Friday, 30 November 2012

The truth will out (barely and almost unnoticed)

I suppose most readers of this blog will know about  the ghastly murder of Autumn Pasquale, the 12 year-old New Jersey girl brutally killed just for her BMX bike. On the face of it the MSM treatment of this case had all hallmarks of the now rampant black on white violence epidemic:

() Race of perps not mentioned

() No pictures of perps until the blogs (bless them) forced the MSM's hand

() Initial blaze of MSM publicity fades away once it emerges the perps are black

() Multiple references to the ‘mistake’ the murderers made. Some called them ‘fools

() Multiple references to them as ‘children’

() Numerous references to ‘the sufferings of both families’

() No reference to the fact that the murderers were renowned bicycle thieves (which of course begs the question as to why they were out free to continue robbing, and to eventually murder)

() No 'Trayvon Statement' from the President or the First Ho'

() Complete absence of the Rev’unds Jesse and Al from the spectacle

() The police and MSM seize on the fact that the sperm bucket ‘mother’ of the perps reported them to the cops once she became aware of their guilt via Facebook postings. Brave and honest ‘mother’ becomes a cause celebre in the MSM.

It was this latter point that really got me interested. Because I just refused to believe that anything good could come from the creature that gestated these two sub-human morlocks.  So I read up everything about it, anything I could get at, in the weeks since the murder. And eventually the carefully contrived hagiography of the sperm bucket began to crumble, mainly by way of input from people in that area of New Jersey. The sickening, but by no means surprising truth is that the sow snitched on the boys only when a $10,000 reward was offered for information. That’s right, she turned in her own offspring to claim a financial reward.

This is the ‘saintly’ and ‘noble’ woman we read about in the MSM. (“It appears the boys' mother has a good moral character”)

Bear in mind that the body of the unfortunate child had been stored in the murderers’ tiny  hovel for several days, as was her distinctive BMX bike, but the sow somehow never spotted anything.  When the police came calling (the perps were suspects from day one, see below) she refused them entry, forcing them to get a search warrant.  In the interim the body was dumped in a refuse bin. Then the reward was announced, to be followed by the sow’s heroic gesture.  It’s notable that the police were asked on several occasions to specify what exactly on Facebook alerted the sow but declined to answer. We’ve seen this many times with unscrupulous careerists in the police and defence forces who’ve learned to play the PC game.

But there were some exceptions. Here's one: 'The people who hide black on white crime have her blood on their hands just like those two boys.'  

The only thing we were spared was learning that 'the boys were starting to turn their lives around'

Anyway, here are two of the comments from local residents.

(1)  "How did the mother not see a bike matching the EXACT description of a missing girls bike in her home? For almost three days that bike was in her house and she claims that facebook status' made her suspicious?

the mother of the killers wasnt a saint , she knew the evidence was in her house ,and on line , she turned her kids in for the reward money .she ll probably write a book , go on oprah get al and jessie to hold her hand and rake in the interview cash . she s worse than octomom congratulations on your win fall monstermom

The mother called about the 10k reward money and her call was traced, no such thing as her turning in her black deviant kids."

(2)  "Well she had a dead girl in her basement for days and her boys were able to take the body outside to put in a recycling bin without her knowing a thing somehow. All the stolen bikes in the basement too.

The mother supposedly saw the post on Tuesday and reported it, but where was she since Saturday when the girl went missing and was likely murdered in her home? Days passed by and mom never noticed the dead girl in her house? Never noticed the girls bike everyone was searching for?

All of a sudden she was alerted by a Facebook post on Tuesday morning.when she called about the reward money. The boys brought the body outside and stuffed it into a recycling bin on Monday the night before. Where was she all this time?

The mother called about the reward money and the police went to the home. She couldn't claim the reward since she's part of the immediate family and tips had already come in. Police brought Cadaver dogs to the area, finding the body in the blue recycling bin. She denied entry to her home until police brought back a search warrant, found DNA evidence in the house, along with the bicycle, etc." 


Anonymous said...

Sav this horror is staple Amren fare. You, this year, have taken yourself and this blog to the next level where Lenins favourite who-whom question can be posed. Your cri de couer was very frank and humble.

