Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Trump or C*nt, the illegals stay

If Trump wins the vote - and is permitted by the Permanent Government to take office - will he activate his promise to 'deport the illegals'?  No. Even in the unlikely event that he does try he has in fact no chance of succeeding. Look at it this way. Southern California has been demographically taken over by Hispanics and this, inter alia, has seen Whites ethnically cleansed from most police forces through affirmative action and tribal machinations. In the event of a clampdown on illegals by the hated Trump we can reasonably assume that such police departments will not enforce expulsion measures. In fact many will actively stymie them (an easy thing to do).

So what then? Start with the relatively small numbers of illegals in northern states? That would work, but only for a short while as the targets would soon flee to the safety of the barrios and Sanctuary Cities in the South West. This in turn would further distort the regional ethnic balance and copper-fasten ethnic solidarity. Now add into the mix the profusion of Hispanic gangs with hundreds of thousands of ruthless battle-hardened 'soldiers' operating in every city and town in the region. There's ample historical evidence to show how criminal gangs can segue into para-political organisations (and vice versa of course). And in the event of a showdown we can expect large numbers of Latino 'activists' to stream across the now defunct border, discreetly aided by the Mexican Government.

Pity the poor ICE agents who enter a barrio under such circumstances, assuming in the first place that this increasingly corrupt and Hispanicised (but I repeat myself) agency has the will to do so. So what does Trump do then? Send in the Army? No, this is banned by the Constitution - remember that? The other alternative is the National Guard. Even though strenuous efforts are ongoing to 'diversify' this organisation it remains largely White. But don't expect these part-time soldiers to engage in casa-to-casa fighting in the barrios against vicious and well-armed paramilitaries just itching to have a go at the hated gringo federales.

It's not going to happen. Demography is destiny and Hispanics (legal and illegal) have 'done a Kosovo' in that they've out-bred the natives and now demand control if not full independence for 'their' regions. The USA has lost control of a large swathe of its territory (not just SOCAL-  a similar dispensation applies all the way along the border, as far as Corpus Christi in Texas) and, short of a military coup, it won't get it back.

Let's not be too surprised. Such dispossession has occurred throughout history. That's how the USA got Texas. The brave men of the Alamo were Mexican citizens who rebelled against their government because their people were now the majority in the land. But there's one big difference between what's happening today and what took place in 1835: The leaders of the United States then supported their own kin. Today they support the Hispanic invaders. 

No, Trump or C*nt, the South-West is lost. It has been for some time.


rastus said...

Let CA and all the rest of the Spicced South go. Let 'em go to hell. They're on the way anyway. Then let the Deep South to the niggers. Then we can give the faggots and champange socialists their pick of which 'Alternative America' they want to go to or else STFU.

Anonymous said...

i live in southern california about 45 minutes from the border and nobody speaks english, mexicans everywhere, trash everywhere, laundry lines out in yards, mexicans pushing 5 kids in a stroller down the streets, 50 mexicans in one apartment. they expect YOU to speak spanish! it's ridiculous and is starting to look like tijuana here, that is why so many people are moving out of state.

honestly, it pisses me off when i go through a drive thru to get food and i can't understand the person taking my order because they don't speak english. they always get my order wrong!

Luke2236 said...

What you say is probably accurate Mr Savant, but dont forget/discount the hordes of 'silent majority' 'rednecks' out here. We, as a whole, are getting pretty pissed off and fed up... we are, by nature a fairly peaceful and 'live and let live' group, but when a certain point is reached, historically there is hell to pay. See Kiplings 'When the Saxon begins to Hate'.
Wishful thinking? I dont know, but Id like to think not. We are running out of places to move to, and sooner or later, somethings gotta give.

Frank Galton said...

Savant said: "Demography is destiny and Hispanics (legal and illegal) have 'done a Kosovo' in that they've out-bred the natives and now demand control, if not full independence, for 'their' regions."

Center For Immigration Studies, October 2001

The Jewish Stake in America's Changing Demography

"It is simply astounding to contemplate the recent historical rise in Mexican immigration. In 1970, there were fewer than 800,000 Mexican immigrants; 30 years later the number is approaching 9 million, a 10-fold increase in one generation...

"The Jewish community is thus in a position where it will be able to DIVIDE AND CONQUER and enter into selective coalitions that support OUR AGENDAS." - Dr. Stephen Steinlight, Senior Policy Analyst at the Center for Immigration Studies and former National Affairs Director at the American Jewish Committee (AJC)

Jewish Journal, 10 November 2015

At gala dinner, Mexican President Pena Nieto thanks American Jews for pro-immigration stand

The president addressed 150 Jews from North and South America at a gala dinner last night at Mexico City's Centro Deportivo Israelita. The event marked the culmination of a three-day conference hosted by the American Jewish Committee...

