Tuesday, 17 November 2015

'Paris False Flag' Post disappears!

What's going on?  My post Could Paris have been a false flag? has disappeared, complete with all the comments.

This is really odd. More anon....

Thanks Rob for locating a cached version on the Internet. Unfortunately all comments to date lost.

There have been many suggestions - and not just on the Alt-Right blogs - that the Paris attacks could have been a false flag. Maybe they were but I don't buy the theory. Always ask cui bono? And in this case it would appear that they've holed below the water-line everything the NWO globalists hold dear. Couldn't have come at a worse time for the Great Population Replacement Project as almost every European country was already in uproar at the multi-pronged immivasion by the Religion Of Peace.

Then along come the Paris attacks.

Now the Dutch are talking about going back to the Guilder, just about every EU country has closed its borders, Shengen has utterly collapsed, the UK EU Referendum balance has swung decisively in favour of the No option, nationalist parties have shot up in the opinion polls, Eastern European countries are in open anti-Islamic revolt, uncensored on-the-ground reports from Germany suggest a seismic change of attitudes, Austrians are arming themselves in record numbers, the Euro has declined even further while travel within the  EU has become a nightmare. In a more strategic sense the Paris attacks have enabled the public to recognise the central role of 'Brussels' (which has by now become shorthand for the hated EU leviathan) in the Muslim immivasion and its catastrophic consequences....underlined with stunning emphasis by Paris.

In fact just about everything the NWO globalists have been pushing for - the breakdown of ethnic, racial and religious cohesion, the destruction of borders and nationalism, and the attraction of an EU Super-State - has been seriously damaged by the Paris attacks.

So what possible reason could there be for a false flag? I see two possibilities only. First they could serve as a mini 9/11 in conditioning the public to accept even more constraints on their freedoms - a prime potential victim being the Internet. Second they could give the NATO countries - the NWO globalist enforcers - the excuse to get more actively involved in Syria. You know, to fight ISIS. And thereby edge the Russians out.

But I don't see that these two side benefits could possibly outweigh the enormous strategic dame of the attacks.


kulak said...

Just as I was going to comment!

Rob said...

Random disappearance, I take it. Not nasty enough to be malevolent. Cached version of post here.

Master Laura Bates said...

Sav as you identify as transgender may I just say how appalled I am at this removal of your post dare I say that the Transphobic bigots at google are even worse than the perps of the Holocaust. Today you Ireland's Savant Tomorrow it will be Caitlyn Jenner Glamor's Woman of the year. Say no to google's bigotry. #EverydaySexism

AnalogMan said...

Nope, not gone. I still see it.

Anonymous said...

False flag articles are all over the web - there's a big one at countercurrents.org - but none of the arguments seem credible to me. Although I accept the role of Obama, McCain, Clinton, Saudis etc. in the creation and perpetuation of ISIS.


Anonymous said...

What gives me some surprise is: The French and east European under-world have not cottoned onto the high probability that: The wagon masters/sheiks, will be carrying quite a wedge (rands and sovereigns), so as to “smooth things out”...to get free rail travel and gate openers etc.
They (the replacements). Have obviously... in my opinion... been kitted out in non tribal travel gear so as to reduce the visual alarm such numbers of aliens would cause.
The army and travel cos.must be well impressed/alarmed with the traitors who have organized such a huge mess of disparate and desperate folk to be on the move at the same time!
Looks as if a few fall guy thickos’ recruited for Paris Folk are quicker now at spotting dayjar view!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the Paris event has everything to do with targeting Syria for the moment. Syrians flood Europe. Syrians bomb Paris. What will Syrians do next? Doesn't Israel need to take out Syria and Assad? Getting more and more people against Syrians - and their country - will eventually provoke cries of "bomb Syria, now!"! Time will tell.

Savant, all terrorism of this magnitude is state sponsored. They can have a satellite in space read the face of your watch yet they had no idea this would happen? The obvious is the most often ignored.

Shaunantijihad said...

Clever boy!

Is this post, dare I say it, a false blog?

Naughty Savant!

Anonymous said...

Some calumnyist with The Independent wrote that flying a French flag to mourn the victims is #WhitePrivilege which was responsible for The Fresh Prince of Missouri going on hunger game strike because of non-events at the University of Missouri (Soon to be a major motion picture I Refused Nom Noms! (Including Fried Chicken!) directed by Quentin Tarantino Screenplay by Spike Lee starring Morgan Freeman as a professor Will Smith as the hunger gamer Samual L Jackson as KKK victim and Idris Elba as Tim Wolfe) which did not happen. Clearly this woman is suffering from ##WhitePrivilege herself as only the colored victims were being mourned. Standards of journalism are dropping. Luckily those at the movie making factories in Hollywood are not.

GHQ said...

Just watching coverage of Paris by RT. They are every bit as PC as any of the Western news media.

Anonymous said...

So Blanti Piss is a heroine because he dresses as a woman, works in a trendy bar and obtained HIV the fabulous way dahling whereas Charlie Sheen is not.

Anonymous said...

As to your post going missing
Have you ever heard of mad Matilda

It could be her
I can try to send you a link but she might not let me

Eff the villa

Anonymous said...

Is this funny ? These cunting kikes are taking the pisss again. What if Saturday's victims were kikes ? Would these Hebdo fucks print such an insult to them ?!? http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3322436/They-guns-Champagne-Charlie-Hebdo-responds-Paris-terror-attacks-cartoon-gunned-reveller-enjoying-one-drink.html#comments

It IS a false flag - these kikes are up to something as they always are

Searcher said...

This link from Lasha Darkmoon is a pretty interesting take on the False Flag idea:

The Meaning of the Paris Attacks

I hadn't realized that an emergency drill took place that day in Paris (in common with 9/11 and 7/7).

I will freely admit that I am not the best detective. That said, I don't get why it is so noteworthy that drills take place on the same day as the real attacks. I have heard/read the usual explanations as to why it is important: (a) to create confusion (amongst first responders: police/hospitals etc); (b) to allow the real attack to proceed unimpeded, (c) to give the authorities plausible deniabilty as to their failure to act more quickly. Yet, I still don't get it. I can't see that the "drills" are compelling evidence. If anyone here can explain it please help out. As in explain it to a five year-old.

Did anyone see that some BBC reporter broke down in tears. Ooh the irony. The BBC pushing their multicultural BS non-stop at ordinary people; emotionally guilt-tripping the public with propaganda on "refugees"; the BBC clubhouse of paedophiles/sex pests with cover-ups (selective reporting) and agenda setting becoming clearer every day. The nerve then to play the handwringing, historian, "appropriate" emotion game. Ooh the irony. Because "they care".

I have come to the conclusion lately that a lot of them are just stupid (more stupid than their college educated peer group at any rate). With less street smarts than their non-college educated generational peers. A heady mix of gormless pseudo intelligence.

Anyhow, NATO and the UN are discussed in the article along with gas lines and the ex USSR. Muy interesante.

Anonymous said...

Perverted scheming Jew. No different to a Zimababwean/African kaffir. White girls are just sooooooo fucking stupid as general collective http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3321991/Charlie-Sheen-CONFIRMS-HIV-positive-bombshell-Today-interview.html

Anonymous said...

You're right, Savant, that it is a major spanner in the works of the Great Population Replacement Project. It may be, however, that Russia calling the shots in Syria and thwarting their malevolent plans for the Middle East is regarded as a more pressing matter at the moment.

Anonymous said...

"Just watching coverage of Paris by RT. They are every bit as PC as any of the Western news media."

They do stray off the reservation from time to time:


Uncle Nasty said...

It should be pointed out here, that the MSM's aim is to get the average person to a state of utter confusion ... "Oh, politics ... I simply don't know how it all works."

"It's too complicated for your purty lil' haid, Darlin'"

Pretty much the same way the MSM gets people to the point where they do not know how the banking or economic system works, or foreign exchange, or the education system, or the justice system. Or anything, really. It's all just too complicated.

An interesting example is the story of The theory of Relativity.

When Einstein was first interviewed on the mishmash of stolen concepts he propounded, -- later known as Einstein's General Theory of Relativity -- the reporter who interviewed him was a sports writer -- the only person available for the job at the time, and, utterly ignorant of anything scientific, stated, in his subsequent article, that only three people in the world understood (or could understand) the theory.

Or ten or twelve or twenty ... take your pick, depending on source.

Well, the story stuck, and even today there are thousands who will happily quote it to you ... or there used to be. One imagines that the amount of people who even know of Einstein -- let alone the theory -- diminishes by the day.

Samuel Clemens got it right:- Those who do not read the papers are uninformed. Those who do are misinformed.
If I recall correctly it was Clemens who also said that there is no such thing as public opinion ... there is only published opinion.

MSM absolutely delenda est


No Schlomo said...

Here's a must-read piece on how American (Jewish) neo-cons planned, organised and carried out the destabilisation of certain middle eastern countries on behalf of Israel leading to the unfolding nightmare Europe is now experiencing.........


J Bull said...

Here is an unassailable fact. As long as there is a single muslim who hasn’t yet committed a mass murder, you can’t blame ALL MUSLIMS for mass murder.

