Monday, 10 October 2011

Saint Steven's Day

So Steve Jobs has croaked, and instantly became transformed from a vile individual to an uncanonised saint. Here’s what Bono, on a direct flight from Bishop Tutu’s birthday, had to say: “when I hurt my spine tons of stuff arrived at my house from Steve. I found him a wonderful thoughtful friend”. Now this is Bono-speak for ‘look how an industrial titan is so impressed by me that he’d send me all those things. I’m really important’. And of course, total bullshit.

There are some truly horrible CEOs around: Think Larry Ellison, Steve Ballmer, Jack Welch. I've worked or consulted for over 200 companies to date and I can safely say in terms of fear and hatred from his employees none of them came close to Jobs. He made a speciality of humiliating his staff, really rubbing it in, and always in front of an audience. He literally broke many people, and seemed to take pleasure in it. I’ve got emails from people who rejoiced at his progressive decline towards ultimate death. And that’s not usual.

And despite the New Age polo shirt image he ran an almost Stalinist organisation. No dissent was permitted – he even had these ‘Loyalty Czars’ (I can’t remember the exact term, but ‘loyalty’ was in there) who went around the world snooping on employees’ emails and even hard drives to identify evidence of ‘disloyalty’. Offenders were despatched with Stalinist ruthlessness.

Back to Bono, the Baron Of Bullshit. Endlessly referring to his ‘friend’ (see, what powerful friends I have!) he assures us that Jobs was also ‘a wonderfully detailed and interested parent of his kids’. Well, even Jobs himself doesn’t seem to think so. He told his biographer that one of his objectives in co-operating on the book was to explain to his kids why this ‘wonderfully detailed and interested parent’ was never there for them. That’s right, he gets a stranger to write a book to explain why.

Some parent.

And of course he refused to acknowledge his first child, denied paternity until a blood test proved him wrong, upon which he grudgingly caved in. Class.

Jobs was indeed an industrial titan, a genius (not for technology but for vision and marketing – and stealing others’ ideas, like the GUI). But he was a deeply, deeply flawed human being who should not be transformed into a saint now that he’s turned toes up.

And a concluding thought, isn’t Bono some twat?


store man said...

Don't know much about Jobs, but yes, Bono is some twat.

Patsy said...

There's a possibility he he might have lived through this, had he gotten his pancreas operated on sooner instead of fucking around with organic diet woo for 9 months.

But he knew better.

Rob said...

I never knew much about Jobs and this is the first really negative thing I've read about him in the wake of his death. Of course there's a load of stuff out there from the thousands who detested him.

One thing I did notice when I googled his name after his death is that what kept popping up was "Steve Jobs death jokes".

Of course, if he had any thought for his posthumous reputation, he'd have stayed away from Bono.

Keir said...

Gawker had a great article about the real Jobs- rude, dismissive, hostile and spiteful to his employees, those bound by confidentiality agreements have spoken of years of bullying, manipulation and fear. Jobs contributed to global problems, with Apple's success having been built on the backs of Chinese workers, many children and all enduring long shifts and the spectre of brutal penalties for mistakes. And for all his talk of enabling individual expression, Jobs imposed paranoid rules that centralised control of who could say what on his devices and in his company. to put anything on the devices, you need Apple's permission. And the company wields its power aggressively, attacking even the smallest guy who questions and prods.

Anonymous said...

" And the company wields its power aggressively, attacking even the smallest guy who questions and prods."

I can attest to this having been on the receiving end from these fuckers. Worse than Microsoft, and that's saying something.

Anonymous said...

I don't know that what you have written is true but I can say that when people die, they can turn to heroes overnight. DO you remember when that politician died reently, oh what was his name, he was so unimportant that I can scarcely remember… that's it, Lenihan, Brian Lenihan. He became a Great Statesman when he died.

Which reminds me; there is a scene in the movie Man on Fire, during which a member of the police force is speaking about two recently dispatched low-life scum cops and on-looker says, "Now they are *good* cops."

It is an interesting aspect of human psychology.

Franz said...

I was never interested in the Jobs-cult and never bothered to check out his biography.

Suffice it to say that anybody endorsed by Bono in such an enthusiastic manner MUST be flawed somehow.

Bono is the perfect contrarian indicator for anything related to matters of morality, honesty and basic human decency.

I can't prove it, but I am convinced that the fungus growing on Pol Pot's faeces became self-aware, somehow made it to Ireland and there evolved to the point of having arms, legs and vocal chords.

And sunglasses of course.

BIG sunglasses.

Anonymous said...

Did'nt know about the organic diet but it sounds about par for the course in the whole Apple "lifestyle".

But I have to admit that Apple,and Jobs in particular,did a remarkably brilliant marketing number for the last 10 years or so.

Scores of millions of people have bought in to the Apple illusion.Yes the products are sleek masterpieces of design and the ancilliaries-itunes,the apps etc-do have a touch of brilliance about them,for those who care about such things.
I don't.

Why buy Apple when you can get a device almost or just as good for half the price?.

I'm not surprised to hear Jobs was a bastard to work for and,of course,he is instantly consigned to the ninth circle of hell for his association with Bono.


Anonymous said...

I hate Bono. I wish someone would beat the crap out of him too!

Anonymous said...

