Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Where's the Apocalypse when you need it?

Literally for years now I've been hearing how the whole financial system will soon collapse into total meltdown, apocalyptically, in a way never seen before. A kind of apocalypse porn is the order of the day in the blogosphere. Max Keiser, Alex Jones and half his guests, Gerald Celente, Mac Slovo.....you name it, they've warned us. The latest Mayan Prophesy, from Keiser, tells us that next April is the time.Based on evidence to date I'm not heading for the hills or stocking up on ammo.
If I sound a wee bit peeved, well I am. I was kinda looking forward to it in a certain way. Newly impoverished Whites will finally start asking why they're picking up the cost for the dangerous and degenerate rabble of useless parasites from the Turd World, lazing about here like sated ticks, while the traitors who brought them in may, God willing, get strung up. The EBT cards will stop working, the banksters will be driven out with pitchforks, Obama's teleprompter will go blank, The phony black middle class will revert to poverty, as nature ordained. The trough in which the equality, diversity and immigration industries noses were sunk will be defunded.

In short the Matrix, that fantasy universe, that giant cocoon of lies, that Potemkin Village of Diversity Wonderfulness, will collapse because of, well, The Collapse.

So will we finally witness it next April.? I don't think so, nor will we see it the April after that, for that matter. You see, I do believe that the current financial 'system' is unsustainable. Of course it is. But the eye-watering debts that have been incurred, and the entitlements that have been accrued, can be very easily met by any country that can print its own currency. So for example the Chinese tell America they want their thousand trillion, or whatever it is, to be repaid now. All the US has to do is fire up the printing presses and print out a crisp one thousand trillion dollar note. Problem solved!

Sure, the value of the currency will instantly collapse and it is a de facto if not de jure sovereign default. But so what? Same with Social Security or other pensions. You're entitled to half your finishing salary? Fine, here it is. In freshly devalued dollars. Or Euros, or Yen or whatever.
I'm not being facetious here. Of course massive inflation will result and that in turn has major ramifications. But done slowly over time you'll apply the boiling the frog solution. Just as they do now, people will simply be aware that they're getting gradually poorer despite the bromide of rapidly increasing pay. But there's been no rebellion yet. And the pets, the minorities, immigrants and sexual deviants of all sorts will continue to be looked after.

So no, I don't see a single cataclysmic event. Just a slow destruction of wealth through the debasing of currencies. I see the big losers being the middle classes. The super-wealthy will as always have their exit well prepared while the 'victim class' must also be appeased less they burn down our cities if their gibsmedats are taken away.

Not good. Not good at all.


blueboy said...

Don't worry. The apocalypse will come. Now that Obummer is in power for 4 more years, all the faster.

Uncle Nasty said...

I'm afraid I have to agree with the Savant, here. The Apocalypse cometh in April ... or maybe July ... or perhaps in time for next Christmas -- or next Easter -- or Thanksgiving.

It's rather like that sweet spectre of HIV/AIDS hanging over very nigger, poised to obliterate every shitskin and shirtlifter on the planet. All talk and promises and, sadly, no action.

Which brings me back to a favorite topic ... Leaderless Resistance. A gradual, relentless white-anting of everything the hebes hold dear. There are many on-line publications detailing the ins and outs of low-key anarchy.

Pick a mere half-dozen of the actions that you are comfortable with (or competent in) and begin to apply them.

Superglue or half-chewed gum in parking meters. How about an old credit card or access card dipped in two-part epoxy and fed into an ATM? ... Make sure you wear gloves -- and a Groucho mask.

Bunch of Sand niggers building a mosque nearby? Throw a rotten pig carcass through a window, or even better and more subtle, get onto the site and throw a few bags of white sugar into the cement mix

Some fuckweasel politician visiting the constituency in his flash tax-paid limo? How about a pint of brake fluid in a detergent squeeze bottle, nonchalantly sprayed over the paintwork as you stroll by, while a friend distracts the minders?

I was told once that a few onions buried in the indoor gardens, planters and flowerpots seen in so many corporate lobbies and reception areas will decay, leaving a pervasive tooth-loosening stench in a few days.

Haven't tried that one.

Use your imagination, and above all, have fun doing it.


Anonymous said...

1. People like to be doomsayers and will tell you that the apocalypse is just around the corner.
2. The governments are 'kicking the can down the road' by borrowing and printing.

The reason, if I understand it correctly, why the 'quantititive easing' hasn't resulted in runaway inflation is that the newly created billions (trillions for the US) have been used to buy back government debt, so this money has not entered the money supply, if the M0 and M4 figures are to be believed. If the created-out-of-thin-air money had entered the money supply for example by being used to build massive capital projects and hence being paid as cass to workers, then we would see the inflation that we don't want to see.

Anonymous said...

