Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Further if it were needed

Visiting the beautiful country of Croatia provides a misleading impression of its economic well-being.  The tourist-rich Adriatic coast is different from the rest of the country which is very poor by European standards. Unemployment and under-employment are extremely high.

In fact this article explains it pretty well, referring to the 'decades of poor demographic and economic policies....that have made Croatia the European country with the lowest percentage of labour active population, only 37 percent. Another consequence of this is an exceedingly negative ratio of employed persons to pensioners of 1:1.23, and if one were also to add to this the approximately 300 thousand unemployed, it could be concluded that Croatia has an ever-dropping level of the human resources potential required to launch a new cycle of economic development and an exit from the recession.'

And this is true. So what's the solution?  'If it wants to achieve stable economic growth over the coming two decades, Croatian Government will need, in the near future, to create the conditions necessary for the immigration of at least 100 thousand labour capable foreigners.'  It then helpfully provides a photo of the kind of immigrants they have in mind to perform this economic miracle. As far as I can judge it's a motley collection of Africans, Arabs, Filipinos and other worthy representatives of their home countries' stunning economic achievements.

Just what Croatia needs.  I mean, where would Europe be economically were we bereft of the tens of millions of similar people who've flooded in here?  Doesn't bear thinking about. But wait, it seems the Croats don't realise this. The article sternly warns that 'Croatians are numbered among the most intolerant Europeans when it comes to relations with members of other nations'. The horror!  The horror!

And the explanation?  'These figures can be considered the consequence of very infrequent contact Croatians have with people of other nationalities'.  So that's all right then.  Once this motley crew settles in and begins looking for welfare, mugging the locals and demanding church closures all will be sweetness and light.

Leaving facetiousness aside, does this insanity not underline once again the existence of an actual plan to flood White lands and debase the gene pool?  Even considering such a measure for Croatia, of all places, and in its present circumstances, is so bizarre, so perverse, and with such a predictably negative outcome that its proponents can only be driven by malign and ulterior motives.

But we knew that, didn't we.


nilus said...

The Great British Menu,BBC2, 6.30

Chef Aktar Islam prepares a D-Day feast for veterans.

After that, Jason Mohammed presents the Snooker.

JEW Heston Blumenthal's "Great British Food" starts again tomorrow on Channel 4.

As America became less and less "free", they started using the word "freedom" more and more.

As Britain becomes shitter and shitter, we have a seemingly endless list of TV programmes titles "Great British..something-or-other" : Bakeoff, Garden,Sewing Bee, Allotment,Fish Fight, etc etc.

David said...

Ha...let them in! The battles in Dubrovnik, Vukovar and the Krajina were only yesterday. The wars in the Former Yugoslavia were ethnic though and though, the Troubles in Ireland by comparison dressed themselves up in international ideology, murals and contacts of/with the Sandinistas, ETA and the ANC, the HVO never had such crap.
But yes you are correct it can only be intentional and it does seem to be going according to plan.

Anonymous said...

Dani Alves complains that Spain is backward. Nobody is holding a gun to his head and forcing the ungrateful ape to earn millions of Euro in Spain. If you really think Spain is so bigoted, why don't you f-off to the oh-so-advanced mudhuts of the african jungle and poo in a hole in the ground, which is about as 'advanced' as you got until the 'backward' Europeans came. See what's happened to SA since the blacks took over! Funny how your 'advanced' negro footballers love to live on 'backward' Europe where da white wimminz be and never bother to actually play in your beloved African jungle. But then apes never have been known for their grace and intelligence!!!

Anonymous said...

Didn't they recently eject 100,000s of Serbs?

You gotta watch the Albrights and Wesley Clark's of this here USA.

Anonymous said...

Spain you see, it's backward! Velasquez...Goya...Cervantes...Gaudi.

beppo said...

@ Nilus

As in, whenever a country has the word Democratic in its title you can be sure that there is little democracy practiced.

James said...

Sterling - Media Spins Jewish Racism as White Racism

Liars all.

By spinning Jewish racism
as white racism,
the mass media reflects
the real race-hatred:
Illuminati Jewish
hatred of white Christians and
goyim in general.

James said...

Empowering. Don't you just love that word?

Anonymous said...

Paxman quitting the BBC.

His interview with Ann Coulter is interesting. It's on the page.

Also poofs painting. Wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Coulter' take on Darwin disqualifies the rest of her interview.

It's a shame because media bias is very real.

Anonymous said...

Coulter has a nasty habit of of including a ban on Judaism in every phrase that mentions Christianity being suppressed in the public square.

I guess she is innoculating herself! But it just ends up being a sign of pandering to fundies and Jews alike.

nilus said...

Croatia: You can expect more "Brit style" TV:

Right now, BBC1, frail old White ladies being abused by NIGGER care workers, telling them to "shit themselves"

ITV 10.30 'On Assignment'

Rageh Omaar travels to Jamaica,John Ray tells one (jewish?) mother's story from New York, and Geraint Vincent meets an Israeli jew who converted to Islam"

Channel 4 11pm

Queer Alan Carr 'chats' to queer Christian Jessen about bums and willies.

followed by

"Bol" A bold Pakistani drama about the repression of women. A young woman who is about to be hanged for her father's murder tells her story.

In Urdu /subs.

BBC2 A celebration of commie spy and traitor Kim Philby:

"In Vienna, working to aid refugees from Nazi Germany, Philby met and fell in love with Litzi Friedmann (born Alice Kohlmann), a young Austrian Communist of Hungarian Jewish origins.

Philby admired the strength of her political convictions and later recalled that at their first meeting: "[a] frank and direct person, Litzi came out and asked me how much money I had. I replied £100, which I hoped would last me about a year in Vienna. She made some calculations and announced, 'That will leave you an excess of £25. You can give that to the International Organisation for Aid for Revolutionaries. We need it desperately.'

I liked her determination." He acted as a courier to Vienna and Prague, paying for the train tickets out of his remaining £75 and using his British passport to evade suspicion. He also delivered clothes and money to refugees from the Nazis.

With threats of an armed uprising against the Austrian Chancellor Engelbert Dollfuss (he was assassinated by Nazis the following year) and the deaths of several hundred in the February Uprising, Philby's British passport became still more valuable. He and Litzi Friedmann married in February 1933, enabling her to escape to the United Kingdom (KIKE-HAVEN)with him two months later. It is possible that it was a Viennese-born friend of Friedmann's in London, Edith Tudor Hart – herself, at this time, a Soviet agent – who first approached Philby about the possibility of working for Soviet intelligence.
According to Genrikh Borovik, who worked from Soviet archives, Tudor Hart recommended Litzi and Philby in 1934.

Peter Wright, former senior MI5 officer, said in his 1987 book, Spycatcher that JEW Litzi Friedmann was "almost certainly the person who recruited him to the Soviet cause."

Yuri Modin, one of the KGB controllers of the Cambridge Five, agreed; "Contrary to received opinion, it was neither Guy Burgess nor one of our own agents who lured Philby into the toils of the Soviet espionage apparatus.
It was Litzi."

ITV2 "Thru The Keyhole"
JEW Dave Berry

followed by sex comedy:

followed by "Two and a half Men"(kike-com):

'A Kosher Slaughterhouse Out In Fontana'

ITV3: Poirot starring
JEW david Suchet followed by QUEER JEW Stephen Fry's Key To The City

movies4men "Act of God" starring
JEW David Suchet

More4: Runaway Jury starring
JEW Dustin Hoffman
JEW Rachel Weisz
JEW Jeremy Piven produced by
JEW Arnon Milchan screenplay by
JEW?Brian Koppelman and
JEW? David Levien

Film4 Source Code starring
JEW Jake Gyllenhaal
4music JEW Rachel Riley

VIVA JEW Zach Braff

E4 The Tomorrow People created by
QUEER Greg Berlanti

E4+1 The Big Nose Theory

etc etc etc

Anonymous said...

Latest polls are putting the UKIP at 38% 11% a head of second place labour. What is interesting is another poll asked if the UKIP was a racist party, one third of those asked answered with a firm yes. Yet support is still growing. Although the UKIP is not a nationalist party it has been subject to all of the usual "racist and bigot labels by the media with the opposite effect as intended. It appears the frog is starting to feel the heat.

Anonymous said...

I'm amazed at the amount of naive White parents who allow darky women to babysit their children. Asian women are bad enough. But negresses? WTF! They're just a chimpout away from ruining your kids for life. I'd sooner pay three times the price to a white girl to secure someone with a genetic connection with my kids.

hoosier said...

Coulter has a nasty habit of of including a ban on Judaism in every phrase that mentions Christianity being suppressed in the public square.

Just lookin' after business. She knows the deal.

James said...

Coulter' take on Darwin disqualifies the rest of her interview.

It's a shame because media bias is very real.

So Darwinism is not used for nefarious ends and doesn't require our diligence at all? Is that what you are saying? Do you even know what her criticisms of Darwinism are?

James said...

Its a way to win arguments.

Who is going to tell her on TV that Judaism is doing just fine in the USA?


Uncle Nasty said...

Fucking yids ... always whining about something.

