Friday, 23 August 2013

See, not all Indians are liars

I have long believed feminism to be the most destructive of all the depradations the Frankfurt Schools and its larvae have inflicted on Western society. If you think about it you'll recognise that it strikes a deadly blow at the very fundamentals of our culture in a way that cultural relativity, racial equality, AA or any of its other sick excrescences could have done. It undermines marriage, emasculates the White male, deprecates having children, corrupts and misdirects the thrust of fact there's hardly a Western or Christian institution it doesn't undermine.

Anyway, here are the observations of a second generation American woman of Indian (dot) heritage.

So wise.

I'm a woman of Asian descent, and I tend to be critical of my own kind. But for many years, I couldn't help notice some stark negative realities about white women, specifically, American white women. I won't elaborate much, I'll just state some observations by point, and let you ponder them in your mind.

* White women tend to pass up nice guys for scumbags who treat them like garbage.

* White women don't appreciate all of the nice things going on in their lives (good job, good health, God, good parents, a nice boyfriend, a nice neighborhood, a nice gift,etc.....

* White guys are very sweet and attractive, yet so many naive white women are pursuing dumb black scumbags who are diseased, ugly, abusive, and will either dump them or trap them in a life of misery.

* White women can't enjoy the nice, simple things of life. Even an Asian or Hispanic woman can sit down and enjoy a nice cup of tea and a little friendly conversation. White women are too bitchy and naive to do this, they must always complain about some stupid little thing..... as if they come from a perfect world.

* White women are so duped by the media and culture: If the media says that some particular thing is fashionable (low riders, interracial dating, pole-dancing--- which is a whore's activity, dissing less "fashionable" individuals), they will follow it like senseless lemmings!

* White women vote for politicians and laws that give leeway to violent criminals (Who happen to love to prey on..... you guessed it, white women).

* White women are soooo consumed about attaining a career, that they neglect finding a nice guy to settle down with, and of course.... having nice children with.

* I've noticed that all around the country, there are countless attractive young and middle-aged white women living all alone, or maybe with a pet.... just miserable and lonely..... I guess they buy the old feminist lie that they need to "find themselves," or "never settle" for just a nice guy..... and the old canard that they just don't need a man. Just for your information, almost all of those feminist leaders who spout that crap all have nice husbands.

* White women put way too many "demands" and or criteria for finding the "perfect man." There are no perfect men or women (You've been watching too many TV shows, movies, and magazines!). ALL people are imperfect, and the ones who seem perfect actually hide some hideous secrets. So, if you find a guy who's pretty cute, and nice, and seems decent and likable.... take him! Don't wait for the "alpha male", which is a big load of crap.... remember, we're not living in a hunter-gatherer world anymore.... and most nice guys are strong and mature.... and wil

l stand up for you, and make your life wonderful.

And by the way, I'm very happily married to a very cute white guy who programs computers, and fixes his own car! Asian guys are as nice too! Just avoid blacks, and those so called "bad boys", they don't have balls when you need them to stand up for you. And to all my white sisters out there, wake up! Don't follow the stupid media! Don't ruin your life by hooking up with a black, a scumbag, or by shriveling up as an old maid.... you'll get older a lot faster than you think you will! If you listen to your professors and feminists.... you'll just be miserable! USE GOOD SENSE!!!


Chuck Hammer said...

Thank you, Savant.

The future belongs to those who reproduce.

This is your country. This is your country on feminism.

Anonymous said...

Oprah who made a fuss of an incident that probably did not happen to get in the press because she has some film out told her best friends forever - white women - that if your life does not resemble some stupid soap opera then you ain't keepin' it real.

Franz said...


As if the whole of the Rockefeller-CFR-Murdoch Axis had not targeted white womyn first.

JUST THE SAME -- is a white guy trying out a new strategy? With a 30+ year jail sentence awaiting, Bradley Manning decides maybe being a totally annoying white woman is exactly the way out:

'I am Chelsea Manning

Anonymous said...

Way off topic.

I was pondering the forth coming war earlier today. It came to mind that we could do with our ancestors returning to fight for us.
Thor leading a mass of Berserkers flanked by the Valkeries.
How do your virgins and mansions look now paedos?

nilus said...

"What Will points out is how Dads are hated by our society. He is just scratching the surface in this example. When couples separate 92% of children end up living with the mother and the father is then relegated to "visitor to his own children". This is in spite of the fact Dads do roughly 50% of the parenting of our children prior to separation. Will's story is demeaning to men, but then that's how we treat our men in this sick society of ours."

- nongenderbias9 , doncaster, United Kingdom

Stopped by police and branded a paedophile... for hiking with my son:

WILL SELF reveals moment an innocent ramble became a nightmarish tale of modern Britain

" The time was that you could live your whole life in Britain having no more contact with the government than buying a stamp at the local post office.
Nowadays, there are no local post offices, and everyone with a uniform on thinks he or she is the appointed representative of the over-stretched arm of the law. If this guard really did see me and my son a second time and was concerned for us, why the hell didn’t he talk to us himself? That would be the act of an honest citizen – calling the police is the behaviour of a craven sneak."

White men just cant do the right thing : Of course , no mention of the effect on kids with NO father/father figure , eg niggers...

'Does working long hours make you a bad father? ''
Men who do overtime are more likely to have 'delinquent and aggressive' sons
Study found that fathers who work more than 55 hours a week are more likely to have badly behaved sons '

Read more:

black 'feminists':

Jailed: Hospital carers who physically and verbally abused patients... one even told an elderly woman she was dead and put a sheet over her
Akousa Sakyiwaa and Sharmila Gunda were both found guilty of neglect
Sakyiwaa, 38, was jailed for 12 months at Snaresbrook Crown Court
Sharmila Gunda, 36, was given a five month prison sentence
Pair worked on the Beech Ward at Whipps Cross Hospital in East London

Read more:

white feminist:

How did I discover I was gay?

It's complicated. Lesbian, bisexual, queer – none of these labels sit right with me. Sometimes sexuality just isn't straightforward

Bella Qvist
-the guardian

nilus said...

guardian reader:

theshamefultruth stephanblack
22 August 2013 4:28pm

" Slightly off topic, but I would like to hear the thoughts from any gay people on this. I've been wondering for some time now, how the term "straight" managed to slip under the radar like it has.
It seems to be an accepted term used to describe heterosexual people, that is, I have never seen anyone criticise its use.
However, doesn't "straight" imply the opposite of "bent"? And I'm pretty sure the words "bent" or "bender" are very offensive when applied to gay people.
I'd be very curious to hear people's thoughts on this. I cant think of any other possible etymology for it."

