Sunday, 6 May 2012

Shatter Watch: Forgiving ain't easy

Now far be it from me to rise up in defence of religious superstition, least of all that nonsensical Roman Catholic sacrament of Confession.  That’s the one where you confess your sins to a priest and, hey presto, and for a modest donation, all your sins are forgiven!  And if you believe that, as they say…
And that’s why I’m finding myself in the unusual situation of opposing a law I’d hitherto have enthusiastically supported .

Now it’s always been the case that such confessions are secret, God being the only other one who gets to hear about it.  So when a murderer or child rapist confesses, the priest cannot, using this information, assist the law in bringing the offender to justice. I think this is outrageous. Whatever mumbo jumbo goes on internally within a religion is ok once the laws of the land are not contravened. Much as I’d say that the Religion Of Peace cannot be allowed to stone adulterers or kill those they see as blasphemers.

Now we learn that ‘our’ Justice Minister Alan Shatter calls for legislation to make it mandatory to report crimes, regardless of any internal rules of a religion, i.e. end the seal of Confession. Fine, as far as it goes.  But why does it always seem to be Jewish interests who are so keen to make Christians toe the line?  Like in the US, where they have lead the campaigns, for decades, to ban school prayer and the display of the Ten Commandments in public spaces. Or in Britain, where we see one Lynne Choona Featherstone, born and brought up in British Jewish family, arranging to ban the wearing of the crucifix.

This again raises the question:  Does their enthusiasm for secularism and the non-favouring of any religion before the law apply to Israel as well?  I think we all know the answer to that. The usual approach, it’s good for thee but not for me.  Because it’s all part of the overall plan to undermine and marginalise western culture and institutions.

And that’s why I’m finding myself in the unusual situation of opposing a law I’d hitherto have enthusiastically supported .


Anonymous said...

Interestingly today in the Sunday independent on line, they ran an article about Shatter condemning the cyber bullying of the group Dervish that was due to play in Israel, as Israel is supposed to be under some sort of cultural boycott, many artists choose not to go they. Dervish under pressure pulled their gig and didn’t go. This morning was a little unusual though after only a few hours the comments reached approx 150, many of the commentators spoke about Shatters true loyalties, others spoke about Israel’s plans to deport 50000 Africans while Shatter favours an open door policy here. A few commentaries reckoned that the pro Israeli posts where actually emanating from the hasbara in Tel Aviv. however all good things must to an end by mid afternoon the posts were deleted and the ability to post gone, normally the Indo leaves up an article for two days before it is archived minus whatever comments were on it, fair enough, but I have never seen them take the comments down after a few hours.

kulak said...

You know the next steps right? We all ought to. It's right there in the history books.

First, to report a confession is made mandatory. Failure to do so has been a crime in a secular setting for many years with regard to US federal law. It's called being an "accessory after the fact."

Now combine that with laws against "hate speech".

Combine them and snitching on a white who shows signs of life becomes the law.

The last step is to make confession mandatory.

Genocidal Inquisition.

This the US negro has 100% correct:

Don't snitch

Anonymous said...

Shatter introduced visa waivers for non-Eu nationals for the duration of the London Olympics.I fully expect a spike in asylums claims.Shitter seems to be one step ahead of us.Clever bastard.

sk said...

The aim is MORE than undermining and marginalizing Western Civilization. It's getting rid of WHITE PEOPLE through miscegination, outright murder,or any means. Christianity is not attacked in Africa or Japan or Mexico, only in White countries. Anti-racist is a code word for Anti-White.

Seneca said...

@kulak. An interesting point. When you look at it that way it's yet another way of controlling the proles.

Anonymous said...


A couple of comments re Shatter.


Comment posted by GeorgeDillon | May 06, 2012

“Has this guy (Shatter) ever complained to Israel about their policy of not letting Palestinians travel outside Palestine? What chance would a Palestinian music act have of getting out of the West Bank? We've heard of lots of cases where seriously ill Palestinians were kept locked up in places like Gaza, even though the medical care available was just not adequate. And there have been Palestinian students who were not permitted by Israel to travel abroad.”


Comment posted by Premium

“Ha Ha........!

