Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Day ruined

A towering performance in the gym had me in buoyant mood on Sunday. I strode along my town's main street with a spring in my step. Until I was stopped dead by the sight of this most spectacularly beautiful woman. Tall, blonde, with a model's walk, she epitomised Nordic beauty. (The image here gives you an idea of what she looked like.....and I'm not exaggerating). Did a double take, then cast a few furtive additional glances backwards as she walked on.

Got to my car and drove back across the town.  To my horror I saw that this vision was now in the company  of a coal black enricher. And worse, far worse, they had two half-breed kids with them. She was carrying the younger one. Then they got into their car - an eight year old Fiat!  So she's not bearing his offspring for the money.

Day ruined. Another blow struck against the White gene pool.

As I brooded on this another thought struck me.  This guy was - I have no other term for it -  ape-like and about up to her shoulder (just like this specimen here). I asked myself the question, where did he get to god-damned nerve to first ask her out and then somehow get her to use her precious womb to spawn his progeny? I'd argue that most well-off good-looking White guys would have to be fortified by drink before plucking up the nerve.

But then, the MSM has so deified blacks that they've come to believe the brainwashing themselves. That they really are cool, good-looking, law-abiding, intelligent.........and great family men. Add in the radiator hose and they're ready to rock.

Boy, those seeking to destroy the White race have done a superb job, haven't they?


F McCool said...

Savant, I'm depressed too. Jesus Christ!

What can I say?

Anonymous said...

In all honesty, I believe Europe is a bit behind - as you'd expect - in regards to interracial dating in comparison to the United States.

I believe it goes in stages: Initially, it is seen as the cool, rebellious thing to do. White girls (I'll explain girls in a minute) getting off on the thrill of the "exotic" or "wrong". The United States had this run through the early 2000s I believe...and now it is starting to wane.

Over time you will notice that the level of attractive white WOMEN with black men will drop off considerably. I was in high school around 8-9 years ago. There were plenty of white girls who dated black guys (which I also believe has something to do with the early development of blacks)...but other than the one or two who were clearly low class trash bags and spawned half-breeds, NONE of the attractive ones are with black men. NONE. How can this be if black men are so masculine, so incredible in the sack, so cool and talented and wise?? It's because its all a myth.

The vast majority of white people want to end up together and do end up together. This fundamental belief is attacked in the media constantly with race-mixing propaganda and the black ideal. But once white women experience the actual black male they meet in everyday life, they realize they've been duped.

You will see a rise in such things in Ireland and 20 years from now you will see a drop as more girls wake up to the reality of their decision at an earlier date. I would not at all be surprised to see the level of BM/WM marriages go down in the next US census. It may not seem like it, but a lot of younger white people are beginning to see the light over here.

On a personal note: My current girlfriend dated a black man for 4 years. I met her through a friend while they were dating. She was funny, bubbly and beautiful. I realized something then and there: If you are a white male and a girl is dating a black and you are attracted to her, she is never off limits. Ever. Unless she is coalburning trash, she will see the error of her ways. I firmly believe that these women have been so duped into loathing white males that it takes one decent one to break them from their inevitable nightmare. That's why, after a month or two, I broke the two up and am now dating her. Nothing an STD test and some showering cant fix. So there's a + for the white gene pool Savant.

Anonymous said...

It actually never ceases to amaze me how stupid some white Women are and what lack of care they show towards the future of their own race.
It would seem that the more you tell them about the ills of the black character the more they want to disobey all common sense and ruinate themselves.
The fact is the Black man knows that White women suffer low self esteem and play on this and they counter it bt sickening compliments.
I have heard one of these arrogant apes on a London bus trying to chat up a pretty white girl and couldn't believe that she would even listen but she did and was smiling and laughing away. She didn't go any further than chatting but this ape wasn't letting it go at that and followed her off the bus.
We need to drum it into our women to stay away from these apes.


Iron Felix said...

Well now, Savant. This is how it is. We---western white males---have brought all this on ourselves. We bought into all that shit about suppression of women, how they are now emancipated, how we must now get in touch with our feminine side, how the world will be a better place yaddayadda............see what it has got us. Our women are now so emboldened as to openly despise us; we gave them every courtesy, everything they asked for, and they have responded with unfettered insolence. The whole legal system is totally biased against white males (who today can win against a woman no matter how right he is......?). All across the board and all down the line its the same--a man's place is in the wrong, everytime. Marriage and indeed any kind of relationship is now simply a looting operation run by and for women.
One salient expression of that insolence is our women's readiness to miscegenate; it is simply their way of saying "fuck you" to all white men.Do you imagine that the betterment of our race matters a roasted fart to our women? And we have brought it all on ourselves, every step of the way.

Derek said...

Yep it's fairly pathetic. Then you have the depiction of White males by the media as the exact opposite.

Anonymous said...

To the victor the spoils.

SAVANT said...

@anon 22.38. Interesting and encouraging input. In fact I've been picking up signs to support what you've said as well. Only problem is that a lot of damage can be done in 20 years. One sexually hyper-active black male (are there any other kind?) can blow out a hell of a lot of sperm in a short time.

On that point make sure you get a reliable doctor to do those STD tests on your new friend!

Uncle Nasty said...

I feel that it is in the white person's genes to be reasonable -- to be fair ... it is hard-wired into us.

And this is what will be our downfall.

Speaking from personal experience, both first- and second-hand, I find that almost every white has in them the capacity to listen to the other side.

To listen to the other person's point of view. Because of this, Der Ewige Jude has had for generations now, the capacity to persuade us to do that which common sense dictates is foolish -- if not downright destructive.

