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Was Quisling a quisling?

Very few people can be said to have had their name become a word in its own right in the English language. Captain Jimmy Boycott, of Co. Mayo, would undoubtedly agree were he still with us.  Vidkun Quisling has also lent his name to the language albeit in an altogether less flattering way. Quisling has come to refer to the lowest form of traitor, the kind who supports the enemy against his own country.

So what did the eponymous Quisling do to merit such a reputation?

Vidkun Quisling was a Norwegian politician (he served as Norwegian Minister of Defence) and quasi philosopher. His family were it seems warm and friendly and stayed close right  up until his death. He was a brilliant student at all levels. In the 1920's he undertook humanitarian work in the USSR to help ameliorate the effects of the notorious famines there and also worked on behalf of the Armenians. By all accounts he was a superb administrator and proved highly effective in offsetting what he came to see as the catastrophic effects of Bolshevism. He also provided diplomatic (and some say spying) services for Britain during this time.  His humanitarian work lead to his later being awarded the Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE) by the King of England and similar recognition from the governments of Roumania and Yugoslavia.

Later after serving in a number of Governments his party seized power with the aid of Germany in the turmoil that ensued after WW II broke out.  While leader he worked diligently to broker peace between Germany and the Allies.  Later in the war he broke into tears when it became apparent that Germany had no plans to reinstate Norwegian independence. Towards the end of the war he did everything in his power to minimise Norwegian casualties, refused to sign any execution orders, risking his own life in the process. Once German defeat became inevitable he ordered forces under his command not to offer resistance to either the Allies or the internal resistance movement.

I've read a lot about his trial and, absolutely sincerely, believe it to have been an outrageous miscarriage of justice, featuring one trumped-up charge after another.  For example his death sentence was contrived under a law that was enacted half way through the war by the government-in-exile . (On the other hand one Maynard Cohen declared the trial to be a model of probity). All witnesses to his execution concede that he died bravely and fearlessly. His last words were, "I'm convicted unfairly and I die innocent. Within ten years I will be seen as another King Olaf'  (a legendary 11th Century Norwegian patriot)..

Sorry Vidkund, but The Narrative had been well established within that time and you were the designated  'bad guy'. 

So what exactly had he done to merit the ultimate fate, and his name becoming synonymous with treason?  Siding with the enemy?  Well, maybe. But you see Britain had violated Norwegian territory before Germany did. They knew that Germany desperately needed Swedish iron ore and were therefore equally desperate to stop its shipment. Towards this end they mined Norwegian territorial waters - an act of war against Norway - and had drawn up detailed plans for the invasion and occupation of that country.  Towards this end they had planned a false flag operation as a pretext to invade and  'protect' (on behalf of the Scandinavians of course!) the mines and shipping routes from  the Germans.  The Altmark Incident confirmed to Hitler that a British invasion of some kind was imminent and this is what lead to the German action. The Germans just beat the Allies to the punch.

Norway would be invaded by one side or the other no matter what the Norwegians wanted or did.

Had the British had got there first they would for certain have done exactly what the Germans did....i.e. install a puppet government to help them achieve their war objectives. What would have happened to their Quisling - the Good Quisling -  at war's end?  Well, we all know the answer to that, don't we children?  Compare and contrast Quisling with King Victor Emmanuel of Italy. This guy had worked with Mussolini and had earlier instigated invasions of numerous countries, which ultimately lead to tens of thousand of deaths. But - in the finest Italian tradition - yon king had the good sense to change sides when the WW II tide was turning. He ended his life in peace and luxury as did countless other mass murdering villains from that war.

As Talleyrand so well stated, treason is only a matter of timing. A couple of centuries earlier Sir John Harrington put the same concept to verse.

"Treason doth never prosper; what's the reason?
For if it prosper, none dare call it treason."

Note: Most of my material came from Hans Fredrik Dahl's Quisling: A Study in Treachery, which, as the title makes abundantly clear, was not sympathetic to its subject.  Other sources were also used.


Anonymous said...


"Treason doth never prosper; what's the reason?
For if it prosper, none dare call it treason."

That treasonous scumbag Tony Blair and others like him might disagree.


Anonymous said...

Pat Buchanan wrote that it was thru Churchill's big mouth that the Germans learnt of the British plan to invade neutral Norway (I'll check what he wrote exactly when I get home).

Dan said...

It's well worth looking at the commentary at atlasshrugged2000 on Quisling. I think you
Ought to look at the PR genius who realized the word could become synonymous with traitor.

kraken said...

In Norway it is strictly forbidden with the Thought Police to question anything about the Quisling Narrative. Just like with Hitler in the rest of the West. What are they afraid of?

Dan said...

It was invented by some wag at the BBC wasn't it?

Dan said...

I'm reminded of my trip to Sweden. The bar is set very low to qualify as a traitor. A Study In Treachery! Making the best of an occupation is defined as treachery. How is this quantifiably any different than the current safe of Oslo where Bjorne Bjornasson ignores that 100% of stranger rape, 80% of stabbings etc etc are committed by niggers and pakis? Perhaps they suppress an objective view of Quisling because it would look embarrassingly similar to what the current MSM and Political class say and do today in Norway.

Dan said...

One can also look at Marshal Petain. Again, the guy was just making the best of a humiliating defeat. He struck a deal with the Germans from a position of defeat and the French hanged him for treason. ( I think that's it anyway). What else was he supposed to do? The Jewish chorus then runs around calling people Vichycrats or Vichy scum! The Arabs even dare to call French nationalists Vichy!

Of course the Natty maniacs did the same to Michael Collins in Ireland so every European state indulges in blaming the defeated subject for being defeated.

Anonymous said...

Hitler was a threat for a very few years. Nazism never had a chance and it was the White Christian races that defeated it.
It was then and is now the communist,marxist, leninist, that are the threat to Whites and world peace. We all know who's idea communism was then and is now. Nazism is no longer a threat but the jews certainly are.

00:31 said...

Nice historical article Savant, thanks. Dan, I think Petain had his sentence commuted and died an old man in prison.

Dan said...

Max Hastings Armageddon gets pretty close to the mark. He's a typical Brit but you read it and see exactly what the war aims of the Allies were. The extirpation and deracination of the Germans. This left a chasm in European demographics.

Dan said...

You are correct. Petain was spared by De Gaulle.

Jeremy said...

Compared to the traitors who are now destroying his country Quisling is an unalloyed patriot.

Dan said...

In comparison to what Petain did, or Victor Emmanuel or Mannerheim it is extraordinary to find that he was executed.

Wtf did he actually do to aid the German war effort? I know he was
race realist and into Nordicism, but could that have been a capital crime? The other names ive posted did far more and did far more far more often than Quisling could ever have done. The treatement metered out to Joyce was also extraordinary. He didn't as far as I know ever kill anyone. He was just loud mouth.

I guess that you are immune if you kill over 30 million.

Anonymous said...

Off topic.
A link for Savant and our Irish pals.


white rose said...

Excellent and thought-provoking article.

Dan said...

After first getting over the enthnicity of the author Dr Kaplan, we find that Quisling was executed for doing nothing to prevent the German occupier from grabbing 2,000 Jews removing them from Norway. We also learn that 50,000 Norwegian were in Quisling's party and that 5,000 Norwegians fought on the Eastern Front. These two facts ment he had to die I guess. His existence had to be demonized beyond the point of rational analysis to protect a rather large number of Natty Norwegians. Poor guy really.

Anonymous said...

I used to think the war was a straight up good v evil struggle. I still think it was a matter of good v evil, but in the last few years I've changed my mind about who was good.

The lies told, the crimes committed by the allies are so epic in scale and diabolical in nature, from the morganthau plan to the terror bombings, from the deliberate destruction of Monte Cassino to the systematic mass rape of German women in order to destroy the German soul(see Kauffman: Germany must be destroyed) to the obscene show trials at Nuremberg.

WWII is quite simply the greatest crime in human history. Our problems today are the fruit of that crime. Nothing can be done to rectify our current disastrous situation until this is widely acknowledged.


Dan said...

It was Ragnarok. Appropriately so. Quisling was apprehended in a place he called Gimle. Folklore and religious studies people will understand.

Dan said...

Quisling should have defended himself like this:

5,000-7,000 actively fought the USSR. 11,000 fled with the king to fight for the Brits. On balance nothing I did was treason because it had as much active support in Norway as the king had outside with Norwellian émigrés. Btw the King fled. What were we to do?

James said...

Interesting book here.

Brits might not like reading it.

NU/NUB certainly wouldn't.

Any comment?

James said...

Rick said:

"Treason doth never prosper; what's the reason?
For if it prosper, none dare call it treason."

That treasonous scumbag Tony Blair and others like him might disagree.

But who would dare ask him?

James said...

WWII is quite simply the greatest crime in human history. Our problems today are the fruit of that crime. Nothing can be done to rectify our current disastrous situation until this is widely acknowledged.

Crime? Who's guilty?

James said...

Sometimes I wonder if Henry Makow reads SAVANT. So often his latest article will be so relevant to the current discussion on SAVANT that it is uncanny.

Churchill and the Jews - Henry Makow

Churchill, worse than Quisling? But a hero nonetheless.

James said...

Well well well, Churchill stopped an anti-immigration bill in the UK parliament.

In 1904, Churchill was elected as a Liberal in the riding of Manchester North-West, one-third of whose voters were Jewish, and promptly became an ardent opponent of the Aliens Bill, the purpose of which was to curb Jewish immigration from Russia. When he was accused in the press of acting under orders from Lord Rothschild, he characterized the charge as a "foul slander". Whatever the case, Churchill and a few allies stonewalled the bill until the government dropped it.