Excellent post. The freedom movement has been predicting economic and social catastrophe for 50 years. Why does Western civilization survive? What does it mean for our movement? Here are my thoughts:

Real improvements in productivity and technology have masked the destructive effects of government intervention in the economy. Overall living standards have continued to rise despite the relentless growth of the parasite classes. Furthermore, the dollar is still the world's reserve currency, and the banksters are using all the right tricks to reassure investors that government bonds are safe. As a result, Celente and Salvo are a tiny voice within the investment community.

Do we need a total collapse in order for real change to occur? I think not. We've already reached a tipping point where living standards are starting to decline. This will be the first generation in American history that will be worse-off than its parents. There is no way that young white Americans will stand for watching 80 percent of their income from shitty jobs go to Baby Boomer retirees, student loan payments for worthless degrees, and pension plans for lazy government bureaucrats. I predict tax strikes and massive defaults on student loans, which would bring the banksters to their knees.

I still think a collapse is very possible and quite possibly inevitable. The U.S. government is bankrupt. Sooner or later the bond markets must reach that conclusion. When you look at the real national debt, the numbers have become so big they've lost all meaning. I place the odds of a collapse at 50/50 over the next 20 years. In a worst-case scenario, cities would become deathtraps for 80 percent of their inhabitants. Goodbye minorities and their white liberal enablers! The people most likely to survive would be gun-toting rural whites. Civilization would begin anew.

Anonymous said...

@Uncle Nasty 01:50

"Leaderless Resistance."

I had a dream the other night in which someone had an idea to contact a sympathetic pest control worker, get hold of small jars of bed bugs, then pour the contents through the letterbox of the offending politician or public figure. Also in the dream, this worked well in paying back dishonest business associates. The bed bugs created a living hell for the victim, with disgusting bites all over their and their family's bodies, bites which are liable to become infected. The bugs spread in clothing to other places, like workplaces then the homes of colleagues and friends. The bugs are nealy impossible to get rid of without discarding all possessions, heating up the entire house or building, or fumigation requiring temporary accommodation.

In another dream, someone manufactured a 'milk-chicken bomb' by using a mixer, raw chicken breast and a pint of milk to create a lovely thick smoothie, which could then be sprayed onto a carpet or into lift shafts or other hard-to-access places. The smell of decay would make a dung beetle puke and cause entire areas to be vacated.

In yet another dream, someone used free web hosting services based in Russia, plus Tor internet proxy to create websites detailing the paedophilic activities of particular individuals.

It's amazing what happens in dreams.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 02:30

Good post. A fellow zerohedge.com reader perhaps (although best not to believe everything you see on that site)?

A few facts:

1. The financial liabilities which our governments face mean that they are already in effect bankrupt. In the UK we are looking at 900% of GDP if not more, in the US it is even higher. Of course the governments can tax the population to pay for them but like you said, there is a point at which the people will say "no".
2. The investment banks are manoeuvring themselves to make money from the coming troubles. Watch what they are doing.
3. The feeling of wealth of Western consumers over the last 15 years or so has been false, granted by borrowed money (repayable by their grandchildren) and by cheap credit. It never was realistic nor sustainable to change cars every two years, have a couple of foreign holidays a year, buy several massive tellies, a big fucking house and a pony for the daughter. The governments bribed the electorate with these things and they were bribed with their own money and the money earned by their grandchildren.
4. The US has already had a taste of what is to come in the form of cities like Camden, New Jersey in which there is scarcely any money even for a police or fire service.

Interesting times, for sure.

Heathen Bastard said...

One of the most egregious misconceptions of our time is that sovereign nations can print money at will. This may be true for North Korea, Iran and possibly Japan. The rest of us have Central Banks that borrow money from PRIVATE BANKS and MUST PAY THE MONEY BACK WITH INTEREST. Check the Federal Reserve website if you don't believe me!

The Elders of Zion / 33 Freemasonry ultimate objective has always been universal democracy backed by privatized Central Banks. This has been the objective of every shill leader for the last 100 years (cloaked in various ideologies to delude the mob): Lenin and Trotsky, the Nazi elite, Social Democrats, and now BOTH major political parties in the U.S. . The mob is moved only by emotion and their own self-righteousness with no regard for the debt that may be incurred. The goal of the 'Road to Serfdom' is to get us all trapped in as much debt as possible and then force us to pay it back!

Dan said...

Reminds me of this story. Serbian U21 team attack black England players after loss in Belgrade.

The eastern Europeans have made their judgement on the multicult west.

Anonymous said...

So colleges were actually part of the road to serfdom? I thought they were designed to free the youth from the bondage of tired, old, practical ideas.

Seriously though, Irish Savant was right on the mark with this one. Doomporn became the order of th day for most of us dissidents, especially cresting in 2009-2011. It was shortly after Collapse did not occur, that those of us doomwankers who were lucid began to look for the structural forces underlying the forestalled collapse.

To the fans of logic, this analysis led straight to the door of the elitist kings, and their plebeian enablers, an alliance of dreamy liberals and darky pragmatists. The orcs and Sauron if you will. Along with the Irish Savant, we stumbled upon The Modern Religion: the worship of the Triune Godhead: the "Jew", the "Negro", and the "Homo".

