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Was this man the greatest war criminal of WW 2?

Dwight D. Eisenhower enjoyed a miraculously successful military and political career despite (like John McCain) finishing close to the bottom of his graduation class at West Point, where he was known as 'that terrible Swedish Jew'. (His father was said to be Jewish but if so was of the crypto variety). But neither that nor repeated subsequent examples of incompetence (MacArthur wanted rid of him) held him back, as some mysterious(?) force at the highest levels in Washington kept the promotions rolling in.  As one of his biographers pointed out 'in only five years he had risen from a lowly lieutenant colonel in the Philippines to commander of the greatest invasion force in history'.


He ended WW 2 as a hero, loved and lionised by the American people, a reaction which he parlayed into becoming a two term President, one of the most admired of the twentieth century.

While he always professed himself appalled at German 'war crimes' and wanted to exterminate the whole German High Command after the war it seems he wasn't beyond a bit of war criminality himself. In fact, and this is not an exaggeration, he could justifiably be described as the greatest war criminal of the twentieth century.  Because there's compelling evidence to suggest that he deliberately and with malice aforethought consigned over one million German prisoners-of-war to their deaths in 1945.

Rense writes about it with great eloquence and passion here, but in essence Eisenhower had German POWs reclassified as Disarmed Enemy Combatants (DECs) the impact of which was to remove the need to provide sustenance and to put them outside the purview of the International Red Cross. Under normal circumstances this mechanism is understandable, the idea being that with the end of hostilities defeated soldiers can be let to their own devices rather than be a burden on their jailers.  However Eisenhower gave explicit instructions for the German soldiers to be imprisoned in camps and to be denied shelter and sustenance. The inevitable result of such a policy was death through starvation, disease or exposure.

Konrad Adenauer, the pro-Western Chancellor of West Germany during the fifties commissioned a report which found that 1.5 million German prisoners in Allied POW camps never came home alive nor were their deaths recorded. The report attributes this to their being 'penned up for weeks without protection from the weather, water or medical care'.  These events were detailed in the book Other Losses by Canadian writer James Bacque (1989) and picked up by journalist Peter Worthington who wrote 'it is hard to escape the conclusion that Eisenhower was a war criminal of epic proportions.'

Naturally enough, once the crime was exposed a team of  house-trained court historians under the leadership of Stephen Edward Ambrose sprang into action. And  dismissed the book as....... (roll of drums)  a conspiracy theory. While there's undoubtedly room for discussion regarding the total figure there's none in relation to Eisenhower's DEC reclassification, his orders to deprive the captives of care and sustenance and the exclusion of the Red Cross from the camps.  Shortage of food cannot be sustained as an excuse as Bacque cites several documents from Allied logistics officers in the region to the effect that plenty of food was available should they have wanted to feed the prisoners and that American soldiers and German civilians were actually prohibited from doing so.

Interestingly, when I was a student in Germany in 1966 I had a drinking friend called Franz.  He had been in the war towards the latter end as a very young man.  He told me one night while in his cups that he and vast numbers of other soldiers had been imprisoned near Cologne with neither food nor shelter and that huge numbers had perished. He admitted that many had got away as security at some of the camps was weak and that many localised camp commanders, disgusted at what was taking place, simply left the DECs escape.

So it seems that Ike got away with mass murder.  Not just that but thrived and prospered and lived into old age, wealthy and admired. Meanwhile the German people have become synonymous with genocide even as the Holocau$t fairytale unravels and the knowledge of detailed plans to literally wipe the German people from the face of the earth  have emerged.  While the winners write the history, that covering the first half of the last century is surely unsurpassed in terms of grotesque misrepresentation.  Never has a people been so unjustifiably traduced as have the Germans.

Let us all in our own way continue our efforts to get the truth out there.


Thor said...

It should be noted that no such claims were made against the British and Canadian authorities, all of whose prisoners survived the war .....although many had to perform slave labor for the French.

Anonymous said...

Also worth watching this.

Anonymous said...

Our present is built on lies of the past. Until the past is understood the present cannot be comprehended and our future will be shaped by the liers of the past.

meh said...

Where do you get info that his father was Jewish? Everything I read says Christian, of Pennsylvania Dutch (ie, German) ancestry.

We should be careful with our facts as any mistakes we make will be used to dismiss everything we say. There's no doubt that Ike was a war criminal whatever his ancestry was.

Anonymous said...

Well here's a turn up for the books.
It's a brilliant ad despite what's behind it

Anonymous said...

This topic was covered in this blog some time ago.
The claim is total rubbish.
However, if you enjoy the feeling it gives you to believe the claims, then by all means do so.

john said...

Indeed. And that doesnt include the millions of German civilians that were systematically starved and allowed to succumb to disease. Thanx for posting.

SAVANT said...

@anon. It's not rubbish. The basic facts are inescapable as I laid out, The dispute is over the figures and with over a million POWs unaccounted for I think there's a lot of explaining to be done.

SAVANT said...

@meh. A reliable site for Jewishness is Jewish Legends which is Jewish-operated as the name suggests. I quote

"Dwight Eisenhower's father was a Swedish Jew and was so identified in the West Point Yearbook of 1915."

Eamon Bejayzuz said...

Anyone know of Lindemann, "the Prof" Churchill's chum? Nor yet of their psychopath sidekick Harris? What Israel is arraigned for doing over the several weeks of "Protective edge" was done every twenty four hours by Bomber Command, whose offensive against Germany specifically and deliberately targeted the residential areas of Germany's civilian population, and even more specifically targeted working class areas, because such houses being closer together made for more effective use of bombs.
Estimated dead, 1,250,000+.

Anonymous said...

on the other hand we bet the Germans wished they had a general like Ike,

gallowglass said...

"on the other hand we bet the Germans wished they had a general like Ike"

Are you fucking serious? Ike as this post shows was promoted for political reasons, the ultimate political General. The Germans had the best officers of all. Virtually every student of the subject would agree.

And I am NOT German!

Anonymous said...

One of your best articles yet Savant.

@anon. It's not rubbish.

Anonymous Uncle! Unmistakable wit and charm from our favourite little compiler of facts.

Ike was incompetent. He was the first 5 star general ever. For what exactly?

He simply hated Germans. I believe the camp stories. I believe them more than the Auschwitz stories.

Thomas Goodrich's book Hellstorm describes other allied atrocities.

The Germans actually thought they might be implementing the Morgenthau Plan or the Kaufman Plan at certain stages, it got so bad.

Read this for starters, written straight after the war.

The deliberate dilution of German blood by Mongolian (courtesy of Uncle Joe), negro (courtesy of Uncle Sam), and Moroccan (courtesy of the French) rape squads.

There is a movie showing at the local army museum and the NZ bomber pilots said they got bored of bombing Germany they did it so much. They wanted to bomb someone else for a change. Such morals and ethics. But heroes every last one of them.

Anonymous said...

Ike wasn't originally allowed into West Point because of his ancestry.

Anonymous said...

We should be careful with our facts as any mistakes we make will be used to dismiss everything we say. There's no doubt that Ike was a war criminal whatever his ancestry was.

Facts don't really work anyway.

What works is repetition and shouting down the opposition.

That's how they got their lampshade story going.

It took a HUGE amount of effort and sacrifice just to dispel that one little lie.

There are so many others. By the time you get to the "facts" it's all over.

We should just tell them what WE WANT, rather than debating facts with people who just tell everyone what to believe.

Racist is just a code word for shut up and die whitey.

Ian said...

Somewhat O/T but more people should see this: my late father used to say they were created to make the white man look silly. How right he was ! Real purpose of The Harlem Globetrotters

Anonymous said...

Here is the whole book Gruesome Harvest, written right after WW2.

Anonymous said...

Eisenhower as a kid had almost snow white hair with streaks of blond and that was where the Swede came from/the name Eisenhower is as spelled in German is Eisenhauer. his dad was of German extraction way back and his mom was of Dutch Quaker stock from Penn,Father was NOT a yid...beleive dads people were of the confessing church of German groups as was known then or a Lutheran,if said Yid in West Point year book some one had the dick out for him or as when McArthur asked of his opinion of Ike he stated"Eisenhower. oh clerk i ever had in my command""

Anonymous said...

Strongly suggest this book, which I'm about halfway through:

HELLSTORM: The Death of Nazi Germany, 1944-1947

Article about it also worth a look:

Either will disabuse anyone of the fantasy that it was only "Ike" or "the Americans."

The New World Order ganged up on Europe's only real rebellion against it. Ike was one of the little fish, actually.


Anonymous said...

Jewish National Fund

Golden Book

The Golden Book is the most UNIQUE of the KKL-JNF [Jewish National Fund] Books of Honor and is, in effect, a genealogical tree of the Jewish people. An entry in the Golden Book is a mark of esteem and gratitude to the donors who with their contribution, enable a variety of projects to be carried out.

Jewish Telegraphic Agency, 10 September 1943

Jewish National Fund Inscribes GEN. EISENHOWER in Golden Book

Theodore Herzl heads the list of JNF’s Golden Book-followed by legions of ardent supporters of Israel.

Frank Galton

meh said...


I'm afraid I don't find that very convincing. Yearbook comments are notoriously filled with lots of in-jokes and nonsense and therefore that's not a reliable source.

All of the available biographical sources say his father was of German Protestant stock. A Jew in late 19th century Kansas would have stuck out like a sore thumb, and been commented on at the time and after. I suppose there could be a conspiracy to suppress this, but I doubt it.

Also Jews are always claiming every famous person who ever lived was secretly a Jew, so that doesn't prove anything by itself either.

Yes Ike's "magic elevator ride to the top" could mean that he was a crypto-Jew, but it is just as likely that the PTB recognized a useful and willing tool when they saw one.

Go read some bios of Ike. His parents were Jehovah's Witnesses! If his father was a Jew, he hid it very well. Ike's ancestry is well documented, and it isn't Jewish. You're going to have to claim that his father's people were secret Jews since landing in Pennsylvania 1741, for which there is no evidence. All of his known ancestors were practicing Christians of various Protestant sects.

Ike didn't need to be part Jewish to commit war crimes against German POWs in 1945; he just had to be susceptible to Jewish mind manipulation, and beholden to Jewish interests that had helped his career.

Anonymous said...

Jewish National Fund

Golden Book

The Golden Book is the most UNIQUE of the KKL-JNF [Jewish National Fund] Books of Honor and is, in effect, a genealogical tree of the Jewish people. An entry in the Golden Book is a mark of esteem and gratitude to the donors who with their contribution, enable a variety of projects to be carried out.

Jewish Telegraphic Agency, 10 September 1943

Jewish National Fund Inscribes GEN. EISENHOWER in Golden Book

Theodore Herzl heads the list of JNF’s Golden Book-followed by legions of ardent supporters of Israel.

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

McCarran Walter Act

The Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952, also known as the McCarran–Walter Act, restricted immigration into the U.S.

In 1953, McCarran said: I believe that this nation is the last hope of Western civilization and if this oasis of the world shall be overrun, perverted, contaminated or destroyed, then the last flickering light of humanity will be extinguished. I take no issue with those who would praise the contributions which have been made to our society by people of many races, of varied creeds and colors…. However, we have in the United States today HARD-CORE, INDIGESTIBLE BLOCS which have not become integrated into the American way of life, but which, on the contrary are its DEADLY ENEMIES. Today, as never before, untold millions are storming our gates for admission and those gates are cracking under the strain. The solution of the problems of Europe and Asia will not come through a transplanting of those problems en masse to the United States…. I do not intend to become prophetic, but if the enemies of this legislation succeed in riddling it to pieces, or in amending it beyond recognition, they will have contributed more to promote this nation’s downfall than any other group since we achieved our independence as a nation.

Jewish Telegraphic Agency, 04 June 1952

A sharp anti-Semitic attack, charging that Communist-inspired JEWS are pressing GENERAL DWIGHT D. EISENHOWER’S PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN, appears in the current issue of “Labor Digest,” published by Norman Zolezzi who, in the past, has solicited financial aid from supporters of Sen. Robert A. Taft.

“Labor Digest” accuses the ANTI-DEFAMATION LEAGUE of “MASTER-MINDING AND TAKING THE LEAD in the EISENHOWER FOR PRESIDENT DRIVE.” It insists that the B’nai B’rith has been infiltrated by Communists and globalists who have “taken over its subsidiary, the Anti-Defamation League.” It also says that the A.D.L. spends more money each year than both major political parties together spend in a Presidential year.

Jewish Telegraphic Agency, 29 August 1952

Gen. Eisenhower Says He Will Fight the McCarran Immigration Law [LOL!!!]

Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower, Republican Presidential candidate, in a talk with Maxwell Abbell, president of the UNITED SYNAGOGUE OF AMERICA, expressed his opposition to discriminatory provisions of the McCarran-Walter Immigration Act and said he would work for their repeal if he were elected, Mr. Abbell disclosed today.


Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

Jewish Telegraphic Agency, 06 July 1953

Rifkind Assumes Leading Post in the American Jewish Committee

Mr. Rifkind served in the AMERICAN OCCUPATION ZONE of GERMANY in 1945 and 1946 as “ADVISOR” [LOL!!!] on Jewish Affairs to GEN. DWIGHT D. EISENHOWER, Commanding General.

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

Jewish Telegraphic Agency, 14 August 1961

Gen. Bedell Smith Eulogized in Israel As Friend of the Jewish State

Highest praise of the late American General Walter Bedell Smith, who died in Washington this weekend, was voiced here today by [Israeli] Minister of Education Abba Eban.

Gen. Smith, who has been called by ex-President DWIGHT D. EISENHOWER “the GENERAL MANAGER OF WORLD WAR II, ” was among the outstanding Allied military experts during the war.

Mr. Eban disclosed for the first time that Gen. Smith had told him at a dinner in Washington once, “in a burst of emotion” that there was JEWISH BLOOD” IN HIS VEINS.”

Gen. Smith was a Catholic.

A Look Back … Walter Bedell Smith Becomes DCI [Director of Central Intelligence]

The fourth Director of Central Intelligence, Gen. Walter Bedell Smith (1950-53), was one of CIA’s most successful and influential directors.

By the time Smith left the CIA to become PRESIDENT EISENHOWER’S UNDER SECRETARY OF STATE, the Agency had consolidated the operational and analytical responsibilities it received under the National Security Act of 1947 and had assumed a preeminent status in the Intelligence Community.

