Wednesday, 17 December 2014

'If you got tears, prepare to shed 'em....'

Nothing opens the tear ducts for me like a good Holocau$t story. Like that of Herman Rosenblatt and his dear wife Roma (the eponymous 'Angel At The Fence'). And not just me. Oprah Whinfrey herself was reduced to a gibbering wreck at the poignancy of it all, describing it as 'the single greatest love story in 22 years doing this show'.  Now that  is some accolade. Mind you a few minor discrepancies in the story did subsequently emerge, but look, after all that poor guy suffered what do you expect?  Total recall?

But there are no discrepancies in the story of old 'Uncle' Schlomo, a long-standing friend of our family. His story is equally heart-rending...and with a similarly joyful conclusion. Imprisoned in Auschwitz as a young boy he was saved from the gas chamber by......

But here, let Schlomo tell you himself in his own inimitable style.

"Oy vey, the sufferink!  I was a tiny boy, me and all my family being lead to the gas chamber.  As my crying parents looked on Hitler himself, up to his knees in blood and gore, face twisted with hatred, flung me into the chamber with such vicious force that I shot straight out the other side and through the camp fence!

Being but a small child, I would still have been doomed had not a courageous and intelligent wolf, realising what was going on, rushed out from the forest and, notwithstanding a hail of bullets from the guard posts, dragged me to safety among the trees. There Romelus (I named him this after the founder of Rome who was himself suckled by a wolf) and his pack looked after me until war's end.

It was a miracle I tell you!  A miracle!

And here is the truly wonderful part. After the war, while visiting Europe to pick up some more reparations cheques, including one for my son, I decided on another visit to Auschwitz. Something told me that Romelus would be there, with that gentle "smile" of his, waiting for me. And believe it or not there he was. In the very same spot where he had rescued me all those years before! 

It was a miracle I tell you!  A miracle!

I took his picture and I'm selling copies  - a limited number only - for the bargain price of $20 each, or packs of ten for $150. (All major credit cards and PayPal accepted). Buy now and get your own living proof of this miracle"

Admit're holding back a tear right now, aren't you?

An extraordinary and wonderful story of human courage and endurance, enabled by an astonishing relationship with the animal kingdom, and one which underlines that in the most terrible of all circumstances hope can still survive.


VOMan said...

An extraordinary story indeed Savant.

But actually there have been others even more extraordinary. Like, have you ever read any of poor Elie Wiesel's 'experiences'?

Anonymous said...

I had just left my house the other day when some Jew came up to me and asked if I would donate to a 'survivors of the holocaust' charity. I can't explain why but it was at that moment that a thought struck me:

"Shit, I've left my oven on."

Anonymous said...

FYI - The following website was on a hiatus for awhile, but just checked it out and found new posting are up and running. Always well-researched material from the German perspective.

Uncle Nasty said...

Off topic, yes, but I believe we are on the cusp of a catastrophe ...

When did the MSM say anything ... and I mean anything about the storm clouds gathering in Greece?

Don't all shout at once.

GREECE BREAKING…..Samaras 15 short of majority needed to avoid elections

By John Ward December 17, 2014

Sources in Athens tonight concur in their belief that the Greek Prime Minister is at least 15 votes short of the majority he needs to name a President

In theory, the Greek Government could fall tonight. But more likely is that two further rounds of voting on this crucial matter may well be necessary before, some time in mid January, the Samaras Coalition will either stand or fall.

The great majority of well-connected Athenians I spoke to this afternoon were of the view that Antonis Samaras will lose tonight’s first round vote. He needs 50 more votes to add to the 151 promises he has….but at best, this would deliver another 35 votes. And a promise in Greece these days is a much devalued thing.

A great deal hinges around the estimated 25 New Democracy MPs who have jumped ship from the Samaras: many see them as those who can be bought…having baled out of ND to Save their Souls in the first place.

Notable, however, was an opinion poll this morning that suggested Syriza’s lead over New Democracy has been cut – perhaps by warning sounds from Brussels in general, and Jean-Claude Juncker in particular.

The majority opinion remains that – as things currently stand – Alexis Tsipras will be Prime Minister of Greece by the end of January. But stay tuned to all those unelected channels rubbishing the Tsipras leader.

Could the jews be getting their wish at last? The collapse of the West?

Or could things be snowballing out of control ... beyond their wildest dreams?

Don't forget that Greece is the first tottery domino in the line-up. Spain, Portugal, Italy .... Ireland?

I find that a lot of catastrophes seem to happen over the Christmas period.


Anonymous said...

Poor damn wolf in the second picture is being exploited by one of those creatures in the first picture. OY VEY
Scot Irish

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Another Holocaust survivor? I mean there's another one? I feel like there is a factory out there somewhere operating 24/7 providing the entire world with an endless supply of living, breathing Holocaust survivors. And, with each having their own spectacular sob story.

This one, Herman Rosenblatt, is extra special. His Jewish brain creates figments, turns them into reality, and then some sneaky Goy comes along and turns them back into figments. Listen for yourself (I added the Goy part):

Anonymous said...

"I had just left my house the other day when some Jew came up to me and asked if I would donate to a 'survivors of the holocaust' charity. I can't explain why but it was at that moment that a thought struck me:

"Shit, I've left my oven on.""

I hope you took Rahm Emanuel's advice and did not let a good opportunity go to waste.

Anonymous said...

ADL Offers Schools Guidance for Negotiating the December Dilemma

New York, NY, November 16, 1999 … School districts and teachers perennially are confronted with the question of how to approach the holidays without favoring one religious faith over another or making some students feel uncomfortable because their religious background is different from others. As a GUARDIAN of the constitutional guarantee of the SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE, the ANTI-DEFAMATION LEAGUE (ADL) routinely offers advice and guidelines to teachers, school districts and parents to help them successfully negotiate the "December Dilemma."

CBS News, 16 December 2014

National Menorah to be Lit on White House Ellipse

Where’s Abe Foxman, the GUARDIAN of the constitutional guarantee of the SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE, now that there’s a menorah in front of the White House?


Symbols are important. Look at the pictures of the giant “National Menorah” and you see the symbols of those who rule America.

Frank Galton

Shaunantijihad said...

I believe every word of it.

Senator Joe Leiberman, after collecting his survivors cheque, also believes in extraordinary events almost beyond belief. Why he even told a bunch of goyim cattle, I mean stupid voters, that the third tower did not fall on 911. It didn't even exist! If you disagree then you are NAAAAAZI who wants to kill six million Jews!

Youtube keep blocking it. The poor defenceless Kikes in the USA government are readying to imprison and torture anyone who says WT7 existed and fell into it's own footprint on 911. Damn goyim are refusing to...

...believe every word of it. So the Land of the Free must be changed.

Anonymous said...


An animal even my cat-rescuing wife can hate.


talisman said...

Some of the Holocaust stories I heard are even less credible.

Anonymous said...

Don’t joke about shoah biz. I recently found out a distant relative of mine died at ass-witch. He drank too much beer one night and fell off the control tower.

PS The new Unilever advert - bloody nauseating.

Anonymous said...

I was thinking about head counts the other day (I Think@?;).
And all I could come up with instantly was : the 3 dead at Sids Kaf in OZ!
I am as of an age were you have check if you left the tamp onin the khazi.
So being of particular slow of wit that day, I tested myself!
In order stuff came up-------
USA: Travelon Martian, Joeee Brown,
UK: Stiff Lawrence of Belgravia,
R of SA: .Pisstirious.+I wealthy Honeymooner
Libia : Gaffy,+1 American Diplomat
I zilched on the following as to numbers : Ukraine, Gaza, Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Russia, Egypt, ....My head was hurting so I gave up.


Uncle Nasty said...

You think the historical whingeing yids are bad?

Check this arsehole out.

There's Nothing Obama Cares About Less Than Jewish Blood
GrassTopsUSA Exclusive Commentary
By Don Feder
December 15, 2014

Is Barack Hussein Obama an anti-Semite? Wrong question. However the president feels about Jews in his heart of hearts, he is comfortable among anti-Semites, indifferent to the fate of Israel and the foremost Western apologist for Islam, the principal source of anti-Semitism in the world today.

Two incidents bring this into sharp focus: In the aftermath of Ferguson, the emergence of Al Sharpton as Obama's point man on race, and the administration's surreal denial of a connection between the Muslim Brotherhood and terrorism.