Uncle Nasty said...

This is from the Kakistocracy (who get more pleasure from the beans)


So why do Americans pay $852 billion for quote-unquote national defense? Is it to annihilate the camel spider caliphate? If so, it’s an extraordinarily inefficient means of self-protection. The capacity of islamic militants to harm us is directly proportional to their presence in our countries, not to how many bugs we obliterate in the Syrian desert. I am intrigued to learn what effect French bombs in Syria will have on the festering Parisian banlieues where so much hostile alien sentiment is safely incubated. Every sortie in Hollande’s impotent operation should be accompanied by Bob Uecker’s baseball commentary: Juuust a bit outside.

I am intrigued to learn what effect French bombs in Syria will have on the festering Parisian banlieues where so much hostile alien sentiment is safely incubated.

Indeed. Beautifully encapsulated in one short sentence.

But we all know, don't we? As we speak, French and Russian bombers are blowing the snot out of someone in Syria.

Exactly who, God alone knows ... but, hey, someone ... and that's all that matters. They are seen to be doing something.

No doubt -- as happened in Libya -- a few other opportunists will dive into the dogpile. Britain will send a handful of troops, then Sweden, Norway, Australia, Holland, New Zealand ... just to show willing -- and of course to lay legitimate(?) claim to any loose treaures and spoils there may be. Hey, you never know what these ragheads may be hiding in the broom closet or behind the couch.**

Finally America will send in a few, er, observers or peacekeepers -- swelling to a few dozen battalions before you can say "Oil pipelines"

Hey -- the yids and the denizens of the Potomac have got their wish. The bombing has begun, and Syria will be rubble by this time next Christmas. Then, finally, on to Iran, under one trumped up bullshit excuse or another, and Voila!! Our work here is done.


** Speaking of spoils, ever wonder what happened to Libya's wealth ... enough gold bullion to float a new currency?
One hundred and forty three tons of it?

Wonder no longer.





Enjoy the new drama. Same as the old drama.

How can anyone -- anyone -- claim to be surprised?

Anonymous said...

The truth seeking missiles have been looking for the WTC 7 Effect amidst all controlled msm yada yada yada on the Nov 13 attacks in Paris. And Lo! the WTC 7 Effect has come to hand.


Anonymous said...

This type of interview would NEVER be aired on the BBC, CBC, ABC or any MSM broadcasting unit in the United States. This (Irish?) guy leans too close to the Truth.


Anonymous said...

In looking at the action and reaction, and how the so-called authorities (TPTB) were able to instantaneously know who dunnit and then proceed to bomb Syria, something is rotten in Denmark. If you covertly plan it using patsies along the way to your proxy war, it fits in nicely with the official narrative. Unless Hollande is such a stooge, he wants to make himself look like he is in charge and it's all a big show.

katana said...

Re-submitting my comment that was lost when the post went down.

posted by SAVANT at 23:13 on 16-Nov-2015

"There have been many suggestions - and not just on the Alt-Right blogs - that the Paris attacks could have been a false flag. Maybe they were but I don't buy the theory. Always ask cui bono?

In fact just about everything the NWO globalists have been pushing for - the breakdown of ethnic, racial and religious cohesion, the destruction of borders and nationalism, and the attraction of an EU Super-State - has been seriously damaged by the Paris attacks."

I can agree that the NWO globalists have been damaged by the Paris attacks. But "seriously", unfortunately not so much, because they will start to repair the damage by an amping up the volume of their Whurlitzer propaganda machine.

"So what possible reason could there be for a false flag? I see two possibilities only. First they could serve as a mini 9/11 in conditioning the public to accept even more constraints on their freedoms - a prime potential victim being the Internet."

I agree that this will enable them to easily carry out suppression of free speech, etc.

"Second they could give the NATO countries - the NWO globalist enforcers - the excuse to get more actively involved in Syria. You know, to fight ISIS. And thereby edge the Russians out."

BINGO Savant!

Events over the past few days have shown exactly that. The JWO (Jew World Order) enforcers need a very visible excuse to get more actively involved in Syria. When you input these reactions to the Paris attacks then everything starts to fall into place.

Putting the pieces together:

* ZOG (Zionist Occupied Governments, i.e., all Western countries) have been working towards achieving its aim of a Greater Israel in the Middle East. This means the smashing to pieces of all Arab countries and Iran, so that they end up under total jewish tyranny, or at least as fragmented States in constant turmoil.

* Syria was next on the jew hit list. As in Libya, ZOG fomented what they sell as a "civil war", but what is in fact a ZOG created war against Syria using mercenary forces organized, funded, trained, equipped and continually supplied by ZOG, Israel itself and its proxies, like Turkey (NATO member) Saudi Arabia, and the Gulf States.


katana said...


* These mercenary ZOG forces are known as IS, ISIS, ISIL and several other older and newer names. ZOG pretends to its Western populations via ZOG control over the media, that they are against these forces, that they want to defeat them. It's all total lies because ISIS, etc., is a creature of and for ZOG. In other words ISIS, etc., is a False Flag army.

* Everything was going "well" with over 200,000 or more Syrians killed, many more seriously wounded and a mass displacement of about nearly half its population (22 million). The future looked "bright" for the overthrow of the legitimate government of Syria and the fulfillment of the jews Greater Israel project.

* But then, a hugely momentous event occurred. RUSSIA stepped in to defend Syria by pushing back ZOG's proxy army, ISIS. This action by Russia has, at the very least, stalled the whole jewish master plan of total dominance in the Middle East. At best, it has wrecked their whole master plan. This turn of events is a huge deal to the JWO (Jew World Order).

* The JWO using ZOG has reacted by doing a couple of things prior to the Paris attacks:

a) Launched the immivasion (invasion via mass "refugee immigration") by the Sand People (Muslims) and the Mud People (blacks) of the West and particularly Europe.

b) Provoked Russia by downing one of its civilian airplanes over the Sinai, Egypt on Oct 31.

* The JWO, using ZOG and likely duped members of ISIS, has now carried out this false flag attack in Paris. It's just another false flag, like 9/11 and 7/7 in London, etc.

* The now clearly apparent purpose of Paris 11/13 is to arouse the Western public into supporting the lashing out against the false flag proxy called ISIS. The game here is to make a countermove against Russia and to destroy the legitimate government of Syria under the pretense of fighting ISIS terrorism. This is to ensure that the creation of a Greater Israel can continue, a project that appears to have greater immediate priority over the very long term of destroying Europe and the West in general.

So, in summary, given the subsequent reactions we have seen in last few days, it can be concluded that the Paris attacks were designed to counter Russia's saving of Syria by provoking the West to be fully involved in "destroying ISIS" with the "unintended consequence" of destroying Syria.

It may also have the intention of engineering a major conflict with Russia. That's another story, though.

The above pieces do fit together very well, unfortunately for us. People need to get their minds around the fact that they are being deceived on a massive, unbelievable scale.


For my latest blog post:

Friday the 13th Attacks in Paris — a False Flag?

Anonymous said...

For an analysis of the Paris attacks as another in a series of false flag events and some well-reasoned finger pointing as to who benefited, see http://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2015/11/16/washington-refines-its-false-flag-operations-paul-craig-roberts/

tsnamm said...

Re post...finally white people taking to the streets...


Searcher said...

Regarding what all the posters here have said about False Flags, cui bono etc, allow me to throw in my 2c:

Support for nationalism?
- A good proportion of French people have detested Muslim immigration for decades. Plus ca change. Their children have been indoctrinated into Kumbaya hence we see them standing AGAINST their fellow man who want "Islam Hors d'Europe". It will however harden the resolve with those who are not brainwashed into self-hate and start sparking thoughts in those who previously were of a live 'n' let live disposition.

- It doesn't matter that comments on the Daily Express are approximating what we are saying here. 70%+ of English people supported Enoch Powell back in the late 1960s (polls were taken; street protests; politicians were lobbied). Plus ca change.

- As long as people still tune into MSM propaganda, they will continue to believe that terrorist attacks are "their own fault'; multiculturalism is "normal"; the children of immigrants are "as French/British" as everyone else. Even if they go on-line for alternative media they may well believe that "it is too late" to do anything about it.

- This will definitely increase. I would put money on it that this blog is being watched.

As regards Greater Israel, Russia's involvement in Syria, Assad, plane shot down over Eygpt etc, I don't even... I can't even... I do not have the depth of intellect to go into these matters. I just end up seeing everything as ZOGish, where ZOG always wins.

However, the main problems we are facing in the West are actually psychological: white guilt - we cannot put ourselves first; feminism - men can no longer assume the protector role; holocaust - we cannot limit immigration; holocaust - Jews are victims and if you do not believe that then you are anti-semitic which is ahhhhhh the WORST THING EVER.

