Sunday, 8 January 2012


I’ve been thinking for a while about putting up interesting links that I’ve come across or been sent by you guys (hat tip Robert of Arabia). Let me know if you think it’s worth continuing this format.

Obama voter gauges out uncle’s eyes in dispute over TV remote control

Must have been a hell of a good show

In its tradition of vigorously searching for truth, Harvard fires a prominent professor for his comments about Islam

At least there’s one thing the Islamists and Zionist have in common at US universities: Silencing dissent

Death threat tweeter suspended by Labour party

The Rainbow Party shows how multicultural Britain works in practice

Child rapist used 'human rights' to fight deportation - then struck again

Asylum-seeker raped four-year-old girl before heading off to preach as a Jehovah's witness. Britain's judges again show why we think they're all just wonderful

New York pastor arrested in connection with Myrtle Beach area robbery

How did I guess from the headline that he was an Obama voter? You gotta check out the mug shot of this 'pastor'.


Anonymous said...

Oh, most definitely, Savant ... and if I may just add one?

I would never dream of suggesting that the First Dipshit is a carpet muncher, but ...

Please check these out and tell me, hand on heart, that the possibility did not occur to you?

Go here:-

Scroll down to:- Ever Lighter in the Loafers

Check out the pics and tell me that Obongobongo doesn't have a lower sperm count than his wife.

Has anyone suggested DNA testing his alleged kids?

Jus' curious.

Uncle Nasty

Anonymous said...

How about this one, concerning a near-riot of 300 Negroes over a "diss" comment?

Anonymous said...

Greece is more diverse than Minatur Wunderland

Dan Dare said...

Great idea. As the months go by I get more and more angry by this grand deceit. I didn't start as anti-semitic but times change. I love to read articles & comments from people who feel likewise re. the marxist-invasion of the Highest Culture in our World (Caps on purpose). Your site is the best I've encountered in all of cyberspace and your writing is incisive and simultaneously concise. I salute you as I would salute any leader who is animated by passion and not personal gain. The passion has to correspond to mine and I hope that through the internet we can form a movement, or collection of like-minded people.

SAVANT said...

Uncle Nasty, my friends in Illinois (mostly university liberals) tell me that he is indeed a carpet muncher. The MSM are frantically closing down anything that might suggest same.

But hey, wouldn't you think of becoming one if you saw the First Ho' bearing down on you? I know I would.

SAVANT said...

Thanks for the positive response folks. I'll keep it going and do send in anything you feel might be worth sharing.

SAVANT said...

@Dan Dare. Thanks for the kind words. They really are appreciated and convince me to continue with the work.

PS - you didn't do too badly yourself with that space travel an' all!

Anonymous said...

I love the idea of links. BUT please don't let it takeover from your indepth insights of the world.

SAVANT said...

Geo - that's not the idea at all. Same level of posting but some links every few days.

The Great Unwashed said...

Savant. Yours is the most provocative and succinct blog I have ever found. Not to mention the most hilarious. Do what you Glean is right.

hoosier said...

Savant, Gleanings is a fine idea but don't you on any account cut back on your normal postings. Like some of the others on this thread I look forward to them and they brighten up my day.

Bemused stare said...

SAVANT said...

Geo - that's not the idea at all. Same level of posting but some links every few days.

Perhaps whenever you have a few links, you could add them after the main post.Have you considered a small forum that is freely readable to the public but needs registration to post?

eh said...

Glean away, I say!

Anonymous said...

SAVANT said...

...But hey, wouldn't you think of becoming one if you saw the First Ho' bearing down on you? I know I would.

Too true, kangaroo. I had just arrived in New Zealand when there was this minor craze of people asking "Who would you turn gay for?"

I made the mistake of answering "Helen Clark".
Those folks won't invite me back again.

A few images of "Our Hel".

New Zealand's Helen is the one with the teeth.

Getting back to the First Ho', ho'ever, there is someone to scare the testosterone out of DSK ... and he'd sink his little schwanz into his mama's lox-filled breakfast bagel.

God. Sometimes I frighten myself.

Uncle Nasty

PS: Seriously, does anyone know how DSK's wife must feel about hubby sinking his circumsized doodledad into every third-world petri-dish that strolls by?
The woman must wrap herself in fifty metres of cling-wrap just to sleep in the same bed.

Then again, if she is a jewess then she is hadass and probably quite proud of little Dom.

They're like that.

Read the books.


