Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Pathological altruism on steroids

A reader sent me this link on the fiasco in Calais. In less than ten minutes it showed us pathological altruism on steroids as French libtards work their asses off preparing and delivering food for the 'victims' in the Calais Jungle.

What a lesson.

First observe the utter disrespect with which the donors are treated. The 'victims' barely acknowledge them, push past them to inspect the offerings, and then utter not one word of thanks for what they receive. Then the scams set in. The same people coming around for seconds, followed by their rushing the van and seizing everything they can get their paws on. And get this:  They then sell the excess product to other inmates in the camp.

Finally comes a vignette which really says it all. Sudanese inmates discover that the 'Best Before' date on some of the food has been exceeded. They are outraged!  The pathetic donors imbibe some of the food themselves to prove that it's ok. But no, these African Muslims fling the produce on the ground, an act which actually elicits some annoyance from the SJWs.

Totally pathetic. But maybe it will turn out to be a Learning Experience for other SJWs out there.  So please, forward the link to this post (or to the video) to as many people as you can.


Searcher said...

Just a thought. Is the SJW phenomenon primarily a female one?
(a) Requires no physical strength
(b) Requires no honor
(c) Behavior with no consequences

It does however:
(a) Require a fluid sense of reality
(b) Require verbal prowess
(c) Requires nurturing/protecting of questionable "victims" *

* Note: You will never find men, becoming infatuated with female murderers such as Catherine Nevin, Myra Hindley. However, any man who murders a woman, is guaranteed at least one female fan.

Searcher said...

Here is a link to a discussion of SJW baloney in the US.

Also, did you ever see this other guy on US TV. John Quinones. "What Would You Do"? Shaming people who are not SJWs!
Social "experiments":

White Privilege/White Guilt:
It plays into certain people's need to feel responsible even when they logically are not. I can understand this as it is a trait I once held. If someone was in bad form, I felt sorry for them. I felt obliged to cheer them up. If someone was stupid, I felt obliged to pretend that they were not, so as not to embarrass them. It is centered in shame and obligations: cornerstones of the culture I was raised in (Ireland).

It comes down to values. Do you value maintaining someone's self-esteem at the cost of the truth? That's why I have a huge soft spot for Germans - worked with them/lived with them/studied with them. They assume you're strong enough to take straight-talk: it's a mark of respect really.

The French SJW was treating the "clandestins" as if they were children. Blameless, unaccountable, victims of circumstance. Demanded no respect from them but instead made excuses for their behavior. It is a vicious circle because there are no incentives for the "children" to change. The "parent" gets frustrated but defensive as she has put so much time and energy into the "project"/"children" already. It's very hard for her to admit defeat and join that which she hates with a passion: "cold", "self-centered" patriotic types. The dreaded "right wingers"! This would mean a loss of her saviour status. A loss of her mission/vocation. A loss of herself basically.

Anonymous said...

Celebrating Diversity on Kos. worth a look.

Gary Paul said...

Same thing happened to us in South Africa, we have refugees from Zimbabwe & Mozambique who waltzed over the border and are now living in squatter camps on the fringe of the city, they have no skills and because they are illegal aliens, they cannot get jobs, so they turn to crime, robbery and drug dealing have skyrocketed since they have arrived, we started out a few years ago with a handful, now we sit with 4 million uneducated people who can barely speak English.

Mind you our own yard apes are not much better.

Anonymous said...

Ross Donut of NYTimes had an opinion column Sunday on the "Eurafrican future." ("Nigeurope" I think might be better. Or "Nigrope"? Or "Niggerope"?)
1.2 Billion now in Africa, 2.4 in 2050 and 4.4 billion in 2100. I kind of doubt it will ever come to that. But considering the developed world has been been at zero pop growth or below for 50 years now, might we not expect our African brethren to start to limit their population? Maybe tie foreign aid to population control? Apparently this has never occurred to our governments and politicians who are too genuinely racist to expect the negro to have any responsibility for anything.

