Monday, 28 November 2016

Know thine enemy

The bed-wetting SJWs who rule our moral ecosystem get more out of touch by the day, cowering in safe rooms while clutching their pearls as they contemplate the horror of Donald and Brexit. And this will increasingly cost them. Got an example today listening to a harrowing radio report from an Irish holiday-camp-turned-asylum-seeker-accommodation.

Well the whole thrust of the report and the introductory comments were meant to be harrowing, all about unfortunate victims who were getting only an extra €20 per child for Christmas presents. One after another the victims relayed their frustration and disappointment with the Irish taxpayer. 'You know children, they want all the best things for Christmas. And with five children [this guy is from the Congo] I'll have less than €100 to spend between them'. He then went on to helpfully suggest that '€100 per child would be acceptable'.

I have no doubt that all concerned believed they had struck a mighty blow on behalf of the asylum tourists, that listeners all over the country were scrambling for their cheque-books in a feverish attempt to alleviate the suffering. But your wise Savant knew better. In fact anybody working in a normal job and trying to provide for a family knew better. And the reaction wasn't long coming. The presenter triumphantly reported that their switchboard 'lit up' after the report....... only to plaintively follow shortly afterwards with a plea for tolerance and understanding. And the subject was then dropped.

They had of course shot themselves in the foot with a howitzer. And such developments take place all over the world in ever greater numbers, from the highest levels (a la Trump) down to the mundane and quotidian. You see by closing down all opposing opinions and marginalising those who hold them they've made warfare's most fundamental error (and remember this is warfare): they no longer know their enemy.

So continue to occupy the High Moral Ground my luvvies while we get on with business.


Gonville said...

Not surprising that asylum tourists think like they do. The SJW's treat them as if the West owes them everything and that they owe the West nothing. They see the same every time they run on the TV, that they are the victims and that their "host" countries are not doing enough for them.

MTB said...

These Pathetic Economic Migrants looking for the free handout, something for nothing....ship them back to what ever 3rd World nation they tried to escape - if they are not willing to fight for their homeland, what do these wealthy nations expect from poor beggars when they allow them to cross borders into their countries - high fences make better neighbors!

Anonymous said...

Hey Sav,

Looks like the "High Moral Ground" is putting on the jackboots in Italy.

Quite shocked (not) to read the latest from

"Italy’s Minister Of Interior: Surrender Your Homes To Migrants Or Face Jail"

I like how the cited article makes it sound so twee:

"According to sources in the Interior Ministry, the Viminale Plan foresees enforcement agents and detention measures for those who resist requisition of their premises for migrants...."

Like, getting your car impounded for drunk driving, no big deal.

The white man's patience is running low, lower, lowest...


SAVANT said...

That's another example of what I mean MISTER. Our overlords are losing it by losing touch with us, their enemy. Such a move (requisitioning houses for foreigners) suggests that they've become unhinged.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile poor brother Castro has died with millions in the bank.a proper socialist luvvie it seems
He even puts tony Blair to shame with his millions
Even though normal Cubans can't feed their family's


James said...

Know thine enemy? Can we handle the truth? Will we know it if we see it?

Hitler and Stalin - Illuminati Jews? Interesting posters, interesting quotes.

James said...

So why did the transfer agreement coin have the word "Nazi" on it? We are told that Hitler hated the word and that it was supposedly a Bavarian slur meaning "idiot"?

Doesn't add up...

Anonymous said...

Government radio reports that a Somali refugee drove his car into a group of students at Ohio State and then jumped out and started stabbing people with a butcher knife. Officials are trying to ascertain the motive and "investigating" to determine whether it was an act of terrorism.

This refugee fucker was set up with a college education and a car!

And what really pissed me off about the Boston bomber Tsarnaev Brothers who were set up with schools and apartments and apparently trips back and forth to Russia was that Massachusetts bureaucrats weren't able to reveal the amount of aid given to the family because of "privacy laws."

Anonymous said...

People on this thread should leave off the IRA. That was another war in another time. And forget about their tactics. They don't apply anymore in a world of globalist overlords and Google cyborgs.

What the Republican movement can teach us is the value of an unflinching counter-cultural narrative. Deconstruction of the enemy propaganda must become a reflex. Their lies must be assumed and the exposure of such should be taken for granted instead of as the surprising discovery of a rare jewel.

Flanders said...

The coming into vocalized action by we, the one former silenced, has slammed them. Keep up the heat and follow through to the final, ultimate and complete end to their irrational nation-killing madness.

Keep them so busy putting their own fires out that they no longer have time to counter, define or to stealthily convert our own little individual movements to their purposes.

[Savant, will my latest comments on the earlier post make it through]?

Uncle Nasty said...

Here we have what Americans missed by the skin of their teeth. An hour and a half documentary about Hillary Rodham Clinton.

The first true and obvious female psychopath I have ever seen ... and completely supported and abetted by the jew-run MSM.

Destroy the MSM first. Then move on the traitors


Flanders said...

Trump is talking to someone who seems to know about a main enemy.

Anonymous said...

"White supremacy" interferes with Jewish supremacy. -- Henry Makow.

That's why they won't help us stop the Muslims. Thanks for trying iron Felix, really it was a valiant effort.

Anonymous said...

Daily mail admits one bunch hates us

but not the other...

Banger said...

