad congregation on Burlington's South Williams Street, the Conservative Ohavi Zedek and the Reform Temple Sinai in South Burlington.

Salzman is not the only woman leading a local congregation. The new rabbi at Ohavi Zedek is Amy Small, who assumed the role early this year after the retirement of longtime rabbi Joshua Chasan. Salzman worked alongside the politically outspoken Chasan, who started performing same-sex weddings before it was socially acceptable. Salzman intends to carry on that practice."

Flanders said...

"WaPo Tries To Paint Bernie Bro Steve Scalise Shooter As A Right-Wing Radical"

"James Hodgkinson was a Bernie Sanders supporter who, like many Bernie Bros, have committed violent acts based on the socialist kook’s anti-American/anti-Republican rhetoric. The Washington Post, like all liberal media outlets, refuses to link Hodgkinson to Sanders despite all of the obvious connections. Yet, this same piece of shit liberal newspaper is trying to join Hodgkinson with right-wing ideology. This is exactly why nobody trusts the press anymore. This is a disgrace and a complete load of bullshit."

Flanders said...

"In late 1878, Renoir introduced himself to Charles Ephrussi with an invitation to preview Madame Charpentier and her Children before it was exhibited at the Salon of 1879.[5] Ephrussi was a widely respected art historian and a prominent society figure with influence in both the Jewish and aristocratic salons of Paris. By the early 1880s, Ephrussi was internationally known for both his scholarship and socializing.[6] One British society columnist, in an article entitled “Jews in Paris,” reported on Ephrussi’s circle of artistically-minded high-society friends and family:

Through the loophole of art, one of these energetic Israelites (Charles Ephrussi) penetrated the salon of an ex-imperial highness (Princess Mathilde). He made room for his uncles and aunts and cousins, who gradually introduced their friends and their friends’ friends, until at last the Wednesday receptions of the amiable hostess . . . have come to be in large degree receptions of the descendants of the tribes.[7]

While the tone of the British article was disapproving, it was true that Ephrussi and his circle used art as a means of gaining acceptance into the highest echelons of French society.
Degas was disappointed with what he saw as Renoir’s transformation into a Jewish-society portraitist. In 1880, he wrote:

Monsieur Renoir, you have no integrity. It is unacceptable that you paint to order. I gather you now work for financiers, that you do the rounds with Charles Ephrussi. Next you’ll be exhibiting at the Mirlitons with Bouguereau![13]

Shortly thereafter, Renoir’s burst of activity as a society portraitist ended.
Renoir was exasperated with the Cahen d’Anvers family and, as a February 1882 letter from the artist to Charles Deudon suggests, possibly with all of his Jewish patrons. He wrote:

'As for the 1500 francs from the Cahens, I must tell you that I find it hard to swallow. The family is so stingy; I am washing my hands of the Jews'.[38]".

Flanders said...

Older "news" with an even older theme - JEW SUBVERSION. So often, it uses the "feminist" themes.

"Pro-abortion billionaire George Soros has donated nearly $90 million to feminist groups behind a January 21 protest of President-elect Donald Trump's inauguration.

In a new report, Alatheia Nielsen at NewsBusters revealed that more than a quarter of the groups listed as "partners" on the Women's March on Washington website are funded by Soros. These include Planned Parenthood, to whom Soros has given over $21 million since 2000, and the Center for Reproductive Rights, to whom Soros has given over $3 million since 2000. Other Soros-funded groups participating include the National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health, Catholics for Choice, Equality Now, NARAL, the National Abortion Federation, the Human Rights Campaign, and Amnesty International.

The feminist anti-Trump march, which the media have touted as a massive upcoming protest has been marred by disagreements over gender, class, and race.

Some women have withdrawn their participation because of the lack of minority women in the protest's leadership roles, the New York Times reported. Others have disagreed on whether the march – or its offshoot local marches – should focus more on race or gender.

Democratic Socialists of America, a group called "Lady Parts Justice," and numerous environmentalist groups are partners with the march as well."

AnalogMan said...

A Whiteman said...

Will you just shut the [copulate] up with your stupid nonsense,

I'm afraid I must concur with that sentiment. This is getting tiresome.

At least, get yourself a name so that I can know not to waste my time reading your comment (singular), again.

Uncle Nasty said...

For me, strangely on topic. Porter nails it ... once again.

Goad to Joy
Porter / 1 week ago

The plaudits landed in a deluge.

So happy for you, girl!
Couldn’t be more thrilled!
Love your strength and honesty!
Never be anyone but you!
You’ve always made me proud, never more so than today.

That last line was from the grandmother of a young woman about whom a florid Facebook fuss had just been raised. Her circle of friends, family, and distant acquaintances had uniformly fallen into panting heat over a recent life proclamation. This being a celebratory cause that would have normally evaded my attention if not for a tersely worded alert from a sibling:

Look at this.

So what event do you imagine had so many e-hens clucking their approval? A wedding? Birth of a child? Promotion? Book tour? Admission to space camp?

No. The young woman had announced she was a lesbian.

What a difference vertical message control can make. The power of which I no longer question. For there are few more impressive displays of its potency than seeing an elderly matron cheering the end of her lineage in service to a lifestyle fashion that would have elicited disgust in her own younger self.

To those like her granddaughter, renouncing the vestiges of Western civilization has become a sort of bat mitzvah for butler-class goys. In contemplating her orientation declaration, the girl must have considered children, family, tradition, and an enduring posterity. But those were all dead ends. Only social media likes live forever. And what liberals would offer those for something so prosaic as heterosexual marriage?

Read on ... and realise, once again, that the MSM -- in all its manifestations -- must be destroyed utterly.
Not even a smouldering, flickering, dying ember must remain.

All of it.


Anonymous said...

Yes, Dear. Whatever you say, Dear.

Anonymous said...

Armoric: The problem of female graduates outnumbering males may also make marriage more complicated. But you don't have to see that as a problem of women looking down on men.
That is exactly what the problem is (as pertains to this post). It's in the title of the linked article: Oversupply of educated women... deficit of """equally qualified""" men. And who is defining the """qualifications""" for prospective mates? Those women, who have educated themselves to the point of stupidity.
There are more high-IQ men than women, so there is already a surplus of "qualified" men before the race even starts. But as Savant said, a man would have to be an idiot to pair up with an uppity cunt who, at some point, will think her paper certificates make her the Man of the House. The problem with high-IQ men is, most of them ain't stupid.
Another point not mentioned here or at the article, is that an """educated""" woman is 99% certain to be weighed down with massive student loan debt. So in her prime reproductive (and marrying) years, she's bringing a six-figure negative dowry to the altar. Not many high-IQ men are stupid enough to sign up for that. So she has to work her balls off for several years before she's worth considering -- and would you look at the time? Now she's forty.

Denise said...

Uncle Nasty,

Thanks for your kind words. I didn't mean to sound harsh - but I sick to my eye-teeth with the chronic woman-bashing. IT DOESN'T HELP AT ALL!

Writing AS a woman - I know what total, mind-boggling pain-in-EVERY-part-of-the-body-not-just-in-the-gluteus-maximus women can be. It's just that public insults against over half of the White Population is wholly counter-productive. Grotesquely bad PR. Even freaking Muslims know to NOT disparage women, when attempting Public Outreach. Every-one BUT alleged WN paints a Happy Face welcoming picture. Not "It's all YOUR fault you stupid bitch!!!". We HAVE to get better at psychology, and PR.

I don't hate men. I love men. Most of the blowback I get re: White Advocacy, IRL comes from virtue-signaling women. The thing is - blaming each other makes things worse, and the MGTOW faggots make up look inept and stupid. And really repulsive. I wish the MGTOW crowd WOULD just STFU and GO. Go. Git. Beat it! I regard them as discourse poisoners and subversives. As one of the other Commentor's noted. we have far bigger gefelte fish to fry.

