Sunday, 6 January 2013

Par for the course.

Had a coffee over Kwanzaa with a girl I know for many years. She's the ultimate liberal/left/progressive luvvie and is forever doing degrees in subjects like Empowering Woman, Reparation Studies and such like. But she's also a sweet, gentle and lovely person. She has done voluntary work in Africa and suffered horrific personal outrage for her troubles, but she persists.

I tried to point out to her the essential uselessness of Africans and that her attempts were therefore doomed to failure.  Knowing me since she's a child she took it all in a semi-serious 'oh you're awful' type of way. Interestingly when I offered to provide her with links which quickly backed up my assertions she recoiled like I had struck her. 'No thanks!!!'.  Then I asked her would any of her colleagues in the poverty industry be interested in them. 'NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!'

So there you have it. An open-minded academic (an oxymoron, I know) who recoils at the thought of evidence refuting her preconceptions. And is simply horrified at the possibility of my sending it on to her colleagues.

Typical, isn't it?


sharonski said...

No surprise there Savant.

I'm surprised that you seem surprised.

Anonymous said...

Sav if you are not on them ignore this. Statins and BP meds are a religion here. Are you receptive to the idea that you are being poisoned or do you get a warm feeling when you get your new package from the chemist each month.

SAVANT said...

I'm on statins! Options are:

1. Take statins
2. Get a stroke
3. Give up chocolate

No contest.

kulak said...

Knowing me since she's a child

"I come not to bring peace but a sword."

It doesn't matter if her efforts are doomed to failure.

Because even if they are not, that does not make white genocide o.k..

And because even if you convince her they are, she can still go on approving white genocide.

nastiestuncle said...

What horrific personal outrages has she suffered for her troubles?

kulak said...

Shaking Hands with the Devil.

Mary said...

I know how you feel Savant. I just finished a ridiculous week long slog with a Paleo blogger over at "FreetheAnimal". It's quite amusing to read the words of this "brave" guy who, according to himself "never follows the crowd" it all ended in the typical "you are a disgusting racist" aimed at yours truly.
Now in his defense, he blogs under his own name and is married (with no children) to a Mexican, so really, what else could he say? Sad part is though, he is of German stock.
I hope I live to see the "anti-racist" lies that the great German people have been fed to be well and truly smashed.
Here was one of his replies to me:

Richard Nikoley // Dec 30, 2012 at 22:11


I don’t know how many ways I can convey to you that I AM NOT INTERESTED IN ANYTHING DUKE HAS TO SAY.

I am also not familiar with the intricacies of making mud pies. I’m happy to remain in ignorant bliss.

haha, what can we do with folks like this? Nothing really, but one thing is for sure, Life will do it for us, for as much as these "intelligent" creatures like to spew that "race doesn't matter", reality says something far different.

Anonymous said...

You can't cure or bring round people
like that, the only way to treat them, and there are legions of them out there,is to terrorize them more than the demons that are already in their poor, misguided heads. It's
certainly a type of mental affliction, but once they have it, they are lost to humanity as we understand it.The basis of their whole structure is FEAR.

nastiestuncle said...

Here's an interesting article. The EU is about to waste a load of money promoting foreign bands in the UK because the pop world is apparently dominated by Anglo-Saxon and American groups:

Maybe we should spend a fortune trying to eradicate the Kenyan lead in distance running or the Jamaican domination in Reggae.

Eeh by gum, there are some twats about.

Anonymous said...

Sav seems like you've got your own heuristic, and we know you are openminded.

SAVANT said...

What horrific personal outrages has she suffered for her troubles?

I can't be too specific as the incident was on the local Irish papers and it would reveal her identity. Suffice to say that a gang of Africans did to her what they tend to do to white women when they get the chance.

In fairness the local authorities offered to publicly hang them as a gesture of regret, an offer which she needless to say rejected with horror.

SAVANT said...

And because even if you convince her they are, she can still go on approving white genocide

Interestingly she has no intention of having children. Ever. And she's a gorgeous looking woman. Classical Aryan brood stock.

Ah well.........

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the helper got helped and preferred rape to justice. Or rejected both: "ugh, help from the underprivileged? No, thank you!" I don't mean to play 'the real racist' game, but who else have those animals gone on to brutalize, rape and kill? At least her fantasy is unimpaired.

nastiestuncle said...