However.... I do see some worthwhile change of late (not necessarily directly related to Paris):
- A change of certain people's attitudes who were previously lukewarm kumbaya.
- A growing exasperation with the victimology of Blacks thanks to the BLM movement, which may well have a knock-on impact on another ethnic minority's victimology
- A growing exasperation with the SJW nonsense/liberalism/PC/identity politics
- Donald Trump's popularity (not because of who he is but what he is saying). I personally don't particularly like Trump, however, I can recognize someone with a lot of common sense, pragmatic, no-nonsense, able to size things up quickly. He has a sadistic streak and is not gifted at predicting future trends (however he is tapping into what people need to hear right now). With some really good advisors, he has the right raw ingredients to "make America great again". The only danger with Trump is that he turns into some sorta Stalin (only likely after a currency collapse).
- More and more sharing of info on-line between Europeans/Americans etc. This attack has served a useful purpose in that respect (wading through the flag avatars, pray for Paris, emoting hearts; there is some real analysis being shared).

Anonymous said...

FWIW- http://calhoun.nps.edu/bitstream/handle/10945/11515/SI_V9_I1_2010_Greenhill_116.pdf?sequence=1

and this one. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L7GAbVhjTSw

- Fr. John+

Anonymous said...

Since my comment went with the last post and vanished ino cyberspace, I'll repost. For the Paris attacks Cui Bono? Well, the target is Syria, and who benefits from a destabilized and weak Syria? The endgame is to remove Assad. First Hussein in Iraq, then Qaddafi in Libya and now Syria by use of these proxy wars with proxy armies. Will Russia stand by and let it happen? Who was behind the take down of the Russian commercial airplane? Is Isil sophisticated enough for these type of operations without state sponsorship and if not, what state(s) are helping them?

Uncle Nasty said...

In a previous post referencing Libya, I posted this link.


Don't bother clicking on it. Rather like Savant's plaint of the missing post, it's gone a bit funny. The site and the address -- even the images -- are still valid, but the editorial content has disappeared.

I have never seen that one before. TPTB dicking with critical websites and blogs?

Naaah. Never happen.


jazzman said...

It was a false flag because :
The concert hall Bataclan where the main shooting occured, was owned for decades by two jewish brothers. They sold it 2 month ago. What a lucky move...
The 3 kamikaze bombers made only 1 dead and 1 wounded. They obviously were real muslims, but only carriying a load strong enough to kill themselves...

Anonymous said...

all we can say at this point after the shootings in Paris at the concert is"""boy. the music critics in that town are a real bitch""

Uncle Nasty said...

:Looks as though things have not quite settled down in gay Paree ...


Paris attacks: French special ops conduct terror raid

Paris police raid terror suspects

A large police operation in the Paris suburb of Saint Denis is believed to have ended, following reports of the deaths of three suspects.

Police report three suspects have been killed and three others arrested in the raid in northern Paris, which began at at 4.25am (0325 GMT).

One suspect blew herself up with a suicide belt during the operation.

Belgian IS militant Abdelhamid Abaaoud, the alleged mastermind of the massacre, was one of the targets of the raid, according to a Reuters police source.

The Paris police department said there was a prolonged exchange of gunfire and several police were injured. At least seven explosions were heard at the scene.

French TV stations BFM and i-Tele said the suspects were holed up inside an apartment building, where 20 residents were evacuated by authorities.

Reminds me of the two muslim women who bumped into each other after a few years absence.

"Salaam, Scheherazade. How're things going? How's Hakeem, little Abdul the younger and Abdul the elder?"

"Ah ... not so good, Fatima. They're all gone."

"That's terrible -- what happened"

"Well Hakeem was setting an IED, when it went off, prematurely. Abdul the Elder was taken out in a drone strike, and Abdul the younger was putting on his explosive suicide belt, when his teacher patted him on the back and Poof!!"

"Thats awful."

"It is.
They blow up so fast these days ..."


Anonymous said...

@Searcher "Yet, I still don't get it. I can't see that the "drills" are compelling evidence."

The drills aren't in themselves evidence of a false flag event. One could potentially have a false flag without them occurring. Drills can, however facilitate false flags by means of camouflage and confusion and it has been noted that drills have often taken place just before or during major terrorism incidents. One has to look for other signs from: video evidence (or lack of it), implausible coincidences, how an event is exploited and so on to form the view that a false flag has occurred.

Shaunantijihad said...

Please give me your urgent opinion of these enslaved Christian women being sold by Muslims for ISIS with the London police looking on. Please tell me it's a fucking stunt, though if it was, why did I have to find it on Indian TV? The sale in London starts at 2 minutes:


Anonymous said...

Given the public reaction to the Paris attacks why would any white survivalist want to deflect attention from people waking up to the disaster of mass immigration?

Unless they're an idiot.

The way to counter any neocon attempt to use this to start a war in Syria is to point out most of the attackers came from Paris and Brussels so we should be worried about that.

Anonymous said...


Remind me Again why it will be good for Europe to let turkey join

Anonymous said...

Q: How does every Islamic joke start?

A: By looking over your shoulder.

Q: How do you tell a Sunni from a Shiite?

A: The Sunnis are the ones with the Shiite blown out of them

Q: What's the difference between a Muslim and a vampire?

A: At some point the vampire will stop being bloodthirsty.

A muslim, a socialist, and a communist walk into a bar. The bartender says hello Mr. President.

Q: Why did the radical Muslim go to the airport and blow himself up?

A: He wanted to go everywhere.

Q: What do you call a half Irish half Muslim husband?

A: O'Pressive.

Q: What did the warning label on the suicide bombers vest say?

A: In case of Jews, pull cord tightly!

Anonymous said...

@Searcher 03:11

All good points and worth more than your 2c worth.

...plus, just to hammer the point ... is this video again.


Anonymous said...

OK I've fallen for it. I'm watching the BBC. Quiz programme Pointless. How the could they fuck that up? An old dear partnered with something I'm not sure of. Stephanie who is either cross-dresser or transgender. FFS children watch this! I think this candidate for a non-existent gas chamber has been on t.v. before. Please can we have a break. Even a small one.


Michael Brown John Brown's cousin said...

THEwhich meant he was walking away from the guy who was suspended from school for burglary. Or attacking the bus driver. Or being in possession of stolen muslimellery.

Katzenjammer said...

I wouldn't know about this NWO but I do recognise a fool when I see one: Pope Francis.

Who is this bloody moron??? Typical South American, been in with the drug lords for too long.

Searcher said...

Re Pope Francis

He is dangerous.

This blogger, Jeremy James is quite brilliant and nails Pope Francis every so often. He does reference the Bible quite a bit in his articles and speaks about End Times, however, that is often the case with a brilliant mind - the door can also be open to some outfield ideas that are not necessarily correct. Anyhow, I would recommend a read through his articles. They are always well researched, whether or not you agree with his conclusions.

Pope Francis and UN Agenda 2030

The Marxist Pope
The Jesuit Order of Roman Catholic priests has been working toward a new world order for centuries, one in which the bishop of Rome – the Pope or Pontifex Maximus – is the acknowledged world ruler and everyone has been converted to Catholicism. Under a carefully maintained front of lofty idealism and polished urbanity, this secretive military order has quietly undermined the sovereignty and independence of dozens of countries around the world, notably in Central and South America, with a view to creating regional power structures that will advance their global agenda, destroy 'Protestantism' (i.e. Bible-believing Christianity), and add greatly to the wealth and influence of Rome. The leader of this Order, the 'Superior General', has long been recognized as one of the most influential men in the world and is often referred to as the Black Pope, since he traditionally wears a black cassock, as distinct from the white robes worn by the 'White' Pope (i.e. the bishop of Rome).

All Jesuits swear total and unquestioning obedience to the Superior General and will do whatever they are ordered to do as dedicated soldiers of Loyola, the founder of the Jesuit Order. The Superior General in turn has sworn total obedience to the Pope. Thus today we have a bizarre situation where the Pope is also a Jesuit and therefore subject to the will and direction of the Superior General, the Black Pope. Meanwhile, the Black Pope in turn, as Superior General, has sworn complete obedience to the bishop of Rome, the White Pope. This 'black and white' symbology, where opposites are equal and interconnected, is a characteristic of Freemasonry.

The current Black Pope, Adolfo Nicolás Pachón, is an outspoken supporter of 'Liberation Theology'. This theology, which is concerned mainly with social reform, is actually a cunning reformulation of Marxist doctrine under the guise of Christianity. The Jesuits have made extensive use of Liberation Theology over the past fifty years to advance the ideals and principles of Marxism throughout Latin America. This is one reason – and possibly the main reason – why virtually all Latin American countries today are controlled by Marxist governments.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous tsnamm said...
Re post...finally white people taking to the streets...

Taken down again mate.

Shaunantijihad said...
Please give me your urgent opinion of these enslaved Christian women being sold by Muslims for ISIS with the London police looking on.


Forgive my ignorance. How do you know they're Christian? Where are the police? How do you know it's London?
My first impression is that it's fake. I could well believe that the film is fake but the story is true.
If this is true and it is in London and the police are doing nothing then I will take this to the Police and start asking questions. I think a good translation would be the first step. I am serious.


Anonymous said...

Forget the police. I've found them in the video. Sorry. Can anybody say where in London (?) this is? It shouldn't be to difficult for someone who knows London as there is a lot of background evidence. Buildings etc. Please don't just say Tower Hamlets. I need to know exactly where this was shot. If possible the date it was filmed. Then I can do a FOI request.
I suspect, and only suspect, that this is a staged event for a scene in a film.


