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Hitler's Jewish soldiers

We all know, don't we, that during WW 2 the evil Germans made it their business to round up every single Jewish person under their purview. After which they were sent to their doom in the Death Camps. No stone was left unturned.......Germans being Germans and all that.  Anne Frank, The Lady With The Magic Pen, was surely the poster child for this programme. (Anne wrote part of her famous diaries using a ball-point pen. A device which was invented in, er, 1948.)

So who did all the rounding up?  Could it have been these guys?  It seems unlikely because.... well... these guys were themselves Jewish.  Yes, according to the meticulous research of Bryan Mark Rigg no fewer than 150,000 men in the German WW 2 armed forces - including the SS - were Jewish or mischlings (partly Jewish). And they weren't just backroom drones or forced conscripts. They 'included decorated veterans and high-ranking officers, even generals and admirals.'

In fact it gets even better. Erhard Milch reached Field Marshall rank and did more than anyone, including Hermann Goering (to whom he directly reported) to develop the Luftwaffe into the formidable fighting force that it became. This was surprising because you'd imagine being Jewish - which he was - would have been something of a career dampener in the NAZI military command. Actually Hitler thought so much of him that he ordered his Jewishness to be down-played and even promoted him ahead of such legendary and eponymous military aircraft designers as Willy Messerchmitt and Hugo Junkers. 

In 1940, Unteroffizier Dieter Bergmann wrote to his Jewish grandmother, Elly Landesberg nee Moackrauer: 

"Don’t you realize how much I’m with my whole being rooted in Germany. My life would be very sad without my homeland, without the wonderful German art, without the belief in Germany’s powerful past and the powerful future that awaits Germany. Do you think that I can tear that all out of my heart?...Don’t I also have an obligation to my parents, to my brother who showed his love to our Fatherland by dying a hero’s death on the battlefield….Someday, I want to be a German amongst Germans and no longer a second-class citizen just because my wonderful mother is Jewish?" 

His mother being Jewish made him fully Jewish. And yet here he was, in the middle of WW 2, fighting in the ranks of the Wehrmacht.  

Isn't it a strange old world?  Think of the time and effort those super-efficient Germans could have saved had they extracted the Jews serving in their own ranks first. Yet throughout the war there were Jews at every level, from Admiral and Field Marshall right down to the ordinary soldier, all serving valiantly in the German armed forces. Very strange.  Almost as strange as an SS Officer being jailed by an SS Court for ill-treating Jewish prisoners in the Death Camp of Auschwitz. Or Elie Wiesel and his father choosing to travel back with the retreating German forces rather than wait for 'liberation'  by the Red Army advancing on the same Death Camp.

Strange, strange, strange. 


00:39 said...

Why was the Luftwaffe such an abject failure in defending the Fatherland from the massive Allied bombings?

Rob said...

A large number of prominent people in National Socialist and Fascist circles were part Jewish, e.g. John Beckett and John Amery (who was hanged for treason) in England.

Dan said...

Loose Cannons is a good book on this sort of stuff. Judentroopers covers the bases.

Andreas said...

Why was the Luftwaffe such an abject failure in defending the Fatherland from the massive Allied bombings?

You are joking, right? The Luftwaffe was vastly outnumbered during the Allied bombing phase of the war and the worst damage was done when the LW had in effect been destroyed. All military historians agree that the LW 'kill rate' was much higher than those of other airforces.

tsnamm said...

Andreas said...All military historians agree that the LW 'kill rate' was much higher than those of other airforces.

Mostly because they had to fight to the death...there was no going home after your 12th kill or tour of duty. However no sane observer comes away with any other opinion that the aces of the Luftwaffe ( e.g. Adolph Galland) were amongst the finest fighter pilots in history.

Frank Galton said...

HAARETZ, 21 April 2006

At least 150,000 Jews served Hitler

Germans with a Jewish parent or grandparent were required to serve in the Nazi army...a picture of Goldberg [Werner Goldberg] in uniform appeared in a Nazi recruitment advertisement in 1939 depicting "The Ideal German Soldier."

Jewish Telegraphic Agency, 04 June 2002

Raul Hilberg, one of the deans of Holocaust scholarship, recently told The Chronicle of Higher Education. "We have known that there were thousands of men with Jewish roots in the German army." [Note the photo of “Half-Jew and FIELD-MARSHAL Erhard Milch”]

[Bryan Mark Rigg] says that only 60 percent of the "half-Jews" and only 30 percent of the "quarter-Jews" who served as soldiers were Jewish according to Jewish law.

...many scholars say Rigg's book [Hitler's Jewish Soldiers], based on his doctoral dissertation at Cambridge University in England, casts new light on Nazi policy and the Holocaust.

Rigg's "diligent" and "sustained" research calls into question some previous assumptions about Nazi policy during the Holocaust, according to scholar Michael Berenbaum. author of "The World Must Know: The History of the Holocaust."

While researching his family history that summer in 1992, Rigg found some records indicating that many of his mother's ancestors were Jewish.

His time at a yeshiva was just one of the turns Rigg's life has taken during the last decade. He also spent time in a program the Israeli army runs for volunteers from abroad...

National Archives and Records Service, Washington, D.C.

War Crimes Trials

United States of America v. [Half-Jew] Erhard Milch


[Half-Jew] Milch, a Luftwaffe FIELD MARSHAL, held several KEY POSITIONS in the THIRD REICH. He was State Secretary in the German Air Ministry, 1933-44; Inspector General of the Air Force, 1938-45; Deputy to the Commander in Chief of the Air Force, 1938-45; Aircraft Master General, 1941-44; member of the Central Planning Board, 1942-45; and Chief of the Jaegerstab, 1944-45.

The indictment against Milch consisted of three counts. Count one pertained to war crimes, including deportations of civilians to slave labor camps in territories occupied by German Armed Forces, the illegal use of prisoners of war (POW's) in war operations, and the cruel and inhumane treatment of slave laborers. He was charged with planning these crimes as a member of the Central Planning Board (Zentrale Planung, ZP)...

Frank Galton

Frank Galton said...

HAARETZ, 05 July 2014

When Hitler honored Jewish soldiers

The Nazi regime conferred honors on many of the 100,000 Jews who fought in the German army in the Great War, even on some who had already escaped to Palestine.

Frank Galton

Frank Galton said...

Daily Telegraph, 09 March 2014

The Jews who fought for Hitler

They fought alongside them, healed them, and often befriended them. But how do Finland's Jews feel today about their uneasy - and LITTLE MENTIONED - alliance with the Nazis?

“I lived here for 25 years before I heard about it, and I’m Jewish,” says John Simon, a New Yorker who moved to Helsinki in 1982.

The Jewish veterans – a handful of whom are still alive today – insist they’re not ashamed of what they did [fighting alongside, healing, and befriending “Nazis” *].

“I had to do my duty, like everyone,” he [Aron Livson] says.

* The term ”Nazi” was first coined by Jewish propagandist Konrad Heiden.

Chicago Tribune, 25 July 1966

Page 18


[Jewish journalist/propagandist] Konrad Heiden was so early an anti-nazi publicist that his first book, "History of National Socialism" [1932], was published in Germany and publicly burned by Nazis there before Hitler’s party came to power. Heiden's death in New York the other day has reminded the public that it was he who first POPULARIZED THE TERM NAZI, in place of the earlier current Naso.

The expression "National Socialist" was naturally first abbreviated to the first two letters in each of the two words – Naso. As a satiric thrust, Heiden preferred to use the first four letters in the German word meaning "national," as in Bavarian slang Nazi had the established meaning of "bumpkin" or "simpleton."

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

off topic readers of the magi savant,banner wkend here in chicago but could of been better, 5 DOAS 33 WOUNDED but the summer is early yet and i have to go along with the 15 yr old grand daughter as she just got her learners permit,hope I'm not included amongst the walking wounded.....

iron felix said...

