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Contrasting tales of tails wagging dogs

Like many others on this blog (and hopefully many more to come) I'm reading The Myth Of German Villainy by Benton Bradberry. As an aside the book reminded me again of the contrasting reactions in Russia and Hungary to their respective Bolshevik takeovers at the end of the Great War. In both countries the Bolshevik leaders were almost entirely Jewish and/or foreign, proportionally their numbers were minuscule, yet they still managed to forcefully subdue the native populations.

Soon after seizing power they unleashed the Red Terror in both countries and worked to destroy everything about their culture and heritage. Not exactly a popularity winning programme! In Russia they were entirely successful while in Hungary their rule lasted only about 100 days. Admittedly the Hungarian people  received significant military assistance from Roumania but it's almost certain that they would have done the job themselves in quick measure anyway.  Germans did an even faster job of liquidating their own Soviets in Bavaria and Berlin.

So how could the Russian people allow a minuscule band of non-Russians take over their enormous country which then suffered hitherto unimaginable levels of bloodshed and destruction? Part of the explanation lies in the Bolsheviks initially stabilising their power by meeting populist demands such as land distribution, worker ownership and of course ending Russia's role in the Great War. While it might be argued that for instance the British and Spanish Empires also took control of vast regions with relatively tiny resources there is a fundamental difference: In their cases the fighting was done by the British and Spanish themselves, albeit with the aid of some natives hostile to the dominant tribes. The natives were directly conquered after military defeat by militarily superior invaders.

But had the Russian people united against their Bolshevik oppressors the latter's end would surely have been swift. Instead there was "a weary capitulation without any spirit, helplessly, with a sense of doom” as Solzhenitsyn described it. Even the powerful Red Army stood by as its office corps was systematically wiped out over a period of a few years. 

Are the Russians of today a different breed? I sure hope so as it could be that they're the White race's only hope.

Coda: A majority of the Bolshevik nomenklatura changed their Jewish names to Russian-sounding alternatives. This surely had a significant impact on the public perception of their project, disguising its essentially Jewish nature. It still goes on to this day, as Jon Liebowitz Stewart knows.


Luke2236 said...

I hope so too Mr Savant, but I doubt it. The description given though vis a vis the populace's weary capitulation sounds alarmingly like the former usa as well as most 'Western' nations. We are all just worn down from it and so busy trying to eek out a living in the third world socialist/communist hells our nations have become that (((they))) think that theyve got it made. However, at least in america, we are still armed and there is a significant number of otherwise quiet and basically 'unengaged' people - the 'silent majority' of old - that recognise the trend and are silently ammo-ing up. There remains a glimmer of hope...

a swedish friend of this blog said...

You must understand that the Jewish Bolsheviks systematically wiped out the Russian intelligentsia. Not what we commonly (and mistakenly) understand as intellectuals but doctors, professors, noblemen, senior clergymen etc. There was thus nobody to organize the ordinary Russian people in opposition.

Unknown said...

I know it must sound naive, but are the Jews really this despicable? If so, that is beyond frightening for their control of things today seems almost absolute. Where does such a control lead?

But Savant alludes to the larger problem: Too many white people are all too willing to be manipulated and to allow their cultures to be destroyed.

To me this is the larger problem, much more worrisome than Jewish hatred for the goyim.

Jewish hatred for the goyim would go nowhere if not for the stupidity of the goyim.

Flanders said...

Let's remember that a great many of those jews in the mob which took over Russia were organized, financed and led by other jews from outside of Russia.

"David R. Francis, United States ambassador in Russia, warned in a January 1918 dispatch to Washington: "The Bolshevik leaders here, most of whom are Jews and 90 percent of whom are returned exiles, care little for Russia or any other country but are internationalists and they are trying to start a worldwide social revolution." The Netherlands' ambassador in Russia, Oudendyke, made much the same point a few months later: "Unless Bolshevism is nipped in the bud immediately, it is bound to spread in one form or another over Europe and the whole world as it is organized and worked by Jews who have no nationality, and whose one object is to destroy for their own ends the existing order of things." "The Bolshevik Revolution," declared a leading American Jewish community paper in 1920, "was largely the product of Jewish thinking, Jewish discontent, Jewish effort to reconstruct." As an expression of its radically anti-nationalist character, the fledgling Soviet government issued a decree a few months after taking power that made anti-Semitism a crime in Russia. The new Communist regime thus became the first in the world to severely punish all expressions of anti-Jewish sentiment. Soviet officials apparently regarded such measures as indispensable. Based on careful observation during a lengthy stay in Russia, American-Jewish scholar Frank Golder reported in 1925 that "because so many of the Soviet leaders are Jews anti-Semitism is gaining [in Russia], particularly in the army [and] among the old and new intelligentsia who are being crowded for positions by the sons of Israel."

The Jewish Role In The Bolshevik Revolution

Flanders said...

The following information is from Heretical, and is about "Jews and Bolshevism".

See the section: The following is the list of members of the Extraordinary Commission of Moscow: by NAME and NATIONALITY.
"It is a well-known fact that the Bolsheviks were and are financed by Jewish interests in the West.

At a Bolshevik celebration rally in New York’s Carnegie Hall on the night of 23 March 1917, a telegram of support from Jacob Schiff of Kuhn, Loeb & Co. was read out. The telegram was reprinted in the next morning’s New York Times. Schiff later tried to deny his involvement, but thirty years later his grandson John admitted in the New York Journal-American (3 February 1949) that the old man had sunk twenty million dollars into the Bolshevik cause.

Another Western bankers who poured funds into Bolshevik Russia was Olaf Ashberg of the Stockholm Nia Banken. He remained the Soviets’ paymaster until the late 1940s. The London Evening Standard of 6 September 1948 reported a visit by Ashberg to Switzerland “for secret meetings with Swiss government officials and banking executives. Diplomatic circles describe Mr. Ashberg as the ‘Soviet banker’ who advanced large sums to Lenin and Trotsky in 1917. At the time of the revolution, Mr. Ashberg gave Trotsky money to form and equip the first unit of the Red Army.”

The Bolsheviks also received assistance from Armand Hammer, who still commutes back and forward between New York and Moscow to take care of his business interests in both communities. Hammer’s Occidental Oil Company is at the moment building a 1,600 mile chemicals pipeline in southern Russia. He is also on such good terms with the Soviets that he personally arranges for Soviet art galleries to lend paintings to America.

Another American-based businessman to help out the Soviet economy is Michael Fribourg, who owns the massive Continental Grain Company. Together with the Louis Dreyfus Corporation, these Jewish speculators were able to buy up vast quantities of cheap American grain in 1972, sell it to the Soviets at a vast profit, and collect an export subsidy from the U.S. taxpayer.

In every other East European country, it is exactly the same story:

In Hungary a Communist revolution was staged in 1919, instigated by the Jew Bela Kun (Cohen). During the three month regime, the country was turned upside down in a reign of murder and terror. Here again, the government was composed almost entirely of Jews. And it was this factor which brought about the regime’s downfall, as the ordinary Hungarians detested Jewish dictatorship. Kun was deposed and fled to the Soviet Union, where he became chief of the secret police, the Cheka, in southern Russia."

Flanders said...

If anyone in America was aware about jews and their communist operations, it was Elizabeth Dilling. Part 1 of 2:

"The great Jewish banking monopolies have been interwoven by marriage like a rug. Note three things about the Rothschilds in Exhibit 298, which is from the Jewish Encyclopedia of 1905:
1. That of the 58 Rothschild marriages to that date, exactly half, or 29, had been to first cousins. This appears in the right hand column.

2. That the Rothschilds “were the first to make use of journalistic methods to arouse the interest of the public in their loans. They have, however, consistently kept the secret of their own operations!”

3. A major reason why Russia collapsed and went under the Red heel during World War I also appears in this exhibit, namely, “Of recent years the Rothschilds have consistently refused to have anything to do with loans to Russia owing to the anti-Jewish legislation of that empire.” (This was 1905.)

The Warburg International Jewish banking family has also been closely connected with the Schiffs and Rothschilds. James Paul Warburg, in his sketch in Who’s Who in American Jewry — 1938-9 states:

“Born Hamburg, Germany, August 18. 1896 … paternal ancestors through six generations have been bankers as members of the banking house of MM. Warburg & Co., founded in Hamburg, 1798 … maternal grandfather, Solomon, founder of international banking house of Kuhn, Loeb &Co … Came to U.S., 1902 …”

Paul M. Warburg had married Jenny Nina Loeb, mother of James Paul. Jacob Schiff, after coming to the U.S., had married Theresa Loeb, sister of Nina, and daughter of the Kuhn, Loeb founder. Schiff’s daughter, Frieda, married Felix M. Warburg, Hamburg-born banker who headed the agro joint work for Jewry in Russia to help keep them in power after the Red Revolution. Their daughter, Carola, married Walter M. Rothschild. Felix M. Warburg and Paul M. Warburg of Kuhn, Loch & Co., partners of Jacob Schiff, were brothers of Max Warburg of Hamburg, Germany, the pay-off man, in power with the Kaiser, who funneled funds to Lenin and Trotsky during World War I to undermine and destroy the Russian Government.

Flanders said...

2 of 2:

[page 80] Jacob Schiff received his banking training in his father’s business, he being a Rothshild agent and associate. The basement of the two-in-a-row houses of Schiff and Rothschild, which I visited in Frankfort-on-Main, Germany, was one room-in-common, with a joint “get-away” which formerly had led beyond a ghetto wall. The little shack at the back was where Kings, hat-in-hand, would come to get Jewish loans. The original name of Bauer had been abandoned for “Red Shield” (Rothschild) and a Red Shield hung out as an address sign at the front of the house."
"“When the Kehilla [i.e. the Jewish community] of New York was organized in 1909, the control rested with a group of German Jews including Jacob Schiff, president of Kuhn, Loch and Co., a branch of the Bleichroeder Mendelssohn Bank, affiliated with the big “D” banks in Germany: Deutsche Bank, Disconto Gesellschaft, Dresdener Bank, Darmstadter Bank.” (From Waters Flowing Eastward, by L. Fry, published by the R.I.S.S. of Paris, founded by Monsignor Jouin.)

“In Germany the leading private bankers included the Mendelssohns … and the Bleichroeders … who were bankers to Emperor William I., Bismarck, and the early industrialists … Frankfort, the ‘mother city’ of Jewish bankers … produced its Lazards, Speyers, Sterns, Dreyfuses, and Sulzbachs as well as sending abroad one Jacob H. Schiff.” (The Jews of Germany, Marvin Lowenthal, Longmans Greenand Co., N.Y., 1936).

And, says the same source:

“Toward the end of that period the house of Warburg in Hamburg played an important part not only in the finances but destinies of Germany. Max Warburg was adviser to the government at the Versailles Peace Conference. Carl 1. Mel-choir, another member of the firm … headed the financial section of the Armistice Commission in 1918-1919 and was one of the six German delegates to Versailles.”

Elsewhere herein, through State Department documents, you will note the role played by the M.M. Warburg banking firm in financing the Red Russian Revolution. And, when Max Warburg came here from Hamburg in 1939, the American Jewish Committee placed him on its “Post-War” committee for the reorganization of the World which, in turn, set up the propaganda claque for the ensuing United Nations."


Flanders said...

"Murderous Jews & the Bolshevik Revolution

I'm glad that the gruesome story of Katyn where over twenty thousand Polish intellectuals, politicians and military officers were murdered by the Bolsheviks has finally become better known around the world as a result of the tragedy in Smolensk last April. However, I would have been be even gladder if the world finally came to the realization that the people who committed those murders in Belarus were also the ones ultimately responsible for the murders of millions of Russians and other nationalities throughout the 1920s and 1930s. For too long we have blamed ethnic Russians for the unspeakable atrocities committed by Bolsheviks. At worst, Russians can only be blamed for utterly mismanaging their empire thereby falling victim to foreign manipulations. With that said, the fact of the matter remains that Bolshevism was imported into the Russian Empire to destroy it. And destroy, it did -".
"Blaming Russians for the evils of Bolshevism is akin to blaming the murder victim for the actions of the murderer. And taking into close account who runs the information media and educational system here in the West, that is exactly what we do every time we associate Bolsheviks with Russians. Quite frankly, the fear of the Jewish establishment in the West is the main reason why no one today, including Russians, dares to speak the truth about Bolshevism. Bolshevism of the 1920s and the 1930s made Nazis look like boy scouts. Yet, while it's a crime in much of the Western world to display a Nazi Swastika, it's totally cool, rebellious, even commendable, to display Bolshevik symbols. Those to hang the crimes of Bolshevism around the necks of Russians are intellectual midgets or Western agents."
"Bolshevism was a Anglo-American-Jewish agenda to destroy the Russian Empire. While the aforementioned political trinity have done their best to cover their historic crime against the Russian people, those who look closely at historical documents recognize them as the culprit. In a book he wrote in 1920, British journalist Robert Wilton had this to say about Bolshevism:

"The whole record of Bolshevism in Russia is indelibly impressed with the stamp of alien invasion. The murder of the Tsar, deliberately planned by the Jew Sverdlov (who came to Russia as a paid agent of Germany) and carried out by the Jews Goloshchekin, Syromolotov, Safarov, Voikov and Yurovsky, is the act not of the Russian people, but of this hostile invader"

Even one of the twentieth century's greatest intellectuals and writers, Alexander Solzhenitsyn, could not keep his silence about this topic (see article at the middle of this page). Some years prior to his death, Solzhenitsyn became quite vocal about the Jewish role in Bolshevik occupied Russia. It's time to take another look at the Bolshevik takeover of Russia".

Flanders said...

Another story, Savant, about "tails, wagging dogs". The main difference is that this is not a tale. It's about how America has become, "A Showcase for the jews on the Left and the jews on the Right".