When Alan Shatter was appointed Minister for Justice by Enda Kenny, The Jewish Chronicle in the UK had a headline ..." Our man in the Dáil " ( i.e. Shatter)

"Their" man in the Dáil...????

So,.. .Alan Shatter is utilising his position as Minister for Justice for Ireland,
as a platform for spouting propaganda on behalf of the State of Israel........?

Israel is a rogue state and has forged Irish passports on at least one assassination assignment. That was the one time they were caught...

On how many other occasions has Israel used forged Irish Passports before
-and since -...without being caught..?

Alan Shatter going on about cyber-bullying....when Israel is actually a nuclear bully.

Did we, the Irish people give the brief of Irish Justice Minister to Alan Shatter to include propaganda on behalf of the rogue State of Israel...?

No, we most certainly did not.”

Frank Galton

SAVANT said...

They're interesting comments Frank. And you can be sure that many others were purged by the (im)moderator.

Anonymous said...

Should that be (imam)moderator?

Anonymous said...

By denigrating the Catholic Church you do the work of the jew. Talk with a jew in private, they will readily admit to their hatred of the institution. Why? because it has been resisting their debilitating influence for thousands of years.

First thing that happened after the so called "enlightenment" defeated the CC in a country was the loosening of sensible and reasonable restrictions on jews, then the slow descent into atheist nihilism and extinction begins.

Protestantism has been a disaster for europe, giving us jewish empowerment, the French Revolution, communism, the world wars, the CC has resisted all these jewish sponsored evils.

The CC saved Europe from muslim conquest. So now you want me to turn my back on it over a bunch of fucking fags on this sad little island? Perspective please.

It's no surprise to me that the greatest leaders of the last century, Franco and Pinochet, men of honor and great patriots, were both devout Catholics.

William Reidy

Martinus said...

Savant, your piece seems to be a little contradictory to what I thought you stood for. I for one, never EVER hold the laws of any land I happen to live in as above those I set for myself or believe in! For one, many European countries legislate against racism, making many of the comments we leave on this blog 'legally questionable'; just an example of many laws. One of the key issues which caused the decline of Western Civilisation is that people forsook their own morals (personal 'laws' if you will) in favour of a morality or legal code that the state applied. Such is the case in the UK (as well as elsewhere) where many gormless sheeple believe quite 'religiously' that if the state has said it is wrong then legally, morally, unquestionably, 'it' is wrong.

Anonymous said...

Interestingly enough, there are huge ructions going down in the hebe sector of New York ... which I guess is pretty much all of New York ... concerning jew child molesters (yiderasts, perhaps?) who are being protected from apprehension and punishment by the PTB.
Rabbis and other pillars of the community(?) are among them.

Go here:-

and here:-

How many of these make the everyday press in your town?
I guess I should point out that I am not a catholic.


Anonymous said...

The indo were getting all sanctimonous about the Reynolds case elsewhere in today's paper and how RTE were narcisstic and the danger of O Brien taking over- All in the interests of balance. And then they axe those comments. RTE are far worse than the indo but thats not saying much. RTE are right up there with the BBC.

SAVANT said...

William Reidy says "By denigrating the Catholic Church you do the work of the jew."

Well William, you are correct in that. However I can go only so far with the 'my enemy's enemy is my friend' meme. I know what it's like to live under the stultifying dead hypocritical hand of the institutionalised Church. I didn't like it one little bit.

Having said that, we've gone too far in the opposite direction, but I'll never be a freind of that particular institution.

SAVANT said...

Martinus, it's not so much that I'm a fervent proponent of state laws, but if it comes to a choice of them or those of some sky god interpreters than I go for the former. It's the FAILURE to apply propoer state laws to the Religion of Peace that has us partly in the mess we find ourselves.

rightwinggunnut said...

Savant old chap, I wonder if you have this quite right re Confession. We small theologians (as I recall we were in our mid teens at secondary school at the time) raised this issue of confessional secrecy as regards a priest hearing of a serious crime, and what of the seal of confession then? The situation was outlined as follows---should the priest be convinced of the sincerity of the penitent, then Absolution would be withheld pending the penitent admitting to the secular authorities that he was the criminal. When such had taken place--this being an acid test--then the grant of Absolution became
effective. (I have no memory of money ever changing hands by the way). Ok, like everything else coming into Irish hands it was subject to wholesale abuse, but such would not of itself invalidate the concept.(Our "democracy" is an obvious travesty, but this does not invalidate the concept of democracy, I feel most would agree).
However, the main issue and you are right to raise it is that Shatter sees here yet another place where the thin end of the wedge may be driven in and the staples of Western society be further weakened.

