Thursday, 11 February 2016

More on the Hegelian Dialectic

Back here I wrote about the Hegelian Dialectic (I like to add a touch of class to the blog every so often) which refers to the eponymous philosopher's problem/reaction/solution analytical framework. I cited the 9/11 false flag attack as a classical example:

Problem: 'Terrorists' are attacking us

Reaction: Please protect us from the terrorists

Solution: Well as it so happens we have this wonderful set of repressive laws all drawn up which we can implement now if you want and we'll save you from the terr'sts..

I'm now wondering if the same thinking is behind the current immivasion of Europe. I ask why would the EU leadership promote something that quite obviously would undermine everything they sought to achieve. And so it has come to pass. Europe is in turmoil as Afro-Muslim hordes spread like a malignant tumour across the length and breadth of the Continent. Law and order are breaking down, "right-wing" militias (unarmed - for now) are taking to the streets while rapefugee centres go up in smoke in Germany, Sweden and Finland.

And it's set to get  even worse. A lot worse. The rapefugees are still pouring in and many of those already here are setting down roots in their respective communities. Just try rooting them out. And wait for the accursed European Court Of Human Rights to decide in favour of family reunification. Then Mohammed will have his four wives and twenty children on the next plane to Europe.  On the economic front the central banks might keep the bankster plates spinning for another while but what cannot last will not and economic Armageddon looms.

So will the globalist NWO agenda (of which the EU is a central component) become irrevocably derailed? Or is this whole thing a charade based on the Hegelian Dialectic, a charade which will in fact promote that very agenda?


Problem: European civilisation as we know it is collapsing, law and order breaking down

Reaction: What if anything can save us?

Solution:  An international approach, the only one that will work. And as it so happens we have.....

Consider: Already many prominent political, business and religious leaders have claimed that 'a country-by-country approach will not work'. An 'international effort' is required.  Proposals have already been mooted for an "EU naval force" and an "EU Border Protection army". See, if we have an EU Navy patrolling the Med and a large EU Army posted at all EU borders we can stop the migrants from ever setting foot on EU soil. And this unified force will end the problem of migrants playing off EU countries against one another. It's a win-win! 

Of course this will mean relinquishing some national resources and powers to a centralised coordinating body and sharing data hitherto regarded as private - but which we now need to outwit the traffickers. And maybe, in order to forestall inter-ethnic strife we'll have to seize privately-owned guns and clamp down - temporarily! - on any form of expression which would foment such strife. But it will all be worth it. Europe will be at peace again and the immigrants back in their home countries.

Fanciful? Maybe. But if the current imbroglio has come about by accident rather than design.....well should we be more worried or less worried?


Anonymous said...

My foray into being a minority did not go well so I'm back. But WTF! Hegelian Dialectic, eponymous, philosopher, analytical framework, malignant, I needed to buy a dictshunerie. Savant. I'm impressed.


Anonymous said...

H.P. Lovecraft

...would have hated the current Kakistocracy because...

..."like Nietzsche, he felt that democracy is the rise of botchers and bunglers and mediocrities against the superior type of man"...

‘That the maintenance of civilisation today rests with that magnificent Teutonic stock which is represented alike by the two hotly contending rivals, England and Germany... is as undeniably true as it is vigorously disputed. The Teuton is the summit of evolution. That we may consider intelligently his place in history we must cast aside the popular nomenclature which would confuse the names “Teuton” and “German,” and view him not nationally but racially. Tracing the career of the Teuton through medieval and modern history, we can find no possible excuse for denying his actual biological supremacy. In widely separated localities and under widely diverse conditions, his innate racial qualities have raised him to preeminence. There is no branch of modern civilisation that is not his making.’

From this it is clear that Lovecraft had a realistic appreciation of the overriding importance of race. Although he seems to have always felt this instinctively, his views were hardened by several years spent in New York in the 1920’s where, for Lovecraft. the race problem assumed “its most hideous form as loathsome Asiatic hordes trail their dirty carcasses over streets where white men once moved, and air their odious presence and twisted visage and stunted forms till we shall be driven either to murder them or emigrate ourselves... It is not good for a proud, light-skinned Nordic to be cast away alone amongst squat, squint-eyed jabberers with coarse ways and alien emotions whom his deepest cell tissue hates and loathes as the mammal hates and loathes the reptile, with an instinct as old as history.” The strength of Lovecraft’s feelings were rarely far from the surface when he wrote of the race issue, as when he had this to say about New York: “The city is befouled and accursed – I come away from it with a sense of having been tainted by contact, and long for some solvent of oblivion to wash it out! How in Heaven’s name sensitive and self respecting white men can continue to live in the stew of Asiatic filth which the region has become – with marks and reminders of the locust-plague on every hand – is absolutely beyond me.”

Jeez H.P. you'd be happy to know that there is no more racism in NYC, and everyone's getting into everyone else's pants.

Anonymous said...

More on how democracy works-

"There is a chance to stop Trump in South Carolina on February 20. That state is more ideologically conservative, with a stronger local party leadership and a tradition of preferring mainstream candidates. But if the moderate field remains divided, it’s quite possible that Trump will win again.

And that would be bad for all of us."

Us. I’ve written previously on the remarkable elasticity of plural pronouns in the modern vernacular. Us in this case stretched to mean a group that advances liberalism, while them refers to those who do not. Thus we support population replacement, and they are nazis. It’s not particularly complex.

Population replacement is what it is all about. The UN even published a report in 2001 called "Replacement migration" which stated that Europe "needs" 159 MILLION immigrants by 2025. I'm not sure what bad event will occur if Europe doesn't hit the required human jackpot, but it definitely does sound like a dire fate awaits us if we miss the target.

We might not survive...

But at least someone cares enough to warn us.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

Worse is better. It's time to start arming and supporting the Nationalist militias.

A new 'strategy of tension' is at work in Europe.

Worse is better.

john7 said...

More worried; you are absolute correct Mr Savant. This is a definite possibility/probability. NEVER give up your guns. [if they havent been taken already]

Anonymous said...

I missed one but I don't need my dictshunerie, 'imbroglio'. I know she was a singer. Natalie Imbroglio. Gettin smarter, Gettin smarter.


Anonymous said...

They were worried about all this more than 100 years ago.

Yet the process continues...

The purpose of this book is to make the American people think, to appeal to my fellow-countrymen to stay the practice of a great national sin whose consequence is to toll the passing of this great Anglo- Teuton people.

Napoleon, after a triumphant return from one of his victorious campaigns, in reviewing the broken ranks of his shattered battalions, said, " What France needs is mothers " ; and if the American republic is to remain Anglo-Saxon and stand for the civilization of the West instead of the East, her women, particularly those of the old native stock, must become its mothers.

Men give to their country its swords and lances, but the women give to it its men, and if the daughters of the Puritan and Cavalier will no longer give to their country its men and women, the empire founded by their forebears, with all of its glories and traditions, will in the course of a few generations pass to the Latin and the Hun.

Nor should the men shirk their obligations to woman; they cannot place the yoke of industrial servitude upon her neck, nor surrender the daughters of the land to the mill, and from the blighted and fallow womanhood that comes out of the hopper mould the magnificent motherhood of the olden days. The welfare of our women, the future mothers of the race, is of far more importance to the country than its tariffs or trusts, and the welfare of a single factory girl is of as much moment to the nation as the opulence of its trade barons, its capitalists, and millionaires*.

And yet year by year the lawmakers of the nation, both State and national, waste and fritter away their time bickering for the spoils of party, shutting their eyes to the fact that the barbarians are swarming at our gates, and unless there shall come a refruition of the race, even the roll-call of its Senators that now answer to the names called at Agincourt, Cressy, Inkerman, Bunker Hill, and Yorktown will be supplanted by the raucous gutturals of peoples who won our heritage not by the sword or spear, but by their cradles. And the priceless heritage of our fathers—the empire wrested by ax and flintlock out of the maws of the centuries, the younger realm of Milton, Shakespeare, and Tennyson, the land of Washington, Lincoln, Grant, Lee, and Jackson, the soil for which countless legions gave their lives—will pass to the alien and the stranger, because it is writ : " Weighed in the balance and found wanting." ...

*Possibly Anti-Semitic

Flanders said...

If they aren't doing it through "international alliances" [has there ever been ANY alliance on the international level which hasn't been controlled by the International Jewish State?], then they will do it by selling you beer at your revered sporting events, like the Super Bowl, and laugh in your face when you buy the crap they sell.

"Only these people can be so smart and urbane. What’s worse is the dirty punks got us White people attacking each other with their slick PC brainwashing over the decades. Say what? Yep, Whites are always saying crap about other Whites, since the Jews in the media and education have made it fashionable for us to hate our own race.

And if you say one word about it, they got us screaming bloody murder at each other about being “racist” and “anti-Semites!” Think it out, people."

Anonymous said...

Our anger should be directed at our politicians. Time to sharpen the pitchforks, boys and girls. And, take a good look at your law enforcement folks who are enforcing illegal action against us for our traitorous politicians. Should they be off the hook?

Focus, focus, focus. Step back and analyze the situation. Get to the real root of the problem. The invaders are the symptom.

Rosemary's Nephew said...

#OscarsSoWhite says @GeorgeClooney. So it is just like his movies then.

Anonymous said...

The economic cost of racism.

Rob said...

The powers that be are gloating over the prospect of all the repressive laws that they'll pass as a result of the invasion. Multiracial countries can only function (and even then not very well) when they have hundreds of laws designed to limit the friction between the different races. Add to this scenario millions of alien savages who look on the indigenous population as nothing more than providers of rape material - male and female, children and adults - and you have a recipe for a Europe-wide police state with total powers of repression and surveillance.

Corkonian said...

That Lovecraft guy, why, a man after my own heart. Nothing more entertaining than well-written invective.

Anonymous said...

Ahh the old Hegelian Dialectic. What I know about the old Hegelian Dialectic isn't worth knowing. I think the current immivasion was perhaps too much too soon. Merkels about face seems to back this up. Or draws even more attention to it. Does it really matter? One things for certain it hasn't improved our situation. What is worrying is the 100,000s of rapefugees that have 'disappeared'. They are probably waiting for the container loads of weapons to make there way through Turkey and then the poor old unarmed European is going to face a shit storm. Talk about fish in a barrel. I'm not really being fair. Their will be armed Europeans. Guarding the fucking evil monsters who got us into this shit.
Would that European united forces really work? If the rest of Europe is like the British Armed Forces they aren't fit for purpose. Even if they were are they going to turn against their own?
I do wonder about ISIS, ISIL or whatever there name is now. Is this what was meant to happen? Obviously a U.S. set up for their BFFs. Has it all got a bit out of hand or running to plan? Have the Russians added flames to the fire or a fire extinguisher?
The other thing that no one mentions about this invasion. If these are genuine refugees why do they have to be given permanent residence? Why not asylum for two years and then reviewed yearly? Is it because this war will never be over or the collapse is imminent so it doesn't matter? This hasn't been overlooked. If it was policy it would stop many of those economic migrants.


Anonymous said...

I wonder how many Oscar recipients are Jewish?


Anonymous said...

Sav the last picture is of a sane Mac user!

Anonymous said...

Horrible act

Eff you know who

Johnny Rottenborough said...

I’m now wondering if the same thinking is behind the current immivasion of Europe. I ask why would the EU leadership promote something that quite obviously would undermine everything they sought to achieve

The current ‘immivasion’ is simply a greatly speeded-up version of the Third World immigration to which Europe has been subjected for the last 70 years. Europe’s political classes, noting the growing support for anti-immigration nationalist parties, are inflicting as much damage as possible before they lose power, in the hope that the damage will be so severe as to be irreversible. Thus do the EU’s leaders seek to achieve a non-white, non-Christian Europe.

As expressed in the universal terms so beloved of the Jews:

‘Federative plans generally appeal to Jews. The world order these plans envisage recalls the prophetic ideal of world brotherhood, so deeply ingrained in Judaism.

‘It is commonly believed that the larger the political and economic unit, the better it is for minorities, especially the Jews. Proof that Jewish minorities, on the whole, have received better treatment in the multi-national [multicultural] states has been established by outstanding Jewish historians. The federative system, composed, as it would be, of different nationalities, large and small, is likely by its very nature to discourage exclusive nationalism with its characteristic policies of intolerance towards minorities.

‘In a federative system, national group differences would no longer be primarily political and nationalistic, but cultural, linguistic, and religious.’—Jews in the Post-War World (1945), page 85

Lawrence Ashcroft said...

Good post, good points. However, I may slightly disagree with you this time. Sometimes what could be seen as an evil plan is just stupidity pure and simple. By the way, the SHITLORD HUB is the news aggregator guys like you and your readers should be using, Savant.

katana said...


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Anonymous said...

Have a look at the last comment LOL! FUCK India !!!

katana said...

Correction on that link

I'm the Resister


katana said...

Some imagery, …

Machine Guns & The Camp of the Saints



My latest blog post: David Duke on Trump, Cruz, Goldman Sachs and the Zionist Oligarchy — TRANSCRIPT

Cassius said...

Also consider the possibility that the explanation could lie in a combination of both. That is there are many who are consciously pursuing the Hegelian Dialectic but many others among the EU leadership who have genuinely made a complete balls of things through incompetence.

Anonymous said...

@03:34 "Our anger should be directed at our politicians. Time to sharpen the pitchforks, boys and girls.

This recently found website seems to highlight active European demonstrations against the hordes of invaders. It's doubtful the controlled-media would release much info of these feet-on-the-ground activists.