Some, if not most, children are born with fully functioning bullshit and codswallop detectors, and it is the function of a decent and responsble parent (usually the father) to hone and polish that early warning system into a finely-wrought instrument.

Unfortunately many otherwise well-meaning parents seem to become bored and blasé with their children ... abandoning them more and more to the world -- before they are ready and equipped to function in that world.

Harlan Ellison referred to television as "the Glass teat" and it is sadly so true.

Mom is rushed off her feet, trying to clean the house and make lunch for the older kids, and the little one is squalling like an air raid siren. What to do? I know. Plonk them in front of the TV. Lots of noise, colour and movement ... the perfect distraction.

Just for a half an hour or so, until things come right.

Just a half hour. What could be the harm in that? Until it's a few hours ... or an afternoon.

Finally it's endless days in front of the jewtube watching young blonde females on MTV bumping and grinding against niggers ... watching Sesame Street telling your three-year-old that it's Okay to be Gay.

The old biddies who shake their heads and say "I blame the parents."

Frankly ... so do I.

And as far as seeing the other person's point of view? I say fuck reasonable.

That's what got us into this mess in the first place.


awakened said...

Felix, yes, we have brought it on ourselves. But UN I believe puts his finger on the issue (again!) in his comment above. It's our achilles heel.

Anonymous said...

as the SIDHE say,please look after your great people. GREAT WHITE RACE. we are infested by peodo, packis, and mudpigs etc.

Uncle Nasty said...

I know how Jamal feels:



Anonymous said...

white men can't hang with Black Men

Black Men are stronger faster have bigger genitals make better fathers

Anonymous said...

Sav.There's a Polish woman in my apartment complex,who keeps droping the hint about me taking her out on a date.The problem is,she has a half breed sprog,which rules out any chance of romance.Do these women realise that if they go with blacks,they become damaged goods?

Educated Edsel said...

Pater has just read this item and somewhat surprised me with his vehemence when he said that any aryan female who has voluntarily given herself to one of these throwbacks--whether or not there is issue not being the issue, punned he--should be henceforth regarded as irredeemably dirtied, way beyond the reach of any STD testing or any amount of soap and water, indeed beyond the powers even of "all the perfumes of Arabia" as Lady Macbeth had it. Seemed harsh, yet I have the feeling he could be right, you know.

Anonymous said...

For once I agree with UN. Mass media brainwashing must be avoided as deadly poison.


Shaunantijihad said...

I've seen it first hand also, and the only other thing I'd add, apart from my horror and perplexity, is that I notice these women really talk down intellectually to their inferior mates. I won't pretend to understand it. Perhaps some sort of racially suicidal, feminist-domination complex?

Selfish isn't the word. Voluntarily genetically lobotomising one's offspring, as well as infecting the gene pool of one's people, should be punished with swift banishment to the homeland of the invader, before we become Zimbabwe too.

James Lord said...

Very droll, Edse, very droll. as Sir Humphrey used to say!

Heraclitus said...

That Jamal pic, my version was that he realised he was in a queue for work rather than free shit.

Looking at the others brings to mind Gem Junior's expression 'shark eyes'. I was struck by the appropriateness of that at the time and this pic just reinforces it.

Late in life it's dawning, but they really are a different species.

Shaunantijihad said...

Let us hope the white males are underestimated in the end, and re-discover our proud heritage.

One cause for hope. Most white men would baulk at insulting an invader, even now, but would not hesitate to blow them away with an M16 given the national battle cry.

Think about the gtreat brainwashed masses response to these two scenarios:

1. You insult the beliefs of the late great actor Osama bin Laden (horror!)

2. You shoot the fucker (medal, and well done!)

Odd, isn't it?

Martinus said...

I see this sort of filth where I am too. The weird thing is that here in the Netherlands many of the non-whites seem to me to be of ambiguous race, not black, white, arab, asian...most of the time I'm just not sure. I take the safe route and avoid whatever looks like it has been streaked with the tar brush.

On another note, whenever I see this sort of abomination, I can't help but feel that White South Africans, despite our trouble with being slaughtered and whatnot, really have the right ideas. I knew a girl from school who dated an Indian for a few years, in that time she had absolutely no white friends - not a single one, only coloured and indians.

As far as my family, friends and most acquaintances there go, its pretty well known that once you have strayed from the herd that's it for you. The label of 'meid-naaier' [maid/wench - always of the non-white persuasion - f"^ker] sticks.

Anonymous said...

I saw an extraordinary one on Sunday.A negroid with a pregnant white woman.The black was pushing a buggy with a white toddler in it.Holding the mothers hand was a white girl of 4 or 5.

The woman-pig ugly-began to lacerate the negroid in a South African accent;she really lashed into him but the completely dull and stupid look on his face did not change.She was speaking in English but her accent was so thick I could not make out what she was yelling about.

I almost felt sorry for the negroid.Almost.


Wolfhound said...

Let the chaff fall by the wayside, I don't give a damn.

She may have all the looks, but if shes allowing some low IQ, stinking monkey crawl on top of her voluntarily there is something wrong with her head.

The media has brainwashed us all, I know, yet here we are.

If you have children, or nieces and nephews, or grandchildren it is vital you teach them the importance of heritage, family, self defense and showing them to discern between poison and truth.

I was once getting very chummy with an Italian girl, we were getting along great. She invited me over for dinner which was very tempting. Over dinner she casually mentioned her last boyfriend was from Zimbabwe....needless to say she was dropped faster than a hot potato! God knows what nasty STDs she might be exposed to, even regretted kissing her after that.

If they make a conscious decision to go black and give white men the proverbial finger, fuck 'em!


