Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Career path for White male journalists

In this post I suggested that University education, especially in the non-technical faculties, is headed for a rude awakening. The sooner the Cultural Marxist brainwashing comes to grief the better.  'Journalism' and media graduates must surely rank as among the most brainwashed of all.  How must they now see the lie of the land?

I ask because their precious agenda to destroy the West requires that minorities of all sorts, race, gender, religion, disability - you name it - must be given employment priority over White males.  Unlike with 'hard' subjects, where, if you employ on that basis, bridges will fall down and aeroplanes plummet from the sky.  Net result, White males are drastically under-represented among journalists, TV reporters and news readers. 

Surely it must dawn on even the most dim-witted White male that he's getting the short end of the stick? Surely the gross unfairness of it all must strike him, as everywhere he looks he sees blacks and women whose output, spoken or written, is frequently of a very poor quality (check out regional representatives for the main American TV networks, or any MSM printed outlet.)  What does he feel when he applies for such jobs and gets rejected because of his race and/or his gender?

If and when such realisation dawns I wonder will it lead to a reappraisment of their views and the blatant propaganda they've been trained, like performing seals, to regurgitate? I don't know. But maybe there is cause for hope.

And remember the mantra 'worse is better'.


Anonymous said...

Hello Savant

For some insight you could do worse than peruse the following


I particularly recommend the first one which has less to do with activism and more with unvarnished tales of first hand experience of the appalling hypocrisy that is inspired by the PC idiocracy.

In essence a lot of guys across the western world are disengaging. To the point where it is becoming of national concern eg:


The usual means deployed to end this behaviour is the use of widely recognised "shaming tactics" via the MSM.
"Man up" articles etc.
Which generally results in the further discrediting of the MSM in the targets view and a consequent resorting to use of the net to find independent comment and news sources.
It is in such a manner that I came across your blog.

Quite a lot of the guys I know don't bother with the tv anymore and recognise the direction western society is taking as being designed to shaft us.

We are ghosts.

SAVANT said...

These are great links, anon.

Thanks, and strongly recommended.

I'm also delighted to learn from you that "quite a lot of the guys I know don't bother with the tv anymore and recognise the direction western society is taking as being designed to shaft us."

May this trend continue.

fitz fitzgerald said...


fitz fitzgerald said...

Yes, indeed : take also the instance of the now leftist New Yorker's London correspondent ... promoted beyond her abilities by criteria embracing quotas, positive discrimination ... result : a vastly sub standard series of reports from a city alive with event and spectacle over the past two years. When she chooses to pen a piece it is banal and far from the urbanity of classic New Yorker material .

rebel said...

Correct! Even Russia Today (RT) has two black female newsreaders!!

As you say, on-site TV reporters either minorities and/or female.

Wakey wakey boyz!

Anonymous said...

A little off topic - what a racist picture! Somebody should really have a word about the benefits of diversity for Facebook Inc. Count 'em up and you'll notice a few glaring racial omissions, not too great for gender equality either!


Shaunantijihad said...

Sometimes worse is just worse. Ask the Rhodesians. In about 15 years Belgium will be a majority Muslim State, the capital of Europe, and in about 20 years Britain and France will follow. The European Arrest Warrant will be used to send anyone insulting the prophet for torture and execution to one of the Muslim countries that have joined the EU.

Sharia Law will gradually supersede political correctness, and the liberal white males will convert to Islam to try and get jobs, but will be sidelined anyway due to their skin colour.

Eventually, in about 40 years, the few remaining white men will live in slums like Copts in Cairo, with no social security and working for slave wages on a day by day basis for Muslims in work fit only for kaffirs, cleaning sewage, unblocking toilets etc. Blacks will be enslaved in all but name, and Jews will go to Israel. Random violence, kidnapping and torture against whites will not even be investigated or reported by the Muslim police and media. Raping the remaining uncovered white women will be the norm, even a Muslim duty.

White women will marry Muslim men with money and eat the fruits of feminist treason, and whites will cease to exist within a century.

That is the career path for every white nation that does not embrace racism as a national duty, and literally drive from our borders or execute the promoters of multi-culturalism.

Keiser said...