Note: The American Jewish Committee (AJC) is a member of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organisations.

The Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organisations

The proven and effective voice of ORGANIZED AMERICAN JEWRY [ORGANIZED JEWRY] for more than half a century, the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations Fund advances the interests of the American Jewish community, sustains broad-based support for [the JEWS ONLY * State of] Israel and addresses the critical concerns facing world Jewry.

* "Israel is the nation-state of the JEWS ONLY." - Benjamin Netanyahu

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

Sadly, Savant, your observations are all too correct. Things are too far gone for Trump or anyone else to turn the clock back and make American right and white again. Makes me think of Wilmot Robinson who wrote "The Dispossessed Majority" many years ago ... now the old white majority is fading fast and is well on the way to being "The Dispossessed Minority."

SAVANT said...

Luke, that's why I hope for the States to split into three. Hispanic South/SW, blacks South East and Whites the rest. IN any event don't go down without a fight.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

I'm in SoCal. It's still very nice here, but you've got to be willing to work hard. You can still live the California beach lifestyle. To be quite honest, tourists, transplants, and rich Asian/Arab immigrants are a bigger problem for some of us than the Mexican population. Hispanics are too politically apathetic, laid back, and hard-working to take politics seriously. SoCal has the best real estate and climate in the US; it would be foolish to give it up.

Anonymous said...

Why would they settle for just the Southern States when the entire 51 states can be obtained by the exact same method.

pmartinez12 said...

One assumption you make Savant that is not correct is the one that all of us with Hispanic background are somehow into Project Aztlan. In actual fact most of us treasure what America stands for.

AKAEW said...

Posse Comitatus only applies against citizens. I think it would be quite constitutional to deploy the army to repel invaders, and illegals that won't leave and take up arms can and should be regarded as invaders and treated accordingly.

AKAEW said...

pmartinez12 said...
One assumption you make Savant that is not correct is the one that all of us with Hispanic background are somehow into Project Aztlan. In actual fact most of us treasure what America stands for.

8 November 2016 at 17:23

Not to speak for Savant but I'm reasonably sure he is talking about the illegals. There are no plans anyway to deport Hispanics that came the legal way. Why would there be?

SAVANT said...

Akaew and pmartinez. Obviously in terms of deportations I'm referring to illegals. But it goes deeper. Despite the high numbers of law-abiding Hispanics loyal to America (like p martinez) I think the tipping point has been reached (and will be well exceeded if and when illegals flood in from the rest of America) whereby there's not the will within the SOCAL authorities to seek out and deport illegals and that attempts by the Feds to force the issue will be met with large-scale violence.

Glen C said...

Talking of traitors: During an Arizona speech delivered in Spanish, Sen. Tim Kaine cheered the demographic transformation of the United States caused by the nation’s federal immigration policies, telling his Latino audience on Thursday, “You are the future of America.”

medusa's curse said...

California is effectively lost - use it now as a magnet for that horde, and a staging area for other elements of the left coalition to meet, and cut each others throats.

Anonymous said...

We will create our future country just like our ancestors created the US: By carving it out among the savages.

James said...

"Voter fraud is rampant in America"

Hispanics are voting for Trump.

(((Ilana Mercer))), who wrote the book "Into the Cannibals' Pot" seems to be Trumping. her book warned Americans about the danger than the US could end up like South Africa.

"The law says you need to be a citizen to vote, but you don't need to prove it."

80% of non-citizens vote Democrap.


Tim Kaine deserves a Coudenhove-Kalergi award. He's that good.

James said...

Voters without college or university degrees have not been institutionalized during life’s formative years.

Voters without college or university degrees have not spent years in the tertiary school asylums.

In other words, many of Trump’s supporters are less likely to have been brainwashed and propagandized by the asphyxiating, postmodern, racial and gender agitprop that makes college-educated kids so insufferable and subject to group-think.

Ilana Mercer makes a good point here. UN will probably inform us of her alleged anti-white activities in South Africa however.

Anonymous said...


Over-simplistic analysis. Hispanics in states like Texas and Arizona are more "white" (i.e. right-wing, patriotic) than whites in places like NY and California. Plus there is a lot of hypocrisy surrounding illegals in the SW, e.g. "nationalist" whites sounding off about illegal immigration but only too happy to pay cash for Mexicans to do their landscaping or housework. Most construction firms in the SW are white-owned, but even the union outfits make extensive use of illegal (docile, compliant, cheap, hard-working) labor. Here's another interesting perspective:


Another thing is widespread intermarriage between Hispanics and all other races. And a large Hispanic middle class that knows little Spanish and doesn't fit in with Mexico.