Anonymous said...

This is precisely why they had segregation in the Southern States, exactly why they had and NEEDED the good ol' boys of the KKK to 'take care of business' etc. This is why they had segregation in South Africa,
and anywhere else, because the groid is mentally and developmentally still living in the trees, and he ain't coming down any time soon.We need segregation in every country and savage penalties for this kind
of crime against humanity by these apes.

SAVANT said...

Thanks anon...

slavestar said...

Thank God Mammy Gorilla face at least didn't get that reward money.
Never ceases to amaze me how revolting these creatures are. A shame we are not allowed to raise our children properly, if we were sher'd never have been socializing with these beasts.

Electric Eddie said...

It's been asked before---where the hell is Sven the Skullsplitter when he is sorely needed.........?

Derek said...

Depressing reading. That being said well done to the blogs for getting the photos out there.

luca said...

One can only hope that other parents will now do what Autumn's parents may have failed to do. Warn your kids, especially girls, to stay away from black males. Better to be called racist, prejudiced, anti-diversity or whatever, than to end up like this poor child.

Anonymous said...

Turned on the late late show at around 11 to see three niggers performing.The sight of these future rapists who no doubt were spewn out of some nigerian sperm bucket on arrival in Ireland has put me off Christmas.
The best present Santa could bring is an Irish version of 'Golden Dawn'.

TBone said...

Another lovely white child has been taken from this earth. How many more of these atrocities have to happen before some of us get angry enough to DO something? How many times do whites (including gutless white cops) have to state that "race had nothing to do with it," while deep down knowing race had everything to do with it?

F McCool said...

anon 00.22. I saw the fucking Late Late as well. Nearly puked my guts. Where did they all those jigs from. Fucking Nigerian scum every last one of them.

Jesus I feel so enraged knowing what their likes did to this poor girl.

Anonymous said...

Watching the late late toy show,I nearly choked on my fish supper.RTE seem to be ramping up the multicultural propaganda.Then again,are we surprised?.

Anonymous said...

If you watched the late late Friday night,the subliminal message was Irelands youth are now diverse,this is the future.Resistance is futile.

Anonymous said...

We live in a violent world,nowhere is perfect,but the safest place for a white woman is among white men.Given half a chance,the ape men will gang rape white females for fun.Look at Africa,It's What they do.

NastiestUncle said...

The only way for America to save itself from these Homo Erectus-derived beasts is to give each one $5,000 and a couple of rocks and put them on a boat to Liberia.

Then, the British should also begin a re-conquest of the Caribbean. It boils my blood that these beautiful islands have been given to the African, who never even thought of launching a ship to take them for himself.

Anonymous said...

There was an incident here in the San Francisco Bay Area last week-65 year old woman kidnapped from a store parking lot then raped and beaten-she was found duct taped but alive.The incident happened in Vallejo-a predominantly black city.
The suspect,one Kaviar King,(three guesses as to the ethnicity of said suspect)is 14 years old-but is being tried as an adult.

Anonymous said...

Animals can only act as animals. save your rage for the jews that brought them to destroy whites. we can use black separatists to help us remove jew vermin. blacks are willing to rise up, unlike whites. we need them.

our appeal is to the left, not the fake right. we've tried 70 years with the fake right and its useless.

Kevin said...

@NU. The other alternative is to give them $5000 to get sterilized once they reach......'maturity'. They'll grab that like the mother in this case. End of problem.

NastiestUncle said...

@Kevin 08:56

"@NU. The other alternative is to give them $5000 to get sterilized once they reach......'maturity'. They'll grab that like the mother in this case. End of problem."

Yes, but wouldn't you rather pay the same amount to be rid of them right away? Let them breed in Liberia. I don't have a problem with Africa being full of Africans, except for the terrible effect that this has on the wildlife.

Anonymous said...

Nothing unusual with a girls bike in a black boys possession as Barck O uses girls bike seeing as boys bike are bigger and harder to control.

Obama bike

The other point is that the press reported that the victim voluntarily went to the perps house about getting her bike repaired because these guys were expert bike mechanics.

I don't think they came out with anything as unbelievable as this when Barack's burglar thug son Martin attacked the neighbourhood watch guy.