FYI - I check out Savant's blog all then time. I stop in daily. I simply don't comment. I get all caught up in reading the informative, and usually brilliant comments of every-one else. Some-one will write something, and I'll then research the info, and get all involved in reading up on any given subject - and then it's time for bed.

This blog is one of my Absolute Necessity sites! Thanks Savant, for just being you, and thanks, Commentors, for all the amazing info!

James said...

Feminists freezing their eggs because they can't find a man.

Inhorn blames the problem on a shortage of college-educated men. "There is a major gap — they are literally missing men. There are not enough college graduates for them. In simple terms, this is about an oversupply of educated women,” she says.

Do Jews really believe their own BS? These woman would have rejected enough men to form 100 army divisions.

James said...

Is this why the (((NZ Prime Minister))) resigned?

In return for the contributions and the extra $500,000 Bill Clinton received in speaking fees from a Russian investment bank, the 20% purchase of US uranium assets by the Russians was approved, knowing this purchase would mean the production of more nuclear weapons against America’s own interests.

But Trump talked to Russians....

James said...

Is this what nature does to an overly tolerant society?

We might have to kill them with fire. Hans...?

James said...

No-gender baby in Canada

Nutters in charge, poor kid. The name's bad enough.

"It is up to Searyl to decide how they identify, when they are old enough to develop their own gender identity," Doty said in the statement.

"I am not going to foreclose their choices based on an arbitrary assignment of gender at birth based on an inspection of their genitals."

James said...

Bjerknes over at has a thing about Trump being not as he seems, not so nice.

So he posted this article.

My entry point into this story began, as so many things do, with a late-night Google. Last December, I took an unsettling tumble into a wormhole of Google autocomplete suggestions that ended with “did the holocaust happen”. And an entire page of results that claimed it didn’t.

Now we have plumbed the depths of evil.

Holocaust deniers, nazis, and Trump-supporting billionaires "hijacked British democracy" and used "psyops" to derail the EU and "cause" BREXIT.


It gets worse:

I found evidence suggesting they were on a strategic mission to smash the mainstream media and replace it with one comprising alternative facts, fake history and rightwing propaganda.


We are fortunate we have "The Guardian" to tell us all this. This sort of thing can lead to Genocide. The EU is trying to stop the Genocide - the genocide that matters of course*.

*The EU was designed from the outset (in 1925 and perhaps earlier) to destroy the white race. This has been proven 100% beyond any argument.

James said...

In that investigative piece I just posted she goes on to say:

It’s about how a motivated US billionaire – Mercer and his chief ideologue, Bannon – helped to bring about the biggest constitutional change to Britain in a century.

So joining the anti-white Bolshevik EU in the first place wasn't a bigger deal than leaving it? I beg to differ, even if they do actually leave.

James said...

George Galloway advocates Muslims taking over the UK.

GG says his son is only half white, but he is "the only white in his class". He says that is wonderfully fortunate for him.

He openly mocks "the right wing". He seems to want people who might happen to prefer living among their own kind to suffer. He appears to be a very selfish and evil man.

James said...

Cult leader Jim Jones was a multiculturalist.

The media will never mention this connection, but still call David Duke "former grand wizard of the KKK" at every opportunity.

The media never calls Angela Merkel a Kalergist, but they should - at every opportunity.

Anonymous said...

Savant - you write so well. Bull's eye Sir.

charliechaplin said...

Don't blame the Jews for white childlessness. Blame it on contraception, if you like. Blame it on the high cost of raising a child. White people have never been keen on pumping out babies they couldn't provide for - unless they were Catholics, of course.

charliechaplin said...

Lemmyhead's urban legend about the coalminer giving his paypacket to his wife reminds me of when I was married to an Irishman who turned out to have major issues with Wives who Work while simultaneously squeezing me for every cent he could filch out of me.

I brought home my pay one day and in frustration put a bunch of notes on the table, saying, "Take it then, if you want me to have nothing." He took the lot. He sold my engagement ring on the sly. He pressured me to sell my car so we could go on holiday on the proceeds. I was to go off the pill and get knocked into the club. By then we weren't even having sex anymore - he didn't even realise I'd gone off him. I divorced him, taking only what I'd paid for myself. He went around saying I'd ruined him. A year later he married a junior typist and knocked her into the club quick-quick - "I won't let her get away this time". She later on divorced him as well and his best mates these days are all fans of Alcoholics Anonymous.

These stories about long suffering, previously wealthy men supporting their ex wives in style are mostly just that: stories. Where it does happen the husband was usually fucking around.

Frank Galton said...

Re spoiled Jewish brat smoking pot and resisting arrest .

This may explain it.

Researchers found that Ashkenazi Jews can attribute about 3% to 5% of their ancestry to sub-Saharan Africans.

Forward, 02 August 2011

Ostrer’s paper indicated that Jews have African ancestry — an observation that David Reich, associate professor of genetics at Harvard Medical School, and his colleagues decided to explore further.

Reich’s team analyzed more than half a million DNA markers across the entire genomes of people from seven diverse Jewish populations — including Ashkenazim from northern Europe...They then compared the genetic data with DNA from 15 sub-Saharan African populations.

Reporting in the April issue of PLoS Genetics, the researchers found that modern day Jews can attribute about 3% to 5% of their ancestry to sub-Saharan Africans.

Frank Galton

eleos said...

The reality is that whilst most women are not feminist they are happy to accept and use the unfair gynocentric laws that feminists have demanded. That makes them complicit.

Unless women actually push back the future will be one of the sexes becoming more separated from each other. It's only natural for people, men in this case, to adapt to circumstances and the environment they inhabit. Women have created, allowed, this environment and now we all suffer the consequences.

SAVANT said...

@Armoric. I'm not gloating about anything. Quite the reverse and I thought I had made that clear in the post. First I bitterly regret what has happened to our societies and second I clearly stated that while such women are partially to blame for the choices they made they are also victims of the feminist hoax.

Frank Galton said...

charliechaplin said: "Don't blame the Jews for white childlessness. Blame it on contraception, if you like."


Daily Telegraph, 02 February 2015

Carl Djerassi, [Jewish] father of the Pill

Carl Djerassi, who has died aged 91, was a self-proclaimed “intellectual polygamist”, novelist, poet, collector and patron of the arts, dandy, entrepreneur and one of the most published chemists in history; he was best known, however, as the [Jewish] man who sparked a sexual and social revolution by synthesising the first oral contraceptive.

In addition to being the “Father of the Pill”, Djerassi’s name was on the patent for the world’s first antihistamines...

Carl Djerassi was born on October 23 1923 into an assimilated Jewish family in Vienna.

New York Times, 23 August 1987

John H. Silverman, [Jewish] president of Tinton Falls's Ansell-Americas, the world's largest manufacturer of condoms, called AIDS ''a condom marketer's dream.''

Ninety-five percent of the condoms sold in the United States, and a significant portion of those sold worldwide, are made by New Jersey-based companies.

The industry began with [the "king of condoms"] Julius Schmid*, a destitute German [Jewish] immigrant who bought a troubled sausage casing business here in 1883 with his last $50. He converted it to making condoms, using the same animal intestines that had been used for sausage skins. In 1900 he switched to rubber. Other entrepreneurs followed.

The Schmid factory, now part of Schmid Laboratories Inc. in Little Falls, is one of America's two largest plants, producing 150 million condoms yearly under several brand names - including New Jersey's most popular, Ramses.

''Condom marketing in the United States is a two-horse race,'' says Mark Klein, [Jewish] vice president of Schmid's chief competitor, the Youngs Drug Products Corporation of Piscataway, recently acquired by the Carter-Wallace pharmaceutical conglomerate. ''It's us with Trojans and 53 percent of the market, and Schmid with SHEIKS and Ramses with 41 percent.''