Well, Savant, the biro was a bit earlier than 1948, but that d small lacuna aside, the point is a good one. A similar case showed up in Dublin there a while back, a new rtheatre was built called, I think something like the Bored Gosh, and it's architect was described both as having been born in 1948 AND as a holocaust survivor.

iron felix said...

Sorry; that Jewish architect who survived the holocaust, it turns out, was born in Lodz, pronounced Wodge, in Poland in 1946.......

brian boru said...

If Hitler and the Germans had been even half as vicious and homicidal as they have been endlessly accused of being they might have had a better chance of winning. In trying to play by the rules as much as they were able, against people for whom no savagery was too great and who considered any rules stupidity, they were doomed

Flanders said...

Good photo site, although I have found nothing pertinent to jews in the WWII German military.


"...while Germans at the front battling enemy, Jews had taken over everything in Germany as early as 1917. Excerpts from Ch VII Mein Kampf;-
Back Home Jews had taken control of everything.
“But in Munich conditions were far worse. After my discharge from hospital, I was sent to a reserve battalion there. I felt as in some strange town. Anger, discontent, complaints met one's ears wherever one went.. Government offices were staffed by Jews. Almost every clerk was a Jew and every Jew was a clerk. I was amazed at this multitude of combatants who belonged to the chosen people (Jews) and could not help comparing it with their slender numbers in the fighting lines."


Heraclitus said...

Iron Felix, you are not keeping up with the times my boy. It has now been established that the trauma suffered by parents during the Holocaust can by transmitted prenatally to their unfortunate children. Thus making them survivors as well and entitled to their own personal stream of shekels.


Henry IX said...

Only 5 carcasses in Chicongo after a hot summer weekend? Most disappointing.

Frank Galton said...

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum


Alfred Rosenberg (January 12, 1893–October 16, 1946) was one of the most influential Nazi intellectuals. In the course of his career, he held a number of important German state and Nazi Party posts.

Antisemitic diatribes featured prominently in Rosenberg's writings. His efforts helped spread The Protocols of the Elders of Zion in Germany and denounce the Weimar Republic as an aberration born from defeat and manipulated by “Jewish traitors.”

Hitler himself held political reservations about Rosenberg's ANTI-CHRISTIAN rhetoric.

Jewish Telegraphic Agency, 16 July 1923

New Edition of “protocols” in Berlin

The author of the new volume is ALFRED ROSENBERG said to be a JEWISH APOSTATE.


Editor's Note: The following is an introduction to Adolf Hitler's Mein Kampf written by Abraham H. Foxman...

Readers should not regard the "bible of National Socialism" [Mein Kampf] as the most advanced expression of NAZI IDEOLOGY, either. That dubious honor should probably go to Alfred Rosenberg's 1930 The Myth of the Twentieth Century.

Jewish Telegraphic Agency, 17 March 1935

Reich Secret Police Ban Dr. Rosenberg’s Book

Dr. Alfred Rosenberg, Nazi leader and Hitler’s right-hand man, who gained notoriety for his revival of the legend of the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion,” suffered a severe setback in his power today when his book “The Myth of the Twentieth Century” was put under ban in Nazi Germany.


Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

@ 01:54 "All military historians agree that the LW 'kill rate' was much higher than those of other airforces."

...and not to mention some honour displayed by battling air warriors above war-torn Europe.

Luftwaffe Pilot Spared B-17 Pilot’s Life

Flanders said...

All of the storie links I've seen on "Stella" seem to originate from a book by a hasbara-type jew who claimed to know her, so this should be taken in that light.

"Stella Kübler, Stella Isaacksohn (born Goldschlag, 10 July 1922 – 1994), was a German Jewish woman who collaborated with the Gestapo during World War II, exposing and denouncing Berlin's underground Jews."


Other "jew collaborators" Why is Rothschild's Soros not named?


Flanders said...

And, I thought that Garlic was supposed to protect us from vampires!

"The propaganda of certain powerful (religious) groups (the same powers who defend the barbarian mutilation of male infants known as circumcision) wants to make people believe, garlic can be healthy, but no clinically reported evidence suggests it is actually effective. Herbalists have caused a great stir amongst the scientific world in regards to the use and consumption of garlic, stating that garlic eats up the brain. Scientific Research, although partially disputed, has shown that garlic shockingly impaired brain activity."

"Foetor" is a distinctive odor that is offensively unpleasant. The belief that Jewish bodies exude a foul odor, the Foetor Judaicus, was common among medieval Europeans. The Foetor Judaicus, the smell of heavy garlic among Jews, is not proof of racism, as some would like to contain, it seems only natural to complain about someone’s foul smell.
"With a whiff of foetor judaicus, this passage makes a strong correlation between Jew and excrement, pointing to the sewer as the place where a Jew can be found; perhaps he belongs there. " – John Foxe and the Jews by Sharon Achinstein in Renaissance Quarterly". [End quote]



direita said...

Génération Identitaire (france)is a racialist movement!?

this couple is an active member of Generation identitaire she a Frenchwoman, he a half-breed of Thailand origin!

French National front pro race-mixing?
I was watching a video about the national front youth and noticed a few non-whites and a women with what appears to be a half breed child.Why is it that right wing parties that seem to be successful always end up promoting miscegenation?I have kind of lost respect for the french national front now.Heres the video i was talking about.


Flanders said...

Another link re: Stella - and the jew author of her "autobiography".

"Peter Wyden (1923-1998), who later regretted changing his last name from Weidenrich, was a German-born Jewish journalist who emigrated from Berlin, Germany with his parents to the US in 1937. Because of restrictions against Jewish students, he attended the Jewish Goldschmidt School in Berlin with other Jewish Berliners whose parents either hadn’t planned to emigrate, thinking that the Hitler would get his comeuppance soon, or who were trying to emigrate. Luckily, Wyden's father had a life insurance policy whose surrender value could be paid out in dollars and, because his mother was insistent, they had started getting their documents in 1935.

One fellow student at the Goldschmidt School who became notorious during the war was Stella Goldschlag, a stunning vivacious blonde, the only child of doting parents. She became one of a number of greifers, Jewish catchers for the Gestapo, hunting down and turning in “U-Boats” – the term for Jews who were in hiding. She was the most notorious greifer, nicknamed the Blonde Poison."


Anonymous said...

The Jews were on the German side of WW I until the Russian Revolution, then the allies got them over to their side with Balfour declaration, promising them Palestine after it was carved out of Ottoman empire.
Thus Hitler hated the Jews for stabbing Germany in the back.

Anonymous said...

Please put to bed the idea of "half Jewish". Mitochondrial DNA holds the key to "Jewishness" - The Jews themselves understand this and indeed, care little who the Father of a child is - even a Negro will do.

If anyone would like to test this, search for some well known people with Jewish Fathers and compare them with people with Jewish Mothers i.e Jews! Look for known behaviour, demeanour, speech patterns, general personality etc)

The Reform Jews seem to have gone off message on this which, over time, could lead to the eventual extinction of the Jewish gene...

According to traditional Jewish law, someone is a Jew if he or she is born to a Jewish mother or converted to Judaism. Therefore, a child who is born to a Jewish father and a non-Jewish mother is not Jewish even if raised with a Jewish identity. Prior to the 1960s, when intermarriage in the United States was relatively uncommon, this law had few practical consequences. Today, however, more than one third of Jews intermarry and, more often than not, it is Jewish men who marry non-Jewish women. As a result, there are an estimated 220,000 children in the United States born to non­Jewish women who are married to Jewish men.

Anon. Sch.

Anonymous said...

The source for that quote.


AnalogMan said...

Sorry, I've mentioned this before...