The creep who masquerades as a man of the cloth is a White House fixture. Since 2009, Sharpton has visited no fewer than 61 times. Politico describes the race-baiter extraordinaire as Obama's "go-to man on race." A White House aide explained: "There's a trust factor with the Rev. from the Oval Office on down. He gets it, and he's got credibility in the community that nobody else has got. There's really no one else out there who does what he does."

How true. On race issues, no one can demagogue like the Rev. From Tawana Brawley and the Duke lacrosse players to Trayvon Martin and Ferguson, Missouri, no one is better at exploiting frauds, engendering racial hatred and inciting paranoia than Al Sharpton.

Then there was Sharpton's role in the 1991 Crown Heights pogrom. After a Hasidic motorist accidentally killed a black child, there were three days of the worst anti-Semitic riots this country has ever seen. A rabbinical student was knifed to death to shouts of "Kill the Jew!"

Into this inferno stepped the rhyming Rev. – with a can of kerosene. At the child's funeral, Sharpton railed at Hasidic Jews, calling them "diamond merchants with the blood of innocent babies on their hands." "If the Jews want to get it on, tell them to pin their yarmulkes back and come over to my house," Sharpton blustered – brave man with a mob at his back.

Obama has a 30-year history of close relationships with anti-Semites.

Hey ... I thought you guys liked Niggers. You loooooved them in South Africa ... while they were useful, anyway.


nemesis said...

UN, you should know by now that the only criterion the jews have in judging anyone on racial matters is how they react to jewish demans. And by react I mean everyone else should be devoted exclusively to jewish interests, respond to all their concerns, and heaven forfend, should jewish interests conflict with anyone else's their's must attract unqualified support.

Fair and balanced they ain't.

Anonymous said...

Come on that is so obviously not a wolf.

Anonymous said...

More people died on the back seat of Ted Kennedy's car at Chappaquiddick than in gas chambers in ouch-switch

More people drowned in the swimming pool in ouch-switch than in gas chambers.

Anonymous said...

MA in white studies

Learn how Herman Rosenblatt uses his white privilege to get ahead.

Anonymous said...

Went to the holocaust exhibition at the Imperial War Museum in London.

Fucking terrible what went on. I mean, 3 quid for a can of coke!

Anonymous said...

A little humour here ... but does this photo remind readers of a previous incarnation of a certain blogger??

See ... HERE.

Anonymous said...

Neolibs in a funk about Sony stopping "The Interview." Saw a preview a couple weeks ago. One funny line:
CIA lady "We want you to take him out."
Rogen: "Take him out? You mean like for dinner and drinks?"
Various politicians and drive time personalities livid about it. We're on our knees, don't you know? As if I'd give a fuck about Sony blowing the little fucker. Might be a good idea for Japan not to make him even crazier though. We don't need several hundred thousand casualties over this. Especially since the media is self-censored in so many ways anyways. Kid gloves for Moe Ham Meds and of course blacks. There was an actual movie about the assassination of the very stupid George Bush but you will never see that about the evil monkey.
I agree with Uncle not to bait the Russian bear. Libs hate him because he's down on fags. No problem though with the Cubans being down on fags. Cuban women beautiful!

No Jew ever caused as much trouble as Woodrow Wilson.

Anonymous said...

“ one is better at exploiting frauds, ENGENDERING RACIAL HATRED and inciting paranoia than Al Sharpton.”

This coming from a JEW!


Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

“There's really NO ONE ELSE out there who does what he does," says Jew Don Feder,


The chutzpah of these Jews knows no bounds.

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

“Then there was Sharpton's role in the 1991 Crown Heights POGROM...”


Frank Galton

Nero said...

Savant said,
Analog, you quote 'The only thing that is keeping the country together at this point is that the white middle class is still doing just well enough to maintain hope that things are going to turn around eventually. Once that hope is entirely gone, they will be willing to begin taking the risks that they are presently unwilling to take.'

This is true and it's why I say worse is better. I know it's bad for all of us short term but the (still) vast White middle class won't be roused from their slumber until things get really bad.

And it is going to get far worse for the middle class...

Steady inflation is going to eat away at wages for a couple of decades. Only the rich will be spared and they will profit immensely. Decade by decade, the middle class will see its slice of the pie decrease... the young having it harder and harder than earlier generations... leading to a rising disillusionment.

Historically, in many respects, the French revolution can be seen as the seminal chapter that lead to what has gone wrong today. That revolution was fundamentally aggravated by inflation:-
The French revolution may be regarded as two revolutions. The first was a revolution by the powers within France against the Monarchy. The second was a revolution of ‘the mob’; the major factor, along with foreign agitators, was inflation. The first revolutionaries turned to fiat currency and the printing press. This destroyed the currency of the masses in cities... their only means to buy the necessities of life. That anger unleashed was the grand force behind the mindless chaos.
What we are to have here in the West now is a slow burn equivalent of the 2nd froggy revolution.

After some two centuries of radicalism, the radicals are now the entrenched decadent establishment. The present growing inflation will sow a slow loss of credibility of ‘the system’ generally – of doubts that were already forming.
Once awakened, history says people begin to learn exponentially. We have the internet now. As hope dies, radical solutions seem fairer. And just who rules in a democracy? Politicians are drawn from the upper middle classes. And from whom are the media drawn? The upper middle classes. The decay will strike directly at the political classes and opinion formers. The ideologies of those in the centres of power will die a senile death of doubt and irrelevance. The present consensus - just a bubble of nonsense anyway – will fade into history.

What will replace it?

Some ‘obvious’ observations from history:-
1. Today’s multiculturalism = cosmopolitanism from 19th century Central Europe – a complete failure that led to strife and anarchy.
2. Assimilation does not work. For example in 1872 the Jews were emancipated in Germany, just to be nice to them. The result? More Jews migrated there than assimilated. And they acted as a closed corporation against everyone to gain a vast slice of wealth, influence and power. Furthermore, the integrity of the Germans to form a united front against such infiltration was compromised.
3. If in a society one’s income is unrelated to work done, for pretty much most of us, then there is no incentive to work hard, to be honest, to be civic... leading to a society wide degeneration of institutions, productivity, morale, and ‘standards’.

Bad news is good news.

Glad tidings, by the way.

Anonymous said...

One of the biggest drivers of diversity in NZ is Susan Devoy. She's not a jew, but she is an idiot.

Now that she's the diversity commissioner she can leverage the fame she got from being world women's squash champion for many years to destroy whatever's left of the white race.

There are Indian, Muslim, black, etc diversity mongers everywhere in NZ politics.

People at work tell racist blond jokes. They are rife in email.

Everyone on TV is into diversity it seems.

It sure seems to me that everyone loves pushing diversity or is too scared to stop it.

Yeah sure Barbara Spectre's Jews are driving the bandwagon, but everyone's jumping on it.

Anonymous said...

Homeless in Germany given the boot

Germany's umbrella organization for housing assistance (BAGW) says the number of people without a domicile in Germany has gone up dramatically over the last few years. In 2012, 284,000 people had nowhere to live - a rise of 15 percent compared to 2010. And BAGW expects that figure to rise again by a further 30 percent to 380,000 by 2016.

Meanwhile, Germany helps FINANCE four new ISRAELI WARSHIPS.

Reuters, 15 December 2014

Germany says will help finance four new Israeli warships

As part of its ATONEMENT for the Nazi* HOLOCAUST, Germany is committed to Israel's security and has often helped pay for the cost of military equipment such as submarines.

The mass-circulation Bild am Sonntag newspaper reported on Sunday that Berlin had earmarked up to 115 MILLION EUROS for the warships -- which would cost around 1 billion euros in total.

*Chicago Tribune, 25 July 1966

Page 18


[JEW propagandist] Konrad Heiden was so early an anti-nazi publicist that his first book, "History of National Socialism" [1932], was published in Germany and publicly burned by Nazis there before Hitler’s party came to power. Heiden's death in New York the other day has reminded the public that it was he who first POPULARIZED THE TERM NAZI, in place of the earlier current Naso.

The expression "National Socialist" was naturally first abbreviated to the first two letters in each of the two words – Naso. As a satiric thrust, Heiden preferred to use the first four letters in the German word meaning "national," as in Bavarian slang Nazi had the established meaning of "bumpkin" or "simpleton."

Frank Galton

SimonR said...