Speaking of diversity is our strength...our diversity in the US is similar % wise to that of Yugoslavia, prior to the bloodletting.

Reading Civil War 2 it can end 4 ways: assimilation(hah!), ethnic cleansing, surrender of territory. or a police state.

I think we'll get all those, but how soon I don't know. The sooner the better, but things are moving so fast they're sure to overwhelm us.

Anonymous said...

Seemed harsh, yet I have the feeling he could be right, you know.

He is. You get what you put up with.

Gary Paul said...

Martinus, sadly here in SA the rate of miscegenation has skyrocketed since 'freedom'. And seems to be all one way, male black, female white.

Anonymous said...

Anon 31 July 2012 22:38 You lifted my spirit up.Thank You.

Martinus said...

@Gary Paul, I've heard some white South Africans say that, but when I was at Stellenbosch (not very long ago), I almost never saw any miscegenating pigs. I was once out in Bellville, and saw a coloured going around kissing drunk white girls, them unwilling. The bouncers took him outside and beat the crap out of him. Bear in mind, this is the 'liberal' Cape we're talking about. Also, I have a childhood friend who slept with a very 'white' coloured when drunk, to this day he has not lived it down.

I suppose in comparison to what it was like pre 1994, it has skyrocketed, but from what I can gauge, young people there are more against race-mixing than the whorish middle-aged women who think little of creeping around with coloureds (almost never blacks though). In comparison to the Netherlands or England, race mixing is almost non-existent in South Africa.

CZ said...

Check with the Game blogs.

The mention of a previous exotic boyfriend is obv a 'shit test.'

In addition to anon :38's comments, I think there's a feedback loop going on that reinforces the Othello/Romeo&Juliet thing going on. It's like the sunk cost fallacy; these girls perceive themselves to have bucked the system to an extent, to have paid a cost, to have burnt some bridges. Now maybe they are in love and all happy and whatever. But, as 22:38 argues, these may merely be delusions, the puncturing of which may lead to something.

Anonymous said...

Very sad story reminds me of that Nordic/Swedish advert about race mixing, had the blonde girl was her name Elin Krantz? sitting astride black man and riding him whilst singing it's good to race mix or something like that, that blonde girl ended up being raped and killed by another black man she met on the tram.
16 years is all he got for this horrible murder

Anonymous said...

I saw a black in an advert for olympic swimming lol.

In my mind id have walked out the door if I heard a girl had dated a zimbabwean. I think the herpes rate among US blacks male and female is over 70% Fwiw.

Once you go black we don't want you back. I wish more people had white soliderity here but the jews have won.

kudzo bob said...

saw a black in an advert for olympic swimming lol.

Exactly. Swimmimg is the last place you see blacks. But when did reality mean anything when your business is changing reality?

Ivan Shatov said...

Up in northern Wisconsin and walked into my favorite wifi source only to encounter the exact same thing. Seems the guvm'nt installed hordes of Somalis south of us in Baron.

Today, for the first time in 60 years of visiting Wisconsin I came across a coal burner and her muhdik proudly displaying their mutt affection for one another. Man, it was beyond disgusting.

WTF?!! What good can possibly come from such perversion and adulteration? I wish I cold write it off to culling out the weakest links but unfortunately, just like you observed, this girl was primo.

Uncle Nasty said...

Shaunantijihad said...

Let us hope the white males are underestimated in the end, and re-discover our proud heritage.

One cause for hope. Most white men would baulk at insulting an invader, even now, but would not hesitate to blow them away with an M16 given the national battle cry.

Think about the gtreat brainwashed masses response to these two scenarios:

1. You insult the beliefs of the late great actor Osama bin Laden (horror!)

2. You shoot the fucker (medal, and well done!)

Odd, isn't it?

Shaun, not so odd, when one realises that the white male can meet and overcome any hardship, any obstacle ... but the disapproval of his peers.

Break that yoke, and you have the material of a revolution.

The man who can be called "racisss" or "Nazi" and say "So? What's it to you? Fuck you if you don't like it."

Look at the shock waves caused by Breivik. One man in a low-key Scandinavian country. Now imagine a few hundred or a few thousand like him.
The loony left is manufacturing them by the thousands every day.

Intelligent and furious men with nothing to lose. There is nothing more dangerous than a man who nurses a sense of injustice.
I forget if it was A.E. van Vogt or Kurt Vonnegut who wrote about the dangers of the "Right Man" ... the man who feels he has a grievance.

I will try and find some reference. Very, very interesting reading.


Ivan Shatov said...

Educated Edsel is correct. There is something irretrievably lost when a white woman betrays her race and becomes a coal burner. She has been tarnished, sullied and forever defiled beyond what a mere test or soap and water could possibly remedy.

Anonymous said...

@02.39 although black men can jump they can't swim, cycle or row.

a swedish friend of this blog said...

Ivan Shatov. I can tell you now that this coal burner will come to a sorry end. The Somalis are by a long way the worst people on earth. They have to be experienced to believe how bad they are. They combine the worst of Africa and the worst of Islam, as IS has pointed out a few times.

Anonymous said...

Savant, You wrote "Day ruined. Another blow struck against the White gene pool."

A whole day ruined! The revulsion generated by seeing this display of unnatural behaviour is understandable but the thoughts and emotions that were triggered are under your own control. Easier said than done, I admit but self-created mental pain is not useful.


SAVANT said...

Schaublin. Thanks for that. In fact that's exactly what I did (I suppose making a lie of the post header). There are realy - really - valuable techniques for putting a bothersome thought out of your head, and I applied them as best I could on Sunday.

Anonymous said...