After descending down the deep, shitty anus/rabbithole of libertarian ranting and non-causality, fearing impending doom by central bankers, we realized that the fox, central bankers, had as much interest in keeping the card game going as we had.

We opens our yes to the Matrix, and saw future generations of babies being sucked dry on harvesting machines, to feed the delusional, but well-financed dreams of rich psychopaths. Yes Savant, I was in that doom Glory Hole right along with you, until I decided to get out of the stall. We like Senator Larry Craig on Idaho, nihilistically waiting on cock in the Minnneapolis airport, while orcs grunted and wheezed outside.

Yes, every generation of men must to what it can to preserve some semblance of civilization. Now it's our turn.
-----concerned American

Anonymous said...

@Nasty Jews:

How is supergluing of half-chewed gum into parking meters supposed to help anything, as compared to fx. working for secession of states (such as Texas) or the like?

AnalogMan said...

Anon 2:30 - I predict tax strikes and massive defaults on student loans, which would bring the banksters to their knees.

Massive defaults on mortgages didn't have that effect. On the contrary, the banksters cleaned up. It happens over and over; they create money out of nothing, lend it to the cattle at interest to buy assets, crash the economy, repossess the assets, repeat. They invented this game, they make the rules, you can't beat them at it.

When the economy crashes, it will be because the banksters have decided that it's time for the periodic shearing.

Anonymous said...

AnalogMan, you make sense to me. I think your line of inquiry regarding the unbeatibility of the bankers merits more inquiry. For now, it is good that we and other dissidents have connected the dots between the purposeful undermining of social capital (community), in order to achieve more easily atomized, and therefore more saleable human consumers.

This economic arrangement seems unfortunately to spring from human nature itsself. It seems that no matter the social graces placed upon humanity, a blind, atavistic impulse towards anonymously given harm from large, anonymous beings arises.

Any diaspora group, including the worldwide Chinese, the worldwide Indians (dot), the worldwide Jews, and even the worldwide Anglo-Saxon ruling

Anonymous said...

...class seems to gain. This could possibly be why so many prominent money-makers are leftists, because they do know that they earn I'll-gotten wages. For prominent leftist Jews, making money may indeed feel like their version of Original Sin.

What we need to discover, is how previous fights against global central bankers played out. Rather than fighting the central bankers, it could be in our interest to promote the better economy resulting from a more ethnically cohesive country.
It will not be better for all elites, but there is certainly a faction, Jews included, who may begin to see the value of the Northern European Genome.

Could you imagine the GDP of a world populated by more North Europeans?
---Concerned American

Anonymous said...

Good point, AnalogMan. Have the banksters ever been beaten?

Anonymous said...

Which, naturally brings us back to "Deutschland Ueber Alles". Anyone ever been to Bavaria and seen how nice Germans keep the place? Germany covering the whole earth would have been quite pleasant really if it were feasable. Of course, there is the modern rule that whatever people think Hitler believed, they must believe the opposite.

So if Hitler believed that Germans deserved to expand their space due to their superb craftsmanship, diligence, and looks, that must mean Germans must be reduced in living space due to the unfair advantage gleaned to the Goths by virtue of their cold and teamwork evolved genetics.

Anonymous said...

The Germans did beat the bankers temporarily in the 1930's, before being lured back into them on the other side by the inevitability of success. Unfortunately, the devil may always be with us, no Faustian bargain or self-sacrifice can defeat the institutions erected by human nature.
I think the trick is to accommodate the bankers, as the Freemasons who founded the USA did.
---concerned American

Franz said...

I got it:

It's vengence upon Europa after King Philip IV of France ambushed the Templar Knights on Friday 13, October 1307.

Keys: 13, 13, 07.

In 2007 I considered they'd get us all on the anniversary. I had to reject that as way too simple.

So (my guess) they inverted it partway & got creative the rest of the way.

Who precisely is avenging the Templars is obvious, they own the Fed and the City.

The Mass Crash For Certain:

July 13, '13.

Unless not.

eah said...

Many, many web sites have been banging the bear market armageddon drum ever since late 2007, and people who acted on that by going short have lost their shirt, and by now their pants as well (those who bought Gold have done much better). There's a reason the rally that has been ongoing more or less since early 2009 is called 'the most hated rally in history'.

BTW, I like to stream 'The Sunday Business Show' on Today FM.


It looks like the faggot gene that's so dominant in the UK made it over to Australia.

A shame that.

Anonymous said...

What's the problem, who needs money?A barter economy is almost as good, as long as most of us are self-sufficient. Remember 'The Good Life'. Look at it another way, the best thing to get those arses off those couches would be a gigantic financial collapse like 1929. There would be a huge surge in nationalist racist activity. Nothing else is going to work.We just need to be prepared for the collapse, that's all.

igl55 said...

Remember that much if not most of the commentary is by people with a vested interest, say in the price of gold going up. Suits them if people pile into gold then.

