Saturday, 6 June 2015

Caligula's horses

The FIFA World Cup is arguably the world's greatest sporting event.  Little wonder then that the winning country requires a minimum of eight years to prepare.  Even then, as we saw with South Africa and Brazil, frantic last-minute efforts are often required to avoid disaster. And with a complex and protracted multi-year qualification process to select the final 32 you'd imagine that only the finest minds in logistics and planning would be selected to organise such on onerous task.

If you did you'd be wrong. Ladies and gentlemen I present you with the Hon. Jack Warner. Mr. Warner has for many years sat at the very top table in FIFA, Sepp Blatter's right-hand man, wooed and cultivated by powerful world leaders like Barak Obama and Gordon Brown. He was one of a tiny handful who evaluated and ruled on the complex bids submitted by applicant countries for the hosting privilege.

But Jack's legendary corruption became too gross even for the rancid FIFA cesspit, resulting in his removal from office. (Incidentally, despite appearances to the contrary, he does have his standards. He reacted with outrage on being presented with a £250 leather travel bag by the English FA, responding along the lines of "who do you think I am? I want at least $10 million".) He has always blamed the USA for his demise and his suspicions were vindicated this week by a report in that prestigious international journal The Onion. He was so excited that he took to the airwaves, brandishing a copy of the report which said:

ZURICH—After the Justice Department indicted numerous executives from world soccer’s governing body on charges of corruption and bribery, frantic and visibly nervous officials from FIFA held an impromptu press conference Wednesday to announce that the United States has been selected to host this summer’s 2015 World Cup. “We are thrilled to reveal that, for the first time in 21 years, the World Cup will finally return to America, with matches set to kick off today at 5 p.m. local time in Los Angeles,” said FIFA president Sepp Blatter, smiling broadly before unveiling the tournament’s official logo, a hand-drawn stick figure kicking a soccer ball with “USA 2015!” hastily scribbled in black marker above its head.

Yup, this titan of world sporting governance fell for that.  Even by the abysmal standards to which the multicultural world has fallen this simply beggars belief. Think about it. This guy was at the very pinnacle of FIFA power and yet could be induced to believe that a whole new World Cup could be magicked up - out of the blue - within a few weeks. I don't use the term lightly, but only a mental retard could believe such a thing. Someone like Congressman Hank Johnson, a man at the pinnacle of the American Defence establishment, who believed the island of Guam might 'topple over' if too many US servicemen were placed there.

In comparison to such people Caligula's horse appears a judicious legislator.  And a civilisation that willingly yields power to them is clearly in terminal and irretrievable decline.

And it's all done by design.


Frank Galton said...

Savant said: “And it's all done by design.”

Jewish Telegraphic Agency, 28 May 2015

Rapper Ice Cube melts down, beats up rabbi


Jewish Telegraphic Agency, 28 June 1965

Bayard Rustin, the Negro civil rights leader... deplored the fact that many Negroes were unaware of the role of the Jews in the Negro struggle...

HAARETZ, 04 December 2014

JEWISH philanthropists helped CREATE, and CHAIR, the NAACP [National Association for the Advancement of Colored People]...and, a staggering 96 percent of American Jews supported President Kennedy’s decision to dispatch federal troops to desegregate Montgomery, Alabama.

An Established Legacy of Jewish Support for the Black Cause

While the 1960s is frequently described as "the civil rights decade," the LEGAL, INTELLECTUAL, and ORGANIZATIONAL seeds that contributed to the success of the modern civil rights struggle were actually planted back at the turn of the 20th century. FOREMOST IN THE PLANTING OF THESE SEEDS was the historic commitment of AMERICAN JEWS to the promotion of civil rights and racial equality. Not only was this commitment expressed through FINANCIAL SUPPORT, it was also expressed in kind and in various other forms of personal sacrifice.