"We are ghosts" I love it

I don't bother with tv anymore. Internet all the way, firefox with the simple adblock add-on (highly recommended), stream my media, file share, fully encrypt all my PCs with truecrypt, use GNUPGP when if necessary.

This goes against vested interests and those interests imply a criminal aspect in the above simply because it challenges their hegemony and control but wasn't it Nietzsche who said that to be a creator, to create new values one must first be a destroyer of old ones. Especially old values that have been detrimental(I need not get started with the abuses of Hollywood and the big studios)

Change is not necessarily bad but if you want to make enemies try to change something.

Anonymous said...

Re Fritz's comment at 22.55

I watched the BBC news last night ( yes I know we are ghosts Anon 21.57 but sometimes I channel hop and get suckered into watching the BEEB ) It is morbid curiosity I guess, like rubber-necking to look at a car accident on the motorway - you know you shouldn't but you just do.
In my defence though - these days I watch the MSN to see THROUGH their stories. Always with the thought of " who stands to gain by them telling me this story"
Anyway - back to last night. The news reporter ( funny enough - female and white ) slipped the story about the girls being groomed by a gang of men right at the end of the program.
And yes you guessed it - no mention of the race of the gang!!

SAVANT said...

@anon 1.10. Where be da peeeple of colour?

And hey, I bet the ladies, the good looking ones anyway, are there just to make the coffee.

SAVANT said...

@Shaun. Well, you strike at my point here. You see I don't believe that Belgium or any other European country will become majority muslim.

Why? Because worse is better. Once their numbers grow to say 20% major communcal trouble will flare up. Throughout the country, not just in ghettoes as at present.
With that ratio of muslims the country will be substantially poorer as well.

In such circumstances the native population will fight back.

SAVANT said...

Keiser....great advice on the management of your information resources. I've been promising myself to move to Firefox for a long time now but the intertia factor......

Shaunantijihad said...


"In such circumstances the native population will fight back."

And like Serbia, Nato and US forces will bomb us. No, seriously. The best way to weaken US forces is for nations to buy oil in their own currency rather than Fed counterfeit dollars, so it can fall to it's genuine value, probably around $70,000 per gold ounce. Consequently, I predict that the CIA are already funnelling massive amounts of money into the EU to keep everyone fed and quiet until the Muslim demographic conquest is complete. Then they can let the horror begin, and the white race will be exterminated and absorbed into the Umma.

And don't forget the careful disarming of Europeans that has already taken place. After the war my mum remembers that nearly every house had a gun or rifle. And crime was almost non-existent. Locking doors was unheard of. Now only criminals have guns.

Ain't no easy way out of this, that is for sure.

Keiser said...

I agree with the tipping point analysis when it comes to "social problems" (read: third world immigrants).

Like a sleeping animal a people will put up with a few prods but as soon as those prods start to disturb the slumber the animal rouses angrily. Worse is indeed better and sooner rather than later... I want to be around to enjoy the fireworks.

Yes I would very much recommend firefox for those who don't use it. I know a new browser takes time to get use to but it is worth it as firefox is extensible via java and has many user created add-ons, examples include youtube downloaders (youtube enhancer and flash video downloader, anti-tracking add-ons (Ghostery) and the piece de resistance simple adblock 1.0.8.

I can't tell you what a joy it is to look at the internet without ads. All pop-ups, streaming media sites (such as put locker) ads and even youtube ads are blocked.

Warning the following is a load of techno-babble for anyone who fancies using truecrypt to secure their hdds. Not for the techno faint of heart. Feel free to skip this if your not in to it.

If you have one hdd it is simple just use "encrypt system disk" option however for multiple hdd use the following.
If you have large raid storage (multiple hdds) another tip is use truecrypt to encrypt the system drive, the windows drive in other words, (system drive encrypt option provided by TC) then encrypt your separate raid volume by using "create encrypted volume" option. Remove the assigned drive letter from the physical raid host volume (not the newly created encrypted volume) in windows disk management (right click my computer then click manage). Then add the encrypted volume to the "system favourites" in truecrypt so it auto-mounts when windows starts. There are plenty of FAQs if you get stuck.

Phew, Savant I solemnly promise I will never go on a techno-rant here again :-).

