Saturday, 24 November 2012

For Whom The Bell Curve Tolls

'That's a joke, right? Please tell me it's a joke'. Such was my initial reaction on reading this pearl from Britain's Education Secretary Michael Gove: 'Teachers are guilty of “soft bigotry” by giving children from ethnic minorities lower marks than white pupils'. How, I asked myself, are such people allowed breathe and procreate, let alone occupy the highest positions of government?

But as I read on an idea began to form in my fevered  mind. You see he intends to 'mount a staunch defence of the role of “proper tests”, which are set and marked externally, and the results of which are recorded in league table ranking schools in order of their achievements.'  Mmmm.... My idea was that maybe this guy is actually quite smart after all.

Look, let's assume - OK, I know it sounds crazy - but let's assume for a minute that Conservatives really do want to be conservative. That they want people to be judged on merit rather than skin colour, that they want to avoid and undo mad social engineering projects, and get value for tax-payers' money. Where better to focus than on that giant cocoon of lies built around the Potemkin village of minority educational shortcomings?

Maybe he knows the truth - that blacks are too dumb and Muslims brain-damaged through inter-breeding and stupefied from learning by rote the ravings of a seventh century homicidal paedophile and that in fact teachers are in reality marking up the minorities. And that independent external blind testing would show this up.  But he also knows that were he to say this openly it'd be like poking a stick into a hive of angry hornets. But, assuming my theory is correct, he has, at a stroke, not only precluded such a reaction but in fact come up smelling of roses. How could anyone who imputes the victimhood to persecuted minorities and the blame to Whites not be a Good Person with his hand on the pulse of the nation?

Maybe I'm all wrong.  But I could be right. If so maybe there's hope.....


Anonymous said...

If that was Goves intention then he is displaying a deviousness hitherto unseen.But hopefully that may have been his intention.

However,I think he was simply uttering two conflicting things at the same time but did not even realise it.

Just another traitorous Tory scumbag.


Anonymous said...

Check out the Commonwealth of Virginia a school can pass inspection if 33% of the racial construct of Ja'Quanzas can pass maths whereas 82% of the racial constructs that are 百家姓 have to pass for the school to pass.

B caz Numers b rayciss'n'sheeit.

Anonymous said...

Sav.I mentioned in an earlier post that the Junior Cert is to be scrapped from next year.The Irish educational system is regarded as among the best in the world.The influx of low IQ immigrants has meant we have had to tear up the blue print and start again.

Gus said...

Don't hold your breath Mr Savant!

Along with William Hague and Liam Fox, Michael Gove is a leading neo-con in the Conservative Party, all three in total thrall to Israel and the huge, powerful Jewish lobby in Britain.

katana said...

Savant wrote:

As every schoolboy knows, were he to come straight out with the truth - that blacks are too dumb and Muslims brain-damaged through inter-breeding and stupefied from learning by rote the ravings of a seventh century homicidal paedophile - it'd be like poking a stick into a hive of angry hornets. But, assuming my theory is correct, he has, at a stroke, not only precluded such a reaction but in fact come up smelling of roses. How could anyone who imputes victimhood to persecuted minorities and the blame to Whites not be a Good Person with his hand on the pulse of the nation?

Maybe I'm all wrong. But I could be right. If so maybe there's hope.....


I suggest that you add a few clarifying sentences to your post. It' all a bit convoluted until you read your link. Even then it takes some re-reading.

pearly king said...

More on the UKIP foster parents scandal in Rotherham, England.
Guido Fawkes blog reveals, as we all suspected, that Joyce Thacker bigwig in Rotherham Borough Council, is a Common Purpose graduate ie a member who recruits, works with other members, and follows the shadowy, leftist, Common Purpose agenda:

Beware Ireland! Common Purpose is out to ensnare you:

Find members:

Krokodil said...

Michael Gove has always looked to me like an utter caricature of an upper-class Tory twit.