That's how it works. NU/NUB will no doubt not be happy about this and say Churchill was "punching above his weight", but that since they are already off the ridiculous scale it makes no diff.

James said...

It gets even worse.

In 1910, as Home Secretary, Churchill sent the army to arrest people rioting against Jews in South Wales, in Gilbert's words, "Britain's only pogrom". Jewish landlords were evicting impoverished miners from their homes. Ignoring both Conservative and Labour critics, Churchill subsequently had the rioters arrested and sentenced to hard labour.

Henry Makow is punching above his weight and is going to make you guise look stoo pid if you listen to him.--NU/NUB

James said...

Gilbert says that the Balfour Declaration was calculated to prompt American Jewry to "accelerate the military participation of the United States" in the First World War. Fulfilling the "pledge" (as Churchill insistently termed this nebulous document) became one of Churchill's constant crusades.


James said...

Nastiestuncle, do you want some birdy nub nub?

James said...

Bob over at mantra land says:

Putin talked about the white race in a very Russian way. He said to a reporter, “The white race is dying out. Do you understand what I am saying?” No American would put it that way to “the press.”

Also in Russia if someone hits a policeman, the policeman hits him back, right in front of the cameras.

Putin was not speaking to “a reporter,” he was talking to another Russian. Russian police do not think that the arrestee hit “a policeman.” They hit HIM.

Putin was talking to another Russian about the disappearance of THEIR race.

Putin is punching above his weight; he's a nobody.--NU/NUB

James said...

Some cause for optimism.

Bob says- The Corner Has Been Turned:

This is the most important announcement in the history of Whitakeronline.

It is now my opinion that, due to all these years of OUR effort, we are going to save our race.

There is nothing Inevitable about it. There is no Date for it.

But as usual in the case of the one who deals in true power, it took me a very long period lately to really assess where the struggle is.

And, almost by definition, I am the only person who can make that assessment.Image Hosted by

There was a giant rock crushing us. That rock had to be moved. What was critical was the first centimeter. Unless someone would get down at the bottom of it and move that first centimeter, and then others joined them right there at the labor point and pushed just right, with no sign of movement, the rock would prevent any meaningful movement.

There were people joining in dances around the rock. There were people pointing at the rock and preaching to their flocks that their version of God would move that rock on The Day.

But the rock just sat there. Which is what real rocks really do.

Just as only one person could see what was going on, only one person can tell you that. And I have not said it before because I had not clearly seen it.

James said...

Bob also says:

We all observe that skin color makes all the difference in a country. The response to that observation is as old as the hills:

“Where is it Written that skin color matters?”

All the priests and the prophets and the intellectuals, for the thousandth time, demand punishment for those who point out a reality they don’t like.

James said...

Sorry more Bob. He's just that good.

Newton, Western Technology and Modern Medicine: When Nothing Was Defeated

We all take it for granted that statistical proof MATTERS. In science, no matter who said what, the final authority is evidence.

No other society was ever aware that there was such a thing as statistical proof.

Doctor Ignaz Semmelweis cut childbed fever death, which had killed a major percentage of mothers and babies in that ward, to zero, year after year, but even as late as the mid-nineteenth century, it made no difference. The University Doctors of Medicine would not stoop to washing their hands between dissections and delivering babies.

How did Newton ever convince a world that still looked to translations of Aristotle and the Old Testament for its cosmology to look to gravity instead?

How did we go from Galen and bleeding to real medicine inside the nineteenth century?

Every previous society had built its entire intellectual life on NOTHING.

To be an intellectual you QUOTED: ”It is written …”

Every intellectual stated that men have more teeth than women, because Aristotle had said so. Even if someone had counted teeth endlessly they would have convinced nobody.

What is unique is that the West has, in SOME cases, allowed evidence to actually defeat Nothing..

Oriental Wisdom and the American Indian Wisdom we hear about were Nothing.

Creation Myths were adopted because they sounded good and “It is written.”

Then Isaac Newton came along saying that the whole universe could be explained by using simple GRAVITY!Image Hosted by

Occam’s Razor knocked the whole gigantic structure of Western Confusionism down!

In a century — AFTER the “Renaissance” — all the Ancient Authorities and all the crap about “balancing humors” was destroyed and modern medicine began.

None of these revolutions could have occurred outside the Western world, because there was no way to go gradually from the Flat Earth to Newton, from Galen to medical sanity.

You simply could not show the slightest respect for Galen’s Balance of Humors and move to Modern Medicine.

In order to introduce Occam’s Razor, you had to state flatly that a thousand years of everything that had been “intellectualism” was pure crap!

Exactly the same holds for Mantra Thinking.

There is no room for Respectful Opposition.

All present political debate is a pile of horsehockey, and there is simply no nice way to say that.

John W said...

WR sentiments exactly.

James said...

The thing about Bob is that he makes you believe that the White race can be saved.

His methods are realistic. No Nazis, no Jews, just stop white genocide.

The Truth Will Out said...

Yet every one of us has been conditioned to respond instinctively with the call of "Quisling!" whenever we want to denote someone as a traitor.

Most people here would think of Attila the Hun as an evil man, the majority of which would know absolutely nothing about him, yet we all 'know' he was evil.

I also know that of all smears to paint upon a person, the accustion of 'anti-semite' is the most severe.

Kevin R. said...

James, I am not overly impressed with "The Vampire of the Continent" - and me Irish!

I think that any writer, if he sets out to find a single source of historical blame can find it by emphasising the bad things and ignoring counter arguments. A bit like Nastiest Uncle!

James said...

No one will be overly impressed by it, but the point is that the opposite (demonization of Germany) is a favourite pastime amongst many English.

It would do them good to see how others might see them so they can get off their high horse.

The truth always prevails, whether we like it or not.

James said...


Diversity and Freedom Cannot Coexist

This is a point I made here years ago.

Wordism says that a society is united by a set of words, a doctrine. The doctrine can be libertarianism or religion or socialism or Fascism.

No union based on any form of Wordism can maintain freedom of speech. Very soon someone using words will be attacking, or accused of attacking, the words on which the whole system is based.

This is what is meant when someone asks, “Is this freedom of speech or is this heresy?” “Is this freedom of speech or is this Hate?”

Any society based on a set of words rather than a common identity must eventually defend those words from heretics by force.

SAVANT said...

James, very interesting link about Churchill. The more I research the topic the more I think he was one of history's greatest villains and charlatans. His legendary 'courage' has of course been shown to be falso by now but his biggest sin in my view was his turning down all overtures for peace from Germany. And we can guess why that was the case.

In fact the book on Quisling I referred to says that he was amazed at Britain's (read Churchill's) unresponsiveness to the various German peace overtures.

You do don't you that Churchill was actually Jewish? This isn't the ravings of a fabled conspiracy nut. His mother was Jewish, no secret about it.

James said...

Henry Makow speaks about Churchill's Jewishness in many of his articles. They are quite detailed and worth a read.

Here is a comment from one of his latest articles about corruption in Israel...

Tony B said (December 5, 2013): The plain FACTS that percentage wise, Talmudic Jews are more heavily involved in crime than any other ethnic group is almost unbelievable to begin with.

Worse, Jews turn up in every last criminal category, with the possible exception of mugging where there is a danger of getting your ass kicked.

Jews are #1 in financial crime, including the insurance racket, almost in total control of banking crime, they are the most persistent scammers in the world - of anything, pornography is pretty much a Jewish empire as is white slavery and child prostitution, gambling, of which the following insider story shows a combination of scams, is also mostly a Jewish controlled money factory. Even ordinary retailing becomes a rip off, In fact, anything which produces a high or quick profit or even if it gives control more so than money, such as government, education and even latter day religion, seems infested at the top with Jews.

If it isn't corrupted before Talmudists swarm into it, it quickly becomes so afterward. Murder, assassination, mayhem, unlawful imprisonment and torture are no exceptions. Any kind of humiliation of non Talmudists is practiced by them, often as fun time games. Human life means nothing to them unless it is their lives.

Moreover the Talmudic plan for world conquest as revealed in the exposed Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion is a totally heartless, totally selfish and fiendish plot to rule all the earth by whatever cruelty combined with trickery will cow the people of the world into submission of slavery. This type of perfidy is best cartooned as a fawning face in your face with one had patting your back while the other aims a dagger next to it. All of this stems from the satanic, Talmudic attitude of "Jews are people, everyone else is cattle," meant for them to use as they please, including non Talmudic, Biblical observing Jews. But with a special, spiteful, vitriolic, murderous hatred of Jesus Christ and Christians.

How anyone who calls him/herself "Christian" can label such inhumanity "God's chosen" boggles the mind. Truly. The actions and mindset of these people is purely satanic, the opposite of godly.

The man who wrote the exposé below, living in Israel, calls the whole economy there pretty much a criminal, rip off operation. And he doesn't even mention the massive free money handed to Israel constantly by the Talmudic captured American and German taxpayers.

You can't please everyone so here are the anticipated responses:

Makow is punching above his weight.--NU

NU knows everything.--NUB

Makow is a JEW! He only talks about "Talmudic Jews" as if there is a difference! They are all bad!--Mary

Here's the link so you goys can read it.

James said...

James, very interesting link about Churchill. The more I research the topic the more I think he was one of history's greatest villains and charlatans.

I suspect anyone with a statue in London is the same.

Look around London. Bomber Harris, Churchill, Mandela, Cromwell.

Not sure about Monty, and those other WW2 heroes.

James said...

his biggest sin in my view was his turning down all overtures for peace from Germany. And we can guess why that was the case.

He himself stated that the reason for WW2 was to destroy Germany.

