Thursday, 2 July 2015

Shatter's legacy

Well that treacherous nation-wrecking scumbag Alan Shatter (the "Irish" former Minister for Justice) can be proud of his handiwork. This report from the Irish Examiner shows Ireland during his tenure awarded proportionally more citizenships than any other EU country.

'Data has highlighted how Ireland granted 5.3 citizenships per 1,000 resident population in 2013 — the latest year for which comparative data is available. It represents a rate almost three times the EU average of 1.9 citizenships per 1,000 inhabitants.'

And which countries have blessed us with such valuable new citizens?  None other than those paragons of  wealth and social stability Nigeria, India, Philippines and Pakistan. 'Nigerians are the single biggest group to be awarded Irish citizenship, accounting for almost 24% of the total.'

God grant that this dirty rotten bastard gets his comeuppance at some stage.


Clogheen said...

Look at the online comments at etc. People are beginning to sense that something is seriously amiss. Long way to go but....

Dubh Linn said...

I wrote about this the other day. If you go to Mountjoy, Drumcondra or other parts of North Dublin you feel like you are in Lagos. The creatures inhabiting the place are even worse than the tinkers who came before them.

The west has Nigerian taxi drivers, especially in Galway. A sad state of affairs and it is surprising that Shatter's ilk have not gotten their comeuppenance at all. If the Irish paras such as the provos and others were really nationalistic they would make these nation wreckers their prime targets.

Anyone importing such filth into Ireland should be summarily dealt with harshly.

Anonymous said...

It is no surprise to find he is Chosen.

Shaunantijihad said...

After his cohorts order non-Jewish companies in major industrial and financial sectors to accept "minorities" ( i.e. low IQ hominids who will increase costs and lower profits, or worse), then companies owned by the tribe - who are exempt from hiring Negroes because Jews are also classified as a "minority" - will be in a position to either take over these racially benighted companies or simply replace them.

Yes I am aware that Whites can be idiots too, but we are talking about mathematical means and averages. The 3rd world isn't because of latitude and longitude, but rather race... and also religion to some extent.

I know that, for e.g. British Telecom is being forced to hire a % of Congoids or be sent to court for racism. All BT adverts and posters now include some Negroes and they are forced to hire them. God help them if a Jew gets into the personnel dept and lets them into the exchanges where any mistake can result in disaster in ways most people couldn't imagine. (The exchanges control not only telephones and the internet but cash machines and online banking amongst other things.)

Who hired this guy? And yes I know there are some White rogue traders, but I bet they are 1 in a 10,000 of Whites, whereas I suspect Negro rogue traders are a much safer bet if you want to bankrupt a company without you yourself getting the blame.

"But I hired him under affirmative action laws! And his qualifications from Accra University seemed genuine! Oy vey! I is innocent I tell ya! Anyway, I have an offer to work at Goldman Sachs, so fuck you goy!"

Unite White men! Rise Caucasia!

Rob said...

Dubh Linn: If the Irish paras such as the provos and others were really nationalistic they would make these nation wreckers their prime targets.

Unfortunately, the "nationalist" paramilitaries are away in Tír na nÓg, where the "Brits" are the perpetual enemy.

And check out the Sinn Féin candidate for Mulhuddart in the last election.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

What's the RCC's view on all of this? When I used to go to Ireland to visit family it was all-powerful - I often felt its interests conflicted woth that of the Irish race. A lot of its interests would now appear to coincide with our race, since some of those countries aren't mostly Catholic, thus diluting the religion's power. Is it standing up for us or bending over and preaching "tolerance" and "asylum" to try to appear trendy to the hostile elite rats?

Anonymous said...

Same in England - listen to this fucking tortoise

Anonymous said...

It has been my long experience of life that Whites will turn on fellow Whites in a heartbeat - whether for social advantage, fear, or just for a few miserable shekels.
Jews however, will always do what is best for themselves and fellow Jews. Always. And that is the open secret of their survival.

Whites have only united in time of War, Civil or otherwise, when individual self-interest is at stake - and then it is usually to fight other whites.
Sorry to lower mood, but I just don't see a way out.


Flanders said...

Whenever a "powerful politician" speaks, is it ever without the press?

"After the Bolshevik takeover of Russia early in this century, many anti-communists in America spread the word that a majority of the Bolshevik leaders were not Russians but were Jews, and they warned Americans that there also were many Jewish communists in America who posed a danger of subversion. This was back in the days before the exposure of the Rosenbergs and other communist-Jewish spies and conspirators in America. The Jewish media countered this warning with a deliberate campaign of confusion. They said, "Oh, you used to accuse of us being international bankers and capitalists and of subverting nations with our money. Now you accuse us of being international communists and of being a threat to capitalism. So which is it? Are we capitalists or are we communists? It can't be both, so make up your mind." This response was supposed to make their accusers look foolish, and with much of the public the trick worked.

Of course, the truth of the matter is that Jews are both capitalists and communists -- and neither. They are, first and last, Jews, and that really says it all, if one understands what a Jew is. The average Gentile thinks that a communist must be someone who is a believer in communist ideology, and a capitalist must be someone who is a believer in the ideology of free enterprise. It doesn't occur to him that for many Jews ideology is not something that one actually believes; it is simply a tool which one uses for deceiving non-Jews. The aim always is to acquire wealth and power, and whether one uses capitalist methods and ideology or communist methods and ideology for this purpose depends upon the situation. Regardless of the methods one uses, one remains a Jew. That's what is important."

"Without Jews there would have been no Bolshevik Revolution and subsequent selective murder of two generations of the best and brightest of the Russians. Without Jews as an organized community pushing "multiculturalism" and "diversity" and open borders and racial mixing in the United States, White Americans would not now be facing the prospect of becoming a minority in their own country in the near future. It is the Jewish presence as a whole and its effect on our society that we must understand first...".

Anonymous said...

Dubh Linn,

It's sort of unrealistic to expect Irish republican paramilitaries to sort out your globalist elites. That was a war that ended, for all intents and purposes, 25 years ago. Armies have a relatively short shelf life. Certainly guerilla armies and institutional, national armies as well. Look at the trouble the US had in Korea just six years after WWII. By the end, the Army and Marines were probably superior to the land forces in the Second World War and certainly to the annihilated Koreans and the wacko Chinese. But it took years to get to that level.

This is not to say that the globalist elitists should not be held to severe account.

There must be a way to curtail immigration into Ireland and you'd better figure it out quick because you are a really tiny country with a delicate culture.

As far as controlling your current primates, you need the kind of police culture your cousins developed here in the US.

Anonymous said...

The IRA only had the balls to stand up to the english because they mostly fought by the rules. And to be honest the English and Irish are much the same. They work for wages Monday to Friday. start drinking on Friday at the end of a working week. Eat a Sunday dinner send Xmas cards at Christmas.and cherish their family's.
But this lot are foreign. So the IRA are scared of beng called nationalists as in like the uda the Bnp or the national front
So rendered useless
Unless a black English soldier pops his head up then they will attack him with zeal

Flanders said...

I wonder whether in Ireland there are comparable agency data to that below. I know that in the US, these crimes by blacks or mexicans are never reported by media to give correct impressions, and I know for a fact that the media in Europe sees versions of similar stories which imply that the Whites are the ones who are being "racists" while that is the exact opposite from the facts.

“As indicated below, when whites commit violence they choose fellow whites as victims 82.4 percent of the time, and almost never attack blacks. Blacks attack whites almost as often as they attack blacks, and Hispanics attack whites more often than they attack any other group, including their own.”

“A black is 27 times more likely to attack a white and 8 times more likely to attack a Hispanic than the other way around. A Hispanic is eight times more likely to attack a white than vice versa.”

Anonymous said...

The Chosen do not call these populations - "seed populations" for nothing. They obviously expect a harvest.

Uncle Nasty said...

The jew-sponsored Stasi get in everywhere, eventually.


Teachers can lawfully 'confiscate, keep or destroy' unhealthy lunchbox snacks, ministers say

Lord Nash, an education minister, said that it would be good practice if the child in question and a second member of staff were present during the search.

By Christopher Hope, Chief Political Correspondent

5:28PM BST 01 Jul 2015

Teachers can lawfully “confiscate, keep or destroy” unhealthy snacks in children’s school lunch boxes, a Government minister has said.

Lord Nash, an education minister, said that the child in question and a second member of staff should be present during the search. Parents must also be warned that the searches might take place.

The peer was answering question in the House of Lords about the powers that “teachers in the state sector have to inspect children's lunch boxes and to confiscate items that they deem unsuitable”.

Lord Nash said it was up to school governors “whether to ban certain products to promote healthy eating.

