Wednesday, 22 October 2014

America cracks down on corruption. In Hungary

The world reeled in shock yesterday as the Wall St. Journal reported a crackdown by America on corruption.  However panic was avoided and order restored when it emerged that the moral crusade applied only to Hungary, And presumably any other country without a Rothschild Central Bank, Or which objects to a takeover by the Tribe as apparently 'old scapegoats have come back to life in a nation that was flattened by globalization: foreigners, bankers, and Jews.'  Oh dear.

This from the WSJ.    "The State Department refused entry to the U.S. to several Hungarians because it said they had been involved in corruption, once more highlighting tensions between the U.S. administration and the feisty government of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban. In a statement issued by Charge’d affairs M. Andre Goodfriend the embassy said the US canceled the visas on the basis of “credible information that those persons are either engaging in or benefiting from corruption.

Some more observations by TPTB.

President Obola. 'I've never heard of Hungary before but must ask myself why they cannot conduct their business affairs honestly. Like Jon Corzine, Jamie Diamond and LLoyd Blankfein.'

AG Eric Holder: 'If there's one thing I cannot stand it's corruption and accordingly strongly endorse this fearless and even-handed application of the law. If we let this kind of thing go unpunished you could find the Hungarians doing something like......supplying weapons to gangsters in neighbouring countries,'

Abe Foxman: 'An excellent move. Godammit what would happen if these goys, I mean guys get into financial racketeering as well? And those Magyars, will we ever forget the Arrow Cross in WW 2? Oy vey, the sufferink...the sufferink. Just as well we have one of our own in Amos Goodfreund, whoops I mean Andre Goodfriend fighting our corner.'

We'll have to keep an eye on this anti-corruption thingy from the Americans. Humanitarian bombing might be replaced by anti-corruption bombing.  We live in interesting times.


Hoosier said...

George Soros is pissed at the Hungarians that they investigated his 'civil society' organization there. This was dedicated to destroying the country by pushing abortions up to 30 weeks, homosexuality and all of the other 'freedoms' that he pushes on Eastern Europeans.

Anonymous said...

It's unfortunate but America will probably be the next white country to fall. If there isn't some sort of uprising in a few years America will become another Brazil. There's more people of Irish descent in America than in Ireland. About 36 million Americans have Irish ancestry. Maybe some of them should think about going back to Ireland, because it isn't looking good for Irish-Americans or white Americans in general:

Olda said...

I have a great respect and admiration for Hungarian people. They fucked Stalin's thugs during the WWII. Taking Budapest cost the Soviet army more that 200,000 soldiers dead.

In 1956, Hungarian people rebelled against Soviet's Jewish commissars and their Soviet Gestapo (a.k.a NHVD). Yes, Soviets were able to put the rebellion down but it was the beginning of the end of Zionist/Bolshevik cancer over the Eastern Europe leading to the eventual collapse of the sadistic/barbaric Zionist-created Soviet Empire.

To make the long story short: Long live Hungary and its brave people! Comrade Lenin liked to say that the great revolutionary fire always starts from a small spark. The world banksters occupation is coming to the end and we just do not know what will be the decisive spark that will create a revolutionary inferno. As for the CIA/Mossad created fanatical/extremist Muslim lovechild, it must and will be also destroyed.

Anonymous said...

Holder hates corruption. He be black?

Glen C. said...

Excellent Savant, excellent. One well placed barb after another. Ridicule is the one sure way to beat those bastards.

DJF said...

Just African American Studies classes alone in the US probably have more fraud then all of Hungry.

“””UNC's (University of North Carolina) Fake Class (African American Studies) Scandal Is Much Bigger Than Anyone Realized”””

nilus said...

NIGGER kills PAKI, JEW Judge:

Brixton bicycle row murder accused pleads guilty

A 16-year-old boy has pleaded guilty to the murder of a teenager in a row over the sale of a bicycle.

The boy, who cannot be named for legal reasons, admitted stabbing 17-year-old Alim Uddin seven times.

He attacked Alim at the Tilford House block of flats in Brixton, south London, on 4 May.

The victim had gone to meet the boy to ask for the return of the £90 he paid for the bike, which the defendant had not handed over, the Old Bailey heard.

The accused was due to face trial having denied Alim's murder, but changed his plea to guilty.
'Youthful bravado'

A post-mortem examination found seven wounds - four to the front of his chest, one to the lower back, one to the shoulder and one to the thigh.

"The stab wounds suffered by Alim Uddin and the complete lack of injury suffered by (the defendant) paints a clear picture of how Alim Uddin came to his death," Mr Jeremy said.

Judge Richard Kramer remanded the boy in custody to be sentenced on 12 November.

nilus said...

Of course Ukip won't condemn its racist new partners, because Ukip is the cult of Nigel Farage
Ukip has allied itself with racists and Holocaust deniers - but as long as that's OK with Nigel Farage, the cult leader, don't expect a peep of condemnation from within the party

Nigel Farage is always at pains to explain how his party shuns racism and extremism. It’s a sham, of course, as I’ve written countless times before. And his embrace of the KNP proves it’s a sham.

The KNP are racists and Holocaust deniers. In July, KNP leader Janus Korwin-Mikke called for the abolition of the minimum wage in Britain by claiming that “four million n****rs” lost their jobs after John F Kennedy introduced a US national minimum wage in 1961. He also claimed Adolf Hitler “was probably not aware the Jews were being exterminated”.

British director named most powerful person in world of art
JEW Sir Nicholas Serota, director of Tate galleries, has been named the most powerful person in the world of art

Gay (JEW) CNN presenter Richard Quest on his comeback after that embarrassing park incident

Richard Quest is described by CNN as “one of the most instantly recognisable members of the CNN team”. Quest describes himself as gay and Jewish. Gawker, on the other hand, describes him as a “park-cruising meth-head”.

Anonymous said...

LGBT refugees.

What next?!

Anonymous said...

Savant the robot thing is really annoying.

Is it really necessary?

nilus said...


Nigel Farage deal with Polish far-right party ‘raises serious questions’

Leading British Jewish group criticises Ukip’s fund saving tie-up with Congress of the New Right MEP Robert Iwaszkiewicz

Britain’s leading Jewish organisation has accused Nigel Farage of putting Ukip’s credibility on the line by striking a deal with a far-right Polish party whose leader has a history of Holocaust denial and racist and misogynistic comments.

The Board of Deputies of British Jews said Farage had

“very serious questions to answer”

after the Ukip leader confirmed that an MEP from Poland’s Congress of the New Rightwould be allowed to join his European grouping.

Jonathan Arkush, vice president of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, said the his organisation was “gravely concerned by reports that Ukip may sit in the same parliamentary grouping as a far-right Polish MEP in a bid save its funding”.

Arkush added: “Robert Iwaszkiewicz belongs to an extwemist party whose leader has a histowy of Holocaust deniaw, wacist wemarks and misogynistic comments. He belongs to the far-wight Polish JKM [Congress of the New Right], led by Janusz Korwin-Mikke, who has weportedly called into question the wight of women to have the vote."