"What we are witnessing today is the coming of age of a new political landscape in the US. Once upon a time Anglos (WASPs) exclusively and jealously ran the country. That is no longer the case today. America's WASP class has relinquished all power to American-Jews and the international elite (a group of powerful families in Europe and in the US in which Jews also play a prominent role). American-Jews in particular have achieved near total domination in the US today."

"Through the proliferation of Holocaust propaganda in recent decades, Jews have succeeded in convincing the ever-naive goyim (i.e. non-Jews) that it is a great sin to talk against or criticize Jews. Subsequently, the naive goy today wouldn't think twice about criticizing or attacking "Muslims", "Russians", "Chinese", "Arabs", "Europeans" or even "Christians"... but God forbid anyone criticizes God's chosen, the Jews.

I remain convinced that this is primarily a result of "social engineering" and mental conditioning that comes from either growing up in a Western nation or in a nation under Western influence. Through engineering tools like school curriculum, cinema, music, television programming, print media and news media, Jews have succeeded in thoroughly brainwashing the masses. That is actually how they have traditionally operated. They use cultural levers to brainwash and/or distract the masses, they use financial levers to buy officials and subvert governments. That is how they ruined Russia; that is how they ruined Germany; that is how they ruined the Middle East; that is how they are currently ruining the US. Organized Jewry plays a parasitical role in the human ecology. I say parasitical purely in an ecological sense and not as an ethnic slur.

In a nutshell: Jews stole America while Americans were too drunk, too high or too preoccupied with sex, television, shopping or baseball to notice it."

Flanders said...

If there are any Americans who remains so naive as to think that POLLS are real, this older site, can tell you that polls haven't been real for a long time.

"...exit polls conducted by the sinister Voter News Service (VNS), a company which the Big TV Networks and AP jointly own. Far from engaging in any competition, the Big TV Networks were getting the exact same information, at the exact same time, from a company they had jointly created, and jointly owned. Keen observers noticed that the TV Networks never bragged at later times when they were first to project the winners on camera. Reason: the competition was a show -- the real purpose of the alleged exit poll information was to prepare the public mind for the rigged computer result about to be announced a few hours later. The exit Polls themselves have always been completely fraudulent. The exit pollers miss the rush hours of voting in the AM and PM. They start at 10 AM and quite at 5 PM. Citizens for a Fair Vote Count videotaped a real exit poll in New Hampshire during the 1996 Republican Primary which was won by Patrick Buchanan. The woman taking the exit poll for VNS is pictured at the link above, and she told us that only 1 out of 15 people would talk to the exit poller. Now, if you miss the rush hours of voting, if only 1 out of 15 voters will talk to the exit poller, if there are so few exit polls in the United States that you can hardly find anybody who's ever seen one -- then where is any possible scientific basis for these things? There is none, and they are a hoax perpetrated by the 5 Big TV Networks and their creature Voter News Service (now renamed National Election Pool) to psychologically war against the America people by perpetuating the acceptance of easily rigged computerized vote "counting" by a few private companies who are fixing all key elections for the Ruling Elite."

Flanders said...

As an example of older material which can be found there:

"The Schiff banking dynasty, based in New York City, is well known to independent history researchers as one of the primary funders of the Bolshevik and Communist revolutions in Russia in 1917.

London Times reporter and author, Douglas Reed, an eye-witness to the Bolshevik toppling of the Romanov dynasty, reported from the scene that hundreds of revolutionaries had come from the United States, and most prominently from New York City, to form a large part of the new Bolshevik government in 1917.. Reed was shocked to find that his attempted submissions to the London Times from Moscow were being censored by revolutionaries from New York City who couldn’t even speak Russian!

Anyway, for those who have looked into the research of Terry Hayfield, who will be speaking at our upcoming Citizens for a Fair Vote Count Convention, the Schiff banking dynasty will ring a bell as fitting the mold of one of the Super Vulture Capitalists who has always directed and funded Communism as one tool in the Permanent Revolution which seeks to financially manage and/or subdue all of mankind..
It may be good to recall here that the Gore family came to prominence through the financial backing of Communist agent, and Super Capitalist, Armand Hammer, now deceased.

Hammer, who was based in Cleveland, Ohio – was immediately welcomed into Russia when Lenin took over in 1917, and immediately began trading and making business deals with the Communists, 16 years before fellow Permanent Revolution operative, Franklin Roosevelt, saved Communism in Russia by recognizing the criminal regime shortly after he assumed the Presidency.

These facts are difficult to assimilate if you don’t know that a cabal of international bankers, such as the Schiffs, were funding Communism from the United States. In Russia in 1917, they eliminated one of their chief obstacles to world Government, the 500 year old Romanov dynasty in Russia. Hammer was on the scene as the point man of the Permanent Revolution to help insure the survival of the new Communist regime. Things did not go well at first, and President Wilson, advised by Permanent Revolution agent E. Mandell House, was convinced to send an impressive force from the American military to surround Moscow and prevent the elite White Russians and the patriotic Russian army, from entering Moscow and ousting the Communist thugs. But I digress.

Hammer basically utilized Albert Gore Sr. as his front man, that is, one of the Permanent Revolution’s front men, in the US Senate. Hammer made the Gore family fabulously wealthy along the way.

I’m sure they’re all disappointed that Al Gore has turned out to be such a nerd’s nerd. But the antiseptic and tragic circumstances of Al Jr.’s childhood, living in a “room service” condominium type environment while his Dad represented Tennessee in the US Senate, left Gore with “personality deficit syndrome.” Gore is painfully trying to be normal guy, but after a warped childhood devoid of the normal human stages of personality development, he just can’t fake it. I say this with some sympathy for Gore the human being, even though I view the public Gore as a despicable, conscienceless Bolshevik / Permanent Revolution operative who needs to be put on trial for treason as soon as the opportunity presents itself.

In any case, I thought our readers should know about this SECOND connection between bankers of the Permanent Revolution and the Gore family. First Armand Hammer. This time a connection with the Schiff banking dynasty family and the Gore family, in the person of Karenna Gore Schiff and her husband."

Did you know Al Gores daughter married into a founding family of the Federal Reserve?

Anonymous said...

The Western ZOGs are hard taskmasters. I think the Russians learned their lessons well. They know that the Jew/Bolshevik Revolution in Russia was exported from the JewSA as certainly as they know the terrorist armies now wreaking havoc in the ME are ZOG financed and equipped.

ZOG aggressions upon Russia will be met with a policy of : no mercy.

Flanders said...

"It was very lucky that Trotsky did not become head of the Communist Party. Honest historians, also in Russia, have begun to regard Trotsky as an even more terrible alternative for the leadership than Stalin.

The myth about Trotsky is of course based on the propaganda for good Communism as opposed to Stalin's evil Communism. This is why it has been stressed again and again what an elegant man Trotsky was, whilst Stalin was rough and vulgar. Trotsky was also supposed to be interested in culture.

The myth around Trotsky was created mainly by himself. The historian Isaac Deutscher wrote of Trotsky's skill at deception. He could speak, ostensibly with all seriousness, about things of which he was quite ignorant. His falsification of the history of the "Russian revolution" is appreciated in Sweden by the historian Kristian Gerner, among others. (Svenska Dagbladet, September 6, 1988.) Trotsky as a Freemason.

Mr Leiba Bronstein became a freemason in 1897 and later a high-ranking Illuminatus through his friend Alexander Parvus. He also maintained contacts with B'nai B'rith, a Jewish Masonic order, which had previously aided Jewish "revolutionaries" in Russia. A man named Jacob Schiff, chairman of the banking house Kuhn, Loeb & Co. and a minion of the Rothschilds, took care of the contacts between the "revolutionary movement in Russia" and B'nai B'rith. (Gerald B. Winrod, "Adam Weishaupt - A Human Devil", p. 47.)

Leiba Bronstein began to study freemasonry and the history of the secret societies seriously in 1898, and continued these studies during the two years he spent in prison in Odessa. He made notes amounting to over 1000 pages. "International Freimaurer-Lexikon" (Vienna/Munich, 1932, p. 204) reluctantly admits that Leiba Bronstein-Trotsky came to Bolshevism through this study of freemasonry.

As a People's Commissary for Military Affairs, Trotsky introduced the pentagram - the five-pointed star - as the symbol of the Red Army. The Cabbalists had taken over this symbol of black magic from the witches in ancient Chaldea.

By the aid of Alexander Parvus, Trotsky reached the conclusion that the true purpose of freemasonry was to eliminate the national states and their cultures and to introduce a Judaised world state.

This is also stated in "The Secret Initiation into the 33rd Degree":

"Freemasonry is nothing more and nothing less than revolution in action; continuous conspiracy."
Leiba Bronstein became a member of the French Masonic lodge Art et Travail, to which Lenin also belonged, but also joined B'nai B'rith, according to the political scientist Karl Steinhauser ("EG - Die Super-UdSSR von morgen" / "EU - the New Super-USSR", Vienna, 1992, p. 162).

Leon Trotsky became a member of the Jewish Masonic order B'nai B'rith in New York, in January 1917. (Yuri Begunov, "Secret Forces in the History of Russia", St. Petersburg, 1995, pp. 138-139.) He was already a member of the Misraim-Memphis freemasonry.

Winston Churchill confirmed in 1920 that Trotsky was also an Illuminatus. (Illustrated Sunday Herald, February 8, 1920.)

Trotsky eventually reached a very high position within freemasonry, since he belonged to the Shriner Lodge, which only freemasons of the 32nd degree and higher were allowed to join. Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Alexander Kerensky, Bela Kun and other leading politicians have also been among these select few. (Professor Johan von Leers, "The Power behind the President", Stockholm, 1941, p. 148.)".

Flanders said...

1 of 2:
There is good discussion about the jewish takeover of Russia in 1917 and events leading to it, " the years leading up to the 1917 revolutions, Jews were working internally and externally to overthrow the Czar. Stein (1961: 98) quotes a Zionist memo of 1914, promoting “relations with the Jews in Eastern Europe and in America, so as to contribute to the overthrow of Czarist Russia and to secure the national autonomy of the Jews.”. The materials preceding that have important information also.

"In any case, there was clearly a larger plan at work here. The Jews would pursue a policy of revolution in states like Russia in order to bring down hated governments. To the degree possible, they would seek to undermine the Ottoman Turks as well. And in Germany, the UK, and America, they would use “the terrible power of the purse” to dictate an aggressive war-policy in order to realign the global power structure to their favor. This would have a triple benefit: curtailing rampant anti-Semitism; enhancing Jewish wealth; and ultimately establishing a Jewish state in Palestine, one that could serve as the global center of world Jewry. Revolution and war thus became a top priority.14

Turkey was in fact an early success for the movement. The Sultan’s system of autocratic rule generated some dissatisfaction, and a group of Turkish Jews exploited this to their advantage—resulting in the Turkish Revolution of 1908. As Stein explains,

'the revolution had been organized from Salonica [present-day Thessaloniki], where the Jews, together with the crypto-Jews known as Dönmeh, formed a majority of the population. Salonica Jews and the Dönmeh had taken an important part in the events associated with the revolution and had provided the Committee of Union and Progress with several of its ablest members.' (1961: 35)15

This group of revolutionaries, today known as the Young Turks, was able to overthrow the Sultan and exert substantial influence on the succeeding ruler. But in the end they were unable to steer the declining empire in a pro-Zionist direction.

Flanders said...

2 of 2:

Back in the USA, Jewish population was rising even faster than in Germany. In 1880 it had roughly 250,000 Jews (0.5%), but by 1900—just 20 years later—the figure was around 1.5 million (1.9%). A census of 1918 showed this number increasing to an astonishing figure of 3 million (2.9%). Their political influence grew commensurately.

For present purposes, significant American influence began with the assassination of President William McKinley in 1901. He was shot by a Polish radical named Leon Czolgosz, who had been heavily influenced by two Jewish anarchists, Emma Goldman and Alexander Berkman. The presidency immediately fell to the vice president, Theodore Roosevelt—who, at age 42, was (and remains) the youngest president in history. His role as an army colonel in the 1898 victory in Cuba over the Spaniards had led to widespread publicity, and with the backing of the Jewish community, he won the New York governorship later that same year. Thus he was well situated to earn the vice presidential nomination in 1900.

A question of interest: Was Roosevelt Jewish? I will examine this issue in detail later with respect to FDR (as to whom there is more to say), but in brief, there is considerable circumstantial evidence that all of the Roosevelts were, at least in part, Jewish. In Theodore’s case, the only explicit indication is a claim by former Michigan governor Chase Osborn. In a letter dated 21 March 1935, Osborn said, “President [Franklin] Roosevelt knows well enough that his ancestors were Jewish. I heard Theodore Roosevelt state twice that his ancestors were Jewish.”16 But Osborn offers no specifics, and I am not aware of any further claims regarding Theodore himself.

However, there are two other relevant items regarding his Jewish connections. Having acceded to the office in 1901, he subsequently won the 1904 election. In late 1906 he appointed the first Jew to the presidential cabinet: Oscar Straus, a wealthy New York lawyer and former ambassador to the Ottoman Empire. As Secretary of Labor and Commerce, Straus was in charge of the Bureau of Immigration—at the critical time of accelerating Jewish immigration. We can be sure that his office was particularly amenable to incoming Jews."

Uncle Nasty said...

From a rather old thread (If there was a God), I often find tiny unheralded (possibly even unnoticed) thoughts that bubble their way into my subconscious ... like this one:-

Anonymous said...

Farcebook's Semite Satellite was destroyed deliberately according to Jim Stone.
He thinks either friendly aliens did it or White hats in the US intelligence community.

3 October 2016 at 19:56

Annonny above, refers to "White Hats" ... a thought that not all those remaining in the US intelligence community -- or any intelligence community, for that matter, have gone over to the dark side. Are there those in govt. today, who feel that they still have a duty towards the Homeland and its peoples?

I often stop to think how many "White Hats" remain in any of the institutions in the wake of the "Long March" ... and whether they are quietly getting together to spoke the wheel of the villains -- at worst, or are actually planning a coup ... a real one.

Any thoughts?


Flanders said...