Well, if you read carefully the 'Protocols' (I'm sure by that term you know what we mean; which some say are fake. Yeah, right), the above kind of thing shouldn't seem that out of place. I don't think anybody's 'unhinged', Savant, in fact they are perfectly sane and just doing their bit to overthrow western civilization on behalf of rotten, Jewish filth. Tiocaidh ar la, as my Irish friends would say. Tiocaidh ar la. And once that vermin remain locked into Butlin's Holiday Camp, well, I'm just fine with that.

Searcher said...

OK I said I would take a break from commenting, but am TRIGGERED by a Dylann Roof apologist.

Millenial Woes spent time hanging out with Jimmy Marr in the US. Jimmy was a good host to Millenial Woes it seemed and drove him to Portland IIRC.

Jimmy Marr is a Dylan Roof apologist.

Dylann Roof is a demented looking young man and is also the product of a dysfunctional family/broken home. Anders Breivik is also the product of a broken home. Last MSM update on Anders was that he was moaning about wanting video games in prison.

Dylann Roof committed cold blooded murder in a place of worship. He killed unarmed people he had no personal animosity towards, similar to self-identified Freemason Zionist Anders Breivik, also lacking social skills (shut-in gamer).

Dylann killed a bunch of unarmed Black people he didn't know. Their crime? They were of the wrong race according to Dylann.

Anders killed a bunch of unarmed Norwegian teenagers he didn't know. Their crime? They were had the wrong political opinions according to Anders.

Both had political manifestos to justify their actions.

Hardly heros. Where is the honour in killing unarmed plebs?

Jimmy Marr sounds like a second rate chosenite here. "Race is your God"! And who is Amalek for the second tier chosenites? Black people praying in a Methodist church?!

The hypocrisy on Alt Right forums is something else at times.

Weev goes on TV to say he'd tweet at someone that they are obese and their child looks autistic. First thing that sprung to my mind was Donald Trump (obese and has a child who seems autistic).

But when the autism angle with Barron gets media traction....oooooh noooo you can't attack a child, so low of the LEFT!

I wonder why do men from broken homes who think women are "dangerous": wary/dismissive of all women (due to poor relationship with their own mothers?) gravitate to the AltRight? And why are they on such a time lag with spotting gatekeepers/poisonous "guilt by association" types?

I'm reminded of all the people who were SHOCKED about Jimmy Saville. The dopes. They may have high IQ but their cop-on (social/emotional IQ) is on the left side of the bellcurve.

TL/DR Choose your friends wisely. Some people are better off just sticking to the "prepping" than putting out videos that create guilt by association.

Tangentially related:
Millenial Woes has been covered by the Mirror and the Daily Record. I was wrong, I thought the Daily Mail would get there first (given that they regularly cog their stories from the YouTube/Reddit/Twitter).

Whether by design or by accident, the Mirror picked a very neutral clip of Millenial Woes addressing nihilism in modern culture. They also wrote such a weirdly OTT article that I thought there is no way that if he were ever charged with hate speech in the UK could such a case proceed/succeed given the extreme prejudice of his press coverage. I doubt that Millenial Woes could reasonably be expected to have a fair trial in such a scenario and the case could not proceed.

Snoopers Charter though will allow UK state agencies to get info on his subscriber base once they track down his name and address. I assume they will be able to track all the people he has had hangouts with via digital footprint/phone records: Greg Johnson, Pale Hominid, Morgoth, all the UK contributors who went under avatars.

It doesn't really matter if someone is a shill or not to a certain extent as a spokesperson's "network" can be rumbled/investigated with or without their say so. In my view, Millenial Woes in his own right is not very interesting on his own to TPTB. But his network is interesting, given as he hosted so many hangouts. Of course there will be digital traces aplenty from organising these: phone calls/emails etc.

I realise that I am probably giving them (Mirror) and govt drones too much credit, thinking that they are playing 3D chess (like the Don)!

Searcher said...


Following PizzaGate. Dude is accused (in a round about way) of being a pedophile. Brings coffee out to his accusers.

Instead of righteous fury, you get coffee...

You could not make it up.

There is a really interesting English vlogger on YouTube who made Madelaine McCann videos.

He reckons that the Podesta e-fits (portraits) could have been put out by high level sorts as a warning to the Podestas that they can be thrown under the bus at any time (by higher ups). He reckons that the Podestas have nothing to do with Maddie per se but they are linked to a wider network. It's an interesting theory.

Andrew Breitbart is an interesting character in all of this also.

AKAEW said...

Gerry it teaches the following lesson:

Spend yer money, you don't want to be the richest guy in the graveyard.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile poor brother Castro has died with millions in the bank.a proper socialist luvvie it seems
He even puts tony Blair to shame with his millions
Even though normal Cubans can't feed their family's


28 November 2016 at 23:43

John C said...

Gotta Have A Laugh .... They Certainly Are

John C said...

What's your take on this James

Frank Galton said...

Blue on blue

Fox News, 28 November 2016

Israel bombs suspected Islamic State militant hideout in Syria

The Israeli military says it has carried out an air strike in Syria on a building used by Islamic State militants to attack Israeli forces.

The overnight air strike Monday targeted an abandoned United Nations building that Israel says was used as a base by the militants. There were no immediate reports of injuries.

In Sunday's clash militants affiliated with the IS group opened fire at an Israeli patrol on the Israeli side of the Golan Heights. Israeli aircraft quickly responded, killing four militants in an air strike on a machine gun-mounted vehicle.

No Israeli troops were hurt, but it was a RARE ATTEMPT by IS-affiliated militants to ambush Israeli forces.

General Wesley Kanne (Kohen) Clark admits "allies" created ISIS to fight Israel's enemy, Hezbollah.

