Monday, 18 July 2011

Tuskegee and the 'stimulus' funds

Alternative Right has exposed the reality of the scam which Obama’s ‘stimulus funding’ represents. It’s essentially a racket to transfer funds from whites to blacks. The post points out that the town of Tuskegee in Alabama (population of about 10,000, 95% black) received no less than $14 million in such funding. I tried to calculate the number of trillions were this level of largesse to be applied in an even-handed way to the whole country. My calculator burst into flames!

Let me tell you a story about Tuskegee. Nearly forty years ago, when I was still a deluded white liberal (DWL) I met this really tall black guy on a flight to Cork. He told me he was joining a basketball team there. But what really interested, nay, fascinated me, was that he came from Tuskegee. Born and bred.

Oh joy!

Now I could learn, over w whole hour, what it was like to be a black in ‘the black soul of the swift-growing South’. What a phenomenal experience it must have been - immersed in the epicentre of the black experience. The home of Rosa Parks, and of the legendary Tuskegee Institute, founded by Booker T Washington himself, and where George Washington Carver held court before rapt student audiences. Maybe my companion had even attended “The Institute” himself?

He could regale me with exploits of the Tuskegee Airmen – maybe his father was one of their heroes? – and reveal the full gory details of the eponymous Syphilis Experiment, carried out on unknowing ignorant sharecroppers.

This would be a learning experience of unparalleled richness for me.

And what did I actually learn?


That’s right, nothing at all. This guy, grew up in this small town, whose history was shoved down the throats of even us over here in Ireland, and he knew sweet fuck all about any of it. Never heard of Rosa Parks (I swear!) thought Booker T Washington was an organist (Green Onions) hadn’t heard the first thing about the airmen or syphilis experiment. In fact he had no idea that the town was special in any way.

I staggered off the plane, convinced, I’m sure, that whites were somehow to blame. Now of course, as a race realist, it all makes perfect sense. Blacks are, if not a different species, substantially and fundamentally different to other races. There must have been some unique cognitive and/or social impairments at work in order to achieve such a degree of obliviousness. And of course such obliviousness must have applied to almost all his acquaintances as well, else at least some crumbs of awareness would have permeated.

And it’s to such people that the Administration is channelling tens of millions of dollars. For ‘development’. Yeah, right. I expect to see some dramatic technological breakthrough to emerge there any day now.

As the post says “ the “stimulus package” in Alabama seems to be nothing more than a thinly disguised bailout for African-Americans designed to forestall the total financial collapse of black households. (See some suggested artwork from Franz here)

Meanwhile, billions are added to the country’s debt every week. When is it all going to blow?


Anonymous said...


Franz said...

I remember my Wehrmacht grandpa telling me harrowing tales about the Tuskegee airmen. How they hurled bolts of thunder from their flying dragons atop the hapless German insects. If it had been just Bomber Harris and the B-17s we would have prevailed. But alas, the Tuskegee Airmen broke the Reich's back!

/Sarc off

I have actually read plenty of first-hand accounts of German airmen about the last war. They freely admitted that their hubris vis-a-vis the Russians was badly punished as those alleged Untermenschen turned out to have plenty of fighting in their bellies.

But as concerns the Tuskegee flying circus... These clowns were never ever mentioned. Not once. The fact that many Americans are seemingly convinced that the combination of Erectus+wings won the war is simply staggering.

I'd wager my bottom Bitcoin that an impartial inquiery into the Tuskegee airmen's combat achievements would reveal them to be just as real as the recent scholastic successes in Atlanta.

Here is a reminder on how well the combination of Erectus+wings works in the real world:

P.S. Dear Savant! A humble suggestion regarding artwork for this post. The "Obama making it rain"-Gif has seen some exposure in the financial blgosphere, but I have an inkling that your readership would apreciate it as well:

S. Thompson said...

Actually, it is isn't much of a stimulus. For a town of 10,000 people, that works out at $1400 per capita. How long do you think that lasts when it all gets blown on crack and golden chains?

Anonymous said...

Here is a story you may find interesting, Savant. back in the seventies (my awakening) I started reading all the books that went against the grain. Starting with the classic "None dare call it Conspiracy". All, I might add, freely available in South African libraries, then.

One of the books mentioned that the great white American hope -- Social Security (begun in 1935) would be bankrupt by the years 2010-2015 as it was being plundered by every govt. entity.

(Wiki quote: - By dollars paid, the U.S. Social Security program is the largest government program in the world and the single greatest expenditure in the federal budget, with 20.8% for social security, compared to 20.5% for discretionary defense and 20.1% for Medicare/Medicaid.)

