Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Official painting for Clinton Memorial Library unveiled


Keiser said...

JFK apparently enjoyed the gals too while in office. You would almost be remiss not to.

Calculus said...

ha Monica, of course. I never understood why Bill just didn't admit plain and simple that 'she just sucked my dick, not sold miltary secrets to the chineses, so where is the problem?'
'And Hillary hasn't done her marital job for an eternity, whose man gonna throw me the first stone?'
'and Monica's a big girl, we can't question the legality of her consent. Plus, during the months when the action 'took place', do you notice how Monica looked happy, always smiling? she didn't look consterned or harassed at all'

Stupid Bill instead denied, it was not sex, he didn't inhale and so on. Now, what was this affair hiding is the real issue. I bet we'll never know, like the USS liberty affair, the absolutely incredible and totaly ignored JFK speach on the secret societies, 911and so on. The totally msm-made public opinion is a masterpiece of modern warfare.

nastiestuncle said...

There were some fruits who thought she was an Israeli agent sent to stop a peace deal between Israel and the Jordyptians.

Concerned said...

Many things cannot be disproven, she certainly derailed Clinton.

Lewinsky was the lowest point in American consciousness, that is when the world really sunk into the degenerate cesspool. I think it is the Republicans fault for focusing on it and bringing this to the fore.

Meanwhile, look at this:

A black man attacks a man's white girlfriend in this video, in public, in a mall. This is low, people need to see this. The proud white man would have pulverized the black man, if his girlfriend had not held him back.

A black man attacks a man's white girlfriend in this video, in public, in a mall. This is low, people need to see this. The proud white man would have pulverized the black man, if his girlfriend had not held him back.

This is extreme, there are TWO SAVAGE KNOCKOUTS.

I hope you irish enjoy the genetic proclivities of your enriching new arrivals. Please somebody pay off a Nigerian gang to punch Shatter in the face.

Anonymous said...

An honest portrait would be one showing him with his fly open.

Dan said...

I can't blame him. It is supposed to be good to be the king. His heart was mostly in the right place.

Dan said...

I don't trust sexually faithful politicians. Something about a power seeker who denies himself one of the real bonuses of being boss. The aphrodisiac of power. It's probably stopped more war than anything else.

Bush for example, no women plenty of war. Obama, fucks an orangutan and he's conducting race replacement genocide.

James said...

Revilo Oliver (I think) said the whole thing was a sham. Clinton was giving missile plans to the Chinese, and should have been done for treason, so they came up with this scandal to distract everyone from that. Presidents do this all the time, its highly unusual that they chased Clinton.
It worked though. That's what everyone remembers Clinton for, not the bombing of Belgrade or the treason.

James said...


Race Replacement Genocide.

That's what it is.

James said...

The JFK speech on the secret societies is another one of those myths everyone keeps on about.

JFK was no friend of ours.

Dan said...

It's worth repeating

Race Replacement Genocide. RRG.

Anonymous said...

I voted for Ross Perot

Dan said...

I wonder how many profs at LSE got a

Franz said...

Yeah funny pic.

Did anyone ever figure out who Monica was working for? Mossad was mentioned, but Bill was a little fish.

Hillary was alpha in that pair.

Shaunantijihad said...

The real question is did Monica suck Hillary's dick too? Hmmm, we'll never know...

(JFK's speech on secret societies a myth? Sigh...)

00:39 said...

I thought she was a good looking girl at the time. Since then she's gone to pot.

Anonymous said...

I don't blame him for the women either.If I was married to Hillary I'd need every comfort I could get.

After all,David lloyd George probably shagged 10 times more women than Bill and was even more corrupt into the bargain.

Asquith was notorious for his "manhandling" of young women,even at the dinner table.

Gladstone may have appeared the epitome of Victorian rectitude but he liked to lecture teenage prostitute on their sins.A fetish there surely.

MacMillan allowed his wife to conduct an affair which lasted 10 years or more.


Roem said...

Calculus 23.33. Super comment.

I urge anyone who has not read it to return to the top and do so. It is so true. He gets crucified for a consensual sex act while the arch criminals are free to do their stuff, including the 'dual citizens' whos main goal seems to be ripping of America for the benefit of Israel.

Anonymous said...

Spot the jewess.

Anonymous said...

She'd do anything to be in pictures.

The truth will out said...

Here is that 'mythical speech' from JFK speaking about "Secret societies"...
"Secret societies"

As hasbarat 'B' says JFK obviously was no friend of ours, for he was among other crimes a straight white man, Christian and against Israel getting nuclear weaponry...

For all we know JFK was as corrupt as any other leaders we've had selected in our 'democracies', only his assassination suggests that the juwes didn't like him one bit, from this I can can only assume therefore he was for the good.