It wasn't to "stop Hitler", or any of that NU/NUB nonsense.

Churchill should know, he planned it all with Roosevelt and Uncle Joe. He may have even been related to them for all we know.

Shaunantijihad said...


Why do you think James speaks about you in the same way as NU? He has attacked you for a long time. Understandably, you don't post much anymore. If you still read this site, why do you suppose he attacks you in this way?

James said...

Well this was a hard book to find for a while.

Solzhenitzyn Book On History Of The Jews In English

[Link on]

Anonymous said...

SAVANT said:

"You do don't you that Churchill was actually Jewish? This isn't the ravings of a fabled conspiracy nut. His mother was Jewish, no secret about it."

Jenny Jerome wasn't Jewish.

David Irving claimed she was in Churchill's War Volume II (2001), but a few people have checked Irving's source and it's been found wanting, to say the very least:

There's no evidence whatsoever that Churchill was part Jewish. Although his family has a long history of philosemitism.

His first cousin-twice-removed Charles Henry Churchill (1807–1869):

"proposed the first political plan to create a Jewish State Israel in Palestine."

- Croc (decidedly to pick a handle for myself on here)

James said...

Shaun, I'll tell you.

Because her entire attack on Henry Makow was "But he's a JEW!!!!".

I continually asked for more evidence that he is tricking the goyim somehow and she proffered zilch. She linked to a Carolyn Yeager podcast where C.Y. "exposed him". I watched the whole thing and even wrote a summary transcript of it, which she ignored. I could find nothing substantial about henry among her complaints. By substantial I don't mean proof, I just mean something that is even possible to test.

So I'm still no wiser as to why we can't trust him besides "He's a JEW!!!".

Sorry that's not evidence is it? Or have I missed something?

If I have, tell me what it is.

James said...

Jacobson is surely a Jewish name is it not?

Anyway, it doesn't matter. He bombed Dresden.

Anonymous said...

SAVANT said...

-turning down all overtures for peace from Germany.

Like Hitler could be trusted.

-You do don't you that Churchill was actually Jewish?


-This isn't the ravings of a fabled conspiracy nut.

No, it's the ravings of someone who believes everything he reads without even a hint of skepticism.

-His mother was Jewish, no secret about it.

Oh dear, no she wasn't:

We'll file this one alongside "Elvis is alive and well and living on the Moon".

Anonymous said...

"Jacobson is surely a Jewish name is it not?" - James

It sounds like one. But Jacobson wasn't her family's name, that was Jerome.


Dan said...

Mandela croaked!

Sing men of Harlech! Check out the nigger in chief saying that South Africa is at peace with itself. Bwahahaha.

James said...

Now half the internet will link to this

Ha ha

Dan said...

The brewers of Carlsberg are Jacobsons. It's a Danish name though. I think there is a strain of Scandinavian surnames that have OT roots without being Jewish. Isaacson for example. It's deeply confusing. Winston really does take after his mother btw. Yikes. she needed the millions to get any action.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 22:26 posted this link:

I already posted David Burbridge's article slow coach.

You link just plagiarises his article without so much as a hint of accreditation. Probably because the plagiarist didn't want to link to Irving site.

"We'll file this one alongside "Elvis is alive and well and living on the Moon". - Anon 22:26

The story originated from The Jerusalem Post. Clearly it's the Jewish equivalent of the Sunday Sport.


Veritas said...

Quisling was a hero no doubt. The opposite of whatever the Soviet allied said must be true.

Also, I've been enlightened to the "Hasbarah" by posters here so than you. Would you all mind reading the pages here at Irish Central and letting me know if the following posters are part of the hasbarah group as I've long suspected it:


The first two I am certain are chosen plants. The other two not as sure but they comment on every story that's about third world immigration to the west and call everyone white supremacists who do not promote the genocide of Whites. Disgusting clowns.

Anonymous said...

Martin McGuinness and Gerry Adams with Nelson Mandela:


Anonymous said...

Even better.

Gerry Adams at the funeral of jew Joe Slovo.

We ourselves?

Anonymous said...

South Africa and da jooz

19 June 1992: South African hotel and gambling magnate, jew Sol Kerzner with jew Jeff Liebesmann, jew Joe Slovo, jew Vivian Immerman, Thabo Mbeki President of South Africa from 14 June 1999 to 24 September 2008, jew Max Borkum and jew Helen Suzman.

BTW jew Sol Kerzner owned SUN CITY - the place that 'Artists United Against Apartheid' did their song about.


Thor said...

One of the most scandalous executions at that time in Norway was that of Ragnar Skancke, a mild-mannered professor of elec eng who never hurt a fly.

But then he was 'anti-semitic' so he had to go.

PS, great article Savant.

James said...

The Saint is dead. They might preserve him like Lenin.

Everybody sing

Freeze, freeze, freeze, Nelson Mandela.

James said...

One of the most scandalous executions at that time in Norway was that of Ragnar Skancke, a mild-mannered professor of elec eng who never hurt a fly.

But then he was 'anti-semitic' so he had to go.

PS, great article Savant.

Same this happened to Julius Streicher for writing magazine articles. Ironically, there was a Jew working for him and Julius was constantly asking this Jewish guy to tone his articles down.

Even more ironically, maybe Julius was executed for the articles the Jewish guy wrote.

Nothing's simple in this Jew/White business!

Dan said...

Piet, Jan, Franz, get the fucking Champaigne and bring me my feckin Bushmaster! It's gonna be a long hot December.

Anonymous said...

Is Sinn Féin's Congolese candidate Edmond Lukusa part of some running joke about Mulhuddart?

"Although he is the first Sinn Féin candidate from Africa, Lukusa steps into the race one of the more diverse wards in the country – both in terms of residents and politicians.

In the 2009 local election, both Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael fielded candidates who were African-born: Idowu Olfimihan and Adeola Ogunsina, respectively. There was also an Independent, Iggy Okafor, who was born in Nigeria."

James said...

Henry Makow - Mandela was a Terrorist

Maybe Makow is tricking us again here, but I'm too dumb to work it out.

James said...

Makow - For once a liberal is shamed and resigns.

Actually Maori activist Willie Jackson and his more intelligent and reasonable mate John Tamihere got fired from TV in NZ. He said something women didn't like.

Veritas said...

Now that the commie Mandela has kicked the bucket it seems my post about the hasbarah writing comments on the Irish Voice website will be ignored. ;(

Anonymous said...

"This is just another classic example of as David Icke points out the "Inversion" technique used by the Archontic(Demon) force behind the Illuminati."

- Henry Makow

He's should lay off the skunk.


Anonymous said...

@ Veritas

Identifying a hasbara can't be done quickly, but there's a good guide on the link below.

Here's an excerpt, which reminds me of a certain fellow who's known to hang around Savant's blog:

Hasbara Troll attributes:

Supreme point of view
The Hasbara troll knows best
Condescending & Patronising
Socialist (Smart and 'caring')
Do not have to be Jewish but Pro-Israel
Internet experts
Like to ask the questions, not answer questions
Control freaks
Inflamed by anyone being critical of Israel
'Moral' Guardians
Classic insults: Anti-semite, Neo- Nazi, White Supremacist, Holocaust denier
Adept with social networks well trained on IT

Dan said...

Lemme see, Hasbara or idol of anti-white politics dies.

Anonymous said...


Let's have a piece on the Beatified Madiba! (Boy, I wish South Africa Sucks was still going...)


Anonymous said...

Good link to Gilad Atzmon's site on 6 December 2013 00:51

Approved :-)


Holocaustralian said...

Completely off topic here but I've just caught a glimpse of the Australia v England Test match on the box and noticed all participants wearing black arm bands. Thinking that someone of some importance to both nations had passed or perhaps one of the players daughters pet hamster had croaked, imagine my shock when the bottom of the screen was lighting up with Mandela tributes.
Choking back the vomit from Holocaustralia.
Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oy Vey

Anonymous said...

jew owned espn mandela tribute

jew owned nba mandela tribute

Anonymous said...

The natives in Ireland are waking up:

- AN INVESTIGATION IS under way into how the walls of the building that was to be the Anglo Irish Bank headquarters in Dublin’s docklands were defaced with anti-Semitic graffiti overnight.

- One of the messages reads: “Zionist engineered global financial holocaust”, another reads “Jewish supremacist destruction of indigenous Europeans” while another reads “Zionist global financial terrorism”.

Soon, there shall be real resistance.


James said...

"This is just another classic example of as David Icke points out the "Inversion" technique used by the Archontic(Demon) force behind the Illuminati."
--Henry Makow

He should lay off the skunk.

He never said that. It was from a posted comment.
Let's be fair.

Anonymous said...

Nick, once again, tells it like it is in this video. His words ring especially true as the media gears up to deify the late Mandela.

The death of Mandela is not the real news from S.A. tonight... The real news is that a once-great white nation is in its death throes, now that its control has been handed over to African hordes. The loss of a great civilization is a poigant tragedy that even Shakespeare couldn't have imagined.

James said...

Nick is a National Socialist type.--NU/NUB

But he just spoke about white genocide in the EU debating chamber. That's AWESOME!

Won't be long now before NU/NUB gets elected and implements THE PLAN.

Only joking about the last bit, but seriously the piece from Nick was great.

The tide may be turning at last!

James said...

Gilad Atzmon:

The Daily Mail reports today that Israel and not America was behind the hacking of millions of French phones, it was claimed today.


What's the problem this time?

Sorry. My buzzer's playing up. False alarm.--NU/NUB

Anonymous said...

He never said that. It was from a posted comment.
Let's be fair.

Yes, I was wrong there. It's the commentator who needs to lay off the skunk.