The author then asked the question "how the hell will they hide this?" The answer was easy ... destroy everything else.

After all if you've just gouged a major scratch in the family's antique dining room table, who'll notice ... if you set fire to the house?

Obama and his handlers are now setting the fires.

Uncle Nasty

Anonymous said...

Booker was the original grant whore, getting shitloads of money from white Yankees.

That said, he was a race realist himself. He was scared to death blacks would get ahead of their education and make a bloody mess of things. At least that's what I sensed from his book.

Anonymous said...

/sarc on

One of the facts used to show that JaMarcus Russell was the future QB was that he could throw the ball 80 yards with one knee on the ground. With one knee on the ground he was down and out of the play making the ability to do that academic or theoretical in value as it had no practical value.

/sarc off

Once upon a time sports journalists understood the sports they covered.

Thank you Robert Edward Turner III and your ilk!

Anonymous said...

"I staggered off the plane, convinced, I’m sure, that whites were somehow to blame."

Of course you did. White leftists are some of the most self centred, condescending people ever.

Every problem and pathology blacks face must be because of THEM. The concept that black people don't think about them, that black problems have nothing to do with whites and that blacks have their own independent cultural and genetic dynamics...

They never think about it. It never occurs to them that white people are not the centre not only of their own world but of everyone elses'.

Race realism means admitting that white people are *not* all powerful Soopamen who could rescue those poor coloured people if only we tried hard enough.

We're not all powerful and most coloured people don't give us much thought. Race realism means being realistic about what we can and should do.

Anonymous said...

Tell me again, that Israel is not running America?

O's pals pony up $68 mil
Campaign-donation haul dwarfs GOP

By GEOFF EARLE Post Correspondent

Posted: 12:59 AM, July 16, 2011

WASHINGTON -- President Obama is in the money, thanks to rich friends like fashionista Anna Wintour.

Obama's huge $68 million campaign-money haul in the last quarter came with a big assist from an array of big-money donors -- 27 of whom raised more than $500,000 each for his re-election campaign.

Among his top fund-raisers pulling in more than a half-million from their wealthy networks were Vogue editrix Wintour, former New Jersey Gov. Jon Corzine and Hollywood mogul Jeffrey Katzenberg.

New Jersey financier Orin Kramer, and New York financier Blair Effron also hauled in that amount.

Also raking in cash on behalf of Obama's re-election was Hollywood mega-agent Ari Emanuel, the brother of former Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel. He raised between $50,000 to $100,000.

The 244 big-cash bundlers raised at least $37 million, or more than half of Obama's total fund-raising haul for the quarter.

Mark Gallogly, a founder of Centerbridge Partners and a member of Obama's Economic Recovery Board, raised between $200,000 and $500,000.

Other big New York bundlers include Long Island p.r. maven Robert Zimmerman, Manhattan doyenne Sarah Kovner and activist Jeff Soref.

By contrast, Mitt Romney, the top fund-raiser among GOP candidates, brought in $18 million.

Couldn't resist highlighting the noses, above.
Well, that's Chairman Zero bought and paid for ... for now. He and Michelle will be wallowing in KFC for years. Remember Uncle Nasty's definition of an honest politician ... one who stays bought.

Never forget, to these people money is nothing ... they control it.


motoboy said...

Savant - this guy seems exceptional, but IMHO he's not untypical of blacks generally. Their level of general knowledge would be that of an average white 12 year old.

ironman said...

Despite what motorboy says, I'm amazed at this guy's ignorance. Blacks I know could NOT be that dumb. How the hell could he grow up in a small famous town and not know what it's famous for?

Anonymous said...

er, Uncle Nasty, did someone actually say that Israel does not control America?

john said...

The answer Mr Ironman is simple. Not only IS/WAS he that dumb, but the "famous-ness" of the town, if you'll allow that contraction, is contrived and really only recently "exposed". The tuskeggee airmen were a joke - I , whilst certainly not a doctorate level student of the conflict, had never heard of them until some tripe 'documentary' was put out on the discovery channel or something 25 or so years ago. I asked a friend who flew Mustangs in Europe [with 3 confirmed, 357th group, 8th Air Force] and he said "Huh? No negroes flew to the best of my knowledge." And GW Carver was never taught to them because he actually did appear to have a brain and was NOT a black racist.
So I have no problem believing our host's story.

Anonymous said...

When America's economy implodes -- not if -- The consequences shall be, how do we say, enthralling. And not just for the welfare monkeys with their EBT cards.

