Thursday, 1 November 2012

Where is all this going?

A new Emma West is discovered and a grateful MSM and police force duly storm into action, hoping to apprehend another master criminal like this guy. Meanwhile the insanity that I referred to here and several other occasions goes on unabated, week after week. The latest is the contretemp over referee Mark Clattenberg, Manchester United's best ever midfielder, who's been accused of saying some rude things to some of Chelsea's melanin-enhanced prima donnas.
I wonder where all of this will end. Surely be to God on high the ordinary man in the street can see that this is insanity?  What do the country's 'leaders', in whatever arena, politics, sport, business, really think when they witness what's going on?  That rude things said in the heat of the moment on a playing pitch assume national importance and end up in the law courts.  Is anyone sitting back asking if the whole world has gone mad? Do they not identify the giant Orwellian cocoon of lies built around their lives.....and ours?  Do they ask themselves why does the groundless accusation of racism always work?  Do they ask how it transforms prominent, accomplished men and women into compliant lickspittles and toadies, willing to throw their own principles or people under the bus in order to appease their  persecutors?
Or has this become this the new normal?  Bear in mind that Britain has already been radically transformed in less than two generations and there's been virtually no complaint.  Does the ordinary person just get on with his life as best he can, accepting that this is just the way things are. Maybe he doesn't even realise that things used to be so different. Or are the fully fledged inmates of the Matrix?


Anonymous said...

I am as perplexed as you are. You might have found the answer when you stated "the new matrix".

In less that two decades, the white race has given up. The only way to reverse this trend is to find out who/what is the catalyst.

Also, websites such as your's are probably being monitored for comments/visitors who address the same concerns that you publish.

I had a website that was censored and it was not as radical as some sites that I visit. I suspect there is a reason for not censoring these websites.

iron felix said...

No, Savant; there are none so blind as those who will not see. They whom the gods wish to destroy, they first make mad. The White, hetero, muscular, intelligent adult male is and always has been the sine qua non in every great thing down all the ages. When he dies, civilisation in any worthwhile sense dies with him; and I very much fear that we are now in the endgame.

Rob said...

Could it be that the people behind this insanity are on our side, trying to goad us harder towards the inevitable showdown?

Anonymous said...

would you like us to react like the ira used to .
and after today their gangster mates are still doing. shooting people

i await your reply

a villa fan. so i am used to apathy

Anonymous said...

Why are you writing articles like this when there is some nice sport/ X-Factor/ Dancing on Ice on the TV?

Come on, get your priorities straight.

Piet said...

Hey this Clattenberg thing is going to blow up in their faces big time. All the officials claim nothing racist was said and they were all tuned in by radio contact. Now what's going to happen? Mata has already withdrawn his accusation.

Clattenberg says he's going to pursue this to the bitter end. This could involve massive damages against the yard ape. Unless the FA forces the ref to go quietly.

Which they might do, the fuckers.

Anonymous said...

I sort of agree with Rob. Perhaps like us they are reading what people are starting to think. Particukarly the popularity of alternative news sites, replies to MSM articles etc. By attacking these whites they are saying that they are not going to tollerate any dissent? They may be drawing a line. Until they can control the internet. We can read these sites and post comments, if you start bringing it into the open they're going to drop on you from a great height.

Anonymous said...

They WILL silence the ref if he persues his legal right to sue for slander.

Anonymous said...

Which they might do, the fuckers.

Alain Wiley

Ogwambi Rastus O'Flaherty said...

White baiting is this years new black.

eleos said...

'Until they can control the internet.'

Bear in mind that very very very great efforts are being made to do just that. So-called 'net neutrality' is the wedge. Once that's in place the control can be rolled out steadily until such time as sites such as this become marinalized.

AnalogMan said...

The scary thing is that the police and the newspaper both seem to take it for granted that this is a serious crime that all right-thinking people should want to see severely punished. Think of how many actual crimes must have been committed, without this level of response from either.

There'll always be an England...

Anonymous said...

nastiestuncle said...(31 October 2012 21:17)


Re: nastiestuncle’s post

Savant, notice how, whenever a member of the white community is arrested for a racially aggravated public order offence, the Zionist-controlled media always name the white perpetrator e.g. “Jacqueline Williams, 47, of Slade Green, Kent, was arrested by police”; “A Woman accused of a racist rant was questioned by transport police...the video of Emma West, 34...”