"It is very well known that “what Jewish idealism and Jewish discontent have so powerfully contributed to accomplish in Russia” is also being attempted in the United States. Why did not the writer in the American Hebrew say the United States, instead of saying “the same historic qualities of the Jewish mind and heart are tending to promote in other countries.”

“Jewish idealism and Jewish discontent” are not directed against capital. Capital is enlisted in their service. The only governmental order the Jewish effort is directed against is Gentile governmental order; and the only “capital” it attacks is Gentile capital."

Jewish Testimony in Favor of Bolshevism

docter and missus wholly cow said...

OT- Searching eBay for vitamin DHA [from fish oil]. Ran across DHA powder from India.
From the label:

Directions: As a skin whitening agent, use up to 800mg daily, or as directed by physician.

James said...

Pastor Manning:

"If the White man was the devil, then their neighborhoods would be hell. Now, why would a black man then want to live in hell?"

James said...

Asian guy explains White genocide.

Flanders said...

What are some of the contrasts between the media in Russia and that of the jew-media of the US and the West? Let's try a Russian perspective.

"And what of Russian media consumers that some Westerners portray as incapable of critical thought? First, this country consistently ranks as one of the top places with the highest college-education levels. Second, its citizens are prone to question the media, per se, with their history of living behind the Iron Curtain. Although we should note that when it comes to the USSR, it was not that the disseminated information was not factual, but that it was often accompanied by a very particular, at times, inapplicable, ideological reading. Third, younger Russians are web-savvy, and many speak foreign languages. Of course, there is a number of popular platforms that translate foreign content for those, who do not. These platforms, InoSMI (foreign media) and InoTV (foreign TV), include many less-than-favorable Russia-specific articles and videos, in light of the current toxic anti-Russian climate in the official West. Now, how much Russian content does the Western media regularly translate in order to disseminate another point of view?

Russian media is not perfect. Yet its overall landscape represents a real diversity of social, economic, and political content, most of which is actually found on state-owned channels. Indeed, the country’s citizens are likely better aware of Western opinions than Westerners of those in Russia. To some, this might come as a surprise, but only if they missed the fact that over the past two decades, the Kremlin has chosen the path of not just persuasion over staunch censorship, but also that of healthy debate."

Flanders said...

"New “Dreamers” Pouring into The U. S. With Help Of The United Nations and Refugee Dream Center"

"Since 2014 we have been hearing reports of our government bringing in “Syrian refugees”. Even though its been widely reported that 5 out of 6 refugees are not even Syrian. This is the excuse that the media, the U. S. government and the UN were pushing was that we must take these people in our nation, because they were leaving war torn Syria. Might I add the reason Syria is a war torn nation is due to United States backing, funding and providing weaponry to the moderate Syrian Rebels. Not sure how moderate they actually are after the killings and the beheadings of Christians and moderate Muslims. The Syrian Rebels were trained by U.S. and allies in Jordan to be used as a proxy army to fight President Bashir Al Assad’s forces. Now since then it has been heavily reported that the “Moderate Syrian Rebel” are Al Nusra, Daesh(Al Queada) and ISIS.
The point of me bringing this up is to set the stage on how we got to this point and to carve through the misinformation and disinformation presented to us by the criminal mainstream media. The Daily Resistance has confirmed from Battle of New Orleans Radio co host/reporter Goyim that he personally witnessed Muslim “refugees” in the Louis Armstrong International Airport (New Orleans, La) on his way to Europe and on his return layover flight at O’Hare International Airport. What he witnessed in O’Hare is quite disturbing and confirms the preferential treatment that the alternative media has been reporting for 2 years now. Goyim who was walking through the airport terminal behind a band of “refugees” was asked by airport security if he had a “dream card” . Goyim stated that no I’m already a U.S. citizen. Goyim heard security asking the refugee’s the same question if they also had dream cards. Then refugee’s were directed to a different terminal area than the normal domestic passenger’s according to Goyim. Two years ago The Daily Mail, Breitbart and many other publications reported that refugee’s/immigrants are allowed to travel throughout nation with no ID.

If you noticed the refugee’s are carrying white bags with a blue logo on the side. If you Blow up the image you’ll see its none other than the Refugeedreamcenter’s logo. The Refugee Dream Center is a post resettlement agency that offer’s a whole array of services like housing, food, employment, training etc. Separate dream centers have been set up nationwide to assist in the open refugee shipping process throughout the nation."

Chicago Polack said...

... "a weary capitulation without any spirit, helplessly, with a sense of doom” ...

To hell with the Russkies of the 20s, that sounds like us. And pace our Swedish friend of this blog, affirmative action/positive discrimination/diversity has achieved a parallel wipeout, a resigned native white Christian population not doing anything to stop it. I wish I had a solution.

Flanders said...

"Contrary to the claims of the “Court Historians”, the Allied Terror-Bombing Campaign was not intended for the destruction military targets, as my previous post demonstrate, but rather, to “de-house” and to kill as many German civilians as possible.
Also note that the Inglorious Bastard ALL LIES bear no responsibility even today for the cost of the bomb disposal operations. Nor do these occupiers, who still have armies on German soil today, send any of their own teams to disarm and dispose of their World War II bombs which they dropped. Meanwhile, the Germans today pay, and pay, and pay to apparently anyone who makes a claim against them, absorbs countless refugees from other countries, sends money and arms to IsraHell, and continually props up other failing EU states, all the while being continually smacked in the face with World War II Lies and Propaganda. The outright theft of German territory is not even discussed, much less compensation for our lost lands, or to the millions of Germans who were ethnically cleansed. And to date, no member of the ALL LIES has ever been tried for a War Crime or Crime Against Humanity, in spite of all of the overwhelming body of evidence.

So, did the war really end in 1945? Were the Germans in fact “liberated”? And was this really “the good war”? Or was it just the model for future wars against all nations who defend themselves against the tyranny of the International Bankster Gangsters and their New World Order agenda?"

Celtic Morning said...

You may well be right re Russia as the last hope for the white race.The western nations appear to have already lost out as we scurry about earning a living, trying to stay solvent with no inclination to face up realistically and confront our bleak future. As the coloured hordes continue to swamp us, with the generous assistance of our traitors, we flop wearily in front of the tele or flock to some sports arena to watch even more coloured hordes predominate and replace us. The African and Asian having arrived in our countries is not about to return to his local shit hole having experienced, or at least seen, the apparent tremendous benefits of civilisation we have created for ourselves. Ten or twenty years ago the EU had a policy of encouraging the native African to go west and established agencies to facilitate this and there was some opposition to it but all pretence is now at an end as mass immigration continues with our own assistance.We need a Putin of our own, a strong patriotic leader with the ability to wake the masses to the serious danger all around them.Such men are hard to find and the job would be much more difficult than any leader of the west has ever faced for the enemy are already among us, strong and getting stronger with every succesful alien who sets foot on our lands, with every alien child born in our hospitals. Today is late.Tomorrow will be too late.A great civilisation created by a great race will be lost forever and ruined beyond recognition.

Anonymous said...

I remember of that post of yours mentioning Richard Dawkin's "favourite insect".

I think that one should have the courage to notice that Jews are disproportionately at the top of what couldn't be more opposite to Bolshevism, that is the Capitalist system, and draw a simple conclusion.

"Over representation in the economic elite of a visible ethnic minority of the degree found in Poland and Hungary was certain to cause trouble regardless of the identity of the group: if Belgians, Bulgarians, or Bolivians had constituted 62 per cent of the highest income-earners of Hungary, rather than Jews, that would certainly engendered resentment against them ... To us [Jews], European antisemitism appears to be a weapon of the strong against the weak, a kind of ideological sadism. To European right-wing nationalists of the post-1870 period, however, antisemitism appeared to be a weapon of the weak against the strong, an attempt (as they saw it) by a downtrodden nation to regain control over its resources from a separate, distinctive minority which appeared to dominate the economy -- an aim not unlike that of anti-colonial movements in the Third World vis-a-vis the Europeans and foreign entrepreneurial minorities (like the Chinese throughout South-East Asia). The Zionist movement understood this perfectly well, however disturbing such a perspective may seem to us viewed with post-Holocaust eyes.

Moreover, research is most likely to demonstrate a very considerable actual Jewish over-representation in many other social and political areas which figured largely in the litany of continental antisemitism of the post-1870 period, especially Jewish participation in the radical left, the liberal professions, in journalism, and in the media."

-- W. D. Rubinstein, Jewish Journal of Sociology, Vol. 42, nos. 1 and 2, 2000, p. 18-19

Kalergi said something to the same effect too.

Translated: Jews do nothing but what nature wants living beings to do. Co-operate in group, and strive for power.
They do what all of you agree the White race should do.
You can't blame others for doing what you wish you could do.

Said in other words:

I judge my ethnic group's subjection in the worst possible terms, but all the blame must go to the willingly submitted, and to them alone.

When an ethnic outsider (who is an ethnic outsider? Someone who see themselves as such. If it were for me, Jews were part of the White race, and racial teammates) can say "the White race is the cancer of makind" and incur no payback, well, the objects of that insult deserve nothing, no respect, no sympathy, no help.

It's like in the man-woman relationship. If man allows woman to lead him, the woman will unconsciously despise him, and accuse him of any misconduct — including that he be a despot —.
When they write the Whites are "losers" (they write it verbatim, on not-so-rare occasions, they feel and think that, first of all, for how Whites submit to them (which, on the conscious level, they appreciate much).

This is how relations work, from couple life to inter-ethnic and inter-racial.

Anonymous said...

You must understand that the Jewish Bolsheviks systematically wiped out the Russian intelligentsia. Not what we commonly (and mistakenly) understand as intellectuals but doctors, professors, noblemen, senior clergymen etc. There was thus nobody to organize the ordinary Russian people in opposition.

Yes, but how different from that was it in China, Cambodia, Laos...?
That's how every totalitarianism, and certainly every socialist/communist one works.

They'd be to blame if they didn't have the elimination of every intelligence foreign to their party as their top order of business.
Stalin even, oddly enough, admitted it. What the opposition must not be allowed to is to have ideas, he said.

Plus: in pre-Soviet Russia Jews were vexed. When they did what they did, they were as right in doing that as White people would today if they disposed of their race traitors (first) and sent away their ethnic/racial competition (second).

It's people who, even only in their subconscious, have admitted defeat that spend their time in competition blaming.
Whites must solve their problems. Retrieve their will and consciousness. Relive their culture.
Get rid of leeches in their own group (that enable all foreign leeches, and no, I am not thinking of Jews but of sub-intelligent migrants who invade).

Anonymous said...


You are getting it all wrong.
Weapons evolve with ages.

It's not about rifles, it hasn't been in the last 70 years — and thankfully so!

The weapon of our age is the brain. The bullets are ideas.
This is why, as is always the case, the most desired thing, intelligence, has become the definitive taboo.
Humans are so hurt by knowing they want something they lack, and of their jealousy, that it will become unspeakable, taboo.

Intelligence is the new gold, oil, the key to power of the century. In a technologized world, spatial and logical intelligence will come more to the fore (we already see verbal intelligence retreat to the background). This is why the Chinese have a good chance to rise to the top of the world.
I say "chance", since even technology needs invention. And their brain seems incapable of invention.

SAVANT said...

Wlliam Warren...I don't think it's so much the stupidity of the goyim. Rather it's a failure to look beyond work and play, a reluctance to take the time needed to understand their predicament. That's why I think 'naming the Jew' is so important. Jews could not achieve anything like the same degree of power where their identity exposed and commented on. ALl it takes is a mild observation along the lines of 'I'm sure they might be good jurists but how can it be that nearly half of the US Supreme Court is comprised of Jews?'. (((They))) know this to be true which for example explains why Joogle defined these parameters as 'hate crime'.

Andromeda said...

Good point about Trotsky being worse than Stalin. He most definitely would have been. Both he and Zinoviev literally wanted to see the Russian people destroyed, the majority killed and the rest turned into 'white negroes'.

Vanguard said...

I have been looking for evident of White Hats for a long time now UN and fail to discern signs of life. The acid test, as always, is 9/11. They KNOW who did it yet they sit on their hands. Assuming there actually are any White Hats still left.

AAB said...

Savant, do you remember where that Solzhenitsyn quote came from?


Frank Galton said...

From Taverns to the Fed - Professor Andrew Joyce

Tablet, 11 March 2014

FOR CENTURIES, JEWS RULED POLAND’S LIQUOR TRADE. WHY WAS THAT LEGACY FORGOTTEN? early-19th-century Poland, approximately 85 percent of registered taverns were leased by Jews—and there was no shortage of taverns. For Poles of that time, there was a stereotypical image of a bartender, and he had a beard, a yarmulke and peyos. Jewish domination of Poland’s drinking culture was so complete and lasted so long that Poles simply assumed a connection between Jews and booze. As a standard Polish proverb of the time had it: “The peasant drinks at the inn, and the Jew does him in.”

Unlike most other aspects of the collective Jewish experience—in a tradition that commemorates events that happened 5,000 years ago as though they took place last year—almost all traces of this history have vanished from our group memory.

Unlike most other aspects of the collective Jewish experience—in a tradition that commemorates events that happened 5,000 years ago as though they took place last year—almost all traces of this history have vanished from our group memory. Jews entered the field, dominated it in a region, and then left it almost as quickly as they found it.

The development of this field of Jewish economic activity resulted from economic and social changes in Poland and Lithuania in the sixteenth through the eighteenth centuries. One reason was that the price of beer and vodka increased more rapidly than that of grain, a factor that inclined landowners to devote an ever-increasing proportion of their grain harvests to the production of alcohol. Another reason was that alcohol could be sold more quickly and easily than grain, with vodka (made from rye) and beer growing in popularity. Landowners also held a monopoly on producing and selling alcohol (Pol., propinacja), which meant that peasants were required to buy beer and vodka only in landowners’ taverns and were also banned from importing such items from other lords’ estates. Thus the taverns could always be counted on to provide a steady source of income.