Anonymous said...

Are Irish TV ads as full of toxic race-mixing, pro-black messages as they are in Britain? If not, then it won't be long before they are:

Corkonian said...

Yes, this Boots ad was the worst for a long time. In my own small way I boycotted their shopmin Mahon today and went to McCauleys instead.

Anonymous said...

Have you noticed the MSM publicity of the niggers who claim they were attacked by some pizza parlor owners for complaining about their pizzas out on Long Island? The niggers brought their lawyers, and claim the pizza workers called them niggers and there is a planned demonstration by a church group and a march of sorts coming up. The Horror.

Anonymous said...

Nigger atrocity crimes like this are all too common fare in formerly safe, White neighborhoods. The anti-White MSM does their damnedest to minimize or cover it up but most of us aren't fooled.

That's what "White flight" is all about. And it's getting harder and harder to flee.

On a less serious note, there is a Jewish cemetery, in a formerly Jewish area, that was vandalized recently. Many thousands of dollars worth of damages. Now, the MSM was waiting with bated breath for the perps to be Nazis, skinheads, white supremacists, etc.

Well, turns out the perps are "local youths" and the story went right down the memory hole. You see, the cemetery is in a 95% black part of town.

The Jews' pet darkies will turn on their benefactors too.

Anonymous said...

Loews(?) in the US because they made ads supporting gay marriage and other ones with aren't fags great with their awsome faggy fagness? We just need faggots as customers!
Plenty of people wrote to them telling them that their chasing the superior pink dollar scared away the numerous normal dollar.

Boots and Marks and Spencer should bear this in mind.

Anonymous said...

Have you noticed that every second ad break on tv seems to feature a gormless while male.The most common are ads for house hold cleaning products and deodorants.

Magnificent Randolph said...

Where the American MSM are now, we have already been years ago here in Ireland. Way back---I think some fellow mentioned it here already---there was a case of a slightly challenged girl, a bit short on street smarts, being abducted, held prisoner, being gang-raped, being thrown out on the street dazed and disoriented.All the while the media were slavering over the hoped-for revelation that the perps would be at best (!) priests. It was all over the papers like chicken pox---then the cops caught the perps. Yup, black Africans. Instant silence from the media ever since; total cover-up.

Anonymous said...

Daley Thompson and the fat white bufoon about to jump off a diving board wearing a nappy.

Anonymous said...

There you go

Robert in Arabia said...

Eamon Bejayzuz said...

Once upon a time there came a moment when clerical sex abuse raised its matted head and the media, scenting blood, were all over the issue..."how deep does the rot go?" and "there must be no cover ups" and "who are the guilty men?" and so forth, and all this manufactured righteous indignation was focussed on furthering the media's own agenda. They wanted to destroy a hated enemy, the Church, so they could hoist themselves into its place, and they have spectacularly succeeded in this. Now we see them laying about them with a stolen crozier, silencing dissenters, and covering up for crimes more vicious than those ever committed by any cleric---I speak of rape and murder here. In going to extraordinary lengths to protect the perpetrators where these are of its chosen flock they make themselves accessories after the fact, and this in capital crimes. This is the very same covering up, but in even more grievous matters, of which they were happy to accuse the Church. The stench of cant from todays media is truly overwhelming, never mind the criminal dimension to their activities.

Krokodil said...

How many times do whites (including gutless white cops) have to state that: "race had nothing to do with it."/?

Aah yes, in my experience pathetic modern-day Plod go out of their way to talk up White on Black crime, but equally out of their way to talk DOWN Black on White crime. Strange, that.

Up to less than a generation ago the Queen's constabulary were enormously respected (in the UK mainland, at any rate); such sentiments have widely been replaced with contempt today. Could there be a link with the perversity of the previous paragraph? I suspect so.

(Apparently, having racist or homophobic views in Britain today is far more serious for the cops than busting shop-lifters or other "petty" crime).

Gary Paul, South AFrica said...

Aah yes, in my experience pathetic modern-day Plod go out of their way to talk up White on Black crime, but equally out of their way to talk DOWN Black on White crime. Strange, that.