Otherwise, GO TRUMP!


PeteForester1 said...

I read, repeatedly, "Let California go!" and the like. Do that, and the U.S. border just moves to states adjacent to it. That kind of attitude, combined with Obama-esque border "control," will assure a systematic march across the country. No; you can't "deport 'em all," any more than you can get rid of mice by just setting traps. If you want to get rid of mice, you gotta get rid of the cheese! Make it as hard as possible for illegals to swindle jobs, welfare, and other benefits in the U.S, and the problem largely takes care of itself. ENFORCE EXISTING LAW! IT'S THAT EASY!

James said...

One assumption you make Savant that is not correct is the one that all of us with Hispanic background are somehow into Project Aztlan. In actual fact most of us treasure what America stands for.

Unless America decides to stand for the white race? It used to stand for the white race. It was founded as an explicitly white country. Do you agree that it should still be a white country? Would you treasure that?

Or do you treasure the new America? Do you treasure the multiculturalism* that the US stands for now? Would you treasure a merger of the US with Mexico so gringos can go down there and enjoy the sunshine too?** Mexicans should share Mexico with everyone and stop being so selfish. They should stop asking for passports at the border. They should move to a more multicultural mode. Would you treasure that? Just wondering...

*"Multiculturalism" is really just a code word for white genocide.
**Lots retire there, but the racist Mexican government places restrictions on this.

James said...

honestly, it pisses me off when i go through a drive thru to get food and i can't understand the person taking my order because they don't speak english. they always get my order wrong!

It happens here too and they all speak English, usually quite well. They just don't care that much.

Anonymous said...

See Kiplings 'When the Saxon begins to Hate'.

Best poem evaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

James said...

Mark Dice asks women why they don't like Hillary

They all say she is a liar. "Run by big money"


James said...

Podesta brothers suspected of Madeleine McCann abduction

Trump can open the investigation tomorrow, all going well.


James said...

Despite the high numbers of law-abiding Hispanics loyal to America

Mostly loyal to their America, Tim Kaine's America, the anti-white America. Their sentiments and motives are selfish.

Watch them turn nasty when Whitey tries to escape their diversity. Total hypocrites.

Anonymous said...

Very true and which is why things were already out of control 25 years ago. The Buchanan candidacies were really the last chance to get a handle on it. Unfortunately, Pat decided to fight two battles: he also went after Israel.

Also very true about what Marx said about capitalism: that it's contradictions contain the seeds of it's own destruction. There was a chance in the seventies to have an affluent, high-tech, constitutionally based futuristic society. But the corporations and Republicans decided to go for a final beatdown of the middle class in order to have a mass society of dumbed-down drone consumers. They felt more comfortable with the South American than American model because the elites hated and feared the middle class above all. The Democrats, moving from party of the affluent working class to the party of would-be Stalinists, couldn't resist the opportunity to turn America in a third world proletarian shithole.

So, at the current foreign invasion rate, we're looking at a 500 million population in less than twenty years and well over a billion by the end of the century.

All pushed onto a infrastructure design and built in the first half of the last century for 150 million people, 200 million tops.

Anonymous said...

Cali has gone to the lleftist loons ages ago,can recall being stationed in the Navy out there in the late fifties was a great place to live and work but the liberals with the dick lickers came and found their pot of gold and the rest is history,this is the home i believe of one nigger congressman who stated before congress on the military buildup on Guam.and quote"""",ifs da soldiers get to manys on dat islands it may tip over""this was said in all seriousness to the august congressional assemblage and the looks were priceless,,,this is what they have as representation,,John old rtf chicago copper,,,

Anonymous said...

Little do they understand that there are many in the country who would rather burn it all down than let the elites to the country into Brazil.

Frank Galton said...

Glen C said: "Talking of traitors: During an Arizona speech delivered in Spanish, Sen. Tim Kaine [Hillary Clinton's vice-presidential running mate] cheered the demographic transformation of the United States caused by the nation’s federal immigration policies, telling his Latino audience on Thursday, “You are the future of America.”"

TIME, 03 November 2016

Read the Transcript of Tim Kaine’s Speech in Spanish at a Rally in Arizona

"By 2050, communities of color will represent the majority of our population. So of course Latinos will help shape the future of America because you are the future of America.

Todos somos americanos [We are all Americans].

One of Trump’s biggest supporters, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who’s facing criminal charges for PROFILING LATINOS [Note: In Israel, racial profiling doesn't warrant debate or apologies. While other democracies hesitate to resort to racial profiling, Israel takes the practice for granted] and has PERSECUTED UNDOCUMENTED IMMIGRANTS. He says he thinks Trump will get “a lot of Hispanic votes.”