Jews’ profits were based on their increasing turnover in the taverns, enabling them to earn not only the necessary funds to pay the rent but also additional income. In order to do this, they often had to give peasants beer and vodka on credit. If the latter defaulted, the estate’s administration would not hesitate to collect these debts for the Jewish tavernkeeper. This method of debt collection sometimes brought peasant farms to ruin, a source of conflict between peasants and Jews. Conflicts were also prompted by the fact that tavernkeepers were often provided with agricultural allotments and a certain amount of the corvée labor owed by peasants to their lord (pańszczyzna). Peasants often complained that Jewish tavernkeepers forced them to work on Sundays and Christian holidays. On the other hand, many taverns employed non-Jewish servants, with good relations often the rule. Cases of female Christian servants being made pregnant by their Jewish employers also occurred.

In the eighteenth century, the nobility began to oppose the leasing of taverns to Jews, arguing that Jews were bringing the peasant farms to ruin.

In the second half of the century, participants in debates over the future of the Polish state often argued that Jews’ rights to lease taverns and breweries should be rescinded since Jewish tavernkeepers were responsible for peasants’ excessive drinking.

Frank Galton

SAVANT said...

AAB - got that quote from Joseph Stalin: A Biographical Companion. Don't know where Rappaport ot it...

Shaunantijihad said...

Vanguard, they anticipated revolt after 911:

List of Jewish American generals and admirals
From Wikipedia (List incomplete)

United States Army

Lieut. Gen. Howard Bromberg
Lieut. Gen. Bennet Sacolick
Lieut. Gen. David Fridovich
Lieut. Gen. H Steven Blum[1]
Lieut. Gen. Milton J. Foreman[2]
Lieut. Gen. Sidney T. Weinstein[3]
Maj. Gen. Julius Ochs Adler[4]
Maj. Gen. Lee Barkin[5]
Maj. Gen. Robert Bernstein[6]
Maj. Gen. Stanley H. Hyman[7]
Maj. Gen. William P. Levine [8]
Maj. Gen. Julius Klein
Maj. Gen. Samuel T. Lawton
Maj. Gen. Irving J. Phillipson
Maj. Gen. Maurice Rose
Maj. Gen. Robert Rosenkranz
Maj. Gen. Roger W. Sandler
Maj. Gen. Sidney Shachnow
Maj. Gen. Ronald D. Silverman
Maj. Gen. Robert B. Solomon
Maj. Gen. Jeffrey A. Jacobs
Brig. Gen. Jack Bohm
Brig. Gen. Raphael Saul Chavin[9]
Brig. Gen. Abel Davis
Brig. Gen. Israel Drazin
Brig. Gen. Max Etkin
Brig. Gen. Herman Feldman
Brig. Gen. William M. Goodman
Brig. Gen. Edward S. Greenbaum
Brig. Gen. Sidney Gritz
Brig. Gen. Maurice Hirsch
Brig. Gen. Raymond Jacobson
Brig. Gen. Ephraim F. Jeffe
Brig. Gen. Myron S. Lewis
Brig. Gen. George Luberoff
Brig. Gen. William Meyer
Brig. Gen. Alfred Mordechai, Jr
Brig. Gen. Edward M. Morris
Brig. Gen. Fred Rosenbaum
Brig. Gen. David Sarnoff
Brig. Gen. Philip Sherman
Brig. Gen. Joseph R. Smith
Brig. Gen. David Zalis
Bvt. Gen. Leopold Blumenberg
Bvt. Brig. Gen. Frederick Knefler
Bvt. Brig Gen. Edward S. Salomon
Bvt. Maj. Gen. Frederick C. Salomon

United States Navy

Vice admiral David Arthitzel
Rear Admiral Paul Becker
Admiral Jeremy Borda
Rear Admiral Louis Dreller
Vice Admiral George Emory
Rear Admiral Herschel Goldberg
Vice Admiral Arthur Gralla
Vice Admiral William Houser
Rear Admiral Solomon Isquith
Vice Admiral Douglas Katz
Vice Admiral Bernard Kauderer
Rear Admiral Leon Kintberger
Commodore Uriah P. Levy
Vice Admiral Adolph Marix
Admiral Ben Moreell
Admiral Hyman G. Rickover
Rear Admiral Maurice H. Rindskopf
Rear Admiral Sumner Shapiro
Vice Admiral Herman Shelansky
Rear Admiral Morris Smellow
Rear Admiral Edward D. Taussig
Vice Admiral Joseph Taussig
Rear Admiral Robert Traister
Rear Admiral Robert C. J. Krasner, Medical Corps
Rear Admiral Robert Wertheim

United States Air Force

Maj. Gen. William A.Cohen
General David L. Goldfein [10]
Maj. Gen. Abraham J. Dreiseszun
Maj. Gen. Jack Weinstein
Gen. Norton A. Schwartz, Chief of Staff of the Air Force 2008-2012
Brig Gen Jay "Scott" Goldstein
Brigadier General S. ELLIOT Lifton

Anonymous said...

If hitlers artist career had taken off would ww2 have ever happened

Eff the villa

Uncle Nasty said...

For those who flooded me with links to "Propaganda" ... Thank you.


Uncle Nasty said...

Out of their own mouths, we learn three things:

#1 Trump is in the pockets of the jews ... pure and simple and fuck the rhetoric.

#2 Hillary is in the jews pockets ... pure and simple and fuck the rhetoric.

#3 America, Canada and a good chunk of Europe are basically israel's bitches:

And finally, everyone now has to get permission ...

Conspiracy? Balls. The conspiracy deniers have finally got it right after all these years. There are no more conspiracies.

Conspiracies are hidden.


John C said...

Shaun, you have read that wrong mate or someone is pulling your leg. That list is obviously the israeli military.

Anonymous said...


Interesting, however, that the Jews did not subvert the British Empire, but were key players and drivers. Cecil Rhodes and the British conquest of Southern Africa would not have taken place without the backing of Beit, Barnato (both in Africa with Rhodes) and Rothschild.


David said...

The writing was on the wall, where the Romanovs were murdered : "Balthazar was, in this same night killed by his slaves" a quote from a poem by Heinrich Heine about the legend of the last king of Babylon, Balthazar or as the killers called him in a play on words Belsatzar.
The Biblical King is said to have shown his profanity during a dinner using holy vases from Jerusalem's temple. Then, the dinner was interrupted because a hand appeared and wrote on the wall these words :

"Mané","Thécel" and "Pharès". And shortly after he lost his kingdom.

Of interest: The word “Cheka” is not only an acronym in Russian for “Special Commission for Fighting Counter-Revolution,” but also a Yiddish expression for animal slaughter.

David said...

Incogman on the Blood Libel and the Beilis Case which occurred in 1911 Russia, the child Andrey Yushinsky, was found sitting straight up dead in a cave, drained white of blood, and with numerous punctures exactly where blood-letting would be most effective. The chief prosecutor later wrote a book where he noted that the puncture marks on the child's temple conformed to kabbalist symbols, , when the Bolsheviks took power they executed many involved in the case, including the Judge and Father Justin Pranaitis.

Flanders said...

This is from Patrick Grimm, who truly knew the evils of jewry.

"The Jew of the World has made it clear, at least to his own brethren, that his allegiances to his host country have long since been frayed. His belief in nothing other than his own egotism now animates his breezily insouciant pursuit of a worldly kingdom of limitless treasure and corporate dominion. He now operates openly and unapologetically, yet still cobbles together a template of pseudo-intellectual respectability to cover his tracks.

My friends, it is time to rip the falsely pious front off of Jewry’s activities and expose their deeds to the light of day. The international Jews’ “light unto the nations” balderdash does not equal, in any shape or form, a candle of humble illumination. It is instead equivalent to the bare and ugly bulb that lights an interrogation room populated by Jewish “hate crime” bureaucrats and thought-control apparatchiks. This “light” is not a pleasant glow feeding the intellectual health of a jejune populace, but a raging and unquenchable fire burning our institutions to the ground. Was it not the Jew of the World who encouraged youthful rabble to “bring it all down, man”? Was it not this albatross, these very internationalists who cheered Communist ideologue Antonio Gramsci’s “long march through the institutions”? If our institutions are now not literally turned to cinders, then they are remodeled, restructured and realigned ideologically, so that they provide comfort, ease, accolades and succor to the Jew of the World. After all, he is fond of crowing about all those Jewish Nobel Prize winners, isn’t he?

The Jew of the World is quintessentially an internationalist. To this caliber of Jew, the health of his home country or its citizens is not of paramount concern. However, the health of the other Jews of the World is his be-all and end-all, his raison d’etre, the warm reassuring tribalism that has become his trademark. Their comfort is the end game. How does this type of Jew ensure the comfort of his fellow tribesmen?

That’s easy. He works to draw as little attention to himself and his brethren as possible. The only recognition Jews receive as Jews should be either as innocent victims who have fallen prey to non-Jewish perfidy or as humanitarians and activists supposedly working for the rights of all people. The Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith, a Masonic secret society of racialist Jews, concocts and frames all of their political activities to confirm this false impression amongst the public, whether they are doing “outreach work” aimed at blacks, Hispanics, Muslims or gaggles of worshipfully genuflecting Zionized Christian believers who bend the knee at the altar of Israel. In the minds of an unthinking and suggestible citizenry, Jewish machinations appear as altruism rather than as what they really are: crudely advantageous in-groupism." [Patrick Grimm continues]:

Flanders said...

Reviewing at the Patrick Grimm link left above, I found an older comment of my own which reviews a Facebook posting [probably the only link I've had with those jews, at a time before I knew it]. It helps to explain how the jews have managed to damn the White race in America (and elsewhere, too) to being a race which is without our needed and natural leaders. The link is now gone [any ideas about (((who removed it?)))!] but my comment gives the gist.

"Tracking the pattern of the jew media (JMSM) attacks against Whites and Nationalists. In the instance spoken about here, the killing and slandering of Eugene Terreblanche.

"No I am not shocked. I actually expected this and was waiting for it.

The pattern is always the same. From the Austrian Nationalist leader Jörg Haider’s assassination to Eugene Terreblanches assassination…everytime it is the same pattern that we see.

Let me tell you what the pattern is…

It goes like this.

A good and hounarable Nationalist leader stands up to lead his people… But Nationalism is the arch enemy of Communism who wants to introduce a one world Communist state. So Mr Nationalist is first approached by the Communist agents to try and corrupt him. They offer him money and riches beyond his wildest dreams…When Mr Nationalist refuses, the attack against him starts in the form of disinformation and mudslinging in the media to discredit him and character assassinate him. He will be made out to some sort of sexual deviate. Either gay or a child molester or a prostitute frequenter. Further he will be made out to be an alcoholic, a wife beater or as treating his workers badly.

When he is still standing and survives this character assassination onslaught, the plans will be made to physically eliminate him. Kill him. The death is normally highly ritualised, because the perpetrators want everyone to know who did it, why they did it and at the same time send out a warning to other potential wannebe leaders or followers." [Continues]

The traitors from within - What the Mass Media do to White leaders who stand up for their principles and their people

Also, Swartberg ISS Forensic investigation results of murder scene

Posted by: Flanders | 04/23/2010 at 03:09 AM".

James said...

World War Three

Mystery surrounds a letter said to have been written in 1871 which predicted the First and Second World Wars and claims the third global conflict will be between the West and Islam.

The bizarre predictions say the First World War, which began in 1914, was triggered by the mysterious Illuminati hoping to bring down Russia's reign of Tsars.

It then says the Second World War - which came to fruition in 1939 - would be fomented many years later by a clash between Fascists and Zionists.

"Bizarre predictions"? Well that proves this is a propaganda hit piece. Those predictions weren't bizarre, they were exactly what happened. Is that all they have? Calling actual history "bizarre"?

As they engineer a massive conflict between the west and Islam, they go into damage control mode in case anybody suspects it was planned. Apparently Albert Pike's letter was a HOAX.

Of course it was planned. Kalergi planned it. Blair did it. Merkel's doing it.

Flanders said...

The ending of this Grimm article about The Savage Nature of Big Jewry, is the most important lesson for anyone who is wishing to be truly effective. It's simple, but you'll have to read it for yourself. Fortunately, many people have now learned that lesson and are using it to good advantage, which is why the jews are now insisting that it be stopped, and are using various devious methods to make it so.
Remember - In awakening other people, there is no substitute for calling jews - jews.

"An organism with a savage nature now draws blood and sustenance from our nation. This parasitic beast is never referred to publicly and is only spoken of in hushed tones and fearful whispers by those few enlightened persons amongst the addled public. But silence and fear do not change reality or the sinister “personality” traits of this creature that now grips and drains us. Yes, there is a name to our pain; it is Big Jewry. Big Jewry’s savagery and callousness is remarkable and grows more wretched and excessive with every passing day.

Michael Savage, a right-wing Zionist Jew, has a nightly radio program called the Savage Nation. On this program, the San Francisco host insists that we need “a more Savage Nation.” He may throw out some perfunctory barbs against modern liberalism and rail against its excesses with his Brooklyn accent, but he will not identify the true “enemy within.” That enemy is Big Jewry. What Dr. Savage seems not to notice or what he chooses to bury within his mostly neo-conservative rants is that we do have a more savage nation. America, under the control of Big Jewry is, next to Israel, the most hated nation on planet earth, and I must say, it is rightfully hated and despised by people of good will everywhere. The savagery of Big Jewry has made it so. We are a “more savage nation” in every possible way. Our savagery knows no bounds. Michael Savage may identify the effects, but with true Jewish clannishness, he dares not identify the Cause, the Primary Mover that has pushed us into the maelstrom, the national catastrophe we are besieged by. This catastrophe has been brought on by one group.