It pisses me off when people waste their time in Africa helping the locals.
Surely Africans must feel embarrassed by the continual flow of white people to do for them what they will not do for themselves. If there is a natural disaster like an earthquake then by all means send help, but surely these people don't need someone to travel 5000 miles just to dig them a well? Can Africans not dig wells? Build a wall? Install pipes? Fill in a mosquito swamp?

A friend of mine runs a charity which helps an African school. When all the surrounding schools found out, they sent letters of gibsmedat to my friend. Now, if I had sent the letters, I would have offered something in return for the help such as local crops, pottery, jewellery, etc. I would not have just straight up asked for money.

If we must send money to Africa, then let us have land in return. People are dying here because money is being sent to Africa to be wasted.

Anonymous said...

Set me up with her Savant. Is she past 30?

AnalogMan said...

It's tragic, but to be fair, I'm a lot like that myself. I have absolutely no interest in reading their propaganda, either.

Franz said...

Possibly university degrees are succeeding where the Black Plague only just made a dent?

In the US it was the GI Bill for Education after World War II. Before that this country was run by grade school dropouts; everything worked like a charm. Now degrees are a requirement everywhere and the whole joint has rattling hiccups. NOTHING WORKS.

Race too? The gal you mention is educated, can this be it? Mine is a nice American gal of Polish-German stock, totally ignorant of whatever happens beyond the basics and totally against any sort of race-mixing. So much so she was ambivalent about a stray Scot in my family tree.

My theory is Euros are fine till too much of the higher functions kick in. Then they reverse. This is tricky territory but someone has to get on it. "So smart he's stupid" has become epidemic.

Porter said...

Mary I read that entire thread. Well done. Your genial equanimity was an amusing contrast to the blogger's increasing colic, which reached a comedic zenith with his proclamation that he hates you. It was to laugh. A presumably grown man reduced to weeping, wailing, and gnashing of teeth as his ingenue eyes beheld the horror of jews being mildly criticized.

Though if there is still a man beneath all that running mascara, I wonder if he realizes that his hatred of racism is a sentiment unrequited by the objects of his adulation. Jews, of course, practice racism overtly and proudly. With them is where his hate could truly find purchase. Though instead he tills the thin earth of whites--the most depressingly non-racist people.

There's a reason haters of racism intentionally look where they are least likely to find.

Anonymous said...

A change in attitude IS possible Savant,even amongst young women,even if they cannot admit the true reasons.At least not immediately.It takes time sometimes.

I too had several coffees over Christmas with a young woman-my youngest daughter.She taught in Bremen for two years in a school which was 90% third world detritus.

Teaching 10 and 11 year olds was a daily routine of stupidity,insubordination and,not least,constant sexual innuendo from many of the boys.

The parents could not have cared less and,worse,her own authorities urged her not to complain and to make allowance for "cultural" differences.

Two years of this was enough:she had been drinking too much(only half jokingly blaming her Irish half for this)and,though a very pretty girl,she began to look awful.

So enough was enough and she fled back down south and is now perfectly happy teaching in a semi-rural school near Regensburg.Her pupils are now 90% German,or at least White.

She would admit only obliquely the real reasons for her move,citing homesickness,money-anything but the truth.I,mostly,refrained from saying I told you so,but she knew that I knew the truth.

But it was a start.


Shaunantijihad said...

Many people are religious, even without a deity, it's in their nature. PC has been 'promoted' (psychological warfare) as the de-facto godless religion of the West.

She finds in no easier to overcome her brainwashing regarding race than would a Moonie regarding the facts about Sun Myung Moon.

Whilst it may seem an odd thing to say, white folk need a white religion. So these gullible people can at least be gulled by something that benefits and not harms our race.

Interestingly, H. Millard rather conveniently has had precisely such a religion "revealed" to one of his friends/characters in his book, "Ourselves Alone & Homeless Jack's Religion."

Ok, I admit it, that was my Christmas present. But don't write off or underestimate the power of religion on the masses.

Keiser said...

Thanks for including my suggestion in the "Friday, 31 August 2012
What must be done?" post. If any of you do try it, it can be a fine line between sounding like out and out sarcasm and the intended subtle highlighting of self destruction and contradiction; err on the latter.