Monday, April 28, 2014 Never Again Posted by Daniel Greenfield @ the Sultan Knish

blog 22 Comments

Never again. To Jews it means a refusal to give genocidal bigots another go at them. To Obama, it means refusing to ever again have to listen to an Israeli leader explain why his country cannot commit territorial suicide in order to appease a gang of genocidal bigots. When the Jews who fought among the crumbling walls of the Warsaw Ghetto finally made it to Israel, they came just in time to load up their guns and fight once again for their people's survival. The survivors of one genocidal ideology bent on making someone pay for its sense of humiliation came just in time to fight off another version of the same thing. After 2000 years of running, an indigenous minority that had been kicked around by emperors and caliphs finally made its stand around a handful of farming towns and in alleyways lined by the golden stone of Jerusalem. Men and women who only a few years earlier hid in their homes from Muslim pogroms, covering their children's ears at the cries of "Ibtach Al Yahood", "Kill the Jews", took up arms. They stood alongside the settlers who had drained the swamps, the refugees fleeing Muslim terror in Egypt and Syria and the remains of the original indigenous Jewish population which had survived the conquests of seven empires. They stood and fought for their lives against an ideology that said they had no right to be free because of their religion and the blood in their veins. Like their Nazi allies, Muslim violence was driven by a need to reverse the humiliations of World War I which dismantled the Ottoman Empire and gave regional minorities like the Jews a chance at rebuilding their own independent countries. But going back to 1914 was only the beginning. Some wanted to go back to 1492 and the fall of Granada. Others in the Saudi desert were dreaming of a return to the 6th century. But what they all had in common was a refusal to tolerate an independent non-Muslim state in their midst. - See more at:

Whine, whine, whine. Bleat, bleat, bleat. Kvetch, kvetch, kvetch. Blame, blame, blame.

And while we're at it ... notice the damage control reference to the Warsaw Ghetto uprising ... revealed to be somewhat of a fiction just a few days ago.


Anonymous said...

She's making sure her fundie readers back home are not offended.

Do you know who buys her tomes in the USA?

Anonymous said...


Coulter deploys certain arguments like the Unmentionable One.

The attack on evolution goes in the wrong direction. We are clearly different and more evolved than niggers for example. Coulter probably thinks god created us all as Christian brethren. Niggers, chinks, aboo, whites, Indio.

This is what she avoids because she's more Republican than she is conservative.

Anonymous said...

She's a shabby halfwit. A shabby goy warmonger.

Anonymous said...

St Nilus where were you ?

Casuals United 5W

Join up for good a day out mate.


DJF said...

More Immigration, its the answer to everything.

Bad economy, answer more immigrants

Good economy, answer more immigrants

Falling population, answer more immigrants

Rising population, answer more immigrants

Peaceful country, answer more immigrants

Violent country, answer more immigrants

Uncle Nasty said...

Off topic, but interesting.

The Curious Story of U.S. Airmen in a Swiss Prison

Posted on April 29, 2014 by Erin Wittkop 84 222 Story by Army Maj. Dwight S. Mears, PhD For me, tomorrow’s ceremony honoring World War II U.S. Army Air Forces airmen interned as prisoners in Switzerland* is the culmination of nearly fifteen years of effort. It began with my own curiosity about my late grandfather, Army Air Force Lt. George W. Mears. At the time I was a cadet at West Point, and I was considering a career as an Army pilot. While visiting my grandmother, she showed me a pair of cracked leather shoes that were nearly worn through the soles. She claimed that we could not throw them away, as my grandfather had escaped from internment in Switzerland in these very shoes, which he wore until he reached U.S. lines in France. Surprisingly, she knew very little about his experiences in Switzerland, and could only tell me that he was interned there after his bomber was shot down in 1944. I wanted to learn more, and so I located several of my grandfather’s surviving crew. They told me a fascinating story. Their B-17, Superball, was shot down while bombing an aerodrome near Munich in March of 1944. My grandfather was wounded, his controls were shot away and he lost two engines, but he managed to fly the crippled bomber to Zurich, where the entire crew was interned. I wrote to the Swiss government requesting information, and was informed that my grandfather was incarcerated in a prison camp for attempting to escape back to Allied lines in France. The camp, Wauwilermoos, had notoriously poor conditions: the prisoners slept on lice-infested straw, were malnourished and had virtually no hygiene facilities or access to medical care. The camp was surrounded by barbed-wire and patrolled by armed guards with dogs. After the war, Switzerland even prosecuted the pro-Nazi commander of the camp. - See more at:

Okay ... so far, so good.

What is carefully not mentioned is that Switzerland had a policy of shooting down -- or forcing down -- US aircraft overflying their territory.

Why? Because the US Army Air Force had an atrocious record of bombing the crap out of Switzerland and Swiss cities. Not once or twice ... but scores of times. They even managed to bomb Zurich in the daytime, despite the fact that the city sat on the edge of a lake ... a bit of a rarity in Germany.

I recommend a a book called Backfire or Back Fire ... read years ago and detailing the history of allied "friendly fire". You did not want the USAAF or the USAF on your side.

There was lots of it ...


Keiser said...

I have no doubt that this is being done with intent from up on high.

Call it what you will Globalism, Zionism, the Jews, Gibs, Minority Envy, Hatred of Whites, Liberalism, political correctness, competitive altruism, cultural marxism...

All these things contribute but there is a guiding hand. The object is control by deracination and the destruction of identity and heritage. As Marx said...

"People without a heritage are easily persuaded”

The invisible hand is easily challenged on the ground but not necessarily successfully challenged. What I mean is that it is easy to draw a line but the price may be high depending on how one goes about it. Remember Emma West.

Be discrete and remember the intelligent will stay White and the stupid will miscegenation with the worse humanity has to offer in the name of some "we are all one race, the human race" rubbish.

Happily though they will receive a Darwin award for that particular effort.

Just for fun...
Israel and Palestine explained with interpretive rap News (don't ask)

Anonymous said...

If she attacked the atheism of dolts like Gould and Dawkins then that's one thing.

The attack on an idea like evolution is a disqualifier. It's possible to have an almighty moral God and have natural processes that function independently of that God.

Unknown said...

Diversity means chasing down the last White person.

Anonymous said...

Here's GK Chesterton:

But there are some people, nevertheless—and I am one of them—who think that the most practical and important thing about a man is still his view of the universe. We think that for a landlady considering a lodger, it is important to know his income, but still more important to know his philosophy. We think that for a general about to fight an an enemy, it is important to know the enemy’s numbers, but still more important to know the enemy’s philosophy. We think the question is not whether the theory of the cosmos affects matters, but whether, in the long run, anything else affects them.

She simply avoids giving her own theory. She's obviously pandering to fundamentalist Christians but seeks to couch her biblical literalism in a pseudo skeptical argument.

Too be fair I cannot abide Dawkins and Sam Harris. Their Atheism is about as fraudulent as is her embarrassment at having fundamentalist bible thumpers as a base.

Anonymous said...

Skinning, cooking and eating him.

Anonymous said...

Once they go black, we don't want em' back.

Anonymous said...

Agreed Savant, just another way of saying and advocating white/aryan/European people's replacement. Smash cultural marxism <<<< yes, I corrected auto "spell-check" by lower casing the word marxism

Shaunantijihad said...

As we know, it is the implementation of the Kalergi Plan. All White nations are to be genetically lobotomised via mass Negro and Muslim immigration.

And some commentary on the Jews behind the Kalergi Plan:

Anonymous said...

Was in Medjagorie Croatia 18 yrs ago with a church group from the American mid west and i can concur that the average Croat,also he does not like out siders even when they are bringing money into their economy,they are also the worlds most dangerous drivers especilly with all manner of vehicles with no plates and bullet holes that they "liberated " from Serb or Muslim villagers from other Croatian over run areas,never got a hello from any of them while there when we hailed them with same,the only ones they said they like were the Spanish UN troops as they said they were catholic like them and then stated it was not a religious war,never knew what to beleive,our Host Andy was a croat who spent yrs in the states and even said he felt unwelcome in some areas of the town,they could not understand the Americans dislike for the Nazi and threw up the butcher Ante Pavelic to us a couple of times but as guests we kept our mouths shut and went about our business and now this was before Americans got involved in the nasty business of trying to bring peace to the region and i talked to guys who came back that were in a US Navy Seabee unit and they said while rebuiding bridges, schools and briging in fresh water not one word of friendship was shown to them,on the other hand the Serbs he met and who we double crossed for their asistance during WW11 were all smiles and kindness and a strong will to finish up with the war and didnt really show any hatred towards the Croats,I bet tho if the 4th world people try to get in there will be hell to pay as neither Croats or Serbs will take them in as a lot of them worked in Germany and saw their monkey shines,,

Uncle Nasty said...

Found it ...

Back Fire


Covering an impressive sweep of history from the days of Alexander the Great to the twentieth century - including Korea, Vietnam, the Falklands and the Gulf War - the author describes friendly fire incidents in detail and examines the causes behind them, which can often be traced to human frailty. This engrossing study examines the truth behind the most tragic examples of military incompetence and sheds explosive new light on an ever growing problem.


nilus said...

"St Nilus where were you ?

Casuals United 5W

Join up for good a day out mate.


I was there Rob, amongst the antifa rabble. See previous thread.

SAVANT said...

@DJF. Very true, come to think of it. The answer to everything seems to be more immigrants. Pure coincidence, of course.

eah said...

As some of you may know, Whites are not allowed to be citizens of Liberia (look it up). But I've never heard anyone say that living/economic conditions in Liberia (which are much worse than in Croatia) would improve if they allowed Whites to be citizens (not that they'd get many takers). And don't hold your breath waiting for that to happen.

Keiser said...

Word for the day

leukophobia: a hatred and fear of White people.

Anonymous said...


Good one. They're scum aren't they.

Did you read the link?


nilus said...

Yes rob, spent an hour over at Casuals. The antifa really are scum.

I met some scruffy bastard with dreads the day before, out of the blue he said " I heard the EDFL scum are in town tomorrow, Im gonna go down and give them some grief"

I tried to explain how ridiculous it was for Englishmen to be spat on and attacked for displaying English flags on the streets of...ENGLAND!

I said " This wouldnt happen in Scotland,Wales,Jamaica,Cuba,Japan, etc etc etc. And how can you call these people "NAZIs" when (as we are CONSTANTLY reminded), the English (the grandparents of those marching) were FIGHTING NAZIs just 70 years ago."

Even he had to admit it was daft.

This "racism" spell is breaking. People are SICK of hearing the word.

It's played out.