Why should we shoot, even verbally, at the offender?
when a simple tweet vaguely discriminatory can get you out of your lifelong goal of being at the olympic? or get you out of job?
Beside, the pretty and famous are giving the example everyday to the mass: Erin Nordegreen (Tiger Wood's ex'), Charlize Theron, Sandra Bullock, Klum etc. It's a miracle that Obama has a black wife.

Blacks just want to be white, or at least give their progeny white genes and white women don't oppose that, since it's not their job (but the male's). The trend is so blatteant since Michael Jachson tried to whitify himself and then paid his redhead nurse 10 millions bucks for her genes. But the jews did just that too in Germany 200 years ago, their money bought lots of german genes and names, without which they could not have proceed futher, and with this baggage they could do it later in America when they targeted the Bostonian brahman gene pool. Asians are no exception, they don't wanna be asian. Just look at how desperately asian women lust at whitey. Apparently, you cannot win and be yourself.

Anonymous said...


I have recently been reading Disraeli's Coningsby. I'm not sure whether you have ever read it, but one of the characters is a Jewish financier, Sidonia, who is said to be based upon Rothschild.

Sidonia explains how things really work, and it's VERY illuminating. Particularly as it was written in 1844.

I don't recommend the whole book, just the relevant 20-30 pages. But they are a must read, IMHO.

Anonymous said...

UN 22:23 ``Look at the shock waves caused by Breivik. One man in a low-key Scandinavian country. Now imagine a few hundred or a few thousand like him`` Do you realy believe he did it himself? I heard stories about CIA, Mossad,UFO,MKUltra and David Icke etc being behind Brevik and i dont buy into this crap.One thing is strange though, how the hell was he able to execute this stuff? Fella getting shit loads of guns and tones of fertilazer to make bombs through the net?Where was the thought police.In 2001 i got an email from Paramount Pictures demanding to remove some files from my comp which i had downloaded from emule.11 years ago they knew what i had on my comp.Dont you think that they were well aware on what he was up to?Most prolific killers can`t get above 20 or so victims, yet he killed 77 people.He didn`t kill banksters,politicians or some top fooks,he killed innocent, defencless pps.It is simmilar to IRA which used always to kill common pps,never the top figures.Killing a pizza man, awesome,his family aint gonna go after you.Go at A. Shitter and they will erase your whole family and your neighborhood, they will unleash hell on you.Your DNA will be chased down and eradicatedThey will make a snuff movie with your kids and wife and it will be shown to you day after day until your heart burst out of unimaginable pain.We can`t fook whit them,they have us by the balls and the grip is very strong.

Gem Junior said...

You said it Pal, those who want to destroy the whites have really done a super job. First off, she should be slapped and then shot for doing this to her self, her kids, her people, and even the nigs since it gives them false ssurance that this is what should be goind on - that they should be with tall blondes rather than Tyresha with her pubic head hairs sewed onto pretend Barbie hair. Everyone is getting a raw deal. After the blonde is made an example of, the disgusting ape shouild be neutered, spayed, whatever and deported vs. killed outright - I leave it to the country to make the decision.
The fact that Miss ireland chose to voluntarily go near that, that fucking gorilla doesn't bode well for whatever brain death has taken hold in my white sisters. But honestly even though nigs have always repulsed me, I have seen specimes less foul, if that's the best way of saying it? I mean, this beast Miss Ireland took up with is atrociously horrific, so similar to an ape, a gorilla, so simian that i can't believe it. Yuck.

Gem Junior said...

Iron Felix: Whenever we agree it is a huge cause of celebration. And this is one time I have to throw in all I have with you, and any other white man with cojones enough to get these white bitches on a leash back where they belong back home with white men raising white children. In my day this kind of stuff was joked about - the thought was enough to make a girl sick, never mind those who did it. I can't remember a peer that did, honestly. I'm sure I'll think of some skank but can't right now.

One of the weirdest things I can think of though is how can they go through with it? A girl can close their eyes what about the rest of their senses. The stench? Good God, it must be hummmmminnnnnnnn. I don't know. But they are going to get what's coming to them which is abandonment and lower IQ and income. The other thing is that according to the one drop rule they are now negroes. I happen to set quite a bit of store by that rule.

And to the black bastard who wrote under "anonymous" that they make great fathers too as well as having abnormal, horse sized genitals that shouldn't be ner humans in the first place, I know you must be a groid if you consider that fatherhood. See fatherhood and fathering are two different things. One is just getting your leg over, and the other is remembering the "issue" (as Ed.Edsel's Pater referse to it!) and caring for it. Something blacks do not understand. Understand? They may not even remember the experience, since rutting is an activity undertaken more than once a day. Try being the only wife in that "household" and getting a headache 5 times per week. That's why they need so many wives I think.

Anonymous said...

God Damnit. I cannot watch the Olympics with this sickening anti white male, pro black message in all the commercials and promos. Everything is anti-Christian, disgusting jew pablum.

Martin Luthor was right. Every word of it.

No wonder they're despised little roaches.

Kevin Rafferty said...

Gem Junior. A rumour went around some time ago that Miss Ireland's 'beau' had access to a certain white powder to which she was partial.

If you get my drift.

white rose said...

Gem, I wouldn't have the same degree of revulsion by any means, but I do know I AM repulsed by their gigantic lips. I saw one trailer on the BBC (typical BBC, white girl abandons her white boyfriend for a black). But the trailer showed them side on kissing. His lips were easily an inch thick, if not more. To me this would seem like kissing a different species.

Anonymous said...

Can we all stop saying sh*t like "but the jews have won.". If you think like a defeated victim , you'll act like one. If they'd won we would all be facing something like that which our Russian kin faced after the Jewish Bolshevik revolution. They haven't won and we have a lot to live for and die for. Fight on.