Anonymous said...

Just a word on ghosting.

Describing the phenomenon

Describing some of the reasoning on a personal level

Understanding hypergamy and it's manifestations is described as "taking the red pill".

Men in the western world haven't even the right to access their own children. If the mother wants to prevent it all she has to do is make an accusation of "domestic violence" and he's gone.
Talk about emasculated.
Why pay taxes and thereby support a system designed to fuck you. Ghosts don't. Their main objective is to minimise their paper/electronic trail.
Our society is dying as a direct result of cultural marxism.
If there isn't the shift in zeitgeist that the Savant expects the civilising light of the world will be snuffed out.
I certainly wish to contribute to that shift taking place.
Once you know about this you can't unknow it. It can take a lengthy period of time to swallow the red pill but you will experience the cognitive dissonance brought about by blue pill living everyday.
Apparently this contributed to the fall of Rome.

Forewarned is forearmed. At least we have the net now. Spread the word.

Anonymous said...

Yep Savant - Worse is better!

There is far too much flotsam and jetsam of all colours, deviances and persuasions who are far too comfortable on benefits. These parasites currently sucking the lifeblood out of Europe along with the tax dodgers who use them will in time and hopefully soon, run out of food and luxuries.

Like rats they will will scrapping and killing for food. The blase' rich who believe they'll be immune or fortified in their ivory towers are in for a rude awakening - at least their offspring will be if not them.

Look to the former colonies for lessons. French people - wealthy French people born in Algeria never believed their own goverment would turn on them leaving them to perish at the hands of Arab savagery. Many fled with NOTHING! The Belgians did it n the Congo.

Same with the British colonies from Kenya down the line to Botswana. Rhodesia of course goes without saying. The British establishemnt handed those newly countries on a plate to the kaffirs and the commie Yid element behind them.

Now the multitudes of those kaffirs and Arab offspring are HERE in Europe, BREEDING and our average white brethren in all of Europe appears to be totally oblivious, think ing more about footie, beer and porn...

The Chinese are here too to galvanise the process with the help of the hidden hand of Zionist Khazars.

It's happening as I'm typing this now

We are ghosts for now but wait till the debt crisis freefalls and its just about to.

When food can no longer be placed on the table.... can't wait!

Anonymous said...

cleaning sewage,

In London isn't this job 100% white male because it is not glamorous enough to attract the attention of Affirmnative Actioners?

Anonymous said...

Piers Mogorgon seems to be doing well for himself.

Brummie said...

Shaunantijihad I do not believe that the Serbia example would be replicated with the rest of the west. I simply cannot imagine NATO bombing native Belgians, Austrians or whatever. I basically go along with Savant here and I hope we both are right. That is, as the economy continues to deteriorate and as immigrant numbers continue to rise and as inter-ethnic violence becomes wirdespread there will be organised resistance from whites. If that happens the immigrants will be no match for us.

euroserf said...

anon 12.24. I know two guys who fit the 'ghost' qualifications you refer to. Never heard it classified like you have but it's a trend, no doubt about it.

Anonymous said...

Savant of 10:36, it ain't gonna
happen like that, it won't be Whites against Blacks, like a game of chess.Have you not noticed the slightly major problem of a plague of White traitors? OUR people will be fighting the Camorons, the Establishment and their running dogs the Police, who are 95% white.If we Whites were all
singing from the same hymnsheet, there would not be a problem. The
army of leftards are those that chose to desert their own people and fight for the other side.

Keiser said...

Oh God I just realised, after all my talk about encrypting hard disks, people probably think I'm some kind of Tim Allen type with a drive full of unthinkable stuff, no definitely not (I can't even look at a Ke$ha video without feeling disgusted and ill) I just value my privacy which is an increasingly scarce commodity in the world today. As the social media people say "privacy is no longer a social paradigm" and I say to them... yeah right good luck with that!

Speaking of feminism (prevalent in the soft industries such as journalism, media, etc) The whole thing is nonsense too. These feminists are opening the doors to the muslims because surprise, surprise they actually deep down want that. They want to be led even to the point where they will accept mistreatment a la the religion of peace.

