Monday, 30 April 2012

Shatter Watch: So much for diversity of opinion.....

Independent News and Media (INM) are currently undergoing a major battle for control between the Tony O'Reilly and Denis O'Brien factions.  Looks like O'Brien is going to win. The editorial staff have been in high dudgeon about this for quite some time, given the multiple and extensive media outlets already under  O'Brien's  control in Ireland.

The point being made is that we could have a Berlusconi type situation, whereby a single mogul can define the parameters of public discourse. That would be terrible, according to the Indo. We need free speech, plurality of opinions, print and be damned, let the cards fall wherever they may. Etc. etc. etc.

Well it seems that their thirst for diversity of opinion goes only so far.  You see, I sent in this letter to the Sunday Independent, supposedly the bravest of the lot.  I took care to avoid any form of inflammatory verbiage but yet made a telling point. It is also, if I may say so, well written. Vastly better than most of the stuff the Indo prints.

Yet they spiked it.

Have a read and judge for yourself.

"The number of new Irish citizenships awarded since Alan Shatter became Minister for Justice has exploded .  From a few hundred on average in earlier years it’s now heading up to the 10,000 mark in the 12 months or so since he assumed office.  No fewer than 4,000 were awarded on one day alone earlier this month!

Now there’s another initiative aimed at facilitating migrant entrepreneurs and investors from outside of the European Economic Area to set up in Ireland. Two things surprised me about this. First was the, by international standards, laughably low financial benchmark, no more than €70,000. Even more surprising was its source, the same Minister for Justice and Defence. I’d have expected this to come from his colleague  the Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation, or even the Minister of State for Research and Innovation.

Maybe they’re just not as enthusiastic as Alan, who swears by the untold benefits these new citizens will bring to the country. What surprises me then is that, despite being described by the Jerusalem Post  as “an articulate and courageous friend of Israel" he’s so reluctant for that country to share in the bounty he so assiduously prescribes for us.  Au contraire, he’s a trenchant and implacable opponent of such people getting next or near Israel.

Odd, isn’t it?"

This piece, IMHO, is challenging but not 'offensive'.  It puts it straight up to Shatter. Well, it would have had they printed it.  So much for the plurality of opinion they prattle on about.

If any of you want to try to get it published under your own my guest.


Iron Felix said...

Dear Savant, dear oh dear; as you know censorship has returned with a vengeance in this country. In the old and innocent days the Church would say what was undesirable and should be censored, thereby drawing attention to it. Those naive days are long gone; censorship today consists of ignoring all matters not deemed appropriate; the feeling that is engendered thereby is that the prevailing, media-fostered viewpoint is virtually universally agreed upon throughout society. Anyone therefore who may have arrived at a contrary opinion is made to feel totally isolated, a minority of one. Very occasionally they will allow an item like yours to be published, by way--the subtext of showing that there are still a small few unreconstructed oafs and bigots out there. This will be followed closely by a whole plethora of letters selected to ridicule and deride the writer. I am well aware of the game, played it myself a few times, know how it works. Everybody should know how it works though.

Martinus said...

Of course the free speech they preach about, is THEIR free speech. Your letter wasn't [not] published because of offensive content or because they found it badly written etc. It was excluded because it was dissent. It strayed from the 'celebrated and accepted norm' that the ms media took so much time carefully cultivating. How dare you, some racist citizen, object to that most holy of institutions, 3rd world immigration, legal or otherwise.

On a side note something happier, Greece is set to give a rather large foot hold to the Hrisi Avgi party (Golden Dawn) in the upcoming 6 May elections. Jackboots and brownshirts seem to be quite the fashion with these guys.

And lets not forget Ms Le Pen, I'm looking forward to her speech tomorrow!

RegThe Hedge said...

I am so worried about Shatters behavour that I am going to print up a few thousand flyers and post them prior to the election in his whole catchment area. At least people won't be able to say I wasn't told. If they vote for him then they can only blame themselves.

RegThe Hedge said...

By The Way. I do hope you don't buy the Sunday Independent. These Controlled media outlets have to go under and they will not if people continue to buy their abhorrant propaganda. I have been nearly 1.5 years without buying a newspaper. Please join me.

Anonymous said...

You did not bash RTE enough nor attack the people of Bandon or wherever Peter Hart had those fictitious interviews or say that The Sindo shown out of Sir Anthony J F O'Reilly's arse.

Such shocking omissions.

Seriously you have to read the sanctimonious tripe that does get printed.

beppo said...

Yes, odd indeed-from more than one angle.

Makes it pretty clear how brave and free our press really is; guardians of our freedom and purveyors of information upon which the electorate are supposed to make their judgements.

Sort of makes you question this whole democracy thing.

Anonymous said...

WTF doesa Manchester United player have to do to get booked?

Is Andre Mariner scared of upsetting Dion Fanning?

Cassius said...

Iron Felix. You have lamped onto the system with laser-like accuracy. That is exactly how it works and why we do actually see the occasional contra opinion out there.

