Friday, 30 December 2016

This year's greatest gift

2016 has given us many reasons to be hopeful, not least by way of the Trump and Brexit phenomena. But most of all as the year the (((mainstream media))) lost its credibility and therefore its power. This was the year of the Great Media Awakening, when the general public began to realise the true nature of the lies, equivocations and evasions, of the mind-rot peddled to them as news.

Earning credibility is a slow and painstaking process. Losing it can be devastatingly fast. Ordinary people can now discern The Agenda, maybe for now through a glass darkly, but soon they'll meet it face to face. Hard to see any way back for the presstitutes now that the internet provides a cornucopia of hard news, research, well written content - and most of all an alternative. Even The Donald, to their horror, largely ignored the MSM, instead communicating directly with the public via social media. And I believe that as President he'll still do this. I also believe that the full impact of this year's developments has yet to dawn fully on the media whores.

Their reaction, such as it is, has been soooooo, like, like .....pre-internet? I mean how McCarthy-era is it to ban readers from commenting, to close down offending outlets, to jail Thought Criminals? How about a spot of book burning for real authenticity? And now their war on "fake news"? Oh PULEEZE!!! In fact this has hit them with something even worse than distrust: Derision. Yes, there's now widespread laughter and ridicule at the idea of the MSM chasing down "fake news".

None of us of course will lose the run of ourselves here. The enemy still controls the commanding heights of the communications arena.....TV and print media, Hollywood, the main internet and social media platforms. And of course every Western government. We're still a bit like the samizdat rebels in the USSR.

But look how things worked out for them.


Anonymous said...


Yes, an incredible development thanks to the internet and democratization of technology. Much to cheer about, albeit with reservations (as always).


Flanders said...

Excellently worded and well-thought out post, Savant!

A crack in the (((media))) seems to be more of a crumble. The MSM is the glue that has been holding it all together so that maximum damage may be done to us, and done without effective public challenge. Now is the time to challenge the system on every point.

BigNoniePhil said...

You say 'look how things worked out for them' on the subject of Russian dissidents. But how did things turn out for them? Is there any evidence that their activities really helped bring the regime down, or was the USSR really undone by the internal failings of Communism, of its inability to compete with Western consumerism, of its failings in Afghanistan, the attempt to keep up with American military spending, etc.

And when Communism did fall, how many of these dissidents actually achieved political success and influence (Vaclav Haval is one obvious example) and how often were the former Communists simply repackaged as Democrats, or in a position to help their friends and allies make a killing during the selloffs of public-owned assets to the private sector?

I'm not trying to be negative, I'd love for the dissident Right to find favour in the coming years of the West, but like many I'm not overly optimistic about beating the men with all the money and the power.

Anonymous said...

A nigger will always be a nigger. They are bound by genetics to behave the way they do. Nothing can be done to fix stupid. Best solution is a one way trip back to Africa.

Anonymous said...

We have simply exchanged one version of the ((truth)) for another version of the ((truth)).

John 18:37 Pilate therefore said unto him, Art thou a king then? Jesus answered, Thou sayest that I am a king. To this end was I born, and for this cause came I into the world, that I should bear witness unto the truth. Every one that is of the truth heareth my voice.

38 Pilate saith unto him, What is truth? And when he had said this, he went out again unto the Jews, and saith unto them, I find in him no fault at all.

Pilate then went on to have Christ tortured and murdered on the whims of a pack of filthy kikes.

So much for truth.

Anonymous said...

The internet is obviously ten times worse than tee-vee or radio.

Miraculously, there are a growing number of people who realize that tee-vee is fake.

Unfortunately, many if not most still watch tee-vee.

Obviously, tee-veee is meant as an escape from the dreaded reality and as a means of selling worthless garbage to people who become addicted to ((fake reality)).

Internet is worse, and people don't like to hear that. It's a ((safe place)).

Matthew 10:34 Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword.

Anonymous said...

Well, here we sit with the bolshevik/zionist Trump.

His zionist side is already apparent. Trump's bolshevik side only needs time to make ((deals)).

People make a mistake in assuming that a wealthy man could never be a bolshevik.

In this reality, you can never become wealthy without being a bolshevik.

Anonymous said...

BigNoniePhil says...

"And when Communism did fall, how many of these dissidents actually achieved political success and influence (Vaclav Haval is one obvious example) and how often were the former Communists simply repackaged as Democrats, or in a position to help their friends and allies make a killing during the selloffs of public-owned assets to the private sector?"

I think you answered your own question? Just add some parenthesis.

Scot Irish

Flanders said...

The greatest gift for White people in 2016 has been the chance for awakening. Many are taking that gift and are increasing our strength the more that they learn about the jews who have systems in place to oppress us, and attempt to keep us confined. Let's hope that the newly aware dig deeply to learn the lessons they need, and work diligently to implement the lessons learned. We need even more.

Anonymous said...

Sav writes:

"The enemy still controls the commanding heights of the communications arena..."

They do indeed. And they wanted so much for us all to be online. Is it true that national security sections of all governments have tech that's 20 years ahead of what's sold to us mere citizens?

"Let a hundred flowers bloom..." as Mao said when he smoked out his opponents.

This time it might be different. The "commanding heights" might be a few desert islands for all the good they're doing. They may have a few tricks left up their sleeves, but not enough readers left to matter.

Look where their boot-licking got them. In America, "enrichers" don't read newspapers. The geniuses helped opened the gates to millions of non-readers!


Anonymous said...

Reasoning with kikes and niggers (including the sand variety) is an utter waste of time and energy. With the weakening of the media, which is the prime tool of the Jew used to demoralize and degenerate Whites, we actually have a chance of stemming the current trend.

The Jew is, and has always been enemy number one. It needs to be immediately eradicated from the West and driven back into the Middle East. I care not what happens to kikes and sand niggers when they are confined to exist in Semitic lands. Let them kill each other, but neither can ever be allowed to leave and infect the world.

Flanders said...

Wolzek's Terror Timeline History of the Jewish War Against the World

"950-930 BC
The tribe of Judah (Jews; and also another tiny tribe called the Benjaminites) are kicked out of the Israelite tribe (which is actually a group of tribes), and they resettle in southern Canaan (Palestine). They are kicked out because they are regarded as troublemakers and rebels, who do not follow the others in the Israelite tribe, especially regarding the issue of "one God for all."

400 BC (approx.)
The now-separate Jewish religion (rabbinical Judaism as generally known today*) officially begins, but in oral form at first. It maintains that the Judah are the "chosen people of God" (their God is Jehovah), and that all other people are inferior to the Judah. In other words, the first "official" bigotry in history, long before Christianity. (*Note that there is a difference between "Old Testament Israel" and the more modern "rabbinical Judaism").

4 BC
Jesus Christ is born.

30 AD
Jews murder Jesus Christ, or rather, have him killed, as some prefer. The event in sum: Jesus is brought before Pilate charged with various crimes. Pilate declares him innocent. The crowd of Jews angrily demand his death. "When Pilate saw that he could prevail nothing, but that rather a tumult was made, he took water, and washed his hands before the multitude, saying, I am innocent of the blood of this just person: see ye to it. Then answered all the people, and said, His blood be on us, and on our children." (Matthew 27:24-25)

66 AD
Jews revolt against Rome. Masses of Jews rioted and wiped out the small Roman garrison stationed in Jerusalem. Cestius Gallus, the Roman ruler in neighboring Syria, sent in a larger force of soldiers. But the insurgent Jews routed them as well. The next exchange would be different. The Romans returned with 60,000 heavily armed professional troops. The Romans first attacked in Galilee in the north, where they killed and sold into slavery an estimated 100,000 Jews. The Jews who survived the Galilee massacre fled to Jerusalem for their final stand and prepared for a siege by the Romans. During the summer of 70 AD, the Romans breached the walls of Jerusalem and initiated an orgy of violence and destruction. Shortly thereafter, they destroyed the Second Temple. It is estimated that as many as one million Jews died in the revolt against Rome.

132-135 AD
The Bar-Kokhba Revolt. The Jews organize guerilla forces and, in 123 AD, begin launching surprise terrorist attacks against the Romans. Emperor Hadrian brought the "Sixth Ferrata" legion into Judea to deal with the terrorism. In 132 AD, following Shimon Bar-Kokhba, the Jews captured 50 strongholds in Palestine and 985 undefended towns and villages, including Jerusalem."
"December 2, 2001. - Jews effectively ban Santa Claus from Kensington, Maryland. 100 Christian men protest by donning Santa suits; one man carries a sign that reads, "If Jews can ban Santa, why can't we ban Jews?"

Dr. Wassell said...

Actually the Bolsheviks were financed and directed by some of the wealthiest people on the planet. (((Warburg, Schiff))) etc.

Anonymous said...

BigNoniePhil: Great comment!
The autocratic power structure of the Soviet Union is still there in the "new" Russia: Putin is a gangster dressed up as a head of state and his oligarchs have been busy bleeding Russia dry.
Most of Eastern Europe's elites are still the same people who ruled under communism. Where is the change please? And the cold war is more real then ever....

John C said...

It's white genocide day! How to genocide the right way

Here's me looking at a packet of unopened bacon, thinking should I eat it or leave it on someone's doorstep, but who warrants it the most? Just who upsets me the most?.... I can't decide so I'll just do meself a nice bacon butty... I was thinking, if you get one year in the slammer for leaving bacon on the doorstep of a mosque how many years would someone get for accidentally dropping a bit of bacon on the doorstep of a synagogue? I was thinking something like in the region of thirty-five years or so? All considering with how things are now. Just wondering, that's all.
I like me bacon to much to accidentally leave it on someone's fucking doorstep.
Stop going on about bacon john, its not a fucking food blog.

Anonymous said...

Thank God I've stopped buying my meat from supermarkets:

Filth like this own your chicken before it gets to McDonalds and major kike owned supermarkets. this cunt also owns Harry Ramsdens Fish and chips.
Notice how these parasites take everything over in their name but don't change the shop facade leading you to think you're buying "British" or "Irish" or anything but Indian/Pakistani/Israel(ish)

6 Million Dollar Man said...

A very important truth that should be brought out more, is the fact that the jews were the main slave traders that brought the African Negroids to the America's. I believe Professor Tony Martin expanded Hugh Thomas's research and traced the names of the slave ship owners to the jews. Professor Tony Martin
Jonas e Alexis Jewish Slavery in Western Culture

John C said...

 Anonyous said...

BigNoniePhil: Great comment! And Name
The autocratic power structure of the Soviet Union is still there in the "new" Russia: Putin is a gangster dressed up as a head of state and his oligarchs have been busy bleeding Russia dry.
Most of Eastern Europe's elites are still the same people who ruled under communism. Where is the change please? And the cold war is more real then ever....

Putin Is a gangster? How do you mean? His oligarchs are bleeding Russia dry (unlike usa uk oligarchy full on for 35 years they're been at it, covered up with easy paper money and a endless supply of cheap immigration, can I put a cunt in here, yes john very appropriate).

Most of Eastern Europe's elites are still the same people who ruled under communism. Where is the change.
Russian changed it's course from communism because the people willed it, for a decade after it was a free for all for those well connected with international connections, Putin stopped that in its tracks (maybe, just maybe its why he's the west's bogeyman now, Or is he?). Eastern Europe were bought like cheap whores by the gangster's of usa for the eu project soviet mk11, ie move people's about, smash national sovereignty.

The Cold War is more real than ever...Are you saying it was real last time? I suppose it looked real to all intense and purposes (for the little folks of Berlin, families divide, yeah, big wall.) Wall Street laughed.... I said Wall Street Laughed.
Go and read The Controversy Of Zion by Douglas Reed much better at explaining it than me but You really need to read it Pal.

I don't look to the collapse of the Soviet Union for my inspiration, no, It the years from 1923 to 1933 and they did it decently and lawfully from the Ground - Up
The same will happen, most of the movers and shakers now, will switch sides when they realise the jig is up.

Happy New Year

John C said...

 BigNoniePhil said...

I'm not trying to be negative, I'd love for the dissident Right to find favour in the coming years of the West, but like many I'm not overly optimistic about beating the men with all the money and the power.