If Spitting Image came back, they wouldn't have to change anything, just use his normal face.

rambaloosa said...

The externs will still be able to identify La'Quicha and Jamal.

dun no who dat Shakespeare guy is but his sister be in dat group dat split from Banarama

And mark them up accordingly.

kulak said...

They took on the three children — a baby girl, a boy and an older girl, who were all from an ethnic minority and a troubled family background — in September in an emergency placement.

Something is wrong with these people. If they get screwed, good.

Swagman said...

Read an account of a Cultural Marxist in action!

The Common Purpose woman in Rotherham instrumental in accusing UKIP of being a 'racist party', and removing three kids from their foster parents,is a certain Joyce Thacker. According to someone on a Rotherham politics blog, the sinister Ms Thacker has form:

"I have met Joyce Thacker on a few occasions, whilst she was head of Bradford youth service. At the moment there is an a yet to emerge story regarding grooming and child abuse in the Bradford/ Keighley area that is equal to if not bigger than the terrible events in Rotherham (see Anne Cryer MP, who has been vocal on this) Joyce Thacker oversaw the stopping of prosecutions, the stopping of the ‘grooming and let the repeated rapes carry on…they still are going on. She had a reputation with staff as someone who would attack them in a brutal manner if they had the temerity to challenge her. I know that one of her lines was that if staff mentioned abuse by asian men, they would be dismissed for racism. As you can imagine, they were not happy bunnies, as some staff were working directly with victims.

Mrs Thacker has a track record in colluding with and covering up abuse.
She should face criminal prosecution for this collusion.

She has little professional experience or training in child protection.

In Bradford she left a ‘disrupted,’ youth service and a general atmosphere of fear regarding senior management

I worked for a charity project, and viewed with horror, her actions (in-actions!) and was disturbed when she got the job in Rotherham. Maybe she got the job as she is skilled in cover up, blaming others and dodging the bullets.

A word of warning; Joyce will be swift and nasty when challenged, blaming anyone and smearing them as much as she can. If she was profiled by a psychologist, the report would match that of a sociopath."

Anonymous said...

Ah, "the soft bigotry of low expectations."

I don't know who crafted this asinine phrase, but I remember George W. Duncecap used it often in his 2000 run for the Shite House.

Few remember this, but pre-9/11, 'W' was all set to be "The Education President."

Dang terrists - we coulda edjumacated all dem nigras and 'migras' if we didn't have to git Saddam!

-E.Henry Thripshaw's T-shirt

Anonymous said...

Gove says there is "evidence" that teachers give "students of color" lower grades.

Can we see the "evidence" for ourselves, please?

If he means consistently lower test scores than whites, that is not evidence of bigotry. It is evidence that coloreds have less aptitude.

Or you could believe that UK teachers aren't overwhelmingly far-left PC obsessed race traitors but are in fact mostly secret white nationalists who belong to the supersecret Underground National Front which holds its meetings in mine shafts, takes no minutes, keeps no membership lists, doesn't print any literature and runs no candidates.

-E.H. Thripshaw's Disease

the binman said...

This Rotherham Politics blog is an excellent site for revealing the machinations that go on in multi-culti enriched areas dominated by the Labour Party, Moslem colonisers, and Common Purpose public sector Stasi.

The depressingly sordid goings-on in this part of Yorkshire, England should serve as a warning to all of us still living in places where our society, ethnicity, and politics have not yet been degraded to such an extent. If we do not heed this warning then we are doomed to befall the same grim fate as the unlucky remaining indigenous white residents of Rotherham.

Gary Paul said...

One good thing is that Common Purpose has had to pull out of Holland. No interest in them. Maybe the Dutch have more sense than I thought.

Anonymous said...

Was the woman involved in the Baby P case who was a former teacher with no child protection experience and her department always got top marks for the cases they presented to the inspectors CP?

