Tuesday, 30 August 2011


I just published a pic of Marchin' Looter King from the IrateIrishman blog. A reader has gotten on suggesting I take it down. I take his/her advice. On reflection, this would have been just the excuse that Google would have needed to take this blog down. Thanks mate!

On another topic, a few weeks ago I posted on how the US, in the interests of building American-Chinese fraternal friendship, sent a team of ghetto thugs to play the Chinese. With predictable results.

Now check out this. Seems the US needs to work a bit harder in dealing with our Oriental friends.


Anonymous said...

Can't believe the other passengers did'nt intervene.The Koreans have gone down in my estimation.Still you can't judge all Koreans from one incident.
The negroid certainly did'nt look like a soldier.What was he doing there?.
In this country he would have got his fucking head kicked in.


Jack Quinn said...

"niga" can't make this up.


Franz said...

Caption for the video:

'Ambassador for Nation of Erectus leaves lasting impression in South Korea, asks locals if they "see these rocks?"'

On a more serious note: How come these hoodrats are making a nuisance of themselves in Asia as well now?

Is there any patch of land in this world that this black plague has not yet infected?

This sickle cell anemia thing sure isn't what it was cracked up to be...

kudzo bob said...

I gather he was from a rap group. As said, there's no corner of the globe escaping the infestation.

Cingoldby said...

I've just heard that the Korean authorities have released him without charge.

He has apologised and the matter is considered a 'cultural misunderstanding'.

Hard to comprehend.

Anonymous said...

off topic to mr,A. did you happen to get any info on GARDIA GONE WILD AT THE US EMBASSY while baby sitting the alder theifs daughtet,John old rtd, chicago copper.

Anonymous said...

this fucker needed two fingers hard to the eyes and then you owned him, what a piece of shit...

Anonymous said...

jeeeeeszuz how dumb and arrogant can you get, but then again, I see the same behaviour every day in apefreeka

Anonymous said...

Regarding interaction with Chinese and Americans ... I think you'll like this:-

I nearly hosed my combinations.


A view from Beijing

Posted by MK on August 30, 2011

I read the following on National Review and thought I must share it with you all, enjoy.

The Long View by Rob Long – Official Transcript: Larry Ching Live on CCTV

LARRY CHING: From Harbin, in Heilongjiang Province, ni hao!

CALLER: Ni hao, Larry, and ni hao to your guest.

LARRY CHING: Ni hao, CALLER. Do you have a question for the American secretary of the treasury, Mr. Geithner Tim?

CALLER: I do, Larry, thank you. I’d like to ask Mr. Tim if he is regretful about the recent downgrading of American sovereign debt?

LARRY CHING: Good question! What about it, Mr. Tim? But before answer, can call you Geithner? Is that too familiar?

SECRETARY OF THE U.S. TREASURY MR. GEITHNER TIM: Well, Larry, actually, in English it’s reversed. So my first name is Tim and my second name is Geithner.

LARRY CHING: How about that! Weird! Fun stuff! I am enjoying this nutty interview!

SECRETARY OF THE U.S. TREASURY MR. GEITHNER TIM: If I may, to answer your CALLER’s question, I am of course regretful about Standard & Poor’s decision to downgrade the United States’ debt, but I am hopeful that this situation can be resolved. As you know, the American economy is still the most powerful and energetic in the world, and our ability to meet our financial obligations remains strong.

LARRY CHING: So when do you have to go to the prison farm?


LARRY CHING: Will you or any of your cadre be executed?

... and so on ...

Imagine that ... Corrupt US politicians being led to the execution grounds ... that would be something.

Uncle Nasty

justme said...

I can't believe that all those Korean 'men' just stood looking as this ape did his thing. I thought these guys were tough?

former liberal said...

This is a good development. The more people that see what the Black Undertow does the better.

Hector G. said...

Uncle Nasty - is that a genuine interview, or are yiou being naughty again?

Bemused stare said...