If I read a biography of some famous figure and find a few inaccurate details, am I not entitled to view the whole book with some suspicion?
And if I come across several of these holocaust stories that have been shown to be similarly inaccurate, would I not be some kind of moron to simply accept it?
And should I not view with grave suspicion anyone who insists I believe it, in spite of evidence to the contrary? What kind of person would do that? And why?

Anonymous said...

Hilarious on news. Some negro chimped out on a plane. Loads of white security guards restrained him. His family at court wearing shirts saying "I can't breath". It's BREATHE you silly apes.

Anonymous said...

HAARETZ, 18 July 2011

Germany to FINANCE submarine for ISRAEL

Angela Merkel's government allocates funds to SUBSIDIZE Israel's purchase of German-made submarine; Submarine is Israel's THIRD TO BE SUBSIDIZED BY GERMANY.

THE WEEK, 31 October 2014

Israel's quiet DOOMSDAY submarines are almost ready

Right now, three Dolphin II-class submarines are under construction at Germany's ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems shipyards in Kiel. Once the submarines complete their trials and head towards the Mediterranean, they will become the most powerful Israeli submarines ever.

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

YNET NEWS, 08 February 2012


Candidates for prestigious unit now required to RENOUNCE FOREIGN CITIZENSHIP

The IDF now demands that new candidates for service in Israel's submarine fleet waive their foreign citizenship in order to join the elite unit.,7340,L-4187233,00.html

Why would the IDF require submariners, serving on nuclear submarines equipped with nuclear weapons, to renounce their foreign citizenship?

Think about it.

Frank Galton

Dr. Wassel said...

Why would the IDF require submariners, serving on nuclear submarines equipped with nuclear weapons, to renounce their foreign citizenship?

Because they see at first hand what traitors dual-citizens can be.

beppo said...

@ Dr. Wassell


John said...

Nero, there certianly are analogies between now and the times of the French Revolution.

Let the tumbrells roll!

Uncle Nasty said...

A really good site. I recommend it.


Anonymous said...

Why would the IDF require submariners, serving aboard submarines equipped with nuclear weapons, to renounce their foreign (American, British, French etc) citizenship?

Think about it.

Frank Galton

UNcle Nasty said...

Regarding the submarine deal, I, if I were in the sub-building racket in Germany, would build in what software developers call a back door.

After all how difficult could it be to embed a few of these:-

... into a critical part of the structure to be triggered by a mobile phone call?

Okay, there are technical problems, in that deep sea communications normally have to be in a long-wave frequency, but I am sure some young lad whose grandfather was murdered by Stalin, Churchill or Eisenhower -- and resents it -- would come up with an ingenious solution.

For purely aesthetic and religious reasons one could even shape the charge into a six pointed star ... about a metre across.

I know it's one of the last things I would like to look upon ... as my vessel slowly slipped into the abyss.

Hmmmm. There's a book plot, there.

For a pretty accurate visual representation of how it works, I recommend watching the first heist in Heat (1995). Ignore the chewing-the-scenery performances of De Niro, Pacino and Kilmer.


Uncle Nasty said...

Further to the yidsubs, it would be nice is if the Red Sea Pedestrians could outsource the actual running of their subversive navy ...

Hey, why not? After all, it was the yids who assisted in convincing the rest of the world that ZA niggers could run a country better than whites could.

Let them drive your subs, and be prepared to hear the Song of Africa, again and again.

"Eeeeehhh .. She is brokeeeehhhn"**


**Kind of hard to reproduce phonetically, but anyone who has ever listened to a nigger will know exactly what I mean.

Uncle nasty said...

Learn a lesson, jewboys. What goes around ...

North Korea linked to Sony hack after all

ERIC TUCKER Last updated 12:51, December 18 2014


Sony cancelled the release of Seth Rogen and James Franco's film The Interview over hacker threats.

United States investigators are once again saying North Korea was behind the cyber attack on Sony's Hollywood studio.

Threat forces Sony to cancel film premiere

Federal investigators have now connected the hacking of Sony Pictures Entertainment to North Korea, a US official said on Wednesday, though it remained unclear how the federal government would respond to a break-in that exposed sensitive documents and ultimately led to terrorist threats against moviegoers.

The official, who said a more formal statement could come in the near future, spoke on condition of anonymity because the official was not authorised to openly discuss an ongoing criminal case.

Until Wednesday, the Obama administration had been saying it was not immediately clear who might have been responsible for the computer break-in, with FBI Director James Comey last week saying there was still more work to be done. North Korea has publicly denied it was involved.

The unidentified hackers had demanded that Sony cancel its release of the movie The Interview, a comedy starring Seth Rogen and James Franco that included a gruesome scene depicting the assassination of North Korea's leader. Sony on Wednesday cancelled the December 25 release, citing the threats of violence at movie theatres showing the movie, and the studio later said there were no further plans to release the film.

The disclosure about North Korea's involvement came just after Sony hired FireEye's Mandiant forensics unit, which last year published a landmark report with evidence accusing a Chinese Army organisation, Unit 61398, of hacking into more than 140 companies over the years.

Jews losing money? Oh there will be much wailing, gnashing of teeth and rending of garments, this Christmas.

Good. Suck on it.


Anonymous said...

Sportswomen are notorious leftist dykes.

Rob said...

Anon 23:46 - excellent site.

Anon 17:45: That's Savant all right, in his previous incarnation, but seemingly with the late Ted Kennedy's head grafted on. What's going on?

Uncle Nasty said...

Off topic still, but ...

Someone once told a financially down-and-sinking friend of mine that he was obsessed with money.
His response was "Yes ... the way a drowning man is obsessed with air."

I thought that was pretty good, so ...

Check this out.

Putin´s Confident: Putin to Nationalize Rothschild´s Central Bank and Purge “Collaborators” with West. “War till One Side Collapses inevitable”

Posted on December 15, 2014 by Anders

Abstract: President Putin is under heavy pressure from outside and inside: Western sanctions and intended oil price crash. Despite efforts by the Rothschild controlled Central Bank of Russia (CBR) and the use of dozens of billions of foreign exchange reserves – the value of the ruble against the dollar has, therefore,declined by 39% this year.
Putin will soon nationalize the CBR and the ruble according to his confidant Yevgeny Fyodorov – to raise money for his (armament) projects.
Under the Constitution, the CBR belongs to a foreign State – the City of London – and is taking orders from London and Washington. This bank can only print money corresponding to its cash in foreign currency, which is not sufficient for Putin´s purposes. The CBR even has to buy (worthless) US bonds for the dollars paid for Russian oil – whereby the dollars return to the FED!
Moreover, Putin is under pressure from the West, which wants to overthrow and replace him with Western-minded oligarchs. Thus, the US ambassador to Moscow, Tefft, is said to have made it very clear: “We will displace Putin from office and install our people as leader of the government (he even mentioned the person by name) and appoint ministers”.
Therefore, Putin now needs a strong army to prevent Russia’s submission to the US.

Fyodorov said in an interview: A split in the Russian elite took place two months ago, as part of the elite decided to stay with Putin.

Interesting headline, dont'cha think?

“War till One Side Collapses inevitable”


Croesus said...

UN, this is a battle to the death between Russia/Putin and the ZioCon banksters of the West. May God grant that Russia wins. If so it will be the death of the Evil Empire.

pdf1 said...

Further to the yidsubs, it would be nice is if the Red Sea Pedestrians could outsource the actual running of their subversive navy ...

They already have. It's called the US Navy, thereto fight on cue when required by their real masters.

James said...

Stop the world, I want to get off.

Lesbians earn more than straight women - but gay men are penalised

Anonymous said...

Claim three boys killed in Westminster sex attack to be investigated

Anonymous said...

Off topic - How many of you have heard of this pernicious legal outfit ?

Parasites like Phil Shiner are a part of it collecting salary out of tax payers who unwittingly allow it

nilus said...

Hello all: I havent "scurried off " anywhere: Ive moved and got back online today. Denise says i should rush out and rape the first White girl I see,fuck you Denise you bore, yes Ive heard you on Fourth Position, I'd rather meet one that I can love,who loves me back, who wants to have my children, who is healthily racist and hates jews: yeah, good luck with that in Brighton,UK, where all the females are PC Marxist nigger-lovin sluts.

Back soon with more reports from UK TV media.

Yesterday was especially 'rich in jews', as Byron said.

nilus said...

Re Simon Fanshawe:

Faggot, Brighton MP/Councillor, once did a doc about fags in Brighton and was horrified and disgusted by what he saw. Not sure if it was ever broadcast:

"Simon started his broadcasting life when he was a comedian. He won the top comedy award, The Perrier, at the Edinburgh Fringe in 1989.