Anonymous said...

This portends to show just how low the UK education system has descended. The country is fucking joke ! http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3323792/Teenager-used-university-grant-join-ISIS-friends-Syria-jailed-five-years.html

Searcher said...

Hilarious RamZPaul

Imagine a World Without Old Hippies

Uncle Nasty said...

Porter at his best.


Two Roads in a Yellow Wood
Porter / 4 days ago

Brief musings tonight on some possible directions yesterday’s events might serve as a propellant toward. You’ll note I don’t often succumb to optimism, and nothing mouthed by any Western European leaders has steered me toward it in the past day. I have come to think most will ultimately be as receptive to popular will as Ceaușescu.

Given that our states are powered by a perpetual mendacity motion machine, we should presume that any tragic conflagration will be used as pretext to do exactly what was already intended, though now with greater urgency. That events would logically compel a completely opposite reaction is beside the point.

If we don’t replace you now tout de suite, the terrorists will have won.

Thus I find it as equally likely that Cameron, Holland, and Merkel, Europe’s Junta of Whores, will maintain colonization as temper it. They may not. But as long philosophical tracks have been laid, they may. And any flippant pretense will suffice: Our values of human dignity demand we remain strong in generosity to honor the victims of extremism.

But the rubes won’t simply sit for the invasion quo; they’ll want action. And by God they’ll get it. Thus it is easy to envision yet another middle eastern joint military expedition. This time to depose Assad, who is a monster for being disliked by Israel without nuclear deterrent. Of course we can exhale in relief that no Israeli personnel will actually be put in harms way, with coffins and crumpled bodies returning exclusively to respite in America’s rural South and Midwest.

Always entertaining. The yids must hate him.


Abe Simpson said...

Morgan Freeman, Chris Rock, Ice T, Ice Cube, Samuel L Jackson, Tyler Perry, Idris Elba and Wesley Snipes feature on the cover of The Hollywood Reporter bemoaning the fact that they are typecast as scientists and asstronaughts like Trayvon Martin was going to be but they are denied the pay check that they could pick up if they were allowed to play the villain like John Lithgow and Alan Rickman.

"When I read your magazine I don't see one wrinkled face or single toothless grin. For shame! To the sickos at at The Hollywood Reporter magazine."

Uncle Nasty said...

I just saw something that made me laugh out loud ... There will never be a regime change in America, because Washington doesn't have a US embassy.

Hey ... I thought it was funny as hell.


Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Repeating from the deleted thread:

This makes sense to me, since alt parties in Europe were gaining:

"...The Paris attack takes the issue and the initiative away from these dissident political parties. Among the first words out of the mouth of the French president in response to the attack was his declaration that the borders of France are closed. Already Merkel’s political allies in Germany are pushing her government in that direction. “Paris changes everything,” they declare. It certainly saved the European political establishment from defeat and loss of power..."


Washington Refines Its False Flag Operations By Paul Craig Roberts

Might be wrong. Good point though.


Anonymous said...

Major selling point for bringing Syrian refugees here is that the Jewish refugees were kept out in the thirties. And it's against our values and not who we are. But that's exactly who we were when we were who we really are. US was majority dirty word isolationist in those days and if not for Pearl Harbor and the fool Hitler declaring war on us, we would have left the world to hang out to dry. Even during the depression, the working lower middle class was on an economic level equivalent to the middle class of the rest of the developed world. This was known and understood by the American majority and disparaged by the elites. We really would have stayed out of WWII if not pulled in. America First and Fortress America would have worked for us and to hell with the rest of the world. The fact that the Jewish refugees were Jews didn't help them in those days but the main point is that they were refugees and we didn't trust them and didn't want them. It would have been the same for angelic looking English or whatever refugees. And our boneheaded elites, who eventually got their way, would have been scandalized. A lost world that would have been a better world...for us.

Anonymous said...

So if nobody pulled anybody's strings.and nobody coerced anybody
And we all lived normal nice lives with no threats against us

Except the violent passages in the Quran ie
Migrate and where you meet free people etc who wont convert put them to the sword

Sell their women in the market place
Strike at their necks

We would probably still be under threat from jihadists.but they would have less effing money to waste in
Our conquest

Michael Brown John Brown's cousin said...

But what I didn’t fully appreciate, and nobody can appreciate until they’re in the position, is how decentralized power is in this system., . . A lot of the work is not just identifying the right policy but now constantly building these ever shifting coalitions to be able to actually implement and execute and get it done.


When Ferguson happened last year, I was waiting for Obama the Person to come in. But you had to be President Obama. How you handled Charleston this year and Selma—that was Obama the Person. So what happened with Ferguson? Do you wish you had handled that differently?

(Teleprompter reading Gobshite)
You know, the challenge of Ferguson and all issues related to police shootings, race, and the criminal-justice system is that in order to actually get something done, you have to build consensus. Expressing simple outrage without follow-up is often counterproductive. In the case of Ferguson, I’m the attorney general’s boss. If I chime in with a strong opinion about what’s happened, not only do I stand to potentially damage subsequent law-enforcement cases, but immediately you get blowback and backlash that may make people less open to listening. What was different in Charleston was the clarity of what happened—that allowed, I think, everybody to be open to it.

If'n ma sun hadna attacked the po-po officer he wudnot have been shot.
Did it take time during the presidency to realize what kind of moments those were?

(Teleprompter reading Gobshite)
Yes, sometimes it’s feel. Sometimes the circumstances won’t give you a clean statement. The fact that race has always been the fault line of our society and has always distorted our politics—that is not subject to argument. Part of what you’re looking for is a way not to just vent but to actually move the people. I practiced law for a while—a lot of times, hard cases can make bad law. If you have an issue that you want to put forward, you’re looking for the right plaintiff and the right court to appear before. I do think as you go on as president, you get a better feel for this, but you’re not always going to be perfect. When the Trayvon Martin case happened, I had an honest response as a father that I think resonated with a lot of people. When Ferguson happened, there was a gap between how quickly we could pull together a police task force, recommendations. And so in that lag, it feels as if I haven’t spoken to the moment as effectively. I suspect that if I were to do it over again, there might be something I could say that would’ve crystallized it more effectively. But Ferguson—the case itself was tougher because people didn’t know what was going on exactly. In some ways the [Eric] Garner case in New York was clearer because you had on videotape exactly what had happened, and some of the subsequent cases have been more obvious.
All cases were like the Rodney King one in that the police acted correctly in each case unlike the race baiting idiot in the white House.)
One thing you learn as president is you’re not always going to perform flawlessly and you have to be able to put that out of your mind and then look at the next problem coming down the pipe. If I’m working out in the gym, sometimes I’ll go to NBA Classics and watch some of these old classic games—

"What a man,what a jerk." Jimmy Magee

Searcher said...

Check this out... "never let a crisis go to waste":

Counter-terrorism unit unveiled at Wembley

That was quick...

* Patriot Act passed 45 days after 9/11

* Tony Blairs 12 point anti-"terra" plan launched 1 month after 7/7
Tony Blair fighting "terra"

Anonymous said...

So Maria Walsh who won The Rose of tralee (tralee is in kerry it does not take a capital letter (but all the knackers you can send it no problem)) which was the cheesiest of cheesefests to Deefers until it was won by a lesbian had a collection of words about how Ireland had changed.

Senior Doc and nurse in health service imported from darkest Tipperary kept another of their countymen as a slave for 24 years. Two gobdaws of lesbians who did not submit notice in time to get married yesterday and to be the first gays to do so blame the government for something that was up to them to do make the news so that this does not. Media conspiracy.

Nigeria announces that it launches its new jersey today. Traditional blood and bandages red with sponsorship from Chill Insurance - Knackers would use it if they were arsed to get insured - but this does not make the news because the media have sod all interest in good news stories from Nigeria like how Scamela was a bank clerk over there and lived in the richest part of Lagos. Media conspiracy.

eleos said...

And the traitor Hollande welcomes 30,000 new jihadis into France today. At least he waited until the Official Days Of Morning were over.


katana said...

Anonymous said... 18 November 2015 at 16:39
@Searcher 03:11

All good points and worth more than your 2c worth.

...plus, just to hammer the point ... is this video again.


Thank you very much for that link anon!

It’s an RT International interview with Irish political author Gearoid O Colmain who discusses the Paris attacks.

Here’s a transcript I’ve made.


Political author Gearoid O Colmain discusses the Paris attacks with RT International


Video uploaded: Nov 14, 2015
Views: 690,783

RT announcer: Well, let’s now talk to political journalist and author Gearoid O Colmain, who joins us from Paris this evening. Thanks very much for joining us again on RT International. You’re in the French capital. What’s the mood and atmosphere in the city right now?

Gearoid O Colmain: We’re being told that we there’s a state of war and a state of emergency. We’ve had this before. We’ve had this in January and for several weeks we had nonstop sirens and nonstop chatter on the radio about the threat from radical Islam and terrorist groups and so on.

So we are having a kind of replay of that, but there has been, I think accentuated and we are going to have an intensification of the media campaign. Which is essentially a propaganda campaign to make people in France fear Muslims.