Croesus said...

Nastiest U. Your take on what happens to the money is correct. A huge proprtion of it also lies, metaphorically, in bank vaults to maintain their capital ratios. This is an illusion of course as all these so-called assets have been created out of thin air.

Anonymous said...

There are many things I just cannot understand. Two at the top of the list are.....
In the UK we consume far more than we produce.
The Govt spends far more than it collects.
For how long can this continue?
Paris Claims

Shaunantijihad said...

In other words, worse is only better if it is rapid enough, otherwise, worse is just worse until we are an Islamic Zimbabwe.

So it needs a little push. Now, I would never suggest, say, burning down every tax and social security office, no indeed.

But we should assist diversity as much as possible. Black forums need to be told that it was Jews and Muslims who ran the slave trade, and it was whites, British in particular, who saved them. The word for black man in Arabic is slave - abed. That is the future for blacks. Blame the Jews and leftists for bringing Muslims.

Then, Muslim forums need be told that it is the Jews in the US and here who are responsible for all the bombings of Muslim countries. They already know the Holocaust is a lie, but that it is used as an excuse to genocide the Palestinians. Moreover, the Koran and Hadiths state categorically that Muslims must murder all Jews.

Ah, the joys of diversity I tell ya!

Henry IX said...

UN and Shaun. Yes and yes. If it's slow it won't work. So we need the passive resistance and active resistance of the kind you recommend. It must be speeded up.

Kevin Rafferty said...

Anon 6.23. I agree. Look at how they organise the Beer Festival every year. Millions of drunks swarming about the place yet no disorder, everything clean and tidy, superb.

Yes, let the Germans rule us please.

Shaunantijihad said...

Much of the speculation relating to the Collapse is based on sound monetary logic (http://goldsilver.com), but as you point out, it is the speed that really matters. Rapid speed leads to collapse, whereas slowly boiled frog speed leads to Zimbabwe. As the second will fully play out after the politicians are dead, means the road to Zimbabwe has already been chosen.

None of the speculation is harmed when events give some credence to them either. Germany asks for it's gold reserves back from the Fed, and is told it will get just 10%. Over the next 7 years.

Why exactly that should be, is seriously food for thought. But at the end, owning some gold and silver may just be like having an insurance policy. I bet Zimbabwian farmers wish they had changed at least some of their Zim dollars for something else before the million % inflation came.

The main difference of the US$, £, Yen and Euro is that they are all reserve currencies to greater or lesser degrees, so we get a lot of artificial demand that keeps their value above what they would otherwise be. It would only take the Bank of International Settlements to reduce the weighting of the £ to seriously devalue it, or add, say, 1% gold to the weighting to send it flying.

My guess, and it is just a guess, is that that because I assume the Bundesbank knows a shit load more than I what is coming down the road, if they want gold for some reason, then I do too, or at least silver, the poor man's gold.

Keiser said...

From the above post
"I see the big losers being the middle classes. The super-wealthy will as always have their exit well prepared while the 'victim class' must also be appeased less they burn down our cities if their gibsmedats are taken away."

This is a point my cousin and I have made quite a bit. It is nice to see independent validation. The middle class in Ireland indeed anywhere always bear the brunt.

Contractual obligations ensured Irish bankers got and still get obscene bonuses from bailout funds because according to Minister Noonan that's the law and it was an agreement that the previous government had come to with the bankster bosses.

Hmmm being the minister and by extension the government couldn't he just change the law? Laws are simply changed when they are no longer relevant, such is the power of government and this is not a simple assessment, it is the reality. They won't however because Ireland is a cauldron of vested interests of professions such as the political, legal and medical. A place where paedos get off, cough syrup rapists are simply let out because they are one of the boys but if you mislabel crates of garlic for tax "rebate" purposes (can't blame they guy as garlic tax is 200% w.t.f, he got 6 years incidentally) or say you won't deal with disgusting, aggressive and rude African constituents (Mayor of Naas lost his job I believe over this) and it's off to the Gulags with you.

I have a theory to explain this condition. Ireland has been subjugated since... well forever. The church had a stranglehold until very recently and acted with impunity and with out repercussion. The British ruled for give or take 800 years and boy did they. The Irish as a people have been culturally conditioned to accept authority without questioning its validity. It is woven into the collective unconscious of the people over centuries. The Greeks rioted over conditions recently, the Irish never would.

There is hope. As soon as some African lands in their back yard you will see a change. As soon as the people can't afford a pint on Friday night you will see a change. There is a straw. It is not this fiscal policy or that interest rate. It is the immediate and individual issues that concern the average middle class person. It is the one personal insult to many.

Anonymous said...

@Kevin Rafferty 11:04

"Look at how they organise the Beer Festival every year. Millions of drunks swarming about the place yet no disorder, everything clean and tidy, superb."

The facts would appear to disagree with you: http://www.spiegel.de/international/zeitgeist/munich-reports-rise-in-number-of-brawls-at-2012-oktoberfest-a-860089.html

"Yes, let the Germans rule us please."