The question by hasbarat 'A' of whether Monica Lewinsky was a honey trap is highly probable, we know that Mossad* have spies all over the US, however I've never heard it was used to prevent a peace deal between Is-Ra-El and Jordan.
There are hundreds of reasons given as to why Mossad [among other secret services] selects and compromises our leaders in order to blackmail and or hold power over them to do their bidding.

Here's a short four part video [5 mins each] showing other such examples including how 60 Israeli spies, with explosives training, who were arrested in connection with the 9/11 attack some of whom failed the lie detector tests, were then released to flee to Israel under protection of jew Michael Chertoff as head of Homeland Security.

With friends like this yadda yadda...

It does of course beg the question when considering absolute wankers like these two here casually fling about snidey disingenuous lies like above - Should we throw 2 cans of Zyklon B into the showers after them or just the 1?

PS - Does this mean that Paris Claims is now demoted to classification of hasbarat 'C', or is he 'James', who cares, the stench is already too much.

*The U.S. government was aware, from late 1995 on, that the Mossad was carrying out extensive espionage activity in the United States. When the Defense Investigative Service issued a warning to defense contractors about the Israeli spy program, the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith went into an all-out mobilization to denounce the DIS memo as "anti-Semitic." Of course, just one year earlier, the ADL had been the subject of a lengthy espionage probe by the FBI and the San Francisco Police; and the ADL had earlier been deeply implicated in the Jonathan Pollard spy affair.

kulak said...

But, truth will out, JFK really wasn't a friend.

James said...

The myth of the speech is that he was against state secrets and secret societies.

Listen to the whole speech, not just the first 5 minutes.

See if you can find the rest of it down the memory hole somewhere.

The gist of the speech is basically "as a society we are against secret societies and proceedings behind closed doors BUT in the interests of national security we have to keep secrets".

To say JFK was campaigning against masonic control of the US govt or some such thing is just nonsense.

David said...

Why was JFK done in? who knows apart from a few, the rest is conspiracy theory, until proved by proper historical research, however it is worth noting that Kennedy did sign Executive Order 11110 on the 4th June 1963, a few months before his assassination in November. Executive Order 11110 was an effort by Kennedy to transfer power from the Federal Reserve to the United States Department of the Treasury by replacing Federal Reserve Notes with Silver Certificates.
A few months after taking power Lyndon Johnston annulled the Order.

James said...

Can you even prove that JFK was assassinated?

Where's the body? The autopsy pics don't look right. Jack Ruby was fake, and the best bit of evidence (the Zapruder film) is so obviously a pile of crap that its evidence of nothing but faking an assassination.

Allow me to elaborate. Look at the Zapruder film. A clear case can be made that JFK's wife shot him up through the chin with a tiny pistol, like a Deringer. Look where her hand is when the top of his head blows off. That is actually more clear than the supposed evidence that the driver turned around and did it, or the stupid idea that Oswald did it.

Also, note the fact that all the eye witnesses were actors and liars.

The biggest problem is the background. Look at the people standing on the grass, they are twice as big as they should be.

The movie was released more than 10 years after the event, is shockingly badly put together, and is obviously a red herring to keep us all busy.

As Revilo oliver said, when he asked the Warren Commission head how he thought they'd get away with publishing such a load of rubbish as the Warren Report, the Commissioner just looked at him and said "The American people don't read", and that was that. They don't think either. Anybody who thinks must be a JEW!!!

Rob said...

A feelgood diversity story from France:
The more of this, the better.

Anonymous said...

David I heard that LBJ annulled
Exec Order 11110 the day after he took over. Anyway, the clincher that JFK was assasinated by the Money Power [Jews] is that his brother Robert was also assasinated before he gained power, shortly after he announced his candidacy. Their father
knew all about the criminal Rothschild Cartel as Joe Kennedy
invested heavily in Wall Street and
bumped into them all the time. Its a dead cert.

Roem said...

truth will out. Great videos. Recommended, everyone.

Jeremy said...

A good news link all right Rob, but then look at this

Calculus said...

About the JFK speech, some comments pretend that JFK was refering to communism or secret communist organisations.
Why the heck would JFK not namely use the word 'communism' at a time when it was not a taboo word and by the way, JFK was not afraid to use the word 'communism' during the cuba missile crisis.
JKF was not refering to communism, but for any reasons, he did not namely identify these secret societies he was talking about.
Honestly that's one of the weirdest speech ever given. The mayan prophecies or the UFO 'threat' would feel right at home in the speech.
If he was convinced the CIA, the government and the likes were completely infiltrated, he should have shut up about it and build his case.
JFK was just overconfident. He obviously underestimated the threat.

James said...

EO 11110 is still in effect. It was simply an extension of EO10289 which delegated treasury-related functions which previously required presidential action to allow the treasury to action them without direct presidential involvement.

EO11110 simply added the function of redeeming silver certificates to the list of functions previously delegated.

Why would they kill JFK over that?

Even the guy who wrote "The Creature From Jekyll Island" says its a myth.