Now, back to OUR JEW WORLD:

Richard Bacon (BBC Radio5) is talking to a man with an American accent, this usually means jew, but in this case it's not a jew:

"He went on to work with New York art dealer
JEW Daniel Wildenstein. ...Lewis was hired by
JEW Salomon Brothers and moved to New York for their training program...Lewis has worked for The Spectator, The
(JEW)New York Times Magazine, as a columnist for
JEW Bloomberg...Lewis worked for Conde Nast Portfolio but in February 2009 left to join
(JEW-owned)Vanity Fair, where he became a contributing editor...

If you go to BBC 5live's page now, you will see 3 stories:
All about jews:

1: Lord Nueberger,JEW, the 'most senior judge in the land'

Legal aid cuts create "serious risk" of denial of justice

"There is a problem" over changes to legal aid which means there is "a serious risk of people being denied access to justice", Lord Neuberger, president of the UK Supreme Court, has said.

2. Carrie Fisher, JEW

Star Wars sequel: Carrie Fisher 'couldn't sleep'

Carrie Fisher's mother, Debbie Reynolds, has said her daughter is 'all excited' about returning as Princess Leia in a new Star wars movie.

Fisher is to reunite with original Star Wars actors (JEW)Harrison Ford and Mark Hamill for Star Wars: Episode VII.
(To be directed and produced by JEWS)

3. Micheal Howard JEW (Lord,Sir,Baron,etc)

"It wasn't my finest hour" Michael Howard on that Paxman interview

nilus said...

(Lady Mud-Honour)



Woman's Hour Takeover:
Doreen Lawrence guest edits.

"Doreen Lawrence (this year's number one game changer on the Power List) talks about the people who inspired her, from Maya Angelou to Barack Obama. She also investigates why fibroids are more common in Afro Caribbean women and discusses treatment options with Mr Yacoub Khalaf, Consultant at Guy's and St Thomas' Hospital in London.
The Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust runs a number of training programmes and bursaries designed to help young people from the black community to gain access to the professions. So what are the best ways to make sure all young people are able to fulfil their potential? We discuss with Minister for Skills and Enterprise, Matthew Hancock and Lee Elliot from education think-tank The Sutton Trust.
And Beverley Knight sings Fallen Soldier."

My Inspiration

Baroness Doreen Lawrence’s fight for justice for her murdered son, Stephen, have led to many tributes including that of Home Secretary Theresa May on Woman’s Hour, describing her strength and dignity as ‘truly an example to us all’.

The Power List’s number one Game Changer, Baroness Lawrence is undoubtedly an inspiration to others, but who has inspired her? She talks to Jenni Murray about influences on her own life.

Improving Opportunities

For Baroness Lawrence, education is a passion and a vital component in addressing the inequalities in society. The Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust was set up in 1998 and aims to transform the lives of disadvantaged young people. The Trust runs a number of training programmes and bursaries which are designed to help youngsters from the black community and other ethnic minorities to gain access to the professions. So what are the best ways to make sure all young people are able to fulfil their potential? Jenni discusses the issues with Baroness Lawrence, with the Minister for Skills and Enterprise, Matthew Hancock and with Lee Elliot Major, Director of Development and Policy at The Sutton Trust.

Black Women and Fibroids

Fibroids – benign growths in the uterus - are common, with more than forty per cent of women developing them at some point in their life, according to the NHS. However African-Caribbean women are three times more likely than Caucasian women to get fibroids, say BUPA, and they also tend to be larger, occur at an earlier age, and are likely to cause more severe symptoms. And with hysterectomy the most common treatment, this is a big issue for black women. So why aren’t black women talking about this more? Why are they so affected by fibroids? Is the right treatment being offered – can we avoid hysterectomies? And should more be done to increase awareness about this condition and the treatment options, when it affects so many? To discuss, Jenni is joined by Bridgette York of the Fibroid Network, who herself suffered from fibroids as a young black woman, and by Mr Yacoub Khalaf, Consultant in Reproductive Medicine and Surgery and Medical Director of the Assisted Conception Unit at Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital in London.

Beverley Knight

The murder of 18 year old aspiring architect Stephen Lawrence in a racist attack in 1993, left a mark on singer songwriter Beverley Knight. His death and his family’s struggle for justice inspired her to write a song in his memory. She will perform ‘Fallen Soldier’ live in the studio and we speak to Baroness Doreen Lawrence about why she chose this as one of her Desert Island Discs.


nilus said...

(Editor of "Woman's Hour" is
JEW Alice Finestein)

Next on Radio 4skin:

Crossing Continents
Arizona: The Missing Migrants
Will Grant meets people trying to identify illegal migrants who die in the Arizona desert.

"Each year, thousands of illegal migrants try to enter the United States via a treacherous journey across the Arizona desert. Some succeed, while others are captured by US border patrols and are immediately deported - but not everyone is so fortunate. A growing number simply drop dead from exhaustion.

The Missing Migrant Project works on identifying the deceased, piecing together clues found in the personal effects collected alongside the decomposed bodies found in the desert.

In this programme, the BBC's Mexico correspondent Will Grant travels to Tucson, Arizona to meet project co-founder Robin Reineke to learn of the challenges facing her office in the small southwestern city of Tucson - which has the third-highest number of unidentified bodies in the United States, after New York and Los Angeles.

Migrant rights groups say the vast expansion of the US Border Patrol has exacerbated the problem because the heightened policing of the border along traditional urban crossing points has forced clandestine border crossers out into the wilds of the desert.

Such tough border protection is popular among many American voters, especially in conservative border states like Arizona and Texas - but some locals have shown sympathy, heading out into the desert to leave water, food and blankets in the hope of saving the lives of desperate migrants.

In Mexico, Crossing Continents also meets the relatives of those who have died in the desert, revealing their motivations to move north - motivations which they share with many men, women and children from across Latin America, who are still willing to risk their lives embarking on this increasingly dangerous and potentially deadly trip."



Russia: Digging up the Dead
Duration: 28 minutes
First broadcast: Thursday 09 January 2014
Of the estimated 70 million deaths attributed to World War two, 30 million died on the Russian front. Of those, as many as 4 million Soviet soldiers are still "missing in action". These men - more than the entire population of Ireland or New Zealand - are still unaccounted for.

Despite all the official rhetoric on Victory Day, many in power today would rather not contemplate the fate of these men. They lie forgotten and unrecognised by Russia's top brass and the state.

But as Lucy Ash discovers, a growing number of volunteers, armed with spades and metal detectors, are now searching for the soldiers. Seventy years after World War II, they feel compelled to look for their remains.

Olga Ivishina, a journalist with the BBC Russian Service from the city of Kazan, belongs to this Diggers Movement. While many young Russians professionals spend their holidays on beaches in Thailand, Olga gives up her free time to camp in the forest. Many days she has to wade waist-deep through mud, sometimes in pouring rain, to find the bodies of these fallen soldiers.

nilus said...

Next on Radio 4skin,
JEW Marianne Faithfull:

JEW Will Self:

JEW Kirk Douglas (Issur Danielovitch)
JEW Stanley Kubrick's wife

JEW Jon Ronson,
JEW Maggie Gyllenhaal
DUBLIN JEW Lenny Abrahamson

JEW Jon Canter

JEWS are 0.4% of UK population.

Olda said...

Anon, I agree that Croatians can appear, in fact are quite surly and unfriendly. Unless you get to know them. Over the years I came to know many of them very well and they make loyal friends.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't matter how croats view outsiders. All young croats are growing up with facebook and American tv, this is where their values will come from. The IMF, NWO Satanists will offer endless credit and all the pleasures of pornography, sodomy and abortion. Like all white people, the croats will willingly accept the extinction of their nation in return for gay marriage, degrees in women/nigger studies and all the rest of the filthy shit the west stands for.


Anonymous said...

Denise said...

People say that the Protocols are s forgery - but a forgery must have an an original, in order to copy from.

Sorry about my grammar; by poor cat died this AM. He had cancer. He lived rather long, considering his condition. The cancer took almost 2 years to claim him. He was 11. I am still grieving. He was a very good cat.

Anonymous said...

parisclaims said...

I visited Croatia just once, on a day trip. Beautiful country, from what I saw, mainly from the inside of various boozers, however I did not see one darkie.

nilus said...

There's no escape, even in the endless cooking shows:

Just caught the end of "Dinner Date" which is ITV's feeble answer to "Come Dine With Me".

A rather attractive blonde-haired White woman had 3 dates, two White men, one black.

She picked the black. Of course.

Yesterday, a muzzie chef called Akbar Islam was cooking a D-Day feast for vets of Dunkirk, on BBC2's "Great British Menu".

Elsewhere, on More 4 , a repeat of a "Come Dine With Me" special, where 4 "Olympians" eat together.
3 of them are black/brown (Kris Akabussi,Fatima Whitbread,etc) and the token White is South African Zola Budd.

Predictably, the conversation turns to "waycissm" and "apartheid"..

On Channel 4 at 9pm is a new series of "Heston's Great British Food"

This jew (Blumenthal)has 3 Michelin stars and has won "Best Restaurant in the world" TWICE.

Finally, immediately following jew Heston is the best ever episode of Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares.

It's the only time he has ever walked out. WHY?

Because he couldn't deal with the rotten,arrogant,rude,lying pair of CRIMINAL KIKES running the place:'s_Baking_Company

Samy and Amy Bouzaglo accuse Chef Ramsay of sexual harassment

Amy's Baking Company Getting Deported!!

Bouzaglo getting split up — and NOT due to Samy getting deported!!
As co-owners of the infamous Amy's Baking Company from Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares, the two have had to fight with social media being on their asses over little things like 'not giving their wait staff tips' or being 'abusive.' Little did they know that Samy, a native Moroccan, was facing deportation due to a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement case to revoke his residency status!
And guess what? Samy has now reportedly been ordered deported for failing to disclose a criminal past in Europe decades ago!
That'll do it!
He's appealing, of course — and here's what Amy had to say:
“He’s never broken the laws. He’s only obeyed, respected the law of America. He loves this country and he fights for this country."
Fights for it how?
Anyway, this isn't the last we've heard from them on television, at least. Kitchen Nightmares' producers took Ramsay back for a followup episode due at the end of Feb.

