Tuesday, 27 November 2012

"Save da village son. Stay away"

A Nigerian living in Cork passed on this poignant telephone exchange between himself and his mother back in Nigeria. The poor guy....... 

"Mama, I have AIDS."
Mother: "Don't come back home, my son, don't come back home, you stay there!"
Man: "Why mama, why now, what I do now?"
Mother: "You foolish boy! You see, if you come back home, then your wife will be infected. From your wife to your brada, from your brada to our maid, from our maid to your fada, from your fada to my sista, from my sista to her hasband, from him to me, from me to the gardener, from the gardener to your sista. And if your sista got AIDS, yoyo, then the whole village is in trouble! 
So please please please SAVE OUR VILLAGE, DON'T COME BACK HOME!"


Shaunantijihad said...

I don't get it.

Oh... you thought you were joking! Hehe...

Kruger said...

I'd say the concerns of da 'mada' are well founded.

Calculus said...

What is a 'brada', a goat?

Anonymous said...

brada = brother
fada = father

etc. !!

Ian said...

@ Calculus It COULD be a goat from what I've read on the net and it's not restricted to moslems either !

Calculus said...

'brada = brother'
well, maybe, but I suggest to test the goats for AIDS too...just in case.

Anonymous said...

I don't get it.

Uncle Nasty said...

Savant says:

... From your wife to your brada, from your brada to our maid, from our maid to your fada, from your fada to my sista, from my sista to her hasband ...

I must say, Savant, from an old japie, I am amazed at your grasp of African pronunciation of Tha Eeeenglish as she is spoke by da spook.

You sure you didn't spend some time in South Africa? A few examples ...

Pepper ... as in Newspepper.
Deesmees ... you are deesmeesed
Pipple ... as in power to da pipple.

For more ... go here:


Beck - not the front
Beds - doves, vultures, etc.
Ben - to set alight
Begga – you buy at MacaDonnals
Cheeps- Comes with the begga.
Cut - a small vehicle drawn by a donkey
Ebbon Erras - districts, (Urban areas)
Eh – Yes or no.
Eish- I buggered up something / I’ve got no idea.
Farra – Your dad
Feather - implies distance - Cape Town is feather than Johannesburg

And a few of my favorites ...

Bent ... finished benning.
Kennel - Army officer.
Len - to acquire knowledge
Lenna - Pearson what is lenning
Mills - Food on a plate
Pairsin- Human being
Pee-Pull – Human beings
Poh Pee-Pull - Financially challenged people

It's a scream ... and brings a tear of nostalgia to the eye.


Piet said...

UN, don't forget one of my favourites 'wekka' (worker)

Alice Springs said...

Read the comments on this piece in today's Telegraph (in England)

The politicians want to keep on flooding the country with Asians, Africans and Roma gypsies and build over the countryside to accomodate them, but the Brits have had enough:


Anonymous said...

There's an enlightening comment in an article in The Telegraph today. Sounds like the British government are doing exactly the same as Shatter in Ireland. Mongrelise the British/Irish seems to be govt policy.....

The coalition (Conservative/LibDem government) has granted over 365,000 new British passports to foreigners since it came to office. That's right, 365,000 new British passport holders since July 2010. No wonder we need new towns. That's 365,000 new people with legit access to housing, healthcare, pensions, education and the VOTE for themselves and their dependents and descendents for ever.

It has been handing out 45,000 new passports ever three months since taking office. That is exactly the same rate as under Labour. The failure rate for applications is just 4%. So the criteria to get a passport must be really tough, eh?

You know how they used to say that being British was to have won the lottery of life? Well now it's a lottery where 96% of people hit the jackpot!

That's not total immigration mind you - that's just new passports. What sort of signal does this send out to potential immigrants? It says that if you can get here you stay here and get all the benefits. No wonder people are flooding here.

Remember these figures next time Cameron talks about controlling immigration and the need to build houses.......continues


Anonymous said...

In eye land you can getta so shall well far.

Corkonian said...

365,000 new 'citizens' in Britain since july 2010 is a total disgrace. That works out on an annualised basis of roughly 140,000.

But Shatter's sabotage is working out on an annualised rate of nearly 20,000. Population of Britain is 15 times that of Ireland so you can see Shatter's sabotaging at about twice the British rate.

Iron Felix said...