Bemused stare said...

Big surprise there, Felix has it right.

Setanta said...

I note yesterday's Independent said 'the debate on public issues should be uninhibited, robust and wide open'

Yeah, right. I think we've just seen how much they adhere to those views themselves.

Anonymous said...

Saw Shatter on RTE news this evening.He's releasing hundreds of prisoners from Irish prisons because of over crowding.The big fat fucking elephant in the room is over crowding is caused by the amount of foreign criminal scum washing up on Irish shores.

Robert in Arabia said...

Anonymous said...

Shatter?Did'nt he play captain Kirk in Star Trek?To boldly go where no jew has gone before.

Anonymous said...

Somebody else who (for once) has got it right.

I have said before that I am not a great and uncritical fan of The Slog, because of his wilful ignorance on the real causes of WWI and WWII, as well as his Germany-bashing ... mainly for the wrong reasons. I think his mom was frightened by a Stuka.

Here, however, he is seeing the big picture.

At the End of the Day

Practically every Western State of any eminence is currently suffering from politics that are divisive – rather than just showing where the division lines are. All of them are run by a political Establishment that hasn’t renewed itself for decades. And most of them are being run by Coalitions.

While this is an obvious thing to remark, we still need a convincing explanation for it. I think I have one – I think most sites like this one share it to one extent or another – but so far the ‘conclusion’ about how we are ruled in the 21st century (and why it doesn’t work) has failed to break out into the depoliticised mass market.

The following are ‘democratic’ States I would describe as capable of having a massive influence on the economy and money-transmission systems of planet Earth: the Unites States (sheer size), the United Kingdom (banking centre), France (bulwark against Merkelism), Australia (raw materials), and Greece (raw materials and financial contagion).

They are all divided right down the middle between the hypocritical and meaningless divisions of Left and Right. And they all have small oligarchies running that show who – because they protect their positions – utterly fail to represent their constituencies at large. Republican, Democrat, Labour Party, Conservatives, UMP, Socialists, Labor, Liberals, and PASOK, New Democracy. The people they represent – all of them – are the people with the kind of money, organisation, and communicatory power to make a difference to opinion generally, and elections in particular: globalist multinationals, banks, media conglomerates, Internet Service Providers, and bureaucrats.

Please read on ... I thoroughly recommend it.


Gem Junior said...

Even though the Church was always in everyone's business, censoring books, etc., priests sticking their big noses into people's business and stuff at least the Irish culture was not being totally dismantled piece by piece and the peoople weren't being race replaced. The priests have shown they were a total fucking menace, and thanks for nothing. But now it's even worse. So the kids get to be enriched by multiculturalism. Instead of Irish priests molesting them now they'll have Africans and Hispanics too. Super. The whole thing is enough to make anyone want to be sick.

beppo said...

Congratulations to Reg The Hedge on a real positive move re distribution of information which is censored out throughout the corrupt media but which the concerned citizen has a right to be informed about.

Action of this sort is probably the only way of avoiding a real SHTF situation further down the road.

kulak said...


People have to unshackle their own minds.

That means most of the time you don't answer your own question. You just frame it, and ask it. Otherwise the stopthink automatically kicks in.

Here's how I'd try it:

1) Start with a decription of the proper/traditional duties, responsibility, portfolio of the minister of Justice and the minister of defense.

2) State the recent immigration initatives.

3) End with a one line question:

Under which portfolio has the minister for justice AND defense undertaken this change in immigration?

('cuz it's got fucking NOTHING to do with them, right? In fact, it's the fucking OPPOSITE of both! But you don't have to SAY it. Just ask the question.)

beppo said...

I, myself, feel that the main value of the appearance of the odd "crackpot" ie idealogically unsound opinion in the MSM is that it can be served up as proof that there is not,in fact, any form of censorship or opinion-molding being practised.
Any possible danger of it can be dealt with by manipulating the responses to it and making sure that there is no full discussion of the matter in hand.

Anonymous said...

Felix is talking complete sense for once.

Does anybody here know anyone who works as a moderator for any media outlet?.Or,in Savants case here,a letters to the Editor erm...editor?.

I've never met anyone in that line of work.


Shaunantijihad said...

Slightly off topic, but people really are terrified of discussing anything critical of Big Yid (or Big Brother if you will), such as this example, which is also quite interesting for South African and Rhodesian readers:

Martin Webster speech in London:

Hat tip from the BR room:

Anonymous said...

Liberty, if it means anything, is the right to tell people what they don't want to hear.
This is proudly displayed at the top of Harry's Place, which is a leftish, pro jewish,fagott supporting blog.
I got banned for merely pointing out that some anti-semetic views could be possibly fueled by the actions of some prominent and influential jews such as Barbara Spectre and Shatter.
I was as polite as possible,and in return got branded a nazi!
What a bunch of hypocrites!
If anyone has the time and inclination, please go over there and give them some facts.
Paris Claims

Dave C said...