We need to be clear about the origins of the war on terror.

The war on terror is, and I quote, “Orchestrated from abroad”. These are the words François Hollande used to describe this terrorist attack.

Well, the attacks that continue to destroy Syria, to massacre its population have also been orchestrated from abroad. They were orchestrated by NATO and they have been carrying out these attacks on civilian populations of Syria for four years now.

And this is a terrorist campaign that is also orchestrated from abroad. And people in Europe need to understand that there is a war that is becoming global, that is being waged against civilian populations in particular. It is a form of neo-imperialism, neocolonialism which aims to divide and conquer your European and Middle Eastern and African and the world’s population for that matter.

To make them submit to a global order that does not serve the interests of most of the people on the planet, but that does serve the interests of a very few ruling elite. A very small, tiny and particularly tyrannical ruling elite.

There is no war on terror. There is a war that is being waged using proxy groups, terrorist proxy groups, and they are being used against nation states who are resisting US and is Israeli hegemony.

And they are also being used as a means of means of disciplining work forces in Europe in a period of mass unemployment and austerity. You now have terrorist attacks being committed by terrorists funded and trained by Western intelligence agencies.

There is no such thing as ISIS. ISIS is the creation of the United States.

We know that from official sources of the US military themselves. And declassified documents from the Defense Intelligence Agency have confirmed that. The French are now, the French government is now attempting to drum up support for more military intervention in Syria.

And what they want to do, is they want to get in on the game. The game is almost lost, the Russians have routed much of the Islamic State.


katana said...


You now have Islamic State militants coming into Europe disguised as refugees. That will destabilize central Europe. And the French government wants to, to get in on the game in Syria and prop up those so-called moderates rebels.

There are no moderate rebels, of course, in Syria.

There Al Qaeda and ISIS militants, terrorist who have been beheading people, eviscerating people, absolutely creating chaos and genocide right across the region. And this does not serve the Syrian people or anyone other than the Western corporate elites and their geopolitical interests.

RT announcer: What do you expect France to do now, in the light, of not only Friday’s terrorism, but ten months on from Charlie Hebdo? It’s not going to ease up on what it’s doing is it?

Gearoid O Colmain: No. Look, much depends on how the French public will react. Whether they will, ... We are being bombarded now with the media propaganda campaign. There is this nonstop talk where we are told not to go out on the street. We are supposed to be fearful and keep quiet and so on.

I think there is going to be a campaign against dissidents in France.

They are very worried about the new media that has emerged in recent years and they all very worried about the alternative media.

So I think you will see, and we saw this actually after the attacks in January. You will see a conflation of terrorism and dissidents.

So, one of the tools which the media, the mass media uses is to discredit any kind of rational questioning all of the established order, and particularly the war on terrorism is to deride those who would question the war on terrorism as conspiracy theorists.

And I think you were going to see a crackdown on so-called conspiracy theorists and websites that actually publish rational and honest analysis of what is happening.

So you were going to see more of that type of intellectual terrorism. Which is already at the boiling point in France. I mean, it’s got to the point now where you have professors in universities who are being intimidated. You have school teachers who are basically being fired for even suggesting that maybe there’s maybe a link between French imperialism and terrorism.

There was one case recently, for example, of a schoolteacher who almost lost his job when he suggested that there might be a link between French foreign policy and terrorism.

So we are going through a period of deep intellectual terrorism, and of course, these random terrorism attacks are a form of low intensity civil war.

I think that the current crisis, the refugee crisis, which is really a form of coercive engineered migration, because it could easily have been prevented, ... This form of coercive engineered migration is going to make this a lot worse and it is going to create the conditions of civil war.

It is a natural consequence, of course, of globalisation of financial capitalism. This is essentially what it leads to. I mean it leads to a breakdown of society. And the only way they can kind of keep everybody down is by a policy of divide and conquer.

So you going to see a situation where you have got a very much a Wahabized working class in France. They have been being Wahabized by the allies of the French political elite, the Saudis and the Qataris building what Wahabi mosques all over the place. That is going to Wahabize the youth and they are going to be then used as pawns, if you’d like, in much bigger geopolitical wars. Wars, proxy wars against Russia, proxy wars against Iran and the Middle East and so on.

And that is going to create massive social unrest. It’s going to divide working people against each other. And the only people who are going to actually benefit from this are the war contractors, the military industrial media intelligence complex.


katana said...


So, in whatever way you you look at this, I don’t know who exactly who did this, who committed this attack and this atrocity. But the real people who are responsible, whether it is directly or indirectly, or consciously or unconsciously, is the French government.

Because they have been complicit in terrorism in the Middle East and all over Africa. And that needs to be understood. And if we don’t understand that this is going to continue and this is going going to deteriorate. We will find ourselves in the situation of being under military law, martial law, if this continues. So this needs to be analyzed and understood.

RT announcer: Can I pick you up on the issue of migrants and refugees because one of the terrorist’s appears to have been a French citizen and another a recent migrant to the country. What do you think this will do to France’s policy towards the migrant crisis?

Gearoid O Colmain: Well, I think this there is sufficient evidence to suggest strongly, that the current crisis, the migration crisis is something that is ongoing and there are different waves coming up from Libya, you have got the ones coming up from Syria and up through the Balkans.

But the current refugee crisis, as it were, is what I would refer to as coercive engineered migration. This is a term used by Kelly Greenwood, a US academic academic who wrote an interesting book on this. Whereby she shows that migration can be used as a tool by one state to destabilize another state.

In this case it has definitely been by the United States and Turkey to destabilize the Balkans, middle Europe, which would be Hungary, and of course, Germany.

And the geostrategic reasons for this basically go back to classical geopolitics which is Alfred McKinsey’s (??) theory of the world, of dividing the world island. That is to say, you divide the Eurasian peninsula from the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea. You create an intermarium [between seas] there, so that you can prevent German and Russian unity.

And that is why Germany is essentially, is being, kind of overrun with people who are themselves are victims of globalization. But they are now being instrumentalized and used as weapons of globalization. And this is one of the key contemporary strategies of US imperialism.

You use the consequences of globalization to further globalization.

And I think that there’s not going to be, ... There is no policy in Europe to control immigration or anything like that. I think the key question here is not actually controlling immigration. The key question is stopping this geopolitical destabilization of Europe.

And some countries are attempting to do that. Hungary is attempting to do that. Bulgaria is attempting to a certain extent to do that. In other words trying to find out who is an actual refugee and who isn’t. They are prioritizing women and children, for example, in Hungary.

That’s a rational approach, but, of course, Victor Orban of Hungary has been demonized by the European Union for his insistence on implementing the laws of the European Union and of the Hungary nation state.

Here, you are in a situation where the French government is totally subordinate to US dictates. This is a country that has been completely taken over by US imperialism, just as Germany. And France does not really have a foreign-policy. It does whatever Washington tells it to do.

RT announcer: OK, it’s always good to get your thoughts on this. Thanks Gearoid O Colmain for joining us from Paris, this Saturday evening.


For my latest blog post: Gearoid O Colmain discusses the Paris attacks with RT International — TRANSCRIPT

Flanders said...

No one should overlook that Colmain transcript, Katana. It is the jews acting as an international state which are executing the policy dictated by their deep-pocket Uncle's, the international bankers. That policy is one-world under a jew presidium.



Frank Galton said...

Anonymous said: “Is Isil sophisticated enough for these type of operations without state sponsorship and if not, what state(s) are helping them?”

General Wesley Kanne (Kohen) Clark admits “allies” created ISIS to fight Israel’s enemy, Hezbollah.

General Wesley Kanne (Kohen) Clark, former presidential candidate and NATO supreme allied commander during the NATO war against Yugoslavia, stated in a recent interview on CNN that “ISIS got started through funding from our friends and allies.” He did not specify exactly which US allies he was talking about.

Clark did say that ISIS “is part of a strategy to destroy Hezbollah with an army of extremists.” Hezbollah was formed to drive Israel out of Lebanon, and ISRAEL is the only country with an interest in destroying it.

Video: Wesley Kanne (Kohen) Clark: "ISIS got started through funding from our friends and allies."

Breitbart News, 05 July 2010

“There is no place in modern Europe for ETHNICALLY PURE STATES. That’s a 19th century idea and we are trying to transition into the 21st century, and we are going to do it with MULTI-ETHNIC STATES.” – General Wesley Kanne (Kohen) Clark

WN.com, 19 June 2014


“We’re going to take out 7 countries: Iraq, SYRIA, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Iran..” – General Wesley Kanne (Kohen) Clark, interview with Amy Goodman, 02 March 2007

Jewish Telegraphic Agency, 17 September 2003

Wesley Clark´s Jewish roots

...Clark, 58, revels in his Jewish roots. He told The Jewish Week in New York...that his ancestors were not just Jews, but members of the priestly caste of Kohens.

Frank Galton

Frank Galton said...

Congressional Record

House of Representatives - September 22, 2005

Page H8337

“Stability is an unworthy American mission and a misleading concept to boot...We do not want stability in Iran, Iraq, SYRIA, Lebanon, or even Saudi Arabia. We want things to change. The issue is not whether but how to DESTABILIZE.” – Michael Ledeen, Jewish former U.S. Under Secretary of State

Michael Ledeen was a founding member of the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (JINSA) and serves on the JINSA Board of Advisors.