“If schools wish to adopt such policies, we strongly recommend that they consult parents first and ensure that any adopted policy is clearly communicated to parents and pupils.”

He added: “Schools have common law powers to search pupils, with their consent, for items.

“There is nothing to prevent schools from having a policy of inspecting lunch boxes for food items that are prohibited under their school food policies.

Nash ... eh? Let's adopt the tried and trusted Uncle Nasty sniff test. If it looks like, sounds like, smells like a heeb ...

Nash Name Meaning

English: topographic name for someone who lived by an ash tree, a variant of Ash by misdivision of Middle English atten ash ‘at the ash’, or a habitational name from any of the many places in England and Wales named Nash, from this phrase, as for example Nash in Buckinghamshire, Herefordshire, or Shropshire. The name was established from an early date in Wales and Ireland.

Jewish: of unknown origin, possibly an Americanized form of one or more like-sounding Jewish surnames.

Oh Lord ... sometimes I wish I was wrong.


Anonymous said...

Irish-Americans historically never had a problem combating blacks and sort of had a reputation for it. The draft riots of 1863 kept blacks out of central Manhattan for a hundred years. After that, there was a vicious street war in NYC for a couple decades.

Corkonian said...

Dubh Linn. True story from Cork Airport. Woman went to taxi rank, passed a few nigs and took the first white man she came to. Cue one of the nigs to burst out and demand she travel with him. Grabbed her luggage and wrestled with her over it. Next minute she flashed her badge. She was a cop coming back from holiday. Ten minutes later nig was ensconced in a squad car.

Uncle Nasty said...

My apologies ... a hat-tip to Flanders for the wonderful links.


The Wolf said...

We ourselves? That went out the window a long time ago!

Anonymous said...

"Jews however, will always do what is best for themselves and fellow Jews. Always. And that is the open secret of their survival. Whites have only united in time of War"

Which is their trick. By creating a culture which says everyone hates and wants to kill them they put themselves in a permanent state of war with everyone.

(This is what drives them to destroy the majority population wherever they are.)

However a side effect of this culturally induced insanity is - they're insane. They're not rational.

So they're always likely to screw up at the last minute.

Anonymous said...

Irish-Americans historically never had a problem combating blacks and sort of had a reputation for it. The draft riots of 1863 kept blacks out of central Manhattan for a hundred years. After that, there was a vicious street war in NYC for a couple decades.

Don't forget the 1919 Chicago race riot. It was fought mainly between blacks and Irish gangs and "athletic clubs."

Chicago Polack said...


Is Mr. Shatner the boss, or whatever, of Mr. Gerry Adams & Co.?

And to the other commenter, now that the Irish have "made it" in America, especially as government employees, 9 out of 10, especially Catholic hierarchy, would rather harass a white guy, especially if he is Catholic. Maybe the South Boston Irish are still honest, and I'm not so sure about that nowadays.

Chicago Polack said...

About those lunch thieving teachers, Uncle Nasty: they are now police agents of the state and will be promptly deployed to lunchrooms when the nonnatives get restless on the playground and elsewhere on school grounds. (And you know that it will be the lunches of white kiddies that will be swiped, I apologize for even writing the sentence out.)

BTW, Administrators of schools in Minnesota brainstormed, then decided they need fewer white teachers and more diversity. Comments, please, on why these saintly plans never seem to extend to implementation on the administrators?

Frank Galton said...

Occidental Observer, 02 March 2013

The Misplaced Minister: Ireland and Israel’s Alan Shatter

For the past two years Ireland’s immigration policy has been in the hands of Alan Shatter, a Jew and an outspoken partisan of Israel. Alan Shatter, born and bred in Dublin of Jewish immigrants from Eastern Europe, has made it Irish policy to increase Third World immigration to the Emerald Isle. As Minister of Justice, Equality, and Defence, Shatter is exerting his considerable clout to skew the Republic’s Middle East policy, formerly supportive of the Palestinians and critical of Israel, toward Zionist aims.

Before Shatter, the Irish government had taken steps to reduce non-European immigration, including abolishing automatic citizenship for children born to foreigners in Ireland and drastically reducing the admission of asylum seekers. Since taking office in early 2011, after his Fine Gael party ousted the ruling Fianna Fail amid Ireland’s continuing economic woes, Shatter has busied himself with increasing the numbers of Africans and Asians resident in Ireland.

Immigration to Ireland from outside Europe during 2011 was twice that of the previous year.

Shatter is aggressively promoting new measures to further increase non-European immigration, including making immigration easier for investors and entrepreneurs and their families. More ominously still, he is working industriously to replace existing Irish legislation on foreign immigration, including applications for asylum, with a bill that will, according to Shatter’s stated priorities for the current year, will “radically reform and modernize” Irish immigration law.

[Ireland] is a land in which cant about “a nation of immigrants” won’t sell: until only a couple of decades ago, Ireland was a nation of emigrants.

What was Shatter to do? Why play the Holocaust trump card, of course!

Now, Ireland has not been known for its role in World War II anti-Jewish measures. Like most countries at the time, however, including Germany’s fiercest opponents, Ireland was reluctant to accept large numbers of Jewish immigrants.

So, last fall, in a speech in honor of Raoul Wallenberg...Ireland’s Jewish immigration czar attempted to justify flooding his homeland with Third World immigrants by attacking Ireland’s World War II immigration policy:

“There were many who did nothing in the face of the industrialised genocide and the destruction of European Jewish civilisation. Indeed the Irish Government of the day sat on its hands. And even after the death camps were liberated, the Irish Government denied Jews refuge in Ireland.”

It won’t surprise TOO readers to learn that, for all his efforts to pass as a champion of universalist ethics, Shatter has been anything but a protector of the Palestinians’ humanity.

As a member of the Irish legislature, Shatter defended Israel’s brutal 2009 invasion of Gaza. He opposed the “freedom flotillas” organized in 2010 and 2011 to breach the Israeli blockade of the already impoverished Gaza strip, although each of the aid expeditions included a ship from Ireland (although Shatter did a brief turnabout after Israeli commandos killed nine men aboard a ship in the first flotilla). He has opposed visas for members of organizations hostile to Israeli policies, and resoundingly condemned calls for the Irish to boycott performances in Israel as “cultural fascism.”

It would be interesting to know what Ireland’s minister of justice thinks of Israel’s recent strict measures to control and to curtail Third World immigration—but he seems to have maintained a prudent silence in that regard.

...his double standard on Israel and Ireland would seem to indicate that his loyalty is primarily, if not exclusively, to the Zionist state rather than the Emerald Isle.

Read more:

Frank Galton

Frank Galton said...

The Journal, 29 April 2014

Shatter: ‘Immigrants have had a transformative impact on Irish society, FOR THE BETTER’

Speaking at awards event at the Show Racism the Red Card Creative Competition, Shatter said “there has always been a need in Ireland to speak out and COMBAT RACISM AND RELATED INTOLERANCE”.

It is important that Ireland REMAINS A NATION WHICH WELCOMES THOSE WHO HAVE ALREADY SETTLED HERE and WILL DO SO IN THE FUTURE. It is equally important that we adapt to the increasingly diverse nature of Irish society.

Department of Justice and Equality, 17 December 2013

Speech by Alan Shatter TD, Minister for Justice, Equality and Defence

The next step in this progression towards equality is for us, as a State, to recognise and legislatively provide for the wish of SAME-SEX COUPLES TO MARRY... Irish people know from our history how hurtful it can be for laws to be in place preventing particular categories of people from getting married. The restrictions on marriage introduced under the Penal Laws were deeply felt. They PREVENTED INTERMARRIAGE BETWEEN CATHOLICS AND ANGLICANS... now that we know that same-sex couples have a deep desire to be able to marry one another, we have a responsibility to address this issue.

Note that this is the same Alan Shatter who supports the State of Israel – a State which:

• administered the birth control drug Depo Provera to Ethiopian Jews without their knowledge or consent
• banned Ethiopian Jews from donating blood
• has separate roads for Jews and Palestinians
• has separate buses for Palestinians
* is introducing DNA tests for would-be immigrants in order to determine who is a Jew

Jerusalem Post, 11 March 2013

Ireland’s Justice, Equality and Defense Minister Alan Shatter...has been characterized in Jerusalem as a “COURAGEOUS SUPPORTER” OF ISRAEL...