31 December 2016 at 00:18

Sweety it will be done because the people(not all) will organise and demand a change in direction. Things(lots of things) are coming to a head. Will we be organised and ready to face them down? Yes! Will they bottle it? Yes! Will you in your Mavis mode watch from the sidelines? All depends on how many millions you have in your back pocket, other than that and your still living in a few years, your in the mix mate, if the shits don't get ya your own side will.
Enjoy ya rosa... Darling, Darling I fear its all Over. Pity the poor soul's that will be used and abused when we are gone.
Happy New Year Phil My Brother.

John C said...

I love this bloke. His name is Tom.
Julius Evola on Buddhism

In the new year get out and connect with our kindred people.
Be active, leave stuff around in public, leave written pointers (well informed Internet sites) on favourite msm newspapers which the locals like to pick up and read, go to pubs, cafes, library's. Every little helps. Do Your Bit
In one newspaper leave a pointer for one site only on each other page at least five times.
Go To It Warriors

Anonymous said...

No description. Just read the post. Then ask Savant to ban me.
I agree things have improved this year. I don't want to build my hopes. I'm the eternal pessimist. The way things stand the MSM is gone. They resort to more and more lies to try and get their position back. Don't underestimate them. Don't underestimate who they will stop using the internet. White people have become J wise before. Less than a hundred years ago as well. They had a leader who saw exactly what we see today. He did predict that one day he would be proved right. Perhaps that day is around the corner. The last time I speak of didn't work out too well. I hope we don't fall into one of (((their))) traps again.
As others seem to be postulating along a religious theme, I will. I'm not going to quote from the bible. I'm going to quote William Cowper. "God moves in a mysterious way". It seems that more and more people are getting the feeling that some power is at work. Even the Blessed Savant has admitted to having the feeling that all is not as it may appear. I'm not a religious person. I'm allegedly made in Gods image. I don't want anyone worshipping me. I'm happy when I get a 'thank you' for holding a door open. I do think there's a force (supreme and all powerful, I have my doubts about). It is a force that is behind 'us'. It is this belief that makes me believe that (((they))) operate through a different force that sees us as the ones that can overcome (((their))) force. Our force is getting a little pissed off. With them and us. Remember me being made in Gods image? Well if I am I would be really pissed off if I gave people I loved everything that they could need only to see them give it all away under some pretext of making the world a better place. I made it the best fucking place for you, you ungrateful bunch of cunts and now you give it away. I'm not a fucking happy chappie. I had fucking plans for you! You were going to lift the whole world up and reach the stars! Now you've fucked my plan. I'm distinctly a little more than pissed off. Now, having said that I still love you. I'm going to make you fight and suffer because that's just the way things are and you deserve to anyway. I'm going to help you. (Fuck me this sounds like Lemmyhead thinks he's God!)

Anonymous said...

Part II
O.K. Now that we have established that I'm only human but do have a direct line to God (when the fuck was that established?) I'm going to tell you what the voices in my head tell me. (He is a loon) No, I'm not it's called internal dialogue and if you don't have it your dead so own up, we all voices in our heads. Anyway, back to how Gods going to help us. Bad news. He won't tell. He says if He did then the enemy would know and that's just bad fucking tactics. He did say that He did have a plan. We are to wait for a 'Black Swan' event. We will know when it happens because we will all see it as the ultimate turning point. It will be really hard and we will really suffer. He says that He fought for the English at Agincourt because He liked the colour of the strip they turned up in and thought because they were so weak through starvation and dysentery He would give them a helping hand. He evened things up a bit later on. Even at Agincourt, He couldn't stop a few dying. This time it's going to be bad. He means really, really bad.
This internal dialogue thing is going on a bit. I was on a bit of a roll then. Perhaps I could get God to help me write a best-selling novel? (Fuck off, I've helped you more than enough already you ungrateful twat). While we're chatting could you just do me one (Shut up and tell the good people to stick with their feelings and everything will work out fine, in the long term, after they have suffered some hardships to make them realise how good I had been to them and to stick with that feeling. Keep looking for my Ace to be played. You'll all know. Now say goodbye to the nice people).
Good by nice people and a Happy New Year.

How all that came about I don't know. Any psychiatrists got an explanation? I didn't start the post thinking anything along those lines. I only wanted to wish you all a Happy New Year and things went a bit strange but I'll leave it anyway. God, if you're there, I think I might need help.

Anonymous said...

I'm just pissed off with everything .but with 7
Grandkids and the number might be growing
I'm not going to do anything stupid and go
Back to jail at my age especially as the government would send me into a wing full of my enemies hoping as a white aggressor I would be killed
But how about if all whites took 2 days a week off for 3 months also didn't drive or buy other shit so as not to pay taxes
We could send a signal to the government that we aren't going to pay taxes so they can replace us
Just a thought

Eddie in St. Louis said...

2016 was the year of the Alt-Right and the biggest outing of FILTHY KIKES that I have ever seen in 50+ years on the planet. I hope we keep up the good work! MAGA!

Flanders said...

"CNN, one of the media outfits that regularly complains about “fake news,” ran a fake news story of its own when it claimed that Russia was closing an Anglo-American school in Moscow as retaliation for President Obama’s sanctions."
"However, Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova responded swiftly by denying that the school had been closed.
“US officials ‘anonymously informed’ their media that Russia closed the Anglo-American School in Moscow as a retaliatory measure,” Zakharova wrote on her official Facebook page. “That’s a lie. Apparently, the White House has completely lost its senses and began inventing sanctions against their own children.”

Zakharova accused CNN of spreading “false information citing official American sources”."

Flanders said...

"* 63 percent of Americans do not have enough savings to cover an unforeseen $500 bill.

* According to Pew, the middle class is now no longer the majority in America.

The only serious counterargument to this narrative is to note many of these trends preceded the Great Recession. That is sadly true."

Flanders said...

Netanyahu is being investigated criminally for two more charges [Not the ones he should face, or as many, but hopefully these will do!]

"Benjamin Netanyahu is allegedly facing criminal charges of bribery and aggravated-fraud, according to the police report.

The two cases will be related to allegations that Netanyahu accepted 1 million euros from accused French conman Arnaud Mimran in 2009 and in Netanyahu’s role in a Defense Ministry deal to purchase submarines from a German company that is partly owned by the Iranian government."
"...Benjamin Netanyahu just told New Zealand’s Foreign Minister that New Zealand’s opposition vote to Israel’s stance is “a declaration of war.”

However, what is most interesting about this latest development is what Trump and Netanyahu’s relationship, as well as the U.S. and Israeli relationship will transform into. Trump and Netanyahu have made it clear that they are friends and support each other’s objectives. If “Bibi” is found guilty of these two crimes then, will Trump continue to support Netanyahu? Will he continue to support Israel? Will Trump be forced to abandon his friendship because of outside pressure from the public that would inevitably arise if Netanyahu is criminally charged?"

Flanders said...

Are you tired of the feeling that all your calls are being listened to? May as well get over it - Until we have accomplished a lot more against those who (((put them))) to do it. Let them know that they haven't stopped you by their strategic process of having worn much of our public down in order to make the people feel inadequate and ineffective. (((Their))) biggest asset is in their ability to implant feelings of inertia in groups larger and more qualified than them. (((Media and Police State))) measures tremendously help them to do that.

"Report: Feds Spying on Us Through at Least 400 Different Cell-Phone Site Simulators in Massive $95 Million DOJ, DHS Project"

"...[T]hanks to a report released by the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee released just yesterday, we know exactly how many cell phone tracking systems, otherwise known as stingray devices, are being deployed and by what specific agencies.

Via Washington Times:

'With 194 cell-site simulators, the FBI has the most of any of the agencies identified as owning the devices, which often are referred to by brand names including Stingray or Hailstorm.' [Continues]

John C said...

I know where you're coming from brother, its called built up anxiety in a topsy-turvy world, you have a beer and it all comes pouring out, but dont cry man, for christ sake don't cry, we are english, good god man don't cry. (i did once and the women folk in my family never saw me in the same light again) Pull yourself together old chum, the voices are just your conscience telling you things are not right and it's all the other fuckers that are mad, they are upside down laughing deliriously (kinda like alice in wonderland) but here we are, we have been ordained to live through these days spreading the Lords message to those that are lost. Its a thankless task, I didn't fucking ask for this, but its been bestowed, im awake and have been for twenty-eight years, Well learning for twenty-eight years. Frightening what we see about us. But there are people awakening all around us. Be patient and calm.
Happy New Year Brother
And have a nice drink, cos I am.

Anonymous said...

Just heard reports new year celebrations in Berlin have been drounded out by shouts of Allah Akbar

Uncle Nasty said...

Savant sez:

None of us of course will lose the run of ourselves here. The enemy still controls the commanding heights of the communications arena.....TV and print media, Hollywood, the main internet and social media platforms. And of course every Western government. We're still a bit like the samizdat rebels in the USSR.

Absolutely. You will nhave noticed that The White House Nigger has become the Simon Legree moustache-twirling villain of the piece ... since he supposedly did not wholeheartedly support the Red Sea Pedestrians in their schemes and machinations.

"Oh, woe is us!!!" wail the yids ... "where did this rayciss anitismittic Schwartze Schvoog nigger (sorry, sorry!! not nigger ... not nigger!!!!!) come from? Sent from Hell to torment us!!!

Well, no.

You bought him, you paid for him. and his usefulness (such as it was) is over, so whack him and his token silverback family with a few taxpayer's millions, to shut them up and sweep them under the bus.

... and chalk it up to experience. Chapter three in "What will the US voter accept?"

First totally braindead Prez. Check
First totally useless nigger/fag prez ... Check.
First lesbian psychopath Prez ... FAILED -- on hold till 2020
First openly faggot paedophile ... in training for 2024
First openly faggot convicted mass-murderer paedophile legally married to eight-year old Turkish boy ... in training for 2028

First openly faggot convicted mass-murderer paedophile legally married to dead male dobermann puppy ... no fixed date ... TBA.

See you in the future ...


John C said...

You can do so much work for our cause by informing yourself to our people's real enemy and then spreading your knowledge. Seven grankids, well done mate, get them out as much as possible to the British countryside, teach them our great history, imbue them with our great history and its their responsibility to carry that on.
2-3 day week? Yes the more our people lawfully withhold taxes the better. I never thought I'd say such a thing but I do now. You can earn 11k a year without paying income tax.
You can make big pots of stew, from butchers meat, (no supermarket shit) with loads of fresh stuff thats out of the ground. Healthy, I must do it myself a bit more.
Every little helps. Don't give our slaughters our money. The revolution starts with these little things.
Happy New Year
Gerry and family

Flanders said...

Lemmyhead, "How all that came about I don't know. Any psychiatrists got an explanation?"

I don't know, but it sounds right to me, Lemmy. Happy New Year!

Flanders said...

Happy New Year to Savant, and to all our good people! May we all find a good year waiting for us, and enable the awakening for a lot of people to finding truth, and with God's help may we initiate the return of the governments and resources of our White countries to us. We pray that racial foreigners be removed completely or stricken from our lands forever.

Uncle Nasty said...

The yids have buttons to press. lots and lots of buttons. Press "Fake sufferink" or "Holohoax" and listen to the squeals. They are learned at the mother's knee ... taken in with her curdled milk.

Conditioned reflexes like Pavlov's Dog**

I think one that does well for Whites is the one attributed to Voltaire:- “To know who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticise,”

(((Some))) would disagree, of course -- and pooh in their underwear while doing so ...

Dr Paul Gibbard, of the University of Western Australia, one of the world’s leading experts in Voltaire who worked as a researcher at the Voltaire Foundation in Oxford, said it was one of the many that were falsely attributed to the writer.

“There are lots of quotations that are attributed to Voltaire that aren’t actually by him, and that’s one of them,” he said. “Voltaire has been copied and imitated and pastiched ever since he produced his first writings ...

“If you put Voltaire’s name to it, it certainly has much more authority than if it was just your own quotation.”

A beginner’s guide to Voltaire, the philosopher of free speech and tolerance

But “in terms of its spirit”, the quotation was “not un-Voltarian”, in that it captured his resistance to authority. “So even though it’s not by Voltaire, you can see why people might think it was,” he said.

As several Twitter users pointed out to the senator, the quote is most often attributed to Kevin Strom, an American white nationalist, neo-Nazi and Holocaust denier.*

The suspected source of the quote is Strom’s 1993 essay, All America Must Know the Terror that is Upon Us: “To determine the true rulers of any society, all you must do is ask yourself this question: who is it that I am not permitted to criticise? We all know who it is that we are not permitted to criticise. We all know who it is that it is a sin to criticise. Sodomy is no longer a sin in America. Treason, and burning and spitting and urinating on the American flag is no longer a sin in America. Gross desecration of Catholic or Protestant religious symbols is no longer a sin in America. Cop-killing is no longer a sin in America – it is celebrated in rap ‘music’.”