*Once an impoverished German-Jewish immigrant Julius Schmid became known as the king of condoms by selling reliable modern contraception and making millions in the process.


Jewish businessman Lionel Jacoby was founder of the London Rubber Company. In 1929, the London Rubber Company registered the Durex (Jewrex) brand.

Frank Galton

Uncle Nasty said...

James said...

Is this what nature does to an overly tolerant society?

We might have to kill them with fire. Hans...?
10 July 2017 at 03:59

You people may think I'm weird, but i honestly believe that Mister EsTeeDee is our friend. It'll take out the niggers, coal-burners and oil drillers faster than a speeding bullet ... and may do a decent number on the yids as well.

Back in ZA my dentist was a really great fellow, and his hygienist was a scream. We had a lot of laughs together and our topics of conversation could get quite bizarre. One afternoon she mentioned in passing that you could not hide an STD from your dentist -- as the symptoms of all the major ones are quite visible in -- yes!!! -- the mouth. Their practice was very well established ... and connected with the Tribe. Nothing but the best in dentists and Gynaes for the Pedestrians.

She then mentioned that they had taken to triple-autoclaving all their instruments, since they discovered that an alarming percentage of their top-drawer CEO-type patients were riddled with one or more sexually transmitted bugs ... and this was back in the late eighties, mind you.

Incurable romantics you may say ...
Hopefully so.


A Whiteman said...

Denise said
 I wish the MGTOW crowd WOULD just STFU and GO.

I think that's exactly what they are doing Denise. And really, they are chatting amongst themselves for the most part and helping other men survive the jive of modern living so they don't get even more fucked over. Four times more men (mainly white men in their young years) are topping themselves than women. Not all men are cut out for modern marriage, they don't have too or shouldn't have too put their nuts in a vice for anyone. Mgtow is about repairing yourself from the illness that your tossy Babyboomer parents and jew society had instilled into you (whole different ballgame now my nationalist babe, a good percentage of women are vile and will use the system to financially destroy the fathers of their own children) but I agree with you about ott comments regarding most white women from so-called white nationalist men. Heartiste showed that more than half of white women voted Trump thinking he was nationalist, (just like white men did) all good positive stuff for the future, this will grow. Don't take personally criticism that is aimed at a fair size percentage of women's behaviour and also hurt white men Must realise that Women's brains are not wired like Mens. Men need to find agreeable white women, cherish them and Lead Them. But not into misery.
The rest can go and Do One. Good Riddance to them.

Anonymous said...

Do these trollops not know the concept of SUBMISSION?

Love, honor, and OBEY... I believe are the marriage vows.

Not Lust, tolerate, and get a Pre-nup.

Silly vaginas. Tricks are for whores.

AKAEW said...

Re the "Dearth of unqualified men"

One thing that is indisputable is that many if not most men will not attend institutions "of Higher Learning" because those institutions have become nothing more than far-left liberal Centres of Indoctrination that incessantly ram their Socialist/ Communist dogma down the students throats. Passing and promotion depends largely upon students conforming to the agenda and in some institutions marks are aggregated between students that do well and ones that do not.

This sees many if not most males of that age give it a miss completely or drop out in disgust.

A Whiteman said...

All right thinking white women should read these

Race Conscious Women Five Women Talk About Race

For and About Women"Hitler's Table Talk" Study Hour: Episode 22

I Love and Respect all of You. Unless you are a mixer.
Go and have some more white children Please. Just like you, Beautiful

A Whiteman said...

 Frank Galton said...

charliechaplin said: "Don't blame the Jews for white childlessness. Blame it on contraception, if you like."


I'm joining in with that LoFl

A Whiteman said...

There are many men in my white flight area just outside London that are highly skilled in trades that keep a home liveable for their families, working class blokes that do that needs to be done, their women love them for that. I've experienced young white women in their 20s at election time tap me on the shoulder in the voting station and say im voting for you (I was suited with a big NF rosette on) she was obviously on her way to work, a decent, a bit plump working mum. Job done. It made me feel a million foot tall, it made me feel that it was all worth while. It is not over when there are women like that about, and there ARE many. KEEP THE FAITH

A Whiteman said...

Anonymous said...
Do these trollops not know the concept of SUBMISSION?
Love, honor, and OBEY... I believe are the marriage vows.

antagonist stupid talk. Not the white man's way and never will be. Prick
White women have always had a say in the managing of the family home. Do One Jew

A Whiteman said...

If after watching this you are not motivated, you ain't in the FIGHT

YouTube Bob Mathews 10,000 Hearts Beat as One!

Armoric said...

A lot of what is wrong about the modern world results from the transformation of society caused by technical progress. We could take measures to counterbalance the unwanted effects of modernization. But ZOG would rather try to make everything even worse. Feminism is an example of that.

In a modern economy, many men and women have similar jobs in offices. It's not a good thing for traditional society. But ZOG would like to make it even worse by encouraging young women to become lumberjacks.

Anonymous said...

I have had a big problem with this thread: I have been married 50 years and I don’t want to ‘uck things up..
So I will take the cowards route and refer to brains much greater than mine.
There was a bit of intersex male bigotry behaviour + Class stuff at Bletchley Park . This was sorted out when it was found that some of the female staff (military and civi) Were something else again when it came to some of the stuff they handled... ‘ucking quick with complex repetitive stuff!……………….I could have told their bosses this……. if I had been old enough at that time!……..”watch them with their, knitting ..a quick look down and the next row of code memorised and carry on with a 3 way conversation over all kind of shite!..Knitting not halted for a millisecond!.
Class……..Rank every prejudice and male bigotry went out of the window.
The ww2 was on and things were desperate.
1. Tony Sales codes and cyphers is where I got the Bletchley Park stuff.

Armoric said...

@Savant – I think the nationalist message to young people (and their parents) should be that they need to start families in spite of the economic uncertainty, even though they may not have a good job and not enough money. Young people should be given a positive message about that. But the message I see most often on nationalist sites is bitter and misogynistic. Something like this: Haha! Who's sorry now? You are no longer of child-bearing age!

A Whiteman said...

For a bit of fun, listen to these couple of songs. My mothers side of the family. Geordie land

So easy the lasses can forget. Watch
When The Boat Comes In - Alex Glasgow

Blaydon Races (with lyrics)TheMagpieGeordie

Doing Fine said...

Hasbarat James

How are You doing ?

Anonymous said...

Charliechaplin@ 10.46.
I think your post just about sums up your views. I don't mean to be hard but you sound like a bitter and twisted harridan. You describe married life as a struggle for power between man and wife. Did you ever read Andy Capp cartoons in the Daily Mirror? They were amusing because the working man could relate to them. They knew that if they arrived home the worse for drink they were in trouble.
Do I make it sound like the women of the Black Country ruled the household with a rod of iron? No, it was much worse than that in a lot of cases. It was a rod of iron held in a steel gauntlet. In the pubs of the Black Country, they had copper funnels. A child would turn up at the 'outdoor' with a pop bottle. He would have a pint drawn into a glass and then funnelled into the pop bottle. This was because their Dad wasn't allowed out that night. I was at a friends house one night and he asked his Mum if I could stop for tea. We sat at the table, me, my mate and his brother, sister and Dad. His Mum came in and put a plate of food in front of the kids. She then came in with one plate, sat down and started eating. The owd mon asked where his was. 'After the state you came in last night, you're not getting any'. Poor sod didn't say a word. He just stood up and slunk off into the parlour.
That was how life was. It wasn't a struggle for power. It was just the way that it had been for generations. I'm not saying every household was run like that but it certainly was the majority. I would on rare occasions see friends Mums who had a black eye and a few bruises. If the local bobbies found out the father would be stopped on his way home from the pub. The next morning he would wake up with a black eye and a few bruises. He would have been told that hitting ladies was frowned upon.
I suppose now they would call those bobbies vigilantes. I don't know about that. What I do know is that we could play out in the streets and our Mums didn't have to worry about us. The local coppers knew us and we knew them.
I wonder if the poor sod got any breakfast? BTW the vast majority were foundrey workers not miners.