Anonymous said...

Thing is even though I am massively anti EU if they actually did unite to kick the Muslim horde out I would be all for that.

If only they had the wit.

Their logic is that unity = peace, hence we have the European Union, and since that was such a wonderful success then why not the Eurabian Union?

10 years ago I got half way through Eurabia by Bat Ye'or and put it down as a wild conspiracy theory. I've just finished re-reading it and I now think somewhat differently.

a swedish friend of this blog said...

“We need to protect our external border because we want to keep Schengen,” Merkel said, referring to the system of passport-free travel among most EU countries. “And if we can’t protect it, then this huge region of free movement, our internal market, which is the foundation of our prosperity, will be in danger, and we need to prevent that.”

So she knows well the impact of the invasion.

kulak said...

Multicultural societies are always tyrannies.

Ergo, the invasion speeds the ascent of tyranny.

The big if is whether anyone can actually stop it, let alone reverse it.

I don't think the EU can Savant. I don't think the EU and Merkel even want to. There is certainly no will to reverse what has already been done.

I think you're right.

It will be used as an excuse to grab more power to oppress whites and make it harder to resist genocide.

In two generations, at most three, if the invaders already there are not expelled, Germany will be gone.

Genocide accomplished.

Anonymous said...

Lies damned lies and womens studies.

A distressimg photograph that distressed feminists and one of a woman being murdered.

So that Frankfurt can protect its female and male citizens. The power… CDU [the Christian Democratic Union Party—PM Angela Merkel’s party!]”

Feminists don't care @ women, at least not if it interferes w/ bigger Leftist goals like achieving #WhiteGenocide. …

German feminists admit preferring rapefugee rapists to "racists."

Or was that Ms Charlatan brain donor of the Immigrant Council of Ireland.

CanSpeccy said...

The refugee crisis is the final move in the game.

The lumpen proletariat are beginning to geddit. They may not know the word genocide, but they're beginning to see how they've being targeted for oppression and ultimate elimination.

So with the natives restless, what to do?

No prob. Bomb the shit out of whoever, and bring in the Muslim refugees, plug 'em into the welfare state and just watch as they multiply like maggots on a festering corpse.

Game over.

Democracy triumphs whatever the "racist", "xenophobic," "far-right-wing extremist," Guardian-hating rump "nativist" population may think, say, or do. The European peoples will soon be the oppressed minority, while Parliaments come to be dominated by representatives of the new Islamic state.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes what could be seen as an evil plan is just stupidity pure and simple.

The commies always have useful idiots. If Jewish, they have their Shabbas Goy brigade to keep things running.

The Kalergi Plan is far from "PC gone mad" or such typical misdirection. It is a real plan and Merkel knows exactly what she is doing.

"Diversity" is just a code word for White genocide.

Anonymous said...

The big if is whether anyone can actually stop it, let alone reverse it.

I don't think the EU can Savant. I don't think the EU and Merkel even want to.

NO, that is not the big if at all. There is no "if".

The EU was the brain-child of Kalergi. It was designed from day one for white genocide. In 1925 Kalergi said "we intend to turn Europe into a mixed race".

So that's the plan, that's the reason for the EU to exist, so why would they operate in any other way?

Merkel won the Coudenhove-Kalergi award. Von Rompuy won it too. And Hapsburg. They are all in on it. They all know what they are doing. They are all guilty.

If they wanted to stop it, they could stop it rather easily. It's not hard to get rid of a few million muslims and whatnot. Not hard at all. For a start, they could allow pro-white propaganda on TV. The fact they don't means they seek white genocide. But the biggest smoking gun is that these people hand out Coudenhove-Kalergi awards to each other. And Kalergi explicitly stated, in terms impossible to mistake, that his intention was complete white genocide in Europe.

Merkel is guilty and should be in prison right now. Germans should be calling for her imprisonment for genocide right now, emphatically, and repetitively.

The fact that they are not means that PEGIDA is working for Merkel.

Anonymous said...

Examine a useful idiot closely and sometimes you find more underneath.

Betty Friedan, the "founder of modern feminism" pretended to be a typical 1950's American housewife who had a "revelation" that women like her were exploited and should seek independence and self-fulfillment in career. What Friedan (nee: Betty Naomi Goldstein) didn't say is that she had been a Communist propagandist since her student days at Smith College (1938-1942) and that the destruction of the family has always been central to the Communist Jewish plan for world tyranny.

Her husband Karl Friedan used to have a website where he blogged about how nutty Betty was, but I think its gone. Once, instead of throwing half the plates in the kitchen at him she got a hammer and smashed every single window in the house. This wasn't so bad, at least he knew what she was thinking.

Anonymous said...

Nobody took any notice of the template 40 years ago.. and nobody will, or can do anything about it now... least of all the stinking rich. Our one consolation is that their demise is as nigh as ours is. Prepare for your inevitable fate as only the second coming of Christ will save you and your children from an earthly hell in the not to distant future... NOTHING else no Thor, nor Odin, NOTHING will save you/us this is a plague!

DErmot Mulqueen Fan Club said...

So a woman who rubs dog poo in the face of her daughter among other things does not get a jail sentence. I guess some crimes are greater than others.

Anonymous said...

The UK IS fucking communist - it ALLOWS poison like this to flourish and bans Nationalism

Uncle Nasty said...

Anonymous said...

Nobody took any notice of the template 40 years ago.. and nobody will, or can do anything about it now... least of all the stinking rich.

One or two people are.

‘No more borders’ activists should be forced to watch the video of today’s face of the day. Every single bleeding-heart leftie who supports inflicting this kind of devastation on local populations should be tied to a chair and forced to watch this video. Every do-gooder from every church organisation, every government official, every leader of every Western country, should have their eyes held open with matchsticks until they have seen it in full.

Today’s face of the day has lost everything. She has lost her freedom and her town. She and her husband, who has cancer, have been evicted from their home. She is no longer safe to go out at night. Her son was assaulted with an iron bar and narrowly escaped death at the hands of a mob of migrants. The only new jobs available in the town are for locals to clean up the poo left on the ground by the colonisers. The police do nothing to protect the locals or to punish the criminal invaders.

Who will listen to today’s face of the day? Anyone? Will her anguish be in vain? She has bared her soul in the hope that something will be done. If we don’t stop this coming to New Zealand it will be us standing up in other towns telling them our story, in the vain hope that someone, somewhere, will listen.

It is so easy to ‘ help’ Muslim migrants, as long as they are inflicted on any town or country but ours. Politicians who make these decisions should be forced to house them first in THEIR neighbourhoods. I guarantee their attitudes would soon be readjusted.

This is not about racism or Islamophobia. This is about colonisation. When migrants from any race, culture or religion outnumber the locals, outbreed them and demand their way of life once they are the majority, there is only one way it is going to end.

The interesting thing, I feel, is that even if there was a popular uprising against the interlopers (I'm talking about the real thing ... dead sand niggers leaking into the gutters) -- and it succeeded -- do you think the MSM would show a single frame of it?

With the jew's death-grip on the media, full blown war could erupt in the next county -- and no one would even know.


Anonymous said...

The Hegelian Dialectic also applies to other things.

Thesis: Man
Antithesis: Woman

Synthesis: Children

As usual however, the White man's inventions are used against him.

Sheppard at expands on this in his theory of Dynamical Laws

In another of his articles on the BNP, and why it will never win, he discusses the opposing forces at work.

It is a simple matter of two opposing forces. In PA I termed it the Dynamical System, Darwin referred to it, others have used various names, such as Yin and Yang. PA is based upon the two opposing forces of masculine and feminine (not individuals, but strategies) and indeed this is how I came to nationalism: by the realisation that it is an expression of masculinity. It is men who fight to defend a territory or preserve the integrity of a tribe, and the victor invariably takes the women – who become mere spoils of war, and bear the children of the victors.

Females do not limit each others’ behaviour (the conspiracy strategy); they have, throughout our evolutionary past, relied on males to do it. This then is why nationalists are so continuously attacked and maligned: because we are the opposing force. There is no inherent limit. We are the limit.

He continues:

The mainstream media will never give the BNP a good press. There may be the occasional reasonable article, but it will only be a carrot and a sop. Come the election, any dirt they can dig up will be heavily embellished and plastered over the front page just before the poll. In the intervening five years or so, enough new, naive nationalists will be taken in to allow the cycle to repeat.

What I have seen here in NZ is that the National Front did have a reasonable article in the newspaper straight after they started using Bob Whitaker's Mantra (Diversity is a code word for white genocide), but after that the media went into silent mode. They now ignore the NF completely. If (and that's a big IF), the NF actually started to get some traction, the smear machine would start up big time, we can be sure of that. It's all a game of how much they would like to be hated isn't it?

The NF has lately turned down the Nazi mode and become "nicer". Its not really working either. It seems to me that nothing will work because the government is determined to make NZ non-white and they will use every power at their disposal to achieve that. Perhaps all we have left is to accuse them of genocide, publicly and repeatedly and see what happens.

But white genocide is for the most part really a Zeitgeist, a fashion, a generally accepted process, a world-wide preoccupation, a global experiment, a promise of possible utopia, and above all the latest SJW cause more than anything else. The public needs propaganda, and lots of it, so everyone knows this and starts to think about it. The perps don't even have to defend their actions. There is no debate on this.

Anonymous said...

The European peoples will soon be the oppressed minority, while Parliaments come to be dominated by representatives of the new Islamic state.

Islam is a red herring. That religion is being changed and morphed now anyway, and most Muslims are corrupt Muslims.

This is about White Genocide.

Islam is being Bolshevised right now. It is being turned into an anti-white weapon, and being made compatible with Jewish Bolshevism. It is not a threat to the Jews, no matter how much they shriek about anti-Semitism.

Over 150 years ago Burton was afraid to publish a book critical of middle-eastern Jews because they had so much power in England. Things are worse now.

Jews can live right in the middle of angry Muslims in Israel. Why would they be scared to do the same in Europe?

Anonymous said...

With the jew's death-grip on the media, full blown war could erupt in the next county -- and no one would even know.

They wouldn't know about a war, but they might hear a lot about a few military operations that get spun into "vicious hate crimes".

Unfortunately, in order to go to war, we need our "leaders" to sign the declaration, and they simply won't do that yet.

They might do it when our chances of losing are sufficiently high. (I'm not saying they are stupid, or short sighted. No, I'm saying they hate us and WANT us to lose.)

Anonymous said...

So a woman who rubs dog poo in the face of her daughter among other things does not get a jail sentence. I guess some crimes are greater than others.

Dog poo can blind you. That is a very dangerous thing to do.

Anonymous said...

If only they had the wit.

Their logic is that unity = peace, hence we have the European Union, and since that was such a wonderful success then why not the Eurabian Union?

Their logic is the white race needs to be destroyed.

As far as "peace", that is a special peace. Pax Judaica.

AnalogMan said...

The interesting thing, I feel, is that even if there was a popular uprising against the interlopers (I'm talking about the real thing ... dead sand niggers leaking into the gutters) -- and it succeeded -- do you think the MSM would show a single frame of it?

Oh, yes; carefully selected frames. Dead children, carefully posed with a teddy bear under the arm, or in the arms of a pretty young, hysterically weeping mother. None of them White, of course. See what you've done now, you nazis.

The milk of human kindness has curdled, I'm afraid.

Patrick Durcan the holocaust is a fraud! said...

Dog poo can blind you. That is a very dangerous thing to do.

Taking an axe to a television gets six months Dog poo can blind you.

Garda Egan said that the teenager also recalled her mother pushing her down a stairs during the period and throwing a mug at her which struck her on the head.

Garda Egan said that the girl also recalled that after she refused to tidy her bedroom, her mother as punishment put her into a bath and turned on the hot water tap.

... In the case, the woman pleaded guilty to the neglect of her daughter in a manner likely to cause unnecessary suffering to the child’s health and affect her well-being over the course of 5 years.

In the district court a maximum sentence of 12 months applies to the cruelty charge and the woman yesterday walked from free from court.

But at least she did not question the lottery winnings I mean holohoax.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

The Zionists/Bolsheviks are putting these people in Europe as a buffer. I say skip the migrant centers and head straight to the City of London and Brussels. Bring plenty of flint for the tinder.

Flanders said...

There is going to be only one avenue open for White people to have freedom and peace in their life, or for their descendants to have that, too. We no longer should pretend that we are seeking to work within a system which excludes and progressively marginalizes our very existence. It’s time we turned both our voices and our activities toward that which all White men are very good at, but to do it this time – for Whites, and not for the jew. War is inevitable. We need to become prepared.

“The jews got where they are by pretending to be Whites and by working together, deceitfully, to take control of our media, our banking system, our educational system, our medical system, and our government.

Now that you know that, do you still want to be a normal person?

When I acquired this knowledge and knew it to be true, I could never be normal again, nor did I want to be normal. We true Whites feel a sense of duty to act on vital knowledge and to right wrongs. In my previous ignorance, I acted to right the supposed wrongs that jewry said were wrongs, thus everything I did was actually in service of jewry and against my own White family and White race.

Now, I am a full White man — White by DNA and White by action. And I am not alone.

We invite you to join us. Heroism required. For true Whites, it comes naturally.”

Anonymous said...

Is this all PEGIDA really is? Christopher Bjerknes thinks so.

Willi Munzenberg, an early confidante of Lenin, organized the Popular Fronts in the 1920's and 1930's and referred to them as "my innocents clubs". He pioneered the protest march, the demonstration, the radical bookstore and publication, the arts festival, and the recruitment of celebrities ("fellow travellers.")