One less 'Carbon footprint' to worry about. Hopefully, Bono will be right behind him.

justme said...

NObody deep into the technology has any regard for Jobs' technical ability. It's all appearance and marketing. Just like f*cking Bono.

Anonymous said...

If he sent Bone-o anything other than an envelope of Ricin he must have been a twat.

Anonymous said...

Whatever bs people say about how great Apple are, and whether it is intentional or not, I have to say that iTunes running on Windows is the worst piece of software I have ever used in my life.

Anonymous said...


I must recommend South Park's More Crap to you ;0

Anonymous said...


Engineers snuck 128K onto a computer he was working on because he knew "64k is enough."

Yes, he is the source of this quote not Gates but the media never get it right for some reason.

He was also the guy who designed the computer which would go on fire because he did not like the noise of a cooling fan.

Anonymous said...

Isn't some twat Bono?

That would be Paul Hewson from Glasnevin.

Cassius said...

Arguably Jobs could have bankruped Apple by not opening the operating system and focusing so much on hardware. That was one of the reasons the board dumped him.

Martinus said...

Whats the difference between Negroes and Cancer? Cancer got Jobs!

There, a smidgen of racism and a dig at Stevie.

Anonymous said...

Martinus - that's priceless!!

kulak said...

He told his biographer that one of his objectives in co-operating on the book was to explain to his kids why this ‘wonderfully detailed and interested parent’ was never there for them. That’s right, he gets a stranger to write a book to explain why.

Well, he said wasn't always there for them, not never.

And the charge sounds a little like a beta bleat.

Some absence from the lives of his children is, on the one hand, the price of a man's power, and on the other hand the price of a child's growing up.

Alphas can't raise alphas by being doting fathers. You may miss the school play on occasion. If you can't stand that, no power for you.

Modern extended adolescence is only possible because children are few. It's simply not possible for one person to coddle a half dozen or more young adults.

One more thing he got right: he didn't like porn.

Anonymous said...

Bono's a fucking knob!


Anonymous said...

Apple 2.0 Confidential.

A user writes a history that is not a hagiography and points out that Jobs left a whole pile of money of the table when he was ousted to save Apple! by selling his shares.

john said...

Amen to Stone man.
Laughed out loud at Franz.
And actually agreed w/kulak. But the total quest for power and riches leaves screwed up kids. Priorities my friends, priorities.

Baloo said...

Wow! That's different from what I've been hearing. This is linked to by Ex-Army HERE.

Anonymous said...

Dennis Ritchie

Someone who really the computing world and had a huge influence.

ironman said...

I agree about Dennis Ritchie. UNIX and C were the weapons that broke the back of first IBM and then Microsoft monopolies.

Anonymous said...

OS X is certified UNIX® so you would think some airhead would write that Jobs improved it and put it on the iPhone.

Anonymous said...

The Irish Times, the paper of record, had this to say on Dennis Ritchie and I quote " ".

raspierre said...

Bono is a prick

Col. B. Bunny said...

Interesting about Jobs's treatment of employees. Such tyranny is usually the mark of a small man, as the denial of his first child also indicates. I'll listen to arguments that riding employees hard is a way to keep them on their toes and get the best out of them. If people put up with it from Jobs there apparently were benefits from doing so.

I have seen several references to Apple's "theft" of the GUI from Xerox. If memory serves me, Xerox made a mistake and failed to protect it legally, so it might not have been theft.

Anonymous said...

Steve Jobs Biography. Some snippets

On Bill Gates

The father-of-four said of Bill Gates: 'He'd be a broader guy if he had dropped acid once or gone off to an ashram when he was younger.'

He late said: 'Bill is basically unimaginative and has never invented anything, which is why I think he's more comfortable now in philanthropy than technology. He just shamelessly ripped off other people's ideas.'

The Microsoft giant was said to be fascinated by Steve Jobs but found him 'fundamentally odd' and 'weirdly flawed as a human being', and his tendency to be 'either in the mode of saying you were sh*t or trying to seduce you'.

Says the guy who designed a computer that went on fire because he did not like the whirring of the cooling fan!

Pot, kettle, (criminal type dude or dudette)

SAVANT said...

I agree fully with their assessment of one another. Both are spot on!

SAVANT said...

Col. Bunny. Depends on what you mean by 'stole'. Xerox had this crazy habit of inventing pioneering concepts and then showing the full details to the competitors. Go figure. Jobs visited PARC and 'took' the idea. He didn't do anything illegal. Either way he was a horrible human being.

Anonymous said...

You see Bono is a misunderstood artist. When he sang Kill the Boer he meant it in an African English speaking way not the way that Papamadit and Francophone dudes in Rwanda meant when they sang about killing the other tribe. Of course if Papamadit had understood French he would have told Francois Mitterand that one lot intended killing the other lot in an orgy of violence. Or maybe not as Franky French President also attended the rally. Perhaps rich white dudes do not understand Africans?

Anonymous said...

Bono said that U2 mught be retiring next year.


Anonymous said...

Steve Jobs Park different

Leasing a car for only six months to avoid parking tickets.
Parking in a handicapped space.

The parking in the handicapped space gets justified because he had cancer. It was diagnosed 2004. He was doing this since the 1980s.

Fanboism: Explaining PC culture to those who cannot see it.

Anonymous said...