Israel rounds up African migrants for deportation
Detention camp for African migrants in Israel's south to hold up to 30,000 people
African immigrants in Israel stage mass hunger strike over 'inhuman detentions'
Israel gave birth control to Ethiopian Jews without their consent
Israel: Black Lawmaker [Member of Knesset] Pnina Tamano-Shata Barred from Donating Blood over Ethiopian Origins
Separate roads for Jews, Palestinians,7340,L-4353235,00.html
Israel launches Palestinian-only buses amid accusations of racial segregation
Prime Minister’s Office says would-be immigrants from former Soviet Union may be asked to prove JEWISH BLOODLINE
Israeli parliament rejects gay and inter-faith civil marriage bill
Israel prohibits mixed marriages between Jews and non-Jews.

Frank Galton

Celtic Morning said...

Dont let it worry you too much Savant, a huge proportion of them will end up across the Irish sea in England once they have citizenship. Just like the Somali's from Holland etc. And the millions crossing the Med who will not be taken in quota by Camoron will also end up in England once they become EU citizens in other countries. Does Cameron think we are all fools who dont realise that his refusal to take a quota is just so much window dressing? Open the doors even wider Dave, let them all flood in so the war can start sooner and we can get our lands back for our children-that is, if we breed any or allow them to live once conceived.

Flanders said...

"...fake conservatives in the MSM talk about how we need to respect the freedoms of all Americans. This is impossible. In every one of these conflicts, one side will win and the other side will lose. White Christians are clearly the losers."

"Beginning with the abolitionists in the 19th century, subversive forces have replaced the original, nationalistic freedom of early America with the universalist freedom of the Jacobins and Marxists. According to the universalist conception of freedom, all of humanity is one and therefore all of humanity must share the same political rights. This tendency first manifests itself in breaking down legal distinctions within a state, and logically ends in the demand for one-world government. National borders become instruments of inequality, because men on one side of a border have different liberties from men on the other side. All political and cultural distinctions must be attacked with a genocidal fury.

In addition to being destructive and degenerate, the universalist conception of freedom is also self-contradictory, for it implies that all human differences of culture, character and opinion can harmoniously co-exist within the same political community."

"While it is possible to have relative diversity within a political community, it is impossible to have absolute diversity. At a certain point one group's rights will be violated by another's. In other words, one group's liberty is only gained at the expense of another's. The liberty of the early Americans was gained at the expense of the liberty of the king to rule over his colonies. The liberty of Christians to live in a wholesome society was won at the expense of the liberty of homosexuals and fornicators to publicly practice their perversions. The liberty of the white man in North America was won at the expense of the liberty of the Negro and the Indian. There is no way for these conflicting liberties to co-exist harmoniously."

Nationalism And Liberty, by Clement Pulaski, 7/2/15 [The direct post will not link].

Flanders said...

'Inward migration will be a permanent feature of Irish society over the next 30 to 40 years' - Conor Lenihan, August 14, 2008

"Since taking office in early 2011, after his Fine Gael party ousted the ruling Fianna Fail amid Ireland’s continuing economic woes, Shatter has busied himself with increasing the numbers of Africans and Asians resident in Ireland.

Immigration to Ireland from outside Europe during 2011 was twice that of the previous year. Last year, the Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service granted visas to 91 percent of the 88,000 non-Europeans who applied for them (citizens of the twenty-six other member states of the European Union can travel to Ireland without having to obtain a visa)."

"Now, Ireland has not been known for its role in World War II anti-Jewish measures. Like most countries at the time, however, including Germany’s fiercest opponents, Ireland was reluctant to accept large numbers of Jewish immigrants.

So, last fall, in a speech in honor of Raoul Wallenberg, the Swedish businessman who traveled to Hungary at American instigation in 1944 to impede deportation of Jews to German concentration camps, Ireland’s Jewish immigration czar attempted to justify flooding his homeland with Third World immigrants by attacking Ireland’s World War II immigration policy:" [The quote is at the link].

"Shatter is also the man who has done more to destroy the family in Ireland than any other single individual. Much of the law "reform" in family law has been driven by him.

The Judicial Separation & Family Law Act, 1989 was his private members bill. There's more to nation-wrecking than just importing aliens"

Flanders said...

Although the author is a Kool-Aid leftist, he makes some good observations about Shatter.

"After the war Wallenberg “disappeared into the Soviet prison system.” Shatter has no doubt that “what the Soviets did to him was because of what he did and proposed to do for Hungarian Jews”, although he does not clarify the rationale behind such a causal link. Researchers have tended to explain Wallenberg’s arrest on the grounds that he was either a US spy, or the Soviets suspected him of being one. There are also other theories about his undocumented death, including the tantalising possibility that he lived on for several decades."

"Just as Alan Shatter is willing to exploit Wallenberg’s memory, to instrumentalise the Shoah and to bend the truth in order to make a case for attacking Iran in the supposed interests of the Israeli rogue state, he is also prepared to abuse his position as one of the most powerful ministers in the Irish government in order to defame and victimise Irish citizens exercising their democratic right to protest against injustice – once again, in the interests of that same rogue state. It is not unusual for a Defence Minister to be steeped in nationalism, but for the “nation” in question to be a foreign state, and a rogue state at that, must be unprecedented."

Elaine said...

"There's more to nation-wrecking than just importing aliens"

Absolutely correct. And he was also heavily involved in the gay marriage project and had major new family "reforms" in the pipeline before he was ousted. We can be thankful that everyone hated him and that his arrogance lead to his demise.

Anonymous said...

We are The Celtic People's Party of Ireland. Our main site is: We are working to save our people, culture and country from destruction by mass immigration and unlimited international bankster debt. The only way to fight evil politicians is to get political. If you would like to join us , contact us: We will look forward to hearing from you.

Anonymous said...

Let's hope the negro is no back in Lagos or where ever. We are The Celtic People's Party of Ireland. Our main site is: We are working to save our people, culture and country from destruction by mass immigration and unlimited international bankster debt. The only way to fight evil politicians is to get political. If you would like to join us , contact us: We will look forward to hearing from you.

Iron Felix said...

Couple of points about Irish neutrality; 1) for the first time in all history Ireland by implemented policy did NOT become trampled underfoot in other people's quarrels; 2) in times of great international conflict a policy of neutralising one's country is ethically far and away the best one;3)in opting for neutrality Ireland joined Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland, Norway and the USA in this stance. d) as regards the "infamous" signing of the book of condolences, it might be recalled that Hitler and the National Socialist Party were elected to power in open ballot, and by a larger margin than any German party before or since; and that Dr. Hempel of the German Embassy was a highly educated, erudite cultured mitteleuropischer and a personality who as such would warmly commend himself to one of de Valera's temperament; they had developed a warm and friendly regard for each other of long standing. Reduced to utter despair as his country, the "First Christian Nation of Europe" went down in fire and slaughter at the hands of a gothic enemy, Dr. Hempel was likely most grateful for the crumb of comfort extended by de Valera, which gesture one hopes will come to be seen for the humane and decent thing it was.

Anonymous said...

We are The Celtic People's Party of Ireland. Our main site is: We are working to save our people, culture and country from destruction by mass immigration and unlimited international bankster debt. The only way to fight evil politicians is to get political. If you would like to join us , contact us: We will look forward to hearing from you.

Sentient said...

Chicago Pollack. The 'administrators' turn will come soon. These stupid fucks can't see they digging their own graves. Emerging now at universities. Academic staff and admins in plum jobs are losing out to minority quota requirements. Will happen up in lily white Minnesota as well in due course.

Flanders said...

Not all caucasians Are White - Supreme Court rejects Asian Indians

"What we now hold is that the words “free white persons” are words of common speech, to be interpreted in accordance with the understanding of the common man, synonymous with the word “Caucasian” only as that word is popularly understood....".

"It does not seem necessary to pursue the matter of scientific classification further. We are unable to agree with the District Court, or with other lower federal courts in the conclusion that a native Hindu is eligible for naturalization under. . . . The words of familiar speech, which were used by the original framers of the law [1790], were intended to include only the type of man whom they knew as white. The immigration of that day was almost exclusively from the British Isles and Northwestern Europe, whence they and their forbears had come. When they extended the privilege of American citizenship to “any alien, being a free white person,” it was these immigrants—bone of their bone and flesh of their flesh—and their kind whom they must have had affirmatively in mind. The succeeding years brought immigrants from Eastern, Southern and Middle Europe, among them the Slavs and the dark-eyed, swarthy people of Alpine and Mediterranean stock, and these were received as unquestionably akin to those already here and readily amalgamated with them. It was the descendants of these, and other immigrants of like origin, who constituted the white population of the country when § 2169, reënacting the naturalization test of 1790, was adopted; and there is no reason to doubt, with like intent and meaning."

[Below is the legal citation, and a portion of the earlier reasoning applied to this case. The text source for the opinion is at the link further below.]
United States v. Bhagat Singh Thind, Certificate From The Circuit Court Of Appeals For The Ninth Circuit., No. 202. Argued January 11, 12, 1923.—Decided February 19, 1923, United States Reports, v. 261, The Supreme Court, October Term, 1922, 204–215.