In the words of historian Stephen Koch, Munzenberg, left, "was amazingly successful at mobilizing the intelligentsia of the West on behalf of a moralistic set of political attitudes responsive to Soviet needs. In the process, he organized and defined the 'enlightened' moral agenda of his era." (Double Lives: Spies and Writers in the Secret Soviet War of Ideas Against the West, New York, 1994, p.14.)

In a 1989 interview, Babette Gross, the wife of Willy Munstenberg, described the Popular Front modus operandi:

"You do not endorse Stalin. You do not call yourself a Communist. You do not call upon people to support the Soviets. Never. You claim to be an independent minded idealist. You don't really understand politics but you claim the little guy is getting a lousy break." (Koch, p. 220)

Anonymous said...

O/T Sorry

Ramzpaul just released this video :-

The link from Ramz takes us to this Guardian link :-

The comments section is enabled. About 50% could have been written by one of us. The others obvious SJW comments. BUT look how many have been deleted. That enemy is starting to crumble.


Anonymous said...

I know UN likes this guy.

Coon Carleton Stevens - The Races of Europe

If they did update this, the latest edition would be in 6 volumes and comprise the totality of the races of the world.

In the preface, it would explain that race is just a social construct, but it would also assert than in cataloging the social constructs of Europe, this should include all social constructs, not just the white invaders.

Anonymous said...

When victims rule

The master race or the martyr race?

“All critics of Jews should not be tagged as anti-Semites. We are not a nation of Christs, Spinoza s, and Einstein s; that the Nazis are brutes does not make us angels … Criticism is not the same as hatred, and critics are not our enemies. The greatest friends of a people are not those who praise but those who honestly find fault. A people without criticism is either a dictatorship or a community so deeply embedded in smug self-satisfaction as to be on the road to decadence.” William Zuckerman , Jewish author (written before World War II, in Goldstein, D., p. 119)

“The far-reaching consequences of the (Jewish) martyr complex go beyond any effect of the individual Jew … and do not leave unmarked even the most sympathetically inclined Gentiles. Since the Jew is hypersensitive on the subject of his Judaism, Gentiles fear to offer constructive criticism lest they be accused of prejudices. Thus the Jew is denied the benefit of honest evaluation of the very real differences and prejudices existing … I believe we Jews will never be normal individuals so long as we foster our martyr complex, so long as we remain evasive of self-appraisal and self-improvement, and so long as it is easier to blame the other fellow for our own faults.” Maurice M. Feurlich , Jewish author, in “Children of the Martyr Race,” The Forum , NYC, September 1937; cited in Goldstein, D., p. 116

“By accusing western democracies of anti-Semitism, the Jews put them on the defensive. As long as guilt feelings can be profitably mined, advantages can be gained. But the lode is not likely to last forever.” Moshe Leshem , former Israeli diplomat, p. 253-254)

Anonymous said...

Spare the rod and spoil the child.

Just like in Stazi-controlled Germany or the Soviet Union, even your daughter could be an amateur spy and report you to the authorities.

She was 12 and, her mother said, she was not fitting in with her father's new family. She grabbed her camo-coloured iPhone 4s and shot a text to a friend - roughly: I don't like his ratchet girlfriend or her kids.

It was 2013. That word - "ratchet" - was running through rap songs and teens' text messages, thought to mean a low-class and clueless diva. When father Ronald Jackson saw it, he took away his daughter's cellphone.

"I was being a parent," Jackson recently told US television station CBS-DFW. "A child does something wrong, you teach them what's right."

Jackson, a 36-year-old from Dallas in the US, was ultimately arrested and charged with property theft, a Class B misdemeanour - because he had taken his daughter's iPhone and refused to give it back.

An interesting thing in the story:

Following a long legal battle, a Dallas County Criminal Court judge ruled last week that the state did not have enough evidence to continue the case and ordered a jury to find him not guilty.

Since when does the judge order the jury to produce such-and-such a verdict? Now we know the real reason for this story - propaganda to attack the jury system. They don't like a bunch of average goyim making decisions, it would be more efficient to have a millionaire Jew at the bench calling all the shots, right?

Just like in the NWO, under the Noachide laws.

What they don't tell readers is that if the judge tells them such a thing they have the right (or duty really) to tell the judge to piss right off.

Anonymous said...

Europeans and Americans should be making alliances with the invaders against the power structure. That is what will win the Hegelian Dialectic War. Throw a very big wrench in every f'in thing! Tell them they can have half the spoils but then must return home. You have a common enemy and you're both being used as tools of TPTB.

What the hell are the Windsors doing to accommodate the invaders? Whoever is immune to the ills of society is generally the cause of them. Have you noticed that terrorism never seems to affect these parasites? I only saw one get a head wound in Greece. Wasn't even debilitating :-(

That's the whole point of the invasion.... to further separate and make certain no alliances are formed! You're too busy fighting and slaughtering each other.

Gem Junior said...

Savant, more always-on-the-money stuff from you. The former is what I am going with - there can be absolutely NO other reason for letting in the hordes of savages en masse without any paperwork. Doesn't matter because the new "World Army" won't be worried about records or rights. They'll be gunning people down in the streets, preferably white people whose country oops, former country they are giving away. The whole thing is so fucking unbelievably disgusting and depraved that I feel sick sometimes contemplating this Jewish disaster. I have a very strong feeling that everyone in governments have their assignments and are performing to the tune of the Masters of the Universe. We are gonna chase them all down, and most likely the army and police will join us - but not until their own children start getting raped and murdered along with ours.

Flanders said...

ProtocolsRTrue tells us about the intent behind the Protocols:

"It says world conquest through jewish world government. So what does that simple sentence mean? It means that All nations must be weakened and destroyed. It means that EVERY nation besides israil must be ruined. America is no exception. We are no different from any European country or south Africa or anybody else in jewish eyes. It means it is a REQUIREMENT. A NECESSITY to destroy all other nations on earth besides israil. Through subversion, coversion, invasion of enemies who hate us and want to destroy us anyway. Or outright bomb them and destroy them. Whatever means it takes to get to the end. Weaken and destroy ALL gentile nations. So us jews will then rise to the top and rule supreme as our self proclaimed Gods chosen ones .
I suppose that’s not racist or supremacist statement though. jews are not called nation wreckers without good reason. They are called that because they ARE nation wreckers. jews don’t finally get kicked out of every country they ever are allowed in to just because people are born to hate jews. They get kicked out because people get wise to them and are sick and tired of the jews bullshit and problems that they cause and kick them the fuck out. Just like when we get tired of repeat violent criminal thug niggers we eventually put them in a fucking cage where they belong so they will not keep fucking shit up and causing problems for innocent law abiding civilized humans."

Mr Trumbo said...

"“I’ve played a lot of different people from a lot of different cultures.”

There is a core of humanity that travels right through every culture, and after all we’re all from Africa originally. You know, we’re all Berliners, we’re all Africans really.

Famous actress lady.

Give white people bricks get a city
Give african originated people a city get bricks
Give an actor a microphone get unscripted gibberish.

Anonymous said...

Borl or giy becomes first brucejenner-type at All Girls school.

Teleprompter malfunction! Meryl justifies white female dominated jury by claiming white female privilege.

If any woman was capable of driving Formula 1 she would be in there already as think of all the publicity they would get from the breaking down the barriers people.

Anonymous said...

Cognitive Dissonance said...

Well if 'we're all Africans really' why do we need a Black Oscars?

Anonymous said...

So a Muslim walks into a bar with his mates
They get themselves drunk and ply a young girl wih drink then they rape her
And the Muslim father says
He has done nothing wrong HE IS PERFECT

Eff the villa

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Off topic


Anonymous said...

He most anti white film ever made

Anonymous said...

Flanders said...

Another transsexual, dysfunctional child of the jews.

"The Grand Masonic Orient of Ireland is a body of Grand Orient freemasonry implanted in Ireland by foreigners, which aims to undermine Irish society by promoting liberalism, secularism, cosmopolitanism and multiracialism. It was founded on 25 September 2010 by Eduard Schmidt-Zorner, allegedly a German but probably Jewish,[note 1] who was involved with the supposedly "regular" form of freemasonry known as the Order of Mark Master Masons in London. The organization also subverts women, advising them to join.

The first lodge in Killarney was "consecrated" by foreign conspirators from the Grand Orient de France. The masons try to appropriate patriotic images of Ireland's past as a rouse to lure in unsuspecting Irish people. Agents of the conspiracy involved from the foundation include Jews such as Ernest Amos Ivanovs, Marcus Harig and Joe Jacob all of whom are supporters of Zionism...".

Anonymous said...

H.P.Lovecraft is my alltime favorite. So weird. So depressed. American poverty stricken aristocracy. Married to a Jewish woman, did'ja know? And surprisingly, they had a normal sex life.
Didn't want to be a magazine editor in New York. Preferred to leave wifey and move back to the big house with the aunts in Rhode Island. Depressed, sickly and died young. Ghost wrote for amateurs instead of concentrating on his own masterpieces. A twentieth century Edgar Allen Poe.

Stoned racist in the manner of his times. Soft spot for the Irish, though.

Annual festivals on both coasts.

He saw man and civilization as fragile, inevitably to be overwhelmed by cosmic forces or dehumanized by technology.

Fun quote: "I like coffee exceedingly."

Anonymous said...

Quick! Take the cue and establish safe zone enclaves in Syria and especially Libya. Don't worry about concentrating force in the hands of the EU or the government. That train has already left and your only interest at this point is limiting immigration and punishing the more ridiculous of your ragheads and jigs.

Happened to be in the County Courthouse a couple weeks ago and for all the progressive talk, the jigs are still getting kicked in the mouth around here. Heard in the halls:

"Five or ten years!?"
"Well, they did find a gun in your car."

"The prosecutor says he can get me five if I turn everyone else in."

"They're going to bring him in now, but they're talking about eight or ten counts."

The courts are full of blacks. Looked like a fried chicken restaurant. A few Spanish but mostly blacks. And the odd white guy for drunk driving.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Cognitive Dissonance said...
Well if 'we're all Africans really' why do we need a Black Oscars?

The book Erectus Walks Amongst Us details the Out of Europe theory of human evolution.

It is far more believable than the ridiculous out of Africa garbage.

Uncle Nasty said...

Anonymous said...
12 February 2016 at 14:33

Wonderful article ... at first glance and on the surface.
Littlejohn seems (note: I say seems) to be the journalistic equivalent of Jeremy Clarkson.

Reading the article, with its casual swipe at sand niggers and poofters wafts me back to my misspent youth ... In the age -- befortha dawna time -- when one could do such things.

A few quotes:

Rahman and his oppos will soon feel at home behind bars, as they join the 12,225 Muslim inmates who currently make up 15 per cent of all prisoners in Britain — twice the number ten years ago. In high-security jails, the figure is one in five.

And in Category A prisons — which cater for the worst offenders, such as terrorists — almost half are Muslim. (Rumour has it that the Chicken Cyclone on the culturally appropriate menu at Belmarsh is up for a Michelin star.)

All this in a country where we’re told that Muslims comprise less than 5 per cent of the total population. No wonder the Home Office is considering setting up special jihadi-only jails, to stop Islamists recruiting behind bars.

However ... and this is a big "However", Littledick's real agenda peeps through -- and the scent of hooknosed rodent becomes apparent.

For what it’s worth, I’ve always assumed half the Izal mob are gay. You often find that allegedly heterosexual gangsters and the extreme Right are big on homo-eroticism, while mouthing rabid anti-gay rhetoric. That might be why they treat women so badly. And the uniforms are a dead giveaway.

With any luck, news of Aseel’s identity and sexual proclivities will already have reached Izal and next time we see him, his head will have been severed from his body — ideally by his own brother, as part of a ritual loyalty test.

My emphases (above), so while Tinywillie may superficially pass for the brave, strong, stand-alone-against-all-odds right wing journo that he purports to be, he happily sings from the jew songbook.

Controlled opposition, once again.

If, of course, Microtodger has actually criticised the Tribe in the past, I apologise, humbly.

I do not, however, think that I will have to.


PS. Goddamn!! I am a suspicious fucker, aren't I?

Anonymous said...

I'm getting a bit concerned about all the nonsense being peddled about Merkel's 'error', 'mistake', 'stupidity' etc. We've all made errors and one of the characteristics to making an error and acknowledging it is to then correct the error, or attempt to do so. I note that Merkel and the clique ruling Germany for jewry make no effort to correct the 'error' by, for example, returning the invaders to their homelands or, at the very least, their country of entry. No - it's deliberate, and telling us that it's not is also deliberate.


Uncle Nasty said...

By the way, I am working assiduously at converting a few people here to the (cough, cough) right way of looking at the world around us.
Like rust, I don't sleep much, either.

Oddly enough, and this may come as a surprise to many ... One can actually lead up to the subject at hand amazingly quickly, as long as one does not spook the deer by making any sudden moves.

That is to say, that one must not start things off by putting down one's Tui, standing on a kitchen chair and bellowing:- "All fucking yids must fucking die!!!"**

I might add, that New Zealand is a wonderful test bed for this sort of thing. The country is so feminised and so politically correct, that if you can shoehorn a new concept into the mind of a Kiw without panicking the herd ... you are way ahead of the game.

This being the case, I am looking for the story (actually -- believe it or not -- run in the New Zealand Herald) of the Kiwi post-grad student who questioned the 6 million figure in his graduation paper -- and had his career, as well as his life, shredded by the local ... oligarchy.