And sending in the military to clean things up won't work as war becomes another sturdy pipeline for refugees to come over and be settled like little princes in some white area. My daughter walked into a Starbucks in a nice area of Seattle last week and it was full of Somalis. Only white people were her and the baristas. In Seattle?

Uncle Nasty said...

Speaking of South Africa, there's a lesson in this.

And the lesson is: If you are going to suck up to some power group du jeur be it nigger, wimminz or worse, nigger wimminz, get your message right or they will flay you to the bone.

The fact that you were kissing their collective arse doesn't really matter in the end. You've hurt their FEELINGS!!! Offended their DEEGNITY!!! You have shown DISSASPECK!!!!!


Just when I wanted a quiet read on my day off, I get confronted with this shit ...

Bic South Africa apologises after women's day ad backfires

Bic deleted the original ad posted on Sunday and sought to explain that the quotes, taken from a "women in business" blog, and were meant "in the most empowering way possible and in no way derogatory towards women", the Guardian reported.

The post was eventually deleted and the company apologised for the message.

"Hi everyone. Let's start out by saying we're incredibly sorry for offending everybody - that was never our intention, but we completely understand where we've gone wrong.

"This post should never have gone out.

"The feedback you have given us will help us ensure that something like this will never happen again, and we appreciate that."

Way to go, Bic. Grovel, grovel. Cringe, cringe. Truckle and fawn, they'll still hate you -- so next year why don't you tell them to take their Wimminz Day Happy Horseshit and shove it.

What can they do ... that they have not already done?


Uncle Nasty said...

Back again and off topic ... so, what's new?

I see that the Greeks -- their leaders, anyway, have decided that the whole Grecian populace (Men, women, children ... one assumes, goats as well) will have to bend over, grit their teeth and take it up the quivering bottie from the IMF and all the other yids.

But don't be too concerned, citizens ... Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has promised that he and his cohorts will lube you up thoroughly, so it shouldn't hurt too much -- at first, anyway.

Greece, lenders clinch bailout deal after marathon talks

Milos Bicanski

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has asked parliament to convene to ensure a bailout agreement worth about €85 billion ($144 billion) is approved by Thursday (Friday, NZ time).

In a letter sent to the parliament speaker, Tsipras said he wanted to have the draft law on the bailout submitted later on Tuesday so it can be distributed to lawmakers and then discussed in parliamentary committee on Wednesday before being voted on on Thursday.

"The crucial nature of the situation requires the immediate convening of parliament to proceed with the deal's approval and allow the disbursement of the first instalment," Tsipras said in the letter published by his government.

An agreement would close a painful chapter of aid talks for Greece.

Greece is eager to get the deal ratified by parliament in time for euro zone finance ministers to give their approval by Friday, so that aid can be disbursed in time for a debt payment to the ECB on August 20.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Tsipras spoke by telephone on Tuesday, a German government spokeswoman said, declining to give details.

Greece and its international lenders clinched a multi-billion-euro bailout agreement on Tuesday after marathon talks through the night, officials said, raising hopes aid can be disbursed in time for a major debt repayment falling due in days.

Strange, that. Iceland is just a few hundred Kilometres to the North. You'd think the Greeks would have seen their response to the bleating of the IMF.


Iceland's Stabilized Economy Is A Surprising Success Story

You may have heard about Iceland’s toppling economy back in 2008. As one of the hardest-hit countries at the time, Iceland’s heavily criticized method to escape veritable economic demise actually did the trick.

Faced with the possibility of financial failure, Iceland had to think on its feet. Instead of bailing out banks USA-style, the country forgave mortgage debt for the population – and completely started over from square one.

A country with a small population of roughly 320,000 citizens, Iceland‘s entire banking structure “systemically failed” in the early days of the 2008 recession. Despite the fact that Iceland is still on the road to recovery, the country ranks high as a politically and economically stable nation. Their success over the last few years has been largely under-reported, and the story behind it is quite fascinating.

The above, I might add, is from FORBES ... not some pie-in-the-sky wishful thinkers. The financial bigwigs in Greece do read FORBES, one assumes?

Or don't they publish a Greek language edition?