The infamous owners of Amy's Baking Company, who gained thousands of 'haters' after starring on Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares, are set to make a TV comeback with their own reality show.
Samy and Amy Bouzaglo from Scottsdale, Arizona, posted an advert to their eatery's Facebook page reading: 'We are currently hiring / casting servers and bussers for the upcoming filming of our reality TV show!'
However, it seems that their cast could be pretty thin, as hardly any of the 1,500-plus respondents expressed interest, with one sarcastically writing: 'Wow! It would be such an honor to work for you. You didn't come across as a neurotic, egocentric maniac at all on Gordon Ramsay's program.'

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nilus said...

after that is that
queer Dr Jessen again
(Embarrassing Bodies)

then after that is
queer Rupert Everett
(Love For doc)

or if you prefer,
queer Paul O Grady (For The Love Of Dogs)on ITV or

queerjew Fry on BBC2.(QI)

Or queer Tom Daley on ITV2.
(Tom Daley Goes Global)

Or queer Nick Grimshaw on BBC3 (Dont Sweat The Small Stuff)

Followed by
queer Rylan Clark
("Celebrity Juice")

followed by kike-com "Dads":
JEW Seth Green,
JEW Peter Riegert, created by
JEW Alec Sulkin,
JEW Wesley Wild

followed by kike-com
Two and a half men" x2
JEW Chuck Lorre(Levine),etc

followed by kike-com "Mom"x2
JEW Chuck Lorre, Eddie Gorodetsky ,etc

JEWISH Gardens on BBC4 at 11pm (Nymans)

Or queer Nigel Hawthorne as Mad King George on Film4

Also starring queer Rupert Everett.

Written by queer Alan Bennett.

(directed by
queer JEW Sir Nicholas Hytner)

"Hytner is openly gay. Although brought up in a Jewish household, Hytner said in 2010, "I'm not a believer, but I do think it is a significant part of my adventure and it fascinates me. I couldn't say I'm a member of the Jewish community or gay community in that I don't seek out either of those communities to hang out with, but it is an important part of who I believe myself to [be]."

JEW Jason Alexander presents "Clipaholics" on 4music.

JEW Zach Braff stars in "Scrubs" x 3 on VIVA, followed by

JEW Spike Jonze's (Adam Spiegel)"Jackass"

JEW Andy Samberg stars as a jew detctive with a queer black boss in "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" on E4

JEW Ron Pearlman stars in "Hellboy",
on 5*

JEW Bernie Fineman stars in "Chop Shop" on Quest.

No-one could deny, that's a LOT of jews and queers, and queer jews.



David said...

This is the face of evil???

VIDEO: Nazi-sympathiser who planned to blow up mosques plays Pro Evo in an SS hat
THE ABOVE VIDEO shows Ian Charles Forman who was today sentenced to 10 years in a prison for planning to blow up a number of mosques in the Merseyside area.
Forman was convicted under the UK’s Terrorism Act 2006 after police found chemicals, a crude homemade improvised explosive device (IED) and research on a number of mosques in his home.
Greater Manchester Police provided the video following Forman’s conviction which was uncovered as part of their investigations

Seriously look at the video and then decide if this is Carlos the Jackal.

James said...

People say that the Protocols are s forgery - but a forgery must have an an original, in order to copy from.

This argument is bad. A forgery can be a complete fabrication too. Look in the dictionary. Continued use of this line of argument looks silly.

James said...

More Immigration, its the answer to everything.

Bad economy, answer more immigrants

Good economy, answer more immigrants

Falling population, answer more immigrants

Rising population, answer more immigrants

Peaceful country, answer more immigrants

Violent country, answer more immigrants

Unsolvable problems in string theory, answer more immigrants.

Too many immigrants, answer more immigrants.

The white question: final solution is more immigrants.

nilus said...

Anyone watching UKIP getting called "racist" "bigot" "racist" "bigot" "racist" "bigot" "racist" on "Question Time"?

Still, no jews or queers this week. How odd.

Unless you count Ed Balls' wife, Yvette Cooper, who appears to be a 12 year old boy... See Photo:

She's the Shadow Home Secretary.

She married a Balls and tackled a Wang:

Twitter abuse

'After Caroline Criado-Perez and several prominent women suffered a deluge of criminal threats (including rape threats) on Twitter, Cooper wrote to Tony Wang, the general manager of Twitter UK..'

Her husband is the Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer.

Ah, my mistake: The Tory, Conor Burns, is queer:

"He was outspoken in calling on former Home Secretary Jacqui Smith to grant asylum to young gay Iranian student Mehdi Kazemi."

"Although openly gay, Burns has stated his uneasiness about the introduction of gay marriage in the United Kingdom, saying that he will have "massive reservations" about the move until there are "cast iron guarantees" that religious organisations will not be forced into conducting the marriages.He later confirmed via Twitter that he had voted aye to the legislation in the second reading of the bill."

Peaches Geldof died of a heroin overdose – reports

00:39 said...

I've been to Croatia twice. Nice place and all but I never quite felt safe there- and I'm white. Can't see the darkies made feel welcome there, which is a good thing.

nilus said...

And of course, Poofter Portillo is on right afterwards, on "This Week", BBC1.

nilus said...

Next week's Question Time JEW is Tory MP Grant Shapps,Housing Minister and Tory Party Chairman.

Also Chukka Umuna,(Labour MP) and Nigel Farage.

And Shirley Williams.

Like I said, there HAS to be a jew and/or a queer on every panel.

Cant think why...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 1 May 2014 17:22

I'm hopeful the 4 million Croats who have always been a hardy breed won't give in so easily to the EUSSR. Only a year or so ago they created a new Constitution which stated clearly that in staunchly Catholic Croatia - surrounded by Orthodoxy and Islam - marriage can only be between a man and a woman. Brussels was not at all pleased.


Anonymous said...

Just a reminder of the fucking chutzpah of our would be overlords:
The princess bride watch from 1:30 to hear about the amazing "holocaust cloak", it must be the same cloak of invisibility that shrouded the 6 million figure from any academic research and validation. Those amazing Jews is anything they cant do?

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 01:53

This almighty moral god - is he the same almighty moral god which allows children to be abused?

Anonymous said...

@Denise 20:32

That's not true. In art, people have created works in the style of famous artists and attempted to pass them off as the real deal.

With the Protocols, they were intended to make people believe they they had been created by Jews, so in this sense they were a forgery.
Parts of the Protocols were however taken from earlier French works.

James said...

I've been to Croatia twice. Nice place and all but I never quite felt safe there- and I'm white. Can't see the darkies made feel welcome there, which is a good thing.

I wouldn't count on it. Whites seem to direct their frustrations with multiculturalism at each other. Look at how the IRA and N. Irish called each other racist for years.

Croatia will darken surprisingly quickly I feel.

James said...

Jews. Nazis. WW3.

Here we go again.

Anonymous said...

The world is predatory.

James said...

America losing its place.

But Time magazine is hiding it well.

parisclaims said...

re Question Time
Connor Burns is a shirt lifter.

Anonymous said...

I'll be happy to take the "Stupid American" role for this question, being, as I am, an American.


I mean, Croatia?

This is a country that never took immigrants to begin with. Leastwise not as a modern nation-state.

In the USA we know what the scam's about. We're being punished for slavery, segragation, blah-blah. Never mind that nobody even knows anybody that got squat out of that stuff, not even a little.

We're being punished for all that just the same. Can't stop it, can't even really talk about it if you want to hold a job.

So why Europe? I asked before, why Ireland? Croatia? Etc? Nobody believes the worker-shortage flapdoodle so WHY ARE EUROPEANS PUTTING UP WITH IT?

OK, I already admitted to being a stupid American. But this is all beyond strange. The only thing that can happen is war, bloody, prolonged suffering and disease for centuries. Why?


Anonymous said...

Jews Jews Jews.
The World is getting sick of these manipulations.

Anonymous said...

Most major corporations are owned b YKWs and they prefer employing darkies to Whites.

Shaunantijihad said...

So "duel Israeli citizens" stage an illegal coup in the Ukraine, supported by the Jew run USA and communist/Jew owned EU, and then begin prodding the population, fuel prices up 60% etc.

Then they order troops to attack Russians in East Ukraine.

Then they define anyone protesting against these outrages as terrorists facing 15 years to life imprisonment.

Then NATO announces Russia is an enemy.

We know the Kalergi plan calls for the impregnation of White females by Negroes and Muslims, and I had assumed a war with Islam would be the means to kill off large numbers of White males.

However, will the killing be effected by a war with Russia, leaving the Muslims and Negroes to rape their way through the females left at home in Europe?

Is that what they are thinking, now that the voluntary means of miscegenation - multiculturalism - "isn't working" as Merkel and Cameron recently said?

Anonymous said...

The USA and the Jews behind them are pure evil. It is becoming clear for all to see.
Its up to patriotic Americans to stop this infestation.
War with Russia would be devastating to the white race and Europe would be destroyed.
Google Siener van Rensburg's visions on the war with Russia and the devestation its going to bring well as the secret weapons thats going to be used.
The fucking yanks have lost their minds.

Anonymous said...

Obama weakened the American military on purpose so that any coming war would leave America devestated.
George Soros the master of Obama must be proud as he is about to destroy America as he said he would.
It is patently clear that Jews have something seriously wrong with their minds.
Tikkam Olam my fucking arse.

nilus said...

Ukraine nationalists rally to commemorate Nazi SS division

Ukrainian nationalists in western Ukrainian city of Lviv have held a rally in commemoration of a Nazi SS division created in 1943, despite a ban asking them to stop.

One attendee said "This march is to commemorate the Galician division, which had nothing to do with the divisions of the Waffen SS. Their oath of allegiance was for Ukraine. They are our heroes and that is why we honour them every year."