James said...

Incurable romantics you may say ...
Hopefully so.


Luke2236 said...

Of COURSE 'feminism' - which isnt feminine atall - is jewish at the core; it is contrary to Biblical teaching and is just about the worst thing possible for our people and our nation[s]. Biblically, it is referred to as the 'jezebel spirit'. jewish society is matriarchal, which again, is in opposition to Biblical teaching and all 'Western' nations. Any time one finds a 'movement' or teaching contrary to Biblical or western mores, theres a jew behind it. Period.

James said...


Will this help us decipher your post?

AnalogMan said...

charliechaplin said...

These stories about long suffering, previously wealthy men supporting their ex wives in style are mostly just that: stories.

On what do you base that assessment? Your own experience? A sample of one?

We don't even need to take a survey of how many men are in that position. Just look at the relevant law - what is legally possible for men and for women. If a woman has a child, it is legally assumed to be her husband's - no matter if he can prove by DNA testing that it's not. She can then divorce him, move her lover into his house, and force him to pay for the bastard's support. And the house. What is the equivalent legal protection for men?

I highly recommend this article by F Roger Devlin: Rotating Polyandry - and its Enforcers. The link is to a download page where you can download the article in PDF.

The article is a review of two books, one of which (Taken Into Custody) reports on actual cases and actual law relevant to those "stories". Like all Devlin's writing, it's excellent. I know you will find it perfectly captures your experience, based on your statement: "By then we weren't even having sex anymore - he didn't even realise I'd gone off him. I divorced him,". I certainly recognised you.

Searcher, you like informative links? That one is gold. If you like it, try some other of his writing. They're listed at that site.

Franz said...

@ James --

"Cult leader Jim Jones was a multiculturalist."

Actually he was at least half-jig.

Like lots of Americans who fit that discription, he called himself "part-Cherokee" which never fools anybody more than once.

@ Denise --

If non or anti feminist gals want to get cranky with men who blame gals on all the trouble in the world, try this:

By tradition, what sort of work is "Keeping Borders Shut"?

Men's work.

You got tons of men shirking THEIR jobs, why crab about the women who are, after all, just agreeing with the (miserable) results.

In the old days, men just deserted their family obligations. Now they're letting their whole nations go to shit.

Even as we can all see both men and women trying, often heroically, the majority of women AND men are sitting on their hands, waiting for things to get better on their own. Never works that way.

Half A Shilling said...

Laugh time

Half A Shilling - "Send The Buggers Back"
CockneyWanka 230,996 views

Searcher said...


Totally agree with you about this:

But the message I see most often on nationalist sites is bitter and misogynistic. Something like this: Haha! Who's sorry now? You are no longer of child-bearing age!

reservoir-dog said...

in the USA I've found women to be conniving, sneaky, and willing to take as much as they can during a break up that they never earned. The culture in my area is the women support each other in this mindset. It makes me sick and I want nothing to do with them.

Denise said...


Thanks. That's all I've ever been saying. Men are supposed to be leaders. White men have been ceding leadership, all over the West, for at least 100 years. The pathetic weakling Eunuchs, whining and spitting and hissing about "De Evil White Wimmenz" aren't doing one bloody thing about regaining power. They want to wallow in their victimhood, like a buncha niggers. The whole signing of and dropping out like petulant spoilt-rotten BRATS is the source of the Death of the West. The bedrock CAUSE.

Denise said...

Whiteman - thank oyu for oyur posts, and your efforts! Thank you for being you! There are tons of White Men and White Women working together, to try to preserve our world, and our very selves. You are a definite credit to Our Race!

Heil Whiteman!


Flanders said...

"When nations welcome millions of unvetted citizens across their borders with no real understanding of whom they’ve invited into their neighborhoods, schools, or community centers they are basically saying that their unique cultures and the rule of law is not worth protecting or defending. By allowing refugees to commit crimes against their citizens with little or no repercussions, European nations are in essence agreeing to become part of the Middle East, where in many nations, male dominance, rape, sexual assault and marriage between older men and young girls is simply a way of life."

"WELCOME TO EUROPEAN HELL: Syrian Refugee Receives RIDICULOUS Sentence For Trafficking 13 and 14-Yr Old Girls While On Bail For Raping 17-Yr Old"

Denise said...

To AnonHomo @ 10 July 14:17

Thank ever so much for providing an example of WHY women wanted legal, social, and financial autonomy in the FIRST place! Hahaha!

Why would any women want to waste one second of he life with a joyless, useless, graceless, and most likely very ugly bore like you? Answer : No sane women would or does! Begone, eunuch. Go your own way.

James said...

By tradition, what sort of work is "Keeping Borders Shut"?

Men's work.

Yes, and women are taught not to value men's work - or equivalently to think they can do it equally as well.

Nature documentaries traditionally show the male cat/monkey/crocodile impregnating the female and then moving off. She appears to "do everything". Two notable exceptions are Swamp Tigers and the Emperor Penguins, both narrated by the Mandela God himself, that wise old youth Morgan Freeman.

In the swamp tigers doco the male tiger fights off predators and vigorously excludes other tigers so the female can hunt and raise her litter in peace. He puts a huge amount of energy into this and often dies in the process. Feminists would call him violent and xenophobic if he was white.

In the penguin doco, the males stand in a huddle on the ice through the whole Antarctic winter for four months eating nothing, keeping their eggs warm on top of their feet while the females hunt in the sea and eat to fatten up. They are dedicated almost beyond belief. Feminists would say the females are risking being eaten by a seal while the males just stand around.

Most docos mention the males in passing and slyly sum up their entire contribution as "sperm".

Most nature docos are feminist propaganda designed (or created by feminist fools following a designed fashion) to kill the white race.

James said...

Franz, great link.

This is good stuff too.

Government work, being unconstrained by the need for profitability, is better able to absorb the costs of hiring large numbers of women, and accordingly women are 50 percent more likely to work for the government than men. Almost 60 percent of state and local government workers are women.

and there is little evidence women as a whole could ever become truly independent in the economic sense (although many women in the contemporary West are undoubtedly “independent” in the sense that they do as they please).

Then there is a problem.

The cure for such waste is simply not to have many women in highly demanding positions. If they must work, they can be restricted to positions able to tolerate lower dedication.

The above actually happens already. They just want equal pay that's all.

charliechaplin said...

That doesn't mean all Irishmen - or men in general - are wankers. This happened quite a few years ago when it was still considered acceptable for men to treat women as grossly inferior and wankerism was encouraged. Times have changed and women don't have to put up with shit marriages anymore. (Andy Capp went out of fashion a long time ago, Lemmyhead. How old are you? I suppose you voted for Brexit, eh?)

I moved on and married a man who is loving and kind. We've been together for thirty years. I know I'm onto a good thing so he is quite cosseted and pampered by me and has no complaints.

Cognitive Dissonance said...

"Don't blame the Jews for white childlessness. Blame it on contraception"

And that is directly analogous to claiming that guns cause crime. Hasbara School ain't what it was.

SAVANT said...

Thanks Denise. In fact I wish you'd comment more because you always have some interesting take. And you don't hold back!!

Just to make my own position clear on women: I love 'em! Been married to the same one for 40 years. Far from being anti-women (I know some comments here and from MGTOW people have been) I recognise that they're the foundation of or society and in the final analysis more important than men in terms of bringing up the next generation of Whites. Anger directed as women per se is as you say totally counter-productive.