I should digress. Let's get Darwinian here. The not having children point is what interested me. I see the white woman crusader saint syndrome is in full swing (and it is exacerbated by and ties in nicely with feminism also). I take solace that those who are culturally immune to this nonsense will be actively furthering their own interests and passing on their genes at home.

O.K. the resulting whites will therefore become less biologically predisposed to altruistic behaviour as hopefully this will be preferentially selected for since all the "bleeding hearts" will be too busy raising the young erectus offspring. In today's multikwacktural societies I could not think of a better path for white people to take than enlightened self interest. So let those whom are so inclined take the journey to Africa. It is very much a one way trip. I just hope there are enough of us with the, for want of a better way of putting it, rational gene left.

Speaking of feminism Uncle Nasty mentioned, in a recent post, the movie Prometheus and Elba's lazy all knowing captain. Did anyone note the part where he taunted Theron's character, Vickers the stoney Aryan ice-queen ("you're not a robot are you Vickers" or someting like that), and she invited him to her room as a reward! Feminism at work, reducing isolated white women to easy prey by equating casual sex with personal empowerment. The victim industry sure can pick 'em.

Best of all about those Alien movies was that they had to go to space to find a species that is black in colour, reproduces by rape, is inherently violent and whose whole raison d'etre seems to be murder. I could have saved them the trip. In fact I think the Royal Society should rename our black friends with the genus name of the Scott/Giger alien "Internecivus Raptus" (Murderous Thief).

Keiser said...

One other thing I would like to mention about your friend is her reaction to facts or evidence. The facts are irrelevant. The evidence or more specifically what it demonstrates is not what is important to people involved in this game. Yes you have the altruistic wide eyed but you also have another type I should have mentioned. The competitive type. The "I built more house in Sudan than you. I feed more starving orphans than you, I died for more sins than you" type. When you criticise their chosen arena it is merely an irritation. It's like saying to a competitive runner that the track is in a bad state. He just thinks "it's not about that, it's just about me winning the race". So it is for them. It is a group with a hierarchy that they compete within to get to the top. It doesn't matter that the premise of the activity itself is faulty after all that's just the venue.

katana said...

Hi Mary

I've posted this message over at Free The Animal site.

Mary, I applaud your efforts there under a hostile audience. We all need to do similar and get the message out. It all adds up.


Richard Nikoley Jan 5, 2013 at 10:38

There indeed exist white supremacists. You’re saying it’s not institutionalized and so far as I know, that’s true. As far as restricting other races and colors by other countries (such as Japan), that’s not really supremacy, but separatism and I do recognize the distinction—though I consider separatists to be racists, in general. Still, there is a difference between a racism that wishes to see other races destroyed and a racism that wishes to see them separated.


Richard, I got wind of this discussion on Duke, racism and so on, from Mary over at The Irish Savant ( It's an entertaining and informative site on all things dealing with the destruction of White societies (with an emphasis on Ireland) via third world mass immigration and other methods. For those readers here who may have an interest in those topics the Irish Savant is well worth a visit.

I've read your website on and off for a few years now, especially so when I first got interested in the 'Paelo' diet.

Anyway, my point. As I developed an interest in Paleo with its rejection of the 'conventional' MSM diet I also did the same in regard to race. I've come to the conclusion that just like in matters of diet, we have also been seriously mislead, lied to and led astray in regards matter of racial consciousness. Whites have been led down a garden path by the MSM with promises that racial diversity will lead to harmony and the promised land of a better world.

As part of that strategy of deceit certain words have been twisted or invented with Orwellian intent to make considering your own race first as something obscene, or even evil, especially if you are White.

For example if I accused you, Richard, of being a 'racist', you would vigorously deny it and defend your honor as a card carrying 'non-racist' or 'anti-racist'. Am I right?

Of course you would, as you have been indoctrinated since birth via the media and education systems to think like that.

Like I've got over the aversion to liking meat and fat, I've also got over being a 'racist'. I'm now a card carrying, proud 'racist'.

To be a racist is to be normal, because all it means is to put your race, your extended family, first. That's all. It does not mean that you hate other races. That's the Orwellian propaganda kicking in, telling you lies.

For all those Paleo people here you need to make another revolution in your beliefs and see that 'racism' as sold to you by the MSM is another Big Lie.