SAVANT said...

@rightwing..... yeah, the money changing hands bit was a rhetorical flourish to embellish the post.

Allow me my little pecadilloes!

Anonymous said...

Winton, thank you a great post, I was until recently also like Mr Heraclitus a Jewaphile, Mr Shatter has shown me a reality I would rather not face, I supported Israel’s right to exist and could never understand why Hitler woke one morning and decided for no reason to murder every Jew in Europe. That said I have a few a few Jewish friends, one of which is Israeli, whom I think the threat of 6 Million dead is held against them as well. I think it is important to realise there are good ones there, but,those guys, please ,please if you are reading this speak out, before Israel is nothing more than radioactive glass and Europe shrugs and could not care less, because at the moment three futures await our children 1: we become a beleaguered minority, unable to speak or express ourselves while outsiders dictate our social and moral values,2: we become victims of ethnic cleaning and genocide as we become a minority in our country, 3: we feel we have no recourse but to carry out genocide and ethnic cleansing.


Savant, of course, be pleased to indulge the odd peccadillo, so long as said indulgence does not morph into any kind of pecadillo circus....

Winston Smith said...

I hear you, savant, when I wasn't jew-aware I was anti-church myself.

Now I'll support anything they're against.

Jews do nothing that isn't in their own best interest(against the gentiles).

I just watched an awards show where people joked about all the 'whites' in the audience, when it was half jew.

Ben Franklin was right, we should have banned them in the constitution.

Anonymous said...

Hitchcock beautifully exploited this dilemma in I Confess,his most underrated film.A Catholic priest in Quebec hears the confession of a murderer and then himself becomes a suspect for the murder.What to do?.Old Alf at his very best.

And the film was pre-Vatican II,of course,the beauty of the Latin Mass is evident.Dumping Latin was the biggest mistake The Church ever made.

Heres indoctrination for you.

A few years ago,I attended a Latin Tridentine Mass.I had been 6 or 7 years old the last time I had heard The Rite,yet,to my own astonishment,I was able to recite most of The Mass in my head from an ancient,supposedly long forgotten memory.

I agree with kulack:don't snitch.If its family never,ever snitch.


Anonymous said...

Well the churches, especially the evangelicals, are bending over backwards to placate the jew. They're in bed with the enemy.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Savant that’s the third time you have posted me, I had a few glasses of wine, too many actually. Please delete as appropriate.

Hydra said...

Good news from Greece at last with the electoral success of the nationalist Golden Dawn party.....

The British Resistance - Golden Dawn

Anonymous said...

All is not necessarily doom and gloom ....

Mar 8, 2009: Media and The CIA Predict The Next American Revolution in 2014

Activism; Posted on: 2012-05-06 21:32:46 [ Print / Instant Flyer |
Resurrection of militias, popular discontent grows daily.

A most interesting video, Puts me in mind of the words of the Bard.

So foul a sky clears not without a storm.

On the same page is the article:-

Rise of Far Right Threatens to 'Pollute' Politics Across Europe

Opinion; Posted on: 2012-05-06 20:51:39 [ Print / Instant Flyer |
Since when is it considered pollution or even "fascist" to wish to preserve and advance ones own people? When they are white, of course.

They may not have claimed ultimate victory, but the biggest winners of the elections in France and Greece were the parties of the extreme right. Fringe parties, some of them routinely labelled "neo-Fascist" until recently, have made stunning inroads into mainstream European politics, to the point that in France, Norway, Finland, Hungary and Austria they either hold or threaten to hold the balance of power. Governments are increasingly faced with the choice of either giving ground on hot-button issues such as immigration and Islam, or ceding power.

There is an almost untranslatable Afrikaans expression ... "Jy wil mos ... "


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Well the churches, especially the evangelicals, are bending over backwards to placate the jew. They're in bed with the enemy.