Back in Cape Town I used to get my hair cut by a German barber of late WW2 vintage, who was a conspiracy theorist. He believed that Hitler was a tool of the Jewish Illuminati. He never intended to win the war, and his role in the plan was to give nationalism such a bad name that it would never be a part of respectable politics again.

As evidence he claimed that the Jew, Milch, was the only one of Hitler's close associates who had free access to Hitler towards the end of the war. Also, Hitler's refusal to authorise the manufacture of jet fighters, which Germany had as early as 1941, presumably under Milch's instructions. Might have had something to do with 00:39's comment about the Luftwaffe's failure.

nemesis said...

French National front pro race-mixing?

Call me paranoid but I bet that somewhere in the NF an activist of hebrew origin, undoubtedly a crypto at this stage, has been behind this. Dripping the poison.

Franz said...

@ AnalogMan --

I heard that sort of talk growing up in the 50s.

Eg: All Soviet and Chinese jet fighters for the first ten years or so were direct steals from German engineering (especially MIGs, total German aircraft.) Germans themselves only only produced a handful, some of which, coincidentally, were on hand to fly out of Berlin near the end of the war, in close proximity to where the famous "bunker" was.

But never ascribe to conspiracy what might only be bungling. Lots of panic and dumb planning did a number on Germany from the start of the war. They were prepared to build a thousand-year nation, the numbers prove it. They were not prepared for the Total War that Judea dropped on them. Nobody could have been. That wasn't a war, it was a Mass Excecution, a blood rite for global finance.

red pill said...

Very true Franz, very true. Judea declares war on Germany as the headline in the Express stated.

Uncle Nasty said...

00:39 said...

Why was the Luftwaffe such an abject failure in defending the Fatherland from the massive Allied bombings?
9 June 2015 at 01:13

I find this question to be on the same level as that truly dumbarse and simplistic one that I encounter from time to time ... usually from those of an extremely limited imagination:

"If they were so good, why did they lose the war?"

I'll tell you why they lost the war, dumbarse ... money.

All things cost money, and prosecuting a war costs more than anything else.

So, what we had here, was a nation that dragged itself out of direst poverty (The Weimar monstrosity ... foisted upon them by Judaica, Great Britain and the United States) using only the resources that they were born with, to totally rebuild a country -- economically, societally, industrially, technologically and militarily in five short years (1933-1938) all the while battling against (literally) the rest of the world in the form of international jewry, the judeo-masonic banking cartel, Bolshevism (but I repeat myself), and including five countries that had sworn at all costs to utterly destroy her; Poland, France, Soviet Russia, the jewnited States and Great Britain.

Also, one might add, a country that regarded the English as brothers in race, allowing them to retreat and regroup (the BEF*, evacuated at Dunkirk) after their disastrous military unpreparedness, refusing to carpet bomb the UK even when Churchill was ordering the intense saturation bombing of German civilians and non-military targets.**

* http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/British_Expeditionary_Force_(World_War_II)

** http://winstonsmithministryoftruth.blogspot.co.uk/2012/08/if-germany-had-done-to-us-what-we-did.html?zx=ebfc6e470ce8880f

All to no avail. My Old Man was in the North African campaign and he looked back on it as the last Gentleman's war. He also mentioned that the South African troops there regarded the German troops as worthy foes, while some his (so-called) allies behaved like utter pond-slime. He and his unit watched in horror as Polish troops tied a captured German pilot with his own parachute and threw him back into the burning wreckage of his Stuka. They were about to intervene but the Poles were armed -- and they weren't.

He regarded Poles as scum from that day on.

Excuse the ramble ...


Kevin Rafferty said...

UN. The main reason Germany lost was the lack of fuel. Their activities on the Eastern Front were catastrophically curtailed for this reason. Oh wait, they were using it all to incinerate joos in the Death Camps.

Also the German army was heavily outnumbered for most of the war.

Dan said...

The halt order was made IMHO because the Germans wanted the British and French to fall back on the one remaining port instead of digging in and fighting back.

The Mongols pulled the same strategic move on the Hungarian and German knights. They deliberately left open a narrow avenue of retreat at Mohacs that tempted the the knights to run off. The Mongols slaughtered the Hungarian and German knights in the defiles after they ran off into this borrow escape corridor.

Had the BEF, French 7th, 2nd and Belgian armies been surrounded they'd have fought to the last bullet. This would have produced 100s of 1000s of dead Germans.

The German infantry and tanks were a sheep pen for turning disciplined soldiers into a mob that was going to slaughtered by the Liftwaffe on the beach.

Also the Germans estimated that the British could only evacuate 30,000 men at most (rather than the 350,000) The BEF commanders only expected to get 40,000 officers and NCOs out as well.

Dan said...

They were hit by a coordinated Jewish money bomb.

Dan said...

Rolls Royce sent the Russians the Nene engine. Which was a better engine than anything the Americans had.

The Soviet Migs in Korea were powered by Nene engines and bested the US air fleet.

Dan said...

The bomber will always get through. Especially if it escorted by a decent agile fast fighter.

The. Luftwaffe was pretty good at intercepting the RAF and USAF until long range fighters showed up.

Dan said...

The Luftwaffe and Panzer forces liked to tally up individual ace stats.

However they were mostly operating defensively after 1941. So a Focke Wulf in France got to pick off Spitfires at leisure that year. The Russians had terrible aircraft and pilots too. So a good Me109 could energy fight at leisure and rack up and pad stats.

The bomber fleets were, if caught easy kills too.

That all changed with Mustang escorts for the bomber fleets which tempted out the Luftwaffe to its destruction. In order to knock down bombers the Me109 and Focke Wulf pilots had to dogfight. This lead to attrition and destruction.

Frank Galton said...

Savant said: “Anne Frank, The Lady With The Magic Pen, was surely the poster child for this programme.”

DER SPIEGEL, 06 October 1980

Im "Tagebuch der Anne Frank" ist nachträglich redigiert worden. Die Echtheit des Dokuments wurde damit weiter in Zweifel gezogen.

Rough translation (using Google translate)

In the "Diary of Anne Frank" has been edited later. The authenticity of the document was thus further called into question.

Sicher ist gleichwohl, daß das, was die Welt bewegte, nicht durchweg aus Anne Franks Hand stammte.

Rough translation (using Bing Translator)

It is certain, however, that what moved the world, not all came from Anne Frank's hand.


Page 4

What research has been done into the authenticity of the diary?

Because of the persistent accusations against the diary of Anne Frank in the 1960’s and 70’s, a number of investigations were carried out into the diary’s authenticity...The most extensive investigation was carried out in the first half of the 1980’s by the Netherlands Forensic Institute...the report of the Netherlands Forensic Institute has convincingly demonstrated that both versions of the diary of Anne Frank were written by her in the years 1942 to 1944. The allegations that the diary was the work of someone else (...) are thus conclusively refuted."


Page 8

What did Otto Frank do to counter the attacks on the authenticity of the diary?

...it was alleged that the American journalist and novelist Meyer Levin was the author of the diary. Levin wanted to make a stage adaptation and a film of the diary in the USA, but was not supported in this by Otto Frank. The conflict between Meyer Levin and Otto Frank reached the press, and was used by right-wing extremists as an argument to call the authenticity of the diary into question. It is unclear whether these first attacks on the diary were seen by Otto Frank, but the fact is that he did not lodge a complaint.