Robert in Arabia said...

Macnine guns

Uncle Nasty said...

Off topic ... a desperate escape from negritude, check this out. Good Friday night reading.

Germanic People and the Romans ... Parts one, two and three.


A most absorbing history.


Anonymous said...

Nice to see so many native Brits winning medals at the Olympics.The anti-white British media,must be cracking up.Expect the hype,to sky rocket,if any black wins a medal for G.B

Anonymous said...

Judge Mary Devins has issued a fresh apology for comments she made ln court last Friday,where she described social welfare in Ireland as a Polish charity.Of course,the big,fat,elephant in the room is the Africans in Ireland bleeding the state coffers.We c'ant talk about that,because that would be racist.

TBone said...

"Can we all stop saying sh*t like "but the jews have won.". If you think like a defeated victim , you'll act like one"

Well said, 14W!

I see so much defeatism around these days that it's unbelievable! The greatest race in human history permanently beat down by a tiny minority?

Not me baby!

kulak said...

@UN -- good read.

@14w -- absolutely right.

kapzlok said...



Anonymous said...

Talking of the Olympics – it is really great to see so many WHITE British athletes are medaling in Shooting, Riding, Cycling, Rowing, Swimming – even Judo.

But wait………………….

The REAL Olympics are on the way from Friday – Running - in all its distances, the liberals can’t wait – It’s time for the darker “british” to shine, and I don’t mean shoe-shine.

Here is a quote from “british” 5000 metre runner – who, as the article says – has African routes ( I always thought it was roots!! )

Have a read – old Mo – Mohamed to his friends, says the following (He really thinks he is not African!!!!!)

So Mo Farah, who has of course African routes, but who came to Britain at the age of eight, has achieved something quite remarkable in South Korea. So does he think that his performance can set an example and show that European distance runners can close the gap to the Africans and even beat them?

“Yes, definitely,” Farah answers. “Six or seven years ago we thought it will be impossible for us to ever beat the Africans. But others like Craig Mottram (third in the 5000m final at the World Championships in Helsinki in 2005) had shown that it is possible to win a medal. So I think now the gap between the Europeans and the Africans is starting to close a bit. You have to believe in yourself, you have to stay focused and you have to train very hard – then it is possible.”

Anonymous said...

Women are constantly reminded that drinking, smoking and drugs are a no-no in pregnancy - because they can retard the baby's development.

White women should be reminded that having kids with a black bloke runs an odds on risk of lowering the babies IQ below average.

Gem Junior said...

I wouldn's say that we are beaten, not by a long shot. There are still some places - white only with little to no crime - places where nobody has ever eveen seen a jew or a black. Not many, and they're being finished off by flooding with darkies etc. In fact, those places are the most vulnerable to the bait of the rainbow society. So while I wouldn't say beaten, nobody can deny the situation is very serious when even a tiny group has their fingers in so many pies.

Anonymous said...

"Day ruined." That speaks for me. I was recently in Glasgow, and found myself giving death glares to the white trash tramps who were strolling hand-in-hand with African enrichers along Buchanan Street. It was enough to nearly make my recently ingested fish and chips in their faces.

Anonymous said...

7 badass Vikings

Mary said...

Hey Sav: two things.

1. How about a post on how us 'Whites who can see' can do the 'palate cleansing/coping' thing you did to save your day after witnessing such horror.

2. Craig Bodeker had this on Facebook today: might help explain things, lol


(hope the link works for you)

mischling said...

Women are constantly reminded that drinking, smoking and drugs are a no-no in pregnancy - because they can retard the baby's development. White women should be reminded that having kids with a black bloke runs an odds on risk of lowering the babies IQ below average.

Superb! Never looked at it that way but it's so true. Mothers-to-be spend incredible amounts of money and worry about possibly having mentally defective or low IQ babies. Getting a black sperm donor is a sure-fire way of achieving that.

Great point.

Anonymous said...

I wish I could've taken a pic of this kike at the store today. They look like an uglier version of smurfs gargamel, just hideous. Truly gargoyle like.

I see the shvatz got the gold in gymnastics. Affirmative action naturally. The Russian deserved it.

Listening to radio free northwest, a couple immigrants talk about how they woke up. Similar to me, they saw a david duke video or similar and tried to factually refute it. Whoops! Like proving the holohoax, that way leads down the rabbithole.

Robert in Arabia said...

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jg-jzlWcc0E Karma

gala said...

Glasgow? I visit Aberdeen (far far north) and every time I go there I see an increase in darkness. In every sense. Seen only a few coal burners so far but I suppose 'progress' will see to that.

Shaunantijihad said...

"Women are constantly reminded that drinking, smoking and drugs are a no-no in pregnancy - because they can retard the baby's development. White women should be reminded that having kids with a black bloke runs an odds on risk of lowering the babies IQ below average."

"Superb! Never looked at it that way but it's so true. Mothers-to-be spend incredible amounts of money and worry about possibly having mentally defective or low IQ babies. Getting a black sperm donor is a sure-fire way of achieving that."

Memorise and repeat the phrase, "Genetic lobotomy."

As in, chat at the hairdressers or wherever, "White women who have children for black men have genetically lobotomised their children. Do you think that should be classed as child abuse?" etc etc.

Lupus said...