Without any semblance of political clout anything we have to say is easily binned. I'd expect the French media would happily ignore NF views if they could but they simply can't because NF are a force.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Saw Shatter on RTE news this evening.He's releasing hundreds of prisoners from Irish prisons because of over crowding.The big fat fucking elephant in the room is over crowding is caused by the amount of foreign criminal scum washing up on Irish shores.

1 May 2012 00:05

I do believe that that connection has never been made before!

winston smith said...

beppo said...

I, myself, feel that the main value of the appearance of the odd "crackpot" ie idealogically unsound opinion in the MSM is that it can be served up as proof that there is not,in fact, any form of censorship or opinion-molding being practised.
Any possible danger of it can be dealt with by manipulating the responses to it and making sure that there is no full discussion of the matter in hand.

exactly! Henry Ford wrote about this very tactic 100 years ago in his book 'The International Jew'.

Jewish owned papers print contradictory things so they can point at each other and say look there's a free press! all the while they're in collusion and only print 'what's best for the jews' in matters of importance.

Eimear said...

Gem Junior. That's been my experience totally. I grew up in the conditions that you describe and I totally hated and resented it. But yes, it was really only annoying, when it came down to it. What's happening now is that our society is being systematically dismantled and replaced by...what? In essence, we've thrown out the baby with the bathwater. The Church's influence was on the wane anyway and the position of woman, through a veriety of measures, improved to be what many now see as more than equal. What we are as a people is being destroyed before our eyes.

Robert in Arabia said...

SAVANT said...

@kulak....this is a sensible position. Interesting to know whether they'd have printed it. Of course it also omits a key element, Shitter's differing attitudes to immigration to Ireland and Israel.

Anonymous said...

@ Gem Junior

That has already attracted a comment elsewhere whereby some intolerantliberal had a hissy fit over the Catholic Church because some child was abused in a newspaper story and a comment was made about the incident of what would his wife and family think? and this liberal pointed out that RC Priests have a vow of celibacy and as such do not have wives and families and that attracted the comment that Baptist ministers can and often do at which point the concern for the abused child disappeared.

Liberals are renowned for their intolerance all right.

And we are not allowed to point that out.

Smokin' Joe said...

If you do not read the papers, listen to the radio, watch TV, you will be uninformed. So what you must do, you see, is read the papers, listen to the radio, and watch TV. That way you will ensure that you are NOT uninformed, but instead you will be thoroughly MISinformed.
Did some fellow called Hobson understand this, way back.....?

kualk said...


It's true it omits that.

What are you, a nazi? ;)

Setanta said...

I'd say Savant's letter was too good to have been dismissed as crackpot. It also raised a number of really uncomfortable questions better left unsaid.

kerplunk said...

Paris Claims, no surprise there. I've had the same in countless 'liberal' sites. I wonder if they see the hypocrisy themselves, or are the totally deluded?

Anonymous said...

O/T An bord Pleanala has given the green light to a multi-million euro Asian(China) trade hub for Athlone in Co Westmeath.Located on a 137-hectare site,an estimated 1.500 jobs are expected to be created.I've Two questions about all this.Will any of the locals get them jobs?Will Athlone now be flooded with thousands of Chinese workers?Keep an eye on this one Sav.Are we selling the family silver to the chinks?

Anonymous said...

Here in England we don't have such problems. Our press is ethical and always bang up yo date. For example, today came the news rhat the BNP candidate for Mayor of Liverpool had been arrested for electrol fraud. Not only that he was being held in custody. The villain. Wow what fantastic, upto the minute reporting. Except, the afore mentioned gentleman had been released YESTERDAY without ANY charges. As a certain other publication might say......surely some mistake.


Anonymous said...

The state of the free colored population of the United States, is one of extreme and remediless degredation, of gross irreligion, of revolting profligacy, and, of course, deplorable wretchedness. Who can doubt … the blacks among us are peculiarly addicted to habits of low vice and shameless profligacy? They are found in vast numbers in the haunts of riot and dissipation and intemperance where they squander in sin the scanty earnings of their toil, contract habits of grosser iniquity and are prepared for acts of daring outrage and of enormous guilt. … Squalid poverty, loathesome and painful disease, fell and torturing passions, and diversified and pitiable forms of misery are to be found (there).

This is from 1826 and I am not talking about in 40 minutes time.

Seneca said...

anon 17.44. That's what it'll be like again once the EBT cards stop paying.

And isn't it amazing, how modern 'sophisticates' would laugh at the writings you quote, but which are so much more representative of reality?

Anonymous said...

Yoyo my man while out looking for Arizona Iced Tea and Skittles I came across latte island's blog and a choice of excellent pictures to use on your blog profile.

I am George Zimmerman or Trayvon Kitty.

Anonymous said...

I thought Latte Island was dead??

Anonymous said...

The Time Machine 1956 version is on.

"Don't just stand there like fatted cattle" shouts Rod Taylor's character.

I was wondering if you went back in the past would you find the same levels of illiteracy among European civilians as with those of African origin yet these days there is an IQ differenec of 100 average for White Americans 85 for africants and sub Sahara is 70.

