Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Chilcot and Blair

I've always been fascinated by the real interactions between Blair and Bush leading up to the Iraq War. By that I mean did the interactions go along the lines of 'ok, the neocons, oil industry, military-industrial-complex and Israelis told us to get rid of Saddam and destroy Iraq. Now how can we conjure up a justification'? Or were they closer to those dished out for public consumption? As in 'will this benefit world peace and the Iraqi people?'

Confounding my cynicism the hitherto classified documents published by Chilcot suggest that they, Blair anyway, believed they were doing the right thing, that Saddam was a real threat and that 'the world would be a better place with him  gone'. Which raises the question as to whether those documents were actually formulated with an occasion such as this in mind. A preemptive cover your ass initiative. Certainly many of them are couched in stilted and formal terms, not in the way two so-called close friends would interact. 

I don't know..... I'm as wise as ever.

One interesting side-note relates to the globalist NWO project.  "Our ambition is big: to construct a global agenda around which we can unite the world; rather than dividing it into rival centres of power. Your insight, which no-one has articulated better or more clearly is that post 9/11 our security is best guaranteed not just through traditional military and intelligence means, but by our values. More freedom in the world means more security. Countries that are free and democratic are countries unlikely to threaten us."

Highly self-serving undoubtedly. But also enlightening.


James Lord said...

I have just watched his vomit inducing badly acted speech. If he is that sincere, let him cash in his and her ill gotten gains and share out the proceeds to the families who have lost loved ones.

Anonymous said...

Oh well I might as well try to post on this subject
Even though I tried to post on the last one about 5 times but they seemed to have gone on to a higher pay level in mi5 or islamaphobia . Com.anyway they are missing. but I thought my comments on 50.000 Muslims marching in Sydney yesterday after the end of they took over a whole district and the first thing this 50.000 strong mob did was moan about the far right or islamaphobia

As for tony Blair I think the left have it right ha ha. They give you 2 grand if you citizens arrest Blair for being a war criminal
Myself I would do it and say he struggled so I had to man handle him with a choke hold

Eff the Villa

dan said...

blair is a bloodthirty cunt

Rapparee O'Hogan said...

Bush, BLiar and that disgusting driveling quisling Australian ex-PM Howard who joined the 'Coalition Of The Willing' after the (((Bali bombings))) Do you think they will get their up-commence or up-Comey moment? No doubt a forgone conclusion, the 2nd option.

Cassius said...

The truth this inquiry cannot utter is that all of this was not simply the fallout from atavistic leaders, concocted over drinks at a ranch, or in the back-rooms of some Situation Room - though that may have been the proximate setting.

This was a war produced by the capitalist conditions that govern us all and that have spread across our insignificant planet causing absolutely significant hardship, alienation, and pain to millions - billions. Tawdry men perhaps but the system that elevated them to positions that can be written of in multimillion pound, multimillion word inquiries and that have barely changed since 2003 - witness Honduras, Libya, Syria, Ukraine, the list goes on - is not tawdry. It is all too real, potent and it present an equal if not greater danger to the bleak days over a decade ago.

So shun Blair as a pariah - or mock him as vainglorious. But there will be plenty more just like him without significant change to the world in which we live - and no amount of reflection on our size relevant to the universe will console the people suffer at their hands.

b boru said...

50,000 mudslimes in Sydney. Sweet Mother of God!!

00:39 said...

Any readers from Athlone here? I just spent a couple of days in the midlands and was absolutley flabbergasted by the ammount of Asians there, they are either Pakistanis or Bangladeshis for the most part. I got on a bus one morning and was the only white on it, apart from the driver. Dozens got on, all off to work somewhere on some industrial estate on the outskirts of the town. So, multi-national companies set up shop here to avail of the low tax rates, then import compliant workers from wherever while the ordinary Athlone man or woman has to stand by and watch their town altered beyond recognition, their infrastructure degraded and their resources and social capital drained all in the name of international capitalism. It's madness.

Setanta said...

Blair: "I express more sorrow and regret and apology than you will ever know"

Adding in effect: "But I'd do it again"

Am I missing something here?

Rob said...