General Wesley Kanne (Kohen) Clark, former presidential candidate and NATO supreme allied commander during the NATO war against Yugoslavia, stated in a recent interview on CNN that "ISIS got started through funding from our friends and allies." He did not specify exactly which US allies he was talking about.

Clark did say that ISIS "is part of a strategy to destroy Hezbollah with an army of extremists." Hezbollah was formed to drive Israel out of Lebanon, and Israel is the only country with an interest in destroying it.

Video: Wesley Kanne (Kohen) Clark: "ISIS got started through funding from our friends and allies."

Frank Galton

John C said...

James, do you think it's worth my time to listen to this recording? It's 52min long.

Or you can listen to it for us and tell us to go to the best, most important segments, so we don't waste our precious time.

SAVANT said...

Not sure what comment you're referring to Flanders. What I do know is that a high proportion of your comments fall foul of the (((google))) filtering system. A compliment to you, you'll agree. And you're in distinguished company..... UN, Nilus and Searcher spring to mind as among those joining you in the boondocks. As far as I know I've rescued them all but may may missed an occasional one.

John C said...

Searcher wow you are on a roll girl. Can you also get triggered with david copeland and thomas mair, both a pair of fruitloops.

Have a little butchers at this.

white ignoratrashmus said...

"Such a move (requisitioning houses for foreigners) suggests that they've become unhinged."

I don-t mean to offend, but oftentimes I read comments on South Europe in the Anglo-blogosphere and they seem to mistake these countries with their countries.
Things are a little different in the south of Europe. It's no evil plots; it's the banality of evil instead.

Spanish Italian Greek Portuguese ministries and presidents have no will to ruin their countries; yet, they neither have the will to defend them.
Each of them is doing, simply, what can benefit him/her personally the most, without any other concern bothering them.

So you have no unhinged malice, just complete obedience to the flow.

I mean it's no Rumsfeld or Cheney or Clintons, nor there are $PLC-type powerful groups.
Just traditional leftist activists who sincerely mean good, and have little power anyway.

Plus the indifference of all other people. Even because the black people roaming about the streets are still enough low in number that they behave. The media keep repeating this is a temporary crisis; most people have no idea this is happening by design and the 1000-2000 arrivals per day will continue indefinitely.
And much less they have an idea how life will be when these people who are now behaving and looking like sheep will be, say, 10% of the population.

My initial point was that South Europe politicians are no vicious criminals, or their vice is only that of selfishness and going to the flow.

Anonymous said...

again, where is the IRA in the country of saints and acholars,have they gone that far to the left to give the country away to the niggers and muslims and smile and walk away,they never thought twice about putting bombs in mail boxes or ied cars in white protestant areas or shootng up there white neighbors homes,,give us a clue as to their present agenda????

John C said...

Searcher said I wonder why do men from broken homes who think women are "dangerous": wary/dismissive of all women (due to poor relationship with their own mothers?) gravitate to the AltRight? And why are they on such a time lag with spotting gatekeepers/poisonous "guilt by association" types? 

Well Searcher im from a broken home, my mother brought me up from the age of twelve on her own ie no government assistance ie she worked a full time job also getting promoted at her nhs job having completed one management course after another. It was her that told me john, look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves,(house bought at 37), it was her who told me to be wary of women who thought that they had golden crumpets (she had a way with words did my mum). I didn't always listen to my mum, cos that would make me a mummy's boy but having had a few relationships and watching/listening (a bit creepy I know), you find out that a lot of women(not all) are fucking batshit crazy, they can turn your life upside down in a flash.
Being a nationalist since twenty years of age ive turned everyone of my girlfriends to nationalism after their precondition outrage that my beliefs were evil, only then to revert to type when we had a falling out.
I could go on but all I can say is there is a massive lock-in deal with having a relationship with a mordern white women and being a nationalist activists isn’t one of them.


Fantastic speech by Millennial Woes

AKAEW said...

white ignoratrashmus said...

"......My initial point was that South Europe politicians are no vicious criminals, or their vice is only that of selfishness and going to the flow."

Sounds a lot like Africans in Africa then.

James said...

Abortions, why are some people against them?

Watch this and realise why some people love abortions so much. They kill live born babies at Planned Parenthood too.

James said...

Anders Breivik is also the product of a broken home. Last MSM update on Anders was that he was moaning about wanting video games in prison.

Just about every home now is broken if it manages to form in the first place so we should see plenty of action in the near future, correct?

James said...

He reckons that the Podesta e-fits (portraits) could have been put out by high level sorts as a warning to the Podestas that they can be thrown under the bus at any time (by higher ups). He reckons that the Podestas have nothing to do with Maddie per se but they are linked to a wider network. It's an interesting theory.

Those pics are a strong lead if real. Why are they not being followed?
Anybody know? Have the cops made a statement regarding the identity pics or not?

James said...

Spanish Italian Greek Portuguese ministries and presidents have no will to ruin their countries; yet, they neither have the will to defend them.

Strange if true.

Anonymous said...

What a deluded dangerous left wing cunt


Anonymous said...

The hell with all this diversity bullshit. "Hamilton" is now accepting white actors into the cast.

Dammit!...I was hoping to see the all-nigger version.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't inspire confidence that Trump made Mitch McConnell's chink wife the Secretary of Transportation.

We need nationalism and populism, not old style business party neoliberal Republicans. It might have worked decades ago but all that went out the window with the last 100,000,000 Third World immigrants.

Anonymous said...