A quote:-

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas) on Friday strongly suggested that members of Congress are making it difficult for President Obama to raise the debt ceiling because of his race.

"I do not understand what I think is the maligning and maliciousness [toward] this president,” said Jackson Lee, a member of the Congressional Black Caucus. “Why is he different? And in my community, that is the question that we raise. In the minority community that is question that is being raised. Why is this president being treated so disrespectfully? Why has the debt limit been raised 60 times? Why did the leader of the Senate continually talk about his job is to bring the president down to make sure he is unelected?”
It's no wonder that Jackson Lee is pissed: if the government can't pay its bills, a few of her co-ethnics will lose their jobs:
Though 10 percent of the U.S. civilian labor force, African-Americans are 18 percent of U.S. government workers. They are 25 percent of the employees at Treasury and Veterans Affairs, 31 percent of the State Department, 37 percent of Department of Education employees and 38 percent of Housing and Urban Development. They are 42 percent of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp., 55 percent of the employees at the Government Printing Office and 82 percent at the Court Services and Offender Supervision Agency.

When the Obama administration suggested shutting down Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the mortgage giants whose losses of $150 billion have had to be made up by taxpayers, The Washington Post warned, in a story headlined, “Winding Down Fannie and Freddie Could Put Minority Careers at Risk,” that 44 percent of Fannie employees and 50 percent of Freddie’s were persons of color.

Man ... that is a heap of fake jobs. Imagine it all stopping?

Uncle Nasty

Anonymous said...


Regarding the Tuskegee Airmen, an article that disputes some of the B.S. surrounding these "Better than White Men"

Found link at:

It is well to remember that by the time the Heroic Negroes were saving the day, the worst of the airwar for the Allies was past and the Luftwaffe was stretched very thin with the scale of the fighting on the Eastern Front.

Anonymous said...

Are you sure he wasn't making fun of you? Maybe he wasn't interested in having a conversation with you, at least about the airmen or the experiments, so he decided to play dumb?

Kevin R. said...

Can't wait to see all those gummint jobs go up in smoke. Oh happy day!

Bemused stare said...

Franz, having once looked them up I was most amused. The whole lot together could not match the likes of Nowotny or General Gallant. Hell, I think Rudel on his own did more damage than them including air to air kills flying a Stuka.

SAVANT said...

@anon 11.08 - this guy didn't jave to try to be dumb. He WAS dumb, believe me. And it was he who struck up the conversation - main topic of interest, local chicks.

rebel said...

"44 percent of Fannie employees and 50 percent of Freddie’s were persons of color."

No wonder the country is fucked with those bozo's minding the shop.

Anonymous said...

I consider myself very well read and informed about WW2,but I had never heard of these flying clowns until a few months ago.
I may have read about them here,I can't remember,but after doing some digging,was not surprised to discover that it was the usual negro story of totally inflating mediocre or non-existent negro achievement into an earth shattering event.

Good news to see that Nigerian bitch finally deported.How much has she and her two spawn cost this country?.If anyone has the amount figured out please don't tell me.
I'm in too good a mood to have it spoiled.


W Baker said...

I used to live about 25 miles from Tuskegee in Auburn, Alabama (Lee County). Tuskegee used to be one of the wealthier, prettier towns in that part of the State. There were beautiful homes (Greek Revival, Georgian, etc.), etc.

The first major wealth transfer happened during/at the end of the War (1861- 65), the second, integration.

Here's what you need to know about Macon County, if you live in the adjoining counties. First of all, no cheques with a Macon County address are taken anywhere. If you see a vehicle with a tag number beginning in 46 after dark, stay away. They're probably on the prowl. (Alabama counties, after the three most populated, are numbered alphabetically/sequentially on license plates.) Finally, and this should tell you all you need to know about Tuskegee, years ago Sam Walton himself came into Tuskegee and shut the doors on the town's Wal-Mart. There was so much merchandise 'walking out the backdoor'. He had the goods loaded onto trucks and boarded up the place in two days.

There are a few white farmers left in Tuskegee/Macon County and few white town folk. By and large, however, it's just a welfare outpost closer in resemblance to Zimbabwe than Alabama.

Savant, say you run into a 'race idiot' on your travels. Instead of suggesting they go to South Africa, Zimbabwe, or even Detroit or DC for 're-education', send them to Macon County for a week. Now they can't stay at the "University's" Kellogg Conference Center (the "university" was able a decade or so ago to coerce millions out of the Kellogg family to build a hotel and meeting place - and they've pretty much destroyed it now) - they have to find another place to stay (hint: there are no hotels in Macon County except for Kellogg and one on the other end of the County - near the the dog track and interstate highway).