"The eligibility of this applicant for citizenship is based on the sole fact that he is of high caste Hindu stock, born in Punjab, one of the extreme northwestern districts of India, and classified by certain scientific authorities as of the Caucasian or Aryan race. The Aryan theory as a racial basis seems to be discredited by most, if not all, modern writers on the subject of ethnology. A review of their contentions would serve no useful purpose. . . .

The term “Aryan” has to do with linguistic and not at all with physical characteristics, and it would seem reasonably clear that mere resemblance in language, indicating a common linguistic root buried in remotely ancient soil, is altogether inadequate to prove common racial origin. There is, and can be, no assurance that the so-called Aryan language was not spoken by a variety of races living in proximity to one another. Our own history has witnessed the adoption of the English tongue by millions of Negroes, whose descendants can never be classified racially with the descendants of white persons notwithstanding both may speak a common root language.

The work “Caucasian” is in scarcely better repute. It is at best a conventional term, with an altogether fortuitous origin, which, under scientific manipulation, has come to include far more than the unscientific mind suspects. According to Keane, for example, . . . It includes not only the Hindu but some of the Polynesians, (that is the Maori, Tahitians, Samoans, Hawaiians and others), the Hamites of Africa, upon the ground of the Caucasic cast of their features, though in color they range from brown to black. We venture to think that the average well informed white American would learn with some degree of astonishment that the race to which he belongs is made up of such heterogeneous elements."

Frank Galton said...

The Journal, 21 November 2012

Rights group welcomes SHATTER’S comments on gay marriage and PARENTING

A group advocating equality for gay and lesbian people living in Ireland has welcomed Justice Minister ALAN SHATTER’S latest comments on PARENTING EQUALITY for GAY COUPLES and the issue of gay marriage.

HAARETZ, 26 August 2014

Rabbinic court FORBIDS WOMAN from letting her CHILDREN meet FEMALE SPOUSE

A state rabbinic court in Jerusalem has issued an order prohibiting a woman from bringing her children to meet her female ROMANTIC PARTNER.

The ruling by a state rabbinic court in Jerusalem which forbids a divorced woman from letting her children meet her new lesbian lover has highlighted the STAGGERING HYPOCRISY in Jewish Supremacists with regard to non-Jewish nations—and revealed their own racist tribal loyalty to Israel.

The rabbinical court ruling—announced quite openly in media outlets aimed at Jews (such as the Israeli newspaper Haartez) but completely suppressed in the Jewish Supremacist-controlled media aimed at the larger non-Jewish public in America and elsewhere—came during divorce proceedings between a Jewish woman and her husband.

According to Haaretz, the divorcing couple agreed that the woman would have custody of the children, but the husband asked the court to issue an order prohibiting the woman’s new female partner from seeing the children.

Without such an order, the husband said he would refuse to grant his wife a get, or a ritual divorce. The court has agreed to his request.

What would the Jewish Supremacist-controlled “western” media’s reaction be if any other country on earth outlawed a lesbian woman from allowing her children to meet her new girlfriend? There would be an uproar.

The Jewish Supremacist controlled media would be screaming “discrimination” and calling for “change” and even political action against any such state.

Proof of this can be seen in their hysterical demonization of the Russian Federation’s government, which has not even outlawed homosexuality, but in attempting to protect adolescent children, prohibited the propagandist promotion of the homosexual lifestyle.

Israel, on the other hand, where homosexual marriage is actually OUTLAWED, is given a completely free pass by this same media—because the Jewish Supremacists who control the “west’s” media, always cover up and protect their own tribe.

This can also be seen in the endless list of “gay activists” among Hollywood “movie stars,” actors, journalists, politicians etc.—all of whom are very vocal about gay rights in America and other countries— even to boycotting states or nations that don’t allow homosexual marriage, but who will not support a boycott of Israel. Jewish blood it seems runs far thicker than principle.

The HYPOCRISY IS NEVER-ENDING: the leading Jewish Supremacist pressure group, the Anti-Defamation League, has, according to its own website, a “longstanding commitment to protecting CIVIL RIGHTS, particularly those that affect the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community.”

This is the same ADL, a so-called human rights organization that completely supports Israel, a nation built on the ethnic cleansing of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians. A state notorious for human torture, and that periodically massacres thousands of Palestinians men, women and children, and a state as the above article shows, that will not allow a divorced woman to allow her children to meet her girlfriend.

So, is the ADL’s support of gay marriage truly a support of gay marriage, or is it a weapon it uses to weaken and divide Gentile society?

Read more:

Jerusalem Post, 11 March 2013

Ireland’s Justice, Equality and Defense Minister Alan Shatter...has been characterized in Jerusalem as a “COURAGEOUS SUPPORTER” OF ISRAEL...

Frank Galton

Frank Galton said...

Irish Mirror, 01 July 2015

Alan Shatter brands water protesters "fascists" after angry scenes at Leinster House

BBC, 27 October 2009

Report: Palestinians denied water

While Israeli settlers in the West Bank enjoy lush gardens and swimming pools, Amnesty describes a series of Israeli measures it says are discriminating against Palestinians:

• Israel has "entirely appropriated the Palestinians' share of the Jordan river" and uses 80% of a key shared aquifer
• West Bank Palestinians are not allowed to drill wells without Israeli permits, which are "often impossible" to obtain
• Rainwater harvesting cisterns are "often destroyed by the Israeli army"
• Israeli soldiers confiscated a water tanker from villagers who were trying to remain in land Israel had declared a "closed military area"
• An unnamed Israeli soldier says rooftop Palestinian household water tanks are "good for target practice"
• Much of the land cut off by the West Bank barrier is land with good access to a major aquifer
• Israeli military operations have damaged Palestinian water infrastructure, including $6m worth during the Cast Lead operation in Gaza last winter

Jerusalem Post, 11 March 2013

Ireland’s Justice, Equality and Defense Minister Alan Shatter has been characterized in Jerusalem as a “COURAGEOUS SUPPORTER” OF ISRAEL...

Frank Galton

eah said...

He isn't alone responsible -- probably the Irish media was behind it the whole time, 100%. What are the major Irish media enterprises? Who controls them?

Frank Galton said...

Irish Times, 10 November 2003

Shatter wants urgent reform of divorce law

Divorce laws, which require couples to separate for four years before their marriage can be terminated by an Irish court, must be changed urgently, according to former Fine Gael TD and prominent family lawyer, Mr Alan Shatter.

The four-year separation rule, introduced to stop the creation of a 'QUICKIE' DIVORCE CULTURE, is actually failing to protect the interests of wives and children if the husband gets a foreign divorce after living abroad for just a year, he said.

In the rabbinical courts, which operate according to halakha (Torah law), a Jewish woman is allowed to initiate divorce proceedings, but her husband MUST GIVE HIS CONSENT to make the divorce final. If the husband disappears or refuses to grant the divorce, the wife is considered an "agunah" (lit. "chained woman") and may not remarry or give birth to halakhically legitimate children.

Los Angeles Times, 26 July 2013

Israel divorce law traps women in marriages that died long ago

...matters of divorce for all Jewish citizens [is] in the hands of a government-funded religious court.

The court, consisting of a panel of rabbis, bases its decisions on the customs of Orthodox Judaism. The rulings apply to all Jewish Israelis, whether they are Orthodox, Conservative or Reform, observant or secular. And their authority even extends to those who married abroad in civil ceremonies that were registered in Israel. Divorce for non-Jews is handled by their own religious institutions.

Under the court's interpretation of Jewish religious law, a husband's, or wife's, consent is necessary to end a marriage. As has been the case for centuries, a Jewish divorce is not final in Israel until MEN DELIVER HANDWRITTEN DIVORCE DECREES INTO THE CUPPED HANDS OF THE WOMEN, who then must hold the paper aloft.

The biggest concern is a religious law that says if a woman has children with another man before divorce is granted, those children and their descendants will be deemed illegitimate and not allowed to marry in Israel under current law. The law does not apply to men.

Jerusalem Post, 11 March 2013

Ireland’s Justice, Equality and Defense Minister Alan Shatter has been characterized in Jerusalem as a “COURAGEOUS SUPPORTER” OF ISRAEL...

Frank Galton

B Boru said...

eah, the Irish media as you say are 100%, without a single exception, in favour of all this. They even support taking the 'asylum seekers' that the Irish Navy has 'rescued' in the Med. and giving them citizenship. I have not seen a single contra view printed and I personally have sent a number of letters to editors but all binned.