White men who try to copy that 'nigga' cockiness just come across as just another Vanilla Ice, in fact that old 'Pretty Fly For A White Guy' song sums that crap up. You don't need to be loud and garish to be the Aplha Male, think of the James Bond-esque way of doing things: the quiet confidence, being self-assured, not telling the world you could kick his ass and fuck his wife, but simply excuding that mindset. Move slow, be silent, but just make sure you do it the right way or you become some shy 'white boy'. Of course, adding some physicality to your life in terms of getting yorself physically strong adds to the impression, and confidence can be gained by learning some form of combat skills; practical quick to learn fighting skills unless you have time for the traditional Oriental 'bowing and pyjama wearing' Bruce Lee. White men don't pull off the in your face noisy 'tough' guy routine, but think James Bond, Clint Eastwood, Lee Van Cleef, way of being confident. Keep your head up and your gaze steady. 'Gangstas' usually rely on numbers, take that away and its all bluster. But make sure you can fight your way out of a paper bag, or at least don't be the first one to blink. You might not be able to run 100m as fast as an ape, but then why bother, when you can walk smooth and slow like a gunslinger. Can't slamdunk? So what, can you run down a wildebeest or fly like an eagle? No, different animals do different things. Who wins, 20,000 Zulus or 10,000 Norse berzerkers? Hell, let 5,000 of the good guys stay in camp drinking mead, while their comrades hack and hew their way through the ox-shields. Let's not pretend for one minute that a well fed, motivated and trained white man can't kick shit out of a black. In the old days, every man was to some extent a fighting man; get in touch with your inner warrior or be the stereotyped soft effeminate white male that the media try to insist you all are. Just be smart about you 'warrior ways'.

TBone said...

Lupus - great advice buddy

Lupus said...

I'm in England, I have plenty of Irish ancestry, I'm more than happy to be part of the diaspora, and regard myself as Anglo-Irish but I hope I avoid falling into the 'plastic paddy' trap.

I find the British State distasteful, I would happily have fought for Ireland in 1919-21 (two of my great-grandfathers did), as I would today, it's how I feel about all the white nations of Europe and beyond these days. I had hoped Ireland might retain the sanity that the multicultists have driven out of many lands. Ireland is where I feel more at home, when I first visited, the feeling I got was that reminded me of the sort of England of hazy childhood memories: white and decent. It saddens me to see Ireland being dragged into the Third World.

It's sad to think that after such a long struggle for its freedom Ireland has essentially handed itself to Europe, thanks to the rape of the country by the banksters. Maddening, utterly. When did Ireland formally become a republic, 1949, all that bloodshed and heartache for 63 years of real independence, and now they flood that very special land with very different and far more insidious and literal 'black and tans'. Shameful that the successors of the great Irish freedom fighters are quite happy to bend over forwards and let Ireland be taken up the arse. Sinn Fein means 'We Ourselves', ha, what is Irish for 'Nothing to see hear, move along'? I wonder if they would be more vocal if Shatter and his cronies were shipping thousands of Brits, maybe even ex-forces, and plonking them in little enclaves all over Ireland, and those 'New Irish' hung the Union Rag from their windows and sang the usual 'No surrender...' hooligan bollocks? You can imagine the justifiable outrage!

Love Ireland to bits, I share your pain, and the same applies to the other white nations and people. Is Irish nationalism/republicanism so totally in bed with the multicultists? Maybe they can further insult the memories of former heroes and rename themselves 'Immigrants Readily Accepted'.

God bless you, Ireland, but don't hold your breath that he's going to help you :-(

Still, this is far from over ;-)

kulak said...

It's easy to think you're defeated if you think there's a big Jewish conspiracy.

That's why some Jews promote the idea.

But it's not a conspiracy.

If it was a conspiracy, they couldn't have gotten away with it.

Corkonian said...

kulak, you amaze me. I had always assumed that the Jewish Conspiracy Theorest par excellence.

Maybe you're suggesting that it just comes naturally???

Corkonian said...

Lupus, thanks for sharing that cri de coeur with us. (I'm going all francophile today!).

Take some small consolation that Ireland got into this whole multi-cult and mass Turd World immigration thing quite late.

We've been straining to make up for lost time but we're nowhere near as bad as 'the mainland'!!

In fact there's a view now that the number of enrichers is actually going down. Certainly seems to be the case in Cork, notwithstanding some 'black spots'.

kulak said...


Maybe you're suggesting that it just comes naturally???

It's a work in progress. Slight refinement we can use elsewhere:

"If it had been a conspiracy, they couldn't have gotten away with it for so long."

I could elaborate, as all geeks tend to do, but that'd probably water down the impact of that one sentence. The less said the better.

Lupus said...


Aye, it must have been the melancholic bit of my Irish genes asserting themselves there. Still, I get to Dublin next week for a big load of Guinness and diddly-diddly music, although after about the 50th time I hear 'Whiskey In The Jar' I might think a good dose of 'enrichment' is what you lot deserve.

Up the Irish (not inc. 'The New') ;-)

kulak said...

But the right answer to your question, Corkonian, is this:

Who cares?

I don't know why they are the way they are, and I don't care.

Questions like that are where it really pays to be a little less a goddamn propellerhead, and a little more redneck.

Corkonian said...

Questions like that are where it really pays to be a little less a goddamn propellerhead, and a little more redneck.

Mmmmm..... Up to a point, kulak, up to a point. It's also very important to know what's driving your opponent. I mean, surely the White reaction would vary significantly were we up against a carefully planned conspiracy?

kulak said...

No, it's not important, and we're not.

Anonymous said...

You're right Lupus,but please never refer to your ancestral music as "diddly diddly" music.If you think thus,then fuck off and don't honour us with your presence again.

Just a word of advice,alright?.

Anyway,may I,as a non partizan Irishman,congratulate you British on the amount of medals,especially golds you have won in the last few days.

Cycling;superb.Rowing ;even more so .
Swimming;less so.