Mia Freedman apologises after making gay-paedophile analogy

Mamamia founder’s comments during discussion on The Project about NT sex offender register "provoke furious response" (really?) on social media

Mia Freedman has apologised after comparing gay people to paedophiles on national television, saying it has created “heinous” headlines.

Freedman, founder of the independent women’s website Mamamia, made the comment during a debate about the Northern Territory’s plan to set up a public sex offender register, which she supports.

“I think what you want to do is keep children safe from people who have already acted on it and I think this [the public sex offender register] should be Australian-wide, I don’t think it should just be the Northern Territory … we accept that gay people can’t change who they love and who they’re sexually attracted to, so why do we think that people who are sexually attracted to children can be rehabilitated,” she said on Ten’s The Project.

“I just think, name and shame them – I want to know where they are.”

None of the three other panellists reacted to the comment, as the network cut straight to an ad break.

Freedman released a statement “unreservedly apologising” and attempting to explain the comments on Friday morning, saying she was “mortified”.

“Not because I have ever or would ever compare homosexuality to paedophilia – that idea is repugnant to anyone with an IQ above room temperature – but because I accidentally gave ammunition to haters and bigots and caused the words homosexuality and paedophilia to appear in the same sentence in headlines and a Twitter pile-on,” she wrote.

Freedman said she was trying to distil a complex issue into a 15-second grab and had failed. She said she knew there was no link between homosexuality and paedophilia and was trying to make the point that inherent sexuality could not be changed.

nilus said...

Non-Jews must lead fight against antisemitism, says Douglas Alexander
Shadow foreign secretary expresses fears over rise of far-right parties in Europe on visit to Auschwitz
Non-Jewish people must take the lead in defeating antisemitism across Europe, the shadow foreign secretary, Douglas Alexander, has said, as he expressed fears about the "deeply troubling" prospect of successes for the far right in next year's European parliamentary elections.

Speaking after he toured the Nazi death camp at Auschwitz, Alexander said all of humanity had a responsibility to tackle antisemitism, and silence was the "co-conspirator of evil".

Alexander, a member of the Church of Scotland, said: "The task of confronting and defeating antisemitism is not the responsibility of the Jewish community. It is the responsibility of every one of us. To deny that is to deny our common humanity."

Meanwhile, Mike Read has just thrown away his one chance at credibility by caving in to people who CLAIM TO BE "horrified and appalled" that he sang a Calypso in a Caribbean accent...which black and White alike have been doing since Calypso became popular.

I wouldnt be surprised to find the England -hating nigger-lover Bill Oddie has done similar in the past.

Then there's "10CC" with "Dreadlock Holiday", or "The Beatles" with "O-Bla Di O Bla Da", the list of Whites singing in Caribbean accents is long indeed.

So when will people be "horrified and appalled " at
QUEER JEW Matt Lucas's blacking up/yellowing up, etc?

Or JEW Simon Brodkins?

Or JEW Sasha Baron=Cohens?

nilus said...

But of course....

Mia Freedman (born 1 October 1971 is a journalist, columnist, author, blogger and media consultant.

Freedman is also the founder, publisher and editorial director of Australian women’s website In 2012, Freedman also launched parenting website .

Freedman was born to Kathy, a psychologist and art gallery owner, and Laurence Freedman, who worked in finance and currently heads The Freedman Foundation.

Her father came to Australia to FLEE the apartheid regime in South Africa. Freedman was raised JEWISH.

She grew up in Sydney and attended the Ascham School.

Anonymous said...

- till 1989 was a kind of aparatchik, family background, president of Kommunista Ifjúsági Szövetség.
- in 1989, when borders were not yet open, with a Soros sponsorship, went to Oxford.
- his actual adviser, FIDESZ too, is Arthur Finkelstein
- last week, Richard Spencer, president of the National Policy Institute, was arrested in Budapest, lattely deported, and the gathering of nationalists, traditionalists and identitarians was disrupted.
- 2014 was declared Hungarian Holocaust Memorial Year.

Anonymous said...

as the French cop said to Bogart in Casablance"gambling here Nick?im shocked do you hear shocked that you have gambling in this establishment"

Iron Felix said...

These Hungarians, yes; won't play the financiers game, eh. Wasn't there some fellow in the '30's who disinclined to play the game too. Chap wanted what he called Autarky, a state of affairs wherein his country would be self-sufficient in all matters and thus could not be forced into starvation and degrading defeat a second time? What WAS his name now.....?

Eamon Bejayzuz said...

Anon. @23.49 makes an interesting suggestion, that Irish Americans might consider returning to Ireland. Whilst a sound idea in itself it must be remembered that Ireland itself would view this with horror. The last thing the Irish state wants is any form of seltic aliyah, because that state is wedded to furthering those processes that developed after the Act of Union. These number such things as clearances (outside Dublin Ireland is virtually empty), forced emigration of the natives, Africanisation and---most of all---readying the country for sale to outsiders, all this to be financed by onerous taxation levied upon the remaining autothocthons.

Anonymous said...

Anon 23:49 --

"About 36 million Americans have Irish ancestry."

True, Anon, but one of those 36 million is Halle Berry.

Just like a local gal who has a fine Hungarian daddy and a Puerto Rican mother. The children of these unions do not have much loyalty for Europe, at least not usually.


SAVANT said...

I know that robot validation thing is annoying and it just appeared. I'll see if I can remove it

Anonymous said...

niggers have no neanderthal dna. that is why they are stupid and violent.

Siberian man from 45 000 years ago has 2% Neanderthal DNA

Anonymous said...

Hungary one day North carolina the next

As Barack Obama is proud of his academic credentials he will have his education secretary look into the University of North Carolina where fake classes were held for a certain protected class.

Anonymous said...

Murica's after Hungary cos Prime Min. Orbal stands by Putin.

So the evil bitch Victoria Nuland (the cunt who destroyed Ukraine) wants to cut Orban's balls.

Ragno said...

To the fellow at 23:49 who opined "It's unfortunate but America will probably be the next white country to fall"..


Anonymous said...

the present day Irish Govt. will do to its own people what they have accused the Brits OF DOING TO THEM FOR YEARS,FORCED POVERTY AND EMIGRATION.

Anonymous said...

THE ROBOT THING IS dear blogger do you suppose the govts can find out who you are and where you love,

Social media are anti-social said...

British director named most powerful person in world of art
JEW Sir Nicholas Serota, director of Tate galleries, has been named the most powerful person in the world of art

It's worth revisiting Tom Wolfe's witty critique of this sort of swankery: The Painted Word, published in 1975.

Here's an excerpt from the Wiki article on the book:

The main target of Wolfe's book, however, was not so much the artists as the critics. In particular, Wolfe criticized three prominent art critics whom he dubbed the kings of "Cultureburg": Clement Greenberg, Harold Rosenberg and Leo Steinberg. Wolfe argued that these three men were dominating the world of art with their theories and that, unlike the world of literature in which anyone can buy a book, the art world was controlled by an insular circle of rich collectors, museums and critics with out-sized influence.