Some people have been advacing some are closer to their ancestors.

Anonymous said...

The goverment have just handed Westmeath over to the Chinese.So thats what the Chinese premier was doing over here a couple of months ago.Did'nt you do a post about that Sav?

Krokodil said...

You are foolish, Savant!

Want to get published?

Well, then, invoke the usual "acceptable" stuff about the Holocaust, Apartheid or Slavery and, hey presto, you're quids in!

Get on the moral high ground - even if it's not the actual moral high ground. The Left are quite blind on this issue.

In other words, saying stuff like "I totally deplore racism, slavery, apartheid, etc. etc, nevertheless I do think blah blah ..." is probably the way to get published.

The anti right-wing disclaimer is pretty much a necessary ingredient in today's less than somewhat "free and independent media."

great white said...

krokodil. Disclaimers are useless. Just like an apology. They come after you all the more if you apologize.

Bemused stare said...

Anonymous great white said...

krokodil. Disclaimers are useless. Just like an apology. They come after you all the more if you apologize.

2 May 2012 00:02

Never apologize. I'd rather go to my grave hated for telling the truth, than go there belittled for having conceded to a lie.

Bemused stare said...

Savant, not on the topic of Ireland's woes, be happy you are not French. The average French youngster (given my recent experience) seems to have a pathological hate for white people. Might as well give France to the kaffirs.

SAVANT said...

@Bemused: SO sorry to hear that. I'd hoped that the French, having seen the joys of diversity at first hand, would have been more realistic. Not good to hear,

eah said...

OT (could be titled 'So Much for the UK')

People who imagine there is hope for the UK should take note of stories like this one:

Secretary told she faces jail after admitting champagne-fuelled racist rant on train that was filmed on YouTube

And don't forget to have a look at the comments; this one is not untypical:

serves her right, the vile racist woman!

Again, as an exercise google something like 'london rioter escapes jail', and check the results. This is also not untypical:

TEENAGERS who set fire to a patrol car and attacked a police station in a copycat attack at the time of the London riots have been spared jail.

And give yourself the naivete award if you thought 'escape jail' meant they went on the lam.

The authorities show where their priorities are.

Bemused stare said...

Savant, I suspect the French are lost. Don't even dream of asking them if they feel for their people. Nationalism is a dirty word. I actually brought up the subject and you could not have done better if you rolled out Adolf Hitler. They were aghast.

Iron Felix said...

Anon says that 100 is the average I.Q. for White Americans, 85 for africants (sic) by which I take it we are talking about Afro-Americans, and 70 for the sub-Saharan crew. He's right of course. You see, what this means is that there are virtually no such things as American Negros---everything we call such are in fact classifiable with a single robust German word, mischlings.All so-called Black Americans,being in some degree White, are actually mischlings and everything they are they owe to that White ancestry. How can such as Beyonce, Halle Berry, Mohammed Ali account themselves Black in the same sense that some cackamammie Congolese is Black? In their hearts all three despise Africans, not unlike the way in which a fort-Indian social group such as Dublin's middle class despise what they call culchies.This is not to deny that all three are ok enough in their own way, let it be said; Beyonce is, I gather, a decent enough lump of a girl by all accounts. But see what a massive improvement is wrought by admixing some fine Nordic blood, however debased the other side of the equation! However this is a mixed blessing and can very easily misfire; bring Nordic intelligence and mental agility into proximity with African indolence and vices and you may see those vices quickened, made vehement, made lethally active. In every North American city there is an open running sore---mendaciously and misleadingly called a ghetto---where thousands of examples of these latter are daily available for inspection.

Anonymous said...

Bemused Stare ...

I had experience with the frogs in 1970-71 when I was bumming around Europe, dodging US draft dodgers (if you couldn't hear them at 100 metres, you saw them at sixty and smelled them at ten)

The male french, even then, had a hate on for all the world that was not french. The french girls were delightful, the males epitomised the term:- "arrogant, talentless, arsehole fuck".

It's fascinating to see that, forty years on, some things never change.

I still think back with fond memories, of a run-in I had with a porky, Le Monde-reading Parisian taxi driver who ended up coughing his Gauloises-puffing lungs out after chasing me for almost a Kilometre.

plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose ...


SAVANT said...

I've been taken to task for reading the MSM. Guilty as charged, but not as guilty as I was. I've given up buying the Irish Times and no longer watch the Western MSM 'news' outlets. Pity the cable packages don't allow you to deselect CNN, Fox etc. but not watching them registers anyway, apparently. I'm working on extending my boycott. We should all do the same.

Anonymous said...

Racist Barack Hussrin Shabazz Soetero!

As pointed out on the Steve Sailor post that Linux is not making that much headway on the desktop because they refuse to have Morgan Freeman type people working on the kernel so this race traitor from Hawai'i (which is well known as the backdrop to that excellent Tv perogramme Hawaii 5 7.) takes after his mother who walked out on his hartdworking Kenyan father because he was black and look at his campaign team. One token black. One fucking token black.