Big Jewry is a savage beast. The mortgage bubble has popped. Our banking institutions collapse daily. Foreclosures and bankruptcy will soon be the norm in America. We are a country held up by a precarious pyramid counterfeiting scheme run by a Federal Reserve headed up entirely by the Zionist agents of Big Jewry. Paulson, Bernanke and their ilk steer the American economic machine straight through a guard rail. We are bankrupt and wading in enough red ink to reach a horse’s bridle. Our plastique politicians, also agents of Zion and Big Jewry, now submit and bow to the magnates of Jewish power and global Zionism. They reward the robbery, the banditry of the thieving Jews of Wall Street by reaching into the public purse and snatching hundreds of billions of our devalued dollars to pay this Pied Viper. There will be trillions more forthcoming. Do you doubt it?

Big Jewry is a savage beast. Its Talmudic satellite states, puppet governments for the criminal headquarters of the internationalist Diaspora, a speck of stolen land called Israel, wage war against nationalism wherever it rears its long overdue head. The Jew-stocked media then disseminate their usual cover-up and lies and provide more subterfuge for the Terrible Tribe. The beastly eternal war state of Zionism arms these Zio-America-friendly nations and they then instigate wars against countries attempting to wrest themselves free of the yoke of Jewry."

Anonymous said...

One thing that Western European observers noted about Russians at the time of the Revolution is how fatalistic they were. (This was from a Steve Sailer post a few years ago, actually.) The much more driven (((Bolsheviks))) ran right over them, even with the White side putting up a fight for a few years.

In addition, there’s a crucial difference between the Bolsheviks and other such revolutionaries then, and what we have now: the most masculine, aggressive men are heavily slanted toward the anti-revolutionary side. Back then, you could find plenty on both sides. Masculine men, especially the most intelligent and competent white men, are rapidly vanishing from the prog ranks, and this does not bode well for the progs’ chances if masculine men ever decide to go all-out against them.

James said...

Anonymous Uncle Nasty said...
For those who flooded me with links to "Propaganda" ... Thank you.


It is the most important book for pro whites to read IMO. It teaches how propaganda works. What is perhaps missing is propaganda to spread using those methods.

I think Bob Whitaker's mantra-type thinking is currently the best source of material to use.

On the video I saw recently, Tommy Robinson didn't get shut down with death threats, or by being beaten up. He got shut down by a woman smirking while she asked him why he was racist.

If he read Propaganda and was familiar with Bob Whitaker's ideas, that simply would not have happened that way.

He could have said: "You are one of those anti-racists we keep hearing about. The thing is, most so-called anti-racists are actually just anti-whites. Are you an anti-white? Do you want to see the UK as a non-white country in 50 years? Do you like white genocide? Do you hate the idea of a white country? Is that what you are really about? Tell us!"

She would have responded "But whites invaded lots of other countries, don't cry now that it's your turn"

To which Tommy says "So you admit it then. You are justifying white genocide and think its a good thing and that we deserve it. At least we agree that we are talking about white genocide. It's a crime by the way. You are promoting a crime."

That would have wiped the smirk off the bitch's face quite quickly. Instead, he kept telling her how violent Muslims were to him. A pointless argument. It's like saying "It's not fair he won the boxing match, he kept punching me."

There's no need to get beaten up over this.

James said...

Womb transplants

Emelie Eriksson has a bond with her son that hardly seems possible: She and her son were born from the same womb.

Eriksson was the first woman to have a baby after receiving a uterus from her mother, in a revolutionary operation that links three generations of their family.

We hope they don't discriminate. They should also allow men to get transplanted wombs so we can have babies too. Black babies hopefully.

James said...

Huma Abedin called some of the world's best people "that crowd"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Federal hate crime. Lock her up. Maximum security.

James said...

Michael Savage, a right-wing Zionist Jew, has a nightly radio program called the Savage Nation. On this program, the San Francisco host insists that we need “a more Savage Nation.” He may throw out some perfunctory barbs against modern liberalism and rail against its excesses with his Brooklyn accent, but he will not identify the true “enemy within.”

He lost his show for discussing Hillary's health.

Is it even possible to talk about "Big Jewry" on a show like that?

James said...

Zimbabwe improving.

New power station to be built.

Flanders said...

Soviet Russia — The Bolshevist Paradise:
"The intentional destruction of the Russian family, just like the systematic destruction of Russian ethnicity, is intended to make impossible any defense against Bolshevism's bloody dictatorship. this fact was stated with brutal openness at the Komintern Congress in 1924:

“The revolution is powerless so long as the concepts of family and family ties remain.”

The corruption of the meaning of marriage into a matter of mere sexual drives serves the same goal. The oft proclaimed right to abortion supposedly frees the woman “from the chains of bourgeois morality.” This freedom results in the destruction of the family and leads to an unlimited exploitation of women's labor in the service of world revolution. This is shown by the astonishingly high percentage of women in the working class.
How it was in Germany: Jewry and Bolshevism at Work:
Jews dominated industry and commerce. There were three times as many Jews as Germans in top German business positions. Jews like Rathenau, Mammroth, Berliner, Aron Hirsch, Siegmund Seligmann, Tietz, Wertheim, Katzenellenbogen, Herzfeld, Friedländer-Fuld, and countless others, were seen as the pick of German business leadership, as the top men in industry and commerce.

The Jews had also taken over the press and politics. In 1932, the total circulation of the two largest publishing firms (including newspapers and magazines) was over five million. Both were in Jewish hands. The Jew Georg Bernhard, the powerful editor of the Vossische Zeitung, who today is one of the worst emigrants inciting against National Socialist Germany, declared with cynical openness the true nature of the relationships between the Jewish ruled press and politics: “The judgment of public opinion is influenced through a few string-pullers, who by using much money in various countries have established a comprehensive press apparatus that lets their mouthpieces loudly say whatever they want said.” His Marxist-Bolshevist racial comrade Willi Münzenberg, the leader of the communist agitation press, was no less open when he wrote in the Rote Fahne: “The lie is a weapon in class struggle.”
The Jewish spirit dominated the sciences. Jewish psychoanalysis and sexual research corrupted the morals of an entire people from a supposedly objective scientific standpoint.

Jewish domination of German cultural life was equally dangerous. Jewish directors, art patrons, and artists promoted art that was nothing other than the realization of Bolshevism in art and culture.

The highpoints of Jewish rule, however, were undoubtedly the countless cases of fraud and criminality that must be charged to the Jewish account. It was even more dangerous for our people, since Jewry presented this type of business dealing as mere enterprise, and uncovered cases of corruption as mere business misfortune.
It was only a step from Jewish dominance to Jewish rule to Bolshevism."

Uncle Nasty said...

Anonymous said...


Interesting, however, that the Jews did not subvert the British Empire, but were key players and drivers. Cecil Rhodes and the British conquest of Southern Africa would not have taken place without the backing of Beit, Barnato (both in Africa with Rhodes) and Rothschild.

7 October 2016 at 18:00

What a strange statement. Of course the jews subverted the Brit Empire. The jews needed a nation of hitmen even then. America was struggling to find a national identity, and too busy getting on with its life to recruit from.

Britain in the nineteenth century fulfilled the role of America today. Jewry's (and israel's) big, bullying, stumblebum-to-the-point-of-retard brother.

At that time all the continental nations (of any economic value or military strength) were either recovering from the most violent and exhausting century in its history ...–99

... or attempting to reconstruct -- financially, politically or societally.

The Brits were the least entangled, and, ultimately, the most available.


Frank Galton said...

BBC, 07 October 2016

Hurricane Matthew hits Haiti causing a million dollars worth of improvements

Frank Galton

Joe Btfsplk said...

I'm allergic



James said...

In case you missed it, Alex Jones is in fine form here against the perpetrators of the Armenian Genocide a.k.a. The Young Turks.

Joe Btfsplk said...

>>>causing a million dollars worth of improvements>>>

Urban renewal. . .

Perhaps you mean Zimbabwe dollahs. . .

Cassius said...

The interesting take from Flanders' citation of the Jewish control in 1930s Germany is the speed with which it was taken from them. We do have hope.

Frank Galton said...

Shaunantijihad said:

"List of Jewish American generals and admirals From Wikipedia (List incomplete)

United States Army

* Lieut. Gen. H Steven Blum
* Lieut. Gen. Sidney T. Weinstein
* Lieut. Gen. David Fridovich
* Maj. Gen. William P. Levine
* Maj. Gen. Robert Rosenkranz

United States Navy

* Vice Admiral Douglas Katz
* Vice Admiral Bernard Kauderer
* Rear Admiral Sumner Shapiro "

JINSA (Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs)

About JINSA's Generals and Admirals Program to Israel

The annual Generals and Admirals Program to Israel, in which recently retired American generals and admirals are invited to visit Israel with JINSA to meet the top echelon of the Israeli military and political leadership, ensures that the American delegation is well briefed on the security concerns of Israel...JINSA has taken close to 400 retired officers to Israel, many of whom serve on JINSA's Board of Advisors.

2016 Participants (Command position included for identification purposes only)

* Lt. Gen. Sidney Weinstein, USA (Ret.) - Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence

2015 Participants (Command position included for identification purposes only)

* Lieutenant General H. Steven Blum, USA (ret.) - Deputy Commander, U.S. Northern Command

2013 Participants (Command position included for identification purposes only)

* Lt. Gen. David Fridovich, USA (Ret.) - Deputy Commander, U.S. Special Operations Command-USSOCOM

Participants through 2011 (Command position included for identification purposes only)

* Maj. Gen. William Levine, USAF (Ret.)
* Maj. Gen. Robert Rosenkranz, USA (Ret.) - Commander, US Army Test & Evaluation Command
* V. Adm. Douglas Katz, USN (Ret.) -Commander, Surface Forces, US Atlantic Fleet
* V. Adm. Bernard Kauderer, USN (Ret.) - Commander Submarine, Allied Command Atlantic
* R. Adm. Sumner Shapiro, USN (Ret.) - Director, Office of Naval Intelligence

Frank Galton

Frank Galton said...

Jewish Maj. Gen. Jack Weinstein, former commander of 20th Air Force, in charge of the service's nuclear missile fleet.

Lt. Gen. Jack Weinstein is Deputy Chief of Staff for Strategic Deterrence and Nuclear Integration...

Business Insider, 08 July 2014

Why The Air Force Nuclear Missile Corps Keeps Getting In Trouble

[Jewish] Maj. Gen. Jack Weinstein, [is] commander of 20th Air Force [and] responsible for the operation, maintenance and security of the full fleet of Minuteman missiles.

Frank Galton

Flanders said...

Many there are of our people who say about our troubles, "It is not ALL due to the jews". In a sense they are right and justified in their own minds (giving credence to the relativistic mindset which is inherent among we Whites), but only because it is their ignorance which shields them from deeper knowledge about a fuller reality. It becomes even more difficult for them to recognize when known satanist evils have become mainstreamed into society, and particularly when those evils have become institutionalized into our own societies (as it has been done) in front of their own eyes.

"Just north of San Francisco and east of the Bohemian Grove is the Napa Valley of California. Anton LaVey moved to Napa Valley after his split with Aquino. LaVey ran a construction company during the 1910. out of Napa, CA. (As an aside, Anton LaVey’s chief representative in our Portland area is Rex ,,Diablos" Church, who grew up as Rex Nance in Seaside High School on the Oregon coast. Rex worked at the drug store at Broadway and Holiday at Seaside during high school. Two years after high school he returned to his hometown with his head shaved and wearing black in LaVey fashion. He had a stripper who dressed in black who was a Satanist as his girl friend for a while in the Portland area. According to Rex’s own words, he grew up in a secret Satanic family and was baptized to Satan as a child.

Rex and his Satanic friends have schemed how to hurt the Christians. How many of their devious plans have succeeded I do not know. Also of Interest is that Rex lived a good deal with his what has been reported as Jehovah’s Witness grandparents.) With the Church of Satan feeling comfortable in Napa, it is not surprising that tbe Baron and Baroness Phillipi de Rothschild picked the area to build a secret temple to Satan.

Also as readers of this newsletter know, these people have been constructing castles and other large buildings on spiritual ley lines for centuries, so it goes without saying that when this secret temple was built in Napa, that the Icy lines were at least considered in choosing a site. The Baron Rothschild began the construction of a pyramid in Napa Valley, which his wife completed after he died. The pyramid is called Opus 1. According to one of the contractors who participated in building the pyramid, the project cost $35 million. The various construction cost reports given the public have been much less than what this contractor has said was the real cost of the building. The theme of the numbers 3 and 6 runs throughout the large Opus 1 pyramid building. as well as the number 666. Also little circles frequently appear.

The name of the building is Opus 1, which means the First Work. It’s cover or front for the temple is that It is a winery." ***
"... Freemasonry is used as type of early class for those who are in the Illuminati to get them familiar with the symbols of the Mystery religions and give them more practice with hand signals, rituals, and secrecy.".

Opus One Vineyard



James said...

Palergi Klan - Thousands of Israelis call for wiping out the Palestinians

Now we are finally making progress. Soon there will be peace.

Anonymous said...

Hillary supports women...most of the time.

James said...

Elon Musk is a simulated genius.

Flanders said...

I cannot get the text to copy, but for those who wonder why some jews were viewed as being harshly treated in some instances by Soviet jewry during the initial jew takeover in Russia an answer given in, "Yiddish and the Creation of Soviet Jewish Culture", pg 11, David Shneer, may help to explain that. I paraphrase it the best I can from memory. It states that as an atheist state, the Soviet viewed jews as being an ethnic minority just as it did Russians and Ukrainians, but the idea was to remove those jews from maintaining a religious identity into a secular [Communist] identity whose culture would be Yiddish secularism. Yiddish schools were established to teach them to move toward secularism. They wanted to move them from religion to a loyalty to the secular communist state and culture. The tract acknowledges that jews made up the bulk of a disproportionate share of the professions and were treated better because of their professional status, and also because Soviet jewry hated anti-semitism and viewed it as an enemy to the communist jewish rule.

On the final page, a Soviet Communist Party leader, Levitan, is quoted:

"We are not building just any Jewish culture: we are building a Soviet Jewish culture, a socialist Jewish culture, and a part of international socialist culture."