It's not really that strange Krok. If you want to progress and want to avoid nasty memos on your bio then play the PC game. Savant calls them unscrupulous careerists and that's exactly what they.

If our people ever regained power they'd turn on a sixpence and come down like a ton of bricks on the jigs.

NastiestUncle said...

Here's a limited list of typical PC adverts:

It isn't updated much any more but there are a few gems there from US tv.

CMC said...

What about the smell?

Anonymous said...

It's so effing infuriating that, as an American, this is the FIRST I've heard about this murder.
I don't know which to be more outraged by.... the actual murder of this beautiful girl, or the politically-correct tip-toeing media.

Dan said...

Jiggers gotta jig. The cover up continues.

Anonymous said...

I'll wager a princely sum that the following bit of cultural enrichment wasn't reported outside of the area it happened in:

Gem Junior said...

They are apes and it is natural for them to chimpout, I agree that the Southern people had far more contact with them and Jim Crow was for a very good reason. While everyone but us howled RACIST! at them, and stood in righteous judgement wagging fingers at the white south Africans. Well, now we know and so do they - they just aren't willing to admit it yet. Not until they are begging for rescue when their little black pets turn on them. When there is no more affirmative action, then no more free housing or fre food for them, as the nations money dwindles. They who have never done anything for t hemselves wil suffer the most and act like the animals they are, but on a much much larger scale. Chimpouts will occur in every2/3 of them, with the third being someone not capable.
Incidentally, this is our fault for allowing groids with IQ's of 70 to be held up as a symbol of integrity, innocence and martyrdom. Like Jesus Christ they do everything but die for our sins according to media. If I see one more black nigger male male on a TV commercial behaving like a saint opening doors acting the hero prince charming toward a white woman who he really would like nothing better than to rape her, I feel sick. My 11 year old is reading "The Cay" a book where this old man Morgan Freeman type rescues a small boy from a shipwreck and they survivee on a raft, the old man keeps the kid alive. I told my kid "In reality the man would have raped the kid and then eaten him". My older son laughed, my husband shook his head tsk tsk though he is the first to say it under his breath and my 11 year old just stared at me in surprise. I'm not wrong for telling my kid some unpopular truths if it saves her one of these days. Just because everyone wishes to take a vacation from reality doesn't mean I should sacrifice my kid's safety from savage boons and perpetuate the myth of the Numinous Negro Savior. My school system does that for me! and I deprogram them when they come home.

donothingwn said...

Excellent 5 point plan to save the white race! Joe @ save white

Glen C. said...

Anon, same with this American from Texas. Heard nothing about it until I read of it here. Not the 1st time this happened by the way.

Anonymous said...

New elected Police
Commissioiners commission pals as assistants

Wow, Kathryn Buckle only graduated in 2006. With such a wealth in experience, and such an attractive personality, it's easy to see why the new PCC fancied her.... for the job.

- whatIthink , Sudbury, United Kingdom, 01/12/2012 23:38

but the bird who looks like she could be the parent of a criminal just like Barack O looks a credible appointment what with her looking like she could be the mother of a criminal and thus she natively would have the ability to understand criminals.

Shaunantijihad said...

Off topic, sorry, but I highly recommend this article and the comments especially for US readers here:

The Great Unwashed said...

She was in the basement for days and nobody noticed the smell?

Maybe thats because chitlins Smell like death and only negro's can tolerate the oder.

Anonymous said...

After the Olympics AA medallist Gobby Dauglass claimed to Oprah Winfrey that she had been called a slave at practise. Boo hoo hoo said Oprah as she empathised as only Oprah can.

Wanting to get publicity for an upcoming bout famous Mohommed Ali asked non-famous Frank Wepner to call him a "nigger" because that would create notoriety and make Ali look good and Wepner bad. Wepner pointed out that this was real life and not the cartoon world of Ali so he would not. Ali claimed he said it on chatshows to put himself over. The poor rich victim"

Some BBC chick who complains to twitter about racists tweets is a called every n word under the sun yet is still served because the publicians mrs likes her cakes and walks out ... after buying a bag of pork scratchings and not involving the police "service" which provides a "service" helping the racially abused in whatever locality that this incident that happened happened in.

The Great Unwashed said...