He crossed over into serious broadcasting when he presented Kaleidoscope, the predecessor to Front Row, Radio 4’s main arts programme. He has had series on Radio Four and Five Live, Talk Radio and GLR and made documentaries on subjects that stretch from animal sound effects, gay humour and comedy comperes, to reference books, South African and South African comedy, money, sarcasm and … well the point is it’s quite a range.

On ITV he presented a show called The Pier, for quite a while. (He even worked on That’s Life, once, with Esther Rantzen.. although he often chooses not to mention it) And since then he has contributed to shows on the Scouts, virgins, comedy catchphrases, Abigail’s Party, manners, … and written and presented documentaries on architecture, cities, Brighton and he wrote and presented the controversial and highly successful “The Trouble With Gay Men…” for the BBC

He also does the ‘pundit’ thing. Lots of people know him from his regular Saturday Morning paper reviews on BBC1 Breakfast and he also appears regularly on Jeremy Vine, Sky News, You and Yours, Loose Ends, Question Time, Today… and all the usual places where opinion and wit are hired…"

Creepy foul poison dwarf fag Graham Norton got 2 or 3 awards for comedy last night.

AnalogMan said...

Uncle Nasty said...

A really good site. I recommend it.

Thanks, UN. Looks interesting.

A young friend of a family member, just out of school, smart, unconventional, and I got into a conversation the other day about history, which he says is a particular interest of his. We spoke about WW2, Hitler and so on, and I promised to give him some videos. I was thinking David Irving - Churchill's War, The Faking of Hitler for History, The Biggest Lie, some more holocaust stuff, maybe a little 9/11. What would you recommend to start an inquiring mind on its journey?

Here's a strange thing. I thought I'd include links to those videos, so I did a quick search for "youtube david irving churchill hitler war". I know that there are dozens of videos on youtube. I got 13 hits, only two of which were Youtube links, both to "Churchill's War". Curious...

Anonymous said...

Cameron Diaz was on the One Show admitting that she could not sing which made her casting in Annie puzzling then you realised her fellow guest who was playing the red head orphan was Queshundramondra Wallys.

With the Seth Rogan and James Franco film being pulled could it be thta Turkey season in the film world has moved from January to the end of December?

Night of the Musuem III is also said to be lacing in the script department as you can guess when it is the third rehash,

red pill said...

Analogman, that is utterly astonishing about the number of links to David Irving. Just goes to show that the hasbaras never sleep and that Joogle is hand in glove with them.

Anonymous said...

Mario "Kartman" Balotelli racistally called a racist by the FA.

Programmed by the Japanese looks like a Mexican jumps like a Blackman collects coin like a jew.

This was deemed to be racist as not all jews are coin collecors and as a Blacckman Balotelli can only be prejewdiced as blacks cannot be racist as Jo Bland explained when finally dragged away from the sweet sweet cheesecake.

Also Balotelli's mum is a coin collector and those people are as pure as the driven snow that Rosenblatt travelled over on his journey from the concentration camp to the Sorbonne in the company of his wolf pack.

Anonymous said...

To discover who rules you first find out who you can not criticise...

'Twitter must block anti-Semitic words, says abused Labour MP'

Some interesting comments from readers.

rambaloosa said...

Had to Smile, Balotelli described as 'an Italian jew'.

nilus said...

"To discover who rules you first find out who you can not criticise...

'Twitter must block anti-Semitic words, says abused Labour MP'

Some interesting comments from readers. "

The article above is written by Emma Barnett (Orthodox JEW)

Right now (3.40pm Channel 4) in the telly is "Countdown".

JEW Rachel Riley picking the letters ,
KIKE David Baddiel in "Dictionary Corner" and kike-sidekick Nick Hewer presenting.
(He's KIKE Sir/Lord/Baron Alan Sugar's wingman on the Apprentice)

On More4 now is "Come Dine With Me", with faggotty KIKE David Gest.

On ITVbe now, QUEER KIKE Andy Cohen

On E4 now, "Big Nose Theory", (total kikefest) followed by "Rules Of Engagement" created by
JEW Tom Hertz, produced by
KIKE Adam Sandler, on Film4 is a movie "They Who Dare" , where QUEER Dirk Bogarde "leads a group of British soldiers to destroy airfields on the NAAAAZI-occupied Greek Island of Rhodes ", and on
Quest, surprise surprise, right now is "Hitler's Henchmen" followed by "World War 2: The Complete History".............

Jula Hartley-Brewer's show on LBC today was all "homophobic/wayciss/homophobic/wayciss" stuff, as is every fucking show I hear when I put on the radio.

Some UKIP bloke used the words "Chinky" and "poofter". (The "C-word" and the "P-word")

The sky fell, and time stopped.

Farage has his own show on LBC, and LBC usually take a soundbite and use it as their LEAD news story. As usual, Farage said something completely reasonable, logical,ordinary, and was pounced on.

A bloke called in and said,as an Italian , he had no probs being caled a "wop". Julia then referred to it as the "W-word".

She, and all the rest of them, are all such 'F word-ing 'C words'.

nilus said...

oh, and on 4seven right now is "Nigella Bites Christmas Special"
(JEW Nigella Lawson)

Yep, those JEWS just LOVE Christmas.

And on TrueEnt now is "Highway To Heaven" starring JEW Micheal Landon (Eugene Maurice Orovitz)

followed by "Dr Findlay" which features German NAAAAZI POWs..

On Movies4men is..yet another WW2 movie..and on telly right now is an ad for JEW Barbara Streisand's new Bette Midler's, and Neil Diamond's, released just in time for KIKEmas...

Anonymous said...

Police investigate after swastikas daubed on primary school sign in Stoke Newington.

Police have launched an investigation after swastikas were daubed on a primary school's sign in north London.

The Nazi symbols were seen at the entrance to a school in Stoke Newington, an area with a large Jewish population.

Jewish neighbourhood watch group the Shomrim said its volunteers removed the graffiti from outside Jubilee Primary School on Thursday night.

Shomrim volunteer Michael Scher told the Standard they scrubbed out the marking before children could see it on their way into school the following day.

He added: "In Hackney, where there are a lot of orthodox Jews and especially you have got a lot of Holocaust survivors living there and children of Holocaust survivors so when they see it, it means a lot to them."

Anonymous said...

O/T but did the Irish people from just 20 years ago ever suspect that Ireland would devolve to this??

Anonymous said...

Who are these cunts called Dolphin Watch Bloggers for Chen ?

See comments - proves these alien fucks who choose to LIVE in England are the most bigoted, arogant, hypocritical, anti white cunts around.

Anonymous said...

Really all very confusing. Of course the blacks hate the Jews. Recall one black woman trashing Jews to me, as in changing a clearly Dutch name "-steen" to "-stein." And over-pronouncing the "-stein." The Feder article a pretty good rundown on local black-Jew problems. Of course, the black muslims had led the way in this for years. Sort of biting the hand that feeds you as Jews prominent in pro-black organizations such as NAACP. Blacks down on them as stereotypical slumlords, which is not infrequently the case. Also, Jews are obviously frail (you guys notice this?) and it brings out the bully in them.

But Jews in general not having an easy time of it from what I see. Israel is not exactly the most secure place to live and it amazes me in the case of you Brits that in a hundred years you can go from ruling the world to being hopelessly dominated by Jews.

Also, why can't you control your women? Nigger-loving over here being a sort of specialized pursuit. Originally, over here was the hope of fat, ugly women. Seems your women have no sense at all in this. Your women have a reputation for this going back to WWII. Bad home training? Or are you all so callow that you've gone from being the masters of the world to pathetic losers in four generations? Okay, that's a bit harsh but some of the comments...gee whiz.

I trust Israel more than ISIS. Or do you believe 9-11 was some kind of Zionist job? BTW you don't see it in the videos but I understand Building 7 was all torn away in the back. Didn't go down there myself when it all was still on fire. Too depressing and toxic.

Uncle Nasty said...

Anonymous said:-

Shomrim volunteer Michael Scher told the Standard they scrubbed out the marking before children could see it on their way into school the following day.

He added: "In Hackney, where there are a lot of orthodox Jews and especially you have got a lot of Holocaust survivors living there and children of Holocaust survivors so when they see it, it means a lot to them."