Anonymous said...

Libtard women unconsciously desire strong dominant men. Needy supplicating Western libtard men are repulsive to them. They crave the excitement of being around strong and aggressive blacks and Muslims. Young white women want patriarchal set-ups where they submit to a powerful man. This explains their support for immigration.from the Third world.

Frank Galton said...

Daily Mail, 21 July 2015

Britain's biggest police force now DEMANDS that anyone wanting to join as a beat bobby has to be BILINGUAL in one of 14 languages

• New Met Police recruits must now be able to speak a second language

Scotland Yard has come under fire today after placing an advert demanding that anyone wanting to join as a police officer be able to speak a second language.

Daily Mail, 15 November 2014

Convicted DRUG USERS and THIEVES will be allowed to join POLICE: Rules relaxed in bid to lure MINORITIES - and London is already RECRUITING CRIMINALS

The Times, 06 June 2015

Pay off white officers, says Met chief

The country’s most senior police officer [Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe] would like to pay off older white police officers so that they could be replaced by black and ethnic minority recruits.

Jewish Chronicle, 16 July 2015

South African-born UK Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis blessed Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, describing him as "a great friend of our people”.

Daily Telegraph, 06 November 2007

"In this country in 15 or 20 years' time the black man will have the whip hand over the white man." – Enoch Powell

Frank Galton

Uncle Nasty said...

Regarding jews ... this article is absolutely fascinating. It is (among other things) the opinions of Sephardic Jews in New York reacting to the hordes of East European scum that were flooding America at the time (Late 19th Century).


A few quotes:- Jewish self-doubt, since the Enlightenment, created such widespread "anti-Semitic" feelings among Jews themselves that Max Nordeau (who became one of Herzl's faithful Zionist organization men) estimated "that by the middle of the nineteenth century two-thirds of all the prominent personalities of Jewish origin no longer identified with Judaism in any form." [LESHEM, p. 33] In 1848 a prominent European rabbi complained (however hyperbolically) that nine-tenths of the young Jews of his era "were ashamed of their faith." [LAQUER, p. 9]

The pejorative word "kike" for Jews was coined by upper class New York City Jews to refer to the masses of Eastern European Jewish immigrants flooding into their city in the late 1800s. [GROSE, p. 32] Indigenous Jewish Americans' sentiment about the new arrivals was little different than that of the average "anti-Semite." "Prominent Jews in America," notes Albert Lindemann, "seemed to corroborate precisely what Russian officials maintained about Russia's Jewish population: it was clannish, religiously fanatical, and bent on domination." [LINDEMANN, p. 219] "It is next to an impossibility to associate or identify oneself," proclaimed influential Reform rabbi Isaac Meyer Wise, "with that half-civilized Orthodoxy which constitutes the bulk of the [Jewish] population in those cities ... We are Americans and they are not. We are Israelites of the 19th century and a free country, and they gnaw the dead bones of past centuries ... The good reputation of Judaism must naturally suffer materially, which must without fail lower our social status." [GROSE, p. 32-33] A Jewish journal in 1893 complained that, for the American Jew, "on the one hand, here are his true relatives who are dear to him and whom he wants to help; on the other hand, what a blemish!" [GROSE, p. 32]

"Not only were most [of New York's millions of Eastern European immigrant] Jews uncultivated," says sociologist John Higham,

"... but there is considerable evidence that they were loud, ostentatious, and pushing. Both Jews and friendly non-Jewish observers confessed something of this kind ... In cartoons and in a good deal of middle class opinion, the Jew became identified as the quintessential parvenu -- glittering with conspicuous and vulgar jewelry, lacking table manners, attracting attention by clamorous behavior, and always forcing his way into society that was above him ... Before the 1930s, sober an(d) humane observers took note of the core of reality behind the stereotype ... The Jews symbolized the pecuniary vice and entered more prominently than any other ethnic group into the struggle for status." [HIGHAM, p. 145-146]

End of part one.


Uncle Nasty said...

Part two of what jews had to say about .... jews.