They (the government and media) still can't figure out the motive for the Ohio State attack, despite all the evidence that it's a terrorist attack.

What was he upset about? No prayer rooms?

This kind of deliberate obtuseness proves that they are dumber than they think we are.

Flanders said...

I have a feeling that the gist of this post is correct, and that there seems to be an ongoing blackout of true news from Europe as it's formal destruction is proceeding. Anyone else have that impression? Are the people there so likely to be taking this process of destruction "within stride" as news accounts seem to indicate? I know that "news" [much of it the same] is delivered to each locale with differing regional accents applied, whether it is in the US (the main American populace which now knows almost nothing about Europe or Europeans, at least anything that is real). The same is true in Europe about their view of America and Americans, and the opinions of each are formed often based on the same "news events". Aside from (((MSM)))) about the only way to know would be from "international travelers", and how many of those would there be who be willing to report? I wondered on this after reading this Brexit report.

"In a wider context the mass echo Churchill’s quote “If Britain must choose between Europe and the open sea, she must always choose the open sea …” sadly confusing a Jewish structure with occupied European territory. This is a critical distinction for the European Union (EU) although labelled ‘European’ bears absolutely no relation to the European race. This situation has been deliberately engineered and is not new. The atmosphere that arose from Churchill’s quote was meant to drive Briton’s away from their European brethren and closer to America. While we have no wish to alienate our American European kin the notion that Brexit has placed in the European public consciousness i.e. that they are ‘out of Europe’ has the potential to create a monumental rift between European kinsfolk. It is also vital to note that Churchill met with mixed race Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi, Kalergi Freemasonin 1939 and by 1946 was praising the man’s work in his speech. Known as the father of the EU and financed by Jewish bankers it was Kalergi who was striving to replace the European Gene Pool nationalist German ideal of a European racial community with an ethnically heterogeneous (international miscegenation) society. This explains the Jewish Zio-Marxist importation of non-Europeans furthering the Kalergi plan the result being white genocide. Meanwhile, the ever more devolved and fractionalised as a people Europeans become the less likely they are to unite against the Jewish enemy."

James said...

Anonymous John C said...
James, do you think it's worth my time to listen to this recording? It's 52min long.

Or you can listen to it for us and tell us to go to the best, most important segments, so we don't waste our precious time.

Probably not but this is worth listening to (and its 2 hours long). Its not the standard droning alt-right rubbish that the likes of Molyneux pumps out.

They cover Alexandr Dugin, Putin, David Duke, Angela Merkel, Einstein, nukes, PEGIDA, communists, why Israel bleats about Iranian nukes but helped China and Pakistan get nukes, the Kalergi Plan, immigration, the planet Saturn, greater Israel, the Hooton Plan, Chaos Magic and Chaos politics, the alt-right and its communist background, Putin's Eurasian Plan, the Greater Israel theory, the Russian role in "saving Islam", why the Jews pretend to fear Muslims having nukes but assist them in taking over Europe's nuclear states, KGB (now FSB) agents in ISIS, Chechnyan troops in ISIS, Boston Marathon bombing, the Jesuit Pope, Hillary made to look bad on purpose, KGB in the Russian Orthodox Church, the discrediting of the US election process to weaken the political rights of US citizens, Trump's OTT hatred of ISIS and constant promotion of Russia, how the gentiles need to die in the 7th millennium (which we are entering about now), what the Jews really want, how they think it miraculous that nukes were invented just in time for the 7th millennium, how they promoted different ideas of the anti-Christ to different groups to get them to fight.

Forget all that David Duke stuff. This is about the likely end of the world which is never boring.

Flanders said...

The jews had at least the ending portions of WWI planned 17 years before WWI began. Do you know what their plan[s] was[were]?

What the jews wanted would have been obvious to no one at that time who was not a jew, I think, so what should that tell us about jews and jewry?

Would there have been an entirely different outcome if while making jewish plans and decisions at that time, and doing so while using and operating under the name Zionist, if the jews had instead used an entirely different name?

For example, what if those jews had instead used the name, "The Kosher Kiddie Congress", or "ADL", or "The Ancient Babylonian Order of Bearded Prophets", or "The Learned Elders of Zion" to enact those plans? Would the jews be saying today - Don't blame the jews, blame it all on those awful kosher kiddies? [The video is 1 minute long, by Dr William Pierce].

Flanders said...

Thanks for checking that Savant, but the comment has shown up. I was concerned that I may have lost it when I posted last night because it didn't show within the time I had expected.

Flanders said...

SJW's, assuming that they are white-skinned, are presumably going to remain white-skinned for the rest of their lives. They want to APPEAR to be something that they are not, and do what they do to stroke their own egos. Do they think that other White people cannot see that, or that the white-skin jews and the other coloreds do not recognize (and generally despise) that either? It's THEIR desire for SUPREMACY which drives them. They want to appear to be "better people" than the other mere "plebes" on the street and are almost willing to kill themselves to prove it. They are usually selfish brats and are always scum who have low intelligence and who follow orders easily so long as it grants them social "respectability" which feeds their narcissism.

Heraclitus said...

And I might add Flanders that the SJWs invariably display their own submerged racial superiority feelings through the tyranny of low expectations. For instance they hold black criminals to lower standards, claim affirmative action is needed for 'fairness' and laud even the most basic black accomplishment as wondrous.

Elaine said...

The Madeleine pics have been disproved - she has been identified as an autistic British girl.

kulak said...

they no longer know their enemy.

Excellent point Savant.

