Saturday, 15 October 2016

Trump skirts the Third Rail

Gladdening the hearts of those of us who feared he had taken the Blue Pill, Trump let rip thusly at a packed meeting in Florida a few days ago.

This is not simply another four-year election, This is a crossroads in the history of our civilization that will determine whether or not we, the people, reclaim control over our government. The political establishment that is trying to stop us is the same group responsible for our disastrous trade deals, massive illegal immigration, and economic and foreign policies that have bled our country dry. 

This election will determine whether we remain a free country in the truest sense of the word or we become a corrupt banana republic controlled by large donors and foreign governments. Our corrupt political establishment, that is the greatest power behind the efforts at radical globalization and the disenfranchisement of working people. Their financial resources are virtually unlimited, their political resources are unlimited, their media resources are unmatched.

If ever there was a dog-whistle this was it. And the limp-wristed faggots  in the media took the bait. Here's Mother Jones: Many internet users were alarmed at Trump’s language, noting its reliance on anti-Semitic themes and more suited to a fascist dictator than a presidential candidate. Throughout the speech, Trump used harsh language that evoked old and ugly anti-Semitic conspiracy theories about international bankers who supposedly infiltrate national governments and control the global agenda.

What a crazy idea, international bankers who supposedly infiltrate national governments and control the global agenda! But here's a logical response from (((Jonathan Taylor))) on Counterpunch. By making this association, these supposed defenders of the Jews are in fact the ones at risk of fostering anti-Semitism. If “globalists” are conflated with Jews by Jews, then doesn’t that means that globalists ARE Jews? If “international bankers” is a cover for anti-Semitism, than by simple deduction most international bankers must be Jewish! Bringing up anti-Semitism then just reminds people of how much influence and power Jews have. Casually hurling charges of anti-Semitism at critics of globalism is incredibly ill-advised and unhelpful.

Which is why I welcome it! More please. As Chateau Heartiste commentator Matt King observes They can’t snuff us out without a trace now that Trump has “taken the slings and arrows” on our behalf. The paper tiger of the left has been exposed. They cannot intimidate or credibly threaten us anymore. Trump had more to lose than perhaps any of us, and he pushed it all to the center of the table, showing us the way it will be done in the second revolutionary era.

Imagine if we were really about to see the advent of a new and truly revolutionary epoch?


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James said...

more suited to a fascist dictator than a presidential candidate.

Sweden is 100% fascist. The left loves it. Roland Hunstford in his 1971 book The New Totalitarians said Sweden was quite proud of having implemented every single one of Mussolini's aims- without firing a shot.

Trump's more like an anti-fascist at this stage. Fascists are actually leftists.
Trump wants LESS government.

great white said...

Here is one response to a CNN reaction to Trump.

"Hurrr durrrr you're a racist, sexist homophobic transphobic xenophobic Islamophobic anti-semite...duuuhhhh
It's not working anymore. You only expose your agenda. Can't argue on the facts? Can't debate with logic? Don't want to expose your weakness on the issues that matter? Try character assassination!
Repeat "you're a bigot/predator/child molester/rapist/literally Hitler" and the above ad nauseum.
Funny, Trump was never any of those things until he challenged the criminal thugs of the establishment uniparty, known as the Democrats/NeoCon Republicans!
This article is a disgrace, this media is a disgrace, and we're coming for you. Trump 2016.

English Tony from NYC said...

It is interesting that supposed revelations of Trump's ungentlemanly attitude toward women come at just the moment when Wikileaks has given us information even more revealing about Hillary.
Wikileaks has shown that Hillary's highly-paid speeches to big business indicate that she believes politicians' private opinions need not conform to their public stances, she supports NAFTA and TPP, and she advocates open borders.
Curious how Trump's alleged misconduct has driven these findings from the mass media.

Searcher said...

Just came across this American YouTuber.

Media Is Lying, Donald Trump Is Way, Way Ahead Of Hillary!

Kelly said...

Amazing article on Cracked of all places on Trump and his deplorable supporters.

Searcher said...

New word

It is a new one for me at any rate. If a supporter of an election candidate appears on MSM they are introduced as the candidate's "surrogate".

This strikes me as a bit strange, since "supporter" is the more usual term for someone who finds common ground with a particular candidate and roots for them.

Should the Trump campaign take this branding seriously and start outing Clinton "surrogates" such as Bill Maher/Seth Meyers etc and refer to them as such.

It just occured to me whilst watching some Bill Maher vids on Trump. Doing an "Emperor New Clothes" routine ad nauseum on Trump: only the stoopid people will vote for Trump. Obviously you have to vote for Hilary.

James said...

According to Jim Stone

George Soros will be counting all the votes. His main man runs the company that runs the voting machines. The states only rent them. Even the paper votes will be counted by Soros. Soros will grab you by the pussy too.

Anonymous said...

The way they are behaving so rat-like makes me think they know their situation is truly desperate. Secret ballot polls are like a foo-fighter mind harbinger in the night thoughts of Shit-liberals.

- A Munster Reader.

James said...

Media Is Lying, Donald Trump Is Way, Way Ahead Of Hillary!

Here is a summary:

Fact 1:
Trump 12,174,358 likes.
Clinton: 4,385,959 likes.

Live stream videos recently played.
Trump: 21 hours ago; 135,000 likes 18,167 shares, 1.5 million views
Clinton: 25 hours ago; 9,000 likes, 0 shares, 121,000 views

Fact 2:
Twitter followers.
Trump: 18 million (90% real)
Clinton: 6 million (60 % real)

Fact 3:
Views per live stream.
Trump: 160,000. 5,000 % more eyeballs.
Hillary: 400.

Fact 4:
Instagram followers.
Trump: 6.2 million
Clinton: 0.8 million

Fact 5:
Reddit subscribers
Trump: 297,696
Clinton: 21,429
Hillary for prison: 255,228 !!!!

DNC emails from Wikileaks prove that Hillary has fake subscribers in all these social media platforms. If you view source on her campaign homepage, and read the HTML comments, she is hiring programmers and called the election process an "18 month HACKATHON".

Trump simply can't lose unless the election is as rigged as the media.

Uncle Nasty said...

... But here's a logical response from (((Jonathan Taylor))) on Counterpunch. By making this association, these supposed defenders of the Jews are in fact the ones at risk of fostering anti-Semitism. If “globalists” are conflated with Jews by Jews, then doesn’t that means that globalists ARE Jews? If “international bankers” is a cover for anti-Semitism, than by simple deduction most international bankers must be Jewish! Bringing up anti-Semitism then just reminds people of how much influence and power Jews have. Casually hurling charges of anti-Semitism at critics of globalism is incredibly ill-advised and unhelpful.

Very interesting point, Sav, and one that reminds me of a very conservative Portuguese buddy of mine in the seventies. His daughter was accused of "loose behaviour" by some little punk as a spiteful revenge tactic. His initial response ... do nothing. Say nothing.

He was a fiery old bugger, and we were all a bit surprised by this rather mild reaction ... until he mentioned an earthy old Portuguese saying regarding finding a huge dog turd on your lawn. It will smell bad for a day or so until it dries on the surface ... but disturb it -- and it reeks all over again.

Leave it for a few days to dry out ... and then dispose of it.** Maybe the jews could learn to drop their instant response "Shoot from the Lip" attitude -- but I don't think so.


**Which, I recall, is what happened to the punk. He sort of disappeared. Never heard about him again.

Flanders said...

Who Controls America [See Banking and Finance in the right-hand column]

James said...

Trump was awesome here.

"The Clintons are criminals, remember that."

James said...

The full speech. Trump is openly and repeatedly calling the Clintons "criminals" now.

Anonymous said...

Dublin's future:

Anonymous said...

I am assuming Trump is going to be the next president of the United States of America.

There has been a constant barrage of propaganda which has been pro-((conservative)) for the last couple of years.

Did it start with Trayvon Martin or global warming during the coldest winter on record? I don't remember.

If Donald Trump was serious about putting not only the Clintons, but the Bushes and the Obamas in prison, I would vote for him.

This is not happening. More likely they are all having dinner together and laughing about what fools we are.

Gem Junior said...

I absolutely love Trump, I respect him, and I want him for president. WANT HIM, not picking the "lesser of 2 evils" or "hold my nose and vote for Trump," I actually think he is very capable and knows how to deal with things - he doesn't NEED this shit job, he's not power-hungry like the crazy whore dying to start a nuclear war with Putin. Trump has enough power wheeling and dealing real estate, beauty contests, the fake wrestling stupidity, his television shows etc. He actually IS a patriot, which makes most of (sorry but it's true) the dumbed-down American public suspicious.

The way we know that he's real is by the confederacy of dunces around him talking badly about him, but when every single media paper, magazine, website, and news show in the world is slinging mud it's obvious that the (((NWO))) is soiling itself and that is what we see. They are crapping in their pants, because what started as a big fat joke that made this elite intelligentsia laugh and roll their eyes over their cocktails is no longer funny at all. There is nothing that can make people forget what Hillary has done, except of course like Bill did she can always start another war, in her mind's eye the best option to shift the subject would be nuclear war. And that is what she wants. She's going down and she will scratch the walls bloody tearing her fingernails off on the way down. Someone should kick her face in when they push her down to hell where she belongs.

Anonymous said...

Wow Sav.

Trump says it all here:

"...this election will determine whether we remain a free country in the truest sense of the word or we become a corrupt banana republic controlled by large donors and foreign governments."

He didn't come right out and say "George Soros paid for rioters in Missouri, and I won't let that shit fly" but it was close, real close.

Calling Trump a fascist is just boilerplate anyway. The international bankers know that Mussolini and Hitler only told the financiers that the banks will now work for the nation and not vise versa. That's "anti-semitism" only if you're a Rothschild-Rockefeller-Soros.

Their goal, for over a century, is getting weak phoney governments run by strong and very real banks. Looking at Europe and the US, they were close to winning. Now they see a threat.

Piss on them. I live for the day they get to live in the economies they work so hard to screw. I will laugh when they try to find a living wage after their penthouses get dynamited to get space for honest family businesses. Bring it on!


Mrs. Heracitus said...

Trump is way ahead of her among the public searcher but the Electoral College is the problem. Assuming of course the vote does not get 'Diebolded' first!

Corkonian said...

MISTER - I look forward to exactly the same thing. I literally would die happy if it came to pass.

katana said...


Benton Bradberry’s 2012 book, “The Myth of German Villainy” is a superb, must-read, revisionist look at how the German people have been systematically, relentlessly and most importantly, unjustly vilified as the arch criminal of the 20th century. Bradberry sets out, cooly and calmly as befits a former US-Navy officer and pilot, to show why and how the German people have been falsely accused of massive crimes and that their chief accuser and tormenter, organized jewry is in fact the real party guilty of monstrous crimes against Germans and the rest of the world.

Book – The Myth of German Villainy – Part 06 – The Bolshevik Revolution Spreads throughout Europe

In Part 06 the establishment of various poisonous jewish communist movements throughout European countries and their attempts to overthrow the existing governments is described. In particular the attempts to take over Germany (Eugene Levine, Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht in 1919) Hungary (Bela Kuhn in 1919), Italy, Spain and Czechoslovakia by jews is detailed.

Lastly the overall aim of world conquest by Organized jewry is briefly discussed and how its plans at that time were countered by leaders such as Horthy, Mussolini, Franco and Hitler — KATANA.

Frank Galton said...

New York Times, 13 October 2016

Donald J. Trump on Thursday accused Hillary Clinton of guiding a “global power structure” that has rigged the economy against the working class, language that some suggested echoed anti-Semitic themes.

The remarks drew criticism from some who said they resembled prejudicial language used by anti-Semites.

“Whether intentionally or not, Donald Trump is evoking classic anti-Semitic themes that have historically been used against Jews and still reverberate today,” Jonathan Greenblatt, the chief executive of the Anti-Defamation League, a group that fights discrimination, said in a statement.

Mr. Greenblatt said the group feared that white supremacists might see the comments as tacit encouragement.

“Mr. Trump focused on the very issues and themes that obsess conspiratorial anti-Semites: They...believe that most of Hillary Clinton’s donors are Jewish.”

FORWARD, 13 February 2016

Pro-Hillary Clinton Super PAC Is Mostly Backed by Jewish Donors

At least eight of the top 12 donors the pro-Clinton Priorities USA Action are Jewish — and one more is married to a Jew. Jews have contributed over half of the $41 million raised so far by the super PAC.

[Jewish donors: George Soros, Donald Sussman, Haim Saban, Herbert Sandler, S. Daniel Abraham, Steven Spielberg, Jeffrey Katzenberg, J.J. Abrams]

Since its creation in 2011 by allies of President Obama, Priorities USA Action has been something of a Jewish shop. Among its largest donors in the 2012 cycle were Katzenberg, Abraham, Spielberg, and Qualcomm founder Irwin M. Jacobs.

FORBES, 27 MAY 2016

The Top Donors Backing Hillary Clinton's Super PAC

1. Haim Saban. JEWISH
2. James Simons. JEWISH
3. George Soros. JEWISH
4. J. B. Pritzker. JEWISH
5. Donald Sussman. JEWISH
6. Laure Woods. ?
7. [S.] Daniel Abraham. JEWISH
8. Herbert M. Sandler. JEWISH
9. David Elliot Shaw. JEWISH
10. Henry and Marsha Laufer. ?
11. Fred Eychaner. JEWISH
12. Pat Stryker. ?
13. Jon Stryker. JEWISH
14. Barbara F. Lee. JEWISH
15. Thomas Tull. ?
16. Steven Spielberg. JEWISH
17. Bernard Leon Schwartz. JEWISH
18. John S. Mostyn. ?
19. Jeffrey Katzenberg. JEWISH
20, Stephen M. Silberstein. ?

Arutz Sheva, 27 September 2016

50% of donations to Clinton campaign come from Jews

A new report presented by Gil Troy of Mcgill University in Canada, shows that 50% of donations to Secretary Clinton’s campaign come from Jewish contributors.

In an interview with the Jerusalem Post, Troy stated that this is why presidential campaigns are aimed at Jews even though they only make up 2% of American voters.

Frank Galton

John C said...

Bring Back The Bradbury! uk column Youtube 6:21 minutes worth a watch

Frank Galton said...

New York Times, 13 October 2016

Jews have long been accused of conspiring to control institutions like banks and the media in order to amass wealth and power.

In 1931, for example, the author A. N. Field described the creation of the AMERICAN FEDERAL RESERVE as the moment the “German-Jew engine of control” enslaved the United States, according to the Anti-Defamation League. That conspiracy theory has survived the ensuing decades and, even today, such anti-Semitic beliefs remain prevalent around the world, according to A.D.L. polling.

New York Times, 03 October 1993

The larger story of the German Jews is mirrored in the family history of the Warburgs.

Paul [Warburg] played an important part in his new country's history by fighting for the creation of the FEDERAL RESERVE System.

Jewish Telegraphic Agency, 15 January 1932

Mr. Paul M. Warburg...Founder of AMERICAN FEDERAL RESERVE Bank System...

Mr. Paul M. Warburg, the famous banker...was the initiator of the AMERICAN FEDERAL RESERVE Bank System...

Forward, 09 October 2013

Janet Yellen Brings Jewish Side to Fed - AGAIN

Yellen, whose nomination to head America's central bank was reported Tuesday, will follow her immediate predecessor Ben Bernanke who was Jewish, and Bernanke's immediate predecessor, Alan Greenspan, who was Jewish, too.

YNET NEWS, 26 October 2011

The chairman of the Federal Reserve, Ben Shalom Bernanke, is Jewish too, as is his predecessor, Alan Greenspan, and the FED FOUNDER, Paul Warburg.

"The Jews were the first people to undergo globalization...They had a NETWORK OF GLOBAL CONNECTIONS way before OTHER NATIONS *." - Rebecca Caspi, senior vice president of the Jewish Federations of North America (JFNA),7340,L-4099803,00.html

* According to the senior vice president of the Jewish Federations of North America, "Jews..are a nation" (a nation within a nation).

Frank Galton

daniel said...

fascism is pro white and anti jew supremascism you idiot cuckservative

Frank Galton said...

New York Times, 13 October 2016

Jews have long been accused of conspiring to control institutions like...the media in order to amass wealth and power.

83% of the people who control the corporations which control 90% of the media in the United States are Jews/Zionists.

Business Insider, 14 June 2012

These 6 Corporations Control 90% Of The Media In America

1. Comcast

Founded by Jewish businessman Ralph Joel Roberts, Comcast is the largest broadcasting and cable company in the world by revenue. Comcast's Chairman, President, and CEO is Jewish businessman Brian L. Roberts.

2. The Walt Disney Company

The Walt Disney Company is the world's second largest broadcasting and cable company in terms of revenue, after Comcast. Its Chairman and CEO is Jewish businessman Bob Iger.

3. Viacom Inc.

The President and CEO of Viacom Inc is Jewish businessman Philippe Dauman. Dauman is a longtime associate of the company's chairman, Jewish businessman Sumner Redstone.

4. CBS Corporation

The President and Chief Executive Officer of CBS Corporation is Jewish businessman Leslie Moonves. Jewish businessman Sumner Redstone is CBS's majority shareholder and serves as executive chairman.

5. News Corp

21st Century Fox is an American multinational mass media corporation. It is one of two companies created from the 2013 split of News Corporation. 21st Century Fox retains the previous News Corporation's broadcasting and film assets and serves as its legal successor, while its publishing assets were spun off to form News Corp at the same time.

The Executive Chairman of 21st Century Fox is Zionist Rupert Murdoch. Until July 1, 2015, Mr. Murdoch served as CEO and Chairman of the Company, a role he held since its inception as News Corporation in 1979.
The Executive Chairman of News Corp is Zionist Rupert Murdoch.