"Between 1881 and World War I," notes Joseph Bendersky,

"those Jews seen as the very physical embodiment of Old World stereotypes were immigrating to America by the millions. These despised Eastern Jews, so different in appearance, speech, and behavior, not only confirmed but augmented negative perceptions already evident in the era. So distinct and offensive were these immigrants that certain German-American Jews worried about being identified with them or wondered whether the very presence of such vulgar masses might engender the European variety of vocal, political, and violent anti-Semitism from which America had generally been spared." [BENDERSKY, J., 2000, p. 34]

Emma Lazarus, a member of a prominent Jewish New York family and author of the famous "welcome huddled masses" quote on the Statue of Liberty, suggested that Eastern European Jewry should stop pouring into America: "For the mass of semi-Orientals, kabbalists, and Hassidim, some more practical measure of reforms must be devised than their transportation to a state of society [the United States] utterly at variance with their time-honored customs and sacred beliefs." [GROSE, p. 32] "Not content merely to reject identification with Jews," notes Howard Sachar, "[Jewish author] Simone Weil went so far as to identify the spirit of Nazism with the spirit of Judaism; Hitler, she insisted, was seeking only to revive under another name and for his own benefit the God of Israel, 'earthly, cruel, and exclusive.' It was devotion to such a God, she argued, that transformed the Jews into 'a nation of fugitive slaves ... No wonder such a people was able to give scarcely anything good to the world.'" [SACHAR, p. 488]

End of Part Two


Uncle Nasty said...

Part three of what jews had to say about .... jews.


Jewish American novelist Kathy Acker (author of ten volumes) notes traditional German Jewish elitism, even towards other Jews:

"My parents were high German Jews, and I was trained to run away from Polish Jews. And I have that childhood in me. It's kind of a knee-jerk reaction ... I was raised as a JAP [Jewish American Princess]; I just got ousted. I think I still have little JAP elements. People who know
me really see it. I'm really good when I have a dinner party or when I have someone clean my place. I was trained to be good with servants. I've got a real elitist streak in me; I just don't take it seriously."

In the late 19th century, Meyer Carl Rothschild (one of the heirs to the Rothschild fortune in Germany) wrote: "As for anti-Semitic feeling, the Jews themselves are to blame, and the present agitation must be ascribed to their arrogance, vanity, and unspeakable insolence." [LINDEMANN, p. 103] A western European Jew, Chaim Kaplan, himself an eventual victim of Nazi terror, cited in his memoirs that in his personal experience living in Eastern Europe he had finally found one man that broke his negative stereotype of Polish Jews:

"Sometimes it bothered me that he was a superior person among the millions of lesser people, for as a type he contradicted my opinion about Polish Jewry. That is, the existence of Jakub Zajac clashed with my opinion about the Jews of Poland, which are not too positive. For years I settled among the Jews of Poland and I am known to them. I deal with them and I am well acquainted with their way of life and their cultural level as human beings and as Jews. To my great sorrow, I have not always spoken well of them. My opinions are based upon concrete examples, and from year to year the instances proving the validity of my opinions multiplied." [KAPLAN, C., p. 76]

(Karl Marx, grandson of rabbis, once weighed in with a collective defamation of Poland's Jews, saying "The Jews of Poland are the smeariest of all races.") [MARX, K., 1959, p. vii]

Seriously ... read the whole thing, but don't look for enlightenment. These people do not do enlightenment ... suffice to say, the Ashkenazim are winning. Even to the point of displacing ... jews. Don't believe me?

Look around you.


Uncle Nasty said...

It's not often that I see an historical quote that makes me laugh out loud ... but this one did.

Yet another, particularly tragic, Jewish "self-hater" was Otto Weininger, whose strange depreciative ideas about Jews and women have afforded him a kinky cult status amongst some intellectuals, a Diane Arbus of philosophy. Weininger, a convert to Protestantism, floating around the edge of the Freud group in Vienna, committed suicide at age 23 in 1904, not long after his controversial book Sex and Character was published, a misogynist work that managed to also offend with the strange claim that Jewish males were intrinsically effeminate.