Being white, black, brown or yellow is something to be proud of in their own way and each should defend its interests. But only Whites have been brainwashed to to sacrifice themselves for the benefit of others. A sad and suicidal state of affairs for our extended family.

NastiestUncle said...

@Shaunantijihad 09:10

"Many people are religious, even without a deity, it's in their nature."

Yes. I call it religious-style thinking. It's common amongst the left.

I did a test here the other week as well. The Protocols Test.
I pointed out that the Protocols were a forgery, and several people here said it didn't matter because they still believed them. Now THAT'S religious-style thinking.

The Anne Frank Ballpoint Pen test is another - known to be false but people still believe it to be true because to admit otherwise would be to admit that possibly, just possibly, other aspects of their belief might just be based on lies too. Then it all comes crashing down as they lie face down on the bed beating their fists on the duvet - "it IS true - Anne Frank DID write her diary in ballpoint - I don't CARE what you say - it HAS to be true". I laugh at these people, because they are funny.
As I've said before, when I used to troll the Muslim forums many a moon ago, one guy said that the mujahidin had seen winged horses with jihadis on their backs sweep down and kill the enemy soldiers and the forum members believed every word, except for one guy who was called a Jew and kafir for not believing the obvious, undisputed truth of flying jihadis.

Same with all the 911 stuff - they'll jump on any scrap of information (made-up, fabricated, irrelevant, cherry-picked - it doesn't matter) which might even hint at Jewish complicity. "It HAS TO BE true. Mummy, tell the nasty man to stop casting doubt in my mind".

potgieter said...

surely these people don't need someone to travel 5000 miles just to dig them a well? Can Africans not dig wells? Build a wall? Install pipes? Fill in a mosquito swamp?

Oh but they do need someone to do it nastiest, they do. If you leave the bantu to his own devices the wells will remain undug, the walls unbuilt and the swamps a breeding ground for malaria.

Which is as it should be, I might add.

Heraclitus said...

Keiser 9.33.

Yes, it's called competitive altruism. My own belief is that it's driven almost entirely by a sense of narcissism rather than a concern for the 'victims' they purport to help.

Keiser said...

"Competitive altruism", exactly. I'm reminded of Peter Pan and the line "All this has happened before and all this will happen again". I feel I might be treading a well walked (commented on) path.

"To be a racist is to be normal, because all it means is to put your race, your extended family, first. That's all. It does not mean that you hate other races. That's the Orwellian propaganda kicking in, telling you lies."

I am reminded of the Race Genie spoof on "the Daily Show". The Race Genie muses (paraphrasing) "Is racism a pernicious fear of the other or just a normative and normal desire to be amongst ones own", to which Stewart replied "that's very erudite of you"
Race Genie's retort "I know I went to an all white school".

I do agree let's re-spin those now pejorative words to a more positive meaning.

Celtic Warrior said...

There are none so blind as those who do not wish to see,
there are none so deaf as those who do not wish to hear,
and there are none so stupid as those who wish to neither see nor hear.

Celtic Warrior said...

nastiestuncle said...

"Surely Africans must feel embarrassed"

To feel embarrassed one must have pride and for one to have pride one must have something to be proud of. Africans have little to be proud of.

"the continual flow of white people to do for them what they will not do for themselves."

It's not that they will not, its that they cannot

"surely these people don't need someone to travel 5000 miles just to dig them a well? Can Africans not dig wells? Build a wall? Install pipes? Fill in a mosquito swamp?"

They can do all these things only if they are closely supervised.

"A friend of mine runs a charity which helps an African school. When all the surrounding schools found out, they sent letters of gibsmedat to my friend."

This attitude of entitlement has existed since early colonial times when both Arabs and Europeans first gave them something for nothing.

Anonymous said...

Ostrich and sand spring to mind.

Anonymous said...

Franz @ 7 January 2013 08:13

What you are describing is the modern phenomenon of people educated way beyond their level of intelligence.

kulak said...


Holy shit, what the hell happened to Anjelica Houston.

She looks ready for the Supreme Court!

Calculus said...