Yet whenever a Negro is arrested for the same offence, the Zionist-controlled media never name/identify the Negro in question (as demonstrated in nastiestuncle’s post) e.g. “34-YEAR-OLD held on suspicion of racially aggravated public order offence”.

• When can we expect the Zionist-controlled media to publish the name of this filthy, stinking, worthless Negress?

• Will this Negress have its address plastered all over the Zionist-controlled media, as was the case with Emma West?

• Will this Negress be held on remand, as was the case with Emma West?

• Will this Negress have its litter placed into care, as was the case with Emma West’s child?

• Will this Negress be subject to psychiatric tests/examinations, as was the case with Emma West?

• Will there be a show trial, as will be the case with Emma West?

The answer to the last five questions is: NO!!!

Negress In Racist Bus Incident

Incidentally, checkout the Daily Mail’s sidebar. There’s not a day go by when they don’t publish a story/picture of that ugly beast Rihanna. You’ll also notice every couple of days they’ll publish a story about the “Nazis”, whatever the tenuous link may be e.g. “former Nazi watchtower transformed into a chic contemporary mansion.”

It seems the Zionist-controlled media are going into overdrive trying to propagandise the “goyim”.

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

Joey Barton assaults 3 man city players infront of 50,000 and millions watching on TV. The police do the square root of fuck all. John Terry says a rude word to a boon........
By the way where's Ron Atkinson these days?
Paris Claims

Anonymous said...

Way off topic. The 'IRA' have murdered a prison officer in the North. I have an idea to solve your problems in the South. We Brits will give in! Yes, you can have the North. Within a few weeks you will notice a drastic reduction in the number of ethnics. The only problem is you will also notice a reduction in your own population. Serious damage to shops, hotels and other places where people gather. Would it be worth the price?

Anonymous said...

Ron Atkinson.

Ah, innocent days.

Kevin R. said...

anon 9.24. The North has no shortage of ethnics as far as I can see. Anyway the South doesn't want to be united with North - Jesus, we have enough problems of our own.

Do you know why we call the Northern GGA people the hemmerhoids? Because they're fine if they come down and go back up straight away. But if they stay down they're a pain in the ass!

SAVANT said...

Frank Galton, well said. In fact I have noticed this on occasion but on reflection, yes, they have given the name and address of white racial'offenders'. This is of course outrageous. The only thing is that more and more people seem to be copping on. Just check out the (heavily moderated, you can be sure) comments on the DM for confirmation of this.

Anonymous said...

Kevin R.
Thanks for the reply but I was being a bit tongue in cheek. However, with not a lot to smile about your reply has made my day start with a smile. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

@Frank Galton and others: the phenomenon of not mentioning the race of the offender if the offender is "ethnic" has been going on for decades in America. Only white offenders get outed. Black/hispanic/muzzie offenders are referred to as "youths" or "men" or "defendants" (once charges are filed, if they are).

Consider the case of Autumn Pasquale, a 12 yo girl murdered by two "youths" for her bicycle:

The two "youths" in question are of course black, prior offenders, living with mom and a stepdad. But when the story broke that the police had arrested two suspects, there was no mention of race at all. But we all knew. And this is not going to be prosecuted as a hate crime (reverse the race of perp and vic, though, and instant hate crime).

The word "racist" has lost its sting for me. It is no longer a pejorative, if it ever really was. White guilt is eroding steadily among people I know, and this is only accelerating attempts to control behavior. If you have anything at all of value, TPTB will use it as a hammer to keep you in line. Whites cower at the threat of being called "raciss" or committing hate crime because jobs and livelihoods are on the line - the gov has the power to take these away from you and render you and your family destitute for mere words and thoughts.

It is high time to fight back and regain control, real control. Local control first. This may mean real war, complete with dead bodies and displaced families. It means breaking completely with national governments and living as rogue municipalities or states within your nation (a practical impossibility).

Short of outright militia-style rebellion, this won't happen. But we can become insidious. Insert ourselves in local politics, then regional, then national. We know the tactics being used against us, and odious as they are, it's time to begin learning to use them against those who would see the White race destroyed.


Matrix-buster said...

Cranberry. Your last paragraph contains the solution. I think any overt military-style resistance would be a godsend to TPTB. Easily put down but an excuse for all sorts of draconian measures to be implemented.

Anonymous said...

Off topic Savant or,perhaps,not.

I just read an old post here from Jan 2011-the one about Ireland plummeting down the international rankings for literacy and numeracy.