Give them three days, and they'll come home with a different and lasting opinion. Guaranteed.

Franz said...

@ Bemused stare

Galland especially was a piece of work. The guy had a cigar holder installed in his plane so he could enjoy himself before & after the brief interruptions of aerial combat.

He also openly lived together with several women at the same time. When some prudish party bigwigs inquired (wink, wink) why he led such a decadent, un-German life, he answered that he had "to set an example" for the benefit of younger pilots and simply went on as before.

That guy was the original "rugged individualist" and his life would be AAA-fodder for movie scriptwriters - were it not for that dreadful political correctness.

Hans-Ulrich Rudel on the other hand appears to have been a one dimensional fighting machine in the mold of an Achilles or Leonidas. He would have deserved a Homer to describe his exploits in the air and on the ground but in the end, he wielded the pen himself:

That generation of Germans were truly lions led by mentally disturbed hyenas. They deserved better than the bloodletting which turned out to be their lot in life.

@ Anon 3:47

Thanks for the links. They convinced me further: The Tuskegee airmen are the Atlanta school system redux. Or was it the other way around?

Anyway: If god had wanted Erectus to fly, he would have given him either wings or some think-muscle between the ears to aid in the construction of artificial wings. God did neither and that should tell us mere mortals something.

Andreas said...

Incredible how Rudel survived, fighting on two fronts. The odds must have been astronomical.

olda said...

This story shows that blacks are totally hopeless and useless. They should not be living among white people or any advanced peoples. Imagine going to a town as 'famous' as this and nobody can tell you about it???

Anonymous said...

I'm going to venture into the "What If?" theory now and I'll ask you as you are an honest man.I've asked many Germans this question and have received,mostly,cowardly evasions or sheer incomprehension.

So,What If?.After WW1,the German people had collectively said to themselves:"We fought the worlds three largest Empires to a standstill,and would probably have beaten them,but for the intervention of the Worlds biggest economic power.Despite the injustices of Versailles,we should be proud of ourselves.No other people on Earth could have achieved or endured what we did.Lets move on."(I know the last sentence is an anachronism).

What If?.


Shaunantijihad said...

Well, we've been through all this before. It's called Haiti, Rhodesia, S Africa... all of them "detroited". Unfortunately, evolution gives not one jot about creativity, beauty, putting men on the moon and such piffling matters. The Negro gene is conquering the world. And oh so clever Whitey is paying for it. How dumb is that?

As for being a different species, to Sapiens, yes, certainly, unless you want to rip up the genetically confirmed Linnaean taxonomic system in order to classify this one species as Homo Sapiens Sapiens. At the very least, they might be classified as H. Sapiens Africanus, but are more likely some sort of H. Erectus Africanus.

Erectus walks amongst us:

Hector said...

A fascinating question, mr.a. Do you mean how things would have changed?

pdf1 said...

@ W Baker - dont know how old you are but how were things handled in that neck of the woods in the good ole days, say in the fifties and before? How were the blacks kept under control??

Anonymous said...

Franz said..."I have actually read plenty of first-hand accounts of German airmen about the last war."

Here's a tale (true story) about another German pilot, named Franz, who flew in the Luftwaffe.

Franz said...

@ mr.a

An interesting "What if?", to say the least.

From what I heard from my grandparents' generation, there was no way to establish a stable status quo right after WW1. Too many men were politically radicalized, hungry and - through their experiences in the Great War - thoroughly brutalized. A critical mass if you will. Unsure of direction, but critical nonetheless.

Apparently something had to happen. And so it did.

At various points Germany was close to a Judeo-Bolshevist takeover, a la Bela Kun in Hungrary. In the end, that never happened and another radical, Adolf Hitler, took over instead.

The frustrating thing about Hitler is that he ruled wisely in his first six years and showed promise to be a great leader in the mold of Andrew Jackson (the parallels are quite striking).

But after 1939 Hitler turned out to be merely a crazed thug instead of a Jacksonian figure.

So the generation of the Gallands, Rudels and von Brauns were employed in the grim business of killing white people with whom Germany had no quarrel. Instead of founding a golden age, their ample talents fetched only Dresden and Stalingrad instead.

Had Hitler died in 1939, I am firmly convinced that a) Germany would have stayed within her own borders, b) that the "Wirtschaftswunder" would have happened a decade earlier and c) the swastika would still be flying over a Berlin uninfested by Erectus, Arabs and Turks.