The guy who wrote TCFJI must be a JEW!!!

rambaloosa said...

Check out that link from Jeremy above. Look at the 2nd picture down. Ask yourself, is this the profile of a human being or an ape-like sub-human?

nastiestuncle said...

Just had a browse of Britain's premier national socialist blog and it seems that the Sandy Hook massacre was all a conspiracy after all, because a little blonde girl who was supposed to have been killed was pictured sat with President Obama afterwards, even though she wasn't.

It's the pathetic belief in conspiracy theories like these which make nationalists toxic to any spectating sane people and mean that we have to put up with uncontrolled immigration for longer.

James said...

Revilo Oliver said the missiles in the Cuban missile crisis that were shown on TV, on a ship leaving Cuba after the Cuban missile crisis were just rubber fakes. Everyone in govt knew it, including JFK. This meant that the real nukes were still in Cuba (assuming there are so real nukes to begin with).

In the early 1960s the USA was very actively anti-communist, with anti-commie "Indignation Committees" springing up all over the place.

The JFK assassination distracted the whole country from that and put the kabosh on the whole shebang. (I guess Yiddish is appropriate here.)

Thus ended the US experiment in anti-communism, and the US has been heading towards soviet compatibility ever since.

Rob said...

Jeremy - there'd be less of that if stories like this got more publicity.

Franz said...

Kennedy was bagged by the Dulles faction of the CIA --

All the spooks (CIA, Mossad, M15 and even the little ones) pretty much stick together.

Kennedy wanted to bust the CIA into a thousand pieces. They really infuriated him over the Bay of Pigs thing.

If the CIA went, Mossad (etc) would all go too. The Kennedy hit is pretty straightforward.

James said...

I, for one, think the Sandy Hook conspiracy theories might be right.

James said...

Franz, maybe its a little bit too straightforward?

Also, I doubt that Jack Rubenstein's mind was "as if programmed by MK-ULTRA to auto-erase".

He just lied like everyone else. How do we even know he died a few weeks later. Its handy how everyone just dies.

James said...

The crowd in the Zapruder film is way too small.

The truth will out said...

Kulak, quite possibly not a friend of ours.
I wouldn`t know his inner workings or what propelled him to the lofty heights he reachedall I do know is that he was a multi-cult advocate with the civil rights movement, though in many ways it was inescapable.

From that particular speech some choice quotes
"The very word "secrecy" is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies"

This sounds like Freemasonry, quite probably, very jewish and dangerous organisation where goys are allowed to partake.
“GENTILE masonry blindly serves as a screen for us and our objects, but the plan of action of our force, even its very abiding-place, remains for the whole people an unknown mystery.” (The Protocols of Zion, 4:2)

See the best movie made about Freemasonry
Forces Occultes (1943 - French, Eng Subs)

"For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence--on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day."

"monolithic and ruthless conspiracy"
Ha Ha Ha he said conspiracy... Ha Ha Ha
Could be juwes, monolithic would certainly mean so, unless there was a rash of Chinese looking fellas in the senate.

The rest 're:infiltration, subversion, guerrillas' however could also suggest he means Communists, which also is jewish.

"It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations."
This sounds like the Military Industrial Complex or the shadow government, this too involves juwes.

Three likely possibilities, all jewish, all spoken of by other goy Presidents [see Nixon tapes]as nefarious harmful elements within the United States borders.

So while it is indeed a myth that Kennedy said anything ever as proven by hasbarat 'B'... he may also have perhaps actually said it, all that is in dispute is which nefarious jewish organisation he was specifically referring to.
Unless he meant the Spanish!

He could also perhaps be referring to all those 3 and even some others which we don't know anything about.

"Hitler will emerge from the hatred that surrounds him now as one of the most significant figures who ever lived... he had a mystery about him in the way that he lived and in the manner of his death that will live and grow after him. He had in him the stuff of which legends are made."

"Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country." JFK

"The state does not exist to serve the individual, the individual exists to serve the state." Hitler

"Masonry, that immense association, the rare initiated of which, that is to say, the real chiefs of which, whom we must be careful not to confound with the nominal chiefs, live in a strict and intricate alliance with the militant members of Judaism, princes and imitators of the high Cabal. For that elite of the order--those real chiefs whom so few of the initiated know, or whom they only know for the most part under a nom de guerre, are employed in the profitable and secret dependence of the cabalistic Israelites. And this phenomenon is accomplished thanks to the habits of rigorous discretion to which they subject themselves by oaths and terrible menaces; thanks also to the majority of Jewish members which the mysterious constitution of Masonry seats in its sovereign counsel."---Gougenot des Mosseaux in Le Juif, le Judaisme et la Judaisation des Peuples Chretiens, Paris, 1869.

James said...

I'd suggest everyone here reads this link because it demonstrates mine and NU's position rather well.

Actually the whole blog is excellent.

Anonymous said...