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

Jewish Telegraphic Agency, 04 September 1940

New Volume of J.N.F. [Jewish National Fund] Golden Book Started

King George V, Prime Minister WINSTON CHURCHILL and Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands are among the prominent names included.

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

Jewish Telegraphic Agency, 17 December 1964

Herzl Award of Z.O.A. Presented to CHURCHILL

Over 1,000 leaders in the Zionist movement in civic and community affairs participated tonight in a nationwide tribute to SIR WINSTON CHURCHILL sponsored by the Zionist Organization of America at its annual dinner here.

The dinner highlighted the presentation of the annual Theodor Herzl Award Gold Medallion of the Zionist Organization of America to SIR WINSTON CHURCHILL in tribute to his historic accomplishments as an architect of the Jewish State and protagonist of Zionism.

The Theodor Herzl Award, which was named for the founder of modern Zionism, was created by the ZOA in 1958 to be given to individuals who have rendered OUTSTANDING SERVICES to the ZIONIST CAUSE.

The Spectator, 28 December 2002

In March 1938, a week before his £18,000 debts to his stockbrokers Vickers da Costa were about to force him [Winston Churchill] to sell his country house, Chartwell, for £20,000, an Anglo-South African [Jewish] businessman called Sir Henry Strakosch, the chairman of Union Corporation Ltd, had TAKEN ON HIS DEBTS and guaranteed all his investments against further losses for the next three years.

The Moravian-born Strakosch’s cheque to Vickers of £18,162/1/10 – about £450,000 in today’s money – would have taken some explaining to the Committee on Standards and Privileges, along with his letter (quoted in Churchill’s official biography by Sir Martin Gilbert) saying, ‘My dear Winston, As agreed between us I shall carry this position for three years, you giving me full discretion to sell or vary the holdings at any time, but on the understanding that you incur no further liability.’ On receipt of the letter, Churchill promptly took Chartwell off the market, even though the Times had already announced it was up for sale.

For a fee of £5,000 – worth £125,000 today and equivalent to the annual salary of a Cabinet minister – Churchill was HIRED BY ROYAL DUTCH SHELL* AND BURMAH OIL... In a twist that would have had present-day hacks salivating, it was Churchill himself who, ten years earlier as First Lord of the Admiralty, had suggested that the government go into the PERSIAN OIL BUSINESS, as a way of protecting naval oil supplies during the great change from coal-fired ships to oil.

* Sir Robert Waley Cohen, KBE (8 September 1877 - 27 November 1952) was a British industrialist and prominent LEADER OF ANGLO-JEWRY. He joined the Shell Company, 1901 and negotiated its merger with the Royal Dutch Oil Company, 1906. He was a director of the merged company and chief assistant to its managing director. He was the petroleum ADVISER to the ARMY COUNCIL during World War I, for which he received a KBE, 1920.

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

Jewish Telegraphic Agency, 31 January 1934

Roosevelt’s Name to Be Inscribed in Golden Book

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

British troops fresh back from India,
were put to work getting the potato
harvest in!.. Had a fight with the German POs... spuds at fifty paces...
Gery won!
Also British soldiers worked alongside
fritz to get the VW factory up and running .... Plenty coming to mind I'll save it for later.

Vanguard said...

Frank G. it's ironic that Churchill earlier in his career had a very realistic attitude to the Tribe but had to capitulate when he hit financial problems.

Anonymous said...

meh said: “Yearbook comments are notoriously filled with lots of in-jokes and nonsense and therefore that's not a reliable source.”

West Point 1915: Eisenhower, Bradley, and the Class the Stars Fell On, by Michael Haskew

Eisenhower and roommate P.A. Hodgson had both worked on the staff of the Howitzer, the West Point yearbook, and the latter wrote of his roommate and close friend, “This is Senor Dwight David Eisenhower, gentleman, the terrible Swedish-Jew, as big as life and twice as natural...”

Hodgson’s reference to Eisenhower being a Swedish-Jew is perplexing. Historians tend to agree that it was because of Ike’s blond hair and blue eyes at a time when Scandinavians were often the topic of folk humour. The Jewish reference is characteristic of the time as well, as Jews were stereotyped as cunning, crafty, and shrewd bargainers. Hodgson believed Eisenhower possessed each of these traits and, in a day when social anti-Semitism was common, referred to him as a Jew.,+The+Howitzer+swedish&hl=en&sa=X&ei=8dRpVOikAoLOaLz1gvgL&ved=0CDcQ6AEwAA#v=onepage&q=West%20Point%201915%20year%20book%2C%20The%20Howitzer%20swedish&f=false

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

@ Vanguard

I would say Churchill had earlier been only partially realistic about the tribe. He saw Zionism as an alternative to Jewish subversion: they always intended to have both.


Anonymous said...

"As I told the chancellor (Konrad Adenauer) and other German gentlemen with who I spoke last night, I have come to know there is a real difference between the regular German soldier and officer and Hitler and his criminal group. For my part, I do not believe that the German soldier as such lost his honour. The fact that certain individuals committed, in war, dishonourable and despicable acts, reflects on the individuals concerned and not on the great majority of German soldiers and officers."

— General Dwight D. Eisenhower, Frankfurt Rhine-Main Air Base, January 23, 1951

Anonymous said...

I've done years of research into the Holocaust; not on the internet, but in actual archives, where I've discovered numerous important previously unknown documents. Plus I have visited 15 former KZs, many of them more than once, including 5 of the 6 alleged death camps, at least twice each.

Whilst it's clear that the gassing claims are often exaggerated (Birkenau is the prime example), and the Holocaust groups are happy to promote demonstrable lies, it doesn't change the fact that the Nazis really did gas disabled Germans in the T4 programme, and from 1940 sick KZ prisoners under Action 13f14.

There is a huge amount of contemporary documentation which shows many of the staff of the T4 centres went to work for Globocnik in 1942.

Roughly 1.8m Jews went to Globocnik's three tiny little camps near the Bug river, and aside from a few thousand who were taken to Majdanek or Auschwitz, there is no evidence that the bulk of them ended up somewhere else.

As I said, the Nazis did gas German disabled people in T4, the evidence for that is undeniable—if you can be bothered to find out about it. Therefore, claiming the Nazis wouldn't have gassed Jews (who they didn't really care for, and kinda blamed their brethren in London, NY, Moscow, etc. for their woes) is a claim that really can't be taken seriously.

I say this as someone who did previously deny all gassings claims.

Anonymous said...

"it's ironic that Churchill earlier in his career had a very realistic attitude to the Tribe but had to capitulate when he hit financial problems."

Churchill invested heavily in American stock in the '30's and was intending to get out when his 'friend' and adviser, Bernard Baruch (major judeo-player) advised him to keep his stock. Churchill was then badly hit, effectively bankrupted, but was rescued by Sir Henry Strakosch, a jew, and Churchill was then effectively under their control:

The Focus was financed by a slush fund set up by some of London’s wealthiest businessmen — principally, businessmen organized by the Board of Jewish Deputies in England, whose chairman was a man called Sir Bernard Waley Cohen. Sir Bernard Waley Cohen held a private dinner party at his apartment on July 29, 1936. This is in Waley Cohen’s memoirs … The 29th of July, 1936, Waley Cohen set up a slush fund of 50,000 pounds for The Focus, the Churchill pressure group. Now, 50,000 pounds in 1936, multiply that by ten, at least, to get today’s figures. By another three or four to multiply that into Canadian dollars. So, 40 times 50,000 pounds — about $2 million in Canadian terms — was given by Bernard Waley Cohen to this secret pressure group of Churchill in July 1936. The purpose was — the tune that Churchill had to play was — fight Germany. Start warning the world about Germany, about Nazi Germany. Churchill, of course, one of our most brilliant orators, a magnificent writer, did precisely that.


Anonymous said...

My mate's looks a bit Jewish; dark hair and eyes, although his ancestors are from Cork, and some island off the west coast.

We've called him Jewish for 15 years now, ever since two girls, presumably Israelis, asked him if he was flying to Tel Aviv when we were stood in Bangkok airport waiting to fly to London.

If my mate ever becomes a notable politician (unlikely) someone might be able to dig up 'evidence' that his friends often called him Jewish.

This wass my analogy to Eisenhower being called a Swedish Jew by his friends when he was in West Point.

Perhaps Dwight D. was a skinflint?

Anonymous said...

Savant @23.20
I think you are rising to the bait of an old friend. His wording seems to be the same as last time he was here.


Heraclitus said...

Allen@Aberdeen. I have been utilising my declining years to the study of the lead-up to WW II. What you say is 100% correct. Churchill was compromised, undoubtedly deliberately, and then rescued providing he gave them their war.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 14.20

The claims re the Reinhardt camps have been extensively refuted.

May I humbly draw your attention to my own article, 'Treblinka Archaeology', ,
for a start.

The "T4" issue may not be so clear either. I don't have time to seek out the contrary evidence at the moment.


Anonymous said...

when McArthur asked of his opinion of Ike he stated"Eisenhower. oh clerk i ever had in my command""

Thanks Niggiest Noggle but when MacArthur called a soldier the best clerk, that's an insult in case you couldn't tell.

Anonymous said...

General Dwight D. Eisenhower, Frankfurt Rhine-Main Air Base, January 23, 1951

Too late by then.

During the war he said "God I hate Germans".

Patton killed lots of Germans, and afterwards once he realised that they were mostly good people he said he only hated the SS.

Too late once you've got that much blood on your hands.

Anonymous said...

As I said, the Nazis did gas German disabled people in T4, the evidence for that is undeniable—if you can be bothered to find out about it. Therefore, claiming the Nazis wouldn't have gassed Jews (who they didn't really care for, and kinda blamed their brethren in London, NY, Moscow, etc. for their woes) is a claim that really can't be taken seriously.

I say this as someone who did previously deny all gassings claims.

Nice try, but where's the evidence?

They gassed vegetables, people who couldn't even feed themselves, people who couldn't think, they just dribbled.

The Nazis were Zionists. The camps were for concentrating Jews to be eventually sent off to Israel once they "understood the value of manual labour". Israel needed farmers and builders, not peddlers and bankers. Hundreds of thousands died, but Zion benefitted from the eugenic effect. They were and are big believers in eugenics. Seen many Jewish retards lately?
Meanwhile European genetics were devastated by the dysgenic effects of the war and the rapes in the aftermath.

So stop trying to tell us that since Auschwitz the industrial scale death factory was a hoax that they all disappeared in some obscure little unknown camp somewhere. We aren't that dumb.

Anonymous said...

Drunk chink doing 134 km/hr on Auckland motorway hits guess what ANOTHER chink going the other way and kills her!

That's New Zealand today I guess.

20 drivers got out of the way, but another Asian driver took the hit.

Anonymous said...

Too much information for kids.

Some would disagree.

Anonymous said...

8;17 a compliment? or a put down by a American Caesar,old MAC didnt like anyone stealing his thunder and he had a massive ego to boot. the day that he went by Higgins landing craft to go aboard the Missouri to sign the treaty with the Japs he demanded that the Higgins boat be given a fresh coat of paint and that the sailors on said boat be turned out in new dress uniforms this right after the attacks a month before of Kamikaze planes against same guys,no, Mcarthur never gave out compliments,,

eah said...

The Last Secret

A book relating how the western allies turned approx 2m Russians over to Stalin. Afterward they were either executed or sent straight to the gulags. Roosevelt and Churchill agreed to this at the war time conferences with Stalin. Of course some Russian prisoners and deserters went on to fight for the Germans. Stalin wanted to get his hands on them. And others he regarded as enemies -- political opponents etc. This is also a shameful, relatively unknown chapter.

Olda said...

eah. Same happened in yugoslavia at that time. Theyknew that Tito would kill the prisoners but still sent them. Maribor is surrounded by makeshift mass graves.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 18:28 said

"Nice try, but where's the evidence?"

What kind of evidence do you want?

Documents that prove T4 still paid the wages of former euthanasia staff after the were transferred to the Action Reinhardt camps?

Decoded messages from Bletchley Park about camps being set up for Jews in Eastern Poland (late 1941) or that 1.27 million Jews went to 4 camps in 1942 alone (only c.12,000 of which were registered for work at Majdanek)?

Below's a translation of a letter Viktor Brack wrote to Himmler on 23.06.42. During the Nuremberg Doctors' trial, Brack—who was sentenced to death—claimed he wrote this letter as a ploy to halt the gassing of the Jews, but that was clearly a defence strategy in a hope of saving his neck. What he actually suggested is that a large percentage of the Jews they were then gassing should instead be sterilised by x-rays and used for labour:

"Honorable Mr. Reichsführer!

On instruction from Reichsleiter Bouhler I placed a part of my men at the disposal of Brigadeführer Globocnik some considerable time ago for his special task. Following a further request from him, I have now made available more personnel. On this occasion Brigadeführer Globocnik pressed the view that the whole action against the Jews should be carried out as quickly as it is in any way possible, so that we will not some day be stuck in the middle should any kind of difficulty make it necessary to stop the action. you yourself, Mr. Reichsführer, expressed the view to me at an earlier time that one must work as fast as possible, if only for reasons of concealment. Both views are more than justified according to my own experience, and basically they produce the same results. Nevertheless I beg to be permitted to present the following consideration of my own in this connection:

According to my impression there are at least 2-3 million men and women well fit for work among the approx. 10 million European Jews. In consideration of the exceptional difficulties posed for us by the question of labor, I am of the opinion that these 2-3 million should in any case be taken out and kept alive. Of course this can only be done if they are in the same time rendered incapable of reproduction. I reported to you about a year ago that persons under my instruction have completed the necessary experiments for this purpose. I wish to bring up these facts again. The type of sterilization which is normally carried out on persons with genetic disease is out of the question in this case, as it takes too much time and is expensive. Castration by means of X-rays, however, is not only relatively cheap, but can be carried out on many thousands in a very short time. I believe that it has become unimportant at the present time whether those affected will then in the course of a few weeks or months realize by the effects that they are castrated.

In the event, Mr. Reichsführer, that you decide to choose these means in the interest of maintaining labor-material, Reichsleiter Bouhler will be ready to provide the doctors and other personnel needed to carry out this work. He also instructed me to inform you that I should then order the required equipment as quickly as possible.

DH said...

Ike got away with mass murder. Not just got away with it but thrived and prospered and lived into old age, wealthy and admired.