To think that we could have been the first to have space travel, nuclear power and computers and pissed it all away because the man with the Chaplin mustache decided he'd rather shoot Poles instead!

The only good thing coming out of the third Reich for my family was genealogical research. The SS checked every recruit's family tree quite thoroughly. Due to a great-uncle who wore the black uniform, the flow of our bloodline has been established back to the Thirty Years' war.

Anonymous said...

years back here in chicago i once asked one of our out after curfews if he knew a guy named Hitler, you know him dude. little guy with a mustache, he told me and i swear to this that the guy he knew as HITLER hung around the tot park on Calumet ave by the swings and sold nickle bags to people he knew, john old rtd chicago copper.

Henry IX said...

"Had Hitler died in 1939, I am firmly convinced that a) Germany would have stayed within her own borders, b) that the "Wirtschaftswunder" would have happened a decade earlier and c) the swastika would still be flying over a Berlin uninfested by Erectus, Arabs and Turks."

Franz, I totally agree. And what's more, the rest of Europe would not have been infected and infested by the 3rd world detritus that is now destroying our societies. A tragedy indeed - and note, I'm a Brit.

Anonymous said...

General Patton, controller of Occupied Germany after WWII, came to the view during his time there that the Germans were 'the finest people'. When he opposed punitive and destructive measures he was quickly whisked out of the scene. Such measures would have been imposed, largely at the behest of Jewish manipulators back in Washington, had the Allies not been afraid of a Communist revolution there.

RegThe Hedge said...

That Nigerian fraudster has been deported as Mr A stated. I have a question.

Why was her case taken up and supported by the only Joo in politicd in Ireland? Further, why did Alan Shatter continue to support her when everybody and their dog know she was lying? Why did he continue to support her whe her unbelievably childish lies was exposed as fabrication?

Anonymous said...

Reg - you know every bit as well as I do why Shatter supported her. The same reason why he's been such an enthusiast for mass immigration all along. Dilutes the goy gene pool.

Shaunantijihad said...

Breaking news in Planet of the Erectus - Nigerian police arrest a goat accused of armed robbery. The robber is believed to have turned into a goat to avoid capture, but sharp minded officers were not to be fooled. Still, they are exercising caution and await scientific evidence that the goat is indeed the transmuted suspect.

Remember, this is the Erectus intelligentsia once whitey is exterminated:

Franz said...

@ john old rtd chicago copper

Wasn't that the Hitler beefin' with La'Stalinqua's crew over the corner of Orleans and Evergreen avenue near Cabrini-Green?

Californian said...

Too many people do not know their own history. One suspects that the Tuskegee tales are mainly agitprop to be used by liberals to shove it to white America. They mean little to the average black.

Why has the debt limit been raised 60 times?

Why was it even raised once? Had the government held the line way back then, the USA would not have a multi-gazillion dollar national debt. Truth is, the US is broke, bankrupt and waiting to be turned out onto the street. Obama happened to waltz into the White House at the wrong moment.

My calculator burst into flames!

Heh heh heh.

RegThe Hedge said...

All the messages about our longevity are so negative it's good once is a while to hear a positive message.

RegThe Hedge said...

Anon 20 July 2011 15:06,
You see on the face of it the goy theory sounds about right, but what if Shatter just feels empathy towards immigrants. I personally think he is doing it through misguided compassion. Through their history and not being a true native, I think most non thinking Joos add this, helping immigrants, to their agenda. This is a very big problem as so many of them seem to gravitate towards positions of power where they can do so much damage.
Frankly, I just think Shatter is thick. I don't think he has thought it true. In fact because of what he is I think he cannot think it through to a logical conclusion. Instead he'll always see a rosey, inclusive conclusion. This is why people like him need to be stopped. I'm going to canvas his constituency when the next elections come.
I'll post a flyer giving a very simple message.
"Alan Shatter wants more non European immigration, if you don't agree then don't vote for him."

Anonymous said...

just when you think yhe niggers can get any lower a report out of Arkansas has it that a boo0n father raped its own 8 day old baby girl,this is what the cultural diversity have in store for Ireland,GET THEM OUT NOW.

jocomo said...

Reg, for sure - almost for sure - Shatter as a Jew is doing it for the reasons you state. Almost all Jews, 'rootless cosmopolitans'! have an instinctive sympathy for immigrants, especially poor and unpopular ones.

awakened said...

Case in point, this article being on the front page of Atlanta Journal Constitution which occurred not too far from my home. Everyone is talking about it today.