I particularly like this one (supposedly) by Baudelaire

“La plus belle des ruses du diable est de vous persuader qu'il n'existe pas."
("The devil's finest trick is to persuade you that he does not exist.")”
― Charles Baudelaire, Paris Spleen.

Live by them ...


*As you can see ... a triple threat, this boy. American white nationalist, neo-Nazi and Holocaust denier. ... Woweeee. Smell the brimstone.

**No ... not this one.'s+dog+pampered+menial

John C said...

Time To Say Goodbye Andrea Bocelli & Sarah Brightman
There is a english version but this is best.

Europe at it's finest.

It really is time, to call time on our parasitical class of traitors, stand up to these filthy arrogant ill mannered debased freaks.

It really will be a walk in the park if enough people organise, Now!

Happy New Year

Flanders said...

Be happy - You've paid your jew taxes for 2016!

Every time you went to the market, and no matter where you may be in the world, or which religion you may be (or not be).

"KLBD Kosher Certification is a leading international kosher certification agency operating across six continents. Certifying many multi-national food processors and raw material manufacturers, we are committed to offering a professional and affordable kosher certification service worldwide. --- [At the Read More link - KLBD certify some 40,000 ingredients and over 2,000 retail products across six continents.

KLBD is an acronym for Kashrut (Kosher) Division of the London Beth Din (Jewish court of law). The court is headed by Dayan Menachem Gelley and is under the auspices of the Chief Rabbi. The LBD, a world leading authority on Jewish and Kosher Law, is proud to have been a leading force in kosher certification for more than a century."

Flanders said...

So that the government of Scotland can know what it can do and not do.
Is it working? Let's ask The First Minister, the Rt Hon Nicola Sturgeon.

Flanders said...

"Nearly 90,000 Christians were killed for their faith in 2016, equivalent to one every six minutes, according to a new study by the Italy-based Center for Studies on New Religions (Censur)."
The first Anon below from a forum site seems to be White, while the 2nd Anon identifies as being jew, and they are commenting on the story above. For once they both seem to be answering truthfully. I'll let you make that decision for yourself.
▶Anonymous 12/31/16 (Sat) 13:00:13
These are mostly non-white Christians who would have been killed for their tribal affiliation if not for their faith. Shitskins murder other shitskins because that's what's in their DNA and religion isn't going to change that fact.

▶Anonymous 12/31/16 (Sat) 13:24:09
Who cares. Jews are the only importat people. We have everything set up now. You aren't even allowed to question our motives anymore. It's more or less illegal to not let a jew rule your life. How does it feel goyim? We had both presidents. You amerifats love burgers and tv so much that you eat up whatever ball of shitty meat we force down your throat.

We own your media. We own your internet. We own your courts. We own your police. We own your military. We own your hospitals. We own your labs. When you are depressed about how powerless you are compared to superior jews you go to a jewish doctor and get jewish pills. We fucking run shit.

Get ready for 8 more years of hell. Greater Israel is coming soon bitches. By the time you realize honorary jew Trump is on our side it will be too late. You will be called insane and be put in a jewish owned mental institution where we will taunt you some more.


Flanders said...

If there is any one thing that White people need to learn and to learn well, it is that every single White person in each and every White country is opposed or competing with not just a single jew or group of jews, nor with jews from only one nation.

Each individually acting White (because that is what Whites do - act as individuals) is opposed by networks, international kehillahs of jews who constitute the whole commune of jewry. These operate from behind the cover of "legitimate" appearing organizations with glossy cover (some, even in government, co-opted with our own taxpayer money), seemingly having differing agendas, but their one aim is to take everything that you have through boycott and monopoly tactics, and then to convert you and all Whites into mongrelized nothingness with race-mixing strategies.

Even those Whites who do absolutely nothing, and who think that everthing is fine "since I'm doing right and I'm doing OK", and including the misguided's who actually support jewry, will be subjected to and are are intended to undergo the same planned oblivion as are the rest of us who are the White race.

There is not that much out there so far as documentary sources for this specific topic that I have been capable to find, but here is a small segment which may help our people to at least have some understanding about jew networks.
"Jewish Networks
by Mirjam Thulin Original in German, displayed in English
Published: 2010-12-03

Jewish networks are the far-reaching transterritorial and transcultural channels of communication between Jews and Jewries. They formed as a result of the dispersal of Jewish society over great distances starting in antiquity and ran along the lines of Jewish congregational organisations, specific religious and doctrinal practices, and the commercial networks of Jewish merchants. Life in the Jewish diaspora and the local juridical regulations regarding the Jews constantly influenced and shaped Jewish networks in the period from the middle of the 15th until the 20th century.

Table of Contents1.Introduction: The Damascus Affair of 1840
2.Communication in the Jewish Diaspora
3.Jewish Autonomy and Intercongregational Organisation
4.Jewish Scholarship and Piety
5.Trade and Travel

Flanders said...

Cry Me A River should be jewry's name. That name should not belong to Americans.

"On 18 July 1290 every professing Jew in England was ordered out of the Realm, for ever, by King Edward I. Between sixteen and seventeen thousand Jews had to flee, and none dared return until four hundred years later."

“The ostentation which possession of great wealth enabled the Jews to display, and their unconcealed contempt for the practices of Christianity, made them an object of universal dislike; as usurers, moreover, they had gained a strangle-hold on the recently founded monastic houses whose splendid buildings they had financed, and on many of the smaller aristocratic families...” From Domesday Book to Magna Carta (1951), p. 353.
"The Jews in the Christian Spain aborning were not fools. They were quite aware that popular sentiment was rising against them. Fighting back in any way they could, they bribed powerful and corrupt nobles and worked their way into high positions in the government and church. All in vain. In 1391 massive anti-Jewish pogroms broke out across Spain. In that year, thousands of Jews were killed in Aragon and Castile. in the words of O’Callaghan,

Hostility towards the Jews had often been manifested in the past, chiefly because of their involvement in money-lending and tax-farming. Complaints about Jewish usury and Jewish tax collectors occur again and again in the records of the Cones [the Spanish parliament or assembly] . . . . Though the Crown usually promised to attend to these complaints, Jews continued to figure prominently in the management of royal finances. The riots of 1391 spelled the beginning of the end for Spanish Jewry, although it would still hold on for another hundred years. The simple truth was that Spain had outgrown Jews, just as it had outgrown Muslims. The Jews, as stated previously, had no part to play in Spain’s great years, which, some cynics say, is why Spain had its “great years.”
"How The Jews Took Great Britain"

"Cromwell had carried out the orders of the Jewish financiers and beheaded ... King Charles I on January 30 1649."

Flanders said...

Check out the sickening, snarky - Oh so "Cosmopolitan" jews, on this video, "White genocide Day!", posted by T-Bone over at Hofflandia. It's covered further in a couple of the first comments, which you should also make a point to read and see, along with another video.

"T Bone

These are 2 of your garden variety jews spewing sickening anti-White drivel – trivializing our concerns with their ever-so-smug jew dispositions.

If not for the comments section at YT, I would not have posted this crapola. I think everyone here will find the comments worth their while, as well as the like/dislike ratio. I get the feeling these two rats will disable the comments in the near future, so check them out as soon as you can.

It’s White genocide Day! How to “White Genocide” the Right Way"

Anonymous said...

It is now 2017 in the year of our Lord Jesus Christ.

People are still whining about material inequality of some sort or another, on their cell phones.

That's a joke, by the way.

Irony and satire don't exist in this reality, where poverty means no cell phone or cable tv.

I have a crappy cell phone, with no internet and no cable tv.

Feels good man.

Flanders said...

Kevin Alfred Strom recognizes THE big problem that our White race in America has in terms of becoming truly capable. There must be changes in attitudes and learning based on truth so that we can have a true unity and consensus. We should all work on providing firm information based on truthul sources to counter their intentionally caused misunderstandings and indoctrinations.

"They genuinely feel more of a connection to some African or dark Mideasterner who professes Christianity than they do to a White free thinker. The African Christian is “one of us” to them. The White free thinker is not.

No wonder they’re confused. No wonder they always lose — they don’t even know who they are. They worship their most deadly enemies. They welcome suicide via racial mixing, at least in theory they do, as long as the weaponized DNA carrier says he loves Jesus."
"Miller: The writing and promotion of “Scofield’s Reference Bible” was a massive effort to subvert true Christianity to serve Zionist/NWO interests, instead. Through subtle but false reinterpretations of the Bible, the evangelical Christian community has come to unquestionably support the Israeli “state” and perpetual war in the Middle-East, rather than the teachings of Jesus, the Prince of Peace.

Throughout the 20th Century and with incredible support from the Rothchild controlled Oxford Press, various editions of Scofield’s Bible would actually create a new religion, Christian Zionism (Judeo-Christianity), altering words and meanings through deceptive footnotes."
"Pro Zio "Christians United for Israel" is led not a Christian but by a Jewish extremist!"

"Shamefully, too many Christians don’t even know these things, and by supporting this tribal, racist supremacism, they support the most dedicated enemies of Jesus Christ on Earth. And they besmirch every morality taught by Christianity. Christians who support these Jewish tribalists are literally supporting the promotion of just about everything Christians oppose.Who do Christians think runs the sick, evil of Hollywood. It’s certainly not Christians. It is run by the tribal brothers of Mr. David Brog.

Who leads the efforts for destruction of the family, for abortion and just everything evangelical Christians oppose? Take a guess.

One of the really tragic aspects of this perversion of Christianity is that by supporting Jewish extremism they support many forms of anti-Christianism.

The truth is that Jewish organizations have been the driving force to remove Christian symbols and culture from public life in America, even the outlawing of Christian Christmas displays on public land and Christmas carols in schools."
"Moslem Leaders: “We must unite with the Jews against the Superior White Race”

Anonymous said...

I have found that work colleagues are becoming increasingly more receptive to alt-right views this year - its the way that house prices keep going up without any increases in wages that gives me an opening to talk about fractional reserve lending, how Hitler got the Germans back into work. Might have overdone though by mentioning the holocaust narrative as being greatly exaggerated. Memo to self don't mention it unless asked.

I did have a work colleague who temporarily broke off diplomatic relations over Brexit but she is back to sitting next to me at staff meetings. In years gone by libtards would permanently blank me for the slightest non-PC remark, so I count that as an improvement. We are never going to get 100% approval as the immigrants know that their position depends on continuing to support the people who brought them into this country and also we have large numbers of libtards who for whatever reason are fully committed to imposing collective cultural suicide on us all.

It would be great if the White House ignores the MSM completely and just posts announcements on its website and communicates directly to citizens via Twitter etc. I think Trump could well be up for this as he is still using Twitter as President-elect.


SAVANT said...

Lemmyhead I'm not running away with myself or think that the battle is won. I specifically made that point. But there is no doubt that our main enemy -the MSM took a major body blow in 2016.

SAVANT said...

@6 million dollar man.....very good point about Jews and the slave trade. They've used the slavery slur against Whites for god knows how long. Now that they've built it up to be such a terrible thing they've made a weapon for use against themselves!

katana said...

Benton Bradberry’s 2012 book, “The Myth of German Villainy” is a superb, must-read, revisionist look at how the German people have been systematically, relentlessly and most importantly, unjustly vilified as the arch criminal of the 20th century. Bradberry sets out, cooly and calmly as befits a former US-Navy officer and pilot, to show why and how the German people have been falsely accused of massive crimes and that their chief accuser and tormenter, organized jewry is in fact the real party guilty of monstrous crimes against Germans and the rest of the world.

In Part 14 the process of unwinding some of the injustices of the Versailles Treaty imposed on Germany (Ch. 14) and Germany’s hosting of the 1936 Olympics (Ch.15) are described.

Book – The Myth of German Villainy – Part 14 – Hitler Begins Reclamation of German Territory; The 1936 Olympics

On March 15, 1935 Hitler announced his decision that Germany would openly defy the military limitations set by the Versailles Treaty and re-arm. Then, a year later, three German Army battalions crossed the bridges over the Rhine and entered the industrial heartland of Germany known as the Rhineland. This demilitarized area, the Rhineland, included all territory west of the Rhine River, stretching over to the French border, as well as a section east of the river. The Rhineland included the cities of Cologne, Dusseldorf and Bonn. A few weeks later a plebiscite was held and 98.8% voted approval of the reoccupation of the Rhineland.