It was largely with the help of Jewish philanthropy that the largest and longest lasting civil rights organization in the U.S., the NAACP [National Association for the Advancement of Colored People], was founded in 1909. Among its founding parents were a number of Jewish leaders, including Henry Moskowitz, Lilian Wald, Emil Hirsch, and Stephen Wise [Rabbi Stephen Wise]--all of whose signatures remain to this day appended to the organization's founding charter. For nearly a quarter century, from 1914 to 1939, Joel E. Spingarn, another Jewish leader, would serve as its chairman. FINANCIAL CONTRIBUTIONS that supported the activities of the NAACP in these early years came mainly from such wealthy German-American Jews as William and Julius Rosenwald, HERBERT LEHMAN [Lehman Brothers], and FELIX WARBURG [Warburg family]. Indeed, Julius Rosenwald, alone, funded the building of 5,337 elementary schools for Blacks across the South. These schools contributed to the education of more than 650,000 African Americans--approximately 25 to 40 percent of Blacks who were educated in the South by 1932 (Kaufman, 2). during the MONTGOMERY BUS BOYCOTT [Rosa Parks etc], the historic incident that LAUNCHED the modern CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT, the Montgomery Improvement Association (MIA) received SIGNIFICANT DONATIONS from northern JEWISH ORGANIZATIONS.

As wealthy Jewish donors contributed MONEY, talent, and ORGANIZATIONAL SUPPORT, young Jewish activists contributed their time, youth and energy. More than two-thirds of the white freedom riders, and over one-third of the volunteers for the campaign for voter registration in the 1960s, were young Jewish students. All in all, an ASTOUNDING 96 PERCENT of the NATIONAL JEWISH COMMUNITY SUPPORTED President Kennedy's decision to dispatch federal troops to help ENFORCE DESEGREGATION in Montgomery, Alabama in 1961.

American Jewish Committee, September 2012

Page 5

Jewish political influence will depend upon establishing PARTNERSHIPS AND COALITIONS with other ETHNIC AND RELIGIOUS GROUPS. Such ALLIANCES build understanding and trust while advancing MUTUAL INTERESTS.

Frank Galton

Frank Galton said...


Center For Immigration Studies, October 2001

The Jewish Stake in America's Changing Demography

“It is simply astounding to contemplate the recent historical rise in Mexican immigration. In 1970, there were fewer than 800,000 Mexican immigrants; 30 years later the number is approaching 9 million, a 10-fold increase in one generation....

The Jewish community is thus in a position where it will be able to DIVIDE AND CONQUER and enter into SELECTIVE COALITIONS that support OUR AGENDAS.” – Dr. Stephen Steinlight, Senior Policy Analyst at the Center for Immigration Studies and former National Affairs Director at the American Jewish Committee (AJC)

Frank Galton

Nordik_Avenger said...

Ice Cube beats up a rabbi! Ho ho ho ho ho! Their Frankenstein creation has turned on them. Oy vey, the suffering.

Malcolm Excrement said...

Another useless corrupt Turd World parasite gorging on what YT has produced.

Frank Galton said...

HAARETZ, 03 June 2015

Sporadic clashes erupt at Ethiopian-Israeli demonstration in Tel Aviv

The previous demonstration last month in Rabin Square, currently the site of the Book Week exhibition, turned violent and resulted in dozens of injuries.

Hundreds of Ethiopian-Israelis turned out in Tel Aviv Wednesday night in protest of police brutality and their mistreatment in Israeli society.

The demonstration, which does not have a permit, is expected to be dominated by young Ethiopian radicals who are interested in escalating the situation...

The police said "militant" intentions have been identified by its intelligence unit among some extremists...

Social media posts in advance of the demonstration have reportedly called for violence against residents and property in order to gain attention. Some have called for rocks to be thrown at the police.

Police say that their attempts to communicate with the organizers have been rebuffed.

“"militant" intentions have been identified...Social media posts in advance of the demonstration have reportedly called for violence against residents and property...Some have called for rocks to be thrown at the police.”

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

Savant - "And a civilisation that willingly yields power to them is clearly in terminal and irretrievable decline."

Also, as Elizabeth Wright once wrote: "Because the nation’s institutions have complied with the race game, as established by Blacks and their political compatriots, White men have nowhere to go — except to continue the pretense that the conflict with Black men is a “moral issue”, not one of power. It’s embarrassing to admit that (Whites) have been complicit in their own dispossession".