Anonymous said...

" interpreted in accordance with the understanding of the common man"

Pity the bastards didn't remember that when they ruled on gay "marriage".

lost generation said...

Good points on Irish neutrality I.F. There was no reason whatsoever in international law and diplomacy why De Valera should nit have attended the German Embassy.

Frank Galton said...

Irish Examiner, 11 February 2015

Alan Shatter: Let people vote on issue of abortion

Alan Shatter, the former justice minister, has waded into the latest row on abortion and declared that politicians can no longer hide behind emotive debate and must instead give people a referendum.

New York Times, 12 June 2015

Israel’s Abortion Committees

...Israeli law [requires] that all abortions be APPROVED BY A COMMITTEE [The Pregnancy Termination Committee].

Each committee includes a social worker and two doctors. The law stipulates four criteria, any of which is sufficient for approval: If the woman is below 18 or over 40; if the fetus is in danger; if the mother’s mental or physical health is at risk; or if the pregnancy occurs OUT OF WEDLOCK...

Terminating pregnancies is considered COUNTERINTUITIVE TO ZIONISM...

Israel’s policy sends a message to women that while the state will facilitate our abortions in practice, it refuses – in principle — to grant us the freedom to make that decision ourselves. And that is an infringement of our basic rights to bodily integrity and privacy.

But you don’t often hear much about its abortion policy. Now I know why.

Jerusalem Post, 11 March 2013

Ireland’s Justice, Equality and Defense Minister Alan Shatter has been characterized in Jerusalem as a “COURAGEOUS SUPPORTER” OF ISRAEL...

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

Rob said...

Iron Felix and Lost Generation:

I have to admire old Dev for saying "fuck you" to the rest of the world and offering his condolences to the German Ambassador on the death of the Führer. The man had a mind of his own and wasn't going to be intimidated by the reactions of the "international community". Can you imagine any of today's politicians doing that?

Amateur Brain Surgeon said...

Unite White men ABS has family from Cork- they settled there after being expelled from County Limerick- and so he wonders if the whites he will be uniting with are the descendants of Perfidious Albion which killed and enslaved his ancestors and if they hate the One Holy Roman Catholic and Apostolic Church as much as did their progenitors.

The appeal to race as a basis for unity is different from the racial supremacism of the Jews - and before them the Germans - and before the the English, how?

F. McCool said...

Rob, me the same about Dev. At least he didn't kick a guy when he's down.

Frank Galton said...

Houses of the Oireachtas, 20 May 1993

Mr. [Alan] Shatter: Hundreds of thousands of refugees from Bosnia have been forced to flee their country by the appalling bloodshed there. To date this State has allowed approximately 170 Bosnians to reside here on a temporary residential arrangement. Those who are here are anxious that relatives, still in Bosnia, or in refugee centres in various parts of Europe, be permitted to join them in Ireland. Permission should be extended by the Government to these relatives to COME HERE WITHOUT FURTHER DELAY.

The atrocities taking place on a daily basis in Bosnia, nightly depicted on our television screens, pose a MORAL OBLIGATION ON THIS STATE to do more to assist those fleeing that country than we have done to date.

There would be widespread public support in Ireland for the Government doing a good deal more than it has done. As well as agreeing to relations of those currently here to be admitted, we could admit some more refugees. As a minimum, I propose that we agree to receive here another 500 refugees from Bosnia.

Vice News, 03 October 2014

Thousands of Eritreans Face Torture and Death as They Flee Despotic Rule

ALJAZEERA, 11 November 2014

Hunger amid tragedy for South Sudan refugees

Rights groups have reported shocking new levels of violence towards civilians, including the rape and slaughter of toddlers , pregnant women and nuns, and the use of media to disseminate hate speech to rally people to commit massacres and rape along ethnic lines.
Fighting has sent nearly two million people running from their homes

The Guardian, 31 March 2015

Israel to deport Eritrean and Sudanese asylum seekers to third countries

Authorities will give people 30 days to leave; those who refuse will face a hearing to determine their indefinite imprisonment

Jerusalem Post, 11 March 2013

Ireland’s Justice, Equality and Defense Minister Alan Shatter has been characterized in Jerusalem as a “COURAGEOUS SUPPORTER” OF ISRAEL...

Frank Galton

Frank Galton said...

The Guardian, 04 June 2012

Israel granted asylum status to one [ONE!] applicant out of 4,603 applications in 2011...

Jerusalem Post, 11 March 2013

Ireland’s Justice, Equality and Defense Minister Alan Shatter has been characterized in Jerusalem as a “COURAGEOUS SUPPORTER” OF ISRAEL...

Frank Galton

Frank Galton said...

HAARETZ, 19 February 2015

Israel has granted refugee status to only FOUR Sudanese and Eritrean asylum seekers

Jerusalem Post, 11 March 2013

Ireland’s Justice, Equality and Defense Minister Alan Shatter has been characterized in Jerusalem as a “COURAGEOUS SUPPORTER” OF ISRAEL...

Frank Galton

Flanders said...

"Many white Americans live in a cult-like trance in which they accept racist abuse. They believe it is ‘social justice’ due from years of discrimination against blacks; slavery in particular. In reality blacks are privileged to live in advanced Western cultures. That fact is scrubbed from the minds of gullible white people by the imposition of the Marxist doctrine of ‘white privilege,’ an inversion of reality.

Even on Fakebook and other social media sites I hear the same BS over and over again; liberals vs. conservatives. Well if Detroit weren’t democrat they’d be fine. These poorly misguided alternative truthers either know the truth and they’re purposely being disingenuous or they’re completely naïve or flat out stupid. Which is it? Don’t know. Don’t care.

So of course I make the simple comment its DNA bitches. (This comment usually gets me banned or insulted in the most vicious ways). Finland is a mostly white country with socialist leanings. They’re a beautiful group of people because THEY’RE WHITE YOU IDIOTS. You could have a communist, socialist, pagan, heathen or Christian country but if it’s all white, it works! All whites nations are safe. Your kids can play outside after dark. They can leave their bike lying out and it doesn’t get stolen. Your wife or grandma can run to the grocery store without having to carry a .45 in her purse. It’s DNA!

So the title above leads me to ask this question. What is the Pearl Harbor event for whites?"

Anonymous said...

Respect to Eamon de Valera
The MSM's hate is because you were truth
Mr Curious

Vanguard said...

Most of the coverage of the burialof the Irish people killed in Tunisia centred around how good it was for the local Muslims - 'peace-loving people' - to come along to the funerals.

CanSpeccy said...

Inasmuch as a racist is now a person of European descent who, like Jews and Africans, believes that their people have the right to a homeland of their own, is it not time to take pride in being a racist and to attack all those race traitors who seek the genocide of their own people through promotion of non-reproductive sex, mass immigration and multiculturalism, which leads to racial annihilation within little more than a single generation.

Frank Galton said...

The Independent, 28 January 2005

“State must apologise for de Valera's morally repugnant error of judgment over Hitler” – Alan Shatter

State must apologise for false flag terror plot.

HAARETZ, 11 November 2009

Israel's plan was to bomb Western [US and British] targets, make it seem as though Egypt was behind the attacks.

HAARETZ, 11 May 2015

IDF declassifies docs in still-rotten Lavon Affair

Dialogue between the two men at the heart of affair reveals tense blame game over 1954 FALSE FLAG scandal.

Code-named Operation Susannah by Military Intelligence, it involved a Jewish terror cell in Egypt that was meant to undermine Cairo’s relations with the United States and Britain. The cell, whose members were arrested in the summer of 1954, had planned to plant bombs in movie houses, a post office, and U.S. institutions in Cairo and Alexandria, making it look as if the bombs were the work of Egyptians.

YNET News, 30 March 2005

[Operation Susannah]

Israel honors 9 Egyptian spies

After 50 years, President Katsav presents three surviving members with CERTIFICATES OF APPRECIATION at Jerusalem ceremony

Now that they have been officially recognised in Israel, the former agents are campaigning for a full account of their operation to be included in the high-school syllabus.

"This is a GREAT DAY FOR ALL OF US, those who were hanged and those who died," Marcelle Ninio, the only female member of the cell, said. "We are happy we've got our HONOR BACK.",2506,L-3065838,00.html

How does America deal with a country that commits terrorism against us and then honors the terrorists?

Answer: We give it billions of dollars every year as well as our most advanced military technology.

Israel’s terrorist plot against the United States in the Lavon Affair was one greatest acts of treachery that any nation has ever committed against an ongoing ally. There have certainly been many times in history where a nation attacked a supposed ally, but I know of no cases where an “ally” attacked another and then the attacked nation remained an ally and continued to support the attacking nation financially and militarily!