Closer to the truth ... the enemy is in bed with them. I have been watching the white-anting of all christian churches for decades.

There is a special place in hell reserved for the Beyers Naudes and the Trevor Huddlestones of the world.

What a pity they abandoned the rack and the Maiden. That's what I call evangelism.


kulak said...

Well the churches, especially the evangelicals, are bending over backwards to placate the jew.

On the contrary, I think the evangelicals are the most implicitly white.

Regardless of whether they criticize Israel or not, every major denomination is on board with white genocide. The best are silent about it.

The churches all blow with the wind. When we win they either die off or become good citizens.

Everything white people like about Christianity comes from whites. This will become obvious to them as the church establishments, being cosmopolitan, become less white.

Shaunantijihad said...

Is it good for whites? No? Oppose it.

All your other considerations (religious mumbo jumbo etc) must come second. We are in a fight for survival.

Piet said...

kulak, the Church of 'England' is lead by an African porch monkey who it's totaaly impossible to understand when he speaks.

Martinus said...

@Savant, I cannot agree with you less on this point. Your religious irreverence aside, just a small correction - it is the laws of the state that CAUSE these Religion of Peace[niks] to be in Europe in the first place!! It is these laws that implement multiculturalism, that support 'diversity', affirmative action/equal opportunities, abortion, hate-speech/thought-crime etc!!! As for any failure of these laws, au contrair mon ami, these laws have been 100% successful (human right, don't you know) getting the mussies, darling patio-apes and other assorted wonderful diversifiers to Europe in the first place!! I do not have any place for legislation, whether 'positive' or negative. Any law other than natural law, is created to curtail individual liberty - natural law stemming incidentally from Christianity.

kulak said...

CofE baptisms have gone from 67% of infants to 20% of infants.

The CofE itself attributes the acceleration of its decline since the 1990s to the ordination of women.

What do you think Sentamu as head will do?

SAVANT said...

Martinus. So everyone decides for themselves what laws to follow? That sounds like what blacks everywhere do.

Anonymous said...

I think what Martinus is saying, is what a Christian friend of mine said many years ago ...

There are only ten laws. All the rest are rules.

... and what does one do with rules?


Winston Smith said...

Hey UN! I'm finish up Covington's The Brigade now, and read another one the other day. Great reads! Very inspirational, I thought, which is nice for a change!

Krokodil said...

There's a lot said here that would take a lot of going into if I felt like it - which I don't.

Suffice it to say, and I've said it before, the biggest threat facing the West, IMHO, is the abandonment of moral absolutes and the acceptance of moral relativism. It's a slippery slope from which, ultimately, recovery is impossible.

I doubt it's the first time it's been tried. Probably dates back to antiquity (human nature pretty much doesn't change, I'd say). Looking back, we would call it decadence.

The rest, as they say, is history.

Kiwi said...

Shatter presumably won't be thrilled about the rise of Golden Dawn in Greece?

Matt Yglesias noted on twitter Golden Dawn sounds more like a cheesy action movie than a political party.

Anonymous said...

Off-topic, but that's me.

Wisdom from fred:-

A Taste of Realism ... Yuck!

May 1, 2012

I wonder what purpose the public schools serve, other than to warehouse children while their parents work or watch television. They certainly don’t teach much, as survey after survey shows. Is there any particular reason for having them? Apart from their baby-sitting function, I mean.

Schooling, sez me, should be adapted to the needs and capacities of those being schooled. For unintelligent children, the study of anything beyond minimal reading is a waste of time, since they will learn little or nothing more. For the intelligent, a public schooling is equivalent to tying an anchor to a student swimmer. The schools are an impediment to learning, a torture of the bright, and a form of negligent homicide against a country that needs trained minds in a competitive world.

Let us start with the truly stupid. Millions of children graduate—“graduate”—from high school—“high school”—unable to read. Why inflict twelve years of misery on them? It is not reasonable to blame them for being witless, but neither does it make sense to pretend that they are not. For them school is custodial, nothing more. Since there is little they can do in a technological society, they will remain in custody all their lives. This happens, and must happen, however we disguise it.

