Thursday, 21 March 2013

I'm on twitter

I've taken up your suggestions and gone on Twitter.

Irish Savant @irishsavant1

More in due course!


Anonymous said...

Me, at 56 year old, no comprehend Twitter. Me stick to old-fashioned e-mailing and blogging.

Anonymous said...

What's Twitter?

kulak said...

You are aware, Savant, that the negro is a much heavier user of Twitter than the white man, yes?

kulak said...


The REAL pledge of allegiance:

I pledge allegiance, to the Diversity
of the Jewnited State of America
and to the supremacism for which it stands
many peoples, under Jews
with a piece of whitey's hide for all

Anonymous said...

Good luck tweeting on twitter!

Anonymous said...

Twitter sucks.

Anonymous said...

Off topic but funny,imho.Kikes have been rewriting history of human kind for ages,but it hasn't been enough for them parasites.Now they have put their filthy hands on fairy tales.
Snow White and 7 dwarfs is turned into Dr.Mengele and 7 dwarfs. ''The Seven Dwarfs of Auschwitz'' will be shown on March 24, 10-11pm on ITV....what is next?Ali Baba and the Forty Holoxoax Survivors?
Heigh-ho, Heigh-ho it's the oven from gas chamber we go... :-)

Anonymous said...

...and don't worries guys,all 7 dwarfs,after being tortured by Doctor Evil himself, survived to tell their fairy tale, LOL

Anonymous said...

Don't be so f*cking stupid! 'Twitter', along with 'Facebook' is a CIA-funded racket to catch those who express their immediate but 'inappropriate' thoughts. These would include 'racist' thoughts as would be seen on the previous article. All it needs is somebody to object to the 'offensiveness' of a tweet and you, Savant, are on the treadmill of self-denunciation and apology.


Anonymous said...

Twitter is full of the chattering classes and the thought police. They'll arrest someone for saying for example, things like 'the wankers in Westminster are all homos and paedos,' and 'The Bullingdon Club take it up the ass.'

Saying something like the above could land you in hot water and you'd have to answer to an even older paedophile wearing silly robes and a stupid white wig.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you 1st anon.

I'm 54 and neither a twitterer nor facebooker be.


Anonymous said...

The jews in France are suing Twitter to release the identities of people who have made anti-semitic tweets. So I guess we'll soon find out the true identity of Savant.

The truth will out said...


22 March 2013 09:19

I'm in full agreement with Allan, use with caution it's a CIA funded data-mining op.

Ever wondered how a basic, unoriginal concept (Zuckerberg invented nothing that wasn't already out there, others are paid to code it, he appears to be a frontman at best and not the creator)grew so fast and promoted so heavily then artificially valued in the multi-billions?

I would expect 90% of your output here to get you in court if the precedence set by kids swearing and being rude is anything to go by.

When I were a lad, if my sister [boys don't need diaries] so much as thought I'd looked at her diary she'd have stabbed me so precious and secret are their private thoughts, now kids put their diaries online and beg the world to read them.

Something I've noticed over the years, the most over hyped and over-promoted elements in our societies are almost invariably the most purposefully harmful, or some kind of mindfuck at least.

I'm quite surprised nastiest hasbarat hasn't been encouraging you to use Twitter.
"Go on call everyone niggers I dare ya"

Dave C said...

Twitter appears to be defending free speech.

parisclaims said...

You deserve a wider audience, Savant, but heed the words of caution expressed by a few on here.

Calculus said...

Bad idea Savant.

Tweeter is completely open public and Tweeter won't guaranty your privacy NO MATTER what they say.
You must be aware of the so-called antisemitic tweets affair in France. Tweeter has decided to give the names of those concerned and they may be sued, with big money.
A 'french' jewish organization is asking Tweeter 37 millions euros in conpensation for these √°ntisemitic' tweets. It was all over internet last week.

Forget Tweeter, forget Facebook. Stick to Internet, at least for a while.