Anonymous said...

"It is nothing less than an attempt to demonize and ban(?) all indigenous resistance to a project that has already turned our people into minorities in their own homelands. For it to come, in-particular, from members of the Jewish community—who should know about oppression—who very strongly identify with the state of Israel— which is oppressing Palestinians in a nazi like fashion—is really something quite astounding. This is a genocidal project; this is about propaganda for it, it should be rejected."

- Nick Griffin

Well that is confusing.

Griffin is a National Socialist type, but here he is accusing Israel of behaving like National Socialists types.


James said...

He talked about Jews without sounding like a National Socialist type. Does not compute. Does not compute. BZZZZZZZZZZZT. Phhhhhzzzzzzt. Bing. Boing. Spark. Bzzzzzzz.....Pohh.--NU/NUB

Californian said...

It's really absurd to criticize Quisling for "treason" when we see ensconced in power those political parties which are selling out their own peoples in Europe and America.

Nazi Germany invaded Norway? OK. But what of the third world invasions of virtually every country in Scandinavia, the British Isles and Western Europe? Invasions in which the figurative Gates of Vienna are being thrown open by governments and corporations, all with the open collaboration of much of the media and academia.

Whatever their policies elsewhere, the Nazis were not threatening to make the Norwegian people into a minority within their own country.

As for Nazi repression, we need only look at today who is censoring whom under the rubric of hatecrime laws.

We might also examine the long history of treason by various marxist and communist parties over the last century: the subversion of lawful democratic governments; the open collaboration with and espionage for the USSR; the sabotage of French and American war efforts during the various Vietnam Wars; and the out-and-out support for convicted marxist terrorist Nelson Mandela, as well as the overthrow of white civilization in South Africa.

Ask yourself this: who did more damage to the Western world--Vidkun Quisling or the Norwegian Workers' Youth League?

Anonymous said...

James said...

Same this happened to Julius Streicher for writing magazine articles. Ironically, there was a Jew working for him and Julius was constantly asking this Jewish guy to tone his articles down.

Rudolf Hoess the former commandant of Auschwitz, claimed in his "memoirs" that Der Struemer was edited by a Jew, but I don't believe there's a shred of proof to back it up.

Streicher never mentioned it at Nuremberg, not even in his ramblings about Jewish ritual murder, or the deleted parts of the transcript where he claims he's been given the Abu Ghraib treatment by US soldiers (I have copies of those parts of the transcript made from copies posted to Whitehall prior to the prosecution asking for (and getting) Streicher's claims struck from the record).


Anonymous said...

It's very nice to read some good news for a change, Mandela is finally dead!
Unfortunately, we will now have to endure the media swooning over his rotting corpse.

Rotten Lentin said...

Oy vey! Mandela was a useful anti white tool and will be missed.

Check my blog you stupid goyim, err I meant compassionate socialist liberal types:

Comments closed of course due to holocaustings against me. In my newest rant I write about my thick skin and how name calling doesn't effect me, hence I closed all comments on my blog. Typical of my chosen tribes doublespeak no? Stupid goys, errr I mean caring humanitarians and fellow fighters for social justice.

That schvartzer Mandela's monkeyshines sure did captivate the sheeple. Just check out social media like Facebook for all the stupid goy worshipping Mandela.

Anonymous said...

So I'm still no wiser as to why we can't trust him besides "He's a JEW!!!".

Sorry that's not evidence is it? Or have I missed something?


Ask yourself which of the following propositions is heresy and which is orthodoxy:

1) It is o.k. or even good to refuse to consider the words of a Jew just because he is a Jew.

2) All Jews must be treated as individuals. Before one refuses to consider the words of a particular Jew one must first present evidence that the particular Jew is bad in some way. Lacking such evidence, one MUST give him a hearing.

Your attack upon Mary may be reasonably if not necessarily correctly construed as insisting that we treat Jews as individuals without considering the statistical priors of Jewish group behavior and egregious examples of individual Jewish behavior.

i.e. that we not be "racist" about Jews.

Mary might reasonably claim that she is in fact treating Makow as an individual. She is treating him as an individual Jew.

AnalogMan said...

James, you're getting downright ridiculous. Over a period of about eight hours, you've posted thirty (30) comments on this thread alone (out of a total 82). I haven't read them all, nor will I, but the overwhelming majority of them seem to be you talking to your hand again. That's dumb, not to say tiresome. Give it a rest, will you?

Anonymous said...

JewornotJew gives Churchill a score of 5/15, same as FDR and Truman. This is slightly less than David Cameron, and a lot more than Stalin.

James said...

1) It is o.k. or even good to refuse to consider the words of a Jew just because he is a Jew.

Surely that is up to the individual. However, if you are trying to convince someone that HM shouldn't be listened to because he is a Jew, then a better reason than "because he is a Jew" is required. I simply asked Mary why not? Merely capitalising "BECAUSE HE IS A JEW" or saying "because Carolyn Yeager exposed him" (yet CY provided very little information) is insufficient.

James said...

Your attack upon Mary may be reasonably if not necessarily correctly construed as insisting that we treat Jews as individuals without considering the statistical priors of Jewish group behavior and egregious examples of individual Jewish behavior.

All those points and orthodoxy questions are ridiculous.

Alan Shitler said...

Hasbara at it again. Check out the poster eiriamach especially!
"IrelandNorth, I do not think Alan Shatter will appreciate your wording, particularly the snide anti-Semitism of "a member of the chosen few with the Government of your promised land." Now I expect that you will--again--go on and on in a futile petitio principii about my having "misread" what you wrote because, of course, you're no anti-Semite, right? I'm not mis-reading. Carelessly or indifferently, you show contempt through sarcasm. Mr Shatter's religious affiliation is irrelevant to his political duties in Ireland."

Yes stupid goyims! My religion is of NO relevance to my political duties which are to extirpate the gaelic Irish people. Err I mean help bring progress and justice to Ireland.

Anonymous said...

All those points and orthodoxy questions are ridiculous.

Now now, that's not very "good cop" of you James.

AnalogMan said...

Anon @ 00:22 -

In the 2009 local election, both Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael fielded candidates who were African-born: Idowu Olfimihan and Adeola Ogunsina, respectively. There was also an Independent, Iggy Okafor, who was born in Nigeria.

Iggy O'Kafor, from Nigeria. You couldn't make it up.

Chuck Hammer said...

Savant, please Google Whack-A-Mole.

Here, I'll save you the trouble.

Anonymous said...


She capitalizes that because what it implies is simply obvious to her, and she's exasperated or flabbergasted that you can't put two and two together James.

Jews will sell you out.

Whether you like or them or not, we're all supposed to fascinated by them and pay lots and lots of attention to what they say, and study their writings, whether it's Benjamin Freedman or Makow or Noel Ignatiev or Freud or whoever your favorite charismatic rabbi/guru is, love him or hate him.

I say I don't care what any of them say, not any more. I'm simply not going to read one more article or book by a Jew.

Because they are Jews.

Piet said...

Well at last the Chief Porch Monkey has turned tows up!

Champagne already on ice Dan.

Anonymous said...

All news channels out of service today as we see white dignitaries falling over each other to share their grief at the departure of one of the greatest human being ever to have trodden the earth.
Think I may disappear into an alcoholic haze for the duration.


Anonymous said...


5 December 2013 22:28

Jerome is a jewish name


DJF said...

""""Towards this end they mined Norwegian territorial waters - an act of war against Norway - and had drawn up detailed plans for the invasion and occupation of that country. """"

It was not just detailed plans, the British and French had troops standing by including soldiers and equipment on fast British warships to rush to Norway in the first wave of an invasion.

However the British Navy under First Lord of the Admiralty Churchill screwed up and when they spotted the Germany Navy heading to sea they thought that they were going to break out into the North Atlantic. So the British dumped the troops and equipment onto the piers in Britain and rushed their ships north to intercept. However the Germans turned and landed their own troops in Norway.

By the time the British ships turned around and reloaded the troops the Germans had gotten established in Norway and the subsequent invasion by British and French troops were repulsed

The very strange thing is that the failure in Norway was the reason given for Chamberlain
to be fired as Prime Minister and replaced by Churchill. Yet it was the British Navy failure to stop the German Navy which sealed the victory for Germany even though the British Fleet was far more powerful then the German Fleet. And it was Churchill who had been in charge of the British Navy.

In WW1 Churchill had been fired from the job of First Lord of the Admiralty because of the failure of the Dardanelles invasion, in WW2 the failure of the Norway invasion got Churchill promoted to Prime Minister.

Cassius said...

DJF. Churchill had 'the right people', if you know what I mean, in his corner. He was always going to get power and come out the hero.

Anonymous said...

A minute's applause is to be held at Premier League matches in tribute to former South Africa president Nelson Mandela, who died on Thursday aged 95.

Football fans in Scotland will also be asked to applaud at games, with similar plans for Football League and FA Cup second-round matches.

Saracens players will wear black armbands for their Heineken Cup rugby match at Italian side Zebre in Parma.

nilus said...

Ding Dong, King Congo is dead.

Every radio station, every telly station, and this will go on for days.

All of course hammering home tales of poor black innocents and Ebil White Raycissum.

About how Saint Mandella was locked up in solitary confinement in shackles for thirty-nine years, just for the colour of his skin, and how Saint Mandella endured his incarceration with grace and dignity and only wanted equality when he left prison, he harboured no hatred or malice or vengeance, just wanted to get on with the job of turning South Africa into the Utopian Paradise we see today.


Sponge Cake said...

Switch off the TV for the next few days.

Avoid the fawning, the wailing, the crocodile tears.