In April 1931 Germany won the bid to host the 1936 Olympic Games, but once the National Socialists came to power in 1933 American Jewish organizations immediately demanded that some other venue be chosen or the games boycotted. Fortunately Avery Brundage, President of the American Olympic Committee, saw this attempt as just another “Jewish-Communist conspiracy” against Germany, and to his very great credit, decided, despite this pressure, that America would participate in the Games in Berlin as scheduled.

Germany, at less than half of the population of the United States, won 89 medals to America’s 56 — KATANA.

Hector Grey said...

You think that second anon (Flanders 03.50) is really a Jew? But he does have the real situation nailed perfectly.

Anonymous said...

Savant, the last thing I would ever say about you is that you don't have your feet firmly planted. That's probably why the blog is so good. I'm a simple working class kid who left school at fifteen. I sometimes struggle to express myself succinctly.
I just Googled the Turkish terror attacks. All the top results are from the MSM.
Suppose that an alternative news site was making one of those slots. Suppose the owner of that site was offered $6,000,000? No, they are sound fellows. $100,000,000?
That's where I see our problems. God told me, 1 Timothy 5:10. That damned internal dialogue. I just thought 'For the love of money is the root of all evil.' Everybody has a price. Some are really lucky. They get money and other things. I'm not pointing fingers or anything like that. I thought about politicians. I don't know why but the next thought was paedophiles and money. Strange association.
Another problem we have is news gathering. Alt news sites don't gather news. They critique the MSM. It's things like Wikileaks help.
Personally, I think that if we could get more people to see the truth of the 6m everything else starts to fall into place. It did for me.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, John C and Flanders.
It's nice to know I'm not the only one floating around and having the same internal dialogue, God, whatever you want to call it. I can offer one explanation. It's been pointed out that in Michaelangelo's 'Creation of Adam' the right-hand side is a human brain.
Some interpret this as Michaelangelo saying that our internal dialogue creates the belief in God. I can offer another. The Gnostics believed that God gave us all part of Himself. The Divine spark. Perhaps this is Michaelangelo's intention?


Anonymous said...

Anon 6.19 Said :
I have a crappy cell phone, with no internet and no cable tv.

I may be overlooking something here. How do you read and post without an internet connection?


Six Million Dollar Man said...

@Savant, ty sir, and I concur. Flanders, your true history posts I always find fascinating.
I believe it was writer historian Eustace Mullins who stated that the the Gunpowder Plot was a setup by cryptojews (the influential Cecils)because the King was going to ease restrictions on Catholics. Some things never change it seems..........

This was missed by most. Israel banned Trump from visiting because he wants to stop Muslim immigration TO THE US!

Furore in Israel as Trump to be hosted by Netanyahu after remarks on Muslims
JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Israeli politicians of all persuasions called on Wednesday for a planned visit by U.S. Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump to be blocked over his call for a ban on Muslims entering the United States, which has raised an international outcry.

Anonymous said...

Here's an hilarious 3 part clip with Oliver Reed from "After Dark" circa 1990.
They left out one moment though where he says to one of the panel "Are you a Jew"? "You talk like a Jew" LOL!

SAVANT said...

Hector Grey!! Welcome back. Haven't had a comment from you for years.

Anonymous said...

LOL Olly says "good night" - see end

Anonymous said...

Flanders said...

Although this article views it in sinister, or at least ominous terms, I see this as a long-needed improvement which should be made permanent. The real fear that Americans should have is that the "US", the jew-controlled forces of the former USA, America, will soon become aggressive again just as they have been for the past many years. "It is believed to be the first time since World War II that at least one U.S. aircraft carrier has not been deployed."

It is mainly because America has long had such capability of naval military muscle, capable of maintaining aggressive action from their Naval platforms anywhere in the world, that primary jewry moved their main bases of operation from the UK and Russia to the US. The jews wanted control of the world maneuverable "Superpower" over all other countries and regions.

Unless the jews are abandoning the "US" for another planned future superpower, I see no threat in their permanent docking. It's time that military budget outlays came down and that much-needed internal progress within America soon be made - for the REAL American people - and for the benefit of the World.

Flanders said...

Lemmyhead, This is not directly on point with your own dilemma, but it may get close. It's of interest by itself. I'm looking for something else, but haven't found it yet.

"Brother Branham said, "The world is going insane". The uninformed "Joe citizens" must wonder why everything is so out of order, why politics are upside down, why the once Christian West who own and control the world's resources and who developed its industries and invented its technologies, is bankrupt, and after apparent victory in two World Wars, why we are the tail instead of the head."
"Intermarriage with Canaanites, Edomites and Hittites was forbidden by the Almighty. It constitutes "genocide", a word coined by self-styled Polish Jew, Raphael Lemkin, meaning "the extermination of an entire race". Scripture identifies the Canaanites, Hittites and Hivites as among the descendants of Cain who was Serpent seed, and "cherem". Esau married two Serpent seed women and one Ishmaelite wife. Their children, the Edomites, intermarried with the Horites, Amalakites and other Serpent seed peoples (Genesis 26:34; 27:46; 28:9; 36:3, 19-21; Numbers 24:7; I Samuel 15:8-9, 20, 32-33; Esther 3:1; Josephus 11.20).

Intermarriage with Edom spelled genocide to most of Abraham's race through Isaac and Jacob."
"There's not one positive statement in the Bible regarding Esau/Edom. To help us find the Edomites we must recognize that God hates Esau and his descendants. And we know that his hand is against God and against God's people -- the blood descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, natural Israel -- and also Spiritual Israel, Christ's true Church. Esau will try to hide his true identity, knowing that if God hates him, God's people will also be against him.

I ask you, who is it that seeks to conceal their identity as Edom, the one God will NEVER forgive (Malachi 1:4), by claiming to be Israel whom God loves and calls "the apple of his eye"? Only one people react as though God hates them, and that is the self-styled Jews.

No one on earth hates Israel like these non-Semitic anti-Semitic self-styled Jews. These are the most hate-filled, racist people on earth. They engineer disunity among people via the many and varied groups they sponsor and control -- often at taxpayer expense. These masters of Hegelian dialectic point the finger of righteous scorn, from afar and manage the conflict to its predetermined outcome.

Through organizations such as the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith they monitor situations of their own making, "sending forth spies which should feign themselves just men" (Luke 20:20), to muzzle free speech on the Internet, in the street or the Press, to combat "hate" and "hate groups", outlaw gun ownership, erode national defenses, demonstrate for "equality", "human rights" and "civil liberties" for criminals (like Barabbas), legal abortions, homosexuality, prostitution, narcotics, gambling, and to introduce the filthy debauchery espoused by the Talmud contrary to the Law and the Prophets, like pederasty (Sanhedrin 55a-b, and to destroy Christian values.

Why is it predominately self-styled Jews who promote these "anti-hate laws" and other "hate crime" legislation? Why would Edomites write Bible commentaries and infiltrate churches and seminaries to persuade Christians to imagine God loves everybody, and that "all men are created equal"?

Their purpose is self-preservation, for Cain said, "it will come to pass that every one that finds me shall slay me" (Genesis 4:13). They know they are the "people against whom God has indignation forever" (Malachi 1:4). God hates and has indignation against the self-styled Edomite Jews who press the lie that they are "God's Chosen People"."

Anonymous said...

In the interests of community cohesion you won't see this on the laughable MSM

To avoid the police in cologne on new years eve a mob of around 1.000 Muslim males made plans to travel to the town of Dortmund en masse to cause trouble
They threw stones at the police harrased people and flew Syrian rebel flags
They also set some fires .the local police had to charge in and snatch some of the main aggressive fuckas before they inflamed the mob into more acts of violence


Ps john c
My kids love Irish stew.i brought my boys up to box and learned them to fish and we had a dog called rebel
My daughters all went kickboxing for a while.and it looked a bit hairy for me a few times when I tried to instill my strict rules around the home when they all got to aged about 14. But they all have the same rules now they have kids
All my kids have black friends as do I but normal black friends .no political or black friends who would have a agenda other than wanting to bring up their kids in a Britain of yesteryear ie Christian.a few Sikh and Indian pals as well butno Muslims at all
Quite difficult though bringing up kids in multi racial inner city England

I hear me you and lemmyhead are due to get a invite to the high chapparal savant calls home for a few beers

Flanders said...

Hector Grey @ 11:09, I had the same question, and opinion, that you did. It's rare to come across a jew who truly is "honest", but it's not unusual at all to happen across jews who are vain, quarrelsome and contentious loud-mouths. Whether we take him as being the former or the latter, or he is someone posing, I'm like you, "He does have the real situation nailed perfectly".

Anonymous said...

Can anybody translate the gist of the comments to the Dortmund paper
They might be interesting

Flanders said...

What do jews and their Freemasonic comrades do behind the reigns of government in all of our White lands to silence all of those who object to the planned destruction of White people, and of all their White countries?

"They say that if you are going to engage in extremist activity, then you could be made subject to some coercive measure whereby you might not be able to use social media, or you might be limited in your associations, or in where you can go, and so on,” he said.

“I think silence coerced by law … is a very dangerous business, particularly when you are looking at something as vague as extremism."

Uncle Nasty said...

Flanders said:

Unless the jews are abandoning the "US" for another planned future superpower, I see no threat in their permanent docking. It's time that military budget outlays came down and that much-needed internal progress within America soon be made - for the REAL American people - and for the benefit of the World.

Strange you sjould say that, Flanders. My own impression is that the jews are doing exactly that ... planning their exit strategy.

Small problem though. Although the Hoseneoses were ejected (sometimes, very forcibly) from more than a hundred locales over the last millennium**, the peasants of the adjacent bolt-holes, through a lack of any kind of medium to long distance communication or information storage and sharing facilities would be blissfully unaware of the true, subversive nature of their new BFF's (more commonly called "interlopers").

Modern communications have changed all that and there is a rapidly growing number of influential and articulate people who are tirelessly informing the world of the Hooknosed Peril.

So what, one may say? Early works by Henry Ford, Eustace Mullins and Gary Allen fell on stony ground ... what happened at their revelations? Nothing much. So, what has changed?

Financial and societal insecurity ... for all.

When Mullins, et al., were first published, the West was flourishing -- or at least optimistic and politically stable. You knew -- no matter what your circumstances -- that tomorrow would be pretty much the same as today. In such halcyon days, no one wanted to hear messages of doom and gloom ... for themselves, anyway. For others? Ahh ... fuck them. Throw another shrimp on the barbie, Sheila.

That's all gone, now. The jews (mis-timing as always) have turned up the gas too fast, the water's heating up too quickly and the frogs are taking notice ... too soon. Too Soon!

As far as the Heebs are concerned, the US is a done deal. Sucked dry, blindly staggering towards the abyss and soon to be abandoned like the cast-off skin of a growing serpent.

Tomorrow ... China. But there may be a problem there. A huge amount of them can pass for white ... not too many for yellow.

After China? Not a hell of a lot.

We shall see.



Uncle Nasty said...

Flanders said...

What do jews and their Freemasonic comrades do behind the reigns of government in all of our White lands to silence all of those who object to the planned destruction of White people, and of all their White countries?

Further to that, see Bill White's take on that very subject ...

America's Tragic Goat Play
by Bill White

The United States long ago abandoned any notion of justice in its law enforcement agencies to a kind of theater in which vulnerable people, usually the mentally ill, are transformed into “kings for a day” and then ritually sacrificed in the manner of the old goat plays which the people of the Mediterranean devoted to the Greek Dionysos, or the Hebrew Satan. This process of entrapment, which has even been denounced by some of America’s Judaic-Talmudic courts, has substituted for any real effort to stop crime, and of course is the reason why America is sinking in crime even as it fills its prisons to overflowing. The excuse for this behavior is that it is necessary to “protect” the United States.

The theory is that there are people out there who are innately inclined to commit acts of terrorism in conjunction with America’s enemies. The purpose of the goat-play is to locate all of these potential terrorists, domestic or otherwise, before they are located by the actual enemies themselves.

Read on ...


Uncle Nasty said...

I know the site is jooriddled, but ... if there is any truth in this, the gallows will be worn out by the time justice and retribution have been completed.