But I can't find it.

The New Zealand noses overstepped the mark there.
Waaaay too much publicity.

Anyway ... if anyone can post a link to the Whole NZ student controversy/commentary, I would be grateful.


**"All fucking niggers must fucking hang"
Animal Mother -- Full Metal Jacket (1987)

Thank you, Kubrick ... thank you.

Uncle Nasty said...

A lucky little raghead. I had to spend the equivalent of sixty thousand NZ Dollars and kiss a yard of arse before I got residence.

'Strangers in our own land' welcomed into New Zealand


Khaled Sulemain Al Jouja, with his wife Aisha Sulemain Kobbaji, and children Mohammad, Hamida and Sulemain.

Khaled Sulemain Al Jouja fled Syria in 2011 with his wife and three children.

Most of their relatives who remained behind, including his wife's parents, have since been killed and his home province of Homs has been ravaged by bombs.

In Auckland on Friday Al Jouja spoke of the bloodshed he has left behind and the future he has planned in Wellington.

Walaa Amer El Ahmad, and wife Belal Ali Salem, with children Jalal and Mohammad.

He gave a speech on behalf of 82 recently arrived Syrians, thanking New Zealand for the powhiri in Mangere.

* New Zealand's new refugees welcomed
* New Zealand is to take an extra 600 Syrian refugees

He described how Syria was once a place of safety but became a land of destruction.

"We were strangers in our own land," he said.

After the speech he explained, through an interpreter, the story of how he arrived here.

Mmmmmm ... Josh Fagan, eh? I wonder how happy Mr Fagan would be if the NZ gov't. (fat fucking chance) extended the hand of welcome to the tens of thousand of White South Africans living in destitution** in South Africa?


**No ... it's not a suburb of Cape Town.

Flanders said...

Any "mistakes" made by the EU, especially by that jewess Merkel, is the same types of mistakes that Abe Foxman made as the honcho jew enforcer over the ADL.

Abe Foxman’s replacement on the ADL is a Clinton jew, Jonathan Greenblatt, who’s married to “Marjan Keypour Greenblatt, who was the associate director of the ADL office in Los Angeles for eight years.”

“***“We’ve got the kind of field structure we need to effectively engage with state legislators,” he said in Denver. “You do it one legislator, one district at a time.”
If the ADL wants to galvanize the next generation, Greenblatt said in Denver, it better adjust to a world in which black lives and transgender rights are of as much concern to young Jews as anti-Semitism.
Still, Greenblatt is eager to turn the spotlight back on domestic concerns. After assuming his new role last summer, his first initiative was #50StatesAgainstHate (note the hashtag), a bid to establish a uniform definition of hate crimes for the entire country. With a $50 million budget, 27 regional offices and 300 employees, Greenblatt argued that the ADL was uniquely well positioned to lead the fight.”

Flanders said...

"The brother of Democratic US presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders was named as the new health spokesman for England and Wales’s Green Party Thursday, two days after his sibling’s New Hampshire primary win.

Larry Sanders, who is 81 and has lived in Britain since 1969, is a retired social worker. He stood unsuccessfully as a candidate for the Greens in Oxford at last year’s general election and has also represented them on the local council.

“Bernie’s main platform is almost identical to the Green Party’s,” Larry Sanders said in a press release released by the Greens confirming his appointment."

Flanders said...

New citizenship law has Jews flocking to PORTO, Portugal

"Meanwhile, Porto is becoming a more attractive prospective home for Jews with European Union passports, who can move here without obtaining citizenship. Yoel Zekri, a French Jewish student in his 20s who temporarily moved here last year from Marseille, where five Jews have been assaulted in three stabbing attacks since October, said he’s considering staying on after his studies “to help build the community.”
Some applicants for Portuguese citizenship from non-EU countries want a Portuguese passport as an insurance policy, in the event things in their home countries go south. Hila Loya, a visitor from Cape Town, applied last year for that reason.

In South Africa, she said, “the anti-Israel, anti-Jewish atmosphere is worsening, and there’s a feeling things may turn for the worse in the near future.”

Last month, approximately 250 Jews from 14 countries convened here for a weekend retreat designed to introduce them to Porto and its Jews. Among those present were the president of Lisbon’s Jewish community, Turkish Chief Rabbi Ishak Haleva and 80 other Turkish Jews. Most of the applicants to Porto’s community so far have been Turkish Jews, including many of those who came for the weekend retreat.
Many of Turkey’s Jews are descended from Sephardic Jews who fled northern Portugal after 1536, when Portugal joined Spain in applying the Inquisition’s expulsion orders against Jews, according to Haleva. And many of those who fled from Portugal to Turkey originally came from Spain, where the Inquisition began in 1492.

Tens of thousands of Jews stayed in Portugal and converted to Christianity. While many continued to practice Judaism in secret as anusim – Hebrew for “forced ones” — the Jewish presence ultimately vanished from this once heavily Jewish area. The Jewish revival was sparked in 1923,...
When Porto’s mayor dropped in at last month’s retreat, it was his second time at the city’s shul – a sign of the Jewish community’s increased significance in Porto, according to the local rabbi, Daniel Litvak.

Addressing 300 guests from the synagogue’s podium while wearing a kippah, Moreira, who himself is descended from an Ashkenazi Jew who settled in Porto in the 19th century, said Portugal’s new law of return was to “correct a historical wrong” — the 16th-century expulsion of Portugal’s Jews.

But, he added, “the law has future implications: We want you to come live here, with us, and share that future.”

Flanders said...

Let's remember that those Masonic Centers in your own cities and towns, though called Halls, are actually Synagogues for "illuminated" masonary, and that their "illumination" is jewry. The members bluster to maintain otherwise, but they lie - just like the jew.

“Today’s races and classes will disappear owing to the disappearing of space, time, and prejudice. The Eurasian-Negroid race of the future, similar in its outward appearance to the Ancient Egyptians, will replace the diversity of peoples with a diversity of individuals. The main representatives of the brain aristocracy: of capitalism, journalism and the literate are Jews. The superiority of their spirit predestines them to become a main factor of the future nobility.” —

Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi, spiritual father of the EU, freemason of the Humanitas Lodge, Vienna
Be sure to view the gallery at the bottom of this page, especially the one labeled, “Warwickshire masons at synagogue in 2011.”. You will then understand what this text means.

“Freemasonry is notable for it’s religious “tolerance” which, especially since the 19th century, allowed Jews to infiltrate the levers of power in a period when mass consciousness was still deeply suspicious of them. In the Middle Ages they were even excluded from key areas of the economy by the Catholic trade guilds. Before this new tolerance of Jews, they had to go to the trouble of pretending to convert to Christianity, like Benjamin Disraeli, now all they had to do was pretend to believe in a “Supreme Architect of the Universe” to be accepted.”

katana said...


The full transcript of David Duke's recent video, "Donald Trump, Cruz, Goldman Sachs and the Zionist Oligarchy" is now available, along with a PDF for download, here:

David Duke on Trump, Cruz, Goldman Sachs and the Zionist Oligarchy — TRANSCRIPT

Anonymous said...

Merkel is deliberately destroying Germany. The proof is that she won a Coundenhove-Kalergi award for doing so.

The jewish bankers Rothschild and Warburg financed Freemason Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi's campaign to breed out White Europeans with Africans, Middle Easterners and Asians. Coudenhove-Kalergi explicitly stated that it was imperative that jews become the master race. According to him, the only way for this to happen is to destroy the White race through the deliberate degeneration of miscegenation with inferior races.

In order to sponsor this miscegenation, Coudenhove-Kalergi proposed a Pan-Europa Union which became the European Union. He argued that the loss of sovereignty this union imposed on Europeans could then be exploited to breed them into non-existence through the mongrelization of the White race which would follow an invasion of immigration into Europe.

He continues:

Having turned the Russian Empire into a hammer and sickle for jewry, the grim reapers turned their attention to their most hated enemy the Ukrainians. The bolshevik jews Lazar Kaganovich and Genrikh Yagoda mass murdered 11 million of the best, most productive Ukrainians. Stalin imported Russians into the Ukraine and Crimea, and expelled large numbers of the indigenous population. Today, the Bolsheviks are again attacking the Ukraine and are promoting an exodus of the best Ukrainians from the Ukraine and Crimea.

I have seen this phenomena time and time again in New Zealand. When I speak to immigrants from war-torn white countries (and Nepal, etc) they always opine that the best, most intelligent people were the ones able to flee to immigrate to the west. This is how they decapitate a country. Then, the process of rot sets in once they arrive in New Zealand, and these people become sort of Zombie-Goyim of the most hopeless sort just like all the other sheeple in NZ. They often then disown their homeland and its people, regarding them as "peasants", or "small-minded", etc. They don't realise that they have lost their heritage completely, and that in abandoning their home country they condemn it to the garbage bin.

[Article tweeted by Henry Makow]

Anonymous said...

Before going on PEGIDA marches, Germans should read this book.

(Perhaps this book needs to be translated into other European languages)

Then, they should make signs accusing Merkel of genocide, and hold them up in the street.

The signs could mention "Kalergi's Plan". After WW2, when the entire German nation was placed on a starvation diet by the allies, the German officals accused the allies of implementing the Morgenthau Plan. The allies were forced to defend their actions.

The Kalergi Plan is every bit as fatal as the Morgenthau Plan, but the difference is that nobody seems to know about it, and no German traitors won any Morgenthau medal.

Merkel won a Coudenhove-Kalergi award. She is genociding Germany - and yet the Germans don't seem to notice. There must be something wrong with their school system!

Flanders said...

Do you,
“Feel The Control”
by Patrick Grimm

“You still don’t sense the control of your country, your society and your media by an alien force, a force as alien to a white European as a denizen of South Central would be at a Beverly Hills garden party? No, you are willfully, intentionally and consciously blind, and nothing could be more perilous. Why can’t you see the facts, my friend?

When you turn on your television and see scattershot filth being blasted into your face, the glorification of every type of sundry perversion, the trumping of every malignancy of the human soul, you don’t gasp. No, you take it all in merry stride, don’t you? You tolerate it, you receive it into your home like it’s all one big bloated and benevolent gift. Are you concerned, chagrined for your children, your offspring, the future of this nation or what will remain? Looking out over the vast ocean of apathy in America, I often contemplate one question “Where is the outrage?”

Do you think this is all being simply done by leftist Gentiles who just happen to hate white people and Jesus Christ, the Bible and the church? No, it’s not. This is all being conducted by a power with no allegiances outside of tribe, “race”, money, hatred, greed, avarice and blind sheer terrorizing ambition.”

There is more for those gullible whites and Americans who “are ready to scream “anti-Semite!” like you are lip-syncing an album recorded by Abraham Foxman. You are geared up to smear any of us who do speak the truth aloud, the truth that you yourself know down deep inside your soul. Your heart knows the truth, and it is for this very reason that you are appalled and offended and supposedly insulted by the truth-speakers and truth-seekers among us.

Your country is balkanized and chopped up like a jigsaw puzzle, yet you don’t care. You don’t give a damn. You can no longer even blame ignorance. You aren’t ignorant. You are simply in denial, in deep dark self-denial that needs to be fractured. But you can’t, you won’t. To acknowledge the reality of what is right beneath your Gentile nose would also require you to let go of your warm feelings about yourself, your self-congratulations and your pride. Many of you would rather go down with the ship before you would disentangle yourselves from those encumbrances.”

[This is from an old comment at Incogman linking to an article by Patrick Grimm, “Feel the Control”. For too many - it remains true. Mr. Grimm's link is no longer active.]

Anonymous said...

PS. Goddamn!! I am a suspicious fucker, aren't I?

You'd check under each cornflake in your breakfast if the Jews hiding in there weren't so small. I won't mention where that idea came from.

Anonymous said...

Here is a French translation of Coudenhove-Kalergi's book "Practical Idealism"

Anonymous said...

More white guilt crap.

Shitty video in it. They dind put any Jews in the video. That might be anti whatever.

The video was made by this bunch of miscegenated mutants:

They don't even need to hide, but one day they might have to face anti-genocide trials. And there won't be any SA-style reconciliation. Things have gone too far for that. This is an extinction level event. The White regime in South Africa never tried to genocide the blacks, did it?

It's always been said by liberals that if you keep accusing someone of something, that they will eventually live down to the expectation. There's a cause for cautious optimism.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Another victim of forced integration?

Multiculturalism is depressing.

Anonymous said...

Worth reading

Eff the villa

Anonymous said...

Swedes give rich neighbourhood a taste of the Muslim call to prayer.

Their can is confiscated by the cops!

Well then, will the cops confiscate Muslim sound systems when the time comes?

Anonymous said...

African migrant attacks woman in Hungary.

I hope she voted for it.

Soul Glow said...

(I'm not saying they are stupid, or short sighted. No, I'm saying they (our leaders) hate us and WANT us to lose.)

Many are undoubtedly like that but many others have been bribed and/or compromised into acting as they do.

Churchill was a perfect example. Wise to the jews and their destructive activities, he nonetheless ended up in their pockets after they saved him from bankruptcy. The payback was to actively foment war with Germany and once started resist all opportunities for peace.

Anonymous said...

Truck driver approching Calais.

It is like The Walking Dead.

Unfortunately Rick isn't there to fix things.

Flanders said...

Someone the other day mentioned Vanishing Americans site and highly recommended it. I concur, and have followed VA for a long time before becoming sidetracked. I happened across this portion of one of her posts in my old files and from her previous site. It is followed by a link to a similar new article at Vanishing American II.