Now this reminded me that I hav'nt read or heard anything on this topic since.

I may have missed it,of course,but any updates on the subject?.


Uncle Nasty said...

Something obviously went badly wrong, here ...

Friday, 2 November 2012

'An outrageous abuse of UK hospitality':

Judge's anger as he jails family of Ugandan fraudsters who faked 100 children to claim £4m in benefits to buy homes in Africa

Ruth Nabuguzi, bottom right, from Manor Park, east London, was the ringleader of a 'family firm' which fooled immigration officials and secured leave to remain in the UK under a string of identities. Nabuguzi, 49, even managed to claim more than £2million worth of HIV and AIDS drugs which it is believed were sent back to Uganda and sold for huge profits.

It is not known if she even has the disease but she maintains that she is innocent of selling the drugs. Members of the the nine strong team were jailed at Croydon Crown Court, pictured, for a total of 19 years today.

That judge can kiss his political future goodbye, methinks.


katana said...

Savant writes:
I wonder where all of this will end. Surely be to God on high the ordinary man in the street can see that this is insanity? What do the country's 'leaders', in whatever arena, politics, sport, business, really think when they witness what's going on?


At some level of consciousness they can probably sense the insanity of it all. But the reason for the lack of reaction (yet) is for a simple reason. Unrelenting propaganda, day in and day out, over many, many decades. An evil brainwashing exercise to get Whites to hate themselves, to despise themselves so that they have now ended up in this sorry state of submission to their own destruction.

How has this been done? Through psychological warfare using a most potent form of persuasion, the story.

Jews control Hollywood and other media and therefore control the river of stories that flow through the minds of Whites. Add this control of the media to jewish hatred of Whites and what do you end up with? Today's unbelievable state of affairs. Whites signing, nodding their heads to their own death warrants.

Whites have been deeply, seriously duped by these mother f*ckers on an unbelievable scale. We have allowed an evil parasite into our minds via THEIR media. A parasite that is hell bent on destroying us.

Every time you read the MSM, watch the news, the TV, and movies you are being taught and poisoned to hate yourself and to masochistically love your own destruction.


katana said...

Some excerpts from:

By Michael A. Hoffman II

One reason for the low morale of whites today, who are surrendering, with little resistance, their heritage, their land and their rights, to hostile alien chauvinists, while voting into office their worst betrayers, is due to the cinema of defamation, which is, in its essence, a highly effective form of psychological warfare.

Almost nowhere in the mind of the heavy TV viewer can be found any consciousness of the true history of this country: that hundreds of thousands of whites were slaves in colonial America while thousands of blacks were free men; that some free blacks owned black slaves; that justice for blacks in America was better than what blacks encountered in many parts of Africa and no worse than what poor whites had endured for centuries.

Moreover, colored people are increasingly paranoid and racist due to fictitious Hollywood productions, cunningly disguised as ''based on a true story," which portray whites as wicked bigots and colored folk as holy humanitarians; unless, of course, the colored folk are Palestinians and the whites are Israelis.


The logic of the Establishment Media consists of the dogma that the propaganda war against whites is a "human rights campaign," while our defense against it is a form of hate. Apparently we have no human rights.

As George Orwell foretold, the Communist totalitarians would corrupt language with their doublespeak to such an extent that they would one day announce that "War is Peace" and people would believe it.

The hatred being directed against us under the guise of peace and fighting hatred, is the most cynical and despicable hate propaganda of all.


Even in Nazi Germany, during the entire 12 year duration of the Third Reich, only three anti-Jewish films were ever produced. But nowadays three anti-German films are produced almost every month somewhere in the West.

We hear a great deal about "hate propaganda" these days but its greatest purveyors never seem to come in for any moral outrage. If Hitler's Propaganda Minister Dr. Joseph Goebbels was wicked for having encouraged the production of three anti-Jewish films in 12 years, with what superlatives of evil might we describe the Hollywood moguls who are producing Hate Whitey films and TV shows every month?


I remain in absolute, flabbergasted awe at the march of time and its irony, whereby we witness one of the most gallant societies on earth – white Christian America – besmirched to such a degree that a nation's entire traditional culture is reduced to a piece of mass media toilet paper.