Yes, but now he must be burning in Hell forever, together with murderers like FDR, Churchill, Bomb Harris et al.

Anonymous said...

White trash liberals just will NOT understand or GO AWAY!

Anonymous said...

Fucking kike bitch (Crossman) with a 'white' skin deliberately going all out to humiliate white Afrikaaners even more.

The Afrikaaners who participated in this movie must have done so out of desperation for money. They could not have done it out of patriotism now could they - would they be that fucking stupid?

Take note white America and Antipodes - this is coming your way too.

Anonymous said...


Western awareness of mass murders and other major atrocities committed by Communist regimes remains exceedingly low. How does your knowledge compare? Take this test to find out.

Take the test then ask yourself: how come we all know about the real or alleged suffering of Jews, but almost nothing about this?

nilus said...

I bought a book in a charity shop today for 30p, called "The Hidden Persuaders", by Vance Packard, paperback, , first published 1957. My copy was a43rd reprint, Dec 1972.

Selected from the back cover:

WHY-your wife buys 30% more in the supermarket than she intends to

WHY- so many of us are afraid of banks

WHY-men's clothes are becoming feminised

WHY-men think of a mistress when they see a convertible in a show window


Nineteen Fifty Seven.

I also saw a humour book called "Is it just me or is everything shit-Vol 2"

I actually bought volume 1.

It wasnt very good.

nilus said...

What I mean is: Everything is shit, and "The Hidden Persuaders" have convinced us that it is Shinola.

nilus said...

"Meanwhile the German people have become synonymous with genocide even as the Holocau$t fairytale unravels and the knowledge of detailed plans to literally wipe the German people from the face of the earth have emerged."

I "touched the third rail" the other day with a female friend who is a bit of an (ggod-hearted)idiot, shes big into "animal rights" and "campaigns" (farts about online) ,her big issue is dogs and cats boiled alive in Korea.
(Human children being vapourised in Gaza or Syria or Iraq arent on her radar)

I recently (seeing an "in") told her that "Hitler and the NAAAZIS" banned vivisection and kosher slaughter.
She saw a book about Hitler (picked up fron the £1 shop) and enquired further. She followed it up with the programmed response: "But he did all that evil stuff"

Me: "Did he?You mean gassing six million jews? Its bullshit"

Her programmed, shocked, Zisblatt's List response:


Me: "You've seen a film showing SIX MILLION BODIES? I doubt it. You've seen a few hundred bodies, that were stick thin. They died of starvation and typhus. Why were they shaved, tattoed, moved around between camp after camp if they could have been dispatched with a single bullet?"

FEMBOT response, getting emotional: "Oh, come on, you cant really believe that, etc etc etc "

Me: "Ive spent YEARS looking at this stuff, how much time have YOU spent? ZERO? etc"

FEMBOT: (wires fizzing, circuits shorting) "I DONT WANT TO TALK ABOUT POLITICS!"

Me: "You started it!!!" LOL

However, she's quite receptive to the "rayciss" stuff, so Ill keep chippin away.

Anonymous said...

You are cordially invited to Friends of Israel in UKIP AGM

Followed by an Israeli food and drinks reception with Douglas Carswell MP [ZIONIST] Nathan Gill MEP [admits employing Filipino workers] & a UKIP rising star

Jewish News, 12 November 2014

UKIP Friends of Israel is to hold its largest event next month with a Westminster reception addressed by new MP Douglas Carswell. Carswell is also set to meet representatives of the JEWISH LEADERSHIP COUNCIL and CST [Community Security Trust] in December.

Note: The Jewish Leadership Council is the British equivalent of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations.

Community Security Trust

‘The Holocaust: A Guide for POLICE PERSONNEL’, funded by CST and published by The Holocaust Centre in association with the Holocaust Educational Trust (HET), is designed to HELP POLICE OFFICERS understand and APPLY LESSONS FROM THE HOLOCAUST FOR POLICING IN MODERN BRITAIN

Jewish Chronicle, 15 January 2009

MPs Andrew Dismore from Labour Friends of Israel and DOUGLAS CARSWELL from the CONSERVATIVE FRIENDS OF ISRAEL lent their voices to the rally...

Conservative Friends of Israel

CFI began the year with an inaugural event at the House of Commons for young Conservative activists that attracted as many as 100 to hear speeches from Douglas Carswell MP and Tim Montgomerie.

The Guardian, 22 March 2007

Douglas Carswell MP insists that "it is in our national interest to support Israel".

WalesOnline, 04 June 2009

Nathan Gill defends use of Eastern European and Filipino workers in his family care company

Frank Galton

nilus said...

OFF TOPIC, but:Just remembered why I clicked here:

Ive met a lot of good people lately, whilst nightfishing off Brighton Marina. To a man, all the Whites Ive talked to have not batted an eyelid when I get onto the "taboo" subjects.(In fact, they become very animated and glad that "permission is granted" to talk about immigration/foreigners, nigs/pakis/jews, etc)

I went fishing off the beach recently and spoke to a couple of local blokes who were fishing. I asked them if they ever fish off the marina. "Not so much anymore, its full of foreigners, Poles, Pakis, Chinks"

Which it most certainly is.

Ive heard that the Poles/ East Europeans piss people off the most: loud music, disregarding "etiquette" , etc.

A long winded intro to paste this comment from Stormer: Re: White immigration. Obviously they are better than paki and somali scum, but still, they are not English, and many have a real shit attitude.

"I just left my job as Im going to another one and, on my last day, I had to train my replacement-it was a young Bulgarian student. Now I saw the stacks of application forms by white english people who were a) clearly much more qualified for the job and b) clearly needed it more as they were obviously middle aged/late twenties and needed to pay for family mortgages etc. The attitude of this little slut was nothing less than disgusting, she displayed no desire to learn how to do the job properly and was constantly on her little I phone to the point where myself and the other woman who works there had to tell her to actually get up adn do some bloody work as we were doing it all. I know for a FACT that plenty of qualified hard working English applied for this job as I saw the applications with my own eyes and the other woman told me that almost NONE were even invited to interview. The Eastern Europeans (mostly) display open contempt for the British/England and swagger around like they own the place. They also frequently say we are ‘lazy’ (when did shitty little Poland build an Empire that spanned the globe I wonder? Thats right they were too busy getting gang-raped by their superior neighbours!) and act as though they are doing us some kidn of FAVOUR by coming here and stealing our jobs/everything our ancestors worked for. I for one have had enough of both them AND the non-whites and what I would say to any Eastern European thiniing of coming to England to ‘take the jobs the English won’t do’ is that deep down inside 90 percent of English people here will hate you as their kids can’t get work and many/most of your compatriots are milking us dry (sending child benefit to Poland etc). At the same time Nationalist Eastern Europeans should be supported and most are decent-although as I’ve said on a personal level almost 100 percent of Poles I have met have been arrogant/rude but I think thats more to do with the kind of Poles we get in Britain. The Spaniards we get, on the other hand (whilst I still disagreei with them being here in the first place) are generally very polite and friendly and don’t look at you like something they’ve just stepped on as many of the Poles/Muslims do."

PS, on TV (BBC4)now:
JEW Neil Gaiman telling us goy that
Kate Bush is good.
Thanks, jews, WE KNEW THAT.

Anonymous said...

Amazing how one shit-disturber can throw a monkey wrench into the works to clog the entire machine. I'm speaking of the sidestep taken up whether war criminal Eisenhower was a jew or he was not. That's a non-issue! The fact is, however, Eisenhower caused the deliberate deaths of over 1,000,000 German prisoners under his command, and unsurprisingly, that orchestrated murderous campaign is still largely unknown today even though James Bacque's book (Other Losses) was published in the late 1980s.

The other book mentioned here is "Hellstorm". It's a difficult book to read for anyone having empathy for suffering souls. You can read the entire book here:

nilus said...

"This topic was covered in this blog some time ago.
The claim is total rubbish.
However, if you enjoy the feeling it gives you to believe the claims, then by all means do so."



Careful, Savant, she'll be calling you a coward next.

And that your German acquaintance was lying.

And that you are lying.

And jews are just clever, hardworking and creative, and we just have to look out for those MOOOOOOZLIMZ!!!! OY VEY!!!

Anonymous said...

White people screw up stock markets with their racism too.

Sheen Levine said so.

nilus said...

Hellstorm: The Death of Nazi Germany 1944 – 1947 by Thomas Goodrich, free PDF

Anonymous said...

And now they call whites in south Africa living in slums "reverse Apartheid".

I didn't know that Apartheid translated as "blacks living in slums", but there you go. Learn something everyday from liberals.

Anonymous said...

White trash liberals just will NOT understand or GO AWAY!

Will they finally stop when there is no white race to complain about and destroy?

No, of course not. (Except the white ones)

Anonymous said...

England's team, drawn from a population that is 85% white, have a starting XV that is only 73% white. South Africa, representing a nation where whites makes up less than a 10th of the population, have a team that is four-fifths white.

Why don't these dirty liberals moan about the French soccer team.

To hell with their shit.
Speak up about it, and not just on the INTERNET!

nilus said...

If the ball-spinning negras "Harlem Globe Trotters" (sea lions and even dogs are way more skilled) make Whitey look silly, what does landing a probe on a comet do for negras?

Throw me a mackerel, someone.

nilus said...

"Jeremy Kyle USA", ITV 3am:

"How can your baby be mine when she looks Mexican?"

hyuk, hyuk

nilus said...


I'm afraid I don't find that very convincing. Yearbook comments are notoriously filled with lots of in-jokes and nonsense and therefore that's not a reliable source."

I agree. It sounds like a ribbing/joshing kind of thing.

Probably not a jew:
Definitely a see you next Tuesday.

Anonymous said...

Robert Chapman, the late military intelligence officer and master of geo-politics often said that Ike was controlled by his brother, Milton.

For whatever it's worth, store it in the mind bank.

And, by the way, Pennsylvania Dutch = German.

Anonymous said...

Here the link to Other Losses. Read it yourself:

nilus said...

I wrote that before I saw Frank Galton's input. Frank, you must have the best-organised bookmarks folder in the world! Amazing.

Triple cross-referenced?

Re: The Sainsburys ad: Very good. Should perhaps alert a few slumberers to the utter stupidity and fratricidal waste of that "Great War".

But of course, everyone's tal;king about that stupid schmaltxy fucking penguin ad: which is just actually nothing special!

CGI? It's so very meh

Anonymous said...

off topic Savant,got to catch great movie the other nite on You Tube called the Kings about a group of Irish guys who went over to England in the mid 70s to find work,Colum Meany a great actor and well known here in the states played a great part.most of it was in Gaelic with sub titles,john old rtd chicago copper.

nilus said...

If someone's put this much time into a comment, I reckon it should be shared. Apologies if im being a nuisance:

" Chris White
November 17, 2014 at 12:01 pm

As an Englander I feel angered and disturbed by the fact that I haven’t been able to get a permanent paid job in my own country for years, whilst the local station master at Crystal Palace Station in South London is a Polish woman who can’t even speak English properly. It’s virtually the same everywhere you go in England; foreigners, particularly Eastern Europeans in unskilled or semi-skilled jobs when we can’t get jobs. I’ve applied to literally thousands of vacancies this year alone and the overwhelming response is just a wall of silence.

The problem is that unemployed English people are generally unemployed as individuals without any form of network or organization with which to barter through. If you’re an English employer who needs a large, minimum wage work force who are you going to employ? A handful of English unemployed individuals of varying different ages and abilities, scattered throughout different parts of the local area or a battalion of Eastern European workers in their 20’s and 30’s who can be brought in on time every day, on a fleet of mini-buses which their own agency provides for them?…

English people who are unemployed often find themselves isolated, searching for work as individuals rather than among large networks of migrants who all share the same goal of looting the English job market. I personally for example don’t have any friends or fellow unemployed people I can rely on to assist me in looking for work. I have no assistance whatsoever. All I have to rely on are useless online job sites and I am being forced to basically lie on my CV (resume), just in order to try and compete against both immigrants and the affirmative action culture and even that isn’t working.

Indeed it is actually in the interests of the private sector complex that the government farms out unemployment procedures to to keep their “clients” unemployed, because in England the long term unemployed often find themselves being sent to stack shelves for no pay in grimy one pound shops or to attend special “courses” on learning how to perform menial retail tasks or turn up at interviews properly.

I myself had to go on one of these so called “courses” after I complained to my job centre coordinator or “coach” as they now call them, that I was applying for hundreds of jobs online every week and generally coming up with nothing but a wall of silence.

Basically they told me that it was somehow my fault and I was told to go to this office in Croydon in order to “register” for this 4 week training course. When I got there I found this teenaged Eastern European girl who couldn’t have been much more than 20, working on the reception. I was made to wait up to 20 minutes before she would speak to me and when she did I couldn’t understand a word of what she was talking about and had to ask her to repeat herself several times.

Then after about an hour of waiting and filling out forms I found myself being “interviewed” by a nigger woman in an office, before being told to complete a “computerized test” consisting of “tasks” such as reading 3rd grade level extracts in order to correcting infantile spelling mistakes for words such as “horse”, “whistle”, “their” and “quantity”.

I felt particularly insulted by this, not just because I was being treated like a retard by foreign women in my own country but because I had just spent 4 years of my youth getting a degree in a British university which I am even now expected to “pay off” once I start receiving a salary which I have never had and which I could only ever dream of, when students from so called “developing countries” only have to pay a fraction of what I have to pay because they are supposedly so ‘poor’ and ‘hard-done-by’.


nilus said...

They expected me to do this so called “retail course” that the English taxpayer would have to pay for, even though I had numerous qualifications including a bachelor’s degree and I had no say in the matter, so I just told them I was going on holiday and ended my benefit claim.

I wonder how many unemployed citizens there actually are in the UK, given that the government only ever considers people who are claiming so called “Job Seeker’s Allowance” in their crass unemployment statistics. I believe that the true number of UK citizens who are “economically inactive” (really unemployed) is around 10 million, or around 40% of the citizenry.

Another problem that we experience here in England is that English bosses know that Eastern European workers are more likely to remain in a particular job without asking for pay rises, because they are content to live in impoverished conditions whilst sending most of their pay back to Eastern Europe where it often triples or quadruples in value. As English people our lives and families are situated here in Western Europe, which is why we cannot afford to work endlessly without pay rises.