Frank Galton

David said...

Lets not forget Ronit Lentin a Romanian Jew who moved to Ireland to take up an appointment in Trinity Collage Dublin this somehow qualifies her as an Irish Jew??
From Wikipedia: She was born in Haifa in 1944, prior to the establishment of the State of Israel, and has lived in Ireland since 1969. A political Sociologist, she was Head of Sociology, the director of the MPhil in Race, Ethnicity, Conflict, Department of Sociology and founder member of the Trinity Immigration Initiative, Trinity College, Dublin. In September 2014 she retired as Associate Professor of Sociology from Trinity College Dublin. Lentin has published extensively on racism and immigration in Ireland, Israel and Palestine and on gender and genocide and the Holocaust.
Quote: “I propose an interrogation of how the Irish nation can become other than white (Christian and settled), by privileging the voices of the racialised and subverting state immigration but also integration policies. Stage one of such interrogation would be to do all we can to defeat the citizenship referendum on June 11.” – Ronit Lentin
Not often they tell the truth but "subverting state immigration but also integration policies"!!!

Kevin Rafferty said...

IMHO Ronit Lentin takes refuge behind a supposedly anti-Israeli stance, knowing it makes no difference to Israel but gives her cover to attack her target country and race. When push comes to shove she knows who she supports.

Frank Galton said...

David said: “From Wikipedia: A political Sociologist, she [Ronit Lentin] was Head of Sociology, the director of the MPhil in Race, Ethnicity, Conflict, Department of Sociology... In September 2014 she retired as Associate Professor of Sociology from Trinity College Dublin. Lentin has published extensively on racism and immigration...”

Jewish Telegraphic Agency, 10 June 1985

Oscar COHEN, a leader in the field of human relations who for 25 years was associated with the ANTI-DEFAMATION LEAGUE [ADL] of B’nai B’rith, died here yesterday at the age of 77.

He was directly responsible for the University of California study entitled “PATTERNS OF AMERICAN PREJUDICE”...

He worked closely with sociologists Melvin Tumin, Gordon Allport, Arnold Rose, Martin Deutsch and others and was RESPONSIBLE FOR DEVELOPING such ADL PUBLICATIONS as “A Nation of Immigrants” by President Kennedy...

New York Times, 05 March 1994

Melvin M. Tumin, 75, Specialist in RACE RELATIONS

Professor Tumin served as director of the Mayor's Commission on Race Relations in Detroit...

He came to national notice with "DESEGREGATION: RESISTANCE AND READINESS" (1958), a study of the attitudes of WHITE MALE residents of Guilford County, North Carolina, and the factors underlying those attitudes.

Mel Tumin...was adamantly Jewish in the overwhelmingly Waspy Princeton of his era...

American Jewish Committee Archives

Page 4

'By the 1960s an estimated 700 members of the American Sociological Association were of Jewish origin...The first two were Samuel Joseph and Louis Wirth, who were joined in the postwar period by a larger group including...Melvin Tumin...Arnold Rose...

Frank Galton

mikeo said...

Beautiful Posting,...Savant! You, Sir, are a Genius, and a Patriot!

Uncle Nasty said...

Completely off-topic, but you know me by now ...

I have been always interested in things military, mainly because of the only sensible statement that was made during the whole Vietnam conflict.

"When you've got them by the balls, their hearts and minds will follow ..."

-- a piece of advice that might have actually won the war ... pity that wasn't the aim of the exercise.

Tomorrow’s Gonna Be a Real Good Day!

Porter / 1 day ago

The blog backlog has grown moldy and requires a fumigation post. Unfortunately time relinquishes little today. So for just a whiff of potpourri…

Highway to the dangerzone
For no particular reason, I have been reading some articles on the new American F-35 Joint Strike Fighter warplane and how it compares to the also new Russian TA-50. See here, here, and here. The answer is:

not well.

The sustained turning performance of the F-35A Lightning II was recently disclosed as 4.95 G at Mach 0.8 and 15,000 ft. A 1969 F-4E Phantom II could sustain 5.5 Gs at 0.8 Mach with 40 percent internal fuel at 20,000 feet. The F-35 is also much slower than the 1960s F-4E or F-105D. So the F-35A’s aerodynamic performance is ‘retrograde’ when compared with 1960s legacy fighters. The consequence of such inferior JSF performance is that its DAS might detect an incoming missile, but the aircraft lacks the turn-rate to out-fly it. As the F-35 also lacks the performance to engage or escape, repeated ‘freebie’ shots from the PAK-FA could inflict high losses. Expect the exchange rate to be of the order of 4:1 in favour of the PAK-FA, possibly much higher.

I’m uncertain if “exchange rate” in this context refers to shots-on-target or kills. Though as pure layman’s speculation, I presume correlation between the two is very high. So the US and its feudal serf states are now trammeled above the horizon with jets that feature sub 1960s flight performance. We’re not just progressing demographically.

Though the cause of this performance devolution is more bureaucratic than genetic at this stage. The first link provides a fascinating exposition of how a recipe is fouled by the inputs of a million cooks. Essentially congress refused to fund discrete platforms for every mission parameter, thus forcing military chiefs to coalesce around a single frame that could, with some modular variations, accomodate every mission. Though the end result is that the “must have” features demanded by each faction incrementally festooned the aircraft with disast(e)rous bulk and performance compromises. By far the biggest culprit cited was the Marine Corps’ requirement that the aircraft feature vertical take-off capability. The cumulative result being an object with flight characteristics similar to a helium balloon.

And that isn’t the punchline. According to the articles (and subject to variations in order quantity), the 5th generation Russian fighter cost $20 billion for development. The pricetag on the US F-35?

One trillion. There’s no way we’ll be invaded now.

Is it up to me to point out that America's recipe for success over the last three quarters of a century has been "Victory through Air Supremacy"?

I guess not.


Uncle Nasty said...

An interesting site ... my gift to all.


Flanders said...

"News from Europe continues to baffle many professional analysts, with the prosperous and relatively-racially homogeneous nation of Austria the latest to stir from a decades-long spell of tolerance. According to multiple media sources, a petition to withdraw from the European Union, source of so many regional troubles, has garnered more than a quarter of a million signatures as of Thursday,..".
"It seems as of late that women are taking a large role in Nationalist movements across much of the Western World, as they notice that the arrival of subhuman trash means the end of a stable, affluent, and moral society for themselves and their families.

The fact that both sexes are getting involved is definitely a fortuitous event, as we could never gain any sort of lasting traction without support from men and women, despite what a few isolated weirdos and degenerates may say."
"Over 260,000 Austrians have signed a petition calling for the EU exit for the country, and now the Austrian parliament must discuss a referendum on the issue.

Overall, the 261,159 people who signed the petition represent 4.12 percent of the electorate.

The threshold for calling a debate on a potential referendum is 100,000 people."

Gem Junior said...

The Jews are being exposed more and more every day. Everyone hates them.

Anonymous said...

04{36chicago polack about the stolen lunches, yrs back as a kid out of the navy landed a job on the east side at us steel on the lake front,they hired a bunch of niggers and things started walking away amongst them the lunches, the guys put in the locker area refrigrators,now at that time you had a bunch of old time Serbs working there served as chetnicks under tito in ww11 along with Croatians that they got along with great,one day this guy Marko found his lunch gone and said" fucking nigger took it i know it"don't know if he did or someone else but they made a great steak sandwich with oil garlic lettuce tomato and various spices you could smell a block away and oh yes slathered heavily in the mix RAT POISON. nigger boy went for the bait and was carried out a hour and half later by the fire dept and then down to the morgue,nobody talked but Serb guys smiled for a week and no more missing lunches,btw never a investigation that i know of,,,,john old rtd chicago copper,

Anonymous said...

So, why do you not allow South Africans in?

James said...

In Germany a jew will come and tell you how wonderful jews are, but you have to pay for it.

Rent a Jew

Anonymous said...

Great UKIP logo ...

Anonymous said...

Look at this disgusting shit faced kike - fucking vermin under the UJ flag

Why is Jack Sen with BNP ??? - they have yids amongst them too! fucks like Harrington and this cock here ...

Anonymous said...

Why would anyone want to lie about Idi Amin ? LOL

Anonymous said...

Bearded, Donkey faced, asiatic cunt in spectacles

Anonymous said...

Donald Trump is ruffling a few feathers with his talk on illegals. We badly need an Irish politician to say it like it is.

Anonymous said...

God grant? Savant, I didn't think you believed in God?

SAVANT said...

Belief in God? Well I can only go on the evidence, which says to me there had to be a Prime Mover. But everything else in this space is pure speculation.

Dan said...