John C said...

One million polish and counting. It really doesn't have to be like this Britons.

Cheap labour (wages suppressed) More people (rents, house prices go up) lots of different people (easily controlled populous) Overall a decline of quality of life.

Churchill (do we have to keep bringing this tosser into nationalist debates) when he said open seas? Is that Britain has got kindred people/nations around the globe, we trade, we are a industrial nation.

Britain cradle the usa for a hundred years so that country could find its feet even tho it had no predators anywhere near it.
The usa with its fucked-up miss shaped dysfunctional people and its wonderful democracy of two parties banked rolled by easy money (I was gonna say dirty money) should concentrate on sorting out your own affairs.
Get Your Military Bases Out Of Europe. Before you cause anymore problems.
Don't lecture the ancient people's of Europe on how to live. Italy for the Italians and so on.
If you feel the need to bomb a 2/3 rate country back to the stone age then do it in your name only.
Stop feeding your kids weedkiller and plastic non degradable stuff (was going to say food)
Sort out your drinking water that you can't drink you fucking divs.
You're more than welcome to keep visiting England so long as you keep spending and keep your mouths shut.

John C said...

Britons it doesn't have to be like this. Is this portuguese mep a European brother?

Britons the cost to you and your family increases yearly.

John C said...

It doesn't have to be like this Britons.
Boris (a very unbritish name) Johnson wants a amnesty for thousands of illegal immigrants.

nemesis said...

I see Trump appointed a jew to run the Treasury. What odds were the bookies giving on that I wonder. 6 million to 1?

Anonymous said...

@ John C --

"Get Your Military Bases Out Of Europe. Before you cause anymore problems."

We tried.

Some of us even kept a RECORD of trying.

You know someth'in? "The American People" aren't even permitted to ask how many bases we got overseas, what they're up to, what they cost.

When the National Security State (good name: Security for the State, not us!) took the military in '47, they made a law modeled on the Brit "Official Secrets" codes that any talk that might endanger "the troops" is treason.

In the 70s we tried to bring um all home, got nowhere. In the 80s, at the behest of an Aussie accounts group, we tried to figure out what the hell the "US Government" was up to with their Top Secret and damn expensive base Down Under. Got nowhere again.

Boils down to this: In 1913 an alien entity took the money supply. A generation later they took that to its logical end and turned the US Gov into Israel's Empire in the USA, an alien-predator entity that us "citizens" aren't even allowed to question.

Joseph Farrell among other has been calling it a Parasite Regime. Not easy to dislodge; after all, they own the law. They ARE the law.

It's why keeping Americans stupid is the Media's Job One. I wouldn't wish it on anybody else, but my Italian friends tell me Italian TV is worse. I really can't believe that.


Flanders said...

You got it right, Mister, exactly right about the jewed US, the former home of Americans.

"Boils down to this: In 1913 an alien entity took the money supply. A generation later they took that to its logical end and turned the US Gov into Israel's Empire in the USA, an alien-predator entity that us "citizens" aren't even allowed to question.

Joseph Farrell among other has been calling it a Parasite Regime. Not easy to dislodge; after all, they own the law. They ARE the law."
The jews want the Military capability of the "US", and the resources are easy pickings, too. A carrier fleet carrying mostly White people to conquer the world for Zion, no matter at which port and fleets of bombers to pound any who may resist the bankers to the verge of Hell. A few measly million jew pesos each to buy less than a thousand congressmen to do their bidding, while the jews control an economy, and more and more of the country's assets worth trillions upon trillions as they use the IRS to extort all of that and more from the public slaves.

Let's mention the near-adoration by that adoring public who happily munch on what amounts to unfit dog food and fat chips as they scan their big-screen TV's, and scan media intently for when Madonna let her last fart, just so that they can be a part of the happy in-crowd of positive appearing freaks who love sharing stories of trivia whether for the Oscars or for Al Roker or those other nigs acting like "sportsmen" at halftime while steamrolling the asses off that opposing black team.

But, how can you even argue with such "success"? For so many former Americans - it's the American dream.

Flanders said...

John C and Mister, Since we all liked the expanded powers to conduct war asserted by Obama for jewry, those powers are now extended (by magic, of course) to Mr Trump.

"Make no mistake: Trump will have a free hand to use the law meant for the perpetrators of 9/11 to wage war around the world, fashioning it to different enemies at his command, and he will be able to point to precedent set by the Obama administration as he does it.

Per usual, all the White House’s decisions are being made under the veil of official secrecy. The only reason we know about it is not because the administration announced it, but because the New York Times reported it after unnamed officials leaked it to them.'

And that's not all. The Obama administration has also given more powers to the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) -- the organization that helped find and kill Osama bin Laden."

Flanders said...

Operatives from the "right wing" have been comfortably set into place among "new media" in anticipation for a Trump Presidency. Those now attempt to shade and influence a "resurgent" American opinion to favor war policies in favor and on behalf of jewry and Israel in the conduct of foreign policy. Most White people in America (including me) are conservatives, and attempts to hold them as captive cheerleaders for new war policies are considered to be essential.

"Meanwhile, Breitbart's editors sit comfortably at home, fulfilling US communication strategist Cass Sunstein's dream of infiltrating and disrupting the alternative media - diverting attention away from the real money and power driving terrorism, and instead implicating Islam - as if US-made TOW anti-tank missiles were summoned from the pages of the Qu'ran, and not delivered from an armory in Saudi Arabia, stocked by their American allies - including those Americans who regularly appear in Breitbart interviews."