Also English employers (particularly supermarkets) often do something called ‘grinder pushing’, where they incrementally add more and more “tasks” that you’re expected to complete by the end of your shift without giving you any extra time or wages to compensate. This is often why English worker contracts are so vaguely worded so as to literally demand increases in productivity without renegotiating pay or work schedule.

Eastern Europeans generally put up with this and are prepared to be harassed and threatened by English bosses for not increasing productivity when there are no increases in wages to pay for it. They know they can always fall back on their foreign understanding of the English language as an excuse as to why they do not fully comply with pressure to increase work output and ultimately the very affirmative action legislation and culture that Blacks and Asians rely on in order to further their own group interests.

Lastly the most insulting and outrageous aspect of it all is when English employers try to claim that English people are somehow “lazy” or are unskilled”, in regards to jobs as menial as making sandwiches on a production line.

I was enraged to the point of seriously wanting to commit acts of extreme terroristic violence the other day when I saw this fat fuck in a suit at a pro-EU business conference claim that ending the total free movement of Eastern Europeans in England was unthinkable because we are somehow “unskilled” to the extent of not being able to make sandwiches on his factory’s production line. The Eastern Europeans bring “skills” he said, precious “skills” at being able to make sandwiches which we English apparently do not possess.

In my opinion this fat fucker needs to be charged, prosecuted and convicted of economic treason and sentenced to death by being hung from the neck until he dies coughing and spluttering in pools of his own blood, vomit, shit and piss. Who does he think he is?! Not “SKILLED” enough to make fucking sandwiches in his scummy low wage factory?!…


nilus said...

What Poles, White Romanians and other Eastern Europeans need to understand is that England is not an immigration country. America is an immigration country – the whole of it in fact, both north and south and so is Australia and until recently South Africa, but England, France and the rest of Western Europe are NOT immigration countries.

We already have an established ethnical and cultural identity here going back thousands of years and we want to preserve that identity, just as Poland has the right to preserve its identity from the waves of Far Eastern migrants that are pouring into Poland in order to do the jobs that the Polish immigrants who migrated into Western Europe used to do.

The Eastern European mass migration to Western Europe is a brain drain on Eastern Europe and in respect to Balkan countries such as Romania & Bulgaria, we have to recognize that these countries are not fully White countries. Some of the Balkans peoples are White but many are obviously not and therefore they shouldn’t even be in Europe in the first place, never mind Western Europe.

In conclusion I believe that ‘Inner Europe’, that is to say all of Europe west of the Volga, Black Sea & Aegean and north of the Don & Mediterranean, should be composed of ethnically sovereign nation states, whereas ‘Outer Europe’ that is to say all of ‘Greater Europe’ or the rest of the White World that would include all of The Americas, Siberia & Central Asia, Anatolia & The Caucuses, the Barbary Coast, The Antipodes and southern Africa south of the Zambesi, should be open to the total free movement of all Whites.

THESE are your immigration countries Polish people NOT Western Europe!…

Whereas ‘Inner Europe’ (that includes Poland as much as it includes England), should have a specific obligation to preserve their separate ethnic and cultural homogeneities Whites who live in ‘Outer Europe’ should of course have the right to discriminate against White immigrants as they wish in their own private affairs and in order to preserve their own local economies, but generally speaking ‘Outer Europe’ should be open to virtually unlimited emigration by ALL free Whites of good moral character.

Likewise if a White man or woman in ‘Outer Europe’ wishes to resettle in his ancestral homelands in ‘Inner Europe’ he should be allowed to do that."

Anonymous said...

@SAVANT 23:20

It is rubbish, since we covered this topic some time ago on your blog and went into some depth. It's just revisionism, like everything else. It needs to be filed alongside "Jews did 911" and "The Queen has got £100 trillion in gold stashed on the Moon".

You really have gone off the deep-end. I thought for a while that you might be able to claw your way back to reality but it seems that katana has been spiking your tea with gullibility drugs.

It's your life, old fella.

SAVANT said...

nilus, I have a copy of 'The Hidden Persuaders' to this day. Great book. are you saying there's bee an updated version published?

Piet said...

Re White South Africans living in slums. Nearly fucking choked when I saw this porch monkey from the BBC do a programme on them. All pity and comparing them directly to the bantu's under apartheid. Reality of course if he wasn't a bantu back in England he'd be sweeping the floor.

Matrix-buster said...

Good post Savant and be assured people are waking up, as in the process of waking. Waking to the insanity often occurs in stages that might spread out over months or years, even decades.

There is a lot of information to learn and even more information/propaganda already 'learned' that must be discarded, always a very difficult process. Most cannot take it in until they question, then discard, what they already think they know. This takes time, lots of it.

When considering this think about how you wake up in the morning. While you may open your eyes and see light and hear sounds, none of it is very clear and it does take some time before the mind and body are fully in gear. Some wake faster than others, but rare is the individual who is instantly awake and is fully functional.

Anonymous said...

Daily Telegraph, 18 April 2007

How three million Germans died after VE Day

Nigel Jones reviews After the Reich: From the Liberation of Vienna to the Berlin Airlift by Giles MacDonogh

The first 200 pages of his brave book are an almost unbearable chronicle of human suffering.

His best estimate is that some three million Germans died unnecessarily after the official end of hostilities. A MILLION SOLDIERS VANISHED before they could creep back to the holes that had been their homes.


Given that what amounted to a lesser Holocaust was unfolding under their noses [correction: should read “under the Noses”], it may be asked why the western Allies did not stop this venting of long-dammed-up rage on the (mainly) innocent.

The US Treasury Secretary, Henry Morgenthau, favoured turning Germany into a gigantic farm, and there were genocidal Nazi-like schemes afoot to starve, sterilise or deport the population of what was left of the bombed-out cities.

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

Vandalising certain makes of cars is ANTI-SEMITIC.

Jewish Chronicle, 17 November 2014

Police have arrested a man in connection with a RACIALLY MOTIVATED ATTACK [he’s accused of RACIALLY ATTACKING 40 Volvos and people carriers, ROTFLOL!!!] in a Jewish area of London.

Tyres on over 40 cars parked in streets in Stamford Hill were slashed in the early hours of Monday morning.

According to a spokesman for Shomrim, the volunteer community security group, the damaged cars were MAKES KNOWN TO BE FAVOURED BY LOCAL JEWS [LOL!!!].

He said: “Tens of vehicles were targeted, with the trend being VOLVOS AND PEOPLE-CARRIERS OF VARIOUS MAKES [LOL!!!], which are VERY POPULAR VEHICLES AMONGST THE JEWISH COMMUNITY.”

Moishe Friedlander, who liaises between the Jews and police in the area, said: “I have no doubt it was a HATE CRIME [LOL!!!].

Anyone with information should contact CRIMESTOPPERS on 0800 555 111 [LOL!!!].

A spokesperson for the NAAPC (National Association for the Advancement of People Carriers) condemned the attacks, saying: “This utterly unacceptable abuse of people carriers is a stark manifestation of the rising racism, xenophobia and intolerance aimed at people carriers, as well as Volvos, in many European countries.”


Frank Galton

Iron Felix said...

Two things here;
1) Matrix-buster makes a sound point there, inasmuch as it is very difficult to reason people out of a position into which they were never initially reasoned.
2) Pedantic, this, Savant; the greatest invasion force in history was Barbarossa (at first light June 22nd 1941 3,250,000 troops swept into Russia in the first wave, on a front hundreds of miles long).

Anonymous said...

Semites child molesters on one side child murderers on the other

nilus said...

Savant: The copy I picked up was a reprint from 1972, or should I say : '43rd printing'

Mine's apaperback on "Pocket Books" label.

Just got in, switched telly on. First face I see:

JEW Bette Midler, on "The One Show" (BBC1)

She is joined on the sofa by
JEW Lucy Seigel..

Cosy !

Baloo said...

Fascinating. Reprinted here:

Anonymous said...

Do-gooder judge. Who is the self loathing bastard ? Picture wanted

eah said...

Vandalising certain makes of cars is ANTI-SEMITIC.

Ha! That's nothing. At least there was actually some real damage to complain about.

Remember when the black footballer Fabrice Muamba collapsed during a match? They sent some guy to jail for posting on about it.

BBC -- Fabrice Muamba: Racist Twitter user jailed for 56 days

A district judge in Swansea called the comments "vile and abhorrent"...Jim Brisbane, chief crown prosecutor for CPS Cymru-Wales, said: "Racist language is inappropriate in any setting and through any media...Sentencing Stacey at Swansea Magistrates' Court, District Judge John Charles told him: "In my view, there is no alternative to an immediate prison sentence..."

Got that? -- "no alternative".

So you are probably asking yourselves: what did this poor schmuck 'tweet' that was so terrible -- "racist" -- that it got him arrested and sentenced to two months in jail?

Here it is: “LOL, F___ Muamba. He's dead!!! HAHA”

That's about it. After that he 'tweeted' some racial insults back at people who harassed him about his Muamba 'tweet'. And for that he was sent to jail.

Anonymous said...

You'd have a better shot at proving Hitler was a Jew than Ike, though you might be loathe to do it.

Eisenhower's animosity toward Germans is disturbing. I've assumed that it had to do with the bad times German-Americans faced here because of the wars. In the US in the late nineteenth century there was a strong German presence and cultural atmosphere. It was very heavy in NYC.

But that all changed in the twentieth century when they were persecuted, crudely abused and neutralized politically and socially.

BTW They weren't called Germans but "Dutch", for Deutsch or maybe just because it was close enough, "squareheads" or whatever.
The old Irish guys called whiskey "Dutch courage."

Eisenhower graduated West Point in 1915, the "class the stars fell on." There were 59 general officers from that class. See John Ford's charming movie "The Long Gray Line" which features Ike as cadet and president.

If he was a pawn of the Jews, why did he chase them (along with the brits and frogs) out of the Suez in 1956.

MacArthur is the American Montgomery, or visa versa. Notice the similarity in egotism, theatricality and questionable ability.

Anonymous said...

Just for the record I would like to state that although nilus is add fellow, I don't think he is a poof.

eah said...

Hey Savant,

If you head over to the ex-army blog you'll find out that you've been called a "Nazi". Does the missus know?

Anonymous said...

Savant, give the man some credit. He did launch Operation Wetback after all. The only American president who ever did anything to rid this country of the brown menace. However, his work on the black menace is another story! Perhaps the latter cancels out the former...

James said...

A long winded intro to paste this comment from Stormer: Re: White immigration.

Simon Sheppard at did a good analysis of this phenomenon, which he calls Exaggerated Behaviour in Alien Culture - EBIAC.

EXAGGERATED BEHAVIOUR IN ALIEN CULTURE, EBIAC. A most distinctive instance was by one of a bevy of Middle Eastern (probably Iranian) women dressed in robes and traditional headscarves walking along the Nieuwendijk. One broke away from the rest and gave me a very pronounced Collision Signal; it was very obvious. This was similar in degree to Arabic women shoplifters in London. These women, even including the wives and daughters of diplomats and dignitaries, learning of the practice of shoplifting among the indigenous population, went at it with a vengeance, their enthusiasm apparently being in direct proportion to its prohibition in the culture from which they had come.

Germans could be forcefully uninhibited when they came to Amsterdam. It seemed that whatever behaviour was repressed in their home culture was expressed in exaggerated form in an environment in which it was not. These few reports of this effect are undoubtedly unsystematic, and in isolation might be regarded as unreliable, but in each case there is a consistent pattern. The phenomenon is evident among many different cultures.

A further example was British and other white emigrants to South Africa during apartheid. Reportedly they would spend their first year in righteous indignation, saying how disgraceful the system was and refusing to have coloured servants. After a year or so however their views would be revised and house servants, a luxury for the fairly ordinary people who would otherwise have no prospect of such convenience, would be accommodated. They would then treat them with less consideration and often more violently than the indigenous white South Africans who had grown up with the system.

Note also the excessive tendency for British blokes to take their clothes off and run around drunk when abroad - nudity is normally not the done thing in England, must less accepted than in Germany for instance.

So often people from quite cultures will become load and annoying.

That's why immigrants suck, no matter where they come from.

Oh, and the shittiness of their home culture is a big factor too. And race of course.

Anonymous said...

See, Ike was not all bad. He knew what to do with border violators.

Anonymous said...

if you think Eisenhower was responsible for deaths of millions,check out the banishment of Volk Germans from the Sudatenland in Czech areas after 2nd world war,this up to that time was the biggest route of any ethnic group ever from any country up to that time,you can see the barbarity of it on You Tube but remember what goes down comes around or karma is a real bitch.

Chris said...

Anonymous said...

Russia Today, 17 November 2014

‘Use lots of lube & enter anus slowly’: Chicago schools teach anal sex to 5th graders [ten-year-olds]

Parents at an elite, magnet elementary school in Chicago were “horrified” when they saw the “obscene” sexual education materials their fifth graders would be learning. The curriculum included condom demonstrations and discussions of anal sex.

Andrew Jackson Language Academy (AJLA) hosted several parent workshops during report card pickup on Wednesday, including a meeting on Chicago Public Schools’ (CPS) sex ed curriculum. Parents were given a binder that included the materials and topics that would be discussed, including the benefits of female condoms for extending sex and increasing pleasure, the use of lubrication and how to insert condoms into the anus for anal sex.

Chicago Passes Sex-Ed for KINDERGARTNERS

JEW Mayor of Chicago Rahm Emanuel Appoints Negress Byrd-Bennett as New Chicago Public Schools CEO

JEW Mayor-Elect Rahm Emanuel Picks HAITIAN Jean-Claude Brizard for Chicago Public Schools Chief

Former CPS CEO Brizard calls [JEW] Emanuel MICROMANAGER

Former Chicago Public Schools CEO Jean-Claude Brizard chided former boss Mayor Rahm Emanuel this week, saying the [Jew] mayor needs to “LEARN TO LET GO and ALLOW HIS MANAGERS TO LEAD.”

JEW Mayor of Chicago Rahm Emanuel served as an Israel Defense Forces volunteer not once, but twice.

Israel orders school textbook publishers to remove sex education material

Frank Galton

SAVANT said...

Frank G. That outrageous and disgusting story from Chicago is just another manifestation of this.

Iron Felix said...