Feminism is the complaint of a woman that doesn't have a man to tell her what to do.

Anonymous said...

So 60%+ of our africans are unemployed and racism is to blame.

Be careful! you cannot say that or the people who did not give a damn over two people dying of hypothermia will be onto you.

I done detroit discounted dat in 'ona of "Dr" Michael King junior who has a federal holiday coming up.

Shaunantijihad said...

Brummie, I hope you are right. But I am preparing that you are wrong. Buy swords and crossbows. They are still off grid as far as the traitors are concerned.

We are in deep trouble.

Anonymous said...

off topic savantie,ramblings seen on wash room walls in various south side irish bars in chicago,guy wrote my mom made me a homosexual, guy wrote under neath, if i send her the material will she make me one to,also have you ever considered that the irish are in reality english puerto ricans??? or never trust a irishman who joins a country club,he forgets where he came from and invaribly fucks his own people,another one we saw was the barmaids in this joint are busier then a set of jumper cables at a puerto rican wedding.also whenever my irish girl friend takes a bath she leaves a ring around the toilet.will keep you informed if we see any further nuggets of wisdom from the windy city,John old rtd chicago copper,,,

Anonymous said...

what ever became of the south african jew boy JOE SOLVO that the niggers were following before the break up, hope he went into the nigger stew pot..

Anonymous said...

Women (most) hold onto their brainwashing far longer. The mavericks of the current generation of men will face resistance from their own women, but will win the younger women.

Men tend to break out of cultural programming in their mid-twenties, whereas women hold onto their programming despite evidence to the contrary for far longer.

It is the job of men to break the programming of the women, to take their reality virginity. I have been taking the reality virginity of so many young women its so fun.

-Concerned American

Anonymous said...

Joe the Jew Slovo died about 8 years ago. No loss. It looks like the Gates
of Vienna site has been taken down, I wonder why, seemed like a modest and peaceful sort of site.

Anonymous said...

I'm very surprised that Gates of Vienna is taken down. This always took great care to suck up to YKW.

Anonymous said...

GATES OF VIENNA IS DOWN! We must start questioning why. I don't give a flying fuck what you think about the site or who financed it. We must do something, what I don't know, but do something we must. Any ideas welcome. REMEMBER
First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out
Because I was not a Socialist.
Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.
Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out
Because I was not a Jew.
Then they came for me and there was no one left to speak for me.

Please help. I'm incandescent with rage. We must help them. This is an attack on US. Sorry can't go on I'm that angry.


Jeremy said...

@Lemmyhead, don't be premature. GoV is almost 100% an anti-Islamist site and very pro-Israeli and pro-Jewish. I don't think the muzzies have either the ability or the application to take it down. Personally I admire the site because anyone who opposes the Islamisation of Europe is my friend and I dearly want to see them back up soon. I just feel it might be too soon to assume dastardly work is at hand.

Anonymous said...

OK Jeremy. Let's give it 24 hrs. I suspect the worst. Let them get away with this (if true) then who's next? Savant? British Resistance? Sarah?
I strongly suspect it is true because GoV admin is trying to find out. Google 'Gates of Vienna removed'


Anonymous said...


GoV making appeals


Anonymous said...

If you thought the Muslim rape gangs in Britain, targeting hundreds, if not thousands, of young white girls, were confined to grim northern working-class towns then think again.

This bunch of vermin are from the university town of Oxford and the upmarket county of Berkshire:


Still no proper outcry from the semi-comatose, brainwashed white population but it will come.

Anonymous said...

Savant; A new group was set up this week in Israel to attack websites they appraise are ''anti semitic/anti Israel''.
So far about 40 computer experts in Israel have volunteered their services to this organisation to sabotage and take down sites they deem hostile.
I hope you are aware of this organisation of Israeli/Jewish cyber terrorists.

SAVANT said...

@Anon 14.34. I know a lot of Israeli computer experts and they're shit hot. In fact I always found that, at least in IT, the Israelis and the white South Africans were the most capable, brains plus application.

Maybe we're going to be targetted as I have drawn attention to That Which Cannot Be Mentioned. But GoV avoided this topic like the plague and in fact the Baron deleted one of my comments on this subject.

whitevanman said...