Dass' rayciss!

Mega-wealthy rapper claims he is a victim of racism

Another mega-wealthy black celebrity is crying “racism.”

Rap star “50 Cent” has a net worth of around a quarter billion. There is no other country in the world, where a black musical artist could have amassed that much wealth. Instead of praising the benefits of living in the USA, he cries “racism.”

50 Cent says he got SCREWED in court recently because the judge was a rap-hating RACIST … and now he wants the allegedly bias ruling overturned … this according to court docs.

Earlier this year 50 and company called Sleek Audio were embroiled in a bitter lawsuit. 50 claimed Sleek owed him over $261,000. Sleek said otherwise. The case went to arbitration — a binding process in which an arbitrator picks the winner.

Bad news for 50, the arbitrator sided with Sleek (the final $$$ judgement was kept under wraps).

But 50 refuses to go gently into that good night … and is taking the battle to federal court — claiming the arbitration judge discriminated against him because he’s black, associates with controversial African-American figures AND because he’s a high profile rap 'artist'.

Chris Brown brands District Attorney a 'racist a**' in Twitter rant after getting 1,000 extra hours of community service

Chris Brown has exploded against the Los Angeles District Attorney's Office.
The 24-year-old performer took to his Twitter account on Thursday night and branded LA County prosecutors racist after he was given an additional 1,000 hours of community service.
Apparently, Brown feels a great injustice over the ruling after he wrote: 'N**** done 6 months community service wit police and the DA racist a** crying to the judge that I didn't do it. F*** the SYSTEM!'

Remember ,the word 'rape' is made of 'rap' and 'ape '...

nilus said...

CDC: White Suicide rates are over double that of blacks

One of the tenants of the American left-wing is that white people cause blacks to have low self-esteem. This alleged low self-esteem then causes blacks to perform badly in school, commit crimes, go on welfare, have bad credit, and die at a younger age.

There is a huge problem with this theory. For over 60 years, Anerican Universities have been studying self-esteem. Decade after decade, test and test, blacks always rank as having higher self-esteem than white people. The liberal academia at our Universities are well aware of this phenomenon. However, the left continues to promote this hoax that black disparities are caused by low self-esteem.

Blacks on average have the highest self-esteem, as well as the highest level of narcissism.

We posted three abstracts from recent peer reviewed University studies. As you can see, it is considered scientific fact in American academia that blacks have the highest self-esteem. Yet the left-wing continues to perpetrate this hoax.

nilus said...

Nazis ,raycissm ,sex ,MLK ,etc ...

Wilder than her pet cheetah, the sex-mad Black Venus who outwitted the Nazis:

Remarkable story of Josephine Baker as Rihanna is set to play legendary seductress in biopic

"Then, in 1917, when Josephine was 11, her St Louis hometown erupted in race riots.
Mobs of 'white troublemakers' invaded black districts, killing 100 people."

"Staunchly anti-Nazi, she even piloted a plane taking Red Cross supplies to Belgium.

In 1940, when the Germans invaded, she left Paris for her chateau in the Dordogne, where she bravely hid Resistance fighters.
When German soldiers came to search the house, she simply charmed them into leaving — and helped spirit the fugitives out of France at great personal risk.
She toured neutral Spain and Portugal, smuggling messages for the Resistance written in invisible ink in her underwear.

In 1951 she toured America. Having fought against Nazism, she was appalled that racism was still so prevalent in the country. She spoke out against segregation, undeterred by threats from the Ku Klux Klan, and refused to perform in venues that did not allow blacks, forcing many to relax their rules. It was a major Civil Rights triumph.
In August 1963 — 50 years ago this month — she was at Martin Luther King’s side at the Washington March when he told America: ‘I have a dream.’ She too gave a speech, wearing her Free French Army uniform and medals.

Josephine had longed dreamed of creating a 'Rainbow Tribe' of children of all colours to live in utopia

Despite her enormous earnings, Josephine was hopeless with money and her fortune began to run out.
In 1969, utterly broke ,she was forced to sell her chateau and move to a two-bedroom apartment in Paris with all her children.

Keiser said...

That Indian chick is more of a White Nationalist than I am :-)

I have heard it time and time again, the most telling utterance came from a woman I heard on radio once ostensibly lamenting that she swallowed the lie. I quote (if memory serves exactly)

"I did what we thought would give us happiness, I worked on my career and now I see my friends whom I looked down on happy and with children. I am miserable and I am miserable everyday."

The last part really stuck with me. Having children is not for everyone but they should make sure it is their decision and not something they were duped into.

Finally I think as men we need to take some responsibility as fathers and role models for young girls. The usual fair, not abusive, insist on good values, don't take nonsense, the usual strong, decent behaviour. She will then have a good image of men and won;t be easily swayed or in need of validation from idiots (or worse).

This goes triply so for women. Only an idiot takes their crap and they know it and won't respect it.

I will leave you with some of my favourite (harsh?) quotations

1. “If you go to see the woman, do not forget the whip”
Friedrich Nietzsche

2. "To correct nature. If someone does not have a good father, he should acquire one."
Friedrich Nietzsche

3. "Man shall be trained for war, and woman for the recreation of the warrior: all else is folly."
Friedrich Nietzsche

4. "Between men and women there is no friendship possible. There is passion, enmity, worship, love, but no friendship."
Oscar Wilde

5. "Feminism is the complaint of a woman that doesn't have a man to tell her what to do"
Keiser (Public Domain - Feel Free :-) )

Savant I found an updated picture of Andrea Dworkin here.

Keiser said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Keiser said...

" White guys are very sweet and attractive, yet so many naive white women are pursuing dumb black scumbags who are diseased, ugly, abusive, and will either dump them or trap them in a life of misery. "

It is strange but many women from other races are crazy to snap up White guys.

I spent some time in Asia and despite the ultra-traditionist family outlook women there view White guys as top shelf and nigs as subhuman.

I guess they don't have the Talmudvision to show them otherwise and rely on reality and what they see with their own eyes instead.

James said...