Nothing has changed.

Anonymous said...

Rabid abolitionists pushing race mixing in Civil War times. Remember one book, published in 1866, waxing rhapsodic about the coming new "American Race." Didn't get too far with it back then. Group of ex-slaves and Union soldiers settled in North Jersey is known as the Jackson Whites. Interbred troglodytes now but can still be found.

Important to note this sort of fanaticism predates most Jewish immigration here.

Sponge Cake said...


A Cultural Marxist Tries To Deconstruct Japan. Guess What, He’s American.

The same forces deconstructing the United States are targeting the most successful ethno-state the world has ever known—Japan. The country politely insists on remaining a successful nation-state with one language, culture, and race, despite the relentless attacks which simultaneously deny and decry the uniqueness of the country. In the eyes of Cultural Marxists and globalists, this living rebuttal to multiculturalism cannot be allowed to exist.

A leading voice in the fight to destroy Japan: U.S.-born Jake Adelstein, a long-time resident in Japan. Adelstein , wages a war against the existence of the Japanese from his column at the English-language newspaper The Japan Times, which is helpfully slugged Dark Side Of The Rising Sun. The essence of a recent column was that the Japanese government is illegitimate because figures in the Cabinet “socialized” with activists whom Adelstein finds “disturbing.”

Adelstein !!!

Dan said...

Buy that book. It's naming the Jew without naming the Jew. Fucking genius.

Anonymous said...

Whites ONLY please

Anonymous said...


Brendan O'Connell's latest video.

He calls the government terrorism hotline in Australia and tries to warn them about Israeli spy and terrorism activity.

Link provided by Henry Makow.

Uncle Nasty said...

I was called a "Nazi" last night. I have never felt so proud.

But a thought occurred to me. What we need is a one-word epithet for the fuckheads.

We can't call them all of them jews, yids, fags or child molesters ... mainly because not all of them are jews, yids, fags, shirt lifters, carpet munchers, coprophiles and child molesters.

A huge proportion, yes ... but not all.

Any suggestions?

Either way, to business. I often wonder what it is about the left that pisses me off so. Could it be their greed, avarice, wilful stupidity?

Nope. It's their infuriating hypocrisy.

The socialist party in Seattle that wants to raise the federal minimum wage to $20 per hour but advertised a job last week for an experienced web developer paying just $13 per hour is now defending itself.

The Huffington Post, which was sued by a bunch of unpaid bloggers after founder Arianna Huffington sold the website for $315 million, has the story.

The argument from the Freedom Socialist Party is that it cannot afford the minimum wage it seeks to impose on every commercial entity in America.

Doug Barnes, the Freedom Socialist Party’s national secretary, claimed that the collectivist political organization shouldn’t be subject to its own wage demands because it is a nonprofit that receives revenue from leftist contributors.

“We’re practicing what we’re preaching in terms of continuing to fight for the minimum wage,” Barnes told the HuffPo. “But we can’t pay a lot more than $13.”

Barnes also suggested that the Freedom Socialist Party would make more money off the backs of the low-wage workers he claims make many contributions if the federal government or state governments forced businesses to pay employees a minimum of $20 per hour.

“Our donor base would all be affected, and the low-wage workers who support us with $5 to $6 a month would be able to give more,” he told HuffPo. “That would affect our ability to pay higher wages as well.”

He noted that he personally supports a $22 per hour minimum wage.

According to his Facebook page, Barnes is a graduate of the Evergreen State College.

His Facebook “likes” include Occupy Seattle, Syrian Revolution Support Bases, El Centro de la Raza, Mumia Abu Jamal and Bay Area Radical Women.

Despite his spirited defense of the help wanted ad, Barnes added that the Freedom Socialist Party has since removed its ad from both and Craigslist.

“The right-wing attack is very hypocritical,” the socialist — who wants a $20 minimum wage but has sought a $13-per-hour web developer — lamented.

I give up.

Anonymous said...

Some people will be happy to read about this..

nilus said...

Bad taste? Outrage as Swiss coffee company uses picture of Hitler’s face on novelty milk lids

Lids showing the faces of dictators were spotted in Graubunden and Aargau
They were distributed by Switzerland's largest supermarket chain Migros
Outside company had commissioned lids featuring vintage cigar labels

Swiss coffee company has been forced to withdraw novelty milk lids featuring the image of Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler after they were spotted by German businessmen in a city centre cafe.

Lids showing the faces of Hitler and Mussolini were spotted by a group Germans while having a coffee break in a cafe in the city of Coire, in the eastern Swiss region of Graubunden.

The plastic take-away packaging showing the fascist dictators' portraits inside a gold frame were distributed by Switzerland's largest supermarket chain Migros.

Christian Shuster, 47, from Germany, who was on a business trip in Switzerland said: 'Our Swiss colleagues took us down to the coffee shop and when the waitress brought them over we saw the face of Hitler staring up at us from one of the cream containers.

'I couldn't believe it and at first thought it was some sort of sick joke being played by my colleagues

'But then we saw the other containers also had the face of Hitler on and some had Mussolini.

'This is just absolutely evil and outrageous.'

nilus said...

Is it a conscious decision to have a jew and/or a fag on almost every TV show ?:

Channel 4 2.10 "Countdown"
JEW Rachel Riley

3pm "15 to 1"
presented by
DYKE Sandi Toksvig

6pm "The Simpsteins"

10.30 "8 out of 10 Cats"
QUEER Craig Revel Horewood
JEW Tom Rosenthal

11.15 "The Sex Clinic"

"Seventy-five-year-old QUEER PERVERT John finds out whether the bleeding from his penis is an infection he's caught after some "risky activity" in a night club.

(penetrated by multiple anonymous males )

FAGGOT Harry fears he has contracted HIV following a "wild weekend" .(protracted bareback anal sex with strangers on ecstacy and cocaine)

BBC2 4.50 "Great British Railway Journeys"
POOFTER Portillo

8pm "The BBC Children In Need Sewing Bee"
QUEER Louis Spence
JEW Gaby Roslin

10.30 "Newsnight"
QUEER Evan Davies
JEW Emily Maitliss
JEW Ian Katz, etc

BBC3 8pm "Here Comes The Bride"
QUEER Scott Mills

BBC1 "Question Time"
Mark Harper MP:
"Harper is a strong supporter of Israel and is a member of Conservative Friends of Israel."

11.35 "This Week"
POOFTER Portillo

ITV "For The Love Of Dogs"
QUEER Paul O Grady

10.40 "Sunday Night At The Palladium"
JEW Neil Diamond.