My anger is directed not against them but against the (((subversive))) who have poisoned their mind.

Anonymous said...

I think we can sum this up with....people can be cruel no matter the gender. I've seen terrible mothers and terrible fathers. I've seen horrible women and horrible men. I'm sure we all have stories that would support either viewpoint. Dead-beat husbands, gold-digging wives. I've also seen dead-beat mothers and scamming fathers.

This has been going on for time immemorial. The important thing is, are you a good person? Do you shirk your responsibilities or do you at least try to uphold them? What about if both your parents are crap? What then? Who to blame?

I really think this is not a war between the sexes. It's an argument that is unhelpful at best and destructive to us at its worst. A red herring to divide us further.

charliechaplin said...

As a general rule, don't marry a man whose mother committed suicide. Or had a girlfriend who topped herself before he moved on.

charliechaplin said...

Guns may not cause crime, but contraception sure as hell prevents it.

charliechaplin said...

The silly cows can't think for themselves, Savant?

SAVANT said...

"The silly cows can't think for themselves, Savant?"

In comparison to men women, especially young women, are very much driven by fashion, trends, virtue-signalling and emotional 'feels' rather than logic.

SAVANT said...

@11.20. I don't accept at all that the issue of feminism is a red herring to divide us further. If we focus our attack on women per se then yes. But our fight is with the pernicious peddlers of late-stage feminism and yes, those who have allowed their minds be poisoned by it.

Far from being a red herring it's arguably the single most important issue. Almost everything else flows from this.

charliechaplin said...

"Young women, very much driven by fashion, trends, virtue-signalling and emotional 'feels rather than logic" are not found in the analytical fields of chartered accountancy, engineering or medicine. At the other end of the spectrum are the slags who work for the BBC or public relations abominations like Bell Pottinger. Who, what, is the "average" young female?

Nostradormouse said...

Here is a basic population model drawn with quite broad strokes, assuming that Graduate women are not currently predisposed to marry non-Graduate men.

Women in their 60s went to university seeking an Mrs. degree, rather than a BA degree.

Women currently 50 years old were about 50:50 male:female at university.

Women currently 40 years old were about 55:45 male:female at university; 10 spare women in every 100 students.

Women currently 30 years old were about 60:40 male:female at university; 20 spare women in every 100 students; 100% more likely to be unmarried compared to 40 year old woman.

Women currently 20 years old are about 65:35 male:female at university; 30 spare women in every 100 students; 200% more likely to be unmarried compared to 40 year old woman.

40 year old women are complaining about a lack of marriagable men. Even if society imposed a 50:50 male:female ratio on undergraduate places, this demographic trend would unwind on rails for the next three decades.

Men care little for a woman's sitatus before marriage; women with academic ability, ambition, career orientation, have fewer or no children.

Given that the genes expressing such traits are transmitted less often, could such traits be described as maladaptive?

Frank Galton said...

Searcher said (previous thread): "Frank Galton reckoned the Chinese should take over Africa. Slow handclap. By that reckoning, the Chinese should take over everywhere (and be ruled by Jews with a higher again IQ)."

"Frank Galton reckoned the Chinese should take over Africa."

I did NOT say that.

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

Only in England

Anonymous said...

Declan-P said...
The Catholic Church has been utterly subverted and that is why scripture has been pushed to one side. It all began in Vatican 2. The present Pope perfectly fits the foretold role of the AntiChrist.
9 July 2017 at 10:51

Pope Francis is an antichrist but not THE ANTI-CHRIST. However bad things are now, they are going to be a million times worse when the real AC puts in an appearance. See Chapter 2 of book below for what to look out for.

Bevois [0-0-0]

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't like to say whether the shortage of good women is due to the shortage of good men etc.

In Genesis it was Eve who succumbed to temptation before Adam but God only expelled them from the Garden of Eden after Adam joined Eve in eating the apple, the presumption being that God was waiting for Adam as head of the household to reprimanded Eve.

But anyway 'fairy stories' aside, I think this is quite a funny anecdote. Lord Randolph Churchill was visiting the deep mines in Kimberley and on being shown some diamonds remarked "All for the vanity of women!" to which some woman retorted "And the depravity of man!"

Bevois [0-0-0]

Bevois [0-0-0]

James said...

Bill Gates is concerned about immigration to the EU. He's LYING!

AKAEW said...

I have been mulling over some of the comments here. It appears that many see this as a battle of the sexes. I'd like to make some observations. I'm not really in a typing mood right now so this might come over more disjointed than my other ramblings. If I don't do it now I'll probably enter the realm of no fucks to give on this subject.

Firstly people are focusing on the micro when they should be focusing on the macro. "White women are miscegenating* slutty cum dumpsters!" "White men are game playing, porn watching, mom's basement dwelling misceginating* losers!"

Guess what both POVs are true to a certain extent. So what? Why are they like that?

It's a chicken-and-egg-scenario. White men are largely raised by single feminist leaning females (even if they don't see it it is the norm withing our culture now) White men (and women) are "educated" mainly by feminist leaning hyper liberal females and males that are products of these destructive doctrines.
In turn they grow up to be as described and if they even bother to procreate end up most of the time losing out on their kids upbringing and their own wealth thanks to a feminist oriented legal system which then paves the way for the next generation of leaderless women and fatherless children and the cycle repeats again and again.

So who is to blame? Are we not all victims of the ((system))? People like Denise scorn men as losers who take oriental women. How is that constructive? Are women like Denise like this in their own homes?

Believe me I sympathise more with the men. Wherever I go I am surrounded by beautiful white women who are so saturated in self hating liberal feminist dogma it literally makes me want to projectile hurl. They are so unconsciously steeped in it here in good old SA that they don't even realise it. Try to have a conversation and you'll get so much hatred poured on your head it will spin. They love the word "ignorant" although the irony of it is completely lost on them (Dunning Kruger Effect?)

This is a low intensity war where we have been divided almost irrevocably. I do not think this will change without a large scale catastrophe. That is the only way I can see things being reset.

In SA we have a saying among those that can see what is coming that "Whites will only wake up when they have lost everything". And I mean everything. There is nothing like the vestiges of comfort to turn a man into a coward and what we are experiencing right now is largely the result of us hiding our faces when we should have brought the fucking roof down. True bravery is not defending your family when evil walks through the door. That is the minimum expected of a man.
True bravery is standing up and speaking the truth in the face of overwhelming ridicule and persecution.

Frankly we have fallen short and allowed this to happen.

*Yes I think it may be a word or maybe not.

James said...

WHY women wanted legal, social, and financial autonomy in the FIRST place! Hahaha!

Laugh all you want Denise, but the Jews that gave women legal, social, and financial autonomy are laughing louder than you right now.

AKAEW said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Only in England

11 July 2017 at 19:15

Ah excuse me but that does not look like Muslim garb to me. Maybe one of the poofters comes from a Muslim family but that does not make it a "Muslim Gay Wedding".

It couldn't be that the MSM is trying to shape perceptions here could it. And 99.99% of the dumb fucks can't tell the difference between a turban and a fucking Kefiyah.

Anonymous said...

Does nobody realize that they don't care about refugees? They just want to destroy the white race!

Anonymous said...

Jail ?

You bet !

Adrian said...

Been reading that book since I read your comment nearly 2 hours ago Bevois. Totally fascinating and incredible that it was written well over 100 years ago. In many ways it is a 'good' version of the Protocols of Zion in that its predictions are uncannily accurate. (Pity the layout is so bad).

AKAEW said...

Maybe it really is just a waiting game. As a fund manager said to me recently. Sometimes by doing nothing you do the right thing LOL.

James said...

In Genesis it was Eve who succumbed to temptation before Adam but God only expelled them from the Garden of Eden after Adam joined Eve in eating the apple, the presumption being that God was waiting for Adam as head of the household to reprimanded Eve.