Do you think he’s right?

Just the other day, your former governor, Jan Brewer, who signed into law the discriminatory SB1070 that promoted RACIAL PROFILING [Note: In Israel, racial profiling doesn't warrant debate or apologies. While other democracies hesitate to resort to racial profiling, Israel takes the practice for granted], said that she wasn’t worried about her candidate, Donald Trump, winning this state, because, as she said, Latinos “don’t get out and vote.”

Do you think she’s right?" - Tim Kaine, Hillary Clinton's vice-presidential running mate

Forward, 13 March 2015

"I’m a strongly pro-Israel Democrat, I’ve been to Prime Minister Netanyahu’s office three times to talk to him...Everyone I know in this [Democratic] party is pro-Israel...I want [the JEWS ONLY * State of] Israel to be safe and secure in the future..." - Tim Kaine, Hillary Clinton's vice-presidential running mate

HAARETZ, 08 January 2010

In Israel, racial profiling doesn't warrant debate or apologies

While other democracies hesitate to resort to racial profiling, Israel takes the practice for granted.

International Business Times, 18 October 2013

Israel's new racism: the persecution of African migrants in the Holy Land

* "Israel is the nation-state of the JEWS ONLY." - Benjamin Netanyahu

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

Good hidden news with the Spanish is that a bunch of them are white. And the Jew-hating Palestinian who runs the phone store downtown I had guessed to be Russian.

The elite thinks they can keep a lid on things with the iron fist in the velvet glove, a smiley face police state. And I saw some evidence of that on Halloween: the local black church was holding a "Trunk or Treat" event in the post office parking lot. I wandered through it and was going to cut across the park behind it. But there were 40 black youths hanging out at the entrance so I watched for a while and decided to walk the other way. Point is that it was dark and the park closes at sundown and the black kids were afraid to go into park whereas I thought nothing about it, I would've walked right through. But they were wary of the cops. There are beaucoup blacks around here but they're somewhat more successful, all working and under some kind of control

Of course, the town five mile east of here is a combination of the Congo, Haiti and Jamaica. I used to hang out there as a kid but after the riots...

Anonymous said...

It's like a banana republic in some paces


Glen C said...

JP, the factors you cite do not negate the overall thrust of Savant's post. Of course there are exceptions, intermarriage etc. But we can see with our own eyes the evidence already. I live in South Texas and believe me it is just like Mexico. And gets more so every day.

Big Billy Burgess said...

",ifs da soldiers get to manys on dat islands it may tip over""

Yup, the Hon. Hank Johnson, a key Congressional legislator. No wonder we're fucked.

Searcher said...

Sorry to be O/T on Election Day and all, however, I thought this very interesting and thought some readers here might find it interesting too.

This blogger (a born-again Christian) details the intertwining of Christian sects with the Catholic Church through the "Alpha course".


This is another article (very dense i.e. wordy) regarding the Alpha course, Judas and false prophets.


sean said...

Savant, you have to watch this, it's priceless and hopefully a sign of things to come.

Cool, calm white lad faces up to various muzzas, wiggas, and other leftie gobshites in the middle of the Million Mask March in London the other night.

As they become increasingly florid he totally dominates them and shows them up for the yellow-bellied shitehawks they are


Anonymous said...

I agree with the Savant in that we will NOT take back the southwest portion of the US. It is gone and we cannot get it back.

I have been saying for quite some time that whites will have to work on creating a separate homeland from the nonwhites. We CANNOT coexist with the nonwhites or we will be absorbed into the nonwhite masses. We must convince enough of our people that a separate white homeland for those of us who are racially conscious is the only way we will survive into the future. The other whites (liberals, anti-whites, those who already miscegenated) can continue to live with the nonwhites in the rest of the country.

This is the only way we will create peace for ourselves.

Flanders said...

Everyone can leave the same way that they came in, at the same rates or faster. It requires no magic, Just Determination, and a government which does not sabotage it's own people.

It's the newly indoctrinated who have absorbed learned helplessness instead of Americanism who are the ones who would cause the most problem. There are more than one way to do it, and actually are several, just so long as the guns of American troops are not turned against Americans, and that's assuming that the government won't act to instill the will of the people to protect our borders.

Flanders said...