Past marches have led to clashes between marchers and Soviet army veterans and left-wing groups.

Also called the Galician division, the group was formed to exclusively fight "Bolsheviks", but it still creates tension between political groups and affiliations today.

@Parisclaims: Yes, I realised half-way through my post that the Tory was yet another queer.

Imagine, a group of 5 people where none were queer or jewish, how awful and evil that would be.

Tantamount to a holocaust.

nilus said...

You should see that episode of Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares to see for certain that jews have something very very wrong with their minds.


"There is no god ,cos child abuse, and The Protocols of Zion are irrelevant cos some people copy paintings"

Today's astoundingly complex analysis and philosophically insightful contributions from the "Anon" lurker who cant leave this place, trapped, limbo-like.

Anonymous said...

LMAO are certainly proving that point nilus.

Anonymous said...

What point am I proving? Im not the one who has been banned by the blog owner.

You're too easy. It's like playing a fish. Why dont you piss off?

Youve been banned/banished/ asked to leave twice.

And yet you lurk, talking just like a jew.

Anonymous said...

Further confirmation a jusge was not fit for purpose as if it were needed

Affirmative action judge Constance Briscoe going to jail for conspiring to pervert the course of justice.

The mother-of-two was made a Recorder in 1996, becoming one of the first black women to sit as a judge in Britain. But yesterday, her sister Patsy, 57, said: ‘She is paying a high price for her dishonesty.

‘She is a disgrace to the black community because she became a judge, and young black people looked up to her as a role model. People find her downfall worse than embarrassing.’

Her sister is not doing a she didden do nuttin itz all a conspiracy by d man which is unusual.

But jurors were given evidence of Briscoe’s deceitful nature, including forging the signature of a judge on an official course, enabling her to qualify for professional development points even though she did not attend.

Her conviction could now lead to defendants she has successfully prosecuted calling for a review of their cases.

In 2008 her mother sued her over her 2006 'misery memoir' Ugly, in which she claimed she was a victim of cruelty and neglect as a child.

During a 10-day High Court trial, which saw the libel action fail, Carmen Briscoe-Mitchell branded her daughter a 'wicked thief and a liar'.

The mother-of-eleven rejected claims that she beat her daughter with a stick, called her ugly and a 'dirty little whore' and hurt her by pinching her breasts.

She described Briscoe's book as 'a piece of fiction' and told the court: 'She has really shaken me with this book...She is a thief. She is a wicked thief and a liar'.

nilus said...

very interesting article and comments

How exciting to discover that Amesbury in Wiltshire is the oldest, continuously-inhabited village in the country. Archaeologists have worked out that people have lived there since 8,820 BC.
That is pretty old. But, with Stonehenge and Avebury just down the road, it's not entirely surprising. Wiltshire was the popular heartland of ancient Britons.
But the whole of Britain still has an ancient skeleton, not very far below the surface, which still dictates the infrastructure of our villages and towns.
Even as much of the country gets covered in concrete, tarmac and out-of-town shopping centres, those ancient place names survive beneath it all, giving clues to how those places originally looked – and often still look. The vast majority of English place names are derived from the Old English spoken by Germanic immigrants who came here in the 5th and 6th centuries, after the Romans left in 410 AD.
There aren’t many Anglo-Saxon buildings remaining – there are thought to be only around 250 surviving churches with some Anglo-Saxon element in them. But the Anglo-Saxon names live on. Our language was only given the Anglo-Saxon name “English” – or “englisc”, in fact – in the ninth century. It was under the Anglo-Saxons, too, that England started to develop a distinctive English look. Not only did the Anglo-Saxons name most of modern England, but they also decided where most modern settlements are. Practically every modern village and town appears in the Domesday Book, a survey that largely consists of settlements founded before the Norman invasion.
Some Celtic terms, for ancient landscape features, such as penn (head) and cruc (hill, mound or tumulus), were borrowed by the Anglo-Saxons from the Britons who were there before the Romans. The Thames comes from the Celtic "Tamesa"; the Avon from "afon", meaning water, as does "isca", the root of the Rivers Usk, Esk and Usk. Celtic names survive in greater numbers in Wales and Cornwall, where the British fled the Anglo-Saxon advance. The popular Cornish prefix, "Tre-", as in Tremaine and Tregarn, comes from the Celtic "trev" or "tre", meaning a village or homestead.


nilus said...

But, otherwise, today's place names were mostly first used 1,500 or so years ago by those Germanic immigrants, to describe landscape contours. The names practically always survive; as do the contours, unless they’ve been completely concealed by new settlements or motorways. That connection between geography and name doesn’t exist in more modern countries that use borrowed names; like in, say, America, where Exeter, New Hampshire – unlike Exeter, Devon – doesn't mean the castra, or Roman camp, on the River Exe. In the mid-19th century, the American writer, Ralph Waldo Emerson, said his home country was "whitewashed all over by unmeaning names, the cast-off clothes of the country from which its emigrants came; or named at a pinch from a psalm-tune."
Margaret Gelling, the leading historian of British place names and president of the English Place-Name Society for 12 years, who died in 2009, aged 84, was always convinced that the ancient Celtic Britons weren't exiled to the fringes of the country by later invasions. Too many Celtic place names survive, predating the arrival of the Anglo-Saxons in the fifth century AD. Place names incorporating words like "avon" ("river") or "hamps" ("a dry stream in summer") pointed to a continued Celtic presence. Can you imagine, she said, Anglo-Saxons going up to the ancient Britons, and saying, "Look here, before I cut off your head, just tell me the name of this place."
It was more likely that the ancient Britons were allowed to stay on in their old haunts and stick to their old names. In 2001, Dr Gelling was proved right. DNA tests showed that most of us living in south England share DNA with pure-blooded Celts. Celtic traces don't just remain in our settlement patterns; they're in our DNA.

nilus said...

This should be known:

Martin Adamson • 2 hours ago
Since comments are closed on the Dan Hodges post below, everyone needs to be reminded of the following as a matter of intellectual hygiene and journalistic good practice.

Dan Hodges is an officer of the The Migration Matters Trust which exists solely to propagandise against UKIP. DT users are urged to repost or upvote the following on every single new Dan Hodges blog until the Daily Telegraph updates his biography and each of his archived blog posts on the subject of UKIP to reflect the fact that his output is not journalism but unpaid advertising donated to the anti-UKIP cause by the Daily Telegraph's owners and editors.

"The MMT chairs will be part of an advisory board that brings together stakeholders from business and trade unions, providing a broad-based coalition of support. Representation from business and unions include... Daniel Hodges (Daily Telegraph online columnist and freelance journalist)."

(from comments at Telegraph article)

Sponge Cake said...

Looking at the Jeremy Clarkson kerfuffle, are the anti-white gestapo becoming desperate?

Scraping the bottom of the barrel.

Sponge Cake said...

eenie meenie miney moe, catch a ni$$er by the toe, if he screams give him a four bed roomed house, free medical, welfare, innit

eenie meenie miney mohel said...

Jeremy Clarkson begs for forgiveness in video message as he admits his BBC Top Gear 'eeny meeny' rhyme SOUNDED like he used the n-word.

nilus said...

BBC Radio 4skin, "Any Questions?" tonight.

Jonathan Dimbleby presents political debate from the Knowle West Media Centre in Bristol as part of the Food Connections Festival with
Farming Minister George Eustice MP,

Media Executive Kelvin Mackenzie

food writer and poverty campaigner Jack Monroe and

Shadow Transport Secretary Mary Creagh MP.

A panel of 4.

"Jack" Osborne is a lesbian.

'Monroe identifies as a lesbian. In 2013, she was ranked #19 in The Independent on Sunday's Pink List of influential LGBT people in the United Kingdom. As of October 2013 she lived with her partner and young son.
She has performed with Billy Bragg, one of her musical and political heroes.'

Guido Fawkes predicted that (JEW) Ian Katz would get rid of ( White, heterosexual, male) Paxman, and the knives are out again for Clarkson to "be sacked" for some PC heresy.

Tomorrow on 4skin:

Saturday Live

QUEER Richard Coles and
JEW? Suzy Klein with food writer
JEW Jay Rayner.

Woman's Hour
Weekend Woman's Hour
Highlights from the Woman's Hour week. (JEW Naomi Alderman,etc)
Produced by Rabeka Nurmahomed ???
Editor JEW Alice Finestein

Loose Ends

'Music from North Malian 8 piece Tinariwen who perform Chaghaybou from their album Emmaar'

but of course.

Killer of headteacher Philip Lawrence to be back on the streets in days after being granted parole just 48 hours after fatal stabbing of Ann Maguire
Parole Board has signed off Learco Chindamo's release after 18 years
Chindamo knifed father-of-four Philip Lawrence outside school in 1995
Was released in 2010 but jailed months later for breaching his parole
Decision will provoke horror days after death of Ann Maguire in classroom

Read more:

Peaches Geldof's JEW husband faces police quiz over fatal heroin supply
Police investigating death of Peaches Geldof begin hunt for drug dealer

They are hoping to establish who provided her with heroin and when
Husband Thomas Cohen, 23, may be questioned over the drug supply

She should have stayed with the kike Eli Roth.

Lovely man.

Sponge Cake said...

Last night, I caught a few minutes of Question Time.

Hand picked audience.

UKIP- Racists, Bigots, Facists.

Diversity is our strength, blah, blah, blah.

Sponge Cake said...

BBC is losing it over UKIP.

The BBC, one of the biggest broadcasters in the world, actually aired a new segment to complain that the “racism” slur is not working against Nigel Farage.

Sponge Cake said...

English declaration of war against cultural Marxism.

nilus said...

Spear-Chukka Umunna is diving on the Clarkson witch-hunt.

Max Clifford just got 8 years for retro-rape or historic penis-related crimes against wimmin.

But no news about JEW Leon Britton, how strange.