I think he ate the apple because he loved Eve and felt the need to share her fate, come what may. It's called loyalty. I wonder if Eve would have done the same if Adam ate the apple first. Any thoughts?

"All for the vanity of women!" to which some woman retorted "And the depravity of man!"

I think Churchill realized it was not really women driving the industry. The Maori used to have a saying. "Land and women, that is why we fight and die".

James said...

Anonymous Adrian said...
Been reading that book since I read your comment nearly 2 hours ago Bevois. Totally fascinating and incredible that it was written well over 100 years ago. In many ways it is a 'good' version of the Protocols of Zion in that its predictions are uncannily accurate. (Pity the layout is so bad).

PDF version here that might be easier to read.

At the "poison" site* they say the coming hell was described in the Esdras Apocalypse (revealing, aka revelation) the four books chopped off the end of the bible. Only the Revelation of St John remains. This describes the transition to the NWO, and the four removed books describe life in the NWO, i.e. hell.

*, poison according to Bevois, but a very good collection of scanned OLD bibles, talmuds, Morals and Dogma, commie playbooks, etc. Some of the books are very rare and 4-500 years old. Download and keep. You'll need something to read in the NWO.

Anonymous said...

Getting back on track. Look at this soft sentence. Effing judge should be chased out of the country


Searcher said...


That wasn't you I was referring to. I was referring to the famous eugenicist, Frank Galton RIP. It may have come across as flippant (me referencing his words on the Chinese and Africa), but I see this kind of "shopping for humans" mentality as part of a bigger problem (viewing it as a good thing to transplant entire groups into long established groups) on the basis of them being either cheap working class labour or better than the natives (by whatever metric).

If we see that it would not be good for Africans to be replaced by Chinese in Africa then we can see that it is not good for Europeans to be replaced by Chinese either (even though the land would then have people with a higher average IQ). So a eugenicist can be concerned with improving his own group (by "pruning") but can also be concerned with some pretty radical thinking as regards population transfers.

Whether being displaced by Chinese (higher IQ) or Africans (lower IQ), what good is it for Europeans? In this respect, I think IQ is irrelevant. You either value your own group above all others (and forgo the "human shopping") or you don't.

Anonymous said...


What? Betty Friedan was a Jew? C'mon! Next you'll be telling me Bella Abzug was Jewish.

Lawrence of Niggertown

Anonymous said...

It's good you Europeans are on to the whole immigration scam. Still, when you consider that the UK had 55 million people in the 70s and now has only 66 million as opposed to the US which had 200 million people in the 70s and now has 325 million (officially...but wait until the census in three years turns up 360 million or more), maybe you can relax a bit.

Over here, the pre1980 population will double and native Americans will be eclipsed within twenty years. And then they'll want to triple the population.

Being a vicious racist, I've watched it happening in my area since 1975. But the rest of the country didn't notice because there is a lot of space out there. It's only recently become obvious in the heartland with refugees swarming in and shitting on the streets.

In my long-ago swarmed area, I've noticed that a new group has shown up. Dwarf Mexicans! I mean, I've been used to regular Mexicans but these new ones are really tiny. The men well under 5' and the women barely over 4'. No doubt from some benighted canyon that the conquistadors never found. And here they are! Looking surly...

Anonymous said...

well we topped it for the 4th of july here in niggertown chicago,100 wounded and 20 doas,all nigs, hurah.

Flanders said...

1 of 2:
"TEEN VOGUE Publishes Article To Teach Teen Girls How To Have Anal Sex: “ANAL 101, for teens, beginners”

"Here’s an excerpt from the article one might expect to find in Penthouse magazine:

Teen Vogue – When it comes to your body, it’s important that you have the facts. It’s not doing your sexual health or self-understanding any favors to keep you in the dark.

With that sentiment in mind, we’re here to lay it all out for you when it comes to anal sex.

Why anal?

Anal sex, though often stigmatized and shamed, is a perfectly natural way to engage in sexual activity. People have been having anal sex since the dawn of humanity. Seriously, it’s been documented back to the Ancient Greeks and then some. So, if you’re a little worried about trying it, or are having trouble understanding the appeal, just know that it isn’t weird or gross.

In a separate article, Vogue Magazine talks about a makeup manufacturer offering “butt-plugs”:". [Continues]
Featured in Jewish Women's Archive:

"Elaine Welteroth, headshot 2016"
Well worth watching, or even just listening, to see the extent of jew and leftist indoctrinations being applied against innocent young people who visit the Teen Vogue site - Please Watch This:

"7 Jewish Women React to Steve Bannon's Appointment to the Trump White House"
So far as I can determine the new head of Teen Vogue is a negroidess and is not also a jewess, but the jews love her with a passion, almost as much as they love themselves or one of their own.

"March into Feminist Fashion"
Pamela Jew, Staff Writer
"Photo by Abigail Weinberg
The "Nasty Woman" t-shirt is inspired by a comment Donald Trump targeted at Hillary Clinton on the election trail."
"The Wing

What started as a women’s club has turned into a movement for the Wing, which brags of members such Elaine Welteroth, editor-in-chief of Teen Vogue. Along with their groundbreaking modern women’s club near Gramercy Park, the Wing runs an online store that sells everything a modern feminist could want. They’ve got stationery, pins, keychains and apparel. Their “Girls Doing Whatever the Fuck They Want in 2017” key chain is a fan favorite."

Flanders said...

2 of 2:
From, "Jewish Women, Amplified"
[July 12, 2016]
"Black Lives Matter, and Get Thoughtful Coverage, At Teen Vogue"

"After last week’s murders of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile by police officers, America’s cities erupted in protest. A tragic and incendiary week became even more violent when a gunman opened fire on a Dallas protest, murdering five police officers. The resulting media frenzy was, overall, disheartening. Some of the worst journalism of the week included CNN’s decision to invite Congressman Joe Walsh to defend a tweet in which he declared war on Obama and Black Lives Matter, the Washington Post’s misleading conflation of BLM protestors with Black Panthers, and The Blaze’s Tomi Lahren calling BLM the “new KKK.” Less overtly offensive articles and talk show segments were speculatory, lukewarm, or sensational.

Luckily, there is another publication to turn to: Teen Vogue.

To the surprise of many, Teen Vogue has become a leader in journalism...".
The new, improved, Teen Vogue is largely the work of Elaine Welteroth, who at 29 became the magazine’s youngest and first African-American Editor-in-Chief. After climbing the ladders at Ebony and Glamour and becoming the first black Beauty and Health Director at Teen Vogue, Welteroth’s most recent accomplishment elicited cheers throughout the magazine world. During her career, Welteroth has done her part to amplify previously unheard voices; interviewing Muslim beauty bloggers, transgender models, and up-and-coming African-American artists. In her new position, Welteroth is continuing to shine a light on women of color and especially on young black women."

The below is one method of indoctrination used, and illustrated in the article, against younger people - appealing to their innate sense of justice and praising their "intelligence". The young often are intelligent, but respond to the praises of their vanity and emotional appeals.

"1. Today’s teen girls are ready to shake things up. They care deeply about the issues affecting their country and their world and are ready to tackle them head on. Despite the increased presence of smart and successful teens like Tavi Gevinson and Amandla Stenberg, there exists a pervasive stereotype of the teenage girl as vapid, boy-crazy, and self-absorbed. People assume that sixteen-year-old girls would rather read about lip gloss than something as serious as racist policing, when in fact these two interests are hardly mutually exclusive. Knowledge is power, and fashion magazines can be a mobilizing force."
You might also "enjoy" reading, "How to Be a Disruptive Patriot" at that same jew site.
Being a subversive traitor to the country you inhabit, and to their people, is now being deemed by jewry to be "patriotic".