For those of reasonably average acuity, it little profits to go beyond learning to read, which they can do quite well, and to use a calculator. Upon their leaving high school, question them and you find that they know almost nothing. They could learn more, average not being stupid, but modest intelligence implies no interest in study. This is true only of academic subjects such as history, literature, and physics. They will study things that seem practical to them. Far better to teach the modestly acute such things as will allow them to earn a living, be they typing, carpentry, or diesel repair. Society depends on such people. But why inflict upon them the geography of Southeast Asia, the plays of Shakespeare, or the history of the nineteenth century? Demonstrably they remember none of it.

Some who favor the public schools assert that an informed public is necessary to a functioning democracy. True, and beyond doubt. But we do not have an informed public, never have had one, and never will. Nor, really, do we have a functioning democracy.

I like this guy.


Eamon Bejayzuz said...

Dear Savant old bean, I think Martinus may be on to something here. There was a theological work, now long out of print, which was called "A Penny Catechism" and which retailed at the time for sixpence. In it there was posed the question "Who made the World?" the answer being "God made the World". The existence of God or otherwise is not at issue here; rather it is this, that Nature has its own Laws. If made by God then ipso facto the Laws of Nature are the Laws of God. Compliance with these laws, and the seeking to better understand them the better to achieve such compliance, is what is called Ethics in its one real sense. Now consider what is called Morals; please note that every moral code has as its starting point a rejection of Nature, of "the world, the flesh and the Devil". The ethical position is thus stood upon its head,becomes from the Moral viewpoint the very essence of Evil.
This inversion has been at the centre of Judaeo-Christian thinking for many millenia----and it has conquered the whole white world.We are enjoined from birth to reject the essence of what we truly are and abide instead by the rabbinical slander which we have now absorbed into our DNA. Thus, in a couple of generations, no more, we have come to accept that the noblest race that has ever lived is actually the embodiment of pure Evil; by means of this sacerdotal Morality in which our culture is now saturated we witness the very best that is in us being set in motion to bring about our destruction, to encompass our ruin. To reject the latter and reengage with the former, this is at the core of the challenge we face. Fail in this, the failure will become total---and there is no road back from that.

Expat said...

Its fantastic news about the rise of the Golden Dawn in Greece. Watch the video on this Daily Mail story about the GD leader tearing apart the "yellow press" as he goes walkabout in Athens....

When are Britain and Ireland going to get leaders like that?

Dave said...

"Matt Yglesias noted on twitter Golden Dawn sounds more like a cheesy action movie than a political party."

Kiwi, try telling that snide little joke to one of those Golden Dawn lads if you want to get turned in to a kebab.

Heraclitus said...

@ Eamon. A profound contribution with a lot of merit. But what we have been taught rests on the fundamental split in our natures between Good and Evil. For this reason we must have a higher level of guidance. To gain acceptance this must come from God. Hence religion as we know it.

There's some merit in this in that our natures are indeed a binary synthesis of Good and Evil. surely you agree with this? It follows therefore that we do need a moral/legislative framework which in many cases will militate against our basic natures.

Anonymous said...


I think Martinus raises a good point that most EU legislation is in opposition to natural law which the Irish Constitution is based on.
Human rights legislation etc are codified enforcements of liberal idealogy and are utterly dependent on the suppression of elements of human emotion such as anger as opposed to any actual crime having being committed.(hence the incitement to hatred act).
Another way of looking at is if I feel envious of my neighbors wealth and say I would like to steal everything he has because he does nt deserve it,this could be a crime human rights idealogues would like to codify in law .But its no crime under any natural law unless I follow up on my envy through action.
Nation states are complex constructs that were made to protect and nurture its citizens and then prepare them to compete with the outside world.They arose naturally out of tribal loyalties and small kingdoms.Foreigners were kept out and allowed in on certain restricted conditions.
The social order within a state was guaranteed by the protection of all its citizens of threat from outside the country.
Now the elites have opened up the borders and those at the lower levels have to compete with foreigners within their own country.This defies nature as observed in complexity theory and therefore must result in either a return to the status quo or break up and chaos of the nation state.
The collective action of social individuals produce hierarchical phenomena and this is evident in how nation states interact with other states and organisations.
Open border immigration nullifies this structure.
The emergence of parties such as New Dawn are the natural consequence of defying the natural order of things.

Anonymous said...