And not a peep from the UK press about JEW Jenner:


Police send Lord Janner file to Crown Prosecution Service

A police investigation into allegations of historic child abuse against Jewish peer Lord Janner has moved forward.
Leicestershire Police announced today that it had submitted evidence to the Crown Prosecution Service for consideration.
In a statement the force said: “Leicestershire Police has been liaising with the Crown Prosecution Service over recent months, and the CPS has been advising on taking the investigation forward.
“We have submitted the evidence gathered so far to the CPS and other enquiries are continuing.
“Support for victims or anyone else affected by child abuse is available 24 hours a day from the NSPCC.”
A property owned by Lord Janner was searched last December as part of an “ongoing criminal inquiry”.
Officers spent two days at the apartment in north-west London. Lord Janner was not arrested or interviewed and his lawyers said the 85-year-old was helping police with the investigation.
Greville Janner QC, Lord Janner of Braunstone, was Labour MP for Leicester West for 27 years before stepping down in 1997. The father-of-three is founding patron of the Holocaust Education Trust.
He has held a number of leading positions on groups serving world Jewry and is a former president of the Board of Deputies.

A new education centre in the north of Israel is to be named after the former Labour MP and ex-president of the Board of Deputies, Lord Janner.
Israel's ambassador to the UK, Daniel Taub, and members of the UJIA recommended the veteran Labour peer, now 84, for the honour in recognition of his work promoting understanding between people of different faiths.
In a letter to Lord Janner, Mr Taub said: "This is a mark of our tremendous gratitude and appreciation for all you have achieved in the course of your long and devoted service to the Jewish state."

Lord Janner: My friend Michael Jackson

Leading Jewish peer Lord Janner spoke today about his sorrow at the death of Michael Jackson, whom he regarded as "delightful company" and a good friend.
Lord Janner was introduced to the singer by psychic Uri Geller.
"He came to Parliament in 2002 and I showed him round," Lord Janner recalled. "He had come to the UK to help fund-raise for Exeter Football Club, which Uri chaired.

"To know, know, know them, is to loathe, loathe, loathe them"

Sponge Cake said...

Swedish nationalists march in Jönköping, Communist groups riot.

Members of the Swede’s Party marched in Jönköping while violent Communists groups rioted all around them. Communists also vandalized the home of one of the march’s organizers while it was going on.

nilus said...

Christine Hamilton does a fine job defending UKIP on last night's "This Week"

@ 5 mins 25:

nilus said...

Spongecake: Re Question Time:

Sponge Cake said...

Lenny Henry campaigner condemns Jeremy Clarkson's use of the N-word.

One of the leading figures behind Lenny Henry's campaign to boost the number of black, Asian and minority workers in television has condemned Jeremy Clarkson's "wholly inappropriate use of the N-word".

Simone Pennant, the founder of the The TV Collective, which helps run Henry's campaign, said such "incidents will keep happening" unless the BBC hires more black and Asian staff on Top Gear and its other shows.

"Clarkson's wholly inappropriate use of the N-word is an example of what happens when there are so few black and Asian people working in the industry," said Pennant, who has worked on shows for BBC3 and Channel 4.

Pennant believes that Clarkson's apology does not address the root of the problem at the corporation.

"I just don't think he would have used that word if there were a number of black and Asian producers or directors on Top Gear," she said. "What this reveals to TV Collective's members is that as long as the industry is not truly serious about diversity these incidents will keep happening.

Who funds this shit.

Sponge Cake said...

I was looking for a job and then I found a job, but heaven knows.....

Anonymous said...

The ramping up to war in Ukraine and defense cuts indicates a pretty fucked up elite.

Sponge Cake said...

Yes, call out Clarkson for using the n-word. But it's pointless stopping there.

Black people are, as Lenny Henry said, woefully under-represented in the media.

Anonymous said...

You'll have to watch this 5 minute video twice. First, observe all the bi-racial people in this commercial with maybe a single token White guy. But, definitely no blue eyes or fair hair allowed here.

Second time: Watch the interesting technology being presented here.

Sponge Cake said...

Oh dear, more wayism.

“Outrage” as vandals tape bacon to posters of candidate with Turkish background.

PEOPLE BEFORE PROFIT have condemned as “outrageous” the vandalism of a party member’s posters in north Dublin.
Memet Uludag — who is originally from Turkey, but has been living in Ireland since 1998 and is now a citizen — is running for a Fingal County Council seat in the Castleknock Ward in this month’s local elections.
He says that as he passed through Blanchardstown Main Street yesterday, he spotted “strange objects” attached to two of his posters. On closer inspection, he discovered that large, raw pieces of bacon had been stuck on to them with Sellotape.

Anonymous said...

Some good points. However, the bit at the end with the HG Wells Time Machine was a good touch by an aware Director.

These technology models are Eloi. Where are the morlocks obliged to support them?

Anonymous said...

@Anon 15.34

At least the white guy wasn't in a wheelchair.

Anonymous said...

Five People Arrested After East Harlem Stabbing Turns Into a Near Riot.

nilus said...

7pm Channel 4 news..presented by Hindu Krishnan Gurumurthy..first story..

intrepid muzzie reporter Fatima Manji (in headscarf) reports on Evil White Rapist Max Clifford.

Because black rapists and jewish paedophiles are SO hard to find...

Next story: An Evil White Heterosexual is apologising for using the consonant
Which is now a word, the "N" word.

Some people are allowed to say it, and some people arent. I believe mixed-race people can say " nig" or "ger", but not the whole word.

I think it's the word that niggers call each other every five seconds.

Next Evil White Man: Putin.

Next Evil White Man: Gerry Adams.

Next: A rich "Russian" or "Ukranian" millionaire (wink wink)has just bought a London flat £140 million.

Next: "Unreported World" "At least 30 vehicles are carjacked every day in South Africa. Marcel Theroux investigates."In the past year, rape, murder and car-jacking have all increased"

(That'll be those Evil White Men again, no doubt.)

"Marcel films with a private security firm...

...Schlomo Schwartz, an israeli special forces veteran, runs the security company"

JEW Schlomo spotted a good business opportunity with SA's high crime rate.

9pm: "Gogglebox"
Dumb Brit plebs watch
QUEER Alan Carr "Chatty Man",
QUEER Rupert Everett's "Love For Sale",
JEW Heston's Great British Food",and
JEW Cowell's "Britain's Got Talent"

10pm: QUEER Alan Carr "chats" to JEW Heston Blumenthal!

followed by "Brooklyn Nine Nine"
JEW Andy Samberg stars as a jew detective with a QUEER, black boss!

followed by "Happy Endings" (kike-com)

Created by
JEW David Caspe, starring
JEW Adam Pally

That's just ONE CHANNEL

nilus said...

For those of you worried about the lack of QUEERS on telly, I just saw a trailer for this:

(ITV) The Man In The Hat: Rene Magritte with Will Young

“The way he saw life changed the way I see life. He was a giant of a man.”

Having first discovered Rene Magritte’s art as a teenager, singer Will Young was immediately struck by Magritte’s strange distortions of familiar objects and his subversive humour. So much so that Will opened his last tour donning a bowler hat and raincoat, so synonymous with Magritte."

Also in the series,black singer Emily Sande looks at kike/dyke/beaner Frida Kahlo:

Under My Skin: Emeli Sandé In Search of Frida Kahlo

Singer-songwriter Emeli Sandé made her admiration for the iconic Mexican painter Frida Kahlo perfectly clear four years ago, when she had a large tattoo of the artist’s face etched onto her forearm.

At the time Emeli had bravely just quit medical school to write her first album. She needed inspiration and saw Frida as a woman who had triumphed over adversity: ‘As an artist it’s the bravery that I wanted a piece of,’ says Emeli, ‘so I feel that her being on my arm is a constant reminder not to be afraid.’

"genealogical research indicates that her father was not of Jewish heritage, but was from a Lutheran family."

And drippy Alan Davies licks
KIKE Houdinis arse:

"Having had a fascination with the world of magic since he was a boy, Alan Davies explores the extraordinary life of illusionist and stunt performer, JEW Harry Houdini, the man who against the odds became one of the most successful entertainers in the world.

In a bid to understand why Houdini felt compelled to perform such terrifying death defying acts, Alan visits New York where the young Eric Weiss arrived as a child with his Hungarian immigrant family, made his entry into show business and ultimately performed some of his most death-defying stunts. Immersing himself in the world of Houdini, Alan tries to hold his breath under ice cold water, lies on a bed of nails, gets strung upside down in a straitjacket and takes an exclusive look at
JEW (David Copperfield's
(real name David Seth Kotkin) priceless collection of Houdini artefacts in Vegas. "

Harry Houdini (born Erik Weisz in Budapest, later Ehrich Weiss, Harry Weiss, or Harry Weiß;

His parents were Rabbi Mayer Sámuel Weisz (1829–1892), and Cecília Weisz (née Steiner;

They first lived in Appleton, Wisconsin, where his father served as Rabbi of the Zion Reform Jewish Congregation.

Anonymous said...

That's the effect of the net - zios don't control all the agenda anymore. Truth is filtering out!

Invictus said...

I visited Croatia, Bosnia-Hercegovina and Montenegro just before Yugoslavia broke up. I remember seeing lots of terrible driving, leading to aggressive confrontations.

Whether the belligerence would be turned against Third World settlement remains to be seen.

By the way, I've added another short article to my blog, on usury-free economics. To read it, just click on my name.


Anonymous said...

C4's news report on Scots ind was a party election broadcast for no campaign.

My enemy's enemy: we should encourage independence

Xavi said...

Denise, sory to hear of your cat. I as well lost a loved cat not too far away. Ppl laugh but they do not understand they are a real friend.

Xavi said...

Denise, sory to hear of your cat. I as well lost a loved cat not too far away. Ppl laugh but they do not understand they are a real friend.

Braveheart said...

First, observe all the bi-racial people in this commercial with maybe a single token White guy. But, definitely no blue eyes or fair hair allowed here.