These contrast rather starkly with the kind of scathing ridicule and contempt which whites, Germans, European ethnics and Christians are perpetually accorded in the Establishment's cinema of defamation. Any nation of people who passively spectate before the routine falsification and trashing of the memory of their ancestors, will not long endure. This is mental genocide and because it is less visible than the outright physical variety, is the more deadly of the two, because the victims internalize their oppression and kill themselves and their posterity through high rates of abortion, suicide, birth control and non-resistance to massive invasion by unassimilable Third World aliens.

[A short synopsis of many hundreds of anti-White Hollywood movies and TV programs follow]

California Nationalist said...

Outright revolution probably won't work at this time.

But in addition to carrying the campaign from cultural and political fronts, serious consideration should be given to developing some sort of parallel paramilitary organisation, such as a local Rifle Club or Shooting Association.

Our people need to be prepared.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 06:52

"Incidentally, checkout the Daily Mail’s sidebar. There’s not a day go by when they don’t publish a story/picture of that ugly beast Rihanna. You’ll also notice every couple of days they’ll publish a story about the “Nazis”"

I think you'll find that the Daily Mail are running a business which can succeed or fail depending on its performance. It is not like the BBC which is guaranteed to succeed whatever they print because the funds are taken as a tax for them to use as they wish.

British people love a bit of WW2 stuff. British simpletons love a bit of Rihanna. Or that absolutely horrible woman, Kardashian.
The Daily Mail posts stories about each, because they believe that that is what the people want to read about, and since they are profitable, I would say that they have got it right.

Or, we could just assume the usual persecution victim mindset and blame everything on Jews trying to control our minds as if we have no control over them ourselves.

Peter A. said...

UN, that Uganda fraudster shows up the inanity of the 'system'. Every time she entered Britain she just gave a different name and said she and her litter were seeking asylum. Simple as that. So she ended up claiming for dozens of herself and 100 of her children.

Our border controls are so broken it's not funny.

Anonymous said...

Another little interjection.
Not for immediate posting on your web .. get it moving first... don’t pre-warn the fuckers.

In the mau mau tribal uprising , amongst mainly the Kikuyu.
They were held in large mainly open compounds..they started to continual moaning and wailing- non-stop!
This caused considerable confusion to the military & political/legal mindset,
out of all proportion.
Can you imagine if our brave football fans were to wail and moan
over their loss of freedom of speech at every football match!
Fuck me ! ... what the fuck are they to charge them with?
Pass this on through all possible outlets.

Anonymous said...

Anti-Whites have rendered it taboo for us to have any kind of open, dispassionate discussion about our RACE and how non White immigration with forced integration and "assimilation", a.k.a. intermarriage, leads to our GENOCIDE.

The taboo is enforced with the word "racist". Once the power of that word crumbles the anti-Whites are in big trouble and they know it.

Exercising practical, non voting politics is the only way to destroy the R word.

To learn more see:

kulak said...

OT, or maybe not

Gun and ammunition prices are expected to soar should Obama secure a second term, with rifles predicted to double in cost just as they did in the aftermath of Obama’s 2008 victory.

Despite prolonged economic turmoil, gun sales have bucked the trend, with both Ruger and Smith & Wesson operating at maximum capacity and struggling to keep up with demand.

With Ruger’s sales up 86 percent since Obama took office, the company’s previous quarter sales demolished all expectations, with sales totaling $118 million dollars.

Just needs one good match to light that splinter in the mind...

RegThe Hedge said...

Why has there been no reaction? If you want the answer to this question then you dont have to go too far. Ask Youself why youve done nothing.
I don't want to end in prision and lose everthing. Theres your answer right there.
When will you do something? When youve nothing to lose.
The poor will be the first to react when the state goes bankrupt and cannot support them.

Uncle Nasty said...

Off topic, perhaps.

How FDR Dragged Out WW II for Stalin

"War is the continuation of politics by other means".

Carl von Clausewitz

"For more than half a century, every sixth of June, countless patriotic Americans, Britons, Canadians and others gather to pay homage to thousands of young men who "gave their lives for their country" on the beaches of Normandy. More than 200,000 American fighting men were killed in World War II, together with 375,000 British and millions of other nationalities. Most of these deaths occurred after mid-1943, when it was clear to all concerned that the Axis and Japan had lost. Why did the fighting continue for two years after the issue had been decided?"