I thought she was Asian as in Chinese.
Only brits call Pakistanis and Indians "Asians". Everyone else calls them Indians, and when they say Asian they mean Chinese, Japanese, Malaysian, Thai, etc.

James said...

NU hasn't answered any of my questions yet.

I'm still waiting for his big idea to save the white race. I'm starting to think he hasn't got one (except for making fun of White Nationalists of course).

James said...

Now they are really pulling our legs. Bradley Manning doesn't even exist.

katana said...

Well done Savant! The 'Recent comments' side bar is up and running.


Anonymous said...

Slighty off-topic, but here is a MUST READ from AWD. Yes, it seems to be true that Americans seem to be getting effing fed up with the whole "race" thing, and black-on-white crime in particular. This is a most excellent read.

Anonymous said...

Hey Sav. What is the source of the material? It is sadly quite perceptive. White women are our Achilles heel for the most part.

nilus said...

A couple of years ago I podted a sort of spoof/charicature of a movie synopsis , one of those jewy sex/gross out jobs , after seeing the trailer for "Little Fockers"

( groovy sexually-liberated jew family( Ben Stiller , Barbara Streisand , Dustin Hoffman , Harvey Keitel , vs stuffy Whites ,
bodily-fluid humour ,swearing ,
cock-jokes , innapropriate sexual scenes involving kids , etc)

( directed by jew Paul Weitz ,written by jew John Hamburg, produced by jew Jane Rosenthal,jew John Hamburg and jew Jay Roach
(Roach is married to jew Susanna Hoffs of The Bangles and converted to Judaism before marrying Hoffs.)

” Meet the Kuntz” , its the sequel to ” Dude , Where’s Mike Hunt? ” and it's got all my favourite actors in it ; Seth Rogen, Dustin Hoffman , Billy Crystal, Bette Midler , Jesse Eisenberg , Adrien Brody , Rob Schneider , Ben Stiller , Adam Sandler ,Andy Samberg ,Larry David
(as a hilarious loveable pedophile!) Liev Schrieber , everyone from the “American Pie ” team , Sarah Silverman, David Schwimmer , Ethel Merman , and many more , in amusing self-aware bit-parts –
( even Ricky Gervais has a cameo as a similar character to the character in “The Office”. And “Extras “. And “The Invention of Lying ” And,
“The Ricky Gervais Podcast” )

It’s directed brilliantly by Woody Allen, who ( my grandaughter assures me)
hasn’t lost his touch , and the music is by the always fantastic Danny Elfman. ( Has all those Elfman trademarks, you know, seems really familiar , even on a first listen )

It’s a new twist on the classic “road-trip” movie ; about an extended (jewish? not sure ) family from L.A. ( the Kuntz ) driving a convoy of Winnebagos across the States to get to New York in time for young cousin Arri Kuntz’ briss , after all internal flights have been grounded by the T.S.A. because of something- to -do- with- Arab -Terrorists.

As you can imagine , hilarity ensues , as they encounter ordinary American white folks Christians and mock them and their ways. There are a few “gross-out ” gags,
( no doubt the influence of the ‘American Pie’ team , there ! ), not wanting to give too much away here , but in one UNFORGETTABLE scene , Herschel Kuntz ( Billy Crystal ) has got gastro-enteritis , but the on-board toilet is not working ! Meanwhile , Aunt Ruthie ( Midler ) has prepared a bowlful of hot chocolate sauce for that night's Purim dinner, but the dog, Schwartzer ,( who also has gastroenteritis , irratable anal-glands , worms and is priapic ) manages to stumble across young Zak ( Eissenberg ) masturbating blindfolded to a Randy Newman song ….( like I said , I dont want to spoil the gag )

Anyway , its REALLY funny , and look out for Martin Lawrence dressed as a white girl making out with Eddie Murphy as a Mexican paraplegic.


Well , I just watched "We're the Millers" , and :

* Winnebagos? check

* Disdain and contempt for normal, White , decent American families?

* Christian mocking? check

* Inside jew jokes? Check

( family pretends to pray for everyone on aeroplane:
" except the jews" )

* Sex jokes: check . Boy almost has to suck off Mexican cop for bribe

* "Big Black Cock" during a game of Pictionary , etc

*Drugs( Main guy sells weed ,the fake family are smuggling 2 tons of weed)

*Boy bitten on balls by spider ( no-one offerered to suck out the poison , which was odd)

* Boy taught to snog by 'sister' and 'mother' at the same time. Very weird.

* Blacks in power positions

* Women able to knock out males with one punch

* "Square" White couple just itching to "swing" and have same-sex affair.

* "Square mom" talking too much about her vagina ( somehow its both "shallow" and "huge"

etc etc etc

Nastiest Uncle said...

@James 01:56

My nigger. Although I think we're worth saving, lots of white people don't think we're worth saving. So maybe we aren't.

We're very easily save-able though.

Probably not much point in talking about how to save us until people start wanting to save us.

Nastiest Uncle said...

What's the link to this Indian woman's pro-white speech?

Anonymous said...

She has aged surprisingly well Keiser!.


Anonymous said...

A couple of years ago,if I recall correctly,you posted about having to drive Mrs Savant a hundred miles or so,there and back,just to view a nieces wedding dress,even though you would be attending the wedding only a week later.

But you acquiesced.For this is what women are like.

Where I live there are two churches,Catholic and Church of Ireland.There seems to be a wedding in one or the other most days of the week.

My wife and her friends often stroll down to have a look at the bride,the bridesmaids,the brides mother and anyone in general.Complete strangers.Then they come home to gossip and critisise.And no,they DON'T have anything better to be doing with themselves.

It's irritating but that's women.It's the way they are.It's instinctual.

So,the Indian woman above,describing the behaviour and the resulting unhappiness and misery of White women,is relating the consequences of 50 years of indoctrination and brainwashing.50 years of Dworkin and her ilk.(To Dworkin could become a useful verb)

No Western country is exempt,but the poison seems to have affected American and British women more than others.A career(which they are often pretty crap at),disastrous multiple relationships,passing on perfectly decent men and thus,children.

I would say fuck the lot of them if it was not fucking up the rest of us.


Keiser said...

Yes mr.a she has. Dworkin has aged so well that she recently did some glamour shots in lads mag "Loaded". Here they are...