Do your Christmas shopping.

Dan said...

I intend to come out in history well, as my buddies at the schul will be writing the history books and publishing said history. Amen.

nilus said...

Just switched on Radio 5 live..

jew Harvey Weinstein is talking about jew Mrs Goldstein and
jew Darren Aronovsky and now
Mark Kermode is talking about
jew Daniel Radcliffe playing
jew pervert Allen Ginsberg...

Dan said...

Mandela's death is a chance to point out that communism was just a tool to take away power from white people and hand it to Jews with blacks acting as muscle.

Dan said...

The image of him and Slovo singing kill the boers is a classic. You can't hide the Jewish guy at his right hand.

Sponge Cake said...

Will the black Jesus rise from the dead after three days?

john said...

WR states my position exactly. "WE" were the bad guys; actually 'we ' werent, but our governments were. Theres a big difference...

nilus said...

Mike Sledge's Mandela Eulogy, a refreshing change !:

Tonight Mike Sledge breaks down the Kosher Testosterone Terror Machine! From intellectualism and civilized western society, to the retarded sports complex zio control grid democracy death trap. Plus the White Man March, and a message on supporting those who are currently behind bars fighting the Kosher Machine. Plus your phone calls!


Anonymous said...

Miraculous cohencidence ? The deep frozen old corpse is thawed just as the movie about his life is launched. Anybody knows if the director (Justin Chadwick) is a jew ?

nilus said...

Directed by Justin Chadwick
Produced by Anant Singh
JEW Jeff Skoll*
Mohamed Khalaf Al-Mazrouei
Screenplay by William Nicholson
Based on Long Walk to Freedom
by Nelson Mandela

Distributed by The Weinstein Company


"With an estimated net worth of $US 3.2 billion (as of March 2011), Skoll was ranked by Forbes as the 7th wealthiest Canadian and 347th in the world.

He was the first employee and also first president of internet auction firm eBay"

"A keen reader, Skoll was influenced by authors such as Aldous Huxley and JEW Ayn Rand and intended to become an author writing motivational books and books on tackling the world's problems."

nilus said...

Winnie Mandela (2011) Description :

A drama that chronicles the life of Winnie Mandela from her childhood through her marriage and her husband's incarceration..

nilus said...

A Jew Is Talking:

Channel 4 6pm:
Simpsons Go To Israel

"The Greatest Story Ever D'ohed"

'Homer heads to Jerusalem with Flanders and his Bible study group, but he is abandoned when he fails to take the trip seriously. Stranded in the desert, he has a hallucination that convinces him he is God's chosen one.'

With the guest voice of comedian JEW Sacha Baron Cohen

Marge Simpson: JEW Julie Kavner
Moe Szyslak: JEW Hank Azaria
Mr Burns: JEW Harry Shearer
Jacob: JEW Sacha Baron Cohen

Sponge Cake said...

No pension until you reach 70.

Dozens of asylum seekers are being put up in a luxury hotel for NINE WEEKS - costing the taxpayer £300,000

nilus said...

What with all of this stinking BULLSHIT being sprayed at us by the SILLY COWS of the media about Half-Nelson Bonjella , I was amused to see this rather apposite programme in the Radio 4skin schedules for today:

Farming Today

Action is needed to tackle Bovine Viral Diarrhoea in England and Wales, says advisor.

I think they meant "Verbal"

What else is our mighty nation up to , apart from flogging pig-spunk?

The UK could be exporting chicken feet to China by this time next year. The Northern Irish poultry processor, Moy Park, tells Farming Today the support from politicians means they're a step closer to being able to export tens of thousands of tonnes of fifth quarter products. A deal on pork products was announced a year ago after a visit by the then Farming Minister Jim Paice, but no trade has happened yet.

There's warnings that many young hedgehogs may not survive the winter because of an increase in serious parasite infestations. The Buckinghamshire based charity Tiggywinkles say they're looking after 300 young hoglets suffering with the infection."

nilus said...

BBC Radio 4skin , today

Prayer for the Day
A spiritual comment, prayer and tribute to Nelson Mandela with Andrew Graystone.

Desert Island Discs
LESBIAN Clare Balding

Woman's Hour

Abortion rights; getting boys to read.

Greenback: How the Dollar Came to Rule the World

'The Missing Ingredient'
Examining the circumstances that led to the establishment of the Federal Reserve in 1913.

Mandela in His Own Words
Fergal Keane takes a journey through the private notebooks and letters of Nelson Mandela.


Too much Nigella on Radio 4?


The News Quiz
A satirical review of the week's news, chaired by
LESBIAN Sandi Toksvig with
LESBIAN Susan Calman

Front Row
Lenny Henry on Nelson Mandela

Any Questions?

LESBIAN Jeanette Winterson

A Point of View

JEW Will Self reflects that our modern secular society has silenced the voices of the dead.

Out of the Darkness - The Triumph of Nelson Mandela
Allan Little tells the life story of Nelson Mandela, from prisoner to president.

Prayer for the Day

A spiritual comment, prayer and tribute to Nelson Mandela with Lord Harries of Pentregarth

nilus said...

Peter Oborne, lickspittle.

This is the "right wing press" we hear about?

'Few human beings can be compared to Jesus Christ. Nelson Mandela was one'

"Nelson Mandela once mused how different his life might have been. He told a friend that his family intended him to be a tribal chieftain but he ran away to escape from a forced marriage.
"That changed my whole career," he reflected. "But if I had stayed at home I would have been a respected chief today, you know? And I would have had a big stomach, you know, and a whole load of cattle and sheep."
What if Mandela had accepted this forced marriage?
Beyond doubt life would have been better for the Thembu tribe, to a branch of whose royal family Nelson Mandela belonged. It is hard to envisage a wiser ruler.
Beyond doubt life would have been better for Nelson Mandela himself. He would never have had to spend 27 years of his life incarcerated in jail, sleeping on the floor, with a bucket for a lavatory, forced to do hard labour in a quarry, allowed one visitor a year for 30 minutes, and able to write and receive one letter every six months.
But what about the rest of us?
Above all, what about South Africa?
There were many dreadful events in the 20th century, and a handful of miracles. One of those miracles was the South African transition from an Apartheid state to a diverse, multicultural and democratic Republic.
It took just two or three years to sweep away white rule and install a new kind of government. Most revolutions of this sort are unbelievably violent and horrible. They feature mass executions, torture, expropriation and massacres.
Think of the French Revolution of 1789, the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917, or Chairman Mao’s communist regime in China.
It could have been far worse in South Africa, because it was not just the case (as it was in France, Russia and China) of a revolution by the starving masses against a corrupt elite.

There was also race. For well over one hundred years a white settler class had ruled over a the black majority increasingly locked away in townships, deprived of rights and unable to vote.
Those brave blacks and coloureds (helped by a handful of whites) who protested who locked up, beaten, tortured and often murdered by the state.
So there was every likelihood that South Africa in 1990 could have become a laboratory for horror.
Historians will debate for ever why everything went so wonderfully right. But they will all agree on the role of one extraordinary man. To explain why, let’s imagine that Nelson Mandela had been a different sort of man. Let’s imagine that he emerged from his 27 years of incarceration bent on revenge against the white fascists and thugs who had locked him up for so long.
It would have been so very understandable. But if he had given vent to that emotion the world would today be a much darker place. South Africa would today have joined the infamous list of African countries whose postcolonial history has been one of civil war, coup, counter-coup, political murder, and ethnic cleansing.

But Nelson Mandela did not seek revenge. He sought reconciliation. He did not preach violence. He advocated peace.

There are very few human beings who can be compared to Jesus Christ. Nelson Mandela is one. This is because he was a spiritual leader as much as a statesman. His colossal moral strength enabled him to embark on new and unimaginable forms of action. He could lead through the strength of example alone."

more of this sickening bullshit here:

The Truth Will Out said...

With an Oi to the fucking Vey, we will have these goyische crawling on their knees begging for our mercy!

After experiencing what can best be described as a complete jew overload of media brainwashing in every vehicle for modern expression so elected to detach myself from the magic box of mind-control till much later where I stumbled on this incredible headline that needs no introduction.

Genuine headline, I shit you not!
Few human beings can be compared to Jesus Christ. Nelson Mandela was one...

It even goes onto mention two figures near to Mandela's unfathomably sky-high mark, one Winston [Gotta love how them Goyische mugs bleed for our Moloch] Churchill and oddly in the same breath Ghandi, who Winnie incidentally was slaughtering all the people of and a close bud of Adolf Hitler [some white bloke who most here wouldn't have heard of] who was supportive of India's right to be free of the Juden, the fat friend of the Jew mulling over gassing them as a way to resolve the conflict, if I recall correctly*.
I may have worded it a little differently than the jew infused puff piece itself.

Unsurprisingly none of the articles on the DT drenched in Schlomo's communist jew juice are open to comments.

I note how not one single report on TV, radio or in the jewspapers shown any compare and contrast pictures to illustrate the leaps and bounds made since Mandelas release to show the the townships elevated to a space age standard of living , all talking heads were filmed in evil racist European backed settings so no recognition of the nor the genocide that followed... shame that.

However as I typed this, some wog lady [wore make-up giving me a feeling she's a female model of negro] made quite a point of stating she'd travelled "all the way from South London" to be at the token memorial to ManDemA in Central London.
Kind of like the African equivalent to the road to Santiago de Compostela pilgrimage that the honkey fool dem make, only less sacrifice, effort or symbolism... or indeed any way at all.

No offence to any of our jewish readers, but I'm beginning to get a little suspicious of your intentions beings as honourable as you like to portray in your various vehicles of destruction.