ITVbe 4pm "Real Housewives of.."
presented by
QUEER JEW Andy Cohen

ITV2 6.30 "Jurassic Park"
Directed by
JEW Spielberg starring
JEW Jeff Goldblum

10pm "Celebrity Juice"
QUEER Craig Revel Horewood

GOLD 10pm "Little Britain"
QUEER JEW Matt Lucas

11pm "Gimme Gimme Gimme"
written by
QUEER Jonathan Harvey,starring
QUEER James Dreyfus

"A Bit Of Fry and Laurie"

10.50 "Plebs"
JEW Tom Rosenthal
JEW David Schneider


"The Rob Brydon Show"
JEW Mark Ronson

4seven "Gogglebox"
QUEER Paul O Grady

"Hitler's Hidden Drug Habit: Secret History"

"Obviously today nobody would attempt to paint Hitler in a positive light, but during the Nazi era, he rose to power and popularity for a reason. He was portrayed to the German people as a great man, one who was in control of his own destiny and that of his country, and who was infallible - all but a super-human. Unsurprisingly, this was far from the truth. However, the facts, which this documentary gleans from his physician's diaries, are more remarkable than any fiction. It transpires that the leader was in fact a hypochondriac and a nervous wreck, who became increasingly dependent on a cocktail of drugs including powerful stimulants and depressants - uppers and downers - as well as all manner of pseudo-medicinal ?cures' for real and imagined illnesses"


lunfewo names

nilus said...

cont , part 2

5* "Dodgeball"
JEW Ben Stiller etc

SKY Atlantic "Curb Your Enthusiasm"
JEW Larry David,
JEW Jeff Garlin
JEW Susie Essman
JEW Richard Lewis
JEW Shelley Berman
JEW Bob Einstein
JEW David Mandel
JEW Jeff Schaffer
JEW Larry Charles plus cameos by
JEW Jerry Seinfeld
JEW Ben Stiller
JEW Mel Brooks
JEW Sasha Baron Cohen
JEW David Schwimmer
JEW Dustin Hoffman
JEW Bea Arthur (Bernice Frankel)
DYKE NEGRO Wanda Sykes

ITV 3pm "Alan Titchmarsh Show" guest:
JEW Gaby Roslin

Channel 5 7pm "The Gadget Show"
JEW Rachel Riley

5* 4pm "Bar Rescue
JEW Jon Taffer

QUEST 12.00 "Chop Shop"
JEW Bernie Fineman

QUEST 3pm "Hitler's Generals"

QUEST 5pm "Chop Shop-London Garage"
JEW Bernie Fineman

True Ent: "Highway To Heaven"
JEW Micheal Landon
(Eugene Maurice Orowitz)

Moviemix 1pm "Lethal Vows" directed by
JEW Paul Schneider

truTV "Hardcore Pawn Chicago"
JEW Cohen bros.

Yesterday 5.30pm "Great British Railway Jouneys"
POOFTER Portillo, followed by

"Auschwitz: The Nazis and the Final Solution": 'FRENZIED KILLING'

'This episode looks at the camp's most frenzied period of killing and at how the NAAAAAAZIS attempted to negotiate with the Allies'

"Churchill's Desert War -
The Road to El Alamein"

ITV3 "Judge JEWdy"

E4: All the KIKE-COMS, endlessly:

Big Nose Theory,The Mindy Project, Two and a half Men, How I Met Your Mother, Some Girls, New Girl, Subugatory, Rules of Engagement, etc etc etc


PS "Have I Got Jews For You?" tomorrow night is presented by
JEW Victoria Coren.

JEW pornographer Richard Desmond sold Channel 5 to
UBER-KIKE Sumner Redstone's (Rothstein) "Viacom" in May.

Uncle Nasty said...

I have said it before .... I will say it again. We will only begin to win when we start murdering them at the same rate as they murder us.


Uncle Nasty said...

Further to my last.

300 families, 6000 enablers. A drop in the ocean, really.


nilus said...

PPS, Next week's "Question Time " features
JEW Anthony Horowitz and
JEW Baroness Kramer,
in a panel of 5.

Jew 40%

Cohencidence, of course.

Uncle Nasty said...

Sponge Cake said...


A Cultural Marxist Tries To Deconstruct Japan. Guess What, He’s American.

When one stops to think about it, no.

in England, are not Brits, any more than yids in Germany, South Africa, the US and the rest of the world are not citizens of those countries.

Merely residents. All they have ever been and all they ever will be.

If a roach spawns a thousand roachlets in an oven, they do not become cookies.


nilus said...

More 4 12.15 am "8 out of 10 cats"
KIKE Uri Geller
JEW Jack Osborne

(panel 50% JEW)

4music 12.55am "Trick of the Mind" x2
QUEER Derren Brown



Salford first place in the country with average age below 18

Official figures show children outnumber adults in Higher Broughton, a Jewish district in the city

23 Oct 2014

When the BBC moved to Salford, the corporation hoped to tap into a young, dynamic workforce based in the North West. According to figures released yesterday, Higher Broughton in Salford has become the first recorded place in the country where adults don't outnumber children . The BBC began moving much of its programming to Salford in 2007 at a cost of more than £877 million. Graham Cooper, a youth development worker, said the average age of 17.2 in Higher Broughton was due to the high proportion of Hasidic Jews in the neighbourhood. He said: "Many of these families can have up to eight young children under the same roof."

Anonymous said...

This is sooooooo racist White English man doing a song in Caribbean accent. We must ban this!

This is so funny and hilarious a gay jew blacking up and taking the mickey out of a lazy west indian!!! Def not racist at all.

*note the 'come fly with me video' is from official BBC youtube site.

Anonymous said...

we understand the photo of Herr Hitler there was a German inscription loosely translated"do you miss me yet"

Anonymous said...

off topic Savant: just a thought if the bloggers out there get the Oreilly Factor over there and what is the general opinion of same,we conservatives love him here also the MSM has been all over Sarah Palins family as we hear the kids got into a drunken brawl with some neighbors up in their Alaska neighborhood and the cops were called and her daughter Bristol was sonofabitching this guy that pushed her etc,big deal,never a word about Jesse Jacksons love baby that he has stashed away in California or about thesainted Kennedy kids who tore up bars in NYC and got ppl killed in bullshit car wrecks,O reilly brought this out tonight,only one who had the balls to do so,John old rtd Chicago copper.

Anonymous said...

Jew abandons jewish roots ... should happen more often.

Anonymous said...

Olivia Mitchell vies with Joan Burton as Dublin's minister for stupidity

Alleges that importing Johny Foreigner has led to Ireland getting taller thanks to expanding the gene pool.

I hope her constituents remember this and that she had no trouble with a GAA pitch being taken over by travellers if it was a Rugby pitch then it would have been a problem.

Spellcheck traveller takes lower case letters. FACT!

The Truth Will Out said...

Just returned from a trip to Hungary and am too exhausted to write much now nor will I bore you all with the 100's of out of focus and poorly taken pictures that my friends have had to endure but thank God I did.

It gave me hope that not all of Europe is simply willing to lie down and crawl to the gulags.

Hungarian Revolution 1956 - Avanti Ragazzi di Buda

A proud and defiant nation who still under merciless attack by the juwes and their communist rulers grandchildren in office stand up and face their oppressors daily.