Please, make it stop.

The above is my reaction to the tiresome phrases and ideas offered up by many well-intended but ill-informed Americans when discussing immigration.

Example: “At least Hispanics are Christians like us, and share our European heritage.”

Are these people blind? There is little or no European heritage, at least where genetics are concerned, among the Latin Americans who are now entering our country. As to their being Christians ‘like us’, well, speak for yourself; I don’t believe in Saint Death or ‘Santa Muerte’ and I don’t buy magic supplies for casting spells down in the barrio stores. I don’t believe in ‘curanderas’ or in going to fortune-tellers. In other words, their form of Christianity bears scant resemblance to ours. To believe that their faith and ours are a source of commonality is to be deluded.

Another example: your interlocutor is a Republican but he feels compelled, for some reason, to defend Mexicans because they are ‘social conservatives’ or because they have ‘good family values.’
Social conservatives ? Who have a higher illegitimacy rate than Whites and blacks? Who have a high rate of abortion? Social conservatives who commit far more crimes than our native-born citizens? Who drive drunk habitually? Who cheat, defraud, and exploit our system daily?

Another common cliche is that they ”work their [posteriors] off.” The only thing I can say to that last defense is that it’s irrelevant. Does ”working hard” automatically give anyone the right to enter our country and to stay here? Since when does ”working hard” become the magic open-sesame to our country and all its benefits? How many hard-working people are there in the world? Do they all get a pass if they enter this country illegally, or does our government issue visas and residency papers to everybody that ”works hard”?

These knee-jerk defenses of Latinos are especially common among the mainstream Republican types, and much as I hate to say it, among mainstream evangelicals who seem to think that being a good Christian involves sugar-coating everything and seeing only good, even when confronted with bad behavior.”

[The old July 2010 link is now inactive, but the link to another great article is below this excerpt.]

"Many such White Americans believe that all Asians have similarly ”high IQs” and that a high IQ automatically translates to compatibility with our folk and our culture. Does it?

Before I address that we should also mention that, unbeknownst to some people, not all Asians are alike. Some Americans get very vexed at the British media for using the term ”Asian” to describe Pakistanis or Hindus. They are for some reason convinced that ”Asian” means only Japanese, Chinese and Koreans. In other words, only East Asians or North and East Asians. Why? Why should it? Asia is a huge continent populated by billions. Why are only those in the north and east of that continent to be called Asians? In any case, Asia includes varied peoples and cultures, and not all those who come from that continent have “high IQs”, nor are all of them compatible with us."

Anonymous said...

Truck driver talks about immigrants becoming more Africanised, a bit like the killer bees.

Anonymous said...

It's a 'MUST WATCH' for anyone with a half decent brain

Dave33 said...

Very interesting link to the Guardian you gave us there Lemmyhead. (

Quite remarkable the number of readers who are, or should be the embodiment of the liberal/left, who take positions like we do here. And as you point out so many comments have been moderated out of existence. Actually the same on most MSM outlets. Articles seriously out of whack with the views of readers.

Anonymous said...

Some liberals are just too far gone.

Anonymous said...

Henry Makow complains about diversity in the Toronto police force and commentators either say "What's wrong with that" or "Can't you count?"

Anonymous said...

Eurotunnel insider talks about what's happening.

Tom said...

This is sickening,

Anonymous said...

Before I address that we should also mention that, unbeknownst to some people, not all Asians are alike. Some Americans get very vexed at the British media for using the term ”Asian” to describe Pakistanis or Hindus. They are for some reason convinced that ”Asian” means only Japanese, Chinese and Koreans. In other words, only East Asians or North and East Asians. Why? Why should it? Asia is a huge continent populated by billions. Why are only those in the north and east of that continent to be called Asians? In any case, Asia includes varied peoples and cultures, and not all those who come from that continent have “high IQs”, nor are all of them compatible with us."
Absolutely!!! Anything from Indonesia, the Eastern border of the Indian sub continent travelling westwards to the SW ASIAN peninsula incorporating Turkey and ISRA-HELL is poison! You cannot compare the Japanese, Koreans or the Chinese to them.

Henry IX said...

I think most of us know that all Asians are not alike. And most of us know that the term 'Asian' is used to disguise the fact that they referring to Muslims.

Anonymous said...

Some racists deny that colonialism causes long-lasting poverty and distress.

Once the immigrants fully colonise Europe there will be lost-lasting poverty and distress. So there.

Anonymous said...

Jew talking shit about Trump.

Anonymous said...

Austrian health officials have admitted that “asylum seekers” are given priority over native Austrians for hospital visits and medical treatment.

Anonymous said...

Bavarian government - over 2 million invaders


Anonymous said...

White guy thinks he's an Indian and gets depressed about racism.

Maybe he can stop Merkel?

Anonymous said...

Someone demands Trumps assassination on the Internet. Are the hate cops busy chasing whites?’s_assassination.html

Anonymous said...

Well she did lose her job. Probably didn't expect that.

A White would get in police trouble though, right?

Or do Trump Lives Not Matter?

Anonymous said...

Is Trump...

On the edge of outright heresy and ready to denounce it when the time comes?

Flanders said...

From my links in another old [Aug 2010] file, I discover [again] that "our" world [the NWO one] was already formed - back in 1941 - AND it was an Irishman who discovered that plan for the New World Order. We in America were already cast for the North American Union and NAFTA. Back in those times, people didn't know that many of "our" leaders were jews, and high-level jews leading (or following) within the frameworks of that network of international jewry which is called by various names, "Illuminati", Zionist, Freemason, Committee of 300, CFR and RIIA, etc., as we do know today.

"The Post War II New World Order Map: A Proposal to Re-arrange the World after an Allied Victory" - Revealed By Irish Historian Thomas Moriarty


http://strangemaps. files.wordpress. com/2008/ 06/1942world1600 .jpg

One of the most recent references to the NWO by a major political figure was made by US president George Bush (Sr), who explicitly used the NWO to refer to US objectives in a Post-Cold War world. The term has a pedigree much older than the Cold War, or even both World Wars. Some might even say – and now we’re straying somewhat prematurely into the field of conspiracy theory – that it goes all the way back to Roman times, as is attested by the (modified) quote of the Roman poet Virgil on the revers of the US Great Seal and (significantly or not, since 1935) on the back of the dollar bill: Novus Ordo Seclorum – literally: ‘A New Order for the Ages’.

In a modern context, it was the British imperialist Cecil Rhodes (who gave his name to Rhodesia) who first proposed a federal world government to be imposed by the US and the British Empire. US President Woodrow Wilson was inspired by a similar concept to draw up his plans for a League of Nations in the aftermath of World War I. Most fascist regimes in the 20s, 30s and 40s of the twentieth century also proposed some sort of NWO – in fact, most styled themselves to be a ‘New Order’. H.G. Wells – he of ‘War of the Worlds’ – wrote ‘The Open Conspiracy’ (1928) in which he describes his efforts to get intellectuals to back the idea of a World Social Democracy and ‘The New World Order’ (1940), in which he details how a generation of struggle will be necessary to overcome the opponents of such a global government.".

"...British Commonwealth of Nations (BCN), including Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Madagascar and most of Indonesia.

Smaller entities include Eire (the whole of Ireland), Greece (including Albania), Turkey (excluding European Turkey), Hebrewland (the Holy Land plus Jordan) and Japan. The three axis states (Germany, Italy and Japan) were to be ‘quarantained’ until they could be readmitted in the family of nations."

The original source of this article is shown by my files to be found by Global Research, and the link is active.

I also have these links which I have not checked to see whether they are still active. [Where I found this information]

“The original source of the plan that is described in detail on the map is not given. However, an examination of numerous documents of the period relating to the new world order indicate that the source must have been individuals related to the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and/or the U.S. State Department.”

Anonymous said...

The IRA had (still have) links to Jewish terrorist organisations like Stern gang etc. Goes back to 1944 when they killed Lord Moyne whilst our duped forebears were still fighting a war against Germany ! Where's the brotherhood now ? Hobnobbing with the hoi poloi of Westminster whose Jewish speaker has already pocketed £500,000 in the last 3 years from expenses alone.

Anonymous said...

Barbarians stone four women to death
Where's the outcry on MSM

eff the villa

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Sometimes someone hits the nail square on the head. Patrick Grimm does that. As I finished reading I thought of Orwell. Not only do they want you to say 2+2=5 they want you to believe 2+2=5.
There's the problem. The left do belive the answer is five. Our education system now teaches that it's five. Those, particularly the middle class, who see the problem are to scared. They think that they have to much to lose. We all live in hope. Things will get better. Things get worse. It can't get any worse. Back to square one.
The working class (what's left)are Orwells Prolls. Football, X Factor et al. We now have an underclass. They live without hope. They have black friends. They think that blacks are superior and adopt black culture. Thieving and drug dealing is the norm. Prison a badge of honour. Who can blame them? They don't know any better. Thieving and drug dealing produces a little extra. Prison is not much worse than being free.
The long march only has a few steps to the end.


Anonymous said...

This doesn't ring true. Unfortunetly.

No other reports in the MSN. The whole report stinks. The 'Indie' has gone broke. I wonder why? Love the comments section as usual now.


Anonymous said...

Muslims in Scunthorpe demonstrate against another Muslim sect building a mousqe

They have even copied a edl flyer . No mousqes

Lots of name calling about pigs and apes

Eff the villa scratches his head thinking do they really think they have won the battle of Britain and they are now about to tear what remains asunder with their religious bigotry

Anonymous said...

A sign?

Long lines to bug gold in London.

In case you need a mainstream source, here's one -

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with Germans?

46 percent still support Merkel!

In a poll 81% of people think the govt doesn't have the refugee problem under control. I guess they haven't heard of the Kalergi Plan then.

One of the factors contributing to Merkel's falling popularity is the recent wave of sexual harassment attacks against women by refugees across Germany.

Is that it? No mention by anyone of the small matter of White genocide by the Kalergi Plan?

Are Germans all stupid?

Santoculto said...

or dietetic hegelian, ;)

=( no funny )=

Anonymous said...

Merkel the comedienne.

The German Chancellor emphasized that most migrants had received only temporary permission to stay in Germany.

A real thigh-slapper that one, total side-splitter.

Sadly, 88% of Germans will believe her and not call for her imprisonment.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, Merkel is not to blame by anti-Semitism is rising because of immigrants.

Don't blame Merkel though, she's doing good work. We just need Jews to go to Israel and everything will be OK. Christians are suffering too, but we don't know what to do about that. They haven't got an Israel to go to.

Anonymous said...


The doctors in Mexico are on to the scam. They have proven that Ades mosquitos are turning up in impossible areas and have to be getting air dropped.
They did this by doing precipitation and temperature analysis, and have proven that in the areas the Ades mosquitos have shown up, there has been both inadequate precipitation, and temperatures that are a full 10 degrees celsius too low for Ades to hatch, or even live when released alive.

This is first hand information from speaking to the doctors directly.

Additionally, there have been many crappy looking 30 plus year old very large helicopters no one has seen before flying low over neighborhoods in Mexico, and when they fly over, the mosquitos show up. Even I have seen these. They look like old RAF Sea Kings that have not had maintenance for 20 years. They looked like they flew out of a junk yard. It is obvious this is where the mosquitos, which clearly do not belong, are coming from. (the helicopter to the left here is a similar type, and is not in bad condition)

The doctors have stated also that it is obvious the mosquitos are being dropped, because areas go from high levels of infestation to zero infestation in only 2 days, because the winter temperatures are too cold and are killing the released mosquitos outright. The helicopters have shown up in even my neighborhood and the mosquitos subsequently showed up in my house that afternoon, but were killed by the cold overnight.

They have also said there have been cases of microcephaly in Mexico, and that not one baby born with it had been exposed to Zika. They are investigating the new Tdap shot.

They are stressed out, and are blown away by the fact that they have proven that even the world health organization is involved in a political scam to scare the masses, and are additionally stressed out by the complicity of the media, which keeps parroting the lies despite being told in no uncertain terms what is really going on.

When I conducted similar interviews a month ago, they were interested. But this time around, it was like their world was shattered.

This is current info, I did the interviews on the 11th. The helicopters and mosquitos showed up on the 8th.

Anonymous said...

Wanna see some bullshit?

Alternative opinion:

NO MATTER WHAT the story, DO NOT get vaccinated, a new DNA modifying virus based bioweapon designed to make people less intelligent in a way that gets passed along to the children is being distributed via vaccines, and the "zika" scam is the first test run.

Modified bacteriophage viruses were the original go-to choice for gene manipulation by tyranny

Unlike ordinary viruses which can infect or live in several species of animal, bacteriophages - which prior to being engineered to do otherwise - only infected bacteria and additionally were so selective, they only infected one bacteria sub group. This could be compared to a dog disease that only killed golden retrievers, while leaving a golden lab untouched
This selectivity that phages are capable of has been used in Israel's race specific bioweapons program, and additionally, can be used in brain eating vaccines which contain "viruses" that only attack a specific type of neuron.

There have been many reports about genetically engineered nanobot viruses being developed that will destroy people. Once these viruses are received via a tainted vaccine, they insert DNA into your cells which instructs your own cells to produce more copies of the virus, which then goes to other cells and repeats the process. While doing so, a virus that has been programmed to put new DNA into a cell and then allow that cell to live can make permanent changes to the DNA of people, and make the children those people have turn out completely different from what the parent originally was.