"If he [Trump] somehow wins, in what he himself has called a “rigged” election, he’s already said he was going to appoint a Goldman Sachs and George Soros ally as Secretary of the Treasury. As we reported, “Steve Mnuchin came on board Trump’s campaign as finance chair in May, raising eyebrows of many who felt his 17-year history with Sachs — and affiliation with liberal globalist George Soros as an Investment Professional of Soros Fund Management — conflicted directly with the then-presumptive nominee’s conservative stance and criticisms of establishment politicians.” Even Ron Paul knows what a Trump presidency will look like. Paul said he’d be the “champion of the executive order.”
"Some of us are old enough to remember she [Mishpuka's Grandma] was the one who brought political correctness to our American society. Do you remember the “F__k you!” t-shirts of the 80’s? Those disappeared as they’re supposedly too offensive to wear in public. Hell, wearing the American flag t-shirts can get your ass stomped in some California cities. Clinton has also promised to take a close look at Australia’s gun ban. Translation: we’re coming for your guns. But that’s really nothing new.
"Until Americans wake up to the fact that their beloved republic is nothing more than a distraction that provides an ostensible sense of democracy — nothing is going to change. Until Americans stop believing that clicking buttons in a voting booth is more powerful than billionaires showering Congress with cash — nothing is going to change. Until Americans realize they are the host to one of the most dangerous and deadly parasites in the history of humankind — we can expect more of the same — no matter which shiny puppet pretends to have your interests in mind as they shout from their pulpits surrounded by teleprompters."

No Matter Who Wins the Election, The People Who Are Not Elected Will Stay in Control

Flanders said...

"A poll open to voters from across the globe reveals that Donald Trump is the favorite to win in both the United States and in the majority of other countries around the world.

According to statistics taken today on Election Day, a WorldWide.vote poll places Trump 12% ahead of Hillary worldwide and 2% ahead of the Democratic candidate in America – meaning that Trump looks set to become elected 45th president of the United States."

Flanders Hint: China votes 75% for Clinton
Here to Vote:

"On this website anyone from any country can cast a vote! Who does Argentina, for example, prefer? Or Belgium? Or China?

And what about Zimbabwe?"

Here for Results:

Uncle Nasty said...

Ilana Mercer makes a good point here. UN will probably inform us of her alleged anti-white activities in South Africa however.
8 November 2016 at 19:29

I have never followed the woman. For reasons unknown to me, I cannot seem to take her seriously. She simply strikes me as a lightweight.


Flanders said...

"Join us on Thursday, November 10, for an exclusive free post-election livestream Q&A with Edward Snowden. The world’s most famous whistleblower will address questions about how the US Election results will affect your privacy and his pardon, as well as other questions submitted via social media.

We are thrilled to make this event available for viewing at https://www.startpage.com/snowden/ starting at approximately 4:30 PM Eastern time on November 10. The feed will be broadcast from the Pathé Tuschinski in Amsterdam where Snowden will be patched in to our live theater audience via satellite transmission from Moscow.
Livestream Q&A question suggestions may be submitted now through November 9 using the hashtag #StartPageSnowden. We look forward to seeing what you would like our moderator to ask Mr. Snowden.

The live event will start at approximately 4:30 PM Eastern time and can be seen here."



Anonymous said...

@ Luke2236 --

"What you say is probably accurate Mr Savant, but dont forget/discount the hordes of 'silent majority' 'rednecks' out here."

Love your basic point, Luke, 'cause it's observably true the Power Elite, Zog, SJWs, or whatever you call them hates rednecks of all regions more than anything else. It's what motivates their inner demons.

When the Ivy League twats go into their two-minute hate thing, the object of their ire always looks the same: Think blue collar, pick-up truck, worked old time construction and got replaced by cheaper beaners or worked merchant ships in the old days (hard, filthy work) and got replaced by automated container ships that don't need them. The US lost its huge merchant fleet to the Third World between Harry Truman and Lyndon Johnson. Lots of white men used to raise their kids on seaman's pay. Gone fifty years now.

At VDARE Peter Brimelow (etc) had a daydream that automating the fast-food industry would make immigration uneconomical. Comic. Immigration has nothing to do with work. Jobs were being automated to extinction when Eisenhower was president and that never mattered to the Open Borders Freaks.

They hate whites, folks, and that's that. And Savant is right to note that who is president matters not one bit. If the economy totally and officially flatlines, they'll still let Iowa get "enriched" by Somalian lost boys. They hate us that much.


SAVANT said...

Sean that guy in the video is indeed brilliant. Repeats a great meme 'get back to where you came from'. Simple and brilliant. He laughs in their faces, smiles while the apes should and curse and bluster. Marvelous. Do we know the identity of this guy?

Cassius said...

"According to statistics taken today on Election Day, a WorldWide.vote poll places Trump 12% ahead of Hillary worldwide and 2% ahead of the Democratic candidate in America – meaning that Trump looks set to become elected 45th president of the United States."

It means nothing of the sort. Unfortunately.

Uncle Nasty said...

If there is any truth in this ... I, for one, would be very cautious about accepting a job offer from the US govt.