*no doubt to be corrected by the now not so incognito virus by stating an outright lie suffixed with some statement about how juwes d'int do nuffink, not eva!

PS -
Delenda Est Judaica!

nilus said...

Truth Will Out: It looks like we both found that Oborne piece and posted it here at the same time!

Sickening , if predictable, stuff.

nilus said...

And Peter Oborne was the guy who made " Dispatches: Inside Britain's Israeli Lobby" for UK Channel 4skin!

Trust no-one in the MSM, they've all been vetted for compliance.

They are Legion, but speak with One Voice.

nilus said...



nilus said...

Topics on BBC Radio 4skin's "Any Questions ? " :

"Mandela Mandela Mandela,
Tom Daley and queer queer queer , lesbian, transgender, queer bullying, we still have a long way to go.."

Next weeks panel is LITERALLY all muslim/ indian/brown , even the token UKIP representative (audience booed when his name was announced)

Chuka Umuna,(Labour) Shami Chakrabarty, Amjad Bashir (UKIP), and Sajid Javid MP

nilus said...

BBC1 9pm "Nelson Mandela: The Fight For Freedom "

BBC2 10pm QI

presented by
QUEER JEW Stephen FRy with
JEW Victoria Coren
LESBIAN Sue Perkins
QUEER Rev. Richard Coles

BBC1 10.45

QUEER Graham Norton with
JEW Daniel Radcliffe and
QUEER Cliff Richard

Channel 4 10pm
QUEER Alan Carr with
JEW Heston Blumenthal

followed by

"Nelson Mandela Superstar"

ITV 11.10 "Nelson Mandela His Life and Legacy"

nilus said...

Channel 5 11.15

Nazi Temple of Doom
Experts discuss the complex history of a valuable Celtic cauldron that was found at the bottom of a lake in Bavaria and has been connected with a number of notorious historical figures. They examine why it may be linked to Adolf Hitler's search for the Holy Grail and Heinrich Himmler's shrine to the SS, as well as the Mafia and an international fraud trial where millions of dollars are at stake

James Lord said...

St. Nilus 21.35.

They seem to have covered just about all the villains in that one.

clogheen said...

Veritas. Suspected for a long time that eiriamach was programmed in some way. He almost seems to be replaying a basic script.

For non Irish readers, eiriamach means rebellion. Just what we need. But not the kind that bastard has in mind.

The Truth Will Out said...

St Nilus regarding the Oborne article

I'm so old all the closet racists I knew growing up too scared to vote NF/BNP voted Tory in racial led defiance to Labour's system of "Vote Labour - Get a paki for a neighbour" and the Telegraph was referred to as the Torygraph, now it's the Torahgraph.

Today every Telegraph editorial is now just as Frankfurt school Marxist as any 60's communist comic rag.

Some call it leftist, I call it jewish.

Jesus called them pharisees, modern Christian zionists [an oxymoron if there ever were one] believe he said the word "jews" even though he never.

Russians used to call them bolsheviks now they're oligarchs.

Yanks used to call them communists[left wing Marxist], now they are neo-cons [right wing zionist].
Ever a better modern depiction of them controlling both the horizontal and the vertical?

Hell we are taught the Amenian genocide was conducted by Ottoman Turks...

It leads me to a point I read on John Tyndall's archived Spearhead articles, something I too stumbled upon as a young kid doing my paper-round which helped in part to break my programming entirely, you must read every paper to see the angular dispersion of light from the propaganda prism, it differs just a little depending on the editorial bias.

Most Tories read the Times/Telegraph/Sun et al
Most left-wing liberals the Grauniad/Mirror etc

The issue being, those who read the left wing rags, would never touch the other paper of an opposing political bent with a bargepole.
Run out of copies of the mirror, the customer would be rabid at my helpfully posting a copy of the Sun instead.

You see, our controllers must have been banking on this rejection of the other as I could deduce myself that there was something rotten from just reading several versions of the same story and seeing more angles than any single copy would provide, so too would the average goy, this I thought at the time, but none of my contemporaries would agree no matter how persuasive and conclusive my evidence.

However even I as a mere spunk bubble was able to see through the deception by comparing and contrasting each, it became quite an obsession, almost as significant as a stratospheric wipeout OD of LSD-25.

In fact as I used to argue if you read 5 of the main papers interpretations of a story you get quite a different conclusion to reading any single one of them.
Each adding or subtracting a minor detail here, a lie or ten there, sometimes you suddenly discover that all of them lie to a degree and I was to later discover the real meat of the story was omitted from every one of them.


The Truth Will Out said...


Anyway before I spin off into another lysergic cascade of repeating the same thing in an infinite variation of ways, back to the point that I at least think I wanted to make when I started writing that sentence...

"Reading the Jewish Chronicle (JC) is always instructive.

Obtaining my copy in my local newsagents is slightly embarrassing: people of 'the faith' are numerous in my neighbourhood and when I step up to the counter to pay there are often one or two of them queuing for the same purpose.
As they observe what I am buying, and then examine my person, I can just imagine them muttering to themselves: "He doesn't look like one of us!"

One gentleman with a rather rabbinical appearance once made so bold as to ask, with doubt in his eyes: "Are you Jewish?" I replied negatively, of course. It then occurred to me to add, mischievously: "I just believe in keeping an eye on them.
" John Tyndall (professional racist and one of the very few politicians that dared tell the truth, thus any MSM coverage was strictly verboten)

There I believe he hits the nail on the head and also mirrors my philosophy, in order to understand any single situation in life you must always hear the other side, we've however been subjected to only one side ever, just the one big fat jewish eternally fragmenting tissue of lies.

Anyway just to confirm the point made, here is an article to demonstrate from The Times of Israel.

"There are so many Jews at the top of Britain’s Conservative party, that it should be known as the Torah party rather than the Tory party."
Prime Minister David Cameron once quipped

How often have you ever read such open honesty in any of the sanitised rags designed and destined solely for our be-scaled* Goyische eyes?

*Not quite a real word, but if commie kike Will Self and professional cockney ponce Brand can do it then why ought not I?

Uncle Nasty said...

Unfortunately I'm working my arse off at the moment, and am unable to peruse all the comments on this particular thread, but I'll throw in something interesting from the US ... the death of intellectual property.

Your intellectual property of course.

The tribe have stolen everything else -- and now they want to even steal your concepts.

Tell me this is not jew driven.

They'll spin it, of course as an advantage to the end user, but we'll see just who benefits in the end.


Uncle Nasty said...

Regarding the TTWO thread (above), I think I have discerned why EnYoo attacks on me were relatively few and far between -- so to speak.

A good deal of the dirt I dished up on the yids was gleaned from their own sources ... yid and israeli newspapers and websites.

A good deal of which are linked to by (heh, heh, heh) White Nationalist websites.

Nothing is so much fun as hoisting the fuckers on their own petard.

Or in our case ... retard.


Uncle Nasty said...

Reading TTWO's rather wonderful link, this stood out:-

The JC leader (4th February) spoke first about the very rapid manner in which the other member states of the European Union reached agreement as to what their response was to be to the prospect of the Haider party having places in the Austrian Government. "They served notice," it said, "that any role for Mr. Haider's party would prompt them drastically to downgrade ties with Austria. This would, among other things, involve shelving bilateral exchanges with the Austrians, curtailing political contacts with Austrian envoys in EU states, and refusing to back Austrian candidates for posts in international organisations."

To which the ordinary rational person would no doubt react by saying: "So what?" It is doubtful that great numbers of Austrians will be applying at their chemist's shops for additional sleeping tablets on those accounts. But we should read a little further.

Generally approving this Europe-wide reaction, the JC also admitted its snags, acknowledging that it might make Mr. Haider yet more popular at home. Yet, the leader continued:-

"This does not mean the outside world should abruptly change course, abandon its position of principle and take a softly-softly approach. It does mean that the underlying principle must be patiently, publicly and articulately explained. The aim - it must be made clear - is not to seek to exclude Austria and its people from the EU or the world family of nations, nor to question the right of voters to choose who governs them. It is to define bedrock tenets with which the world community hopes to build a 21st century on lessons learned from the bigotry and murder that too often marked the 20th. To the extent Austria chooses to include in its government a party rooted in an opposing vision of both the past and the future, to continue business as usual would be illogical, and immoral."

I found this particularly funny as one of the first real National Socialist yid-loathers I met in the sixties was a young guy (weren't we all, in the sixties?) and an Austrian. He regarded his German buddy as a bit of a sell-out.

This guy hated yids on an industrial scale. The Germans may have been Kool-Aid washed into a state of submission, but the Austrians? No.

Adolf was an Austrian. Strange, that, when one considers one of the few fuckem states remaining is Hungary ... and Austria was once part of -- you guessed it -- The Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Obviously the kick-em-in-the-balls gene still thrives in that neck of the woods.

We could use some of that.


nilus said...


Next weeks panel is LITERALLY all muslim/ indian/brown , even the token UKIP representative (audience booed when his name was announced)

Chuka Umuna,(Labour) Shami Chakrabarty, Amjad Bashir (UKIP), and Sajid Javid MP

nilus said...

@ Truth Will Out 22.31

Great comments. I see now why you-know-who was especially venomous towards you.

Ive been listening to the John Tyndall archives via Caroline Yeager via Birmingham Nationalist.

Another "baddie", eh?

Who spoke perfect sense.

Someone should contact Birmingham National and tell him that the vid is NOT of a White Woman.

NU is correct about one thing: At least do a BASIC fact-check before getting giddy on the internet carousel, where a lie becomes true simply through repetition.

Let us all stick to HARD FACTS. We have the Truth on our side, we should discard ANYTHING fishy.