Loaded magazine's Andrea Dwokin sexy teaser cover shot

Andrea in full sexy nude

Andrea Dwokin with her Jewish manager, promoter and P.R. guru Ari Fleischer (bottom left)

Andrea Dwokin instructing a woman on feminist ideology

UNcle Nasty said...

Atlanta Cheating: 178 Teachers and Administrators Changed Answers to Increase Test Scores

July 6, 2011
By STEVE OSUNSAMI and BEN FORERSteve Osunsami More from Steve »

More than 150 teachers and administrators from 44 public schools across Atlanta were caught changing answers on standardized tests used to judge student performance and rank schools, according to a state report.

"Many of those cases could lead to criminal prosecutions," said Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal.

Eighty-two of the teachers flat-out confessed. The 800-page report said the cheating has been going on for nearly a decade. It first came to light when the state noticed an alarming number of erasure marks on the answer sheets.

Teachers and principals were erasing the wrong answers and filling in the right ones, the report said. At one school, the faculty even held weekend pizza parties to correct answers before turning them in. Over the course of a single year, scores at the school jumped 45 percent.

"We were told to get these scores by any means necessary," said Sidnye Fells, a fourth grade teacher. "We were told our jobs were on the line."

Fells told ABC News that teachers who refused to cheat were punished and pushed out. She resigned voluntarily in 2008 partly due to the pressure to cheat. The school district said it is now firing all teachers and administrators implicated in the report.

Someone please refresh my memory ... isn't Atlanta a predominantly black state?


UNcle Nasty said...

Sorry, that should read ... Atlanta a predominantly black city?


Uncle Nasty said...

Keiser said...

Yes mr.a she has. Dworkin has aged so well that she recently did some glamour shots in lads mag "Loaded". Here they are...

Damn. She has aged well. I remember when she was ugly.

I imagine Betty Freidan has also improved a great deal.

An overdose of hotness.


Anonymous said...

Indians are as racist as anybody else. In England, Indians call blacks,'the guilty'. It refers to their sojourns into the legal system.

Anonymous said...

LGBT groups said that Mannings treatment was 'unconstitutional'.
I imagine the Founding Fathers really puzzled over that one.
Freedom of speech.
Right to bear arms.
Right to have your sex changed. Hmmm.

Keiser said...

The progression of a Jewish woman

From this

to this

Now does anyone think that Scarlett Johansson will age well?

Alternatively the Gentile progression...

(now I know this is not compltely fair as in the second picture above Friedan was much older but you get the idea)

From this

to this

I know what I would rather.

Right screw the lot of ye. I'm going off to read some Germaine Greer.

Keiser said...

*Now does anyone think that Scarlett Johansson will age well?

Not that she is that attractive to begin with (about as attractive as Sarah Jessica Parker)

Now where did I put my copy of Greer's beautiful 1970 masterpiece of female empowerment "The Female Eunuch"

James said...

Scarlett Johanson isn't too bad. In one of her movies she was pretty hot. Her face moves around a lot though, it doesn't seem quite connected to her bones like a normal face is.

James said...

My nigger. Although I think we're worth saving, lots of white people don't think we're worth saving. So maybe we aren't.

We're very easily save-able though.

Probably not much point in talking about how to save us until people start wanting to save us.

Nice dodge, or maybe you don't have the answer you bragged about having...

24 August 2013 04:16

Nastiest Uncle said...
What's the link to this Indian woman's pro-white speech?

I don't think she's indian, but anyway I used to be able to find the link real easy. I've been looking on google for ages now and can't find it. It's definitely real its been posted on this blog before, I think I might have posted it myself. I'll keep looking.

James said...

I have tried to find the original post. It was on a dating blog somewhere. Google is not cooperating.

James said...

But eyes did fine dis.

Leeroy is talking to his parents about his problems:
"Mummy, whenever I try to play with the white boys and girls, they always call me a nigger - why is that?
"Well," replies his mum, "that's because you are black."
"And mummy, why do the teachers shout at me and tell me to go away, but they are nice to the white boys and girls?"
"Well," replies his mum, "that's because you are black."
Then Leroy grins and says "Well, whenever I'm in the shower with the white boys I notice that my penis is much bigger than their penises."
"Well," replies his mum, "that's because you are 37."

katana said...

Anonymous said...24 August 2013 02:55
Slighty off-topic, but here is a MUST READ from AWD. Yes, it seems to be true that Americans seem to be getting effing fed up with the whole "race" thing, and black-on-white crime in particular. This is a most excellent read.


Thanks Anon for that. A great rant about the bastard blacks that plague us. Here it is: The Failed Race

I posted a comment at that site that will follow this.

The Failed Race

[top down image of multiple outstretched black hands waiting for a hand-out]

Mine? Mine? Mine? Mine?
Awash with a mix of sadness and rage at the latest act of senseless violence perpetrated upon an innocent and upstanding member of society, I ask: Why bother posting this latest outrageous murder of a defenseless white person at the hands of feral blacks, when there will just be another one tomorrow to bury today’s headline?

From infants to the elderly, from mothers to war vets, no one is safe from the random, vicious savagery of blacks. No one.

Ever since the races of the northern climes began to travel and mix with other races, up until about fifty years ago, it was common sense that the races were different. We look different and behave differently, and, with time, science would show that we also have anatomical and biological differences as well as cognitive differences.

Rather than accept reality, white leftists have been on an Orwellian crusade to force everyone to believe the fantasy that race is only a “social construct” and that there are no fundamental differences amongst racial groups (“it’s only a difference in ‘melanin levels’,” etc.), and that therefore any differences in outcome of racial groups is necessarily a product of evil, racist oppression by whites (and whites only).

Fueled by this patent nonsense, the entirety of the US political, media, and educational establishments lurched toward “righting past wrongs” by tyrannically imposing an endless litany of decrees, propaganda, and indoctrination whose sole purpose was to uplift blacks—the world over—out of their squalor and violent dysfunction.


katana said...