What a sap, wishing to be ruled by others.
Wait a second, you are being ruled by the Germans. It's called the EU. How's that working out for you, Irishman?

Anonymous said...

The EU is not German, it is part of the invisible hand of the 'Money
Power' like IMF, World Bank and the UN. Anyway let's all vote a resounding NO if the traitor Cameron
honours his promise for a referendum.
He must have a trick up his sleeve,
surely. He doesn't do anything unless
it's sneakey.

Anonymous said...

I am still trying to get my kit for the Mayan Apocalypse unpacked.
We don't need another apocalypse.

Corkonian said...

"They won't however because Ireland is a cauldron of vested interests of professions such as the political, legal and medical."

Keiser, on the button. You can see it play out every day of the week. And these interests are extraordinarily resilient. They'll be the very last to yield.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 14:03

"The EU is not German, it is part of the invisible hand of the 'Money
Power' like IMF, World Bank and the UN. Anyway let's all vote a resounding NO if the traitor Cameron
honours his promise for a referendum.
He must have a trick up his sleeve,
surely. He doesn't do anything unless
it's sneakey."

Nope. It's the Germans calling the shots at the EU.

Oh I forgot. The media is 96% Jewish owned, which means that you can discard everything you hear or read unless is comes from the 4% of enlightened sources.


Anonymous said...

Who are you trying to protect nasty?
Only 96%, who are the honest 4%? The German economy is the strongest in Europe,but Frau Merkel is not a player, she has got some circumcised dick up her arse.

Anonymous said...

I had to look up gibsmedat,my curiousity got the better of me.
You can buy gibsmedat mugs and T-shirts!

Paris Claims

Clogheen said...

I'd be more than happy to have the Germans rule us.

Do you think they'd be any worse that the shower of useless pricks we have at present?

Anonymous said...

6.4 million drinking visitors.

Two weeks.

2031 police call-outs.

8.25 call-outs / 1000 people / year. How many call-outs does a small town get in a year?

That's a small number for a drunk crowd.

Nasty German-hating Jew can't do math.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 15:01

"You can buy gibsmedat mugs and T-shirts!"

But never display your gibsmedat merchandise in a prominent place in the wrong areas or it might become the subject of a gibsmedat request from a passing gentleman of African origin.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 16:57

"6.4 million drinking visitors.

Two weeks.

2031 police call-outs.

8.25 call-outs / 1000 people / year. How many call-outs does a small town get in a year?

That's a small number for a drunk crowd.

Nasty German-hating Jew can't do math."

6.4 million drinking visitors over two weeks and only 6.9 million litres of beer drunk. Hardly a drunk crowd at a fraction over a litre of beer per visitor.

Unless you can get drunk on a litre of beer, much less a litre of beer spread over two weeks.

Now go and oggle some big men in tight leather shorts. With feathers in their caps.

Then get drunk on a thimble full of German beer, you little, lightweight sissy.

Anonymous said...

Eff me! UN is being informative!

Anonymous said...

The Irish, English, Scottish, and Germans share a similar wellspring of blood. The Irish are like Germans, only more quick-witted. The Germans are better at organizing. Of course we are diverse, each nation suited to its own skill - one may be better for life enjoyment, while another may be better for higher GDP per Capita (german diligence).

No we needn't think Irish don't have a strong native intelligence advantage in many areas over the Germans.

Take a look at these figures on intelligence testing of various immigrant groups in America:
from http://hbdchick.wordpress.com/2012/07/30/irish-american-iqs/
"speaking of protestant vs. roman catholic iqs, here are the wordsum scores for german-americans:
protestant german-americans = 6.17
roman-catholic german-americans = 6.50"

Yes, of course Germans should not run populations that do think and act like them. The EU is the project of the thickheaded Central Europeans who lack for wit. Those big-brained Lowland Germans of the Netherlands certainly have their disadvantages as a group compared to the wit of the Irish.

And yes, the Jews are tricky. Such as Uncle Nasty: and that's fine! That's just how they are! That doesn't mean they are all bad, you just have to watch out for the bad elements of every ethnicity. That's all. And don't let too many darkies into your country, they are a bit wild and disorganized. Common sense we spout, while are views get us labeled a lout.

--Concerned American

Anonymous said...

Franz, as a means of prediction I think your method is as good as any.
The only thing that you have forgotten is that there were four members in the Beatles. One died and one was assassinated. That means you should add two. True date August 15 '15. Hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

@Uncle Nasty:

How is supergluing of half-chewed gum into parking meters supposed to help anything, as compared to fx. working for secession of states like Texas, or similar "decent" group behavior?

Anonymous said...

I had to look up Gibsmedat as well. Obvious and funny when you find out.

Corkonian said...

Somebody earlier in this thread (bloody hell, the comments are coming faster that Nigerian asylum seekers) mentioned that the current crop of politicians will be gone before TSHTF. And that's all that worries these fuckers. Kick the can down the road until they can safely depart with their ill-gotten gains. It's all that matters to them and that's why they're doing it.