Lest we look like " kwayzee internet tin-foil hat wearing , mom's basement dwelling anti-semites.."

nilus said...

I was hoping Akira had something to say about our NiggerChrist:


I only wish I could have seen a show down between Akira and you-know-who.

But a minnow like YKW wouldnt dare to try to even enter the same pool as Akira, who, to a minnow, is an Orca.

nilus said...

"I was to later discover the real meat of the story was omitted from every one of them."

Radio 4skin, today:

Greenback: How the Dollar Came to Rule the World

The Missing Ingredient

5/5 Examining the circumstances that led to the establishment of the Federal Reserve in 1913.

'By the late 19th Century the US economy had begun to overtake Britain. So the continued pre-eminence of London as a financial centre, and the pound as the leading global currency, had begun to be something of an anomaly.

In the last programme of the series, considering how the dollar became the established currency of the US, Graham Ingham looks at the circumstances that eventually led to the establishment of the Federal Reserve.

One important factor holding back the dollar was the volatile nature of the American economy, which was plagued by financial panics throughout the 19th Century - 12 of them in the hundred years to 1913. Each time the financial system went into a tailspin, businesses went bust, jobs were lost and growth was harmed. The turning point came with the panic of 1907 when the stock market collapsed and had to be rescued by a consortium of private bankers. The system was no longer sustainable without a central monetary authority and Senator Nelson Aldrich was charged with finding a solution to the problem. The result of the process that involved officials dressed as duck hunters and secret meetings was the proposal to establish the Federal Reserve System, which came into being in December 1913.'


( Clue: It aint truffle oil)

nilus said...

"...involved officials dressed as duck hunters.."

"If it quacks like a duck..."

nilus said...

"This guy hated yids on an industrial scale. The Germans may have been Kool-Aid washed into a state of submission, but the Austrians? No.

Adolf was an Austrian. Strange, that, when one considers one of the few fuckem states remaining is Hungary ... and Austria was once part of -- you guessed it -- The Austro-Hungarian Empire."

I'm sure it was just a cohencidence that UBERKIKE Sasha Baron Cohen made his loathesome FAGGOT character BRUNO an AUSTRIAN.

"Nevah forgiff, Nevah forgett , Nibble foreskin"

Is White Genocide Real?

James said...

"There are so many Jews at the top of Britain’s Conservative party, that it should be known as the Torah party rather than the Tory party."

See, Jews aren't all left wing commies, they are conservatives too.--NU/NUB

Of course they are.
But they don't want you to know exactly how conservative.

nilus said...

"even the token UKIP representative (audience booed when his name was announced)"

Let's play PC Top Trumps, shall we?

If a half-black, Indian jew lesbian with a disability came out in support of Ukip/EDL/ BNP , etc, they would be booed and shunned by White Lefty Libs.

We are truly now living in an age of refined insanity.

Even the animals would laugh at us.

Anonymous said...

Is White Genocide Real?

Anyone know who the rat face woman at 1:35?

nilus said...

Tory Top Jews:

Lord Sir Baron Commander of the Known Universe Billionaire KIKE Maurice Saatchi. ( I havent checked Wiki but Im pretty sure his family had to FLEE from somewhere and arrived here with nothing but the string off a used tampon.

A week later they owned 6 million tampon string factories, it vass a miracle.

Lord Sir Baron His Highness Andrew Feldman. His family had to FLEE from Solihull to West Bromich, they were taken in ( geddit? Cluck, cluck) by some well-meaning locals and in a week owned the whole street! Ker-ching, and Oy VEY!!

Nice doing business out of you.

Grant Shapps: Not a Lord or a Baron as yet, it's only a matter of time.

A very White-looking kike, very useful.

Micheal Fabricant: A queer jew from Brighton, a sort of "Tim Nice-But_Dim" , that didnt stop him from becoming Lord Treasurer or something.

How jewish is the Torah Party?

Wood bears shit on the Pope?

nilus said...

"Anyone know who the rat face woman at 1:35?"

The Common Rat-Faced Kike ,

(Kikuss Verminous Destructicous)

Anonymous said...

White genocide

European settlement comprised 408million, 36% of the worlds population in 1900.

By 2100 it's projected at a multi cult 5.9% of the worlds population.

Africa in 1900 was 133million (including lots of Whites), it's set to be 4billion, 38.6% of the worlds population by 2100.

But keep those Comic Relief/Oxfam/foreign aid payments coming, whilst you struggle with rising food and energy bills, not able to raise your own family and now have to work till 70.

James said...

"There is only one way to kill capitalism - by taxes, taxes, and more taxes."

-Karl Marx

nilus said...

It's Brown Nose Day!

With Lenny Henry and Rebbecca Front!

The dregs de la dregs of British comedy ( even though they are all filthy rich compared to YOU ) want YOU to cut YOUR kids Christmas budget and send some money to USELESS COONS WHO JUST KEEP SHITTING OUT MORE COON-POLES LIKE FROGS IN A POND!

James said...

Anyone know who the rat face woman at 1:35?

Some Jew of course.

Trying to sound sweet and gentle as she implies genocide.

We have the nukes.

We should use them.

nilus said...

Here's how we make all Christmas wishes come true:


They can then practice what they preach and show us all how a "Rainbow Nation" really works!

The rest of us can take notes and learn by example.

By the way, israel, no " Nationalim" allowed: no flags, no songs , no celebration of past glories.

Just like you taught us.

See, we are learning!

James said...

4:04 Interviewer: Are you saying the Mexicans are more racist than what the white man is?

Black man: Yeah, specially those ones with the big belt buckles and the reptile shoes.

Ha ha ha ha.

We need to use those nukes while we still got em.

We need to realise that the rest of the world simply won't allow us to live.

James said...

Who is the woman at 6:13?

She says only racists worry about demographics. People will listen to her.
Has everyone gone mad?

Bring on WW3 so at least we can go down with a fight.

nilus said...


nilus said...

Much of that vid is, I think, from Craig Bodeckers excellent expose of racial hypocrisy. Im going from memory here but I think it's called , ah fuck it, Ive got Google:

James said...

Need a quick puke?

nilus said...

The kikess in that vid is not knowingly evil. She actually believes that you can get a million mexicans and a trillion niggers to dance on the head of a pin.

She is SICK.

Diagnosis: Lefty Lib Jooism.


One high-velocity lead capsule to be taken once, via the back of the neck.

Or we could rig up some ludicrously inefficient and expensive "Obamacare" alternative, involving cyanide pellets and special chambers.

nilus said...


Anonymous said...

She says only racists worry about demographics.


"A demographic time bomb that the Jewish state cannot afford to ignore"

- The Jewish Chronicle


nilus said...

On Topic: Norway:



Or submit and allow others to dictate what you may feel, think or speak.

I'd had enough of that at age 14.

nilus said...

A true, honest and passionate leader who actually cared about or believed in the issues he spoke about could orate for HOURS , without notes.

Here is where I put Nigel Farage
( whatever you think) and David Icke
( whatever you think) and Adolf Hitler ( whatever you think) and Billy Connoly (whatever you think ) and Nick Griffin ( whatever you think) in the same Venn Diagram.

I can talk for hours about this shit, and I remember all the names and details.

Now, with this in mind, look at the phony nigger faggot Obama: He cannot say more than 3 words without consulting his jew script:

I cringe now every time I hear the word " Democracy", it has become to mean so much more than a system of choosing a representative, so much more.

It means queer rights and nigger rights and "tolerance" and rejection of the death penalty and feminism and....basically all the lib/left poisons..

FUCK DEMOCRACY, jews LOVE IT, cos it means that whoever controls the media controls the mind, the "opinions" of MOST of the electorate.

Dammit, I'm a White Man, I believe in fairness and decency.

No wonder I am angered by this rotten, depraved, decadent and money-obsessed kike world.

I do hope I live to witness the Fall of Babylon.

It's all I really care about.

Ulick McGee said...

BBC reacts to the death of Mandela:

nilus said...

The , err, "Right Wing " press (that we keep hearing about) :

Nelson Mandela was a secular saint for the whole world
By Tim Stanley
(commments are closed)

Nelson Mandela fought the last great crusade of modern civilisation
By Dan Hodges

(comments are closed)

Nelson Mandela showed a divided country how to forgive
By Tom Chivers

(comments are closed)

Nelson Mandela: Saying farewell to South Africa’s liberator
By Telegram

(comments are closed)

Nelson Mandela had a unique gift: he was able to govern in poetry

(comments are closed)

The Left does not own Nelson Mandela’s legacy
By Mary Riddell

(comments are closed)

Few human beings can be compared to Jesus Christ. Nelson Mandela was one

( comments are sealed underground in lead-lined fifty-foot thick concrete mega-bunkers)


nilus said...

Ulick Magee, good vid. Westerners love to believe they are smarter than that.

" Look at those silly brainwashed people supporting the Red Team!...

.... Everybody knows that the Blue Team is the best!"

nilus said...

"anti-Semitic losers who trawl the web from their mother’s basements."

Gosh, how original.

I reckon most here left home decades ago. Many here will have Motheres who have passed on.

And not many Brit/Irish houses have basements.

Some of us might have actually seen a fanny or two!

"Judging blogs by their comment threads"

Let's face it: No-one in the MSM is our friend.

nilus said...

armpit farts for peace

A compulsory one-minute's armpit-farts will be held at the Akira stadium this weekend, led by the soprano armpit-farter GTRman.

" It's what we would have wanted " said a spokesman.

"Thirty thousand people doing underarm quacks in glorious unison would, we feel , be a fitting tribute to this over-rated grinning commie nigger terrorist puppet and Spice-Girl groper. "

" We never saw a British politician get this treatment. Is it cos he's black?"