On a separate topic, it seems like the Latino kids in San Diego are getting tips from Uncle Nasty.


Anonymous said...

Sorry,for not replying john:I thought I had on the original thread but it did'nt appear.

I asked two Guards both of a "certain age",one now retired.
One knew nothing about it.
The other did.

There certainly was "an incident" but it may have got exaggerated in the telling over the years.
Alchohol played a crucial role,of course and some of what you related did happen.

However I did get the feeling that he knew more than what he was telling.

If I ever find out more,I'll let you know.


Anonymous said...

Another crushing disappointment that erectus was not even charged.

Is it possible that this rap "artiste" was part of some insane cultural exchange programme and strings were pulled to get him off.

Well.if so the Koreans know all about some aspects of negroid culture now.

I'm sure we have all been involved in Cultural Misunderstandings-I know I have.But rarely,if ever,did this involve felonious assault on elderly citizens of the host country.

Can someone please,PLEASE tell me that this ape got a good seeing to while in custody?.


Anonymous said...

Just learned that this pavement ape is ----wait for it



Anonymous said...

What country might that be mr.a? If it's Ireland you're referring to (esp. North) they only kick heads in when the odds are stacked in their favour. i.e 5-1. Or it's a couple of incest produced gunman, who probably needed a week's instruction on how not to shoot yourself through stupidity, when armed with a handgun.

Anonymous said...

Funny. Just yesterday a tough-talking Korean-American colleague was boasting to me about how he and his tough Korean buddies fought off a gang of evil White 'skinheads' in Huntington Beach in the late 1980s. Apparently the fracas even made the evening news.

Maybe Asians, like Whites, are somehow paralysed in the face of Negro aggression.

Anonymous said...

@anon 18.43

Don't know what your problem is?.

If you're English then you should know from this site that that stupid time is over.There is no room for it.
Scots?.Welsh?.The same.

I made a statement of fact ,not a boast.That is what would happen.

I happen to agree,or at least wish, that every gunman in the north had shot themselves.Pity was,they were not that stupid.

So if you are from across the Irish Sea,why dont you read your Daily Sport or your Sun?.The staple fare of most of your kind.

And shut the fuck up.


euroserf said...

I don't think it's 'fear' of the blacks themselves, rather the terror of being lebelled racist.

Anonymous said...

euroserf said...

I don't think it's 'fear' of the blacks themselves, rather the terror of being lebelled racist.

Happily, not everyone has it. You are really going to like this guy.


The name of the blog is Unamusement Park and the proprietor does not suffer from an excess of White Liberal Guilt.

To wit:-

Welcome to the jungle: Unamusement Park explores the Congo (part 1)

Aug 23rd, 2011 by Unamused

What the heck are those wacky Congolese up to, anyway?

It’s a question we’ve all asked ourselves, four or five hundred times. Today, Unamusement Park sets out into the jungle in search of answers.

Welcome to the jungle...

Warning: This series, like all ‘Park content, is extremely “racist,” meaning we find out facts about non-white people — in this case, the Congolese, then draw sensible conclusions from those facts, without (and this is key) assuming that non-white people are perfect and wonderful in every single way, and all their problems — I mean, struggles — are caused by white people, who can’t dance, play sports, act cool, meet women, control their subconscious white-supremacist psychosis, or indeed get anything right at all without the patient tutoring, moral support, and strict supervision of their omnibenevolent minority overlords: the Wise Latinas, the Magical Negroes, and a whole gang of other Colorful characters. So watch out for that. (The “racism,” I mean, not the run-on sentences.)

I could go for this. Please read, bookmark, and pass on to your friends. This is the kind of fellow you pass on to your Lefty-Lib friends after thay have gotten over the initial shock of finding out you're a nazi.

I am finding more and more of these every day. Blogs containing calm, thoughtful, incisive, biting and above all, literate criticism of our masters, be they mud, liberal or hebraic.