Corkonian said...

Anon 16.57. I'm glad you addressed that snide anti-German remark by NU. You'd nearly get that many callouts in Cork on a holiday weekend.

Anonymous said...

White House Petition: STOP WHITE GENOCIDE: Halt MASSIVE third world immigration and FORCED assimilation in White countries!


Frank Galton

Keiser said...

@Paris Claims

The following page gives a good glossary of such useful terms as the eternal "gibs" mantra. It's all part of TNB Typical N***** Behaviour as you (all) no doubt know.




"Gibs" in action


Keiser said...

White House Petition: STOP WHITE GENOCIDE: Halt MASSIVE third world immigration and FORCED assimilation in White countries!

Nice one Frank!
Can non-Americans sign it?

Anonymous said...

Conerned American (17.20). SO UNCLE NASTY IS A JEW?????


00:43 said...

@ concerned American 17.20

That was a very good post-sums things up nicely. I don't hate anybody because of the colour of their skin but I've enough sense to see that an ordered, functioning society where it is ok to live is a beautiful but fragile plant. A nice blend of fertilser will see it bloom, to dark a mixture and it will die.

I like your analysis of the dim witted Germans and the sharp witted Irish-very true.

With regard to the financial collapse of Savant's thread, I think it will come but will be a long drawn out affair.

Anonymous said...

Keiser said....(23 January 2013 18:39): “Can non-Americans sign it?”


Yeah, I’ve just signed it.

1. First Create a WhiteHouse.gov Account. Just enter your name (any name you choose) and email address (use mailinator.com to get an instant email address).


2. Sign the petition.

You can use different names and email accounts (using mailinator.com) to keep signing the petition. Use Ultrasurf (https://ultrasurf.us/) if you want to hide your IP Address. If you don’t want to hide your IP Address, just switch off your modem/router, and switch back on to renew your IP Address (DHCP) to continue signing the petition using different names/email addresses.

They currently have 736 signatures (needs to reach 25,000).

Frank Galton

Keiser said...

"David Cameron pledges EU referendum if Conservatives win next election"


Calling all Britons... vote no!

O.k., I don't know the first thing about EU/British politics but the EU is a meddlesome nanny that has imposed a lot of crap on member states. EU Court of Human Rights for one, immigration quotas, well done on that EU...the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Keiser said...

I just signed it Frank no.
738 and 739. They really need a lot more signatures by February 10, 2013 (24,261) seems a lot for such a talked about issue. Surely David Duke alone would have signed it six million times by now.

Anonymous said...

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Uncle Nasty said...

And yes, the Jews are tricky. Such as Uncle Nasty: and that's fine!

--Concerned American
23 January 2013 17:20

Ahhh, 'scuse me, Cobber. (Tap on shoulder) there seems to be some confusion here.

But seriously though ...


The Left's new campaign to destroy a friend of Israel's

January 21, 2013, 6:44

Israel has many passionate supporters on Capitol Hill, particularly on the Republican side of the aisle. These are men and women who are deeply committed to Israel and understand that Israel is the US's only reliable ally in the Middle East and America's most vital ally in the world today in light of the rise of radical Islamic regimes, movements and leaders.

Today as Obama officially enters his second term in office, Israel enters a period unlike any it has experienced before. It will face a hostile US president who does not fear the voters. Moreover, it faces a US president who is so hostile to Israel that his first serious act after his reelection was to appoint Chuck Hagel Defense Secretary, (and John Brennan CIA Director).

As I wrote last week, I believe that Israel will not be the hardest hit by Obama's "transformative" foreign policy over the next four years. As an independent state, Israel has the ability to diversify its network of strategic allies and so mitigate somewhat the hit it will take from the Obama administration. The US, and first and foremost the US military will not be so fortunate.

Once again, the old Polish proverb rears its head ... "The jew cries out as he strikes you."

Are these people boasting, threatening or panicking? I begin to wonder if they are losing their footing in the endless slurry of bullshit they feed the public. Even they don't seem to know just what the fuck is really going on, here.


Anonymous said...

It was refreshing to see Daniel Day Lewis raise €250 k for a hospice in Wicklow.Take note Penn,Geldof,Bono,etc.Charity begins at home.

Anonymous said...

David Cameron pledges EU referendum if Conservatives win next election"

Deja vu.

Anonymous said...

And yes, the Jews are tricky. Such as [Nastiest Jew]: and that's fine! That's just how they are! That doesn't mean they are all bad, you just have to watch out for the bad elements of every ethnicity. That's all.

There's one difference.

Peoples who share borders are traditional enemies.

Turks and Greeks are traditional enemies. French and Germans. Germans and Russians. And so on.

Jews border everybody.

Norman said...

The effect of inflation is to tax wage earners.
The low wage earners get hit. But they have been hit already by immigration; one third of their wages gone in some sectors.Democracy doesn't notice.