What a sick bastard Obama is.

Educated Edsel said...

Recently back from where he will not say (but I cannot disabuse myself of the suspicion that he may have had a hand in the issuance of an arrest warrant for George Soros...) Pater joined me for brekkie in the Orangerie. He seemed rather impressed with something--he had been at the computer moments earlier and was talking about a comment from someone called Felix (sic)who had talked of mischlings, and this rang a bell with him. The Irish themselves, he positively bubbled, are mischlings; Felix had apparently crystallised a latent thought he had been harbouring for years. You do not get mischlings by crossing like with like, quoth he; cross a Swede with a Dane, you will still get an Aryan. Outcross, though, and who knows.However, the main thing is that in lots of ways the Irish are very unlike white Europeans. They have never been known to organise an effective governance, for instance; they think in tribal---and more recently gang---terms; their society is as much run by vendettas and rampant corruption as almost any African state. Everything they take unto themselves, be it Catholicism, nationhood, the Republic, parliament, they seem to debase and befoul. There is, saith Pater, far more of Africa in the Irish character then has hitherto been suspected; and you know, I rather fear he is right.

Anonymous said...

Everybody says there is this race problem which will only be solved when hundreds of millions of non Whites are flooded into White countries and ONLY White countries and "assimilate", a.k.a. intermarry, with Whites.

Belgium and the Netherlands are just as crowded as Japan and Taiwan. But no one is saying Taiwan and Japan should be flooded with hundreds of millions of non Asians with whom they are to "assimilate", a.k.a. intermarry, in order to solve a race problem.

Suppose I said there was this race problem which would only be solved by flooding Black countries and ONLY Black countries with hundreds of millions of non Blacks with whom they are to "assimilate", a.k.a. intermarry?

How long would it take for anyone to realize I'm not talking about a race problem; I'm talking about the Final Solution to the Black problem? Would not any sane Black man object to this and what kind of psycho Black man wouldn't object to this?

But if I tell the obvious truth about the ongoing genocide of my race, the White race, liberals and respectable conservatives agree I'm anaziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.

They say they are anti-racist but what they are is anti-White.

Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.

Corkonian said...

Edsel, methinks you set out to piss people off. Our (Irish) governments are crap. But can you show me one that's wonderful. And I'm not talking about in Africa - I'm saying anywhere.

On the Transparency International corruption index Ireland comes out better than almost all European countries apart from the Nordics.

Anonymous said...

Wiki says of Irish genetics:

Hair, skin and eye colour statistics in Ireland

C. Wesley Dupertuis conducted a survey of Irish people in the 1940s under the guidance of the Department of Anthropology of Harvard University, and gathered the following data.[13]

The hair colour of the Irish is predominantly brown The most common Hair colour is dark brown. Less than 15% have black or ashen hair; 50% have dark brown hair.[citation needed] Medium brown hues make up another 15%. Persons with blond and light brown hair account for close to 5%, while approximately 10% have auburn or red hair. Both golden and dark brown shades can be seen in the south-western counties of Ireland, but fairest hair in general is most common in the Central Plain.[14] Ulster has been evidenced to have the highest frequencies of red and blonde hair, with the lowest found in Wexford and Waterford.

Studies have indicated the Irish are "almost uniquely pale skinned when unexposed, untanned parts of the body, are observed" and "40% of the entire group are freckled to some extent." Moreover, "in the proportion of pure light eyes", data shows that "Ireland competes successfully with the blondest regions of Scandinavia", as approximately 42% of the Irish population have pure blue eyes. Another 30% have been found to possess light-mixed eyes and "less than 1 half of 1% have pure brown".

Anonymous said...

Edsel, sounds like you are justifying White Irish genocide.

Elaine said...

" "in the proportion of pure light eyes", data shows that "Ireland competes successfully with the blondest regions of Scandinavia", as approximately 42% of the Irish population have pure blue eyes. Another 30% have been found to possess light-mixed eyes and "less than 1 half of 1% have pure brown".

Come back in 50 years and what a difference you'll see.

Anonymous said...


Henry IX said...

anon 19.55. It's the future as long as we put up with it. TPTB are getting more brazen and draconian all the time. They'll either beat us into total submission or else we'll rise up.

The choice is ours.

Anonymous said...

The 3rd-world's flotsam is washing up on Ireland's shores to become new "Irish" citizens while 76,300 indigenous Irish departed to other countries looking for needed jobs last year?! It doesn't make any sense, UNLESS one knows of the real agenda, eh Mr. Shatter?

A young Irish couple's story HERE.

Anonymous said...

Shatter still has 3 or 4 years left in his current job.Plenty of time to change Ireland forever.

Anonymous said...

In recent weeks I've been looking at the performance of Kenny,Shatter,Hogan and that other arsehole baldy Noonan.Is it just me,or are these the most arrogant pricks to have ever been in government.

Clogheen said...

.Is it just me,or are these the most arrogant pricks to have ever been in government?