'The Sandy Hook massacre was all a conspiracy after all, because a little blonde girl who was supposed to have been killed was pictured sat with President Obama afterwards, even though she wasn't.'
How do you know she wasn't? Are you a photoshop expert? Or, as I suspect, do you follow blonde ten year old girls around?

Dan said...

Nastiest, James,

You are the posters obsessed by conspiracy theory.

Every fucking thread you jump into immediatly turns into a judeo-phobe-phile back n forth.

Go start your own cunting blog and do what you prescribe
For others!
You post here do much you ought to have your own blog. Just fuck off.

James said...

White Supremacists -v- jewish and Chinese Supremacists, Who Will Win?

The Chinese are absolute supremacists. They believe that they are genetically superior to the "barbarians" (all non-Chinese). The Chinese hold that China, meaning center, is the center of the universe. And the Chinese openly and unashamedly proclaim their "cultural supremacy". Even among the Chinese supremacists, the Cantonese are a genetic aristocracy.

The Chinese are ruthless and merciless. The jews created Communist China and Taiwan. Mao and Chiang Kai-shek were both jewish puppets. The jews used the Imperial Japanese to destroy Russia and to weaken China in preparation for a jewish Communist takeover. Zionist jews migrated to China as a stepping stone out of Europe and into Palestine. Jews have always considered themselves Asiatics, and not Europeans. Einstein stated that he was eagerly awaiting the genocide of the hated despicable Europeans and the rise of the glorious Chinese. The jew bolsheviks employed the merciless Chinese to slaughter the best of the Russians.



James said...

The jews created the Chinese nuclear program and have been giving it full and open support since the Clinton administration. I strongly opposed this policy in the mid 1990's and warned that Asian students in our universities were spies and that the Asians were conducting a massive espionage campaign against America and Europe. I was attacked with the same slanders and libels tossed at me today. I publicly warned that the Chinese would surpass us with our own money and enterprise, and I was scorned and laughed at. I pointed out that the Chinese were employing new industrial capital which would obsolete ours, just as the Japanese and Germans created new industrial capital after WW II destroyed their manufacturing capabilities, and that this state of the art manufacturing technology gave them an edge. History has proven me correct.

Can Whites defeat the jewish led Chinese supremacists by maintaining a jewish generated self defeating egalitarian code of "ethics"? One that is egalitarian in name only, but which hamstrings Whites while boosting all non-Whites? Can the living environment survive a World of Chinese supremacists exploiting every resource including humans, land, air and water, while recklessly polluting the entire Earth?

The Chinese believe that they are superior and their sense of superiority is incorporated into their language and is ingrained in their culture and historical objectives and national traditions. To compete with them and defeat them, we must become even more devoted supremacists. We must change this crap "anti-Zionist Movement" which is today nothing more than a jewish news service used to manipulate anti-jews into serving jewish objectives, into a real world political force.

Instead of merely linking to news stories depicting jewish power and hypocrisy, we must instead make gains and organize. Instead of greeting each day with an internet newspaper informing us that we are already defeated, we need to broadcast our successes and report on our growth. We need positive reinforcement to encourage us and grow our political power. We need enthusiasm and power and we can only increase these with a message that we are superior and that we deserve our power and need to increase it. Enough of the Christian hatred of life and our genes! We need to assert ourselves as the masters of our fate and the fate of our Earth.

The Chinese and their jewish advisors and supervisors are not superior to us, though their power is growing as we surrender ours. We control the food, the nuclear weapons and the money supply. They have labor and finance on their side, but we can easily convert this to our advantage. But we will not convince our White brothers and sisters to join us if we do not represent power and superiority. Whites pursue powerful leadership and will submit to Chinese if no opposition to the surrender arises. Merely asserting that we have equal rights to non-Whites will not help us to win, just as it has accomplished nothing for American Blacks but their decline. If Whites claim that all are equal, then Whites who function by this rule will be defeated by non-Whites who shun this mythology that runs counter to nature and experience.

The National Socialists of Germany could not have engineered the economic rise of Germany post-Weimar without repudiating their debts and declaring themselves superior to their enemies and competitors. Their spirit of production and brotherhood would not have risen to the level it did without their sense of purpose and superiority.

We can halt China's progress in its quiet war against us tomorrow by repudiating our national debts as a jewish subversion. We can collapse their markets by replacing Federal Reserve Notes with a new domestic issue of Greenbacks, and the creation of the Grainback for international trade. We have ways of fighting back and winning, but don't expect the jews who want to destroy America to do it for you.

James said...

Instead of reading news stories of how the World is going to hell through the links of your favorite jewish "anti-Zionist" website, would you not rather greet the day learning of POWER PARTY candidates, meetings and marches? Look at how Golden Dawn sparks the imagination and is so infinitely more encouraging than a link to some article in Haaretz or the Washington Post. Now imagine how much better our lives would be and how much more progress we would make if we had a political power movement to participate and rejoice in?