6. Time Warner

The Chairman and CEO of Time Warner is Jeffrey Lawrence Bewkes. *

* According to the Jewish Journal, the Chairman and CEO of Time Warner, Jeffrey Lawrence Bewkes, is Jewish. If correct, this means that ALL (100%) of the people who control the corporations which control 90% of the media in the United States are Jews/Zionists.

JEWISH JOURNAL, 26 July 2007

It's the 30th anniversary of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, the internationally recognized human rights organization and operator of the Museum of Tolerance located a mile and a half away, and the men behind this June 20 gala are Jewish entertainment chieftains --Time Warner President and COO JEFF BEWKES, Universal Studios President and COO Ron Meyer and, specifically, Jeffrey Katzenberg, a center trustee and CEO of Dreamworks Animation.

Frank Galton

Frank Galton said...

New York Times, 13 October 2016

Trump Accuses Clinton of Guiding Global Elite Against U.S. Working Class

Jews have long been accused of conspiring to control institutions like...the media in order to amass wealth and power.

Jewish Business News, 11 February 2015


Los Angeles Times, 19 December 2008

Who runs Hollywood? C'mon


I have never been so upset by a poll in my life. Only 22% of Americans now believe "the movie and television industries are pretty much run by Jews," down from nearly 50% in 1964. The Anti-Defamation League, which released the poll results last month, sees in these numbers a victory against stereotyping. Actually, it just shows how dumb America has gotten. JEWS TOTALLY RUN HOLLYWOOD.

YNET NEWS, 26 October 2011

The cinema industry was created from scratch in the 1930s, and the JEWS BASICALLY TOOK OVER IT.,7340,L-4099803,00.html


Jews DO Control The Media

Let's be honest with ourselves, here, fellow Jews. WE DO CONTROL THE MEDIA.

Did you know that all eight major film studios are run by Jews?

But that's not all. We also control the ADS that go on those TV shows.

Jewish businessman Sir Martin Sorrell is the founder and CEO of WPP, the WORLD'S BIGGEST ADVERTISING GROUP.

Business Insider, 09 March 2015

World's biggest advertising group WPP reports record £1.5 billion annual profit

The Guardian, 04 July 2010

[Sorrell] bemoans being stereotyped as a north London Jew...

Saatchi & Saatchi was founded by Sephardic Jews Maurice and Charles Saatchi.

The Week, 06 October 2008

Saatchi & Saatchi has grown from a start-up advertising agency in London in 1970 to a global creative communications company headquartered in New York with 130 offices in 70 countries and over 6500 employees. Saatchi & Saatchi is part of the PUBLICIS GROUPE, the WORLD'S THIRD LARGEST COMMUNICATIONS GROUP.

The CEO of Publicis Groupe is French Jew Maurice Lévy.

Jewish Chronicle, 22 March 2013

Maurice Lévy, one of the most powerful men in global advertising, has named his rabbi grandfather as his greatest inspiration.

Mr Lévy is chief executive officer of the French Publicis Groupe, one of the three LARGEST ADVERTISING COMPANIES IN THE WORLD, with a £5bn revenue last year.

Frank Galton

katana said...

Over at The Occidental Observer, Kevin MacDonald wrote (with my reply following):

Claremont’s Codevilla On The Coming Revolution: “Americans Will Be Nostalgic For Donald Trump’s Moderation.”

“We are nearing the climax of a watershed election. The Ruling Class understands that Donald Trump represents a counter-revolution to all they have built up over the last 50 years.”


My god, how wonderful that would be if that were the case!

My understanding of Trump is that he represents a triumph of the jewish mass media manipulation of the public. There’s always the need to innovate to keep the circus rolling.

How is it that a total Jew York real estate insider, a beholden shabbos goy, transforms himself into a “maverick”, a man on a “White horse” and is able to come on the scene as a potential savior “President”, speak commonsense and “truth” to power, all the while totally surrounded by jewish advisors?

How does he “out jew the jews” that he is surrounded with in his personal, business, and now political life?

Much, much, more likely though, is that Trump is some kind of “stalking horse” set up to conceal the real intentions of organized jewry that is behind him and Clinton and the whole lot of scum that form the political class.


Now I know I'm going against the grain with the above, but I would caution people to step back from the hype and undoubtedly good things that Trump says and reconsider him in terms of his background and how jews DO run the show.
Book – The Myth of German Villainy – Part 06 – The Bolshevik Revolution Spreads throughout Europe

John C said...

Watch both of these little videos on YouTube

$15 Minimum Wage, Taxes and TTP: Economic Advisors? To Clinton and Trump Spar. RT news
Fuck is that what their called.


Ive got a IQ of 70 and I am determine to drag it up to 88 IQ by the end of this Year with the help from some of yous and Providing I don't take a full hit from a nuke. I started digging a bunker in my garden after james panicked me with his bunker chat the other week. I dug down so deep that I started to find what I thought at the time was 17th century or later, pottery, (it started to become I a real hobby for me now that ive given up footie and chucked me tv out.) It bloody turned out to be just throw away roof tiles from 20 years ago when my house was built. Felt such a fool when the local expert in front of everyone in the pub told me this.

Anyway can someone here with a massive iQ explain to me what is Money for? Credit ? And Debt all for. That last sentence is a bit muddled, sorry. The teacher's (marxists scum) at my inner London schools told me parents that I was dyslexic and there was really nothing to worry about (got me house bought and paid for by 38 so fuck you, you vile cunts)...Much appreciation to all of you.

Are we all, just living in a massive (I like that word today) sophisticated slavery, for something we did in a past life and god wants our soul's to awaken, to rise to another level and find the courage to fight those (as Trump would say) those very very Bad-BAD men.... I wonder

sentient said...

Scepticism is necessary katana but don't throw out the baby with the bathwater. Have you considered the possibility that the views Trump now espouses derive from those very experiences he has had with the tribe and their fellow travellers?

Anonymous said...

Others say anti-neocon slogans are "anti-Semitic", only to be outraged at any suggestion of the neocon movement being a part of Jewry.

Pick between schizophrenia and paranoia,there's no third way when reality can't be faced.

katana said...

sentient said... 16 October 2016 at 15:51

Scepticism is necessary katana but don't throw out the baby with the bathwater. Have you considered the possibility that the views Trump now espouses derive from those very experiences he has had with the tribe and their fellow travellers?

Not really. But that is because I don't believe he would be in the position that he is in, if it wasn't for the Tribe being behind him, for their nefarious reasons.

Searcher said...

Mrs Heraclitus

Any chance you could explain the process regarding electoral colleges?

I have looked it up previously but I never really understood it.

PS if Granville Thorndyke is checking in here: congrats on the Trump vid (50k+ views so far). I seem to be in the minority in liking the background music. The relatively calm and swaying tempo is a good contrast imho with what the magnitude of what he is actually saying. It reminds me of a father figure giving a speech at a wedding telling it like it is (I don't know why wedding came to mind). There's a cosy speaker/audience understanding present at Trump rallies that I think came across and was enhanced by the music.

TL/DR Keep going and trust your instincts.

Mrs. Heracitus said...

Not a Constitutional scholar Searcher but the crucial thing about the Electoral College is that it means all of a State's EC votes go to the candidate who has won a plurality of the votes cast in that state. So for example if Trump gets 49% and Clinton 51% of the popular votes in NY she wins ALL of the EC votes for NY. Given that the EC and not the popular vote elects the President you can see how a few big States plus a small number of others can swing the 'election' for a candidate. Unfortunately Clinton seems to be well ahead in most of these pivotal states.

Hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

The thing about the EC though is more than half of the states (27, I think) REQUIRE their electors to vote with the popular vote, and that’s enough to win it if he absolutely landslides the popular.

James said...

Not really. But that is because I don't believe he would be in the position that he is in, if it wasn't for the Tribe being behind him, for their nefarious reasons.

That sort of thinking is so prevalent on sites like this. I don't agree. Of course Trump played the game, but he won that game.

That's why he's now in the position to change the game. Well that's what he's saying at least.

James said...

Brave New Sweden

fascism is pro white and anti jew supremascism you idiot cuckservative

Sweden is 100% fascist and has been for decades now. It's government used to be very pro-white.

In the 1980s they switched for some reason and are now explicitly, decidedly, and vehemently anti-white. Their government openly talks about Swedes needing to make way for immigrants.

Fascism is not pro-white or anti-white per se, its just a system. It can be either.
Thanks for your input but if you really want to know then read Roland Huntsford's book "The New Totalitarians" from 1972. It is available on the net.

John C said...

Searcher its who has the most money wins, that's american democracy for you. Worth fighting for I suppose.

Now if Trump is bought and paid for like some say, why is he getting untold outrageous bile coming his way?
Why is Trump saying some mean things about the banks? An elite that is corrupt? Clintons being rapist and criminal? This is some serious stuff.

Now if Trump is a bad, Bad man after all and does nothing for the good american public after he is elected and things carry on as before, then you take a deep breath have a nice cup of tea and you fucking carry on. Organised grassroots find another rich leader.
Did the banks try and buy and control Hitlers National Socialist party when they went bankrupt? He took their money (I think it was their money) then told them in no uncertain terms to Fuck Off when he got into power.
Stop being doubting thomases. Enjoy the Trump and hilary show. I know its serious but fucking hell ain't it funny.
Those brown people over the other side of the world must surely wonder why they killed their brother's for this type of democracy. What is going on in their heads.

John C said...

Oh Searcher sorry old chum I didn't read your text properly. I thought it was just about just spending big, making the best promises and doing the opposite when in office but now ive read a bit about electoral college, ive come to the conclusion that this system is one big fucking joke. And thats all ive got to say on this matter. Damn you america, you have had us going for the last hundred years. Well done. Funny. Democracy. HeHe ha ha. Come and tell the world another funny one. Like if you work hard you get rich.

Flanders said...

CNN is telling it's MSM media viewers that it is illegal for them to possess, view and read the Wikileaks emails.

Joe Btfsplk said...

It's is a contraction of it is

Its the the possessive

Sometimes it's it's
Sometimes it's its


Uncle Nasty said...

Much as I find the Q&A about the US Electoral College ... and all that, most intriguing --

Getting back to basics, I feel that anyone who, in this day and age, fools themselves into thinking that the Electoral circus -- sorry, sorry!! ... process!!! actually determines anything at all, has simply not been paying attention.

The people who are meant to get in will get in -- plain and simple. Your so-called valuable vote (like mine) is not worth the furry little crack of a rat's bum. It never has been and never will.

It's a fucking circus ... a Son et Lumiere that the jews put on for their own entertainment and amusement ... rather like bear-baiting in the Middle Ages. A totally unnecessary cruelty that serves no greater purpose other than to fill in those quieter hours between plots.

"Hey ... I've got a brilliant one. Let's start one hinting that Hillary's sick."

"Yes! Yes!! Yes!!! But here's a better one. Let it out that she's DYING ... and may not make the election!!!"

"Wonderful! Then we can have her stage a miracle recovery!! Like in 'Days of our Lives'!!!"

"Do you think they'll buy it?"

"This is America ... they'll buy anything. They bought the idea that a dozen raghead civilians had the capacity to fly two commercial jets into two buildings with pin-point accuracy.
Shit, they bought the idea that they actually elected a nigger themselves for a Prez. These people will buy anything. Anything!!!"

Since the dawn of so-called Democracy, that has been the way of things.
Why the Hell should anyone feel that this time -- of all times -- is different, defeats me.

Like a fifth marriage ... a triumph of optimism over experience.


hoosier said...

I do think the election will be rigged if necessary to defeat Trump.

Question: What then?

Uncle Nasty said...

Having had my daily rant (above), I calmed down a bit and went to the link offered in Katana's post (Also above, above)

katana said...

Over at The Occidental Observer, Kevin MacDonald wrote (with my reply following):

Claremont’s Codevilla On The Coming Revolution: “Americans Will Be Nostalgic For Donald Trump’s Moderation.”

“We are nearing the climax of a watershed election. The Ruling Class understands that Donald Trump represents a counter-revolution to all they have built up over the last 50 years.”

Actual link ...

After reading this, I felt a hell of a lot better. The jews are not omnipotent, omniscient or even that bright. They fuck up just as often as we do. They're merely quicker at sweeping their balls-ups under the rug.

Thanks, Katana.

John C said...

This is just absurd. A J***** mother made hoax bomb threat to a s******** and tried to pin it on another mum after her eight-year-old daughter wasn't invited to a girls birthday party. Daily Mail
This world is getting nuttier by the day. What next Mrs Penelope Eversonice-Hartley from a quaint little english hamlet caught sending threatening letters to the pope that if he steps foot on english soil one more time, he will get done over.

John C said...

Hoosier you campaign campaign and campaign some more with letter writing blog writing swapping/sharing youtube vids chat guns bombs bullets eastlands northwestlands and when you are tired of that you accept your bondage and go to work on the plantation where you will sing some blues with uncle nasty and the rest of the gang..... See you there

James said...

TRUMP -- Media Insider on the Media's Trap

Media insider describes how the media is attacking Trump's supporters, rather than attacking Trump.

Anonymous said...

Head lice can infect anyone regardless of race, creed, or color.

Trump will stop the head lice.

Anonymous said...

Glue makes the funniest comedians. You've never seen comedy like this, I assure you.

James said...

Miles Mathis advances the theory that George Washington and most of the founding fathers were gay Jews. Well that would explain all the slave owning I suppose.

Flanders said...

A video alleged to be by a rep of the group Anonymous touts that, "A Video Will Surface Soon of Bill Clinton Raping 13 Year Old Girl". Said to have been accessed from Israeli intelligence. Connected to Epstein, and saying that Trump is a Hillary shill.

Thanks to:
Bill's Rope Supply dot com for the link.

Frank Galton said...

Russia Today, 14 October 2016

WikiLeaks emails shows Citigroup’s major role in shaping Obama administration’s cabinet

Among the many revelations from the #PodestaEmails are passages showing that EVEN BEFORE PRESIDENT OBAMA WAS ELECTED, the staffing for leading cabinet positions had more or less been decided by a group led by an Citigroup exec [Zionist-Jew Michael Froman].

In, dated October 6, a month before the election, [Zionist-Jew] Froman provided Podesta with “Lists” attaching three documents: a list of women for top administration jobs, a list of NON-WHITE CANDIDATES, and a sample outline of 31 cabinet-level positions and who would fill them.

The cabinet list ended up more or less as advised.

Janet Napolitano was listed as the choice for Homeland Security, [Zionist-Jew] Rahm Emanuel for chief of staff, Robert Gates for Defense, [African-American] Eric Holder for the Justice Department or White House Counsel, [African-American] Susan Rice for United States Ambassador to the UN and Arne Duncan for Education.

[Shiksa] Hillary Clinton wasn’t mentioned, but [part-Jew] John Kerry [John Kerry Kohn] was listed for Secretary of State and for the Treasury, three possibilities were on the list: [Zionist-Jew] Robert Rubin, [Zionist-Jew] Larry Summers, and Timothy Geithner.

[Zionist-Jew] Froman had served in the Clinton administration and moved to Citigroup along with Clinton’s Treasury Secretary, [Zionist-Jew] Robert Rubin.

Another email dated five days after Obama won the 2008 election, an Obama adviser, Daniel Tarullo (now a member of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors) emailed [Zionist-Jew] Jack Lew, Citigroup’s Chief Operating Officer and sought his advice and that of [Zionist-Jew] Robert Rubin and Clinton’s former Treasury Secretary, [Zionist-Jew] Larry Summers, on whether Obama should attend a G20 Summit as president elect.


B'nai B'rith Youth Organization (BBYO)

Michael Froman, assistant to the U.S. president and Deputy National Security Adviser for International Economic Affairs, spoke at the [BBYO] convention.

Froman, an alumnus of BBYO and former Grand Aleph Godol (International Teen President), said BBYO contributed most to who he is today.
BBYO 1980-81 Michael Froman, San Francisco, CA

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

Brilliant analysis of the Donald Trump bus video shows that the video proves the opposite of what the media says it proves.

Flanders said...

Suppose Your Family Had a Holocaust Era Insurance Policy
and You Just Didn't Know About It?


The World Federation Association annually presents it's top award, the Norman Cousins Global Government Award, to a person chosen from their ranks who has done the most for the advancement of One World Government during the year. This past October, they chose Walter Cronkite, the CBS guru, who seeing man take his first step on the moon pontificated: "Today, man the ape, conquers space!"

The one time CBS, anchorman and the grand old man of controlled press, in an acceptance speech at the United Nations, called on America to give up it's sovereignty. He was applauded by First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton, and by enthusiastic applause from the U.N. delegates. The 1992 winner, Strobe Talbot, is a close long time friend of the Clinton's and number two man in the State Department. He was so pro-Communist and pro-Soviet, that the F.B.I. classified him as a security risk. (Spotlight)

Hillary Rodham Clinton has finally made it official. She wants to be Senatrix from New York, although she has shown by her actions that she does not especially like to endure their maldoranant presence.

The one unforgivable sin to New Yorkers, is that of being an ostentatious phony, and Hillary flaunts her phoniness, as though it were a prime qualification for the job.

Recently on the David Letterman Show, she came across as one who was born to wear the mantle of phoniness. (After the show poor Letterman was rushed to the hospital for a quintuple bypass. No kidding! Whether it was caused by Hillary's answers is problematical!).

She has devoted her life to the defense of children, or so she says, and look what happened at WACO, where they killed 17 of them to protect them from a evil man, who was not all that evil. In fact he was not nearly as evil as the devil who now runs Cuba. [Continues]

We like to think of America, as the land of the free, but we are fast becoming slaves to the uncontrolled tide of immigrants who are swarming America. In the 1800's, over 40 million came to our shores, but they were mostly from the White nations of Christendom. They followed the Christian religion, they had a passionate love for freedom, they believed and protected their women, and believed in the work ethic!