Fifty years later… after abolishing Jim Crow laws; after forced bussing, forced school integration, and forced community integration by the federal government and the courts; after the sundry Affirmative Action laws; after Johnson’s “war on poverty”; after endless “disparate impact” rulings allowing state-sponsored discrimination against whites in favor of blacks; after trillions of dollars in food, medical, and other aid to Africa; after sacrificing blood and treasure in black hell-holes from Haiti to Somalia; after ending Apartheid; after forgiving every sin and failure of every black due to the legacy of “slavery” and “racism”; after pouring trillions into a school system that is obsessively focused on closing the “achievement gap” between blacks and other races (all the while doing nothing whatsoever to close that gap, but successfully sinking to rank lowest amongst developed nations); after electing and appointing blacks into positions of power throughout the land—up to and including the nation’s highest office; after coming up with every excuse imaginable as to why so many blacks continue to be stupid, ignorant, violent, corrupt, criminal, rude, nasty, and hopeless after so much time, money, effort, blood, sweat, and good will has been showered upon them to the exclusion of all other races…at what point do we say enough is enough? At what point do we admit that, while the experiment was noble, it has utterly failed? That blacks are, on the whole, a failed race? That we have done enough—more than enough—so we now will let them sink or swim on their own merits, or lack thereof?

Are we, as a people, capable of admitting the truth? Are we capable of summoning the courage necessary to accept unpleasant realities while scuttling comforting fantasies? Are we capable of deprogramming ourselves from the better part of a century’s worth of culture-wide brainwashing and reestablishing a just and civil society that is based upon evidence and reason instead of wishful thinking?

The answers to these questions will mean the difference between a rebirth of American exceptionalism, vs. a continued slide into becoming but one more hopelessly dysfunctional, third-world hell-hole.

katana said...

Here is the comment I posted at that site mentioned in my previous comment: The Failed Race


A great rant by RedStaterNYC, someone sick of black violence against Whites.

I'll take a turn to rant, …

[Note: all talk about 'jews' does not mean 'all jews', it means 'organised jewry'.]

Meanwhile our jewish overlords behind the curtains and in the shadows (controlling our institutions) continue to:

* Promote jewish ongoing plans of importing millions of these people into White countries in order to destroy White societies. Jews have been the main, behind the scenes, backers of immigration law changes to flood White countries with the third world.

* Produce 'reversal of reality' mass entertainment by jew controlled Hollywood that promote blacks, in particular, as beacons of virtue, intelligence, wisdom and all things good, while While are portrayed as weak, effeminate, greedy, evil and all things bad.

* Suppress, through jewish dominance of our media, the incredible level of black violence not only against blacks but also Whites. Black atrocities are buried while White offenses against blacks are given front page star treatment.

* Educate Whites to hate themselves through jewish controlled education and media systems by constantly pushing the noble savage idea vs the evil White man idea.

* Brainwash females into believing that feminism can liberate themselves from 'male bondage'. Jewesses dominate the feminist movement that has led to the destruction of the family. As the family is the bedrock of society, there goes our society. Jewish led feminism is also pushing Whites to below replacement level birth rates through delayed marriage, careerism, abortion, birth control, self hate and so on.

* And so on, and so forth. Do your own research on the many ways, big and small, that Whites are being attacked in all forms.

Black violence and the general mayhem that blacks produce is but one symptom of a fundamental and insidious, hidden disease that infects our societies.

The disease that we with suffer with is the vampire squid stranglehold that the tribe known as 'the jews' have established to varying degrees, ever so slowly over generations, over; our banking and finance, our politics, our media, our education systems, our established religions, and anything else that is a source of power. In other words all our institutions, exactly as the jewish Frankfurt school of subversion planned, among other jewish strategies.

Through the takeover of all our institutions and installing well paid lackey brainwashed goys to fill the numerous non critical key positions, jews have gradually got themselves into top-dog control.

Their aim looks very like to create increasing chaos in White societies that then justifies a police state response with jews wielding the iron rod. Going by what the jews did after their revolution in Russia in 1917 and also elsewhere, they will then eliminate the 'thinkers', potential leaders, that's 10% of society.

Back to the blacks.

Bitching about black violence, however satisfying and therapeutic, is ultimately railing against a symptom of a disease that will produce more and more black, and hispanic, violence like an erupting boil. It's just like railing against the Muslim invasion of Europe. All these things are just symptoms of deliberate policies by jews that really control our institutions, and have secretly hijacked them.

So, the long term answer to the problems that plague us is to go to root causes and confront the relatively hidden control of our societies by jews in the background and shadows. Henry Ford wrote his book 'The International Jew - The World's Foremost Problem' for that very reason.

Bitching about blacks is a good baby start, but the answer only really begins by studying the jews, the tribe that controls America and all that America controls.

Said said...

Have you heard scientists have bred a nigger with an octopus?

It's an ugly fucker, but it sure can pick cotton.

nilus said...

A tale of two trannies:

I am Chelsea Manning

I am Dolores Shayler

( from "What Do You Believe?")

An Evening with Simon Schama

Celebrating the launch of his new book:
The Story of the Jews: Finding the Words (1000 BCE - 1492 CE)

" It is a story like no other: an epic of endurance against destruction, of creativity in oppression, joy amidst grief, the affirmation of life against the steepest of odds. Professor Simon Schama's enchanting account of the Story of the Jews beautifully describes a Jewish world immersed in and imprinted by the peoples among whom they have dwelled, from the Egyptians to the Greeks, from the Arabs to the Christians.

As well as Professor of Art History and History at Columbia University, Simon Schama's art columns for the New Yorker won the National Magazine Award for criticism and his journalism has appeared regularly in the Guardian and the Financial Times, where he is Contributing Editor. He has written and presented forty films for BBC2 on subjects as diverse as Tolstoy, American politics and John Donne and won an Emmy for The Power of Art.

The Spectator is proud to host a special evening with Professor Simon Schama, celebrating the launch of his new book, Story of the Jews: Finding the Words (1000 BCE - 1492)."


Said also said...

How is a nigger like a broken gun?

It doesn’t work and you can’t fire it.

Somebody else said...

What does NAACP stand for?

Now Apes Are Called People

AnalogMan said...

katana said...

Well done Savant! The 'Recent comments' side bar is up and running.

Unfortunately, it seems to be of limited utility, since

1. it doesn't identify the thread; and
2. it's kind of short. James can (and will) fill it up with a dozen consecutive trivial posts saying nothing at all.

I don't suppose there's much that can be done about it, but thanks for trying, Savant.

Here is the comment I posted at that site mentioned in my previous comment: The Failed Race

How very strange, katana. I just checked AWD, and your comment isn't there. Surely some mistake?

katana said...

AnalogMan said... 24 August 2013 14:39
katana said...