An oily, simpering psychopath. He should be extradited to Iraq and left to the tender mercies of ISIS.

Anonymous said...

A bit O/T.

"Our ambition is big: to construct a global agenda around which we can unite the world; rather than dividing it into rival centres of power."

It seems the globalists are doing a splendid job in New Zealand that currently boasts of having 13,000 Africans ... for now. That is a substantial Black African foothold for tiny New Zealand. After the populated villages from back home have eagerly joined the first wave of those insufferable Negroes, New Zealand's liberal society will begin to have first-hand experience of what those southern "red-neck" segregationists were talking about. It seems that UN and similar company cannot escape the hordes they left behind.

"African-New Zealanders"?? Give'em hell, I say. Maybe the darkies will scurry back to Africa. I know, I know ... just wishful thinking.

But, it's the next generation of Euro-White New Zealanders who will bear the brunt of today's folly.

Rapparee O'Hogan said...

oops, should read comeuppance & Comeyuppance not up-commence @ 6 July 2016 at 22:33

Chicago Polack said...

As a neutral observer, I ask: Why would the Maori and Abos fighting to maintain what is worthwhile of their cultures want to be Africanized or Arabized?

Anonymous said...

50.000 Muslims march through Sydney moaning about islamaphobia

Eff the villa

James said...

Bliar's biggest crime was creating refugees to genocide us with.

Celtic Morning said...

Blair is a bastard. Plain and simple. Sadam Hussain was strung up and he was a far better man than the bastard Blair. Middle East Peace Envoy!! If that wasnt taking the piss then I dont know what is!! Truly Orwelian!! Sadam went to his death with these words on his lips. "The monkeys laugh in the trees but the Lion marches on." Imagine Blair with a noose around his scrawny neck. He would shit himself and plead for mercy as tears of terror rolled down his cheeks. I would pay to see that sight whatever the cost.Please God, let him fall into the hands of Islamist extremists who would film his death and place it on the internet for all to see and mock.The scumbag stands as a monument to all that is wrong in the western world's political classes. Number among others who make a mockery of the people they profess to serve, Kinnock, Mandelson, Frost and ...... too many to mention here. But Blair is the arch criminal, the arch traitor, the anti Christ. May he one day answer for his many crimes against humanity. The bastard.

Celtic Morning said...

New Zealand overwhelmed by Africans? truly, one day soon they will literally be "the All Blacks" God help them when that happens.

Anonymous said...

Effing hell

Anonymous said...

I won't be posting for awhile. I've just shelled out the £750.00 for my copy of the report. I'm settling down for a good read.
Seriously, who is going to read this among the prols? There is probably other important things within. It will be a note on a note on a note.
Blair in his cringe-worthy excuse said that he was elected to make tough decisions. Tough decisions for the people of this country. How was this a decision that benefitted this country?


Anonymous said...

5 Spanish nationals from the Gambia killed in accident in brum

Anonymous said...

@Athlone The Pakification Of Ireland is happening fast. Limerick and Cork seem to be overrun with them.

Anonymous said...

A few of you (00.39) have raised the issue of the Pakification of Ireland, especially Athlone. Speaking for Athlone I can tell you that most of them came in under the scheme brought in by that cunt Alan Shatter (when he was Minister for Defense and Justice!!). His scheme in effect meant that anybody with a few grand and claiming they were starting a 'business' was granted admission and residence in Ireland. Of course after that things took their usual course. They 'form a family life', spawn a few jihadis and lo and behold they can't be deported.

That is your explanation.

Iron Felix said...

Nature herself ordains it thus; those who will not stand up for themselves and their descendant's birth-right and future will be swept aside and dispossessed. This is Justice itself, bleat and lament as one may.

James said...

As a neutral observer, I ask: Why would the Maori and Abos fighting to maintain what is worthwhile of their cultures want to be Africanized or Arabized?

Most Maori think like whites. They can be racist and they can be liberals.
Of course where money is concerned they are a minority.
When they are going for a job they are as white as they can be.
Usual story.

There is less of a racial divide in NZ between whites and Maoris than between whites and abbos in Oz. Polynesians are a slightly different story although they are often indistinguishable from Maori especially when they get caught committing a crime.