Today, under Democratic Party leadership, they are coming from heathen countries, bringing their heathen religions, morals, and diseases to America, and many are ending on welfare rolls, as wards of the State.

In Deuteronomy 28:33 we are told that if we refuse to obey God, "The fruit of thy land, and all thy labours, shall a nation which thou knowest not, eat up..." In verse 43,44" The stranger that is within thee shall get up above thee very high; and thee shalt come down very low... he shall be the head, and thou shalt be the tail." If you can't see this happening in America, it's because you have deliberately shut your eyes to what is happening all around you. [Continues]

Uncle Nasty said...

This got a smile out of me

A Trump rally ... and quite a rally -- 20,000 reported -- calls out the MSM. The panicked rabbit-in-the-headlights stares of some of the journos is worth ten times the price of the admission.

20 000 people shouting "CNN Sucks" and "Tell the truth" does that to some people.
Strangely enough, it was not reported on CNN ...

Neither was this ... Trump says "... without the media, Hillary wouldn't be elected dog-catcher." Move to 2:30 when Trump points out that CNN has just turned off their camera

Cohensidentally, every mainstream newspaper in New Zealand is bleeding to death ... Tell me it ain't so, where you live.

See the accompanying circulation charts ... not so much a fall as a plummet. Comments are good too.


Uncle Nasty said...

Watching a weasel at work, go to YouTube and watch Hillary get shredded by Trey Gowdy ... senator for South Carolina. God, she's a slimy bitch.

As for Gowdy ... Not a guy you want to get on the wrong side of. He's a Hero ... a fucking low-key bull terrier and will not be sidetracked. He rips her not one, but several new arseholes in the course of just one hearing.

He'd make a terrific president.

These are amazing ...

This one's a killer ... notice the Fuggenjooz that keep popping up in her emails.

Excellent stuff.


Flanders said...

"Hillary Clinton supporters just firebombed the North Carolina GOP headquarters in Orange County -- but Donald Trump is the one whose "rhetoric" is dangerous."

'Nazi Republicans Leave Town OR ELSE': GOP HQ Firebombed in North Carolina

Flanders said...

"Wikileaks: Clinton's Campaign Chair Wished San Bernardino Terrorist Was White"

"Leaked emails from Wikileaks show Hillary Clinton's campaign chair John Podesta wished the San Bernardino shooter was not a Muslim, but instead white guy."

"Such Muslim terror attacks, which are now happening all over America and Europe on pretty much a weekly basis, are bad for Hillary Clinton as she's said she wants to flood our country with Muslims and tweeted right before the San Bernardino terror attack that Muslims have "nothing whatsoever to do with terrorism.
Contrary to Clinton's claims, as Sean Last reports: "Muslims commit about 13 times more terrorist attacks than non Muslims do and kill roughly 62 times as many people."

"Around the world, the proportion of people in a nation which is Muslim positively correlates with the amount of terrorism that country experiences."

Flanders said...

"Hillary's ties to Monsanto mean more GMOs, less transparency in labeling"

"Hillary Rodham Clinton's ties to agribusiness giant Monsanto, and her advocacy for the industry's genetically modified crops, have environmentalists in Iowa calling her 'Bride of Frankenfood'" reported the Washington Times in May 2015. "A large faction of women voiced strong support for Mrs. Clinton's candidacy until the GMO issue came up, prompting them to switch allegiances to Sen. Bernard Sanders of Vermont, a liberal stalwart challenging her for the Democratic nomination."

There's more, however. Clinton repeated all of Monsanto's favorite talking points at the 2014 Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) conference. In her speech she said she is in favor of using the company's GMO seeds and other products that have a "proven track record," even though there are no statistics to justify such broad praise. In fact, if anything, Monsanto's Roundup has been associated with the creation of superweeds that are harder to kill and are now encroaching on more crop acreage, forcing agricultural operations to use as much as 10 times the amount of toxic herbicides that would be used otherwise on normal, non-GMO crops.

As TruthWiki notes further:

Hillary tries to bleed together GMO with hybrids (traditional natural breeding methods), a typical miseducation and disinformation conversation many other biotech shills use for propaganda, such as Bill Nye, the science fraud guy, and Neal DeGrasse Tyson, also a known biotech huckster. Clinton goes so far as to say during her "BIO" presentation that all anti-GMO people are anti-science idiots who can't comprehend the "facts."

Trump has no history of destroying the country's clean food supply

There is even more. Clinton hired Jerry Crawford, a prominent long-time Monsanto lobbyist, to run her current presidential campaign. He is reportedly the force behind Monsanto's regular efforts to haul small farmers into court, in order to protect the company's growing monopoly on the world's seed market. Also, Clinton's one-time law office, the Rose Law Firm, represented Monsanto and other agri-business companies.
So while both presidential candidates may have a list of undesirables, one – Trump – at least does not have a political history of selling the country's food supply out to corporate interests who care nothing about clean food."

Flanders said...

"In secret Goldman Sachs speeches, Clinton explains why the rich should rule"
[Surprising source]

Dr. Wassell said...

"The jews are not omnipotent, omniscient or even that bright. They fuck up just as often as we do."

Strange thing is they go through the same routine every time. Like clockwork. Been doing it for 2,000 years. They keep on behaving like, well, jews, pushing and pushing, never satisfied until the bottled up rage of the goyim explodes and they get their asses handed to them.

Anonymous said...

@ daniel carvalhana --

"fascism is pro white"

Right you are.

Amazes me that people STILL don't pay attention to the founding story and buy the notion that "fascism is left", put forward by guys like Bill Buckley, who wanted to use the word to smear all the American patriots who wanted the USA to stay out of WWII.

Brevity at the expense of some accuracy, okay:

Benito Mussolini was a radical from birth. (Named after Mexican Revolutionary Benito Juarez, not typical for Italian families back then.) Steeped in Red baloney from his diaper days on. "Workers of the World Unite!"

Then came the trenches in the Great War. Benito saw the workers of the world were NOT uniting, they were kill trying to kill each other. And him. As we might say now, he needed to re-think his core values. Nationalism is natural and good. And as Alice Roosevelt Longworth put it, the rest is all "globaloney".

He got it right: Workers, farmers, lawyers, shopowners in one country need to unite. Socialism of sorts, yes, once you've divided up the work you have a problem when people switch jobs, careers, all that. European social democracy worked as long as they were able to control their borders. (Why do you think American conservatives think "Europe" is a dirty word, and the CIA very probably helped the termite Soros work his magic?)

Fascism used a perfect symbol: The ancient bundle of sticks with a axehead was genius. One stick might tickle somebody; ten lashed together can crush skulls. One guy with a vote is a joke, a thousand armed with mustard gas grenades might make rotten leaders a bit more... thoughtful.

If you're read any of Benito's writings, some online, you know he was also a prophet: When internation finance finally gets the death grip on the whole system, it will use the wage system to kill or control us far more efficiently than slavery or nukes.

BTW, the fasces was the Roman variant, but the symbol is at least a thousand years older than even the early days of the Roman Republic. Different versions of it have been found on Crete, Mycenae, Mesopotamia, and all the high civilizations of antiquity.

What Benito ALSO discovered is something historians fail to mention: Capitalism never built any nation and all successful ancient societies treated merchants like the thieves most of them were. The oldest cities in the world forced outsiders to bring their wares in under cover of darkness, if at all. Like useful insects, they were at best tolerated. There is a suspicion that "Beware of Greeks bearing gifts" was originally more like "Salesmen keep out" but no direct proof.

Let nobody steal the only part of Western Civilization that worked every time it was used.


Anonymous said...

As with most political speeches you have to listen to what is not being said. I really, really hope that my interpretation of what Trump is not saying is correct. What Trump says in the speech makes it well aware that he knows what's going on. He knows who is doing it and exactly why. I hope that this is a signal to Mr Putin to hold off. The Great Bear is being prodded by the current regime. This could be a soothing stroke and pat on the head. I do hope I'm right and Mr Putin agrees.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous James said...

Miles Mathis advances the theory that George Washington and most of the founding fathers were gay Jews. Well that would explain all the slave owning I suppose.

Just what we need. Even if it's true it sounds insane.


Frank Galton said...


BBC, 8 minutes ago

Russia Today bank accounts 'frozen in UK'

The UK has frozen all bank accounts owned by Russia's state-run broadcaster, Russia Today (RT), its editor-in-chief has claimed.

Margarita Simonyan tweeted: "They've closed our accounts in Britain. All our accounts. 'The decision is not subject to review.' Praise be to freedom of speech!"

Frank Galton

Frank Galton said...

Russia Today, 17 October 2016 11:12

RT bank accounts blocked in UK – editor-in-chief

RT UK’s bank accounts have been blocked, RT’s editor-in-chief Margarita Simonyan reported. Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova reacted, saying it seems that in leaving the EU, London also left any freedom of speech obligations behind there.

The National Westminster Bank has informed RT UK that it will no longer have the broadcaster among its clients. The bank provided no explanation for the decision.

“We have recently undertaken a review of your banking arrangements with us and reached the conclusion that we will no longer provide these facilities,” NatWest said in a letter to RT’s London office.

The bank said that the entire Royal Bank of Scotland Group, of which NatWest is part of, would refuse to service RT.

The letter said the decision was final and that it is “not prepared to enter into any discussion in relation to it.”

Commenting on the development, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova said it indicated that “Britain on its way out of the EU abandoned all its commitments to protect the freedom of speech.”

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

"The notorious gang rape in Visby, Gotland, in which a wheelchair-bound lady in her thirties was raped by people with "non-Swedish" appearance, led to some islanders declaring their interest in multicultural development over. As the five men initially arrested for the crime were set free later, indignation among angry locals has risen even higher."

non-Swedish appearance: talk of semantic wizardry.

By the way, angry local ones, you are responsible for the goings-on too: you tend to get angry too late, too little, for too short.

Anonymous said...

"​Consequently, Sandelius claimed to have received personal threats and was portrayed as "Nazist" and "fascist" in the local newspapers, who were at pains to dissociate themselves from the vigilante initiative. Swedish Radio went even so far as calling the released suspects "scapegoats," showing no compassion for the rape victim. Additionally, Sandelius had to endure a harassment campaign on social media, when people claiming to be supporters of the Feminist Initiative Party assaulted her with all kinds of obscenities and crude remarks."

Sandelius is the woman on a weelchair who was ravaged.

Who feels sympathy for the Swedes on the whole is a madman, say I.
They deserveto , and hopedly will, get much more trouble.

Flanders said...

Not just North Carolina.

"TEXARKANA, Ark.--With elections a few weeks away, politics is getting heated in Texarkana.

Authorities are investigating a resident's arson complaint because someone burned her political signs.

Kathy Jeter says enough is enough after someone set fire to Trump For President signs in her front yard Friday."

Flanders said...

Hillary helping to enslave millions of Americans who are in a decreasing cycle of income and an increasing cycle of problems from "their" corporate government - as millions more of willing wage slaves are attempted to be imported from the devastated darkened areas of the world.

"Hillary Clinton told Goldman Sachs executives that Americans who want to limit immigration are “fundamentally un-American,” according to the leaked transcript of her private October 2013 speech made public by WikiLeaks.

Clinton’s statement is significant because it suggests that, according to polling data, Clinton views an overwhelming majority of the American electorate to be “fundamentally un-American.” According to data from Pew Research Center, 83% of the American electorate would like to see immigration levels frozen or reduced.
“Immigration reform is so important,” Clinton told the Wall Street executives, as she demanded that Congress “get immigration reform done.”

By “immigration reform,” Clinton was referring to the 2013 Rubio-Schumer proposal, which she supported and which would have granted immediate amnesty and eventual citizenship to millions of illegal aliens,..".

Flanders said...

More details and a video on the Texarkana fires set to Trump signs are at this site, and police have classed the act as arson. Kathy Jeter is undeterred and has more signs she is ready to set up. The area was dry and covered with pine straw and could easily have spread causing more damage or injury. "Jeter told KSLA News 12 her Trump signs had been disappearing over the past few days."

John C said...

Why aren't people who are under attack in America and the rest of the Free West investing in sly CCTV cameras to catch these reprobates red handed. CCTV doesn't cost much nowadays.

awakened said...

Everything you write about Fascism is true MISTER. The problem is that just like NAZI it has become such a pejorative term that its usage is bound to elicit highly negative response.

Flanders said...

Now the French can refer to "cowardly Americans".

"Tens of Thousands March in Paris Against Gay Marriage"

"Tens of thousands of people have marched in Paris to call for the repeal of a law allowing gay marriage, six months before France's next presidential election.

The protesters ended up at Trocadero Plaza, near the Eiffel Tower. Police estimated the crowd at 24,000, while organizers gave a figure of 200,000.

They were also protesting Sunday against the use of assisted reproduction techniques and surrogate mothers to help same-sex couples have babies.
The group organizing the march presents itself as promoting the traditional family model of "one mother and one father." It hopes to influence the debate before the presidential election next year."

Anonymous said...

well off topic and on the brighter side,8 doas and 34 wounded mud men over the warm chicago area week end,hope this weather lasts until halloween and lets see if we can set a new record for more new arrivals at the cook county morgue,,,,John old rtd chicago copper,,,

Anonymous said...

Trump at a town near here pandering for the Indian vote. Edison was a nice big suburban town 50 years ago with a population of 45,000. Now at 100,000 with...wait for least 45,000 Indians. Of course, they won't cut your throat on the street but they will take advantage of every welfare angle and whine and complain about everything they can. I'd like to see one immigrant group that hasn't come in complaining that they're not getting their proper attention. Started yelling about discrimination some years ago when one of them was arrested for setting off fireworks. Still highlighted in recitations of their grievances although the natives are arrested by the dozens every fourth of July. They seem to have no concept of actually benefiting the country. And they want to move the entire suburbs of Mumbai over here.

In terms of common sense immigration policy, the only consistent strong voice here is Jeff Sessions of Alabama. It's gotten so bad now that even the hillbillies are stumbling over mud-colored foreigners in the streets of Mayberry. least they finally noticed. Around here it's been fucked since the early eighties.

Flanders said...

I'm know that I'm not the only American who is concerned that what is referred to as Mexican "drug cartels" are likely in some instances to be something more. The Southern border (at least what USED TO BE a border) has become a porous pocket for quick infiltration and easy entry. "Mexican gangs" are mucho more militarized. Is that by accident, or a result of clear-eyed thinking by the lowly criminal peons said to be running those cartels? Is it someone with more authority than them? Mexico has always had a communism problem, and much of that comes from within their own government.

There have been rumors for years about a more organized military build up within Mexico which would have opportunities to penetrate and swiftly invade into the heartland of the USA. By themselves it's not likely a Mexican or other force from elsewhere would have much long-term capability against the American people, but we cannot be sure anymore that they would not have assistance from various, or multiple, others from both outside and from inside our country.

The border doesn't have to be a problem. It could be controlled in an instant - if our leaders had the smallest will to do it. Why has it been made to be one? Americans would do it for themselves if the US government would step out of the way, stop coddling evaders and encouraging their illegality. And, why does Mexico continue to add to the Cloward-Piven effect already instituted within America by some of the friends to old mentors to Hillary. Here is one report below from not that long ago, and I'm sure there are many more, and others going further back. All of it together could indicate nothing for now, but could also offer indications of a longer-laid plan, with an open border giving it the biggest assist that it could possibly have, and that coming from a country which has long bred resentment in it's own people and which has cooperated throughout it's history with various other countries (Germany, France, Russia, Spain, Cuba, China and others) and plots against Americans.

"Mexican authorities have no record of the presence of Islamist extremist groups or individuals in Mexico,” said Ariel Moutsatsos, minister for public affairs at the embassy in Washington. “We take all possible measures to impede any terrorist activity in our territory.”

But Rep. Louie Gohmert, R-Texas, backed-up Perry’s warning of terror threats from the largely unsecured U.S.-Mexico border.

“The FBI director previously said … that there were people from terrorist countries who were assuming Hispanic names, and learning a few words of Spanish, and coming in,” Gohmert said. “The FBI director himself testified to that before Congress. So we know that this kind of thing has been going on. Gov. Perry isn’t saying anything that’s new, it just takes a little while for the mainstream to catch up.”

The congressman added that more recently, Marine Gen. John Kelly, the commander of South Command, testified before the House and Senate this year “that the penetration of our Southern border by criminal cartels, as well as terrorist organizations, poses, in his words, an ‘existential threat the United States.'”

The Silent Invasion

Joe Btfsplk said...

She wants to be Senatrix from New York

Dominatrix for the whole world

Joe Btfsplk said...

fasces in US Congress

Frank Galton said...

HAARETZ, 16 October 2016

[Zionist-Jew] Sarah Hurwitz, the Jewish Speechwriter Behind Michelle Obama's Strongest Words

[Zionist-Jew] Sarah Hurwitz first appeared on the Obamas' radar after writing Hillary Clinton's famous 'glass ceiling' concession speech in 2008

While she is intimately involved with EACH AND EVERY WORD THE FIRST LADY DELIVERS, [Zionist-Jew] Hurwitz can still find herself moved while listening from the sidelines.

New York Times, 03 June 2016

Zionist-Jew Sarah Hurwitz M̶i̶c̶h̶e̶l̶l̶e̶ ̶O̶b̶a̶m̶a̶ Denounces Donald Trump in CUNY Commencement Speech

In tones both aspirational and political, Michelle Obama on Friday used her last commencement address as first lady to salute graduates of the City College of New York...

“Here in America, we don’t give in to our fears,” she told the class of 2016, with its 3,848 graduates, in an outdoor ceremony on the college’s Manhattan campus. “WE DON'T BUILD UP WALLS TO KEEP PEOPLE OUT [remember, these are the words of a Zionist-Jew: “We don't build up walls to keep people out"] because we know that our greatness has always depended on contributions from people who were born elsewhere but sought out this country and made it their home.”