Congressional Record

House of Representatives - September 22, 2005

Page H8333

...in 1982 a [Jewish] man named Oded Yinon accentuated the usefulness of INTERNAL STRIFE and war with Iraq to foster the demise of Iraq as an Arab state. He notice that in the short run, it is Iraqi power which constitutes the greatest threat to ISRAEL and that a division of Iraq into provinces along ethnic religious lines is possible. So three more states will exist around the major cities: Basra in the south; Baghdad in the middle; Mosul in the north; and Shiite areas in the south will separate from the Sunni and Kurdish north.

The Huffington Post, 10 September 2013

Oded Yinon's 1982 essay, "The Zionist Plan For The Middle East" outlines a geopolitical strategy in which DE-STABILIZATION is, in fact, the goal.

Scoop - New Zealand News, 30 June 2014

This week on NBC’s Meet the Press, the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, restated the decades-old Zionist project of permanently DIVIDING and controlling the Middle East. On the subject of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS, or DAASH) Netanyahu rather unabashedly and overtly expressed his regime’s intentions to promote INTERNAL STRIFE in neighboring states.

“We must weaken both [Sunni and Shia Muslims],” he said, restating his government’s preferred policy to have Muslims fighting among themselves: “When your enemies are fighting each other, don’t strengthen either one of them, weaken both,” he told the American public.

As Canadian freelance writer and journalist Brandon Martinez reminds us:

FRAGMENTING, WEAKENING AND BALKANIZING THE MIDDLE EAST HAS BEEN PART AND PARCEL OF THE ZIONIST IMPULSE FROM THE VERY BEGINNINGS OF THE JEWISH STATE. Israeli strategist ODED YINON candidly outlined this imperialist line of thought in his 1982 paper “A STRATEGY FOR ISRAEL IN THE 1980S.” A strong, unified Iraq is Israel’s primary military concern, Yinon stressed.

Yinon went on to push for the slicing up of Iraq into three separate colonies or state-lets, arranged along ethnic and confessional lines, and we may well witness these developments come to pass in Iraq. The Israeli strategist also promoted much the same scenario for Syria, Egypt, Lebanon, Iran and other Arab/Muslim states in the region.


Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

I've just switched on to watch the enemies briefing on BBC at 1.00. There was a trailer for an upcoming programme. Hitler and Himmler looking at 'delicate porcelain figures'. It turns out that these were made at Dachau! I didn't get the name of the programme but I'll try and watch it. I want to know if the crematoria doubled up as a firing kiln for porcelain figures.


Anonymous said...


Thanks for the transcript of the Colmain interview.

The man referred to in relation to intermarium is I think Halford Mackinder (not Alfred McKinsey):


Anonymous said...

For democracy, any man would give his only begotten son.

Metallica One

For fashionable liberalism, any liberal would give up society.

Seán Domhnall O'Sullivan 14 hours ago #12 52

I used to consider myself a liberal but the left will have Sharia demands well established before they see what has happened

Marseilles, Rotterdam, Molenbeek, the non fashionable parts of Paris, the non fashionable parts of London, Luton all destroyed in the name of "progress" which hates the society liberal or dumb enough to welcome them.

Anonymous said...

Cambridge University National Treasure
Stepehen Fry had nothing to say on GAY David Starkey being taken off a promotional video for Cambridge University because his Gayness offends people. #ThisisworserthantheholocostsoitisasStephenFrywellknows

Anonymous said...

Hilarious RamZPaul

As usual, RamZPaul is spot on.

Searcher said...


Thanks for that link to Ken O'Keefe's interview.

He makes some good points. However, he reminds me slightly of Jesse Ventura.

There is anger in his voice. He uses the collective "we" when speaking about American government actions. He sticks up for Muslims.

(a) I understand why he and Jesse are so angry, however it is off-putting and comes off as a bit unhinged to the casual viewer.
(b) The collective "we" is the worst thing to do when speaking about geopolitics. As RamZPaul, says, "we in Oklahoma don't really care what is happening in the Middle East". This is as it should be. Why should people in Oklahoma be held to account as regards ISIS when they are fed cock 'n' bull stories by the MSM? If Ken really wants to help his countrymen to wise up, he needs to start being a bit kinder and more understanding. Not everyone is a marine, not everyone has been to the Middle East. Americans' opinions are formed for the most part by MSM. Drop the "we"; point the finger at MSM; calm down and his message would be a lot more effective.
(c) Muslims being hospitable. I would second that. I have known and befriended a number of Muslims. Generosity/hospitality is one of the hallmarks of Muslim people in my experience and also it has been noted throughout the ages. However, this does not mean that I want Ireland to host an increasing Muslim population. On the whole, the culture is not compatible with our own. In small numbers, fine. In large numbers, we have a problem. In any event, I would not elevate Muslims above my own people, ever.

The way I see it, if there are enough people to create a viable parallel community, then they will do so (unless restrained). What happens when you have a number of parallel communities living side-by-side? Low context societies (USA). Stepping on eggshells (USA/UK). Lack of trust between communities and WITHIN communities:

Putnam on Diversity

kulak said...

OT. Weird stuff comes through the fedgov contract feed:

The Office of Opinion Research (OPN) of the U.S. Department of State (the Client) is considering commissioning a nationally representative public opinion survey in Yemen in late 2015/early 2016 as described below.


Department of the Navy, Naval Sea Systems Command, Mid-Atlantic Regional Maintenance Center

This procurement is for Electronic and Information Technology (EIT). Effective June 25, 2001, the Federal government implemented Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, Amendments of 1998 (29 U.S.C. S 794(d)). Section 508 requires that the federal government only acquire electronic and information technology goods and services that provide for access by persons with disabilities.


Other Defense Agencies, Defense Security Cooperation Agency, Defense Budget and Contracts

(iv)This solicitation is issued under FAR Part 13-Simplified Acquisition Procedures. This contract requires expert language interpretation, interpretation equipment, on-site support and translation service into and from the following languages: English to Dari and Dari to English in support of the Near East South Asia for Center for Strategic Studies (NESA) for the period of 4 through 11 December 2015.
(v) Delivery of service is to be performed at National Defense University, 300 5th Ave SW, Lincoln Hall, Washington, D.C 20319.


BRAIN Initiative: Optimization of Transformative Technologies for Large Scale Recording and Modulation in the Nervous System


Other Defense Agencies, Defense Security Cooperation Agency
R -- Afghan-Pak Confidence Building Seminar
The Afghan-Pak Confidence Building Seminar is from 17 Nov- 24 November 2015.
Delivery of service is to be performed in Arlington Virginia area and Fort McNair located at the National Defense University

Uncle Nasty said...

From John Ward -- my favorite denier ... Part one


BEHIND YOUR BACK: Everything from the Paris attacks via fake Syrian passports to Twitter and drone assassination is cyber-connected

By John Ward November 19, 2015 CYBERCOM Mossad helps France Paris Attacks Mastermind dead Seizing our money Syrian passport 'a plant'
While you were busy lighting candles, the cyber apples have been a-ripenin’

Reuters reported early this morning CET that Mossad is helping France investigate the Paris gun and bomb attacks, with Israeli media suggesting that Big M’s intelligence drew on cyber surveillance of militant groups in Syria and Iraq.

The German Minister of the Interior says the Syrian refugee passport next to the dead Paris suicide bomber may have been planted to implicate refugees and make people feel unsafe. It has been declared a forgery for days, allegedly. Certainly, The Slog suggested that last week: one wonders what form of inbred cyber intelligence uncovered this information beyond my humble logic.

But all is well, because the Paris police have killed the 20 something mastermind of the Friday the 13th attacks before he could say anything different. Previously here on Jihadenders, the authorities were sure that Mr Big was in Syria, but he was still in Paris after all. What’s more, it seems they captured some accomplices….and it was all down to cyber information.

In similar vein, the black Dude in the White House is eagerly gobbling up every bit of cyber help he can get, no matter which side of the tracks between the legal and illegal might be involved. Reuters again reports that bad-guy cyber assailants are now feeding information to the U.S. government: they boast of having suppressed tens of thousands of Twitter accounts since January – by posing as would-be recruits to Islamic State.“We’re playing more of an intelligence role,” said the executive director of Ghost Security Group, who declined to be named, citing security concerns. Such as, for example, being cyber-attacked.

End part one.

Once again, looking at various govts, I am reminded of the infamous WWII Gooney bird, who flew in ever decreasing circles until it disappeared up its own fundament.


Uncle nasty said...

Part two ...

... The scope of this nearly half-billion-dollar “help wanted” work order includes counterhacking, as well as developing and deploying lethal cyberattacks.
Apparently this will ’cause real-life destruction and loss of human life’.

Let us be quite clear about this: under CYBERCOM (United States Cyber Command) real, non-cyber people are going to die without explanation or appeal. It would, after all, be misleading if real human being observers wrote of such deaths as ‘cyber’ – and therefore of no consequence.
The importance of this distinction becomes clear when we read that completely real human cops are stealing from the average US citizen with an efficiency that makes me wonder if this tendency isn’t a dry run for the Big Bailin, coming to a continent near you soon.