Benghazi guards turned on US diplomats in 2012 attack, sources say

An obscure private firm hired by the State Department over internal objections to protect U.S. diplomats in Benghazi just months before the American ambassador and three others were killed was staffed with hastily recruited locals with terror ties who helped carry out the attack, multiple sources told Fox News.

The explosive charge against Wales-based Blue Mountain Group comes from several sources, including an independent security specialist who has implemented training programs at U.S. Consulates around the world, including in Benghazi, where he trained a local militia that preceded Blue Mountain. The source, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said Blue Mountain used local newspaper ads to assemble a team of 20 guards, many of whom had terror ties, after securing a $9.2 million annual contract.

(Image) John "Tig" Tiegen was there and says guards turned on Americans.

“The guards who were hired were locals who were part of the Ansar al-Sharia and Al Qaeda groups operating in Benghazi,” said the source, whose assignment in Benghazi had ended in November 2011. “Whoever approved contracts at the State Department hired Blue Mountain Group and then allowed Blue Mountain Group to hire local Libyans who were not vetted.”

Wales? WALES?? What the hell is the State Dept. up to? Hiring sand niggers as security from a Wales-based firm?

The perils of outsourcing and hiring the lowest bidder, I guess.


Uncle Nasty said...

Anonymous said...

I agree with the Savant in that we will NOT take back the southwest portion of the US. It is gone and we cannot get it back.

I have been saying for quite some time that whites will have to work on creating a separate homeland from the nonwhites. We CANNOT coexist with the nonwhites or we will be absorbed into the nonwhite masses.

Interesting, that. We are now back to the thinking that Covington did twenty-odd years ago. Read the Northwest Quartet.

A comprehansive review:


Harold Covington’s Northwest Quartet
March 30, 2011 — 393 Comments
Edmund Connelly, Ph. D.

In 1989, prolific British writer Paul Johnson published Intellectuals offering case studies of a string of intellectuals, beginning with Jean-Jacques Rousseau and then Shelley, Marx, Ibsen, Tolstoy, Hemingway, Bertolt Brecht, Bertrand Russell, Sartre, right on down to more modern public thinkers. Johnson’s point is that however much these men (and Lillian Hellman) might have professed love of “humanity” and “progress,” they were rats to the actual people around them.

The whole article is great.


kurtz said...

Covington is a genius. Simple as that. Cannot recommend his books enough. He had the situation read before most of even began thinking about the problem.

Searcher said...


Andrew Anglin's interview with some Mike Savage Lite:

"You live with such hate in your heart".

Bigly. Bing Bing Bong Bong...

Flanders said...

"Watch “AIPAC – the hidden Zionist Fist of Steal that Control America” on YouTube"

Scroll to the bottom of the page. [13 min]


At jewtube:

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

We're going to take SoCal back.

Flanders said...

"While serving Jewish interests, the Open Immigration Law Of 1965 was the beginning of America’s death as a unified nation. Jews were behind the law, promoting, lobbying, and “bribing” the law into existence with the fanaticism equalling the most dedicated Muslim terrorist.

Jews have continually evinced hostility toward American Christian culture in their aggressive efforts to change it. The Open Immigration Law Of 1965 is a prime example of that hostility."



katana said...

Benton Bradberry’s 2012 book, “The Myth of German Villainy” is a superb, must-read, revisionist look at how the German people have been systematically, relentlessly and most importantly, unjustly vilified as the arch criminal of the 20th century.

Book – The Myth of German Villainy – Part 11 – Jews Declare War on Nazi Germany

Bradberry sets out, cooly and calmly as befits a former US-Navy officer and pilot, to show why and how the German people have been falsely accused of massive crimes and that their chief accuser and tormenter, organized jewry is in fact the real party guilty of monstrous crimes against Germans and the rest of the world.

In Part 11, the reaction from organized jewry to Hitler’s and his NSDAP’s rise to power is decried. Organized jewry declares “war” on Germany and launch economic boycotts from 1933 onwards, based on the alleged persecution of jews.

Germany as a whole, and its leadership in particular, is demonized and mocked throughout the world via the jewish dominated media:

The Jews do not fight their wars with armies of armed men, at least, not armies of armed Jewish men. The Jews control the news media, as well as banking and finance throughout Europe and America, and they fight their wars with propaganda and with their control of capital. They organize boycotts to destroy businesses in their target country; they undermine the economy of the target country through financial manipulation and by cutting off lending which no economy can do without, and they mold and inflame world opinion with manufactured news and propaganda to turn public opinion completely against the target country. Through their control of politicians they manage to pit nations against each other, then use other people’s armies to fight their battles.

In New York an anti-German rally in Madison Square Garden is held drawing 40,000 people.