Zionist-Jew Sarah Hurwitz M̶r̶s̶.̶ ̶O̶b̶a̶m̶a̶ ̶ added some personal perspective, as well:

“It’s the story that I witness every single day when I WAKE UP IN A HOUSE THAT WAS BUILT BY SLAVES, and I watch my daughters — two beautiful, black young women — head off to school, waving goodbye to their father, the president of the United States, the son of a man from Kenya who came here to America for the same reasons as many of you: to get an education and improve his prospects in life.”


Talk about chutzpah!

HAARETZ, 21 May 2012

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Sunday that the "phenomenon of illegal infiltrators from Africa is extremely serious and threatens Israel's social fabric and NATIONAL SECUTITY. He made the comments at a cabinet meeting, adding that "if we don't stop the problem, 60,000 infiltrators are liable to become 600,000, and cause the negation of the State of Israel as a Jewish and democratic state."

Netanyahu also praised the border fence that is being built in the south as a means of preventing infiltrations, but added that it is also important "to physically remove the infiltrators. We must crack down and mete out tougher punishments."

THE TIMES OF ISRAEL, 06 September 2015

Work on a 30-kilometer (18.6-mile) fence along a southern stretch of Israel's border with Jordan has begun amid efforts to...keep MIGRANTS AND ASYLUM SEEKERS FROM ENTERING THE COUNTRY, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced Sunday.


"I've been interested in the White House Council on Women and Girls ever since Sarah Hurwitz, Senior Advisor and a speechwriter for the First Lady, spoke at a Hadassah Greater Washington Opening meeting...


Hadassah, the Women’s ZIONIST ORGANIZATION OF AMERICA, Inc....has remained unwavering in its commitment to...[the racist, apartheid, JEWS ONLY * State of] Israel...

* "Israel is the nation-state of the JEWS ONLY." - Benjamin Netanyahu

Frank Galton

NWO Chaos said...

The problem with (dot) Indians is not only that they breed like rabbits and milk the welfare system but they lower societal trust levels. Always scamming, slipping wrong change, not taxing their vehicles. By no means the worst but White society declines when they settle in large numbers.

Anonymous said...

Always scamming, slipping wrong change,

Yes. And always is the right word. They are very annoying people indeed.

James said...

Just what we need. Even if it's true it sounds insane.


Yes. I'm not sure what to make of Miles Mathis. He's entertaining, but some of his stuff is just crap. It's all quite hard to debunk, although I haven't really tried.

His pi=4 stuff is utter bullshit though. I've got that far.

Frank Galton said...

Russia Today, 17 October 2016

‘Blacks are in charge of town’: Popular Bavarian ski resort begs authorities for help

The mayor of the popular Bavarian resort of Garmisch-Partenkirchen has penned a letter to the regional government begging them to tackle the “massive problems” posed by crime rates among refugees, while police say “blacks are in charge of the town.”

“blacks are in charge of the town.”

Frank Galton

James said...

Clinton views an overwhelming majority of the American electorate to be “fundamentally un-American.

That's democracy for you. Even if 100% of a country is "racist", they can't vote for a "racist" party in elections.

People still vote for the likes of David Cameron though. Perplexing.

James said...

"Leaked emails from Wikileaks show Hillary Clinton's campaign chair John Podesta wished the San Bernardino shooter was not a Muslim, but instead white guy."

"Such Muslim terror attacks, which are now happening all over America and Europe on pretty much a weekly basis, are bad for Hillary Clinton as she's said she wants to flood our country with Muslims and tweeted right before the San Bernardino terror attack that Muslims have "nothing whatsoever to do with terrorism.

I thought San Bernadino was a false flag anyway. The muslim guy the police shot had handcuff marks on his wrists. He was executed.

Anonymous said...

Swedish politicians love Soros. He tops their list of loyal subjects.

Anonymous said...

Joe Biden - Even Hillary is trying to get away from him.

Anonymous said...

Vaccine pusher not vaccinating his kids with Swine Flu vaccine.

5 min mark.

James said...

fasces in US Congress

Definitely pro-white.

Frank Galton said...

HAARETZ, 16 October 2016

[Zionist-Jew] Sarah Hurwitz, the Jewish Speechwriter Behind Michelle Obama's Strongest Words

While she is intimately involved with EACH AND EVERY WORD THE FIRST LADY DELIVERS, [Zionist-Jew] Hurwitz can still find herself moved while listening from the sidelines.

The Guardian, 14 October 2016

Zionist-Jew Sarah Hurwitz M̶i̶c̶h̶e̶l̶l̶e̶ ̶O̶b̶a̶m̶a̶ speech crushes Trump with weight of women's experience

The first lady spoke to visceral emotions that Trump’s remarks evoke for many woman as she solidified her position as Clinton’s most impactful surrogate

Michelle Obama delivered a masterly rebuke of years of racist and sexist attacks in a speech [written by Zionist-Jew Sarah Hurwitz] on Thursday about the man who has capitalized on them for more than a year.

With searing rhetoric, the nation’s first African American first lady described the pain and humiliation women have endured for generations in a speech denouncing Donald Trump...

Obama shamed the Republican nominee for his “sexually predatory behavior” after a wave of women came forward with sexual harassment and assault allegations, following the release of a 2005 recording in which Trump boasts about groping and kissing women without their consent.

“I listen to all of this and I feel it so personally, and I’m sure that many of you do too, particularly the women,” she said, her voice trembling with emotion as she addressed a gymnasium full of people in New Hampshire.

“The shameful comments about our bodies. The disrespect of our ambitions and intellect. The belief that you can do anything you want to a woman. It is cruel. It’s frightening. And the truth is, it hurts.”


GossipExtra, 16 October 2016

WHITE HOUSE HYPOCRISY — Meet The Obamas’ Favorite Foul-Mouthed Rappers!

WEST PALM BEACH — While Michelle Obama is preaching from her high horse about Donald Trump‘s “shocking” and “demeaning actions” falling far below “basic standards of human decency,” she should remember that, when it comes to demeaning women, those who live in a glass house, albeit the White House, shouldn’t throw stones.

In the last seven years, Michelle and President Barack Obama have hosted some of the crudest, foulest-mouthed rappers out there, thus legitimizing money- and fame-hungry cultural influencers whose demeaning lyrics urge a generation of young men to grope and objectify women.

Like who?

There’s been Kendrick Lamar, the Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe singer who trashed up Sunfest’s family night in 2013 with an hour and a half of n-words, “f”-bombs and “c”-bombs the likes of which the festival had ever heard.

And this was AFTER organizers begged him to keep it clean because families with young children would be present for the Sunfest-ending fireworks.

Read more:

Frank Galton

John C said...

I don't know if the Russians know this but the bnp which had done so much to water down their immigration policy to appease the establishment and friends, had their bloody accounts frozen by barclays bank years ago, this cheesed off mr griffin who couldn't get money out for groceries and stuff.

I use the word fascist sometimes when after beating my political opponent in debate they then start to get very aggressive with rage in their eyes, its then that i use my trick question on them, I say haha you now want to kick my fucking head-in.. so you're a fascist then? This leaves them totally flummoxed, I smile and walk away or just sit there and let their friends pull them away.

Berti did smash the mafia but not the banks I believe. He wanted what was best for his nation and people. There are two different type of people in Italy one is northern european looking, wealthy and good looking, like nice clothes, they are classy. Whereas those in the south are small squatty people with lots of body hair that like to eat with their hands, talk with their mouths full with food and move their arms/hands continually whilst talking and are friendly with the mafia. Fascism suited Italy they could have become a great great country.

Who goes around calling themselves a nazi? Much much better to say that national socialism has a lot going for it regarding building up a healthy strong people and country. It's had a bad rep over the last 70 years and that you don't particularly like people wearing uniforms all over the place, its a bit kinky, said with a twinkle in your eye, this makes them laugh (especially women, don't do the twinkle eye thing with men) and relaxes them and opens them up to the wonderful world of national socialism.
But beware when word gets around that you are a great orator for common sense national socialism, weird stuff starts to happen around you, plots and more plots against you to make you crack, or just shut the fuck up. It's time has come.
ps please under no circumstances should you be derogatory about other race's or culture's.

Anonymous said...

@ Joe Btfsplk ---

"fasces in US Congress"

Of course, Joe.

Parasite regimes are famous for mimicking real ones with symbols they have no right to, and (trust me) do not understand anyway.


Anonymous said...

@ John C --

You're right here:

"under no circumstances should you be derogatory about other race's or culture's."

Never was and never will. West Africans are geniuses at living in ... West Africa. To each tribe a place and context of their own. Want the same for me & you.

Earliest theory of the fasces was that it represented a binding symbol of different tribal groups, often using their special skills to join with hunting packs where most hunters were strangers. The fasces MIGHT be a symbol of cooperation between locals and outsiders, the very definition of multiculturism.

Understand I mean multiculturism among Europeans, and we indeed have many cultures.


Uncle Nasty said...

I have been studying the Swedes ... a little bit anyway. I am in the middle of "The New Totalitarians" ... basically a history of how Sweden devolved into Sweden -- and the Swedes -- these were the cousins of the Vikings, FFS -- devolved into ... I am not really quite sure what they devolved into.

Anhoo, I asked if anyone knew of nasal interest in Sweden, and if the fine hand of the heeb could be detected there.
I guess that one's just been answered.

Sweden loves Soros. Leaked document shows 65% of Swedish politicians are “loyal allies” of George Soros

Alex Christoforou

Leaked documents reveal that Swedish politicians have been found to be the most loyal allies George Soros and the Open Society Foundation.

“Mirror, mirror, on the wall, which EU country loves George Soros most of all?”

It’s the extreme progressive, neo-liberal, uber-socialist Kingdom of Sweden.

George Soros’ Open Society Foundation hired a consulting firm to evaluate members of the European Parliament, in an effort to gauge support for the foundation’s core “values” until the end of their tenure in 2019.

Here are the “mapping” results of The Open Society Foundation’s study, into how much influence it wields in the European Parliament.

The mapping results of the study entitled “Reliable Allies in the European Parliament (2014-2019)”, reveal that Sweden tops all lists, as the country most loyal to the core values of billionaire George Soros.

How loyal are Swedish MEPs to the policies of Soros, which to name a few are open borders, regime change wars, and banker profiteering? 13 of 20 Swedish MEPs (equivalent to 65 percent) were classified as “loyal allies.”

The list of Swedish Soros cronies includes representatives of both left and right parties, further confirming what we all knew…globalist corruption knows no political spectrum.

Here are Soros’s Swedish MEP “loyalists”:

Lars Adaktusson of the Christian Democrats Party, Anna Maria Corazza Bildt of the Conservative Party, Peter Ericsson of the Green Party, Fredrick Federley of the Center Party and Soraya Post of the Feminist Initiative.

Ireland and Finland also scored high marks (second and third place respectively) with 54.5 and 53.8 percent of MEPs given the dubious title of Soros “loyalists.”

On the opposite side of the Soros loyalty list are the countries of Eastern Europe.

The Czech Republic, Lithuania and Hungary (Soros’ birth nation) received low marks in the Soros loyalty check list, with only 2 of 21, 1 of 11 and 1 of 21, Soros loyalists among the European Parliament.

Sputnik News agency reports…

Previously, 86-year-old financier George Soros, was found to have sponsored Swedish far-left activists Expo to train leftists within the framework of the pan-European election campaign. Additionally, Swedish entrepreneur Daniel Sachs was found to receive a grant from Soros for combatting “nationalism” during the 2014 parliamentary elections. In 2014, millions of dollars were handed out to various European organizations by the Open Society in an attempt to manipulate the outcome of the elections held in Europe that year.

In 1992, Soros became famous in Sweden after an extensive currency speculation affair against the Swedish krona, which subsequently triggered a mass shift of deposits to other currencies for fears of the krona’s collapse. In 1998, six years thereafter, Soros was invited to Sweden. In addition to a dinner with the Royal family, a meeting with Swedish magnate Peter Wallenberg and a lecture at the School of Economics, he also held a lecture to at the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI).

Don't you just love it? A little roach-faced dicksmoker destroys your economy, and six years later you invite him for supper?

Sorry Swedes, I give up. We South Africans were admittedly slow ,,, but you fuckers have actually stopped. Dead.


Anonymous said...

@ John C --

(Again. Another good point I almost missed it, sorry.)

"Who goes around calling themselves a nazi?"

Right. Nazi OR fascist.

The retard-liberal tendancy to bunch stuff together has mucked up both words,

Hitler was not a fascist and said so. He actually did make compliments about Mussolini in the early days, since he was up-and-coming and Benito had already swept Rome and the world (Churchill called him the most astute political mind in Europe, before the unpleasantness began.)

But the differences are huge, and again Hitler himself said "Nationalist Socialism is not for export." Germans only need apply.

The parts of the New Deal that worked in the United States were objectively (but cleverly disguised) fascism. Family wage? Fascist. 40-hour-week and as many workers bundled as possible? Fascist, except US unions were a bad European transplant and never really represented enough workmen to build a true Industrial Republic along Northern European lines.

The New Deal was deft about the race thing. As Jesse Owens pointed out (the real one, not the movie one) the New Deal was about making White Heads of Households economically stable and capable. The New Deal offered "Negroes" nothing, which seems odd when you read the fables about FDR that right wingers spin. (The only true bit: FDR's old lady made speeches to the NAACP. Nothing else, just speeches.)

The New Deal was race-based socialism, but the negative effect was, it made the country too damned expensive to live in. Once inflation and outsourcing clobbered the earning curve, we ended up worse off than before.

But a parasite regime would do that, wouldn't it? Make everybody build millions of houses then pull the rug on the economy so we can't afford to live in them.


Uncle Nasty said...

The "New Totalitarians" is a bit long (350 pp.) and somewhat dry, but a fascinating glimpse into how the Swedes managed to do to themselves what the jews can't quite get done on the rest of us.

I guess it's because they are Swedes and not Heebs.
They don't crow over every victory ... no matter how minor or petty -- thereby giving the game away.
Jews are very much like kaffirs that way.

The Sverige destroyers just keep their heads down and move on to the next one ... which why they have succeeded so well. Very curious to see what happens when the niggers and sand niggers, sensing no opposition at all, begin Europa's first real race war of annihilation.

Well, the first one since Sobieski, anyway.

I think somehow, God gave the jew the shoot-your-mouth-off gene as a way of saying "Sorry" to us Humans.

I just had a strange thought. Did H.G. Wells meet any Swedes ... and conceive the notion of "Eloi" from them? They sure fit the description on the tin.

Blonde, beautiful, passive and totally uncritical. I shall regret their extinction.


Flanders said...

UN, I recommend for you the song "When a Man loves a Woman". I've added it to my playlist.

"Watch Natalia’s Christmas greeting video below, with English subtitles, to see what a healthy nationalism is about. There is no politician in America except Donald Trump who espouses the kind of love of country and people that Natalia speaks to in her two minute greeting.

What a lovely role model for Russian women. Compare her to the sickening globalism and ugliness of Hillary Clinton."

Frank Galton said...

Steven Woolfe, the part-Jewish, part-sub-Saharan African Ukip MEP quits 'ungovernable' Ukip

Frank Galton

Uncle Nasty said...

@ John C --

(Again. Another good point I almost missed it, sorry.)
"Who goes around calling themselves a nazi?"

Strangely enough, I do.** You'd be astonished at how few want to make an issue of it

Speaking of which, my favourite National Socialist has a few words to say on what he thinks awaits the USA. It's long ... even by Covington standards, but very much worth the read.

Saturday, October 15, 2016
The Ghost Dance - Part One (The World Must Change)

My name is Harold Covington, and this is the first in a series of audio commentaries which I have entitled the Ghost Dance. I’ll explain why I chose that name in a bit.

It will be said that in this series of commentaries I am allegedly inciting others to criminal activity and violence. Not exactly. I am inciting to change.

Things have reached the point where fundamental, systemic change in the way Western civilization is ordered and run, and a complete revision of who orders and runs it, is now essential to the survival of the race that created that civilization.

If someone can think of some way in which that complete systemic change from top to bottom in both operation and composition can be brought about without taking direct action of some kind, then I would in fact far prefer it, but that’s not the issue any longer. The brutal and overwhelming historic fact is that we who must try to exist in what remains of American society have now reached the point in our journey to oblivion where the end really does justify the means. America now offers people with our racial and cultural heritage nothing but unending misery, servitude, and early death in squalor. I say to you now that the world must change.

So why Ghost Dance?

Read on ... it's worth it. He says things that, If I had to say them, would land Sav in trouble.


**I should point out that I only do this when the subject comes up in normal conversation. I don't stand on a discarded soap box in K road and shriek at passers-by.

Joe Btfsplk said...

hitler salute in American public schools:

Joe Btfsplk said...

author of pledge of allegiance [US] was national socialist [Francis Bellamy]

Frank Galton said...

Daily Mail, 17 October 2016

The first Calais 'children' arrive in Britain: Migrants who claim to be aged 14 to 17 are reunited with their families in the UK as French prepare to demolish Jungle camp

The law which governs EU asylum claims states migrants should claim asylum in the first EU country reached. However there is a clause which allows minors to apply for asylum in another European country if they already have family living there.

[Jewish peer] Lord Dubs, who came to Britain on the Kindertransport programme for Jewish children fleeing Nazi Germany, BROUGHT AN AMENDMENT TO THE IMMIGRATION ACT which was passed in May.

Jewish Chronicle, 01 June 2016

Lord Dubs sits in the House of Lords tea-room savouring the taste of victory.

Earlier this month, the 84-year-old former Kindertransport refugee succeeding in getting the government to rethink its policy on accepting child refugees [correction: migrants] from Europe.