She is not the first white woman involved in charity work in African countries who have experienced a rape by african coworkers and who then tried to minimize the issue. The belief being, we learn that since elementary school, that any 'Violence against (white or not) women by black males is the result of poverty, lack of education and centuries of abuse by white men'.
Call that the prior.
It's a logical inference that any additional violence against white women by black men DOES NOT invalidate the above Statement. If the prior is considered TRUE (as for any prior), it actually reinforces it. Therefore, for any unlucky white woman that has been victim of a rape by her coworkers in Africa and, somehow ironically back home again by african men, (Yes we can!), it would only reinforce her beliefs.

Clovis said...

Celtic Warrior. I'd say some do feel embarrassment...the top 1% say.

But this is expressed more as a form of bitter resentment towards whites than in any attempt to become self-sufficient.

Anonymous said...

I'm keen to help the E.U. raise the profile of minority bands. Therefore I post a few links to minority bands songs that you may enjoy the lyrics to.

Listen and enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Speaking the truth to liberals is akin to shoving a cross in Dracula's face.
Paris Claims

Anonymous said...

Lemmyhead, did you notice the number of countries that supported the bands?

Cause for cheer!

00:43 said...

Are you familiar with Bishop Williamson of the SSPX Savant? Well he's recently been booted out of that organisation. Here's an interview with him, it's in eight ten minute clips. If you have the time watch it. He speaks well of the times and mores.

Anonymous said...

Share with your friend this story about 200 brawling, stampeding "teens" closing down a Louisiana shopping mall yesterday. ("Teens" and "youths" are the American MSM politically correct monikers for young feral Negro savages.)

Mary said...

Glad you took a trip over to, Katana, Analog man and Porter, was good fun!

My comments are now being deleted by the "brave" "I don't follow the crowd" Richard Nikoley, and without any public admission that he is doing so, ( bit sneaky that). Guess he didn't really mean it when he begged me to "please write more" as he was "giving me all the rope I needed " ;)

You were both respectful and kind Katana, hopefully he will reflect privately upon what you said and will slowly begin to turn his heart towards the sunshine of truth in time...

@ Porter--this made me laugh so much, you really are so incredibly talented and funny :

Porter // Jan 7, 2013 at 14:51

Mr. Nikoley,

I’d like to commend your plucky stand against racists and nazis… and racist nazis. Sometimes only the courage of convention will sufficiently brace a man against the powerful and malign forces arrayed against him. It must surely be daunting to know that a hostile white media waits to pounce on any perceived conflict with their narrative. Criticize racism or whites in this country and your career is effectively over. That’s why I find your anti-racism and philo-semitism so admirable…it’s truth to power. When all around you are openly racist out of fear of ostracism or criminal sanction, it takes an uncommon man to boldly say “Not I!”

Well done guys, hopefully some good people reading all that will at least pay some of the links a visit and perhaps even join us someday.

Happy New Year :)

nastiestuncle said...

@Celtic Warrior 14:03

That's why when I read a story about some enterprising young African blacks trying to build a plane or a spaceship out of rubbish or something, although the effort is always laughable and doomed to failure, it at least shows that some of them genuinely want to raise themselves out of the shitpile.

I wonder what the percentage of the enterprising variety of blacks is out of the entire population, and if there is an IQ threshold above which an African ceases to be lazy and useless.

I would suggest that a re-colonialisation would be in order in which whites employ the blacks in the fields or to build decent housing or in the mines, the environment can be protected so that the amazing wildlife can go about its life and migrations (we get lots of juicy nature documentaries into the bargain) and an end can be put to the misery and genocide. Africa needs to be managed for the good of the entire world.
Oh and also, I would say that a repatriation of most blacks from white lands takes place and the Caribbean is made white again.

Wolfhound said...

I have to admit I admire the compassion and desire to work hard to better others lives these type of people have, but on the other hand their choice to explicitly target their efforts at the most hostile and undeserving of wretches makes me think they're just some self destructive, masochistic deviants at heart.

While they're off in Africa probably living on their parents dime, people who are genetically much closer to them need help too.

How about helping out the poor Greeks where old people are having to sift through skips for food or something to sell in order to eat.

Oh, and I guarantee you she won't be raped in return.

Wolfhound said...

Kulak said: "Holy shit, what the hell happened to Anjelica Houston.

She looks ready for the Supreme Court!"

Yikes! I hear doctors have diagnosed her with an incurable case of Jewnose.

Wolfhound said...

One last thing:

There have to be a small number of intelligent blacks who want to better their lot, but the depressing fact is they know they will need to live amongst white people to do that.