........some more pearls;
yawl awful wetted wharf=your legal spouse.
Ah big yaws=I beg yours.
Bip Auden=beg pardon.
Shizz narsay=(of good looking gal)
weather blerryell hiv yoobin? (furious wife enquiring)
and of course
Offry Kawnur Doom.

Anonymous said...

So long as the British and Irish people pay their taxes and play by the rules the turd worlders will keep coming.Starve the beast!Work for cash in hand,car pool,hide your money,claim as much as you can from welfare,curtail your retail spending.

Anonymous said...


If ONLY a comedy show could be produced form the antics of these boons and the white trash who accommodate/grub around them.

It would make MILLIONS!!!!

Are you listening BBC/Jewllywood?!?

nastiestuncle said...

@Alice Springs 09:43

"Read the comments on this piece in today's Telegraph (in England)

The politicians want to keep on flooding the country with Asians, Africans and Roma gypsies and build over the countryside to accomodate them, but the Brits have had enough:


I'm not going to suggest that the British people sabotage any and all development of greenfield land used for building housing for immigrants or attack the landowners or developers involved, because incitement is illegal. If it wasn't illegal I would suggest it though.

Anonymous said...

International Jew George Soros attacks Greece's patriotic Golden Dawn...


Anonymous said...

But but but the UK needs child groomers as Rochdale, Bradford, Rotherham and Islington have shown us.

How else will Hattie get her wife elected?

Calculus said...

@ Nastiest
In answer to the story of the black guy who likes white pussy, with the risk of creating brown pussy out of it, you said the risk is not real because:
"...because there is so much white pussy that he will never have to resort to shagging his own half-breed offspring..."

Haha! the Champaign always tastes good, even 2 seconds before the Iceberg sinks your Ship.
Yeah, ALL black guys want white pussy, along with all asian guys, jew guys, indy guys etc. So no, there is NOT so much white pussy anymore. Some areas are still majority white, but that's passive defense, by contrast to
'Segregation' which was an active defense system. It's like hoping to take indefinite numbers of punches and hits with no consequences, just because you are a tall and big fat guy.
All 'active' defense systems have fallen in the Occidental world. These remnant white areas protected by the buffering effects of their own 'mass' will fall like a fat man, sooner than later and without fighting.
By 2100, the american melting pot might have reach its final steady state of racial mixing, based on today's demographic numbers, that will define an american Metis as ~ '50% white ex-european, 10% jewish, 20% latinos/asian, 20% black'.
I am certain that the white isolates like mormons will be gone too. As i said, fat is some protection, but not as good as trained muscles and brains.
Not that i have any practical solution to that problem. 300 years ago the solution was called 'America' and now?

Anonymous said...

If you ever get in to a conversation with an African in Ireland,use words like inane,proscribe,synopsis.They look at you as if you were speaking Chinese.

Eamon Bejayzuz said...

you want the building of a mosque to be permanently halted? Slip onto the site one night and bury a dead pig on it. Tried in Spain, works a treat. Particularly commended to persons aggrieved when some mullah steps down off the plane and demands the silencing of their local church bells.

kerplunk said...

Eamonn, does it actually work? I ask because I read soemwhere that a mullah can undertake a 'cleansing ceremony' (for a fee of course) and hey presto, full steam ahead!

BJKahn said...

Nastiest Uncle, you're correct when you say All 'active' defense systems have fallen in the Occidental world. These remnant white areas protected by the buffering effects of their own 'mass' will fall like a fat man, sooner than later and without fighting.

It's simple math. Every coal burner's kids will be non-white, taken out of the white gene pool. As their numbers rise there will inevitably be more and more miscegenation, every iteration of which further takes a swathe of whites out their gene pool and into the mixed one. That's the way for example Brazil went.

Eamon Bejayzuz said...

Apparently the Spanish expedient with burying the dead pig did work---the muzzies had to fold their tents and go elsewhere, so far as I understood it. Wait until someone tries it here in Ireland, see how it works out. Cross-lighting, anyone, while we are at it?

SAVANT said...

UN, yes I've been in SA many times. There in 1995 & gave a series of lectures at Wits (coincidentally timed with the Rugby World Cup!!).

Then in the early noughties I had responsibility for the South African consulting wing of a large international company. Did great for a while but then BEE struck. We had to recruit one for one, a black for every white. Result? Disaster. We had to close the whole operation down.