Anonymous said...

UN - it's emerged now that Mr and Mrs DSK attended an elegant wife-swapping club in Paris. So maybe that explains her indulgence?

Jerry said...

I think it's a good idea. I agree with the others - don't let it intrude on your own writing.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

UN - it's emerged now that Mr and Mrs DSK attended an elegant wife-swapping club in Paris. So maybe that explains her indulgence?

Apparently there is a subset of shirt-lifters who purposefully seek out third-worlders because of the increased possibility of contracting a virulent STD. It's is called bug chasing. Sort of living on the edge.

I am reminded of the husband and wife proprietors of a B and B in the UK who were recently hounded into oblivion for turning away a pair of male(?) carpet munchers.

The question that is avoided at all costs, is: What is it that faggots actually do when they get up to what we shall euphemistically call hanky-panky?

The aforementioned proprietors had obviously had similar experience before ... and simply could no longer afford the decontamination costs.

As for bug-chasing ... I have no problem with it. One could call it a self-solving problem.

To each its own.


PS: Getting back to DSK and his obviously very adventurous wife, I had an image of one or both having a hearty sneeze and literally dissolving into their respective puddles.

PPS: Who's surprised that Belgium is supposedly the pedo centre of Europe? Must be all that unearned wealth.


Anonymous said...

Giving Homeland Security a whole new meaning.

Trouble is ... it's the wrong homeland.

Thousands of American troops are being sent to Israel

Have U.S. troops ever been deployed, for any purpose, in Israel? I am not aware of it. But now they have been.

The following article from DebkaFile, January 6, repeatedly states that the purpose of the deployment is to prepare for a joint U.S.-Israel attack on Iran's nuclear facilities, e.g, "The joint force will now be in place ready for a decision to attack Iran's nuclear installations or any war emergency." However, such statements appear to come only from DebkaFile, not from any official sources.

Following the article, see a comment from a reader at Israpundit that puts a sinister construction on the deployment, namely that its real purpose is not to mount a joint defense against Iran, but to put Israel in an even tighter U.S. embrace, preventing it from defending itself.

(The article has been edited slightly for spelling.)

Thousands of U.S. troops began descending on Israel this week. Senior U.S. military sources told debkafile Friday, Jan. 6 that many would be staying up to the end of the year as part of the U.S.-IDF deployment in readiness for a military engagement with Iran and its possible escalation into a regional conflict. They will be joined by a U.S. aircraft carrier. The warplanes on its decks will fly missions with Israeli Air Force jets. The 9,000 U.S. servicemen gathering in Israel in the coming weeks are mostly airmen, missile interceptor teams, marines, seamen, technicians and intelligence officers.

The incoming American soldiers are officially categorized as participants in Austere Challenge 12, the biggest joint U.S.-Israeli war game ever held.

Okay, let's see.

Voice Of America said in October:-

U.S. troops are landing in Uganda and from there may deploy to the Central African Republic, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and southern Sudan - areas were the L.R.A. - a scattered force whose numbers are estimated to be around 400 - are operating.

The U.S. troops are combat-ready and have instructions to fight if attacked, but Pentagon spokesman Captain John Kirby said the U.S. troops’ mission is limited to helping Ugandan soldiers and the armies of other nations stamp out the L.R.A.

So ... that's Uganda; C.A.R.; the Congo and Sudan. Now ... Israel?

Yup, the US is now officially collecting third-world counties.

Any comments?

Uncle Nasty

Anonymous said...

Further to my last, I am reminded of the apprehension of Roman senators when Rome's legions, having pretty much run out of world to conquer began returning home ... to receive their pensions and much-promised farms in the provinces.

Just when Rome was broke.

Amazing how history repeats ... no? I wonder how this one will play out when the US hands israel the bill.

Oh? No charge? Well, that's all right, then. We'll take lots. One has to wonder at what point the ragheads will lose it entirely ... after all the US left Iraq a week ago.

Now they're back. Like sponging relatives without a home to go to.

Uncle Nasty

BTW, ever wonder just how many US troops are deployed around the world? Over 200 000 in over 50 countries not counting the latest in Africa and israel.

That's a lot of legionaries, Luigi.


Anonymous said...

Thats a lot of manpower UncleN.

The British ruled their Empire with far less than that.

Maybe,when in Uganda,they can get our mountain bikes back for us.If we ask nicely.


Anonymous said...

That is Personpower mr. a.

