Saturday, 25 February 2012

A glittering prize beckons

Here's the headline:

"Fight at shower cited in slaying of 9-month-old boy"

Now, if there's a mastermind among you who can guess the race of those involved I'll reward you with a paid two-week vacation to Detroit. The runner-up, if there is one, gets an extra week there.


Bemused stare said...

Surely not a negro incident Sav.

awakened said...

If you go to the comments you'll see a guy called Brance Wilson who works at CVS. Is this guy crazy giving away his location??

Right on the button the 'liberals' respond by threatening to get his job taken from him.

"I wonder if CVS sanctions and approves of employing bigots like you who harbors racist resentments and prejudices toward that minority. Guess what pal, I will be contacting CVS corporate office since this minority does patronize CVS and in fact help pay your effen salary."


Anonymous said...


Rastus said...

Not blacks anyway. Do I get a prize for that?

Anonymous said...


I'm going to go out on a limb here, but I'm going to guess that the fighting people in question are Caucasian...
Norwegian-descended to be exact.

Anonymous said...

The indigenous population in Southern Africa make quite a habit of the killing of babies and raping of young girls. When the Witch Doctors mix body parts into their traditional medicines it is believed that many ills are cured. The raping of babies and very young girls is said to cure one of aids/hiv.

brian boru said...

Awww! Delric will never get to pop a cap in the ass of a whitey now.

Boris O'Caine said...

their oppression now unbearable, this was perpetrated as a cry for help by young harassed and persecuted boys from the downtrodden Faroese minority.Denied social services, across the board AA, sumptuous vacations and so on by our unjust consumerised society, what recourse did they; we are all to blame!!!

rightwinggunnut said...


Franz said...

@ Anon 01:10

Right on. Musta been those sneaky Japanase. Even their kids are feral. To wit: The utter chaos after the big flood there. Murder, looting, rape and pillage.

They possess none of the admireable disciple that the Haitians displayed under similar circumstances.

barry said...

Well they're not blacks. I know how they behave from watching TV and reading newspapers. Clever, law-abiding and hard working citizens one and all.

As for as the race of those involved I can onl;y guess.

Scandinavians? Or is that too general?

Rob said...

Is the two-week holiday all-inclusive, Savant - I mean, does it cover having the lucky winner's corpse flown home?

Anonymous said...

Franz said...

@ Anon 01:10

Right on. Musta been those sneaky Japanase. Even their kids are feral. To wit: The utter chaos after the big flood there. Murder, looting, rape and pillage.

Very interesting point, here, Franz.

Seeing as how japan was devastated (and I use the term advisedly, here) but, committed the cardinal sins of:-

A. Not whining about their misfortune.

B. Not demanding handouts and charity, and ...

C. Getting off their arses (where they had been for about 20 milliseconds while the shockwaves settled) and rebuilding their own lives.

For this they have been totally ignored in the MSM and have fallen down the memory hole ... with the possible exception of some snotty green fuckwits snarking about the clot of Japanese pollution heading for the California coast.

Once again, proof that, in this weird world, no good deed goes unpunished.

I feel in my very bones, that we are heading for a societal catastrophe of Biblical proportions.
And, once again, what we get, will bear little resemblance to what is expected ... as history has proven time and again.


Anonymous said...

This may be of some interest ...

Watch A Conversation About Race

Activism; Posted on: 2012-02-24 19:55:37

The low-budget, one-hour documentary that has challenged conventional-wisdom, and has led many to rethink their position on race and “racism.”

NOTICE: This film is intended for exclusive viewing by NCL visitors only and is not to be downloaded, shared or otherwise distributed without the express permission of the National Citizens League. NCL retains all rights of ownership to A Conversation About Race.

This film contains adult language. Parental discretion is advised.

Watch Video

Those of you with a good connection are requested to watch (some of it, anyway) and recommend or not.

I would do so, but -- ask not for whom the dreaded broadband cap tolls ... it tolls for me.


eh said...

Another day in America's black 'community' -- plumbing the depths of apparently bottomless depravity.

Anonymous said...


Regarding the guy from CVS, all he has say is it wasn't him. Maybe someone at the store doesn't like him and used his name to set him up. Who can prove otherwise? Heck, it may even be true.

eleos said...

Destructure - it's not as easy as that. If he did send the comment from a CVS machine they can easily track it. He could say that someone logged on in his name but he also included his pic!

No, this guy is in big trouble unless he knew exactly what hewas about. Otherwise can't imagine what he was thinking.

F McCool said...

UN, I'm just after watching A Conversation About Race and there's no problem using an ordinary DSL line. Well worth it too.

Anonymous said...

<a href=">Haiti and Japan earthquakes by Ramzpaul</a>

Shaunantijihad said...

More liberal outreach and debt-laden dollars will be heading to Detroit, no doubt...