Remaining on the topic of "irretrievable decline", another pathological example can be shown with Canada's largest city (Toronto), boasting of appointing their first BLACK police chief (born in Britain of Jamaican immigrants). Obviously, another affirmative-action hire who was artificially promoted through the ranks due to melanin privileges.

TORONTO STAR newspaper

great white said...

Satire and irony beez white and therefore rayciss. The undeveloped pre frontal lobe of the dumb darkie in action.

Anonymous said...

Lesson: Don't bribe the US out of a World Cup.

Amazed Federal Wageslave said...

I am truly amazed that this guy isn't the head of a Federal agency yet. Surely one of the equally stupid but entitled white males or female heads will step aside out of a sense of patriotism, love of equality, goodness, fairness, and justice.

Anonymous said...

Interested in the concept of Saudis actually being crypto-Jews. Jews don't know that but it would be a plausible reason that we've put up with their bullshit all this time instead of just taking their oil. But it begs the question at what level of secrecy would such knowledge be disseminated to the relevant parties for appropriate action. How could it be kept under wraps from the masses of both Moslems and Jews? Why wouldn't the Shiites accuse them of being Jews (and they haven't)? That said, it seems obvious that the Saudis, Israelis, the US and EU have been covertly supporting ISIS.

According to NPR (US government radio), Jihadi websites have be mimicking NPRs calm and quiet style. "...and they're doing that with 9000% less Jews." Broadcast today on NPRs "Ask Me Another."

You guys are going to have to calm down over there about immigration. Curtail it wherever you can but it will hardly be the demise of the white race. Time for you to get your balls in hand, as my Italian buddy says whenever he's about to make a dangerous move in traffic. Your culture will become coarser, unfortunately, but you will adapt. Eddie, a guy (Irish-American) I worked with, a middle manager, was from a north Jersey area that's a lot more urban and rougher than I'm used to. But it never showed in any particular way until one night we were eating lunch and the black mechanic had a new buck knife (a regular penknife with a legal three and a half inch blade). Eddie was looking at the knife, balancing it and so forth and said, "Watch this!" He folded the knife and put it in his pocket. Then he took it out in one fluid motion and the blade was out, locked in place. "I had to practice for a long time to do that," he said. Point being is that you can stay white...if you want to.

Iron Felix said...

Whenever blacks are in positions of power corruption ensues. It is as natural as the sun rising in the morning. They just can't help themselves, the temptation of easy money is an emotion they simply are unable to overcome.

Anonymous said...


Malcolm Excrement said...

Bring it on John. Pile them carcasses high!

Uncle Nasty said...

I like Bill Whittle. Perhaps he does not go far enough in giving the yids a pasting, but hey ...

A horrible example of the judafication of Hollywood in general and Disney/Pixar in particular. Interestingly enough Whittle makes a comment on Uncle Walt, right at the end, with which few thinking people could find fault.

I, too, saw the trailer a while back, but failed to get excited, mainly because of Clooney, who has come to epitomise the smarmy, semi-talented liberal promoted by the PTB ... way above his level of competence -- as a reward for peddling the liberal agenda.

Clooney, to me, is little more than a beautifully maintained set of teeth in a suit, pretty much the same as Robert Redford in his day.

Rather like Charlize Theron, Ridley Scott, Tom Hardy and a host of other showbiz sellouts.


Anonymous said...

Normal people cannot comprehend how badly blacks can act. They look at the world with their own values and think the actions of blacks are mistakes, exceptions or exaggerations. Those of us that have to interact with them know better, and are looked upon with incredulous faces when we try to describe what happens every day.

Dan said...

Caligula was misunderstood.

The horse was a joke about the Senate.

The seashell collection was a jab at the imperious army.

Who did Caligula hurt? He never invaded anyone. He deliberately upset powerful aristocrats and indeed he pissed off the Jews by building a statue of himself in their Temple.

He's a fucking fantastic Troll. 744T T6077z. Ave Caesar!

Dan said...

The Sauds are sponsored via Washington. They were Roosevelt's pick.

That's a Jew fest right there.

Here's the thing the Medina Muslims must have had mostly Jewish mothers. Mo put 1000s of the Jewesses there into concubinage. Their Muslim children were all Crypto Jew and were the early conquerors.

Uncle Nasty said...