Flanders said...

White guilt and White "privilege" have a jewish history - for a Reason.*

White guilt (in regard to "White Privilege") has been encouraged and taught in order to make White people scapegoats for the most sensationalized and fictionalized acts done or alleged to have been done by certain figures from the past, who are now barely, if at all, remembered. This has been done in order to divert everyone's attention from the long ongoing and recent (usually white-skinned) jewish crimes of subversion being accomplished against everyone, whether White or not, who is in America - and for additional jewish purposes.

The promotion of the White Privilege and other shams allows the jews a much easier time in their efforts to import more "minority" allies into our nation under the guise of "immigration" so that jews can unify themselves within the structures and organizations representing those minorities.

The jewish purpose is to allow (while publically silencing those who would expose the plans of jewry) the gradual displacements of White American people from institutions and positions of influence or power within their own formerly White lands while key power positions and status are being transferred gradually into the hands of jewry.

The diverse minorities, imported or domestic, are substantially easier for the established jewish organizations to manage, and for the jewish leaders to propagandize and to inculcate with hatred "against Americans". That message has a known connotation that it's all of the White people of America who are now to be the intended victims, in order that the minorities and "immigrants" who (unwittingly, but willingly) do the bidding of jewry against Whites, and it helps also to divert the attention of White people from what is occurring with the transfers of more and more political and financial power to jewry.

Globalist jewry's corporate financial and internationalist organizations, along with their controlled diverse minority organizations and public media, mount constant attacks against any individual White person who is a threat to expose the structures of jewish power operations. Those Whites no longer have an organization of any category, nor a government which is willing to support them. When White people voice or take action to resist either ongoing jewish power transfers, expose the propagandizing, or resist the importation of more minorities it is generally as an individual White being opposed by the combined consortiums of international jewry. An individual White country faces the same types of problems.
[Continues in a new comment, below].

Flanders said...

Economically displaced, unsupported and demoralized, individual people who have formerly been the backbone of their own countries, and jewish-Marxist propagandized children, now often choose to think of themselves only as being "white", and publicly recite system-taught sycophantic mantras, reinforced continually by the jewish media, while they and their wondering parents sit cowering individually within the bowels of disordered and censorious society, and scurry then into their nearest politically correct holes to die cowardly deaths in their burrows.

That is not the way that those who are a part or the progeny of an intelligent and courageous White great race, one which has always been refined and beautiful, good natured and kind, of consistent high moral character when interacting with each other, and which has until recently have honored and enjoyed our history and heritage, should choose to live. History should not record only evil - and a cowardly end - to the thousands of years of those, our truly great White generations - and certainly not, either, to our present. We owe much better to or our White future.

All White people should look to understand and become able to recognize the jewish purposes, and cease following a chosen path of blindness. The forces of jewry are in the background, and are now in the forefront, behind slurring terms used in a battle against our race. We must stop those plans, and the ongoing placing of divisions within our own race. We must cause the plan of jewry to fail. Become aware about duplicities and bind to punish and defeat those dividers who are international intentional traitors to our nation and to our race.

*[The videos below give a scope to the methods used by jewry which make it clear].
"French Children BRAINWASHED With Cultural Marxist Indoctrination Literature"
"Racist Anti-White Marxist Jewish & Black 'Academics' Hold White Privilege Conference 2014"

Anonymous said...

all the talk about Castros death,both pro and con can be boiled down to what we saw in Cuba in the late 50s while in the Navy,,The Cuban govt, was run by a US puppet named Batista,the two big real powers behind the throne were United fruit,and Domino sugar,the rest,casinos, gambling prostitution see the Godfather with Superman were all mob connected from Miami and NYC,it was a playground for any thing you want,anything goes.we recall the fat moon faced sweaty drunk ugly Americans that got off the charters from Miami and pulled shit that they would not want their fellow church goers to know about back in the states,one such fool was on the street drunk trying to feel up a grade school little girl until my self and a Marine put a stop to it and then he started drunken shit with us and we beat his child molesting ass senseless,we said amongst ourselves that the island was ripe for a revolution and when Castro succeed we all cheered not knowing he was all RED,which the National Security Council under Eisenhower should of been aware of,but thats my take on it,John Old Rtd Chicago Copper...

Flanders said...

What were the belief's which White people held extending back into times BC? This is about "Anglo-Saxon Heritage".

“We modern Christians are taught by preachers and liberals that peace is what God wants for us, and that we should disdain war. They ignore the fact that it is the defense of that very ideal which justifies war. Defending Godly ideals against those who would destroy them or our people, has made our history little more than a journal of wars. War has become our nature. War is in our soul; we hunger for it at the same time that we fear it. War has become our Godly exercise; it is the activity of God working through us individuals. It is God’s contest, in a great arena, where Good and Evil wage eternal battle against each other. Heroes, noble causes, justice, defending the innocent, peace at home, femininity and gentle nurturing, a woman’s love, children, avenging wrongs, conquering evil; these are values which are worth more than a warrior’s life, and for which one will charge into certain death, even against such terrors as dragons and witches who threaten the Godly utopia in the mind of our national soul.

Hard as some might try, the soul’s urge to battle on behalf of Good cannot be learned out of children, even in the pacifist liberal society of today.”

As to that last part, we have seen that the jews know how to transfer that youthful search for good and to divert it into accomplishing evil purposes, all the while making sounds as if it is being done for greater good. But, that is what the anti-Christ jews have always done, so that it is now an easy task for them should be no surprise. There are just too few of us who are truly knowledgeable about many of the ways which jews use to war against us, and our younger people have no effective teachers and must basically learn on their own. Anyway, here is the link to the article and another link to the index of many of his articles.