Iron Felix said...

Denise is an angry old woman that never had kids during her youth. This is a very touchy subject for her. When a woman hits the big four zero and realizes that their youth was squandered on being a cum receptacle for various men, they become bitter and hateful. Their world becomes dark. The self hatred and regret eventually turns to anger. Denise is a perfect example of this.

Denise said...


I know you don' hate women. your manner is courteous, chivalrous, and very, very loving when you cite Lady Savant. Your decency, intelligence, humour and kindness emanate from every word you write.

I respectfully disagree with your assessment that "everything flows from feminism". I think that EVERYTHING, all the destruction ad havoc flows from the fact that European aristocracies allowed Sheeny demons to take over the European and now global money supply. (((Feminism))) is simply one of their monstrous machinations, in global Nation wrecking.

Please read this excellent analysis of a non-unrelated story. Tell if you appreciate the correlation to the theme of this thread, and provide your "take".

I will comment more often! Thank you for your kind remarks!

Denise said...

To James, and every-one,

Nope. I will not "submit" to someone feckless, clueless retard simply because he possesses male plumbing. Nope. I've seen too much. Men can be just as horrid as women. I only respect people - men and women - who deserve respect. I only listen to people who are honest, honorable, and KNOWWHAT THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT.

If White Men were doing their jobs AS White Men - White women wouldn't be "behaving badly".

Period. The End.

Uncle Nasty said...

Had to share this ... Remember "Lola" by the Kinks?

Well, here's the updated version ... wishful thinking, I know.

He walked up to me and he looked real bad,
I asked what was wrong
and then he looked real sad and said, "Ebola".
E-B-O-L-A Ebola. La la la la Ebola

Well I'm not the world most smartest guy,
But if I get too close then I just might die
From ebola, la la la la Ebooooooooooola

These last few days
I've sat on the can
I've lost 40 pounds, I'm less of a man 'cause of Eboooooooola. Lo-lo-lo-lo Ebolaaaaaaaa. . . . .

Well I'm not the world's most paranoid doc
But when I tried to get up it nearly cleaned my clock,
oh Ebola Bo-bo-bo-Ebola

And I know my flu, but I really don't get
Why I bled from my eyes all over the jet,
it's Eboooooooooooooooooola
Bo-bo-bo-Ebola Bo-bo-bo-Ebolaaaaaaaa

Sing it in the shower tonight ...


joe btfsplk said...

She was also a card-carrying member of the Communist Party.

joe btfsplk said...

Japanese Samurai discusses origin of jews, and evil of race mixing.

Japanese with subtitles.

Flanders said...

Off Topic entirely - Part 1 of 2:

World Currency - 2018, as reported in Rothschild's Economist in 1988. The Phoenix. Economist; 01/9/88, Vol. 306, pp 9-10

"The phoenix zone would impose tight constraints on national governments. There would be no such thing, for instance, as a national monetary policy. The world phoenix supply would be fixed by a new central bank, descended perhaps from the IMF. The world inflation rate – and hence, within narrow margins, each national inflation rate- would be in its charge. Each country could use taxes and public spending to offset temporary falls in demand, but it would have to borrow rather than print money to finance its budget deficit. With no recourse to the inflation tax, governments and their creditors would be forced to judge their borrowing and lending plans more carefully than they do today. This means a big loss of economic sovereignty, but the trends that make the phoenix so appealing are taking that sovereignty away in any case. Even in a world of more-or-less floating exchange rates, individual governments have seen their policy independence checked by an unfriendly outside world."

Further down, in a separate article on the same page, is this statement:

"Before the Power Elite (PE) establishes its ultimate goal of a techno-feudal World Socialist Government, there will be a major international economic crisis that will cause the nations of the world to accept a world currency. The currency will be called the “Phoenix” (rising from the global economic ashes) and will be adopted in 2018 A.D. (see “The Phoenix” on the cover ofThe Economist for January 9, 1988)."

"Phoenix Currency 2015-2018 New World Order"

"The phoenix would replace all national currencies, including the U.S. dollar, the yen, European currencies (this was pre-euro) and that companies and shoppers would favor the phoenix because as a global unit of account it would offer price stability. The path to the phoenix would first be a grouping of national currencies and currency unions, like the euro, the amero, which would include North and South America, an African Union, and an Asian Union. These monetary unions would then come together in a similar way as today’s special drawing rights, which are a basket of currencies, to then form the phoenix – a single world currency. Of course, anyone pointing out that a single world currency would create totalitarian global elite, as the phoenix would be privately issued and controlled, and that we would need a global central bank and a global government and governance, is tagged as a conspiracy theorist. It has been 24 years since the Economist made the prediction. The question remains: Is there any likelihood that we are headed for a global currency?

If we are headed for a global currency, it would imply that we are moving into a more centralized system where we have global currency, a global central bank and leading to a world government. However, a look at Europe and the European Union might tell you that the policy of centralization is not working. Far from EU members wanting to cede sovereign powers to unelected bureaucrats in Brussels and support each other economically to cover debts, the EU is on the verge of seeing members exit their union."

Flanders said...

Part 2 of 2:
"If we have learnt anything from how the world is being played, it is that all wars and financial changes are planned years in advance. What may look like one side is against the other, is only to convince the population of the drama they are playing to change the rules. This will keep the people blind to the fact that the other side is only a different face attached to the same coin or another head attached to the same beast.
The fact is; The Federal Reserve is a privately owned corporation and it is not a government agency, just like the name “Federal Express” for mail delivery, the federal name is only to create the illusion that it is part of the government. It doesn’t look after the interests of the people it only cares for its own shareholders’ interests. This corporation does not pay any taxes on the trillions of dollars it earns in profits either. So the world currencies are not regulated by the governments but only by few mega wealthy individuals who already are in control of key positions in the governments and all the large industries around the world; therefore those people are not loyal to any specific country or religion and they could be located anywhere in the world that gives them the advantage to control resources of people and land. To learn more on how it all started, please take a look at this article on the “banking historical perspective: The banking monopoly”. [This link is at the article link below - criminalbankingmonopoly].
If we take a look at the flags and crests of most countries around the world, one would come to the realization that; of all the symbols a country could choose from, the Phoenix or the eagle is chosen to represent the majority of countries in the world! They are also displayed almost in the same position. Why?! Has anyone even stopped to wonder why a nation would choose a symbol of another country to represent their own?! Even with minor differences the design is consistent! The only conclusion is that these symbols represent the ruling families and they have deeper meanings than just a design. One explanation would be that these countries are controlled by the same group of people through extended relatives."

Flanders said...

"Portugal: Entire Police Station ARRESTED Over RACISM Accusations"

"I believe the police officers’ story, not the Africans.

Sky News
Eighteen Portuguese police charged over alleged torture of young black men

All the officers at the station are charged over claims of “torture and other cruel treatment” against the men.

All the police officers at a station in Portugal have been charged over the alleged kidnap and torture of six young black men.

It means every one of the 18 officers working at Alfragide police station, northwest of Lisbon, is implicated.

They will go on trial for “torture and other cruel treatment” and other charges stemming from the alleged incident, the Lisbon prosecutor’s office said." [Details at the link].

Iron Felix said...

Denise is pretty much on top of things here with her assessment. She sounds like a most admirable person to me. The cancer of feminism, at it's worst is a consequence of men's abdication of their primary role in civilisation, simple as that.

SAVANT said...

Regarding that disgusting Teen Vogue article that Flanders referred to I offer the words of Lavrenti Beria for context.

“Degradation and conquest are companions. By attacking the character and morals … by bringing about, through contamination of youth, a general degraded feeling, command of the populace is facilitated to a very marked degree. By perverting the institutions of a nation and bringing about a general degradation … a population can be brought psychologically to heel…”

Adolph Cromwell said...