Prominent nineteenth century French Jewish socialist Ferdinand Lasalle? "There are two classes of men whom I hate, journalists and Jews," he once wrote. "Unfortunately, I belong to both." [WEISBERGER, A., 1997, p. 47] Prominent turn-of-the century European Jewish socialist Rosa Luxemberg noted the complexion of the audience at a 1902 political meeting: "Half the hall, and comme de raison the best places in front, were naturally taken by Russians or rather by Jewboys, from Russia -- they were sickening to look at." [WEISBERG, A., 1997, p. 97] "The eternal truth," said Arnold Schnitzler, a Jewish doctor and contemporary of Sigmund Freud in Vienna, "is that no Jew has any real respect for his fellow Jews, ever." [CLARKE, R., 8-2-99, p. 5]

My emphasis ...


Chris said...

These SJW are most probably jews.

Iron Felix said...

Mind you, Savant, it might not be entirely unique to the gentlemen of Calais, this fuck-it-back-in-your-face attitude. Possibly apocraphyl though it be, there is a tale going around of how a lifetime welfare parasite in Ireland was attending the doctor one day. The medico told him that he was giving him a new medicine, which was better and cheaper than the previous one, whereupon the drone flew into a terrible tantrum, livid with rage at being insulted in this way. No sir, he wasn't taking any cheap medicine---only the fuckin' best for him. Thing is, the little shit was Irish.
Nevertheless, that video from Calais should be circulated far and wide, because what you see in it is what is coming down the road for all of us, and in tsunami form; the business at Calais is a mere ripple compared to what is soon to follow.
If the next food vans sent down to the jungle at Calais each contained eight guys with AK47's and really bad attitudes we might be getting somewhere for once.

Iron Felix said...

...............oh, I forgot; flamethrowers also...........

Dave+33 said...

Powell's forecast that "In this country in 15 or 20 years' time the black man will have the whip hand over the white man" was based on a false premise. Blacks have neither the inteligence nor organisational ability to get the whip hand on whites. UNLESS WHITES HAND THEM THE WHIP!

And of course that is exactly what we have done.

Anonymous said...

No matter how primitive they are ...They can observe a European football crowd (for example) on a magic box....They quite correctly ..in my opinion ...come to the view.
"this lot are for the taking"

Anonymous said...

Odd how the uber pc BBC didn't have a single negro kid in its Chinese School program.

Bill Colley said...

It's a bit like feeding feral cats. They'll hiss and expect more and breed until they overrun the neighborhood. One day when all Europe is controlled by the Caliphate there won't be any liberals left to feed anyone.

eah said...

But maybe it will turn out to be a Learning Experience for other SJWs out there.

Dream on Savant. The word "libtard" is from liberal and retard.

Anonymous said...

Latest employment figures. 2 million from EU now work in Britain. Unemployed in Britain? 1.9 million. Go figure.

Anonymous said...

A kike cab driver in London whines..... http://www.redpepper.org.uk/A-cabbie-writes/

Anonymous said...

Going back to internet censorship. Is anyone else having problems connecting to Daily Stormer?
Also, the number of comments that are being deleted on Yahoo News seems to be going up. I manage to see lots of complaints about Yahoo censorship. Before they are taken down of course.
From what I read on here this seems to be common place in the MSM. This makes me ask, who does this job? Have you ever met anyone who is an internet censor? Who decides what is to be censored? Why aren't politicians up in arms about censorship? Why bother having a comments section if all you allow is comments in favour of the article? Why haven't one of these censors become a whistle blower? Many of the comments I read before deletion are by no means what we would call extreme.
I think we are well on the way to total internet censorship. The same old tired excuses will be used. Hate speech. National security. Extreme views. Racist views. I would ask who it is that decides these things? It will be sold as a benefit for all. Censorship is freedom.Freedom of speech is censorship. Keep watching football, talk about soap operas, read celebrity magazines, your Government is looking after you. Don't worry.
The you know whos are not happy with this internet freedom. The truth must not get out. As usual it will be by small steps. Little bits of the internet will disappear. Then what do we do?
The SJWs will love the fact that people of our views are being closed down. The ordinary ignorant citizen will not know and not care. When they start shutting down their sites they will realise we were right.