It could be said that the March 24, 1933 Jewish declaration of war on Germany, followed by the International Jewish Boycott Conference of July, 1933, was the real beginning of World War Two.

These actions helped to make the Germans more determined to break the jewish hold on German institutions and to encourage jews to emigrate — KATANA

Flanders said...

So many Americans who should have known better have been duped into their support of immigration, or to view it ambivalently, by their own satanic-led churches.

"It’s not just the Holy Land that is occupied by Jews. Increasingly Christianity itself is Jewish-occupied territory. We see the Pope groveling before Israeli and Jewish leaders as part of “Christian-Jewish dialogue” while mainstream Protestants get sucked into Jewish-orchestrated “interfaith networks.” But of course, nowhere is it more evident than among evangelical Christian Zionists. I turned on a Christian television station on Christmas day only to find Rabbi Jonathan Bernis (pictured left) of Jewish Voice Ministry International soliciting money from Christians to promote JVMI’s mission of “equipping the Church,” which he explained meant providing education about the Hebraic roots of Christianity and the Church’s responsibility to Israel and the Jewish People. To this end he asked for money to provide health care to needy Jews around the world (what about needy Christians in America?) and told viewers to support Israel.

But with only $17 million in annual revenues, JVMI is small potatoes in the Christian Zionist world. The big fish in the pond is Christians United for Israel, which has pastor John Hagee as its posterboy but is actually led by Executive Director David Brog. Brog is not only Jewish, but is in fact the cousin of Israeli Defense Minister and former Prime Minister Ehud Barak. Here is his biography from the CUFI website...".


joe btfsplk said...

"We're going to take SoCal back."

Damn straight. I'm still here. Born in Santa Monica [pre 1950] when SoCal was as conservative as the rest of the country. Went to HS [designed by Richard Neutra] here: http://tinyurl.com/oljqomj I know paradise when I see it.

mexicans, negroes and chinks do not deserve this. 10x truer for kikes.

California went liberal due to high % of jews.

joe btfsplk said...

>>>Fist of Steal<<<

Someone finally stole my joke. It took about a year to show up.

jews have balls of steal

Anonymous said...

Savant, it's pussy attitudes like yours that let things get so far in the first place. It's time to lead, fight, or get the fuck out of the way, you cowardly bogtrotter.

Anonymous said...

BBC's correspondent has been unashamedly biased against Trump but with a name like (((Zurcher))) you really wouldn't expect anything else.

Two of his reports stood out for me.

An early one dismissing Trump as a nutcase for being a 'birther' without explaining that where Obama was born is secondary to the fact that Obama's father was from what is now Kenya and so was not a US citizen, thereby automatically disqualifying Obama from the Presidency because he was not a natural born citizen. He also forgot to mention that some of his Kenyan relatives and even Obama himself at various times has stated his place of birth as being Kenya. And specutively, Obama could have claimed to have been born in Kenya to increase his chances of getting into Havard.

And one of his last ones (((Zurcher)))was very dismissive of Trump's claims that the vote could be rigged. After rigging the Democratic nomination, the first Presidential debate and paying for thugs to disrupt Trump's rallies, it would be strange if the Democrats were to leave the outcome of the vote to chance. But we don't have to speculate about whether the Democrats are rigging the election or not because Obama has gone on national television and told the Mexican illegals that there will be no legal repurcussions if they cast a vote in the election.



Uncle Nasty said...

There are many who feel that corruption in the US electoral process is a new thing.

Think again, folks. It seems to be endemic.


America’s Inglorious Tradition of Election Fraud: Any Cure in Sight? Part 1

November 3, 2016 — 5 Comments
L. Scott Smith

Zbigniew K. Brzezinski, Johns Hopkins University professor and leading national security advisor to President Jimmy Carter, once suggested that, as a partial cure for what ails the country of Syria, the United States and other world powers consider supervising elections there.

[1] This recommendation is curious, for one of the most unspeakable truths in America is that election improprieties have undermined its national democratic ideals since the dawn of the Republic. Does it really take a Donald J. Trump or any other brave political warrior to remind us of this fact? Stealing and manipulating elections is as American as apple pie. One may chuckle at Louisiana Governor Earl Long’s request to be buried in Louisiana so as to remain active in politics.

[2] Senate Majority Leader and later President Lyndon B. Johnson was fond of evoking laughter at Washington dinner parties when he mimicked, in heavy accent, a Mexican boy’s sorrow upon discovering that his father, deceased for ten years, had neglected to pay him a visit although having obviously returned from the dead to vote for Johnson in the 1948 Texas Senatorial primary.

