Saturday, 21 July 2012

My apologies

Well f*ck and damn!  Unbeknown to me Google automatically included a spam filter into the latest version of Blogger a few months back.  Maybe I should have been paying attention but on realising this I went to check and found literally hundreds of your comments, going back months, that never appeared.  Most of them were of the 'offensive' kind, i.e. of the kind not approved by the Thought Police.

I've retrospectively cleared them but it's all history now.  So if you've wondered what happened, it wasn't me, honest.  I'm particularly concerned that many of the comments were from first time contributors. Please don't be put off and it won't happen again sir. 


Anonymous said...


Shaunantijihad said...

Offensive huh?

So this Muslim dies and goes up to the pearly gates, and St Peter says, "You can't come in here, you're a Muslim."

He replies, "But I am a very good man, I have given £1,000 to Help the Aged, £1,000 to Help the Children, and £1,000 to Help the Poor."

So St Peter says, "OK, let me have a word with God and I'll be right back."

5 minutes later Peter returns, saying, "Right! I had a word with God, and He said, "Here's your £3,000 back now fuck off!"

Ah, the old ones are the best.

Anonymous said...

There's also the story of the two coons who arrived at the Pearly Gates. St. Peter met them and was dubious. He went to The Lord and asked for guidance. 'Oh let them in, we can't judge by the color of their skins'.

St. Peter went off and then rushed back. 'Lord, they're gone' he said breathlessly.

'Who, the colored gentlemen?'

'No, no. The Pearly Gates!'

Tostig said...

You lot have been writing naughty things again and are probably guilty of CRIMETHINK.
Tut tut!


I thought it was weird comments were appearing out of date.

Why do monkeys always frown?

They know in a million years they'll turn into a nigger!

Anonymous said...

To see if people really react badly to burqa wearers, my wife, who is a journalist decided to wear one for a week to gauge reactions.
On the 1st day she was spat at, slapped in the face and threatened with death.
And she hasn't even left the house yet
Paris Claims

Anonymous said...

Check out who is helping to launch a new network of powerful communication servers

It's worth a look!

Ogwambi Rastus O'Flaherty said...

Sweaty rats cocks!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that link, not seen it before.

His page on Occupy Wall Street was the first time I saw the OWS movement in any decent light, explaining how we see the sabotaged gatherings run by shills the groups with a focus are closed down quickly.

His story about his years learning and converting to Judaism as good an eye opener as any.

The Fukushima stuff is excellent.
Especially the emails concerning the difference between the rather common earthquakes experienced by Japanese compared to the ones felt on the day of the Tsunami.

Great resource.

Calculus said...

better save this link

from 'McCoy':
RACIAL i.d: Afro-semite
Motive: hate of white people

Plus some obvious sexual problems

00:43 said...

Hey Savant, remember you got all upset by that "Mix It Up" song from Sweden a while back? You know the one which blantantly pushed miscegenation and was supposedley commissioned by the Swedish government? Well I just found out there that one of the girl actresses in it was raped and murdered by an Ethiopian enricher.

Karma or what Sav?

SAVANT said...

Hey 00.43. Wow! As you say, is that karma or what. Must look into this further.

Anonymous said...

The white girl with the congoid was asked why she preferred his company.

"Beats me!" she said.

Uberdude said...

Savant, you now have pictures of both the girl who was raped/murdered and of the perp that time in Sweden, as referenced by 00:43 above. Thing I cannot fathom here; given that most Swedish men are now too emasculated to do anything in their own defence, what about the prisoners in Swedish jails. Crims sometimes exhibit a sense of justice--at odds with societal norms, which got them banged up in the first place--but a sense of it just the same. May one hope that a few of these guys, with little to lose now, may wish to have a quiet intramural word with our Ethiopian chum?

SAVANT said...

Uberdude, without giving you a flippant answer, a majority of prosoners in Scandinavian jails is made up of African and/or Muslim convicts.

Uberdude said...

Savant, I am somewhat surprised to hear it. I had surmised, you see, that Swedish jails contained nordic blokes banged up for exactly the same things for which mud people are fasttracked to Swedish citizenship. Oh dear.