Anon 14:52

I'm not splitting hairs here but his name was "Chuck Wepner."

Sylvester Stalone based the first Rocky movie on the Ali-Wepner fight.

Again, not spliting hairs here but I digress.

Anonymous said...

Any chance that things might be in the embryonic stage of turning around?

heuristic said...

anon 18.22. There is some reaction in France but the MSM there - and everywhere - are ignoring it. Note that this report came from the Christian News Network, nit exacly a major player.

Anonymous said...

@great unwashed-When Rocky 3 came out,Stallone got stick because Rocky was beating up niggers.In Rocky 4 and 5,you will notice that the"baddies" are white.If you remember the first die hard movie,The terrorists who took over the building were blond haired Germans.Perhaps Sav could do a post on white men always being portrayed as baddies in tv and movies.

Anonymous said...

Apologies on the Chuck part.

Stallone also borrowed another movie from part of his life which he was successfully sued over.

Sylvie what a talent.

Perhaps he could play a firefighter who was passed over for promotion?

AnalogMan said...

Not even OT: I just learned that a woman I knew back in the day has been tortured to death by a gang of these vile animals. Just your standard home invasion/torture/murder of a single White woman. God, I loathe these vermin. And I pay taxes to them. Enough, I'm out of here.

kulak said...


THIS pisses me off.

English poet W.H. Auden is quoted by anti-whites as saying:

"A civilization should be judged by the degree of diversity attained and the degree of unity retained."

Which is COMPLETELY goddamn retarded and ignorant in the sense anti-whites mean it, especially if you know Putnam's research.

So I tried to track this down.

What Auden ACTUALLY said, in discussing ancient Greece, was this:

"Civilization is a precarious balance between what Professor Whitehead has called barbaric vagueness and trivial order. Barbarism is unified but undifferentiated; triviality is differentiated but lacking in any central unity; the ideal of civilization is the integration into a complete whole and with the minimum strain of the maximum number of distinct activities.

It is impossible to say, for example, of a harvest dance of a primitive tribe whether it is an aesthetic play, undertaken for the pleasure it gives the participants in performing it well, or religious ritual, an outward expression of an inward piety towards the powers who control the harvest, or a scientific technique for securing the practical effect of a better harvest: it is indeed foolish to think in such terms at all, since the dancers have not learned to make such distinctions and cannot understand what they mean.

In a society like our own, on the other hand, when a man goes to the ballet, he goes simply to enjoy himself and all he demands is that choreography and performance shall be aesthetically satisfying; when he goes to Mass, he knows that it is irrelevant whether the Mass be well or badly sung, for what matters is the attitude of his will towards God and his neighbor; when he plows a field, he knows that whether the tractor is beautiful or ugly or whether he be a repentant or a defiant sinner is irrelevant to his success or failure. His problem is quite different than that of the savage; the danger for him is that, instead of being a complete person at every moment, he will be split into three unrelated fragments which are always competing for dominance: the aesthetic fragment which goes to the ballet, the religious which goes to Mass, and the practical which earns its living.

If a civilization be judged by this double standard, the degree of diversity attained and the degree of unity retained, then it is hardly too much to say that the Athenians of the fifth century B.C. were the most civilized people who have so far existed."

Auden's standard strikes me as a good one.

When a society is RACIALLY unified, it can afford a maximum of Diversity of THOUGHT.

David said...

From Sunday’s Irish Independent
An unholy row has broken out between the Catholic Church and impersonator Mario Rosenstock over an RTE sketch about Olympic champion Katie Taylor that appears to mock Holy Communion. The Catholic Communications Office (CCO) has formally complained to RTE and demanded an apology over the boxing-themed sketch set in a church, which showed a man spitting into a bucket – in the manner of a prize fighter – before receiving Holy Communion. I have a technical problem at the moment I can’t seem to link it, in short “Irish Independent- Church demands RTE apology over sketch by comic”

Aside from the fact that Katie Taylor is a born again Christian with different views on the Catholic Rite of Communion, Rosenstock is such an Irish name..descended from the Rosenstocks of Abbeyleix I do believe. Isn’t it funny that Alan Shatter earlier this year attempted to criminalize the rite of Confession now this blow-in takes cheap and easy shots at the CC, how about a sketch about a Rabbi giving fellatio to a newly circumcised infant, that would be a laugh.