SAVANT said...

anon 13.35. Yes, I'm well aware of the foreign impact on Ireland's educational decline. If the state agencies involved could show even 10% of the efficiency in their normal operations as they do in the covering up of this the country's problems would disappear.

I've written about it here and elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

The author of the Bell Curve was attacked by liberal groups in the US relentlessly.Empirical evidence was posted by Charles Murray as a probability density curve in the shape of a bell. The results showed blacks in general had lower IQ's than the average,similarly Ashkenazi Jews profiled higher than the mean IQ.

The reason liberal Jews objected (counter intuitively as they were seen as above average IQ) to his results was because it undermined the gateway to power Jews had accessed since the late 1920's in the US,namely through the education system.Up to that point and even quite recently some ivy league colleges admitted the sons of WASPS regardless of intellectual capacity. Admittance on merit changed that and the profile of the intellectual elite of America was radically altered.
Any attack on the intellectual capacity of minorities threatens the education system and hence the gateway to power for ashkenazi jews.The fact certain minorities score poorly is irrelevant ,the cream will always rise to the top and hence control.In any case most elites send their kids to private schools and not through the Public system which indoctrinates the working class to servitude.
So access to power up to the 1920's in the US was through the old boys network of WASP families;that has been replaced by the rise of educated elites(predominantly ashkenazi jews).Their control of power is now slipping because globalisation has introduced a new agent of change in the invisible power structure and they are the Chinese.
What do they offer that is more attractive?.Simple.Whatever you want they can sell it to you cheaper than anyone else.

So experience in other western countries shows that if you want a future for your kids get them educated in a private school or a Gaelscoil but don't put them through the Public system in Ireland.To knowingly follow that path is child abuse.
Ask yourself why such staunch multiculturalists and socialists as Joan Burton and Ruari Quinn send their kids to private school whilst they fumigate the public system of values and educational achievement.?
Remember ,as education minister Ruari Quinn recently abolished the inter cert.

Croesus said...

anon. I have always been fascinated as to why Jews reacted so strongly against racial IQ differences given that they came out so well. I felt that they could, with considerable justification, point to that as the reason for their success. Excluding this possibility laid them open to the charge of gaining success through other nefarious reasons.

Your explanation is plausable but not convincing. Too abstract and roundabout. Do people really think along those lines?

Brummie said...

Or you could believe that UK teachers aren't overwhelmingly far-left PC obsessed race traitors but are in fact mostly secret white nationalists who belong to the supersecret Underground National Front which holds its meetings in mine shafts, takes no minutes, keeps no membership lists, doesn't print any literature and runs no candidates.

If only! Teachers are the worst traitors of all. The kids are fully indoctrinated by the time they leave 'education'.

Uncle Nasty said...

Croesus said...

Your explanation is plausable but not convincing. Too abstract and roundabout. Do people really think along those lines?

I have read through Anon's post several times and find Anon's thinking both plausible and convincing. I think you would be amazed at the lines that people think along.

Open any newspaper. Read any WN blog and get a feel for the sheer duplicity and doublethink of the jews and their enablers.

The only thing they have is ideology.


Heraclitus said...

Taking up Croesus' point UN, I also fail to see the logic of jews' denying their exceptional intelligence. I mean, it can be used to explain away their accomplishments on the most worthy basis.

Say they had sort of stood by when all this race/IQ stuff came out, or else gave it tacit soto voce support. They don't get the blame for bringing it up but get the credit for their achievements being based on merit.

I just don't get it, quite honestly.

Anonymous said...

I first read of his proposition some time ago Savant, and came to the same conclusion. It's certainly welcome news.

BTW, have you ever visited The Birdman Bryant's site? I'd be interested to know what you think of it.

Anonymous said...

A picture to go with the we tell you what to type

Ruari Quinn I salute you indefiwhatever George Galloway said your courage your something else hatta al mosque hatta al mosque hatta al qurs

SAVANT said...

Yes, the Birdman's site has great stuff but the layout is terrible.

Pity he died comparatively young...