The recipe requires three ingredients: manpower, media and money. The one thing we no longer have is time.

Fascism, Socialism and a derogatory tone towards America and the Founding Fathers are counter-productive and do not inspire Americans to become American Supremacists, but rather farcical cartoon wannabes. Our national heritage is great and positive and has always been supremacist. We need to return to our roots to motivate our people to inherit their greatness and superiority, lest we mock ourselves with the greatness of others unlike us in their history and national character and by doing so defeat ourselves.

We can only defeat jewish supremacism and Chinese supremacism by competing on that level of shameless superiority with White Supremacism.

Dan said...

On the AR 15 and why every Englishman ought to possess one.

Handguns, easy to hide, hard to handle. Some are underpowered. You can easily hit unit ended onlookers.

High powered rifles, .303, 8mm 30 03. Even with a bolt action. Recoil terrible. Heavy to handle, slow to fire. Cumbersome. The rifle is also quite long so it is harder to turn in a close space. The bullet is so powerful that it can shoot through multiple walls behind target. It's over kill. Bullet can also exit body and change direction and hurt a nearby friendly. Super accurate though.

Shotgun? Again, heavy slow firing, can also kill nearby friends near target. Hard to aim accurately.

The AR15. Light quick firing accurate, bullet stays in initial target. Carbine length means it is easy to handle. It's also useful for defending property by one defender against a nigger mob.

Anyone suggesting you defend your home with a shotgun or bolt action rifle is lying. Additionally hand guns are problematic because of accuracy or power. Range is a big problem. One or the other always detract. So there you are the Armalite makes it possible to protect you and yours.

James said...

Is it easy to get an AR15 in the UK?

What sort of license do you need?

Anonymous said...


'some' might find advantageous to turn conspiracists into crazy nutcracks and take any opportunities to do so:
1)The father of a young victim smiles seconds before he produces a contrite speech: it's certainly compatible with a conspiracy.
2)that part is removed from the media: that's even better.

It's spam. That way we won't talk about the real issues. Plus, there is now a market niche for that. You wonder how much of Alex Jones is real concern against the nwo versus pure marketing opportunity. I bet it's both. He really believes (in some of) what he says, but he is also awware that's his business to make a living out of it.
Same for Gov Ventura, who interviewed the uber Jew CNN Larry King about all sort of conspiracy 'facts', without saying the J word once. Larry King was smirking all along, waiting for the word i guess, like i was, but it never came. At least Ventura, who was smirking too, is smarter than JFK.
We could talk instead about what happen to this australian mossad agent executed by suicide in jail. He leaked or could have leaked sensitive informations apparently. Obviously he knew too much to be left free. What sort of informations a mossad agent could know that would explain his imprisonment and later execution by his peers?

The truth will out said...

That jewish racism article that hasbarat 'B' gave smacks of precisely the sort dumb goy trap I'd advise anyone to steer clear of.

Lone wolf enticement traps are a big no no, if you want to do so, perhaps you don't sign up for it and just do, only make sure you leave a more logical, coherent and concise message than the fucking idiotic Anders Behring did, 'end multiculturalism by serving juwes'.

Does one require a licence to carry out delousing with Zyklon B?

Dan said...

It's illegal. However, every Englishman should have one.

It should like having a tugging longbow circa 1400s.

Keiser said...

Dan said...
Every fucking thread you jump into immediatly turns into a judeo-phobe-phile back n forth. Go start your own cunting blog and do what you prescribe
For others!
You post here do much you ought to have your own blog.

Three Cheers for Dan!

Dan said...

I'd stear well clear of James/Nastiest.

They are here to derail open discussion. It's pretty obvious what they are doing in each. All their points are attempts to bring about Godwin's Law.

Dan said...

A fugging longbow... Not tugging.

James said...

Dan, which conspiracy theory or theories have I been "obsessed" with?

I've been accused of being jewish, insulting individuals on this blog, and now being obsessed with conspiracy theories.

Find one single quote of mine in the last few days which actually proves these accusations, and I'll leave this blog completely and never come back. Is that fair enough?

I think some people just imagine all sorts of things just because I'm not playing the same worn out tune as everyone else here. Its just perception because some of what I've said is jarring to the minds of people stuck in the standard WN rut.

I've provided links to,, and other highly reputable sites with valuable information and its all ignored and I'm still accused of disinformation. I've provided valuable links which dispel the myth of JFK fighting the Federal Reserve, including one by the author of the Creature From Jekyll Island, no less, and still I'm a "hasbara troll"! No wonder our enemies are running rings around us...

James said...

Has anyone got even an atom of proof, or some argument at all that is not what it purports to be?

If so, please present it. I've read his entire blog - all 7 years or so of it - and his book "The sale and manufacture of Saint Einstein" and cannot for the life of me see how he is anti-white.