That is because there will not be any pure blood White people in that future. So perhaps the advertisment is accurate.

Anonymous said...

Islamist plot to infiltrate schools 'widespread across UK', heads warn
Head teachers concerned over alleged Islamist plot to infiltrate Birmingham schools as Ofsted investigates three more primaries

Head teachers raise 'serious concerns' over Islamic school take-over
Concern of 'Trojan Horse' plot spreads to three more state primaries as head teachers' leaders voice concerns for the first time over the Islamic infiltration at schools in Birmingham

Frank Fisher is a regular voice of sanity in the comments at Telegraph. Dan Hodges is a champagne socialist, and a dick. His mom is Glenda Jackson:

"Clarkson’s admission he had in fact used the word in that context then prompted a lively debate on Twitter. One of those who opted to join it was a man called Frank Fisher, official Ukip PPC for Macclesfield.
Here’s our conversation:
Me: “Farage says OK not to want Romanians next door. Clarkson says “n****r”. People debate 'is it racist?' Has this country gone raving mad”.
Fisher: “Sanity is returning. Serious point: you equate 'racism' with using a particular word – why?”
Me: “You don't equate the word 'n****r' with racism Frank?”
Fisher: “On its own? A word is just a word. Attitudes and actions are what matter. I sing along to Straight Outta Compton. Is that racist?”
This reference to “Straight Outta Compton” relates to a song by the rap group NWA, and has long served as the white man’s Nuremberg defence over the use of racially offensive language. “But the blacks use the word. Why can’t we?”
It’s now just under a fortnight since Ukip launched their European election campaign. And in that time our carefully – some would say painfully – constructed consensus on what is acceptable discourse on the issue of race has been shattered. Smashed to dust in 11 days.
One of the arguments most often used over that period – during which there has been a ferocious debate about the racist nature of Ukip’s campaign – is that the word “racism” is actually used to stifle debate. It’s thrown presumptively in the face of anyone who dares to raise any legitimate issue, from increases in immigration to the nature of Britishness.
And those who deploy that argument are right. It has. I’ve done it myself.
For years, those of us who have supported mass migration, and believed in the social and economic benefits its brings, deluded ourselves. We conned ourselves into thinking we represented the majority viewpoint, and reacted with visceral anger towards anyone who dared challenge our cosy world view.
And it was a disaster. We did shut down debate, which in turn created a political vacuum. One that was filled initially by the BNP, and is currently being filled by Ukip.
But now the pendulum has swung back. With a vengeance. Where once everything was decried as racist, suddenly nothing is racist. Where every legitimate question about immigration was ritualistically dismissed as base prejudice, now every overt and coded racial, homophobic or misogynistic slur is deconstructed, and rationalised and legitimised.
And not just by the racists, homophobes and misogynists. "


nilus said...


"In the eyes of our masters the rootless atomized individual is the most desirable of citizens, we can take it from 3 angles.

1. The Left get to have a blank slate upon which they can scribble their ideals

2. The ''Right'' as represented by Global Finance have the perfect unit of production and consumption

3. Our jewish masters get to fulfill their destiny in ''perfecting humanity''. They also play a massively over-represented role in 1 and 2."

slice said...

Ah, there you are you pervert.

LURK much ?

Your mind is obiously still focussed,lazer-like, on "Saving The White Race" and "Runnng Your Business" and obviously you have very little time left to daydream about inter-racial queer sex.

But you always seem to manage

Hack said...

" Anonymous said...
I'm sure there are plenty of white women in Croatia that will eagerly spread their legs open for darkie. Look no further than nilus' own mudshark sister who enjoyed black tar role."

SAVANT : There's a fairly easy-to-spot comment that should be deleted.

Just to piss off the egotist

Stainless said...

I just saw Annie Lennox wearing a "HIV POSITIVE" sweatshirt at some Beatles museum gig,BBC4

Let's explain to a White English Working-class woman in London, 1944, why a White Scot would, a few short decades after, be sporting a slogan that basically cheered for a disease that mostly affected homos and africans.

As she counts her ration slips

Where would you start?

nilus said...

A White woman is wearing a shirt that simply has the name of a sexually-transmitted disease on it.

She is proclaiming:

" I am so AT EASE with fags and blacks even diseased ones..Im such a GOOD NUWhite Person,Im so good. I do so hope my views and opinions will be accepted by the hive and I can be popular.Or at the very least to be accepted and not shunned."

This aint the Fifties anymore..

Hitler Holocaust Nazi Farage Thatcher said...

Hitler Holocaust.

Hitler Holocaust,Hitler Holocaust,Hitler Holocaust,Hitler Holocaust,Hitler Holocaust,Hitler Holocaust,Hitler Holocaust,Hitler Holocaust,Hitler Holocaust,Hitler Holocaust,Hitler Holocaust,Hitler Holocaust,Hitler Holocaust,Hitler Holocaust,Hitler Holocaust,Hitler Holocaust,Hitler Holocaust,Hitler Holocaust,Hitler Holocaust,Hitler Holocaust, Nazi, nazi, UKIP, Thatcher.

Hitler Holocaust Nazi Farage Thatcher Clarkson said...

Hitler Holocaust,Hitler Holocaust,Hitler Holocaust,Hitler Holocaust,Hitler Holocaust,Hitler Holocaust,Hitler Holocaust,Hitler Holocaust,Hitler Holocaust,Hitler Holocaust,Hitler Holocaust,Hitler Holocaust,Hitler Holocaust,Hitler Holocaust,Hitler Holocaust,Hitler Holocaust,Hitler Holocaust,Hitler Holocaust,Hitler Holocaust,Hitler Holocaust, Nazi, nazi, UKIP, Thatcher.Hitler Holocaust,Hitler Holocaust,Hitler Holocaust,Hitler Holocaust,Hitler Holocaust,Hitler Holocaust,Hitler Holocaust,Hitler Holocaust,Hitler Holocaust,Hitler Holocaust,Hitler Holocaust,Hitler Holocaust,Hitler Holocaust,Hitler Holocaust,Hitler Holocaust,Hitler Holocaust,Hitler Holocaust,Hitler Holocaust,Hitler Holocaust,Hitler Holocaust, Nazi, nazi, UKIP, Thatcher.


FUCK YOU! White Heterosexual Man! :

The big BBC bully has had his day. It’s time for polite women
50% of the people worldwide pay too much for their gas (TopTipsNews - UK)
Politicians have changed – the type of inquisition in which Jeremy Paxman specialises on Newsnight doesn’t work any more, ducky..

"How interesting is it to see show-off men try to puncture other show-off men on air?
Aren’t current affairs better covered in broadcasting that is short, clear, fairly neutral, and presented by firm but polite women who see themselves as the servants of the public rather than their would-be idols?"

Tru Feminists should fly only in planes designed by women, built and maintained by women, flown and guided by women.

Fair is fair.

Tru Niggers should only ever use things NOT invented/made by the Ebil White man.



James said...

Savant, here is my summary of the banned one's comments.

2 May 2014 01:17
2 May 2014 10:36
2 May 2014 11:41
3 May 2014 01:27

Since you have previously deleted my posts for mentioning him, please delete the above posts too.

Then you can delete this post as well.

Also please delete post at 3 May 2014 01:49, and there will be very little trace of him left.

James said...

Lots of people here didn't like Farage. Look at the successes he's having.

Getting called a racist on National TV is a big deal.

He's doing well.

Anonymous said...

Let's explain to a White English Working-class woman in London, 1944, why a White Scot would, a few short decades after, be sporting a slogan that basically cheered for a disease that mostly affected homos and africans.

As she counts her ration slips

Where would you start?

Start with:

we are fighting against everything the Germans stand for...

Uncle Nasty said...

The beginning of the end game.

I do not know how many have been following the Nebraska debacle, in which the Feds (in the form of the Department of Agriculture) have decided to show a Nebraska farmer just who's boss, here .... by confiscating (stealing, actually) a few hundred head of his cattle. A few links below:-

People see this and say "Only in America ...". No. Afraid not.

It will soon be everywhere.

The gloves come off in England

Francis Carr Begbie on April 30, 2014

The arrest of Paul Weston, an anti-immigration campaigner in England, for repeating Winston Churchill’s unflattering observations about Islam in a public speech has been reported around the world with headlines from the US to Russia to Japan. Weston, who leads a small party called LibertyGB, was bundled into a police van outside the Guildhall in the town of Winchester, after being arrested for suspected racial harassment.

It is a shocking event because to many people overseas, Britain is still a country where there is freedom of speech. But the Weston arrest is only the latest in a series of incidents that show that the British state’s gloves are coming off and police are coming down hard on anti-immigration campaigners — and they are not being too scrupulous about how they go about it, as the shocking arrests in of Clive Jefferson and Dawn Charlton in Cumbria last summer showed.

The two British National Party activists were both standing for local council elections in the town of Maryport and looked like giving the local Labour Party a run for their money, as both had been elected before and were popular figures. But Labour were playing dirty and when the BNP pair discovered evidence of vote tampering in Allerdale Council they filed a 22-page dossier to the police.

... On to Part Two


Uncle Nasty said...

Part two.

... Unbeknownst to them, the Labour Party was allowed to respond to the complaints with allegations of their own. Labour claimed that a BNP leaflet amounted to racial harassment. Clive and Dawn were totally unprepared for what happened next — their homes were raided by two squads of ten police officers each, with dogs and weapons and with officers from the drugs squad in several police vans in a clearly well co-ordinated action. The raids had been part of an action called “Operation Motive” and had been ordered by the Chief Constable after consulting with the Labour Party leadership in the area.

Boxes of their possessions were taken away and both were held in police cells for 12 hours and fingerprinted before being released. It was an act of intimidation and humiliation that had a traumatic effect on Dawn, a 49-year-old mother of one, who had never been inside a police station before, far less charged and fingerprinted. The arrests had the predictable effect of derailing their campaigns. Both were charged but eventually, after several court appearances and after a protracted investigation, the entire case was dropped without explanation.