The attendant comments to this article is purely juvenile as most commentators harp on about the child abuse fiasco that the CC covered up, all of them missing the big picture that is just another erosion of western Christian values. Mind you as an agnostic myself I have to say the CC is sometimes its own worst enemy, rather than remind people that it was the ideological opposition to Islam and Communism both of whom attempted to conquer the continent it trudges along with this happy clappy new age Christianity. The Mario Rosenstock Show is on RTE tonight where our intrepid hero has assured us he will take the piss out of Mother Theresa, if you are Irish please ring the National Station and let them know that you are not happy with your license fee being used to promote an anti-Christian and ultimately anti-western agenda.

Corkonian said...

Analog, genuinely sorry to hear about your friend, and your reaction to get out is the correct one in my view.

Could you help with one question: How many whites are actually leaving SA and how many are returning? Every so often I read in the MSM about the emigration figures being exaggerated and that in fact the net trade-off means that the white population isn't actually declining that much.

Corkonian said...

kulak, that quote from Auden is most interesting and 'liberals' distort great thinking all the time.

In fact if you use Auden's principle here we can see that in white lands the unifying balance has been grossly distorted, and it gets worse all the time.

So in fact this quotation refutes the 'liberal' position, not supports it.

Anonymous said...

When a society is RACIALLY unified, it can afford a maximum of Diversity of THOUGHT.

In The Netherlands you can hate Ajax and love Feyenoord or hate Ajax and Feyenoord and love Sparta. An enricher will hate all the football supporters and all the non-football supporters.

In Belgium you can hate Anderlecht and love Club Brugge or hate Anderlecht and Club Brugge while loving Cercle Brugge. An enricher will hate the cycling fans, the football fans and the fans of neither sport for their Europeanness.

In France you can love PSG and hate Olympique Marseille or you can hate both and love Nice. An enricher can hate all the football fans the cycling fans including Hollande who is bending over backward to show his moral goodness.

I am sure the Irish newcomers will hate Bohemains and Shamrock Rovers while loving Bray Wanderers.

gallowglass said...

Love Bray Wanderers?

Ah come on, there are limits you know!

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, "race doesn't matter", when it's the very frequent black on White crime.

When it's the very infrequent white on black crime NOTHING but race matters.

Non Whites can NEVER commit "hate" crimes against Whites because "race doesn't matter".

Whites ALWAYS commit "hate" crimes against non Whites because NOTHING but race matters.

They say they are anti-racist but what they are is anti-White.

Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.

Anonymous said...

A slight deviation here, but readers may be interested in gaining a fuller understanding of this "jew world order" business from this 1940 newspaper clipping.

Anonymous said...

There were guys in Fraggle Rock who bulit things because construction was their thing which got me wondering as race is a social construct was is one construct always destructing things?

An answer will win you a Nobel Prize in Biology, Medicine, Literature, Peace and respect in the Scientific community. Anyone who disrepected you would get a cap busted in their ass quicker than that natural athlete son of Obama who attacked the neighborhood watch guy.

Calculus said...

That post is a tough one.
I indeed passed on the news more than a month ago. Basically the story, as i remember vaguely, was that a girl was missing, then was found again. No mention of the agressors, no pictures, as far as I can remember...
That was just before the elections and 'Obama d-day' in November. But even so it had been known, I am sure no white 'Obamers' would have change their mind. But some jewrnalists must have tought about it:' we don't want to hurt the possible re-election of a black president by releasing a subliminal anti-black message'.
Like it matters anymore. When we compare the two events, this crime and the us election, Obama's reelection is such a total non-event. The massacre of this angel by animals and the total indifference, worse, the complicite silence of the msm, IS so much more significative.
Thanks to Savant for breaking the wall.

Anonymous said...

Another hair shirt budget coming on Wednesday Sav.More tax increases,cuts in welfare and services.At the same time,the turd world hordes are living off the fat of the land.The trendy pc Irish,to stupid to join the dots.Here comes the pain!

SAVANT said...