John Dombrowski

Suppose the United States had been presented with the opportunity to end World War II in 1943 on far more favorable terms than it was able to get after the sacrifice of so many lives in the subsequent two years. The countries of Eastern Europe, Poland, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria, Romania, Yugoslavia, and Albania would have been kept out of the hands of the Communists. Perhaps even the Baltic states of Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia would have regained their independence from the Soviet Union. Adolf Hitler would have been deposed and either killed or turned over to allied authorities, and a united, non-Communist, anti-Nazi Germany would have peacefully given up its European conquests.

What if, hey?


Anonymous said...

Uganada fraudster was taken at her word a native white person? Not so much.

Anonymous said...

Multicultural Britain is a busted flush.The elites know this.I've noticed that they're has been an increase in anti racism bollox,following last years negro riots.Luis Suarez and John Terry were made an example of,to frighten the rest of the natives.The good thing is,the more the race card is played,the less power it has.

jocomo said...

Uncle Nasty, I see you've stopped taking your pills again.

Back to your cell.

Greg76 said...

katana, do you have a password for that Michael Hoffman book?

Anonymous said...

Just remember, Savant, that the Britons with the balls to flip off their government ended up founding America.


katana said...

Greg76 said...

katana, do you have a password for that Michael Hoffman book?
2 November 2012 21:13

There's a archive password just below the download link.

Anonymous said...

I have a very hard time understanding why freedom of expression is such an unforgiveable sin in the UK. Granted, here in the US, poltical correctness keeps many people from speaking their minds, but you may still do so, without official sanction. If you choose to speak your candid opinions here, you do so at your own risk of getting a black eye. There is no draconian governmental censure. Not so, the UK, apparently. Sad, sad, sad...

Anonymous said...

Greg76 said... (2 November 2012 21:13)

“katana, do you have a password for that Michael Hoffman book?”

Greg, just checked the website. The password is:

Frank Galton

The truth will out said...

I found this from Mami's Shit website that I simply had to share with you all, this one is Keith Johnson's first Revolt of the Plebs Podcast

Some real gems to be found there, click on the monkey.

Anonymous said...

Oh, did my link go through?

The bad video;

You're going to have to have a STRONG, and I mean STRONG stomach this video. You will never be the same after this. THESE are the ancestors of what is being let into our beautiful countries, and there is no F-ing way these creatures are like us. I watched this and asked the gods, or whomever WHY we would be put here with them. We ARE different. Ask yourself WHY we are so different and start looking into alternative views.

Did you know Peru unearthed mummies that they call the "Sky People"? They were masked with blue eyes. Peru also elongated skulls (Brian Forrester on YT) that have red hair and they are NOT done by bounding the skull.

Why do you think we are the only "White" people on this planet? Our ancestors cone the stars, and that is why I think David Duke says a lot about our people reaching to the stars. And guess what? We Irish blood are the oldest race. New Grange is older than the pyramids. Anyone over there should start researching your ancient Irish History and be prouder.

Regardless if you like him or not, "The Irish Origins of Civilization" by Michael Tsarion are videos to watch and books to read. His work
is amazing about our heritage.

Oh here is that video. Be very warned though. Not a whole lot bothers me, but this one did. It's very bad all the way through. It's not in English, but who needs words when the truth is shown?

Anonymous said...

Oh, sorry, forget to add the link on the last post.

Rob said...

@UN 13:08
The judge has nothing to worry about - just a few empty clich├ęs about how naughty the enrichers are and then gives the ringleader what amounts to three years in prison (six years minus 50 percent remission) for a scam that netted two or three times the lifetime earnings of the average Englishman.

Anonymous said...

Britain's motto in 1912 might have been:
"Stiff upper lip, chaps; women and children first into the lifeboats; fire when you see the whites of their eyes, and remember that the hopes of King and country rest upon you! Steady on there - jolly good!"

Toytown Britoon, 2012:
"Namby-pamby piddly-poo! Please don't call me ray-cist! I had a masturbatory experience at twelve years old involving Gary Lineker!"


AnalogMan said...

Katana - I had a look at that book about the "cinema of defamation". I was amused to find this entry on page 46:

Symphony of Six Million. Fannie Hurst's 1932 film about the sturggles [sic] of noble Jews.

Who knew - in 1932?

Yes, I checked on IMDB. That's not a typo.

Uncle Nasty said...

jocomo said...

Uncle Nasty, I see you've stopped taking your pills again.

Back to your cell.

Thank you, jocomo. You, like the rest of the -- non-contributing, I might add -- members of the tribe never disappoint.

Like being savaged by a dead sheep.


once more said...

anon 'BAD VIDEO'. This link doesn't work. I get 'service unavailable' message.