You guys are going to have to calm down over there about immigration. Curtail it wherever you can but it will hardly be the demise of the white race.

No, we're not. Yes, it will.


Flanders said...

Good information at your 14:40 comments, Frank.

Something more serious than FIFA? Possibly so. I would say - MORE so.

An article by F. William Engdahl indicates that the "American" - (Such a cheapened brand name these days, since jews and all of their imports are using that name, too, pretending as if they actually were American.) - monolpoly on credit rating agencies is coming to an end.

"Now with an independent credit rating agency, a $100 billion BRICS Infrastructure Bank and strategic local currency agreements in place, Russia and China, Brics for Brics, are establishing the architecture to a genuine alternative to the destructive neo-colonial IMF and World Bank and the tyranny of the Wall Street dollar system. The year 2015 will indeed by interesting. Poor Mr. Soros might have to look for another job."

Croesus said...

Flanders and Frank. The "independent" rating agencies have been one of the most powerful if understated tools at the disposal of the oligarchs who own and run the USSA. A power that has been ruthlessly and cynically deployed against enterprises and indeed whole countries. Their success record has been laughably bad in achieving their official objectives. Which of course are not their real objectives at all.

Heraclitus said...

Dan, very good point about Caligula and the Senate. Had not been personally aware of that but read the relevant part in Gibbon and you are indeed correct. Far from madness it showed a keen insight into human nature.

Dan said...


He deliberately went around upsetting powerful arseholes and doesn't appear to have been an Emperor who took out his spite on either ordinary Romans or Foreigners.

Much maligned and of course he precipitated the destruction of the Classical Stock Exchange, I mean the Temple at Jerusalem.

Dan said...


If you look at the timing around his plan to install a statue of himself at the Temple (as a punishment for the Jews at Jumnia wrecking a Roman temple) and his assassination I'd say that the Jews probably financed and organized the killing. When Claudius becomes emperor he's on very good terms with the Jews and promptly sets off to invade Britain. Legions north!

The only disparaging accounts of Caligula are actually written by Philo (Jew) and Josephus (Jew).

Caligula basically refused to invade Britain, he refused to invade Germany. He attempted to insult the Senate, Army and the Jews.


Flanders said...

Croesus, The rating agencies have been as you describe, but the story may go deeper, and have broader effects than appears on the surface. That is, if the author of this "NWO Schedule of Implementation" is correct.

"A core component of the globalists’ strategy to centralize power over the world’s currencies lies in making the Fed and their other national central banks look bad. For this reason, they’ve been deliberately staging “currency wars” and having their supranational institutions (the IMF and the BIS) and media propagandists point out the destructive nature of the policies being pursued at the national level. “Only at the international level,” they argue, “can currency stability be achieved.”

In keeping with this strategy, they are using their national central banks to blow up the global economy so their supranational institutions can step forward and restore order."

The author describes a “de-Americanized world” propaganda campaign, and a series of NWO legislation to be rammed down peoples throats. This would be accompanied by a full recognition of Soro's China dream.

“…you really need to bring China into the creation of a new world order — financial world order. They are kind of reluctant members of the IMF. They play along, but they don’t make much of a contribution because it’s not their institution… I think you need a New World Order that China has to be part of the process of creating it, and they have to buy in. They have to own it the same way as I said the United States owns… the current order.” - jew George Soros [who already is a NWO-jew leader], October 23, 2009

Chicago Polack said...

Suetonius was none too complimentary of Caligula, as I recall.

But I can buy the fact that Caligula was smeared in history. Someone wrote a book 20 years ago saying that Nero, a Claudian, was smeared by the Julian historians (if I recall correctly) because of a squabble with that side of the faction. Can anyone who read the book confirm it and tell me the name? I can easily relate the situation to the present era, where Eisenhower, McCarthy, Nixon, Reagan and Company were all smeared by our modern "historians." Ditto Pius XII.

iron felix said...

Strange how things get twisted, is it not? Making his horse a consul was always represented to us as evidence of the guy's absolute murderous Uday Hussein type madness; actually it was a splendid gibe at the idiots with which he was surrounded (".....even a horse would make a better consul than you fuckwits.....").In like fashion, when Adolf spoke of "The Big Lie" he has ever since been construed as advocating it, but what he was actually doing was describing what he, and now us today, are up against.