His message speaks for itself. Laughing at some black guy's simian profile is useful, but figuring out how to stop the USA's nukes being turned against the white race might be slightly more important. He's the only one I've seen who actually points out that nukes are the only weapons capable of actually determining which races will see the 22nd century, once push comes to shove.

Obviously there would be an intense jewish and chinese focus on gaining control of those weapons, but pointing that out probably means you are a jew, no doubt.

Dan said...

Supporting Nastiest is enough. I've read his comments for months without commenting. He's a piece of shit.

Keiser said...

Bill Clinton is Sexy!

O.K. now that I am officially on topic


"Fascism, Socialism and a derogatory tone towards America and the Founding Fathers are counter-productive and do not inspire Americans to become American Supremacists, but rather farcical cartoon wannabes. Our national heritage is great and positive and has always been supremacist."

By "our" do you mean you were born in America, live there, just identify with it as a representative case for us or do you mean "our" in the general "White" Euro-ancestry sense.

James said...

I never really supported him.
I may have agreed with some of his comments if they had merit that's all.

OTOH it is easy for him to criticize the lack of progress on this blog and the WN movement overall, since saving the white race is rather hard so lack of real progress is to be expected to a degree.

James said...


Christopher John Bjerknes said that, I was just quoting him.

He says "Our national heritage", and since he is American he must be talking about the national heritage of the USA.

I'm not American, but I'd guess he specifically refers to Americans here, with the understanding that this ultimately applies by extension to Europeans everywhere - since if the USA goes down, we all go down.

James said...

As I've stated before I live in New Zealand.

There's lots of brits here trying to escape the MC frying pan in the UK, but things are heating up here too.

Anonymous said...

This is a guy I like - a (former-) jew who writes that:

We are faced with a new, secular religion, a false god with astonishing power to command worship. And, like the Crucifixion with its Cross, Resurrection etc, the Holocaust has key and sacred elements – the exterminationist imperative, the gas chambers and the sacred six million. It is these that comprise the holy Holocaust which Jews, Zionists and others worship and which the revisionists refuse.

Nor is this a small matter. If it was, why the fuss, why the witch-hunt, why the imprisonment of David Irving, Ernst Z√ľndel and Germar Rudolf? And it’s not just them. What may be a massive lie is being used to oppress pretty much all of humankind. The German and Austrian peoples who, we are told, conceived and perpetrated the slaughter; the Russian, Polish, Ukrainian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Estonian, Rumanian, Hungarian, peoples etc. who supposedly hosted, assisted in and cheered on the slaughter; the Americans, the British, the French, the Dutch, the Belgians, the Italians (but not the Danes and the Bulgarians) etc. who apparently didn’t do enough to stop the slaughter; the Swiss who earned out of the slaughter, and the entire Christian world who, it seems, created the faith-traditions and ideologies in which the slaughter could take place, and now the Palestinian, Arab and Muslim peoples who seemingly want to perpetrate a new slaughter – in fact, the Holocaust oppresses the entire non-Jewish world and indeed much of the Jewish world as well. Stand up and have done with it.

Hear, hear!


Dan said...

TMI but I live in the Midwest.

The Concentration Ghetto isnt too far away. Call me a Vortrekker in the US. A Lieutenant Bromhead among the North American Pavement Ape.

The whites are an armed camp and the black are an abyss.

James said...

Anonymous, are you sure Paul Eisen can be trusted.

I think he might be a crypto jew.

Keiser said...

"Christopher John Bjerknes said that, I was just quoting him."

Clear, Thanks

If I may recommend a blog for you...

David Duke

I feel I should warn you he has, unfortunately, been known to mention Jews, on occasion, but he has plenty of good and reasonable commentary and presents it in a pleasant, intelligent and educational way that isn't at all off putting, in my opinion.

Have a look if you wish!

Anonymous said...

James - well, I can't be absolutely sure but any jew who denies the holoco$t and recommends David Duke (correctly so) is more to be trusted than most PC-addled whites:

"This is David Duke's latest video.

It presents to me some very painful truths but, as far as I can see, it's as true as true can be."

Yes - well worth watching.


James said...

I thought my joke was obvious. Nobody can be a crypto jew if they state that they are Jewish. Crypto jews sometimes don't even know they are jewish themselves, and certainly never openly call themselves "twice a year" jews. Some, like Madeleine Albright will "discover" their jewish heritage at some politically oportune moment. (An interesting aside, there is a video on the net of MA shouting at "disgusting serbs", who she hates, even though Serbs sheltered her Jewish family during WW2. She didn't know she was jewish all this time though poor thing. Now that she knows though, her career is awesome.)

On the surface, what Paul Eisen says seems fair enough, but one thing which he cannot help but do is take a certain care as he lists people who have suffered in comparison to the jews.

