Saturday, 9 February 2013

Kerry road sign

After all the Sturm Und Drang of the last few posts, here's something on a lighter note.


Anonymous said...

They could really use those signs all over equitorial Africa....and in western nations we need signs showing interracial couples being arrested for crimes against humanity....... only in the perfect world!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy this great prank call from the Howard Stern Show..... you'll love this!

Keiser said...

Well same as Texas all they have in Kerry is... Steers and Queers.

That was just a joke by the way any state that can produce a looker like Summer Glau is o.k. with me

Gortonian said...

It shows how far Kerry has gone downhill when they have to put up signs warning the blacks not to shag the livestock.

B Boru said...

It shows how far Kerry has gone downhill when they have to put up signs warning the blacks not to shag the livestock.

There are 3,000 Africans in Tralee alone (population about 22,000).

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of the African man who got caught shagging a goat and was forced to marry it.

Rob said...

Sorry to stray from this all-important topic, but if you can get a phone up your tradesman's entrance, you've been in prison way too long.

Anonymous said...

btw, found that kerry men are the most anti american of the lot of paddies in usa,took over unions and ran the yanks out just like the kikes, fuck them.

Franz said...

Actually EXPLAINS the last post, Savant.

P.Rushton (RIP) once explained the difference in the testosterone level of the African male totally can surpass "IQ advantage" in the right circumstances.

What makes the sign funny might also make the nogs somewhat attractive to a certain type of gal.

This might actually be a real problem. In my area we had a dizzy lady marry a guy on DEATH ROW because she was overcome by the hormonal rush she got just talking to him. Even tho that was all she'd ever get. Even tho he could not help her material life one iota. Might explain somthing.

Jerry said...

They stole that from somewhere in Wales.

gala said...

No, they stole it from Aberdeen!

Barney said...

Islam spreads to the Cotswolds. Those tourists looking for traditional old England won't like this, and I bet it's just the start of the usual muslim invasion:

Mosque to be built on Cameron's doorstep despite residents' concern over 'noise and parking'

Anonymous said...

I went out for a pint yesterday evening and fell into good company;some English lads from Bath,over for the rugby match today.

Got a bit,well,got a LOT drunk.

They confirmed what others have been saying on here about the infestation of the West Country.

They also had no doubts whatsoever but that the policy is completely deliberate.

Still,one bright spot at least;the wife isn't talking to me.


Anonymous said...

It looks like the French rugby team is going the same way as their soccer team.I was glad Wales beat them.

katana said...

Contributing to a lighter note here …


Q. What do you get when you cross a Jewish princess and a prostitute?
A. A fucking know-it-all.

How do you get a jewish girls number??
You pull up her sleeve.

I'm going to be just like Hitler and kill all the jews. But I'm going to kill all the clowns, too.
Why the clowns?
See, no one cares about the Jews!

Adolf Hitler went to see a fortune teller.
Hitler asked "What day will I die on?"
The fortune teller answered that he will die on a jewish holiday.
Hitler asked the fortune teller "How do you know that?"
The fortune teller answered "Sir, whatever day you'll die on WILL be a jewish holiday!"

Do you know what a Jewish dilemma is?

Free ham.

Q: How did they know that Jesus was Jewish?
A: Because he lived at home until he was thirty, he went into his father's business, his mother thought he was God, and he thought his mother was a virgin.

Q: How do you stop a Jewish girl from fucking you?
A: Marry her.

Did you hear about the Jewish doctor who gave a patient six months to live?
When the patient couldn't pay, the doctor gave him another six months.

Q: How do you say "fuck you" in Jewish?
A: "Trust me!"

Two Jewish businessmen meet in the street.
"Oy, Abraham, I'm sorry to hear about that fire at your warehouse".
"Ssh!" hisses the other, "It's not till next week".

What's the difference between Santa Claus and a Jew?
Santa Claus goes down the chimney.

Q: Why do Jewish men love watching porno movies backwards?
A: They like the part when the hooker gives the money back.