Report: Islamic State General Flees to Europe with 400 Soldiers Disguised as Refugees

by John Hayward
29 Dec 2016

According to an Italian intelligence report quoted by the UK Daily Mail, former NATO soldier-turned Islamic State (ISIS) commander Lavdrim Muhaxheri has fled the Syrian battlefield and returned to Europe with up to 400 of his savage troops in tow, posing as refugees.

Muhaxheri, aka Abu Abdullah al Kosova, is of Kosovo Albanian extraction. His NATO training reportedly included a stint at the U.S. Army’s largest base in the Balkans. He has been designated a global terror threat by the U.S. State Department, and was regarded as a serious threat to Kosovo and Albania after joining ISIS.

Muhaxheri is an energetic recruiter for the Islamic State and one of its most public figures, popping up in a number of propaganda videos, including one where he kills a helpless captive with a rocket. (WARNING: graphic video at the link.)

He is believed to be the mastermind behind a thwarted plot to attack the Israeli national soccer team, Serbian Orthodox churches, and other targets in a string of synchronized terror attacks across the Balkans in November. Nineteen people were ultimately arrested in connection with the plan, and the authorities seized “weapons, explosives, and extremist religious materials.”


Six Million Dollar Man said...

On the Freemasonry/Jew connection, in absence of Synagogues, jews are invited to "worship" in Freemasonic lodges. If you watch this video where Obozo calls his "wife" "Michael" twice, watch Merkel giving a masonic sign at 1:00 in.
Watch the man standing behind Charles Payne at the stock market being blatant with his masonic hand sign.
Isn't Bnai Brith the jewish wing of the Freemasonic cabal?

Six Million Dollar Man said...

@Savant, I meant to add this website earlier.
The Irish Slave Trade – The Forgotten “White” Slaves

Flanders said...

“48 stains of semen found after refugee gang rape mother of two” in Sweden.

“Today, the prosecutor presented the evidence, consisting of semen probes, against nine men, of whom several defends their actions against the woman.
‘She is a whore,’ says the Swedish Migration Board interpreter Bahaduri Rafi, 25, who is one of the defendants. …”.

Luke2236 said...

Mr Lemmyhead
Youre not crazy and yes, God [of the Bible] does/is indeed 'working behind the scenes' for and with US. WE are the literal descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob - this is plain and obvious ; such was widely known, quite frankly, up until a couple of centuries ago, but has been taken from us by those offspring of edom known as the jew. Gods Word says that ' MY people are destroyed by a lack of knowledge'. THIS FACT -who Israel actually comprises - is the cornerstone of the knowledge He is discussing.
His word also says that 'I will write my ordinances upon their [Israels] heart'. THIS is why you know what is right and have these feelings/internal dialogue. Some may simply call it 'conscience' or reason and logic, but note that only one race of people consistently have such...

Denise said...

A local woman, a mother, who I see at a local big box store, is on to the scam. She is not university-indoctrinated. I'm sure she made it through High School - although just showing up and not burning the place is the general requirement needed to graduate. She's about 40, and of normal intelligence.

She knows it's all BS.

She's learning not to trust a THING the Media/government tells her. If a woman like this is getting wise, so are millions of others. And we are heavily armed.

Flanders said...

Invading Muslim "Immigrants", likely imported due to activities by certain segments of jewry, brag about Gang raping a young virgin German girl.


We need the same advice.

Flanders said...

There Will Be Hell To Pay
by Dr. William Luther Peirce

Anonymous said...

The nigger should be removed from the West and repatriated to Africa. Complete isolation of nigger is the only solution. The rat-kike should be forced to wear a tag on their forehead as a warning to others. DANGER. Walling off the entirety of the Middle East (Israel and all of The Semitic regions as well as nigger lands to the south) is necessary to contain the filth within a manageable region. All exports and imports should be immediately stopped. Nothing in or out. Complete isolation.

Niggers need to be rounded up and held in temporary holding facilities until their forced departure and repatriation to Africa. I'd probably start with the sows first, pregnant ones get immediate priority on the first vessels to Africa. Next the bucks and the others. Lastly those already incarcerated. A program of no more than twelve months of aid, funded by a combined tax base of Westerners, will be implemented to make the transition go smoothly. Upon the expiration of the twelve months all funding will stop. The twelve months is roughly the anticipated time frame of complete extraction of every single nigger from outside of Africa. Understandably they have been given enough of taxpayer dollars already, but the twelve month funding will be necessary during the extraction.

The nigger has a very limited (perhaps non-existent) sense of the future. My experience with nigger has shown that they basically live in the moment. A free ride to Africa with an enticement of gibs may actually create a voluntary movement within the black community - hence less force will be needed. Upon the final day of the twelve month funding program it all stops. All of it. Then nigger will not be our burden any longer. A clean healthy break that will benefit all parties involved in this horrible experiment of diversity.

I have some other ideas on the removal of Moslems as well. Perhaps in another post I can offer my well thought out ideas.

Happy New Year.

Savant, great work here!

Anonymous said...

To me, the question is, will ((they)) destroy themselves before they destroy all of us?

Quite frankly, I don't see any group as being competitive, let alone being able to take control from ((them)).

Bolsheviks are retards. When you are stupid, and you are the only one that doesn't realize your own stupid, retard.

Neo-nazis or racial nationalists are even dumber. How many times do you have to get corn-cobbed by your own team before you realize you are stupid?

Neo-christians are the dumbest. No bullshitting these geniuses, they just bend over and take it.

Almost forgot Mohammedans. Not really because these retards were gifted the same basis of knowledge as the Christians and screwed it all up. They suck.

SAVANT said...

That's great to hear Denise. I'm sure many others on this site have had similar experiences. Again, just look at the comments on MSM on-line outlets - at least before the Thought Police get to them.

piet said...

Anon 05.48. You hit on an important point here and that is the porch monkey's time preference. I always used to say that offer them a fiver now or twenty in a weeks time they'd take the fiver now. We could use that to our advantage.

Kevin Rafferty said...

Somebody on this thread suggested that jews carry some form of identifying mark. No need. All we need is the freedom to NAME THE JEW. That is, to point out their massive over-representation at all levels of power and influence and draw attention to how their behaviour damages the interest of Whites. That is all we need. The rest would take care of itself.

Shaunantijihad said...

Very entertaining Lemmyhead, and who knows, maybe that internal dialogue we have with ourselves, our conscience, and more importantly our collective conscience, is actually god? Maybe because I see that Whites collectively seem to have a lot more conscience that other races that we are more in tune with "god", if such a thing exists.

Anyway, Happy New Year to all.

And don't forget 911. The Jewish enemy and filthy traitors perpetrated 911. The 3rd tower is still the smoking gun that desperately want people to forget.

Shaunantijihad said...

John C,

Try this version as well, Sarah Brightman & Plácido Domingo- Time to say goodbye

Shaunantijihad said...

"Tomorrow ... China. But there may be a problem there. A huge amount of them can pass for white ... not too many for yellow."

I suppose they will inter-marry with Chinese officials whilst explaining the great benefits accrued from privatising the money supply.

I had always wondered if those stories about China building entire cities that are completely unoccupied were true. Maybe they are preparing a bolt hole for in case Israel gets wiped off the map. I'm sure the Pakis will be happy to supply their fellow cultists in Hezbollah with the necessary nukes.

Uncle Nasty said...

Hey ... I think it's funny as hell.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Luke. I would like to relate a story that I found both funny, enlightening and thought provoking. About twenty years ago I lived in a tight little community about a mile from a town centre. If I didn't want much from the shops I would walk into town to do my shopping. It was a pleasant walk down a country lane. The majority of the locals were fairly young and single. They noticed what I did and asked me why I did it. The answer was that I simply liked the walk. From then on I would find that most trips into town I was accompanied. There was a young lad who didn't really mix. He was polite enough but didn't socialise. I was setting off one day and he asked if he could join me. I was a little surprised but agreed. As we were having a general chat he revealed that he had been in an institution for a few months. My first thought was that I was going to disappear in the lane. I tentatively asked him why.
He said that from an early age he had been a member of the local church. He went and prayed every day. He cleaned, replaced candles and all the other little jobs around the place. Ever day he spoke to God. The congregation loved him. He would be invited round for meals and taken on visits to places of interest. So, what was the problem? He said that every day he had prayed to God for answers. Then one day God answered him! Suddenly he was mad! Nobody would talk to him and he was shunned. He couldn't understand why they were all wanting answers but thought it was insane when one of them had got them. I have to admit I burst out laughing. The young man could also see the irony of his situation. Over the next few months, we became good friends. He was an exceptionally bright young man. I moved and we lost touch. I did see him a few years later. He was married with two lovely little toddlers and was very happy. He said his life had changed since he had stopped taking his medication.


Anonymous said...

These new self-contained garden villages will end up being Jewish enclaves


Happy New Year to all men of goodwill

Anonymous said...

Unless the jews are abandoning the "US" for another planned future superpower, I see no threat in their permanent docking. It's time that military budget outlays came down and that much-needed internal progress within America soon be made - for the REAL American people - and for the benefit of the World.

Unfortunately for the rest of mankind, the Jewish religion is insanely evil. A nuclear war which wipes out most of the human population and damages the environment for a 1,000 years fits in very nicely with their belief that the earth will lie fallow for a 1,000 years before a New Earth is brought into being.

The Talmud teaches that our world will last for six millennia. The first two were devoted to creation. The second two were devoted to Torah. The last two are devoted to Moshiach.13 Indeed, the Talmud tells us that in the seventh millennium, the world as we know it will cease to exist. It will become a world of freedom and of G‑dliness.14


Denise said...

Savant - most people have no idea just how heavily armed Americans are. And we know how to make our own stuff - ammo, etc. My teenaged nephew loves guns. LOVES them. All on his own. His idiot "Liberal" mother has done everything she can to turn him into a total phag - but it hasn't worked. He's very proud of the fact that he knows "every racist joke there is". He regaled me with several "new ones" at New Year's Day dinner yesterday.

He's a member of the White Minority in his High School. (The same High School I attended, when the school was majority White, and has an excellent academic rating)He's very bright. He speaks like an adult. I'm encouraging him to go to school for engineering. He's been playing with Legos since he could put the little blocks together, and used to create these amazing Lego "cities". He was always into guns, and taught himself about every weapon that I think exists, despite massive agit prop by his mother, and teachers. He's red-pilled on Jews, and HATES blacks.

He and his friends are pretty much the same. The White kids stick together, in a sea of brown. There aren't too many negroes, at their school. It's mainly LatEENos. My nephew has noted the general dullness and stupidity of non-Whites. He knows he's being cheated from a first rate education, but no matter. He's educating himself.

So far, at his school, the various races have sorted themselves into their own groups without too many issues. The really funny thing is that the minority White kids have de facto learned to "manage" the Dark Hordes surrounding them. The White kids are polite and diplomatic - and get the best grades. Excepting the most ardent, obsessed Liberalistas, the majority of the teachers have apparently grown bored with trying to "uplift" the Orcs, and are now paying attention to the students that demonstrate academic achievement, and keep them in the cushy gigs. The White kids.

That woman I cited - she works in the big box store. She looks like one those gals that used to appear in Heavy Metal videos - she's really good looking blue eyed blonde - who grew up, married, and had kids. She's very charismatic, and instructs all the young teenaged cashiers about politics, when the management is away. 4 years ago, when Obama was running a second time, she voted for him. I told her that and every-one around him HATES Whites, and wants her and her kids and every other White dead and gone. She looked shocked, and sad, and shook her head "no" and said that he family are Democrats, and have always been Democrats, etc. You must understand that my region is UBER White - and most Whites still have had no direct experience with non-Whites in their entire lives. Well - ZOG's been moving the Darkies in - and this woman had a direct racial awakening.

She's still fuzzy on the Jew Thing - cuz the Jews really keep to themselves here. My young nephew is not, though.

The BIG PROBLEM in the USA is that most adults are still snookered on the Jew Thing. We've got so many weapons, all over - but most adults don't know the proper targets. Youngsters are learning correct placement, though. So, I'm guessing the Hebes have about 5 years left to inflict as they can. But that's about it.

Shaunantijihad said...

Denise, that's the best news I've had all year ;-)! No, seriously. that's fantastic news. Happy New Year from us here over the pond! I'm actually positive about our future for the first time in a long time!

Anonymous said...