Well done Savant! The 'Recent comments' side bar is up and running.

Unfortunately, it seems to be of limited utility, since

1. it doesn't identify the thread; and
2. it's kind of short. James can (and will) fill it up with a dozen consecutive trivial posts saying nothing at all.

I don't suppose there's much that can be done about it, but thanks for trying, Savant.

AnologMan, you've read my mind on both points. But it's evolution not revolution!

1. I think the widget allows for showing the thread and would be much better if it did.
2. I believe there is a widget that allows for 10 comments to be shown. This would be an good improvement because of what you you say.

James, in the interest of all, can't you consolidate your rapid fire comments into less comments? Try to fill up the character limit before a further comment? Thanks.

Here is the comment I posted at that site mentioned in my previous comment: The Failed Race

How very strange, katana. I just checked AWD, and your comment isn't there. Surely some mistake?


My comment status is: 'Your comment is awaiting moderation.' It's the first time I've posted, so no surprise, there.

Any comment on my comment that I've posted here and soon to show up at AWD?

Anonymous said...

In ancient republican Rome, before it became a multicultural shit hole, a man had complete authority over his family, he could legally murder them if they dishonoured him.

In a healthy society the father of the world famous cock gobbler at Slane would insist she take her own life, if not do the deed himself. Honour demands it.

But there is no honour, just nigger like pursuit of instant gratification. Moslem treatment of women, bad and undignified as it is, is far superior to the 'Sex in the City' culture of modern white women.


Sponge Cake said...

Remember the Spice girls?

Girl Power!!!!

Well, they all ended up having kids.

Even the lesbian one.

sponge Cake said...

Nastiest Uncle loves Indian chicks.

Must be the hairy legs.

Keiser said...

'Sex in the City' culture of modern white women.

Which was foisted upon them by Die Juden Entertainment INC (including Rockefeller partners)

Now quit it guys you're interupting how Germaine Greer is explaining to me in her beautiful writings that the "traditional" suburban, consumerist, nuclear family represses women sexually, and that this devitalizes them, rendering them eunuchs.

katana said...

Anonymous said... 24 August 2013 15:44

But there is no honour, just nigger like pursuit of instant gratification. Moslem treatment of women, bad and undignified as it is, is far superior to the 'Sex in the City' culture of modern white women.



The Moslem treatment of woman, other than jew propaganda versions of it, is very likely much more superior to the 'Sex in the City' jew culture of modern white women.

The 'Sex in the City' jew culture is designed to despoil, destroy. It's psychological warfare, training White females to be narcissistic sluts that don't reproduce, let alone with Whites. Just another jew production that titillates, makes money and destroys their enemies (us). All win-win for these sleaze-bags in snake-suits.

Hollywood is a psychological warfare department of jew-central. Billy Wilder, the jew director of Marilyn Monroe's 'Some Like it Hot' film, was sent to Europe to film propaganda film of the 'liberation' of concentration camps.

Sponge Cake said...

Richard Nixon

Glen C. said...

Maybe becoming a woman increases Bradley Manning's sex opportunities if 'he' is confined in a women's gaol.

Sponge Cake said...


Anonymous said...

any recent up dates on the irish beauty queen and her nigerian nigger boyfriend Savant???

Sponge Cake said...

any recent up dates on the irish beauty queen and her nigerian nigger boyfriend Savant???

They got married and had a baby.

Nigerian left the family home for pastures new.

Beauty queen now lives in a council flat in Cork city with her Congolese boyfriend.

Keiser said...

Anonymous said...

any recent up dates on the irish beauty queen and her nigerian nigger boyfriend Savant???

24 August 2013 17:34

You mean Emma Waldron

I bumped into her the other day

For all your update needs

Why not leave her a nice message on facebook, just be sure to always use T.O.R.

and setup a bogus FB account. Even better setup an account under the name "Kundale", who could be a little Nigerian boy inspired by her and Manners. Then when you get "friended" let loose!

Nero said...

Feminism and especially the divorce laws are indeed a sinkhole of modern times.

Divorce creates way more victims of society than before:
There’s the children of the broken home who never had a father figure, the father who busts a gut to get a family and doesn’t get the family, the woman who messes up her life on numerous starter marriages, the easily discarded wives etc..

Women’s equality in the workplace causes spinsterhood, the husbands whose wages are not enough to pay for the family, etc..

For every such new victim there’s someone for whom the rules of society did not work.

And how do people vote? The more the rules of society work for you and people around you, the more such people vote conservative. The less the rules of society worked for you and the people around you, the more such people vote liberal. [Obviously this is overlaid on whatever factors already influenced your outlook.]

So women’s rights creates more failures resentful of life and so more liberals. And that’s before you count all the extra welfare dependants.

Feminism does however give a few upper middle class women even more of life’s perks than they had before: now there’s equality for you.

TBone said...

Despite her enormous earnings, Josephine was hopeless with money and her fortune began to run out.
In 1969, utterly broke ,she was forced to sell her chateau and move to a two-bedroom apartment in Paris with all her children.

I wonder did she have the benefit of a jewish manager helping mind her money? Anyway, gratifying that she ended up in a flophouse.

TBone said...

Feminism is the complaint of a woman that doesn't have a man to tell her what to do

Keiser, that is sheer brilliance. Duly noted.

Anonymous said...

Then when you get "friended" let loose!

Keiser, she had her fifteen minutes of fame.

Sponge Cake said...

Trying to make feminism funny.

Keiser said...

Thank you TBone :-)

Anonymous said...
"Keiser, she had her fifteen minutes of fame."

Yes all that's left now is a lifetime of being ignored. All of a sudden that Nigerian will become less appealing when a camera is not on her I'm sure.

Irate Irishman is 100% sure that there will be a chimpout there at some stage though.

"I don't care so long as someone is taking a picture of me"

nilus said...

Alternative TV Listings:

"Sects in the Citadel"

"American BaghDad"

"Uphill Gardener's World"(cancelled)

"You've Been Ahmed!"

"Escape to the Country (with the laxest immigration and benefit laws)"

" Jimahl , Fix it "

"Murder! She WROTE ! "

"Only Fuel and Corpses" *

"The Ex-Factory "

"Flog Her!"