Fidesz is the controlled opposition equivalent of our UKIP.
They make the right noises and soundbites but are still zog puppets who tell the public their are patriotic then sell off everything to the zionist cabal.
However the left wing hasn't even double digit figures of support collectively in the country.

Sponge Cake said...

In a previous post, Nilus pointed out how the media portray white men as hoodie wearing, knife carrying, muggers and rapists.

Here' the real thing.

A man who had Islamic "extremist leanings" attacked police officers in New York City with a hatchet on Thursday, injuring two before being shot dead, police and a monitoring group claimed.

The man, identified in the US media as Zale Thompson, had posted an array of statements on YouTube and Facebook that "display a hyper-racial focus in both religious and historical contexts, and ultimately hint at his extremist leanings," the SITE monitoring group said.

Two policemen were wounded in the attack, one critically, before the suspect was shot by two other police officers. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

All four officers involved in the New York City incident had recently graduated from the city Police Academy.

Anonymous said...

University North Carolina student gets an A!

'E dun wurked hard un got hisself an A.

Did you ever meet any retards like this at Champaign?

Someone else wrote that AA is really for white girls as they can come to class illiterate but they have to be passed so that they can become Social Justice Warriors.

For example Clinton Chelsea typical dumb redneck hick from the South but owing to her white girl privilege wound up at Mckinsey, then Nuthin' But Cretins at $10 000+ a week though never doing anything to earn it.

SAVANT said...

Anon 14.58. Obviously I never met anyone like this at UI Champaign. Although come to think of it I was subjected to an attempted mugging in the environs there at one stage so who knows?

I was involved exclusively in deep computer science so as you can imagine females and blacks were rarer than hens' teeth.

In fact I can't remember any blacks there at all now that I reflect. And the few women were all mannish. Not necessarily physically - although they often were - but also by their attitudes and general demeanour.

SAVANT said...

@Truth will out. I'd very much appreciate a more detailed update from you about Hungary once you get your breath back.

nilus said...

I met a very cool Hungarian fellow and his girlfriend whilst nightfishing recently. Didnt get into any politics but he was sound as a pound.


Last "list binge" for a while: (and to whoever told me to "lay off the sauce, buddy", nah, I wasnt drinking, I was bed-bound for 3 days. Not much else to do but sleep, puke, purge, and "cherchez le juif" ..

ITV, midday:
Katie Price AKA Jordan is on "Loose Women" publicising her TENTH novel !

One day she might even write one.

Her Wiki used to claim that her grandmother was a kike, but it's gone:

She's worth £45 million .

I was looking at Ken Loaches WIKI last night, Im sure it used to say his mother (surname Hamlin) was a jew: ergo, he's a jew, but that's gone also .

BBC2 12 midday
"The Daily Politics" presented by
JEW Jo Coburn followed by

"A Taste Of My Life" presented by
QUEER Nigel Slater

Channel 5 "The Wright Stuff" Panel:
JEW Steve Furst
DYKE Zoe Lyons
QUEER Corro actor who played the fag/not a fag/fag again character:

Panel 100% QUEER!

"Condou was listed number 11 in the World Pride Power List 2013, number 15 in the World Pride Power list 2012, number 8 in the Independent on Sunday Pink Power list 2011 and 42 in the Pride Power List 2011. He is a supporter of Manchester Pride,a Patron of the charities Diversity Role models and the Albert Kennedy Trust, and a volunteer for the Terrence Higgins Trust.Condou also works closely with Stonewall. In October 2012, he was named in the British gay publication, Attitude, as the magazine's "Man of the Year" at the inaugural Attitude awards and was their cover star for the November issue of the same year."

ITV 10.30 "This Morning"
FAGGOT Graham Norton "chats" about his SECOND autobiography, "The Lives and Lovers of a He Devil"

Challenge 10.30 "Supermarket Sweep"
FAGGOT Dale Winton

Pick 8am x2 "6th Sense with Colin Fry" x2
FAGGOT phoney psychic Colin Fry.

Dave : Never Mind The Buzzcocks"
JEW Alice Levine
QUEER Rylan Clark

(panel 50% jew/queer)

"Dara O Briens Scuool of Hard Sums"
DYKE Susan Calman

Yesterday "Great Railway Journeys" x2
POOFTER Portillo followed by

"Auschwitz,The NAAAAAAAAAAZIS and the Final Solution": Liberation and REVENGE:

'This final episode reveals the fate of many of the SS and prisoners of the camp in the last days of the war'

(repeated at 6pm) followed by

"Jew Do Jew Think Jew Are?"
'JEW Nigella Lawson traces her ancestry and explores the origins of the Lyons food dynasty, to which her mother was heiress'

QUEST 12.00 "Chop Shop"
JEW Bernie Fineman

Movie Mix 1.00pm "To Sir With Love"
"WHITE KIDS: Here is your Nigger Authority Figure. He is suave , intelligent and wholesome,
and ever so sexy.

CBS Action 12.00 "Star Trek"
JEW Shatner
JEW Nimoy, etc

CBS Reality 12.00 "Judge JEWdy x 6

ITV3 "9.35am Judge JEWdy" x4

True Ent: 12.30 "Little Nose On The Prairie"
JEW Micheal Landon
(Eugene Maurice Orowitz)
JEW Melissa Gilbert, etc etc

followed by

"Highway to Heaven"
JEW Micheal Landon
(Eugene Maurice Orovitz)

E4 KIKE-COMS on loop

5USA 1.55 movie "Hell Boats" WW2 drama

Film 4 "Transformers" starring
JEW Shia La Beouf directed by
JEW Micheal Bay produced by
KIKE Spielberg written by
JEW Ehren Kruger
JEW Alex Kurtzman

followed by

"Inglorious Basterds"

JEWISH-American soldiers (lol) go NAAAAAAZI-hunting in Occupied France. produced by
JEW? Lawrence Bender for
KIKE Weinstein starring
KIKE Eli Roth etc

4music "Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever"
Sequel to
KIKE Eli Roth's original, written by
JEW Joshua Malkin
JEW Randy Pearlstein starring
JEW Noah Segan
JEW Alexi Wasser
JEW? Marc Senter
JEW Judah Friedlander


nilus said...


More 4 9pm "Source Code " starring
JEW Jake Gyllenhaal

Chan 4 2.30pm
JEW Rachel Riley

followed by
"Fifteen to One"
DYKE Sandi Toksvig

BBC2 4.50 "Great British Railway Journeys"
POOFTER Portillo

Chan 4 6pm "Simpsteins"

BBC1 7pm "The One Show"
Boris Johnson talks about his hero, Sir Winston Churchill, and Gyles Brandreth investigates rumours that the NAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAZIS did actually land on British soil.
JEW Lucy Seigel
JEW Jay Rayner

Channel 5: "New: World War 2 in Colour"


BBC4 *pm "Rule Britannia! Music ,Mischief and Morals"
JEW? Suzy Klein

BBC1 9pm "Have I Got Jews For You"
Presented by
JEW Victoria Coren ,created by
JEW Mark Leveson, produced by
JEW Jed Leventhal

followed by "Not Going Out"
Additional writers :
JEW Dave Cohen
JEW David Isaac ,Commissioning editor
JEW Chris Sussman ,Executive Producer
JEW Jon Thoday.