Mrs Brian O'Driscoll will be in a programme with a lesser Leslie Jones type next Sunday.
Well worth watching according to RTE.

Leslie Jones was unavailable as she is starring in a movie about NASA mathematicians(?) who are being retconned into hiStory as being responsible for space flight. Think Red Tails but with an all female caste. And a token Oscar in the bag owing to Will Smith and Mrs Will Smith.

Uncle nasty said...

Bevois said...
These new self-contained garden villages will end up being Jewish enclaves

Happy New Year to all men of goodwill

Hopefully, they will ... for three reasons.

1. It will concentrate the traitors geographically, making them easier to find, identify -- and round up -- when the time comes.

2. By doing the above it will remove the cryptos from the mix ... concentrating and isolating them, as it were.

3. When the big takeback happens (after the big payback) whites will have somewhere nice to stay and come home to while hoovering the pond scum out of the rest of the country.

Speaking of the big payback, historically there have been several total extinctions of jews -- and I mean total ... where they were hunted down and annihilated to the very last goat.**

Not banished, as we are so foolishly inclined to do but actually swept from the face of the earth. Ground sewn with salt and all that.
A few, it would appear, but not enough to actually do the job -- as this guy with a the good Scots name of Joel C. Rosenberg tells us.

And far more colourfully (and in greater detail) From another hosenose sucking all the joy out of life ...

I am looking for a more positive spin on the theme right now, and will post any interesting findings. Can anyone with a bit of time on their hands, please help?


**Please understand that when I say "total" I mean for a given area. True, universal "total" would mean we would not be having this conversation.

Uncle Nasty said...

My money's on the younger ones as well ... Amira Willighagen


AKAEW said...

Denise, the problem is as you said that most adults are snookered on the Jew thing and are heavily armed. One must be very aware that you are dealing with a creature of divisiveness who is very adept at turning kin against kin. A form of cultural Aikido if you will.

The young however seem to be awakening rapidly and far from the "bigoted old-timer stuck in the prejudices of the past" as the narrative so far has been, we are seeing the old timers brow beaten by 'racism is evil and blacks are equal" and "Muh Holocaust!" who are sickeningly liberalista (I saw what you did there :) But the kids don't give a damn about that and they might not have the facts but they aren't stupid and I predict a difficult time for the liberal Jewgenda in coming years because of them.

John C said...

Gorgeous Evalion tells us about her burka nightmare.
Funny and terrifying at the same time.

I saw what you did there with the Sarah Brightman video, with all those tiddlywinks playing far to fast without any soul for the classic, playing on European instruments which they haven't yet modified, made smaller and better. Sarah, to her credit didn't bat a eyelid to the fast speed that they were playing at, it was like they needed to just get though the piece in double quick time. Sarah once lost her heart to a starship trooper, I wish her or some one like her would loose their heart to me, but me being me, would not be happy knowing she had frolicked about with some sons of Africa back in the day. I would not be happy at all.
Good video nevertheless.

John C said...

This is for you Denise,

John C said...

Not wanting to turn this site shallow, ive a bone to pick with Gerry, he's been in England for more than forty years now and he's still eating Irish Stew, he still hasn't assimilated with the English, he would rather still feed his family Irish Stew than British Stew where you get to pour a bottle or two of red wine into the stew thus making it British, Steak not Mutton is the way to go my friend.
Every one of my guests have had a ruddy good time around my place after eating my British Stew, they keep asking, when are you doing your next stew John? But I say to myself, do I really need the cops at my doorstep again? The answer is, I don't bloody think so.

John C said...

What guests look like after one of my Stew Doo's

John C said...

Being English I want to stay here and fight the good fight (we have bread knives, carving knives, hammers, axes, crossbows to do the enemy in with, we ain't that disarmed, it just means getting up close and personal with the scum. But there really are times I wish I was American.

Ash Shoots A FULL Auto AK47 For The First Time

ps you can own a gun if you have a clean police record and your doctor says you have a clean medical history ie never been to see him/her with depression, plus you have to be a member of a gun club. Britons can own a gun, lots of guns if they want, but with most things, they are bloody ignorant of their rights. The upper classes who are mostly pretend liberals have a case load of guns, they just don't boast about it and they are clued up on law ie don't shoot anyone in the back.
Having a gun is fine, shooting it at the range is fine, shooting dead that over protected fraud, knowing shit is coming your way is another.
Bob Mathews.
One Heart One Beat

John C said...


Denise said...


We still have a long, perilous road to travel. Younger folks are much, much, much less inclined to be PC, than previous generations, and are more willing to challenge the Marxist dogma enforced by the (((Liberalistas))). There are so many variables in play

The thing is WE must save ourselves. No one else wants to, or will. We must keep pushing on. What other choice do we really have?

I am essentially Aunt Nazi, with lots of younger folks in the neighborhood. I've had kids bring their friends to my door, and ask about Adolf Hitler. I tell the kids what I think, and tell them to do their own research. Often - and this is great - I'm simply validating impressions and ideas the kids already have, having been relentlessly hammered with the Muh Holohoax scam in the government Propaganda Centers.

FYI - I don't worship Adolf Hitler. He's simply been used as a nuclear bomb against ANY White racial solidarity, for decades. We cannot allow this to continue.

I am guardedly hopeful. I don't know if you read the marvelous Occidental Dissent blog, but there's a sober, ongoing debate about the possibilities of the Trump Presidency. I gleefully participated in the Twitter trolling of all of Trump's opponents, and went with the whole Glorious Leader/God Emperor/Trumpenfuhrer hyperbole, and has a wonderful time, all along - but it's now time to get down to brass tacks.

I honestly have no idea how his Presidency will work out - but he's welded to stopping illegal immigration, and "build the wall", and re-building the American economy. His tasks are daunting to day the very least. Many WN are flipping out over Trump's cabinet picks, and Hunter Wallace, the proprietor of the OD blog, is back pilling himself. He tends to be very astute re: analysis - but Trump's not yet in power. I and others hold to the position that Trump's gut instincts are terrific, he's willing to pull the plug when something is NOT working, and he is not politically correct. Trump also Tweets -which I LOVE! SCREW "dignity" blah blah blah. Trump is ready and willing to comment DIRECTLY with the General Population, and uses social media brilliantly. My fundamental position is that his is NOT a White Nationalist, but he was the ONLY candidate that was not actively seeking to exterminate the White population. He gives us breathing room. So I, too, have hope. Time will tell if our hopes for the future are justified.

FYI - if any of you haven't watched "The Tucker Carlson" show, on Fox Jews - do so. It's wonderful! The only thing worth watching on Talmud vision.

Happy New Year right back atcha, from America, to those citizens of my ancestral lands!

Uncle Nasty said...

Like a dog with a bone, at the moment. I re-visited Rosenberg's site (Above), and found this little gem:-

... In one verse, we get such concise theology on the nature of Satan in sharp contrast to the nature of Jesus.
Satan is a thief — he comes to steal, kill and destroy.
But Jesus comes to give all people — Jews and Gentiles — an abundant, meaningful, peaceful, joyful life in this world, and eternal life in the world to come.

Here’s how these truths play out throughout history:
In His love, God chose the Jewish people to bless them.
In his cruelty, Satan chose the Jewish people to curse them.
God chose to give the Jewish people the land of Israel.
So Satan chose to take the land of Israel away from the Jewish people.
God chose to make Jerusalem the City of Peace.
So Satan chose to make Jerusalem a city of bloodshed.
God chose to make the Temple Mount holy unto His name.
So Satan chose to desecrate the Temple Mount.

When we understand the whole counsel of Scripture, we come to understand that Satan is doing everything he can to rob, kill and destroy everything and everyone that God loves and counts as precious — starting with Israel and the Jewish people.

Once again ... cognitive dissonance. The sheer gall of this fucking hebrew amazes me.
Transpose every instance of "God" with "Satan" above and we suddenly see what our lying eyes keep telling us.

Upon closer examination of the site we also discover that Rosenberg is a shill. He owns a fake fundamentalist Christian church, which explains the whole shpiel ...

Through The Joshua Fund, Evangelical Christians are blessing Israel & her neighbors. Our 2016 Donor Report shares how we’re caring for the poor and needy, Holocaust survivors, and Syrian & Iraqi refugees, and strengthening the Church in the epicenter by God’s grace and your help. December 9, 2016

Christianity ... good.
Fake jew-riddled fundamentalist Put-Thy-Hands-On-Thy-TV-Set-and-thou-Shalt-Be-HEALED!!! shit ... not so good.

I can see why even the heebs -- their greatest beneficiaries -- make fun of them. I think they're a collection of retards, myself.
Oh sorry ... thay're not retarded anymore. They're now "special"

Roll on, Kristallnacht ver. 2.00


AKAEW said...

Anonymous John C said...

So random yet so bloody funny dare I type it..?


Denise said...


Right-o. The teenagers and young adults I know are NOT cowed into worshipping Der ewige Jude. At all. Come to think of it, I saw the teenaged daughter of a local minister roll her eyes, at a service last year, when he began babbling about the Self Chosen. For real. I nearly choked trying to stifle my laughter. (I actually have a lot of fun, in 3D land!) The miracle of the Internet has allowed a dispersal of information of all types, far and wide. And that's why the Hebes are working so hard to Shut It Down.

It won't work though. You can't kill ideas. The barn doors are being kicked open, and the Goyishe horses are ready to run......

Denise said...

Uncle Nasty,

Thanks! I never heard of Amira Wllighagen. She's AMAZING. I'm putting up videos of her on my wee neglected blog.

Uncle Nasty said...

My new year's gift to you ...

Stolen from the "Daily Stormer"

Everyone here should read "England under the Jews" by Joseph Bannister (1901 1st edition). It shows how the Jews took our media. They kept our resistance to alien invasion away from the rest of the public. People wrote hundreds of letters to each newspaper demanding an end to alien immigration. But they were not published. The Jews used their money to put their guys, and traitors like Winston Churchill and Lord Balfour, into government.

DL it here:

Okay ... if you can read Russian, so much for that. Here is the English one

Apart from that, read the comment above several times (my emphases) and tell me -- as Yogi Berra famously said -- if you do not feel Deja vu crawling all over you, again?

Looks like I got it wrong. The address for the english version above allows the download of a completely empty book ... you get front and back covers of the first edition -- and nothing else.

This bears investigation. Banister, by the way, seems to have completely fallen off the map. He must have made some fairly stunning revelations.


Denise said...

John C

Thanks to you! I love that song. You posts are very amusing!

I read this blog all the time. I don't comment, because this is one of the very few sites where-in I learn so much from the Comments that I forget to comment myself. I research all the fascinating data. Every-one is so interesting and knowledgeable.

Uncle Nasty said...

Gilad Atzmann is my kind of yid.

Jewish Power is now British Law – It’s Official!
December 13, 2016 / Gilad Atzmon

By Gilad Atzmon

For years I have argued that Jewish power is the power to silence criticism of Jewish Power. Now, UK Prime Minister Theresa May has confirmed that my observation is spot on.

PM May has decided to accept the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) definition of antisemitism and to integrate it into British law.

According to the IHRA, “antisemitism is a certain perception of Jews, which may be expressed as hatred toward Jews. Rhetorical and physical manifestations of antisemitism are directed toward Jewish or non-Jewish individuals and/or their property, toward Jewish community institutions and religious facilities.”

Pretty lazy definition I’d say. Substitute the word ‘antisemitism’ with ‘bigotry’ and the word ‘Jews’ with ‘one people’ and you end up with a reasonably good definition of hatred itself. But our Theresa thinks Jews deserve special protection. And why? Because although in Britain, as in the USA, Germany and France everyone is equal in the eyes of the law, Jews are somehow more equal than others.

Sir Eric Pickles, government envoy for ‘post-Holocaust issue’s, is also committed to the Jews and the primacy of their suffering, so much so that he has morphed into a giant gefilte fish. As Pickles told the BBC, the new definition "catches up with modern antisemitism". It was, he said, “important not to conflate Jewish people with Israel.”

I couldn’t agree more. We should never conflate Jews with Israel. First, Jews are wonderfully, innocent, peace loving people - except perhaps the 14 million or so of them who support Israel and give the entire tribe a bad name – and second, it would be an absurd to ignore the five or so Jews who oppose Israel and truly support Palestine. Maybe Pickles should use his position and influence to lobby the Israeli government to stop defining Israel as the “Jewish state” – now, wouldn’t that stop people conflating the Jews with their state!