PCWORLD Apple rotten core

"Rumors of your health and future involvement with Apple are eerily reminiscent of Kim Jong-Il."

Classy...good, solid journalism, even for an editorial.

Steve Job's isn't trying to win a nobel peace prize. He's trying to make money. When did that become a bad thing?

Obongo got a Nobel so that proves nothing.

Toby Young reviewed Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson (who wrote biographies of Benjamin Franklin and Albert Einstein)under A rotten genius at the core of Apple but I cannot find the online version.

He screamed at waitresses and parked in handicapped bays.

When asked by a journalist what market research he did before launching a new product, he replied: "Did Alexander Graham Bell do any market research before he invented the telephone?"

Yes he did. He married a deaf woman. Shows Iobs living in the reality distortion field.

If any other Silicon Valley entrepereneur made such a lofty comparison we'd dismiss him as delusional.
Toby Stop there!
In Iobs's case, as this biography makes clear, it was probably justified.

Sorry I did not get a feel whether this was truly worth 4 stars or a €19.99 price tag.

hoosier said...

I can save you the bother of buying the Isaacson book. Not worth it - you'll find nothing new.

Anonymous said...

@ Hoosier

What did he say about Jobs being ousted by Apple because Jobs would hold meetings at different hours of the night and the next meeting would go back and contradict what he said at an earlier meeting nad then hold another meeting to change his mind again?

"Did Alexander Graham Bell do any market research before he invented the telephone?"

Yes he did. He was trying to make a device which would allow deaf people to hear.
Jobs just presumed that people wanted fire that could be fitted nasally and computerally because that would be neat.

Anonymous said...

She described the time he was in a standard ICU unit and asked for a notepad, saying just this one time, he would like to be treated a little special.

She said: 'He sketched devices to hold an iPad in a hospital bed. He designed new fluid monitors and X-ray equipment. He redrew that not-quite-special-enough hospital unit.

'For the really big, big things, you have to trust me, he wrote on his sketchpad. He looked up. You have to.'

Read more:

Bet the stuff he designed would not have worked like, erm, the computer without the fan.

One time he wanted to be treated a little special? Yeah right!

Anonymous said...

In a tribute to co-founder Steve Jobs Apple attacks German cafe over trademark

Steve Jobs stated he would spend billions in an attempt to destroy androidso in tribute Apple takes on a cafe owner whose red logo has a child in it which Apple does not but as Apple users are too stupid to notice the difference they want it changed just as they want the Samsung Galaxy II removed because Apple users are that stupid that they might buy something with Samsung written on it whereas the Apple product does not have Samsung written on it but you cannot trust stupid Apple users to know this fact.

I mean they have a point. I cannot tell the Kardashians apart.

A typical ipad owner did not have one

great white said...

Welcome to the iPad users hate club!!

Anonymous said...

Admit it! You are suing it wrong!

Ever since Apple's iPhone 4S started being activated last month, many new owners have complained about serious issues with the device's battery life.

The conversation naturally spilled onto the support section of Apple's web site, with one particular thread attracting heavy viewership and numerous theories, explanations and solutions for the mysterious battery problem. All without public input from the company that actually makes the iPhone 4S.

What other company would get away with releasing untested products because the media were in love with them?

Anonymous said...

Apple threatens tiny Luxembourg bistro AppleADay

You never know they might get into the computer, music, or mobile phones market later on.

Apple contre un restaurant Luxembourgeois

You learn 'em Bourgeois Luxems you wonder working class heroes!

Anonymous said...

I just realised "amusings" is iSamsung.

Be carefulwith you phonei predictive text!

TBone said...

Don't tell me about the dangers of predictave text! Landed me in so much trouble boy....

Anonymous said...

Spanish Tablet">Company wins case against Apple

Apparently the Android Tablet maker was not a cafe so the judge said that Apple could not try to stop their business now GlaxoSmithKline, Bayer et al is a whole different matter altogether for the starving lawyers and the ripped off company ... .

Anonymous said...

How will Idioten Kaufen Eben Alles when there are not eben alles for the idioten to kaufen?

How will Idioten Kaufen Eben Alles when there are not eben alles for the idioten to kaufen?

This may have something to do with the respondent in the case being Apple Inc, the US parent company, and not Apple GmbH, the company's local subsidiary.

Wait they sue the US comapny in Germany not the local Apple?

Der anwalt ist Lionel Hutz?

Anonymous said...

Why Steve Jobs cried

He cried over design questions, like when the iMac team put a tray-based CD drive in the machine rather than a slot-loading drive.

(Well the users of his designed machine with a slot laoding DVD? drive cried when the expletive would not work properly.)

Jobs cried when his employee badge said #2 instead of #1 (which went to Woz), then ended up getting badge #0.

He cried when Time put the Mac on its cover instead of him.

The biography is not flattering—there are countless stories about how he has hurt people both personally and professionally over the years. (Hey! they caused him to cry!)

Jobs demanded perfection at all times and was willing to go to practically any length to achieve it??????????????????????????/ What?

LFHD! He said that 64K was enough for one of his machines and the engineers snuck in an extra 64k to make it work.

He designed a machine that went on fire because it had no cooling fan.

When someone asked could they put in networking so that they could become useful in office situations he flung a floppy disc at the mean employee who made him cry sayiong "there is your fucking network." (A network that only worked in one Austrian town?)