BBC2 10pm "QI" presented by
QUEER JEW Fry, guest
DYKE Sue Perkins ( show is 50% jew/queer)

Channel 4 10pm "Chatty Man"
QUEER Anal Carr

BBC2 10.30 "Jewsnight"
JEW Ian Katz
QUEER Evan Davies ,etc

BBC1 "The Graham Norton Show"
FAGGOT Graham Norton talks to
JEW Adam Levine (Maroon 5)

BBC4 (no doubt commisioned by a FAGGOT or with the FAGGOT audience in mind):

9pm "The Joy Of ABBA" followed by

"Abba at the BBC" followed by

"Agnetha: ABBA and after" followed by

"Disco at the BBC" followed by...
all those programmes repeated again.

BBC3 1am "The Revolution Will Be Televised"
JEW Jolyon Rubenstein

Chan 4 11pm "The Feeling Nuts Comedy Night"
All the usual wankers, trying to "raise awareness" about bollock cancer.

followed by

"Scrotal Recall" ho ho.

11.35 "Later: With Jools Holland"
QUEER du jour, Sam Smith

Chan 4 1.10 "Black Snake Moan"

"The White Girl's man has gone to kill MUZZIES for KIKES.The White Girl is slutty and wanton. She wants it, she wants it bad. But will Lazarus (Sam L Jackson) be a real nigger and slip her some Alabama Blacksnake?

No, he is a Magic Hollywood Nigger, and therefore represents restraint, morals, wisdom and chastity."

Channel 4 9pm "Gogglebox"
"Ordinary" British families
( queers, jews, pakis and niggers) watch TV.
We watch them watching TV. Directed by
JEW Jon Cahn

"Farah Ramzan Golant, the boss of All3Media, said: "Everyone loves watching TV and talking about TV. But the show isn't really about TV. The show is about people's lives, their relationships, their living rooms and the way children and parents talk about TV. It's near real-time because you're watching what happened in the seven days before. That’s quite priceless. It captures a cultural response to something that's happening in the world. Gogglebox shows TV in people's living rooms is alive and well and thriving. It is asserting the indispensable role of TV in the fabric of people's lives."

Cough BULLSHIT! cough.

"Typical British Families":

SCOUSE KIKES Leon and June Bernicoff

The (KIKE) Tapper family "Jonathan at one time ran a kosher restaurant in Golder's Green. The couple were spotted by a Googlebox researcher after Nikki reached the final stages of Channel 4's Jewish Mum of The Year competition. They are members of Edgware Synagogue."
(North London)

FAGGOTS Christopher Steed and Stephen Webb
(Hairdressers from Brighton)

NIGGERS Sandy Channer and Sandra Martin

PAKIS Mohammed ('Sid'), Umar, Raza and Baasit Siddiqui

QUEERS Bill and Josef

Kate and Graham
(Nottinghamshire )
Kate is a female vicar and is THICK AS PIGSHIT.

PS "Head of Statistics" for BBC News is
JEW? Anthony Reuben.

Anonymous said...

csaose andSasha Baron-Cohen a JEW. You gotta be kidding me.

Still less chance around here (New Jersey) of dying from Ebola than getting eaten by a bear, as happened three weeks ago. Fuckers are 3-500 pounds and can run, swim and climb twice as fast as humans. They are NOT more scared of you than you are of them.

Also worried about infestation of black widow spiders in Utah. Reminds me of why I don't go under the porch and stay out of the basement. Around here, some black widows but also big angular brown recluses and just big, fat black spiders. All are trouble. Besides venom carry who knows what kinds of spirocetes and shit like that.
And don't get me started on ticks.

Kevin Rafferty said...

Anon 16.59. Amazed at all those creatures in NJ. Lived in NY City and always thought NJ State - away from the cities - was lovely.

Anonymous said...

Heroic Rory O'Neill is something of the year at nastiestuncle's favorite magazine Attitude.

Rory aka Pantibliss cost us €80 000 when talentless TV host Bernard O'Connor asked him to say something naughty and he heroically called some people homophobes. That was settled for €10 000 being paid to charity but RTE who made the hatchet job on a Galway priest thanks to a few lying africans (Is there any other kind? you ask.) somehow managed to get an €80 000 judgement for inflaming the situation.

At some play this guygal made a speech and it was the most bestest speech eva so now he is in attitude for nastiestuncle to "spank the rabbi" over and he just happened to be on Graham Norton's show.

Queers be messing up television everywhere.

Anonymous said...

for a great chuckle go to YOU TUBE and check out Hitler sings"Moving on up".know its a lip dub but pure genuis,

Eamon Bejayzuz said...

Off topic Savant, but I have just read a piece by a little media pimp called Eamon Keane, about a quarter of a page of it. He runs on a ways about this football geezer who was sprung from prison there recently, on foot of having been banged up for rape. In about twenty column inches he gives it to us about how men's attitudes to women really REALLY must change. Nowhere does he refer to the spade who was the other rapist in the case being released without charge; nowhere. The rot, dear readers, is everywhere.

Anonymous said...


Ha I thought that fat tapper family were greek or something. Then the other day I saw what looked like the jew star on the boys t-shirt. Unreal both kids attend the jew Yavneh College in Borehamwood!

I think with the two old poofs Josef Kollar is probably a jew too.

Meanwhile the greek? family the Michaels who always abuse their mum (she's White they're brown) have twitter accounts.

The mum retweets David Icke and Infowars!


Uncle Nasty said...


Jews in England, are not Brits, any more than yids in Germany, South Africa, the US and the rest of the world are not citizens of those countries.

Merely residents. All they have ever been and all they ever will be.

If a roach spawns a thousand roachlets in an oven, they do not become cookies.

23 October 2014 23:49

Sorry, that's how it should have read. It's that silly Capchur device. One has to complete it to preview, and again to comment ... so, when in a rush, one skips the preview.

(Excuses, excuses.)


Uncle Nasty said...

Oh, and St Nilus .... keep up the good work.

It personally does me a world of good to have my nose regularly rubbed in the indisputable fact of joodomination of the media.

Anyone who says you're overdoing it (and I am not looking at anyone in particular ... especially the resident rodents) ... has an agenda.

And that agenda does not match ours. I have printed out several of your HebeBeeCee schedules, de-fanged the language (Faggot, etc.,) and used them in arguments -- Mentioning the 2% of population versus the sheer dominance in the media

One or two people got a Biiiig surprise.
Very gratifying to see the occasional little light bulb go on.


phyllis66 said...

Since the Tribe of venomous snakes are known to constantly lie, I am convinced that their population numbers are quite skewed. Certainly from the level of known Tribal members that are in your face all over the world, no doubt the 2% figure is not accurate. I believe there are more like 12-15% worldwide. They of course lie on the census'.