What surprises me is that the BBC showed their pictures and gave their names. IS change in the air?

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 14:34

"Savant; A new group was set up this week in Israel to attack websites they appraise are ''anti semitic/anti Israel''.
So far about 40 computer experts in Israel have volunteered their services to this organisation to sabotage and take down sites they deem hostile.
I hope you are aware of this organisation of Israeli/Jewish cyber terrorists."

It depends what they are going to attack.
If it's the usual Jew-hating crap which uses lies to spread undue hatred then good on them.
If it's actual, real, factual research then that wouldn't be right to attack it.

Site which says "Jews are over-represented in the international left which is promoting multi-culturalism" - nothing wrong with that because it's true.
Site which says "Eisenhower killed over a million unarmed German PoWs after WW2, Anne Frank diaries were written in Biro, Holocaust never happened, Jews-responsible-for-all-bad-things, etc, etc, etc" - fair game and good luck to them. There is nothing for white people to gain from such claims anyway, since such claims are demonstrably false and make us look stoopit.

I wouldn't want lies told about my people either, but if there was a site promoting a lie stating that white people eat babies, I'd probably want to take it down.

kulak said...

This is an attack on US.

"anti-Islamists" are not being genocided.

Anonymous said...

Sav. If GoV had simply closed down I would probably just give a shoulder shrug.
I read it now and then and the omission you point out (which must not be mentioned) is glaringly obvious. However, if GoV is seen as unfit, what is going to happen to the sites we love and are firm in their resolution? As stated in an earlier post, first they came for...
We have to make a stand. Taking down any blogs in unacceptable. I even include our enemies in this. We believe in free speech. The line in the sand is now at the tips of our toes. This is the only legitimate way we can communicate in volume. Lose this and we will lose everything.

SAVANT said...

@Lemmyhead.......I think we all agree.

Any suggestions? (A genuine question).

Anonymous said...

Hi Shuan

Could you come over to ple-uk.org and log in , you'll receive a warm welcome

Savant are you still up for doing a short blog entry on us?

Uncle Nasty said...

Anonymous said...

Joe the Jew Slovo died about 8 years ago. No loss.

Two of the reasons my exit from ZA was timely. The first one was a bumper sticker I got a buddy to make up.

Nongqawuse ... Where are you, now that we really need you?

and ...

Ruth First:-- Joe ... someone's at the door. I think it's the postman.

Joe Slovo:-- It's for you, Dear. I'm busy right now.

Most of the group will get it, I'm sure.


kulak said...

I think we all agree

I dunno Savant. I knew a guy who is a relative of an important person of GoV.

He is on my side. He assured me GoV is not.

SAVANT said...

Savant are you still up for doing a short blog entry on us?

Yes indeed, sorry about the oversight.

Anonymous said...

Yes UN

When it comes to Ruth First

Like Tony Sanderson and David Blood used to say on drive time SABC.

Boom, Boom, Boom

Anonymous said...

Apple invented MIDI.
Apple invented the GUI.
Apple invented something else

Congratulations to the guy on the technology sucktion of The Irish Times.

Real newspapers have sections ... .

Anonymous said...

Hey UN, Ek kry die Grap.

Good one!

Uncle Nasty said...

While we're at it ... has anyone else noticed how completely and utterly Hillary Clinton has fallen off the map?

Amazing, isn't it? Right now the big distraction du jour is Obumbler's gun confiscation bills

I have a feeling that something is going to explode very very soon, and the Sea Hag is laying low to avoid the shrapnel.

A murderous slut like her does not adopt a low profile unless she's plotting something ... and fuck that bullshit about her purported concussion and blood clots.

The closest she ever came to concussion is when Slick Willy slapped her upside of the head with his dick.


tokyo paddy said...

UN, that witch is definitely lying low. Having said that I can't see how that will help her should the proverbial hit the fan.

Anonymous said...

They took our welfare

They took our casting calls?

Strange story gets stranger.

Anonymous said...

Nobody bats an eye at such things because most science fiction is written by people who know next-to-nothing about science. Just as most journalism is produced by journalists who know next-to-nothing about just about anything.

The bland leading the blanded?

Anonymous said...

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