"Domes Under Mohammed "

"Diagnosis Mahdi"

"How it's Destroyed in Seconds"

"America's Got T.N.T "

"CSI- Camel-Shagging? Inshallah! "

"NCIS-No Camel Is Safe! "

"Come Dine With Mo "

"Dinner?....Dates "

"How To Look Good Covered Head-to-Toe"

"Location , Location , target confirmed , Fire at will!"

"Mrs Alabiah-Brown's Boys"

"Haggle or no haggle"

"Top Of The Sp. Ops."

"South Bank"

" A Place in the sun: Moe or Yaweh?"

"Judge: Jew: Die! "

"Three In A Be-heading"

"Malcom in the middle-east"

"The Fresh Prince of Bahrain"

"American? Chop Her !"

"Strictly No Dancing" *

"Everybody Loves Almonds"

" Ready Steady Goat!"

" Some Mullahs Do Avram"

"Arab Springwatch"

" Mourning America? Good "

"This is your afterlife"

"Spitting Iman"

"Bride's head Removed "

"Tool Box Jury"

"Whose Landmine is it anyway?"

"Inspector Morsi"

"Fatwah Towers"

"When will 'The One' Show ?"

"Dr Hussain"

"I'm a Shia minority , get me out of here "

"QI for an I "

"Mock The Wiki-leak"

"Keeping Up With The Kurdish Actions"

"Any Christians?"

"Would Allah To You?"

"Cook The Dead Donkey"

(* not mine )

nilus said...

"Sex In The City" created by QUEER JEW Darren Starr , he portrayed the shallow cosmopolitan homosexual promiscuous lifestyle using women as proxies.

( the viewers were 'not yet ready' to embrace a blatantly queer primetime show)

Of course , women just lapped it up , like they do all things queer .

Sponge Cake said...

Steptoe and Sunni

Middle East Enders

Come die with me

The fresh prince of Tower Hamlets

Keiser said...

@St Nilus

How about...

Sharia Street

The only way is Taqiyya

Britain and Ireland's next top suicide bomber

Mutaween Rescue

Sponge Cake said...

Hill street jews

Mr and Mr

Black busters

It's a cock out

Red tails of the unexpected

On the bushes

Sponge Cake said...

Starkey and Hutch

Golders Green acres

Georgina and Mildred

The Twilight Green Zone

Nastiest Uncle said...

@James 13:41

Most of the solution has already been posted my nigger, in various parts.

Saving white people and our lands is relatively easy.

Uncle Nasty said...

Somebody else said...

What does NAACP stand for?

Now Apes Are Called People.

I rather like the original which, I understand, is nearly as old as the organisation.

Niggers Are Alway Causing Problems

Uncle Nasty said...

I hate to reference my own posts but ...

I imagine Betty Freidan has also improved a great deal.

An overdose of hotness.

... and an imaginary conversation popped into my head:-

"I imagine Betty Freidan has also improved a great deal."
"She's dead."
"Your point?"


Nastiest Uncle said...

If anyone has been fucked over by an invader or a treacherous white, then now is the time to keep records, ready for the time in which karma can be enforced, subject to proper legal process.

Franz said...

Bradley (Chelsea?) knows if he/she serves even a fraction of prison time in a US facility, male-rape by Third Worlders is a certainty.

As a gal, he's got a chance.

I stick to my assessment: Manning is playing the odds here.

He might ALSO be queer, a point of no real significance. Had he wanted sexual confusion to influence his trial in any way, he'd have led with it. As it was, "gayness" was released in dribs and drabs during his trial in a scattershot and desultory way.

NOW THAT HE'S FACING TIME, he's using the sex thing wisely.

Genius or twink? Maybe both, but the timing is interesting.

Wolfhound said...

Universal suffrage has to be a major turning point for Western society, and not in the direction most people will claim.

Even the very intelligent women are totally open to manipulation and will vote based on their instinct which is usually wrong (not saying the average man is much better, but proportionally we've always made up the vast bulk of independent thinkers and people who can see through shysters and snake-oil salesmen.)

You have to give it to the kikes, being able to convince a large section of white women to become hardcore feminists whilst targeting a different section of women to become race mixing whores has been an incredibly successful double pronged approach.

It's never too late to turn the tide though, every young white girl being born has a chance to become a loving wife, a caring mother and a well rounded individual.

Kikes OUT of any position they can spread their poison, OUT OUT OUT!!! Sick and tired of these venomous cunts

Uncle Nasty said...

Off topic, I know.

I don't really want to alarm anyone, but ...

THE SATURDAY ESSAY: Fukushima disaster’s owners Tepco admit three leaking tanks were second hand

Why the wages of Fukushima spin is Death

In today’s (Saturday) press conference of 24th August 2013, Tepco announced that the three leaking tanks have been reused – ie, recycled. It stated that the three tanks were initially installed in a different area, which then had 20cm of land subsidence in July of 2011. The base concrete sank underground. Instead of abandoning the potentially damaged tanks, they reused them in what can only be seen as a cost-cutting exercise. Let all those who robotically oppose regulation now read on.

The more Fukushima unravels, the more it resembles the famous 1970s disaster film, The Towering Inferno: poor design, contractors cutting corners, and then deliberately watered-down warnings leading to loss of life on an unnecessary scale. Except that on this occasion, it isn’t 200 people trapped on the 102nd floor, it’s the entire ecosystem of Planet Earth at risk.

Even over the last two days, I’ve been getting the usual morons telling me, emphatically, that there is no cause for alarm - although I do note they aren’t there this morning. This might have something to do with the fact that yesterday afternoon European time, the Mayor of Fukushima admitted at a press conference that the fourth reactor leakage into the sea “is not controlled”, a negatively polite way of confirming what those in the know have been telling me since Wednesday last: as of now, nobody has a clue how to stop the leakage.

One source – who has been advising on nuclear events since the 1950s era, when he was a UK Whitehall official helping prepare for World War III, told me “Which genius put a storage pool 100 feet above ground?

Read on. Note:- I don't say "enjoy".


Franz said...

If anyone has not yet read this, an interesting point:

White Genocide, Race War

Point is: Pat Buchanan, hopelessly muddled US political wannabe, was GOING to title a book GET WHITEY but was talked out of it by friends and editors. He gave it the moron title "Suicide of the West" instead.

He was right the first time. Had he not been born with a spine of butter, he'd have stuck with it.

Not much real suicide in the world, Pat, and what's happening to whites is called genocide.

SAVANT said...