The elite are now going for a huge push to get genetically modified bacteriophage based "vaccines" put into the entire world public via mandated injections AT ONCE. They already tried this with ebola and failed. Zika is likely to be the next scam, and this time around they are already saying that the "virus" is causing permanent genetic changes to make people stupid. This is being done by them in an effort to meet their goals of subverting mankind by creating inferior sub groups while having people be oblivious to the fact that the real dumbing down happened via the vaccine they received to "protect them from it".

Anyone who is with it enough to find a web site like this one ought to know about the NWO plan for global depopulation and the establishment of compact slave cities that can be managed with ease. What better way could there be to manage a massive depopulation than a fake outbreak, with the real disease being in mandated shots, peddled as vaccines that are supposed to protect? What better way could there possibly be to, while administering death shots, give all the survivors a massive reduction in intelligence that will stay with all future children, forever?

Mark my word: THIS is why they are pushing vaccines so hard, and now actively working to destroy completely legitimate dissent.


Anonymous said...

@09:13 "... For too many - it remains true. Mr. Grimm's link is no longer active".

His website still floats in cyperspace ... but has not been updated since 2009. Nevertheless, there's still plenty of good material to peruse here:

Anonymous said...

@00:26 Uncle Nasty said... "A lucky little raghead. I had to spend the equivalent of sixty thousand NZ Dollars and kiss a yard of arse before I got residence."

With some three separate 6-month visits to N.Z. in 1986, 1998 and 2003, I seriously considered a permanent re-location to N.Z. from Ontario, Canada. But, my last two sojourns brought disappointment with the ever-increasing "yellow plague" seen in Auckland, then in Christchurch. For some reason, Wellington was still holding up quite well 13 years ago. But today, if current demographic trends are of any indication, New Zealand's capital city will have succumbed to the invader class, too.


Anyhow, I've decided to retire to Nova Scotia where the people still reflect the 1980s population I'm more accustomed to. ;)

Anonymous said...

Anon 1902 regarding zika virus

I wonder why it is only happening in warm Christian countries

Eff it

Uncle Nasty said...

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with Germans?
46 percent still support Merkel!

In a poll 81% of people think the govt doesn't have the refugee problem under control. I guess they haven't heard of the Kalergi Plan then.
One of the factors contributing to Merkel's falling popularity is the recent wave of sexual harassment attacks against women by refugees across Germany.

Is that it? No mention by anyone of the small matter of White genocide by the Kalergi Plan?

Are Germans all stupid?
13 February 2016 at 18:50

Okay ... five questions, in turn.

Who carried out the so-called research?
Of whom were the so-called questions asked?
Who published the so-called results?
What were the actual questions?
Who stands to benefit by wildly inflating the "approves"?

After all if a paper said that 99 percent of all krauts wanted Merkel swaying gently in the breeze ... then what is she still doing there?

Vee hef ze democracy, no?

Never forget Samuel Clemens's famous quote: "There are lies, damned lies and statistics."

Take your fucking polls and shove them.


AnalogMan said...

I'm seeing a lot of anonymous comments containing only a link. I can't be bothered to follow a link just because it's there. Does anybody?

If you want to recommend something, it will have more weight if you identify yourself. A short extract or description of the contents is essential. Don't expect others to work it out from a URL.

Anonymous said...

The Pale blue dot called Earth ...

Anonymous said...

Interesting vid on Britain First but the narrator is a fucking rat..

Uncle Nasty said...

Annonny of 13 February 2016 at 20:25.

I am afraid that I have to agree. My work takes me to all parts of Auckland over a week. And I can speak with a great deal of authority, here.

South of the Harbour Bridge there are suburbs like Highland Park, Howick and Pakuranga (in the southeast) which are almost exclusively Chinese or South East Asian ... even the locals make jokes about it, renaming those Asian hotspots to Chiland Park; Chowick and Japuranga.

Closer to where I live (in the west) we have Mount Roskill -- where one sees more ragheads than in Afghanistan, and the Indian Colonies like Balmoral and Sandringham (in the West) -- then we have Papatoetoe (In the South).

A White face there is a fucking rarity.

On the Shore however, (North of the Harbour Bridge) it's still remarkably pale, and in the really classy (I might add predominantly Nouveau-riche left-wing) suburbs; Ponsonby, Herne Bay and Parnell, it's White, white, white.

Could be because a lot of politicians, MPs and ministers stay there?
The only Indians, Islanders and Maori you see there are the delivery guys, street cleaners and road workers.

What is good for thee ... is not necessarily good for me. The usual lefty hypocrisy.

I have not even begun, and I find it too tiresome to continue. I'll be frank -- with my usual Polyanna-ish optimism bobbing to the surface, I feel that NZ heads the same way as the rest of the planet.

But, being New Zealand; behind in every respect, it will be slower. It merely circles the bowl until after everyone else has swirled away.

Then ... Gloop


Uncle Nasty said...

Take your fucking polls and shove them.
13 February 2016 at 21:10

Re-reading that post, I realise that the original poster may think that that comment was aimed at him ... or her

If you do -- my apologies, but it wasn't. It was aimed at those who organise and publish this "poll" garbage.

The Usual Suspects.


Regarding AnalogMan's post on anonymity, I have to concur ... Please, too many anonymouses (anonymice?)

The threads become top-heavy with too many of them .... and one loses track of who is responding to whom.

A handle costs one nothing but a few moment's thought.


Anonymous said...

Hello savant , it's me eff the villa the oldest hooligan in town
I want to send you something private my dad wrote about Ireland

How do I do that

Uncle Nasty said...

Then again ... not all the news is bad.

Yesterday’s papers – the UK Independent stops printing

by Cameron Slater on February 14, 2016 at 8:00am

Ironically this is yesterday’s news as well.

The Independent has called an end to its print newspaper operation after three decades, and will produce an online edition only, making around 75 journalists redundant.

The newspaper publishing group claimed the move would ensure a “sustainable and profitable future” for the company which has been struggling with heavy losses for years.

The newspaper, which was launched in 1986, will print its last daily title on 26 March. The last Independent on Sunday will be published on 20 March. Read more »

75 luvvie journos out of work. Oy vey ... der sufferink

Is that high-pitched, buzzing-gnat sound you hear the world's tiniest violin sobbing out a minuscule threnody?

Nope. It's merely the ringing in my ears and I hope it doesn't bother you ...


Uncle Nasty said...

Corkonian said...

That Lovecraft guy, why, a man after my own heart. Nothing more entertaining than well-written invective.
11 February 2016 at 10:31

Beautifully put.


Uncle Nasty said...

Ultimately, this is what it's all about. All the rest is vapour.

Austrians Need Constitutional Right to Pay in Cash, Mahrer Says
by Boris Groendahl
t borisg_work

February 13, 2016 — 3:06 AM NZDT

Austrians should have the constitutional right to use cash to protect their privacy, Deputy Economy Minister Harald Mahrer said, as the European Union considers curbing the use of banknotes and coins.

“We don’t want someone to be able to track digitally what we buy, eat and drink, what books we read and what movies we watch,” Mahrer said on Austrian public radio station Oe1. “We will fight everywhere against rules” including caps on cash purchases, he said.

EU finance ministers vowed at a meeting in Brussels on Friday to crack down on “illicit cash movements.” They urged the European Commission, the EU’s executive arm, to “explore the need for appropriate restrictions on cash payments exceeding certain thresholds and to engage with the European Central Bank to consider appropriate measures regarding high denomination notes, in particular the 500-euro note.”

Ministers told the commission to report on its findings by May 1.

“illicit cash movements.” Eh?

Amazing ... this sort of info is available out there. Where are the pitchforks? Where are the ropes? Where is the boiling pitch?

Possibly more to the point ... where is the capacity to see what is not merely in front of you ... but actively grabbing the back of your head and grinding your face into its crotch?

No, folks. It won't be this fucking obvious ...

-- or maybe it will (sigh) ... I despair, sometimes.


Anonymous said...

Chiland Park; Chowick and Japuranga.

UN, it's Thailand park.

Anonymous said...

But, being New Zealand; behind in every respect, it will be slower. It merely circles the bowl until after everyone else has swirled away.

Then ... Gloop

Yes there are pockets of White resistance....pockets.

There are schools in Auckland that were 95% white in 1985, and by 2005 were 95% non-white. I've seen the stats. Its actually very common.

There are schools that are 80% white (the maximum) but they are right on the outskirts of Auckland. There are schools that are over 90% polynesian, but they are regarded as diverse enough.

Outside of Auckland, everyone complains about Auckland and enjoys its misfortunes, not really realizing that Auckland is the engine of their destruction.

Multiculturalism is a nightmare, it really is.

katana said...

13 February 2016 at 00:12: UN wrote,

This being the case, I am looking for the story (actually -- believe it or not -- run in the New Zealand Herald) of the Kiwi post-grad student who questioned the 6 million figure in his graduation paper -- and had his career, as well as his life, shredded by the local ... oligarchy.

But I can't find it.

The New Zealand noses overstepped the mark there.
Waaaay too much publicity.

Anyway ... if anyone can post a link to the Whole NZ student controversy/commentary, I would be grateful.



UN, David Irving has a whole load of things on Hayward and his Masters Thesis. See here:

Documents on Dr Joel S Hayward


I also did a post that mentions Hayward that might interest you:

Historians or Hoaxers? — The unprofessional disdain of academic historians for documenting the Holocaust

Anonymous said...

Flat Earth Theory

The interesting thing about it is that people feel they have to go to such efforts to disprove it, even though it is simply a joke.

There are lots of people saying "But if it was true then this...".

No wonder we have so much trouble convincing people that White genocide is real and happening right now.

Jessie Pinkman said...

Yo handles, bitch!

Walter White said...

Jessie, we need to hate.

Jessie Pinkman said...

Yo, racist bitch, yo biiiiiiitch.

So move from Calais then bitch. Yo, fat stacks of immigrants yo.

Jessie Pinkman said...

Yo, reporting bitch.

Very posh brown girl smugly reports Whitey struggling to do anything whatsoever.

Nigel Farage talks about controlling borders.

Bla bla bla.

Flanders said...

A commenter with a name does get more respect and attention, and it does help everyone reading to keep track of the conversation.

UN, I know that New Zealand has had 3 jew PM's, but I can't remember whether the present PM is a jew. Do you know?

Also, I find it strange that we do not have Germans commenting here. I suspect that there is a collusion to keep the Germans separated from the rest of the White populations on the internet. I'm sure there are many English speakers among the German population, and that not all of them speaking English are jews. What is the last word that anyone has heard about Mike James?

Some of the other PDF's are better done than this one, but it is the one likely to be of wider interest on Irish Savant, and deals with several of our Irish in America, back before the jews killed Kennedy, and when it WAS still resembling the USA.

"Jett and Jahn Media has created “Catholic Power: Irish American Politics”
series to honor these brave men who showed us what is possible when we come
together and stand up for what is right.".

I can and do recommend, The German View of Judaism.

Uncle Nasty said...

For those of you ... both of you -- who read comments by the ADL, you might find this interesting.

The Anti-Defamation League's description of an alt.right person ... and, you know something? I agree with them on almost every point.

Sometimes attempting to control the narrative, leads to, shall we say? -- Unforeseen consequences.

Powering the Future and Beyond
Porter / 2 days ago

For those unfamiliar with the term, the ADL provides a helpful primer on the very bad ungood “Alt-right” movement.“

One of the extremist-related “buzz words” that people may encounter in 2016 is “Alt Right.” The term “Alt Right” originated with extremists but increasingly has found its way into the mainstream media. Alt Right is short for “alternative right.” This vague term actually encompasses a range of people on the extreme right who reject mainstream conservatism in favor of forms of conservatism that embrace implicit or explicit racism or white supremacy.

People who identify with the Alt Right regard mainstream or traditional conservatives as weak and impotent, largely because they do not sufficiently support racism and anti-Semitism. Alt Righters frequently disparage the conservative movement by using the derogatory term “cuckservative,” popularized in 2015. The term “cuckservative,” a combination of “conserva­tive” and “cuckold,” is used by white supremacists to describe a white Christ­ian conservative who promotes the interests of Jews and non-whites over those of whites.

Though not every person who identifies with the Alt Right is a white supremacist, most are and “white identity” is central to people in this milieu. In fact, Alt Righters reject modern conservatism explicitly because they believe that mainstream conservatives are not advocating for the interests of white people as a group.

Read on and enjoy ... they've sure got me covered.


Uncle Nasty said...

Further to my previous post ... Porter says it all.

There’s nothing the ADL stands more firmly against than nationalism in Israel (what some supremacists call “the Jewish state”) and infiltration of conservatism in America. What’s a neocon anyway? No matter, there are more important issues at hand–such as the transition away from our reliance on fossil fuels.

I believe Jewish hypocrisy represents the greatest untapped source of sustainable power that man has ever conceived. In the future we can anticipate jewish pundits, rabbis, or just members of their 8,592 American advocacy organizations will only be inconvenienced to periodically speak or write into sidewalk terminals distributed through every urban environment. The incandescent input of which will be used to heat huge underground reservoirs of water. The resulting steam release to drive turbine generators in producing electricity for all mankind. It’s an exciting time to be a dual-citizen.

Always a good read ...


Welcome the immigrants said...

........('(...´...´.... ¯~/'...')
..........''...\.......... _.·´

Anonymous said...

Trouble in Israel because archaeologists can't find any proof of much in the bible.

Flanders said...