I think that if god is a projection of desires and needs and reveals the inner workings of the worshiper then why not have a Santa-like Grandfather sitting on a cloud and his son sorta floating around healing the blind and lame.

It's a beautiful vision. If Michelangelo's Sistine chapel is a vision of what is inside the European man then I say it's good for me.

Anonymous said...

"So, why do you not allow South Africans in?"

Our stealth rulers want white genocide - slamming the door on South Africans and Rhodesians is part of the evidence.


Shatter wants the genocide of the Irish people as revenge for what Irish people *might* do to Jews at some undetermined time in the future.

They're culturally insane.

Gary Paul said...

So, why do you not allow South Africans in?

You crazy? Saffers would be the jew's worst nightmare. White, Christian, know how to use guns and to keep the kaffirs under control. And most of all they know what happens when white people allow themselves to buy the lie of multiculturalism and equality.

Seamus O'Blodbaoith said...

Dan, of COURSE a God exists. He is a big strapping fellow with a golden beard and matching hair worn en brosse, and long white robes---and depend upon He is going to turn out to be a right full-on bastard to deal with, come the day........

Uncle Nasty said...

An interesting article from the Jerusalem post in Which Caroline Glick bemoans the fact that no-one likes jews -- in particular, Israelis. Read the article and find out why ...

Column One: Israel’s populist energy crisis

The real cause of the plummet in investments in Israel lays elsewhere. And to understand it we need to understand recent developments in the natural gas industry.

Direct foreign investment in Israel is in free fall. According to a report published last month by the UN Conference on Trade and Development, (UNCTAD), foreign direct investment in Israel in 2014 was 46 percent below levels in 2013, dropping from $11.8 billion to $6.4bn. During the same period worldwide direct foreign investment dropped a mere 16%, meaning the drop in investment in Israel was nearly three times the global average.

Some responded to the report by blaming Operation Protective Edge or the boycott Israel movement for the sudden downturn. And there is probably something, although not much, to that view.

Israel tends to bounce back relatively quickly after wars end. Since 2006, the impact of wars on Israel’s economic growth has been marginal.

As for boycotts, it is hard to enact them. Only 5% of Israeli exports are finished consumer products capable of attracting the ire of Jew-haters. The other 95% are business to business sales with Israeli exports incorporated into products assembled in other countries, and so largely immune to boycotts.

But ... and this is a very big "but", further towards the end we see what happened to Delek and Noble:-

What serious energy company would agree to invest here now? The entire world energy sector now knows that you can’t trust the Israelis. Any exploration project in Israel is a double gamble. First you roll the dice when you begin developing a field that will in all likelihood be dry. Then, if you happen to get lucky, you have every reason to expect that the state will invent a way to seize your future profits.

This brings us back to the UNCTAD report from last week. Israel’s populist – and corrupt – treatment of Delek and Noble is a massive warning sign to investors. Not only shouldn’t you rush to Israel, you should stay away from Israel.

As a friend of mine was wont to say:- "They just don't fucking get it ... do they?"

I guess not.


Uncle Nasty said...

James said...

In Germany a jew will come and tell you how wonderful jews are, but you have to pay for it.
Rent a Jew

4 July 2015 at 06:10

At first I checked the date to make sure that April the first had not snuck up on me ... again.

But then I read the comments. Wonderful stuff, some of them.


Chicago Polack said...


I am glad you believe in a Prime Mover. But what prevents your believing in a dualism, or polyism (if that is even a word?

That our fathers chose the Catholic Church, instead of rejecting it, contra the Khazars, speaks volumes.

BTW, the epistle at today's Mass is the Exodus account of how Jacob (Israel) and his mother Rebekkah conspired to screw Esau out of his birthright. There are deeper Christian theological implications in the whole story, but today's reading does seem to be a template for justifying fratriphobia along a line of the Sons of Abraham. And if self-appointed Sons of Abraham decide it is a good this to cheat their brothers in Abraham, we know where that leaves us who do not betray our brothers in Christ.

I wonder if Rebekkah and Sara can be proven to be of the 5 matriarchs as shown by MtDNA.

Anonymous said...

I believe Savant may be the ultimate Deity as he is never seen and dispenses wisdom and words that all should live by,,,

Frank Galton said...

Anonymous said: “...blacks and Irish gangs and "athletic clubs."”

Re athletics

Jewish Chronicle, 20 November 2008

“His [Obama’s] election reminded me of the 1936 Olympics in Berlin when Hitler left the stadium when Jesse Owens won the gold medal.” – Shimon Peres, President of Israel

The Herald, 16 February 2009

Jesse Owens: Olympic icon

Hitler didn't snub Owens as William Baker's superb biography makes clear. Before he'd won his first medal, IOC president Henri Baillet-Latour told Hitler to acknowledge all winners, or none.

Owens later said: "When I passed the Chancellor, he arose, waved his hand at me, and I waved back at him."

In the US, Owens was obliged to stay in black-only hotels, and dine in segregated restaurants. Not so in Germany. As Owens later said: "Hitler didn't snub me - it was FDR president Roosevelt who snubbed me. The president didn't even send me a telegram." After a ticker-tape reception, he reputedly had to use a lift reserved for freight at New York's best-known hotel.

EUROSPORT, 01 August 2008

On this week: July 27-August 2

1936 - The Olympics in Berlin begin (August 1) The most infamous Olympics of them all is now remembered mostly as a propaganda tool for Nazi Germany and the performance of black athlete Jesse Owens who won four gold medals. A PREVAILING MYTH quickly emerged that a furious Hitler snubbed Owens after his success but that was a case of PROPAGANDA working the other way, with Owens himself saying that he was disappointed to be portrayed as a poster boy of defiance against Hitler.

"When I passed the Chancellor he arose, waved his hand at me, and I waved back at him. I think the writers showed bad taste in criticising the man of the hour in Germany," he would later say.

Harvard International Review, 10 November 2014

There is a LONGSTANDING MYTH that Hitler snubbed Jesse Owens, but it never happened. The “SNUB MYTH” has lived on, despite denials by Owens at the time, and historians later. The day of the so-called snub was August 2, the day before Owens won his first gold medal. Hitler had invited the first day’s winners to his box to be congratulated. The final event of the day, the high jump, lasted until late in the afternoon, and many fans had left the stadium, including Hitler. When the high jump winner turned out to be Cornelius Johnson, a black American, a New York Times headline read, “Hitler Ignores Negro Medalist.” When Jesse Owens became the star of the Games, journalists changed the story, making Owens the victim.

The next day, the IOC president, Count Baillet-Latour, informed Hitler that he would either congratulate all winners of Olympic events, or none. Hitler chose none. There were no more personal congratulations after that, except in private.

The American athletes had no reason to dislike Hitler or the politics of Germany. In fact, at one point, Jesse Owens and Adolf Hitler appeared to admire each other. According to Owens, Hitler paid tribute to him during the competitions. In a newspaper article, Owens was quoted as saying, “When I passed the Chancellor, he arose, waved his hand to me, and I waved back to him. I think the writers showed bad taste in criticizing the man of the hour in Germany.” Owens continued to deny that Hitler ever snubbed him, even after he returned to the United States. On one occasion, he described Hitler as “A MAN OF DIGNITY.”

Frank Galton

SAVANT said...

I've been meaning to do a post on the Jesse Owens fantasy for some time. Another example of a total inversion of the truth.

SAVANT said...

Chicago Pollack....I'm not making any comment one way or the other on the various scriptures. Just referring to the existence - or otherwise - of God.

Iron Felix said...

An interesting aspect to this Berlin Olympics; it was the first to have CCTV, the first to have the torch relay from Mount Olympus. It was very likely the best organised and run games of them all. Had the boycotters won, nobody today would ever have heard of Jesse Owens or, if you like, who now remembers Filbert Beyi? When the Olympics were first mooted to be in Berlin the edelnazis within the Party were actually against it, seeing the Olympic movement as in essence Jewish. It was the more cosmopolitan sector, chiefly under the influence of Goebbels, who swayed the Chancellor around to having it go ahead. There is a famous photograph, very widely used, which shows Hitler turning aside in disgust at the sight of Owens winning a gold medal; that is what the caption invariably says. I suggest that Goering, seated beside the Fuhrer, looks as though he had just hoisted his left buttock a little to facilitate slamming a particularly fearsome fart off the seat, as an even better interpretation. When Hans Woelke (subsequently killed by partisans in Belarus---look up Khatyn in Belarus, not the better known one near Smolensk) won the shotputt Hitler learned that this was the first time any German had ever taken Olympic gold. Nothing would do him but to get hold of the fellow to congratulate him, only to immediately be surrounded by purselipped types telling him to stay up in his vip box and not go near the competitors
thereafter. There was in fact no "defeat" of the "supermen" by Black Americans; Germany came out top of the medal table at the end of the games. And, as one of your corespondants rightly points out, Black Americans found they could breeze in and out of hotels, restaurants and such all over Berlin that they would never have been allowed near back home. Nor were they subject to any hostility by Berliners, who were curious about them, naturally enough, but were in no way offensive to them. You see, the contrast between Roosevelt and Hitler was enormous. Hitler believed (with very substantial reason) in the innate superiority of the germanic peoples. Roosevelt, on the other hand, was an energetic crusader for the universal brotherhood of all mankind---and things would be even better he felt once they got the niggers out.