Anon 3.25. I'm afraid I don't know the source. I saw it somewhere and copied it for further use but forgot to record the source.

nilus said...

Latest from PC world:

"Loose Woman" Carol McGiffin was explaing to mincing queen Louis Spence who Ron Atkinson was and why he was well known, on ' Celebrity Big Brother'. She told him that he was a famous football manager and pundit whose TV career had ended when he used a Forbidden Word , ' nigger '.

So then SHE gets called in by 'Big Brother' and threatened with expulsion and admonished and reminded of The Rules ,reminded of how this word could be 'offensive' and 'upsetting' to some ( even though it was a private , whispered conversation that the programme makers could easily have chosen NOT to broadcast )

McGiffin did the White thing and cowered meekly and apologised and retracted and took her ticking off like a typical White coward.

To those who are unaware, "RAYCISS" Ron was the first manger in UK footy to field 3 black players in his First Team :

"At the start of 1978, Atkinson moved to manage First Division West Bromwich Albion. He soon signed black player Brendon Batson from his former club, to play alongside the black pair of Laurie Cunningham and Cyrille Regis. Never before had a team in the top division of English football simultaneously fielded three black players on a regular basis."

"Ron Atkinson's media work came to an abrupt halt on 21 April 2004, when he was urged to resign from ITV by Brian Barwick after he broadcast a racial remark live on air about the black Chelsea player Marcel Desailly; believing the microphone to be switched off, he said,

"...he [Desailly] is what is known in some schools as a fucking lazy nigger".

Although transmission in the UK had finished, the microphone gaffe meant that his comment was broadcast to various countries in the Middle East. He also left his job as a columnist for The Guardian "by mutual agreement" as a result of the comment."

However, Carlton Palmer, one of his players while he was manager at Sheffield Wednesday, defended his former boss by saying, "I'm black and I'm sitting here and I'm gonna stand up for Big Ron not because he's a friend of mine, I'm standing up for him because I know what he's like as a bloke. If we're going to deal with racism then let's deal with the bigger picture of racism not about a throwaway comment that wasn't meant in that manner."[14] A BBC Radio documentary about The Three Degrees, repeated on 16 May 2004, was cancelled owing to Atkinson's central contributions.

Later in 2004, the Daily Mirror reported how he sparked more hostility among fans by making derogatory remarks during a meeting over a meal about Chinese women, "I can't understand why there is such a population problem in China as they have the best contraception going: Chinese women are the ugliest in the world."

LOL , TRUE!! But so are the men!

nilus said...

BBC3 11.50 pm

'American Dad' : "Daddy Queerest"

Neighbours Terry and Greg worry when Terry's macho father comes to visit. How will he react when Terry explains that he is gay?

Anonymous said...

isn't Atlanta in a predominantly black state?

Which means it is being detroited by its troiters.

Ian said...

O/T Here is another Facebook page dedicated to our Jewish friends : Open Borders For Israel

Gem Junior said...

Ooh what a smart little dottyhead. She sees what's going on and articulates it well. However she doesn't exhibit such razor sharp vision about Indian women. Something I've noticed is that they are after white men in a desperate desire to miscegenate with them. And they want money $$$$ more than anything - plus it's a straight up trade in goodies and stuff in exchange for sex.I know an Indian girl who married an Irish guy and had 2 kids with him, made him be always buying etc. Then she ran off with another white guy with more $$$. Oh, and all that is after she divorced her first arranged husband from India. They are high class Indians but really materialistic. Any discussion always has some form of "How much was it"?

Shaunantijihad said...

Savant, can you make sure that at the top of your disused blog you have a link to this one? When I go on holiday and search for this blog I always get your old one.

Anyway, here are some thought for anyone who knows where the Armalites are hidden:

"Irish Home Rule Suspended - So Where Is Gerry Adams And The IRA?
If anyone is in any doubt about the appalling consequences that can happen when people surrender control of their government, then a quick trip to Dublin should open their eyes to the disaster that is Ireland....

... A visit to Dublin today reveals what remains of Irish independence and the Home Rule that was bought at such a high price i.e nothing much. Dublin is a sad and sorry place, a shadow of its former self. Apart from the austerity and EU imposed poverty, whole areas of the city have been colonised by third world immigrants to extents that the city is unrecognisable as the capital city of the Irish Republic. Derelict housing estates litter the city landscape and poverty is apparent around every corner. There was even a demonstration by what appeared to Somali's demanding more welfare entitlements and better housing.

The governance of this independent country has been handed over lock, stock and armalite to the post democratic bureaucrats of the European Union. The Irish have no control whatsoever over their borders or more importantly their economy. EU enforced austerity has impoverished the Irish people for generations to come and there doesn't appear to be anything they can do about it even if they wanted to.

The Irish people gave the dispossessed people of the European Union hope when they rejected the Lisbon Constitution in a referendum that the rest of the populations were denied. This was not acceptable to the authoritarians and tyrants that rule the EU, who responded by ordering a re-run of the vote. They then proceeded to bully, bribe and lie their way to an acceptable result with the inevitable consequences. Democracy is suspended and the Irish people are ruled directly by the authoritarians from Brussels..."

And then to the wider issue of the war against the whole White race, not just Irish we have a blog about anti-White violence in general, including a Trayvon Revenge Counter

Shaunantijihad said...

Here is one hell of an incredible list of anti-White crimes in the UK.

Please send a link of the address to your friends and ask them to pass it on.

Labour, Lib Dhimmies, Tories and the media are all to blame. This is going to end in our genocide unless their is a massive turnaround in voting patterns.

Baloo said...

Clear and incisive as usual. I've reblogged this over at

Shaunantijihad said...

Our enemies are filling our lands with non-White babies.


Have more White babies.

timothy said...

Every time I read your work,I realize how weak White Men are becoming,
So true about black vermin ganging up on Whites.
I had to grow up with these monkeys and learned how to box..because of them.
I am with you.
Especially on Ireland.

timothy said...

I am with you every word,every step.Ireland for the White Irish only.

timothy said...

Every time I read your work,I realize how weak White Men are becoming,
So true about black vermin ganging up on Whites.
I had to grow up with these monkeys and learned how to box..because of them.
I am with you.
Especially on Ireland.

Keiser said...

As a fellow reader and like minded individual I can say that's good to hear Timothy. People need to speak openly especially in public about this issue more.