Probably the only physical work the hosenoses ever do ... scrawl swastikas on the hated neighbor's property in the dead of night and do a highly publicised scrubbing-out the next morning.

The neighbor gets his fence cleaned, you get rid of a few aggressions ... and the BBC gets a new excuse to make yet another series of holo/chimney/striped pyjama/gaschamber/tattoo schlockudramas.** It's what Schlomo would call a Vin-vin-vin situation.


**Usually solemnly advertised on prime time tv with a long tracking shot of some flower (often a rose) snared in a strand of barbed wire and accompanied by low key piano and sobbing violins or cello.

Often the image is desaturated or sepia toned to give a subconscious impression of old newsreel footage, maybe even with fake film grain overlaid.

Enjoy the show, folks. You paid for it, a thousand times over.

Uncle Nasty said...

... I trust Israel more than ISIS. Or do you believe 9-11 was some kind of Zionist job? BTW you don't see it in the videos but I understand Building 7 was all torn away in the back. Didn't go down there myself when it all was still on fire. Too depressing and toxic.

19 December 2014 at 20:04

For whom the bell trolls, eh? Must be a slow Christmas at the hasbara factory.


Uncle Nasty said...

From an older thread ...

Anonymous said...

The Jews’ useful idiots: Common Purpose.

So its not just the Jews then?

18 December 2014 at 19:02

This kind of brainless comment really gets me steamed up ... probably because it is, when one examines it, utterly banal.

It is similar to the spiteful neighbor who puts out poisoned food for your dog.

"so, it's not just the neighbor, then? It's the strychnine-laced beefsteak ..."

Once again, Yehudi ... nice try, but no banana.

These people, in spite of their endless propaganda on the "inherent high intelligence" of the noses, are not that bright.
They keep trotting out the same old clichés in the forlorn hope of catching the slow of thinking.

Trouble is, they're running out ... and so is time.


Esther said...

"So its not just the Jews then?"

okay, I really am neutral on this but UN you did not answer what he asked. You just, well did what you always accuse your opponents of doing. Personal abuse without any factual rebuttal.

Maybe YOU are a Jew?

Now that would be somethin'!

Uncle Nasty said...

Shomrim volunteer Michael Scher told the Standard they scrubbed out the marking before children could see it on their way into school the following day.

He added: "In Hackney, where there are a lot of orthodox Jews and especially you have got a lot of Holocaust survivors living there and children of Holocaust survivors so when they see it, it means a lot to them."

Not to mention the grandchildren of Holocaust survivors, the great grandchildren and nephews and nieces and uncles and aunts of Holocaust survivors, the friends of Holocaust survivors, the enemies of Holocaust survivors, the dogs, cats and budgies of Holocaust survivors, the debtors and creditors of Holocaust survivors, the washerwomen and garbage collectors of ... and blah and blah and fucking blah ... Yea, unto the tenth generation.

Give it a fucking break, will you?

We're all jewed out, here. Completely stocked up on yid. Enough to last for years -- if not decades.

These arseholes simply do not realise that their endless fascination with themselves is not shared by the rest of the world.

Go and peddle your shit somewhere else.


Anonymous said...

I notice that the menorah that Barack Obama had for the start of Chanukah was in the rainbow colours of that sort of people so I hope that the rabbi who did the Stoke Newington job used some other colour than that that that was used by a New Yarkah who had some leftover from Rossomethingorother and felt the need to paint a swastika outside his house to draw attention to how he survived the hollowcost and got himself into shoahbusiness.

Uncle Nasty said...

Okay, I am sick of hearing about yids for now, so let's have something diffe--


Rather a neat encapsulation from a correspondent with the delightful nom de plume of ...

Foucalt Tudoux Wimay

December 19, 2014 at 7:08 pm Reply

I’ll have a go, after all its’s Friday evening and I have worked enough: It is very complicated, but also very simple --- Greed won.

Just imagine a world where you could just do what you wanted, without fear of punishment. How long would it take before your baser instincts took over. Not long.
Imagine if you spent all your money, and you could just print some more, or just steal it from your customers. Imagine now, that you are worried that your cosy deal might be discovered, and could be bought to an end; but imagine that you could do something about it. Lets just say if you are worried that the common people are fed up enough to perhaps want to come and lynch you, you could just arm the police and write anti-protest legislation. That you could seize the money out of their bank accounts, and victimise them; that you could convince the media not to report anything untoward, and that you could invent new enemies to conveniently distract the mass population. That you could control all commodity prices across the world, from oil to rice. That you could control vast armies and sophisticated weapons, that you could fake threats against you, and even make them manifest. That you could rig all voting, and remove all enemies.

This is the tail end of the American Empire, just before it crashes. You and us all live in this world. The world of bank fraud. If you are doing well in this world, you are probably getting special reward treatment from bad, bad, people.

The stock exchange gains are a lie
The low interest rate is a lie
The price of gold is a lie
The $60 a barrel is a lie,
The Russian threat is a lie
The terrorist chaos is a lie
all manipulated by government, central banks and their corrupt friends.

Your savings are worth nothing, because you are not in this club.
You will lose everything when they need your money.
You will be jailed for minor misdemeanors, you will be taxed til the pips squeaked.
Whatever makes logical sense to you, will be wrong.
You are currently on the losing side.

Do a web-search for an American journalist called Matt Taibbi, his articles over the past 5 years (mostly for Rolling Stone magazine believe it or not) will tell you how all this happened, and how it won’t end well.

Nice one.

Anonymous said...

But Jews in general not having an easy time of it from what I see. Israel is not exactly the most secure place to live and it amazes me in the case of you Brits that in a hundred years you can go from ruling the world to being hopelessly dominated by Jews.

that's because all the Rothschilds had to do was interbreed and take over the Royal family. Once that's done, the rest is easy. That's what they did.

Look at Prince William. What a jewish looking man he is.

Anonymous said...

I guess Santa Claus must be a Jew too then. Only a Jew could deliver all those presents all by himself. Just like the Jews that run the Masons and Common Purpose and every other damned thing on the planet. Santa's helpers is just a myth. IT'S SANTA DOING IT ALL BY HIMSELF PEOPLE!! The supposed 1,488 gentile traitors helping them are only a drop in the bucket. They are probably all Jews anyway. Jews are super human and nobody ever helps them do jack shit. Actually 100% of 100% of everyone opposes everything they do day and night, 365 days a year.

When George Galloway went to South Africa he didn't do anything. He didn't help the Jews. They helped him. He can't even wipe his own arse without sacred toilet paper made from recycled copies of Main Kampf on Nittel Nacht, and Rabbi Schlewmo personally wiping those dingles off and tossing them in the bowl, while he runs AIPAC and CFR on one phone and calls H&R Bloch on another phone to do the ADL's accounting. No Goys are anti-white. No goys are liberals. No goys are commies. No goys are gay activists or feminists. No goys are useful idiots. No goys hate other goys. No goys join armies and shoot at other goys. Every goy understands the world perfectly and always works for his own people's best interests. No goy is fooled by anything on TV. No goy adopts African orphans. No goy ever says the white race is the cancer of history. No goy in all of recorded history has ever helped the Jews do anything. Scientists have absolutely proven that it is thermodynamically and hydraulically impossible for a goy to ever even think about being a progressive liberal. No white is an anti-white, that just wouldn't make any sense, duh. Anyone who says it aint so is just a jew.

Are there any points of disagreement gentlemen? Right then, I'm glad that's all sorted out. Shall we bother continuing, since there is nothing left to discuss. Savant can just erase his website and put this facts list on the page. We'll save the white race in 14.88 days at this rate except for the xmas break. Jews again- they made xmas to slow down saving the white race by a week (yes they do think that far ahead).

Anonymous said...

These arseholes simply do not realise that their endless fascination with themselves is not shared by the rest of the world.

Except us.

Anonymous said...

The anti-White establishment in Ireland is working overtime to convince the indigenous White Irish people that “diversity” (aka turning traditionally White countries not White) is not only inevitable, it’s cool, vibrant and all the kids will love it.

Correction: THE JEWS in Ireland are working overtime to turn all the Irish gentiles into MORE JEWS.

Anonymous said...

Is she a Jew?

She must be by Uncle Nasty's Axiom #1. She is making fun of white people. It is simply not possible that she is following some sort of anti-white fashion.

Anonymous said...

Having to choose a language on the ATM is a White People Problem.

Everyone keeps talking about these 1st World Problems, and White People's Problems.