Another example:
A man with 3 kids to feed just got fired for a tweet deemed 'ínsensitive' to women.

parisclaims said...

I could be wrong, but this looks like the "work" of coons

Calculus said...

The description of the jewrnalist says it all:

"...The woman told reporters that one of the attackers appeared to be 13 to 15 years of age while the other was as young as 10..."

Nothing else. The police is looking for kids who miss school at the time , and for a 'motive'.
A motive?

Anonymous said...

savant be careful !
it is twats on twiter and facebook
who get taken hostage!
use it to direct attention to reality.

kulak said...

You're not wrong, Paris. The mother states it in the TV interview.

Dad is Hispanic and a little on the dark side -- and LOVED his kid's blue eyes.

Clovis said...

all 7 dwarfs,after being tortured by Doctor Evil himself

My God! Aren't those Germans terrible?

calculus said...

Correct: the mom spoke :'... the boys approached me, snif, two african american boys, hm, snif...'

And it's no joke: the brown dad indeed mention the specialness of his son's blue eyes.
It's in the video but completely censured from the article.

SAVANT said...

Thanks for all the advice, folks. I promise to use sparingly and carefully. May not use at all in fact.

kulak said...

Besides, Savant. Twitter is used much more by dark folk than white folk.

(No Twitter or Facebook here either.)

Anonymous said...

hey savant, can you send photos over Twitter??? i got some great crime scene photos you should see.John old rtd chicago copper.

Anonymous said...

wonder if you get the reality show over ther "amazing race" this week the cute kids were in Viet nam and sang a commie song to the enjoyment of the locals and then raced to get their next clue at the commie memorial of a shot down American B-52, the only ppl who raised hell about this out rage were the Fox channel and a guy on Bill O;Reillys show,i am waiting for the Easter egg hunt at Aushwitz,hey kids lets look in the shower room or maybe the oven over there.btw the woman in georgia whos baby was shot by the nigger boys,wait and see something fishy there,

AnalogMan said...

Savant, I don't think Twitter is your medium. Or your audience. You're a writer. Twitter's length restriction would cramp your style, and I think most users can't read anyway. Somehow I can't imagine u tweeting ur thoughts 2 an audience of brain-dead zombies w/iPhones grafted 2 their ears. Did I get that right?

It certainly seems to be a PC jungle. To be fair, Europe seems to be a PC jungle generally, but Twitter is just an invitation to convict yourself. That link that Calculus posted, for example; I note that the victim there didn't tweet anything. He merely made a joke in private conversation that was overheard by an empowered activist womyn of colour, who then snapped his picture and set about destroying his life.

That was the dumb nigger bitch's mistake. She did it on Twitter, and provoked a blowback that lost her her job, and hopefully will prevent her from ever getting another.

All in all, I hope you didn't use your real name. Be careful.

Anonymous said...

You can use Twitter to direct traffic to your blog or to other things, so it has its uses; it isn't just for the vibrants. But you have to be careful.

Speaking of vibrants on Twitter:

Anonymous said...

Look at this - pure zionist supremacism and bullshit, and this is the 'British' (former) Chief Rabbi:!

Here's my final solution to the jewish problem, and it fits in exactly with Jonathan Sachs's views: take as much arab land as necessary (we'll gladly pay the compensation for the confiscation) then move all jews to the country which they demand to have - and stay there!!


Anonymous said...

Ali Baba and the Forty Holoxoax Survivors?

Eli Wiesel and the Forty Holohoax survivors?

Anonymous said...

Now that you are on twitter you should check Robert Zimmerman juniors tweet of Obama's son Treyvon Martin looking like Blood4life DeMarqui'se Elkins giving gang signs because Obama's sons be gang members.

Anonymous said...

Can't find you Savant.

Anonymous said...

Jim Carrey @CanuckIdiot writes that MLK was into non violence (unless u b a wimminz he wanted to make the beast with two backs with)