We all know how uncomfortable it can be to go to a restaurant with someone who is perpetually dissatisfied with his dish—just imagine that person sending it back over and over and over (and over) again, then suggesting ways to improve it. Just reading about this sort of perfectionism can be exhausting.

arstechnica have lettersthat do desrcibe someone like this

rambaloosa said...

Jobs' idea of the network became known for a while as the 'frisbee network'. A horrible man who made countless errors, always took the credit, someone else the blame. Good riddance, you PoS.

Anonymous said...

Apple is doomed!

Doomed I tell you!

Without Steve Jobs and his 300 patent creating ability it will have no one to invent the technology that they need going forward.

Samsung and other Android manufacturers will also be in trouble.

Anonymous said...

Billion Dollar Hippy was a BBC Money programme documentary.

Claimed that the guy who was annoyed that Woz got employee #1 and was only placated when he was given 0 was not motivated by money when it was Wozniak who brought the IPO forward by giving away part of his shareholding with Jobs famously saying he would match an employees 0 shareholding with 0 of his own.

Claimed that he sold his Appleshares for $100 million when he received $80+ million which would have been worth $130 million under their height under Sculley.

I guess they had no time to put in his work on the Lisa because they showed so much of his Greed is good speech.

And Stephen Fry frying on lovingly as a luvvie with nothing much to say but that being said in a most eloquent manner.

dave said...

Nothing surprises me about Jobs, or that Stephen fry would hump his leg.

Anonymous said...

There may be non-infringing ways of doing something similar, but they probably will be clumsy in comparison.

Written on Apple patent court cases.

Notice the lack of objectivity?

Anonymous said...

Jobs was not alone in developing those products and the book is generous in detailing the others at Apple who were so important to the creation and manufacture of these things. But Jobs had a vision and a drive that was central not just to the invention process but to the dedication to making things as well as possible from an engineering standpoint and to looking as good as they could be from an artistic viewpoint.

Jobs was interested in making profit but mainly to provide money to make other new things rather than providing excessive material comfort for himself. His driving motivation — and this is something that so many other businesspeople would do well to remember in their greed, when they take shortcuts merely to maximise profit — was to make the best products possible, to provide the very best services for users.

Read more: Matt Cooper Business Studies graduate from UCC

Jobs was not a Ferengi. Those guys Gene Roddenberry based Jobs on had nothing on him when it came to the love of money. And him of Arab descent!

I do believe he, like Manotaur Eoghan Harris, is whispers from the Tipperary side of Cork particularly as a business studies graduate he confidentally announced that £35 000 from such a year was worth £1 million in the year he was speaking.

An accountant looked it up and found that £100 000 was the figure and this would be Kerryman was out by a factor of 10.

Anonymous said...

See what happens when your only care is shareholders and you don't actually have any sense of pride in what you do? There's more to life than dividends, something Jobs clearly understood and Sculley doesn't. That's why it's no secret that Jobs loved Apple and what it did, and didn't care about pleasing investors half as much as he cared about pleasing his own belief in making a great set of products.

Read more: Apple fan cannot see Jobs would not have been able to do that if it were bankrupt

Jobs rescued Pixar as he took Next towards bankruptcy so he eventually learned that you cannot do anything with a bankrupt firm.

SAVANT said...

anon 00.49. I agree with you about Jobs and the shareholders. He was still a sociopath tho'.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

I'm reading the bio of Steve Jobs and a term I keep coming across repeatedly is 'reality distortion field'. Jobs apparently didn't just think different but saw things different and not always for the better.
Anyway, RDF seems to affect a lot of social commentators in America who seem to think IQs of all races can be raised sky high if we just think different. But what about the problem that people ARE different?

Btw, the book is hilarious, mostly unintentionally. What a bunch of comic book like characters. In some ways, it's fitting that Jobs was involved with Pixar. His personality was more of a CGI created loon than a real human.

1/19/12 9:19 AM

What you said in a smaller field.

SAVANT said...

anon 23.04. I was talking to a guy who worked in Cupertino with Apple some time ago. Said Jobs was a complete sociopath. If people saw him coming towards them in the corridor they'd nip into the nearest office to escape him.

One of his favourite ploys was to ask someone a question, and if he gave what Jobs deemed an unsatisfactory response, then he was headed for the door.

Another was to say to some victim in the lift 'tell me in 10 seconds why I should keep employing you'. This usually in front of other people.


Anonymous said...

Pixar was not ruined because he let the people who knew what they were doing do what they needed to did.

Apple second time around he was different to the first time around but I believe he was still Jobsing stuff removing stuff from the OS because he had massive falling outs with their creator. Eg Time machine was delayed or thrown out and thrown back in again or something.

I must look in the Irish Times archive for this! Karlin Lillington would have written about it!

Someone with real vision would not be doing that sort of thing.

Anonymous said... has a collection of stories about him which are meant to show his greatness but all they reveal is why Sculley had to sack him.

One of them was about a guy who knew that Jobs would one day fire him and he said that he would piss on Jobs desk to get himself fired.

Jobs heard of this and when the guy came in to resign he asked are you really going to do this?