Interestingly I found that the women were worse. The men generally were happy enough if you paid them and asked them to do nothing. But the women wanted respec' and the appearance at least of real work.

They were totally useless. You cannot imagine how bad they were. And interestingly the whites were absolutely brilliant. I've run technical operations in countless countries and the SA whites and the Israelis were the most capable of them all.

Anonymous said...

I once had the misfortune of working alongside blacks.It would take me perhaps an hour to do a certain task and a whole fucking shift for a black to do the same job.Is it laziness or incompetence?

Uncle Nasty said...

Piet said...

UN, don't forget one of my favourites 'wekka' (worker)

28 November 2012 09:15

Didn't forget it, Piet. Just figured that my credibility would be shot if I purposefully included mythological creatures.

But thanks all the same.


potgieter said...

'Is it laziness or incompetence?'

Surely both? They're stupid AND lazy.

You heard the one about giving blacks only 10 minutes for lunch? Any longer and they'd forget what they'd been shown before lunch!

Uncle Nasty said...

I think the whole thing is encapsulated by a joke I heard years ago, back in the old RSA ...

It was about the mexican who refused to let his daughter marry a nigger.

He was afraid that their offspring would grow up too lazy to steal ...


Uberdude said...

If a severely underpopulated and underdeveloped country has retained even a grain of the sense with which it was born, it would be going way out of its way to encourage largescale immigration of highly skilled, energetic and highly motivated people with a highly developed sense of personal and social ethics, whilst retaining all its own best citizens. The obvious case here are of course Saffers.
If on the other hand such a country has so far taken leave of whatever shred of sanity it may once have had that race suicide is seen by it as the ultimate good in all things, then it will joyously see the country flooded with the worst imaginable persons, and in particular persons of the type who are ruining South Africa and making refugees--real ones this time--of white South Africans, while doing all it can to force into exile as many as possible of its own brightest and best.
So which of these choices have we here in Ireland made for ourselves?
We are, I fear, entering the end times for the noblest race, the white one, which has ever lived.

Anonymous said...


Yes, from my own experience I'd say White Saffers and Israelis are per capita the best-quality Whites around. Wish I could say the same about my own people the Americans, but that ole kick-ass pioneer spirit is fading fast...


Anonymous said...

Q: What do you get when you cross a Mexican and an Asian?
A: A car thief that can't drive.

Q: What do you get when you cross a Mexican and a Mormon?
A: A basement full of stolen groceries.

AnalogMan said...

Not bad, UN, but it misses the essence of the beast. I heard a version that gets closer: What do you get when you cross a kaffir with a Cape coloured?

Someone who breaks everything he steals.

That's what defines the species. Their unique talent for destruction. It's said that the nuclear research institute at Phalaborwa developed a cheaper technique for splitting the atom: give it to a kaffir and tell him not to break it.

And they do. If there is anything beautiful, anything valuable, useful, or sacred, they can't resist destroying it. That's what makes them a plague wherever they are found.

Anonymous said...

Check this out. Hilarious!!!

Saturday Nite Cinema (The Lopburi Monkey Festival)


boi1ermaker says:
Destroy electrical wires: Destroy everything
Invade stores: Invade stores & kill, arson
Inside a large concrete temple: In Nigger U. or Nigger C.C. (jail)
Stealing sunglasses: Steal everything, kill, arson
Free food handouts: Free food, money, W.I.N., tuition
Attacking w/number advantage Attack w/# or force, weapon advantage
Coddled by humans: Coddled by NLLN humans
Both: probably or guaranteed prosecution for using force to deter.

Frank Galton

Uncle Nasty said...

Slightly off-topic but interesting, nonetheless.

I stumbled onto this site ... and thought I'd take the test.


The answers are fascinating. Ten years ago, they may have been relevant ... perhaps even truthful, but not any more. De fus' Niggah has taken care of that.

Take the test yourself ... and answer the questions ... not truthfully but correctly, if you get what I mean.


Fiachra O'Blodbaoith said...