Paul says:

"Jewish suffering is held to be unique, central and most importantly, mysterious. Jewish suffering is rarely measured against the sufferings of other groups. Blacks, women, children, gays, workers, peasants, minorities of all kinds, all have suffered, but none as much as Jews. Protestants at the hands of Catholics, Catholics at the hands of Protestants, pagans and heretics, all have suffered religious persecution, but none as relentlessly as Jews. Indians, Armenians, gypsies and aborigines, all have been targeted for elimination, but none as murderously and as premeditatedly as Jews."

Its seems that according to Paul, white men in particular have never suffered at all, except sometimes at the hands of other white men over trivial religious differences.

One must not mention the Bolshevics, or any victims of jews as perps in this tidy little list. (Armenians got done in by the Turks, nudge, wink.)

James said...


I've got a copy of DDs book "Jewish Supremacism". I've read it twice cover to cover. I've listened to loads of his broadcasts.

I've listened to all of Dr Pierce's speeches, Kevin Strom's, Revilo Oliver's, Simon Sheppard's site (, etc.

I know all that stuff. It just doesn't seem to ever translate into anything even vaguely resembling tangible real-world results.

James said...

Someone should tell Paul Eisen that his people are targeting our people with annihilation and they are succeeding.

See if he agrees.

Keiser said...

I know all that stuff. It just doesn't seem to ever translate into anything even vaguely resembling tangible real-world results.

It got me thinking!

Anonymous said...

I'll bet that somewhere in the Clinton "Library" (Which is probably a money-laundering front), there hangs a picture of Obama serving coffee to the Clintons.

James said...

It got me thinking too. I've been thinking about this for well over 10 years now.
We are demoralized and discouraged though.
I believe that one day we can achieve victory, and perhaps that is the plan after all. But maybe a Pyhrric victory is planned for us, which is no victory at all.

I suspect they are holding us back until the numbers of Muslims in Europe is sufficient to warrant massive expenditure of energy to remove them, leaving us in a victorious but weakened state.

The jews certainly do not want a Muslim Europe on their case, especially if it has lots of nukes.

James said...

If Pike's famous letter is real then WW3 will be designed to lead to the mutual destruction of the west and Islam. For this to happen:

1. We have to hate the Muslims enough to want to wipe them all out.

2. They need to start a war in Europe that will allow #1 to occur.

Massive Muslim immigration into Europe is the tool to bring about both of these conditions. It will then at some point be quite easy to propagandize (with the mass media) Europe into pogroms against Muslims in order to trigger hostilities.

The white west is capable of completely annihilating Islam. The only questions are, do we have the will to do it, should we do it, will we do it, and what will be left of us if we did do it.

It would be far better for everyone concerned if Muslims just stayed where they are now. I fear this will end badly for all of us.

Anonymous said...

There are a few 'jews' who are on-side but I would never allow a jew into a white movement, and this is the paradox: those jews who are on-side would understand why they would not be allowed in the genuine white movement - and would agree with it. Suppose jews like Eisen, Atzmon, Kapner et al were allowed into a white nationalist movement. If one, just one, were a wrong 'un, he'd destroy the movement as surely as ONE jew is destroying Ireland.


James said...

Suppose jews like Eisen, Atzmon, Kapner et al were allowed into a white nationalist movement.

Is there anything out there worth joining?

Dan said...

Albright and Clark who are both of Jewish heritage, possible coincidence, helped design a war that established a Muslim statelet in the center of Europe. The SecDef or SoD as I like to call them was a GOP goon called ...William Cohen.

Call this confluence of personnel a coincidence if you like.
Personally I'm not that worried about Bosnians, Montenegrins etc, I know a few. Not bad people, they are effectively areliguous.

Bug still the coincidences keep piling up don't they?

Dan said...

Now, I don't know the background of General Mike Rose, but I do reca that Gen Clark attempted
To have Rose advance his lads at a Russian detachment at Pristina Airport. Pardon me but that really looks like shit stirring, a goy on goy combustion. Maybe Clark was just nuts or he had outed some bitter memories of the Schetl being over run by Cossacks. He thought perhaps that the British General on scene in the late 1990s might oblige him in defending Baba Esther's honour again like his forefathers did in Danzig 1939.

Uncle Nasty said...

Not strictly on topic, but hey it's about America.

Living proof that the average nigger (if wearing shoes) can't count to eleven without being arrested.

Maxine waters is allowed to remove her shoes ... but it ain't going to help.

USA: Maxine Waters - ‘Over 170 Million Jobs Could Be Lost’ Due To Sequestration

Oh goodness. Just yesterday I posted about this fool, Democrat Maxine Waters, and how she was afraid of the USA Debt Clock being on during finance committee meetings. According to old Maxine, it's all a conspiracy by the GOP.....

Well, today she took her stupidity to another level (who knew that was possible?). She claimed that 170 million people could lose their jobs if the sequestration goes ahead. She clearly doesn't know what she's talking about regarding the sequestration which her messiah Obama imposed.