The Gastonia Gazette, 09 January 1958
The Austin Daily Herald, 09 January 1958
The Plain Speaker, 09 January 1958

Author Wins $50,000 Suit


Author Meyer Levin today won a court award of $50,000 in a suit over the hit play ‘The Diary of Anne Frank’. A State Supreme Court jury brought in the verdict after 10 hours of deliberation. The verdict, handed to Justice Samuel Coleman, was against producer Kermit Bloomgarden and Otto Frank, father of the young Jewish girl who wrote a diary of life in hiding from the Nazis in wartime Holland. The diary became a best seller as a book and later was adapted into a play by Levin. Anne Frank, with other members of her family, was caught by the Germans and died in captivity. Levin alleged in his suit that after he adapted the diary into a play, a change of producer and writers resulted in his being defrauded of his rights. Among Levin's contentions was one that some lines which he wrote and which did not appear in the diary were used by the writers whose version opened on Broadway in 1955 and ran for 86 weeks.

Frank Galton

Dan said...

T-34 Diesel engine used at Treblinka to gas thousands a day?

The engines conked out at 72 hours of accumulated use. Block failure at 200 kilometers.


Anonymous said...

during korean conflict us army hired former japanese soldiers to go along with us troops to show the areas they occupied during ww 11 and they wore us uniforms and carried m1 rifles but they also spoke fluent korean, they were paid way ubove us army pay and received same rations and medical care,

sue said...

Hello Irish Savant and Uncle Nasty

My father was a Polish para, fighting on the Allied Side. But I am very sorry indeed to hear about the German pilot who was thrown into the burning wreckage of his Stuka! It was probably revenge for the atrocities that were committed in Poland. Have you read John Guzlowski's spare and harrowing poems about what happened to his family? Both sides in WW2 did some terrible ungodly things.

The murder of this German pilot was one of them, and I too would have wanted to stop it and save him, if I could have. And I cannot imagine my dear aged father would have thought that it was right either.

It is very sad how easily brother is turned against brother. Do you know the Thomas Hardy poem "The Pity of it"? It's on the net. It was a brave poem to write in 1915. But given that WW1 carefully sowed the seeds of WW2, is it worth asking why the people of Christendom were so easily persuaded to slaughter each other by the million?

What had the churches of Christendom been teaching their people down the centuries when they had such power and influence? I think it is a vital question. Literally.

Re us Poles/Polonians being "scum" - well, those particular Poles did behave horribly under the stresses of war. Many people do, sadly. However, given that the most powerful media and academe in the world goes out of its way to signal that us Poles are on the "unter" page in The Handbook of Political Correctness, I have got used to being "scum".

And I don't really care what the PC Handbook says. What I do care about is that Jehovah will put me in his Book of Life and keep me there. I want to "inherit the earth", and live in the restored earthly Paradise for ever. And I hope that the murdered German pilot will be woken from the dreamless sleep of death then too. If so, he will next open his eyes in an earth truly at peace, an earth ruled by the law of loving-kindness.

By the way, Savant, I ought to tell you that I am a Jehovah's Witness, in case you would orefer to close your blog door and not talk to me.

AnalogMan said...

Hi, Franz. Long time. I know you're not the "real" Franz, but I wondered what happened to you. I wonder what happened to him, too.

Uncle Nasty said...

I am sure that people wonder why I post on economic matters, when:-

A: I am a self-confessed ignoramus as far as the economy works, and:
B. I don't have a huge heap of loot squirreled away, anywhere, so why should I give a tuppenny screw about whether the economy is going up, down or sideways?

As I may have mentioned before, a friend of mine was accused, by his rat-arse employer, of being obsessed with money. His response was: "Of course I'm obsessed with money ... the way a drowning man is obsessed with air."

I don't know if it was original, but I thought it was a pretty snappy comeback.

Anyway, to business. Having freely admitted to ignorance on a subject, I try to observe who virulently supports a position, even when that position makes no seeming sense. After all, we all know from first hand experience what runaway inflation can do to an economy -- the same amount of loot in the pocket buying less and less with every passing month, so why does the spectre of deflation cause the usual suspects to go "Waily, waily, Waily" and chew the dges of their kilts in terror?**

Because they are going to lose, obviously. They say eveyone's going to lose ... but why should they give a fuck? They never have before.

Anyway, check this out, and please, make some comment.


By John Ward June 9, 2015 Bill Gross Fiat currency destruction is coming Jim Rickards Paul Singer Smart money betting on hyperinflation. Venezuela opportunity Warren Buffet
The only thing ‘wrong’ with deflation is that it makes sovereign and derivative debt unrepayable. The smart money is betting on hyperinflation.

The regular and central banks (along with their political hirelings) keep saying that our enemy is deflation. But that’s a somewhat inclusively dishonest use of the personal pronoun there: deflation is their enemy, not ours. They’re the ones with the whopping great sovereign and derivative debt exposures. The only way the banks can survive is through enough easing and printing to inflate away their debt. Those on low wages and fixed incomes will get killed by inflation, but they don’t care about us. We will reach the point where we can’t consume anything any more….but they don’t care about that either.

Look at the US at the moment: consumer credit card debt leapt hugely – by $8.6 billion – in April. This was a ginormous slice of the total increase in credit, which shot up by $20.5 billion. Economists insist that this is a sign of confidence; I take the contrary view: this is the strugglers maxing out plastic cards because their incomes aren’t enough to live on.

Investors are waking up to the truth of what’s been happening since 2009. Near-zero interest rate ‘Zirp’ protected bank exposures: but as I said at the time, it stopped wealthy retired Boomers from consuming. The motive wasn’t economic, it was about saving the financial system.

The élites claim that deflation is the enemy, but this is in part a justification of why chucking fiat currency at the economy isn’t a problem. QE has been rationalised as safe economic stimulation, but its real raison d’etre wasn’t economic turnaround: it was to provide banks and multinational businesses with free money, thus enabling balance-sheet shrinkage and retention of stock market confidence respectively.

Read on ...


**Thank you, Terry Pratchett. You will be missed.

Anonymous said...

Is that Franz or the other Franz?

It would seem, that in the specific case of Holocaust survival, Lamarck not Darwin was correct. The characteristics can be acquired while living and are not just hereditary.


SAVANT said...

Welcome Sue and thanks for your post.

Look, terrible actions are perpetrated by ALL sides in EVERY war. The question we must ask ourselves is how neighbours can be induced to do such things to one another. Why, who and how are they questions we must answer and this blog (by which I mean both me and the commentators) makes its own modest attempt at this objective.

Kevin Rafferty said...

Franz, are you the one who brightened our lives for a long time but then disappeared about 3 years ago?

Croesus said...

UN. The central banks and governments are indeed correct when they say that deflation is 'our' greatest enemy. But 'our' of course means those bastards, not the rest of us. There is no doubt that deflation can be negative in that is stultifies spending. But the thrifty are rewarded. The reverse happens with hyperinflation when the pyschos who bet with other people's money get their debts monetised away.

katana said...


Over at an Age Of Treason post Solipsism and Narcissism, I wrote:


Ben G. - 9 JUNE 2015 AT 5:58 PM
"I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone argue that Jews don’t conspire, this seems to be a deliberate twisting of words to counter the argument that some make, including myself, that Jewish behavior isn’t a result of a vast conspiracy."

Ben G.- 9 JUNE 2015 AT 7:37 PM

"Of course they do, but it’s unlikely that there is anything like an overarching Protocolian-type conspiracy going on, is mine and others argument, and it’s usually taken out of context.

My view is similar to what Chris Taylor alluded to: the conspiracy is genetic. I don’t really make a distinction."


Ben, there's two separate issues here:

1) The motivation, the driving force behind jewish hatred and consequence conspiracies against non-jews, and;

2) The mechanics of the conspiracies.

The first issue is the old nature vs nurture debate. How much of jewish hatred is hard wired and genetic and how much of it is the result of brainwashing. I'd say it's a self-reinforcing feedback loop of both factors.

The second issue is how the conspiracies are carried out. It obvious in the case of 9/11, for example, that jews carried out this operation only as a result an incredible amount of planning, organization and control over all the "moving parts".