A Jew asked his rabbi why God had created gentiles.
"Well," came the answer, "someone's got to buy retail".

Q: What's the difference between Niggers and tyres?
A: Tyres don't sing when you put chains on them.

A rabbi, a priest, and a minister were having a discussion as to how they divided up the collection plate.
The minister explained that he drew a circle on the ground, tossed the collection in the air, and that all the money that landed in the circle was for God (to use for the parish) and all that landed outside was for himself (as living expenses).
The priest said that his system was similar: He just drew a straight line, tossed the money up, and that what landed on one side was for God and the church, and that what landed on the other side was for himself.
The rabbi admitted that his system worked along somewhat the same line: "I just toss the plate up in the air," he explained, "and anything God can catch he can have, while I simply take what's left."

Q: What do you call a Black millionaire industrialist?
A: A tycoon.

Two Jews were sitting on a pier passing the time of day. The first Jew puts his feet in the water and cries, "It's cold, it's cold!" The second Jew puts his nose in and screams, "It's fucking deep too!"

There wouldn't be any Jews in America if they hadn't heard about the right of free speech.

What's the difference between boy scouts and Jews?
Boy scouts come back from their camps.

I went to a fancy dress party the other day dressed as Adolf Hitler.
Everyone thought it was hilarious.
Until they found three dead Jews in the shower.

gallowglass said...

mr.a. Good to hear that. Let's hope their coon players have a lousy game.

Of course we have one now as well.

DerDer said...

Hopefully it's not a wider trend with regards the rugby. As it's one of the white dominated ones.

DerDer said...

Also gallowglass you're quite right. The canonization of Zebo is inevitable.

Anonymous said...

Yes.When the IRFU overnight naturalized(?)that Kiwi prop Bent,it was wrong.

But I said at the time that I would prefer a hundred Bents to one Zebo.

People are still looking at me.


Anonymous said...

The jews are not the chosen people, as the true story of the 10 commandments reveals.
God was unhappy with the general standards of behaviour of humans. So he first approached the leader of the Africans and explained that he had a code of conduct, containing 10 rules.
The African said "give me an example" God replied "honor thy father and mother" The African fell on the floor laughing "none of us have the 1st clue who our father is"
Next God tried the arabs.Same scenario, the arab leader asked for an example. God replied "thou shalt not kill" The Arab became enraged " how can we stop killing? It's what we do"
God then approached the Mexicans. The leader of the Mexicans asked for an example. Thou shall not steal was the reply. The Mexican started to laugh, "but we are a nation of thieves"
God then tried the french.....
"Thou shall not commit adultury"
"Sacre Blue! we are French, how can we life without adultury?"
In desparation God tried Moses. God explained he had a list of rules. Moses enquired "How much are they?"
God replied "They're free"
"We'll take the lot"
Paris Claims

Esther said...

katana, those jewish jokes brilliant. In fact sent them to a jewish guy I know (minus the one about getting the number!) and he cracked up as well.

Anonymous said...

Esther, who's the Jewish guy, your dad?

Anonymous said...

Zebo did'nt last long.English boys too rough.

Professor Ester said...


I once converted to Judaism just so I could tell Jewish jokes in polite company. Did you hear about Shakespeare's Jewish mistress?

OI vey she wrote all his plays whilst he wrote the sonnets to her as she had a lesbian feminist affair with Lucy Nigger a Clerkenwell Bordello owner.

Ah how my uncle Schlomo the Professor of Gentile Goyische Studies at Hebrew Superiority University Tel Aviv laughed at this latest revelation!

Rhein said...

In all seriousness, this sign means you can't have you sheeps cross that part of the road right?

Here in Canada instead of a bull it's a deer or a moose.

PreatorianXVI said...

Feel Free to add to the listings,

A Source of excellent Humor, no one spared.

Anonymous said...

Why all the mosques in Mayo, Cork, Tuam, Tralee, and Killarney ect. Is it for the craic?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said (9 February 2013 22:15): “Enjoy this great prank call from the Howard Stern Show..... you'll love this!”