Anglo-Saxon Heritage

Index to his page of materials:

GHQ said...

Oh PUL-EEEZ!!!! Of course the 'authorities know the motive fr the Ohio university attack. They just won't admit it.

Big difference.

Anonymous said...

I watched the first installment of “RILLINGTON PLACE” and and it was a accurate visual portrate of that period.... grim. They were setting things up nicely for the nightmare to come!.
Well would you believe it ? It was followed by a program on the “history of streets"
Reverdy Road, Bermondey . Up to the present... total ethnic cleansing of the area and how , in my opinion, the “mad handbag” was so clever with her thinking long ..... the bitch!
It explains how this particular group of cockneys were able to hold out for so long! Good records kept over time (over 150 Years! by local authority).
I personally would advise watching this program, much of what is happening now (to the white working class)will becomes clear.
One (very very) important statistic they left out ...was the number bombed out folk who were hidden away in ancient mine workings in Kent. Sixteen thousand ...thats’ correct 16,000. That must have been the largest concentration camp in the world at that time.
Both progs on BBC iPLAYER.

Anonymous said...

Am I correct for being suspicious regarding the horror and surprise of the msm. re the activity of pervs amongst young folk?
Especially in the football world.
To my mind, if they had a mind to...they should have had suspicions many years ago.
The upside: It loosens the attention in other areas and distorts the statistics.

SAVANT said...

Seems to me dofornow that sports administrators always get wind of such abuse cases and always look the other way. The media? They're just whores - who knows what sort of incentives they might have had one way or the other.

Seems somebody at the HebeBC slipped up if they showed the ethnic cleansing in Bermondsey. Or maybe it was the last White male TV producer making a stand?

Anonymous said...

Have a read some of Ken living stones staff
Celebrated while watching twin towers
Attack unfold even though they didn't
Know whe was doing the attacking


Uncle Nasty said...

Talk about bed-wetting SJWs, please read this steaming pile of ... New Zealand journalism; pause to have a quiet vomit, then continue.

Mother fights back against photo of 4-year-old with Clinton used as a disgusting meme

Last updated 10:08, December 2 2016
Jennifer Jones via Hillary for America

(Image) Hillary Clinton poses with 4-year-old Sullivan at the event in Charleston, S.C. (Courtesy of Jennifer Jones via Hillary for America)

Early in the US election campaign, a 4-year-old girl dressed as Hillary Clinton for Halloween, wearing a blazer and carrying a briefcase, met her idol.

The candidate, then vying for the Democratic nomination, posed for a picture with her mini-me after an event in the girl's home town of Charleston, South Carolina, in 2015. Clinton told her she looked like a future president.

Jennifer Jones' daughter, Sullivan, cherished the picture, now framed in her bedroom, showing a smiling Clinton crouching behind her with both hands on her little shoulders.

The Left are truly like rust, rot and cancer ... they never, never, never give up. Needless to say the article is by an Itkowitz ... Good Celtic name, that.

Now they fall back on their favourite tearjerker -- "It's for the CHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEDREN ..."

The interesting thing -- for me that is, is that I read or hear this sort of thing and my comments to myself, fit into one of three categories.

A. Oh, that's hilarious ...
B. Oh, give me a break ...
C. Oh, FUCK off! ...

I call them the "oh" categories. My landlady just shakes her head. She thinks I'm a looney ... which is fine.


Glen C said...

COLBY ITKOWITZ. These Irish always trying to do the rest of us down.

Uncle Nasty said...

On topic, surprisingly enough. Helen Mirren, she of the increasingly saggy bazoobas, was once described by an admirer, as the "Thinking Man's bit of crumpet."

Here we have the Gatestone Institute, who I like to describe as the "self-deluding Neocon's Theo Spark" ... an upmarket hasbarat site.

How do I know this? Easy. Cherchez le Juif, Baby. Roll an eye down the list of "contributors" and directors ... and count the Juifs

Ambassador John R. Bolton, Chairman
Nina Rosenwald, President
Naomi H. Perlman, Vice President
Board of Governors (in formation)
The Viscountess Bearsted
Baroness Caroline Cox
Alan Dershowitz
The Lord Finkelstein OBE
Jack Fowler
Robert Immerman
Lawrence Kadish
Ingeborg Rennert
Rebecca Sugar
Merryl Tisch

Amir Taheri, Chairman, Europe Board of Governors
Board of Governors, Gatestone Europe
Chairman, Amir Taheri
Anne-Elisabeth Moutet
Board of Advisors (in formation)
Ahmed Charai
Rev. Dr. Petra Heldt
M. Zuhdi Jasser
Richard Kemp
Michael Mukasey
Elie Wiesel †***
R. James Woolsey

Sometimes, amazingly they get it right. More by accident than by design.

Keith Ellison - The Wrong Man at the Wrong Time
by Alan M. Dershowitz
November 30, 2016 at 4:30 pm

Ellison's sordid past associations with Louis Farrakhan -- the long time leader of the Nation of Islam -- will hurt him in Middle America, which has little appetite for Farrakhan's anti-American ravings. Recently, Farrakhan made headlines for visiting Iran on the 35th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution where he berated the United States, while refusing to criticize Iran's human rights violations. Farrakhan also appeared as a special guest speaker of the Iranian president at a rally, which featured the unveiling of a float reenacting Iran's detention of 10 U.S. Navy sailors in the Persian Gulf.