According to Armstrong Economics, although between 1989 and 2010, U.S. attorneys seized an estimated $12.6bn in asset forfeiture cases, things have been accelerating exponentially in recent years: in 2010 alone, the value of assets seized grew by 52.8% from 2009, and was six times greater than the total for 1989. During 2014, 35% of the entire number of assets collected from 1989 to 2010 was extracted in a single year. According to the FBI, police are today stealing more assets than criminals.

In an unlikely intervention, Eric Holder came out in January suggesting reform because of the widespread abuse of the civil asset forfeiture laws by police. Even Bloomberg News reports that Stop-and-Seize authority is turning the Police into ‘Self-Funding Gangs’. They are simply confiscating money in a flagrant abuse of this civil asset forfeiture where they do not have to prove you did anything…..and District Attorneys are routinely instructing police on how to confiscate money wherever the Law seems grey enough to get away with it.

One can almost hear those senior Met Cops salivating at the thought of what comes next for them.

The speed at which things are going wrong is accelerating. Is it surprising that people, like myself, see such a train smash coming, that the only thing one can do is take a deck chair and a packed lunch to the level crossing ...

... and wait to see the bang?


Anonymous said...

This filhy rag practically glorifies 'the enemy' in subliminal text and articles

Anonymous said...

The "replacement migration" part of the destruction of Europe has always been zig-zag.

Paris will make Euro voters restive. It might even appear to slow things down a bit.

Once people start to say, hey, things are better -- SLAM! The wrecking ball will hit back ten times harder.

Dissidents think in static terms. The Bosses think in dynamic terms.


Anonymous said...

The world will never see our like again.and it will become a sad place if we falter
Eff the villa

Searcher said...

I know this is not related to the topic, so apologies, Sav.

It is very well put, so I thought I would share it with you:

"Equality is related to the direct interests of individuals who are bent on escaping certain inequalities not in their favour, and setting up new inequalities that will be in their favour, this latter being their chief concern".
- Attributed to Vilfredo Pareto (1848-1923). A man worth studying.

It reminds me of something I read before about the far left. "They pretend to care about the poor, but they don't. They are motivated by a hatred for the rich. They couldn't care less about the poor".

I'm getting kinda angry when I realize that throughout the Irish education system we are taught about these characters:

- Mother Theresa
- Mahatma Gandhi
- Martin Luther King
- Nelson Mandela

Yet we are not taught about real brainiacs/thinkers such as V Pareto; Goethe; Tesla?

SJW malarky:
No wonder we have the SJW phenomenon. They are just emulating the people that have been idolized in the classroom.

SJW organisations: Greenpeace, Amnesty, The UN.
All of these organizations are given massive positive spin in Irish schools.

Searcher said...

Re that Daily Mail article

I mean, have we ever seen the like?

A "grassroots" terrorist organization with its own fancypants PR/advertising arm? Give me a break. Even Osama bin Hidin' didn't have good vids or anything like it. He always looked like a loon, grainy videos, crackpot style. But this takes the biscuit. That video could have been done by some professional outfit. And let's face it, it was.

Remind me again, who run the biggest ad agencies in the world?

You're right also regarding the Daily Mail glamorizing this crap. Why do they have to show the link? Very sensual ad: nice, athletic, young man preparing to work with DANGER and ooh look now - a nice fashionable leather jacket to zip up. Hmmm EXPLOSIVES... ooh women will be getting all excira/delira for the young warriors.. See how he runs his hands over the explosives... mmm

So please, please bring 'em in; so we can sweet talk dangerous Khalid outta bombing himself up. A passionate, dangerous, young man... oooh, now where did I put my furry handcuffs?

I can just see the suits in expensive offices planning the ad. Sitting around some nice glossy table. Storyboards at the ready.

Appeal to the WIMMINZ. Advertisers always do. (BTW I say this as a woman, however, I know too well the base level appeal of this sort of dreck. It's not necessarily Muslims that the ad is aimed at (as a recruitment tool). I think it is squarely aimed at Western women). Sex sells (isn't that the advertising mantra). Look at your man, now look at me. I am prepared to die for my people/cause/ideology. Now look at your man. Back to me.

I could be wrong of course, but I generally trust my intuition. And this reeks. Plus, I don't think Muslims are generally good at advertising: not a notable strong point of theirs...

Searcher said...

Just another follow-up on glamorizing terrorists. I hadn't realized that the New York Times had a nice pic of the Boston Bomber on their front page also (not just the Rolling Stone magazine).

It's a very flattering photo. You could imagine that he is just propped up in bed, bed head hair, attractive face.

Boston Bomber

You'd either laugh or cry. I choose to laugh. It's so unbelievably transparent after a while.

Searcher said...

PS TGIF restaurant chain were featured in that ISIS video.

Is that a cheeky nod to Friday's attacks? Thank God it's Friday.

I initially thought it was to signal that they would attack a TGIF restaurant in New York (riddle me, riddle me, riddle me this...)

But maybe, it is more basic. Just a two fingers up and saying hell yeah, that was us on Friday. Want more? Sex and the City: watch out Miranda/Carrie/Samantha we're comin' your way. It is reminiscent of the SATC intro at the end... young adult walking through the multitudes, spotting recognizable landmarks...

Frank Galton said...


Head of French Jewish Lobby’s “Solutions” to Paris Attacks: More Muslims, More Wars and More Censorship

Roger Cuckierman, the head of the official French Jewish lobby (the CRIF), was invited to speak on French public radio to pontificate on the latest horrifying Islamist terrorist attacks in Paris attacks killing at least 129 people.

In the “secular” French Republic, state-employed journalists apparently think being the head of a tribal-religious ethnic lobby formally representing one-sixth-of-one-per-cent of the French population is grounds for of being given ample time on the airwaves.

Armed with his supposed moral authority, Cuckierman naturally made a number of demands and suggestions:

• France’s tradition of secularism (laïcité) should be abolished in order to finance “moderate” Muslim clerics: “It is unhealthy that in France mosques are financed by foreign countries. There should be an Islam of France with imams who speak French and who respect the values of the Republic. Perhaps we should, even in violation of the law of 1905 [instituting secularism], have France pay the imams.”

• STATE CONTROL AND CENSORSHIP OF SOCIAL MEDIA should be reinforced: “[Social media] are complicit, perhaps implicitly, in the acts committed because they facilitate, in a few weeks, the transformation of a good Catholic peasant of the southwest into a jihadist [sic!]. It is time that the entire world put pressure [on social media] so they react as they successfully did to remove pedophilia from social media.”

• More wars in the Middle East, possibly with boots on the ground: “We are in a world war, Pope Francis said so. Therefore the West should wake up and be ready to fight in a strong way on the ground too. The Islamic State is enemy number one.”

For Cuckierman, the Paris terrorist attacks are then due to failure on the part of the French to integrate Islam (more Muslims are just fine), to social media, and to insufficient wars in the Middle East.

These are lies. Quite obviously, the ultimate causes of the Paris terrorist attacks are unassimilable mass Muslim immigration, France’s fragmentation into a Balkanized mess of mutually-hostile ethno-religious communities, and the destruction of secular Arab nationalist regimes on behalf the American Empire and Israel, leading to the creation of the Islamic State.


Cuckierman, self-styled top representative of his tribe, is a professional scammer. His “multiculturalism,” his “Islam of France,” and his “war” on the Islamic State are all scams. The fact that he supports AFRO-ISLAMIC “MULTICULTURALISM” IN FRANCE and JEWS-ONLY MONOCULTURALISM IN ISRAEL shows that he full knows these are scams.

Read more:

Frank Galton

Frank Galton said...


“Our society is FULL OF DIVERSITY, and that is what makes its STRENGTH.” – Roger Cukierman, President, Conseil Représentatif des Institutions juives de France, 17 February 2005


CRIF has relationships with “counterparts” organizations in countries where there is an organized Jewish community. This is especially true of the Zentralrat in Germany, the Board of Deputies in England, major Jewish organizations in the United States...

Does CRIF have an influence on French politics?

YES, CRIF WEIGHS ON FRENCH POLITICS by defending its vision of what should be the public policy against racism...

CRIF’s mission is to fight against all forms of anti-Semitism, RACISM, INTOLERANCE and EXCLUSION, and to defend HUMAN RIGHTS.

Note that this is the same organisation that supports the State of Israel – a State which:

• arrests, imprisons then deports African asylum seekers
• administered the birth control drug Depo Provera to Ethiopian Jews without their knowledge or consent
• banned Ethiopian Jews from donating blood
• has separate roads for Jews and Palestinians
• has separate buses for Palestinians
* is introducing DNA tests for would-be immigrants in order to determine who is a Jew
• prohibits same-sex marriage
• prohibits marriage between Jews and non-Jews

CRIF aims to express public SOLIDARITY WITH ISRAEL...