Lord Dubs was one of 669 Jewish children saved from the Nazis by the British stockbroker Sir Nicholas Winton, who got the refugees on to trains to the UK.

The [Jewish] peer now hopes that..."several hundred, if not thousands," of unaccompanied child refugees [check out the photos in the Daily Mail of the "child refugees"] will be "settling down with foster parents and going to school."

He explains: "The government is already speaking to local authorities about how many they can take...

Lord Dubs is almost bouncing along like a newly elected MP on his first day in Parliament. He talks as he walks, lavishing praise on the Jewish community for its role in getting the government to change its mind.

"They were fantastic. They lobbied hard, they were active and they were keen. And, as a community, our voice carries weight on this issue because of our history," he said. And it is the fact that "the community has got behind an amendment that will help Muslim children" that he finds most inspiring. "I just think it is great," he beamed.

Send them to live in Israel.

The arrival of thousands of Muslim infiltrators to British territory is a clear threat to the state's Christian identity.

The refugees' place is not among us, and the initiative to transfer them to Israel is the right and just solution.

Frank Galton

Uncle Nasty said...

When I was small, our family was not what you'd call well-off. We rented in the southern suburbs of Johannesburg, (Rosettenville, Kenilworth and Turffontein) and finally made a move to the prosperous north when I turned nine and the folks built their own house.

Property - 1/4 acre -- £500. House (4 bed) plus brick garage and servant's quarters -- £3,500.

-- That was, of course, in 1955.

My Mom used to buy a treat on Friday evenings. A two pound bag of broken biscuits from the confectioner around the corner from where she worked ... and, the slightly past-its-sell-by fruit from the local greengrosh** -- Usually slightly bruised pears and apples.

The Ol' Lady would peel the fruit, cut out the bruised bits -- and it was terrific.

The point? I got this from my favourite hasbarat site ... Theo Spark. Just cut out the bruised bits, and the rest is fine.

A pro-gun Internet meme in which we see that the four cities -- Chicago, Detroit, Washington and New Orleans are the highest contributors to the overall crime rate in the US.

... and very handy to have in a pro-gun/anti-gun argument.

Strangely, what is not mentioned is that the four aforementioned cities are totally niggafuxated -- top to bottom.

Cohencidental? Even there ... PC rules.


**Any ex-South African can tell you what a greengrosh is ...

Anonymous said...

OMG, Hillary used the N word. Unfit for prez. She might push the N button.

Frank Galton said...

GOV.UK, 07 September 2016

The first anniversary of the government’s historic commitment to resettle 20,000 [Syrians from refugee camps in Turkey] by 2020 was today (Wednesday 7 September) marked by the arrival of a flight to Stansted airport carrying more than 100 Syrians, who will now be safely housed in the UK.

The government has been working closely with local authorities and the devolved administrations across the UK since announcing the resettlement plan, in September 2015, and the 20,000 local authority places required to meet the landmark pledge have now been secured.

Latest figures (until end of June 2016) show more than 2,800 Syrians have arrived in more than 100 local authority areas under the scheme.

Home Secretary Amber Rudd [Conservative Friend of Israel] said:

Securing the 20,000 pledges only 12 months after we made the commitment is testament to the immense goodwill and generosity of the British people and the effort and determination of local authorities across the UK.

The Independent, 06 June 2016

Britain's housing shortage takes marriage, children, and careers off the agenda for millions

Daily Mirror, 21 July 2013

9,000 ex-service personnel homeless after leaving the military

They account for one in 10 rough sleepers across the UK

The Sunday Mirror this week heard harrowing stories from veterans who fought on the front line but now sleep in doorways, graveyards and parks, begging from passers-by...

European Jewish Press, 11 July 2016

PHOTO: Theresa May, Britain's Home Secretary, holding up a poster saying "I am a Jew" ["JE SUIS JUIF"] during a meeting of the Board of Deputies...

Theresa May to become Britain's next Prime Minister, 'A great friend of the community', says the Board of Deputies of British Jews

She was awarded a standing ovation from diners at the CST’s annual dinner.

She had committed another £13.4 million (€11.7 million ) of government money to communal security measures and had made her intentions towards the community clear.

In a speech she gave at an event hosted in London by the World B'nei Akiva youth movement last year to mark Yom Haatzmaut, Israel's independence day, May emphasized the importance of the continued existence of the state of Israel and of remembering those [Jewish service personnel] who gave their lives to bring it independence.

Frank Galton

James said...

Obama in Africa

At 8 min mark Obama says he thought the villages would all be a group of houses around the chief's hut. His sister narrates that this was because the villages used to be centralized during colonial times in order to watch and control the people.

This reminds me of Roland Huntsford's book on Sweden. They were never a feudal society which meant power there was centralized and not apportioned to lords and barons like in England. This made the transition to modernity very easy. They were still rather medieval in the early part of the 20th century but are now highly industrialized.

Rulers have long understood
that their subjects will not stand more than a certain rate of
change. An official of the Social Democratic party said in
1969 that reforms had to observe a speed limit to avoid
opposition; the kings and chancellors of the sixteenth and
seventeenth centuries acted on exactly the same principle.

In the early 1990s, politicians in New Zealand also discussed the need to ease in white genocide in this country so as not to excite resistance. They always steer discussion to the economy and away from what your great grandchildren might look like.

The collective village system was compulsory, except in
parts of northern Sweden. Those were frontierlands, where
the colonization of virgin soil was not finished until the
beginning of this century, and where a sparse population and
the requirements of a pioneer life made the system useless.
But, over most of the country, and among most of the
peasantry, collective farming ruled. In 1827, the Diet abolished
strip farming and redistributed land to form the consolidated
holdings of modern agriculture. The peasants were given six
years to demolish their old homes in the village and move out
to their new, enclosed farms. Thus the ancient villages were
destroyed, the face of the countryside altered and collective
farming eradicated at the stroke of a pen.

The Scottish Clearances were similar. There was very little resistance, because the people were loyal to their Chiefs, so if the Chief said piss off, people just pissed off.

Back to Sweden:
But the change was forced through by the Liberal
faction in the Estates, because, as one of their number expressed
it: 'The old system encouraged a conservative point of view.'
It was an early example of the acknowledged use of environment
to influence attitudes.

So dividing Whites dis-empowers them, but letting blacks congregate dis-empowers them.

At the 14 minute mark Obama's narrative starts getting a little bit race related. He says Whites are still treated as superior, and beneath the surface things are ready to explode because young men don't have all the opportunities they should have. But overall he doesn't say much that is anti-white. He mostly just expresses hope that Kenya can get its act together and become a better country. No big deal.

Flanders said...

Excuse me, Mister and John C, for imposing into what seems to be a mutual exchange between the two of you. I can't let the statement improperly stand [@23:09]
that - "...the New Deal was about making White Heads of Households economically stable and capable. The New Deal offered "Negroes" nothing,..".

It's very clear that FDR and the policies of the New Deal were similarly as "helpful" to White heads of household as those of the Great Society programs of Crypto-LBJ. In other words as harmful as could be, but disguised at the time as Crypto-sympathy. Whites certainly had negative benefit from either one, and as well any well-intentioned black. The only benefit came to the jews and their Freemason buddies, who became packed into a greatly expanded Socialistic agenda, and the swiftly and massively-packed USA government, who and which was designed for the promotion of Communism. I don't have to remind anyone here (((who it is))) who considers those types of totalitarian policies to be a benefit, but those are certainly not meant to be for White people.

•"Now to bring about government by oligarchy masquerading as democracy, it is fundamentally essential that practically all authority and control be centralized in our national government. The individual sovereignty of our states must first be destroyed, except in mere minor matters of legislation."
His administration was a lot like that of the heads of both, "US Party(ies)" today.

"•Probably the best exposition of FDR's procedures regarding the rule of law vs the rule of men was said by his top deputy, KGB agent Harry Hopkins, to his aides - "I want to assure you that we are not afraid of exploring anything within the law, and we have here a lawyer who will declare anything you want to do legal."
"The war eventually ended it. FDR supporter Merle Thorpe wrote in 1935, "We have given legislative status, either in whole or in part, to eight of the ten points of the Communist Manifesto of 1848; and, as some point out, done (sic) a better job of implementation than Russia." Colonel Sactuary's pamphlet Is the New Deal Communist? made a 35 point comparison of it to Marx's 1848 program.

Every choice made in the New Deal, whether it was one that moved recovery or not, was a choice unerringly true to the essential design of totalitarian government". [- New Deal - Toward a Soviet America]

Anonymous said...

So what are the white PUSSY indigenous fathers going to do about these roaches - moreover the misandrist femenazi white whores of the media going to say about it ??

NOTHNING i TELL YOU NOTHING!!!! - they prefer to concentrate on slagging off the 'effin white male TRUMP!

Flanders said...

A brief introduction to the employment of the Hegelian method by the Cultural Marxists

The Real Homosexual Agenda

Real Homosexual Agenda Part 2

James said...

Nationalist Party of Germany addresses their parliament and proposes programs to help Germans raise families so that Germany doesn't die out.

Opposition politicians "utterly condemn" the idea. Apparently German genocide is a better policy.

Then a feminist politician blames WW1 and WW2 on the German "Master Race" idea. Funny, Winston Churchill never blamed WW2 on Germany - he said the actual purpose of the war was to crush Germany.

66 years after the war, it is apparently "very difficult" to mention the words "biological continuation". "Human rights don't distinguish between 'German' people and others." There is no place for such proposals in democracy. (i.e. the people cannot be trusted to vote for such things, you know how Germans are...)

Then the Nazi comes back on and says German genocide will be because of "incompetence and lack of willpower". OMG, doesn't he realize it is deliberate yet?

I'm sure politicians in all western countries think the same. Will the glue that binds the west together help the west out of this sticky situation?

How can we have diversity with all these different European countries hanging around?

James said...

Immigrants in Germany like it the way it used to be.

They want to stay, but "deport the new ones" they say.

James said...

Reporters report fear of Trump supporters. OMG. The media is part of the glue that holds western civilization together. What will our civilization do without the glue?

James said...

Marty Baron edits a newspaper which is part of an establishment that ignores or mocks White genocide and now he says he's angered some people. He claims he doesn't know why they are angry.

He's got principals:
“We write our editorials based on principle, and sometimes principle comes at a cost."

The cost is canceled subscriptions. The principles are stop Trump.

He says the only limit to hate on twitter is the character limit. Yes that is a problem.

Flanders said...

"Interesting social experiment here. A car with Donald Trump stickers was placed in a Black neighborhood."

Andromeda said...

That is correct James. The solution I understand is to 'elect a new people'.

J Bull said...

I was wondering about Steven Woolfe, 'the part-Jewish, part-sub-Saharan African'. Thought there was the touch of the tarbrush there. Good to see him go.

Anonymous said...

@ Flanders --

"It's very clear that FDR and the policies of the New Deal were similarly as "helpful" to White heads of household as those of the Great Society programs of Crypto-LBJ."

By "New Deal" most of us mean the agreements made during the era, not only the programs FDR pushed through. And he was a banksman, as Gore Vidal pointed out, which is not oligarchic-government but corporate-kleptokracy.

It was Dorothy Day's Catholic League and Father Coughlin's fulminations that were behind a lot of the privite, non-codified agreements during that era. FDR may have wanted to take credit for them, but the "One paycheck to cover a household" and the "40 hour workweek" came from Little Platoon pressure groups religious, civil, and /or unions, not the government.

How could it have? The U.S. Government has been working directly for private banks since 1913. A centennial that was not celebrated widely, if I remember right.

Unions were White Men Only till after WWII. Pullman Porters and a few others excepted. Black guys that worked for auto and steel as late as the 80s wouldn't even go to union meetings. They worked for the corporations... what the hell, they worked for the guys who brought their ancestors over.

If ever in doubt just remember your Adam Smith: Capitalists are all liars.


Uncle Nasty said...

Anonymous said...
OMG, Hillary used the N word. Unfit for prez. She might push the N button.
18 October 2016 at 02:51

I checked out to this Youtube vid -- and you know the most chilling thing about it? Eeven the people who condemn her -- -- cannot say the word "nigger".

Like a few Kiwis here. I had a conversation with a few on the benefits of reading Orwell's "1984" ... and how Orwell realised and expounded -- even then -- that rendering certain words unspeakable was the first step to rendering certain thoughts unthinkable.

Social engineering, or as Terry Pratchett beautifully put it:- "Whips in the mind."

I was scoffed at ... until I asked one of them what they understood by the much vilified "N-word".

He stumbled a bit and then said somethng along the lines of "... It's what ... racists call, ah, ... black people."

"Indeed, yes. So I am told. But what is the word? Noxious? Necrotic? Nullifying? Nocturnal? What? What's the word?"

He couldn't say it. Beads of sweat were beginning to form on the upper lip, but he could not say it.

Our work here is done.


Unknown said...

There is no matter who you vote for, ladies and gentlemen! As Ron Paul says: Vote All You Want, the Secret Government Won’t Change.
Must read:

katana said...

UN wrote -16 October 2016 at 23:24

Actual link ...

After reading this, I felt a hell of a lot better. The jews are not omnipotent, omniscient or even that bright. They fuck up just as often as we do. They're merely quicker at sweeping their balls-ups under the rug.

Thanks, Katana.

FYI, my comment (see way above) at that link was NOT posted by whoever is moderating there. I submitted it three times over a few days, and no luck.

Although there could be some technical bug, going by my previous experience I'd say it wasn't accepted because it's content didn't go along with the Trump bandwagon.

Now I'm not really concerned about my comment being blocked, but rather by the amount of Trump worship going on, even there.

John C said...

Hitler s house in austria will be demolished to stop national socialist flocking to the place where he was born. Daily Mail. Well, well, well someone somewhere is a tad bit worried about a little idea that might, just might have the answer to our problem's. I wonder.
Could have been demolished in the late 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, but no, nows the time. Somebody somewhere is worried.

Mr woofie picks a fight with a red blooded Englishman, comes off worst after a little scuffle, falls and bangs his little head, later falls again for the camera, his life is on the line(max out the story for sympathy, on the mend the very next day. Fucking girl). Having already decided to do a bunk to the fucking con-servative party, he has the cheek to call ukip toxic. State agent at work here. Fucking Scum. They always show themselves in the end, to the keen eye.

Joe Btfsplk said...

speaking of negroes. . .here is screamin' jay hawkins. . .

James said...

Anonymous Andromeda said...
That is correct James. The solution I understand is to 'elect a new people'.

I hope you mean a temporary or stop-gap solution. The alternative is too extreme to mention. We must not allow the white race to get in the way of western civilization. The glue that binds us together is far more important.

James said...

Hitler s house in austria will be demolished to stop national socialist flocking to the place where he was born. Daily Mail. Well, well, well someone somewhere is a tad bit worried about a little idea that might, just might have the answer to our problem's. I wonder.

Good. It's about time they put a stop to all that flocking.

James said...

Now I'm not really concerned about my comment being blocked, but rather by the amount of Trump worship going on, even there.

I find the articles on the Occidental Observer so boring that I can't read them. I might try to get it shut down. It's so boring it could genocide us all by sheer tedium and apathy.

Articles about WG should have a little more urgency; and some more pictures might help.

There is no matter who you vote for, ladies and gentlemen! As Ron Paul says: Vote All You Want, the Secret Government Won’t Change.

RP would say that if he's trying to defuse the Trump phenomenon. Should we trust Ron Paul? He's a closet communist according to Christopher Jon Bjerknes over at

James said...

Our work here is done.

Did he get the point though? Did he realize he was sweating like one of Pavlov's mongrel dogs?

Jose Delgado wrote a book called "Physical Control of the Mind - Toward a Psycho-civilized Society"

That last bit after the dash is the scary part. He wrote the book in the 1960s, and firmly advocated using mind control to civilize people. Liberals love that stuff. They just love it. We aren't talking about MK-Ultra trauma-based sex slave mind control here. Instead the book describes normal run-of-the-mill mind control.

It was amazing what they were doing even in the 1960s with brain electrodes, drugs, and hypnosis. I showed a copy of the book to a semi-liberal and he laughed at me, with you know the tin-foil hat laugh. Then I explained what was in the book and showed him parts of it and he stopped laughing.

Mind control will be used as glue to hold together western civilization.

James said...

Martin Armstrong provides index to Wikileaks files so it doesn't disappear.

Armstrong is Trumping.

Anonymous said...

Trump statues OK.

Hillary statue causes a fight.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

More sources of immigrants - Pentagon Video.

Anonymous said...

Hillary has meltdown

Referring to Donald Trump, Hillary said:

"If that fucking bastard wins, we all hang from nooses! Lauer’s finished...and if I lose it’s all on your heads for screwing this up."

Matt Lauer was massively criticized for the rest of the week on air by the Clinton campaign and the rest of the MSM as having conducted:
“an unfair and partisan attack on Clinton.”
According to the email, calls were made to the New York Times, the Washington Post, Huffington Post and Twitter executives with orders to crush Matt Lauer.
One staffer on the Clinton campaign told the NBC staff that they all fear Clinton’s wrath and uncontrollable outbursts, and one described Hillary as “an egotistical psychopath.”
Since Hillary does not allow any staff to have cell phones when she is in their presence, no footage is available.
Interim DNC chairman Donna Brazile, the first black woman to hold the position, was singled out by Hillary during the rant. She screamed at Donna:
“I’m so sick of your face. You stare at the wall like a brain dead buffalo, while letting that f - - - ing Lauer get away with this. What are you good for, really? Get the f - - - to work janitoring this mess - do I make myself clear?”

No brain dead buffalo should have to hear that.

John C said...

James You can Flock Off

CanSpeccy said...

Important point well made and some good comments. My own small contribution to this debate: When Anti-Semitism Is Both Patriotic and Just

James said...

Democrats are rigging the election

Here is proof. Lots of voice fry and down speaking. Liberals all talk the same. Even some hmmm-mmmms and lots of "shit" and F word (no N word) etc. I guaran-damn-tee you.