Anonymous said...

"Immigrants make the Irish better looking", says Olivia Mitchell, the Fine Gael deputy for Dublin South.

"I think it’s a good thing to keep our IQs up there; it’s not just about appearance."

Anonymous said...

On behalf of all those people who had a team in their county finals may I express their disgust at businesses flying that horrible rainbow fagflag while not flying the colours of the local team.

Tyler Hamilton page 173 and 174 anyone can beat a drugs test if they have a watch which lets them know how long they are clear for and if the tester turns up at the wrong time have an injured foot or hide in your panic room thil the panic is over.

Iron Felix said...

Olivia Mitchell may inadvertently be on the ball here, no matter that she intended to be insulting and patronising. The wretched truth is that the Irish gene pool is, by whole orders of magnitude, the most debased in the entire White world. So much is this true that a substantial case could be made that the Irish are not actually a White race at all, the lack of melanin notwithstanding. Certainly the country's history would seem to furnish proof positive that this is so; has not everything of any worth that has appeared in Irish history not emanated from recent settlers, i.e., Normans and later English?
The real danger here is that, unlike all historic precedent, our new immigrants stand at or indeed below the native level, therefore no tonic effect can result.

gallowglass said...

Iron Felix, you love to throw out provocative - and totally unsubstantiated - claims like "the Irish gene pool is, by whole orders of magnitude, the most debased in the entire White world. "

I mean, what the hell is that supposed to mean? And the Iris are not White at all?? Yeah that's right, we pasty-skinned blue-eyed ginger eskimos. Away with ya lad and annoy someone else.

Uncle Nasty said...

A highly recommended blog ...

CDC and the point of no return

How 'bout some clarity? The Center for Disease Control had one job. They didn't do it. Whether they couldn't or wouldn't do it , the result is the same. They're a Three Stooges farce with a seven billion dollar budget and a bewildered Baghdad Bob for a Director. It's wall to wall clowns at six-figure salaries. All that's missing are the kazoos and cowbells. And they're still squandering scarce resources, still tripping over their own bureaucratic shoelaces, still fumbling the simple and ignoring the obvious, still making it up as they go along—and exposing us to disaster in stunningly stupid ways that would never occur to the untrained.

The CDC isn't the answer and it never was, as we've found out. They're the problem and have been long before Thomas Duncan shambled around Dallas, infected same, and croaked. One guy—one, brought the whole thing down. They say they didn't see it coming. Really? Wasn't it their job? They still don't see enterovirus D68 coming from Mexico, denials all around, DHS told them to look the other way, and they are. Then there's DC. They send troops to Africa, provide limo service at our southern border, and let anyone into the country who doesn't actually collapse in a pool of their own bloody vomit when getting off the plane.

Seriously, how plain do they have to make it? How does the CDC differ from a fraud run by crackpots and quacks—good intent? How could we know their intent? If the intent of DC and the CDC were to create an epidemic by giving ground until the point of no return, what would they be doing differently? Anyone? Beuller?

Continued in next post


Uncle Nasty said...

Continued from last ...

... The CDC is either "controlling disease" or it isn't. If it is, they have much to answer for. If it isn't, we can't afford them. Here's the take-away: if you value your life, disregard the CDC. Too extreme? Here's what what one pro tells us:

It should be clear to all by now that federal bureaucracies are either too corrupt, politicized, or incompetent to fulfill their core missions. The purpose of bureaucracies is to continually expand their payroll, budgets, and missions to the point of becoming massive, inefficient, and deadly. We will have to take care of ourselves if we want to survive. Waiting for more CDC directives and guidelines is worse than counterproductive.
Richard Amerling, M.D., Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, at

And here's how reliable the World Health Organization is:

In September the WHO estimated that by October 20, there would be 3,000 total cases in Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone. As of October 7, the count was 8,376.
Jonathan Last at

Drat! Missed it by that much. But it doesn't end there. Obama's new Ebola Kommissar, Ron Klain, has no medical qualifications whatever. None. He's a Biden staffer. A fixer. A plumber. A spinmeister. A troll magnet. He keeps his nitwit boss's pratfalls out of the news when he can, and puts lipstick on 'em when he can't. When DC cranks up their airlift to bring the world's Ebola zombies to the United States for free medical care and complimentary mints, he'll be performing the same service for the CDC.

This isn't reassuring – it's a straight-up insult to the American people. We'll get a Beltway spinner installed above the existing six-figure officials who dropped every ball Ebola tossed them? Obama just named a political officer to manage the Cabinet secretaries who managed the CDC director who managed to lose control of Ebola.
John Hayward at

And it'll work too. What used to be the news media isn't going to do a one-eighty and ask silly questions like, "what happened to all those emergency powers like quarantines for travelers from infected countries?" Nope. They'll take this guy's press releases, add a "comma-he-said" at the end, slap a headline on 'em and it's off to happy hour.

The regime will cover up, deceive, lie, and distort facts as they desperately try to cover up their failings regarding the various disease outbreaks throughout this nation. American citizens and illegals who die from Ebola or Enterovirus D68 will have their death certificates altered under Federal orders to cover up the severity of the outbreaks. Thus the more severe Ebola outbreak will proceed unencumbered to phase 3, which will start the process of destroying the world economy and killing more than sixty million Americans in the process.
John Galt at

Neither the CDC or DC will tell us the truth, and the news media wouldn't tell us even if they knew. This has barely begun. Here's a fun fact: you're on your own and have been from the beginning. It's why ol' Remus keeps telling you: stay away from crowds—Rule One for survival, dependable, like gravity. There's no way to make it complicated and no reason to try. Here are some other rules: Figure out what you need and get it. Figure out what to do and do it. Figure out where you need to be and when you need to be there.


Uncle Nasty said...


Ebola toll tops 10,000

SARAH DILORENZO Last updated 00:41, October 26 2014

More than 10,000 people have been infected with Ebola, according to figures just released by the World Health Organization, as the outbreak continues to spread.

Of those cases, 4,922 people have died.

The Ebola epidemic in West Africa is the largest ever outbreak of the disease with a rapidly rising death toll in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone. There have also been cases in three other West African countries, Spain and the United States.

Now we're talking. It appears that Ebola finally delivers what HIV/AIDS promised.

Now all we need is an outbreak of Lassa and Marburg ... both of which, I hear, make Ebola look like a mild summer cold.

All this, of course, assuming that it's not all MSM-fostered bullshit. It pays to remember the unofficial reporter's slogan: "If it bleeds, it leads."


Uncle Nasty said...

Hosenoses whining again ... but I repeat myself.

It’s time to beat the Jew haters

Friday, October 24th, 2014

The decision by the most prestigious opera house in America to produce an opera that mainstreams Jew-hatred and anti-Jewish terrorism is a great victory for elitist anti-Semitism. In the world of elite anti-Semitism, Jews are told that truth is but a narrative. Jewish history and rights have no more merit – indeed less merit – than the lies of Jew-haters. And if Jews dare to object to the propagation of lies against them, they open themselves to the easy accusation that they seek to stifle free speech.