OK, not everyone, just Jews. I had no idea that everyone who talks about White People Problems is a Jew, but you learn something every day right?

So many people talk about this sort of thing in everyday life it appears 88% of the population is Jewish. Holy shit.

Anonymous said...

Bob Whitaker says

I knew that our race could be saved by space colonization, BUT ONLY IF PRESERVING THE WHITE RACE WAS MADE AN ACCEPTABLE SUBJECT OF DISCUSSION AFTERWARDS. So I made contacts in the space colonization/science fiction constituency.

I personally stopped a ruling by the IRS to dictate racial quotas for each PRIVATE school. One writer in the New Right Papers pointed to this action as the active beginning of the New Right which elected Reagan. photo pournelle.jpg

For the moment, space colonization is considered passe. But getting the “Reagan Democrats” into the 1980 election was a direct result of the New Right, and it brought down the USSR.

I was a major obstacle to the attempt by “Pro-Life” groups to outlaw in vitro fertilization, which has since led to births of tens of thousands of White children WANTED by Whites who wanted to have children. I risked my job by telling my boss on Capitol Hill that I could not work for that, which is something you only tell your boss once on the Hill.

I think he refused to support it, despite his heavy dependence on Pro-Life for support, because of my political instincts. And, an odd thing to mention in the context of Capitol Hill, on my morality in risking my job to take that stand.

Now here is the second half of this article:

Can you imagine trying to explain these interconnections on Stormfront?

What in the HELL did saving the space telescope have to do with JEWS?


He continues:
legitimization of the discussion of White survival.

Which bullet will win the war?

What will the war lead to?

Not the bullets fired at the jews on the internet.

Like cupid's arrows, we need bullets than make white people love their race.

Pat Buchanan wrote a book about how insane the British declaration of war against Germany was in September, 1939.

The British are Jews and nothing you say can change that.

Stop trying to "wake up" white people. Just tell them they are Jews. Maybe it will work.

BTW, I'm not a troll. I'm just a guy who actually reads books on how propaganda works, and WN propaganda aint workin.

Anonymous said...


( ͡º ͜ʖ ͡º)

Anonymous said...

Tampa Jewish Agency Chief Slain in Murder-Suicide

Posting it because its about jews.

Anonymous said...

US Jewish Population

It's not 2%: here is proof that a full 22% of the US population is actually Jewish, up from 6% 7 years ago (maybe this year is a Jubilee year?).

The level of fear is certainly rising on both sides. On the U.S. side, the CBS News Poll in summer 2007 found 6% of Americans calling Russia an “enemy”; seven years later, that same figure was 22%. However, what is not rumor nor fear, but proven fact, by Obama’s own actions as will be documented here, is that he wants a war against Russia and is trying hard to get Europe (including Hollande) onboard with this goal in order to win it; and that America’s Republican Party want this at least as much as he does, though the American public do not.

I think these 22% are just brainwashed idiots but apparently mind control doesn't work like that - I've recently learned that if the Jews lost control of the media all these people would change their minds overnight. It's that serious. Stupidity is caused directly by JEws, but only lasts about a day so that's why they keep the pressure on 24/7.

Shaunantijihad said...

They have to keep the HolyHoax train going, or the goyim might notice that there WAS NO HOLOCAUST of Jews. The Holocaust was of Whites, organised by Jews in the USSR, USA and Britain and continues today via mass non-White immigration. Yes, they were and are assisted by traitors and opportunists.

Seneca said...

Mrs. Seneca was watching yet another of these "based on fact" Holocau$t dramas. I declined to join her.

Afterwards I heard her mutter 'my God those Germans were desperate bastards!'
Objective of the film fulfilled then, I observed.

Heraclitus said...

@ 3.48. You are being disingenuous. Nobody claims that Jews make up 88% of the population. Everyone knows it is but a tiny proportion of that. However, the evil genius of the Jew is that he has contrived to turn the altruism of the Gentile against himself.

Thus, once indoctrinated by the Jew's arsenal of destruction - feminism, cultural relativism, 'equality' etc. - the Gentile can be unleashed to unwittingly undertake the Jew's destructive programme.

nilus said...

UK TV Saturday Morning December 20

BBC1 10.00 'Saturday Kitchen'
JEW Heston Blumenthal creates a winter wonderland for
DYKE Sue Perkins and
JEW Nigella Lawson shows goyim how to Christmas.

4seven 9am
'Heston's Christmas Feast'
JEW Heston Blumenthal shows goyim how to Christmas.

Food Network 10am
'Nigella Bites Christmas Special'
JEW Nigella Lawson shows the goyim how to Christmas. And her tits.

Channel 4 9am 'Weekend Kitchen With Waitrose'
"JEW Heston Blumenthal teaches goy Steve Jones how to cook Christmas lunch , and
FAGGOT Christopher Biggins makes trifle"


' Nigel Slater's Christmas Suppers'
QUEER Nigel shows us how to Christmas.

BBC2 12.00 "Christmas Kitchen with James Martin" :
QUEER Nigel Slater shows us how to Christmas again.

ITV 9.25 'Columbo'
JEW Peter Falk stars in JEW-written,created and produced
cop show.

12.30 'Free Willy 2' produced by
JEW Lauren Shuler Donner
JEW Richard Donner(Schwartzberg)
JEW Arnon Milchan ,Written by
JEW?Karen Janszen
JEW? Corey Blechman

Channel 4 10.55 'Big Nose Theory'
Total kike/queer-fest created by
JEW Chuck Lorre (Levine) x2

followed by

'The Simpsteins' x2
Goy-mocking kike-toon

Channel 5 9.45 'The Gadget Show'
JEW Rachel Riley

E4 7.40am 'How I Met Your Mother' x6
KIKE-COM starring
JEW Josh Radnor
JEW Jason Segel
JEW Bob Saget
JEW Alyson Hannigan
QUEER Neil Patrick Harris

followed by 'Brooklyn Nine Nine'x4
(KIKE Andy Samberg)followed by
8 more episodes of
'Big Nose Theory' followed by

KIKECOM 'Melissa and Joey', etc

4music 9.30 'Night at the museum Special' A promo for
KIKE Ben Stiller's latest product.

VIVA 120am 'That 70's Show'x8
JEW Mila Kunis etc

ITVbe 'Real Housewives of..' x6
QUEER JEW Andy Cohen

ITV3 11.40 'Columbo'
JEW Peter Falk, etc

5USA 1.55pm 'Columbo'

Film4 6.35 'Star Trek' directed by
JEW J. J. Abrams

Dave 1pm 'Man vs Food' x6
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'Stephen Fry's 100 greatest gadgets'x2
QUEER JEW Fry followed by

'QIXL' QUEER JEW Fry presents,
JEW John Sergeant is guest followed by 'QI' "The chap who has RAISED THE BAR for the Renaissance Man, Stephen Fry, chairs a festive version of the HIGH-IQ QUIZ.."
it says here.

CBS Action 9am 'Star Trek'
JEW Leonard Nimoy
JEW William Shatner
QUEER George Takei, etc x3

CBS Reality 10am 'Judge JEWdy' x10


nilus said...

ITV 6pm 'Celebrity Squares'
QUEER Andi Peters
DYKE Sandi Toksvig..
followed by
JEW Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter..

BBC1 5.40 'Pointless Celebrities'
QUEER Christopher Biggins

followed by 'Strictly Camp Dancing'
JEW Claudia Winkleman
QUEER Craig Revel Horewood
QUEER Bruno Spaqghettio


True Ent. 8am
'Little Nose On The Prairie' x 5
JEW Micheal Landon
(Eugene Maurice Orovitz)
JEW Melissa Gilbert, etc

Movies4men 9.50am 'Silent Night'
"Christmas Eve 1944 and 3 American soldiers arrive at a remote cabin where a (jewish?)mother and her son are sheltering. Suddenly a German NAAAAAAAAZI patrol arrives.." (2002)

Coonmutiny 11.00 'My Family Feast'
The Congolese: "The Ndayi family host a colourful Congolese party in the backyard of their home"

plus all those kike movies about Santa, reindeers, Christmas trees, elves, and so on:

'A Bulldog For Christmas' (2013)
'A Christmas Tree Miracle'(2013)
'Secret Santa' (2003)
'Santa Baby' (2006)
'Deck The Halls' (2006)
'Mr Miracle' (2014)
'Naughty or Nice' (2012)
'Nativity!' (2009)
'4 Christmases' (2008)
'Olive The Other Reindeer':

"Olive, a dog, hears the sad news on the radio that Blitzen the reindeer has been injured and Christmas may be cancelled. So Olive sets off with here pet flea to save the day"

Pet flea? Oh do fuck off.