Please enjoy.
Uncle Nasty

Franz said...

@ Anon 18:43

When you're talking about the alleged stupidity of other white people, you ought to spellcheck your prose.

"Or it's a couple of incest produced gunman" - Really?

Making a blanket statement about other white folks' brains while not being able to distinguish between singular and plural, makes you look like an "incest produced" illiterate.

In Germany we have a saying: "He who lives in a glass house shouldn't throw stones."

Anyhow: What's the point of Englishmen calling the Irish names? Of Frenchies yelling insults across the channel? Of Poles and ze Germanz having at each other over some real estate?

That is the idiocy of soccer hooligans redux.

At this point in time - and I paraphrase - we racially aware whites either stand together or hang separately.

Shaunantijihad said...

Homo Erectus can speak. That much is established. Why the humans on the bus did not eradicate it is surely just a temporary anomaly based on the illusion of Erectus' (Erecti?) almost human physical appearance and ability to speak human better than parrots.

Was it related to the UK's ambassador for the London Olympic Games?

Planned and sponsored Erectus immigration is surely a gene war propagated by the fascist left.

Anonymous said...

No mr.a, English I am certainly not. However I will say from what I've seen there is virtually no difference between the British and Irish. How strange you all hate each other. Maybe you are all onto something?

navan man said...

Mr. A. - this guy could be a troll or else a cultural enricher.

And no, the Irish English Scots and Welsh do Not hate one another. A bit of friendly rivalry, other than that we live with one another, marry one another without a problem.

sorry to disappoint you - back to Africa with you.

Anonymous said...

"The name of the blog is Unamusement Park and the proprietor does not suffer from an excess of White Liberal Guilt."

Uncle Nasty, thank you so much for informing me about this blog. I love it!! You've made my week!

Ragnar Danneskjold

Anonymous said...

Bemused stare said...

On a separate topic, it seems like the Latino kids in San Diego are getting tips from Uncle Nasty.


Thank you for that, Bemused stare, It made my day. However, upon reading the article:-

A passenger in a black Toyota RAV4 pulled out a crossbow and fired one bolt before driving away around 2:15 p.m. on Linda Vista Road near Mesa College Drive, said police Officer Dino Delimitros.

The two people in the car were described as Latino males and most likely juveniles. Ages were not released for the boys who had been throwing rocks.

The boy who was shot was taken to Rady Children’s Hospital and suffered injuries that were not considered life threatening, Delimitros said.

-- I feel that our budding Robin in da Hood was new at the game and used a target or practice bolt (arrow) which will penetrate clean through but cause little trauma -- apart from the puncture, of course.


Now, if he had used one of these:-


-- the outcome would have been a little more ... life threatening, shall we say?

Still it's nice to see someone giving back to da Hood ... even if it's the spics doing the giving.

I await further events with keen anticip .............. ation.


PS. Notice the rather coy usage by the MSM in San Diego of the term "boys" for the miscreants. In MSM-speak "boys" usually means nogs up to and including the age of 25, if they should be walking past a school at the time of the event.

In this instance the rock-chucker was obviously a former spear-chucker who'd had a nap and had not yet been retrained in the use of spears ...

By the way, no one ever answered my query of a few weeks back ... What are the laws regarding bows and crossbows in the UK.?


Anonymous said...

Hey Savant,
You might get a kick out of this video.


Shaunantijihad said...


There are currently no power rating restrictions on bows and crossbows in the UK, only on where and how used.

Anonymous said...

This video is so racist, I'm reporting this channel to youtube right now.
1 month ago.

Maybe youtube do have a sense of humor?

Anonymous said...

I have enjoyed Unamusement Park for many months now.Very funny but erudite(you too Savant).Actually he has this blog linked-you should do the same Savant.

I notice Unamused seems to have adopted a Native American persona i.e "argues-with-black-people".

He appears to have had a rather traumatic vacation in the forests of Canada.


Shaunantijihad said...