Jews are the most highly organized group of people on the planet, as Tan indicated in an above comment. That enables them to carry out such attacks as 9/11, engineer WW I and WW II, maintain the Holohoax, etc. They have people in all key positions ready to squash dissent and exposure of their acts to the general public.

So, I'd say there are many "jewish conspiracies" operating separately and in parallel, secretly and in the open that combined make up a "mega or vast conspiracy" with the aim of total jewish tyranny over the world. Their own writings tell us that somewhat openly.


For my latest blog post, Our Seditious Cartoon Book, click here >>> KATANA


direita said...


Franz said...

@ AnalogMan --

Thanks for the kindness. I was (I think) the SECOND Franz then Google pooped my account out for some unknown reason awhile back.

Right now I'm using a community room computer and lo my old account let me sign right back in. Why? I know not how Google works, but maybe it has an affinity for old, multi-user crap computers because that's the only reason I got back in.

Savant, you still have the most interesting comments on the net, all kidding aside.

Shaunantijihad said...

It may help to know that with the predominantly Jewish run USSR invading yet more of Europe during the election that afterwards Hitler did not go after Jews but Communists. And it so happens that 25% of all the Communists were Jews. Which is why 25% of the Auschwitz inmates were Jews.

That said, it was thus an obvious question to ask why is this tiny minority so massively pro Bolshevik? It is also well known that many Jews massively contributed to turning Berlin into a depraved shithole before the war where starving Aryans could be fucked for a few pennies by those with money and no morals.

But the Germans being the monsters they were allowed patriotic Jews to side with their Caucasian side and become Generals.

As did Americans and Brits.

And now Israel rules the world through the Federal Reserve and it's subsidiaries.

Funny old world, eh?

Anonymous said...

I think you are getting things mixed up.

The Holocaust went like this:

Stage 1: 1933-1939: Get the Jews out of Germany. Initially Hitler and the Nazis just wanted the Jews to leave Germany/Austria. He was even willing *help* Jews get to Palestine despite his pro Arab sentiments, that was how desperately he wanted them out.

Stage 2: 1939-June 1941: Get the Jews out of Poland. After conquering Poland the situation became trickier. He had 2 million more Jews he wanted to get rid of and nowhere to put them. The idea was to reduce their numbers via disease and starvation but there was no plan to kill them outright.

Stage 3: June 22-early December 1941: Kill off all the Jews in the conquered Soviet territories. This was motivated by a mixture of Jew hatred as well by "practical", by Nazi standards, reasons such as part of a larger anti partisan campaign and the need to begin clearing areas for eventual German colonization. At this stage there again was no plan to kill Polish, German or Czech Jews en masse.

Stage 4: December 1941 - end of war: Kill em' all. The German failure to take Moscow combined with the United State declaration of war finally gave Hitler the excuse/motive he needed to kill all the Jews in Europe. The idea was to start with killing off the Ostjuden because there were so many of them, they were the easiest to get to, and were seen as the worst of lot and then move on to killing the rest. Some Western European Jews were not to be killed at all, only sterilized. It was made very clear though that ultimately the goal was kill around 99.99+% of the non-German, full blooded Jews in Europe when it proved possible to do so.

You bring up those had some Jewish descent serving in the German Armed Forces but the status of such people was actually the main issue that needed to be resolved at the Wanassee conference before the extermination program could be carried out.

mantovani said...

Marion le pen Biological father was a Mossad agent.


Samuel marshal, marion le pen creation Father , was a Fn senior member , he divorced the mother of marion le pen in the middle of the decade 2000 .Currently married to the niece of the president of the ivory coast


Marion LePen, as well as its marine aunt, advocates assimilation (ie the rejection of Islam and the consequent feeling anti Zionist present in it) of the invaders in the free.


this strategy of assimilation and the last nail in the coffin of Europe, and the Zionists kill two rabbits as a single stone because of a single time to exterminate the natives with miscegenation - preventing the creation of a future nationalist government that would obviously anti Semitic and is prevented from a population Muslim / anti Zionist become majority and has strength to elect a pro Palestinian and anti israel government.

FOD said...

"Stage 4: December 1941 - end of war: Kill em' all."

Interesting. So how do you explain, to provide but one example, the fact that Elie Wiesel and his father were being treated at a HOSPITAL in Auschwitz in 1944 and both offered to travel east with the Germans rather than wait for their Soviet 'liberators'. How do you explain that?

Savant has already given other examples on this blog.

Anonymous said...

Have a look at this face to see the telltale signs of a member of the tribe and what his job entails. Having been interbred with Whites, they still can't shake the "look".


This American blogger is working hard to motivate her compatriots into a grassroots action plan. We keyboard warriors have a limited lifespan in this fight and then there comes a time for real ACTION!

Frank Galton said...

Re direita’s link:

Revelations: The father of Marion Maréchal-Le Pen was a Mossad agent

LE FIGARO, 6/02/2015

L'ancien journaliste, diplomate et collaborateur des services secrets est décédé en septembre. Dans un ouvrage écrit peu avant sa mort, le père biologique de Marion Maréchal-Le Pen revient sur les secrets politiques et diplomatiques qui ont marqué sa vie.

Former journalist, diplomat and collaborator of the secret services died in September. In a book written shortly before his death, the biological father of Marion Maréchal-Le Pen returns to the political and diplomatic secrets that have marked his life.

Roger Auque revient également sur une part d'ombre, son choix de devenir “mercenaire” des “services secrets”, principalement pour des raisons financières. Mon initiation a débuté au cours de l'été 1989,” précise-t-il, soit deux ans après sa libération. Il collabore d'abord avec le Mossad: “J'ai été rémunéré par les services secrets israéliens pour effectuer certaines missions, par exemple des opérations secrètes en Syrie, sous couvert de reportage,” assure-t-il, n'étant

Roger Auque also returns to a "dark side", his choice to become a "mercenary” "secret service", mainly for financial reasons. "My initiation began in the summer of 1989," he says, two years after his release. He first collaborated with the Mossad: "I was paid by the Israeli secret service to perform certain tasks, such as covert operations in Syria, under cover story," he says...

Frank Galton

Uncle Nasty said...

For my latest blog post, Our Seditious Cartoon Book, click here >>> KATANA


10 June 2015 at 15:21

Went to Katana's site and read the pocket history of Arnold Leese. Even better were the cartoons which proved the old adage of:

The more things change ...

Amazing. Seventy-plus years old and still completely relevant.


Anonymous said...


The US declared war on Germany hours AFTER Hitler declared war on the US. This was the only declaration of war ever by Hitler as he considered declarations antique. The move shocked everyone, including his closest advisers and certainly his generals. This smoothed the way for Roosevelt who otherwise would have had a hard time even extending Lendlease for Europe while priority would have been smashing Japan. Without that, a US declaration would likely have been in late 1942, if then, and Europe would have taken backseat.

All in line with my theory that the 25% Jewish runt was a British spy.

He is said to have mumbled a regret about this, as to why this could have happened as if he himself was not responsible.

Anonymous said...

I don't know anything about Weisel's story but I will say that by 1945 things had changed to an extent. First of all, it was Eichmann, not Himmler who was running the extermination of Hungarian Jewry and Eichmann was never much of an anti-semite. 2nd of all the labor shortage at this point in the war was insane so Speer was able to save Jews who were fit for work, whereas previously Himmler had been killing even those Jews and 3rd Himmler himself realized the war was over after the Soviet Operation Bagration had destroyed Army Group Center and was more interested in saving his own skin then seeing out the Final Solution.

Anonymous said...

A Jew I knew told me about visiting his cousins in Germany and being taken to a cemetery where the war monument for Jewish WWI veterans was undamaged. He lamented that before the second war Eastern Jews moved into Germany acting uppity and foreign, walking around wear fezzes and the like. Regular guy but obnoxiously Anglophile, having spent a summer in London in early seventies.