Be careful or Harriet Harman will be down on you like a ton of bricks.

Anonymous said...

Mr a. says:

Thats a lot of manpower UncleN.

The British ruled their Empire with far less than that.

Indeed they did, Mr. a. But that was when they adhered to Mr Kipling's dictum:-

Whatever happens, we have got
the Maxim gun and they have not.

Ah, golden days. Colonial days.

When men were men, sheep were nervous and the darkies knew their place.


Speaking of the unspeakable, Lady Abbott-Whatsherface keeps whingeing about being judged by the colour of her skin.

Be grateful, darlin'.

If we judged you by your character, you'd be swaying in the breeze alongside the other 646 traitors in the UK establishment.


Anonymous said...

If we judged you by your character, you'd be inspiring us to have your fat head swaying in the breeze alongside the other 646 traitors in the UK establishment.

Jacqui Smith was another obnoxious trougher.

What was it with Balir's babes that had them treat public money as their own?

Anonymous said...

True feminists anon.

Never had a proper job.
Married wealthy men.
Safe seats handed to them.
Everything handed to them.
Everything is mine by entitlement.
Especially that which is yours.


Anonymous said...

Here's something weird ... is israel falling apart?:-

10 January 2012
Riots reveal cracks in Israeli society

Published in: Jewish Chronicle

When it comes to shooting itself in the foot and other essential bits, Israel undoubtedly takes the all-time prize.

For the past few weeks, Israel has been convulsed by how women are treated by fanatics in the strictly Orthodox community. Women are being segregated on buses serving Charedi neighbourhoods. At an IDF base, women soldiers were barred from a public singing ceremony; at another, religious male soldiers walked out to avoid hearing women sing.

These concerns became uproar after a "modern orthodox" eight year-old, Na'ama Margolis, told a TV interviewer she was terrified of walking to school in Bet Shemesh after being spat on and cursed because her demure attire was considered not modest enough. Appallingly, pupils have been running this gauntlet of hatred by neighbouring Charedim since it opened months ago.

Journalists and police who descended on Bet Shemesh were subsequently pelted with rocks and eggs by Charedi rioters. Suddenly, the deep resentment among secular folk towards all religious people boiled over in a national explosion of rage. Although the abuse was blamed on a few hundred fanatics from one particular sect, all of the strictly Orthodox were cast as deranged bigots.

For intolerance is by no means confined to these communities. Many secular Israelis not only demonise Charedim but also subject the modern Orthodox, who work, pay taxes, fight and die for their country with exemplary courage, to similar disdain.

These events played into the hands of the Israel-bashers. Ludicrously, Hillary Clinton even suggested that Israel, the one Middle East country where women have full equality, was in danger of becoming another Iran.

I would have thought there was nothing wrong in israel that huge quantities of other people's money could not solve.

Seriously though, is the much-vaunted joosh solidarity nothing more than an illusion?

I know nothing about Melanie Phillips or her blog. Can anyone enlighten me on where she stands?


nemesis said...

UN - Melanie Phillips is fanatically anti-Islamic and deplores the mass immigration of muzzies to Europe. However, if you say anything at all negative about the Joos she goes completely apeshit.

Hope that explains.

Anonymous said...

religious male soldiers walked out to avoid hearing women sing.

What? Why did they have that nutter Sinead O'Connor singing for?

Anonymous said...

Melanie Phillips has at least one Jewish parent but despite starting "work" at the guardian and New Statesman did NOT get rid of her brain.

w said...

UN - there's a school of thought which says Israel is held together only by the 'threat' of external enemies. Were it not for these the country would tear itself to shreds. I know for a fact that the secularists simply loath the extremists orthodox religious. This belief even extends to saying that Israel stirs things up in order to unite the country when things start look like kicking off internally.

kulak said...

This belief even extends to saying that Israel stirs things up in order to unite the country when things start look like kicking off internally.

Guess who funded Hamas (before they lost control of it.)

H. Lone said...

kulak. That's true about Hamas. I got that from a guy who was very high up in the Jordanian security services.

Anonymous said...

Thank you to the last half-dozen posters for putting me right on the Melanie Phillips woman.

I find it rather endearing to hear that the jews are as fucked up as the white liberals -- if not even more so.

And, I might add, very, very heartening. I think I shall sleep a lot better tonight, secure in the knowledge that, when I said the heebs are not that smart or omnipotent ... I got it right.

Uncle Nasty