I supported Israel’s right to exist and could never understand why Hitler woke one morning and decided for no reason to murder every Jew in Europe.

I took a class in Medieval Literature as part of my university studies and learned that anti-semitism has a long and storied history in the literature and recorded events of Europe. I was fairly astounded at encountering this bit of knowledge and the depths of its roots. Later on I learned that it was more or less kept from me as a youth (probably to "protect" me from its nefarious influence) but it did not lessen the impact of the lesson: Jews have been a nuisance and an enemy in Europe since the time of the Roman collapse (if not earlier) and have been dealt with on many levels economic or cultural. When I consider how Germany dealt with its Jewish population in the mid-29th century, I cannot but imagine it was due to the fatigue of centuries of manipulation by unseen hands. Why should now be any different? Perhaps Eire and Britain must reconnect with the roots of their theatre and their literature to understand the far-rooted and far-reaching implications of hebraic influence on their culture.


pdf1 said...

I could never understand why Hitler woke one morning and decided for no reason to murder every Jew in Europe.

That's probably because he never did wake one morning and decide to murder every Jew in Europe. He wanted Jews out of Europe, or at least the new and larger German sphere of influence. If some or a lot got killed in that objective, so be it. Buy his plan was not to exterminate them. There's not a shred of documentary evidence to that effect.

Uberdude said...

Perhaps I might acquaint your correspondents and contributors with one Edler von Mildenstein. Who he, you ask.Well, (there is no English for Edler by the way; it means "of the nobility", simply) he was a senior officer in the SS back in the 'thirties. He it was who spent six months in Palestine along with his Jewish friend Kurt Tuchler, learning about Zionism, Jewish settlement and so on. Mildenstein even learned Hebrew the better to grasp the nuances of things. The upshot was that he came up with a far-reaching proposal wherein Germany would be evacuated of its Jews--made judenrein--who could leave in an orderly fashion with everything that was rightfully theirs; that they could settle in Palestine, even being assisted so to do; and that in the fullness of time normal international relations could be achieved between the Reich and a Hebraeum in the Middle East. The Jews themselves looked upon this with great favour, even seeing the Nuremburg Laws as conducive to speeding up the process.The leadership of the SS looked upon the proposal with equally great favour, and so did Goebbels himself. The German side seemed to see this as a humane and generous solution to an age-old and insoluble problem; rightly so, in my humble opinion.
However, a British Prime Minister vested the final decision as to whether Britain would go to war in a cabal of callow Poles; they in turn, having spent decades spoiling for a fight with Germany---massacring thousands of ethnic Germans now living in Poland courtesy of Versailles---finally brought down upon their heads the wrath of the Reich, and the rest is history. The Mildenstein proposals got lost, of course, in the global maelstrom that ensued. Obviously they may well have generated problems further along the way, but had these generous German terms been realised, perhaps there would have been no Holocaust, perhaps, dares one to think, no second world war. The interested readers --both of you!--are commended to "Zionism in the Age of the Dictators" by one Brenner, first name will not come to me just now but google it up. An intriguing and not widely known aspect of WW2.

Anonymous said...

Winston Smith said...

Hey UN! I'm finish up Covington's The Brigade now, and read another one the other day. Great reads! Very inspirational, I thought, which is nice for a change!

More than welcome. For those who are interested, Covington is publishing a whopping first draft of his latest ... Freedom's Sons.

For free -- as a PDF.

Go to the site for details

He is trying to distribute as soon as poss before the suits pay another visit. For those who appreciate him, please pop over and say hi.


great white said...

Uberdude - that is totally fascinating man!

Need to spend a lot of time thinking about the implications of all of this.

Anonymous said...

Eamonn's post makes an interesting -- no, downright fascinating -- point.
Virtually everyone in the west tortures themselves with the dichotomy of "Good" and "Evil".
The RSP's take a far more pragmatic approach;- Is it good for the jews?

All the while, I might add, holding our feet to the fire regarding the good/evil question.

If we wish to survive, we have to stop torturing ourselves with fake conscience and secondhand guilt. We have to ask ourselves; Can we survive with the jews underfoot and at our throats?

The question answers itself as, so far, swamped in the influence of RSPs, we're not doing all that well.