With reference to anonymous' observation re White Saffers and Israelis, I might take it a little further. I was in Israel a while ago and found them to be much as Mildenstein said all those years ago (" a new race, upright and healthy")and they put me in mind of nothing so much as midwest Americans (the sort of Texans who don't give a toss what Californians think of them) or, perhaps a little surprisingly, of Germans. In all three I found the same openness, generosity of spirit, effortless courtesy, the same nice manners and pleasent demeanour. In all three cases everything works as it should, the places are clean and looked after, the streets safe and the entire ethos to be wholesome. There is indeed a world of differance between your murderous ghetto jew of a century ago and the cultured, sublimated, good looking citizenry of Israel today.

white rose said...

I just love those 'what do you get if you cross.....' jokes.

Any more?

Anonymous said...

QWhat do you get if you cross a Very Dumb White Liberal with an African Black Communist?
A A student athlete too stupid to read a teleprompter.

Uncle Nasty said...

AnalogMan said...

That's what defines the species. Their unique talent for destruction.

Too true, Cobber. People in the real world may think Analogman exaggerates, but no.

In the west of Johannesburg, there resided (and possibly still does) a ferrous metals merchant named Bosazza's, who had a a sort of nigger's rogue's gallery of destruction ... iron and steel artifacts and tools, that, by all the rules of nature and physics, cannot be broken.

Wrecking balls, twelve-pound hammers, pickaxes ... you know what I mean.

All broken beyond repair.

In pride of place was a 250 Kilogram (about 550 pounds) professional blacksmith's anvil -- broken clean in two. I asked the proprietor where it came from.

The laconic reply: "Botswana."

Another example.

The AK47 assault rifle is an icon of almost legendary reliability and robustness. They are regarded as -- to all intents and purposes -- indestructible.

About 25% of those recovered from nog terrorists in the African bush were inoperable. Ruined beyond repair. The balance were relatively new and unused.

Their talent for destruction is limitless.


Jerry said...

How the HELL did they break an anvil?

Listen, this takes a unique talent. I tell you, I would not know how to do that!

Uncle Nasty said...

Jerry, this is why my respect for the ubiquitous Toyota Hi-Lux -- what the US military call "The Technical" is immense.


We've all seen them.

Usually in deepest, darkest Africa, with anything from Browning .50's (the famous "Ma Deuce, but more usually The Soviet DShK 1938) to RPG's, to recoilless rifles (cannons actually) and a host of grinning niggers all over them like a bad smell.

Jeremy Clarkson did a segment on the indestructable HiLux.


It's in three parts.

You want a vehicle for Armageddon? The End of Days? Get a HiLux. When you finally get to Hell, you'll be able to drive over Beelzebub's feet with it.


Oh, and by the way, notice the strange similarity of the last attempt ... to 9/11.

I did not plan that. Honest.

tsnamm said...

Hey Uncle Nasty I think it was why the black mother didn't want her son to marry a Puerto Rican...of course that always leads to so many classics...like the one my father always used to like to tell...Name 3 things you can't give a nigger...a black eye, a fat lip, or a job.

Anonymous said...


AnalogMan said...

An anvil? Eish.*

But wouldn't that take work?

* See UN's glossary above @ 05:37 28 Nov

Gary Paul said...

Analog, not only would it take work to break an anvil but also ingenuity. That's what I can't figure.

Uncle Nasty said...

AnalogMan said...

An anvil? Eish.*

But wouldn't that take work?

One of my memories of the RSA ... both old and new, is that any jigaboo who is not Xhosa or ANC (As Mark Twain once said: "But I repeat myself.") is ten times worse off than they ever were under the old white government.

Thanks to the African equivalent of untrammelled immigration (porous, broken borders and useless, corrupt niggers in customs and immigration, the population (officially 40 to 50 000 000 ... but I am prepared to bet 50 - 100% more. There are no reliable figures) has exploded beyond the capacity of the country to house, clothe, feed and, if necessary, imprison them.

The result being that there are tens of thousands of niggers literally starving -- and therefore prepared to do what US niggers with their EBT's would never do ... actual grinding physical labour.

Until the first weekend or payday, anyway.

As for the Rainbow Nation (Little hearts, flowers and pink unicorns) ... in the words of my sainted Granny:- fuck that bullshit.

The country is flooded by nogs from every flyblown shit-hole north of the Zambesi.

And the locals hate it, baby. They hate every Northern nog from Addis Ababa to Zambia and all points inbetween. Back in the sixties, regardless of the poncing pontificating poltroons of the Guardian, there was more naked tooth-grinding hatred between Zulus and Xhosas, than against any white man.