Flanders said...

"During most of its existence the Communist Party exercised tight control over Soviet cinema, demanding that films conform to and serve its ideology. Concerning the primary role of movies in propaganda, Vladimir Lenin said, “of all the arts, for us the cinema is the most important.” These words were taken with the utmost seriousness by the Bolsheviks.
Early 20th-century Russia was home to one of the world’s largest Jewish communities. Despite the First World War, Civil War, pogroms, and emigration, Soviet Russia still had a significant number of Jewish citizens, most of whom spoke Yiddish and lived in the former Pale of Settlement. The new medium of cinema was accessible to illiterate and non-Russian speaking populations. As a result, the Bolsheviks chose film as the model vessel to appeal to minorities. One of the earliest surviving Soviet films, Comrade Abram (Tovarishch Abram, 1919), promoted Bolshevism to Russian Jews by showing the atrocities committed under the tsarist regime, emphasizing that only the new Soviet state would protect vulnerable minorities. The Soviet state employed cinema as an outreach device to both the Russian population and ethnic minorities, and “Jewish sections” (Yevsektsii) were established to work with Jews to promote Bolshevism among the mostly Yiddish-speaking Jews of the former Pale of Settlement.

During its first thirty years, Soviet cinema produced several dozen films featuring Jewish characters, from early agitation newsreels to widely recognized works of art that were exported to the US and Europe. The characters and characterizations of Jews in Soviet films underwent transformations that reflected official policy toward them; Jews went from being depicted as poor shtetl Jews oppressed by the tsarist government to roles as equal members in and creators of Soviet society, ready to abandon their ethnic “peculiarities” by acculturating and integrating with their “older brothers,” the Russian nation. The social and cultural environment of the 1920s fused ideas of internationalism and the equality of nations within the Communist state, where class identity would prevail over ethnic and religious ones."
Jews in Soviet Cinema of the 1920s-1940s

[The tract ends with this question]:
"If Soviet Jews had been the face of a cosmopolitan, internationalist Communism in the most popular of Soviet arts, where did Stalinism leave them?"

[My answer would be that Stalin left the jews spread internationally (and primarily in the US, with many "working" in cinema and other MSM), but infused still with the same communist jewish globalist control agendas which the jews had once held in Russia - Flanders].

Frank Galton said...

PART 1/3

Flanders said: 'send out a warning to other...leaders."

HAARETZ, 12 June 2008

Gadhafi: Obama Fears Israel Will Assassinate Him Like It Did JFK

"We suspect he may fear being killed by Israeli agents and meet the same fate as Kennedy when he promised to look into Israel's nuclear program," Gadhafi said.

Jerusalem Post, 28 March 2010

John F. Kennedy demanded that David Ben-Gurion end Israel’s nuclear program.

The clash began in 1960, when the outgoing Eisenhower administration sought an explanation for the mysterious construction near Dimona. It was told that this top-secret activity in the middle of the desert was a harmless textile plant, and no, it could not come and visit.

When president Kennedy took office in 1961, the disagreement became a full-blown crisis. Like Obama, Kennedy was not inherently hostile (unlike Jimmy Carter), but he did not have a special sympathy for the Jewish people. His advisers urged continuous pressure, assuming that Israel would have no choice but to accept US demands. Every high-level meeting or communication repeated the demand for inspection of Dimona.

One form of pressure was to deny Ben-Gurion an invitation to the White House – his May 1961 meeting with Kennedy was a low-key affair at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York, and was dominated by this issue.

In some ways, Israel was far weaker than is the case today. Before 1967, the IDF was not seen as a formidable power, and the economy depended on massive aid from Diaspora Jewry. If the US government were to impose TAX RESTRICTIONS, the costs would have been very high. Ben-Gurion avoided saying no by dancing around them for two years.

Finally, Kennedy had enough, and in a personal letter dated May 18, 1963, the president warned that unless American inspectors were allowed into Dimona (meaning the end of any military activities), Israel would find itself TOTALLY ISOLATED.

National Security Archive

"As I wrote Mr. Ben-Gurion, this Government's commitment to and support [military aid, civilian aid, foreign aid] of Israel could be SERIOUSLY JEOPARDIZED if it should be thought that we were unable to obtain reliable information on a subject as vital to peace as the question of Israel's effort in the nuclear field." - John F. Kennedy

HAARETZ, 18 August 2014

Since it began in 1962, American military aid to Israel has amounted to nearly $100 billion.

Frank Galton

Frank Galton said...

PART 2/3

National Security Archive

Kennedy pressured the government of Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion to prevent a military nuclear program, particularly after stage-managed tours of the Dimona facility for U.S. government scientists in 1961 and 1962 raised suspicions within U.S. intelligence that Israel might be concealing its underlying nuclear aims. Kennedy’s long-run objective, documents show, was to broaden and institutionalize inspections of Dimona by the International Atomic Energy Agency.

President Kennedy was never wholly satisfied with the insistence that Dimona was strictly a peaceful project. Neither were U.S. intelligence professionals.

A recently declassified National Intelligence Estimate on Israel...concluded that “Israel may have decided to undertake a nuclear weapons program. At a minimum, we believe it has decided to develop its nuclear facilities in such a way as to put it into a position to develop nuclear weapons promptly should it decide to do so.” This is the only NIE where the discussion of Dimona has been declassified in its entirety.

Declassified documents reveal that more than any other American president, John F. Kennedy was personally engaged with the problem of Israel’s nuclear program; he may also have been more concerned about it than any of his successors. Of all U.S. leaders in the nuclear age, Kennedy was the nonproliferation president.

The documents published today also include:

• The Atomic Energy Commission’s recently declassified report on the first official U.S. visit to the Dimona complex, in May 1961. The Ben-Gurion-Kennedy meeting was possible only after that visit produced a positive report on the peaceful, nonmilitary purposes of the reactor. According to the Atomic Energy Commission (AEC), Dimona “was conceived as a means for gaining experience in construction of a nuclear facility which would prepare them for nuclear power in the long run.”

• Recently declassified records of U.S.-U.K. meetings during 1962 to discuss the possibilities of putting pressure on Israel to ACCEPT INSPECTIONS OF DIMONA BY THE INTERNATIONAL ATOMIC ENERGY AGENCY. While State Department officials did not believe that pressure would work, they agreed that “IAEA CONTROLS SHOULD BE OUR OBJECTIVE.” In the meantime, “interim ad hoc inspections” were necessary to satisfy ourselves and the world-at-large as to Israel’s intentions.”

The Kennedy administration believed that IAEA INSPECTIONS OF DIMONA WERE A VALID LONG-TERM GOAL...

Frank Galton

Frank Galton said...

PART 3/3

On January 19, 1961, on the eve of his inauguration, President-elect Kennedy visited the White House...One of Kennedy’s first questions was about the countries which were most determined to seek the bomb. “Israel and India,” Secretary of State Christian Herter fired back, and added that the newly discovered Dimona reactor, being constructed with aid from France, could be capable of generating 90 kilogram of weapons-grade plutonium by 1963. Herter urged the new president to press hard on inspection in the case of Israel before it introduced nuclear weapons into the Middle East.

The most important event covered in this collection was the “nuclear summit” held at the Waldorf Astoria hotel in New York City on May 30, 1961, between Kennedy and Ben-Gurion. We refer to it as a nuclear summit because Dimona was at the heart of that meeting. The encounter was made possible thanks to a reassuring report about the first American visit to Dimona, which had taken place ten days earlier.

Kennedy had tirelessly pressured Ben-Gurion to allow the visit since taking office, insisting that meeting the request – made initially by the Eisenhower administration after the discovery of Dimona – was a condition for normalizing U.S.-Israeli relations. In a sense, Kennedy turned the question into a de facto ultimatum to Israel.

Ben-Gurion provided Kennedy with a rationale and narrative of the Dimona project that was very similar to what the Israeli hosts provided to the AEC team visiting Dimona (albeit in non-technical and more political terms): the Dimona project was peaceful in nature; it was about energy and development.

The bottom line was that as early as 1961 the CIA already knew – or at least suspected – that the Israeli official account of the Dimona project – either by the prime minister or by Israeli scientists – was a cover story and deceptive by nature.

President Kennedy was assassinated on 22 November 1963 in Dallas, Texas.

Frank Galton

Flanders said...

"Imagine how Jew Hollywood sees no problem putting that super ugly, rat-faced black “actor,” Jamie Foxx (right), in as President hero of the US (“White House Down”).
"Foxx said during a SNL monologue that acting in “Django Unchained” was so great because he got to kill lots of White people. No one said a word. Foxx also said at a public NAACP awards ceremony blacks are the most talented race on the planet. Now if any White actor dared say something like that about the White race, all hell would break loose. The TV hypocrites would still be screaming bloody murder about the “racist White” actor on “The View” and “The Talk” to this day.

Media Skypes Now Furiously “Niggerizing” America

Anonymous said...

LOL! He's right!

Frank Galton said...

Business Insider, 27 November 2013

Hollywood Producer/Spy ARNON MILCHAN Played A Key Role In Israel's Nuke Program

Film producer Arnon Milchan recently confirmed that he served as an Israeli spy for decades while also working in Hollywood.

Israel's secretive LAKAM economic espionage unit, which was tasked with securing technology for Israel’s secret nuclear weapons program, recruited Milchan in the 1960s. At one point, the 69-year-old told Channel 2, he operated 30 companies in 17 different countries.

Milcharn reportedly became a key operative for LAKAM chief Benjamin Blumberg and top spy Rafi Eitan, who ran jailed spy Jonathan Pollard and infiltrated a U.S. company to obtain tons of highly-enriched uranium.)

JFK (1991)

A New Orleans DA discovers there's more to the Kennedy assassination than the official story.

Stars: Kevin Costner, Gary Oldman, Jack Lemmon

Executive producer: ARNON MILCHAN

It was the Communists, it was the CIA, it was the KGB, it was MI6, it was the Masons, it was the Illuminati, it was the Bilderbergs, it was the Nazis, it was Skull and Bones, it was the CFR, it was a Nazi Death Cult, it was the Saudis, it was the The Knights Templar, it was the Muslims.

It wasn't the JEWS!


Frank Galton

Anonymous said...


Eff the villa

AnalogMan said...

James said...

Apparently Albert Pike's letter was a HOAX.

If it's correctly quoted in the article, then of course it's a hoax.

'The Second World War must be fomented by taking advantage of the differences between the Fascists and the political Zionists.

'This war must be brought about so that Nazism is destroyed and that the political Zionism be strong enough to institute a sovereign state of Israel in Palestine.'

Fascists? Nazis? Zionists? In 1871? Come on!

Joe Btfsplk said...

Miles Mathis claims the Kennedy killing was faked:

Anonymous said...

"A country has the Jews it deserves. Just as mosquitoes can thrive and settle only in swamps, likewise the former can only thrive in the swamps of our sins."


Anonymous said...

@ Anon 20:03 --

"A country has the Jews it deserves. Just as mosquitoes can thrive and settle only in swamps, likewise the former can only thrive in the swamps of our sins."

Sorry, that's pure defeatism.

Mussolini reclaimed the swamps that had pestered Rome since before Nero, and no nation has to let an alien tribe cross its borders to settle.

"A country has the Jews it deserves..." No. A country has whatever it's foolish enough to let in. Swamps can be drained and borders can be strong. This is a question of national will, not morality.


Flanders said...

Frank Galton, re your info on the "Israeli" spy and "American" movie producer, ARNON MILCHAN, you have opened the can holding the key to the open treason which is being conducted against Americans right in front of their faces. That jewish treason is not only being rubbed into American faces, but the American masses are paying for it to be ground into their squishy little brains every time they go to the movie theater or view the jew's movies. Calling those jews as being Israeli's or Americans is deceptive, just as it's deceptive to say that it was only Mossad who did 911. It was jews. Those jews resided here or elsewhere, but they intentionally acted as a part of their typical jew networks.

There is more info than I can relate here at this time, but Christopher Bollyn in his book, "Solving 9-11 - The Deception That Changed The World", has much more about Milchan, beginning on page 177. Everyone needs to read that book. It is an essential, and I don't have a link to give to it. It may be available still at Bollyn's site. This following should be considered to be a very short introductory version, and there is much more about Milchan which is not even discussed.
Likewise, the story of the Odigo text message warning of the attacks - before they
occurred - was dropped into the media's memory hole. The instant text messages,
which were precise to the minute, had been sent via the Israeli-owned Odigo instant
messaging service and had even been received by Odigo employees in Israel, but the
story of Israelis having prior knowledge of the attacks was never discussed in the U.S. mass media.
How did the news editors at the BBC, FOX News, CNN, and the leading networks decide
to censor their own reporters and avoid discussing certain aspects of 9-11?
What occult power, what hidden hand, would be able to communicate
with these men and influence them to suppress important reports and evidence from
the terror attacks of 9-11?

The "hidden hand" suppressing the information about 9-11 would have
to be a high-level person in the Israeli political-military intelligence establishment who also has very close relations with media kingpins like Murdoch, Levin, and Eisner. Arnon Milchan (a.k.a. Milchen) is such a person.
While millions of Americans have watched his films, such as Pretty Woman and JFK,
very few know that Arnon Milchan is a "best friend" of Shimon Peres (born Szymon
Perski in Wiszniewo, Poland) the current Israeli president and godfather of Israel's nuclear arsenal.
Milchan, who began his career with the fertilizer/chemical company
Milchan Brothers, reportedly owns 30 companies in 17 countries involved in plastics, electronics, communications, and pharmaceuticals.
Milchan's 40-year friendship with Peres, the man who oversaw the illegal development of Israel's nuclear weapon program is key to understanding Milchan's career as an undercover operative, weapons procurer, and film producer. The fact that Milchan, the Hollywood producer, has been Israel's "foremost weapons procurer" for decades, brokering deals for "everything from nuclear triggers to rocket fuel to guidance systems," is seldom mentioned in the U.S. news media.