Buchanan, Pat, cites the exodus from Courland and East Prussia in the winter of '44/'45. He mentions that of the eleven million---all ethnic Germans, more or less the whole population---who fled (incentivised by wholesale looting, massacre, incendiarism, torture and atrocity and mass rape, courtesy of the Red Army) some two million appeared to have died in the course of the exodus.
It seems only Pat and I seem to know of it, but now so does Savant's wide and distinguished readership.

Anonymous said...

The word “Cheka” is not only an acronym in Russian for “Special Commission for Fighting Counter-Revolution,” but also a Yiddish expression for ani­mal slaughter. How fitting this expression! We Christians, who are called “goyim” or cattle, are in the Jewish view mere animals. Yahweh gave us human faces, however, so as to spare the Jews the distress of having servants who looked like animals. - Dr Gregor a Russian émigré Munich 1926.
Read at Lasha Darkmoon

Good site with very interesting erudite articles.

nilus said...

"Anonymous said...

Just for the record I would like to state that although nilus is add fellow, I don't think he is a poof."

Just for the record, I couldnt give a fuck what you think. Meet me and I guarantee Ill knock your front teeth out, faggot.

Anonymous said...


Paratrooper takes down a Trayvon M(LK)artin type who is also not a M(LK)ichael Brown type.

katana said...

My latest blog post, All America Must Know the Terror That is Upon Us, is here: KATANA


A worthwhile post Savant. As noted in the linked article Eisenhower was deemed an incompetent in the Pacific War by McArthur and was sent off to Washington to be promoted far above dozens of more highly qualified others into the top military position as lord and master of the American forces in the European theater.

I'd say his chief qualification above all else was his willingness to do the bidding of the jews who ran Washington. That bidding included the murdering of as many Germans that he could get away with, as per the Morgenthau Plan. As a reward his fellow jews gave him the US presidency.

The Morgenthau Plan, more formally known as the Treasury Plan for the Treatment of Germany, was devised by Assistant Treasury Secretary Harry Dexter White [jewish communist spy] and Secretary Henry R. Morgenthau Jr. [jewish] in the summer of 1944. Morgenthau had just visited the battlefields of Normandy and spoken with General Dwight D Eisenhower, the Supreme Allied Commander, then arrived in Britain for talks with Mr Winston Churchill, the British prime minister and his advisers.

While important elements of the Plan, including the subtle re-education of the Germans by their own refugees and the dismantling of German heavy industry to aid British exports, were indeed put into effect, in the directive 1067 which the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff finally issued to Eisenhower, the main parts of the Morgenthau Plan, including orders to liquidate entire classes of suspected Nazi war criminals upon simple identification, and to leave the German nation to 'stew in its own juice,' were not formally implemented.

The Morgenthau Plan would have led to the death by starvation and pestilence of ten million Germans in the first two years after the war, in addition to the one million who had been killed in the saturation bombing and the three million killed in the enforced expulsion from Germany's eastern territories.

The Plan, enthusiastically adopted by German-born Lord Cherwell (Professor Friedrich A. Lindemann [jewish], Churchill's close friend, economic, strategic and scientific adviser), was pushed through at the Quebec summit conference between Roosevelt and Churchill on September 15, 1944.

It was part of the price that Churchill [a jewish controlled puppet] and Cherwell were willing to pay for a broad package of American concessions over which Morgenthau had political control including further Lend-lease aid (Phase II) to the British Empire after the war; moreover Mr Churchill needed his support on military issues including joint British strategic control of the atomic bomb (the Hyde Park agreement which was signed on September 18, 1944) and Britain's participation in the war in the Pacific. We can only speculate about Harry Dexter White's purpose in canvassing a plan which would have ruined the largest country in Central Europe, the last bastion that would protect Western Europe from the Red Army in post-war years.



My latest blog post, Death of a City - Part 1, is here: KATANA


Anonymous said...

Is this any different to a Yid telling you he's 'white'? LOL!!

Anonymous said...

It is the dastardly jews with their strangle hold on the means of propaganda that has convinced most of the world that the Germans were these mean enemy worthy of extermination. Now the good enemy that's a different story.

Anonymous said...

Labour party's millionaires

Labour the party of millionaires.

nilus said...

I wonder if any of the slumberers have asked themselves why a fairly minor incident is The Number One global news story?

David Duke deals with this in his latest audio, Hoffman has turned to ryhme:

by Michael Hoffman
The Heart of the World Bleeds for the Master Race

Today the heart of the world bleeds;
Indeed, it wears its heart on its sleeve,
It seems that four rabbis could not flee
The bullets of Palestinian terrorists you see,
Pogrom! Holocaust! Headlines! Weeping!
Twenty years ago in Hebron it had not at all been so,
A settler from Brooklyn, Goldstein by name
With his machine gun in a mosque blasted to and fro,
Butchering 40 Palestinians, he earned his fame,
He wore a yellow star, victimhood was his claim.
The media slashed the death toll to 29
And mourned the dead for a few seconds,
Then turned toward their perpetual shrine: Auschwitz crime.
Four dead rabbis, Jerusalem synagogue, November 2014,
Forty dead Palestinians, Hebron mosque, February 1994.
No equivalence between the two, decrees the media whore,
Jews are Jews, and Arabs, well, who wouldn’t shoot a goy?
FOX News O’Reilly and the Murdoch gang
Speak of Israeli rights to avenge: that’s their supremacist ploy,
They’re amnesiacs when it comes to rights of retribution by the Arab boy,
2100 Palestinians murdered this year alone,
East Jerusalem auctioned by “holy” real estate dealers,
Goldstein’s heirs stripping Arab land to the bone
The never-factored crimes of the Talmudic stealers,
Their thefts modulated to the lowest possible tone,
As Palestinians are shot, jailed, robbed and reduced to stone;
When they resist, the western world starts screamin’,
Popes and Presidents cry crocodile tears,
How dare Arabs obstruct faux Israel’s dreamin’?
There’s no real concern for Palestinians’ fears
Of being killed at will and without a trace, while
The heart of the world bleeds for the Master Race.

James said...

Students will now be able to select if they are male, female, another gender identity (this may include Aboriginal two-spirit, transgender, and other), and they may also choose to decline to answer as well.

Now all the kids just need the right information so they can figure out what they are. Simple male and female is so old fashioned, white almost. Unfortunately nastiesuncle would have to tick the 'other' box which is highly exclusive to people with his special configuration (just him actually).

Aboriginal blond blue-eyed lesbians in action:

Why do these clowns get salaries of $250,000? Really, why?

Anonymous said...

6 guesses who flogged it.

Anonymous said...

What kind of evidence do you want?

Nothing about gas.

Israel sterilized Jews with x-rays too.

You have said nothing really.
Where are all these sterilized Jews? There should be hundreds of thousands of them shouldn't there. Simon Wiesenthal would have told us about it by now.

Do you believe everything from the Nuremberg trials?

Sponge Cake said...

World War 2 history our children are not taught in school.

Anonymous said...

Settle down nilus. No need to get your panties in a bunch. I was simply offering a postive endorsement regarding your sexuality.

nilus said...

This "pick up artist" is no doubt a dick, but banned from entering the country?

Another victory for the fembots and enemies of Freedom.

But muzzies given a pass of course.

"Vile 'pick-up coach' is BANNED from the UK after 136,000 sign petition calling on him to be refused a visa for British 'seduction' seminar

Julien Blanc due to visit Britain next week but his visa will be rejected
Home Office ministers have intervened after 136,000 signed petition
Blanc claims to be a 'pick-up' expert and makes huge sums from seminars
Footage shows him grabbing women by throat and being sexually abusive
He claims £1,200-a-head lectures teach men to make women 'beg' for sex
Lib Dem minister Lynne Featherstone said: 'Julien Blanc's presence in the UK could have led to an increase in sexual violence and harassment'

Hilariously, directly below the above "story" is this:

"Women who want to get their own way should wear HIGH HEELS: Men are more willing to help females in tall shoes

Study shows men are more likely to help a woman if she's wearing heels
And the higher the heels, the more willing the men were to assist her
When women wearing flats asked men to help them, 25 out of 60 took part
A two-inch heel increased this number to 36 out of the 60
But when the heels rose to four inches, the number of volunteers rose to 49"

David Icke is constantly ridiculed and mocked by ALL msm journos, presenters, columnists, etc: The same people that are now claiming to be "shocked" and "amazed" at the "scale" of the so-called VIP paedo scandal. But all this info (including names, has been in Ickes books, and all over the internet, FOR YEARS.

"Father of boy, 8, murdered on way home from Charles and Diana's wedding claims he was victim of Westminster paedophile ring but Scotland Yard covered up crime

Vishal Mehrota disappeared a mile from the family home in London in 1981
Six months later his body was found miles away in remote Sussex wood
Father Vishambar claims rent boy said son was snatched by paedophiles
The eight-year-old allegedly taken to Elm Guest House, abused and killed
Mr Mehrota said he told Scotland Yard detectives who 'pooh-poohed it'
He said: 'It is clear to me that there has been a huge cover up'"

1. All our major Political Parties are led by very corrupt people who are puppets of “big business” and the banks.

2. A jewish master-race are running Western Society with the help of zionists ( right wing ) and marxists ( left wing ) – they both have the same end result with slightly different routes. A 1% jewish master-race and 99% dumbed down, multi-racial or mixed race, debt slaves. This is also known as the “New World Order”.

4. Multiculturalism is the genocide of White Nations.

6. The Establishment, Childrens’ Charities and all major Political Parties are run by and riddled with paedophiles, and probably are just one big paedophile network trafficking thousands of British Children each and every year.

nilus said...

"But videos and pictures of Blanc in action suggest he encourages men to harass women with the aim of having sex with them."


From above story: Who are you not allowed to offend? Why, its JEWS AND MUZZIES, of course!


'Pick up coach' Julien Blanc joins a short list of people banned from the UK in recent years.

2014: French celebrity Dieudonne M'bala M'bala, right, was banned this year. The 'comedian', with convictions for inciting racial hatred, was at the centre of a Premier League anti-Semitism row. He said he would come to London to support then West Bromwich Albion striker Nicolas Anelka, who did a 'quenelle' salute. But the Home Office decided he was not allowed into the country, adding him to Britain's banned list.

2013: Conservative American bloggers Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer were banned. They are the founders of the anti-Muslim group Stop Islamization of America and they run the website Jihad Watch. Both were planning on speaking at an English Defence League march in Woolwich, where Lee Rigby was murdered, but were stopped by the UK Border Agency .

2009: Far-right Dutch MP Geert WIlders was turned back at Heathrow as he tried to defy a ban on entering Britain. He was barred from the UK because he was likely to incite hatred and his visit a threat to 'community harmony and therefore public security'. He was seized by border guards after his aircraft touched down, and questioned for more than an hour before flying back to the Netherlands."

Yes, those very same JEWS and MUZZIES that are amongst the most "racist","sexist" and "homophobic" groups ON THE PLANET!!



"I can say nigger cos Im a nigger, actually Im half nigger so I can only say nig. Or nog "
says plastic-titted fake-blonde White-trash female:

'I'm black so I can say n****': Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace gets into race row over her use of the N-word... following girls' night out with Nicola McLean

'Honour killing' family who bludgeoned pregnant relative to death in front of her husband because they did not approve of their marriage are sentenced to death in Pakistan

Farzana Iqbal killed in May by father, brother, cousin, and another relative
Family did not approve of 25-year-old's marriage to husband Mohammed
She was savagely beaten for 15 minutes and had bricks thrown at her
Husband begged police for help but they allegedly refused to intervene
Mohammed Iqbal later admitted murdering his first wife to marry Farzana
First wife's family forgive him for crime and he recieved no punishment
Hundreds of so-called 'honour killings' take place in Pakistan every year

nilus said...

Chaos as Ukip promises three million European migrants they can STAY in Britain if we leave the EU

Ukip Rochester candidate Mark Reckless caused outrage during hustings
Suggested migrants who have lived in UK for years could be repatriated
Mr Reckless is currently on course to win Ukip's second seat this week
Comment met with jeers and critics slammed it as 'totally unacceptable'
But Ukip this morning insisted all three million EU workers could stay

Three more Conservative MPs poll their voters on leaving the EU... just like Reckless and Carswell did before defecting to Ukip

Peter Bone, Philip Hollobone and Martin Vickers carrying out local ballots
They are canvassing constituents on whether Britain should leave the EU
Douglas Carswell and Mark Reckless carried out polls before defecting
All three deny they are planning to leave the Conservatives for Ukip

Pathetic kike millionaire Milliband was on ITV's
"The Agenda" last night
(I know, a jew on a TV politics show, I could hardly believe my eyes..)

"Labour candidate tells Myleene Klass to LEAVE Britain after she attacked Ed Miliband over mansion tax plan"

Labour candidate calls on Myleene Klass to leave UK over remarks
Comes after the former pop star attacked Ed Miliband's mansion tax plan
Labour wants to impose a levy on homes worth more than £2m
But Klass told him: 'You may as well just tax me on this glass of water'
Viewers said she was ‘doing a Paxman’ and ‘wiping the floor’ with Miliband
Labour's Rachel Reeves slams singer and says 'what planet is she on?'
Mock JustGiving page created to pay the singer's mansion tax bill
Labour leader turns to Kim Kardashian to improve his image in photos

SAVANT said...

I'd love to see UKIP do well but I know for sure that when they get into power they'll backtrack on promise after promise.

nilus said...


It always amused me that Channel 4 news had a couple of reporters, one, a dweeb called
"Simon ISRAEL" and another called "Faisal ISLAM"

Well I just flicked over to Channel 4 news, there's a report about young homeless (who are always WHITE, have you noticed? It might be different in London but Ive NEVER seen a black or paki homeless)

Anyway, the young NEGRO reporter is called: "SIMIAN BROWN."

He comes complete with an "innit" accent and a lisp.
Affirmative Action Much?

Now doesnt "simian" mean "apelike"?

Who makes this shit up?

Now, on Channel 4 news, an interview between arrogant paki (yes I know he's actually a dot-head but "paki" is more offensive)Krishnan Gurumurthy and "black " actor Noel Clarke, talking about being black and how black actor David Harewood said he had to go to USA to make it big (?) and how Chukka Umunna said this and that..utterly pointless.

"Do you resent being referred to as a"black actor/director?" asked the paki to the negro,
(loaded question alert)

"Well I am black, and Im not sure that people do. I dont see you as an Asian newscaster, for instance"

PWNED. The only people going on about his "blackness" are the "colourblind" left, as usual.