The truth is that whilst all races have criminals, Negroes are simply more so, wherever in the world they are.

And for the same reason that a liberal would oppose the introduction of convicted paedophiles into their village amongst their children, race realists just don't want the introduction of a race into our White nations who are demonstrably more likely to commit these types of crimes. It is the same problem we have with Muslims, who are not even a race!

How unreasonable can that be?

Jeremy said...

Just watched UN's video. The most striking thing for me was when blacks were asked to give examples of the racism they experienced. Despite pontificating on the universality of racism, when they were asked for their own experiences - struck dumb.

Anonymous said...

Albino Swedes?

Anonymous said...

Well, based on the venerable behavior of the black people I see on television, the culprits surely cannot be Negroes.

Jack Quinn said...

Damn them! Damn them! It's those savage Orangemen again...I distinctly heard them singing "The Sash My Father Wore" as they blasted away with their AK-47's

Kenny said...

White people are under attack in Britain. Read this and weep, and then get angry:

White Englishman detained and branded racist for innocent burqa joke at Gatwick airport security.

rebel said...

Kenny - that is A TOTAL FUCKING DISGRACE!! Christ almighty, what is the world coming to???? How dhimmi can Britain get???

This makes my FUCKING BLOOD BOIL!!

Anonymous said...

The most striking thing for me was when blacks were asked to give examples of the racism they experienced.

Perhaps because they are the experiencers rather than the experiencees?

Artur said...

This is such a common occurrence in the ghetto I'm surprised somebody even bothered posting it.

Same. Exact. Thing happened here in New Orleans about two months ago :

Here's the link, it took me ten seconds to find it (just googled "Baby shot new orleans housing projects") :

ps: about a month before the niglet cited above was made good, one of its cousins on a bicycle was gunned down in the courtyard of the same crack stacks.

Check this: the po-po found ONE HUNDRED shell casings !

karen said...

There is no honor among thieves - or thugs. Until the population involved decides to turn their behavior around, this will continue. I have just read the Tarzan novels for the first time and these rampages were described in detail - among the apes Tarzan lived with.

I was astounded reading about the rampages of the male apes and how similar they were to those of the "flash mobs" and these fights described over seats and shoes and other minutiae. Just a pure emotional uncontrolled rage that resulted in the destruction of everything and every other ape within reach until the rage wore itself out.

If people don't want to emulate jungle animals, they will have to civilize themselves. No one else can civilize them. And I don't care who you are - fighting and killing over seats, shoes, clothes, looks, gang signs - is not civilized behavior.

Anonymous said...

karen said...

Almost on topic, karen, is that PIXAR have made their first live-action film "John Carter" to be released later this year.

Based on the adventure stories written in the teens and twenties by Edgar Rice Burroughs pertaining to "John Carter of Mars".

Could be fun ... though with hollywood's recent offerings, I do not hold out too much hope.

Trailer here:-

An indicator of the mindset of the shmoes that run hollywood, is that Disney released an utterly dire animation called "Mars needs Moms" last year.
When PIXAR approached Disney about making the John Carter Story, Disney's execs with their shoe-size collective IQ (and still stinging from the "Mom" fiasco) said fine ... but with the proviso that PIXAR remove any reference to "Mars" from the title.

They thought it might have bad connotations.

Only in hollywood ... land of delusion, can they take the one immediately recognisable selling point to tens of thousands of Burroughs fans.

... and remove it.


Anonymous said...

Artur. This is all good news. Keep it rollin' man!

Anonymous said...

Artur said...

ps: about a month before the niglet cited above was made good, one of its cousins on a bicycle was gunned down in the courtyard of the same crack stacks.

Check this: the po-po found ONE HUNDRED shell casings !

As one of my less PC buddies once said: "Never take it personally if you're shot by a nigger. It will be accidental. They couldn't hit a cow in the c**t with a handful of rice."

After watching videos of zots in Liberia holding AKs above their heads, banging away somewhere -- anywhere, I believe him.

War theatre.


Oddjob said...

What would you is cheap in the Detroit, the go varmint pay all the cost o da babies and so they has lots of them in case they loose a few along the way...That's natures way for lower forms of life.
Along the lines of UN's comment about Japan, compare and contrast New Orleans Katrina experience with Japan's earthquake response. The NOLA crowd killed each other, looted and robbed and MSM blames Bush...Japanese heroics, especially in the case of Fukishima were incredible. I'm sure many other heroics were ignored as MSM focused on the 'horrible' nuclear situation rather than helping the poor devastated Japanese. What a dereliction of duty on the part of MSM...

Anonymous said...

I read the article, Savant, and once again have to shake my head at some kenyan smokestack who feels so dissaspekkerd by a seating arrangement balls up, that he has to come back and empty an AK at the offending house.