Well the Portuguese police won't be too fast to apprehend AFrican invaders after this (Flanders 08.24). And that is the whole purpose of the exercise.

Frank Galton said...

Searcher said: "That wasn't you I was referring to. I was referring to the famous eugenicist, Frank Galton RIP."


Frank Galton

Uncle Nasty said...

Some very worthwhile stuff ...

Watch and send the link to friends.


Denise said...

To the Iron Felix that called me a "bitter old women" - nope. Wrong. I AM an angry Middle Aged woman. I am very angry that MY civilization and ethnic and cultural heritage has been buffaloed, degraded, and obliterated by malevolent, evil, DEMONIC racial aliens mongrels , who have done NOTHING but destroy in their entire infestation of this poor planet. I am referring, of course, to JEWS. I am outraged that my foolish Race has allowed this Race of bipedal flesh-eating bacteria, in semi human form, has been allowed to exist for this long. White men dropped the ball on protecting our own kind centuries ago. The Spawn of Satan should have mopped up centuries ago. My anger an outrage is 110% RIGHTEOUS, healthy and sane, and very moral. I do not hate myself at all. I think I am FABULOUS. So crawl up you own diseased, rotting anal tract.

To that Iron Jewlix - you come across as a demented homosexual Jew, and serve as an example of why Humans invariably boot the Kikes. So Report to the Oven. NOW.

Frank Galton said...

Re Zionist-Jew Bella Abzug

United States House of Representatives

Bella Abzug, feminist and civil rights advocate...daughter of Russian–Jewish immigrants.

U.S. Visas

The Immigrant Visa Process

Foreign citizens who want to live permanently in the United States must first obtain an immigrant visa. This is the first step to becoming a lawful permanent resident.


Legislation Sponsored or Cosponsored by Bella S. Abzug

A bill to make additional immigrant visas available for immigrants from certain foreign countries, and for other purposes.

Sponsor: Rep. Abzug, Bella S. [D-NY-20] (Introduced 01/14/1975)
Sponsor: Rep. Abzug, Bella S. [D-NY-20] (Introduced 02/19/1973){%22sponsorship%22:%22sponsored%22,%22subject%22:%22Immigration%22}

"Bella Abzug...civil rights advocate."

"A bill to make additional immigrant visas available for immigrants from certain foreign countries, and for other purposes."

Note that this is the same Bella Abzug (1920 – 1998) who supported the JEWS ONLY* State of Israel - a State which:

• bans mixed marriage.
• has a Jews-only immigration policy.
• has separate schools, separate housing, separate roads and separate buses for Jews and Palestinians.
• bans gay marriage.

Jewish Women's Archive

Bella Abzug at Zionist Camp Achvah

Jewish Telegraphic Agency, 16 January 1976

Rep. Bella Abzug (D.NY) strongly rejected today a claim that there was an anti-Semitic or anti-Israel trend in the women’s liberation movement. “I know of no evidence of it and if there were evidence, it (anti-Semitism) would be crushed,” she told some 100 women attending a day-long conference on Zionism sponsored by the American Zionist Federation...

* "Israel is the nation-state of the JEWS ONLY." - Benjamin Netanyahu


HAARETZ, 03 June 2014

Who would you be allowed to marry in Israel today? No civil marriage, NO MIXED MARRIAGE

TIMES OF ISRAEL, 29 July 2013

Prime Minister's Office says would-be immigrants from former Soviet Union may be asked to prove JEWISH BLOODLINE

Jerusalem Post, 30 November 2014

Is separate education working in Israel?

In a sense even the “liberal” voices in Israel accept SEGREGATION.

HAARETZ, 07 November 2010

Supreme Court backs JEWS-ONLY HOUSING in Jaffa neighborhood

YNET NEWS, 03 June 2013

Separate roads for Jews, Palestinians

Daily Telegraph, 03 March 2013

Israel launches Palestinian-only buses amid accusations of RACIAL SEGREGATION

PinkNews, 16 May 2012

Israeli parliament rejects gay and inter-faith civil marriage bill

Frank Galton

Frank Galton said...

Re Teen Vogue's 'A GUIDE TO ANAL SEX'

Flanders said: "So far as I can determine the new head of Teen Vogue is a negroidess and is not also a jewess..."

Savant said: "Regarding that disgusting Teen Vogue article that Flanders referred to I offer the words of Lavrenti Beria for context...'by bringing about, through contamination of youth, a general degraded feeling, command of the populace is facilitated to a very marked degree. By perverting the institutions of a nation and bringing about a general degradation … a population can be brought psychologically to heel…'"

Teen Vogue is published by Condé Nast. Condé Nast is a subsidiary of Advance Publications Inc.

The owners of Advance Publications Inc are Jewish businessmen Samuel Irving "Si" Newhouse Jr. and Donald Edward Newhouse.


Jerusalem Post, 07 September 2010


35. Samuel Newhouse Jr.

Samuel Irving Newhouse Jr. – better known as Si – is CEO of Advance Publications, which in turn owns Condé Nast Publications, publishers of Vogue, Vanity Fair, the New Yorker and numerous other world-renowned titles.

Frank Galton

A Whiteman said...

Watched that. Nicely laid out.

Worth passing on to those still fumbling around in the dark. If you just pass it on to just one person, you have done a good bit of good today.

joe btfsplk said...

Japanese Samurai: on origin of jews and evil of race mixing

part one

part two

part three

part four

AKAEW said...

Maybe Denise just learned the hard lesson that white men want nothing to do with sharp tongued shrews and its left her all bitter and twisted.

Shame (Down here "shame" is an expression of pity, sometimes expressed with deep sincerity and feeling and sometimes expressed with a certain amount of sarcasm and feeling).


Anonymous said...

Or maybe
Some as you people say .white women who have left it late to have children have become demanding
They demand a equality in everything
So white men their own age go for more friendly younger girls
I did 13 years younger than me and still going over 28 years later
Anyway these dominant white women fall easy prey to non whites who agree to all their demands / at first
Until they have his child or childrennns
They then start the bad behaviour
Even snatching the kids after they have got their prized passport 1st
I have seen 2 of these type of women recently / one a young uni student with no family for 200 miles because she had a half caste kid and the father isn't around
She is trying her best struggling along financially I've even seen her wince when other whites have looked into her pram and seen her halfway caste daughter
And I've seen another educated 35 year old with a half caste and no dad. Being so pushy joining every children's group trying to push her child into everything she can
Talking non stop about her child so much so the child is more looked on with friendship than her pushy self/ because deep down she don't like how her life has rolled out


Searcher said...

Sorry Frank

I didn't mean to take your name in vain!

Denise said...

Perhaps ALKAEW is an ugly fat bald toad, of uncertain parentage and genetic lineage, who is terrified of women, and any-one who possesses an IQ over points, who can't even get laid in a Shanghai whorehouse.

charliechaplin said...

Coal burner should be kicked out of uni. People who run on about their half-caste bastards should be shunned.

Having said that: I've come across white males like AKAEW, they're invariably homeless. If a male isn't material that a reasonable female can work with, he becomes a white nigger. It's always been that way.

charliechaplin said...

To everything there is a time and a season.

A younger woman without children marrying a divorced man with children can look forward to playing mommy on weekends and vacations to children not her own. The so-called "ex-wife" has family ties forever - a divorced man is just as married as a non-divorced, it's just the nature of the marriage that has changed.

A younger woman marrying an older man can look forward to lifting him and changing his diapers in his old age when her own back is giving out.

So good luck to all those young chickies landing older men.

Anonymous said...


Love your rebuffs and acid wit to those who give you grief on here LOL!
Fucking hilarious. You're as good as Savant. Need more gals like you .. ;)

Anonymous said...

Gonorrhea: This STD is a curable an infection.