ITV 3.50pm "Mr Magoriums's Wonder Emporium" starring
JEW Dustin Hoffman
JEW Natalie Portman directed by
JEW? Zach Helm produced by
JEW Richard Gladstein music by
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BBC1 3pm 'Kung Fu Panda' starring
JEW Jack Black
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Film4 1pm 'Honey I Blew Up The Kid'
JEW Lick MoreAnus, directed by
QUEER Randall Kleiser,produced by
JEW Dawn Steel (Spielberg) and
JEW Edward S. Feldman

'Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs'
JEW James Caan

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Herman Rosenblatt. It's strange how your memory can play tricks on you. I've just seen a trailer for a film called 'Annie'. It's about a little black orphan girl called Annie who is adopted by a rich black man.
I thought I remembered a cartoon about an orphan girl who was white and red haired. She was adopted by a white man in my memory. Strange how much of the way I remembered things were right but I didn't remember the important things correctly.


Anonymous said...

Time-out for a short satirical-laced video showing visual snippets of Negroid behaviour patterns. (3 minutes)

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Jewish Labour MP in the UK, Luciana Berger, gets no support from Express readers in the comments:

kpzlk said...

That is excellent news, the comments on the jewish MP wanting to ban 'offensive' comments on Twitter.

Bloody Great!


As Savant says there are 2 worlds apart, the so-called "Journalists" who write the crap AND THE ORDINARY READERS.

This is seriously good news!!

Anonymous said...

Whose hidden hand is waging war on Russia?

Retired Indian Ambassador M K Bhadrakumar says it is clear the US is starting to use radical Islamist agents in its war to dismember Russia, via covertly US-backed Islamic 'terrorism' in the Caucausus and Chechnya, with significant spill-over for India, Afghanistan and all of South Asia ... and eventually to be used against heavily Muslim-populated Xinjiang province China.

Bhadrakumar paints a picture of how the US is picking off its major opponents via dividing them, temporarily offering olive branches and 'deals' to Cuba, Iran and China, while focusing on wrecking Russia and Syria ... but the US very likely aiming to destroy Iran and sabotage China as well, after Russia is dispatched.

Though Bhadrakumar has long had a foolish soft spot for Obama, Bhadrakumar cites how it is increasingly clear that the 'Islamic State' in Syria and Iraq, is run by US and Israeli intelligence agencies (hence all the question marks over the 'beheadings' - which look like pantomime propaganda).

Bhadrakumar makes a convincing case we are seeing the USA attacking Russia in a process of seeking global control, assisted by the US's Anglo and EU poodles - his article here:

Eamon Bejayzuz said...

Anon. at 13.35 has posted an interesting clip, which I suggest might usefully be viewed by everyone. These packs of urban barbarians seem to be looking for a fight with us "crackers";this is exceeding foolish of them, as one may be available and should it come down to the wire these idiots will stand no chance.

Uncle Nasty said...

Nilus said:-

'Olive The Other Reindeer':

"Olive, a dog, hears the sad news on the radio that Blitzen the reindeer has been injured and Christmas may be cancelled. So Olive sets off with here pet flea to save the day"

Pet flea? Oh do fuck off.

I am surprised that you are surprised, Nilus.

Has not the agenda been for years, for us to forgive, then fall in love with -- and then ultimately worship -- the parasite?


nilus said...

"I am surprised that you are surprised, Nilus.

Has not the agenda been for years, for us to forgive, then fall in love with -- and then ultimately worship -- the parasite?


Very good!

Right now on TV, a tribute to Rik Mayall (BBC2 ,10.05) so...

JEW Ben Elton
JEW Alexei Sayle,
JEW Ruby Wax,
and probably
QUEER JEW Fry tell us that he was funny.

Narrated by
QUEER Simon Callow


Anonymous said...

@The little nose behind the curtain said: "Yeah sure Barbara Spectre's Jews are driving the bandwagon, but everyone's jumping on it."


1. Why do Jewish political organisations promote multiculturalism in America, Britain, France, Holland, Canada etc? Why don’t these same Jewish organisations promote multiculturalism in Israel?

2. Why do Jewish political organisations lobby for/demand open borders for Western Europe, North America and Australasia but not for Israel?

3. Can you name one – JUST ONE – Jewish political organisation opposed to Third World immigration into Western Europe, North America and Australasia?

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

"So its not just the Jews then?"



Who are the architects?

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

"So its not just the Jews then?"



Who are the architects?

Frank Galton

nilus said...

UK TV, Sat night, 11.30pm

BBC2 11.05 'The Young Ones'
Written by
JEW Ben Elton, starring
JEW Alexei Sayle followed by

'Youth In Revolt'
Opening scene:
Kike-lookalike Micheal Cera (not jew) wanking off to porn.

ITV 10pm 'The Jonathan Ross Show'
with semi-fag David Walliams (who wrote "The Boy In The Dress" to be shown over Christmas) and
JEW Idena Menzel (Mentzel)
Theme music by
JEW Mark Ronson

followed by

'Bette Midler: One Night Only'
JEW Bette Midler, the best looking and sexiest woman in the world, and also the best singer.

Channel 4 'Four Christmases'
Produced by
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JEW Roger Birnbaum
JEW Jonathan Glickman

followed by 'Wanderlust' starring
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Channel 5 11.05
'The Joan Rivers Position'
JEW Joan Rivers, (Molinsky) was the funniest and sexiest and prettiest female who ever lived.
With guests
JEW Ruby Wax and
FAGGOT Graham Norton


BBC3 11pm 'Family Kike' x4

Dave 11.20 'QI'
QUEER JEW Fry with guest
JEW Arthur Smith

More4 11.05 'Sex Toy Stories'
Women help design a vibrator in collaboration with KIKE-owned Anne Summers
(KIKE Tanya Gold)

followed by 'More Sex Please, we're British' Doc about Britain's "booming sex-toy market' OY VEY

E4 'Kickass' starring
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JEW(?)Jane Goldman(wife of Jonathan Ross)

Film4 'IronMan' starring
JEW Robert Downey Jr,
JEW Gwyneth Paltrow,
JEW sean Taub , directed by
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JEW (israeli) Avi Arad,
based on
Iron Man by
JEW Stan Lee (Leiber)
JEW Larry Lieber
JEW Jack Kirby (Jacob Kurtzburg)

VIVA 9pm 'Munich' "Historical drama based on the Israeli response to the 1972 Olympic massacre, telling the story of the Mossad agaents charged with hunting down and killing the terrorists"

Munich is a 2005 historical drama and political thriller film based on Operation Wrath of God, the Israeli government's secret retaliation against the Palestine Liberation Organization after the Munich massacre at the 1972 Summer Olympics. The film was produced and directed by
KIKE Steven Spielberg, written by JEW Tony Kushner and
JEW Eric Roth.

Munich was a critical success but is also one of Spielberg's lowest-grossing films. It garnered positive reviews and five Academy Awards nominations: Best Picture, Best Director (Spielberg), Best Adapted Screenplay (Kushner and Roth), Best Film Editing (Michael Kahn) and Best Original Score (John Williams). Its worldwide box office gross was $130,358,911.

followed by 'Jackass'
JEW Spike Jonze (Adam Speigel)

Anonymous said...

1. Why do Jewish political organisations promote multiculturalism in America, Britain, France, Holland, Canada etc? Why don’t these same Jewish organisations promote multiculturalism in Israel?

2. Why do Jewish political organisations lobby for/demand open borders for Western Europe, North America and Australasia but not for Israel?

3. Can you name one – JUST ONE – Jewish political organisation opposed to Third World immigration into Western Europe, North America and Australasia?

There are plenty of leftists in Israel.

Anyhow, you remember the video from Norway with the male Barbara Spectre saying "There is work to be done" (genocide work) ?

Who was he talking too? A Nordic blonde girl, who wasn't a Jew.

Are you going to ignore non-Jewish anti-whites?

nilus said...