They added.

nilus said...

Bearing in mind that I haven't collected these from the book of 'True Believers' of the left , but from just one day's worth of articles in a supposedly conservative/Conservative
paper, The Daily Telegraph:

* "Nelson Mandela was a secular saint for the whole world

*Nelson Mandela fought the last great crusade of modern civilisation

*Nelson Mandela showed a divided country how to forgive

*Nelson Mandela: Saying farewell to South Africa’s liberator

*Nelson Mandela had a unique gift: he was able to govern in poetry

*The Left does not own Nelson Mandela’s legacy

* Few human beings can be compared to Jesus Christ. Nelson Mandela was one "

parisclaims said...

Was Mandela a saint?
Not according to this chap.

AnalogMan said...

My mind automatically filled in:



Uncle Nasty said...

You've hit the big time, Savant.

If you weren't a target before, you are now.

Jewish Defenses against Criticism
December 6, 2013 |
Kevin MacDonald

Mondoweiss excerpted a review of Max Blumenthal’s Goliath by Jerome Slater, including:

[Max] Blumenthal quotes Akiva Eldar, one of Israel’s greatest journalists, who sums up the findings of Israeli public opinion surveys: “Israeli Jews’ consciousness is characterized by a sense of victimization, a siege mentality, blind patriotism, belligerence, self-righteousness, dehumanization of the Palestinians, and insensitivity to their suffering.”

Well, we’ve known that for quite some time, but Slater’s point is that nothing will happen until American Jews pressure their government. Unfortunately, this will not happen “primarily because so many Jewish and other American ‘pro-Israelis’ … are impervious to the facts.” In Slater’s view, then, Blumenthal ends up preaching to the choir because his book is more. or less excluded from discussion in the mainstream media (apart from a hostile review by Eric Alterman in The Nation which, sadly, is part of the MSM).

The reality is that a “siege mentality” goes a long way to explain Jewish political behavior in the U.S. as well as Israel — their fear of and loathing toward an America dominated by White Christians. As Elliott Abrams has stated, the American Jewish community “clings to what is at bottom a dark vision of America, as a land permeated with anti-Semitism and always on the verge of anti-Semitic outbursts” (p. 86).

and this ...

A theme at TOO is Jewish hypocrisy and double standards on various issues, particularly immigration (43 articles and counting). So it’s nice to see others noticing this rather large 800 lb. gorilla. The Irish Savant, “Ethics for me but not for thee”:
The heading and sub-heading from The Jewish Forward say it all.
‘Jews Unite Behind Push for Immigration Reform*: Ethics and Self-Interest Drive Unusual Nationwide Effort’

Well whatever about ethics, self-interest certainly.

The Savant suggests that immigration will improve the competitive position of Jews. I agree. I would also add fear and loathing of White, European, Christian civilization, but there’s no question that Jewish activism has ultimately been about replacement of elites. For example, from “Memories of Madison” on VDARE:


Anonymous said...

The Goyim will not be lead by truth, for they obviously prefer to heed kosher lies.

Anonymous said...

Right now, it is obvious that once-White livingspace is being invaded and populated by foreign nations who are fully aware of their national identities, as have been the so-called "Indians" of this continent, whatever we wanted to call them. Nationalism is the enemy of Zionism, which seeks to dissolve and adulterate all peoples by first erasing their national identities. For some reason Zionists have been most effective at erasing Whites' identity, but our destruction and extinction has been the jews' foremost goal, so we may surmise that the jews have put more resources into that scheme. On the contrary, the jews have exerted themselves to establish and maintain the national identity of non-Whites on this continent, which can work to our advantage, if we, as White Nationalists choose to work in concert with non-White nationalists against the Zionist Occupation Government of this territory. As the White dupes who think they are "Americans" diminish in numbers, the evil that the ZOG can accomplish also diminishes. If we do nothing as White people to save ourselves, we will diminish to the point of extinction. The faster non-White nations act in their own national interests here on the North American continent, the faster Whitey may wake up to the fact that his identity is not "American", but White. That is our most important task. All Whites must learn, whether we like it or not, that OUR RACE IS OUR NATION!

Anonymous said...

Did you know?
"Joe Slovo", the alias used for the Lithuanian jew handler of Nelson Mandela, etc. Mandela was tried in connection with the Rivonia Plot, as I recall, which the Red terrorists had intended to be a major bombing campaign. Mandela was caught and imprisoned, but "Slovo" who led the terror campaign as head of the South African Communist Party got away and spent his time in London, where he continued to plot in comfort.

Anonymous said...

Only a fool surrenders to niggers, jews, chinks or zoglings. As Kipling wrote: "When you're left wounded on Afghanistan's plains, and the women are coming to carve up your remains, roll over to your rifle and blow out your brains, and go to your god like a soldier!" My version is: "When you're left dying on America's plains and the jew-quacks are coming to carve up your remains, roll over to your rifle and blow out your brains, and go to your god like a White Man!"

Anonymous said...

90 percent of so-called citizens are really serfs who live for the pleasures of Hawg Heaven, without the time or the inclination to think and act in terms of community or public interest. As Whites become extinct on this continent, we become less relevant. At this point, our interests have shrunk to the diminishing enclaves in which we live, our own persona well-being, and perhaps the well-being of some of our family members. How low we have fallen, this race which built and ruled world empires! Now, we cannot run our own affairs in our own neighborhoods!

Anonymous said...

In North America is a center of racial and ethnic diversity, it is also a center for Turd World diseases. TB is epidemic; the STD rate (previously known as VD) is outstanding and virulent. Hepatitis from the influx of mestizos and other Asiatics is becoming as common as in mainland China. This biological warfare campaign is the result of ZOG policies, not "foreign terrorist groups". It is "racist" to attempt any public health measures, for mestizos and Asians do not comprehend the "germ theory". They spit in public about as frequently as they have babies. We feed, they breed.

The quiet which now reigns in North America is due entirely to White flight and White surrender. We give the colored invaders our land, our jobs, our women and our children's futures, sometimes with a whimper, but often with the attitude of "you want it? Take it!"

DJF said...

Yes, many Jews are conservative. But the funny thing about adjectives like the word conservative is that they don’t really tell you much until you put them with other words.

Conserve what, you should ask. Be progressive about what, be liberal about what, etc

So yes Jews are conservative, they want to conserve Jewish power and position. Jews are also liberal, they want to be liberal with Jewish power and position. Jews are also progressive, they want to progressively increase Jewish power and position.

So next time you hear these adjectives being used, always ask what is the rest of the sentence

Anonymous said...

Nationalist bloggers like Savant must realise that as soon as their jew-aware site becomes a target, it remains a target because judeos are relentless and vengeful - check Deuteronomy as the template.
So, with 'nastiest' supposedly gone, along comes his buddy spouting the same garbage but without the apparent bile - same shit, different style.
- Uncle Nasty said...
You've hit the big time, Savant.

If you weren't a target before, you are now.

UN's link confirms what I stated below:

- Now that the immune system has kicked in to protect the site , which is the source of much of our information, it should be kept busy. Please get rid of 'nastiest-buddy' and be wary of the judeo-troll.

5 December 2013 01:05 -

The judeos are watching this site and the 'resident' hasbarat is almost certainly here already, probably more than one. They give themselves away sooner or later by what they write, so we should pay attention to new arrivals and isolate the judeo-trolls.

Vigilance - this site spreads The Word which the judeos don't want our people to see or hear.


Ben G. said...

If you haven't read Michael Walsh's article on Quisling, I highly recommend it:

Sponge Cake said...

Huge increase in racist behaviour in Ireland.

Check out the comments.

Smug Self-Righteous Liberal Twat said...

Harumph! I see this blog has no articles about the greatest man to ever walk the planet - a man who was imprisoned for 270 years simply for wanting Black people to enter the Eurovision song contest, but who floated out of his jail cell one day to bestow liberation, freedom, and utterly non-deserved forgiveness to his cringing enemies.

I speak of course of that great bringer of peace in our time, none other than Barak Luther Mandela jnr, who passed away the other day aged a mere 95 years, his health cruelly destroyed by the vicious Apartment system he had to endure.

Meanwhile, this blog goes on about a horrendous Nazi, but utterly ignores the real heroes of our time! Such racism!! It ... it ... truly sickens me ...

Uncle Nasty said...

St Nilus said...

"Some of us might have actually seen a fanny or two!"

God knows I've spoken to more than my fair share.

On the subject (that I have been avoiding like the plague -- it's just too depressing) of the final passing of wind -- Sorry! Sorry! Sorry! -- Mandela. May he roast forever.

We have been bombarded with the nauseating bullshit, here in NZ, where every commentator (Radio, TV, Press) has been indulging in masturbatory tributes to the fake nigger jesus ... more to establish their liberal credentials than anything else.

Three days now, and I am sick to fucking death of it.

When I get my breath back, I will regale you with two Mandela stories -- genuine, because I witnessed both of them. But that's later.


Uncle Nasty said...

Oh, how we laughed ...

Please read the article ... and then the comment.

Notice, not "comments". Comment.

"I see Auntie Yenta got bit by a rattlesnake in her basement, last week."

"Oy vey! That's terrible! Such sufferink!! But there are no rattlesnakes in New York ..."'

"She smuggled twenty of them from Arizona and released them into her apartment block to bite the goy neighbors ... the Lundborgs."

"For shame!! And this is how they repay her!!"


Baloo said...

Very illuminating. I read a different book about Quisling 40-odd years back, and I reblog you and write about it here:
A new look at an old traitor — or was he, really?