Croesus said...

An interesting concept Flanders. I wonder though. First any globalist entity, no matter how powerful, would have its hands full taking on the FRB (itself made up of the world's most powerful banks), the Bank of England etc. Would it not make a lot more sense to think that thay would all combine in achieving the global currency objective and share in the ensuing unparalleled power?

Veritas said...

Savant you were right! Seems like Celtic cannot sign a defender who isn't a make believe European nowadays. Here we have the "Belgian" Boyata unveiled. He is as Belgian as I am a parakeet.

In other news I attended a wedding the other day and sat at a table with a family of social justice warrior leftists. Nice folks but they believe the mainstream media narrative. There were the two parents who were hippies in their youth along with their two children who were university aged.

I asked questions of them about illegal immigration into western lands, asked them if they thought it was good for their future. They actually thought it was a negative thing mostly but didn't know how to stop it.

Brought up the chosen person issue as well. I questioned various aspects of the hoax in a calm and logical manner. They probably said I was a madman after I left the table but they seemed to be thinking a bit about it. It's hard to get even intelligent people to step away from the brainwashing.

Sadly they probably took from the conversation that I am some form of crazed supremacist. Should we even keep trying with such people? Members of the kitchen staff I spoke with were much more understanding of our position.

gallowglass said...

God be with the days when Celtic won the European Cup with a team all born within 30 miles of Parkhead.

Dan said...

Better Hitler than Blum...

The "Jesuit" edumacation of this guy is quite a thing.

This lecture is delivered by a French national (idk if he's part Jewish).

Anyway, he discusses the Fall of France and the reasons why the Germans overran France in a short period. It never occurs to him that the French military, barring national pride, probably saw the Germans as a good thing. Well, no he never dares mention that Petain, Weygand, Hunzinger and the officers were, along with middle class and some working class French perfectly okay with an authoritarian regime that rooted out Jews from political life in Gemany.

He later mentions that the Vichy government was 1 xenophobic, 2 anti Semitic 3 coporatist and anti democratic but deliberately fails to connect the legitimate political aspirations of these Frenchmen to rule their own nation for their own nation.

Yale eh? That's what you get in the history electives...

Anonymous said...

My Anglophobia is spiking this week because of the pictures of the baby royals plastered all over the magazines here at every checkout counter. Them and Bruce and George and the Arab wife. Cute kids. But then again, even little niggers are cute.

SAVANT said...

Veritas, yes, I despair at Celtic's policy. I can understand getting a quality vibrant as a midfielder or striker. But they're getting run-of-the-mill journeymen from all over Africa who are no better than their Scottish equivalents.

Don't be too pessimistic about the reaction from the deluded Whites you were talking to. In my own case I've seen where such interactions got people thinking. Only today(!) a guy to whom I'd commented about the logistics of the Holocau$t came back to me having done a lot of research n the interim. Initially he had expressed a disdainful disinterest.

Dan said...

The logistics is the key.

It's also important to point out the mythological significance of the number 6,000,000...

Flanders said...

A link given by my friend, Bailey:

Negro behavior ,what happens with negroes in positions of authority.

Flanders: The 2nd video is the type which make all rational people realize that so many niggers like her are below the monkeys in the supposed evolutionary chain. I liked the very first comment.

“Wellston — which is very close to Ferguson — is 100% nigro: It used to have a smattering of whites, but they have all been killed and eaten by now…”.

Rastus said...

"even little niggers are cute too"

Are you fucking insane? They look like fucking monkeys.

Frank Galton said...

Jewish Telegraph


Doreen Wachmann meets the Conservatives' counterpart to Labour's pro-Zionist Louise Ellman

Doughty Labour MP Louise Ellman is never scared to openly proclaim her Jewish identity and fight for Israel...

And now the Conservative Party has finally found its counterpart to her.

Jewish Chronicle, 11 May 2015

[Part-Jew] Cameron appoints [Jew] Robert Halfon to the cabinet

[Jew] Robert Halfon has been promoted to DEPUTY CHAIRMAN of the Conservative Party in David Cameron’s post-election reshuffle.