Some guy says "At the Chicago protest that was us. Nobodies supposed to know about me."

They are also (and have been for decades) registering fake people on the electoral rolls. When you go to vote, check your address in the book and see who lives there. In California you might have some illegals living at your address and voting Democrat.

The Democrats, what really drives them?

John C said...

Could people on here just write the title to the youtube video that they want people to watch. I personally find it easier that way. Yours Sincerely 88IQ

What do people think about ramzpaul giving the middle finger to IQ88ers, which I don't really get being from england, a bloke did this to me the other day he's about 30odd, I personally(I like that word today) find it fucking stupid/childish. Yeah so he gives the middle finger to 88IQers so low iq that they dribble from their mouths whilst shiting in their pants for their carer (usually their mum) to keep having to clean up.
So he gives the middle finger to 88iqers 14ers got it as well because they gave him a hard time for contracting yellow fever, which I understand is a helluva disease when it gets you. In london we have a special hospital for that sort of thing, its called hospital for tropical diseases.
He's probably given the middle finger to other numbers which I don't know about but that's up to him, what I don't understand is why give the middle finger and then within a few months fucks-off to Hungary to mix with Hungarian nationalist? Don't get it at all. Hope his yellow fever has cleared up, we really don't want a outbreak of it there.

Anonymous said...

Zulema Rodriguez looks like part of the glue holding western civilization together, but acts like solvent to break it apart.

One of these activists said they are bringing in "anarchy".

A Democrat boss activist said that if one of their "kids" gets hurt causing violence at a Trump rally, they will pay his doctor's bill and if he gets arrested they'll pay his legal bills.

What sort of people are these Democrats really?

Look at this video where Trump's Chicago rally was canceled due to concerns with violence. Half the crowd is very happy about it. It appears there was a huge crowd of infiltrators there.

Trump's campaign is so clean in comparison.

Joe Btfsplk said...

>>>I find the articles on the Occidental Observer so boring that I can't read them.<<<

Glad to know I'm not the only one. I stopped reading them 2-3 years ago. I comment on the other comments whilst never referring to the actual article.

Joe Btfsplk said...

The Democrats, what really drives them?

Cadillacs of course. In Beverly Hills called "joo canoes."

Flanders said...

I got this comment off another site which describes Kalergi in a nutshell, except for that disgusting descriptive, "elite" - There is nothing that is "elite" about treasonous mongrelized trash.

"Commenter on youtube Aaron Kasparov gets it:

This is why they hit us with pro-‘diversity’ and pro-‘multiculturalism’ propaganda from birth: So that we would not object to our own demographic displacement, which would allow the Elite to elect a new people, keeping White people from electing a new Elite. The Elite want a low-information, compliant citizenry, and there’s too many Whites that still don’t fit that description, in spite of all the propaganda. On top of this, they tell Whites that it’s ‘cool’ and ‘moral’ to mix their DNA with (low-IQ) nonwhites. This is the reason for the institutional demonization of Western Civilization, White Guilt and Race Mixing Propaganda in Public Education, Universities, Ads, and the News/Entertainment Medias. These facts will be a tough pill for a lot of White people to swallow, because we’ve been brainwashed to believe it’s wrong to have a positive White identity and think of ourselves as a group with shared interests, but it’s the truth. ‘Diversity’ means: Less White People.

Look up: White Genocide | r/K selection theory | Race and IQ.".

Flanders said...

"Anonymous said...18 October 2016 at 20:51

Trump statues OK.

Hillary statue causes a fight.
Thanks for that link, Anon. For my flles, I got one of my most realistically descriptive Hillary Clinton images from there!

A Cloven-Hoofed Hillary Clinton with an International Banker suckling at her breast

James said...

Massive Voter Fraud - Part 2

This would destroy the democrats if not for two things:

1. Nobody will watch it.
2. Anyone who does will assume the Republicrats do the same things.

Flanders said...

Unknown said...18 October 2016 at 12:35 - Re: Your link to...
"Ron Paul: Vote All You Want, the Secret Government Won’t Change"

Freemason Ron Paul has played his own part in that same "secret government" and he gives jewry a new name to hide behind. Such people play their parts to make certain that the real "secret government" remains hidden from the public. Reciting "facts" about those institutions (which are already known and visible) while hiding the facts about who it is who actually controls those, is one of their favorite games.
“My belief is that the control is the Deep State, and people have to realize that,” he [Paul] said.

Michael Lofgren, a former Republican congressional aide, has written extensively on the Deep State and describes it as “a hybrid entity of public and private institutions ruling the country according to consistent patterns in season and out, connected to, but only intermittently controlled by, the visible state whose leaders we choose.”

Lofgren continues:

“The Deep State does not consist of the entire government. It is a hybrid of national security and law enforcement agencies: the Department of Defense, the Department of State, the Department of Homeland Security, the Central Intelligence Agency and the Justice Department.”

Lofgren notes the financial system is also under the influence of the Deep State and that certain areas of the judicial system, namely, the secretive Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, are manipulated by the opaque, shadowy apparatus."
If Ron Paul has his way, jewry and Freemasons (at all their different levels and various names) will continue having their made up and anonymous names to replace their more apt identifications - Jews and Jewish Freemasonry.

A similar Freemasonic operation confused Americans for over 40 years by naming "generic" communism as being the culprit and enemy which Americans faced. The John Birch Society, with it's Freemason leadership under Robert Welch, was diligent in not naming the jews, and into distracting the American people onto misty "commies" who operated in secret cells taking orders from Moscow.

The truth was then that it was jewry who had established and instituted communism, staffing it with other jews and masons, and the direction for communism came primarily from jews in the US and England rather than from those jews who had taken over in Russia and who had established an open communist system there. Their Freemasonic operatives continue to this day in offering similar distorted views and distractions in order to mislead the American people. Communism is monolithic - and it's soul is the international jewish state.

James said...

There is no matter who you vote for, ladies and gentlemen! As Ron Paul says: Vote All You Want, the Secret Government Won’t Change.

So why all the voter fraud. Why so much effort to change the vote?

Those voter fraud videos prove that voting is important.

Flanders said...

UN - Re yours @ 18 October 2016 at 10:52
A Great One! A Good message, right on point and fun, too. Also, I very much liked this one from another link above:

"I think somehow, God gave the jew the shoot-your-mouth-off gene as a way of saying "Sorry" to us Humans." - Uncle Nasty [UN]

Flanders said...

Sorry Mister, but I had always learned that FDR was the jewy commie instigator for the New Deal who set up the framework for jews and leftists to massively infiltrate and set up multiple departments in order to control the American government and for the State Department to control the foreign policy for the New Deal conversion of American taxes in order to provide support for communist teaching efforts in Europe and elsewhere, while telling the American people that their money was for "fighting communism". I didn't realize that it was actually Father Coughlin who was intent upon doing that. But then, I had learned my history prior to the queery Gore Vidal being brought into vogue, so my leftist teachings are a little incomplete.

James said...

So I'm looking through the big wikileaks dump that they supposedly killed Assange to prevent.

Can't find anything interesting yet. What's the point of dumping masses of useless bullshit?

There's a file on NZ police action against some Maori radicals 10 years ago. That all got cleared up. Cops were heavy-handed. There was a file on L Ron Hubbard. Another one had land distribution patterns in Kenya.

Its even more boring than Occidental Observer. Has anyone found anything in there worth looking at? The election rigging vids were way way better.

Anonymous said...

uburban secretary who scadalised the empire to become an African Queen: The incredible true story of the middle-class Londoner and a lawyer from Botswana is told in new film starring Rosamund Pike

Worth a movie I suppose.

Flanders said...

Off Topic: Referring back to that link to the "Cloven-Hoofed Hillary" link in my 00:44 remark, the initial attacker and censor for Hillary was the fem who worked at the Museum of the American Indian, which I think shares a space with the jews Holocaust museum.

That Indian Museum worker felt empowered to utilize force to censor the showing of the Hillary statue. Note that the head of that museum is not too unreasonable in his view regarding the Indians, compared to some (see “I think we have to be careful going too far with the parallels between the Holocaust and the Native American experience, for several reasons.”, at the end link below), but as is always the case with the heads of such organizations, he first defers to the jews, seemingly not recognizing that it seems like damned near all lawyers are jews,

“Kevin Gover began his career as a civil rights attorney, worked as Assistant Secretary for Indian Affairs at the Department of the Interior, taught law at Arizona State University, and is now director of the National Museum of the American Indian in Washington D.C. His Pawnee tribal name means “Shield Chief,”
“By training I’m a lawyer and practiced law for a number of years in Washington D.C. and New Mexico, entirely representing Indian tribes in the United States. And one of the things that struck me, in my law career, was how many of the lawyers from the ’30s, ’40s, and ’50s who were representing Indian tribes, when it wasn’t a popular thing to do, were Jewish. And, in fact, everyone would agree that the greatest lawyer in our field in history was Felix Cohen. He wrote the Handbook of Federal Indian Law.

And Cohen actually readily drew the analogy between the treatment of Native Americans and the treatment of Jews in Germany. He’s famous for a quote where he said: “Like the Jews in Germany, the Indian marks the shift from fresh air to poison gas in our political atmosphere, and our treatment of the Indian, more than our treatment of any other minority, marks the rise and fall in our democratic faith.” And, I mean, those are incredibly powerful words that always stuck with me from the moment I saw them. So, Cohen certainly had a very broad political consciousness and associated the treatment of German Jews with the treatment of Indians in the United States.”

His New York Board of Directors also seem to have some strange names for "American Indians" [scroll down].

Flanders said...

What the leaders of jewry is doing is that which their individual jews are teaching the leaders of each racial division to do (and Cultural Marxist "Professors", too). What is being taught to each and every "minority" is that White history is not valid history and that White history is bad and oppressive (against each of them!). They are taught that "their history" is correct, despite that most of those "histories"(for no matter which "minority") - are Marxian collections of tales and lore. Not only are they taught that, but that they, too, must honor the "shining examples" of race-mixing, and not to be afraid themselves to practice that. Those "minorities" don't seem to realize that when they have become a collective majority, they will be living not in their individual history, nor in that of Whites, but in that of the jews - who plan to control and to racially mesh them, and all of their various "histories" will become that of jewry. Mr. "American Indian" exemplifies their work.

"So, listen: You’re going to make history. There’s just no doubt about it. You will do things that have never been done before. I suspect you already have the sense that your generation has some important work to do. But what you may not have thought about is how you’re going to remake history. And by that I mean that you and your contemporaries will literally decide what our history is. You will decide what we will remember and honor from our past, and what we will regret and perhaps forget.

Now, remaking history is an ongoing process, and every generation does it."

Baccalaureate address: "Choosing our Histories" by Kevin Gover

Uncle Nasty said...

I don't really see why people should condemn TOO ... The Occidental Observer. Perhaps the comment is not racy or snappy enough for the more impatient among us, but I work on the principle that they are not actively against us, therefore I will read their comment.

I get a lot of info from the IHR (Institute For Historical Revision) who, do what I like to do ... troll (in the old fashioned sense) the Lefty and heebaphile* publications and media, pouncing on articles in which the noses -- often unknowingly -- reveal a little too much of themselves and their agenda and mostly, what makes them curry their little combinations.**

Like this one ...

Hatred of Jews at ‘Highest Level of Our Lifetimes,’ Israeli Diplomat Tells UN Antisemitism Forum

by Barney Breen-Portnoy

Hatred of Jews and demonization of Israel are at “the highest level of our lifetimes,” Israel’s UN envoy warned on Monday during a high-level forum on antisemitism held by the world body at its headquarters in New York.

“Over 1/3 of European Jews are afraid to wear a yarmulke or Star of David in public,” Danny Danon said in an address to the forum. “More than half of French Jews have considered emigrating because they don’t feel safe living as Jews in France. Today we hear things about Jews and the Jewish people that we thought belonged to the pages of history…Antisemitism is returning to everyday life without shame.”

There has been a noted rise in antisemitism in Europe in recent years. In France, for example, as reported by The Algemeiner, a teacher at a high school in Paris was suspended this summer for making comments hostile to Jews on social media. And in May, The Algemeiner reported that rising antisemitism in the Paris area was forcing French Jews to move elsewhere in the country or immigrate to Israel.

Need I point out that Danon was the one who wanted to round up all black "interlopers" in israel and ship them, in bulk, to Australia?

IHR (Institute For Historical Revision) End Part one.


*But I repeat myself.
**Someone once referred to jews as "fearful". I now begin to see what they meant ... full of fear.

Uncle Nasty said...

IHR (Institute For Historical Revision) Begin Part Two.

(Sorry, I fogot the link to IHR in my previous post)

Anyhow on to jews endlessly whining ... and only now do I see the acronym -- Jews Endlessly Whining ... Part two.

Brexit could unleash Anti-Semitic Forces Throughout Europe that could drive all jews from continent, top Rabbi warns ...

Britain’s decision to leave the EU could result in a continent so destabilised by the threats of Islamism and the radical right that the very survival of Jewish communities is thrown into doubt, one of Europe’s most senior rabbis has warned.

Pinchas Goldschmidt, the president of the Conference of European Rabbis, has told MEPs that Europe is in danger of breaking up and unless leaders begin to co-operate “far more” over the dangers, the consequences within 30 years will be catastrophic.

In a speech to the European Parliament, he said Jews felt they were standing on a dangerous train track with “trains coming at each other with ever increasing speed”.

He said: “One train is the train of radical Islam and Islamic terrorism... The other train is the anti-Semitism of old Europe, the extreme right.”

He added: “Both threats are existential threats for European Jews – and both trains have to be halted before it’s too late.”

His speech was delivered in Brussels on Tuesday during a special debate entitled, “The future of Jewish communities in Europe”.

But Mr Goldschmidt, who is also the chief rabbi of Moscow, went further and asked: “The question that Jews ask themselves, not only as Jews but as Europeans, does Europe in its present form have a future after the [terrorist] attacks in Paris, in Brussels, in Copenhagen, and after Brexit?”

Not to mention:-

... and in remarks likely to generate further controversy, he said further work was needed to integrate the “waves of immigrants flooding Europe” into the “European value system” so they left behind “the rabid anti-Semitism and radicalism, which is rampant in the Middle East”."

To me, anyway, the natural response is:- "You brought them here, you circumcised dicksmoker, Why don't you take them back to israel with you -- and integrate them there?"

So the Brexit could deplete Europe's jew population. I combed the article looking for the downside, but could find none ...
Fat chance, though, of it actually happening ... as long as there is a drop of blood or an ounce of plunder to be squeezed from the remnants of Europe.


Joe Btfsplk said...

you may do this- open two windows. the first is to A Neon Rainbow by Alex Chilton and the boxtops- here have it ready with speakers or headphones

2nd window- type into Google Germany night, then click images. Now turn on the music- then start to scroll through the images of Germany at night.

The city lights
the pretty lights
they can warm
the coldest nights

Uncle Nasty said...

Off topic, admittedly, but I feel like stirring it a bit.

In which we learn of Myra Hindley and Ian Brady; Jack the Ripper; Fred West and various other murderers in the UK.

All pretty much household names to be sure.

Read on about a few more -- even more monstrous -- rabid psychos ... that you don't here much about. Strange, that.

However, almost no one in this country, except for those directly involved, will ever have heard of Kenneth Erskine. And yet, Erskine killed his victims more recently than any of the killers listed above, he killed more of them and he killed them in England's capital city.

Kenneth Erskine was tried and convicted in 1988 of the killings of seven old age pensioners in a 3-month spell beginning in April 1986. The police are as sure as they can possibly be that he murdered at least 4 others around the same time. This because those who died were all pensioners, all of them were killed in inner London, they were all strangled, and most of them were buggered before or after death.

How about this cookie?

On 7 June 1992, the body of 18-year-old Katie Rackliff was found.
She had been stabbed 32 times.

The previous evening Katie had accepted a lift home from Ragamuffin’s nightclub in Camberley. 12-year-old schoolgirl, Sharon Carr, was in the back seat when the older boys picked her up. She got into the back alongside the young girl and, when the boys started paying her too much attention, Carr pulled out a knife and began the frenzied attack that led to Katie’s death.

According to her diaries, Carr found the killing sexually pleasurable. One entry read:
"I wish I could kill you again. I promise I would make you suffer more. Your terrified screams turn me on... I swear I was born to be a murderer. Killing for me is a mass turn-on."
Carr was not, originally, a suspect. It took the authorities five years to bring her to trial and they only became suspicious after she was sent to prison for committing another violent crime. In 1994, Carr had stabbed a fellow pupil and was jailed for two years. Whilst in prison, she let on that she knew something about Katie's death. Subsequently, the police obtained her diaries and her guilt was demonstrated conclusively.

After noting that Carr had a violent history (she once chopped the head off a dog with a spade) and hearing evidence from psychiatrists that said she was suffering from a 'severe form of anti-social personality disorder', the trial judge sentenced her to life with a recommendation that she serve at least 14 years.

So, why have we never heard of Erskine and Carr?

Here's a clue: (images)

Without a doubt, the Brit PTB hate Whites.
With a passion.


Flanders said...

Please refer to Flanders comment at 17 October 2016 at 18:12 above for more of the background on this.

What’s behind Mexico’s military buying binge?