The middle classes get hit twice. Housing costs etc., but now education costs too. They pay off educaton debt into their 30s and then look forward to decades of paying down sky high mortgages. (That's if their 'education' got them the career they wanted.) Some cannot afford to have kids.

But as Savant says, worse is better. Why?
Because in a democracy, politicians are drawn from the upper middle classes.
Now activists, journalists, politicians' social circles etc. take the hit...

Hence, liberalism's reputation will decay. And it is not the only reason. Politicians are already held in low regard; diminishing fast.
The turkeys are coming home to roost.
This time there are no distractions (cold war, nazis etc.) to make liberal democracy look okay.
Pull up a chair, and watch the leaderless resistance find a champion.

Anonymous said...

"Israel is the US's only reliable ally in the Middle East and America's most vital ally in the world today."

Simply comical.

Franz said...

Anon. 17:33 --

You got it.

Any means of prediction is as good as any other.

Main one this year in the USA: The Centennial of the Federal Reserve Act.

Watch for the party on Jekyl Island to top the London Olympics!

Anonymous said...

Excellent commentary. You have the knack of expressing exactly what I feel. An American REader

hoosier said...

The Centennial of the Federal Reserve Act

That's one anniversary that will get very little attention, believe me. Best to keep all that stuff nice and quiet.

Anonymous said...

I have to say, after watching this video that... New Labours vengeful immigration tactics may just backfire on them yet.


I don't live there anymore, but this video really cheered me up. Boy does he have a point...did we fight a war so you could import this shit en masse? Such a shame the dumbass British public don't embrace a bit of help when it comes along and offers it's services!

I'd love to see that guy and a few of his mates bump into "Muslim Patrol" on the way home one night!


Uncle Nasty said...

... and here we have a complaint that states (wait for it):-

Why do the worst anti-Semites come from Europe?


Who Lives in the Homes Stolen from European Jews?

Published: Tuesday, January 22, 2013 4:44 PM
Why do the worst anti-Semites come from Europe?

Giulio Meotti

The writer, an Italian journalist with Il Foglio, writes a twice-weekly column for Arutz Sheva. He is the author of the book "A New Shoah", (there's noah business like shoah business ... UN) that researched the personal stories of Israel's terror victims, published by Encounter. His writing has appeared in publications, such as the Wall Street Journal, Frontpage and Commentary. He is at work on a book about the Vatican and Israel.

All the recent surveys and reports are telling it: the world's worst anti-Semites come from Europe. 6 of the 10 entries in the new Simon Wiesenthal anti-Semitism black list are based in Europe. The first two countries where monitor groups found the highest number of anti-Semit attacks in 2012 were France and the UK.

Over the past few years, Jew-haters in Western Europe have used not only "garden variety" anti-Semitism - graffiti, leaflets, statements, articles and daubings - but terror, violence and murder have also been employed, at increasing rates. Toulouse, Ilan Halimi, the bombed synagogues and the arsoned Jewish centers are just some examples.

The images of "alien Jews", all-powerful and conniving at revenge, are evoked daily during Europe's parliamentary debates.

For a short while - day or two in historical terms - Europe understood that Auschwitz is unique, its horror like no other. But a few minutes later, the uniqueness was already forgotten. That's why the denial of the Holocaust has now become a major publishing industry in Europe. And for the first time since the fall of the Third Reich we have government officials, MPs, journalists and writers openly disseminating anti-Semitic materials as official policy.

Could it because, after two world wars, they know the jew?

The emphases above, are mine, BTW.

I particularly like:- "Over the past few years, Jew-haters in Western Europe have used not only "garden variety" anti-Semitism - graffiti, leaflets, statements, articles and daubings - but terror, violence and murder have also been employed, at increasing rates. Toulouse, Ilan Halimi, the bombed synagogues and the arsoned Jewish centers are just some examples."

We should be so lucky.


Uncle Nasty said...

Further to the last, have you noticed an age-old straw man trick of actually listing all the real things human beings detest about the tribe -- and then dismissing it all, implying that somehow this is all a fiction?

Fairly neat way of deflecting criticism, for the hard-of-thinking ... pretty much like the snot-nosed little kid with chocolate and crumbs all around his mouth as he says: "you always blame me for the stolen cookies!!!

Why don't you ever believe me when I tell you it's my invisible friend??!!

Or Fred, up the road ... or, or, or burglars!! That's it!



Ivan Shatov said...

Our current situation will definitely end in disaster. The clamoring fuliginous masses, the huge every increasing deficits which have already exceeded critical mass, consumption levels greater than production levels coupled with demographic implosion of the productive sector and the grinding calculus of universal suffrage will with absolute certainty end in catastrophe.

Only problem is predicting the timing. We could limp along like this for years or there could be a run on treasuries tomorrow. Frankly, I don't have any idea when it will come to an end, but to an end it will most certainly come and sooner rather than later.

Anonymous said...

Keiser: "The British ruled for give or take 800 years and boy did they."

Britain's only been a state for 400 years....

joe public said...