However.so far every British medal winner has,I think, been completely Non Diverse.

This is completely unacceptable.

Please do something about this.

Ah yes Jessica Ennis,the daughter or granddughter of some Irish whore.


F McCool said...

Sorry mr. a. I'm with Lupus on the diddli-eye music. Hate the fucking thing. Always did.

And look at my name!

kulak said...

OMFG, the Cover of the Chicago Sun Times:

"The new Mary Lou"

Sell your General Mills stock.

Anonymous said...

Kulak-respectfully speaking, I have to question your research about the jewish question.

Thousands of years of history and many great men say yes, it is a conspiracy.

Maybe they've just accidentally conquered the planet and turned it into jewish utopia, but I doubt it.

kulak said...

Thousands of years! Boy, history must pay better than I thought.

Nobody has or ever will conquer the whole planet.

Not all of it is worth conquering.

The best parts are wherever white people live.

Most everywhere else is just nowheresville.

Anonymous said...

Ok, the 'diddly-diddly' music remark was meant to be light hearted, sorry if any offense caused. It's a term a friend of mine from Strabane uses as a bit of harmless self-deprecating. Personally, I love Irish music, as in the traditional stuff. My 'Whiskey In The Jar' comment was really just based on a drunken chat I had with an old Dubliner one day in Temple Bar, as the song came wafting out of a nearby pub, he just mumbled about that 'fecking song, it's all you ever hear'. Anyways, I actually like the song...sorry, F McCool! So, forgive me Mr. A, those sort of comments never look good when appearing in the harsh 'black and white' of the screen.

Oh, the big strong native Brits do seem to be winning plenty of gold, not sure there successes owe much to multiculturalism, although it must be driving the multicultists mad. But should Jessica Ennis win, then the rest will all be forgotten and the multiculty bollocks will be filling the air, far more than 'Whiskey In The Jar' in Temple Bar.

No insult intended, a pint is owed to you ;-)

Anonymous said...

My apologies to you.A stupid overreaction.

I'll take you up on that pint if we ever meet.


Lupus said...

Not an overeaction at all, I would have worried if at least one Irishman hadn't 'made sure' I wasn't being an ignorant fucker :-)

Anyway, Dublin tomorrow, so plenty of craic and diddl...er...traditional music ;-)

Anonymous said...

No problem. In my pub there's a stampede for the exit when that kind of music comes on.

Anonymous said...

Reported in the Daily Mail today that a girl was gang raped by three africans in Galway yesterday.
Those in Dail Eireann and in the Immigration Council of Ireland share guilt with these vermin and when the euro collapses and we get a dictatorship then lets all hope summary executions follow for all of the above.

Anonymous said...

@18.21 Would they prefer rap and hip hop?

white rose said...

Nothing in the Irish MSM about that rape. Why am I not surprised?

Gem Junior said...

My daughter spends many hours on diddly diddly this and that on a number of different instruments playing Irish music and she's 11 and AWESOME..... so shut up y'all because it's better than RAP MUSIC

Anonymous said...

Kevin 10:02

That reference was almost over my head but only reached my nose.

Are you suggesting she likes

Perhaps particularly

Anonymous said...

For those whose day was ruined, a good news story.

An African student who "got the message" that he didn't belong. Bravo to the unknowns who sent the "message".


"Roitt" is the only commentator who "gets it".

Now, imagine seeing just one Black face in this crowd shown in the video below; there isn't, but one drop of oil would be enough to spoil the whole glass of milk.


Lupus said...

@ Gem Junior

That's good to know :-)

I'm glad that traditional Irish music is still thriving; alas in England it is all but gone, although until The Wurzels and Chas 'n' Dave are in the graves, there is hope...er...well, maybe not ;-)

Anonymous said...

Great work for tge Estonians! They handled the negro problem corrrectly and swiftly.

Of course they attack in packs. The goal is to win, not see who wins.

I pity the stupid fools that thought it was mean. I used to think that way too.

Our compassion is a weakness our destroyers do not share.

Lupus said...

I arrived in Dublin Airport yesterday, went to the taxi rank, an lo and behold the driver I got was some fucking boon, with the shades and tied back dreads! Not what I was expecting or wanting; I usually like to have a chat with the driver and get one or two of those 'taxi driver rants' out of them, but no, not with the boon. I just sat in the back, adopted by best half-sneer/half-smirk and never uttered a word.

One observation, there seem to be more boons here than I noticed before, but maybe I just had my 'boon-dar' switched on, but not too many, maybe the fear of all those wild folks from Donegal and Kerry roaming the streets with their 'war gear' on!

Anonymous said...

For the general non-delight and edification of this blog, I beheld a scene t'other day which could have been labelled "modern racial stereotypes in action".
Thus: I was entering a certain fast-food establishment, when bursting across my path without warning came two young ebony gentlemen, perspiring in gleaming chocolate muscularity, wide-eyed, red-eyed, one of them sporting a "doo-rag", t'other with pants around the lower buttocular area a.k.a. "prison gangsta stylee, yo". I instantly sensed that something was amiss, that the vigorous negroid pair were/had been up to no good.
And I expected that hot on their heels would come the fiery rifle bullets of Lieutenant John Chard; or at least a well-thrown spear from a ferocious Cetshwayo.

But nay!

Shuffling out of the cellphone shop, a pasty-faced, wobbly-jowled white guy of about my age began tapping on his little machine. His beard resembled teenage bumfluff on a larger scale. I could see man-boobs and pot-belly a-quiver underneath his satiny purple shirt.
"They just ripped off a frickin' iPhone!" he wibbled, in outrage. "What's the phone number for security? O, never mind - I'll call 911."