I heard first hand from veterans several times about the awesome military abilities of the Germans, like the varsity playing the junior varsity or a professional team against amateurs. Problem being is that there was never enough of them and they were never fully mechanized, using pack horses all though the war. Much better at designing technology than applying it. Average American GI would either have owned his own car before the war, or at least driven Mom and Dad's. From the turn of the century onward the middle and working class families in the US were at a level of affluence equivalent to the upper middle classes in Europe.

Still, if Hitler had waited until the midforties to go to war, who knows what would have happened. And, if he hadn't gone to war at all and stopped with Czechoslovakia, he would be renowned today as the greatest European ruler since Charlemagne.

Sue Knight's Blog said...

Hello Savant, and thanks for the welcome on your electronic doorstep. We are trying to tell people what the Inspired Scriptures warn us about "the world" - the current world system - and how urgent it is to stand clear, to be "no part" of it. A rescue is on the way.

The Christian Greek Scriptures tell us that it all lies in the power of the one who is called "the father of the lie" - that is, Satan the devil, the one who told the first lie ever told, in Eden. He is also called "a manslayer". And how often are all the lies we are told designed to get brother fearing, fighting, and killing brother?

And, yes, I have noticed how the Official History of WW2 spins to a political agenda. Interesting comment about Eli Wiesel and his father above, for example.

What are we praying for when we say the Lord's prayer? Isn't it for a rescue from all this?

Seneca said...

How much of jewish hatred is hard wired and genetic and how much of it is the result of brainwashing.

Katana, I cannot offer any view on the ratios but any jew I've known has had a persecution complex that they constantly reinforce with one another. Every single one.

Andreas said...

" if he [Hitler] hadn't gone to war at all and stopped with Czechoslovakia, he would be renowned today as the greatest European ruler since Charlemagne."

Nonsense! As Churchill himself said, 'Hitler has declared war on the international financiers and it will be the end of him'. "Judea declares war on Germany" headline in Daily Express in 1934.

No, Germany under NS could not be allowed to succeed.

Dan said...

If he'd keeled over and died in 1939 Spring he'd have a heroic reputation in Germany like that of Bismarck.

However the regime he put together was going to be buried by the Jewish Money Bomb.

The German military wasn't that good. The French were partly unlucky, partly sympathetic to fascism (most of the French officers saw the defeat of the Republic as an opportunity to kill Communists and remove Jews). As soon as a reasonably formidable people fought back (Russians) the Germans disintegrated in couple of campaign seasons.

Dan said...

His troops were 10 miles from Moscow when he declared war. He had every reason to expect total victory in the coming few months.

Andreas said...

Dan, please do not make yourself appear ridiculous. Germany was defeated by the size of the USSR and its winters. Also lack of fuel and much fewer soldiers.

Dan said...

As I said a formidable people.

It's not like the Size, Population and weather characteristics of Russia were unknowns before Barbarossa was unleashed. After all the German tank corps was secret trained in the USSR in the 1920s and 30s. All the conditions and factors needed to understand the formidable nature of Russia were well known to the General Staff. What's more the Russians actually fought back in their cities unlike the French who decided Paris was too lovely to sacrifice in a war. Had the French seriously attempted a defence of Paris and other cities they might well have reversed the Wehrmacht.

The Wehrmacht never did city fighting very well as Stalingrad, Leningrad and even Tobruk suggest.

Dan said...

The terrain, personnel, weather, materiel can't have been a mystery to Guderian, Model and many other senior panzer commanders as they had spent a great deal of time learning their trade as armoured warfare specialists in a Russian city called Kazan.


Hubris explains the loss.

Roehm said...

Dan, Guderian of course knew of these things. But knowing did not make it any easier to address them. When they were unable to finish off the USSR in a killer punch they were always going to be on a loser.

Dan said...

It's called resignation.

Guderian was the chief instructor at the Kazan Kama Tank School.

He should have tendered his resignation the moment Barbarossa was set in motion. Unless it was actually his plan. If it was his plan he's literally responsible for the catastrophe. It might well have been his plan given his history at the tank school.

Anonymous said...

Barbarossa started late because of the invasion of Greece. Hitler turned Guderian South to close the Smolensk pocket.

Hitler never considered Moscow the ultimate prize, being more interested in Southern resources and not convinced that Stalin would remain in the city during siege. Which he would have.

The attack on Pearl Harbor freed up the excellent Siberian divisions for the defense of Moscow.

No excuse for lack of winter clothing and equipment, which would have been required even if they'd taken Moscow in October. I mean, they would have stayed the winter in any case.

Finally, a lack of will. They were in the suburbs. They could see the Kremlin.

Dan said...

The scouts said they did.

But there you are. They were in the Moscow burbs. They shied away.

Interestingly in November and December 50% of the tanks defending Moscow were British Matilda's and Valentines. you know how the yanks like to bellow on about lend lease? Well Panzers and Scouts were beginning to encounter British gear defending the fields around Moscow right at the death.

Uncle Nasty said...

There are several people coming up with "What ifs" ... the most enduring, being "What if Hitler had not invaded Russia?" Well, thanks to documentary evidence being flushed out of Russia there are wads of proof that Stalin was mere weeks away from invading Germany, regardless of the Ribbentrop Pact.

Germany merely drew faster. As for the comments that the tank generals screwed up big time, I have to point out that this was war.

Almost no plan, regardless of how "foolproof" it may seem, survives the first ten minutes of an engagement -- the outcome is decided, as one person said, by the military man who can make quick decisions. If they happen to be right ... so much the better.

Wars are prosecuted along pretty much the same lines, but on a bigger scale.

Another thing to bear in mind, was the famous quote by Bonaparte, to which many men were recommended for generalship, their stirling military qualities paraded before him. "Yes, said Napoleon ... but are they lucky?"


Anonymous said...

Dear Savant have you considered "draw mohhamad" pictorial on this site,i would like if so to offer a humble rendeing thanks,John old rtf chicago copper,,,,

Anonymous said...

dear savant, are you a fag?
is that why you didn't comment about your country legalising fag marriage?

Dan said...

The Germans were pretty confident that their combination of Stukas and Tanks (salted with self propelled artillery) could break any Soviet, British, Poland, French etc defence almost at will.

And they were more or less correct. However as you point out combat is a stochastic element in wars. The Russians learned fairly quickly that they had to counter attack whenever possible. Someone was going to figure out what to do eventually. Then what?

Mrs. Heraclitus said...

dear savant, are you a fag?
is that why you didn't comment about your country legalising fag marriage?

Far be it for me to leap to the doughty Savant's defense but he wrote a long post on this very subject a few weeks back.

Anonymous said...

so where is "doughty" savant's post abotu the fuckign referendum which is STEP 1 for FAGGOTIZING Europe!??!?

SAVANT said...

" have you considered "draw mohhamad" pictorial on this site? "

Problem is John I come from a long line of cowards and discretion prevailed. I'm all in favour of other blogs doing it though!

Anonymous said...


Lend-Lease aid did not “save” the Soviet Union from defeat during the Battle of Moscow. But the speed at which Britain in particular was willing and able to provide aid to the Soviet Union, and at which the Soviet Union was able to put foreign equipment into frontline use, is still an underappreciated part of this story. During the bitter fighting of the winter of 1941–1942, British aid made a crucial difference.

from Wiki: A total of $50.1 billion (equivalent to $656 billion today) worth of supplies were shipped, or 17% of the total war expenditures of the U.S.[2] In all, $31.4 billion went to Britain, $11.3 billion to the Soviet Union, $3.2 billion to France, $1.6 billion to China, and the remaining $2.6 billion to the other Allies.

Keep in mind the Lend-Lease Act was signed by roosevelt in March 1941 while the U.S. was officially neutral.