And thanks to the ANC's "Borderless Africa", they have about forty other nog nations to detest.

"They are tekking da wek. They are stilling da tjobs ..."

So ... yes. Sometimes work does get done. Shoddily, shabbily, haphazardly, usually stupidly and with a lot of equipment broken ...

But yes there is still a spark. Why? 'Cause there ain't no welfare.

The ANC govt. has stolen it all.

.Borderless Africa

Anonymous said...

Today is HIV awareness day.
The majority of people with HIV Aids are heterosexuals.
And percentagewise?

Come on people.

Give you a hint. Why did TB make a comeback in Cork?

Anonymous said...

Where I live is one of the worlds 3 or 4 premier thoroughbred horse breeding and racing areas.

So last night,having a pint,I asked a friend,who is a farrier,if it was possible to break an anvil.

He gave me "a look" and,but for the fact that it was my my round,I'm certain he would have edged away from me to the other end of the counter.

But it got me thinking.

Considering that a horse may be worth 10 million dollars or more,are there any black farriers anywhere in Kildare,Newmarket,Kentucky,Chantilly,Australia?.Anywhere?

Would YOU take the risk?.


AnalogMan said...

What you say is mostly true, UN. "Mostly", because there is a form of welfare in the child allowances, but of course that doesn't apply to the wekkes, the men.

But that anvil came from Botswana.

Uncle Nasty said...

I can see that my anvil story is straining credulity somewhat. May I ask a current resident in the RSA to phone Bosazza in Westdene (Jhb) and ... assuming the phone is answered by a Euro person, ask them if they still have the broken anvil?

Website here:-


One may have to be a bit subtle here.


Gary Paul said...

UN, the reason I personally find it hard to believe (the anvil story) is that breaking an anvil takes prodigious amount of effort and/or ingenuity. Now guess who does not have such attributes?

Unvle Nasty said...

AnalogMan said...

But that anvil came from Botswana.

Analogman makes a good point here. Botswana, strangely enough, is the one solitary black or black-ruled state that one never seems to hear a bad word about.

Not famous (or notorious) for internet scams, or cross-border raids or civil insurrection ... Botswana (formerly Bechuanaland ... a British Protectorate) seems to be the exception that proves the rule. I never visited the place myself. Maybe I should have.

I am amazed that some fuckwit in South Africa hasn't suggesting invading the place.


AnalogMan said...

Uncle Nasty, I wouldn't give Botswana too much credit. True, you don't hear stories of tribal warfare, cannibalism and such, but it's a genuine African shithole. Not cool, like the Congo, possibly because you might say its diversity is so homogeneous. They're all Tswanas there.

I remember reading a few years back that Botswana was suffering an educational crisis, caused by the fact that so few new teachers were graduating from the teacher training colleges. Apparently, they were dying of AIDS before completing the course.

The joys of higher education.

potgieter said...

Don't forget too that 'Swana has a tiny population in a huge country and has huge diamond wealth. Not a typical African country at all.

Uncle Nasty said...

Regarding Botswana ...

That clang you just heard, was me being slapped upside the head by a recollection.
A very good friend of mine, who cannot be named as he still resides in the festering shit-hole that is the good ol' RSA, gave me a very interesting bit of info several years back ... and Analogman has just jogged it to the surface, once again.

My friend created low-to-medium budget corporate movies and videos. When times were hard, he would shoot weddings. Hey, not all of us are Spielberg or Cameron.
Well, the fellow got called up to Gabarone (capital of Botswana) one day to take a briefing from their department of health.

It was to be a health-related public service video and, to cut to the chase, on his return he informed me that he was told at the briefing that 82-85% of all Botswanan adults were HIV positive ... in 2002.
Citing the official figures that one gets from all the nigger states we are told that Swaziland is the highest in the world at 26.1% -- of all adults,

The most recent surveillance in antenatal women reported an overall prevalence of 42.6% in 2004. Prevalence of 28% was found among young women aged 15–19. In women ages 25–29, prevalence was 56%


Yet officially The prevalence of HIV/AIDS in Botswana was estimated at 24% for adults in 2006 ... once again:-


Who do you believe? The politicians or your own lying eyes?
And if I may reiterate ... Botswana's HIV rate is officially below that of Swaziland.