Flanders said...

Talking about Pathological Altruism, but without the Altruism, Isreal is threatening to murder innocent scientists in order the keep Judeo-Dhimocracy safe.

"Commentary – While it’s common knowledge that Israel already assassinated several Iranian physicists, Israel, secure in its knowledge that it is above international law, simply feigns ignorance, just as it does regarding its hundreds of nuclear weapons. Yet at the same time, it issues a hardly veiled threat that in the wake of the Iranian nuclear deal more assassinations can be expected. Please tune into the next presidential debate to hear what a great ally Israel is and how we must sacrifice our young men and women to protect it from the “nuclear rogue state” of Iran." [The main text is at the link].


Ozymandias said...

I see that Fox has caved into Trump after he boycotted them. Maybe the MSM are not as powerful as they and we think.

Flanders said...

23:12 "Maybe the MSM are not as powerful as they and we think.".
The MSM has an audience of several millions - What is your audience? The MSM know that certain numbers of individuals will buy into their ploys, and follow their games as if their messages, the ones desired to be sent by jewry, were gospel and true.

"The inferior, lowly developed races genes are dominant over the highly developed superior races genes. It is evident then that these inferior people have a psychology which enables them to breed out their genetic competition. They can absorb anything, so proclamations of superiority aren’t necessary as they are with the recessive superior race with the genes to preserve.

Instead he can just cry about ‘racism’, say he ‘doesn’t care about race’, and that ‘we are all equal’ or ‘all human’. This way he does not lose anything. This is innate and it is inbuilt. The psyche of the mongrel. He does not even have to say he hates his enemy. He can just complain he is not being treated with ‘equality’.

This can be seen in this week’s recent Adam Goodes scandal in Australia. It can be seen in anything the homosexualist movement ever says, and anything anyone propounding any form of ‘equality’ ever says.

They are not really tolerant; they just want to appear better than you because they are biologically inferior.

What the inferior really wants is to be able to live in a society with the superior in order to breed him out. He hates the most the idea of the superior race being on his own. This is why the inferior will almost always support ‘multiculturalism’, ‘pluralism’, ‘equal rights’, ‘free speech’. He can say ‘discrimination is wrong on all counts’, and that it is wrong to be prejudiced (meaning have an opinion) because he does not have to be. If he succeeds in living in a society with superior people for long enough he wins, he makes it, and he predominates.

This is where all this ‘compassion’ and all this ‘acceptance’ come from. The untermensch, the subhuman.

This is why the Jews want all Peoples to live under ‘one government’, with ‘equal rights’."


Uncle Nasty said...

Anonymous said...

A kike cab driver in London whines..... http://www.redpepper.org.uk/A-cabbie-writes/

The most telling comment is, of course, right at the end.

Aubrey's success brought him wealth and a privileged life. But this never destroyed his belief in socialism and a fairer society for all.

One thing that I only truly grasped recently ... Communism, Capitalism, Left, Right, Socialism ... when you deal with jews, they are just words.

Pretty words trotted out for the occasion ... nothing more. When their purpose is done, they are put away until they are to be trotted out, dusted off and used again. And again.

As the Former Israeli Minister Shulamit Aloni said about silencing so-called anti-semitism "-- It's a trick. We use it all the time."



Anonymous said...

Maybe the MSM are not as powerful as they and we think.
Or Trump is not what he seems. Lots of Jewish relatives.

Seneca said...

Mirabilu dictu! Even the Guardianistas are getting fed up of the migration scam. Representative comment: "Typical Guardian article. All emotion, heartbreak and suffering yet not a single mention of cost. In the world of the left everyone deserves everything, for free. Sorry, paid for by conservatives who actually DO work and pay taxes."


Anonymous said...

Nothing I haven't seen time and again but the Calais video is really instructive as to what is to be expected. Thing is that they're not even the aggrieved natives of an oppressive country.