From the book THE STRANGE ALLIANCE by John R. Deane head of the U.S. military mission in Moscow, 1943-1945
In September 1941 Averell Harriman and Lord Beaverbrook went to Moscow to learn the needs of the Soviet Union and to prepare a program for fulfilling them. They found that Stalin, Molotov, and Commissar of Foreign Trade Mikyoyan, were difficult to deal with and shrewd negotiators. Harriman and Beaverbrook were given a rough time by Stalin when they presented their first list of offerings. He questioned the good faith of the Western Allies and the sincerity of their desire to assist the Soviet Union. Harriman and Beaverbrook, without benefit of advice from their governments, hurriedly revised their list of offerings. When the revision was presented to Stalin the atmosphere changed, the agreement was signed, Harriman and Beaverbrook were given their Kremlin banquet and departed for home.
The Harriman-Beaverbrook agreement, known as the "Moscow Protocol," committed the United States to the delivery of approximately $1,015,000,000 (in then dollars-H) of supplies to Russia in the ensuing year. The President, in declaring the Soviet Union eligible for lend-lease, set up a billion dollar credit for Russian supplies which was to be interest free, with repayment to start five years after the end of hostilities. (never paid back-H)...The effect of the President's dictum was to give the Soviet Union preferential treatment in the allocation of munitions over all other Allies and even over the Armed Forces of the United States.

If the Soviets could have done it on their own they would have. And but for the jews beating the drums of war (as they do now against Iran) the U.S. would have remained neutral.

Anonymous said...

Nah, the Mohamad things been done. I say we ramp it up a bit and burn a shylock in effigy. Oooops, would that be considered antisemitic? Better cancel that, hurt feelings and all.

CS said...

Can someone explain how during WW2 there could have been 150,000 Jews in the German military when, in 1939 there were only 260,000 Jews altogether in Germany and annexed Austria?

IGnolde said...

CS. Depends on the definition of a Jew. The numbers increased by orders of magnitude if you include mischlings.

Dan said...

6,000,000 explanations...

CS said...

Depends on the definition of a Jew. The numbers increased by orders of magnitude if you include mischlings.

Well how many of Hitler's 150,000 "Jewish soldiers" would have been regarded as Jews by the Jews who now estimate the Jewish population of Germany and annexed Austria in 1939 at 260,000.

And if most of Hitler's Jewish soldiers were not Jews according to Jews, why call them Hitler's Jews, when Hitler presumably saw them as good Germans?

Frank Galton said...

CS said: “Can someone explain how during WW2 there could have been 150,000 Jews in the German military when, in 1939 there were only 260,000 Jews altogether in Germany and annexed Austria?”

Jewish Telegraphic Agency, 13 August 1933

Only 660,000 Non-aryans in GERMANY, and of These, 500,000 ‘official’ Jews

According to the Nazi definition, the term ‘non-Aryan’ includes all those with at least one quarter of Jewish blood in them, that is, not only members of the Jewish faith, but also such as are not members of the religious community, as well as the descendants of mixed marriages down to the second generation.

It is almost impossible to determine this figure with any degree of exactness, since OFFICIAL STATISTICS ONLY INCLUDE THOSE JEWS who are actually MEMBERS OF THE RELIGIOUS COMMUNITY. This latter figure probably amounts to only about 500,000.

The larger, inclusive figure has been the subject of much speculation, and is commonly estimated at between two and three millions. Occasionally the figure of 8,000,000 is mentioned.

These figures [between two and three millions. Occasionally the figure of 8,000,000 is mentioned] appear to have no foundation in fact. In the first place, while mixed marriages have been very frequent in the ‘higher’ circles, such as university professors, the aristocracy, the land-owning classes, the world of literature and art, and even among the higher grades in the ARMY, they have been very rare among the ‘lower’ classes.

To achieve any accurate results, we should have to take into consideration the average length of life, the average age on leaving the Jewish community, the average frequency of marriage and finally the average number of children per marriage among this class. This fairly complicated method gives us the following results:

Number of Jews, living today, that have left the Jewish religious community…15,370
Descendants in the first generation, alive today…72,740
Descendants in the second generation, alive today…46,200
Descendants in the third generation, alive today…26,400

Total, roughly…160,000

Adding to this number roughly 500,000 ‘official’ Jews, we get the sum total of about 660,000 ‘non-Aryans’ in the Nazi definition of the term, or, in other words, roughly 1 percent of the total population of Germany.

Frank Galton

CS said...

JTA analysis of Germany's Jewish population in 1933.


Thanks for the JTA analysis of Germany's Jewish population in 1933.

From this, we can infer that, by the Nazi definition, the number of Jews remaining in Germany and Austria in 1939 could not have greatly exceeded 250,000. But it is impossible that a population of 250,000 Jews yielded 150,000 Nazi soldiers. So being realistic, how many Jews, as defined by the Nazis, could have served in Hitler's armies? Fewer, I should think, than 25,000, assuming that all able bodied Jewish males in Germany volunteered or were conscripted.

Anonymous said...

Concerning Lend-Lease. This takes it to a whole new level:

I’ve written a good deal about the help which the FDR administration offered to the British war effort, and the support which the Soviets received from both American and British quarters. This post focuses on one particular type of support: allowing Stalin to debase the ‘Allied Military Mark’, thereby looting both the US War Department and Occupied Germany.

Henry Morgenthau Jr. (FDR’s treasury secretary), Cordell Hull (FDR’s secretary of state), John J. McCloy (head of US Joint Chiefs of Staff) and their British counterparts master-minded the delivery of ‘Allied Mark’ plates to the Soviets in 1944, allowing the Soviets to finance their colonization of Germany via US War Department funds (to the tune of $340,000,000) and to loot an untold amount from Germany via inflated ‘Allied Marks’, which the American-controlled occupied government was *in effect* obligated to exchange for dollars during the months immediately following the conclusion of WWII. Of course, everybody wanted dollars, nobody wanted ‘Allied Marks’.



Christian said...

All I want to say to the pamphlet by a jew called Bryan Mark Rigg is this.
Jews whether practicing their so called religion which is a fraud because judaism is a talmudic rassist political predator ideology which believes that they are superior to nonjews and all land of the earth is theirs and gentiles only live to serve the jews. So what does it mean if a group of jews assimilate in a country of the world meaning jewish emancipating in a country? It means first of all they have zero(!) loyalty to the native inhabitants and they arel constantly working to overtake and enslave the country. They are parasites and all major problems that happen today show exactly this.
They are traitors by definition as john Kaminski[1] said in his short video series called the destabilization template.
Jews have been accepted by the good Christian Germans since the middle of the 19th century. But the greedy jews never have enough until the whole country was bleeding and economy down to zero and after that the jews illegitimately usurping all assets owned by the people of the foreign country until they have everything in their hand.
That’s what the communist jews are. Criminal parasite usurpers and they do not care whether the people are suffering, starving or dying. On the contrary they seek and still do to kill as much Germans they can to finish up the transformation process of all hard-earned properties of the ethnic Germans.
Watch up true Christian America what happen to Christian Germany is coming to you and your neighborhood also as long as you server the counterfeit jews and counterfeit israhell.
The Revolution will be won in a day.
The true Revolution, no those payed and funded by the usurping criminal jews.
But first you have to take back the media, revising history and the unique selling point (money creation) usurped by the jews.

PAL669 said...

It is infuriating to read such lies and hate in this blog. As the son of survivors, you are invited to speak to my Mother and hear how the Nazis and their helpers murdered her family, including whom I am named after. Do you deny other events in history? Perhaps WWII never happened? Or take your pick. What's the point in taking you on a tour of Europe and starting in Wannsee to see a small part of the Nazi documentation of what they planned and carried out. But this time, with your ilk running around, we won't let it happen again.

Anonymous said...