ALCID. I don't know why that clip cheers you up. The local Brits support the Paki against the Polish guy.

Uncle Nasty said...

Guess who is pushing the US gun confiscation legislation?

Quelle Surprise ... the tribe, who else. Or as Hardon puts it ... a slew of jews.


Jewry’s Plan For Universal Background Checks


firearms purchases—whether at gun shows and shops, between individuals and online—is Jewry’s latest plan to strip the Gentiles of their Second Amendment rights.

In other words, gun buyers will soon be peeing into cups all across America.

Launching Jewry’s totalitarian scheme is Jewish Senator Chuck Schumer who announced his Marxist scheme on Meet The Press this past Sunday.

Boasting of his authorship of universal background checks, Schumer predicted that in the “next week or two” lawmakers would show “broad support” for his legislation.

Teaming up with Schumer is yet another Jew who hates our freedoms, billionaire Michael Rubens Bloomberg, Mayor of NYC.
With Bloomberg at his side, Schumer announced that his new legislation, the Fix Gun Checks Act, would mandate that all those purchasing guns, including transactions through private sellers, would be subject to a background check, effectively closing the so-called gun show loophole.

Schumer’s Jewish-inspired legislation would also slap harsh penalties on States that fail to comply with his background check system: a 25% cut in Federal funds.

I seem to recall back in the early seventies, that Arizona refused to fall in in with the federally mandated 55MPH speed limit.

The Fed gov't then said to Arizona that they would withhold federal highway funds to the state.

Arizona's response? "Fuck you, then. We'll withhold federal taxes."

Does anyone remember this?


Anonymous said...

Quelle Surprise ... the tribe, who else. Or as Hardon puts it ... a slew of jews.

Yeah. The usual jews are filling the jew owned media with their screeching to disarm Whites and be damn the US Constitution. Of course these jews have a heavy gun presence at all times. Men, mostly White, heavily armed are paid to lay down their lives if necessary to protect these jews from any harm. Barry Soetero has just signed a law giving him life time secret service protection. No body screeching about that.

Dan said...

British ruling Ireland for 800 years. Generally it's dated to Elizabeth or Cromwell. You could stretch it back to Strongbow. 800 years though? Bwahahaha. pure plastic paddy American delusion.

heuristic said...

Uncle Nasty. A slew of jews is also working diligently on internet control.

Check it out.

Tony VA said...

Nothing will stop these assholes from fucking printing their way to SPX 1500...not even the harshest of realities.

Fuck you Bernanke, Congress and all fucking corrupt regulators. Eat shit.

Keiser said...

"British ruling Ireland for 800 years"

Yeah my bad. An error on my part. I am normally so apoplectic with rage regarding blacks and the whole encouraging turd world immigration and miscegenation when writing I some times don't fact check dates as much as I should. I am actually a fan of the Brits by the way. Glad we have independence but sorry that we don't have more British organisational ability.

The main point of that comment was that the Irish have been conditioned throughout history by one organisation or another to accept authority and being ruled as the natural run of things. We lose the plot like a kid in a sweet shop when we are let loose. Borrow, spend, boom, bust, IMF, EU bailout nanny. Ahhh new people to be in charge, phew say we all.
Think of it like this when Ireland says I.O.U. to Angela Britain say F***.E.U (a least in part).
I just think we need more self determination.

Dan said...

Good point

My conception of Ireland is thus.

Sparsely populated, first rate education, migration to Boston, London, Chicago, Paris, Ruhr...

Then a return home to a quiet retirement with a fat pension.

It was an enviable working model. Shame you caught the housing bubble disease.

Keiser said...

Yeah it did work well unfortunately our emigrant workers may not be returning to the green stomping ground as they knew it. It might look the colour of Darfur or Chad or even London in parts in a few years if trends continue.

Anonymous said...

because the poles and other racially aware Eastern Europeans were bought in by Jew labour to rub "The Right's" nose in it. It's refreshing to see that not all the imports are multicult voting block material. Those idiots who are chanting against him (they are many don't get me wrong) may yet just see that courageous whiteman's face flash past them before the take their terminal breath when some "blat blat gibmedat coon" stabs them on the way home.

Believe me, I still pray that this shit is but a meal away and shouldn't have to explain why it's nice to see a white man standing up for himself in England (even if he isn't English!).


Anonymous said...

Peoples who share borders are traditional enemies.

Look out Canada.

Anonymous said...


Be prepared

kudzo bob said...

The crisis will not, in my opinion, come in the form of collapse; it will be a slow burn, followed by a global conflict manufactured as way to both distract and kill off those who would eventually turn on their overlords.

Anonymous said...

Just before WW2 America came up with 16 billion for armaments. This was during the great depression. The great apocalypse will never come. The can will continue to be kicked down the road. America is the magic city on the hill sanctioned by God to elevate all to equal outcome. God is on America's side. As long as God's chosen are allowed to reside and control the financial structure. History will repeat itself until the day of expellation.