Check out the video of the two hysterical black lesbos shutting down Barney Frank.

So where is Henry V when you need him? A rank of Saxon longbows would be a cure for "Jungle Camp."

Flanders said...

"The influx means that there are now 4.9 million foreigners working in the UK, equivalent to one in six workers. In 1997 there were just 1.9 million foreign-born workers, equivalent to one in 13."

Notice below how the Telegraph calls them "EU migrants". Is that not a term which is meant to refer to (and connotates as) white East Europeans? Not too much mentioned about the muds and the niggers, but big inferences made against whites, even if they are generally unwelcome, too. I suspect a racial breakdown would reveal that most of the jew-imported so-called immigrants are not white, and that they contribute most heavily to any and all problems. Without being familiar with the problems in UK, I'm wondering if I'm wrong, and how?

"Foreigners now make up one in six of UK workers

The Office for National Statistics reveals that there are now more than 2million EU migrants working in Britain"


Flanders said...

"Pathological altruism, of the kind I have earlier explored, is rampant."
Good coverage of the major European scene at this article.

"I was moved to deeply reflect on these themes of frustration, ‘storm’ and crisis amidst a stifling and misguided society while discussing Germany’s ‘refugee’ crisis with friends from Erlangen. It is a horrifying reality that the entire West is currently under a rapidly escalating assault of mass non-White migration. Make no mistake about it: The gates have been fully breached, and the tide of non-Whites into our nations will only swell further as time progresses. It has already been described as the greatest mass movement of people since World War II, but it’s really much more significant than that. The mass movement of people during and after World War II was largely a European affair, consisting of Europeans moving within Europe. What we are currently witnessing is the largest ever movement in human history of non-Europeans into European territory. Taking into account non-European movement into the more recently claimed European territories of the United States, Canada, South Africa and Australia, the current migration wave is nothing less than beginning of the end for European man. This, and not some putative future disaster or collapse, is the crucial period in the history of our race. This is the hour of our dispossession.

Already this year, the number of Africans reaching Italy is up 300% on the alarming 2013 figure. Across the West politicians continue to lie to gullible electorates, with empty promises that immigration will be slowed, made more selective, or halted. The sleepwalking Whites of the United States have continued to vote for the agents of a system that has decreased their share of the population from 89.5% of the population to 63.7% between 1950 and 2010. The gullible British have continued to vote for the agents of a system which has allowed the annual level of non-European immigration to increase from 19,000 in 1991 to 290,000 in 2013, a 1426% increase. The brainwashed Swedes have continued to vote for the agents of a system which has introduced a foreign population which now comprises at least 27% of the nation. The duped Danes have continued to vote for the agents of a system that has increased the rate of non-European immigration more than 183% between 1994 and 2014. The hoodwinked Dutch were told in the 1970s that they would host temporary ‘guest workers,’ and they now have a permanent and growing non-White demographic that currently stands at 10% of the total population. The beguiled White Australians have allowed their share of the population to shrink to around 75% from 90% just a few decades ago. The outwitted Whites of Canada have allowed nearly 20% of their population to consist of ‘visible minorities.’

Europeans seem incapable of breaking free from their voting patterns, or seeing that their entire political system has been fatally compromised from within."
"Pathological altruism is not confined to German youth, and the nation has more than its fair share of Cuckservatives. An excellent example is self-styled ‘Conservative’ politician Martin Patzelt, of Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats (CDU). Patzelt has taken two Eritrean invaders into his home, where his wife cooks and cleans for them while he tries to find them jobs locally. The Eritreans have been staying with him for a month now, with no signs that they will be leaving any time soon. Local employers have informed the hapless Patzelt that the fact sie sprechen nicht Deutsch will render them utterly useless as employees. Incidentally, it’s not the first instance of insanity from Patzelt."
[Continues with more materials dealing with Europe's pathological altruism.]


Dingo said...

They are the direct result of the major crap in the world. Its all about "look at me, look at me, what a wonderful person I am". Capetown to New York, London to Sydney the world is full of them. White woman who have it so good, they have to fuck up whats around them. Its not the motherly instinct kicking in or the soft feminine side, its the huge ego that needs stroking. It needs stroking with a damn wheel spanner!