Followed by The Weather with freaky-looking NEGRO Liam Button.

Followed by Party Political Broadcast by Caroline Lucas, Green Party.

A clip of her wearing a "No More Page 3" T-Shirt, talking about how many girls were raped in UK: the inference is obvious:
Pictures of tits in a rag that can be read in a 30 min lunchtime by workmen/women lead to rape.

Weve had tits on page three since when? Very late sixties/early seventies? As well as "Confessions" movies, and other "saucy"stuff featuring "dollybirds".

Hmm, I wonder if the things described above lead to a massive increase in rape, or whether there has been a massive increase (30-40% or more) since we allowed millions of nigs, nogs, pakis,Albanians,Latvians,Estonians, etc , into the country.

These people have presumably grown up in cultures that DIDNT feature tits on page 3, so therefore they werent brainwashed by these tits to go out and rape .

Sounds like once again, the blame is being shifted. Im also concerned that "rape" no longer means what it used to, and also the word "child" is being used more and more. A girl of 15 or 16, who has been menstruating since she was 12/13, who shaves her..armpits, with a big set of boobs, in my opinion should NOT be compared to a 1 year old baby or a 4 year old infant. It blurs lines.

I remember when "The Sun" or "The Star" were COUNTING DOWN THE DAYS until Lindsey Dawn McKensies 16th birthday, on which she (and they) proudly showed her ample chesticles.

The teacher that went to France with his busty seductress of 15 (who basically blackmailed him with suicide) is now married to her. He was referred to as a "paedophile".

Seperately, but also, a "black boy" of 18 years old should not be described as "a boy".

Besides, niggers usually HATE being called 'boy'..

PS My ears just pricked up as I heard the phrase "Rabid Jew" being uttered on "Masterchef" (BBC2)

"Rabbit Jus"


nilus said...

Despite all the bad news, there are many omens suggesting that things arent going too well for the jews, the leftie/marxists, and their pets:

The original Magic Nigger AGAIN accused of rape, this time it's got celebrity clout:

'The last thing I remember is him taking off his robe and climbing on top of me': Supermodel Janice Dickinson claims Bill Cosby lured her to his home with TV offer and then drugged and raped her

Supermodel Janice Dickinson is claiming in a new interview that she was drugged and raped by Bill Cosby
Dickinson says the incident happened in Lake Tahoe, California, in 1982, and that the actor gave her a pill with a glass of wine, causing her to blackout
She says she woke up the next morning 'with her pajamas off, in pain, and with semen between her legs'
This comes as two other women have recently come forward to say they were raped and drugged by Cosby
Cosby has yet to respond to any of these allegations
But his attorney, Marty Singer,(OY VEY!!) has branded the allegation a 'complete lie'

I used to think she was a jew,mainly because of her coarse and vulgar New Yoik persona, but it seems not. Many of her husbands and boyfirends were, though.

"Janice Dickinson was born in the Brooklyn, New York, the middle daughter of Jennie Marie (née Pietrzykowski) and Ray Dickinson. Her mother was of Polish descent and her father was of Scots-Irish ancestry.

Dickinson has been open about the emotional and physical abuse she suffered as a child and teenager, and how her father used to sexually abuse one of her sisters. Of her childhood with her "rageoholic pedophile" of a father, Dickinson stated, "Because I wouldn't give in and let him have sex with me, I was verbally and physically abused on a daily basis. I think if you abuse a child, your balls should be cut off. You should be castrated immediately."

"Too Ethnic" ?

"at a time when blue-eyed blondes dominated the fashion scene,Dickinson was turned down several times by modeling agents, including Eileen Ford, who informed Dickinson she was "much too ethnic. You'll never work."

"In November 2014 Dickinson told Entertainment Today that comedian Bill Cosby raped her in 1982. She said that she tried to write about the assault in her 2002 autobiography, but Cosby and his (KIKE)lawyers pressured her and her lawyers to remove the details."

nilus said...

cherchez le juif?

ah, voici:

Pandering to the mob

Following the latest panic to erupt on social media, the Government appears likely to ban the self-styled US pickup artist Julien Blanc – who offers offensive ‘seduction’ tips to men – from Britain.

The bandwagon began with an internet petition and, predictably, the politicians leapt aboard, admonishing Blanc for being ‘sexist and utterly abhorrent’.

Lib Dem Home Office minister
JEW Lynne Featherstone even went so far as to claim that if ‘he was allowed to perform in the UK I have no doubt that cases of sexual harassment and intimidation would increase’.

Yes, Blanc’s ‘act’ may be deeply unpleasant. But, by working themselves into such a public frenzy, all MPs and the Twitter mob have achieved is to raise the profile (and probably the bank balance) of a frankly pathetic individual who almost nobody had ever heard of.

For the Home Office, we have this question: with jihadis, killers and illegal immigrants pouring into the UK, don’t you have other things to worry about?

'Featherstone was born and brought up in North London in a British Jewish family.Her family's wealth is generated from a family business started by her parents – the Ryness chain of hardware and electrical shops in London.'

'Lynne Featherstone first contested the Hornsey and Wood Green seat at the 1997 general election where she finished in third place some 25,998 votes behind the winner,
JEW Barbara Roche.'

'In December 2006, she succeeded JEW Susan Kramer as the Liberal Democrat Shadow International Development Secretary'

'On 5 February 2013 Featherstone voted in favour in the House of Commons Second Reading vote on marriage equality in Britain. She was given a score of 93% in favour of lesbian, gay and bisexual equality by Stonewall.'

'She has indicated she would attempt to ban topless models from appearing on The Sun newspaper's Page 3, stating "I would love to take on Page 3"

Photo: "Lynne Featherstone launches 16 days of activism for the elimination of violence against women with the Minister of Gender and Child Development, NEEGRA Inonge Wina MP, in Zambia in November 2012."

'n December 2010 Featherstone introduced a move that would allow positive discrimination which is primarily aimed at addressing female under-representation in the workforce.


It will also mean that a manager will be able lawfully to hire a black man over a white man, a homosexual man over a heterosexual man, if they have the same skill set. Featherstone, denied the plans were about "political correctness, or red tape, or quotas" and would help make the workplace fairer'

Jon said...

Cultural Marxism is winning in Britain:

Government education inspectors in England mark down a rural school for being "too white".

"School marked down by Ofsted for being 'too white'
Parents angered after Lincolnshire primary school marked down by inspectors for not having enough black or Asian children"

The white British are under attack but the comments show that some are waking up.

Anonymous said...

Anon 18:17 said:
"Where are all these sterilized Jews? There should be hundreds of thousands of them shouldn't there. Simon Wiesenthal would have told us about it by now."

Here's Himmler's reply to Viktor Brack's letter quoted above; he authorises sterilization experiments with X-rays to be carried out in one camp:

David Irving found the followings on this:

"On October 26, 1942 the codebreakers [at Bletchley Park] found Berlin warning Auschwitz to stand by to receive two visitors from the Führer's Chancellery in Berlin - the agency supervising euthanasia and various other killing schemes - for a lengthy stay at the camp: they would be setting up an X-ray sterilisation operation, the radio signal said (this being the method chosen by the S.S. to keep the Jews from breeding). (GC&CS German Police Section intercept: Lolling, Amt D III, to Auschwitz, Oct 26, 1942 (PRO file HW.16/11).]"

You'll find some photos of one male Jew subjected to these experiments at Auschwitz here (keep pushing "next page" until they come up)

Anon 18:17 said:
Do you believe everything from the Nuremberg trials?"

Nope, but nor do I believe everything claimed by the deny-EVERYTHING type of Holocaust revisionists, you know the type; people who claim to be experts on the topic but haven't even heard of the sterilizations experiments, despite the copious amounts of documents about it:

nilus said...

"Last week the National Audit Office delivered the disturbing news that half of Britain’s flood defences are not properly maintained due to spending cuts.

Meanwhile, the waters are once again rising on the Somerset Levels and cracks are appearing in the sea walls which protect the recently repaired railway line in Dawlish, Devon.
The perfect time, then, for ministers to be draining £600million from our bloated foreign aid budget to spend on tackling climate change overseas – including new flood defences Britain cannot afford.

And the posturing political class wonders why it is held in so little regard!"




followed by
JEW Ian Katz's "Jewsnight" presented by
QUEER Evan Davies and
JEW Emily Maitliss

BBC1, 9pm,
KIKE Alan Sugar (Lord/Sir/Baron)
followed by
"Live At The Apollo"
QUEER Joe Lycett and
HALF-JEW PSEUDO FAG Russell Kane and inevitably: ubiquitous, unfunny,box-ticking, disgusting
SHE-Monster Millican.

later, movie "Obsessed" starring Magic Nigger Edris Elba and
Neegra Beyonce.

On ITV, The Australian Jungle:
a nigger, "Stinky Chipfat" or something, crawls around in rotting meat and flies. "Its not Nandos, but its not bad, brav"

On Channel 4,9pm, "Liberty Of London" From the manager down to the lowliest shopfloor person, ALL QUEERS of the Extremely Camp Flaming Faggot variety.
EACH AND EVERY ONE. At this moment, doing a jewellery deal with a flaming faggot New York KIKE called Stephen Kikesteinbergbaum. Probably.

BBC3, 10pm "Sweat The Small stuff" presented by
QUEER Nick Grimshaw, with
JEW Stacey Solomon and a bunch of NEEGRAS. Your License Fee.

BBC4 "Enigma" WW2 draaaama , with QUEER HERO

Channel 4,10pm "It Was Alright In The Seventies":
QUEER JEW Matt Lucas, plus
JEW David Baddiel
JEW David Aaronovitch
JEW Barry Cryer
JEW Arthur Smith

Yesterday Channel "Forbidden History" 'The Illuminati'

Jamie Theakston sheds light on the ultra-secretive Rosicrucian Order, whose members included Leonardo Da Vinci and Isaac Newton.
Are they the real-life 'illuminati'?



New Bill Cosby accuser claims the actor 'was sexually aggressive as he plied her with drugs and booze and wouldn't take no for an answer'

Linda Joy Traitz, of Hallandale Beach, Florida, claims she was just 19-years-old when Bill Cosby tried to get 'sexually aggressive' with her
She says the actor drove her out to a beach in Los Angeles and tried to get her to relax by taking drugs
Traitz refused the drugs and his advances, demanding that he drive her home
Traitz, now 63, says she is coming forward to tell people who believe the actor is innocent that they are wrong
This comes as numerous other women are coming forward to allege Cosby drugged and raped them
Cosby has yet to respond to these new allegations, but did settle a civil suit in 2006 over an incident that had happened two years earlier

Anonymous said...

Jewish Telegraphic Agency, 30 April 1943

This is Rotenstrokin’s eye-witness account as told to the representatives of the Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee, which made the story public today:

“After the Germans invaded Lwow, hundreds of Jews, including myself, were driven to the OUTSKIRTS OF THE TOWN and ordered to CRAWL BACK TO THE CITY ON HANDS AND KNEES [LOL!!! You couldn’t make it up]. When we reached Lwow, all of us were lined up and machinegunned. Fortunately, I FAINTED [LOL!!] and fell to the ground before a bullet hit me and thus escaped death.

Beginning March, 1942, thousands of Jews were shipped to Belsetz, between Lublin and Tomashov, where they were electrocuted and their bodies rendered to make SOAP. I, MYSELF, SAW A PIECE OF SOAP, the wrapper of which was inscribed, ‘JEWISH SOAP!’

Jewish Telegraphic Agency, 09 February 1961

Soap ‘produced’ by Nazis from Jewish Bodies Given Burial in Canada

The Canadian Jewish Congress disclosed today that it had received from a resident of a small Jewish community in Canada, a bar of soap “produced” by the Nazis from human corpses as part of their extermination policy against the Jews. After consulting rabbinic authorities, Congress officials arranged for the burial of the soap in a local Jewish cemetery.

“There is very little one could say when confronted with FURTHER PROOF of the monstrosity of the crimes perpetrated against the Jewish people, but perhaps there is some good in being constantly reminded of it, ” a Congress spokesman declared.

Jewish Telegraphic Agency, 03 May 1961

Eichmann’s Lawyer Summons Nazis As Witnesses; Israel Refuses Immunity

The next witness was Dr. Joseph Buzhminski, a Polish Jew...Facing the SS guns, he and the others tried to stand in a way to be hit in the heart because those who were not killed instantly were buried alive with the dead. At the very last minute, a high ranking SS officer arrived, looked at the waiting victims and said “THESE FAT JEWS ARE GOOD RAW MATERIAL FOR SOAP.”

HAARETZ, 11 February 2005


A Yad Vashem spokeswoman said there is NO PROOF the Nazis made SOAP FROM HUMAN BODIES during the holocaust.

In 1990 samples from several soaps claimed to have been made from Jews were sent for DNA testing at Tel Aviv University. Likewise, those tests determined the soaps did not contain human fats.

The Jewish Week, 22 February 2011

Peter Black, senior historian at the United States Holocaust Memorial and Museum in Washington, D.C., said questions about the soap are frequently asked by visitors and that his answer is, “IT DIDN’T HAPPEN.”

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

Jewish Telegraphic Agency, 25 November 1942

Hitler Has Ordered Annihilation of All Jews by End of 1942, Washington Hears

Dr. Stephen S. Wise, president of the AMERICAN JEWISH CONGRESS, after a conference today with Under-Secretary of State Sumner Welles and other high officials of the State Department, declared that Hitler has ordered the annihilation of all Jews in Europe by the end of this year.

“This news is SUBSTANTIATED IN DOCUMENTS FURNISHED TO ME BY THE STATE DEPARTMENT THIS AFTERNOON,” Dr. Wise said. [LOL!!!] “It is one of the last made acts of destruction which Hitler will perpetrate before he is called to judgement.”

The Nazis,” he declared, “have used various means of killing off large portions of the Jewish population, including poison and asphyxiation, but have now found that THE MOST EFFICIENT METHOD is for a DOCTOR TO INJECT AN AIR BUBBLE INTO THE VICTIMS’ VEINS [LOL!!!]. In this way a SINGLE DOCTOR CAN KILL 100 PERSONS IN AN HOUR.” He added that the Nazis have set a value of fifty marks, about ten dollars at pre-war rate of exchange, for each corpse, and are reclaiming them for SOAP FATS AND FERTILIZER [LOL!!!]. CORPSES ARE ALSO BEING EXHUMED FOR THIS PURPOSE [LOL!!!], he said.