Right now around the office, it’s as if in the air is an aurora of “all white people drink and drive and kill blacks/mexicans…ON PURPOSE!!”

Everyone is talking about this here today… mainly the white people drunk on white guilt.

Anonymous said...

They are everywhere. And wherever they are, their presence is subversive.

Fucking right the story won't die. Because it's just one of many about Israelis performing, shall w say, suspicious activities.

A Quote or two:-

Questions remain about the activities of young Israelis caught in the Christchurch earthquake, despite Prime Minister John Key's efforts yesterday to play down the mystery.

He confirmed that "unusual" behaviour by several groups of Israelis before and after the February 22 quake prompted high-level investigations by the police and the Security Intelligence Service, with fears that the national police computer database might have been hacked into.

Key said those inquiries found no evidence to support the view that the Israelis were anything other than backpackers.

But he failed to give details of an alleged incident in the red zone days after the quake, or of what was in a van being used by four of the Israelis, one of whom was killed when the van was crushed by falling debris.

It is alleged an Israeli search and rescue team was escorted from the red zone by armed guards after being found there without permission.

"The reason we instigated the investigation was because the nature of the way the individuals left New Zealand very rapidly seemed very unusual to us," Key said from the United States yesterday.

This from the MAIL Online:-

(The Israelis have form in stealing passport details. In 2004 Israeli agents were arrested in New Zealand after trying to acquire a passport in the name of a quadriplegic youth who was highly unlikely to be able to travel. Israel vowed not to violate New Zealand sovereignty in this way again.)

Yup ... and your cheque's in the post ...

For those who don't know, Key is a jew.

Uncle Nasty

rebel said...

I think the guy here who said that it's whites and black race hucksters who know about Tuskagee. The ordinary gigs in the street probably are going around in a drugged haze, totally unaware.

Herod said...

Backpackers, were they? Just like the Israeli backpackers who trailed around after the 9/11 bombers leading right up to the time of the attack.

Anonymous said...

Further to my last comment, the NZ press appears to be (Note:- I say appears to be) a little less lap doggish tan the MSM anywhere else.

I give you this, from the Southland Times:-

Yes, but I still back sources on Israelis

OPINION: Thank you Prime Minister.

After a hesitant start yesterday, John Key confirmed the main elements of The Southland Times' months-long investigation into the suspicions New Zealand intelligence agencies and the police have about the activities of several groups of Israelis in Christchurch in the aftermath of the earthquake on February 22.

He has now acknowledged, as we reported yesterday, that:

Government agencies including the Security Intelligence Service and police launched a wide-ranging investigation of several groups of Israelis who were either caught up in the earthquake or arrived in the city within hours after the event, supposedly to help search for victims.

Particularly suspicious was the hurried flight from New Zealand of three survivors who had smashed their way out of a crushed van in the central city, leaving the driver dead inside.

There was an "incident" involving Israelis being found in the "red zone", the cordoned area where damage from the quake was most serious, after they had been refused permission to enter the tightly patrolled area.

The police national computer system had been checked; and

As we reported yesterday, the various investigations and checks had not found any evidence to support those suspicions. My intelligence agency source says the investigations found "lots of smoke, but no fire so far, lots of potentially suspicious activity but we are always suspicious of the Israelis".

Note that last ...

End part one,

Uncle Nasty

Anonymous said...

Still in New Zealand ...

Israeli man 'had nothing to do with nobody'

The sister of a dead Israeli man cannot understand how her brother has been caught up with spying allegations, as she prepares to face his birthday.

"He has nothing to do with nobody, it's just bullshit," said Dafi Levy, older sister of Ofer Levy, who died with friend Gabi Ingel in February's Christchurch earthquake.

The men, who were said to be backpacking, have been caught up in a scandal engulfing six young Israelis in New Zealand during the earthquake, after a spate of suspicious activity and concerns New Zealand's police database was hacked.

It was not the allegations that upset her as she grappled with the loss of her young brother, who would have turned 23 today.

"It doesn't upset me. I lost my brother, this is all I think about ... he wanted to travel so much, the earthquake was three days before he was supposed to come back home. This is our tragedy and this is your tragedy and nothing beyond it."

Her brother was looking forward to returning to his girlfriend and to working on an old car he was doing up. Her family was still coming to terms with his death, she said.

"He won't go to university, he won't marry his girlfriend, he won't have kids."

Meanwhile, the secretary of the kibbutz where Michal Fraidman, Guy Yurdan and Ofer Mizrahi grew up said she had no idea how they had become implicated in the quake inquiry.