Dr. Wassell said...

jocomo, you're a lurker. Hiding in the shadows, emerging every so often to spit bile and then disappear again.

katana said...

AnalogMan said...

Katana - I had a look at that book about the "cinema of defamation". I was amused to find this entry on page 46:

Symphony of Six Million. Fannie Hurst's 1932 film about the sturggles [sic] of noble Jews.

Who knew - in 1932?

3 November 2012 05:48
Good find.

Six million has a certain magic to jewish ears it seems! LOL.

For newbies the 'six million' number is a re-occurring number throughout the 19th and 20th centuries in jewish propaganda concerning jewish suffering, murder, persecution, and what have you.

Just a small part of why the Holohoax is a major ongoing work of propaganda.

Perhaps their masterpiece, although 911 is certainly another major work in action.

Uncle Nasty said...

See ... it can be done. All we have to do is treat third-worlders the way the tribe treats them.

Number of Illegal Infiltrators in South Nears Record Low

David Lev, Israel National News, November 1, 2012

One of the less heralded, but more successful, projects that have been undertaken recently in Israel is the security fence on the country’s southern border. In October, only 54 illegal African refugees entered Israel—one of the lowest numbers in many years, and a far cry from the 1,000 to 2,000 and more that entered the country each month over the past few years.

Last October, for example, 2,100 illegals were estimated to have entered Israel. Only a few were caught as they crossed the then-wide open border. Since then, the security fence on the border with Sinai has rapidly been built, and currently some 80% of the border is protected. In areas where construction is going on, the IDF has sharply increased patrols. At this point, the vast majority of illegals are caught before they enter Israel, and are immediately taken into custody for deportation to their homelands. Word that Israel’s gates are closing tight has apparently seeped back to Sudan, Eritrea, and other African countries, and now there are far fewer attempts to cross the border.

Once again ... don't do what we do. Do what we say.
Any comment? ... wankers?

Fuck. It's like shooting yids in a barrel.


katana said...

Here are some further articles on jewish control of our 'stories' through the media of movies.


It's a three part series.

Some excerpts from the first part:





“Indeed, from the very beginnings of the industry until the present, it is impossible to ignore the influence of Jews on the movie business or to overlook the importance of a Jewish consciousness in American films.”
—Lester D. Friedman

“Regardless of a Jewish author’s past or present involvement with organized religion, current religious or cultural practices, and personal sense of group attachment or isolation, the underlying critical assumption is that the work of a Jewish writer must either overtly or covertly reflect a Jewish sensibility.”
—David Desser and Lester D. Friedman

“The Jewish involvement in motion pictures is more than a success story; it is the basis of the disproportionate influence that Jews have had in shaping American popular culture.”
—Steven Silbiger

“The way Steven Spielberg sees the world has become the way the world is communicated back to us every day.”
—Stephen Schiff


“Jews Run Hollywood.” Thus declared the bold headlines of the August 1996 cover story of the Jewish magazine Moment. This story was in response to Marlon Brando’s controversial claim on a talk show that Jews did, in fact, run Hollywood.5 As an intriguing followup to the bold assertion, the magazine in the subtitle asked its readers “So What?”


The current essay is part of a longer series on Jewish control of Hollywood and the fare they created. I begin by describing the history of their West Coast empire-building and the Jewish themes that arose. I follow this with a survey of four decades of Jewish films, then expand on the theme of Jewish hostility toward the Americans among whom they lived. Finally, a sample of movies will more concretely acquaint the reader with the common Jewish themes and devices used in popular films. The goal is to equip the white gentile with the ability to see how his real disestablishment over the course of the twentieth century was both mirrored—and partially caused—by the very images of that dispossession.



Another important aspect of owning the studios and controlling the filmmaking process was the fact that Jews were in charge of creating the image of their group appeared before the American public, as film expert Lester Friedman makes clear:

Unlike films about other American minorities, movies with Jews were often scrutinized by one segment of that minority group with the power to decide how the entire group would be presented to society as a whole. The resulting images of Jews in films constitute a rich and varied tapestry woven by several generations of moviemakers responding to the world around them.


The truth will out said...

I'm not sure this book has been officially released just yet, Amazon says 6th November is the stated date.

I hurriedly converted this book using a free online utility from a MOBI book I got recently, it opens in my Chrome browser, though not in my PDF reader.