Listen to this one. Prankster phones dumb Negro (prankster records conversation), winds him up, then hangs up. Prankster then redials Negro’s number and plays back segments of the recorded conversation which results in the dumb Negro arguing with himself. Fucking hilarious!

Angry Black Guy Prank Calls Himself

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

B Boru said (9 February 2013 23:40): “There are 3,000 Africans in Tralee alone (population about 22,000).”

How long before the Rose of Tralee starts looking like this...

Check out the girl (Ashleigh Davis) this big, fat, ugly Negress beat to wear the crown. You just couldn’t make it up!

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

@Frank Galton
Hahaha The angry black guy argues with himself like a dog barking at its reflection.

Meet me somewhere

Anonymous said...

ot Here is an interesting new white nationalist bookseller:

Anonymous said...

Ditto ostrapublications

Keiser said...

Brilliant recommendation Anonymous
Thank You

I just ordered "The Children of Ra: Artistic, Historical, and Genetic Evidence for Ancient White Egypt" because I love Egypt (as it was then, not the sh1ty rubbish dump it is now, seriously there is rubbish strewn all around the pyramids. I been there, seen it, madness!)

From the description on the site

9. Nubian Pharaohs—the End of Ancient Egypt. There were black pharaohs—right at the end of the ancient Egyptian civilization. The Nubian invasion heralded the downfall and end of that culture and civilization;

Remind you of any black Pharaohs we have at the moment "The Nubian invasion heralded the downfall and end of that culture and civilization;"

"All (of) this has happened before, and it will all happen again,"

quoted from Peter Pan (1953)
(and the Cylons BSG)

Dan said...

Look up Taharqo.

Also listen to Neil MacGregor's History of the world in 100 objects.

The Hnic Head Nigger In Chief Obama is just like Taharqo. The grave digger of the USA.

Dan said...

Taharqo's Sphinx reminds me of Obama's ugly face.

Uncle Nasty said...

Rob said...

Sorry to stray from this all-important topic, but if you can get a phone up your tradesman's entrance, you've been in prison way too long.

Hey Rob ... I'll see your cellphone and raise you a revolver.

A big revolver.

Same story here, from a site called (very aptly) the Smoking Gun. Go to the comments section, but put down your coffee, first.

He is no doubt, a very, very popular lad in prison. You will no doubt notice that he is dark complected.

So ... what does that make him? A niggot? A fagger?

Getting serious, however, I remember reading on several occasions that the rate of faggotry amongst our darker brethren is off the charts -- far higher, in fact, than any other race in poofs per thousand.

Can anyone comment?


Reader said...


Destroy Cultural Marxism:


Uncle Nasty said...

Check this out. Please. A WN manifesto:-

Pro White Passive Resistance - Code of Conduct

The below essay is by the Kentucky Gentleman. It is a day-to-day guide to acting, legally, in whatever small ways we might, to resist the System's genocidal program against Whites.

1. Loyalty: Give highest loyalty to your own race, above politics, religion, law, or profit. Any creed not putting race and family first is false. Like queers, mixers are not content to do their own thing and leave everyone else alone. They try to force everyone else to accept and adopt their perversion. We Whites have a right to survive, every bit as much as the Spotted Owl.

2. Education: Educate yourself in racial reality, learning to recognize anti-White bias and lies in the media. Recognize racial hybrids like actor Keanu Reeves, whom the media try to pass off as White. Learn the deep, spiritual, scientific, and moral reasons that races should not mix.

3. Family : Teach your family to be Pro White. It cannot survive without the race of which it is part. When non-Whites become a majority, they will kill your descendants, as surely as they did in Zimbabwe, Kenya, or Haiti. Hybrids and race-mixers have always been the first killed, as after the successful communist revolution in Viet Nam. Teach your family your values and do not let them voluntarily associate with non-Whites. Such actions are treason. Shame them into honorable behavior. Your opinion is more important to them than they will admit.