"That load of 30 million bullets was soon followed by fleets of Black Hawk helicopters and thousands of Humvees: in all more than $1 billion of American military equipment sold to Mexico within the past two years. --- Admiral William E. Gortney, the commander of Northern Command, the U.S. military headquarters that deals with Mexico, testified to Congress earlier this year that Mexico’s buying binge represented a “100-fold increase from prior years.”
"In late 2013, Mexico asked the United States if it could fill a large order of 5.56 mm ammunition, and the embassy helped deliver the trainloads of $6 million worth of bullets within 100 days, the official said. --- orders for more than two dozen UH-60 Blackhawk helicopters for the Air Force and Navy, and more than 2,200 Humvees. Since Peña Nieto came to office in late 2012, Mexico has purchased about $1.5 billion in equipment through the government's military sales program, plus $2 billion more through U.S. companies, said Inigo Guevara Moyano, a Mexican defense consultant based in Washington."
The explanations offered sound suspiciously hollow. Mexico has had a long-standing habit of cooperating with drug cartels, more than those news reports which sometimes indicate otherwise would let the public know. Mexico still delivers murderers and other criminals back to US custody almost never, and provides them with cover once they get back into Mexico. Americans along the border can tell you that the Mexican government or military is no freind to them, or to the American people of the former USA, which the jewish interests behind our government, and their hand-picked State Department (stuffed full during FDR, and spreading and increasing since then), have turned into being simply the "US". The State Department is of minimal use in helping with Americans who have been abused, whether inside of Mexico or in "US" America. It doesn't stop there. Supposedly, because Mexico is "not a big human rights abuser", the US plans to continue giving the Mexican government direct American aid.

A reasonable man would be inclined to think that with all of the millions of Mexicans who have been driven out from Mexico, or who have come to Jackpot Country, US, "in search of jobs that Americans will not do", that Mexico would be more than happy to treat the rest of their Mexicans better.

"In a little-noticed report submitted to lawmakers last month, U.S. diplomatic officials...have called on the Obama administration to release more than $2 million in aid to Mexico’s military and police. --- State Department spokesperson John Kirby stood by the request for aid. “We concluded the government of Mexico is meeting the criteria stipulated by the law, while recognizing that some serious human rights challenges remain,” Kirby wrote."
"The money in question comes from the Merida Initiative, an aid package born out of the U.S. government’s support for the drug war in Mexico, which has appropriated $2.3 billion to Mexican law enforcement and the military since 2008."

That sounds to an everyday working American like a hell of a lot of money and ammunition going to a Marxist-based government on our Southern border. And, to be shipping more than one-fifth of the Mexican population into the US - who are without accountability to anyone seems more than ridiculous. Couple that with an arms and military buildup which is assisted by questionable elements in the US government, and I think that the American people should seriously begin to wonder - and to loudly and most forcefully resist.

UNcle Nasty said...

And in this corner, we have more proof that jews are actually as dumb as a bag of rocks.

They never leave well enough alone. Or should that be badly enough?

Everyone, myself included, asked the question: Millions of refugees -- almost exclusively young, fit men. Where are the women ... the children?

On the way ... soon.

Over 17,000 refugees file lawsuits against German government

by Cameron Slater on October 19, 2016 at 3:30pm

They walk across the border and then they want social welfare, housing, health care and education. Now they will also use Germany’s laws against German tax payers.

More than 17,000 asylum seekers in Germany have filed lawsuits against the government aimed at getting their families to join them leaving courts struggling to cope.

And now it is feared the legal action will open the floodgates to a new wave of mass immigration into the country.
It comes as many in Germany say the social fabric is already at breaking point in many places and the fear of violence with natives is a real danger.

The migrants are seeking a change to their subsidiary protection status in Germany which can delay family reunification by two years.
This wave of litigation is rolling through the country’s administrative courts.

In the first eight months of this year over 17,000 cases were filed, 6,000 of them in August alone, with 15,000 of the claims by Syrians.

... and the heebs are threatening to run home to good ol' Tel Aviv. Quelle Surfuckinprise, eh?

Read the comments in the article. No-one's actually stepping on the third rail (Hey! This is New Zealand) but there is a comment on Coudenhove-Kalergi ... someone else pointed out:

Jayar • 3 hours ago

I see in today's "Herald"where Rudman insists that we should take the refugees "'our Australian neighbours have left to rot in Nauru." I hope there is no response from our Government. Anyone reading the UK newspapers will see how little enthusiasm there is from the British taxpayer at all these "children" arriving in their country. The general feeling seems to be that the so-called "children"will never see 20 again! It seems amazing that Merkel thought all those young men they took in would be grateful, get to work and contribute something to the country.

Thank God New Zealand's pussification is not complete ... yet.
But be patient. It's getting there.


Flanders said...

They must have criticized Hillary.

The jews in Israel are doing that which the jews in America (and elsewhere) want to have done in our own countries. Zuckerberg and Facebaum will join in.

Normal White people who post there had better think about getting off and posting elsewhere - now. Their posts lasts a long time and who knows who will decide whether your posts "incite" or meet some other made up criteria.

"As Facebook gives the Israeli government more access to posts deemed as “incitement,” occupation forces have been raiding the homes of Palestinians children and detaining them for months over posts on the social media site, a report by the Defense for Children International-Palestine said Monday.
Ahmed, a 17-year-old Palestinian who was only identified by his first name in the report, said he was arrested in August and interrogated for hours over pictures of he had posted on Facebook. “He asked for my Facebook password,” Ahmed told DCIP recalling his first interrogation in an Israeli prison. “I gave it to him. He logged in and said it had inciting photos.” ---- Last month, Facebook and the Israeli government agreed to set up joint teams in order to fight what they call “incitement” posts on the social media website, which critics slammed as policies to target Palestinians and Arab-Israelis."

Flanders said...

Oh, A "shadowy" group. New title for the same old Yiddish types of names.
New FBI Docs Reveals Shadowy Group Protected Clinton In Email Investigation

Flanders said...

In the UK, what if the ruling, instead had been that ... "the surveillance was done WITH 'adequate safeguards or supervision'.?

Court Rules UK Mass Spying Was Unlawfully Conducted For Nearly Two Decades

jay said...

As an antidote to the constant jew/neocon propaganda of the MSM try watching Russia Today (RTTV) or listening to their 24 hour radio news station Sputnik Radio

Click the 'Live' tab to get an alternative view.

Flanders said...

"The complete neutering of the once-influential Roman Catholic Church was forecast more than 100 years ago in the riveting pages of The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.
One of those many spot-on, long-range forecasts concerned the slow destruction of the Catholic Church and the moral code which it once instilled in its members. It has been a slow methodical kill that very few would have been imagined back in 1905, but an outcome that has indeed come to pass."

Flanders said...

A previous American President, from back in the days when the "US" was still somewhat the USA. You rarely hear about him [there is a (((reason))) for that], but he won, "the largest Presidential Election landslide in America's history (60% - 34%)!".

"The recorded progress of our Republic, materially and spiritually, proves the wisdom of the inherited policy of noninvolvement in Old World affairs. Confident of our ability to work out our own destiny, and jealously guarding our right to do so, we seek no part in directing the destinies of the Old World. We do not mean to be entangled. We will accept no responsibility except as our own conscience and judgment in each instance may determine.

We sense the call of the human heart for fellowship, fraternity, and cooperation. We crave friendship and harbor no hate. But America, our America, the America built on the foundation laid by the inspired fathers, can be a party to no permanent military alliance. It can enter into no political commitments, nor assume any economic obligations which will subject our decisions to any other than our own authority."
"Then as now, no term is more reviled by the Globalists than "America First."

Nige said...

Joe, that video link has been taken down by Joogle.

eleos said...

Jay, RT does indeed provide an alternative to the usual anti-Russian Ziocon media. However it otherwise adheres totally to the PC multicultural, blacks-are-victims, mass immigration good agenda.

Flanders said...

"A Facebook co-founder has become the third biggest donor of the 2016 campaign, pledging $20 million to the presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton and other Democratic Party efforts. Donation data show Clinton is a clear favorite of US billionaires.

Dustin Moskovitz was the college roommate of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, and his current net worth is estimated at $10 billion. Until now, he had donated less than $5,000 to political campaigns – but this time, he says, it’s different.
This election has become “a referendum on who we want to be – as individuals, as a nation and as a society,” they argued, adding that they favored “increased tolerance, diversity and interdependence in the name of mutual prosperity.”
To that end, they have committed $20 million to be divided between the Hillary Victory Fund, the Senate and House Democrats, For Our Future PAC,, Color of Change PAC, the League of Conservation Voters, and several other groups.

At least $5 million will go to the For Our Future PAC, according to TechCrunch. The political action committee was co-founded by another Democratic mega-donor, Tom Steyer, who has reportedly invested $31.5 million into this year’s campaign."
"RT was conceived by former media minister Mikhail Lesin, and Russian president Vladimir Putin’s press spokesperson Aleksei Gromov .Russia Today, a 24-hour English-language global news channel, is said to have been his “brainchild.”In 2002, a Russian TV and radio broadcast research center described Lesin as “the most influential personality of Russian television and radio.” Source: Presidential media aide Mikhail Lesin resigns – Kremlin,

Mikhail Lesin is Jewish because his mother is Jewish (though his father is not)",
"The Russian “media mogul”, co-founder of RT, former minister, and a Putin ally Mikhail Lesin was found dead in his room at the Dupont Circle Hotel in Washington, D.C. on the morning of November 5th last year.
There is reason to suspect Mikhail Lesin may have died while being interrogated by the FBI. ---- It is also worth noting that there is an active disinformation campaign to accuse Vladimir Putin and Russia for Lesin's "murder"."

Frank Galton said...

'Child' Migrants

Daily Telegraph, 19 October 2016

A 'child' migrant with visible wrinkles arrives from the Calais Jungle camp in Croydon...

The Sun, 18 October 2016

Scores more “children” are expected to arrive from the Jungle this week after Home Secretary Amber Rudd [Conservative Friend of Israel] agreed with France to fast-track arrivals.

KentOnlone, 14 October 2014

Immigrants in 20s put in Kent schools with pupils as young as 11

Anyone wondering about the priorities of Mrs Theresa May should follow her actions from the moment she learned she was to become Britain’s next Prime Minister.

Her first act was to sign a pledge committing her to remember the Holocaust and “stand up to hatred and intolerance”. And her second was to spend the evening before her confirmation by the Queen at a private dinner at the home of Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis.

Whatever else awaits the British people, they can be under no doubt that their new leader is once again a true Friend of Israel.

In a parliamentary career marked by cowardice and a tendency to go along with whichever political wind is blowing, it is hard to say which has been Mrs Theresa May’s most inglorious moment. Was it her decision, as Home Secretary, to throw open Britain’s borders and allow immigration to arise to record levels — after being elected specifically on a promise to reduce it...

Frank Galton

John C said...

Gary jug ears lineker once a footballer now a pseudo intellectual bbc luvvie, who shows all the sighs of having drunk to many lattes in the bbc canteen with university indoctrinated marxists, is now pushed forward (just like lily allen last week) to promote tolerance for calais children? He even said its the twisted, racist Daily Mail on twitter. Man are these people way, way out of touch with the attitude of the British people.
Now these children? Who look well into their 20s, are now coming to the uk, some politician only now is saying why not make them have dental checks.

Garry a word in you're shell-like (which wouldn't be hard, look at the fucking size of them)... You would do well to Shut Your Fucking Ignorant Arrogant Mouth. You fuckng tool

AKAEW said...

Yeah I have no sympathy for RT. They are playing both sides of the field and yes they do show another pwerspective but they are a propaganda entity or at least a counter-propaganda element and only show that other side to gain an effect.

I don't blame the Russians for setting it up like that, but they will expand on the Leftist PC bullshit not because they believe in it but because it destabilises the West who of course has dug their own grave and asked for it by trying to destabilise Russia and her neighbours and allies.

Therefore I don't care much for RT just as I feel fuck-all for the Western NWO controllede media houses. There are no completely "good guys" in this.

Frank Galton said...

Jewish Encyclopedia

The Jewish aversion to using any sign resembling a cross was so strong that in books on arithmetic or algebra written by Jews the plus sign was represented by an inverted "ḳameẓ" (﬩).

A Jewish tradition that dates from at least the 19th century is to write plus using a symbol like an inverted T. This practice was adopted into Israeli schools and is still commonplace today in elementary schools (including secular schools) but in fewer secondary schools. It is also used occasionally in books by religious authors, but most books for adults use the international symbol "+". The usual explanation for this practice is that it avoids the writing of a symbol "+" that looks like a Christian cross. Unicode has this symbol at position U+FB29 ﬩ Hebrew letter alternative plus sign.

Mathematical expressions are written in Israel using the same symbols as in English, including Western numerals, which are written left to right. The only variant that exists is an alternative plus sign, which is a plus sign which looks like an inverted capital T. Unicode has this symbol at position U+FB29 "Hebrew letter alternative plus sign" (﬩). However, most books for adults use the international symbol "+".

Examples of mathematical expressions written in Hebrew

General example
6 + [(1 × 2) ÷ 2] = 7

With alternative plus sign
6 ﬩ [(1 × 2) ÷ 2] = 7

Frank Galton

AKAEW said...

Maybe the Mexican Government foresees having to launch another assault on El Chapo's bedroom in the near future and have decided that the walls of his house did not have enough of a "stray bullet hole" effect from the previous million or so rounds expended to persuade him to put his pajama bottoms back on.

Flanders said...
Please refer to Flanders comment at 17 October 2016 at 18:12 above for more of the background on this.

What’s behind Mexico’s military buying binge?

"That load of 30 million bullets was soon followed by fleets of Black Hawk helicopters and thousands of Humvees: in all more than $1 billion of American military equipment sold to Mexico within the past two years. --- Admiral William E. Gortney, the commander of Northern Command, the U.S. military headquarters that deals with Mexico, testified to Congress earlier this year that Mexico’s buying binge represented a “100-fold increase from prior years.”
"In late 2013, Mexico asked the United States if it could fill a large order of 5.56 mm ammunition, and the embassy helped deliver the trainloads of $6 million worth of bullets within 100 days, the official said. --- orders for more than two dozen UH-60 Blackhawk helicopters for the Air Force and Navy, and more than 2,200 Humvees. Since Peña Nieto came to office in late 2012, Mexico has purchased about $1.5 billion in equipment through the government's military sales program, plus $2 billion more through U.S. companies, said Inigo Guevara Moyano, a Mexican defense consultant based in Washington."

Eimear said...

I don't find the OO boring at all. But either way it does a brilliant job for the white cause.

John C said...

Gary lineker and lily allen both have a little connection regarding where they live or have lived. St. John's Wood in london home to the most feared and destructive mafia in all of Britain.

Gary lineker when a footballer for tottenham hotspur choose to go and live in St. John's Wood whilst his team mates lived close to the training ground in Essex/Hertfordshire. He showed real anger with a death look at the then england manager Graham Taylor when he was substituted on his last game for england because he had missed a penalty and was playing shit, lineker forgot its a team game and we needed to win. 15 years at the bbc studios have made this cunt unbearable to look at or even listen to.
Oh yeah he once shit himself on the playing field in front of the tv cameras the dirty cunt. Its on youtube
Paul McCartney lives in st johns wood, how long before he is brought out to pay lip service for the agenda.

Dave33 said...

In fairness Linecker was a cut above the usual gobshite footballer.

occidental said...

Jay 9.29

Sputnik radio has its faults but its a breath of fresh air from the warmongering neo conservative and neo liberal pseudo-leftist propaganda of the BBC world service, CNN etc etc They are crucifying Hilary right now and, unlike the MSM, covering the wikileaks email dumps.

Get the Sputnik APP for i phone i pad.

occidental said...

dave33 18.18

Lineker thinks he's a cut above but he's missed an n out of cut.

He's a politically correct, psychopathic BBC stooge through to the bone.

CanSpeccy said...

Vote for Hillary and Madonna promises to suck your dick.

That's how disgusting, debauched and depraved the American progressive, liberal left has become. And remember, besides being a painted hag, Madonna must be syphilitic too, if she's made a habit of doing what she's promising to do for a New York crowd.


John C said...

What James said about Occidental Observer is true in a way, I found myself just skimming the articles to see if Im going to like them, but I always read the comments. Probably cos ive got a 88iq.

I recommend Chateau Heartiste, really sane to the point articles, takes no prisoners in a real piss taking way. The comments are quality too. Never fails to make me laugh in these sad frustrating times.

Dave33 yeah I know, he was a good clean footballer never booked and all that but he's rich because he kick a ball about, got a nice plum job at the bbc but he is being used, he really should keep his mouth shut regarding immigration. If these 20+ year-old children start to abuse British kids I can see someone having a pop at lineker in the street and that goes for silly lily. But then again, St John's Wood is the most policed area in london after Belgravia with private security so probably have been told they are alright.

b boru said...

I noticed several coal black cultural enrichers at the front of the demo today for free university education. IOW the working Irish taxpayer should cough up the money to give African illegal immigrants university degrees. And we're stupid enough to do it.

James said...

In fairness Linecker was a cut above the usual gobshite footballer.

Not to be outdone, New Zealand has Susan Devoy who was a world champion squash player. That qualifies her to be a world class anti-white now too. To bad Gary, you don't make the cut here.

Race Relations Commissioner Dame Susan Devoy

Appointed Race Relations Commissioner in 2013, Dame Susan Devoy has been a vocal advocate for raising New Zealand's annual refugee quota and urging politicians, decision makers and everyday Kiwis to treat people from ethnic minorities with respect, humanity and mana*. In 2016 she launched New Zealand’s first nationwide anti-racism** digital campaign, “That’s Us” that engaged with more than half a million people in just over a month. A world squash champion for many years, Dame Susan is a former CEO of Sports Bay of Plenty and board member of many different community organisations and businesses.

After a slow start***, she got her act together and now her daily activities are a valuable and substantial contribution to the global white genocide effort.

*Maori word for being awesome and worthy of respect.
**a.k.a. White genocide
***She was initially accused of "not doing enough" in the first few weeks of her tenure, as described in the wikipedia facts collection linked to above.

James said...

If these 20+ year-old children start to abuse British kids I can see someone having a pop at lineker in the street and that goes for silly lily.