Anonymous said...

I'm amazed - Mediterranean appearance ?

Amateur Brain Surgeon said...

They’re a beautiful group of people because THEY’RE WHITE YOU IDIOTS. You could have a communist, socialist, pagan, heathen or Christian country but if it’s all white, it works! All whites nations are safe. Your kids can play outside after dark.

A commie country is safe? Is it safe because living next to you is a person who will rat you out to the government if you champion liberty?

A socialist country is safe? The state owing the means of production keeps you safe?

Were the white Catholics safe in England under Bloody Beth?

Why not just enter an all white prison and have that be your paradise?

katana said...

TANSTAAFL and Bill Rhyes had a leisurely 3 hour discussion at The Might is Right Power Hour program.

Talking with Bill Rhyes


Here's the transcript part dealing with Dylan Storm:


Bill Rhyes: What are your thoughts on the recent reprisal killing, and I believe I got that term from you, correct me if I’m wrong, that Dylan Roof is accused of committing, and the manner that most White racial leaders have responded to those reprisal killings?

Tanstaafl: I thought I got “reprisals” from you. But I agree with that...

Bill Rhyes: I think I said “revenge”, but reprisal is better.

Tanstaafl: It is. And that what it is. At least if we take at face value that Roof was the one, that did what he is described to have done. That this manifesto that he wrote, is actually his. And what he said about, “you are raping your women and you have to go” that, “you are taking over our country and you have to go”.

If that is all true, if that is all true, then what Dylan Roof, what he did is a reaction, it’s a response to what’s been done to Whites. That ought to be the pro White attitude about it. Just instinctively.

First of all you should always think about defending anyone who is White, no matter what they do. And that seems something that the intellects, especially White intellects can’t seem to get their brains around. They try to ridicule that idea that. I think about in the past, and I’ve talked about that, how people would make fun of nationalism or racialism, as only weak people who don’t have any accomplishments of their own, latch on to the accomplishments of the group. That kind of attack on such beliefs.

But it’s really, ... a group loyalty, ... is something that is healthy and normal to have and to come to the defence of anyone in your group who is attacked.

The difference between the case that the Boer described in South Africa, Strydom, Barry Strydom, and how his family, did not disown him, didn’t condemn him, but, instead defended him and called him a hero. And the contrast with Roof and how his own family disowned him and one of his uncles, said that he would push the button himself.

And this is before a trial had even occurred. Before anyone knew any of the details.

And that was the doubly dismaying thing about how some pro White reacted so quickly. It was like they were trying to beat the anti Whites and the jews to the punch.

To disown their our guy, first, before anyone else could. So that they could get some sort of, ... I don’t know.

The analogy I thought at the time was the shit sandwich, that they thought they had to answer with was a “shit sandwich”. And the shit sandwich was that they had this point that they wanted to agree with. That what Roof wrote in his manifesto did describe the ideas that they share.

And most of them, to their credit, said as much. They said that he wrote some good stuff, that it’s accurate, it’s right.

But then they tried to wrap that, usually literally by introducing that they were writing with a condemnation of Roof, and some that expressed sympathy for the niggers that were killed. And at the end of that they conclude with that as well. That’s what I mean by a shit sandwich.

But the thing is that they thought the shit was the middle part.



For my latest blog post, Zion’s Trojan Horse: Part 2 — Terrible Power of the Purse; Prelude to Conquest, click here >>> KATANA


Uncle Nasty said...

Forgive me for sounding unsympathetic, but damn, this is funny.

Bakery fined $200,000 for denying wedding cake to lesbian couple

A bakery that refused to make a wedding cake for a lesbian couple has been ordered to pay them more than $200,000.

The former owners of a bakery in Oregon, US, have been ordered to pay more than $200,000 to a lesbian couple after refusing to make wedding cake for them.

Aaron and Melissa Klein, the owners of Sweet Cakes by Melissa, must now compensate the couple for emotional and mental suffering resulting from the denial of service.

The Kleins had cited their Christian beliefs against same-sex marriage in refusing to make the wedding cake for Rachel and Laurel Bowman-Cryer.

The dispute, which started in 2013, is one of several around in the US involving bakers, florists and photographers who have refused to provide services to same-sex couples on religious grounds.

Now I guess that the funny bit is that the Kleins are obviously jewish ... and who are the greatest advocates of every bit of perversion visited on the world?

On the other hand, however, I have to admire them for this:-

The bakery's car was vandalised and broken into twice, he said. Photographers and florists severed ties with the company, eventually forcing the Kleins to close their storefront shop in September 2013.

In a Facebook post, the Kleins vowed to contest the ruling.

"We will NOT give up this fight, and we will NOT be silenced," they wrote. "We stand for God's truth, God's word and freedom for ALL Americans."

... and this is where the thought popped unbidden, into my head. It would be cheaper -- and let's be blunt, more satisfying -- to have the sapphists whacked.

No carpet munchers ... no case. The Leftists -- and I use that term to encompass the whole rotten core of militant fags, activist lawyers and judges, feminist viragos, SJW, the Eternally Offended and all the whiners of today -- must learn that spiteful actions such as these have consequences.

And, should those consequences be spectacularly fatal, so much the better.


Anonymous said...

Let me clear up a long standing debate.
Or doesn't.
Hope that clears things up.


Amateur Brain Surgeon said...

If the answer to our problems is biology/race, explain then why whites banned Christmas in America and arrested whites who did not work on Christmas

and explain why it was the white male in America - white males were the vast majority of those Legislators, POTUS and SCOTUS Justices - who ruint America for other white males.

And wasn't Honest Abe (he got his nickname for the same reason a 400 lb mobster gets the nickname, Tiny) who invaded the South for purely monetary reasons (Morrill Tariff) and who had no use for blacks (see his first Inaugural speech) and who caused the death of about 3/4's of a million other whites.

Is the white race our Saviour, or is Jesus?

Ruin comes upon man when he legislates in opposition to the Universal Kingship of Jesus Christ. He is Lord of all and any nation that legislates in opposition to His Commandments is doomed to failure- it is ineluctable even if that entire country is 100% pure white.

Making an idol of race is not only insane and evil, it is destructive of even merely the temporal desires of pagan whites.

Anonymous said...

In Boston around 2002 I was talking to a black guy from Mauritania. Decent man. Worked hard at two jobs to keep his kids in Catholic school.

He asked if there were any Africans in Ireland and I told him we were beginning to get a lot of Nigerians.

He said, 'The Irish will regret that. They are all thieves and scammers. We don't allow them into our country (Mauritania)except for the few we buy as slaves. (They still have slavery there.) They are despised in the rest of Africa.'

He was correct.

Anonymous said...

Interesting piece here about hasbaras and their activities on web sites. Remind you of anyone?

Anonymous said...

RE The latest wheeze scan here in the Uk
Social housing is going to be freed up by income!
This in my opinion will impinge on white “working class” to the greatest degree . They want to force folk into a famine rental property market.
They need this freeing up of housing for our turd world replacements.
There has all ways been quite a bit of graft in this area... a few years back a senior member of a public body ..was still renting his council property some years after retirement,( sublet whilst he lived it up in warmer climes)at current market rates!
They still flood in ! Big bro & his acolytes must truly hate us white folk.

Anonymous said...

My nose is starting to twitch. I think it's the smell from behind this.


Chicago Polack said...

Fair enough, Savant.

Liked the comment of the Anon commenter who followed me. LOL

kerdasi amaq said...

The Irish government, through its taxation policy, makes it impossible for Irish people to live properly on the minimum wage, so they bring in these foreigners to provide cheap labour to compensate for their political idiocy.

The personnel of Irish political parties as much the enemies of the Irish people as any Black and Tan.

Message to Fianna Fáil, Fine Gael and Labour; reform yourselves or else...

Anonymous said...

Wow that was odd. I just wrote an really long comment but after I clicked submit my comment didn't
appear. Grrrr... well I'm not writing all that over again. Anyways, just wanted to say excellent blog!