Israel rounds up African migrants for deportation
Detention camp for African migrants in Israel's south to hold up to 30,000 people
African immigrants in Israel stage mass hunger strike over 'inhuman detentions'
Israel gave birth control to Ethiopian Jews without their consent
Israel: Black Lawmaker [Member of Knesset] Pnina Tamano-Shata Barred from Donating Blood over Ethiopian Origins
Separate roads for Jews, Palestinians
Israel launches Palestinian-only buses amid accusations of racial segregation
Prime Minister’s Office says would-be immigrants from former Soviet Union may be asked to prove JEWISH BLOODLINE
Israeli parliament rejects gay and inter-faith civil marriage bill
Israel prohibits mixed marriages between Jews and non-Jews.

Frank Galton

Frank Galton said...

Jewish Telegraphic Agency, 18 November 2015

Ten Jewish Groups Urge Congress To Allow Syrian Refugees Into U.S.

Among the Jewish groups signing are the Union for Reform Judaism, the HEBREW IMMIGRANT AID SOCIETY, the National Council of Jewish Women, the ANTI-DEFAMATION LEAGUE and the AMERICAN JEWISH COMMITTEE.

Forward, 26 June 2013

Jews Unite Behind Push for Immigration Reform

Ethics and SELF-INTEREST Drive Unusual Nationwide Effort

“It’s the ethical thing to do,” said HIAS [HEBREW IMMIGRANT AID SOCIETY] president and CEO Mark Hetfield, of the community’s immigration reform activism. But he quickly added, “It’s in our [Organised Jewry’s] STRATEGIC INTEREST.”

Center For Immigration Studies, October 2001

The Jewish Stake in America's Changing Demography

“It is simply astounding to contemplate the recent historical rise in Mexican immigration. In 1970, there were fewer than 800,000 Mexican immigrants; 30 years later the number is approaching 9 million, a 10-fold increase in one generation....

The Jewish community is thus in a position where it will be able to DIVIDE AND CONQUER and enter into SELECTIVE COALITIONS that support OUR AGENDAS.” – Dr. Stephen Steinlight, Senior Policy Analyst at the Center for Immigration Studies and former National Affairs Director at the AMERICAN JEWISH COMMITTEE (AJC)


Page 5

Jewish political influence will depend upon establishing PARTNERSHIPS AND COALITIONS with other ETHNIC AND RELIGIOUS GROUPS. Such ALLIANCES build understanding and trust while advancing MUTUAL INTERESTS.

NOTE: The HEBREW IMMIGRANT AID SOCIETY (HIAS), the AMERICAN JEWISH COMMITTEE (AJC), the ANTI-DEFAMATION LEAGUE (ADL), the Union for Reform Judaism and the National Council of Jewish Women are members of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organisations.

The Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organisations

The proven and effective voice of ORGANIZED AMERICAN JEWRY [ORGANIZED JEWRY] for more than half a century, the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations Fund advances the interests of the American Jewish community, sustains broad-based support for [the JEWS-ONLY * State of] Israel and addresses the critical concerns facing world Jewry.

* “Israel is the nation-state of the JEWS ONLY.” – Benjamin Netanyahu

Frank Galton

katana said...

Anonymous said... 19 November 2015 at 14:15

Thanks for the transcript of the Colmain interview.

The man referred to in relation to intermarium is I think Halford Mackinder (not Alfred McKinsey):



Thanks anon for that.

Searcher said...

At the risk of completely going off on a tangent (Pope Francis was mentioned earlier), I would like to share a train of thought on:
- Pope Francis
- Liberation Theology

I think we all here know that Pope Francis is a Marxist. The blogger, Jeremy James (http://zephaniah.eu/), goes into some detail on Pope Francis. Pope Francis is very concerned about income inequality (has been for ages). He also tried his best to guilt-trip and shame "his flock" into accepting Muslims into Europe.

Anyhow, I had never heard of Liberation Theology before (until blogger, Jeremy James, wrote about it). It is a Marxist doctrine (from what I can gather), promoted by Peter Sutherland's pals and educators, The Jesuits. Yep, the Jesuits who are blamed for all matters of ills: sinking the Titanic; controlling the Illuminati and the NWO.. I had always assumed that the Jesuits were a convenient fall-guy.

Howwweverrrrr.... The Jesuits especially encourage this Social Justice phenomenon. SJW is a logical output of Liberation Theology. I recognize that having being educated in Ireland in the 1980s/1990s that lots of SJW seeds were planted in our classrooms: we were to feel sorry for Africans and give them money. We were to feel sorry for Jews and defend them if they were ever attacked. We were to feel sorry for Gypsies.

Subtly, we were given our approved list of people to "feel sorry for". We were also encouraged not to be "too competitive" with each other. We all had our talents and we were no better than each other. We were all equal. We were to challenge authority and "Save the Planet" via Greenpeace/Amnesty/CND or we could set up our own organizations. Amnesty was especially promoted at school.

We were to always share our money with Africans and feel guilty about not eating food (think of the starving children in Africa). So, we got into the mindspace of feeling "privileged" even though many of us were not. We were constantly told how "lucky" we were. In fairness, this was at a time of high unemployment, when there would have been a number of students whose fathers were "artists, drawing the dole"; there was also near constant bad news in the North. However, we had "The Far East" and "Mission" magazines to remind us that there were lots of poor children in Favelas in Brazil; children without clean water in Africa and oppressed people in Asia.

We were invited to feel guilty about "wine lakes" and "butter mountains" in Europe. We were invited to despise American consumerism (consuming all the calories and getting fat; consuming all the fuel and polluting the Earth). Since many of us were not that well off, the guilt didn't really take hold that awfully well. In fact, when most of my peers left school, there was not a whole lot of opportunity to feel guilty about.

However, SJW behavior really took off with those who were in their teens in the early 2000s (at a time of widespread prosperity). "Bring Kunle Home" was the first manifestation on my radar (the failed Nigerian asylum seeker was brought back to Ireland after a SJW campaign by his classmates). The Gay Marriage referendum was the second SJW campaign, that twigged my radar. The ongoing pro-immigration agenda is clearly SJW heartland.

The SJW phenomenon is set to get even more bizarre and extreme in the next few years. We ain't seen nothing yet. Think of it this way: Pope Francis is SJW in chief.

Searcher said...

Just look at the likes of Owen Jones. He goes to Paris and does a feely-weely piece on the Paris attacks and, duh...Islamaphobia. Typical SJW.

Although, I have to say, they are very entertaining in Princeton and Yale, clicking their fingers instead of clapping or murmuring. Bombarding their college authorities with aggressive nonsense, feeling completely free to vocalise their brain aneurysms in Kanye "I'mma let you finish" rants. TBH I kinda feel like a genius in comparison :-) You don't even need to parody them - they are hilarious in their own right.

One commentator who was in with the SJW crowd noted that they control the language in their debate and verbally attack. When that doesn't work, they ostracize. All of these terms have gained currency relatively recently, to give them some petrol in the tank: non-binary; cis; cultural appropriation; safe space; intersectional feminism; heteronormative ...

Root of it all?
Mel Gibstein's father would probably agree with this: Liberation Theology (which created SJWs) was a commie plot to destroy the church (and by extension, the West):
Liberation Theology devised by Communists

Anonymous said...

For the last few years Russia has been having a bad rap, BY the puppet governments of the NWO This in my view makes Russia the good guys, The bad guys creating funding things like ISIS to ruin Syria in my view to create a bigger state of Isreal Now Russia is doing a good job in this disgrace of goings on NATO needs to get Russia out so things go to design, Also some more power grab anti-freedom laws in the mix, This would be a good motive for a false flag op. The EU hasn't opened the floodgates for no reason, Just my take.

Uncle Nasty said...

Just another one of many, many, many ...


Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The Paris False Flag Attacks: Important List Of (At Least) 42 False Flag Attacks Officially Admitted To!

Yes, the Paris "terrorist" attacks were indeed a false flag operation.... It is so surprising that now almost a week after that event that the vast majority of people out there still believe the damn event was real! I personally have had an uphill battle with so many people in trying to convince them to take a closer look and see the fraud for themselves... Many are of course too far gone now, since the brainwashing is that intense in our societies and through our fraud media and crooked governments....

For this article, I want to present a fabulous listing that originally comes from "Washington's Blog" at www.washingtonsblog.com, and mirrored through Mike Rivero's "What Really Happened" website at www.whatreallyhappened.com.... This is a listing of at least 42 false flag attacks in our recent history that have been officially admitted to..... I have that list here and of course my own thoughts and comments to follow:

The old comfort line supposedly uttered by Lincoln is true.

You can't fool all the people all the time --
But then you don't have to.

You merely have to fool enough of the people for enough time to make a getaway or allow it to fade into what Hillary Clinton called "Old news".

Thanks to the average consumer -- sorry! -- person having the attention span of a stunned mayfly, they get away with it.


Anonymous said...

Hard up British Police have plenty of time and money to investigate who put dog shit in the letter box http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2015/11/20/essex-police-investigate-hate-crime-after-facebook-boast_n_8608686.html?utm_hp_ref=uk

Anonymous said...

Nice work if you can get it http://www.etonline.com/news/160595_why_judge_judy_is_worth_her_47_million_salary/