How Sony's drive got into the Mac

When Bob Belleville revealed that he and George had kept the Sony alternative alive, Steve swallowed his pride and thanked them for disobeying him and doing the right thing. The Sony drives eventually worked out great, and it's hard to imagine what the Mac would have been like without them today. And Jobs made a note to sack them for disobediance whenever the chance would arise.

barncat said...

Interesting about the Sony drive and Jobs' vindictive reaction. Similar with adding more RAM. Designers did it and didn't tell him until the last moment. Again he had to eat humble pie but got his revenge later.

Major League asshole.

Anonymous said...

"Made in the U.S.A." is no longer a viable option for most Apple products.' Apple executives say that going overseas, at this point, is their only option and recount the time Apple redesigned the iPhone's screen at the last minute, forcing an assembly line overhaul. A foreman immediately roused 8,000 workers inside the company's dormitories, and then each employee was given a biscuit and a cup of tea, guided to a workstation and within half an hour started a 12-hour shift fitting glass screens into beveled frames.

So Apple need to move their manufacturing overseas because they cannot design properly?
Nothing says designed wrong than changing the specifications at the last minute.

That is not what the quote says outright but think about it.

Apple released a phone whose software always said it had at least a bar of connectivity even when it did not.

Calls could be dropped because the users hand could short the badly designed aerial.

No testing of it was done in real world situations because a precious prototype might get lost and that was more important than finding if the damn thing worked.

Also our heroes spin on this was something else. The provider lost 1.4% of calls the newest model iPhone was only 2.4% but the majority of that 1.4% was as you guessed earlier versions of the iPhone meaning this marvellous wonder of technology was responsible for most of the dropped calls.

Allow some of us to see the outsourcing to China because they make over priced shoddy crap.

Anonymous said...

The original Mac and the clipboard had a problem which was written in the frozen RAM which was the working copy that would ship with the machine because they stored the information on the stack for another program to use. Sometimes it was stored at an address with an odd number which the computer could not understand causing it to try to reboot itself.

Someone worked out what was happening and wrote the software that would mean that it could only be written to an even address and the problem was solved.

Oh! Aren't we insanely great?

Sending out machines that had not been properly tested?

Well done Sir. I salute your shoddiness, your carelessness onwards onto victory onto victory!

Anonymous said...

Was Apple caught fudging the facts?

Only Apple can make devices with round corners. (The Acer screen I am looking at has rounded corners.)

Only Apple can make OSes with icons.

TRON had an os that was icon based and it was made in 1982. Other films before this also had them. But not Alien which was CLI only ;)!

The NeXT machine had Jobs going to ridiculous lengths to get the corners the way he wanted such that much of the $6k in price went on the casing which he insisted be made to unaccount for hundreds of years of foundry knowledge. The reason why forges use rounded corners is that it makes the moulded item easier to get out of the mould.

The Star Xerox was a failure. An office set up would have cost you $15 000.

The Mac cost $2 500 and a printer designed to get the most out of it was $7 000. For $9 500 you were getting less than from Xerox. Can you see why this particular set up never made it to the home? And while this was going on Jobs reckoned that the reason Macs were not selling 50 000 a month was because the Apple II was still on sale so his solution was to shut it down and everyone would migrate to the Mac.

For more information you could read Owen Linzmayer's Apple 2.0 Confidential.

The guy is a Macuser without being a fanboy so he tells of how Jobs sold his shares after being ousted and they went up in value not that the company immediately started struggling as fanbois would tell you.

Anonymous said...

Matt Cooper TodayFM 17:53 has some guy on talking about Apple and what it will do without Jobs.

Jobs had an ability to tell what people wanted without doing market reserarch.

Who knew that people wanted a cellphone that did not work if you held it wrong?

He says that Apple had the next product lined up for years?

Taligent? Copland?

And this is the reason they bought Next.

Anonymous said...

Contrasting the gnuinely creative Dennis Ritchie with Steve Jobs

Gary Killdall part one

Gary Killdall part two

Gary Killdall part three

Under CP/M Wordstar could print adocument while the user could be writing a new document. What do you call that?

Microsoft only got onto the theor y of a Hardware Abstraction Layer when they hire the DEC guy to do NT. Kildall had come up with that for CP/M.

Also he went to Intel to try and sell them the OS for micro computers because he saw that they could use the microprocessors in microcomputers. Intel saw them as just being useful for calculators.

Some versions of CP/M were processor independent which is what Dennis Ritchie wanted from UNIX.

I can think why these two were ignored by the tech media. Can you?

Anonymous said...

There is a throwaway remark in one of the Max Keiser's programmes about manufacturing jobs going overseas where Jobs explains to Obama that they are never coming back.

The iPhone 5 saw Apple stop the production lines and reconfigured them the day before they were due to start because they designed the product wrong and they had to incorporate a last minute, literally, change so that it could work.

The iPhone 4 had a bit of software if bars =5 then put five bars as signal strength else bar strength =bar strength +1.

The aerial was built in such a way that normal holding the product could cause it to lose the signal.

The jobs were shipped overseas by Apple so that they could get away with making shoddy products and Jobs could have $s in his account.

Anonymous said...

Wealthier people more likely to lie and chaet than poorer

Wait. They have only heard of Steve Jobs nows?

What sort of students are they?

Anonymous said...

self-absorbed babies who not only won’t assimilate into normal society, but who repeatedly wipe their asses with social norms out of pettiness and spite.