And, not just empty it ... but reload and pop a few more. AK magazines usually have, at most, a 30 round capacity, so he really had a hard-on for da fambly.

When I saw the word 'shower' in headline, my first thought was baby ... or prison?

I now realise it was the old pommie definition, as in "What a shower ..."

Ah, well ...


Anonymous said...

Not completely forgotten UncleN.

BBC showed a documentary last week about the Fukushima meltdown.Excellent stuff which,despite some shady prevarications by the company running the plant,highlighted the heroism of the plant workers and particularly the firemen(all men)sent in to douse the Uranium rods with water.

Not that any of those interviewed saw themselves as heroes.On the contrary all admitted to how terrified they were but all had an overriding sense of duty to Japan.

Can I be the first to blame Falkland Islanders for the shower "incident"?.

I'm sure a sheep was involved somewhere.


Eimear said...

UN. Don't worry about the Kalashnikovs. When gun control is brought in these model citizens will dutifully hand up their weaponry.

(Sarcasm off).

Bemused stare said...

Actually UN, I seem to recall that we had mags show up in SA that could hold about 35 or 37, not sure which. Of course, this catalog provides for nog shooter quite well.

The 75rd drum is perfect for the "Liberian shooting stance"

Anonymous said...

Bemused stare said...

Actually UN, I seem to recall that we had mags show up in SA that could hold 35 or 37, not sure which. Of course, this catalog provides for nog shooter quite well.

I recall that the ZA R4; R5; were available with 35 Rd mags.

A commercial one is available with 50 rd cap, and, no, I didn't believe it myself, until I saw a few ads.

The russians (believe it or not) have brought out a double double stack magazine that will hold 60 rds ... but reliability is questionable -- and the additional weight is ridiculous.


Kevin R. said...


Give credit to the Beeb to an extent, but don't forget that the Japanese are not White, hence the Beeb will be more inclined to give them credit.

Would have been nice if they had juxtaposed it with footage from Katrina.

Bemused stare said...

Well, this is refreshing.

Henry IX said...

Bemused Stare. For some reason 'authorities do not appear to believe the story'

Suspicious bastards, aren't they?

john said...

Note to the nigress's call for military troops on american soil...there's a reason the msm decided to publicise this one as opposed to the hundreds of others...

Anonymous said...

Look at the comments from whites on the Detroit article. They reflect what the average American is really thinking.


Herod said...

'Look at the comments from whites on the Detroit article. They reflect what the average American is really thinking.'

You mean some whites still actually live there?

Anonymous said...

deoes Irish tv ever get Hard Core Pawn about a jewsish family named Gold that runs a pawn shop in detroit mich???? if you want to see the true character of american niggers this is the show for you.

Anonymous said...

"A glittering prize beckons" hey, Savant?

I was thinking:-

A new world awaits you in the off-world colonies.
A chance to begin again in a golden land of opportunity and adventure!

If only.


Anonymous said...

Almost on-topic ...

Whitney Houston's mother Cissy 'plans to visit hotel death room to get closure'

By Daily Mail Reporter

Whitney Houston's mother is said to be planning to visit the hotel room where the singer died.

The 78-year-old apparently wants to see the scene of her daughter's death in a bid to get closure.

Cissy will make the pilgrimage to room number 434 at the Beverly Hilton hotel room in Los Angeles where Houston was found dead on February 11 in the bathtub.

Judging by the behavior of da fam'bly at da funeral, looks like no-one could find Whitney's stash or loose change.

Look under de sofa cushions, Mama.


Anonymous said...

Let's see the size of US Opposition politician's balls.
Or, indeed, if they have any at all. It would appear that the first nog is starting a new initiative.

President Obama Announces the 2012 Launch of African Americans for Obama

Race; Posted on: 2012-02-28

Believe it or not President Obama is specifically and purposely launching a race based (black) outreach program to get himself re-elected.

Now, what do you think the reaction would be if , say, Ron Paul started a movement called:-

White Americans for Ron Paul

That would go down ... wouldn't it? Like the proverbial lead balloon. Let's see if anyone has the guts to point out the racism.

Go here:-

... To watch the first dipshit doin' his thang.


Jerry said...

UN - and P Diddy, or whatever he calls himself now, is launching a Black Power TV channel. Again, can you imagine a White Power channel?

Anonymous said...

Once upon a time a bill was in Congress that would allow cable companies to let the consumer change one channel for another in the basic package.

But lo and behold Black Entertainment Network and Oprah noticed that not enough people would pay for their schlock if this became and act and so it was shelved.

For Oprah's benefit.

rebel said...

The Democratic Black Caucus has Congess by the balls. This is just the latest shakedown.

Anonymous said...

Fair dues to the original slaves traders.

Getting paid to have their worthless malcontents removed.

Genius shakedown!