There will always be an underlying hostility borne out of jealousy towards white people on the part of blacks & jews (arabs etc have a different type of hostility, usually religious) because no matter what they do, they CANT BE US.

They will never have the characteristics displayed by the cream of European whites. They might have one or two..but they will never be the complete package.

They would rather destroy us than allow us to flourish as nature has intended.

Uncle Nasty said...

kulak said...


Holy shit, what the hell happened to Anjelica Houston.

She looks ready for the Supreme Court!

Holy Mother of God ... It's Jabba the slut.

Never what one could call an oil painting, at least the woman had some interesting cheekbones ... once.

Now her face is sliding off her head. Not a pretty sight.

Whatever happened to growing old gracefully? Or what I plan to do -- Grow old disgracefully?


Porter said...

Well Mary, I fear my ruminations will never again see sunlight in that Feeling the Animal blog. It seems the proprietor really really doesn't like being called solipsistic. But who does? Alas, I was banned. Frankly I'm so upset that my chuckles may fade by bedtime. Carry the torch in my stead.

AnalogMan said...

Mary, You did yeoman work at that site. Thank you.

The thing that depressed me was that those people are what insurance people would call a natural group - in other words, unlike us here, they are a group formed for purposes unrelated to discussion of race. So they can be presumed to be more representative of the general population than, say, the crowd at Democratic Underground. But for the most part they are so clueless (and classless) they might as well be the DU.

Anybody else who hasn't read those threads, go on over and let our ladies, Mary and Elenor, show you how it's done. You made me proud, ladies.

Uncle Nasty said...

At first, I thought this post was slightly off-topic, but no ...

Read about one of the dodgiest jewesses since Barbera Lerner Specter and Madeline Allbright

Dianne Feinstein: Thy Name Is Corruption

This is a sequel to How Gun Grabber Feinstein Stole $100s Of Billions In Gold.

Even the Leftist singer Jello Biafra formerly of the Dead Kennedys has stated that Feinstein is
“easily one of the most evil people [he's] ever met.” He has also described her as, “the Dragon Lady with no fucking heart.”
She served on the State Women’s Parole Board but gave clemency to only 1% of the time. As a member of the Advisory Committee for Adult Detention in San Francisco she did nothing to improve the city’s fetid jails.

Jewess Dianne Feinstein was first elected to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors in 1969. She won one of her elections by campaigning late into the night before election day at sado-masochistic bars. She got the whip vote and was smart enough to wait so late that the news media could not get the story out to the voters. This was at a time when the SF Coroner’s office admitted that 10% of all unnatural deaths were the result of sadists cutting off the circulation of their sexual partners. The coroner ran classes to educate the sadists as to the correct methods of tying up people.

Establishments were set up with doctors and nurses on call so masochists could receive immediate medical attention. Unfortunately for America she defeated Quentin Kopp for President of the Board of Supervisors in 1978. On November 27, 1978 Mayor Moscone and Supervisor Harvey Milk were assassinated by ex-Supervisor Dan White and she became Mayor of San Francisco. Mr White used the Twinkie defense and was convicted of manslaughter as opposed to murder. He served less than two years of a 5 to 7 year sentence.

As Mayor she angered Gays by refusing to march in a Gay Pride parade because of her statewide ambitions. She also opposed Domestic Partners legislation that would have given Gays financial benefits equal to married couples.

She dismantled the neighborhood orientation of the Moscone administration. She added 30 million square feet of downtown office space. She leveled the International Hotel, a home for elderly Filipino immigrants. The hotel was demolished at the behest of corporate developers backed by Feinstein. Like her promises to the community at the time, it still sits vacant. Mayor Dianne Feinstein signed long-term contracts (through 2015) to sell city owned electricity to powerful representative Tony Coelho’s district’s water utilities at just over cost

On August 24, 1985 Mayor Dianne Feinstein disclosed ballistics information on a gun used by the Night Stalker Richard Ramirez who was a serial killer and rapist. He was linked to at least 13 deaths. Los Angeles detectives working on the case denounced her publicity stunt.

Dianne Feinstein was a member of the Trilateral Commission during the 1980s which was founded by by [Zionst] David Rockefeller and [Jew] Sir Evelyn de Rothschild. She and her third husband Richard C Blum were also members of the Council on Foreign Relations.