OT but I thought you might want to know Mike Smith has a blog. I'm pretty sure this was one of the old SAS guys: http://mspoliticalcommentary.blogspot.com/

SAVANT said...

I've just linked to UP. And yes, Mike Smith was one of the old SAS guys.

kulak said...

An Irish Children's Coloring Book
(as related to me by my father, and his father before him.)

See Uncle Quinn.
See Uncle Quinn march in the Saint Patrick's Day parade.
Color Uncle Quinn's tie orange.
Color Uncle Quinn's eyes black and blue.

So there's this other Irish lad in my son's class. They got in trouble the other day. He choked my son, and my son bit him.

I suggested to my son that he might want stay away from the boy. My son looked at me in astonishment as he protested "But he's my best friend!"

Eimear said...

Great story kulak, LoL!

Anonymous said...

Shaunantijihad said...


There are currently no power rating restrictions on bows and crossbows in the UK, only on where and how used.

Thank you for that, Shaun. I wonder how crossbow and bow sales are doing in the UK?
I recommend PSE.


Their accuracy is astonishing.

Interestingly enough, after the English victories at Crecy and Agincourt, it was decreed that all capable English yeomen own a longbow -- and practise and compete with it regularly ... one of the origins of the village fair.

And, pretty much, the first militia.

My, how times have changed.


Anonymous said...

I recommend a book "Guns and Violence: The English Experience" by
Joyce Lee Malcolm.


An excellent read. If you live in the UK, then:-


Although Amazon (UK) won't even sell you a baseball bat to defend yourself, they may deign to let this book slip through without reporting you to the powers-that-be.

Uncle Nasty

Anonymous said...

For those of us who have been living under a rock, and are convinced that niggers and their flash mobs are Hoomin Beans -- just like us, but darker (Hi, Elaine), here is an image that encapsulates it all.

The receiving end, so to speak.

Tell me you could be comfortable here ... without an AK and a shitload of full mags.


Go to:-

The reality of black violence captured

(Note: 6:00 p.m.: I’ve continued to fine-tune this entry through the day, so if you read it several hours ago, I’d recommend a re-read.)

Yesterday the New York Post ran an article with several extraordinary photographs of a feral black thug in Notting Hill, London who has just stabbed another black man and who is running away, his blood-reddened knife held toward the camera:

The original article with image sequence ...


This nog knows his anatomy, too. He got the other one in the liver.

This ... is what the pathetic, fly-blown, huge-eyed, starving niglets in the Oxfam ads grow up into. Just as sure as maggots become blowflies.

Give them nothing.

Uncle Nasty

Anonymous said...

Sarah, Maid of Albion, never disappoints ...


Read the link on the anniversary of Beslan first ... highly recommended, then, go to:-

The Shooting Has Begun - Part 1

By Mister Fox

During the 1981 riots Enoch explained that the way to find out what was going on was to read European media because British media obfuscates the truth. Those riots he pointed out were attacks on the police. At the heart of the recent riots there were also attacks on the police which included firing at them with handguns in Birmingham. The media behave like the media in the Soviet Union where what the ideology said was happening was pushed by media rather than what was really happening. Russians were constantly told there was no crime in Russia.

A quote from pretty far down and in the present day:-

The sad reality is that the local authorities are creating this situation by allowing it to develop. On Sunday nights on Broad Street in Birmingham a local bar put on R&B nights. This music is very popular with young Blacks and the gangstas and this city-centre venue caters for them. The door staff have to be changed as they would be targets walking through the streets and would be waited for outside for even minor transgressions like not letting certain people in. They are replaced by Black door staff from a different area. It is being changed to a “members only” event to prevent innocent people blundering in and being beaten. They have knife arches outside to detect metal and only serve drinks in plastic not glass. White women** go there but it would not be safe for White men.