The former political director of CONSERVATIVE FRIENDS OF ISRAEL was rewarded with a vastly increased majority, up to 8,350 from 4,925 five years ago.

Mr Cameron also appointed veteran Tory MP [Jew] Oliver Letwin to the cabinet. He will be in overall CHARGE of the CABINET OFFICE.

[Useful idiot] Eric Pickles* loses his job as Communities Secretary, but is expected to work with the new HOLOCAUST MEMORIAL FOUNDATION, set up as a result of Mr Cameron's Holocaust Commission.

* Eric Pickles admits Communist past

Occidental Observer, 07 June 2015

Friends of Israel: Old and New Patterns in British Politics

Two interesting patterns became apparent after the recent general election in Britain. One of them has been extensively discussed in the mainstream media. The other hasn’t been discussed at all. Why not? Because it involves Britain’s most powerful ethnic group and that group intends to maintain its stranglehold on British politics. Power that can’t be discussed is also power that can’t be challenged.
Read more:

Frank Galton

Uncle Nasty said...

Veritas said:-

Sadly they probably took from the conversation that I am some form of crazed supremacist. Should we even keep trying with such people? Members of the kitchen staff I spoke with were much more understanding of our position.
8 June 2015 at 13:10

Members of the kitchen staff will be real people unlike the adult (or perennial?) varsity students, and no doubt, their parents -- the aging hippies.
The kitchen staff will have few illusions, because they live in the real world. Their parents will have been workers, they are workers and their kids will probably be ... workers.

Not for them the insulating gated communities, the cottage in Essex or the Absolutely Fabulous lifestyle of an apartment or house in Holland Park, these are the ones who live down among the dead men ...

Just like us. As George Carlin said: "It's a small exclusive club ... and you ain't in it."


Uncle Nasty said...

Of course ... 1971. The year the gold-backed dollar was replaced by the petrodollar.

Nice one, Flanders. I went to your link and ... Voila!!

In 1945 it was easy to get a defeated Europe to agree to Bretton Woods Gold Exchange Standard in which all currencies would be fixed to the US dollar and the dollar alone fixed to gold at $35 an ounce, where it remained until the system collapsed in August 1971 and Nixon abandoned gold-dollar convertibility. By then Europe was booming with modern reconstructed industry and the USA was becoming a rustbelt. France and Germany demanded US gold bullion instead of inflated dollars, and US gold reserves were vanishing.

After 1971, the dollar flooded the world unfettered by gold reserve requirements and US military might during the Cold War forced Japan, Western Europe and others including OPEC to accept constantly inflating paper US dollars.

The scales did fall from my eyes.


Uncle Nasty said...

This is from The Kakistocracy, who, I am assured, " ...get more pleasure from the beans." (Don't ask.)


I Can’t Help But Cry

Porter / 1 week ago

That was the lachrymose lament in large bold fonts across this morning’s There are, of course, many times I share the sentiment in matters pertinent to this blog. Though in this instance I presumed a more personal tragedy. Perhaps a follow-up story on the husband who lost his wife and two young children in the recent Texas flooding. As a father myself, it is easy to empathize with what must be his tortured suffering. To imagine that terrified little boy and girl attempting to cling to their mother amidst the callous surge is truly excruciating. So with a heart heavy in anticipation I began to read…an article about a muslim denied a can of diet coke. Though even that overstates the tragedy. It is an article about a muslim who could have an opened can of diet coke, but was denied an unopened can. This is the story blared across the bow of a major media organ.

I can’t help but cry

(CNN)A simple request for an unopened can of Diet Coke on a United Airlines flight left Tahera Ahmad in tears.

A Muslim chaplain and director of interfaith engagement at Northwestern University, Ahmad, 31, was traveling Friday from Chicago to Washington for a conference promoting dialogue between Israeli and Palestinian youth. She was wearing a headscarf, or hijab.

For hygienic reasons, she asked for an unopened can of soda, she said. The flight attendant told her that she could not give her one…Ahmad questioned the flight attendant.

“We are unauthorized to give unopened cans to people because they may use it as a weapon on the plane,” she recalled the flight attendant telling her.

Shocked, Ahmad asked other passengers if they had seen what happened.