Not just you mate I can assure you. And it didn't take 'em long, did it? Same with Shatter. He's wrecking the country at a rate as if there's no tomorrow. maybe he knows something we don't.

00:43 said...

Well Savant I'm going to buckle the downbeat trend here somewhat and say that I'm a happy white chappy tonight. You see i was at the opening gala night of the Cork Choral Festival tonight in the city hall. The main piece was Mozart's Requeim and it was amazing. To hear the sublime music was one thing, but the see the disciplined, beautifully attired and organised singers and orchestra at work was something else. Now, there's something to cherish-compare that to your 'ethnic' crap. And yes, you guessed it, not a coloured visage in sight-obviously not amongst the body of musicians, but also, very pleasingly, not one to be seen in the audience either. Fair play Wolfgang Amadeus-keeping the blacks at bay for over 200 years now.

And on a positive side note, I met an English gent in the queue to get in and we got talking about the Heathrow delays. "A bit bloody late, this drive to tighten up border security", says I. "Yes", he responds, "I'm not a racist but...", "Oh, I'm a racist", I said, " and have no qualms about saying it. Africa is big enough for the Africans. They should stay there." "Yes, you're right,' he said, "only in the UK we're not allowed to say such things. We're not allowed do anything anymore in the UK."

Still though, it was encouraging to hear him speak his mind when presented with the oppurtunity, but more than that, the music was fantastic and a great night was had by all.

winston smith said...

It's called chutzpah, and Shatner has plenty!

Since you guys are jew aware, I thought I'd mention here in the states

Cass Sunstein, a ministry of truth official for Obama and a shoe in for supreme court justice, wrote a paper a few years ago about taxing speech to reduce the amount of 'conspiracy theorists'.

Exactly as was outlined 100 years ago in the Protocols of Zion.

Bloody hell. what a fucking nightmare world these jews have created for us.

Josh said...

The letter seems to have been posted in some form here.

Robert in Arabia said...

Today in Chicago, Dublin in five more years.

Shaunantijihad said...

A Solution - at last!

We should help Israel in the best way known to modern politics - we should flood them with Pakistanis and Somalians to "do the work Jews won't do" and to "pay their pensions". Every effort should be made to encourage "vigorous and widespread miscegenation" to overcome irrational and bigoted Jewish racism.

In a gesture of humanity and love we should offer to pay for all our beloved Pakis, Banglas and Africans to be flown out to Israel at the earliest opportunity. (Oh, my, how shall we cope without them?)

Wow! Our generosity could even go even further!

We could send some Britons to become "British Israelis" to take over the government there to ensure the new Israeli enrichers are provided with housing and benefits paid for by hard working Jewish taxpayers and to ensure that Israeli racists who fail to celebrate the enrichment are stomped on hard. We should of course take over the central bank printing of the shekel through a private company owned entirely by British Israelis.

Some of the Jewish cattle might resent this, so we should also print enough shekels for the owners of the bank to buy all the essential media in Israel in order to combat evil Israeli racism, and promote the benefits of diversity. Every advertisement and film should show happy Jewish women with successful black men. More shekels should be printed and given to Affirmative Action black males to make them rich and successful and attractive to Jewish women. The resultant inflation must be carefully implanted in the Jewish mind as a benefit, the “forgiveness of debt” or some such idea.

Jewish men should often be portrayed as bad and stupid people, especially Jewish racists who don’t celebrate African and Pakistani culture and people as being “as Jewish as I am”. Jewish racists who oppose Tel Aviv being flooded with Pakis and Negroes should always be portrayed as right wing Nazis. And at every opportunity they must be compared to Hitler and well known Jewish mass murderers. Every day the television should remind Jews that they murdered 6 million Ukrainians and 60 million Russians.

We must also set up two or three “mainstream parties” and only ever take these seriously in our media, all of which must have the essential consensus of mass immigration. Several “right wing” opposition parties should also be formed that we ourselves control, also paid for by extra shekel printing (it’s so easy when you can just print as much as you need rather than having to work for it!) – I suggest the Israeli National Party, the Israeli Independence Party, the Israeli Freedom Party to start with. MI6 should infiltrate immediately any opposition parties set up by Israeli Nationalists, who are the real threat.

The film “Cohen’s List” should be taught in every school and celebrate the fictional good Jew "Cohen" who helped a few thousand innocent Russian women and children escape from the Jewish gulags and from the evil camp commander "Colonel Menachem Begin" and his torture chambers for the innocent Russian children. Make sure that the hero Cohen marries a Negress from the Congo at the end, and make sure she is a brain surgeon or a President or some other brilliant person.

Naturally, our secret plan to exterminate the Jew by making them all partially sub-Saharan Negroes to decimate their identity and IQ must be kept secret at all times.

Serious? I am deadly serious. And yes, it would be absolutely deadly for any people to allow that to happen to them. Except in this instance, it would actually be justified.

beppo said...


Brilliant-a solution, finally.
ROFL, that's a keeper.

Anonymous said...