Uncle Nasty said...

Secondly I notice that many people refer to the "exceptional" intelligence of Ashkenazi jews.

How much of it is public relations?

From Wikipedia:-

Lynn's survey is an expansion by nearly four times of the data collected in his 2002 book IQ and the Wealth of Nations with Tatu Vanhanen, which dealt with the relationship between IQ and economic development.

The book claims to represent the largest collection and review of the global Intelligence Quotient (IQ) data, surveying 620 published studies from around the world, with a total of 813,778 tested individuals. Lynn's meta-analysis lists East Asians (IQ 105), Europeans (100), Inuit (91), South East Asians (87), Native Americans (87), Pacific Islanders (85), South Asians and North Africans (84), Indians (82), non-bushmen Sub-Saharan Africans (67), Australian Aborigines (62), Bushmen and Pygmies (54). The average human IQ of the world is estimated to be 90.

Secondly ...

Ashkenazi Jews who Lynn classifies as West Asian/European hybrids, average 108-115 in the U.S. and Britain. Israel has an average IQ of only about 95. Lynn explains this by breaking down the Israeli population into three components: 40 percent Ashkenazi Jews (European Jewish) with an average IQ of 103; 40 percent Sephardi Jews (Oriental Jewish) with an average IQ of 91; and 20 percent Arab with an average IQ of 86.

Interesting, no? How come Ashkanazi yids have an IQ drop of five to ten points in one paragraph? ... depending on where they live? Read the above quote again. Note the sephardic hosenoses are quoted as 91 ... nine below average?

Strong smell of fish, here.


Uncle Nasty said...

Oh, how I laughed.

God damn. These people will do anything for a dollar ... won't they?

I find the title a little ambiguous, though. Is it about cooking survivors ... or survivors cooking?

Says it all, really.


Mike Steinberg said...

@ Savant,

The right have quite effectively co-opted the low academic achievement of non-asian minorities in NZ and the US to press for charter schools and league tables. Very smart because it uses the left's sacred values against the leftists.

Dan said...

Gove is another Neocon. He was also adopted. I think he's hot Jewish roots someplace. He rose to prominence post 9/11 by calling for the invasion of Iraq. He screams Heeb as far as I can tell.

kulak said...

Any attack on the intellectual capacity of minorities threatens the education system and hence the gateway to power for ashkenazi jews.

option 1: IF we accept racial differences in IQ AND accept IQ as the or the major component of "merit", then Jews rise to the top on the basis of "merit", but with a higher chance of Jews being rejected by whites as whites.

option 2: IF we reject racial differences in IQ AND accept Jews as whites then Jews still rise to the top, and moderately high IQ whites get hosed in admissions and hiring.

This choice is a no-brainer from the Jewish pov.

China ain't got nothing to do with this. The first challenge to ZOG arose with CNN, thank you very much Ted Turner, bringing the interests of Israel and the diaspora into conflict. The second challenge comes from the internet.

The third challenge comes from the unintended consequences of white genocide.

Hallelujah already said...

Well knock me down with a feather!!

Would you believe it? The new Archbishop of Canterbury is a Jew!!
Is there anywhere that these feckers don't inveigle their way in to?

This is from today's Telegraph:

Shaunantijihad said...

Perhaps you are right and there are at least some conservatives in the Conservatives, sanguine Savant. But let me play “Devil's Advocate” for you old friend. Let us assume the opposite…

According to what we know of the Bolshevik manifesto of yesteryear, identifying the most intelligent in a society being taken over is essential – in order to eliminate them. As they did when the Jews took over Russia and unleashed the Red Terror. The first targets were anyone with an education, the middle class and anyone displaying evidence of numeracy and literacy. This eliminates sources of opposition, or, in Lenin’s own words, to “create a nation of white niggers.” That table of under-achievers and over-achievers takes on a more sinister tone now doesn’t it? An area is doing well? Hmm, they need more Somalis and Pakis.