Then a few weeks ago, nine months after the original election, Dawn was again raided and again arrested — this time on allegations that she herself had engaged in vote tampering! But again the investigation has been mysteriously dropped with no explanation.

Both Clive and Dawn have no doubt the arrests were meant to harass, intimidate and wear down any nationalist opposition to the Labour Party in the area. And they say the police have never investigated their own allegations of missing votes and interference in the count at Allerdale Council.

Vote tampering was the pretext for a police raid and arrest in another case where a BNP candidate was running Labour close.

Well, well, well. Politicians putting the violence back into politics ... just like in the good old days.

1916; 1917; 1919; 1922 and so on.

Dig out the sepia images of stony-eyed guys with bolt actions and strange armoured cars in the streets ... and replace them with the new.


Anonymous said...

Aboslute gem of an answer !!!

Anonymous said...

UN .....did the land originally belong to Bundy and was confiscated by the feds ?....I don't have clarity on that one yet.
Elana Mecer wrote a piece regarding the natural law etc. but it doesnt make sense.

Anonymous said...

Trying to understand the American law here . What right did bundy have to let his cattle graze their ?

Uncle Nasty said...

Please check out and read:

There should be clarification -- 3 million hits


Anonymous said...

All articles are full of contradictions about ownership ...grazing rights ...when they bought the farm etc .....all very unclear.
Look at Riveiro comments below.
Bundy just looks like a freeloader at this point. A distraction meant to make conservative white males look stupid .

Sponge Cake said...

Heroic eight-year-old boy beaten to death with a rock trying to protect his sister, 12, from teenage rapist.

A community in Richmond, Virginia, is reeling after an eight-year-old boy was beaten to death while trying to protect his 12-year-old sister from a rapist.
The boy, identified as Martin Cobb, was pronounced dead at the scene in the 200 block of Brandon Road Thursday night.
His sibling, whose name is not being released because of her age and the nature of the crime, was taken to a hospital.
Police have since apprehended the suspect, who turned out to be a black teenager. Initially, the victim described her assailant as a white man with scraggly facial hair, the local station WWBT reported.
Investigators later determined that the suspect had threatened to kill the 12-year-old girl if she provided police with accurate information about him.

Sponge Cake said...

Harriet Harman calls on BBC to sack Jeremy Clarkson.

Deputy Labour leader Harriet Harman last night called for the BBC to sack Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson over the use of the “n word”.

The shadow Culture Secretary said anybody who used the word “in whatever context” should have no place at the broadcaster. Her intervention came after Education Secretary Michael Gove urged the corporation not to axe Clarkson.

In a Twitter post, Ms Harman said: “Anybody who uses the n word in public or private in whatever context has no place in the British Broadcasting Corporation.”

prognathous said...

Loose Women's Jamelia says BBC should sack Jeremy Clarkson over 'racist comment'.

SINGER Jamelia has called for the BBC to sack Jeremy Clarkson following allegations that he used racist language while filming Top Gear.

54-year-old Clarkson is said to have used the n-word while reciting a nursery rhyme during an episode of the hit motoring show, of which he released an apology for earlier today.

However, speaking on this morning's Loose Women, panellist Jamelia insisted that an apology just isn't good enough and believes the controversial star "has got to go.

Anonymous said...

HARRY REID THE SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE and other investors want the land for a wind turbine site that Reid promised to Chinese investors,Reid was the Mobs man in Nevada for years and he was called "mr clean face" by out fit guys back east,he sent govt,goon squads to the Bundy ranch to evict him because the site was going to be "a torotise santuary" or some such bullshit,BUNDY ACTUALLY WAS IN THE WRONG BY GRAZING CATTLE on Federal land and not paying for the right to do so but so did a slew of others but this area was choice because of its topgraphy for the turbines,now the govt did not expect the back lash from ordinary citizens who came with weapons and a will to see that Bundy was not evicted so they backed down,the other thing is Mexican Army incursions into the states of Arizona and Texas with Humvees and helicopters where US citizens have been shot at and wounded,these are nothing more then protection for drug mules to get their product across the border into the states,ask any border cop and they will tell you that the border is a sieve and entirely unguarded this was thrown up to the goons that tried to evict BUNDY and other insults etc etc,armed Mexicans have crossed the border in full assualt gear and gone into 7 11 stores to buy smokes and cans of pop,nobody said shit,so there you have it in a nut shell,,,,

Anonymous said...

This site has cookies now? Something to do with the troll?

Anonymous said...

The boy, identified as Martin Cobb, was pronounced dead at the scene in the 200 block of Brandon Road Thursday night.
His sibling, whose name is not being released because of her age and the nature of the crime.
I'm no genius but I guess the unidentified girl is Martin Cobbs sister.

Anonymous said...

'Harriet Harman calls on BBC to sack Jeremy Clarkson.'
That would be the Harriet Harman who defended pedophiles. We all know saying nigger is worsen than raping kids though don't we.

Anonymous said...

Who raped you? What did he look like?

He wuz a cracka, wiv da scraggly facial hare, nomesayin

Anonymous said...

This James character is pathetic. He's like the class snitch. No wonder he was bullied.

Anonymous said...

Niggers made good.

Anonymous said...

Hang the rapist and drown the rest of the community.

Sick of them.

Anonymous said...

This anti-James character is pathetic. He's like a no- class bitch. No wonder he was banned.

Uncle Nasty said...

The Jeremy Clarkson thing should be a lesson for all.

Clarkson and many others have been threatened by the professionally offended for literally decades, now, and their response has always been:- "Suck it up ... Cuntface.**" ... if they have bothered to respond at all.

If Clarkson's over-the-top apology was not sarcastic or ironic in any way he will be hounded to extinction, and eventual ruin.

They are like sharks in that they can scent blood in the water -- even if it can be measured in parts per trillion.

Never, never, never, NEVER apologise.

Every grievance-hugging nigger, boog, kaffir, spic, dago, wop, currymuncher, raghead, slope, chink, yid, schmo, wog, goatfucker, kraut, frog, pom, sheepshagger, spearchucker, gook, wetback, coon, dyke, faggot, peon, redskin, shitskin, thinskin, yard, pavement and porch monkey, goy, shiksa, hymie, oreo, camel jockey, shirt-lifter, carpet muncher, and coconut ... will be all over him like my doberman on a nigger.*

Never apologise. Never show them your belly -- show them your teeth.



* ... a very very handy site. Highly recommended.

Constance Briscoe said...

aBorts Conscience gnome sayin'?

Anonymous said...

The very talented Mr Pantibliss was on Late Lunch getting free publicity for its show. Certainly better value than the €80 000 RTE paid on our behalf.

SAVANT said...

"Looking at the Jeremy Clarkson kerfuffle, are the anti-white gestapo becoming desperate?

Scraping the bottom of the barrel."

Sponge Cake I've often asked myself the same question on other similar events. It really is binary in that they are either desperate and grabbing at straws, or more likely in my opinion securely confident that they can make an issue of even the most minor transgression by even the most popular transgressor.

Hope I'm wrong.

Keiser said...

Uncle Nasty said...

"If Clarkson's over-the-top apology was not sarcastic or ironic in any way he will be hounded to extinction, and eventual ruin."

Some mantra phrases to suit the occasion...

"Diversity means chasing down the last White person."

"Diversity means becoming a minority in your own country."

Not that it matters but I came up with the second one, haven't heard it before anyway. I hope Bob the cranky f**ker would be proud (it is so hard to "get" him.

Wolfhound said...

I would've bet everything I had on this scenario unfolding a year or two ago.

This just in from the kosher opposition at UKIP: "Mr Farage insisted that Ukip is a "non-racist party" and said he would confront the allegations "head-on" this week by fielding "a lot of ethnic minority candidates" in the forthcoming local elections."

And people still believe they're a real alternative to the mainstream parties, HAH!!

Anonymous said...

@Wolfhound 13:47

"And people still believe they're a real alternative to the mainstream parties, HAH!!"

If Farage came out and said that he was not going to field any ethnic minority candidates then the party would be banned and we'd be stuck with LibLabCon.

Idea is to get into government by stealth. Then we can start changing things.

Think McFly, think.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 03:43

If he had been banned then he wouldn't still be here.

Think McFly, think.

parisclaims said...

In an effort to display his non racist credentials Jeremy Clarkson announced more ethnic minorities will appear in his show
in the future.
The Nig will be making his debut next month.

Anonymous said...

I live in village that barely has running water. The houses are tumbledown and very few have indoor plumbing. The roads are cracked tarmac.
But hey things aren't that bad as I have my priorities right. I buy very expensive brightly coloured suits. Silk shirts and designer accessories. You can see me in the village dive where I cavort with my friends and drink Guinness.


Anonymous said...

Please keep sending us money.

Anonymous said...

Off topic .. but you do have media alert posters .
In my opinion the BBC and the MSM are relentless in their portaying the
European folk in the worst possible light!
A prog about Constantinople on Saturday night managed to compare
the behaviour of late iron age pilgrims with present day football fans.
Considering that so much is going to come to light in the near future.
I would have thought after the overkill of the pistorious show trial ,
prudence would have been advised (Sheffield springs to mind).

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I did not read the 154 above comments

Here is my question,

if only 37% of the population has jobs and if there are not enough jobs for everyone, then how will giving away jobs to new immigrants help the Croats get jobs?

How do liberals come up with such illogical "solutions"??

Pardon my French but what the F***k is wrong with liberals???

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I was curious if you ever thought of changing the structure of your blog?
Its very well written; I love what youve got to say.
But maybe you could a little more in the way of content so people could connect with it better.
Youve got an awful lot of text for only having one or 2 images.

Maybe you could space it out better?

Anonymous said...

If this is the truth then results could possibly be skewed or perhaps the writer might be can not draw any sensible conclusions.

This will offer you the required time and practice to brainstorm and ensure what you are covering is applicable
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