Contesting Zika claims - Brazilian doctors are of the opinion that "a chemical larvicide that produces malformations in mosquitoes was introduced into the drinking water supply in 2014. This poison, Pyriproxyfen, is used in a State-controlled programme aimed at eradicating disease-carrying mosquitoes.

The Physicians added that the Pyriproxyfen is manufactured by Sumitomo Chemical, a Japanese "strategic partner" of Monsanto."

"Abrasco also names Pyriproxyfen as a likely cause of the microcephaly. It condemns the strategy of chemical control of Zika-carrying mosquitoes, which it says is contaminating the environment as well as people and is not decreasing the numbers of mosquitoes. Abrasco suggests that this strategy is in fact driven by the commercial interests of the chemical industry, which it says is deeply integrated into the Latin American ministries of health, as well as the World Health Organization and the Pan American Health Organisation.

Abrasco names the British GM insect company Oxitec as part of the corporate lobby that is distorting the facts about Zika to suit its own profit-making agenda."

waterboy said...

Jesse Pinkman! How yo been baby? Missing Walt?

Vercingetorix said...

The War On Cash will be one of the most significant projects in the coming years. All the Usual Suspects are behind it and are pushing like hell.

Flanders said...

Someone had mentioned that there have been serious indications that a reparations bill for "African-Americans" was going to be passed. I know who would be behind that.

First – We have the [mucus] – those of the brown and non-whites who make up the Multi-Cults – the [MuCus].

Then – We have [Mucus Marx] – That’s the jew’s whose job is to spread and stir all that mucus inside each of our White countries.

Above those – We have [Slime Marx] – That’s the national and global jewry multiculturalists internationally who import the biggest loads of mucus and delivers and assigns the allotments of the mucus to whichever White countries are going to be slimed.

You are damned right, I believe in reparations, and I intend to collect them for all of the slippery brown snot I’ve had to endure surrounding me for most years of my life. It’s time that all White people force those reparations into OUR pockets – where they have belonged all of this time - and end those jew programs, especially “affirmative action” which is – viewed factually – an affirmative [required] discrimination against White people.

Those “laws” were emplaced only through fraudulent jewish-instigated stealth measures (Those measures were fraud and were intended to be so in their beginning, and ipso facto, legally cannot be “law”.) and were designed to be a time bomb of slime for all White people to have to deal with at a later time – giving the jew the chance to hide their primary involvement.

They were able to get by with it at first because the law was set up to apply only to those corporations with more than 500 employees [there were few of those in the 1960's]. The jews overcame the strongest resistance, which came from American small business owners with that provision, promising that it would never apply to them, and then reneged, as the white-skinned Slime Marx jews had intended to do all along, screwing all White people.

Flanders said...

I ran across a statement in an Israeli blog while researching another matter, and despite it's age, it has obvious present significance. I also followed to the newer version of that blog and found some more statements of interest. Maybe the ADL's new jew-enforcer, Jonathan Greenblatt, will be interested in checking on those.

[Court okays Citizenship Law, legalizing discrimination of Arabs
Posted: January 12th, 2012]

According to the 2003 law, Arab citizens of Israel who marry Palestinians will have to emigrate in order to live with their spouses.

Israeli Arab MK Ahmed Tibi famously said that “Israel is indeed a Jewish-democratic state: it is democratic for Jews and Jewish for all the rest.”

This rings truer than ever after Israel’s High Court of Justice rejected yesterday (again) the petitions against the Citizenship Law, one of the first measures to make racial discrimination against the Arab minority not just common practice, but part of Israel’s legal codex.

In an article on "Why the Israeli debate on the occupation misses the point",

"In the eyes of most Israelis, democracy consists of two Jews arguing over the fate of the Palestinian."

Flanders said...

One more from that newer jew site.

When Israel tortures Jewish terror suspects

The Right is furious over the alleged use of torture against the suspects in the murder of a Palestinian family. But is it any surprise that the tools used against Palestinians would eventually be used against Jews too?

“Torture in Israel? The Shin Bet’s actions in the Duma case may turn out to be the secret service’s new ‘Bus 300 Affair,’ wrote Yehuda Yifrach, the legal expert for the right-wing newspaper Makor Rishon and the NRG news site, on his personal Facebook page.

Well, of course there is torture in Israel — it has been used here on a regular basis for decades. There was even an investigatory committee that dealt with the issue and the High Court even established a legal framework for the use of torture. There are also many testimonies that show how the Shin Bet regularly strays from that framework, using interrogation techniques that can be categorized as torture in order to force prisoners to confess, and not only in cases of a “ticking bomb.”

The Israeli Right has been accusing the Shin Bet of using violent interrogation methods against the suspects in the murder of three members of the Dawabshe family in Duma this past July. The suspects were allegedly prevented from seeing a lawyer until last Wednesday, prompting a large right-wing demonstration outside the home of Shin Bet head Yoram Cohen Saturday night.

Yirach’s bewilderment, as well as that of many on the Right, is not really about “torture in Israel,” but rather about the “torture of Jews.” This is a different question entirely. The attitude underlying Yifrach’s message is that Palestinians are not actually part of the Israeli system, despite having to obey its orders. They do not have the same civil rights as Jews, which makes admissible in court a confession extracted from a Palestinian minor, while a confession by a Jewish minor using the same techniques is inadmissible.

In truth, this is not the attitude of the Right, but of the Israeli mainstream, which is convinced that the occupied territories are part of Israel (or, at the very least, are disputed), while millions of people who live in this territory are not part of Israel, and they are not entitled to the same civil and human rights as Israelis. But the reality is that both the people and the land are under Israeli control and are subject to Israeli law...
These are not necessary steps in the struggle for the survival of the Jewish People. These aren’t even necessary steps in the struggle for the survival of the State of Israel. This is the struggle for the survival of an unjust regime, whose ultimate end is clear; the only question is how much blood will be spilled on the way. Even Jewish terror, with which the state is currently trying to contend, is part of a well-known phenomenon: fringe groups among the oppressing population, which do a better job than the regime of instilling fear into the oppressed group. Violence, on all sides, is a direct outcome of the violence of the occupation. One cannot treat the symptoms without dealing with the disease."

Kevin Rafferty said...

Friend of mine visited NZ for a few weeks recently and saw a major difference in ethnic composition between the North Island and the South. The North, especially urban areas, are indeed depressingly diverse. But he claimed rural areas and most of the South were reassuringly White. Obviously Mauris are a separate issue.

Anonymous said...

Oh Albion lies sleeping but she will arise again

We hope

Anonymous said...

Eff the villa scratches his head thinking do they really think they have won the battle of Britain and they are now about to tear what remains asunder with their religious bigotry.

Not much good news but this is one item. We should be stoking this up. It might turn Britain into a Muslim N.I. but that I could put up with. Fewer white deaths. What a dream! Mussies turning on themselves. Perhaps there is a God.

Eff the Baggies

Uncle Nasty said...

Anonymous said...

Chiland Park; Chowick and Japuranga.

UN, it's Thailand park.
14 February 2016 at 01:11

Thanks for that. Oddly enough I was told the "Chiland" bit by a Maori woman. It always struck me as a weak link in the otherwise fairly elegant chain of thought.


Uncle Nasty said...

Thank you, Katana, for the links on Dr Joel Hayward

And, of course, to

Flanders said...

A commenter with a name does get more respect and attention, and it does help everyone reading to keep track of the conversation.

UN, I know that New Zealand has had 3 jew PM's, but I can't remember whether the present PM is a jew. Do you know?

Make that four, Flanders. John Key is most definitely of the Tribe ... From Shittipedia:

Personal life

Key was born in Auckland, New Zealand, to George Key (1914–1969)[2] and Ruth Key (née Lazar, 1922–2000),[2] on 9 August 1961. His father was an English immigrant and a veteran of the Spanish Civil War and World War II.[3] Key and his two sisters were raised in a state house in the Christchurch suburb of Bryndwr, by his mother, an Austrian Jewish immigrant.[4][5]

You would be amazed at the number of Kiwis I have told this to, who were living in blissful ignorance of the fact.
In fact, down in Wellington about three years ago I met a Kiwi spook** and asked him straight up if the NZ intelligence community regarded Key as, shall we say "True Blue Kiwi." Not to mention the late unlamented Helen Clark.

His silence -- and his smile -- spoke volumes.

and, rather telling:-

Who were the other three, by the way?


** Seriously. I seem to meet these people at the oddest times and at the strangest occasions.

Anonymous said...

Here's another one for you lemmyhead . More Muslims v Muslims on British streets

Eff the villa

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Kevin Rafferty said...
Friend of mine visited NZ for a few weeks recently and saw a major difference in ethnic composition between the North Island and the South. The North, especially urban areas, are indeed depressingly diverse. But he claimed rural areas and most of the South were reassuringly White. Obviously Mauris are a separate issue.

The Scottish Highlands are far whiter than NZ.

There are still places in the UK to escape diversity. White flight won't save us however.

New Zealand is stuffed, long term. Completely.

James said...

UN, I know that New Zealand has had 3 jew PM's, but I can't remember whether the present PM is a jew. Do you know?

We'll start off with a little story.

An American tourist in NZ drives up to a gas station and needs to use the toilet. He goes up to the counter and asks for the John Key.

Ha ha ha ha ha. John Key.

He's the Jewiest Jewish Jew PM ever. Not even a Crypto. He seems like a nice bloke though.

He was a banker for Merril Lynch. The other bankers called him "The Smiling Assassin". Smiling? It took him about 2 terms in office before he could smile without rigor mortis.

Special skill: he can do three-way handshakes.

Check out the schnozzle.

Jessie Pinkman said...

Anonymous waterboy said...
Jesse Pinkman! How yo been baby? Missing Walt?

Yo I been shifting mad volumes of shit at Walmart yo, making fat stacks of dimes yo.

Yo Mr White is dead so good riddance bitch. He wrecked my life yo, like multiculturalism in Europe.

Anonymous said...

Violence involving migrants Sweden
Read the comments not one in favour of immigration
One reads walked from Syria to die in Helsinki. Should of stayed at home and fought for your country

Eff the villa

James said...

Interesting link UN. Is the URL a joke? Kiwi? Wakeup? That is an oxymoron. Kiwi is defined as a perpetually sleeping person, with no brains at all, otherwise called a New Zealander. They can be identified by their smiling eyes and happy disposition, which only increases the more you cheat them or steal off them.

Buried in its hateful pages is the following mindless invective:

In 1989, former PGA member, MP Kerry Burke (now Sir), and former Speaker of the New Zealand Parliament, led a delegation on a trip to Russia to study President Gorbachev’s reforms. The Dominion newspaper June 15, 1989, ran a report on Mr. Burke’s trip. It was headed: “Perestroika Just Like Rogernomics” and said, “…Mr. Burke said it was quite staggering to see the similarities between the Soviet reforms and those occurring in New Zealand and other Western Economies … it is just about identical in every respect”.

After Roger Douglas inflicted "Rogernomics" on NZ, he disappeared for a few years. What was he doing? Setting up Rogernomics in Israel, of all places. Why they'd allow a goy to count their Shekels... well maybe that aligns with Henry Makow's thesis that at the top there are goyim as well as Jews.

Roger took off to Russia after that. (Or was it the other way around. In any case he likes sharing ideas with [ex?] commies.)

What do we know? We're just stupid white shits worried about Asians taking over the whole damned place.

Flanders said...

My old friend, T-Bone, became disgusted with viewing some of the TNB which the jew media (MSM) never shows to it's own dumbed down viewers, but which is very much present and factual but is skipped for the jew's own censorship and sensory-programming reasons, but is recounted elsewhere on the internet. He was also tired about hearing some of the comments being made by posters who are supposed to be White and who should know better.

T bone said, "This nigger bullshit it too much already.

I go and read at various blogs from time to time. I see many posters taking the heavy off the negro – as if they are no way accountable for their TNB… and that is exclusively a result of jew programming.

The jew exacerbates the TNB that is already there. Violence is the negro way and the jew nurtures the chaos. The negro is still accountable.

So these posters who think the negro is naturally ‘good’ but is only ‘programmed by environment’ can only mean one or two things:

1. they are negroes themselves

2. they are hardcore negro-lovers who probably have a shitskin partner or niglet children

Or maybe they have never lived around the negro and like to think they ‘know the deal’ – without enduring the negro. Well, that’s a lack of empathy for their fellow White man and is flat-out weak. These are people I cannot take seriously. We’re supposed to have some kind of movement here. It takes serious White folks who have compassion for other White folks who are less fortunate – and NOT these posters who otherwise show compassion for the negro.

And this would mean that all the negroes who were lynched from yesteryear were all ‘good’ negroes and that Whites were ‘bad’. That is a narrative which is in defiance of common sense and the presently observable natural order. To make such affirmations reaffirms the jew narrative, and aids the jew programming which only really started less than a hundred years ago.

These posters not only take the heavy off the negro, they actually seem quite URGENT to do just that. Hmmm….

A poster who has no problem saying jew or ‘kike’ but has never uttered the word ‘nigger’ causes definite suspicion with me. I’m not suggesting what words to use, but consistency (or the lack thereof) is very telling to me.

All good White people:

We have a problem – the jew is number one and the shitskins are not very far behind. Yes, our dilemma suddenly becomes a multiplicity of thought but we cant be complacent because one focal point is easier. We have to use our brains and we have to raise the bar and think about what the various effects might be when we say those words which may push those false jew narratives so harmful to Whites on many different levels.

Problem number one – the jew.

The shitskin negros who cause intentional harms to our society – a very close second. I see this as a no brainer."