Smadar Katz said she had known the three since birth, and also knew Mr Yurdan's girlfriend, Liron Sade, who grew up in a nearby village. "[We're] very upset and [it is a] very hard time."

Mr Mizrahi died when falling rubble crushed the van the four were in.

The three survivors left the country so quickly after Mr Mizrahi's death because they were upset and traumatised, she said.

"There was no reason they would stay there ... they couldn't be with him and they couldn't help him any more so it was obvious they will come back home."

She had not spoken to the three survivors but everyone in the kibbutz, which had a population of about 1000, had been surprised by the latest news.

"They are such very good children ... I don't know from where [the suggestions] grow". "

Yeah, right. Can you spell "getaway"?


jocomo said...

Uncle Nasty - why would the Israelis be spying on New Zealand???? Or are you saying they caused the earthquake?

Anonymous said...

why would the Israelis be spying on New Zealand????

Oh c'mon jocomo, don't play stupid.

Obviously, the answer is Tikkun olam.

It's a living. *shrug*

Anonymous said...

Are you erectus in disquise here??

Yes, I may have abit of proof.

A post written by black male 21 over at incogman.

Same as this one.

awakened said...
Case in point, this article being on the front page of Atlanta Journal Constitution which occurred not too far from my home. Everyone is talking about it today.

Right now around the office, it’s as if in the air is an aurora of “all white people drink and drive and kill blacks/mexicans…ON PURPOSE!!”

Everyone is talking about this here today… mainly the white people drunk on white guilt.

Huummm Very strange !!??

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

jocomo said...

Uncle Nasty - why would the Israelis be spying on New Zealand???? Or are you saying they caused the earthquake?

Heyyyy Jocomo, always a pleasure. Whenever I think to myself "Man, I could use a straw man argument about now." And up you pop. You never disappoint.

Anyway, I'll play the game. No ... strangely enough, I do not believe they caused the earthquake.

However, I will regale you with a few rumours that I have heard for several years, now.

The rumours are, that the israelis are quite aware that their grasp on their little slice of the middle east is tenuous ... and growing more so by the day.

So, rumour goes, that they have been looking for a ... how shall we put it, bolt-hole? One nice and far from the Middle east and all those nasty Ay-rabs.

The story goes that the Yehudis are beginning to wake up to the fact that they have overcooked it a little with fucking the world's economy and that the US may just not have the military and economic clout they once had.

And the US without military clout means no hulking Big Brudda to pull israel's chestnuts out of the fire for them.


So rumour says that Yehudi is keeping his options open in places like say New Zealand or Oz ... which is undergoing the multi-culty mad-lefty softening up process as we speak.

Terraforming the countries to make them a little more philosemitic? A little less ... exclusive?

All rumour, of course. But, check this out.

I await your comments, jocomo.

Uncle Nasty

Anonymous said...

Is there anywhere, one can go on the net without niggers??

Franz said...

Just saw the funniest thing: Homeland security produced an "if you see something, say something" snitch porn.

From 0:30 on you'll be treated to the sight of a black professional type observing suspicious white characters and then informing on them to HomeSec:

Just out of curiosity: How many white terrorists plagued the USA in the last decade?

The makers of this snitch porn showed only two examples of terrorism. The Unabomber and Timothy McVeigh.

Not that there were any other terrorist acts committed on US soil since the mid 90s. Certainly not perpetrated by a certain middle-eastern demographic. No Sir!

Methinks this is a not so subtle appeal to non-whites in the USA to start making accusations against the founding population of the USA.

After all, the system needs its next "great white terrorist" to keep the guilt train a-rolling. If no such villain is forthcoming, they'll simply have to make one up. And for that, every little phonecall to HomeSec helps.

rebel said...

"Is there anywhere, one can go on the net without niggers??"

Japan or the Arab country's. They know how to show 'em the door.

Anonymous said...

This will explain everything:

RegThe Hedge said...

Hay Savant,
I am a regular listener to Harold Covington now. I don't know if you listen to his podcasts yourself and I don't know how you feel about him. If you like what he does why don't you invite him to post a guest blogg? That way you get more exposure and he gets the same.
He is a very interesting individual and it would be a very interesting event. I have never heard of popular bloggers bringing on a guest.

Just a thought.

joelgp said...

Uncle Nasty - I was shocked to learn from you that the Israelis plan to migrate en mass to NZ. Damn - I was planning a holiday in Israel next year!

Anonymous said...

