Sunday, 26 February 2012

I meet again a treasured old friend

I got a really pleasant surprise today. Little or nothing to do with the issues that normally concern all of us on this blog, but it’s always great when an old long-lost friend shows up. I refer in this instance to The Phantom, who, I just found out, is still going strong. As a child I followed his daring exploits as he brought villains to justice week after week. I was his ultimate fan (Phan?) and admirer. But he was a strange guy. Born to castaways in the Congo, he nonetheless – somehow – acquired a university education in America. At which point he returned to the Congo. And I suppose if bringing villains to book is your job, there’s no better place than that dystopian hell-hole.

He certainly wasn’t afraid to make a sartorial statement, wearing a skin-tight one-piece suit, made of a lycra-like material. Given the oppressive heat and humidity of the Congo, can you just imagine the pong when he took if off at home after another busy day fighting evil in the jungle? No wonder his dog (Satan, I think) always looked so savage. I remember wondering (kids do ponder such things) how he managed to relieve himself, because getting those combinations off would have been some job. Never found out, but maybe that’s why he, like Superman, wore his underpants on the outside. And why did he wear a tiny eye mask? It wasn't as if there were that many lycra-clad white men wearing their underpants on the outside roaming the Congolese jungles.

Anyway, the point of this post is to record my astonishment to find that The Phantom is still with us, still fighting crime. I saw him – you won’t believe this - in a Swedish newspaper! The very same guy. He’s still bringing criminals to justice and looks great. And to think that he must be approaching his nineties by now.

What an inspiration.


Anonymous said...

Used to enjoy "Prince Valiant" as a youth, I think he went away in the 70's - BTW - have you seen the American SfyFi channel atrocity "Prince Arthur" with his mulatto gf and Negro knights and strongly impliedly gay young Merlin ?

Sam Beau said...

Maybe your friend the Phantom could do something about this bloody sickening outrage....

England has gone stark raving bloody mad.

Anonymous said...

The creator of children's tv programme 'Fireman Sam' was in Gatwick Airport checking in when he openly made an Islamophobic comment and refused to apologise

The retired 67-year-old had commented on the ease with which a woman with her face covered by a hijab, a form of burqa, had walked through security.

Read more: Fireman Sam creator Dave Jones detained and branded racist for burqa joke at airport security | Mail Online
As he placed his scarf and other items into a tray to pass through an X-ray scanner, Mr Jones quipped to an official: ‘If I was wearing this scarf over my face, I wonder what would happen.’
He was then questioned thoroughly by a female security official but incredibly he refused to apologise even when told there was a Muslim security guard who heard what he said and was distressed by it. He called for the police to be charged, but all the security people needed was him to say sorry. Eventually he agreed that his comments could have caused offence.

Britain has really been leading the way in suppressing hate speech and offensive comments made in public against minorities. We could learn a lot from them.

Needless to say. he went crying to the media over it and it is the main story in the Daily Mail
Fireman Sam creator Dave Jones detained and branded racist for burqa joke at airport security | Mail Online

Fireperson Sam creator in manufactured row!

If a security guard is sooooooo precious that a statement like that is distressing mightn't they be not very security guarding able when security guarding is needed?

The Phantom was not scared away by mere words!

Bantry Boy said...

Here's the British Resistance on the "Fireman Sam" outrage in England:

British Resistance

How much more shit are the Brits going to put up with?

And how soon before Shatter brings all this crap over here?

Jeremy said...

"Prince Arthur" with his mulatto gf and Negro knights and strongly impliedly gay young Merlin ?

Totally according to the ordained script. Corrupt them while they're kids. As the Jesuits say, 'give me the boy and I'll give you the man'.

Meanwhile give me a sturdy length of rope.

Jeremy said...

Here's the sad part about the Dave Jones incident. Read the DM comments. Instead of a tsunami of outrage we Brits just equivocate and tut tut and try to explain away.

I'm close to giving up.

Anonymous said...

Apparently the iconic Mae West was required on many occasions to present herself in court to fight charges of shall we say, risqué behavior ... usually lines written and (far worse) delivered in a fashion that only she could do.

One one occasion, a judge, infuriated by her refusal to take the proceedings seriously, asked her: "Madam, are you trying to show contempt for my court?"

Mae: "No, your honor. I am doing my best to conceal it."

The judge moved on.

My point? If "Fireman Sam" had had the balls to say: "yes I know it's offensive. That is the point, you bunch of fuckwits!" I am pretty sure they would have dropped him like a hot potato.

They are like sharks ... a hint of blood in the water, and you're done.
Show them your teeth, never your belly ... and never, never apologize. They see it as weakness.

It's worked for me on a dozen occasions.


Anonymous said...

East Saint Louis needs the Phantom

Here be monsters as the maps used to have written on them.

Franz said...