As I say ... my kind of Heeb. Israel detests him.


Flanders said...

"Smarmy Little Cuckface Paul Jewsef Watstein Attacks Richard Spencer!"
Don't miss it.
With some White-aware tweets made by Donald Trump.

Uncle Nasty said...

Further to my last ... Jews acting as an autonomous state within a state ... in England?

Impossible!!! That would mean they have their own security force and Police force ... acting independently of anyone else.

That would mean that Whites could have an all-White Police force. Pakistanis -- an all Pakistani one and on and on and on ...

Oh ... wait.


John C said...

There were no African's in the production of this film, at least to my knowledge.
One day maybe, when we actually get there and Africans will no don't be at the forefront of this technological achievement, to the wonderment of even the Chinese.


Flanders said...

Here is a new comment from Hofflandia by T-Bone on a book I haven't read, but which it seems will be very informative for us, especially for those of us who are in the UK and Europe. If anyone here has already read it, please give us your view on it, and a link too (I haven't checked with Katana), since it now seems to be being suppressed and censored online. The actual name of the book and author is "The Path of the Jew throughout History", by Alfred Rosenberg.
T Bone

I’m researching a Rosenberg book called ‘the jews trail (track) through the ages’. I suggest checking out the reviews/comments at Amazon. Here are a couple:

“Well, well, well. How is it that the pattern of history has been so rigidly replayed for millennia? How can Princes and Kings, blood-related and culturally akin, slaughter each other for generations, wasting entire populations that had lived together peacefully for centuries, over trivial issues and the most unlikely events?

Answer: A spider’s web, woven in our earliest history, was cast behind the world’s commercial networks, to influence and develop the political power that became the great empires and kingdoms of the past. There are two sides on a coin–the face of the King or Queen, and the mark of the Temple who gave them their power… And thus the history of Europe was shaped, controlled by internal law management through the use of financial leverage against indebted rulers, indebted municipal councils, indebted peasantry and tradesmen. Charging 80% on a loan (per week) in the 13th Century was typical–default on the first payment, and your wife and children are placed into bondage for life, your home and belongings sold at public auction (to be bought more often than not by your creditor). Entire countries could be controlled within several generations; then famine, war, perhaps a peasant revolt in desperation to seek some kind of respite from endless toil and suffering.

This then is the true history of Europe. When a plague came through, as it did in the 1340s, tens of millions would die as a sacrifice to the monstrous living conditions of the entrapped European nations. But the money lenders continued their work. Ingenuity turned towards a new Industrial Age, and these usurers created the central banks to finance the next cultural change; the modern state too was woven into this industrialisation, so the two became synonymous. These moneyed groups then replaced old social models with synthetic revolutions through the Lodges of Europe, where nobodies with unknown names became king-killers overnight, to throw down centuries-old paradigms, to be grafted over with cheap, philosophically hollow social norms that were malleable and materialist. The High bowed down to the Low, and the revision of all values was made manifest.

Each man and woman was now an indebted cog in the new financial wheel of the Banking Masters; the shadow theatre of Democracy became the stuffed mannequin that everyone wanted to believe in, but whose power was unreal. Yet it sufficed to deceive the dull masses into believing that they now had some control over their pitiful destinies. And who is it that constructed this machine? Who was international in taste, racially connected in each land, and culturally bound by an obsessively religious, social autism? The Hibiru? The Apiru? Or what can they be called now, without causing an affront to someone…?”

“Estonian born ethnic German, member of the NSDAP, hung by the allies for war crimes. What a bunch of rubbish, war crimes. His books were [not? Sic] that controversial. Yet this isn’t some vile hate filled book, but rather an account of jews through history. (haven’t read his other book yet, Myth of the 20th Century)

Flanders said...

[T-Bone's comment cont'd]

I recommend this book to those who are aware of the truths of WW2 Germany and desire to know why Germans had the views they did concerning jews. It wasn’t just a german view, it was in fact a european view. Hitler just became proactive and attempted to create a remedy (and it was NOT extermination, but thats not what this book is about).

Jews were and are guests in the various european countries, yet they invariably end up with special rights and privileges and rise to power in their host country. With power attained Jewish interests are put ahead of the host country and its people and bitterness arises and then there is the “Jewish Question”. Now more than ever, is this prevalent in Europe where almost every single European country is either ruled or controlled by jews. If reference is made concerning this, then Antisemitism is cried out loudly and fiercely, well why?

This helps to explain some reasons why.”

I found a free pdf of this book. I believe it was at ‘zionist report’. If anyone who wants to read it has trouble finding it, I’ll post a link. [End T-Bone's comment]

Flanders said...

For those of us in the US who want ANSWERS as to what has happened, we can find out a hell of a lot about it, here:

"William Pierce - White Race Suicide (HD)" [25 min]

Flanders said...

"The Jew as World Parasite", G. G. Otto, 1943

"Over the long term, he can preserve his existence within other peoples only if he succeeds in persuading them that he is not a people, but only a ‘religious community,’ albeit a peculiar one."
"...[I]n our peoples recent history. Past generations saw even the mention of the Jewish Question as impolite. One intentionally ignored all these questions, even if the individual Jew was usually perceived instinctively as a foreign body."
"As a result of its parasitic distribution among the peoples over thousands of years, Jewry wormed its way into almost all the races on earth. As a social parasite, it infected the lower classes, slaves, proletarians, the mob, etc. They had the least resistance to Jewish racial parasitism. These classes, which had largely lost their instincts against racial foreigners, allowed Jewish blood to infiltrate."
"It is, nonetheless, false if one German or another concludes that since the Jew has been eliminated from German politics, that Jewish influence has also been entirely eliminated from our thinking and conduct. One even sometimes hears the superficial view that things are the same in other peoples of the world, since they have followed our example. That is true in only a few cases. Instead, we must remember that according to reliable statistics, there are about 16 million religious Jews in the world, 10 million of whom live in Europe alone, almost three fifths of the total. Another 4.5 million live in America, 800,000 in Asia, 530,000 in Africa, 25,000 in Australia. These figures alone prove that the Jewish danger is particularly great in Europe. It is also clear why the dramatic growth of Jewry in America is such a danger for us. The Jew is establishing his main forces in the Western Hemisphere, from where he believes he will be able to continue to wage war against us from a secure position.

Despite the fact that he feels so secure, at least for the moment, the Jew is thinking hard about why the awakened peoples of Europe are defending themselves against him."
There is much more here below at this "jew-approved" jewish propaganda site.

Uncle Nasty said...

Who'da believed it? Corrupt Hebrews?

So ... What's new?

Good one, Benny ... setting a sterling example to all those little noses all over the world.

Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu questioned in corruption probe

Benjamin Netanyahu questioned by police

Israeli police question the Israeli prime minister over allegations of receiving valuable gifts and favours from businessmen, potentially breaching his role as a public servant.
Israeli police investigators questioned Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for three hours Monday night as part of a criminal probe into whether he received bribes from wealthy businessmen.

Although no charges have been filed, the questioning at the prime minister's official residence marked an escalation in a long-running investigation. Afterward, the Israeli police released a short statement confirming that they had questioned Netanyahu over the allegations, but they provided no further details.

The Israeli media, however, reported that the investigation centred on evidence the prime minister had been given valuable gifts with the apparent expectation of political favours in return.

Netanyahu has vehemently denied wrongdoing, and did so again Monday.

* Israel's attorney-general orders criminal probe against PM Netanyahu
* Israel warns that NZ has declared war
* Israeli ambassador to NZ recalled after UN vote
* UN: End Israeli settlements
* Australia backs Israel rather than the US over UN resolution
* John Kerry defends NZ-backed vote

"I have told you and I repeat: There will be nothing because there is nothing," the prime minister told his ruling, right-wing Likud party.

"I vos framed, I tell you. Who you going to believe? Me or your lyink eyes?"

When you think of it, it's a bit of a bugger being the PM of israel. When you're caught with your fingers in the till, you can't flee to Tel Aviv.

The local bluecoats know your address. They get it from your mother.


Uncle Nasty said...

He says it so well ...

"Russian actions on its own doorstep in Eastern Europe do not in fact threaten the United States or any actual vital interest. Nor does Moscow threaten the U.S. through its intervention on behalf of the Syrian government in the Middle East.

That Russia is described incessantly as a threat in those areas is largely a contrivance arranged by the media, the Democratic and Republican National Committees and by the White House.

"Candidate Donald Trump appeared to recognize that fact before he began listening to Michael Flynn, who has a rather different view. Hopefully the old Trump will prevail.

"There is, however, another country that has interfered in U.S. elections, has endangered Americans living or working overseas and has corrupted America’s legislative and executive branches. It has exploited that corruption to initiate legislation favorable to itself, has promoted unnecessary and unwinnable wars and has stolen American technology and military secrets.

Its ready access to the mainstream media to spread its own propaganda provides it with cover for its actions and it accomplishes all that and more through the agency of a powerful and well-funded domestic lobby that, oddly, is not subject to the accountability afforded by the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) of 1938 even though it manifestly works on behalf of a foreign government.

"That country is, of course, Israel."

-Julian Assange
Video address to supporters
December 22nd, 2016


Flanders said...

This letter doesn't tell it right as to who it was who began the war, perhaps he just doesn't really know it, but this jew below tells it correctly on other things. The jew-instructed search engines skip most of this these days when people conduct their searches and take people to jew-approved stories which place anything and everything, falsely demonizing still, onto Germany which was trying to fight a war - and not to combat against an international jewish propagandizing machine.

"Zyklon-B was invented in America, not Germany. It was first used in Texas to disinfect the clothing of Mexicans crossing the border.

In the German work camps, Zyklon-B was used to disinfect the clothing of the internees to stem the tide of typhus."
"So, they offered all their internees who were in the hospital that they could decide whether to wait for the Russian soldiers to come or leave with the Germans. [Elie] Wiesel decided to leave with the Germans who were supposedly committing genocide against the Jews instead of waiting for liberation by the Russians."
"Zyklon B came to El Paso in the 1920s. In 1929, for example, a U.S. Public Health Service officer, J.R. Hurley, ordered $25 worth of the material–hydrocyanic acid in pellet form–as a fumigating agent for use at the El Paso delousing station, where Mexicans crossed the border from Juárez. Zyklon, developed by DEGESCH (the German Vermin-combating Corporation) was made in varying strengths, with Zyklon C, D and E representing gradations in potency and price.
As David Dorado Romo describes it in his marvelous Ringside Seat to a Revolution: An underground history of El Paso and Juárez : 1893-1923 (available from Cinco Puntos Press, El Paso), Zyklon B had become available in the U.S.A. in the early 1920s when fears of alien infection had been inflamed by the alarums of the eugenicists, most of them from the “progressive” end of the political spectrum. In 1917, the U.S. Congress passed and Wilson–an ardent eugenicist–signed the Immigration Law. The United States Public Health Service simultaneously published its Manual for the Physical Inspection of Aliens.

The Manual had its list of excludables from the U.S. of A., , a ripe representation of the obsessions of the eugenicists: “imbeciles, idiots, feeble-minded person, persons of constitutional psychopathic inferiority (homosexuals), vagrants, physical defectives, chronic alcoholics, polygamists, anarchists, persons afflicted with loathsome or dangerous contagious diseases, prostitutes, contracts laborers, all aliens over 16 who cannot read.” In that same year U.S. Public Health Service Agents “bathed and deloused” 127,123 Mexicans at the Santa Fe International Bridge between Juárez and El Paso.

The mayor of El Paso at the time, Tom Lea Sr., represented, in Romo’s words, “the new type of Anglo politician in the ‘Progressive Era’. Progressive didn’t necessarily mean liberal back then. In Lea’s case, ‘progress’ meant he would clean up the city.”

Ho America inspired the Third Reich [Zyclon B] The Week UK

Besides being discounted scientifically in the Leuchter Report and, "Based on the development of sophisticated poison gases including Tabun and Sarin, and their manufacture in huge quantities, the official Holocaust story appears absurd. Holocaust historians have yet to answer the question why the Nazis would not have used Tabun or Sarin had they wanted to carry out an extermination of the Jews."

Uncle Nasty said...

Old Oz joke about a new Pommie immigrant and his reasons for leaving good Olde Englande.