Two French paratroopers were seconded to the SAS air wing at Hereford for HALO training. After the first day they met up in the bar.

"Ah, Pierre" asks one," 'ow 'av you been doing?"

"Merde!" answers Pierre. "I 'av 'ad a mos' terrible day. Terrible! At seex zis morning I was awoken by zis beeg 'airy sergeant. 'Ee dragged me out of ze bed and onto ze parade ground".

"And zen what 'appened?" inquires his mate.

"I weel tell you what 'appened! ’Ee made me climb up zis silly leetle platform five feet off ze ground and zen 'ee said "Jhump!"."

"And did you jhump?" asks his mate.

"I did not. I told 'im - "I am a Frrrench paratrooper. I do not jhump five feet. Iz beneess my dignity".

"And zen what 'appened?" asks his mate.

"Zen 'ee made me climb up zis silly leetle platform ten feet off ze ground, and 'ee said "Jhump!".

"And did you jhump?" asks his mate.

"I did not. I told 'im - "I am a Frrrench paratrooper. Iz beneess my dignity to only jhump ten feet."

"What 'appened zen?" asks his mate.

"Zen ee made me climb up zis rickety platform a 'undred feet above ze parade ground.'Ee undid 'is trousers, took out zis enormous willy, and 'ee said: "If you do not jhump, I am going to stick zis right up your bum".

"Ooooh!" says his mate. "And did you jhump?"

Sorry to go off topic Savant but I had to share almost died off laughter.


jocomo said...

Dear Uncle - glad to make you happy by providing a regular straw man! Must say, it's news to me that NZ is the new Israel, but let me check with my Jewish colleagues, busily plotting for world domination, and I'll get back to you.

Anonymous said...

To joelGP and jacomo.

You're not listening, lads. I said Australia in undergoing the softening up ... not New Zealand. Not yet. They'll get serious with New Zealand later.


Anonymous said...

Jocome ..plotting I don't think you need to plot when you control the worlds media and banking system...

Anonymous said...

Great one Mac! The poor froggies come in for a hell of a lot of stick.

store man said...

They may have received 12 million bucks but Tuskagee is still a dismal hell hole. There are No whiotes in the town now.

Anonymous said...

cont: .. They're planning. Plottings a play for power. Planning's what you do once you have control

Anonymous said...

More news on Mosaad in New Zealand.

The Israelis are making moves in NZ.

Hector G. said...

Isrealis moving on NZ - now that's something to ponder.

Anonymous said...


Visit Haiti and learn

why GDP in the Dominican Republic is $9,257 compared to Haiti's $1164

ben tillman said...

The post points out that the town of Tuskegee in Alabama (population of about 10,000, 95% black) received no less than $14 million in such funding. I tried to calculate the number of trillions were this level of largesse to be applied in an even-handed way to the whole country.

The government would have spent less than half as much. $1400 per person in Tuskegee is far less than the $3000 per person that the government spent in the country as a whole.

It was just a nightmarish boondoggle.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone else hear that the Rosa Parks refusing to get off the bus to goto to the back might be completely bogus?

If you were wanted to go to the back of the bus might you just walk down the space provided for going from end of the bus to another and not go outside to force the driver to open some b(l)ack door?

No wonder they never invented the wheel in Africa!

Anonymous said...

Georgeas Luc willsa makea filma abouta the Tuskedegeea irmen.

Mesa thinksa itsa about as interestinga asa the one with the cutsey Gungan from the planet Naboosa (who was going to flog merchandise like nothing before to add to his $3.2 billion).

The Kingdom of the Phantom Menace?

Attack of the Crystal Skulls?

Anonymous said...

@MrJournalism101 Im not in any way racist, but to be an officer in the military you need to get to college. I think they say you need to be in college is not because of racism but to make sure that the smartest people are flying the planes and commanding the troops. But, there is still (unfortunately) a lot of racism in the world and i hope one day humans can move pass that.

Dude on interweb wanted removal of standards so that more afreakin-americans could be officers and could fly.

HBO Tuskegee Airman on youtube.

Incidentally dude who was lynched somewhere who is a civil rights hero was the son of a guy who was hanged for raping french women at the end of WWII.

When will HBO make a documentary on this aspect of American military life in WWII?

Anonymous said...

And this is the plane one of the Tuskegee airmen used to sink a destroyer!

/sarc off

kudzo bob said...

No problem. Let them keep lowering the standards. Then make the blacks, and only them, fly their own planes. End of problem!

Anonymous said...

Boondocks Wingman

Tuskegee airman episode.