Um, Maxine dear, sit down and take your anti-stupid meds. There are only 136 million people working in America.

And all this "the sky is going to fall" scaremongering from Obama and his cronies has been a hoot. The sequestration can be explained as follows: if you earn $100 and your boss says to you that next month you'll earn $110, but then he comes in and says your raise is actually going to be $107, does that mean you are going to go broke?

Niggers ... living proof that the Piltdown Skull was not a hoax.


Anonymous said...

There are only 136 million people working in America.
in the 50 states. Obama serves all 57.

kulak said...

this is the paradox: those jews who are on-side would understand why they would not be allowed in the genuine white movement - and would agree with it.

Absolutely 100% correct Allen.

There was this Jew elected to represent a mostly black district in the US.

He tried to join the Congressional Black Caucus.

CBC dismisses him as simply insane or up to no good.

As with blacks among white "conservatives", a Jew can rise personally much faster among us, if accepted, than he can among his own people.

And they can for the same reasons blacks keep following us as we retreat, and Jews keep coming back after being kicked out.

kulak said...

Instead of merely linking to news stories depicting jewish power and hypocrisy, we must instead make gains and organize. Instead of greeting each day with an internet newspaper informing us that we are already defeated, we need to broadcast our successes and report on our growth. We need positive reinforcement to encourage us and grow our political power.

I agree with that James.

But he worries way too much about China.

Uncle Nasty said...

Far be it from me to suggest that Chairman Zero is a shirt-lifter ... or (even better) a carpet muncher.

So, I invite you to travel back to 1980, check out the body language, and you tell me.

Occidental activist: I thought Obama was 'gay'

Wednesday, August 15, 2012 18:11

Barack Obama and Pakistani roommate Mohammed Hasan Chandoo

NEW YORK – The intimate, fatherly relationship with pornographer and card-carrying communist Frank Marshall Davis that Barack Obama captured in a disturbingly graphic poem has led many to speculate Obama was sexually abused as a teen.

Davis, who wrote of molesting a 13-year-old girl in a quasi-autobiographical novel, has been identified as the “Pop” in a poem that describes “amber stains” on both Obama’s and “Pop’s” shorts.

A psychotherapist who also notes the parental abandonment Obama suffered in his childhood says that while she can’t prove it, “the degree of Obama’s disconnect reminds me of my sexually abused clients.”

Writing under the pseudonym Robin of Berkeley, the psychotherapist says Obama’s poem “evoked images of sexual abuse.”

Many pundits who have examined Barack Obama’s unconventional childhood have marveled at his ability to overcome significant personal obstacles to become the leader of the free world, but it’s not hard to imagine there have been consequences.

Speculation about Obama’s sexuality has roiled beneath the radar of establishment media, fed, among other things, by Larry Sinclair’s sensational claims of cocaine-fueled homosexual acts with Obama in Chicago and reports of Obama’s “transgender nanny” in Indonesia.

Now, the former radical activist from Occidental College who has recounted a 1980 encounter in which Obama affirmed revolutionary Marxist views tells WND in an interview his strong impression at the time was that Obama and the wealthy Pakistani roommate who accompanied him were homosexual lovers.

Don't know about you but the raghead roommate to Obumbler's left does not seem all that comfortable with all that proximity -- check out his body language.

Why are all our supposed leaders such rotters? Could it be that they are chosen for their corruption by the PTB?

So that they have large, easily grasped handles that can be violently tweaked if they should ever show signs of Jumping the Plantation or (gasp!) spinning out of control?

You be the judge.


nastiestuncle said...

@Dan 20:22

"Go start your own cunting blog and do what you prescribe
For others!
You post here do much you ought to have your own blog. Just fuck off."

The words of defeat.

Dan, Dan, the Broken Man.

Dan said...

Practice what you preach with your own blog smart arse.

See if you are right by simply doing it right.

nastiestuncle said...

@Dan 05:39

Comment sections exist so that people can leave comments.

What would be the point of a particular person starting their own blog, when comment sections already exist on others'. We end up with millions of blogs, all saying roughly the same thing, and with few comments on each.

Cor blimey.

Dan said...

Apparently you claim the nous to do something practical. So instead of telling other people what to say...go say what you have to say independently yourself with the added bonus of the pressures of authorship. instead of paracitizing this Particular blog.

See if you get any traffic for your infinite wisdom.

Anonymous said...

The only thing missing from the portrait is something that conveys his love for the Negro voter. A booklet of food stamps sticking out of his front jacket pocket, perhaps?

James said...

People like Monica Lewinsky suck.

Anonymous said...

Henry the Fonz Winkleman was on radio talking about dyslexia. He would find it hard to read Elie Wiesel's tattoo!

Anonymous said...

Monica Lewinsky has left the Democtat party ans registered as an independent as the last time she was witha Democrat it left a bad taste in her mouth.

Anonymous said...

It took me a moment.


- Fr. John+