Notice I do not even mention the negroids as they are also fog.

Dangerous, malevolent and noxious fog, yes, but like bacteria, blue-arsed flies and roaches, they behave the way they do because that is what they are. I firmly believe that the only option is the Covington option. Clear a space for yourself and sterilise it.
No sane person expects a successful surgical procedure to be performed in a fly-blown rubbish tip.

Clear a space, then live every day, asking yourself the question:-
Is it good for the whites?

Quote, if you want to be poetical about it, David Lane's famous fourteen words ... but, at the end of the day ask:
Is it good for the whites?

That is the only relevant question.


Winston Smith said...

Thank you for turning me on to Covington's novels, UN.

I've started listening to his podcasts and found them intriguing.
Concerning WW1 and WW2, I discovered that Judaism declared war on Germany very publicly in the 1930s, after having made a secret deal with the English during WW1 to bring in the US on the allies side in return for a homeland in Palestine.

They whipped out the Balfour declaration at the end of hostilities and Germany, who'd had jews prosper in their midst, realized they'd been betrayed from within.

Israel was sold as a way to deal with the Jewish question by MOVING ALL THE JEWS TO THEIR OWN NATION. Except they won't go there unless evading criminal prosecution in another country.

Vampires can't feed on other vampires, it seems.

Shaunantijihad said...

I hesitate to recommend this, as it is, well, unusual. I would have dismissed it but for the fact that the claims are made by a Jew. At first it seems astonishing, crazy even. But then after a while, it just could explain a whole lot.

"Jewish scholar Stan Gooch is one of the foremost advocates of the theory that modern-day Jewish people are descendants of a mix between Neanderthals and Cro-Magnon man."

Read the rest here:

Dr. Wassell said...

UN, the perennial solution, 'clear a space for whites'. But how can that be done? I know Covington's solution, but do you really think the Feds would just stand idly by? And the armed conflict that HAC describes, well, there's going to be only 1 winner to that. You can't even have a white neighbourhood now but you'd have the DoJ on your case in a flash.

Anonymous said...

Not sure if this has been posted yet: Jews own 96% of the world media.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Wassell said...

UN, the perennial solution, 'clear a space for whites'

Dr Wassell, I hand you this:

SCroll down to the video:-

Mar 8, 2009: Media and The CIA Predict The Next American Revolution in 2014

Activism; Posted on: 2012-05-06 21:32:46 [ Print / Instant Flyer |
Resurrection of militias, popular discontent grows daily.

Tell me when last you saw and heard people openly using the word -- let alone the possibility of -- "Insurrection" on American TV?

You think times are interesting now?

Patience ... patience.


sharonski said...

UN, Yes, they speak on that clip about insurrection. But there will not be an armed rising up. The American middle class is too 'propoer' to do that. I just cannot see it happening. Pity tho'

Anonymous said...

Virtually everyone in the west tortures themselves with the dichotomy of "Good" and "Evil".

Love of theory.

It's nuts, and a vice of supremacy.

Nevertheless, whites do have a moral sense, and normally functioning whites behave as if there are some moral absolutes.

Others, especially blacks, not so much.

The question of whether something's good for whites never even occurs to implicit white supremacists -- a category that includes many of our enemies.

The question makes most whites uncomfortable, but there's an easy synthesis:

What's good for whites is good for everybody.

northern athiest said...

Morality 'processing' takes place in the prefrontal cortex of the brain. Blacks in general have smaller and less developed PFC's. This isn't crude baiting, it's fact.

They are also genetically programmed for lower levels of impulse control.

Anonymous said...

I don't know why everyone hates Michael Farage so much ... or is it only the MSM?

Please go here:-

Scroll to:-

Video: Farage: We face the prospect of mass civil unrest, even revolution ...

He ain't too optimistic, either.


Anonymous said...

Jeremy said...

I often wondered about the reaction to Nigel Farrage as well. Saw him on Have I Got News for You and he was an appealing personality.

I guess he doesn't fit the ordained narrative and that his supposed unpopularity is in the Minds of the MSM.

Anonymous said...

The Law of Confession is really not for murderer murderers.

Do you really think Jeffrey Dahmer would go to confession? No. Or Sandusky? No.