Too much the devil’s advocate? Let’s continue into the lower circles of hell…

The Jewish Bolshevik revolution and the subsequent Soviet Union was financed by the Jews who own the central banks of the West, mainly Britain, Germany and the USA. Only later when Hitler stopped the advancing Soviet terror and ousted the Jews’ control of the Deutschmark did we and the USA stab Hitler in the back to facilitate the Soviet march upon Europe. Only Stalin’s change of mind eventually forestalled this. But it was a temporary pause only.

We are in a new front in the cold war that has the same purpose – the transfer of all wealth to Jewish Communists and the enslavement of Europeans. Just as wicked bankers might lend far too much money at low interest to an unsuspecting home owner or farmer, only to then hike interest rates so much that the bank can then foreclose on the property, our banker-bought politicians have racked up national debts on near zero interest rates for the exact same purpose. The trap is set.

How will it play out? Well, they have done this before. They have a manifesto. In the Weimar Republic the bought politicians racked up a national debt equal to 913% of the economy. Then the central bank hiked interest rates. So the bought politicians printed money, and more money, and more… Anyone not in on the scam lost everything to the subsequent hyper inflation. Everyone who was in on the game was later able to buy everything after changing their gold, silver and foreign currencies back into a terribly devalued Mark. This is how the Jews came to own most of Germany.

Britain and Ireland’s debt ratio to the size of the economy is to now equal to that of Weimar. Think about the implications of that a moment. When the Jewish central bankers start to raise interest rates 100% income tax will not be enough to service that debt. So they will print, and print, and print… again.

When Britain suffered 28% inflation in the seventies the national debt was less than £100 billion. When the coalition was elected on various broken promises, including and “austerity” budget, the debt was £600 billion. Have they cut anything? Remember, these are the servants of the central banksters. According to at the next election the debt will be £1.4 trillion. A future with 400% inflation is thus a very real possibility unless we can get the bastards out.

What did they spend it all on? They borrowed money, in your name, that you and your children must pay back, plus interest, to give millions of Africans and Muslims free homes, education, health care, affirmative action jobs etc etc. Why? Because they don’t want a high IQ population. And a nation divided, like Yugoslavia, is easier to control and impose the Communist tyranny.

£1.4 trillion – upon which interest must be paid. Welcome to the Global Plantation.

Is that sufficient “Devil’s Advocate” for you, good Savant?

Anonymous said...

" explain away their accomplishments"

I hear all about these amazingly clever jews , but the ones I've worked haven't been. They've been cunning etc but not smart in the way they like to portray. The smartest men I've worked with have all been white.

Their positions come from cunning and ethno networking not raw intelligence.

History is unequivocally on our side. Jerusalem was a cow town in comparison to Rome, until they started to bury into our civilisation they achieved next to nothing. Yids love gongs, status etc and will give prizes etc to each other with abandon. My experience has been , as I said, they they're cunning and use others to gain glory.

BJKahn said...

UN, so Ashkenazi Jews are on the one hand denying their superior intelligence and on the other only pretending to have it - a publicity stunt. Need to think that over.

Anonymous said...

Shaun you need your own blog mate. Your comments spot on.

Roem said...

@Hallelujah 'The new Archbishop of Canterbury is a Jew!!'

Since I got jew-wise I've been researching their possible role in penetrating the Catholic Church. Mind-blowing. Vatican II is a jewish construct.

SAVANT said...

Shaun...I echo anon 10.30. In fact I'll make this a post in its own right over the next day or so.

Anonymous said...

Would love to hear from anyone who teaches in an Irish school that's full of diversity.

Anonymous said...


Could you give us some links re the penetration of the Church?.

Even before I awoke,I had my suspicions about John XXIII,although much of the work was done by Paul VI.


Anonymous said...

Brilliant post from ShaunAntijihad at 9.50. Sums up the urgency of the situation now facing us.

Anonymous said...