Notice that at no stage does he step on the third rail. But that's okay. We can do that


Rob said...

Uncle Nasty - Hey Rob ... I'll see your cellphone and raise you a revolver.

A big revolver.

Yes, I saw that story a while back. Unfortunately, the weapon fell short of reaching its full comic potential by not going off in his rectum. I think the phone man narrowly beats him by not pressing the Silent button before inserting the device in himself and getting caught when he got a call at an inopportune moment. As one commenter said, "I didn't think you could get coverage up there."

euroserf said...

So Auntie Esther and Uncle Shlomo are related.

Who could have guessed?

Uncle Shlomo said...

We Davidovitch Cohens are very proud of our pure Anglo-Saxon roots which we trace all the way back to the Battle of Waterloo in 1066 during the Wars of the Red Roses already.

But as a committed white nationalist and pure Aryan ubermenschen I don't see why the next Pope shouldn't be a Jew.

Oy vey, if the Archbishop of Canterbury can be a Jew then why not the Pope? If the Justice Minister can be a Jew then why not the Pope?

What harm can it do really? None, izn't it? These Khazar boys are harmless already though those sephardis and mizrahis are pure filth and no better than Arab dogs, the sons of bitches!!

Just like the schwarzes, most of them are OK you know, just a few bad apples like some porch monkeys who give the rest a bad name. They make good babyfathers and porn films so what's not to like?

It's the whites I don't care for. Men are lazy, hopeless losers and the chiksas dirty sluts who juz want schwarzer shlong all the time.

As a white nationalist I say let's cull the whites, there's too many of them already. What's the use of a goy when it comes to it? Zilch! Drek mit leber!

Anyway goys, I mean guys, here's to the new Jewish Pope. Fair play to him or her.

Mazel tov 1488

Liam said...

Manchester is another British city where whites will be a minority within most of our lifetimes:

The old traditional Irish area of Ardwick, with its Fenian Bridge, is now only a third white British, with neighbouring Gorton not much better.

This is the future for Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Galway etc unless a stand is taken soon.

Dan said...

Welcome to your Black Pope.

Peter Turkman

Anonymous said...

Destroy Cultural Marxism:

Well-intentioned I think, but off-the-mark. "Cultural Marxists" aren't anti-white because they're cultural marxists. Anti-whites are cultural marxists because they're anti-white. Destroying cultural marxism won't save whites.

A good general rule to follow is to avoid the suffix "ism". Avoiding it greatly clarifies thought.

The definition given at the site states:

Cultural Marxists facilitated the racial organization of non-whites, while simultaneously asserting that "race does not exist" for white people...

So "Cultural Marxism"'s effects are anti-white. But it allows a potential pass to the perps on intent, and, symmetrically and crucially, allows its opponents a pass on intent.

The self-described opponent is not necessarily fighting for whites or opposing white genocide.

Shaunantijihad said...

Maybe it's a warning to the sheeple?

"Warning sheep people! Fucking bankers at large!"

Interesting article on said fuckers at Hardon's blog:

Keiser said...

@ Anonymous

" So "Cultural Marxism"'s effects are anti-white. But it allows a potential pass to the perps on intent, and, symmetrically and crucially, allows its opponents a pass on intent.

The self-described opponent is not necessarily fighting for whites or opposing white genocide. "

No but it might be more palatable for most people than if the Jew behind the curtain, or the feral nigger issue is mentioned so sure start there. You can even bring it up at dinner parties :-)

Uncle Nasty said...

Off-topic, I know ... but a very good example of the calibre of TV commentators.

This CNN brain donor actually asks if the approaching asteroid is a sign of, wait for it ... global warming.

This creature is an opinion former, I might add.

And merely one of the proofs that if we are to succeed, we must -- first and foremost -- subvert, take over or simply destroy, the MSM.


Anonymous said...

Isn't that a sign outside LA reminding humans not to mate with animals?

If only Nicole Brown Simpson had known of the danger.

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