Anonymous said...

Lemmyhead, that is outstanding devotion. Yes let us know.

Rob said...

00.39, I live in Atblone. The colonisation by Asians is staggering - and ninety per cent of it has happened since the end of the boom. Anon 16.22, I don't think they availed themselves of Shatter's visas-for-investment racket, because very few people succeeded in getting these visas (probably thanks to decent civil servants who made the system difficult to exploit).

Anonymous said...

My guess is Straw was point man and he flattered Blair's ego into going along with it

On March 8 2002 Straw demanded to know why a Downing Street paper on WMD did not amplify the threat from Iraq:

“Good, but should not Iraq be FIRST and also have more text? The paper has to show why there is an EXCEPTIONAL threat from Iraq. It does not quite do this yet”.

Anonymous said...

"Any readers from Athlone here? ... It's madness."

It's stealth genocide.

Frank Galton said...

The Independent, 31 July 2010

[Zionist-Jew Bernard Lewis] is the man who coined the term "clash of civilisations", and stands accused of providing intellectual cover for the Bush administration's disastrous invasion of Iraq.

Forward, 20 September 2012

Neocons Gather To Fete IRAQ WAR GODFATHER [Zionist-Jew] Bernard Lewis

[Zionist-Jew] Paul Wolfowitz, the Bush administration Pentagon official who pushed hard for an invasion of Iraq in 2003, chatted during cocktail hour with Judith Miller, the [half-Jewish] former New York Times reporter whose discredited reports on weapons of mass destruction in Iraq whipped up support for that invasion.

Daily Telegraph, 15 February 2004

The key factor to [Zionist-Jew] Lewis's rise is that it has always been the power-brokers who have come to him, to learn at his knee, or - in the words of one of them - "to visit Delphi", never he who has ingratiated himself with them. For all his British background, it is in America that the [Zionist] professor has most influence. [Zionist-Jew] Richard Perle, the former Defence Policy Board chairman, [Zionist-Jew] Paul Wolfowitz, the Deputy Defence Secretary, [Zionist-Jew] Elliott Abrams, the National Security Council Middle East chief, all have known and admired and sought to learn about the Middle East from [Zionist-Jew] Lewis since the 1970s...

President Bush was seen carrying articles by [Zionist-Jew] Lewis to a meeting in the Oval Office soon after September 11...

Only eight days after the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, [Zionist-Jew] Lewis was briefing [Zionist-Jew] Richard Perle's Defence Policy Board...

[Zionist-Jew] Richard Perle is clear about his long-standing friend's influence, saying "[Zionist-Jew] Bernard Lewis has been the most important intellectual influence countering the conventional wisdom on managing the conflict between radical Islam and the West". [Jewish former United States Secretary of State] Henry Kissinger is keen to question [Zionist-Jew] Lewis on future policy. "Should we negotiate with Iran's ayatollahs?" asked the ultimate negotiator at a speech [Zionist-Jew] Lewis gave at the Harvard Club last spring. "Certainly not!" came the response.

Frank Galton

James said...

Non-violent extremism on the increase.

MUST READ: How the FBI and DOJ criminalize honest citizens while allowing the criminals in Washington to get away with treason

Read the book Three Felonies a Day to learn the startling truth that the average American unknowingly commits three felony crimes each day (thanks to all the insane laws on the books).

The point is that no ordinary person can survive scrutiny without being arrested, prosecuted and jailed.


Since everybody is guilty of three felonies a day, the job of the politically-motivated FBI or DOJ simply becomes one of choosing whom to target.

Jim Stone's comment: I have had concern for the censorship Mike talks about and have analyzed Mikes site several times over the years, plus my site and others. Mike reaches, via his own web site and re-posts done by others, approximately 11 million people per month total. My web site reaches, via it's own traffic and re-posts done by others, approximately 3 million people monthly. There is an overlap between the two of one million people. That leaves 13 million people between these two web sites that have to be awake. And there are a lot more out there. It is not as bad as Mike thinks. I'd say that in reality America has hit the 10 percent threshold across the board, with people pissed off for various reasons enough to take action. That is why the elite are panicking now, If you want to see the real state of awareness, just look at how popular Trump is, I'd say over 50 percent of the population is far more aware than they want, and 10 percent is probably "dangerously" aware. "They" are sitting on the edge of a cliff, and they know it.