@ Anon 19:41

Well, in Germany "Prince Valiant" (here known as "Prinz Eisenherz") lived on 'till the 80s.

After that masculine, sword-wielding boyhood heroes were pretty much outlawed.

Anybody remember that Soprano-episode when Phil Leotardo attempts to have a man-to-man-talk with his emo-nephew?

"You look like a Puerto-Rican whore!"

That's pretty much my attitude when it comes to ca. 50% of the young male population.

Heraclitus said...

I think Devil was the dog's name. And do you remember their residence at Skull Cave?

Goodness, I feel old.

Anonymous said...

Further to my last, I read a column by a conservative NZ writer named Rosemary McCleod.

She flayed the idiocy of the so-called trans-gendered twats who kid themselves that they are "Men giving birth ..."

Why I feel for the kids of ego-trippers

ROSEMARY MCLEOD: The matter of getting pregnant has become rather strange.

OPINION: Maybe having kids is egotistical. You think you'll somehow live on forever through your amazingly gifted and beautiful descendants.

All I know is the whole thing was always a lottery, and despite the pill and the abortion rate, the matter of getting pregnant has become rather strange.

Britain's Beaumont Society, adviser to men who've changed sex, has announced an apparent miracle birth in England, where an apparent man has given birth to a real baby.

This news has been trumped by a report of another "man" who has given birth three times in - and this seems inevitable - California.
The transgender community, says the Californian, has set upon him/her nastily for what it may feel is disloyalty. He/she is photographed sitting up in bed with the new number three, looking like a rather plain woman, which in fact let's not beat about the bush is what he/she is.

and ...

...To think we once relied on Asti Spumante and the back seat of a Ford Cortina. But that was when reproduction was - it seems so silly now - sexy.

The real scream is the comments section ... the haters are out for blood. I read the words "Hateful"; "bigot"; "disgusted" and "offensive and ignorant" about fifteen times before they became mere noise.

Their common vocabulary consists of about fifteen pejorative buzz-words . and here I have been led to believe that the carpet munchers are so soo-ave and sophisticated.

Another urban myth blown to hell.


Anonymous said...

Synchronicity, once again.

You write of Prince Valiant, a strip illustrated by the incomparable Hal Foster.

Prince Valiant in the Days of King Arthur, or simply Prince Valiant, is a long-run comic strip created by Hal Foster in 1937. It is an epic adventure that has told a continuous story during its entire history, and the full stretch of that story now totals more than 3700 Sunday strips. Currently, the strip appears weekly in more than 300 American newspapers, according to its distributor, King Features Syndicate.

Harold Foster also illustrated the original strips of "Tarzan" by Edgar Rice Burroughs before Burne Hogarth took over.

Foster is regarded as one the most impeccable draftsmen of any realistic comic ever, along with Burne Hogarth, Frank Bellamy and Frank Hampson ...

Aah. Golden days.


Anonymous said...

"Here's the sad part about the Dave Jones incident. Read the DM comments. Instead of a tsunami of outrage we Brits just equivocate and tut tut and try to explain away."

The Daily Mail isn't really a 'right-wing' paper it has just co-opted the language. The readers comments are HEAVILY filtered and often deleted after they've been published if they don't fit the narrative the (BK) editor really wants to push. It's a safety valve that is just more contrived opposition run by the usual suspects.

Anyone who could solve the problems they make money complaining about ( while pushing race mixing and jew tv) is called a 'knuckle dragger', 'Nazi' etc

The Telegraph comments are normally a better gauge of how people really think over here

Shaunantijihad said...

Whilst not relevant to the Phantom per se - er, why was he in the Congo pray tell?? - this is a fantastic site of videos relating to Marxism, Islam etc:

After watching these particular ones about Communist China I theorised that the Marxists controlling the West see us as human cattle to be bred into a particular species of man suitable to live in a Marxist provided social environment.

The Marxists provide the "environment" - multicult, diversity etc. - and then bring in every tribe in the world - mass immigration - and then observe who survives and thrives.

At the end, the survivors will be those most fit, in the Darwinian sense, to populate the Marxist One World Government.

They don't care if their "new man" is a Muslim, or Black, or mulatto, or paedophiles etc just that he is the "fittest" survivor of this type of environment. And I do mean survivor. Terror and mass murder of their own populations is the signature dish of Marxists.

The West is now one giant petri dish, and we are the organisms being observed by the Marxist power elite.

Anonymous said...

Apologies for going back to my adolescence,but do any readers,particularly American readers remember a brace of horror comics named "Creepy"and "Eerie"?.

They were expensive comics,beautifully drawn with some great and,at the time,terrifying storylines.I had dozens of them which to my heartbreak,my mother threw out when she discovered how much gratuitous nudity they contained.

Gratuitous nudity was at a premium in the Dublin of the mid 70's.