In addition to embracing American enemies abroad, Farrakhan has exhibited a penchant for lacing his sermons with anti-Semitic hate speech. Around the time that Ellison was working with the Nation of Islam, for example, Farrakhan was delivering speeches attacking "the synagogue as Satan." He described Jews as "wicked deceivers of the American people" that have "wrapped [their] tentacles around the U.S. government" and are "deceiving and sending this nation to hell." Long after Jesse Jackson disavowed Farrakhan in 1984 as "reprehensible and morally indefensible" for describing Judaism as a "gutter religion,"

I found myself nodding to the last paragraph ... not because of lack of sleep.


*** Still voting although not present.

Flanders said...

Some more alternate views differing from nanny-pansy judeo-Marxist religion.

"There is the disturbing and utterly false idea that a Christian must always turn the other cheek, no matter the provocation. Not only is this false in both scriptural context as well as historical fact, it is, in fact, a heresy, a crime and a sin to do so at times.

In Catholic catechism, it is in fact a duty to protect and defend against the attacks of enemies, regardless of their nature being spiritual or material.

And if you happen to belong to one of the heretic sects of Churchianity that thinks the Catholics are wrong, bite me Churchian. The Catholics ARE the reason Western Civilisation exists. They stopped the Saracens (that’s Muslim invaders to you illiterate millennials) in the only way those savage demon-spawns understand: by killing them. A lot. And throwing their Satanic asses and foul, demonic practices back into the sea. The first crusade was not only a good thing, it was a great thing. Of course in its details it can be vicious, messy, cruel, but never as much as the perverse violence the Islamists inflicted on the Levant and Europe for centuries before the Christians responded."

Flanders said...

Just posting this to keep aware about what is happening in general, and some of the info may help when planning your own groups.

"The Nordic Council of Resistance of Finland is organizing a march for freedom in Helsinki on December 6. ... We urge all to give priority to the Independence Day, for the Finnish people and its freedom’s sake.

The purpose is to honor the bygone days, & contemporary as well as future freedom fighters. We want to get people to realize that we do not live in freedom in 2016, even if one tries to make us believe it. We want to regain our freedom and are ready to fight for it.

Anyone who wants to see a free people who are not guided by foreign powers are welcome, regardless of age, gender, income, or organizational background.
[I suppose it's for Finnish people only]

Do I have to belong to the Nordic Council of Resistance to participate?

No, you do not. Members of other political organizations are also welcome if they are standing up for the purpose of the march."

Anonymous said...

Halloween costumes.

Anonymous said...

The nigger is a filthy animal. It should be kept away from humanity.

The Jew uses the worthless nigger as a weapon of mass destruction. May God strike down both the nigger and the Jew. Both are enemies of humanity.

Flanders said...

I would say that we can be sure that the enemy is NOW, instead of being in the future for a lot of our people, according to this 1958 book, and it has been for a long time. The book would have been considered to be too unrealistic and dire to most Americans in 1958. But then - almost all American citizens were White and lived in healthy situations [socially, medically and otherwise] with other White people, leaving all doors unlocked, and kids playing wherever without danger, and fresh excellent foods readily available instead of being shipped away. All of Europe seemed the same way, too, then. It was not until after Crypto LBJ came into office that America's signs of crumbling started becoming visible, and it seems looking back that the jews performed a pre-planned Helter-Skelter situation, hitting from all fronts (all of which were led by (((MEDIA))) and centered at about the time of the 1968 Democratic convention in Chicago, and thereafter, leading to what we have now. The good Doctor knew what he was talking about when he named the book, The Age of Treason.

"Dr. Clymer introduces readers with a stark warning for the future, writing, “Imagine yourself if you can, becoming conscious that you are gradually losing your manhood; that your mind is rapidly deteriorating so that you are no longer capable of thinking clearly; unable to plan your future actions. Your resistance is becoming so weakened that you are no longer master of yourself. In short, you are rapidly developing into a moron, a robot, a zombie, readily subject to the dictates of others…”.

John C said...

Richard Spencer 5 Ramzpaul 0

John C said...

All European Nationalist keep a good healthy distance from British and American nationalists there's a high possibility that they are Mi5 CIA agents.
Keep yourselves tight and close-knit.
All The Best.

John C said...

British and American nationalists failed leaders stay out of European nationalist affairs.


They don't need your help or advice!

John C said...

Iain Dale the wooly woofter ex CONservative mp now lbc radio presenter upsets caller and the daily express readers, in fact every decent white person in Britain by stating..... Well have a little listen and read for yourselves what this wooly woofter got to say.

Here's Iain Dale beating up a old man

James Lord said...

I tell you this UN, the 'disgusting' version of that foto gave a much more realistic insight into Clinton than the staged one. When the photographer finished she probably said 'yugh' and went off to wash her hands.

Anonymous said...

Well they are attacking the public in Italy now
But don't worry they say they are protected by Allah


Anonymous said...

Typical responses from the next generation of brain-dead, "educated" fools at a school that just experienced real life mayhem on their own university grounds.

John C said...

But you have to remember that they are university bods that are accepting death . Working class blue collar folks would definitely give a fuck that shit to the situation at hand. Good bless the working class for they are not wanked out with soppiness.

Rastan said...

We are told that the "migrants" are not here for the welfare. Let them prove this by ending all welfare to "migrants". If they don't agree to this, they show that they are lying and know that the invaders only care about the free money.