Flanders said...

I've left the link previously, but I think it does a good job of introductory review and would be helpful for those people who have just refused to awaken to realities about the jews involved in the "immigration" scam. "Jewish subversives behind anti-European racial subversion & foreign policy corruption" — 6 min.

Flanders said...

UN, I cannot find the older book which I had read about the other jew PM's in New Zealand, but I have found at least one more listed, which I'll include later below this link, which contains helpful information in the sidebar also.

"Later Jewish emigration, Jewish refugees, and the problem of "white" New Zealand

In addition to this first wave of Anglo-Jewish immigration circa 1840–60, German Jews were drawn to Gold strikes in the 1860s and after. The first Jews, who were proudly "English" and the early German Jews were seen as "white." They were able to fully participate in civic life in New Zealand at all levels decades before Jews in England were finally free to.

However, restrictions were instituted in 1881 that effectively closed off immigration to immigrants who were not from England, Ireland, or Scotland, who were Asian, or any other culture deemed too foreign (a category which also included eastern European Jews). New Zealand, like Australia, had struggled with its white, Christian identity.[32] Some have attributed this attitude to New Zealand's geographic isolation at the time, to fear of economic competition, to the dilution of a perceived "white" culture.[33][34][35]

As a result, few Jews were granted refuge in New Zealand before, during and after the Holocaust. First called "enemy aliens" because of their German nationality, popular sentiment suggested that they leave as soon as the war was over, as they were competing with New Zealanders for work.[36] A major veterans group in 1945 suggested that not only should the "enemy aliens" go back where they came from, but that any money they had made during their stay should be turned over to the wives and children of the soldiers, who had risked their lives while the Jews stayed safely in New Zealand.

More recently, Jewish immigrants have come from South Africa, Israel, and the former Soviet Union."

Flanders said...

The History of the Jews in New Zealand

"Jewish Lives in New Zealand is a compelling look at the disproportionately profound impact Jewish people have had in New Zealand since the 1840s, when just 20 citizens were registered as being Jewish. Today, the total number is probably more than 20,000.

The roll call for New Zealanders of Jewish decent is impressive -:
•John Barnett,
•Vincent Ward,
•Marti Friedlander,
•Sir Peter Gluckman,
•Dove-Myer Robinson,
•John Goldwater,
•Frank Hofmann

Founding Families: Stretching right back into New Zealand’s history, eminent founding families such as the

[The index page at the very bottom contents link may be the best way to find specific content of interest].
I don't know whether Karl Popper was from New Zealand, but I found a Photo showing as being:

"Academic Karl Popper (1902-1994) photographed by Franz Barta, circa 1975. From the book, 'Jewish Lives In New Zealand'

Anonymous said...

As a result, few Jews were granted refuge in New Zealand before, during and after the Holocaust. First called "enemy aliens" because of their German nationality, popular sentiment suggested that they leave as soon as the war was over, as they were competing with New Zealanders for work.[36] A major veterans group in 1945 suggested that not only should the "enemy aliens" go back where they came from, but that any money they had made during their stay should be turned over to the wives and children of the soldiers, who had risked their lives while the Jews stayed safely in New Zealand.

How many went back? About 6?

Flanders said...

I'll continue looking for that specific link, UN.

Uncle Nasty said...

Thanks to all (in particular Katana) for supplying links to Hayward.

A question for James. Are you the James who commented quite a lot a while back ... and then dropped out for a while?

Just trying to get things clear in my mind.


Uncle Nasty said...

Flanders said:

A major veterans group in 1945 suggested that not only should the "enemy aliens" go back where they came from, but that any money they had made during their stay should be turned over to the wives and children of the soldiers, who had risked their lives while the Jews stayed safely in New Zealand.

More recently, Jewish immigrants have come from South Africa, Israel, and the former Soviet Union."

It goes without saying that the "Jewish immigrants" mentioned above are infiltrators, who have been -- and will be -- poisoning the well.

South African jews have infiltrated Australia right up the wazoo. They pretty much own Perth, the closest thing to Tel Aviv-on-the-pacific.

Why else would a country known for its right-wing sanity in the fifties, sixties and seventies suddenly turn into a socialist, feminist, faggotist israeli colony almost overnight?

Australia -- the govt, not the people -- is more Kalergi than Canada or Sweden. The lefties in gov't in Oz look like rabid dogs compared to the faggotty -- and largely ineffectual -- left in New Zealand.

As for the so-called "immigrants" from israel and former Soviet Union, those scum are nothing more than internationalist gangsters, like their predecessors ... casing the joint.

Autralia knew the yid threat at the turn of the nineteenth century ... pretty much the way the whole world did back then ... and was not afraid to say it.

"The Montefiores have taken Australia for their own, and there is not a gold field or a sheep run from Tasmania to New South Wales that does not pay them a heavy tribute. They are the real owners of the antipodean continent. What is the good of our being a wealthy nation, if the wealth is all in the hands of German Jews?"

W. HUGHES, Premier of Australia, Saturday Evening Post, June 19, 1919

Try saying it now.


Uncle Nasty said...

We all know this wonderful site listing locations that have had the pleasure of saying "don't let the door hit you in your flabby yiddish arse on the way out ..."**

Here, however, is one that goes into greater detail as to why the Red Sea Pedestrians were told to pedest a little further.

Actually quite scholarly ... an extract:-

Context of Jewish Problems Here are some remarks on the reasons.

Europe in the 14th and 15th Centuries - some context
The bubonic form of the disease was a bacterium (Yersinia pestis) spread by fleas from rats. The pneumonic form of the disease spread from one person to other people. This was made worse by crowding in the cities. Some cities lost from half to two-thirds of their population. Some small cities became ghost towns. Common folks were dying as well as the most pious. Perhaps a third of the Catholic clergy died, with priests who attended the afflicted being hit the hardest. The poor were hit harder than aristocrats because they were generally in poorer health and less able to resist the disease and because they were more crowded together. Wolves fared better and appeared in some capital cities.

People did not understand the source of the plague, and panic spread faster than the disease. The belief in witchcraft was revitalized. Believing that the end of the world was at hand, some groups engaged in frenzied bacchanals and orgies. People called the Flagellants believed that the plague was the judgment of God on sinful mankind. They traveled the country, men and women flogging one another. They preached that anyone doing this for thirty-three days would be cleansed of all his sins -- one day for every year that Christ lived. The Church was still on guard against innovative religious proclamations, and in 1349 Pope Clement VI condemned the movement.

The wandering mobs focused their wrath upon clergy who opposed them, and they targeted Jews, whom they blamed for inciting God's wrath. In Germany rumors arose that Jews had caused the plague by poisoning the water. Pogroms followed. Jews were arrested. Their fortunes were seized by the lords under whose jurisdictions they lived, and Jews were put to death by burning. The attacks on Jews were condemned by Clement VI, and he threatened excommunication for those Christians who harmed Jews.

A view from Werner Sombart who was a German professor of economics. He thought that capitalism originated from an earlier tradition than Christianity and that it was more a Jewish construct. He was published in 1911 and not challenged at the time. He says of them that:-
* They were foreigners with no formal citizenship everywhere in their diaspora.
* They were scattered throughout the world, never concentrated in a single area.
* Their physical and social separateness from non-Jews was voluntary and part of their religious world view.
* They were not peasants and were not linked to the land in their diaspora; wherever they were found, they were an urban class.
* They lived a double standard of morality: one for themselves and another for non-Jews, which functioned to position them as intermediaries between other peoples, and ultimately protected their group solidarity and identity.
* They had strong injunctions to marry only within the Jewish community. [TRAVERSO, p. 44]
* They also accumulated "liquid wealth," per merchantry and money lending enterprises.

At least some of this is beyond dispute. They may feel disposed to object to the rest. That does not mean that he is wrong.


**Oh, happy day.

Uncle Nasty said...

Outrageously good site. And Muchas gracias to the original poster.

I am running around like a blue-arsed fly, at the moment, grabbing the occasional twenty minutes to post.

If I have inadvertently pinched this link from one of the other posters, please forgive me, but I feel that it's too useful to allow it to slip beneath the waves, as is so often the case.


Anonymous said...

Looks like Netanyahoo enjoys pork.

Anonymous said...

Australia -- the govt, not the people -- is more Kalergi than Canada or Sweden. The lefties in gov't in Oz look like rabid dogs compared to the faggotty -- and largely ineffectual -- left in New Zealand.

We will not allow the Asianisation of Australia to become a political issue-- Anti-white genocidal maniac Bob Hawke.

Anonymous said...

Marching to Zion.

Good vid. Learned Rabbis caught out.

Anonymous said...

Ever since the women’s suffrage movement, feminists’ strategy has not been one of independently seeking their own power, but of shaming men into relinquishing theirs.

The robot in Ex Machina was pretty hot, you have to admit.

Anonymous said...

Pertinent comment on sex bots:

Back in my day, a sexbot would have been considered to be degrading.

But they made being married to a post-wall fatty who was only thin and pretty for alpha cock in her 20 even more degrading.

They made having to put up with fatass and "man up" and accept it more degrading.

Having kids they made degrading. Don't be a bad dad! No no no. Let them be screaming brat kids doing what they want whenever they want and if you don't tell them how special they are every two seconds, you are a horrible dad and an ogre. Your fat wife will punish you.

They made being divorce raped in court degrading. Even after years of STFU while she got fatter and the kids ruled the house you STFU anyway until your hair fell out and she decided to divorce you and take you to the cleaners anyway.

Sexbots don't seem so degrading now.

Damn if the white race survives all this, even the Jews will bow down to us.

Anonymous said...

Germany unloaded immigrants to Ireland!

Merkel trying to sweep the problem under carpet so she can get re-elected and bring in more.

If Germans re-elect Merkel, they are worse than Swedes.

Anonymous said...

Justice Scalia is supposed to be a conservative hero.

NOT SO! He constantly pushed a Talmudic legal system onto the Goyim.

James said...

UN, I might be.

Anonymous said...

Krauts booing Merkel.

Lots of lovely young men and techno sounds.

Flanders said...

UN re your 00:01,

I think what you describe happening in New Zeeland is just exactly what has been happening to all of us during the past within our own White countries. Our earlier White people refused to believe it. So do so many of our own White people now.

It should be obvious to everyone on it's face, but for some reason many of our own people who are a part of what I would loosely call our movement, refuse to acknowledge it seriously either.

That is why nothing ever gets done.

I think that I've found the answer in this post from a major site which bills itself as White, but sometimes that is not too damned obvious, has devoted an entire post, basically to attack me. I've been going there off and on for years and have never determined whether to trust it completely or not, and have had good reasons for that wavering, despite giving it at one time an almost fanatical loyalty.

"Let me address something I was accused of by a commenter here recently at my site who once attacked me as a “HasbaRAT” (a secret Jew Internet Agit/Prop agent) awhile back and only returned last year to renew commenting here. On Monday, he once again left in another big weird huff out of the blue over the business with me suggesting Jew-aware Whites infiltrate the ranks of Bernie Sanders — should both he and Donald Trump get screwed over."

I can tell anyone and everyone here that they should be investigating and digging further into that young jew communist site, which was Bernie's playground, and not just because of Bernie, but because it is one of the biggest stealth communist cells operating in the world and also in the US. It has been for many years, in fact, predating WWI, if I remember correctly.

That group is, the “subversive Hashomer Hatzair”.

Everyone needs to research it - seriously.

And, not just because of these elections. It's because it has operated right in front of us and no one has known it from our side. It is not the only one.

People think that communism is dead - THEY ARE FLAT OUT WRONG!!! It's been operating underground and we didn't know it and have never identified it. There are other communist cells which operate among us other than the young communists, but they are all serious and deadly. They operate openly now, if low-key. We have to dig them out, expose them and destroy them. Everyone of us needs to give this our attention!

Anyway, I'll provide a link there and I have returned to comment there, but you will have to make up your own mind about that site because I truthfully don't know.
I'll give a synopsis of my response which is posted there, and a link in the next comment. For now, here is the link to the main page.

But, don't forget to search for subversive Hashomer Hatzair.

Anonymous said...

Due to the current financial situation caused by the slowdown in the economy, the Government has decided to implement a scheme to put workers of 50 years of age and above on early, mandatory retirement, thus creating jobs and reducing unemployment.

This scheme will be known as RAPE (Retire Aged People Early).

Persons selected to be RAPED can apply to the Government to be considered for the SHAFT program(Special Help After Forced Termination).

Persons who have been RAPED and SHAFTED will be reviewed under the SCREW program (System Covering Retired-Early Workers).

A person may be RAPED once,SHAFTED twice and SCREWED as many times as the Government deems appropriate.

Persons who have been RAPED could get AIDS (Additional Income for Dependents & Spouse) or HERPES (Half Earnings for Retired Personnel Early Severance).

Obviously persons who have AIDS or HERPES will not be SHAFTED or SCREWED any further by the Government.

Persons who are not RAPED and are staying on will receive as much SHIT (Special High Intensity Training) as possible. The Government has always prided themselves on the amount of SHIT they give our citizens.

Should you feel that you do not receive enough SHIT, please bring this to the attention of your MP, who has been trained to give you all the SHIT you can handle.

The Committee for Economic Value of Individual Lives (E.V.I.L.)

PS - Due to recent budget cuts and the rising cost of electricity, gas and oil, as well as current market conditions, The Light at the End of the Tunnel has been turned off.
... Cheers Rapparee O'Hogan

Anonymous said...

This was blamed on the far right