My protests that naked women were vital to the artistic integrity of the stories fell on deaf ears and in fact earned me a clout across the ear.

Happy days indeed.


eh said...


Right, the unemployed Somalian immigrant answers the door in his pyjamas when most people would be at work

If I lived in Notting Hill, I'd probably stay home a good deal too -- after all, it's a nice area. Usually.

Reminds me of this 'oldie but goodie' article:

Revealed: The Diversity that defines a Nation

One in three Muslim homes have dependent children but no working adults.

eh said...

Occasionally read Spiderman comics when I was a kid.

Anonymous said...

Rebus for Deutch Polizei

Oh Vey! It is clearly the red hand of ulster salute.

Nazi salute in Israel

Anonymous said...

The extremists posing as security staff in this outrage should be fired on the spot. They have shown themselves to be abusers of their position and incapable of working with the Public. Consideration should also be given to prosecuting them for Misconduct in Public Office, assault and false imprisonment.

- The Truth, UK, 27/2/2012 12:07

I like The Truth's thinking on the Fireperson Sam incident.

A name like Sam could be short for Samantha. Or his being aware that he could indulge in his fondness for high heels. And mascara.

Shaunantijihad said...

Sorry to barge in on a treasured old friend again, but El Ingles has started making videos. This time on the concept of disproportionality in context of Muslim Paki rapes, pimping and drugging of White English children.

If you haven't read El Ingles just look for the links at GoV's site.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Apologies for going back to my adolescence,but do any readers,particularly American readers remember a brace of horror comics named "Creepy"and "Eerie"?.

You forgot "Vampirella" ... Lucky me, I was a genuine art student, so I could buy all of these, as well as "Metal Hurlant" later re-published as "Heavy Metal" in English ... but they seemed to lose their exotic flavour, then.


Anonymous said...

Dominique Strauss Kahn is invited to speak at Cambridge University and at least one woman has complained which leads the Mail to lead with Cambridge women complain and the complaint is that this tricvialises sex assault victims.


Diallo is a prostitute who was engaged in a shake down, Mummy of T did not complain about her encounter asit would derail her career and told he daughter not to complain oif her encounter as it would derail maman's career so who is doing the trivialising here?

Anonymous said...

He done MLKed some stuff and then mislaid some evidence.

Free the obnoxious one!

AnalogMan said...

Please pardon the off-topic post (well, it's about literature,anyway), but I compiled this list of links for my children, and thought I might as well post them here for a convenient, up-to-date reference to the Covington Northwest novels:

Free download of the Northwest Quartet.

Audio version of The Hill of the Ravens.

The first part of the fifth book in the series, Freedom's Sons.

Review of the Quartet. Read this first if you haven't read the novels yet.

Anonymous said...

Over here in SA, he was called "Die Skim" in Afrikaans. Pronounced: Dee Skuhm :)

His dog was called Satan. I think Prince Valiant is still in the Sunday papers but as I do not read them , I am under correction.

Good memories from when the world was still sane!!!

great white said...

Shaun-anti. I don't think the Marxists have a vision of the New Man they want to create. Their only focus right now lies in destroying the white Christian one.

Anonymous said...

An anti-gun campaigner who received a standing ovation after a speech at the Labour Party conference in September has been found to have made up parts of her address.

Narraser Gordon claimed eight members of her family had been murdered in Bristol as she pledged to help defeat gun and knife crime.

However, documentary makers have discovered that most of the people she had said were dead are still alive.

Gordon has even been seen chatting to some of them on Facebook.

Read more: What what Bristol not as bad as we feared old chap

Anonymous said...

Act of Valor on vdare. Obungler wants the SEALs to be selected on race norming "values" rather than ability. To make them more diverse.

Just like the movies

Anonymous said...

here's a little something for the proponents of "black his'ry mumf.

I wonder from what ancient Egyptian/Assyrian/Babylonian boog, this technology was stolen?

Behold ... an image of (wait for it) a single molecule ...

Single molecule's stunning image

By Jason Palmer
Science and technology reporter, BBC News

Even the bonds to the hydrogen atoms at the pentacene's periphery can be seen

The detailed chemical structure of a single molecule has been imaged for the first time, say researchers.

The physical shape of single carbon nanotubes has been outlined before, using similar techniques - but the new method even shows up chemical bonds.

Understanding structure on this scale could help in the design of many things on the molecular scale, particularly electronics or even drugs.

The IBM researchers report their findings in the journal Science.

It is the same group that in July reported the feat of measuring the charge on a single atom.

Fine tuning

In both cases, a team from IBM Research Zurich used what is known as an atomic force microscope or AFM.

Their version of the device acts like a tiny tuning fork, with one of the prongs of the fork passing incredibly close to the sample and the other farther away.