Thacker and all those like her are a
massive cancer growing inside Britain.People like her cannot be treated or cured by psycho-analysis, they must be totally netralized.

Kevin Rafferty said...

Would love to hear from anyone who teaches in an Irish school that's full of diversity.

My best friend teaches in a school about 6 miles from Cork. It used to be superb, small, local, great community ties and excellent exam results.

Then a nearby hotel was take over for 'asylum seekers' and their offspring started going to the school. Numbers rapidly built up. Net result, school is unrecognisable. Huge amounts of resources go to remedial work, the students have broken up into factions while those parents who can afford it now send their children to school in Cork. Hardly needs to be said, academic results have collapsed.

So my friend you have now heard
about an Irish school full of diversity.

Oh, and by the way. Valuables used to be left all over the place with never a problem. Now after a plague of thefts they've had to introduce special lockers and restrict access times and locations.

Great, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Kevin your post was sort of made before on a diversity thread.

Rugby club never a problem got diversified and things went missing.

Computer club got diversified and things went missing but in this case the organisers just could not fathom how this was happening.

I wonder could inspector Closeau figure out what happened?

SAVANT said...

@anon 14.58. Me too. A friend of mine runs the kids team for the local rugby club. Never a problem, valuables could be left around in complete safety.

Enter two Nigerian cultural enrichers and lo and behold, iPhones, money, watches etc. began to go missing. Needless to say, nobody would point out the elephant (ape?) in the room. Now everything is locked up and an atmosphere of distrust prevails.

The joys of diversity.

Anonymous said...

Got the sack on my first day in a record shop. A black guy comes in and asks me if I've got anything by the Doors.
I replied "two CCTV cameras and a security guard. Now fuck off out of here you thieving black cunt."
Paris Claims

Anonymous said...

FACT: As an American school teacher in the South, I regularly inflate the grades of "minority" kids as a matter of course, simply so that they pass (...and to stay employed.)

It is my county's policy that the teacher must do EVERYTHING POSSIBLE (read between the lines) to ensure that students don't fail. Schools are mandated by state & federal decrees to show "progress" on standardized tests, and to have certain graduation rates. If these resutls aren't shown, schools risk losing federal and state funding.

blueboy said...

to ensure that students don't fail.

Yeah, that'd be bad for their precious self-esteem.

Anonymous said...

In order to accommodate the turd worlders,I would imagine the curriculum in Irish schools will have to change.No more learning about O'Connell,Parnell and Davitt.Instead we get Mandela,MLK and Malcom X.

Anonymous said...

Infiltration of the Catholic Church.

These links should give you a very good start on the evil that is being visited upon our Faith by the Synagogue of Satan.

Ivan Shatov said...

These links should provide you with an idea of the evil that is being visited upon your church by the Synagogue of Satan:

Anonymous said...

What excuses will the libtards in Ireland come up with when the turds inevitably fail in school.Irish teachers are racist,we need more funding,black students d'ont get a breakfast.To some,this may sound funny,but we here on this blog know that's exactly what will come to pass.

Anonymous said...

my IQ is the 117 - 122 range. I seem to be pretty average among my White friends. Where does the 100 figure for Whites and the jews 117 come from? What constitutes "white" and who did the jews put up ? ..:)

Anonymous said...

Apparently there was not enough rape of eleven year old girls in this country so the government decided to import some rapists. Another white child sacrificed at the altar of multiculturalism.

-11 year old white girl raped by black man - needed surgery after "serious injuries" and I think we all know what that means

Uncle Nasty said...

I am pretty sure that the followers of this blog will find this interesting. It's an audiobook, and therefore, at 645 Megabytes, a bit bigger than your usual download, but ...