What was done by the nazis to the Jews should NEVER be forgotten.A more sensible argument for those who blame delusionally the jews for everything should be "Why is there even still a country by the name of Germany allowed to exist if by all rights Jews were to ask for the international community to dismember it after WW2?Why is it not called north france and south Belgium today and its natives made speak another language?"
No sir,if anything the Jewish race have proven that all conspiracy theories directed at them are false and dangerous and those who saturate the internet with them shamelessly should stop spewing this nonsense.

~supporter of Israel & hater of nazi war criminals

Number said...

What was done by the nazis to the Jews should NEVER be forgotten.A more sensible argument for those who blame delusionally the jews for everything should be "Why is there even still a country by the name of Germany allowed to exist if by all rights Jews were to ask for the international community to dismember it after WW2?Why is it not called north france and south Belgium today and its natives made speak another language?"
No sir,if anything the Jewish race have proven that all conspiracy theories directed at them are false and dangerous and those who saturate the internet with them shamelessly should stop spewing this nonsense.

~supporter of Israel & hater of nazi war criminals

S O G said...

the brownshirts were the inertia that led the nasdap up and into a power in germany ..even tho hitler lost the election or popular vote as it were in 1933 the powers that were in germany exalted him into the position and froze the election process ..
unfortunately the brownshirts who would have done good for the reich were all recycled through the various branches of the german whermacht ,,,
they became undesirables in a reich they helped to engineer ...
the jewish problem was economical and never a religious difference of opinion problem like the irish with cathlocism and prots and the multi layers of anti brit rule groups .who couldnt get along either ...like the serbs and croats in bosnia who are the identical dna fraternal peoples but yet again seprated by religion ..the albanians making up the majority of muslim representations in balkans ..
as far as germans and jews im sure there were lots of 1/4 jews and 1/2 jews ...many generals on hitlers staff were generational insiders and jewish ...
150,000 jewish people fought for germany in ww2 ..
the havaara agreement completely destroys the rediculous jewish fable about germans hating jews ...they had lived together in relative peace for hundreds of years until the jews had control of labor unions in germany and sacked germanies ww1 total victory in ww1 ..the germans had won by all rights and many of the other armies were deserting and leaving the battle fields until the jews went to britain and told them they could win the war if they bring in the usa and for that the jews could do this and they expected the ottoman empire to ceed the rights to palestine to global jews ..then when the usa came to europe in total vioaltion of the constitution of the usa the jewish controlled unions that controlled the workers in the armament factories called a general strike leaaving germany with their ass hanging out in the wind ..
that and te november criminlas with the versailles treaty finished off germany and subjected her to jewish anshluss dolfuss kinder non bolshevik machine gun hand rule ..anshluss dolfuss is more explicitly the polemics of austria between ww1 and ww2 but it is a lot less lethal form of jewish supremecy of rule ...
the havaara agreement says all that needs to be said about whether germany actually killed any jew for being a jew but they certainly earned the right to hate the jews and distrust them as an insular defiant anti germany group ...in short all german knew the jews had stabbed the fatherland in the back for the comintern communist ussr and for the spread of european communism .....

S O G said...

all you people who belive the fable of the holocaust ...even arye freidman head rabbi of hungary said the holocaust was a successfuil historical propaganda ..
\what of the 80 million russians jewish communsm slaughtered
what oif the 20 million germans killed after ww2 ..see expelledgermans.org
or when poland was granted 1/3 of german property post ww1 then the mass executions began in now polish occupied ex german land ...how many palestinians have been killed by jewish manifest in palestine ..see www.palestineremembered.com ...all thise villages now a distant memory had people who were brutally executed by inveding jewish forces ...the 70+ major cities of palestinians were dispossessed by forced starvation and lack of water ...seems the jews have killed 6 million palestinians since 1920's when they began illegally immigrating to land not theirs ...so what gives ..jews hate the bible yet they cherry pick certain verses to empower their propaganda in the minds of gullible people ...and yet no rabbi ever studies the bible per se but only the talmud ...which evolved from oral traditions all thje way back to the sacking and taking of all 10 tribes of the northern kingdom of israel ...2 tribes had seceeded earlier ..benjamin and judah ..and sprinkling of aaronites and levites for the maintenence of the temple as required by thvity by the e mosaic levitical laws ...this occurred 722 bc when hebrew for all intents died as a language and the 10 tribes had been taken to asyria in captivity ..
the temple remained in the hands of the 2 lower kingdom tribes ....the reason why they secceeded had to do with the fact that the northern 10 tribes no longer even pretendeed to be the carriers of the laws and were deply steeped in carNAL exploits
..the lower kingdom was also taken into captivity by babylon 597 and 587 BCE and returned by king nebuchadnezar ...before all the jews reading this get all catoplexic realize that hebrew was spoken by many other non semitic peoples like phoenicians and by jesus time here the people of israel were speaking aramaic ..

todays hebrew is a beutiful smooth language based on the alfabit of yiddisch ..
the yiddish language has been used for 1500 years ..
the palestinians inhabited the palestinian lands for 2500 years ...jews only 700 years and not all in one time lenghth ...all total of different times ..\
whu cant the jews share the land instead of murdering everyone ...mainly because they wanted oil supremecy in the middle east so the usa gollem has gone to fight for isreal 2 times now ...
one of the dialects of irish gaelic is old original hebrew verbatim ..strange thet ..
brings the legends of glastonbury to mind and the tin miners in cornwall even during israels existence before christ ...israel was involved in transglobal shipping of tin ....theres alot more but either people can research for themselves and disbelive or believ thats fine ...
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S O G said...

part 2
treblinka was a train station and please research the dangers of cyanide use in industrial use and death penalty chambers ..its enlightening and completely ,i mean completely destroys all methodical mindless madness propaganda about cyanide gass in ww2 ..post ww1 a british mp talked of homicidal german gas chambers then said he lied and apologised to parliament and german people ..
gas chamber wickepedia has been completely gutted of cyanide facts ...after cyanide is realesed they have to keep the dead guy in the chamber while they vent the room for 10-12 hours in to a specail filter then guys in haz mat space suits go in and spray the chamber and the corpse down with amonia to neutralize the cyanide then ond only then can the dead guy be removed most likely zipped up in a plastic bag they cremate him in ...cyanide is very dangerous and very explosive ...you could not have gassed 500 people every hour in the garages they used to delice inmate clothing with and then just rip the doors open and drag people out every hour or at all ...the gaurds would have died and in fact the cyanide would have leaked out at every crack and cranny and being gas it would have killed everybody down wind in the camps and surrounding towns with that rediculous amount of turnover ,,,scientifically impossible ...and to cremamte -1- someone takes 2 hours ....6 million people wherever they could have gotten that many from is also another huge unanswered question would have taken 12 million hours ......so in effect there would have been 5,975,000 dead people with deadly cyanide still all over them waiting for cremation stacked up like cord wood ...utterly prepeosterous ....the continuation of jewish lies and fables exist to continue to stab all peoples of the pwrld in the back every day all over again and again ....the thing i found most intresting was the allies and dday ...at 6am the dday 1 the zionist communist presdient eisenhauer got on the radio and told normandy towners and surrounding towners to get the hell out of town asap cus the allies were coming .....so my question is who the hell is up at 6am listening to the radio ...so the allies bomb normandy and surrouns killing 75 thousand french and seriously injuring 150,000 more and making 1.2 million people homeless ...as patton once said this smells very semetic as france was embroiled in a civil war at the very same time before the war and right up till after ww2 ...it was the jewish communists posing as rebels partisans etc making war on vichy france .they wanted help ...the germans only ever occupied the upper half of france very peacefully ....so the civil war continued in the southern half ...another story .
OMG i cant belive how they gutted all the relavent scientific info from the gas chamber wickepedia ....typical dismemebrrment of the truth by jews ...