A man sitting across the aisle turned to her and yelled, “You Muslim, you need to shut the f— up,” she said.

“I felt the hate in his voice and his raging eyes,” Ahmad wrote on Facebook while the plane was still in flight. “I can’t help but cry … because I thought people would defend me and say something. Some people just shook their heads in dismay.”

Good thing those girls in Rotherham were spared hateful voices and raging eyes. Though translated from Arabic, she is saying: I was certain this brief manifestation of white spine would cue the programming in some SJW drone, prompting them to internecine warfare on my sneering behalf.

Fuck me but these ragheads are reading from the old Talmud. The hate in his voice and his raging eyes, eh? Don't quit your day job, Arsewipe, or whatever your name is ...


tsnamm said...

Here's a very interesting tid bit...I always get a laugh listening to the business "news" in the morning, as they busily evade the trillions in debt, the trillions in unfunded obligations, the billions in giveaways of tax dollars, the quadrillions of lost wealth and jobs off shored to 3 rd world nations to try and sell the goods back to us, pretending we're in a recovery and people are getting "good" jobs...and then I see this. Once the balloon pops, and pop it shall, then the shit will really hit the fan.

Dan said...

Anything that encourages the white birthrate like Kate, that's a good.

AnalogMan said...

From tsnamm's link:

But if Greece were to leave, then that shows the politicians in Spain and Italy that they can do the same thing — they could default and have a debt free balance sheet. And if they needed to have any kind of financing, they can turn to Russia, or Russia and China, or the BRICS bank (AIIB), which is now funded with $100 billion.

Wow, golly, gee. A hundred billion dollars. Happy days are here again.

Is this guy real?

Anonymous said...

Negroes being corrupt??? Well knock me over with a feather.

Col. B. Bunny said...

Hank Johnson was kidding about the island tipping over.

Uncle Nasty said...

AnalogMan said...

From tsnamm's link:

Wow, golly, gee. A hundred billion dollars. Happy days are here again.

Is this guy real?
9 June 2015 at 21:45

AnalogMan, we do live in an age (and I never thought I'd live to say this) where a hundred billion buckazoids can be regarded as a trifling amount ... not quite what one finds at the back of the sofa, but not a hell of a lot better.

That being said, I can actually see the world economy forced back into a barter system. Before I left ZA, I was doing quite a few barter deals. (You want a logo design? Fine. Don't give me money, give me a hard drive ... or that scanner) My local motor mechanic was another good example. He would service my car, and I would de-virus his PC.

Hey, it basically got Germany back on its feet.

I am trying to get it going here, but ... resistance is everywhere.


FOD said...

That 'offended Muslim' (is there any other kind?) on the plane is now suing the airline for big bucks and the crew member has been suspended.

This is America today.

Croesus said...

@tsnamm. The 'business news', especially on MSNBC is almost comical. The experts(!!!!) are so obviously paid shills for the finance industry and government that it is literally laughable.

Anonymous said...

Monkeys are cute!

Anonymous said...

Austrian Daniel Estulin on Coast To Coast radio show last night talking about the Bilderberger meeting. He was listing a series of impending disasters and mentioned how even white people are being killed in Europe now and for the first time since the war. Said that in Italy, a family could go out shopping and come back to find their house occupied by foreigners. The host asked him to clarify and he said yes, a family in Italy could go out shopping and come back to find their house "taken over by Gypsies and the government takes their side."

"Coast to Coast" is a huge, overnight talk show syndicated all over the US and covers all kinds of topics, as long as they're weird. UFOs, all kinds of conspiracies, paranormal stuff. One 911 conspiracy person, Susan Lindauer, even gave a brief history of "Rabbi Dov Zackheim."
I recommend the website. They want money but you don't have to pay for a lot of stuff.

Anonymous said...

NPR is full of angry Jews, communists, Arabs, blacks and various sexual perverts with a lot of overlap in all these areas. So I got a kick out of it when the cadaverous-sounding Arab communist woman tried to put flat-out communist presidential candidate Bernie Sanders on the spot by accusing him of having Israeli dual citizenship.
"I don't know where that came from," says Bernie.
"We have a list," says the woman.

They're cannibalizing each other.