Though it is true that Trump appeals to mostly those who have only a small portion of the truth, you don't need the entire truth to go out and kick butt when the monster is as huge as it is. The monster is guilty of so many crimes against the people that only a small fraction need to be known by anyone for them to take action. People who hit a site like this and Natural News happen to be among the almost completely aware, - those who are so far awake that practically everything is known. That level of awake simply is not needed to spark a rebellion. I believe we are already most of the way there.

James said...

E. Michael Jones talks about Trump and other things of a non-violent and extreme nature.

"An uprising against a smug elite."

Frank Galton said...

IRAQ WAR GODFATHER, Zionist-Jew BERNARD LEWIS, is a convicted holocaust denier.

The Holocaust Industry: Reflections on the Exploitation of Jewish Suffering, by Norman G. Finkelstein

Page 69

The one truly mainstream holocaust denier is [Zionist- Jew] BERNARD LEWIS. A French court even convicted Lewis of denying genocide. But Lewis denied the Turkish genocide of Armenians during World War I, not the Nazi genocide of Jews, and Lewis is pro-Israel. Accordingly, this instance of holocaust denial raises no hackles in the United States.

The White House, November 2006

President George W. Bush and Mrs. Laura Bush stand with the 2006 National Humanities Medal recipients in the Oval Office Thursday, Nov., 9, 2006. Pictured from left, they are:...[convicted holocaust denier] BERNARD LEWIS...

HAARETZ, 31 May 2013

[Zionist-Jew Bernard Lewis'] revisionism on the Armenian question led to his being charged and tried in France for denial of genocide, a crime there, and in the mid-1990s, he was ordered by a French court to pay one franc in damages after losing a case.

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

The zionists have duped Christians into adopting their cause of clearing out the indigenous populations of Greater Israel and transplanting them into White nations.

THAT is exactly what Merkel and Obama are doing. Obama is creating the refugees, and Merkel is bringing them to Europe. That is the "Practical Idealism" of the Kalergi Plan.

a swedish friend of this blog said...

Lemmyhead, there's hope for our cause when we have people as dedicated as you.

Meanwhile the French negroes beat the German negroes and will now play the Portugese negroes in the final of the "European" Championships.

SAVANT said...

I'd say over 50 percent of the population is far more aware than they want, and 10 percent is probably "dangerously" aware.

Many a time I've received that 'a goy who knows' look from one of my (((ex-colleagues))). Strangely enough it was by no means accompanied by hostility.


Thor said...

This wondrous scene, symbolic of the White world, will soon be a thing f the past.

Anonymous said...

a swedish friend of this blog. I should have written the report. It would have saved a lot of time, money and paper. My report would have been as follows.

The Lemmyhead report.
Blair lied and was a traitor. Send to trial as a war criminal. Hang him. Campbell helped. Lied and is a traitor. Hang him. All the others went along with it. They should be hung as traitors. Mandelson is a queer traitor. Give him to the mussies and throw him off the top of Canary Wharf. Extradite Bush the elder and younger to stand trial as war criminals. Then hang them.
Newspaper editors didn't investigate properly and promoted the death of hundreds of Britains, Hang them. Heads of television channels and newsrooms did the same. Hang them they are all traitors.
Report ends.

Job done.

Slobodan Milosevic we shall avenge you.

wsigma said...

I have mixed feelings about it. It's right on the one hand that Blair who led one of the most extremist governments in British history is censured over his conduct in the lead up to the war.

But I expect that the war-mongering (((lobby))) with its intimate connections to the Blair government will go untouched.

The moral of the story for world leaders is: don't start wars when the only country that benefits is Israel. The Jewish lobby won't be blamed, but you will.

Anonymous said...

Patrick Cockburn:

Anonymous said...

(((NATO))) Moving troops to countries on the Russian border. Nothing to worry about there then.


Anonymous said...