White genocide actually works faster if they behave, go to school, get jobs, have kids, and fit in.
"Integration" is just a code word for getting a white wife.

James said...

I don't find the OO boring at all. But either way it does a brilliant job for the white cause.

I know others who love it too. It's just not for me. I like Henry Makow's writing style. He once explained how he does it, so that others could learn.

Kevin MacDonald could try editing his articles to make them a bit shorter. They seem long-winded at times.

Porter, over at has an amazing writing style. It's a real pleasure to read, but often doesn't really say anything that could be valuable as propaganda.

I agree though, comments sections are where the fun really starts.

James said...

Henry Makow says "if the US doesn't elect Trump then they are voting for National Suicide". That's the most pro-Trump thing I think he's said so far. He's been very reserved about Trump, wondering if he's just another Illuminati plant.

Obama says Donald Trump should "stop whining" about vote fraud, but he says all sorts of silly things doesn't he?

Rigging the Election – Video I: Clinton Campaign and DNC Incite Violence at Trump Rallies

Rigging the Election – Video II: Mass Voter Fraud

Anonymous said...

Its beyond a joke one of these 'child' immigrants appeared to have a receding hairline. But fraud is happening at the other end of the scale. A couple of years ago a there was a report of an 100++ year old Indian woman who died but looking at pictures and ages of children it was obvious that she was much younger and that she had come to this country to join her offspring and had been scrounging a pension for about 20 years before she actually reached a pensionable age.

Further to Frank Galton's post the (((tribe))) also have an aversion to writing a letter 4 in the normal way as this also makes a cross sign to write. But whats really funny is that they end up writing their 4s like an SS lightning flash symbol. And if anyone had any doubts about who was behind communism, they also got all the goys in their Eastern European territories to write their 4s like them.

Joe Btfsplk said...

Rigging the election has 4.5 million views and 31 thousand comments in two days.

Anonymous said...

@ Flanders --

You're making what is simple look devious. Try it simple.

Your quote:

"I had always learned that FDR was the jewy commie instigator for the New Deal"

RIGHT! But it had nothing to do with the forces that were already in place when he was elected. In fact, the New Deal was a dressed-up version of what Herbert Hoover was already doing.

Had it been up to the plutocracy, Americans would not have been permitted even Scandinavian-style co-ops. Under FDR, the whole movement was compromised; but even with government meddling, it worked. Why? Because the US was mostly empty and citizen control was still in infancy.

The parts of the New Deal that worked were the parts real people had been putting together long before Franklin dragooned enough clerks to take credit for them. After the war, Buckleyite conservatives then flipped it, saying "big government" did what millions of Americans knew government had nothing to do with.

The New Deal cooalition (the people, not the gov) still had steam till the Civil Rights years made Americans all strangers to each other. Then nothing worked at all.

"Father Coughlin"

Canadian. Brought canuk-style social justice south. AT FIRST supported FDR, then smelled the rat. The rest you can read anywhere, like another great man, Westbrook Pegler, smeared by the (((mainstream media))) for noticing who was behind it all.

Pegler, as an aside, actually showed outsiders that the John Birch Society was a fraud. In his latter years Pegler wrote a fact sheet on "David ben-Gurian" that the Birch publications wouldn't publish. Pegler had long since been barred from the MSM, after being the country's number one columnist for decades. But the Birchers wouldn't allow any of that.

Vidal actually exposed them too, which is why most people only hear about his alleged sex life. In reality, he'd been exposing the American deep state decades before the term was popular. But then we know how one smear kills a hundred truths.


Anonymous said...

Anti trump agitator who causes trouble at trump rallies has visited the white house over 300 times. and has been a guest of obamas numerous times

Eff the villa

Uncle Nasty said...

Regarding: CanSpeccy said...
Vote for Hillary and Madonna promises to suck your dick.

That's how disgusting, debauched and depraved the American progressive, liberal left has become. And remember, besides being a painted hag, Madonna must be syphilitic too, if she's made a habit of doing what she's promising to do for a New York crowd.

19 October 2016 at 18:54

Just when you think the American left can go no lower ...
They start digging.

Though, from what I have been told, it's hardly out of character.

On more than one occasion, it appears, this is how Madonna stayed solvent in Pontiac's Little Italy, as a pubescent girl ... way before she re-invented herself into a pseudo-singer.

I should imagine that bringing up kids in the US must be a nightmare. How can you leave your kid for five minutes to watch music TV without having to answer their "Daddy ... what's a blow job?" question?

Oddly enough, a friend of mine, back in the day was good friends with a jewboy high up in the Johannesburg music game.** He was a hard right-winger though. I would accord him the status of "honourary White", anyday. Long story short, he hated the industry -- and the people -- with a passion such that his wife was literally forbidden on pain of instant divorce to even bring the kids to his workplace.

Interesting guy, however. He kept us filled in on the real low-down music industry gossip ... the stuff that not even the New York or L.A. tabloids would touch.

One such, being the above Madonna story. He swears she finally succeeded in blowing her way into the music game at the age of twenty four ... and -- not to put too fine a point on it -- that was after a whole childhood's internship on her knees in the alleyways of the various Little Italies, back in Michigan.

He did not respect her.


**Johannesburg had a music industry, you may ask? Strangely enough, yes.

Uncle Nasty said...


In which we are told -- wait for it -- Don't trust the internet for your information. Rather read what the MSM has to say ... pretty much about everything.

Oh ... absolutely.

What was fake on the internet this election: Postal workers and #repealthe19th

Last updated 12:31, October 20 2016

'Stop whining' about U.S. elections being rigged, Obama tells Trump


U.S. President Barack Obama urged Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump to "stop whining" about the Nov. 8 election being rigged.

"Forget the press, read the internet," Donald Trump told supporters at a Tuesday afternoon rally.

On the very same internet the day before, a joke tweet from Weird Twitter about ripping up Trump ballots was a major conservative media story, presented as actual evidence of voter fraud.

It ... wasn't.

Of course it wasn't. Who would even dream that the MSM could lie?


James said...

He did not respect her.

I read somewhere that Madonna didn't let her kids watch TV because it was too corrupting. No MTV for her precious little ones.

Flanders said...

Mister @ 22:39, Thanks for your response and explanation. I continue to have a difficult time understanding what you mean when you say, "The parts of the New Deal that worked were the parts real people had been putting together long before Franklin dragooned enough clerks to take credit for them. After the war, Buckleyite conservatives then flipped it, saying "big government" did what millions of Americans knew government had nothing to do with.

The New Deal cooalition (the people, not the gov) still had steam till the Civil Rights years made Americans all strangers to each other. Then nothing worked at all."

Do you have some links which address those issues? I'm not sure I understand what you are saying, because I'm not convinced that the American people wanted or worked to achieve that which resulted from the New Deal under FDR.

Your statement, "...the Civil Rights years made Americans all strangers to each other.", is an interesting one and I would like to hear what details or thoughts you have in regard to that. I think it must be true according to results that we now see in hindsight, but I had not made that connection before. Thanks for mentioning Westbrook Pegler. I haven't known about him at all and will search to see what I can find.

I assume you have read this book by FDR's son in law. I don't remember for now whether his book addressed the issues you raised, though it seemed interesting when I read it, but here is the link for you or others who may not have read it, as well as a link to another tract dealing with FDR and events leading to WWII.

FDR, my exploited father-in-law, Dall

The Pro-Red Orchestra in the USA, 1941

Flanders said...

I'm not familiar with how to save pages intact on my computer, but some who are may be interested in saving this one regarding - The Tuscaloosa News - The Sephardic Jews - The Grandees - Spains Best. The Ashkenazi may be now dominant by sheer numbers, but the Sephardi are not out of the picture, and they may have "qualities" of cohesiveness which make them even more difficult to identify at times. I suspect that the claims about the numbers of all jews are drastically underinflated, or hidden, in the US, and that there are many jews who masquerade as other than jew, especially among the lower Freemasonry ranks and state and municipal "civic organizations".

There seems to be nothing new where the facts are not known at the article, but it is another piece of information to consider.,590825&hl=en

Flanders said...

With (((education philanthropists))) such as the Rockefellers how could have America’s standards of education so drastically declined?! First, who are the Rockefellers and what is it about them which might want White America and true Americans to suffer a decline in such a historically short period of time [between the turn of the Century and now].

David Rockefeller merely followed in the footsteps of his father and grandfather, but we learn this about him.

“Born in 1915 and youngest son of John D. Rockefeller, Jr. Descendant of the German-Jewish Roggenfelder family which came to the United States in 1722. Attended school in New York City and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in English history and literature from Harvard University in 1936. Followed this with a Ph.D. (1940) in economics from the University of Chicago, following study at both Harvard and the London School of Economics.”

" …[T]here is a world of difference between education and conditioning. Helping to bring out each individual’s innate abilities and intellect (educating them) versus crafting a desired response to external stimuli (conditioning them)…".

“Lionni takes it a step further, concluding that, “These men, it can safely be said, conspired to control American education while buttressing the Rockefeller fortune against all attacks, ensuring that their autocratic views would prevail. With the General Education Board, Rockefeller’s “education trust,” a virtually unlimited source of funds, was made available to the Wundtian psychologists’ ambitious design on American education.”

Within a very short amount of time, Rockefeller dollars began pouring into Columbia University’s Teachers College; a college full of Wundtian disciples. The unholy alliance had been born. By the beginning of WWI, a new form of education had begun to branch out; a system based on operant conditioning instead of true education.”
The Rockefellers are jews and they have never had the interests of America or White Americans at heart. Quite the opposite. The Rockefellers were marranos of Turkish extraction, but were also conversos, as jews who “PRETEND” to convert to Christianity. Dr. Willie Martin tells us more about that.

“The grandfather of our former Vice-President Nelson Rockefeller, admitted that his family once moved from Turkey to France. It was from France that they moved to America. John D. Rockefeller, Sr., was a wealthy man even before he took over Standard Oil Co., which made their family one of the richest in the world. No one has ever explained how this family came into such wealth as soon as they arrived in America from France.

There is no known information on how the Rockefellers came into huge amounts of money in France. Some think they got their money from the Rothschilds and were originally their agents in buying up Christian businesses in America. “Marranos” are Jews who “PRETEND” to convert to Christianity so as to deceive Christians in their business dealings, but secretly continued to practice Judaism in private rituals. For this reason, a Marrano family like the Rockefellers would make the perfect tool for the Rothschilds of France who have for centuries used secret agents to carry on their work.”


Flanders said...

"It's not only in Christian countries that those Crypto and Converso jews have hidden in order to network and to do their usual devious jewish deeds of treachery among others, as we see in, THE JEWISH FIFTH COLUMN THE ISLAM, by ITSVAN BAKONY.

"These hidden organizations of apparent Moslems,
who in fact are crypto-Jews or underground Jews, have
been growing for several centuries, as the famous Israelite
historian Cecil Roth — considered as an oracle of Juda-
ism — states in his history of crypto-Judaism in Christiani-
ty: "The phenomenon (of hidden Judaism) was in no way
confined to the Christian world. Ancient crypto-Jewish
communities can be found in different parts of the Moslem
world." (2). This confession that the Moslem world is under-
mined by communities of crypto-Jews, which still persist
in this twentieth century in different places, is highly im-
portant as it comes from an authoritative Israelite source.
Later on. Roth explains how this crypto-Judaism op-
erates, and gives examples:..". [pg 1]
"More in-
teresting now is the fact that International Judaism is to-
day seeking to destroy the power of England and the
United States to open the door to Communist Imperialism
led by the Jewish hidden power, and so to achieve the
final goal of the great Hebrew revolution of modern times.
So far they have not been able to convert the English and
Americans to Judaic communism, because both peoples
are accustomed to good life and free institutions.


In his extensive report presented to Western Judaism,
Chacham pointed with the darkest colors the situation of
(29) Haeem Samuel Kehimker, p- 21.

Israelites in the Sultanate of Morocco ot the middle of
the 19th century, asking for the interference of the Europe-
an powers in that kingdom. He said among other things,
that the oppression of Jews in Morocco was worse than
that in Persia, and that they were forced to use a Turkish
cap to distinguish them from the Moslem population.
It can be seen that in all places in the world the peo-
ple menaced by the political conquest of the Jews tried
to alert the population against them, distinguishing them
with a sign, such as a cap of a certain color, a dress, or
the star of David, so that non-Jews might know them
and guard against their intrigues and subversion. These
defensive steps appear in both the Christian and Moslem
worlds, reoccurring at widely different times, often sepa-
rated by several centuries one from the other. We have
already seen how Jewesses were forced in Persia to wear
a black veil to distinguish them from the Islamic women
and how they evaded this step by pretending conversion
of themselves and their families to the Islam, thus en-
titling them to wear the white veil and to be confounded
in consequence with the real Moslems." [pg 57]

Flanders said...

One section I didn't include with the extract in my last comment above:

"The result is that all European countries are today
undermined by the secret sects of clandestine Jews, cov-
ered with the mask of the different Christian churches:
catholic, protestant and orthodox, because the Constan-
tinoplan Church, the Greek Orthodox Church and its
branches: the Russian, Bulgarian, Roumanian, etc., com-
mitted the mistake and naivete of receiving with feasts,
honors and even dignities, the Jews who through centu-
ries were infiltrating the Christian citadel by pretending
conversion so as to win control of the Church and domi-
nate it from inside." [pg. 12]

Flanders said...

I'm not sure whether to take this seriously. It doesn't fit with my own scenario, but everyone has their own these days and are unlikely to be dissuaded from it. I'm withholding my view on the very slight chance that there is an honest statesman who can arise from the ranks of the rich and the kosher, and this close to the "elections", I don't want to discourage anyone from Trump. I don't want those people to become needlessly discouraged or despondent either if and when an after-election action fizzles and comes to naught. They need to be prepared for that eventuality.

"No, Trump isn’t planning on winning. He doesn’t want to be president. He wants to be a modern-day Braveheart leading the peasants into battle against a thoroughly-corrupt and heinous ruling class establishment. That’s what he wants, and that’s why political has-beens like Gingrich and Giuliani have attached themselves to him like the plague. They see an opening for resurrecting their own dismal careers."

Trump Unchained

Frank Galton said...

Flanders said: "I'm not familiar with how to save pages..."

Internet Archive

If web page uses the robots.txt file, use Archive.IS instead.


Save web page as PDF:

Save as PDF

Save as PDF for Chrome

Save as PDF for Firefox

Frank Galton

Frank Galton said...

Forgot to post link.

If web page uses the robots.txt file, use Archive.IS instead.


Frank Galton

Frank Galton said...

Jewish peer Lord Alfred Dubs' "children":

The first Calais 'children' arrive in Britain: Migrants who claim to be aged 14 to 17 are reunited with their families in the UK as French prepare to demolish Jungle camp

Jewish Chronicle, 01 June 2016

Earlier this month, [Jewish peer Lord Dubs] the 84-year-old former Kindertransport refugee succeeded in getting the government to rethink its policy on accepting child refugees [correction: migrants] from Europe.

[Lord Dubs] talks as he walks, lavishing praise on the Jewish community for its role in getting the government to change its mind.

Frank Galton

Frank Galton said...

Daily Mail, 20 October 2016

Row as charity FALSELY claims the '38-year-old child asylum seeker' is an interpreter

Top charities have spread false rumours a child asylum seeker brought to Britain was an adult interpreter as one migrant in Calais admitted the 'majority' lie about their age.

The Home Office has today been forced to confirm the unnamed asylum seeker from Afghanistan, aged by face recognition software as being 38, was not their employee.

Overnight thousands including Gary Lineker and other stars tweeted about charity claims that the migrant was an adult interpreter helping border officials at Croydon immigration centre.

George Gabriel of Citizens UK also said yesterday: ‘We think one of the photos is actually a translator accompanying the children' and the BBC was also criticised online for reporting the false claim.

The Match Of The Day presenter said public treatment of the young migrants arriving this week in the UK was 'hideously racist'.

Tact backed the star and said: 'Thank-you to Gary Lineker on behalf of all the unaccompanied children we look after at for calling out the racists in our society'.

Andy Elvin of the TACT fostering and adoption charity told ITV News: 'It's a complete shambles - and it's a completely avoidable shambles as well.

'This is wholly the responsibility of [Conservative Friend of Israel] Amber Rudd and [Conservative Friend of Israel] Theresa May because the officials aren't to blame, the officials haven't been allowed to do sensible planning for these children coming over.'

Frank Galton

Frank Galton said...

Re Jewish peer Lord Alfred Dubs' "children"


The BBC was accused of ‘censoring’ the child migrants story by making it impossible for viewers to see their faces.

The corporation’s news programmes obscured footage of some of the new arrivals by blurring their heads.

Critics said it was a nonsensical way to report on a row about whether the migrants looked older than children, if nobody watching the programmes was allowed to see them.

Sky News also shielded the youngsters’ faces in its coverage, while The Guardian newspaper simply ignored photographs of the older-looking migrants.

Now migrants arriving in London hide their faces under BLANKETS 'after being rounded up in Calais by charity workers with megaphones asking for children who want to go to the UK'

Frank Galton

John C said...

Gary lineker who needs two other ex footballers on his bbc motd show to explain tactics because he can't, whereas Jimmy Hill and Brian Moore back in the 70s 80s didn't. gary lineker is a working class poster-boy for the bbc and only that. Seeing a working class bloke try and take on the ways of their new found upper middle class friends sipping endless cups of latte whilst reading the guardian, pontificating the simplest of questions, to me is fucking excruciating, they stare longingly into space trying to find that most meaningful word/meaning, they piss about touching the petals on flowers that seem to be always near them or if no flowers are about they put their hand/fingers to their chin, trying their utmost to sound middle class which they are not. So what im getting at is they/him are fucking frauds.
I got a feeling that someone is going to show gazza how many usages a shovel has.

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