David, Rosenstock is playing safe here while pretending to be daring. In fact it takes no courage at all today to mock the Catholic Church or indeed any Christian church.

Real courage would be taking the piss out of the Religion of Peace. Some chance of that.

Anonymous said...

I thought Rosenstock was brilliant last week when those bigots from the mid-East wanted to takeaway the Christmas tree and Rosenstock as Obama said Elie Wiesel take your tatooless forearm get the menorah and shine that up real nice and turn it sideways and turn it straight up your candyass!

If this isn't satire aimed at the religion of brussel sprouts I do not know what is. It made the license fee worthwhile.

Anonymous said...

On your diversity thread

rebel said...
@anon 19.49. Damn it, you're right! jesus, is there any low to which these f*ckers won't go?

That would be a no. And would there enablers see what they were doing?

That would be a no also.

Anonymous said...

Last night I watched Harry Enfield on BBC 2.Mostly sketches about the white working class or upper class toffs.Enfields been doing the same bollox for years.Playing it safe indeed.

Anonymous said...

I often re-visit my thoughts on these matters from just 20 years ago, and marvel at the speed of my rapid "enlightenment" due to this Internet tool sitting in my own home. Imagine a world without personal computers and the world-wide Internet!!

Anyhow, Jared Taylor has a few words on Black IQ that many may have not yet seen.

joe public said...

David, I dont altogether blame Rosenstock. He's a professional comedian and if he tried some other religion, especiallly jews or muslims he probably wouldn't work again.

Uncle Nasty said...

Corkonian said...

Could you help with one question: How many whites are actually leaving SA and how many are returning? Every so often I read in the MSM about the emigration figures being exaggerated and that in fact the net trade-off means that the white population isn't actually declining that much.

I don't think you'll get a straight answer on this subject, Corkonian. I read one piece that says whites are streaming out as fast as ... and another that says their numbers are stable or being replaced by white immigration.

Can't really see the last one, somehow.

I personally think a huge problem for them is the fact that the value of ZA currency is diminishing by the month. When I first came to New Zealand the exchange rate was about ZAR4.50 to the NZ dollar. Right now it's about ZAR7.50

Gone are the days (in the seventies) when the ZA Rand was two to the pound sterling and equalled about US$1.40.

You can't get too far when you're broke ... and white.

Another problem (I think) is that things have not gotten bad enough to trigger the mass migration I-have-to-get-out-of-this-fucking-place reflex.

Although, looking at the racial shitstorm about to envelope the US, the UK, the Scandinavian countries, etc., I have to wonder just how bad it has to get before YT wakes up and starts kicking back.

Maybe it's a bad day, but I am not optimistic.

I can hope, however, that YT realises that a carefully sharpened electrician's screwdriver gets the job done far better than standing at the barricades -- waving a tattered flag and shouting through a megaphone.

That sort of thing causes comment.

Anarchy and payback in small bites, I say.

For starters.


Anonymous said...

More "White Victims of Black Crime"

AnalogMan said...

Corkonian: Thanks.

I really don't know how many people are leaving/returning, and I don't think anyone, least of all the government, does.

The official statistics are based on things such as reports by international moving companies, applications for tax clearances, applications for residence approved by locally-based foreign consulates and so on. Most of my family did none of those things - they just packed a suitcase and bought a plane ticket. I suspect a lot of others did the same.

There is a web site that hypes returning emigres, of which there are a few. People who couldn't get jobs overseas, some just got homesick. I don't read that site. I don't read government statistics. I don't read newspapers. I don't have a TV. In short, I don't know what the hell I'm talking about. But, judging from my ever-diminishing circle of acquaintances, it seems that those who were going to leave have already done so. Add to that the fact that I still see lots of young White mothers with babies and toddlers, and yes, I would not be surprised if the White population is not declining at all, and possibly even growing.

AnalogMan said...

What Uncle Nasty said.

muckygate said...

Your post rings very true. This fake right you refer to has alienated those who have the discipline, intelligence and foresight to confront the jew inspired destruction of civilised society. The bastards probably control the fake right seeing as the seem to control everything else.

Anonymous said...

If Obama had a son he would look like Treyvon

How come that half white president does not acknowledge his son?

Anonymous said...

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