[3] One may even raise an eyebrow at Tammany boss William M. Tweed’s aphorism that the counters, not the ballots decide an election.[4] Lurking beneath the surface of these humorous, tongue-in-cheek remarks lies, as Sigmund Freud would have suggested, the dark reality of subverted elections in American democracy.

Not that any other countries have a sterling and unblemished record, God knows ... Please read on. It's a fascinating journey.


Anonymous said...


north italian said...

Whites are already minority in the US
When you add 30 million illegal immigrants and their anchor babies, and all Middle Eastern people who are considered caucasion, but not Hispanic, along with all entities of mixed race(people like Rob Schneider
, Miley Cyrus , Mark-Paul Gosselaar, liv tayler , Cameron,
Freddie Prinze Jr. (puerto rican father), Diaz, sarah palin, mily Fergie, Edward Furlong, Wentworth Miller, chad murray, etc etc etc) who call themselves White, I strongly suspect that those of us European decent are 30%.

I live in a Mexifornia southern suburb that is far from the city center, however, the percentage of people under 30 who are White is not more than 05%.

even in the American WN There are several mestizos:

Andrew Anglin, Rodney Martin, Kyle Rogers, Andrew Auernheimer, mat parrot, joe sobran, Lincoln Rockwell Gordon Baum and Matthew Heimbach are some examples!

Flanders said...

"We have founded many secret associations, which all work for our purpose, under our orders and our direction. We have made it an honour, a great honour, for the Gentiles to join us in our organizations, which are, thanks to our gold, flourishing now more than ever. Yet it remains our secret that those Gentiles who betray their own and most precious interests, by joining us in our plot, should never know that those associations are of our creation, and that they serve our purpose..." - Speech at the B'nai B'rith convention in Paris, published shortly afterwards in The Catholic Gazette (London) in February 1936 and in Le reveil du peuple (Paris)

Anonymous said...

We each get one favorite headline. Mine:

"Bizarre and humiliating end to Clinton's dream of being first female president as she first sends henchman to say it's not over - then concedes but goes into hiding -- Daily Mail Online"

Here in Ohio I guess the TRUMP signs weren't just for show -- everybody actually DID vote for him, how about that.

I also got a mate in NYC who went to the NY Times HQ and a few other MSM outlets -- tells me the whole bunch of them are in a stuporous state of shock.

Not since Reagan beat Jimmy Carter in 1980 have the elites had their shorts tied in such a perfect knot. 36 years ago was it?

Let's enjoy the fun... markets are tumbling already, so the reckoning will be very, VERY soon.


James said...

Trump overcame all the rigging. Amazing. Now he needs to pick a promise to keep. Will he clean up the inner cities or slow down white genocide by 2%? Inner cities is more politically appropriate I'd say. Slowing down white genocide by even 1% would be political suicide.

Anonymous said...

15 million Germans were pushed out of Eastern Europe after WWII. Never say Never.

Armoric said...

I wonder how much money White people continue to inject into the Mexican population of the South-West everyday. The first step should be to cut the flow of money completely. You cannot claim at the same time that you cannot get back the South-West and that you cannot stop redistributing White people's money to the invaders.

Also, if you think you cannot expel the Mexicans from the South-West, what about areas that are about to be overrun in the next few years? Does it mean you have to accept you won't be able to recover areas that have not yet been overrun? Why not?

Mexicans don't mind moving from one American state to another American state. Most of them probably visit Mexico once in a while. Why is it unthinkable to send them back to Mexico and let them stay there?

kulak said...

pmartinez writes:

One assumption you make Savant that is not correct is the one that all of us with Hispanic background are somehow into Project Aztlan. In actual fact most of us treasure what America stands for.

Trump did better among Hispanics than Romney.

Roughly 30% vote Republican. About the same long term average as Jews. I've no reason to think that it will ever change.

That 30% could form part of a ruling group with whites but --

a) Do we need them?


b) What's in it for whites?

Anonymous said...

Ilana Mercer is a writer born in South Africa to Rabbi Ben Isaacson and raised in Israel where the family decide to move after Rabbi Isaacson's anti-apartheid preaching and activism led to their harassment by SA security. Today she is a Canadian citizen currently residing in the USA.

Denise said...

Wrong. There are loads of ways to get rid of them. A pal of mine lives in AL. the cops have already begun to "question" every ORC that attempts to enter the turf. The Orcs are chimping out because they know Whitey has had ENOUGH. Thy are animals - they smell the hatred we have learned to have.

We'll take care of it. It won't make the news.

Anonymous said...

Israel has successfully constructed and put into action a wall between the Sinai & Israel.

The US, with much greater resources, can do the same along the Mexican border.



Mike said...

Apparently some are leaving already. Another thing is to cut off funding to sanctuary cities. If they're not going to enforce the law then make them pay for it.