But let's say that some guy raped your niece and you beat the shit out of him, and they never discovered it was you and the guy has brain damage. You would go to the priest to confess.

But under this law, the priest would have to turn you in and ruin your life.

As weird as it sounds, sometimes there's good reason to commit crimes. A great guy I know did jail time precisely for beating the crap out of someone who raped his niece.

Heraclitus said...

@anon 6.43. You can't make laws based on exceptional cases like you mention. In any event the law itself has scope to make allowances for such cases.

Anonymous said...

Jeremy said...

I often wondered about the reaction to Nigel Farrage as well. Saw him on Have I Got News for You and he was an appealing personality.

I guess he doesn't fit the ordained narrative and that his supposed unpopularity is in the Minds of the MSM.

Rather like the knee-jerk "Loathe-the-Bitch" reaction whenever Maggie Thatcher or Enoch Powell are brought up.

I am reminded of the "Two minutes of hate" in Orwell's Nineteen Eighty Four.

Apparently Orwell spent quite a few years of his youth as a hardened lefty ... until the bullshit got too deep and he had his epiphany.

Obviously a very, very observant and detached man.


Interesting bit of trivia ... apparently the title is always meant to be written out in full: "Nineteen Eighty Four" and not "1984"

As Michael Caine is so fond of saying: "Not many people know that ..."

Anonymous said...

Winston Smith said...

Israel was sold as a way to deal with the Jewish question by MOVING ALL THE JEWS TO THEIR OWN NATION. Except they won't go there unless evading criminal prosecution in another country.

Aaaah, Winston. I think you have put your finger on the nub of the problem, there. Israel is not a nation ... it's a bolt-hole for when things get too hot.

More commonly called a "Den" or a "Lair."

-- and it's what we whites need.

Think about it.


Winston Smith said...

Asia for Asians
Africa for Africans
US and Europe for everybody or you're a racist
Israel for Israelis or you'reanaziwhowantstokill6millionjews

Russia is the only place for white people that I can think of, but practically speaking, I can't relocate there.

I'm trying to get my ducks in a row to move to the US northwest.

Covington's right, he's the *only* one with any plan at all.

Anonymous said...

Is anti-racism just a code word for anti-white?

"Everybody says there is this RACE problem. Everybody says this RACE problem will be solved when the third world pours into EVERY white country and ONLY into white countries."

"The Netherlands and Belgium are more crowded than Japan or Taiwan, but nobody says Japan or Taiwan will solve this RACE problem by bringing in millions of third worlders and quote assimilating unquote with them."

"Everybody says the final solution to this RACE problem is for EVERY white country and ONLY white countries to "assimilate," i.e., intermarry, with all those non-whites."

"What if I said there was this RACE problem and this RACE problem would be solved only if hundreds of millions of non-blacks were brought into EVERY black country and ONLY into black countries?"

"How long would it take anyone to realize I'm not talking about a RACE problem. I am talking about the final solution to the BLACK problem?"

"And how long would it take any sane black man to notice this and what kind of psycho black man wouldn't object to this?"

"But if I tell that obvious truth about the ongoing program of genocide against my race, the white race, Liberals and respectable conservatives agree that I am a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews."

"They say they are anti-racist. What they are is anti-white."

"Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white."

Jeremy said...

Anonny 18.21. Well said Sir!

Anonymous said...

Michelle Goldberg, who featured somewhere around here for shatterreasons, had a go at Anne Romney.

Detroitdiscounted this 4 u!

"Shrill Jewess "creeped out" by blonde woman! News at 11!"

Fagin has thought me well hasn't he Oliver?

Anonymous said...

Just saw his colleague Richard Bruton on the week in politics saying we need 1250 IT students a year over the next 4 years and each of them will create another job down the line.

Isn't this the lie used to bring ib H1 types to Silicon(ned) Valley?

Clogheen said...

1250 IT students - watch Shatter's 'new initiative' to meet that need. With special immigration permits for Africans geniuses.

Anonymous said...

Ramzpaul celebrates Saint Skittles day May 25th

Get to see some "Trayvoning" sites before they disappear.

Some excellent stuff.

Anonymous said...

Ronit Lenin of TCD OH VEY! Give us more immigrants to enrich us is also a SPECTRE agent.