Frank Galton said...

The Birth of a Nation (2016)

Nat Turner, a literate slave and preacher in the antebellum South, orchestrates an uprising.

Set against the antebellum South, THE BIRTH OF A NATION follows Nat Turner (Nate Parker), a literate slave and preacher, whose financially strained owner, Samuel Turner (Armie Hammer), accepts an offer to use Nat's preaching to subdue unruly slaves. As he witnesses countless atrocities - against himself and his fellow slaves - Nat orchestrates an uprising in the hopes of leading his people to freedom.

Production companies:

Bron Studios
Jewish producer and financier Aaron L. Gilbert is President & CEO of Bron Media Corp
Being Jewish certainly influences his [Gilbert's] decisions...

Mandalay Entertainment Group
Jewish film producer Peter Guber currently serves as Chairman and CEO of Mandalay Entertainment Group.
Jews in the News: Peter Guber...has been a leading entertainment industry executive and film/TV producer since the mid-‘70s.

The Independent, 16 August 2016

[Zionist Rupert Murdoch's] Fox Searchlight [distributor] acquired the film - focused on the 1831 slave revolt led by Nat Turner - for a record-breaking $17.5 million following its debut at Sundance Film Festival in January and were hoping to release it in the height of awards season.


'Birth of a Nation': The Slave-Revolt Movie That Will Have Sundance Talking

The first investors to come on board were retired NBA player Michael Finley, who helped finance Lee Daniels' The Butler, and San Antonio Spurs star Tony Parker. From there, thanks to the hustle of Berman and fellow producer Kevin Turen of Phantom Four, the investors grew to 11 groups. With 60 percent of the financing within reach, [Jewish producer and financier] Aaron L. Gilbert of Bron Studios came on as a producer to lock in the remaining funds for the $10 million film.

"What I thought was going to be a 10-minute meeting with Nate out of courtesy for an agent turned into four hours that were, candidly, filled with all sorts of emotion," says [Jewish producer and financier] Gilbert. "THERE WAS NO WAY I COULDN'T MAKE THIS MOVIE."

Video review: The Birth of a Nation (2016)

"Outrageous Lies. This is a late night rant on the egregious/preposterous/atrocious anti-White propaganda that the Jews constantly pump out of their media..."

Frank Galton

Flanders said...

I was able to locate another site which had Bollyn's sections [Part 1 thru 3] regarding Milchan:

"Israeli Control of the Mass Media & the 9-11 Cover-Up
Arnon Milchan - Mossad's Man in the Middle"
By Christopher Bollyn, September 1, 2007

Flanders said...

"Peres, through the office of the president, issued a denial of the assertions about nuclear sharing when Polakow-Suransky's book was published in 2010.

“There exists no basis in reality for the claims [that] Israel negotiated with South Africa the exchange of nuclear weapons,” said the statement.

Milchan, in a documentary that aired on Israeli TV two weeks ago, defended both his procurement of weapons components and his work for South Africa, which he said he did after being recruited by Peres.

"I did it for my country and I'm proud of it," he said.

But Milchan has said he was appalled by what he saw in apartheid-era South Africa, and notes he is the producer of "12 Years a Slave."

Uncle Nasty said...

Frank Galton said

"What I thought was going to be a 10-minute meeting with Nate out of courtesy for an agent turned into four hours that were, candidly, filled with all sorts of emotion," says [Jewish producer and financier] Gilbert. "THERE WAS NO WAY I COULDN'T MAKE THIS MOVIE."

Of course there was no way ... gotta shift the blame somehow.

Jewish Slave Ship Owners

Abigail Crown Nassau Four Sisters Anne & Eliza Prudent Betty Hester Elizabeth Antigua Betsy Polly White Horse Expedition Charlotte Caracoa

Aaron Lopez, Moses Levy, Jacob Franks; Issac Levy and Nathan Simpson; Moses Levy, Justus Bosch and John Abrams; Henry Cruger and Jacob Phoenix; Mordecai and David Gomez; Nathan Marston and Abram Lyell ; Wm. De Woolf; James De Woolf; Jan de Sweevts; John and Jacob Roosevelt;** Moses and Sam Levy and Jacob Franks

Source: Elizabeth Donnan, 4 Volumes, 'Documents Illustrative of the History of the Slave Trade to America' Washington, D.C. 1930, 1935 Carnegie Institute of Technology, Pittsburgh, Pa.

**Yup ... That Roosevelt.


Anonymous said...

I am currently watching a Russian television series on YouTube about an airforce base in WW2 called 'The Attackers' on the Star Media channel. The propaganda is none too subtle. The 1st series had a basic message, nearly all Russians are good and nearly all Germans are bad. I am onto the 2nd series (Attackers - The Last Fight)now, and in Episode 3 we are introduced to a Jewish female who trained up as an air pilot in order to revenge her family who were all burnt alive in a synagogue by the Germans. She had all the other characters in tears as she told her story. In the last episode I have watched #8, she is shot down and captured by the Germans and brutally beaten up by the Gestapo. When the German pilot who shot her down tries to intervene, he is asked why is he trying to save the life of one Jew when thousands are being gassed everyday.

I don't know how popular the series was in Russia but it has very high production values and is as entertaining as any UK/US series which makes me suspect the (((Russian oligarchs))) are bankrolling their local TV and Film industry in order to control the narrative and stop Russians from finding out exactly who the (((Bolsheviks))) really were and that the crimes they committed against the Russian people.

I don't hold out any hopes for the Russians taking a leading role in the fight for white survival. Putin sold his soul to the devil when he joined the KGB and got the top job because he stopped the investigation of the (((oligarchs))) seizing the wealth of the nation during the privatisation era.


Flanders said...

Milchan Family

"As always, he said, he likes to operate behind the scenes and asserted that he helped then Prime Minister Ariel Sharon persuade Peres to join the new Kadima Party. Currently, Milchan said, "I'm trying to make peace among the left, right and center."

He is more circumspect about playing any role in American politics. "If I did, I wouldn't tell you, except in private, but I know the players," he said."

Flanders said...

"Peres was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by Barack Obama in 2012...the highest civilian award of the United States....the award recognizes those individuals who have made “an especially meritorious contribution to the security or national interests of the United States.”
"Not only did the Israeli fanatics run the most damaging spy operation ever against the US, but the then president of the racist Jews-only state, Shimon Peres, and the then defense minister, Yitzhak Rabin, both gave undertakings to the US government that the Pollard operation was not official and that it was some “rogue” operation.

According to the Times of Israel report, Eitan knew about Pollard’s impending arrest three days before it occurred, and informed the prime minister and defense minister that Pollard would soon be detained.

The spy Pollard gave the Israelis so much they had to install two high-speed copiers to handle the volume. By his own admission, those documents would fill a space 6 feet by 6 feet by 10 feet. He never told authorities all that he gave, and the U.S. has never recovered all the stolen material.

On the night of on the night of Pollard’s arrest, Peres denied any knowledge of the Israeli spy operation in a phone call to then-U.S. Secretary of State George Shultz, claiming to Shultz that Pollard was a “freelancer.”

Peres then proceeded to hand over hordes of incriminating documents Pollard had secured at the direction of top Israeli government officials – including Peres himself, according to a later statement by Pollard himself. These documents reportedly formed the basis of the U.S. case against Pollard, for which he was sentenced to life imprisonment."

Flanders said...

"Over the years Hollywood has worked directly with the Israel lobby. According to FBI files released in June of 2012, studios have long been big funders of the Anti-Defamation League, an organization quick to illegally infiltrate and attempt to destroy movements devoted to helping Palestinians, fighting apartheid and improving U.S.-Middle East relations through diplomacy. According to FBI files more recently released under the same request, Warner Brothers earmarked $60,000 to an ADL emergency fund while Congress and the FBI were investigating alleged Soviet communist agents working in Hollywood. Rather than present an above-board defense of black-listed writers, producers and actors, the secret ADL funding was earmarked to smear, defame and inflate the threat posed by interned Japanese Americans in order to divert law enforcement attention away from Hollywood. How’s that for anti-defamation?

It’s no longer considered controversial to observe that Hollywood’s movie industry has long been dominated by Jewish producers, writers, directors and capital. In the Sept. 7, 2013 edition of National Public Radio’s “On the Media,” about Hollywood’s foolish collaboration with Nazi Germany, host Bob Garfield was unequivocal in his appraisal of Hollywood’s composition in the 1930s: “The heads of most of the major studios, Jewish. The creative ranks of all of the major studios, heavily Jewish. This was Jews appeasing Nazis, how?”

James said...

Sorry, that's pure defeatism.

I think it's more than that.

What about "If someone has tapeworms, its their fault."

Is that pure defeatism too?

Codreanu didn't add "and there's nothing you can do about it." If he did then it would be pure defeatism. Sans that addition it's a starting point for recognition of a problem.

Thomas Jefferson said the US constitution and their form of government was created for a "moral and religious people" and that if the US people ever ceased to be a moral and religious people, the constitution would not help them anymore. We see that process occurring now.

By your reckoning, Thomas Jefferson might have been a pure defeatist also. Correct?

Trump is doing his best. He sees the problems.

James said...

Set against the antebellum South, THE BIRTH OF A NATION follows Nat Turner (Nate Parker), a literate slave and preacher, whose financially strained owner, Samuel Turner (Armie Hammer)

Good to see some authenticity coming out of Hollywood, in that they are using Jewish actors to portray the slave owners.

Flanders said...

"Though the conventional Israeli belief is that Israel’s WMD was meant to protect Israel from imminent destruction should it suffer a catastrophic defeat, that theory is wrong either in whole or in part. In actuality, Israel never faced such a threat. It always maintained military superiority over its enemies in every war from 1948 through 1967 (and after).

Ben Gurion’s real goal in obtaining nukes was political. He wanted to ensure Israel would never have to negotiate away the gains it made on the battlefield. He wanted a weapon he could hold over the heads of any enemy, that would ensure he never had to renounce anything that was rightfully Israel’s (in his mind at least). So Israel’s Bomb has enabled it to reject virtually every peace initiative offered going all the way back to 1967. Israel’s leaders knew that the U.S. would never gamble that it wouldn’t use WMD if it had to. So American presidents already had one hand tied behind their backs in such negotiations. In a card game, when one party holds the ace of spades in his pocket and everyone else playing knows this, it’s not much of a game, is it?
The sheer chutzpah that Peres employed to get what he wanted was astonishing. He played on the heartstrings of German guilt to obtain funding for the nuclear arms project. He recruited Arnon Milchanas a covert operative to organize a conspiracy to steal highly enriched uranium from the U.S. depository where it was stored. Peres negotiated with the French a complex deal to build the Dimona plant, which to this day produces the plutonium for Israel’s WMD arsenal."
"If you’re a pro-Israel advocate you likely see such figures as heroes. If so, consider this: Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were executed in 1956 for doing far less harm to America’s nuclear program than these individuals did." - Richard Silverstein

James said...

Fascists? Nazis? Zionists? In 1871? Come on!

You forgot Communists! In 1871? Come on. OK, let's fact check just to be extra annoying like our favorite unmentionable.

The first use of the term is attributed to the Austrian Nathan Birnbaum, founder of a nationalist Jewish students' movement Kadimah; he used the term in 1890 in his journal Selbstemanzipation (Self Emancipation) Well that's safely after 1871. Phew.
Almost tailor-made for someone checking up on Albert Pike's letter. Isn't wikipedia wonderful? It's not too big a stretch to believe that the word was in use by the Illuminati 20 years prior to that but OK, its inconclusive.

Once again, wikipedia to the rescue. They seem to be prepped for people searching for "first use of the word fascist"
The term "Fascism" was first used in 1915 by members of Mussolini's movement, the Fasci of Revolutionary Action Phew, saved again. Thanks Wiki.

OK maybe wikipedia specialises in telling us the first use of every modern ism?

Nazism: This is definitely the trickiest one.
The term was in use before the rise of the NSDAP as a colloquial and derogatory word for a backwards peasant, characterizing an awkward and clumsy person. It derived from Ignaz, being a shortened version of Ignatius,[5][6] a common name in Bavaria, the area from which the Nazis emerged. Opponents seized on this and shortened the first word of the party's name, Nationalsozialistische, to the dismissive "Nazi"
So "Nazi" is an old word with obscure origins, but "Nazism" is likely new. Or is it?
However, the term is older than that according to this page. (1903 is mentioned in fact.)
[Aside: Also, possibly related is that a "Nasi" is a Hebrew king. Bjerknes exposed Hitler's royal kosher diet. ]

Let's try:
Racism - no; no exact post-Albert-Pike date provided.
Feminism - maybe; "came from French" but no exact post-Albert-Pike date provided.
Communism - no; apparently nobody can pin down exactly when it was first used according to wikipedia so not exact post-Albert-Pike date provided.
Judaism - no, hundreds of years old but harder to pin down exactly when it got its modern English spelling.

Wikipedia lies a lot, so when they say a word was "first used" in such-and-such a date I'm skeptical.
Interesting that the Albert Pike letter dates are all pinned down with such accuracy, but others are not. Like the protocols: maybe fiction but fits the facts anyway. That's what Henry Ford said.

Are we being set up for a final war with Islam? The West and Islam are certainly being rubbed together to create friction; that much cannot be denied.

James said...

I don't hold out any hopes for the Russians taking a leading role in the fight for white survival. Putin sold his soul to the devil when he joined the KGB and got the top job because he stopped the investigation of the (((oligarchs))) seizing the wealth of the nation during the privatisation era.

Putin is worth billions so doesn't that make him an oligarch also?

Maybe he's infiltrating the KGB to save the white race. Maybe his money is a "pro-white war chest". Maybe we are dreaming.

James said...

No. A country has whatever it's foolish enough to let in.

A good book to go with Ellul's Propaganda is The Crowd by Gustav Le Bon.

In it, he discussed the phenomenon of the crowd mind. It is the mind of a six year old (girl, probably).