Outside the bar the door staff put up barriers to stop them getting out and running riot. But what is highly dangerous is when the gangstas try to take guns in with them. The police respond with armed police officers brandishing machine guns who line the gangstas on the floor handcuff their hands behind their backs and take their guns off them.

Recently, the violence was so bad that they had a police helicopter circling above the venue. But this is never reported.

The local authorities conspire to keep it from the public. The police, local council, the editors of the 3 principle Birmingham newspapers and The Broad Street Marshalls keep it quiet.

Can you spell "Traitor"?

Uncle Nasty

PS. **White women go there ... also known as coal burners and mudsharks. Some of the "English Roses" have wilted rather badly, I'm afraid.


Anonymous said...

To Eric Holder ...

Hey, you dumb schmuck. Look what they's doin' to yo' pipples ...


Libyan Rebels Detain Black Africans As Suspected Gaddafi Mercenaries

BEN HUBBARD 09/ 1/11 11:48 AM

TRIPOLI, Libya — Rebel forces and armed civilians are rounding up thousands of black Libyans and migrants from sub-Sahara Africa, accusing them of fighting for ousted strongman Moammar Gadhafi and holding them in makeshift jails across the capital.

Virtually all of the detainees say they are innocent migrant workers, and in most cases there is no evidence that they are lying. But that is not stopping the rebels from placing the men in facilities like the Gate of the Sea sports club, where about 200 detainees – all black – clustered on a soccer field this week, bunching against a high wall to avoid the scorching sun.

You and Chairman Zero started it, Buddy ... so what are you going to do about it?
The world wants to know.



Anonymous said...

Please go here, for a stunning example of nigger logic(?):-


Scroll down to:-

Why Capitalism Sucks

A moonbat zeroes in on the problem with capitalism: it requires people who want the things that money buys to work.

It wasn’t like that in ancient Africa, where they had free electricity. Sorry about the language:

People like this vote. Consequently, Barack Hussein Obama is President of the USA.

Roll on, Armageddon. Can't come soon enough.


Anonymous said...

Not quite sure if this has been posted already on the thread, so please forgive if it has.

It's not often that I am at a loss for words -- But I am at a loss for words.

So:- http://cofcc.org/page/2/

And watch the video.

Welfare deviants proud of their lifestyle.

EBT stands for Electronic Benefit Transfer. Also known as “Eat Better than the Taxpayers.” At the end of the video, Keywanda brags that California includes $225 in “GR” money on her EBT card. GR stands for “general relief,” and is free money for “indigent adults who are not supported by their own means.” Just some extra walking around money at the taxpayer expense.

Of course add to this thousands in the backdoor federal welfare “tax credit” scheme, free medical care, free day care, free breakfast and lunch for their children at public school, subsidized housing, subsidized utilities, and many more freebies.

Caution. Song contains profanity and sexually explicit imagery.

California based “R&B singer” Keywanda.


Peter A. said...

Folks - I'd recommend caution when talking about weaponry on this or any other blog. The Stasi are keeping a close eye on such things and if they start getting worried, then all of us need to start getting worried. Don't give the bastards any excuse to move on us.

occasional said...

I thought the Notting Hill 'carnival' was a great success? Note that while the police flap around a true Britisher tries to trip up the thug.

Shaunantijihad said...

UN said -

"I wonder how crossbow and bow sales are doing in the UK?
I recommend PSE.


Their accuracy is astonishing."

These are also legal: http://www.pellpax.co.uk/acatalog/Pellpax_Special_Pest_Control_Combinations.html

Good for putting rabbit in the pot and scaring away nasty people trying to get in your house.

Henry IX said...

Not surprised about Birmingham. I remember about 10 years ago you'd hardly find a single white person in the environs of the Bullring.

Tony in VA said...

Hold onto something solid. This guy ("ya see deez rocks?!") is an ENGLISH teacher in Korea. Go figure!

Bemused stare said...

Why Capitalism Sucks

Every time I think I have seen the level of delusion, some shitskin furthers my education.

Anonymous said...