Written about an oppressed minoratah and then I realized the first part really accurately described Apple users who cannot get it into their thick non-absorbing skulls that John Sculley saved Apple from Steve Jobs and set in motion I got a Mac because I am rich and worth it and that Apple share price went up under Sculley because a clueless CEO who was ruining the business was gone.

He was emotionally fragile and would hyperventilate and throw tantrums at the slightest problem. He was a notorious backstabber who’d kiss up to you in person then badmouth you in the break room. And despite having the lightest workload out of all of us, he spent all his time farting around on

Yes that it also about someone who would not get an erection when they saw Bono. Because Bono is a twat.

Reminds me of a computer lecturer I had the misfortune to know of.

Apple does it better. It is easier on an Apple.

Finally his bluff was called and someone needed something printed now and he admitted that he was a complete bullshitter.

But that would not have been the term he used.

SAVANT said...

@anon 12.04. Most interesting comment. Echoes my own information and yes, I hold broadly similar views on Apple People!

Anonymous said...

If you like the comment from 12:04 you will like slashdot where Knight-Ridder employee did not invent the tablet because it is not the iPad.

And Apple whine about some test because it did not show what they wanted like the times they were taken to task by the ASA for lying in their advertisments. For example one set of instructions being used in Photoshop led to the G4 being faster than an Intel processor but where would you meet that if you were not using Photoshop?

Pixar used Intels on their drawing farms because they got the job done quicker.

Crypthome have the documents that were referred to in today's Daily Mail about the "invenmtion" of Steve Jobs.

Fidler is the name of the employee who came up with the tablet idea because he say newsprint as becoming obsolete.

SAVANT said...

Apple are also notorious for pressurising academics who depend on them for 'research' funds. The research better come up with the right answer..........

Anonymous said...

Apple never faltered in waving around groomed track benchmark numbers as if the average Mac user sat around and ran Photoshop blur filters 24 by 7. That was Apple's idea of a server workload.

mov eax, [esi]
inc eax
mov [esi], eax

That's a RISC program in x86 notation. Whether the first and second use of [esi] amounts to the same memory location as any other memory access that OOO might interleave is a big problem. That's a lot of hazard detection to do to maintain four-wide retirement.

Here is a CISC program in x86 notation. I can't show it to you in PPC notation, since PPC is a proper subset minus this feature.

inc [esi]

Oh and don't forget the classic "Quack.exe', I LOL quite hardily at that one. but seriously who gives a shit? lets be honest folks, Apple could crap in a bag and it'll sell millions, its one of those brands like Nike and Prada that are simply gonna sell to the faithful no matter what. Does anyone seriously believe the average Apple customer is gonna walk away from an iPad for an Android ANYTHING, just because of specs? Lets face it Nvidia could invent the holy grail of mobile chips and it wouldn't make a dent in iPad sales as its got the network effect X10. when people see celebs like Stephen Colbert holding up their iPads going "look at what i got, check it out!" it DOES affect their buying other brands. Apple has spent years cultivating the cool hipster angle and those that have bought into the brand simply aren't gonna settle for some Samsung because its got an Nvidia chip.

Before the Appleites start spewing their bile not saying its a bad brand, personally i think its overpriced and the mobile phone subsidies really saved their sales, but its not a bad device. its just that the majority of the people buying these things couldn't name the specs or features if you put a gun to their head, all they know is its Apple and apple is cool.

Apple our ads are lies

"After a legal complaint by 70-year-old William Gillis over the "twice as fast for half the price" statement found in iPhone 3G marketing, Apple responded with a 9-page, 32-point rebuttal—one paragraph of which included this overly harsh, but very telling, statement:

Plaintiff's claims, and those of the purported class, are barred by the fact that the alleged deceptive statements were such that no reasonable person in Plaintiff's position could have reasonably relied on or misunderstood Apple's statements as claims of fact.

NVIDIA Challenges Apple Benchmarks, But Cupertino May Have Last Laugh

At the iPad 3 next-gen iPad unveiling this week, Apple flashed up a slide claiming that the iPad 2 was 2x as fast as Nvidia's Tegra 3, while the new iPad would be 4x more powerful than Team Green's best tablet. Nvidia's response, delivered by spokesperson Ken Brown, boils down to "Hey guys, it's flattering to be compared to you, but how about a little data on which tests you ran and how you crunched the numbers?"

Nvidia is absolutely right to call Apple out on the meaningless nature of such a comparison, and the company is likely feeling a bit dogpiled given that TI was waving unverified webpage benchmarks around less than two weeks ago. Both claimed sets of results are equally invalid, but there's a difference -- Apple's percentages may be bogus, but even the iPad 2's GPU is significantly faster than Tegra 3's -- depending on which tests you pick and what resolution you run them at.

I recommend the slashdot article these are taken from. Apple lies that you could use flash on the iPhone is marked +3 because it was the agencies fault that it was shown using a site with flash when you could not and it is wrong to think that just because you cannot use part of the internet with an iPhone it does not invalidate the claim that you can use all of the internet.

Anonymous said...

Knight-Ridder guy came up with the design in 1994 but Apple registered the design in 1992 when Steve Jobs its designer was not with them!


If only I had brains enough to be a liberal and I could understand the significance of that fact.