When the fork is set vibrating, the prong nearest the sample will experience a minuscule shift in the frequency of its vibration, simply because it is getting close to the molecule.

Comparing the frequencies of the two prongs gives a measure of just how close the nearer prong is, effectively mapping out the molecule's structure.


john chicago copper said...

my god the phantom. havent thought of him in yrs,but how about batman and robin , something kinky going on there, two guys living together, no women, a english butler. probably the ring master during the origies,and then red ryder, a forty something guy running around in the woods shooting bb guns with a little indian kid called LITTLE BEAVER,cant you see the image here,and then Superman, this guy changes his clothes in a phone booth while Lois waits outside and then asks superman if he has seen clark kent. this chick must be smoking some bad shit,the other one was capt, marvel, this guy hid in a abandoned subway station and yelled shazam and turned into a muscle bound freak, probably to scare the rodent population,if you have any other favorites let us knoe John old rtd chicago copper.

SAVANT said...

John - excellent points. Yeah, Lois Lane certianly wasn't the sharpest pencil in the box. ANother one was the Incredible Hulk. When he got angry he turned green, grew twice the size and burst out of his clothes. Yet, after he calmed down he shrank back to his normal size. And so did his clothes.

Explain that, ex-copper!

Anonymous said...

Did'nt forget Vampirella UncleN.That comic was never sold here.At least I was never able to get hold of it.


pi31416 said...

Irish Savant, try asking Google for "phantom wantok" and you'll meet your treasured old friend again in a place you hardly could have expected

Anonymous said...

Well duh Savant she is a lady reporter.

SAVANT said...

"phantom wantok" ???

Can we assume now that this will form part of Black History Munt? A black Phantom created by blacks and stolen by whites.

Anonymous said...

Ah Yesh Africa where he met theseh type peoplesh!

Enjoy Rotterdammers getting one back on the cultural enrichers.

Henry IX said...

Wasn't that brilliant about the bar in Rotterdam? Bloody hilarious.

Anonymous said...

no no no no no! 1 000 times no!

The media are boring us with this do we work an extra day for free in a Leap Year.

No it is that we get an extra 24 hours of Black History "Munt" bull shit.

Why don't they look into that?

Anonymous said...

there was company in nyc that produced E C comics in the 50s, they were brillant, tales from the crypt,combat, the list goes on,some where in Congress when they where not filling their pockets with lobby money someone started a campeign to go after this company and they stopped printing,i have found a documentary book of all these comics in various book stores, oh yes, the congrssional guys said they were to violent for kids,which means they couldnt shake down the company.

Anonymous said...

EC Comics was the home of MAD magazine which Feb 12's issue features the Head Moonbat himself recreating the cover of Nirvana's Nevermind.

Inspiring people to be SEALs what a great guy!

Anonymous said...

Obama and the cover of Nevermind(thebollocks)

Mercurius Aulicus said...

The Phantom is still going strong here in Australia. His comic strip is still in the daily newspapers and Frew Publications publishes a Phantom comic every two weeks.

His pet wolf is called "Devil" and he lives in the Skull Cave which is in the Deep Woods of Bangalla (rather than the Congo). He can be a bit politically correct these days especially when they are using Scandinavian stories.

SAVANT said...

@Mild Colonial Boy, thanks for the updates and indeed the corrections. You must understand I'm retreiving information from more than half a century ago.

Sorry to see he's become a bit PC. That he most certainly was NOT back in my day.

Is he getting a bit senile? After all he must be in his mid-eighties by now........

Anonymous said...

Savant he retires every so often and his place is taken by his son.

That was the only bit that worked in the film made in Hollywood.

Anonymous said...

Senile? Senile? SENILE?

You dare call my hero senile?

There is no evidence that he has ever supported Barack Hussein Shabazz Soetero Obama and multiculturalism!

Withdraw sir withdraw!

Michael Dean Miller said...


If I'm not mistaken, didn't the Phantom use twin "Long Slide" .45 ACP sidearms?


Anonymous said...

Unfunny Jewess commedienne wants to run for President

The hosts also took a quick moment to discuss the possibility of Sarah Palin stepping in as a candidate if the indecision continued right up until the Republican convention. The panelists with the strongest reaction to this news were Joy Behar, who cried “Please, God, say it’s true…for the sake of this show and my stand-up act;”

Palin never said she could see Russia from her house.That was a line by a comedian. Pretending to be her. And the MSM could not tell the difference. Bercause they are a bunch of dopes.

Laura Ingraham called a slut Barbara Wlaters laughs

How about doing a gleanings of Laura Ingraham and Sarah Palin et al being called sluts and the media not having a problem with it but when a 30 year old "borrows"? the testimony of a 23 year old with PCSO to campaign for contraceptives is called a slut rather than a completely insane liar they have a problem.