Well said mate.

Your "mirror image" of Britain is right on the money (shekels). Pity so few people see what is going on in the UK ( and the rest of the western world )

These guys have infiltrated every aspect of our society.

The Boons are an unfortunate encumbrance, but they are not the actual root cause of the problem. They are simply a means to these guy's bigger agenda and to quote Michael Cane "not many people know that"

SAVANT said...

@00.43. That is indeed good news, albeit a mere morsel. And good on you for coming straight out with the racist bit. I'm doing the same and it's usually a sight to see the look on their face.

Re the absence of enrichers, I too have noted this. At any classical music event, either as participants or attendees.

I'm in the technology business and this is anotehr area where you will never, ever find a black. You'll get them at the periphery, eg. HR people at a tech company. But as for the heavy technical stuff.....forget it.

Well done. The longest journey starts with the first step, or whatever....

beppo said...

The state of education is such now that it is quite possible that one
could be asked by a high- schooler or even a university student: who won the second World War.

The answer I would have to give at this point would be: it looks like the Jews.

SAVANT said...

@shaun. That's so good I'm publishing it as a separate post in its own right.

Mary said...

SAVANT said...

I've been taken to task for reading the MSM. Guilty as charged, but not as guilty as I was. I've given up buying the Irish Times and no longer watch the Western MSM 'news' outlets. Pity the cable packages don't allow you to deselect CNN, Fox etc. but not watching them registers anyway, apparently. I'm working on extending my boycott. We should all do the same.

I have a dream of seeing this catchy phrase on T-shirts everywhere in the West someday soon:



(electric jew= TV )

eleos said...

Winston Smith. Sunstein will indeed be the next appointment to the SCOTUS. And he'll also be the swing vote. Just watch the avalanche of AA and immigration 'reform' rulings that follow.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of the Electric jew, I notice that Trayvon Martin has, rather suddenly, fallen down the memory hole.

Even the MSM seems to have realised that they are flogging a dead nigger.
I wonder what new distraction the PTB have planned for us ... and in deflection of what outrage?


Anonymous said...

Bemused Stare - So you met a few lefty French students on holidays and now deem it ok to attack all White French people ?

Cop on would ya.

Anonymous said...

Educated Edsel

- the Irish are of the same genetic stock as the Scots and English.

And have a higher occurrence of blue eyes than either.

Go fk yourself.

Anonymous said...

Everything they take unto themselves, be it Catholicism, nationhood, the Republic, parliament, they seem to debase and befoul. There is, saith Pater, far more of Africa in the Irish character then has hitherto been suspected; and you know, I rather fear he is right.

Wait the Orange Order is african?

Anonymous said...

Here is something really strange.

The greatest supporters of jews (and especially Israel) in the US are the evangelical Christians ... as many as 70 - 75 million of them. Many of these people have gulped the Kool-aid, thinking that if they ally themselves with what they think are the biblical israelites, they too will be swept up in the "Rapture", or Armageddon as we know it.

They are a huge voting block in the US and regarded as highly influential in the polls. Not to mention donating to and supporting Israel in any way they can.

Please read on:-

Forward Magazine: American Jews like Muslims more than Evangelicals

Forward Magazine is the largest Jewish publication in the world. The magazine dropped a bombshell in their new issue. Support for Israel by America’s Evangelical Christians is a one way street. According the Public Religion Research Institute, American Jews like Muslims better than they like Evangelical Christians. This is in spite of the fact that Evangelicals are overwhelmingly pro-Israel.

Forward magazine explains that Jewish hostility towards Evangelical Christians is motivated by politics. Most Evangelicals are conservative, while most Jews are liberal.

From Forward…

Over time, the organized Jewish community began to warm up to evangelicals — in part, he believes, because of his group’s financial support to Jewish organizations. “When we started giving to the Jewish Agency [for Israel] and the [American Jewish] Joint [Distribution Committee], the Jewish community’s attitude began to change,” Eckstein said in a telephone interview from Israel.

All the heebs have to do is piss off seventy million rabid, and quite frankly, barely sentient, god-bothering supporters -- and things might change for the worse for them.

And these people are supposed to be smart?


Dan Dare said...

I got a version of it published today under a story about him condemning cyber atacks on a folk group that planned to play in Israel.

Dan Dare said...

Well, shiver me timbers, 10 minutes later they take down the comments thread. Now, if I was the suspicious type...........

Anonymous said...

Spiked implies that it was placed on a paper spike where it could be retrieved later.

This sounds like it was willfully ignored like the time complaints went in because Senator Eoghan "Bartholomew The Empwhoreror's Horse" Harris said he only wore the Rememberance Poppy because he thought it would annoy people.

Only those letters congartulating him on his "bravery" got published.

PS In order to get this published let me assure you I think that The Sun (Particularly that on Sunday!) shines out of the great Corkonians ample arse.

B Boru said...

Yes, interesting about that thread on the Indo. I was going to post on it and, hey presto, it was gone.

Ah well.

Anonymous said...