Something's very wrong with this sex attackers walk free from court

Eff the villa

Anonymous said...

off topic ,bad shoot out in Dallas.niggers shoot kill 5 cops and untold wounded during ""black lies matter"" got some of the white niggers to.stay tunedJohn old rtd chicago copper..

Cassius said...

John Chicago. Really sorry for the cops and their families but maybe this will at last awaken whites as to how they we - are being fucked over. Something needs to happen as we are being destroyed on a creeping basis.

Rob said...

What would Charles Martel say if he could see his countrymen ecstatically cheering on a "French" team of Africans as if their lives depended on it?

James said...

Anonymous Rob said...
What would Charles Martel say if he could see his countrymen ecstatically cheering on a "French" team of Africans as if their lives depended on it?

He wouldn't say anything. He'd just sit there rubbing his eyes trying to figure out exactly what he's looking at.
Then he'd imagine himself dead and start praying to Jesus asking him why he's in hell.

His brain wouldn't be equipped to even properly see things that we think are commonplace.

A huge stadium of white people looking at other white people chasing a god damned ball around a field would confuse him almost as much, possibly more. The only thing he might be able to relate it to would be the games in the Colosseum in Rome.

The Jews are doing an experiment as we speak. They are seeing if a brown commie country like Brazil can successfully stage the Olympics. If they can, then the future is very bright for the world improvers and all the doom and gloom of the stupid white race is just the death agonies of a spent and useless species which will soon be un-needed, un-heeded, and gone. The Jews will have plenty of sufficiently capable slaves in the NWO so everyone can relax. It's all going to be OK. Liberals always pull through, and always get what they want.

There is a lot of propaganda about how the Rio Olympics is a disaster, but I think it will go just fine. The propaganda is meant to set racists up to get egg on their faces when Brazil pulls it off. I read some of it.* There was a photo of a half-finished temporary stand for beach volleyball. With 2 months to go, a temporary stand only half finished is not a "disaster" by any stretch of the imagination. Its more like nearly finished with months to spare.

Even South Africa still functions even though "all the Racists said it would go Mad Max because blacks can't run a country". Not yet. It's just not happening.

On a related note, the US seems to be headed towards police apartheid. White cops just won't want to deal with blacks anymore. BUT, they will be forced too and if they resist bye bye job. That's how to diversify the police.

Jim Stone:
A perfect answer to the shooting of 5 police officers at "black lives matter:

Just pull all the cops out of black areas and set up a perimeter warning whites not to enter. Then, in a year or so, all the gang bangers will clearly show how much "black lives matter" because there won't be any left.

*Olympic report link provided by, but its not up to his usual standard.

James said...

Gun false flags not working so...

Is the murder/suicide the next new rage in gun control?

Bandog sent via the Paypal messaging system: There seems to be a sudden rash of incidents being reported across the country where husband shoots wife (and sometimes children), then kills self. Maybe these are as reported, but other possibilities merit consideration: agent perps, mind control, theater, etc. After Orlando, mass shootings are not believable anymore, hence the possible change in tactics. Watch for cases where the husband was taking antidepressants, to further expand the gun grab (sorry to touch a nerve there). Sorry no links - I'm sure you understand why; please search on your own. God bless, Bandog
My response: That particular tactic could be used many ways. They could just go around killing people the NSA flags as being potential resistance to the New World order, Kill their entire families, just like the Bolshevik communists did, and then use the killings that they did to forward another agenda. That could be milked many different ways.

If the shooter did not survive, he cannot speak, and with the entire family dead, there are no witnesses. There is little doubt the murder/suicide is virtually always jack booted thugs kicking in the door and killing the entire family. Think about it - in the final crack down on the American people, do you really think it will go any other way? The murder/suicide is the perfect ruse to cover for police state tyranny. All those dead doctors? How did they really go? Surely they did not all just kill themselves. The NSA singled them out, the goons went on a tip, and the doctors took the rap all ways. With everyone dead, who's to say it was not a murder/suicide?

This needs to become a meme - "Murder/suicide" - how you go out when there can be no witnesses!

Anonymous said...

Jews need your money now. Please donate.