Essentially he told the Oz customs guy that when he was a kid you could be locked up for faggotry, enticing young kids and all that. Then as a young man it was no longer illegal and people like Freddy Mercury, George Michael and Tony Blair came out of the closet.

Long story short ... faggotry is now the default desired position and he was leaving before it became compulsory.

The point? We make jokes about PC ... and voila!! it becomes law.

Bafta Awards categories to exclude 'non-diverse' films
Bafta says it is trying to widen its pool of voters

Films will not be eligible for two of the main Bafta Awards from 2019 if they do not meet new diversity criteria.

Films will be nominated for outstanding British film or outstanding debut by a British writer, director or producer only if they meet two of four criteria.

The "significant change" will bring in more people from minorities, women, people with disabilities and from lower socio-economic groups, Bafta said.

It aims to improve access on screen, behind the scenes and among audiences.
To be eligible for the two awards, films must prove they have worked to improve diversity in two of the four following areas:

On-screen characters and themes
Senior roles and crew
Industry training and career progression
Audience access and appeal to under-represented audiences

The measures comply with the diversity standards the BFI (British Film Institute) uses to guide its activities and the projects it funds.
The changes show Bafta's determination "in increasing the representation of under-represented groups in front of and behind the camera", a statement said.

'Not just who you know'
Meanwhile, Bafta has also changed the rules for admitting new members to join the panel that votes for award winners.

From this year, those working in the film industry no longer have to be recommended by two existing members in order to join.

"This widens the pool of potential members and ensures that it's only talent, and not also who you know, that enables Bafta membership," the statement said.

Of the 375 members admitted in 2016, 43% were female, 18% were from a minority ethnic group and the average age was 44, Bafta said.

Hey ... Hollywood is a hundred percent minority. They're all jews, top to bottom.

In fact, now that I think of it ... I'm male, over sixty, a national Socialist and White. I could legitimately apply. Don't get more minority than that.

Oh. Wait.


UNcle Nasty said...

Benjy loses it ...

But these are the two most telling statements. in the whole article ...

Benjamin Netanyahu is waging diplomatic war against the world, and notably against Israel’s only vital ally, the United States. We’ve never seen anything like it. It won’t win Israel any new friends.

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Israel has a solitary vote in the United Nations General Assembly, and no vote at all at the United Nations Security Council. Israel was annihilated in the Security Council vote on Friday that demanded an end to all settlement activity and that designated all the land that Israel captured from Jordan in the 1967 war, which includes the Temple Mount and the Western Wall, as “occupied Palestinian territory.” The prime minister’s hope is that he can stave off further, and still more devastating, potential diplomatic defeat at the hands of the outgoing Obama administration via a mixture of pleas, threats and boycotts. On the horizon, he sees the incoming administration of Donald J. Trump. For Netanyahu, it cannot arrive soon enough.


On the Thursday before the fateful Friday, furthermore, Netanyahu took the extraordinary step of reaching out to not-yet-president Trump, pleading for his intervention to thwart the resolution. If Obama was still, by any chance, wavering, news that the president-elect he ridiculed and fought so bitterly on behalf of candidate Clinton was moving prematurely into his territory could only have helped make up his mind.

It's all very fine for the hebrews to try and delude people into thinking that they sit on the Throne next to God, Himself ... and that everyone everyone must forgive any and all trespasses.

But these fuckers are beginning to believe their own bullshit ... always a bad move.

well, well, well. On the horizon, he sees the incoming administration of Donald J. Trump. For Netanyahu, it cannot arrive soon enough.

Now we know.


Flanders said...

"Britain’s Brave Katie Hopkins Creates Outrage Over Neo-Nazi Retweet on Racism"

Flanders said...

The jews especially don't like it when women become awakened, conscious and aware. The jews use their tools of Censorship, Boycott and Monopoly, this time expressed through the blackballing process that they utilized against a poor and minimum wage-earning girl.

I agree completely with the commenter there who says, "It is high time we adopted a page from our enemies and started to take care of our own who run afoul of ZOG / NOG / NWO."

John C said...

Record number of more than two million people visited Auschwitz in 2016

Is it possible that most of these were school children on school trips.

James said...

Bibi talking about hitting Palestinians hard and the US and UN won't do anything

He even says "It's absurd" that Israel gets so much support from the American people.

Ignorance is there strength.

lotus said...

Brilliant from Assange. Amazing that this wasn't all over the media. Oh wait! No wonder the poor guy is being hounded.

James said...

Free Speech in New Zealand

I got a copy of the latest UNCENSORED magazine from a book shop. It's got an article saying only 275,000 Jews died in the Holocaust rather than 6,000,000.

New Zealand still has some freedom of speech, but hardly anyone reads it. Uncensored is packed with hate and is edited by a Jewish guy who values truth. He's a good bloke.

Whilst technically speech is free here in a legal sense, self-censorship is rampant because NZers are like sheeple too and everybody (white) is scared of being labeled "offensive" and being targeted by a nationwide bullying campaign.

James said...

Lord Balfour, into government.

I read somewhere that Balfour didn't like Jews and helped with the Palestine thing because he thought maybe they'd all piss off there.

Didn't quite work as he planned in that case.

James said...

Stop going on about bacon john, its not a fucking food blog.

Yes stop before you get in trouble. Bacon jokes are extreme and Theresa May will get you.

James said...

Julius Evola on Buddhism

In the new year get out and connect with our kindred people.
Be active, leave stuff around in public, leave written pointers (well informed Internet sites) on favourite msm newspapers which the locals like to pick up and read, go to pubs, cafes, library's. Every little helps. Do Your Bit
In one newspaper leave a pointer for one site only on each other page at least five times.
Go To It Warriors

Evola spent most of his life sitting on his butt in his flat and hardly ever went out. It's funny how lazy the capable can be and how noble the disabled can sound.

bjkahn said...

Unlike any other democracy the President of Israel is subject to the law of the land. Very few countries indeed can make such a claim. And not the first time this happened.

James said...

James Howard Kunstler

He's like a Jewish Fred Reed, and about as anti-white as Fred*. He has some interesting predictions for 2017.

Those of us paying attention may have easily lost count of the terror atrocities carried out across Europe by Islamic fanatics. Charlie Hebdo, Bataclan, the Bastille Day truck attack in Nice, the Brussels airport, the Berlin Christmas Market were only the most recent and spectacular. For years, individuals have been stabbed, had their heads cut off, throats cut, been blown up, machine-gunned. Take a look at this comprehensive list going back to 2001. You may be astonished. In that light, it’s pretty hard to keep waving the “diversity” banner, and I sense that Europe has had enough of it. One big question is whether the new European right-wing leaders will actually move as far as mass deportations. I rather think they will.

The idea of mass deportations is wonderful, but even if it does happen the scope will be disappointing.

How many of the Muslim Terror Attacks were false flags?

*moderately anti-white

great white said...

Fred Reed is NOT anti-white, for fuck sake. He most definitely pro-jewish (his wife is Sephardic) but he constantly makes the white case otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Unlike any other democracy the President of Israel is subject to the law of the land. Very few countries indeed can make such a claim. And not the first time this happened.

I think the ROW (Rest of the World) would like see an Israeli PM subject to a war crimes tribunal in The Hague.


Frank Galton said...

PART 1/2

Re UN's link: Jewish Power is now British Law – It’s Official!, by Gilad Atzmon

"Jews are wonderfully, innocent, peace loving people - except perhaps the 14 million or so of them who support Israel and give the entire tribe a bad name..." - Gilad Atzmon


Page 10

A 2010 survey by the Institute of Jewish Policy Research (JPR) showed that 95% of UK Jews have visited
[the racist, apartheid, JEWS ONLY* State of] Israel and that 90% view [the racist, apartheid, JEWS ONLY* State of] Israel as the “ancestral homeland of the Jewish people”.

Page 8

POLICY ASK: To publicly support all efforts to combat...racism and extremism.

"To publicly support all efforts to combat...racism and extremism."

Note that this is the same organisation that supports the JEWS ONLY* State of Israel - a State which:

• built a 30-kilometer fence along the border with Jordan to keep migrants and asylum seekers from entering Israel.
• imprisons then deports African asylum seekers.
• has a Jews-only immigration policy.
• has separate schools, separate housing, separate roads and separate buses for Jews and Palestinians.
• administered the birth control drug Depo Provera to Ethiopian Jews without their knowledge or consent.
• prohibits Ethiopian Jews from donating blood.
• bans gay marriage.
• bans mixed marriage.


Speak Out For Israel

The BoD works closely with the Community's Israel advocacy organisations to make the case for Israel...

* "Israel is the nation-state of the JEWS ONLY." - Benjamin Netanyahu

Frank Galton

Frank Galton said...

PART 2/2


THE TIMES OF ISRAEL, 06 September 2015

Work on a 30-kilometer (18.6-mile) fence along a southern stretch of Israel's border with Jordan has begun amid efforts to...keep MIGRANTS AND ASYLUM SEEKERS FROM ENTERING THE COUNTRY, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced Sunday.

A fence, replete with sophisticated sensors and regular IDF patrols, already exists on the northern half of the Israeli-Jordanian border, from the northern edge of the Dead Sea up to the three-way meeting point of Israel, Jordan and Syria near the Sea of Galilee.

Reuters, 11 June 2012

Israel rounds up African migrants for deportation

TIMES OF ISRAEL, 29 July 2013

Prime Minister's Office says would-be immigrants from former Soviet Union may be asked to prove Jewish bloodline

Jerusalem Post, 30 November 2014

Is separate education working in Israel?

In a sense even the “liberal” voices in Israel accept SEGREGATION.

HAARETZ, 07 November 2010

Supreme Court backs JEWS-ONLY HOUSING in Jaffa neighborhood

YNET NEWS, 03 June 2013

Separate roads for Jews, Palestinians,7340,L-4353235,00.html

Daily Telegraph, 03 March 2013

Israel launches Palestinian-only buses amid accusations of racial segregation

The Independent, 27 January 2013

Israel gave birth control to Ethiopian Jews without their consent

International Business Times, 12 December 2013

Israel: Black Lawmaker [Member of Knesset] Pnina Tamano-Shata Barred from Donating Blood over Ethiopian Origins

The Independent, 29 January 1996

Prime Minister's office besieged by Ethiopian Jews angry at destruction of donated blood by transfusion service

PinkNews, 16 May 2012

Israeli parliament rejects gay and inter-faith civil marriage bill

HAARETZ, 03 June 2014

Who would you be allowed to marry in Israel today? No civil marriage, NO MIXED MARRIAGE

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

Poles who have probably lived in the nightmare that Britain is becoming
Attack a kebab shop after one of the Muslim workers stabs a young pole in Poland
Fair pay to them

Frank Galton said...

Re UN's link: Bafta Awards categories to exclude 'non-diverse' films

BBC, 15 December 2016

Bafta Awards categories to exclude 'non-diverse' films

Films will not be eligible for two of the main Bafta Awards from 2019 if they do not meet new diversity criteria.

The measures comply with the diversity standards the BFI * (British Film Institute) uses to guide its activities and the projects it funds.

* Warner Bros' (((Josh Berger))) appointed chair of BFI

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

John c

We call it Irish stew because it is made up of deceased fairys leprechauns and elves obviously but only the fat ones

We don't make ethnic stew because that would be unpalatable
And we don't make English stew because the Protestant part is to bland


Uncle Nasty said...

bjkahn said...

Unlike any other democracy the President of Israel is subject to the law of the land. Very few countries indeed can make such a claim. And not the first time this happened.
3 January 2017 at 11:43

Knowing the hebrews, it won't be the last, either.

Would it be churlish of me to point out that the only observed and obeyed "law of the Land" as you so quaintly put it, is the law of the land of israel?

I really, really do look forward to your reply ...

An interesting thought just struck me. The yids regard anyone who accuses, condemns, informs on or bears witness against a jew as lower than crocodile piss.

So the question has to be asked ... are they ever found guilty in a jewish court of law ... or does the prohibition (perish the thought) not apply to jews?

If so, that's either pro-semitic, raycisss, or antisemitic ... or not.


James said...

Fred Reed is NOT anti-white, for fuck sake. He most definitely pro-jewish (his wife is Sephardic) but he constantly makes the white case otherwise.

I said he was moderately anti-white. Most whites are moderately anti-white.

Call it "self-effacing" if you like, but he definitely puts down "gringos" and often tries to tell us how brilliant Mexicans are.

No need to overreact.

Anonymous said...

Made me laugh.