Mossad The Greatest Missions of the Israeli Secret Service
Michael Bar-Zohar
Publisher: Ecco (November 6, 2012)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0062123408
ISBN-13: 978-0062123404

Here is the original torrent (magnet link) I got the book from


Anonymous said...

In the immortal words of another great Man U middie, Keano, "he's a hard c**t!"

Anonymous said...

Okay, it was a bad link? Here it is again:

It's in Russian I think. If this doesn't work, put in "Shocking Africa 18++" and you'll see it in Russian on YT. It is SO disgusting. Be warned. It's a hard video to watch. I put it up, because this no one would believe me if was to tell them.

The truth will out said...

Oy Vey what is it about the Goyim that makes them so anti-semitic?

Anti-semitism = Resisting jewish tyranny

The Six Million, Six Million Times / beginning in 1869

The trouble with juwes is just as Jesus said there is no good in them.

Delcroix interviews Deanna Spingola

Anonymous said...

People on this board hate Jews far more than they love their country, and so they will lose their country. Israeli Jews love their country, they dont care what anyone thinks and so they will save their country - no illegal immigration. All it took was willpower and demands of the citiizens. They also have left wing bleeding hearts in their media - they ignore them. But if you think endlessly whining about Jews will get you anywhere, you are wrong. Boo hoo, liberal Jews in the US dont support a border fence but Jews in Israel have one. So f-ing what! you want border protection? Write your congressman or your MP, not this board.

Uncle Nasty said...

Another "Six Million Symphony" ... with the emphasis on the "phony"

How many times the magic six lillion number appeared in the American press before 1946.

For all the little wankers out there.


karen said...

I grow ever more weary of the dreary growth of racial sensitivity which we endure these days,it's fast becoming nonsensical.Racism is a made-up term to describe a natural state of mind of human beings. It's what we are, it's what we do,all of us.Even anti-racists are really racist as they drum their opinions into those who disagree with them.
Now the child's term of monkey is enough to condemn anyone who uses it near a person with black skin.Has anyone thought to ask the monkeys if they feel insulted by this?Perhaps we should coin a new term -animalism perhaps?Where will it end?

Shaunantijihad said...

It's called PsyOps Savant. The target populations must be softened up before each blow. The international nation wrecking internationalist Jews and Communists and their front men (Labour/Conservative; Democrat/Republican) must prepare the people for the coming massive influx of more countries joining the EU on Jan 1st 2013, Bulgaria and Romania this time I believe.

So you can expect more stories like this leading up to January of natives being put through the grinder for daring to notice the invasion. THOUGHTCRIMINALS!

Softening us up, basically, in preparation for the big one - the Barcelona Agreement. Then all Muslim North Africa and the Muslim middle east will be in the EU. This was why Cameron has been prevaricating over the EU, to wait until enough non-Brits have colonised us to ensure a "yes" vote in any referendum.

Subsequently, under the EU Arrest Warrant, anyone insulting the prophet (piss be upon him) can be legally arrested (kidnapped) and tried under Sharia Law in some Islamic hellhole.

This IS going to happen, like it or not. And some of us have been predicting this for a long time.

Anonymous said...

I was flicking through the channels last night and came across the Caterwauling of African Origin and there was these three chicks who forgot the autotune. You wouldn't find Madonna singing live which is why she is the queen of pop.

Anonymous said...

Racism is a made-up term to describe a natural state of mind of human beings.

Black people hate anyone not of the tribe and they do not get called racist because it is natural to them.

Wolfhound said...

@ Katana

Yeah, how about Lee Majors himself..six million dollar man, I wonder how they came up with that title eh.

kulak said...

:People on this board hate Jews far more than they love their country, and so they will lose their country.

My country is already lost.

Boo hoo, liberal Jews in the US dont support a border fence but Jews in Israel have one. So f-ing what! you want border protection?

I don't. Not anymore. In fact I want more immigration, faster.

But I know whodunnit, and I'm not gonna forget.

Write your congressman

Very funny.

Anonymous said...

Zut Alors! Une femme British gagne argent Frankais!

Enriching two countries at the same time I salute your courage and work ethnic.

Anonymous said...

RTE Frontline New drug resistant strain of TB stalking the land which takes 2 years to clear rather than 9 months.

How did this happen?


And I don't mean sub-Saharan Africans stalking the land.

Anonymous said...

Aren't we past the first anniversary of Emma West's Thoughtcrime and still no sign of a showtrial?