Anonymous said...

meet the man who designed a tablet computer 15 years before the ipad

Apple called out by Nvidia

Nvidia challenges aPple's iPad benchmarks

2 of those are from the site where fanbois would explain that Apple computers were better because they used smaller pixels to get more detail.

Anonymous said...

After more than a decade of PC gaming is finished someone has now said that it is over for console makers and they are being replaced by

Something important there but I cannot put my finger on it.

Anonymous said...

Brief history.

Sony floppy drives are not good enough for us.

Fanbois: Sony floppy drives are not good enough for us.

Sony floppy drives are the best so we will use them.

Fanbois: Sony floppy drives are the best so we will use them.

Motorola are the goodest chips we will use nothing else.

Fanbois: Motorola are the goodest chips we will use nothing else.

PowerPC chips are the best and beat Intel hands down.

Fanbois: PowerPC chips are the best and beat Intel hands down.

We are switiching to Intel because PowerPC are and have always been rubbish

We are switiching to Intel because PowerPC are and have always been rubbish

Another reason Jobs cancelled the clones was because the clonemakers could make better and faster AppleComputers than that crowsd in Cupertino whose name escapes me.

Anonymous said...

Swept up in the idealistic cloud of Summer of Love, he might have been like the guy who made UNIX.

Um, no. UNIX was made by employees at Bell Labs who were computer scientists, electrical engineers, mathematicians, programmers. This group included people like Dennis Ritchie, who also invented the C programming language and died recently. These guys were technical geniuses and pioneers. They were not big hippie types. And Jobs didn't have the technical ability to come up with something like UNIX. Jobs didn't know how to program, and had very little technical understanding of computers.

"Dennis Ritchie: The shoulders Steve Jobs stood on"

"Dennis Ritchie is the father of the C programming language, and with fellow Bell Labs researcher Ken Thompson, he used C to build UNIX, the operating system that so much of the world is built on -- including the Apple empire overseen by Steve Jobs.

"Pretty much everything on the web uses those two things: C and UNIX," Pike tells Wired. "The browsers are written in C. The UNIX kernel — that pretty much the entire Internet runs on -- is written in C. Web servers are written in C, and if they're not, they're written in Java or C++, which are C derivatives, or Python or Ruby, which are implemented in C. And all of the network hardware running these programs I can almost guarantee were written in C.

"It's really hard to overstate how much of the modern information economy is built on the work Dennis did."

Even Windows was once written in C, he adds, and UNIX underpins both Mac OS X, Apple's desktop operating system, and iOS, which runs the iPhone and the iPad. "Jobs was the king of the visible, and Ritchie is the king of what is largely invisible," says Martin Rinard, professor of electrical engineering and computer science at MIT and a member of the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory."

Detroitdiscounted this for you.

Anonymous said...

Some small pleasure to know that the majority of the people with Faulty ipads will be those weeeetards who queued up all week to get one. karma. - HORRIFIED, WHAT WAS ONCE A GREAT COUNTRY, 19/3/2012 17:20 >>>> Ironically, they probably queued out in the cold for something that would have kept them warm whilst queueing for it.

- Drac Noc, Poole, UK, 19/3/2012 18:00

Read more: You are holding it wrong

Apple in a first launch of a product that they could not be arsed to test.

Like the Mac.

Like the iPhones.

Like the desktop that would go on fire because steve did not like the noise of the cooling fan. Hey dude do you know why they need a cooling fan?

SAVANT said...

'Hey dude do you know why they need a cooling fan? '

Possibly not. Jobs was notoriously ignorant of the technology.

Anonymous said...

If you do the search for Steve Jobs correctly you will come across a site named something like gamasutra and you can read about some of his exploits there.

Go to folklore dot org and recollections of Apple employees are there.

I even believe it confirms that his "64K is enough" is the source of Bill Gates III supposedly saying 640K is enough.

Why would intelligent hard working technology journalists confuse the two?

Anonymous said...

Over at osnews Apple will always be successful because every so often they bet the company on the future abd thus are more innovative than IBM.

I also have never heard of Meg Whitman or Carly Fiorini.

I also cannot remeber John sculley saving a company from a lunatic.

Anonymous said...

Ashton Kurcher to play Steve Jobs

This tripecast guy who plays an asshole on 2 and one half man is set to play another asshole and Morgan Freeman was never mentioned so is that proof enough that Jobs was an asshole?

Anonymous said...

Bono is some twat

this is the story of the hurricane
the man the authorities came to blame

He is still mouthing this bullshit that a group called the Black Catholics went around distrubing peoples gigs and Bono, for that is what the twat iscalled, got his massive 6' 6" frame with an amazing vertical reach onto a bus and followed the leader of the Black Catholics home and Bono used his Akido skills which he learned from his neighbor Chuck Norris to defeat the ledaer of the Black Catholics and thus Bono became leader of the free world.

He also says that they were so good at the Dandelion gig in 1978 that the band they were supporting gave up because they could never match Bonor, The Hedge, Saddam and the forgerttable guy even though the guys brother who is a journalist pointed out that they called it a day in 1980.

Who are you going to believe some guy who was at the last gig to watch his brother play or Ireland's Own Cleveland?

PS Superman is based on Bono.FACT!

SAVANT said...