Clogheen said...

Dingo you hit the nail on the head. And such attitudes are possible only when there's an over-abundance of material goods. For that reason a severe economic crisis would concentrate nicely the minds of such hypocrites.

Andreas said...

The story of that CDU politician who took in two Eritreans is a metaphor for the whole White world. Just watch now and you get to see that they demand no pork in their free meals, the ladies of the house start dressing more modestly, one of the rooms be set aside as a Muslim prayer room.

You think I joke?

Anonymous said...

I haven't laughed so much since Bono fell off his bicycle.

AAB said...

Searcher said...
Just a thought. Is the SJW phenomenon primarily a female one?

[that] (c) Requires nurturing/protecting of questionable "victims"

Yeah, that's what Simon Shepard has pointed out on his website Heretical it's called 'Affection Beneath', it's like when a mother feels affection towards her children (because they are weaker than her).

(See Affection Beneath)

Rupert Murdoch said...

When wrestler Jesse Ventura developed a Pulmonary ?Edema it was because he was using steroids. When a tennis player who could not get past the third round of any tournamnet 2 years ago and is now on the course to do the grand Slam at the age of 34 serving at the same speed as 34 year old Roger Federer it is because of natural athletic ability. The kind that makes you miss scheduled drug tests. I wonder will Team Sky's embedded reporter ever get around to mentioning this?

Serbi Grin said...

Who decides what is to be censored?

Google. Some comments on here were removed with the notation that they were removed by google "Do be evil" staff.

jazzman said...

For those who read french :

Searcher said...

For those who speak Italian:

Even if you don't understand Italian, you can probably make out the main points.

He makes the same point as previous comment re the engineered nature of this "crisis" of migration. He reckons the sponsors are "Mafia Talmudica". Love his turn of phrase: "Terroristi Rothschildiani" :-)

Uncle Nasty said...

Dingo said...

They are the direct result of the major crap in the world. Its all about "look at me, look at me, what a wonderful person I am". Capetown to New York, London to Sydney the world is full of them. White woman who have it so good, they have to fuck up whats around them. Its not the motherly instinct kicking in or the soft feminine side, its the huge ego that needs stroking. It needs stroking with a damn wheel spanner!
13 August 2015 at 08:20

Absolutely true, Dingo. I have personally witnessed the disintegration of five families -- caused by three women and two men (one of whom came out as a fag), and strangely, who had everything that anyone (never mind any woman) could wish for, and threw it all away ... because of me, Me, MEEEEEE!

-- and often aided and abetted by a woman who is currently single. Interesting, that.

The most dangerous, destructive, absolutely pernicious phrases that can be uttered are

"You've done so much for everyone else. Just, for once, do this for yourself."

"It's just this once ... what could possibly go wrong?"

"It's time for a change."

And finally:- "Go on ... break out of your shell -- your comfort zone."

Fuck me ... how people love to hear that one.

It's called a "comfort zone" for a good reason, you scheming cunt. A less loaded, less deceptive, less jewish definition of it would be "your whole life's worth of experience in avoiding bad decisions ... until now."

All of which uttered at exactly the wrong emotional moment by wreckers (almost invariably other women) and virtually guaranteed to cause the maximum collateral damage ... whole families disintegrating like a bad special effect.

A weird thought just struck me. My recollection of all these unfortunates was that their lives were firmly on track -- when they were struggling financially, building their home and family.

It was just as they were seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, that everything seemed to go titties up.

There must be a moral in there, somewhere.


Kev said...

There nothing as destructive as a white,spoilt,ambitious, control-freak female when introduced into a fully functioning environment. They can, and do, destroy that environment in no time at all.
These fuckers have been deliberately placed into every major field of commerce, industry,defence and education.
If not stopped,there will be nothing left to salvage.

D_Shawn said...

In the immortal words of "The Simpsons" rapscallion Nelson Muntz ... "Hah, hah!"

Over and out.

Unknown said...

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