In 1992, she was fined $190,000 for failure to properly report campaign contributions and expenditures associated with her 1990 losing gubernatorial campaign.

It goes on ... and on. Creatures like this are in control of America.


Anonymous said...

Feinstein's stinginess is also legendary. Despite marrying three husbands, each one wealthier than his predecessor, she cleaned them out of every last dime.

A despicable unprincipled witch.

white rose said...

Porter, you write so well it's nothing short of a disgrace that any forum would deny you space.

Rest assured, the loss is theirs.

Porter said...

Thanks Rose, that's very nice of you to say. What strikes me about the white anti-racists at that site and others is their maladaptive hypocrisy. It results in this logical progression.

1) Would you be in favor of blacks disappearing from Earth? Of course not, you racist.

2) Would you be in favor of jews disappearing from Earth? Of course not, you nazi.

3) Would you be in favor of whites disappearing from Earth? There is no such thing as race. It is a social construct signifying nothing. So your question is invalid and irrelevant.

They are able to say this only through careful incarceration of what must be dizzying cognitive dissonance. Ultimately it is all mere hypocrisy, though with non-whites it adaptively serves the interests of non-whites...and tragically so does the white variety.

Anonymous said...

I hope I remember this right. I think that on his death bed John Huston made Jack Nicholson promise that he would marry Angelica. Jack made the promise then reneged. Guess he dodged a bullet.

Anonymous said...

Never give up chocolate. Even if you have to die for it.

Uncle Nasty said...

A bit off-topic, maybe ... but interesting nonetheless ...

Sandy Hook Reeks of Satanic NWO Jew Psyops

Posted on January 2, 2013 by INCOG MAN

I’ve been reading from some of the links people have been putting on my site. Frankly, at first, I pretty much thought it was just a kid with developmental problems, who’s mind was twisted by SSRI drugs, the insanely violent Jew media and video games. Thinking back, it seems pretty obvious the media worked fast to get that idea out there immediately, which in itself is a big red flag.

So, yeah, I’m not too sure anymore. Let’s take each item that strikes me as suspicious:

Lauren Rousseau, one of the teachers killed, had her car shot up in the parking lot (photo below). Well, maybe not exactly “shot up” but photos definitely show two distinct bullet holes. And her car was supposedly in the middle of the parking lot, with other cars all around. What are the chances of two stray rounds leaving the school and just happening to hit her car? Some, I suppose.

The car Adam Lanza drove to the crime scene was not registered to his mother or him. It was registered to a low rent, copper thieving (stealing copper gutters) druggie scumbag and member of a drug dealing family in Norwalk, Connecticut named Christopher H. Rodia. This is really odd. So how come the media has said absolutely nothing about this peculiar situation?

Stranger and stranger, considering the indecent haste all the lefties display in proposing draconian gun laws.

Strange, isn't it? Legislation can take soooo long to create. But take one high profile shooting and the legislation appears like magic -- but, immediately.


Heraclitus said...

Porter, that is true.

I often thiink that non-whites, at least the more reflective ones, must be laughing up their sleeves at the useful idiots working in their interests.

One can be assured that were the positions reversed, well, you know what I mean.

Anonymous said...

"The sons of whores and sluts usually end up screwed up in the head, and this one is no different than the rest."

On Quentin Tarantino whose mother was a consensual conquest of Obama's fathers type because they paid their hard earned money.

Funny how Quentin Tarantino goes off on one when someone suggests that violent movies might cause violence because he makes art like other artists but it is unquestionable that video games inspire violence such as in Harris and Klebold and the Virigini Tech student who was obsessed with the Korean film Oldboy do.

Anonymous said...

'Coming out' speech

Jodie moves audience to tears

Was she that boring or was it just that they needed the magnificent Morgan Freeman to play the part of a white Lesbian?

Anonymous said...

Video of a chimp out

Par for the course.

Anonymous said...

Some Dutch guy wrote unrefereed papers that showed that which academics wanted to see. When thought to be faking the data he went and faked the data because there was no data there in the first place.
He joins a long list of Stephen Jay Gould, Maragret Mead, Dr Kinsey, Bill Gates (Dark skinned not Seattle one), Feminist Chick, in faking results and not suffering for it.