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

The case of Blanc and Ched Evans is Deferred Racist Anger Substitute (DRAS) of a Safe White Targets (SWT)

Blanc and Evans are Safe White Targets (SWT) White Hetrosexual Males.

The vast majority of those who signed petitions would never dream of doing the same against ugly stinking muslims who rape and torture young White girls.

They defer and swap the direction of their anger at the SWT.

Like the sky sports presenter Charlie Webster who only this September tweeted her disappointment of not getting a photo with negro rapist Mike Tyson.

Only a month later she's on jewsnight to tell why she's stepping down of patron of Sheff Utd because of Ched Evans. (even worse the same club signed Marlon King in 2013, who was convicted for assaulting two women, but that didn’t bother Charlie much as he’s black)

Ched Evans was called over to the hotel by a Negro friend and had sex with a girl. The Negro didn’t go to jail, but Ched did and now fembots want to add to his sentence by not allowing him to go back to work.

The same happened after the Rotherham muslim child rape case versus Oscar Pestorius. Lots of people at work were talking about the Oscar case for days. Not a f**cking peep about Rotherham.

DRAS happens a lot in UK real life now. Lazy stupid negro or paki at work doesn't get in trouble for major flaws in their work, whilst SWT step out of line one inch and it's instant sacking.

More 'groomers' such a nice word for what is in fact paki paedophile pimp

Anonymous said...


I find your work on the subject of strange celebrities, writers, etc, very interesting and mindbending.

It's a serious kick in the head, seeing our cultural heroes for the muck they are.

Just hope there's nothing in the hopper about Ray Winstone. He's the last of the old breed, the athelete-turned-actor, and I like him.

If there's something sad about old Ray, I'd rather not know.


James said...

Peter Black, senior historian at the United States Holocaust Memorial and Museum in Washington, D.C., said questions about the soap are frequently asked by visitors and that his answer is, “IT DIDN’T HAPPEN.”

David Irving said the fake building at the front of Auschwitz is just a room with a fake chimney and he went to jail.

Would Mr Black go to jail for saying the same thing.

Still, Irving may no be who he appears to be. Read John Birdman Bryant's pages on him for some intrigue.

Anonymous said...

It will also mean that a manager will be able lawfully to hire a black man over a white man, a homosexual man over a heterosexual man, if they have the same skill set.

Same skill set. Ha ha ha ha .

They can already hire a black man over a white man if they want. It's called "choosing a candidate". You can't give the job to both of them.

This law is just prep work for the next law which will force you to hire the minority if they have the same skill set. (Translation: if they are not completely useless).

Obviously the minorities will then fake their resumes to force employers to give them the job.

And if they still don't get it, they can sue, using said resume as evidence.

Whitey - how much more arse reaming can you take?

Anonymous said...

Safe White Targets (SWT)

That's Mantra thinking.

Anonymous said...

Nope, but nor do I believe everything claimed by the deny-EVERYTHING type of Holocaust revisionists, you know the type; people who claim to be experts on the topic but haven't even heard of the sterilizations experiments, despite the copious amounts of documents about it:

Well, obviously they must not have sterilized very many. Unless they killed them all straight afterwards. But they didn't. They said they kept them for work. And the camps were full of workers at liberation day. No mention of sterilization in the press though, or in Schindler's list, or anywhere else - very strange.

They probably sterilized more in Israel. They did about 50,000 there.

Anonymous said...

the sterilizations experiments, despite the copious amounts of documents about it:

How many were sterilized? Do you know?

How do you know they weren't done at the request of the Zionists. They were pretty picky about who escaped to Israel.

Anonymous said...

Where are all these sterilized Jews? There should be hundreds of thousands of them shouldn't there.

The answer:
You'll find some photos of one male Jew subjected to these experiments at Auschwitz

One? At Auschwitz? Not at the secret backup camp by the river where the H really happened? You're making no sense.

Where are all the old childless sterilized Jews?
Did the Nazis kill them all? Why would they do that if they wanted them for work?

Anonymous said...

Jewish Telegraphic Agency, 20 September 1948

Senators, Congressmen Demand Army Investigation of Commutation of Koch Sentence

At her trial last year, Frau Koch was accused of having been responsible for the death of numerous prisoners, including Jews, and of having used their SKINS as LAMPSHADES, GLOVES AND BOOK COVERS.

Jewish Telegraphic Agency, 30 November 1950

Human Skin Exhibited at Trial of Ilse Koch; German Witnesses Testify Against Her

A piece of tattooed human skin was today introduced as evidence against Ilse Koch, notorious Nazi war criminal, at her trial at Augsburg for crimes against German and Austrian nationals.

The piece of tanned skin was presented following the Koch woman’s DENIAL yesterday that she had ever ordered human skin made into lampshades or other ornaments., 30 September 2010

After the war, the human lampshade was central to the narrative of the Holocaust.

The Jewish Week, 22 February 2011

Mark Jacobsen’s recent book “The Lampshade” is an account of the author’s attempt to authenticate whether a lampshade made from human skin could be traced back to the Nazis.

Peter Black, senior historian at the United States Holocaust Memorial said there is NO PROOF that such objects contain human product “and if it does, we don’t know it is from Jews. … And the difficulty is tying it back to the Nazis. There is nobody who was close enough to have seen the process. There were stories in Romania, Auschwitz and Danzig. But if you follow them to their source, there is NOTHING.”

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

Speaking of WWII, how many Savant readers knew that Ovomit's imaginary uncle liberated the poor Jews from Auschwitz?

"I had an uncle who was part of the first American troops to go into Auschwitz and liberate the concentration camp, and the story in our family was that when he came home he just went up into the attic and didn’t leave the house for six months.”

< >

Dear Ovomit You Compulsive Effing Liar: First of all, the Russians liberated Auschwitz. Secondly, your tramp mother was an only child.

Anonymous said...

Anon 23:40 wrote: "How do you know they [sterilisation experiments] weren't done at the request of the Zionists. They were pretty picky about who escaped to Israel."

I know, because the Third Reich didn't take orders from Chaim Weizmann, Stephen S. Wise, the WZO, WJCongress, or whoever.

The Zionists were indeed picky about who escaped to Palestine [Israel didn't then exist], they didn't want old Jews, they only wanted the young, but they wanted them to be fertile.

Anonymous said...

The number of Jews sterilised in the Himmler-authorised EXPERIMENTS at Auschwitz was probably several hundred.

There was a very famous libel trial held in London during 1964.

Submitted as evidence was the Auschwitz register of surgical procedurescarried out on prisoners; it lists c.180 operations performed between Feb 43 and Feb 44 in which ovaries or testicles were removed.

The plaintiff (former Auschwitz prisoner-doctor Wladislaw Dering) stated that the majority of these procedures were necessary because x-ray radiation experiments had destroyed the sex glands of the prisoners.

This is for Frank Galton; who seems to consider word-searching on this site 'research'.

Anonymous said...

btw - not endorsing evans or blanc they're both dicks.

Another negro rapist (let off / settlement)

Kobe Bryant

rape gives negro 'sizzle'

White womrn flock

nilus said...

Guest Panelist on "The Wright Stuff" (Channel 5) today is American choreographer,
QUEER JEW FAGGOT Brian Friedman, who was too obnoxious even for Simon Cowell: He was quickly sacked from X-Factor.


As the Nation crumbles, what are the MPs concerned with?
Or at least those female control-freaks in govt: the "Sally-Ban"?

"BAN LYCRA AND MIRRORS in gyms", surely then all those useless obese sub-human scumbags will just drop the TV remote and the cheeseburger and rush off to the nearest gym to work out. It's hard to believe this story is true but it is.
"Dont like something? BAN IT.
Dont like someone: BAN THEM.
It's for your own good"

'Get rid of mirrors and Lycra so fat people do more excercise, DAFT BINT public health minister suggests'

STUPID COW Jane Ellison backs calls to reduce obstacles that put overweight people off excercising as she says she remembers the "Lycra shame" of the 1980s


Is she too fat to be a Health Minister? Critics attack 20-stone woman leading Belgium's battle against obesity

A 20-stone politician put in charge of public health has come under fire for being too FAT for the job.

Among her duties as Belgium's new Minister of Public Health, Maggie De Block is tasked with tackling obsesity.

And that, say image-obsessed critics, is a joke.

The 52-year-old politician is hugely popular in Belgium, and was once tipped as a future premier.

But she was considered a surprise choice for the job as Health Minister in the new centre-right coalition which has just taken office.

And Maggie – who tips the scales at something over 20 stones – is not exactly setting a good example in a country where obesity is a problem, according to her detractors.


"The case of Blanc and Ched Evans is Deferred Racist Anger Substitute (DRAS) of a Safe White Targets (SWT)

Blanc and Evans are Safe White Targets (SWT) White Hetrosexual Males.

The vast majority of those who signed petitions would never dream of doing the same against ugly stinking muslims who rape and torture young White girls.

They defer and swap the direction of their anger at the SWT"

Brilliantly put.
Hopefully we can introduce these acronyms as memes, they really sum up the phenomenon . It would have taken me many paragraphs to explain that.

katana said...

The Irish Savant
Sunday, 16 November 2014

Was this man the greatest war criminal of WW 2?

While he always professed himself appalled at German 'war crimes' and wanted to exterminate the whole German High Command after the war it seems he wasn't beyond a bit of war criminality himself. In fact, and this is not an exaggeration, he could justifiably be described as the greatest war criminal of the twentieth century. Because there's compelling evidence to suggest that he deliberately and with malice aforethought consigned over one million German prisoners-of-war to their deaths in 1945.

Savant, the title of your post and then within your post you ask whether Eisenhower could be considered the greatest war criminal of WW 2 and then, in that whole awful century, for the top position. Despite your protests and allowing for some rhetorical flourishing I have say that "Ike", despite being a contender for the title of top mass murderer in some category, isn't in the same class as several others. Stalin, for example used methods of warfare that involved the mass sacrifice of millions of troops, what with the practice of urging on recalcitrants with machine gun wielding NKVD troops behind the lines into mass suicidal assaults.

But what is more interesting, is this whole concept of pinning the blame for whole events on particular singular individuals.

Eisenhower was plucked from relative obscurity and put in command of the European Theater by some persons or group with an agenda. In other words he was positioned to serve a particular purpose, and wasn't a free agent. I think the same can be said of Churchill, Roosevelt, and of course Stalin.

What is common to them all, is that they were totally surrounded by scheming jews.

So when, for example, Churchill declared war on Germany for invading Poland, thus starting World War II, or ordering the mass murder of Germans by terror bombing of cities, who is the true ultimate mass murderer? Is it Churchill, the jewish tool or the jews behind him? What about Roosevelt causing the entry of the USA into the war by instigating many provocations to get Japan to attack Pearl Harbor, etc.?

My point is that all roads of mass murder and genocide in the twentieth century, leads at the end of the trail, not to individual "tools", gentile or jew, but rather to an organized group, that is, the jews.

Of course we must hold the individual figureheads and tools responsible, but it is a huge mistake to focus mainly on them, because that is exactly what they want us to do. We need to fling aside the curtain to expose the truly evil schemers behind it.


My latest blog post, Death of a City - Part 1, is here: KATANA


Anonymous said...

Could use scapegoat or simplify to (DAS) Deferred Anger Substitute.

Other cases of SWT, people who are example of stupid.

Dumb Blonde is the meme when some of the worlds highest IQ's are Nordic Blondes and lowest IQ's are Africans or Abbo’s.

Abbo Australians are dumbest but not gonna hear a person say 'oops I'm having a bit of a dumb Abbo moment'

Another SWT is ugly people, negro's are some of the ugliest people in the world. But SWT will always be picked to make fun of.

Take England, Rooney always the go to comedic ugly example, Shrek

Whilst Oxlade-Chamberlain looks like this

Now take a negro actor like Jamie Foxx who is seen as sexy and make him White.

Here’s a picture of Jamie Foxx in Spiderman, you get the idea of what he’d look like White ugly wide nose etc.

He’d be the ugliest White actor around.

Snoop Dogg as wide nosed freak

nilus said...

The UK "Right Wing" media is:

The Imitation Game: Homophobia is still with us 60 years after the death of Anal Tubing

To combat anti-gay bullying, education against ALL PREJUDICE should be a MANDATORY subject in EVERY school, says
FAGTIVIST Peter Tatchell

" Movies rarely make me cry, but I cried when I watched The Imitation Game. Released today, it stars Bentdick Cumbucket and Keira Twice- Knightly, telling the heroic and tragic story of the British wartime code breaker, mathematical genius and computer pioneer, Anal Tubing.

As well as decrypting NAAAAZI military codes, shortening the war by two years and saving millions of lives, the entire modern digital age of computers, mobile phones, email, internet and space exploration is based on the principles he elaborated.

Although Tubing arguably possessed one of the tightest behinds in history – on a par with Newton and Einstein – he was nevertheless prosecuted and hounded to his death in 1954 for being fabulous.

Upon conviction, Tubing was given a stark choice: two years' jail, or chemical castration via a hormone therapy that was uncannily similar to the NAAAAAAAZI "cures" for homosexuality that were used on gay men in BUCHENWALD CONCENTRATION CAMP .

Unable to cope with the ghastly side effects of castor oil , he committed pesticide at the age of 41 – depriving humanity of future knowledge and inventions he might have pioneered had he lived. Hoverboards, talking dildos,anal speculums ,Tippex, Post-its, cling film and peanut butter amongst them.

I wanked as I watched this film. I wanked not only for Tubing’s terrible personal suffering, but also for the estimated 50,000-100,000 other gay and bisexual men who were convicted in Britain under the same or similar anti-gay laws. Unlike Tubing, most of them were given no choice. They were jailed and often brutally abused on the inside.
Lucky buggers"
( I have slightly edited this article-nilus)

'Cracking the glass ceiling
The rise of women in the workplace is welcome news'

Nadine Dorries: 'Why I'm supporting hypocritical KIKE Edwina Currie in the Celeb jungle'
As KIKE Edwina Currie enters the celebrity jungle, Sophy Ridge speaks to former contestant MP Nadine Dorries about WHY WE NEED MORE WOMEN politicians on television - and what the experience 'did for her body confidence'

'Education should be free to everyone, at every level'
Although the clash with police marred the day, Eleanor Muffitt hopes the student protest will kick-start momentum for the free education campaign

"Women bosses are more likely to suffer depression"
A new study shows that women who have the ability to hire, fire and influence pay in the workplace, are more likely to have symptoms of depression than women in lower level roles'


nilus said...