The goal of elitist anti-Semitism is to erode the right of Jews to have and promote Jewish rights and interests. This is done by demonizing those who defend Jewish rights and advance Jewish interests, while elevating and romanticizing the lives and largely false narratives of those who seek to destroy Israel.

The Met’s singular contribution to the cause of elitist anti-Semitism is the prestige its production of “The Death of Klinghoffer” confers on the cause.

Another dam has been breached. Another safe zone has become a no-go zone.

On the other hand, at the end of the day, as bad as elitist anti-Semitism is, over the past decade or so, American Jews have developed tools to deal with it.

In the weeks that preceded the opera’s opening last Monday night, much – although not all – of the Jewish community in New York was able to unify in opposing it. Politicians and luminaries joined with more than a thousand protesters on opening night to express their revulsion at the opera.

And the Met has already paid a price for its elevation of anti-Semitism to high art.

Far from living up to its reputation as a leader in the arts, on Monday, due to the massive protest against the production, the Met lost its artistic credibility. The crowd that gave the opera a standing ovation didn’t do so because they had just experienced a musical masterpiece. They stood and cheered because they were happy the Met elevated murderous, Jew-hating terrorists, whom they support.

Whine, whine, whine. Kvetch, kvetch, fucking kvetch. It all reminds me of the rudest T-shirt I ever saw:

Large black type:- JESUS LOVES YOU

In very small type, underneath:-

Every else thinks you're a cunt.

Suck it up, Glick.


Iron felix said...

Gallowglass dear boy, the sight of a chap with a Rotweilers grip on the wrong end of someone else's stick is always diverting. Unsubstantiated, you say? I refer you to the entire corpus of Irish history. Subtract the Normans and the English and what you would be left with, if you are lucky, would be a rain-sodden Burkina Faso. White, Black, these are terms of art, of convenience---nobody is actually those colours. Obviously there is a high correlation between skin colour and pigmentation---it's a useful yardstick pending further information--but you must not judge people by their skin colour, so do stop it. We racists after all would never do anything so stupid. Look, a Dalmatian is a white dog with black spots, right; does it follow therefore that any white dog with black spots is ipso facto a Dalmatian? Hardly, any more than being born in a stable makes one, as the man said, a horse. MLK said it; a man should be judged by the content of his character, not the colour of his skin. The content of a man's character, all the drives and impulses and values arising amount in sum to what the man is, and by extension define the race to which he belongs. The colossal divergence, observable by any unprejudiced person, between the brilliant Northwest European and the benighted sub-Saharan jungle bunny arise from this; it would equally arise if the skin colours were reversed, or if the former were mauve and the latter a fetching taupe. Ginger eskimos indeed!

Nero said...

"Immigrants make the Irish better looking", says Olivia Mitchell, the Fine Gael deputy for Dublin South.

Speak for yourself.

tsnamm said...

Brilliant negro reporter offers sage advice to avoid Ebola..." don't eat infected feces or mucus" Wow I did not know that...rolls eyes

Anonymous said...

Irish should get in on the whole indigenous population thing as base population in West, black hair, pale skin etc,, has nothing to do with Armada. Actually, upper paleolithic survivors. Cro-magnon basically. Homo Sapiens, not Homo Sapiens Sapiens as virtually everyone else in world. Closest cousins are Basgues but Irish more so. Good stuff, really. Rugged skeletal structure, big brains. Stronger than most other European types from what I see here in NJ.

Anonymous said...

In regard to drug taking Hitler, the avatar of the Aquarian Age, the Nazis pioneered speed and steroids. Given to troops regularly which is why Germans seem so buff. Barking, kicking in doors, a little crazy. It fits.

Sponge Cake said...

Human remains found by abandoned property that of missing British student Hannah Graham.

The 18-year-old was last seen five weeks ago when she disappeared after a night out with friends in Virginia, America.

Remains were discovered in a heavily wooded area last week and it was tonight confirmed to be those of the Reading-born university student.

Jesse Leroy Matthew Jr, 32, the last man seen with Miss Graham was charged with her abduction and intent to defile.

In a statement the Albemarle County Police Department said: "Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Graham family and Hannah's friends during this incredibly difficult time."

Anonymous said...

BTW - Though usually put forward as genetic similarities between Europeans and Africans, read a little closer, especially pre-war anthropology, and it developes that your favorites, black people, are actually a fairly recent hybrid race. Between Caucasians and, wait for it,...Pygmys.

Social media are anti-social said...

Barking, kicking in doors, a little crazy. It fits.

The Germans have bequeathed to the world many of the phenylethylamine class of drugs of which speed is only a bit player and so hardly representative. Ever tried Preludin, made by Boehringer-Ingelheim? I can assure you you won't be kicking down any doors, though if you take enough of it you might eventually become a passable guitarist. Look at George Harrison. MDMA, invented at Merck in 1915 or thereabouts, is the anti-Nazi drug nonpareil.

If the Aquarian Age bothers you, then I have good news: the Age of Aquarius has already passed and we are now in the Age of Stupid. No one is going to think you're Aldous Huxley if you try mescaline. Taking heroic substances at heroic doses belongs to a heroic age. We do not live in such an age. It's fashionable to be a pharmacological Calvinist and sneer at drugs like speed, but that is to forget that Atlas Shrugged was the product of an eleven-year-long methamphetamine binge. (The fact that the book should never have been written is a separate matter.)

What it must have been to live in a time when sailors routinely sprinkled arsenic on their roll-ups for the kick, when you could buy laudanum at the chemists no questions asked, when Sandoz distributed Delysid for free "to try out."

Uncle Nasty said...

Phil Spector, as you may well know, is very, very unusual combination -- a jew who is also in prison.

He's not wearing well.

Anybody have any theories on how this is possible? And please, no bullshit about American justice being blind and all that.

That is to say:-- Who did he piss off?'s-a-terrifying-photo-of-what-Phil-Spector-looks-like-in-prison


FOD said...

UN, Phil had a very strong case against him and the jury would have been overwhelmingly if not totally goys, with a preponderance of coons and spics, neither of whom are partial to kikes. In any case jews won't necessarily go out on a limb for all their fellow tribesmen, especially a troublesome and unreliable one like Phil.

AnalogMan said...

Uncle Nasty said...

Phil Spector, as you may well know, is very, very unusual combination -- a jew who is also in prison.

He's not wearing well.

Anybody have any theories on how this is possible?

Well, I looked at the photos, and I don't see what the fuss is about. Yes, he's an ugly little bugger, but give him back his wig and he could cover a multitude of sins.

As to how he wound up in prison, it happens, even to jews. Apparently he murdered someone.

I remember a celebrated case in SA, back in the 60s, a jew named Cohen killed his young (25) wife with a stone statue. Refused to say a word in his defence. His lawyer argued that, in the absence of any explanation, it had to be assumed that he was provoked beyond endurance. He got 25 years. No idea how long he actually served.

Spector got 19, and has served five so far. He's not doing so badly.