The Dictator's Handbook: Why Bad Behavior is Almost Always Good Politics

(Audiobook) By Bruce Bueno de Mesquita, Alastair Smith
English | 2012 | ISBN: 1452656908 | ASIN: B007M5V5ZK | 11 hours and 48 minutes | MP3 | 645 MB

For eighteen years, Bruce Bueno de Mesquita and Alastair Smith have been revolutionizing the study of politics by turning conventional wisdom on its head. They start from a single assertion: Leaders do whatever keeps them in power. They don't care about the "national interest"-or even their subjects-unless they have to.This clever and accessible book shows that the difference between tyrants and democrats is just a convenient fiction. Governments do not differ in kind but only in the number of essential supporters, or backs that need scratching.
The size of this group determines almost everything about politics: what leaders can get away with, and the quality of life or misery under them. The picture the authors paint is not pretty. But it just may be the truth, which is a good starting point for anyone seeking to improve human governance.

This is going to be my Christmas listening.


Anonymous said...

@NU-Last week in London,an 84 year old white woman died after being mugged by 2 black teenagers.Media dropped the story like a hot potato.

kulak said...

We coulda done business with Malcolm:

"One thing the white man can never give the black man is self-respect! The black man never can become independent and recognized as a human being who is truly equal with other human beings until he has what they have, and until he is doing for himself what others are doing for themselves. The black man in the ghettos, for instance, has to start self-correcting his own material, moral, and spiritual defects and evils. The black man needs to start his own program to get rid of drunkenness, drug addiction, prostitution. The black man in America has to lift up his own sense of values."

"The black American today shows us the perfect parasite image - the black tick under the delusion he is progressing because he rides on the udder of the fat, three-stomached cow that is white America."

"I will pull off that liberal's halo that he spends such efforts cultivating ! The North's liberals have been for so long pointing accusing fingers at the South and getting away with it that they have fits when they are exposed as the world's worst hypocrites."

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 00:06

"@NU-Last week in London,an 84 year old white woman died after being mugged by 2 black teenagers.Media dropped the story like a hot potato."

I dunno about that - I saw it on the front page of both the Daily Mail and Telegraph websites.

David said...

It is impossible truly to make this stuff up, who would ever have thought that rap would be used to teach “underperforming” student but it’s here:
(CNN) – Music has often been used to teach kids complicated concepts. Shows like “Schoolhouse Rock” and “Sesame Street” showed that music can help kids digest lessons, whether it’s how a bill makes it through Congress or words that begin with the letter Q.
Now, Columbia University Professor Christopher Emdin is taking that same logic and applying it to high schools in New York City. But rather than Mr. Chips or Elmo leading kids in sing-alongs, enter the Wu-Tang.
Along with Emdin, Wu-Tang member GZA and the founders of the hip-hop lyrics website Rap Genius will announce a program that utilizes hip-hop to teach science in 10 New York City public schools.
This is exactly what Ireland needs to make our classrooms even more vibrant.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the above links


sharonski said...

David, unbelievable. Even in this mad world that takes some beating.

Anonymous said...

Stop the press!West ham fans sing a few anti-semitic songs.British media all over the story like a rash.Meanwhile,English girls still getting raped by muslim gangs.

Anonymous said...

Some California guy was in the news for rapping maths classes to reach out to natural athletes.

Abe Lincoon Prince of knaves
dun stole your right to own slaves
An african institution
banned by the constitution
Well what an absolute coonth
Must remember this in Black History Month

AnalogMan said...

Shamelessly OT: The complete draft of the fifth Northwest novel, Freedom's Sons, now available for download from (3.6 MB).

"Read the books." - Uncle Nasty.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree that Shaun's posts are excellent. There are some classics of his that I would like to easily reference. We need a Shaunantijihad greatest hits blog.

Also, if it's not too much, Shaun, could you tell us a little bit about your personal political awakening, and how you refined your ideas into such potent persuasive material?

Thanks again for the insights.


Roem said...

Covington has the answers, no doubt about that. Screwed himself up though by calling himself a Nazi.

Anonymous said...

Will the Leaving Cert have to be adjusted in coming years so that we can have equality?