UK "British" telly, Wed 17th Dec 2014

Channel 5 9.15am 'The Wright Stuff'

3 guests:
JEW Steve Furst
QUEER Matthew Kelly
and media female

BBC2 'Daily Politics' presented by
JEW Jo Coburn with guest
JEW Nick Robinson (BBC Chief Political Editor) and the future
Labour Leader (supposedly romantically linked to JEW Luciana Berger) Chukka Umbongo

ITV 12.30 'Lunch with Gino and Mel'
Guest JEW Zoe Wannamaker talks about "Mr Selfridge" (played by
JEW Jeremy Piven)

Pick 12.00 'New Jerry Springer'x2
Kike baits goys for fun and profit.

ITV3 9.30 'Judge JEWdy'x3
Jew harridan judges goyim.

BBC2 9am Poofter Portillo is taking the train

Channel 4 5.35am 'Countdown'
JEW Rachel Riley
KIKE David Baddiel

12.05 'Come Dine With Me'
QUEER Wayne Sleep

Yesterday Channel: Naaaazis All Day

E4: KIKE-COMS all day: 'Happy Endings, One Tree Hill,Suburgatory,Charmed,Rules of Engagement, How I Met Your Mother, etc

Quest 12.00 'Chopshop'
JEW Bernie Fineman contradicts Chaim Witz and shows goy how to fix engines

Film 4 12.00 'Stalag 17' WW2 movie directed by holocaust propagandist
JEW Billy Wilder

CBS: Judge JEWdy all day long.

BBC1 7pm 'The One Show' with
JEW John Sergeant (former chief political editor, ITV and BBC)

BBC2 7pm 'The 12 Drinks of Christmas'
JEW Giles Coren shows goy how to drink booze.

BBC1 9pm 'The Apprentice'
Lord/Sir/Baron/His Royal Lowness
JEW Alan Sugar lords it over stupid goy.

BBC2 10.30 'Jewsnight'
JEW Ian Katz
QUEER Evan Davies, with
JEW Jon Sopel (BBC Washington correspondent, former 'Jewsnight' presenter)

BBC4 9pm 'The Fight For Saturday Night' presented by
JEW Sir/Lord/Baron Micheal Grade (Gradinitskysteinbergenschitz)

BBC4 7.30 'Diamonds Are Forever'
The Don Black Story.
JEW Don Black.

4seven 9pm 'Gogglebox'
Kikes,queers,nigs and pakis watching kikes and queers on TV, for your yenta-tainment.

Moviemix 9pm 'Lucky Numbers' starring
JEW Lisa Kudrow,
JEW Micheal Rapaport,
JEW Richard Schiff,
JEW Caroline Aaron(Caroline Sidney Abady):"Her mother, Nina Abady (née Friedman), was a civil rights activist" OY VEY!!! and
QUEER John Travolta ,
screenplay by
JEW Adam Resnick ,produced by
JEW? Sean Daniel,
JEW Andrew Lazar ,directed by
JEW Nora Ephron:

nilus said...

"Ephron was born in New York City, eldest of four daughters, in a Jewish family, and grew up in Beverly Hills. Her parents, Henry and Phoebe Ephron (née Wolkind), were both East Coast-born and raised screenwriters. Her sisters Delia and Amy are also screenwriters. Her sister Hallie Ephron is a journalist, book reviewer, and novelist who writes crime fiction."

Its a hard life when you're a jew.

"She was married three times. Her first marriage, to writer JEW Dan Greenburg, ended in divorce after nine years. In 1976, she married journalist JEW Carl Bernstein of Watergate fame. In 1979, Ephron had a toddler son, Jacob, and was pregnant with her second son Max when she discovered Bernstein's affair with their common friend, married British politician Margaret Jay."

"Although Jewish by birth, Ephron was not religious. "You can never have too much butter – that is my belief. If I have a religion, that's it," she quipped in an NPR interview about her 2009 movie, Jewlie & Jewlia.

"In 1966, she broke the news in the Post that JEW Bob Dylan(Zimmerman) had married JEW Sara Lownds(Shirley Marlin Noznisky) in a private ceremony three-and-a-half months before. Upon becoming a successful writer, she wrote a column on women's issues for Esquire.OY VEY!

In this position, JEW Ephron made a name for herself by taking on subjects as wide-ranging as JEW Dorothy Schiff, her former boss and owner of the Post; JEW DYKE Betty Friedan, whom she chastised for pursuing a feud with JEW Gloria Steinem..." OY VEY!!!

Steinem: "Her paternal grandmother, Pauline Perlmutter Steinem, was chairwoman of the educational committee of the National Woman Suffrage Association, a delegate to the 1908 International Council of Women, and the first woman to be elected to the Toledo Board of Education, as well as a leader in the movement for vocational education. Pauline also rescued many members of her family from the Holocaust." OY VEY !!!!

Her son Jacob Bernstein is to direct an HBO movie on her life called Everything Is Copy." OY VEY

BBC2 9pm 'Secrets of the Castle'
Presented by jewy-looking TV historian with jewy name, who works for the Hebe-Be-See:
Ruth Goodman.

VIVA 9pm 'Scrubs' starring
JEW Zach Braff

True Ent. 8pm 'Highway To Heaven'
JEW Micheal Landon(Eugene Maurice Orovitz)

nilus said...

A reminder: JEWS official population in UK is less than 300,000 in a pop of almost 70 million. 0.04%

You could feasibly cram them all into Wembley Stadium...

QUEERS are probably similar in number, or maybe even less.

"The squeaky wheel gets the oil!"

It sure does, Ollie.

nilus said...

Yes, the Jews did Steal Christmas

Kevin MacDonald

A new book, Joshua Eli Plaut’s A Kosher Christmas: ’Tis the Season to Be Jewish, documents what we have known all along: The Jews did indeed subvert Christmas. This book deserves a full review, but Ethan Schwartz’s summary and comment (“Twas the night after Christmas“) deserve scrutiny. First the summary:

"Jews have been the vanguard of an effort to “transform Christmastime into a holiday season belonging to all Americans,” without religious exclusivity. The most important Jewish mechanisms of secularization are comedy and parody, for laughter undermines religious awe. Take, for example, Hanukkah Harry from “Saturday Night Live”, who heroically steps in for a bedridden Santa by delivering presents from a cart pulled by donkeys named Moishe, Hershel, and Shlomo. Remarkably, Hanukkah Harry has emerged as a real Santa-alternative for many American Jews. Plaut sees such things not as attempts at assimilation but as an intentional subversion of Christmas traditions. “Through these parodies,” he writes, “Jews could envision not having to be captivated by the allure of ubiquitous Christmas symbols.” And it isn’t just Jews: for Americans in general, Jewish parody helps ensure that Christmas “not be taken too seriously” and that the celebrations of other traditions “be accorded equal respect and opportunity.”

Confused German Teen Trying to Atone for the Holohoax by Becoming a Slave to Jews

Jewish propaganda has gotten the German people all confused. Here we have a German teen who is choosing to live in an American homeless shelter as part of his quest to atone for the Holocaust hoax.

the watcher said...

To UN and Frank Galton: After some analysis, I concluse that the "trollish comments" you both responded to were not the work of The Old Adversary, but were in fact James. He often switches to anonymous mode but still posts Makow links, as if we wouldnt notice. The references to NZ were a bit of a giveaway.

Am I wrong James?

What exactly is your game?

Anonymous said...

A reminder: JEWS official population in UK is less than 300,000 in a pop of almost 70 million. 0.04%
Slightly more, in fact : 0.4%

Anonymous said...

@The little nose behind the curtain 01:34

You still haven’t answered the questions:

1. Why do Jewish political organisations promote multiculturalism in America, Britain, France, Holland, Canada etc? Why don’t these same Jewish organisations promote multiculturalism in Israel?

2. Why do Jewish political organisations lobby for/demand open borders for Western Europe, North America and Australasia but not for Israel?

3. Can you name one – JUST ONE – Jewish political organisation opposed to Third World immigration into Western Europe, North America and Australasia?

Frank Galton

yair said...

The God of Israel will punish the oppressors of HIS people including they who malign them.
You may hold your breath or not, but HIS vengeance will come.
Yair Davidiy
Beitar Ilit

Anonymous said...

@ yair

Some food for thought at this Christmas time - a time of hope and peace to all men.

The Palestinians are over 50% the descendants of the original how just exactly does 'punish the oppressors of HIS people' work?

yair said...

Your scatological mind-set and that of others here reveals what you are.

Anonymous said...

Yair talks VENGEANCE, does not answer the point, and then talks insults.

Hmmm... very interesting. Psychiatrist over here! Over here please.