In other words, easy prey for infiltration by a clever enemy.

Introduction: The Era of Crowds
Book I: The Mind of Crowds
Chapter I: General Characteristics of Crowds—Psychological Law of Their Mental Unity
Chapter II: The Sentiments and Morality of Crowds
Chapter III: The Ideas, Reasoning Power, and Imagination of Crowds
Chapter IV: A Religious Shape Assumed By All the Convictions of Crowds
Book II: The Opinions and Beliefs of Crowds
Chapter I: Remote Factors of the Opinions and Beliefs of Crowds
Chapter II: The Immediate Factors of the Opinions of Crowds
Chapter III: The Leaders of Crowds and Their Means of Persuasion
Chapter IV: Limitations of the Variability of the Beliefs and Opinions of Crowds
Book III: The Classification and Description of the Different Kinds of Crowds
Chapter I: The Classification of Crowds
Chapter II: Crowds Termed Criminal Crowds
Chapter III: Criminal Juries
Chapter IV: Electoral Crowds
Chapter V: Parliamentary Assemblies

A previous commenter was surprised at how modern the thinking in Propaganda was.

You will be AMAZED if you read The Crowd. It was published in 1895!

There's something about these French books. They are good, much better than most English books.

Its a short book, but very insightful. It explains the inertia of public opinion. One hope is that if it reaches a critical mass, an idea cannot be stopped. Unfortunately, diversity is that idea right now.

He wrote many fine books.

Another I read was The Psychology of Peoples which explains white achievement, and imparts understanding of the science behind debasing a people by decapitating it - killing its geniuses.
This explains why the White race is so awesome. Even though our average IQ is roughly the same as the Chinese: we have geniuses, they don't. (This is where Jews step forward and take a bow. They think they are the driving force of the west, all that's good and progressive in barbaric Europe.)

Flanders said...

This article, "Israel Murdered John Kennedy", is a very good one despite not naming LBJ and Ruby as also being jews.

"Although it could all be “coincidence”, Yitzhak Rabin was in Dallas the day of the murder. We do not consider it a coincidence at all, but rather an assassination job Rabin was assigned.

To tie together the case that nuclear weapons policy lead to the president’s murder, Dr Mordechai Vanunu told the Jersusalem Post, after his release from prison for revealing the existence of Israel’s nuclear program, that Israel was behind the murder of President Kennedy.

Thus, Jewish traitors in America, collaborating with the Bronfmans, Mossad, Jewish Mafia boss Meyer Lansky, and David Ben-Gurion, were materially involved in the assassination of an American president. Regarding the priority of interests in murdering Kennedy, we suspect that Israel initiated the request, although Angleton and Dulles jumped on the band wagon with glee."

Uncle Nasty said...

James said:

A previous commenter was surprised at how modern the thinking in Propaganda was.
You will be AMAZED if you read The Crowd. It was published in 1895!

There's something about these French books. They are good, much better than most English books.

On the face of it, not really amazing at all. In the mid nineteenth century the jew -- as enemy -- was openly acknowledged. He knew it -- we knew it.**

It has taken nearly two centuries of solid on-all-fronts propaganda to change that mindset to the current fuzzy, pink-cloud, unicorn-fart waffle.

The good news is that the fabric -- never that cohesive to begin with -- is unravelling faster than a Shanghai sweater.


**Get hold, if you can, of a copy of the last Encyclopaedia Britannica that was not hijacked by the Tribe. I forget which edition, but it's early 20th Century ... 1911 seems to ring a bell.

All those post that edition are suspect.

Flanders said...

"James Packer now divides his time between Israel, the United States, Asia and Australia where his Bondi Beach pad was withdrawn from recent marketing.

Sotheby's International have listings in the suburb of up to US$12.5 million (A$16.45 million). One of the offerings was the onetime home of the painter Reuven Rubin and his wife Esther designed by the architect Arie Elhanani together with Rubin in 1967.

James Packer is believed to have been introduced to the Netanyahu family through Milchan, who the casino tycoon has described to confidants as his “best friend”.

Arnon Milchan produced Pretty Woman, Natural Born Killers and L.A. Confidential.

Caesarea has the country's only full-size golf course, which originated after James de Rothschild was reminded by the dunes surrounding Caesarea of Scotland's sandy links golf courses.

On his death, the James de Rothschild Foundation established the course in the late 1950s with American professional golfer Herman Barron, the first Jewish golfer to win a PGA Tour event, helping develop the course.

Wikipedia noted: "Modern Caesarea had a population of 4,500 people, the only Israeli locality managed by a private organization, the Caesarea Development Corporation.

"The town was built by Herod the Great about 25–13 BCE as the port city Caesarea Maritima. It served as an administrative center of Judaea Province of the Roman Empire, and later the capital of the Byzantine Palaestina Prima province during the classic period.

"Following the Muslim conquest in the 7th century, the city had an Arab majority until Crusader renovation, but was again abandoned after the Mamluk conquest."

Flanders said...

From: BENJAMIN NETANYAHU RESUME - [Videos and more at the link below].

"Netanyahu joined Israel Defense Forces (IDF) during the Six-Day War in 1967 in special forces unit + Operation Inferno (1968) + Operation Gift (1968) + Operation Isotope (1972) + Yom Kippur War in 1973 = Rank of captain before discharge.

M.Sc. in Management Studies from M.I.T.

At that time he changed his name to Benjamin Ben Nitai — Netanyahu decided to do so to make it easier for Americans to pronounce his name.

Employed by Boston Consulting Group — he worked with Mitt Romney who said Netanyahu had a “strong personality with a distinct point of view.”

1978, Netanyahu returned to Israel and ran the Jonathan Netanyahu Anti-Terror Institute, a NGO devoted to terrorism studies

Netanyahu then worked for Rim Industries as director of marketing in Jerusalem during this period he connected with several Israeli politicians, including Minister Moshe Arens.

1979 Organized an international conference against terrorism = George Bush + George Shultz participated + another in 1984.

Netanyahu credited by Shultz for his central role in policies on terrorism.

1980s Netanyahu Served as ISRAELI SPY with POLLARD to ROB AMERICAN NUCLEAR SECRETS AND MATERIALS sent to Israel to make Nuclear Weapons = NOW Israel has at least 80 Illegal NUKES and as many as 400 or more.

1982 Deputy Chief of Mission in the Israeli Embassy in Washington = Strategic cooperation between Israel and USA.

1984 Israel’s Ambassador to UN for four years. He was influenced by Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson, whom called “the most influential man of our time."

[Don't forget the videos and other materials!]

Flanders said...

Good information re the Clintons in this article and others at Concise Politics.

Flanders said...

Don't take this site linked below as being "overly" revealing since it's obviously intended to not reveal more than is wanted. It's more likely intended to place a good spin on what is officially known, and if you don't beleive it read the end of this post.

[Veteran spymaster Rafi Eitan, who managed Pollard]
“He could have served no more than 10 years.” Eitan claims that an understanding between the US and Israeli governments was reached for a lighter sentence. But Israeli officials and Pollard, with their behavior, blew it.

Pollard’s interviews with Wolf Blitzer and with CBS’s Mike Wallace angered U.S. authorities — as the captured spy did not seem at all sorry for what he had done.

The Americans were also annoyed by the actions of the head of Shin Bet (Israel’s domestic security agency), Avraham Shalom, who was assigned together with lawyer Ram Caspi to negotiate with US officials the return of the documents Pollard had stolen. Shalom promised full cooperation and transparency but lied and was caught red-handed with his lies.

There were two other reasons for the heavy sentence of life imprisonment. Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger wrote a letter to the presiding judge in the case, describing Pollard as one of the most damaging spies ever operated in America. In addition, the Israeli public campaign to release Pollard, accompanied by the visits of members of Knesset and cabinet ministers, contributed to the U.S. decision to retreat from behind-the-scenes understandings."

Flanders said...

The same site above does have some good info, such as "Arnon Milchan, with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie", along with many other details about Milchan:

"Milchan was instructed to befriend a corrupt scientist at Urenco, a joint British-Dutch-German consortium that produced the centrifuges. With his charm and a lavish offer of $250,000, Milchan was successful.

As agreed, the scientist brought the blueprints to his home for a weekend and left his back door unlocked. Israelis from the Caesarea operations department subtly surrounded the house, and Mossad photographers copied the thousands of documents in a matter of hours. The scientist and his wife returned home, and on Monday he returned the documents to his office without arousing any suspicions.

Based on the drawings, Israel was able to design and build gas centrifuges. They were installed in Dimona and soon started enriching gaseous uranium hexafluoride, to produce fissile material for bombs.

Only two years later, Abdul Qader Khan would steal the very same blueprints. He was a Pakistani nuclear scientist, carrying out research at the Urenco consortium. A.Q. Khan returned home, built centrifuges, plotted the procurement of uranium, and was hailed there as “the father of the Pakistani nuclear bomb.” He is even more notorious as the driving force behind notions of “an Islamic bomb,” and Khan rightly became known as the world’s biggest nuclear proliferator. He sold his knowledge to Iran, Libya, and perhaps other countries in the late 1990s."

Flanders said...

Why are treasonous son of a bitchs who commit treason allowed to live.? Especially, why do they continue to make money producing movies in America?

"After the 1973 Yom Kippur war, Mr. Milchan began acquiring both big-ticket conventional weapons and krytrons, devices that can trigger nuclear bombs. In the middle of it all, he was introduced to the film business by Elliott Kastner, now deceased, the American producer with whom he collaborated on a 1977 picture, “The Stick-Up.”

Mr. Milchan thought the movie bad enough to remove his credit but he immediately backed another film, “Black Joy,” that appeared at the Cannes Film Festival. By the early 1980s, Mr. Milchan was a force in Hollywood, with a growing string of credits on films like “The King of Comedy” and “Once Upon a Time in America,” both with Mr. De Niro — and the movies soon became not just convenient cover, but a full-blown second career.

In the late 1990s, the News Corporation, which owns Fox, paid $200 million for a 20 percent stake in Mr. Milchan’s Regency Enterprises. A News Corporation spokeswoman, Teri Everett, had no immediate response to a query about the company’s reason for backing Mr. Milchan, and about any reaction by its chief executive, Rupert Murdoch, to revelations in the new book. (Mr. Milchan’s latest film for Fox, the comedy “Monte Carlo,” opened to soft reviews and modest prospects a few weeks ago.)".

Anonymous said...

@ James ---

"By your reckoning, Thomas Jefferson might have been a pure defeatist also. Correct?>

In that particular case, yeah.

The oldest card the Old Left had in its deck was "You can't do nothing about (insert problem) because your hands aren't spotless." Saying we must be perfect before we can be effective is another way of rendering us ineffective.

(Just to note quickly: There was a group of old Stalinists calling themselves "Jeffersonian Marxists" in the 60s for a short time because they cherry-picked his quotes for the stuff he said about priests and some organized religions. They decided he was more dependable than Trotsky on the God issue. Never got off the ground, but it's important to note TJ is a minefield of contradictions. Americans of his day were not especially moral by history's admittedly elastic yardstick.)

We can work on being "moral and upright" AND drain swamps at the same time. A function of morality is praxis, action. And saving the lives malaria would kill is
surely morality in action. Keeping one-race-per-nation might be another. If we must all be saints to do it, it will not happen. Nothing else will either.

Not disagreeing with you, BTW. You're right about Trump and this is an old thread anyway. I only point out that moralism has been used against us by our racial enemies to freeze us into inaction, and they are certainly trying it again. "Black Lies Matter" is yet another tug on the inexaustable white guilt gland, and even the words of decent men can be twisted, have been.

Time to harden and allow no exceptions: Even imperfect whites need a place on this Earth, and anything that shakens our resolve or even salts us with doubt is defeatism, pure and not so pure. Mulling over "sin" is just moping. A luxury we can no longer afford.


AnalogMan said...

James said

Thomas Jefferson said the US constitution and their form of government was created for a "moral and religious people" ...

By your reckoning, Thomas Jefferson might have been a pure defeatist also.

Not that it affects your point, but that was actually John Adams.

Californian said...

Two points here:

(1) There is a lot to learn from the German Free Corps. This was the postwar volunteer army which in 1919 handily defeated the Bolsheviks in Germany and also in the Baltic States. The downside was that the Free Corps got diverted into fighting against other Europeans in Poland the Baltic.

(2) Yes, the Russian Bolsheviks did address popular demands. And they were very good at agitprop. This is something that the Alt-Right needs to understand and practice for the coming struggle.

Joe Btfsplk said...

mexicans "nationalize" Hollywood Boulevard. There was a time when this street was chic and sophisticated- the thirties and forties.

The altered suspensions on these vehicles show what happens when Injun genes are mixed with human. mexicans themselves call it- La Vida Loca- the crazy life.

btw I would think that these mods would be dangerous as hell. But it would be racist to outlaw them.

Anonymous said...

Not that it affects your point, but that was actually John Adams.

True. Anyway those guys were all the same.

UNcle Nasty said...

William Warren said...

I know it must sound naive, but are the Jews really this despicable? If so, that is beyond frightening for their control of things today seems almost absolute. Where does such a control lead?

But Savant alludes to the larger problem: Too many white people are all too willing to be manipulated and to allow their cultures to be destroyed.

To me this is the larger problem, much more worrisome than Jewish hatred for the goyim.

Jewish hatred for the goyim would go nowhere if not for the stupidity of the goyim.
7 October 2016 at 00:05

To answer question one ... yes, they are.

Secondly ... please.

You conflate stupidity with ignorance. Enough of the "Stupid Goyim" bullshit. When all one's experience of the outside world is what one is told monthly, weekly, daily ... through every possible medium -- that is not stupidity.

As Mark Twain famously said: "Those who do not read the newspapers are uninformed. Those who do are misinformed ..."

-- and that's about the size of it.


Joe Btfsplk said...

[News] WTF - Houston 9-1-1 operator fired after hanging up on thousands of calls

}}}Maybe she hung up on obviously White callers{{{