Another article which went down the memory holew as the one were Shane Ross called Charlie McCreevy a "Protestant" because McCreevy said "I will spend money when I have it but not when I don't" which McCreevy then went out and spent like a Stormont minister of old. (And new come tothink about it.)

He also came out with bullshit that the Ulster Bank was automatically well run because it was set up by Ulster Protestants. And his pal Mrs Niamh "Michael McDowell competence" Brennan was put on board.

And that bank wound up as well run as the Dublin Docklands Develoipment Authorithy hich also had Seanie Fitzpatrick of Anglo-Irish Bank's sister on the board.

I presume I should not bother to search for the column by Ruth Dudley Edwards where she somehow managed to watch a sectarian parade go past some place it had not gone past for years because the houses were knocked for a new industrail park and with no local residents to annoy the traditional route got re-routed.

I guess pals of Sinead O'Connor have no problem with people taking other peoples' experiences (plagiarism I believe you "people" dar-al-Indolalaism say.) and passing it off as their own gnome saying?

Corkonian said...

Well said anon 19.46. Shane Ross was also a great suporter and admirer of Seanie Fitz and Anglo Irish in general. He constantly compared them unfavourably to the 'stuffy' competition.

Another one down the memory plughole.

Anonymous said...

WITH her knock-out figure, huge dark eyes and pouting lips, it is easy to see why Mila Kunis has been voted the hottest woman in the world by Sun readers.
comment on this story

But the Black Swan star — who looks like a young Angelina Jolie — had a tough time before she lit up the big screen in Hollywood.

Mila, 28, was born in the Ukraine — and had to hide the fact she was Jewish when she was growing up for fear of persecution.

She said: “My whole family was in the Holocaust. My grandparents passed and not many survived.

“After the Holocaust, in Russia you were not allowed to be religious. So my parents raised me to know I was Jewish. You know who you are inside.”

Jerzzy 2 likes

Since my post seems to have been deleted, I would like to know just what kind of persecution did Kunis' family go through that they had to flee. In all of the interviews she has given about this, she has never sited one concrete example . Her father, being an engineer, was obviously given an education, courtesy of the government and a job. About 30% of the government in Ukraine is Jewish

lion74 2 likes

Some one is working hard behind the scenes, at this publicity campaign for Ms. Kunis. She is not that exceptional to look at. There are thousands of girls like her or better looking than her on any beach/street in America. This looks like a huge PR campaign to get her name recognition in the UK. I am surprised that the above article did not mention that

Kunis also has the condition heterochromia iridum, where the irises have different colors. One eye is brown, and the other is green. Lets move on, she is not the only hot young actress to come out of Tinsel town.

No real persecution? Are people trying to say that this is a stupid publicity stunt for the non Natalie Portman from Black Swan?

Dumber than a box of strawberries it is Mila Kunis

A real life Meg Griffin!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Mila, 28, was born in the Ukraine — and had to hide the fact she was Jewish when she was growing up for fear of persecution.

She said: “My whole family was in the Holocaust. My grandparents passed and not many survived.

Hmm. Let me see if I have this right. I have to assume that Ms Kunis knows her own age, so ... 28 from 2012 means she was born in 1984 -- a whole 38 years after WWII, so she should have no lasting trauma from the Waffen SS kicking down the door ...

Right. Now we also have the old chestnut -- "My whole family was in the Holocaust. My grandparents passed and not many survived."

Passed what, dear? On a blind rise? Wind? Bad cheques?

Wasn't it Eichmann who said to Eli Wiesel "You survived pretty well."

God, I am so damn tired of the fake guilt.


Anonymous said...

Just got this as an email from a friend and I can't resist ...


Angela Merkel arrives at Passport Control at Paris airport.
"Nationality?" asks the immigration officer.
"German," she replies.
"No, just here for the conference."


Anonymous said...

UN are you the source of the following story.

Why are Herschel's teeth so bad?
The holohoax (sorry for that caustic remark.)
What? When was he born?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

UN are you the source of the following story.

Why are Herschel's teeth so bad?
The holohoax (sorry for that caustic remark.)
What? When was he born?

I am afraid I am. I remember the incident well.


Anonymous said...

Sorry ... I should have said I remember the teeth - not the Holohoax.


Fiachra O' Blodbaoith said...

Re Edsel's Da's comment re the Irish; the Irish are a halfbreed people, an amalgam of mainly English Planter stock and the original aborigine population. These latter, had they been left to themselves, are unlikely to ever have got much past the stage of Kenya's Masai. The comments, some quite ill-natured, seem to miss Edsels point. He is saying, as did Martin Luther King in a lucid moment, that we should judge a man by the content of his character and not the colour of his skin. In other words, by what he habitually does and thinks, not by the colour of his hair/skin/eyes. In brief, by his works shall ye know him. As with Africans, by what works do we know the Irish? One should not evaluate by skin colour---we racists would never do that.

Anonymous said...

So the Irish would be as backward as the Orange-utans of Northern Ireland?