An Ulster rugby player was accused of racial abuse but was cleared when it was claimed it was just a colourful local phrase. But it was never revealed what this phrase the sweet innocent used.

Two South African guys were guilty (Tried by the press)of racial abuse of a Zimbambwean by using a word "babaoje(?)" which was heard as "baboon" by the press guys who were not on the field.

Something must be done to stamp out this sort of thing!

Clogheen said...

It was two Leinster players actually. Are you sure about that word. Apparently it does mean baboon in Afrikaan or something, but the players claimed that it was a term used for a tactical fron row move.


Anonymous said...

Without prejudice (I never saw the incident and so, cannot comment), I give you ... bobbejaan the Afrikaans word for "baboon".

It's pronounced :

Baw-be-yahn -- With first syllable very short as in "Bought, Caught".

Second syllable also short as in Johnny-be-good, not long as in bumble bee or honey bee.

Yahn, as in the wool, but without the "R".

Not "Yarn", but Yahn.

Hope this clarifies matters.

Uncle Nasty

Anonymous said...

Marcus Horan was also guilty in regard to Elvis Seveali'i (until cleared.).

Eric Cantona is admired for getting involved with the crowd during a football game.
Des Drummond was hammered for doing so as was Trevor Brennan so my question is who made Ulster the Manchester United of Rugby?

Anonymous said...

Ulster the Man U of rugby? News to me. I see them as very much the poor relations of Leinster and Munster.

Anonymous said...

Apart from the fact that no racist comment should be­ made full stop, the other problem for Evra is who will­ believe him? He's got form for making false­ allegations of this nature when things don't go his­ way, he's used it as an excuse too often in the­ past to try and deflect his own inept performances.

IF­ it's true then yes Suarez should be punished­ accordingly but the same should be done to Evra if the­ claims prove to be false.

Chelsea were last night adamant they will be exonerated of the Manchester United racism claims after the "Lawnmowergate" ruck between their groundstaff and Old Trafford players.

Both clubs met yesterday's 5pm deadline to file their versions of what happened after the Blues' 2-1 win on April 26, when Patrice Evra became embroiled in a scuffle with groundsman Sam Bethell.

United players, including Gary Neville, Paul Scholes, Carlos Tevez and Park Ji-Sung, were annoyed at being asked to move from a section of the pitch while conducting their post-match warm-down.

Chelsea remain furious at allegations from United that a racist remark, allegedly "you're just a f***ing immigrant", was made to Evra.

Read more: E's got form in this matter. 09 05 08

At a later hearing, United’s Assistant Manager, Mike Phelan, as well as club captain, Gary Neville, who were also witnesses to the event, said Evra had received a racist insult.

Gary Neville is the twat who heard Leeds fans chanting Manchester United Never Intended Coming Home at an airport and was most upset about this. Main Stream Media sympathised with the horros he endured.


He was warned by the FA to behave himself or he would be fined.

He ran towards Liverpool fans aftyer United scored a winning goal.

He was warned by the FA to behave himself or he would be fined so much if he did it again.

He did it again against Manchester City and nothing happened.

I am guessing if this is false nothing will happen to the poor angel.

I mean YT has history in this type of stuff like the Westpoint student who attacked Patti Labelle's hairdresser's fists with his face.

Anonymous said...

If ever there was a dubious environment for making a sound decision, sporting racist insults, real or alleged, must be it. Strong dislike grows up between players and clubs. They support the alegations, or in the case of the accused, they all join in to disprove them.

In any event, what the hell is all this about. I'm from Wales and have lost count of the number of times I've been called a sheep shagging bastard or similar. Didn't take a feather out of me. This racism thing has grown into an industry in its own right.

Anonymous said...

Marchin' Looter wanted people judged by the content of their hearts and Semone Wilson had a shed with drugs in it rather than a shedload of drugs and she gets a caution because of the goodneess of her heart.

And if the police did anything else there would be another riot.