Bono has made great mileage from the Black Catholics thing. Apparently there were some guys who jeered at his gigs early on but there was nothing organised as such. Most of it is a fantasy, apart from Superman being based on him.....

Anonymous said...

The Mun Lynn Connolly

She was finally able to get all of ONE newspaper to accept the fact that O'Nob was not from Ballymun as he claimed and which they published as fact (which they also did for Sinead O'Connor ludicrous claims!)but was from Glasnevin.

Anyone else remember him on TV being a man of the people when trying to use Ronnie Drew's accent?

Unfortunately he was too close to kryptonite so he could not pull it off.

A Canadian TV crew did a "documentary" on the lads growing up in Ballymun.

They somehow found a need to use a picture of an RUC station in the Ardoyne to show how dangerous it was for Aul PHewson in Ballymun.

And I salute you for your courage And I commend you for your wisdom And I embrace you for your faith In the face of adversarial forces And I support you in your trusting

Anonymous said...

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

If you really wwant to understand him look at South Parks More Shit.

Hello? Hello? Hello?

Anonymous said...

Finbar Furey documentary available from player now real musician real singer real human being.

Anonymous said...

"Having worked at both NeXT and Apple I can honestly say you are FULL OF SHIT. Without NeXT Apple closes its doors 15 months after the merger. After Steve was brought back as iCEO we had 3 months of working capital left. We canceled the Sabbatical Program which had 1/3rd of the entire staff holding 12 weeks of paid vacation. Steve told them ``there is the door, don't let it hit you in the ass on your way out.'' And some arrogant developers left. He canceled the Fellow Program as well. Brilliant moves. Either they pitched in and learned NeXT Technologies or they got out of the way. We wasted nearly 3 years of in-fighting to nurse along OS X to get it back to being more of a logical leap from Openstep and it's still not there.

Steve Jobs would have founded Apple with or without Wozniak, with other Engineers. You clearly never worked around the guy. He drew people in like a Black Hole. Even at a tender 21 he could walk into a room and people wanted to see and hear his ideas. (3 years waste as referred to asbove?)

Most Engineers [Programmers but I'll include ones with actual proven Engineering disciplines like myself] and for that matter most people [98%+] of the populace have zero Vision for seeing how technology can evolve. Steve had it in spades. It's the reason Ivy stayed and the the top designers wanted to get chewed out and hopefully see a few of their designs come to light."

And that is why OS X uses the more intuitice OPTION+ Page Down when you want to move the cursor down the page than the less intuitive pagedown on its own.

He sort of "gets it" but also has been too long in th epresence of the , erm, black hole.

"Jobs needed a "Woz" at NeXT. The hardware was ridiculously over-engineered and under-engineered at the same time. Jobs insisted on using a retarded flaky MO drive cartridge instead of a normal harddrive. It cost as much as a Sparc workstation but ran at half the speed. NeXT lost millions of dollars and never made a nickle until they pivoted to un-apple-like enterprise server software market.

Nothing shouts Jobs was a visionary louder than that!

"Jobs and Sculley weren't getting along about various things and Jobs wanted the board to get rid of Sculley or at least settle the whole "Who's in charge" question. Sculley was supposed to be in China but came back/didn't go because of this. There was the big meeting in the board room and, ultimately, Jobs lost.

Keep in mind that, at the time, Jobs had been in charge of one of the company's biggest failures at the time, the Apple III. Macintosh wasn't looking too good--sales were well below Apple's estimates--which was also Jobs' baby. So here's a guy who has cost the company a ton of money and he's asking the board to put him in charge.

Jobs was "demoted" to Senior President in charge of Absolutely Nothing, given an office in Siberia, and would be trotted out on occasion to say something was "insanely great." Needless to say, Steve wasn't thrilled with this, and left.


What a computer guy who accepts the incident the way it happened?

If you want to find out who is rubbish at business just give them the case study written at the time of Apple. Macheads or iDiots will go man they fired Steve man you can't have Apple without Steve man.

Those with their heads screwed on wll look for the problems. And be failed because of this.

Anonymous said...

Just found "Steve Jobs did single-handely found Apple. He used both Woz's hands."

Kind of accurately sums up the realtionship?

SAVANT said...

@anon 15.00. You're bang on the money ther.

Hey, I love the quote "Steve Jobs did single-handely found Apple. He used both Woz's hands."


Anonymous said...

Motivational poster

It doe the Jobs!

Anonymous said...

A leader understands that it’s not all about me. A leader understands that the team needs me as a member of the unit. A leader gets that, yes, there are people on the team that perform better and that may get more attention but it is how that star performer deals with the extra attention that could help or hurt the morale and inevitably the performance of the team. A-Rod, as he is affectionately known as, has vacillated when it comes to understanding these leadership precepts. No one is perfect or infallible.

Though Jobs eventually succumbed to the disease, his winning streak still lives on in his legacy and TEAM APPLE’s performance. A-Rod may need to use his iPad and crack open Jobs’ memoir and see through Jobs’ example that though image is not everything it sure does matter when you are the leader of a team.

This guy is arguing that Alex Rodriguez is a nonteam player selfish bastard by comparing to a non team player selfish bastard?

Some of us see through Jobs' example but not in the fake world he does.

By the way isn't Bono, the leader of TeamU2, some twat?