"Finally! The gender pay gap is closing. Now the Tories MUST help ALL WOMEN thrive" BY

Can a sexy young woman really help flog a dinosaur? by

Banning all talk of immigration is a gift to racists
If liberals want to make ordinary people believe that the only forces prepared to address their concerns are fascist bigots, then they are going the right way about it by


Olympic dressage champion Charlotte Dujardin, 29, talks to PAKI Radhika Sanghani

Jesus Christ would be ashamed of 'Christian' abortion protestors
Abort67 outside Blackfriars Medical Practice collecting signatures to prevent the opening of a BPAS abortion clinic last month
A high profile anti-abortion activist has been found guilty of harassment in Belfast. It's shone a much-needed spotlight on the growing numbers of 'Christian' protestors shaming women outside clinics throughout the UK.'


" Full disclaimer: I have never liked or understood religious preachers.

And yet I seem to be a magnet for them. On the tube, in the street, on the bus – I am regularly offered Jesus as a route to my salvation. In fact there’s one man outside my local train station who just screams his messiah’s name at the top of his voice. Every. Single. Day.

Often I just awkwardly mumble ‘no thank you’ before shuffling off, feeling embarrassed.

Or when I am feeling slightly bolder, I tell them they are barking up the wrong tree, what with me being a member of a different tribe and all that.

So before I am accused of being anti-religion, I should also make crystal clear that it’s preciously because I am a member of one of the oldest faiths in the world, that I also loathe the hard religious sell.

To take something as fundamentally personal as faith and shove it into the public realm just feels off. I feel this more strongly because I’m Jewish: just like you’ll never see Quakers on the street preaching, you won’t see rabbis trying to convert people, because our religion teaches that every righteous person will make it into heaven."

"The images on their particular placards are so gruesome, The Telegraph cannot link to its site nor use most of the group’s photos.

And others are just freelance ‘Christians’.

You might be wondering why I’ve put inverted commas around the word Christian throughout this article, whenever I’ve mentioned anyone protesting outside these places in the name of their faith. It is because they are being anything but Christian.

Christianity, and acts done in the name of it, should have charity, love, kindness and respect in their DNA.

These people are badgering or silently shaming women as they walk into have a legal medical procedure. How is that Christian? "

"What if Superman was born in the sixteenth century? What if the Incredible Hulk was a Duke? And how might Van Eyck have portrayed Snow White? Photographer
JEW Sacha Goldberg went back to his childhood to get inspiration and mixed icons of American culture with Flemish school painting styles.

Above, a masked man with a spider embroidered on his chest (Spiderman)
Picture: Sacha Goldberger

gobsmacked said...

Being "too English" in England is now a crime says a writer in The Telegraph:

Some comments after the article:

Nickr • 6 hours ago
"The pupils “lacked first-hand experience of the diverse make-up of modern British society”.

So, none of them had been raped or trafficked then?

Muttley Nickr • 6 hours ago
In the light of the article today about the death of the dreaded pupil exchange visits to France, perhaps these Lincolnshire pupils would instead benefit from a sojourn in Rotherham?

Nobby Charlton said...

Here's another Safe White Target in Britain: Malky Mackay football manager subjected to a PC witch hunt over a few text messages which didn't meet with Stasi approval:

Anonymous said...

Good news! My daughter, 25, HATES Lena Dunham. Out to dinner and then to see "Birdman".

The evil monkey sings tonight.

Denise said...

nilus is NOT A FAGGOT. Go back to hell - Devil's spawn.

Anonymous said...

Fact check! School boy error.

So when, for example, Churchill declared war on Germany for invading Poland, thus starting World War II - Katana

1940 Churchill becomes leader after the fall of France.

(let's not give trolls ammunition)

Sponge Cake said...


Check this out.

Anonymous said...

Labour millionaire MP offended by white van and Saint George's flag

What a curious thing for Labour’s Emily Thornberry to tweet. Was it the white van, the England flag or the house that so offended Lady Nugee? How would she like it if someone posted a picture of one of her many, many houses online?

One of those houses alluded to is a £2 million one in Islington.

Scott @ScottXVIIII


Sponge Cake said...

Wigan chairman: ‘Jewish people do chase money more than everybody else’.

WIGAN CHAIRMAN DAVE Whelan has been accused of anti-semitism following controversial comments in an interview with The Guardian.

Whelan defended his appointment of manager Malky Mackay, who was previously also alleged to have made anti-semitic remarks via a series of mobile phone text messages.

In the interview with the paper, Whelan defended Mackay’s remarks, saying Jewish people “love money”

“Do you think Jewish people chase money a little bit more than we do?” he asked. “I think they are very shrewd people.

Sponge Cake said...

Cruel carer caught hitting disabled boy in his bedroom at residential home after worried parents installed secret camera.

Obsessed stalker sent ex-EastEnders actress Brooke Kinsella unwanted gifts and even visited the grave of her murdered brother.

Her brother was stabbed to death by a gang of "Youths".

Anonymous said...

@ Gobsmacked

RE: Allison Pearson - Schools are too English LOVES that shit.

AS white trash females go this bitch nears the top of the list trust me.

She used to write for the London Evening standard and constantly bashed indigenous Brits as mostly 'thin lipped fascists'

The woman's a cunt like the rest of 'em. Her lily white arse wouldn't be in the media if she wasn't a Jew toadying ethnic turking cunt!

Anonymous said...

SWT - Malky Mackay

Now Dave Whelan's in trouble defending him!

Wigan’s Dave Whelan accused of antisemitism in new controversy
• ‘Jewish people chase money more than everybody else’
• Wigan owner under new fire after hiring Malky Mackay
• Chinese community leader accuses him of condoning racism
• Shirt sponsor pulls out saying its position is ‘untenable’

Whelan previously sacked negro Marlon King in 2009/10 after he had been convicted for braking a White girls nose and sexually assaulting her.

Nowadays ANGER is directed not towards the negro, kike or paki rapist but towards the DAS scapegoat SWT for saying WORDS!!!

Malky Mackay is in trouble for WORDS he said in PRIVATE EMAILS, and the Fembots/pc/kikes never want him to work again.

Meanwhile kike paedo rapist MP's and paki paedo rapists (no arrests in Rotherham yet) are free walking the streets!!!

Dave+33 said...

Very good development with Emily Thornberry. Very good. Because it's vitalfor the white working class see that 'Labour' despises them. If this happens they become like the Dems in America, increasingly a repository for'minorities'.

Anonymous said...

The number of Jews sterilised in the Himmler-authorised EXPERIMENTS at Auschwitz was probably several hundred.

OK, that sounds like a definite possibility, but you still need to demonstrate how this proves that 1.8 million Jews were sterilized or gassed at some other secret camps. Are we still on the same topic?

Anonymous said...

Anal Tubing. How could you call the inventor of the computer you are using something like that?!

Funny as all hell to a mind full of hate though, so I'm told.

Anonymous said...

@The little nose behind the curtain 01:15

Jewish Daily Forward, 21 April 2014

Israel’s Uncomfortable History of Racist Engineering


A little noticed 2011 book by academic Etan Bloom revealed that the father of Israeli sociology and a leading Zionist of the British Mandate named ARTHUR RUPPIN, was a believer in eugenics.

In 1919 he argued that the Jewish race should be “purified” and that it was “desirable that only the racially pure come to the land.” As head of the Palestine Office of the Zionist Executive (later the Jewish Agency for Israel), he PUT HIS PURITY SCHEMES INTO PRACTICE, arguing that Ethiopian Jews should not be permitted to immigrate, because “they have no blood connection,” and arguing that Yemenite Jews should be brought only for menial labor.

RUPPIN and his fellow travelers were able to influence the Zionist movement, tragically in retrospect, to view non-Europeans as a different caste and to back up their arguments with outdated theories of eugenists. For instance, Chaim Sheba, who became director general of the Health Ministry in 1950, argued, according to a 2005 report that “a high concentration of those ill in body and soul would jeopardize the future of Jewish community in Israel. To support his argument, he used examples from genetic theories which purported to show national gene pools weakened through a lack of genetic vigilance.” Sheba was influential in temporarily preventing Cochin Jews from immigrating. The communist newspaper Davar asserted that a community “with numerous sick, decadent, unrestrained elements will not withstand the social and security test.” Haaretz writer Arieh Gledblum claimed in 1950 that North African Jews’ “primitivism is unsurpassed…. They have little talent for comprehending anything intellectual” and “lack any roots in Judaism.”


We are here not only to equip students with standard educational content, rather to train a generation of MORALLY CONSCIENTIOUS LEADERS [LOL!!!] who have a social mission and are environmentally aware. The search for the roots of this MORAL MISSION [LOL!!!] leads to the man for whom this institution is named, DR. ARTHUR RUPPIN [Hahaha!!!], one of the founding father of Jewish agricultural settlement in the Land of Israel and a well known sociologist [EUGENICIST].

Arthur Ruppin was one of the founders of the city of Tel Aviv. Many cities in Israel named streets after Ruppin, and the city of Haifa has a prize (the Arthur Ruppin Haifa Municipality Prize) in his name awarded for extraordinary works in thinking, philosophy and politics.

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

The little nose behind the curtain said “This is for Frank Galton; who seems to consider word-searching on this site 'research'”

He said this after linking to an article on ‘WIKIPEDIA’.


You couldn’t make it up!

Frank Galton

nilus said...

Interesting cohencidence, Spongecake: I came here just now to vent about Question Time, this week from Birmingham:

First Question: "Re: Immigration: was UKIP right all along?

Andy Burnham has just likened UKIP to the BNP, within 2 minutes of the program starting.
(Rapturous Applause)

He also trots out the tried and trusted: "The NHS would collapse and grind to a halt without immigrants"
(Rapturous Applause)

Then over to that ghastly White-hating fucker Yasmin Alibhai Brown , to mouthfart more crap, then over to Tory Kenneth Clarke to say "yes, we have to have 'a discussion"
(TOO LATE FOR THAT PAL) and the tired old "some 2 million Brits live in Europe, and 10% of those in Berlin claim Unemployment Benefit"

( Berlin has for some years now attracted lots of "bohemian "types, lots of support for artsy stuff, plus cheap ex-warehouse space, etc: Hardly comparable to the Elephant In The Room.

Now over to another Posh Young Female Paki/Indian, who is the Brown Face of the Taxpayer's Alliance.

Globalist Bilderberger and alleged cock-fondler Clarke has again drawled out his globalist spiel , "free movement of labour , global economy, etc"

The cunt brown is now bleating that Australia treats would be immigrants/asylum seekers "worse than animals", god, what a twat she is.

Now a black in the audience tells us that we live in a "global village" ( yes, but is it a 'quaint beautiful cricket pitch and duckpond' village or a stinking
'mud hut and goats' village in Dafur?)

It's like watching the same show every week, and the thing about these "immigration debates" is that none of them DARE mention the REAL issue:
the Sudanese nigger muslims,
the Paki muslims, and other 3rd world savages and scum.

Its pathetic. Less than 1 hour of TV time dedicated to "important issues", but hour upon hour to slebs dancing,slebs eating rat cock, wannabes singing, etc..

Over and out.
Screw you guys, Im going home:

New Series. Episode three "The Cissy", mocks the whole "cisgender/trans" crap.

Dave+33 said...

Very good development with Emily Thornberry. Very good. Because it's vitalfor the white working class see that 'Labour' despises them. If this happens they become like the Dems in America, increasingly a repository for'minorities'.

Anonymous said...

@The little nose behind the curtain 01:15

GENOCIDE (Article 2)

Genocide means any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such:

d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group

The Independent, 27 January 2013

Israel gave birth control to Ethiopian Jews without their consent

Israel has admitted for the first time that it has been giving Ethiopian Jewish immigrants birth-control injections without their knowledge or consent.

The government had previously denied the practice but the Israeli Health Ministry’s director-general has now ordered gynaecologists to stop administering the drugs.

Forbes, 28 January 2013

Israel Forcibly Injected African Immigrants with Birth Control

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

@ Frank Galton

Yep, the Israelis sterilised African Jews without their consent, and? Are you hoping I'm a supporter of Israel and Jewish causes or something? LOLs are on you then! I consider it a proven fact that Israel-firsters in the Bush admin. and CIA arranged the 9/11 attacks.

I'm just pointing out to the less studious readers here, that believing that the Nazis didn't gas a lot of Jews, is like believing in the authenticity of the Protocols, it's just fucking stupid.

The Nazis sterilised and eventually gassed disabled Germans, then they gassed sick camp prisoners, and after that, they started gassing Jews. Yes, it can be tough to wade through all the bullshit and exaggerations claimed about the "Holocaust", but that's not an excuse to believe nothing happened at all; as that would make you an:

katana said...

Anonymous said... 20 November 2014 18:04
Fact check! School boy error.

“So when, for example, Churchill declared war on Germany for invading Poland, thus starting World War II” - Katana

1940 Churchill becomes leader after the fall of France.

(let's not give trolls ammunition)

Thanks Anon. I hope it’s not the cane for that silly error!

I’ve had Churchill on the brain since I started doing a post on my blog about the terror bombing of Hamburg.


For my latest blog post, Death of a City – Part 1, click here >>> KATANA


Anonymous said...


Do us a favour. File the little nose behind the curtain’s post at 07:05 alongside "The Queen has got £100 trillion in gold stashed on the Moon".


Frank Galton


nilus said...

Frank Galton: You are a fool.

Everyone Nose that the Queens trillions are stashed in Nazi Bases in Antarctica.

Sheesh. Some people.

Anonymous said...

@ Frank Galton

You've been here long enough to know Savant doesn't buy the authorised story of 9/11, and I'm surprised to learn you do.

Perhaps you're the nose behind the curtain!

<:P>insert spurious laughter acronym<:P>

SerpentSlayer said...

That's an old fashioned thing? Where I live in Lancashire, we call anybody who is a bit annoying or burrows away money a "jew". Not as dead as you might be led to think.