Gentle readers, I leave it for you to ponder upon this scene, and the implications thereof.


Digby said...

JP, this would be more appropriate for the following post - can Whites survive?

Anonymous said...

Anon 07:16 So if Obama's naturally superior athlete of a son had run to the house he was staying at he would have got away from the less athletic Hispanic that he attacked and was forced to shoot him to save hispanic life!

No wonder Booblunder dropped the martyrdumbed one from his campaign!

Has momma and baby daddy got the benjamins that they sought?

Anonymous said...

It actually never ceases to amaze me how stupid some white Women are and what lack of care they show towards the future of their own race.

Fashion. Dumb heels? OOOOOH! Sarah Jessica Parker has them in Sex and the City.

Yes in that scene in Paris she had to take them off move to the next scene being shot and put them on again. Silly followers of fashion think that they can be walked in.

OOOOOH! Madonna gets a dollie in Malawi. Sandra Bullock has one too! And Charlize Theron!

Silly followers of fashion think that they can be tamed.

Anonymous said...

Day ruined in Hartlepool

Maybe David Bell is a Somali muslim woman and not used to alcohol?

'But for the fact you have made progress and your father does not want you to go to prison, I would have locked you up. Consider yourself extremely fortunate.'

Lupus said...

Ok, on a more positive note, I have been in full de-booning mode since arriving in Dublin. If I see one, I sneer, I don't try and hide it, in fact I make it very obvious; if a boon tries to hand me a flier, I ignore them; if a boon looks in my direction, I stare back, and if they hold the stare, I make a movement towards them with the "you're not the apex predator around here any more" look on my face; if a boon is walking in the opposite direction, I drift into their line of 'march' and slow down, going for the old gunslinger mode. So far every boon as stepped aside, and I have sensed a slight shock that whitey isn't acting his part: their bluster doesn't seem to stand up to much 'scrutiny'. Now clearly I am not suggesting you go and find a big gang of boons and play the tough guy, but man up a little: the classic boon attitude is very beta male, it's all show: get some alpha into your lives; the daddy predators move slow, they conserve energy, they don't bounce up and down making ridiculous hand gestures. Start watching some Lee Van Cleef, Patrick McGoohan stuff, don't be the pasty, bumfluff wearing man-boobed honky bitch boy mentioned above. If you're out of shape, then you're not far off being a race traitor, when you've done reading this just drop and give me at least 20 pushups! Fuck, start doing burpees; none of us would be here today if we didn't come from decent stock that knew how to survive in a unforgiving universe, so stop fucking about and don't let billions of years of evolution/'evolution' end as an embarrassing 'fuck my arse, Mr Boon' cracker. Ok, rant over, Dublin is still great, up the Irish! But come one, let's get the mindset right...can you tell I've had a pint or two? ;-)

Anonymous said...

Heh, Heh, Lupus quite right!

Here in Canada we drive on the right side and walk on the right.

In our 98% White town we have a handful of intrusive Black immigrants who've gravitated here from Toronto, unfortunately.

I'm walking down a long sidewalk and spot "Aunt Jemima" walking towards me at about 50 metres on my side, so there's plenty of time to get in your right pathway.

Getting closer and closer and I'm hugging the last concrete centimetre next to the grass, so we're on this collision course waiting to see who'll blink first. I'm determined not to lessen my pace and the Black only moved at the last second when I scowled at her to move over.

She answered back with a Jamaican accent with a pathetic "Why should I"? Probably thought I was just another White wimp afraid confronting "her royal black highness". Wrong move, lady!

I'm convinced that Blacks think they have "Whitey" on the run with the fearsome "r" word, so they've become more emboldened than ever before.

I've observed and listen to Whites in the company of Blacks who become ever so polite, as not to even appear to be "racist". And, the Blacks know how to use that weakness to their advantage, especially when trying to get "friendly" with naive white girls. "Hey, you're not racist, are you?

I had to chuckle at your western-style Lee Van Cleef stare down description.

I often exercise that right in grocery or department store isles and "they" do get the message. Most Whites are blissfully unaware that there's an ensuing war going on, and they are the main target, so usually I'm only a one-man army.

The above Estonian newspaper story gives me hope that some wide-awake Whites are still out there.

Anonymous said...

While this behavior is not as common as some may be led to believe and definitely not as common as the social engineers and the vibrants would like, it is nevertheless almost always the most pale (Nordic, of you will) of women 9 times out of 10 doing this. For whatever reason they are more susceptible to it. They are less tribal and less loyal than the other girls (though they are all subject to the same propaganda and have the same nature). This is the way it is most of the time with them specifically.

Anonymous said...

I'll add this pic:

Swedish handball team with vibrant.

Anonymous said...

Being unemployable doesn't diminsh your chances of becoming a US citizen in the land of the wonderful wizard of Ob

Worked in the UK right?

Anonymous said...

Past it ould wan has a go at people for being old

Chaz Bono's mammy proves why there is a twit in twitter.

Remember "the rich" denounced by her and the likes of Wicael Whoore and other Hollywood types are not their overpaid colleagues but the people who work beneath them in PR and the studios and elsewhere across the US.

Anonymous said...

Spare a thought for Kate Moss whose night was ruined when she found out the Coke she was walking for was the African-American kind and not the pure better type.

Anonymous said...

Dark skinned sprog stading in the front of a trolley pushed by a blonde crying out "Daddy! Daddy!" it will be doing a lot of that chant and we will wind up paying.

cherepaha said...

I live in Dublin and situations like you've described are devastating my psyche. I've too have seen many beautiful white women with hideous groids. It's truly devastating.